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Iraq War Brings Drop in Black Enlistees

For the first time, Britons' personal debt exceeds Britain's GDP

Socialism in America Equals Hope for the World By Paul A. Donovan

"Actually, George, This Debate is Insufficient"

The History channel's 9/11 documetary

What is money: Where does money come from?


Fox Attacks: Iran

July 17, 2004: Allawi shot prisoners in cold blood: witnesses (SMH)

From Iraq - A Soldier's Humble Plea

LAT, Rosa Brooks: Bush's next invasion: Vietnam?

Independent UK: Tensions rise after three British soldiers killed in US airstrike

Life itself has checks and balances on evil people -- even if our Constitution doesn't.

How Far Will the Crash Go and What Do we Do Now?

Modest start to Kyoto trade on Chicago exchange

the power of the net---"BP backed down -- we did it! "

Woman Needs Way To Get 80,000 Cans Of Silly String To Iraq

Mayor of Quebec City dies suddenly

US 'poised to strike Iran'

Those who blow whistle on contractor fraud in Iraq face penalties (torture by US forces)

Russian Dig find Tsar's Family

Generals Differ on the Timing of Troop Cuts

More Recalled Menu Foods Found In Wal-Mart

Terror Suspect List Yields Few Arrests

Sparking chalk alarms parents

Condo Troubles Further Squeeze Property Lenders

Heads up - Bill Maher returns to HBO tonight

Peace Sells....

Are all of our Michiganders alright after the storm?

Did I miss the "Its Friday, what's for dinner thread?"

Latest Buzz: Robber Uses Girlfriend's Vibrator In Holdup

Goodnight Lounge

DNIF: Military pilots know what I'm talking about (Duty Not Including Flying)

Slow dancing songs.....

OK...I think I've decided. Stone IPA is all good, but Steelhead is just bettah

Swatting between Steelhead IPA and Stone IPA

Who will win? Reason or the bad guys?

Ever see a filthy camel singing "Pretty Woman" at a karoke bar?

One Bad Apple by the Osmonds

The Tickle Monster is in the HIZZOUSE, Y'allll!

Can a man bounce his boobies and still be a manist?

How come a new product can get released BEFORE it's put up on their website?

Real Time is on

Why am I so distracted?

I'm watching a movie with 2 governors in it..

Legalize polyester!

R-rated trailer for new Coens flick

Ms. Pac-Man : Feminist hero......

What size are your feet?

Old Navy is a JERK!

There isn't that much crap in the washer! Why is it banging around?!

Got the hell kicked out of me doing community service...

If cats break mirrors do they have seven years of bad luck?

Sly and the Family Stone was as innovative as the Beatles or the Stones. Discuss.

who is the most bored?

what does this smilie mean?

what on mondas is this?

Lonely Looking Sky

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/24/07 Bonus

Did anybody watch that Flash Gordon remake on sci-fi tonight?

what does this smilie mean?

Lets help BillySkank What color is your bedroom????


It just RAINED!!!!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/24/07

Can a woman bounce her boobies and still be a feminist?

A snack or meal you would make and eat at any time of day or night

'Poo bum dicky wee wee'

did the Breakfast Club really strike home for you?

I'm trying to tell you somethin' about my life (for the lounge)

What size shoe do you wear.

Silvio - Bob Dylan

Damn! I Needed This! They Always Make Me Smile...

General Castro Has Died.....

I hate it when people, especially those who don't even know me, ask if or when I'm gonna have kids.

Confession: I've never read Nietzsche (hangs head)

Defend the indefensible in this thread:

41 posts left to reach my 10,000th...

Who's up for a Page One Photobucket dump... (Warning for the dialups.. Dont click)

How many hotdogs can you eat?

what book or author intimidates you?

Minority women dying in disproportionate numbers in War

'Political Commentary'

Olbermann: U.S. Military Stretched Too Thin

VoteVets ad: Senator Collins, Put Country over Politics

Michael Ware: 'There is No Gov't Here; Brits Have Abandoned Basra'

CNN's Cafferty: What's in the missing White House e-mails?

John Lennon-Give Peace A Chance

Olbermann: Historian Upset Bush Misrepresented His Writings


Statement of Senator Clinton RE: Entergy's Continued Failure to Meet Siren Deadlines

Turkey's Foreign Minister Gül lends support to Iran’s anti-PEJAK operation in Iraq

Historian Chimpy misquoted in his VietNam blather coming up on Countdown

CIA steps up operations against Iran-hawks seek to tie Iraq bombs to Tehran-Larisa Alexandrovna

3725 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Obama Raises Concerns About Latest Lead-Contaminated Children’s Products

A bone to pick with my fellow Long Islanders ...

Signs of foul play ignored in Army investigation of death of female soldier in Iraq

All we are saying , is give peace a chance !

Quick question for all you Constitutional scholars (re: Impeachment)

25th Infantry unit stationed at Schofield Hawaii loses 10 in one day when the helo went down

Newspaper suspended over Jesus with a smoke picture...

From last nights "God Warriors" on cnn Rev. Greg Boyd.

A fellow democrat, a friend and a veteran had this letter published in his local newspaper

Bush To CIA: 'Leave No Marks'

Um... It's Curious, And I Could Be Wrong, But...

Whats with TCM tv today?

Forget about being a welfare queen:

Fed 'bends' banking rules to help Bank of America & Citigroup...LINK

"It's Saudi Arabia and Pakistan stupid"

Your vote is your own. No one can tell you how to use it. I can disagree, though

Are you still watching TV? How much time every day? News?

Do you think "country music" is all just sappy pablum and pointless drivel?

Reminder: Bill Maher is back on HBO in 15 min

Former NFL player builds $54 million church, on former Naval Training Center land

There Certainly Are Going To Be Some Surprised Faces When Keith Hits The Airways Sunday Night

You know it had to happen - A PORN POLL!

Looking back the last few years

Alawi's party just quit the Iraqi government

NYTimes: With Troop Rise, Iraqi Detainees Soar in Number - The Vast Majority Are Inspired By Money


When will it be too late to impeach Bush & Cheney?

Aaron Russo Dead?

kristen gore on letterman tonight

DNC May Deny Florida Slots at '08 Convention

My Preemie was born at 23 weeks 4 days with a grade 4 IVH. Does anyone have information or insight

US general warns of bloody Ramadan attacks in Iraq

Can anyone direct me to this new federal law?

Chinese banks admit to subprime exposure

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

About the country music thread: You will never hear songs like this again

Cuban-Americans and the insanity of voting Republican.

Is An Individual Sovereign Over His Own Body And Mind?

U.S Rules of Engagement memo found

US surge sees 600,000 more Iraqis abandon home

Do other countries have talk radio?

I heard a crazy right winger talking about taxes today

Help is on the way for Youssif

Iran Freedom Support Act

Bill Moyers' Journal: low power FM radio, and how NPR/NAB are stopping it.

Details about Iranian cross-border into Iraqi Kurdistan are sketchy

What the hell happened to our airline industry?

Russian Dig Find Tsar's family!

God's Warriors torrents

Global Warming Causing Mediterranean Sea to Rise, Threatening Egypt's Lush Nile Delta

Those who blow whistle on contractor fraud in Iraq face penalties (torture by US forces)

Today I am a welfare queen

Requesting cards for an injured soldier

Deep in REM sleep the other nite

Seriously considering Class Action suit against Microsoft. Anyone else have these probs?

Naked mysogyny in all its cruelty

Deaths from childbirth on the rise in the US

Hurricane Andrew - 15 years later

Book TV Schedule: August 25th - 27th

School of Shock (Judge Rotenberg Educational Center)

Disgusting Nursing Home to my 89 YO Mother: "We have ways of making you pay."

DNC Celebrates Women's Equality Day

The new President will have to choose to be like Ike or Nixon.

Only Obama, Brownback and Paul support "Google Government"

Interesting take on Clinton vs. Giuliani from Votemaster

Via Talking Points Memo, bloggers are "Put on Notice" for "jumping on the bash Clinton bandwagon"

Obama is winning in Straw Polls

Larisa: CIA said to step up operations against Iran as hawks seek to tie Iraq bombs to Tehran

Something Obama and Clinton can brag about with pride

Barack in a Box

Brzezinski Offers Support to Obama

The Dream That Is Obama

Reminder: new season of "Real Time with Bill Maher" starts tonight (11 PM Eastern time)

Pics of Obama in SC yesterday - over 1,800 attend

If you haven't realized it yet,.....

Just like Viet Nam, minorities dying disproportionately

Is Hillary's "Terrorist Attack" remark a major gaffe?

Edwards' Response To Senator Clinton's Troubling Comments

the GOP, as currently realized, is...

Hillary and Electibility Revisited

Clinton: Terrorist attack would help GOP

Edwards recently more aggressive stance in attacking his opponents is mostly a a sign of

Uh-oh! Hillary Flip Flops Again

Just found out: John and Elizabeth Edwards on Face the Nation on Sunday

Hillary Clinton Is Blonde

Need help DU'ing a local yocal poll ... pleaaase, pretty please??

The Media is so obsesses with CREATING conflict they missed

NH Union Leader - Clinton's Surge-ery: Now it's working, now it's not.

Qauke radio in San Francisco changing it's format Monday

If there is a major terrorist attack right before the 08' election, what candidate can win?

Should Obama welcome Zbigniew the Terrible's support?

There is a huge block of undecided voters out there

unify this.

Which part of Hillary's terror statement was misinterpreted?

Clinton Wins Coveted Bill Kristol Endorsement.

Obama's Crossover Appeal

Clinton's Miles Ahead of the Pack Despite Attacks

Schwarzenegger cut a $55 million-program that has helped thousands of mentally ill homeless people

Gen. Pace denies will urge troop cut in Iraq

As US sinks, Asia unable to swim

Assault on a Queen

The Case for Fair Trade By Bacchus

Iraq corruption whistleblowers face penalties

Aunt Paid Prostitutes to Have Sex with Her 12-Year-Old Nephew

The U.S. Media Plays Along With the Farcical Trial of Chemical Ali

Big Easy struggles 2 years after Katrina

The War on Iraq's Women

Dick Cheney Really Is That Bad


Bush’s Exit Strategy - Next Iraqi Prez: strongman that shoots prisoners in the head, lied of WMD's.

Why Has Congress Failed Americans?

Why Obama?

Bush left with few options, even fewer chances for success in Iraq

Vietnam historians give Bush reason to stay in Iraq

We All Need Healthcare; Who Needs "Insurance"?

Insurance Company Sends In Private Fire Crew To Protect Expensive Homes

NTPC (India) plans to become coal producer

AlterNet: Is Eating Local Even Possible?

Gazprom seeks BP's help to break into American energy supply

Green Invasive Algae Worries New England Fishermen

Carmakers (Detroit) fight fuel-efficiency bill

(Jerry) Brown says door is 'open' to make another run for governor

Out-of-body experience recreated

Rumors circulating over Castro's death

Detainee claims wrong man killed by border agent

Suicide Bomber Strikes in Afghanistan

7 Killed, Dozens Hurt in Baghdad Blast

COLOMBIA: Campaign Seeks to Make Water a Constitutional Right

Three Britons die in US 'friendly fire' in Afghanistan

What's in a name? U.S. rebrands Iraq ex-insurgents

Chief invites crime review (Miami police chief Timoney, formerly of Philadephia)

Foley Refuses To Turn Computers Over To Investigators

MNF Rejects Report of Imminent Brit Pullout (from Basra)

Reckless driving case ends in plea

Vehicle ban in Baghdad for Shiite ritual

DNC strips Fla. of delegates -- primary wouldn't count

11 injured, two missing in B.C. balloon crash

Military cites risk of abuse by CIA

Shiite Shrine Bombing Kills 5 in Baghdad

Iraq body count running at double pace

Bush pleads for more patience for Iraq war efforts

Sheriff raids DMX' home, seizes dogs

Activists, mayors protest U.S.-Mexico border wall

New Data Erases Doubt on Storms and Warming

Time Warner Spent Nearly $1.8M Lobbying

California homeless program is cut

Edwards Touts Trade Policy for Workers

(Utah) House labor chair seeks mine emergency plans

India Bomb Explosions Kill 35, Injure 61 in South's Hyderabad

Saudi Arabia Recalls Chinese-Made Toys

Lost record shakes up custody case (Miami Elián replay for a small girl)

Obama Names Republicans He'll Work With

Report: U.S. Attack Kills 13 Iraqi Civilians

Iceland Officially Cancels Whaling Operations for the Next Year

Maybe Trading Up Soon at Justice

What's in a name? U.S. rebrands Iraq ex-insurgents ("concerned local nationals")

Forest fires kill 41 people in Greece

Democrats Battle Over Florida Primary

Former Senator Cleland Disputes Bush's Vietnam Analogy on Iraq

Anti-war protesters march in Kennebunkport

Bush to return to New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast

good night, all

I love that last sign

Mandrake Root - what is it?

sage lounge advice needed...

Tennessee Ernie Ford / Garth Brooks {father, son?}

Well DU here goes another Saturday night I creep downstairs because I cannot sleep, I take my

Was watching 10 years younger tonight - how old does she look?

Oh christ...

Okay, I'm a sleazy attention ho. Did I go too far?

I'm gonna go meet Barack Obama today. Ask me anything!

We don't need no education


The DU Movie RevU FU

I won a DUzy

Legalize polyester!

I feel like I've been run over by a truck.

It's gonna be a hot one today!

Legalize polydactyls!

Okay, when I owe a credit card company money, they charge interest. Why

Ethnic folkways that have survived Americanization


Ahem...My First DUzy:

It's Time For The Holiday Snowglobe & Lite Brite

Oven problem: Can you help?

It's times like this when only The Funky Worm will do

did the seal club really strike home for you?


Stand! There's a midget standing tall And the giant beside him about to fall

This a Man's World... But it wouldn't be NOTHING

Other times Only Some Average White Band Will DO

You make me feel so brand new, I hope to spend my life with you!

Some things I know, some things I don't.

You can't turn me away!

Kiss my petals, lead me to a dream

All my friends know the Low Rider... The Low Rider is a little higher

It's just a Misdemeanor

nevermind, looked it up

Is it because I'm BLACK?

Redundancy - does this bother anyone besides Lionel Mandrake?

If you are sick of TV news like I am...

Never could explain what was happening to me

Oh! Oh! Oh! I just got enough flooring to redo my bathroom floor for $18!

I'm watching a DVD of the Transformers Movie.

No Name No Slogan- didn't you have a gig last night!!

I can hardly wait to hold you Feel my arms around you

He brings nothing heartaches... But I can't breakaway

If you see me walking down the street and I start each time we meet

Let me tell ya about a place I know, to get in it doesn't take much dough

So sweaty....melting, melting....

Freddie's Dead... That's what I said

I wish to complain about the Military thread

Looking in your eyes... Kind of Heaven eyes

MMMMM I've got twinkies

The ebay consequenses of taking kids shopping:

Fox cancels 'Anchorwoman' after one episode

Speaking of funny ebay stuff

I freakin' hate August weather!

If someone knows Prisoner number 6 tell him to read the PM I sent him.

My show is on at the top of the hour

HypnoDefinition of the day: Today's entry: "Watershed" (television)

I'm actually dating a Michael Moore fan now!

Time for a Gorn thread,right here in the lounge.

Put on your Godammed Go-Go BOOTS, BABY

Used to dance to the music, make romance to the music

Jimi Hendrix Live Performance Stockholm - 1967

Is this post flame baiting??? On another board I got an "infraction"

Will they ever have another username amnesty here?

"So when are you going to put down the bottle and be the rockstar I know you can be?"

its real simple

Yummy, yummy, pesto for dinner

My favorite YouTube Ever....

eeeeveryone is a fuckin' napoleon

Video — four kitties and a 12-pack

Give Peter a vote.

Sail on silvergirl, Sail on by.

Anybody out there have a pain in the butt husband who would rather be mean than breathe?

Top Chef Fans: Guess who CJ used to be a personal chef for?

Excuse me, while I whip this out

Booker T. & the MG's, plus an added bonus...

Am I wrong to think Marshall Tucker Band is amazing?

Saturday post your part thread.

It was raining hard

Anybod else remember Blue Giant?

The ultraweird glory of Renaldo and the Loaf

Bumper Stickers for 2007

I need some advice on computer downloads for a game

Both rivers here are over their banks,

This is not America

How Would You Handle This...


Will someone make me get up and mow my yard? Please?

Say Cheese!

A tetanus Shot sent me to the ER on Thursday...

What does this simile mean?

So I was reading some bullshit article on AOL about what makes teenagers happy

ANybody else remember Red Dwarf?

My pug killed and ate a rabbit.

Eleanor Rigby was a ho and she did it with all the member of the Beatles, Oasis, the Monkees, and

Saturday post your fart thread.

So Ya Think OMC's A Cold Hearted Prick Right? Well Come See The Softer Side Of OMC...

Die Hard

Paranormal anomaly in cheesy kitty photo

Pontiac GTO and Firebird television commercials from the late 60's/early 70's (muscle car fans)

HP vs Gateway

well, got to get busy, what is everyone doing today/

Contrast and compare, Miss Teen South Carolina & A clip from the movie "Idiocracy"

Saturday post your art thread.

It's Saturday Night! Want a Nice Long Screw?

When would you leave the US?

My arms look unbalanced. I need advice on muscle building.

What do you think of this video?

Happy birthday, Ms u4ic!!!

why does billyskank care about the color of my bedroom --

Miss Teen USA contestant - Rocket Scientist

This thread is full of GREAT YOUTUBE MUSIC VIDEOS!

Lunar Eclipse Next Tuesday Morning

Paranormal anomaly in Kitty Genovese photo

Today in labor history August 25

Statement of Hillary Clinton on Culinary Workers Union Local 226 Agreement with MGM Mirage

International Paper and Union Reach Deal

Canadian library workers refuse to be quiet in equal-pay fight

Washington Post: 30 Immigrants On Bikes Deliver A Labor Revolt

Boston Globe: A fight for one good job

Who rose from a telephone operator to be the first woman to serve as CWA's secretary-treasurer

"Illegally held against their will, denied access to telephones, attorneys and even bathrooms"

Steelworkers statement on police conduct at Montebello (officers were disguised as protesters)

Ford To Idle Parts Plant In Monroe That Employs 1,200

Labor forum first, we were asked to promote this story by the SEIU local 521!!!

skunk anasie selling jesus

Will Durst on the Bush Administration

Summer of Zen

A Call To Action Preview

Polish anti-war animation

Anti war rednecks from Texas

Beckel and Colmes Highlight Hannity's Hypocrisy Over Nugent

This is who I am - EVIL

Rudy's Discusses his time spent at Ground Zero

PSA Announcement

Barack Obama Endorsed by Zbigniew Brzezinski

Gulf of Tonkin - "War Made Easy"

Daily Show: Bush's Magical History Tour

Tim Robbins clowns Cheney Biographer Stephen Hayes on Bill Maher

Chris Shays & Attack of the Blogs ("You're not the press...You're just totally a Democrat")

Vote for the Smart Dude. War out.

Dem Says Give Surge More Time

Ted Nugent Calls for Violence against Obama, Hillary, Boxer, Feinstein

Intolerable Beauty - Portraits of American Mass Consumption

One Tin Soldier

From the Looks of things on Earth, Do we have a ROOKIE GOD? Full of mistakes and blunders??

Sometimes I marvel at the Incompetance... Burned Iraqi Boy

Three women

Terror Suspect List Yields Few Arrests - 20,000 Detentions in '06

Another U.S. Military Operation, More Unrest

What do you think....

Guest on Cspan 1 talkingof NIE Report

Bush's Iraq playbook is now out. CNN read their script perfectly

A while back, we had a thread asking, "What, in your history on DU, have you been most wrong about?"

USA Today Reporter Asked "Where Did All The Money GO?"

If C-SPAN has tought me anything....

No Big Shifts Planned After Report on Iraq - WaPo - Petreaus in September is all bullshit

GI morale dips as Iraq war drags on: Feel leaders are out of touch with reality (LAT from Iraq)

Good morning, Agent Mike.

The Gettysburg Address.

No big shifts planned after report on Iraq

WTF: Did anyone listen to a repeat of

Well DU here goes another Saturday night I creep downstairs because I cannot sleep, I take my

TOON: Tom The Dancing Bug - "U.S. Recalls Thousands Of Bombs:

Discuss the following: The powerful will tend to try to hold onto power, and...

Any party that can elect a Reagan and a * will elect a Romney.

3 Life Terms Handed Down in '64 Killings

maybe I just wish too much but I wish we could have a button, kind of like the alert button,

Pentagon Sets Up 24-hour-a-day, Seven-Day-a-Week Iraq Propaganda Department

Mods - Can we please have a thread for everything "candidate" except NEWS articles?

This is a very bizarre video

The majority of the dead and wounded in modern wars – up to 90 percent – are children.

Western oil group eyes assets in Iraq

Catholic Politicians Press Church To Oppose Iraq War

Did anyone watch PBS' NOW? titled AWOL -now streaming online

People at work know who I am now.I had my first "discussion"

The Nation: Iraq: "Worst Day Since Vietnam" for Hawaii

Iraq corruption whistleblowers face penalties

BREAKING NEWS CSPAN - Alawi, former PM of IRAQ on live next

A few fun quotes from Ted Nugent, NRA Board member....

The GOP wanted to reduce the deficit so pony up, children!

Juan Cole: Bush And Napoleon Both Believed Their Own Propaganda About A "Greater Mid-East"

We don't need no education

President to mark Katrina anniversary

Fed bends rules to help two big banks

Why Do Some Catholic Leaders Attack Pro-Choice Pols But Not War Supporters?

Newspeak: What's in a name? U.S. rebrands Iraq ex-insurgents (Reuters)

GIs' morale dips as Iraq war drags on (Front-line nation building? In the middle of a civil war?)

Whatever happened to the voter caging (Palast) emails?

Dean: ""Stay the course was not a plan for Vietnam, and it's still not a plan for Iraq."

Momentum Building for September 4th Climate Emergency Fast.

Condolences to Schofield Barracks, HI and Fort Lewis, WA

Cary Tennis at "How Can I Love My Republican Parents?"

Isn't this WaPo headline just a bit misleading???

Rudi, Mitt, McCain, Fred, etc: What a pathetic (and shreddable crew)

Iceland Officially Cancels Whaling Operations for the Next Year

Ninth Circuit Court revives California bid for electricity refunds (Remember the Enron jokes?)

General Peter Pace can save US - by arresting Bush for "Conduct Unbecoming"

KKKarl in trouble for calling Barney a "lump"

Two New Mark Fiore Animations

Listen to 911 calls after Minnesota bridge collapse

" How the White House Drowned New Orleans"

11 Hurt As People Jump From Burning Hot Air Balloon

Hurricane Katrina- Two Years Later

Sound familiar?

College 'felt pressured' to build a float for Utah GOP

Jammin’ With Gabriel (Great article on Max Roach)

The 10 WORST U.S. Prosecutors 2007

Vehicle ban in Baghdad for Shiite ritual

Fringe Evangelicals Distort US Military Policy---Truthout article

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON: Bomb Recall

Please DU this poll about the undercover provocateurs at the SPP protest in Quebec

The right unhinged, Hannity predictably defends Nugent

I think James Howe must be writing speeches for Hillary:

Comment of the day, perhaps the week...

Sesktak Warns Iraqi Oil Law Contains ‘Undue Ability Of U.S. Oil

Will there be a terrorist attack on

Mods: we need a scrap heap

McCain's running for president of *which* country???

Central banks are stealing from the average citizen

I'm going to see Big Dawg Monday

This forum is getting "carpet bombed" !!

Ads - CNN - with Republican elephant. Is anyone bothered by

This will cheer you up. Maybe make you cry. Either way GD needs it.

Freedumb isn't free

Robert Fisk: 'Even I question the truth about 9/11'

If your a registered independent living in a closed primary state

JibJab: "What We Call the News" (funny and true)

Taking her little hand in mine, we walked to the car. And I thought "I just want to be a dad"

Puppet Show and Ted Nugent...

KIA since 8/20, incl 14 from Blackhawk crash

Hey, the surge is working! We're beating Al Queada!

Whistleblowers on Fraud are Jailed and Tortured

Cleland: Bush has "credibility gap...all the PR in the world didn't change the truth on the ground"

Quick comment about minimum wage.

Why would a terrorist attack give republicans an advantage?

Do your schools perform drug tests and searches?

In Alabama, you can sell guns on any street corner but you can't sell sex toys.

If you were benevolent dictator, what laws would you enact?

Edwards bashes Romney health care plan "Mitt Romney's cure is worse than the disease,"

NY Daily News: Don't give up, ads urge GOP

Protests over terror arrest of German academic

Bangladesh: Abuses Grow in Crackdown on Protests (HRW)

Local Troops Deploy To Nation's Capital

Dogfighting should be treated like poaching.

HAHAHA Vick thought he had worked the plea around gambling & the NFL slammed him

"A Plea to NBC: Cancel 'To Catch a Predator' Before Someone Dies Again"

Very interesting statement on MSNBC just now...

History Is The Last Refuge of Scoundrels

*Kirstin Gore on CSPAN2 1:45pm*

government needs to lose weight

Jimi Hendrix Live Performance Stockholm - 1967

So Much for "Promises...Promises" on Fascist Media Reform....Raw Story 1/21/07

Las Vegas is short 363 teachers

CA State rehab program for the mentally ill homeless cut.( LA Times)

When the "September Report" comes out... media, please remember

If I developed a Michael Vick chew toy for dogs,

Are Sunnis second class citizens in the 'free' Iraq?

Florida has not been Stripped of its delegates... at least not yet.

Hanoi fires salvo at Bush's 'ill-considered' comments

Mysterious killings seek to silence Papuan voices

Blue Print for Gulf Renewal

Bush to America: You're expecting too much progress in Iraq. It's only been a couple months.

My boy John Edwards snubbed again......

Hey DUers, here's a pic of Karl Rove waving us goodbye. LOL

Don't Carpool with Nouri al-Maliki

Greece is on fire. 37 dead in worst summer for forest fires

The uphill battle for health insurance

Bush use of quote 'perverse'-----says the historian that Bush used in speech.

Open letter to Courtney Love! (Ted Nugent rant)

Many Loners Make a Multitude....No More Lone Voices in Wilderness!

Governments duped over GM food crops

What companies help finance Ted Nugent's tour?

Corporate tracking Cookies and Web Blogs

The Defining Phrase Of The Bush Administration "Mission Accomplished"

Ted Nugent at South Dakota State Fair 9/2, Colorado State Fair 9/3.

Author : Iraq Invasion fulfilled Osama bin Laden's wish

My local NBC affiliate will not be carrying KO's Sunday Special

No Washington State NBC Stations to carry KO's Sunday Countdown

Idiocy, ignorance and incorrect - a wingnut news website

Mr Rogers testifying before congress

For those who may have missed it, Tim Robbins on Bill Maher

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sat 8/25 Trickling down

GIs Disdainful Of Bush "Happy Talk": "Don't See Any Progress-Just Us Getting Killed" (LAT)

I just realized something

Any physical therapists on DU today? I need a clue

Mark Foley not facing charges---will he still get his pension?

Pot Shots Notes from Hempfest

Breaking: DNC strips Fla. of delegates -- primary wouldn't count

What is t his THAWTE SGC CA that keeps popping up on my computer now?

Gonzales out at Justice, Chertoff in???

Agent Mike a D.U. urban legend or a real person?

I almost forgot......a freeper "corrected" me today on the use......

Help! Donating to DU now requires my Phone Number?

Timetable on "appearances" on 9/11 in NYC

Anyone else notice Maher looking pissed at the end?

Freepers once again exposed as the freedom-hating, war-loving, genocidal, facist bastards they are

Those who blow whistle on contractor fraud in Iraq face penalties

Help me list reasons we should not try to Impeach bush

Proposal: A Three Day Moratorium on Dem Candidate Bashing

OK, so who in the WH is rolling out the new product this season? August is almost over.

Michael O'Hanlon still spinning, but Washington Monthly charts the numbers

FAUX NEWS POLL-Obama Gaining On Hillary

Kennebunkport video

Events in Iraq make a lie out of Bush's claims of 'success'

Britain angry over U.S. “friendly fire”

Re Nugent Death Threats - Hold House of Blues Accountable

Nobody's doormat

Utah mine owner in confidential letter to Governor: Call me MISTER Murray!

This Week's Complete Doonesbury Storyline: "Ray Fought Them There But They Still Followed Him Here"

Woman Needs Way To Get 80,000 Cans Of Silly String To Iraq

Governor of Pennsylvania rescues golden retriever--finally, a dog story that isn't depressing...

"Pres Election Reform Act" a power grab before '08 election. Info/petition here- pls. sign.

I just watched "Who Killed the Electric Car" Now I'm depressed!

Vet Protest On The Mall In D.C.: Iraq Tower Guard Vigil

Publicly raped & beaten for 30 minutes while no one helps

What will you do when the cell-phones don't work?

How "Fearless" Ted Nugent Got Out Of Vietnam !!!

Bad credit threatening US economy: Research

We need a "Beer, Wine, and Spirits" Group... other than

Death threats in the Nugent video?

Having blown the war, bush will now blow Al Qaeda to make us safer.

Childbirth Kills More Women - 13 Of Every 100,000 Live Births Kill Mother

He politely endured shouts from the audience: "Chicken hawks! Impeach Bush! Our children are dying!

Apparently, it's open season on Democrats and Progressives

The Nobel Prize And Al Gore

Have you written your candidates about the climate crisis?

General's Aide Investigated Over His "" Website

Lookie!! The pres is going to Sydney in style.....sickening

I owe a 3500 dollar medical bill

Contractors Say U.S. Military Jailed, Tortured Them for Reporting Fraud

Sign A Petition To Free The Jena Six !

What snappy slogans will be used to extend the war 6 more mnths.?

Son of "PSYCHOLOGISTS, withhold APA dues..."

What will eventually end mankind?


Who knows how the bush team was actually formed?

Three years of Bush calling for patience on Iraq

Ed Rogers----leadiing effort to oust Maliki (works for Blackwill)

"Illegally held against their will, denied access to telephones, attorneys and even bathrooms"

‘Everybody May Not Make It Out’ - Katrina Dr vindicated - her story

Anybody Have Any Idea What Our Congress Critters Are Hearing From Voters While On Vacation ???

The Barack Obama I know.

GIs' morale dips as Iraq war drags on

True or False: The History Channel is increasingly becoming Foxified,- an adjunct of the Bush PsyOp

Jeff Gannon Talon News and Rumors about Karl Rove

Paid Propaganda: Changing American Opinion on Iraq by Changing the Subject


Woman kicked out of bar for being overweight

Meanwhile South Of The Border: First Atenco, then Oaxaca – Chiapas, You’re Next (Scoop)

Shout out to our big tent - I'm a Democrat because :

I can hardly bear to prepare this thread - the subject matter is so sad

San Diego is about to lose it's AAR affiliate KLSD ...

Democrats like Hillary, but Giuliani has wider appeal

Here come the guns…

Obama looks forward to working with "global warming is a lot of crap" Sen. Coburn

Rolling Stone: an article that could end the war

Are there any Dems that make you proud?

I think big dick is COUNTING on another 9-11 to kick off phase 2.

What is the meaning behind this?

Doom and gloom -- Why Bother Talking about it?

What kind of society do you wish to see in the future?

Democrats strip Florida of primary delegates

Lunar Eclipse Next Tuesday Morning

fat is a statement..

Hannity Pummeled On His Hypocrisy Over Ted Nugent

Hand Counted Paper Ballots NOW! or Fascism/Corporatism Forever. Impeach Now Too!

Please! Allow me to remind my fellow DUers that it's demeaning ...

My Niece Is Still Missing (5 days) - Thread #2

Clinton campaign sends volunteer to Obama

Here is a thought...

U.S. Gave Troops ok to enter Pakistan in 04.

MM: Limbaugh claims Dems' interest in Darfur is securing black "voting bloc"

You have to see this video

Hillary is full of it. She's no Wes Clark and she will lose big time in the event of an attack

Clinton, Obama and Fear

Bush's PR campaign for a Malaki coup just got blown up......Let's see what he does now......funny,

ABC's Bob Woodruff chrnonicles Sen.Tim Johnson's recovery; will air report, interview Tuesday night

One of the Great and deep thinking Neocons....

Hillary's problem

Wanna Laugh? Come on, you know you want to.

US surge sees 600,000 more Iraqis abandon home

Top US Jewish group recognises genocide of 1.5 million Armenians

Why is Harry Reid telling me to take a stand when he won't?

Morale dips as some GI's say leaders are way off base [print edition, LAT]:

South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson's political future is unclear

the Campaign: I'm still withTOO DANG

Iran announces new smart bomb : can be deployed by Iran's aging US-made F-4 AND F-5 fighter jets

Bill Richardson Will Win Iowa, Analyst Continues To Predict

Please delete.

'Hillary haters' sharpen their swords

Why Has Congress Failed Americans?

Two General Election Maps with Hillary beating both Giuliani and Romney

What Will Happen Tuesday When One Disaster Visits The Remnants Of Another Disaster....

Obama's right on Cuba

Obama? Clinton? Edwards? Frankly, my dear......

Dazed and Confused.

SPTimes Buzz Blog Reporting on Dem Rules Committee Meeting today on Florida delegates

Hillary's not too popular in my state (Vermont)

Bush the Pleader to replay today's Crawford Fatwa at Tuesday's American Legion Annual Convention

Points for Dodd: Hillary's comments were "tasteless"

Brzezinski (Carter's National Security Advisor) endorses Obama Over Clinton for President

Shut Up and Support the Troops

What's up with Al Gore?

Sen. Warner's comment may make it easier for some Repugs to speak out??

LA Times Op-Ed: Obama's right on Cuba

Obama seeking Dennis Ross's advice on Middle East, helps him both with hawks and doves

I don't think George W. Bush is a racist

Democratic Candidates Slamming One Another During The Primary

I actually feel bad for this Republican

Fox News Forced to Cancel Their Pathetic Attempt at a Democratic Debate

If we bomb Iran? What will our lives be like?

Is There Any Actual Evidence That The Escalation/Surge Is Working?

Lawyer Indicted For Illegal Donations to Edwards Campaign

Vick Couldn't Scramble Out of This Mess

Who would be the best VP choice for Barack Obama and why?

Obama camp: Clinton obsessed with GOP "attack machine"

I support Bill Richardson... for VP no joke.

Obama’s Plan to Restore New Orleans

Let's try this again. Can we get through a day w/o all of the name

Dem Rivals Rap Clinton on Terror Comment

Hillary against federal funding of needle exchange programs

"The Republican Party is the party of the people," Giuliani said. "The Democratic Party is the party

With Fewer Migrant Workers, Farmers Turn to Prison Labor

I am betting Florida does not budge on its primary date.

Kathleen Turner to stump for Barack Obama

Question re: Bush's planned trip to NOLA on the anniversary of Katrina

Florida Dems could lose say in 2008 race

A trip down memory lane with the GOP attack machine (the nice folks who will "unite" with us)

Politico's Mike Allen: Florida Primary Found Non-Compliant

Kerrey (D-Ne) says he may be leaning toward Senate bid

1-877-222-8001=false freedom watch toll free # & $15MM media campaign.

Tell me why I shouldn't register as a Republican on Monday. If

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week in 'Toons

WaPo's Broder: Bloomberg And Hagel For 2008?

Who Of The Top Three Has The Best Strategy To Beat The Repub Nominee? is demanding that the NRA remove Ted Nugent from his position as board member

Who would be the best VP choice for Hillary Clinton?

Florida prepared to sue DNC in federal court for violating voting rights act

Obama criticizes Cuba policy at Little Havana event

What is more important in a candidate: experience or good judgment?

Obama Wins Coveted Robert Kagan (PNAC leader) Endorsement.

Obama camp: Clinton obsessed with GOP "attack machine"

Nike terminates contract with Michael Vick

Let's talk experience...what kinds of experiences are most important for a future President?

Remembering Katrina - America and the World must never forget what Bush allowed to happen

Which candidate of the Top 3 is LEAST likely to screw over the American worker?

Joe Biden: Making Hope and History Rhyme

Two summaries of the DNC committee ruling about Florida.

Taylor Marsh: Edwards jumps the shark.

Delusion, hallucination, fantasy, delirious, etc.= GWB