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Archives: August 27, 2007

The Fog of Peace: Vietnam Myths and the March of Folly in Iraq

Bush's Dogmatic Foreign Policy

Old worries may still plague new New Orleans

Elites are the ranchers, establishment politics are the cattle pens, and we are the cattle.

Far from reality, Bush dares to invoke Vietnam (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

How Did We Miss the Signs of an Impending Disaster

PAUL KRUGMAN: A Socialist Plot

Polarizing People Out of the Race

Obama: Is He Really the Man to Support?

2007 Forest Fires In Europe Have Already Surpassed Total Burned In All 2006 - AFP

Tar Sands - The Junkie's Last Fix, Part I - The Oil Drum

Woo-hoo. Chinese Government Pledges $176 Million (US) To Fight Air Pollution - Peoples' Daily

Xantrex Supplying Solar Inverters For Largest North American Solar PV Installation At Nellis AFB

With Coal Production, Cleaner Skies Could Mean More Landfills

8/25 University Of Bremen AMSR Arctic Ice Imagery - Really Thinning Fast, Esp. On Siberian Side

New Peloponnesian War: Fires Rage Across Greece

Gulf Of Maine Bluefin Tuna Stocks In Freefall, As Fish Quality Degenerates - Too Lean

As China's Economy Roars Ahead, Entire Nation And Other Countries Choking On Filth - NYT

Freak Storm Floods Queensland - Once-In-A-Century Event, Say Scientists - AFP

Kristol: Let’s ‘Stretch Our Army And Marines’ For ‘Another Year Or So’ In Iraq

Trade frictions threaten resilient US eco

UK spending on Iraq hits £6.6bn

Gaping Hole Found In Universe

White House Declares Office Off-Limits

Falcons want $22 million back from Vick

Home Depot Unit Sold for Far Less in Tight Market

Saudis set up force to guard oil plants

US could be heading for recession (Ex-Treas Sec Larry Summers)

India loses maximum lives to terror except Iraq

Senator’s Office Is Burglarized

Witnesses In Army Trial Killed In Crash

It's Official: The USS Stennis Will Come Home Friday

First Lady Sidelined By Pinched Nerve (Not going to Australia)

Anyone have some webcam photos to share?

"Flight of the Conchords" is growing on me

This hurts my ears

Why aren't all the state primaries just

No Simpsons tonight? What's this garbage on FOX?

Does anybody know of a good zip file extractor I could download (for free)?

Do you like Pulp Fiction... Do you like the Muppets?

Watching Football

So the triplets' father cooked for Brangelina Thursday night....

I hope I'm never the kind of half-ass celebrity that ends up on "Teen Choice Awards" - how f-ing sad

Hey LeftyMom! I found the perfect dog to go with your kid

good night, all

here's a sign for RetroLounge, quite literally

On Labor Day we are having our backyard movie night, the movie will be "Picnic"

A quote that I relate to

Anyone talk to Belladonna?

One good thing about being back in this old college town...

Just watched the 'teen choice' awards with my girls...

The other side of the fence

A Truly, Talented Ambitious Filmmaker Should Re-Make "Catch-22" Using Iraq As The Backdrop

What's a tertiary qualification?

I hope I'm never the kind of half-ass that ends up posting about "Teen Choice Awards" -how f-ing sad

to hell with all of the naysayers--Miller High Life is tasty drinkin'

I rode my bike today in one of the worst organized bike rides EVER

Update on my crazy coworker

Avril Lavigne looks like salty garbage.

Anybody play with Pick-up -Sticks when you were a kid

How to Save a Life

Visitors to my bird feeder this afternoon

What is the difference between 1080i and 1080p?

Why the 10th Mountain Division Commander got a note from the Big Dog about me

Kings of scat

I don't get the difference between Steely Dan and REM.

Hilarious fast food names.

Lots of action in my little town tonight -- a suspicious package found on Main St

Opinions on baby names...

Gossip sites are reporting that Owen Wilson has overdosed.

Whose BOND flicks were worse: Roger Moore's or Brosnan's?

My sister loves me, yes she does...

Can I get some help with a rather arcane disagreement about the Necronomicon.

And what do we explain apart from witches?

Spaghetti westerns

Can I get some help with a rather arcane disagreement about plot development in sci-fi?

I'm making bacon/lard/ fatback/duckskin/ butter/cheese balls deep fried in goose fat

Hi Loungies!

I think I'm officially too old to ride roller coasters

Wanna laugh out loud?'s kitties!

"How does evolution explain witches?"

I had a Powerball ticket once- every number was one off the win.

Sunday Church Bulletins

So I just met this really cool dude named Larry and he's going to be crashing on the couch for a bit

Egads! Utterly incoherent rightwing fuckbag Jesus Crispy letter to the editor

Can anyone identify this bug?

Hoover plant slowly becoming a shell of its former self

Teresa Strasser Michael Moore Interview

Obama in New Orleans: "We need... an extreme makeover in Washington"

George W. and Laura's Crawford Vacation

Sunday "Countdown": Olbermann's Worst Persons in the World

Des Moines Register Q & A : Health Care : Kucinich

How Washington Missed 9/11

Human stem cells heal the hearts of rats

Is Keith Olbermann supposed to be announcing the game?

Bush's Surge of Death: Iraq Body Count Running at Double Pace

Call out Ari Fleischer and Freedom Watch...

Tuesday - 2007 lunar eclipse

Watching Football

Turned off Olbermann & Turned on Bill Moyers talks with FCC

Hey, Dems: Run against Bush -- and toughen up -- or lose in '08 (Salon)

Cage Bush Not Sydney:Greens keen to cage Bush, not Sydney

On Ted Nugent's Death Threats - Don't get mad, get even

LOL !!! Ah... We Are So Young Here Apparently

Sunday night TOONS: Us vs. Them

A New Peloponnesian War: Fires Rage Across Greece

Please DU this: sign petition to keep Air America--& keep California blue!

British pullout being prepared in Iraq

Official DU-Now-Hates-Olbermann Thread....

WP, pg1: Many Recruits Take Army's "Quick Ship" Bonus; $20,000 Is Lure To Leave Within Days

How come the media doesn't point out that Rudy/Mitt lack experience to be president?

Break out the tin foil

Persecution of people who are Left of Center in Guatemala

Do you think if a Mother has had two children taken away by CPS

Fox's Chris Wallace Attacks Moyers To Defend Rove

Many Take Army's 'Quick Ship' Bonus

NBC Affiliates Stiff Olbermann-It doesn't pay to cover the Iraq war honestly. Just ask Keith.

WILD COMMENTS: No jail time for Ney's aide who pleaded guilty = Abramoff case

Hulk Hogan's Son and Passenger injured in High Speed Crash

Do You Feel That DU Is Being Prepared For A Narrowing Of Political Discourse ???

Cancer in Iraq vets raises possibility of toxic exposure

If Republicans pick Crist as the VP candidate, will that automatically give Florida to Republicans?

A lesson from Ancient Greece

Drop Foreseen in Median Price of U.S. Homes

"Psst. Excuse me. I'd like to buy your B-52" (Wealthy Russian to American Crew at Airshow) Reuters

"Countdown" Special on NBC: "Worst Persons" transcript

Army’s ‘quick ship’ bonus proves popular

Little League players caught spitting in their hands before shaking hands at end of game

Are Republicans still popular in Louisiana? Could the Dem candidate take it next year?

Just gimme some truth...

**W.W.E. Summer Slam Thread**

Running Club Members Mark Trail With Flour: Now Accused Of Terrorism

Whistle Blowers in Iraq face US Torture

U.S worried about European commitment to Afganistan

As An Energy-Saver, the Clothesline Makes a Comeback (Right to Dry)

Five Beats Four

Presence Of Essential Molecule In Space Could Support Life On Other Planets

This Modern World - "And Then The Cartoonist Fell Out Of Bed & Woke Up"

So. Uber-conservative and holy moly Pat Boone admits infidelity to wife

abraham lincoln lacks experience

One last Ted Nugent thread...

'Blasphemous' balls anger Afghans (BBC)

Hawaiian Inter-Island Ferry Makes Maiden Voyage

Conyers Meets Impeachment Activists Saturday; Seems To Promise, Then Seems To Balk

Shadow's Taxicab Reports: Huge hearts and hopeless causes

One of the first things that should have set off protests in the streets was 'free speech zones'

livvy's DU sign for Kennebunkport

BIG Oooopphs: Republican Lawmaker Sought $3.5 MILLION Earmark for Lobbying Firm

NEW Mystery Poster on CREW = "Anonymous" +++ Deep Modem's Mother Lode?

I will hold my nose and

Bush to Working America: Let Them Eat Hedge Funds

Does it even matter who wins anymore?

GOP Activists Root for Hillary to Win Nomination

Rivals are wrong about Clinton's experience

Give me the CVs and resumés.

The Outsiders Insider

Senator Dodd's Hartford office burglarized

A tidbit that tells me Wes Clark will not run this cycle, many people's hopes notwithstanding

Losing Afghanistan?

Fraud fear for Ukraine elections (BBC)

Cleland: Rove lies "when his lips are moving"

I wonder who "Mr. Benchley" is supporting in the primaries

The Pantheon is almost complete

Ghouliani compares H. Clinton to Karl Marx

Joe Lieberman and Katrinia

Tuesday, candlelight vigils to end war...

Need list of Hillary's Position on Female Reproductive Rights and Supreme Court Appointments.

U.S. ticks off Afghanistan by dropping blasphemous balls from helicopter

LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum

Barack Obama lacks experience.

Wow. Dennis Kucinich!

Hillary's terror comment was beyond dumb! If the country is attacked

Dennis Kucinich on MSNBC Monday morning: to renew call for national health plan

India Outsourcing Firms are Learning the Washington Lobby Game.

Obama: U.S. can't fail New Orleans again

Barack Obama crossing party lines

Clinton attacks Republicans, Obama flipflops on HOPE campaign, attacks Dems, wants to team with GOP

Army can't afford socks for troops in Iraq

A question for the Anti-Hillary crowd part2

Dems Ban Florida From Convention? What?

Hillary Clinton has LOADS of Experience...

#6 on the NYT bestseller list !

People are saying they won't bother to vote based on this video:

Having Iowa and New Hampshire first is bad for democracy and for the American people

John Edwards will NOT win the New Hampshire primary

The Awful Truth

On the Streets of Chicago, a Candidate Comes of Age

Heartbroken Bush Runs After Departing Rove's Car==Onion

George Bush, Big Dreams, Bigger Lies, Bad Memory

Hilary Rosen|Cheney Country

Obama's Turn; or, This Campaign May Be Just Long Enough to Eliminate Everybody

Iraq police block militia as UK troops quit centre

Two years ago, Katrina shed light on a harsh truth--we are all victims of a failed government.

Cancer in Iraq Vets Raises Possibility of Toxic Exposure

AlterNet: Who's Really Paying High Prices for Your Pharmaceuticals

Hillary and Rudy share tired view on Cuba policy (NY Daily News)


With Turnover High, Schools Fight for Teachers

Indian companies are learning the Washington lobbying game (Interesting)

The Lede (NYT): Possible replacements for Gonzales

The Jurist: Gonzales' Troubling Legacy

Record opium crop helps the Taliban fund its resistance

Responsible Investment: Gates Foundation and the California Model

Hey, Dems: Run against Bush -- and toughen up -- or lose in '08 (Salon)

Iraq, Iran and the Moral Rot Infecting the Soul of America

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 305

John W. Gofman, 88, Scientist and Advocate for Nuclear Safety, Dies

Australian PM says APEC to tackle energy savings - Reuters

Indonesia hopes to include peat in new climate deal - Reuters

Journal entry March, 5th 2019...

UK oil firms cheating investors, says Russia

A New Method of Extracting Heavy Oil: Toe to Heel Air Injection (THAI)

Appetite for destruction (Slowpoke 'TOON)

Hurricane Dean's wake

Polluted China rivers threaten "sixth" of population - Reuters

On Isle Royale, Warming Boosts Tick Population - Moose-Wolf Ecosystem Collapsing As A Result

C-Span 2 - 10AM EST Monday - U.S. Energy Policy - Independent Women's Forum

Local talking heads

1 Million Acres Of Lodgepole Forests Dead In CO, 3 Million Will Die, 22 Million Acres Across West

Nature trumps decades of effort (flood control)

Thanks Bush, thanks Exxon, thanks Ted Stevens, thanks republicans

The Nuclear Industry's New Shill: Christie Todd Whitman

8/26 University Of Bremen AMSR Imagery - From 155 to 180W, Ice-Free Line Nearing 85N

Chemicals in non-stick pans may retard babies' growth

Arctic Summer Sea Ice May Now Be Gone By 2020 - 30 Years Ahead Of Worst-Case Predictions - RTE

Persistent Rains Hurt French Wheat Production, Push Prices To New EU Record - Reuters

Astonishing Tower Collapse (VT) Screams "NO NEW NUKES!!"

Doom, gloom, death, destruction, chaos and horrible suffering! Yay!

Post-Peak-Oil food production

Appropedia- the sustainability Wiki

City of Boston to dump Smithfield products

Old worries may still plague new New Orleans

Many Take Army's 'Quick Ship' Bonus

China miners crawl to safety

Two NATO soldiers killed by raids in Afghanistan

At least 100 arrested in Myanmar: activists

Task Force Lightning Soldiers attacked (3 incidents, 4 dead)

Cancer in Iraq vets raises possibility of toxic exposure

Children doing battle in Iraq


Gonzales Resigns

Taliban ambush kills 3 US soldiers-Afghan official

Supporters seek Gore for ballot

Iraq governor escapes assassination attempt

Merkel presses China on climate

Army’s ‘quick ship’ bonus proves popular

Existing home sales drop in July to slowest pace in nearly 5 years

Senior admin. officials: Chertoff likely to get nod

Coral Ridge founder Kennedy retires

Iraqi insurgents taking cut of U.S. rebuilding money

Hulk Hogan’s Son Airlifted to Hospital After Serious Car Crash

US could be heading for recession

Sources: Chertoff to be Recess Appointed

DU This Poll Gonzales Gone Cast your Vote

Tensions flare at Cuban custody trial (Miami)

CBS News Translator Slain By Insurgents In Iraq

Boeing Issues Directive On Thousands Of Jets

Ex-Deutsche site worker: Boss said no to asbestos gear

AOL logs on 'Dissent'

Alan Garcia: Despite Earthquake, Peru's Economy Can Grow by 8 Percent his Year

Iraq Sunni Arabs won't rejoin cabinet despite deal

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday August 27

France ready to apologise to Iraq

Gay Unions Sanctioned in Medieval Europe

Obesity Swells In 31 States

JACK CARTER (son of former President Jimmy Carter) ENDORSES JOE BIDEN FOR PRESIDENT

Oprah Winfrey Muscles Wedding Party For Rooms Needed For Barack Obama

Balloon crash survivor describes horrific jump

Iraqi mosque bombing kills nine

Kucinich, in Maine, trumpets health care proposals

Pentagon official is under investigation

Russia to charge 10 over Politkovskaya murder

Durbin: Patrick Fitzgerald Could Be Long Shot To Replace Gonzales

Five foreign soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Afghanistan ‘set for record opium harvest’

Mexican candy import may contain lead

Slave labor persists in Amazon charcoal works: ICC

U.S.: Taliban Inventing Civilian Deaths

Gonzales Resigns as Attorney General

Deputies: Former Marine was shooter among 3 dead in Orlando

Poll: Young voters disenchanted with Republican Party

Sarkozy tells Iran it faces attack over atomic program

Democrat Dodd's office burglarized (by homeless man)

U.S. wants Colombia to extradite militia boss

Vick: 'I need to grow up'

Edwards stumps in region (Says he'll have Republicans in his Cabinet if elected)

Cuban exile sentenced for stash of ammo, guns in Upland home

Acer Buys, Will Preserve Gateway, eMachines Brands

Turkish military issues warning

Bush visit expected to cause traffic trouble in Bellevue

(Bush) Motorcade officer dies after crash

(Sen.) Craig (R-Idaho) Arrested, Pleads Guilty Following Incident in Airport Restroom

YouTube criticized over Neo-Nazi clips

Question about Olbermann and 'Countdown'

"Hallelujah"- The Fairground Attraction

I had a dream that somebody stole my trailer

Cripes, talk about a real pain in the ass videogame voice.

Why is this song so cool to me?

I'm in my boxers

Vacuum cleaner in emotional turmoil after being attacked by dwarf's penis.

Dwarf's penis stuck to vacuum cleaner

Damn hay fever...

breaking: Laura bush resigns as first Lady

I'm no poet, but this is for someone special...

Medicaid is here Medicaid is here !!!!!


Damn, Of All The Days For DU To Be Slow And Buggy!

How many Bush administration officials does it take to change a light bulb?

Went to a Snooker Club last night

Paramount bribed to ditch blu-ray and support HD DVD

"simple needs?"

Gonzalez gets booted off the couch!

Have you given up your landlord?

How would you deal if the Silver Surfer crashed on your couch?

Why did gonzales resign...

Well, Vick is now a convicted felon

Yes! The criminal Gonzalez has resigned!!

A thank you to the Mods...

Mangled English around the world

Am not.

TrekStor 'shocked by the way our new MP3 player's name "TrekStor i.Beat blaxx"' is perceived

I am hurting today...

My houseguests are gone, my houseguests are gone!

OMG! I could have Paula Jones as my realtor!

Funny how a guy like Owen Wilson attempts suicide,

As it turns out - my purse WAS stolen

Why are aliens usually naked?

13 photographs that changed the world

Chavez to move clocks ahead 1/2 hour in 2008

Colbert's cast up to $13,400 on eBay

Anyone ever had 'adopter's remorse' after adopting a pet from a shelter?

THE BAR IS OPEN In Celebration Of Gonzales Resignation.....But

Neat photo my mother e-mailed me of lattice in the winter.

ew... I'm never inhaling again

West coasters: total lunar eclipse visible in the early am hrs tomorrow!!

Freepers found in

I detest the Joy-Eaters of life...

All hail Dick Dale....king of the surf guitar

Well, my oldest cat gave me a scare last night, he fell 3 ft. off the deck and landed on the wood.

I bought a 32 inch flat screen tv!!

Compare our chicken nuggets.

Owen Wilson attempted suicide

Radar Detector recommendations?

The sewer backed up into the church basement

Next Monday is Labor Day.


Santa Monica street food on Sunday,

Have you given up your landline?

so in my change from lunch I got this $1 bill

I'm back from Chino, ask me anything


If you were marooned on a desert island, whom else would have for dessert?

I broke some China,ask me anything.

So. Fucking. Gross.

I'M back from Lunch, ask me anything

checking in to ground control

What's wrong with this deal?

Hulk Hogan’s Son Airlifted to Hospital After Serious Car Crash

What's up with your avatar, and why did you choose it?

Just so you are aware of this: There was no change in the rapture index this week

I need a massive influx of inappropriate gerunds, please

If you were marooned on a desert island, whom would have for dessert?

My niece is having a baby!

I need to drive from Redding to Santa Barbara but there's a snag

4 out of 5 horses approve this photo.

I got me a problem

I'm training to become a cage fighter

I'm training to fight Nicholas Cage

ARGH - I hate it when I think I TiVo'd something and it is only a partial

If Jimi Hendrix, standing next to a mountain, chops it down with the edge of his hand,

What is for lunch?

A new form of polygamy is forming - and the ladies are in charge!

LOL! My Right Wing Brother In Law Just Quoted Vernon Chong!

Teen driver gets 2 years for crash that killed Tongan royals

"Yo Momma" says Brit bands are superior to American ones.

I bought one of those huge air-filled exercise balls today.

Did Senator Larry Craig Shake It Too Long

The Greyhound's rockin out tonight, some maximum.....

A friend of mine is borrowing my $60 bike from Target to take to Burning Man

I bought one of those air compressors to fill up my huge balls today so I can exercise

Don't F*** with this sparrow's crumb.

The phrase for today is "Yo Momma" Modify a thread to include "Yo Momma."

1 out of 5 horses approve this photo.

I need a massive influx of good vibes please

I'm training to become a fighter of cages.

Interesting test, if you are honest, it is surprising what the answers you put down mean.

Caption this one. I can not think of a good one.

Ever have food explode in your microwave?

I just saw this cool commercial about the 70s!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/26/07 Bonus

Bringing a little Lounge action to GD. Feel free to join in

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/26/07

Chris Farley has been reincarnated!!

Miss Teen South Carolina!! Way To REPRESENT! (video)

Best "OH SHIT" Moment I have seen.

PEVS Unite

Anyone here been to Lassen Volcanic NP?

LOL! My Right Wing Brother In Law Just Quoted Tommy Chong!

This site is cool...Skull a day!

What if I told you I was pregnant?

Any fans of the show "Flight of the Conchords"?

Myspacers! I have a new friend who needs friends, please. I'm dating her repuke brother

Replace a film star in a movie with one with the same first or family name

I jus ordered Invisible Fence. Please tell me what you know about it.

A *great* animal pic - - (I'm series!)

If you love cats please my friends website - nothing like spinning cats!!!

Maineiac & I are going out tonight to toast to Gonzo's resignation.

Happy Birthday to me!

The swimming pool is closed, school is in session and the human

DUer's... got any tips for quitting smoking?

I heard the dumbest conversation at a car lot today...

*****Happy Birthday, Southpawkicker!*****

That Miss South Carolina...

think I'm gonna register on Free Republic

I'm training to fight Johnny Cage...

Michael Vick has "found Jesus"

a new version of a very controversial picture

What would you say to a nice cup of tea?


DUers, Give me your recipes!

I'm back from Ukraine

Morning Conversation with My Cab Driver (and how i may be a virgin)


How many books, on average, do you read in a year?

Homophobic T-shirt

Deep fried cookie dough balls

One gorgeous blonde.

The Ace of Aces.

The crowded streets of New York.

2 Topless Strippers!!!

Yes, I live under a rock. I just heard "Belle and Sebastian" today

Owen Wilson Asks For Privacy During Difficult Time

46 runs in 4 games

Let's see how well you know your history (quotes)

What are your pets' names?

*******Happy Birthday to DTBK******** (DeposetheBoyKing)

anyone here deal with animal phobias?

So what's for dinner on our special "Gonzo resignation" night?

Brit bands are superior to American ones.

What fall music releases are you interested in?

I need some tips

How Clean is Your House? is my absolute new fave show...

Did Ann Coulter get breast implants?

The Soundtrack Of Your Life

Today in labor history August 27

Tough Times for New Orleans Musicians

NLRB General Counsel Accuses FiberMark Management of Federal Labor Law Violations

Union organizer jobs. . .anyone know?

Problems mount for bankrupt brewer

GE growth generates 100 new jobs (blue-collar machinists)

Gonzales on FOIA

Poverty in 21st Century America: Children Living in Poverty

Poverty in 21st Century America: Making Ends Meet

Poverty in 21st Century America: We Can End Poverty

Gonzo resigns: Musical interlude from The Wizard of Oz

Sunday "Countdown" Pigskin Preview: Michael Vick

Country Joe McDonald - Woodstock 1969

Sunday "Countdown": Olbermann, Fineman on Iraq "political theater"

Is our children learning...

Elizabeth and John Edwards on Face the Nation 8/26 Part 2

Elizabeth and John Edwards on Face the Nation 8/26 Part 1

FLICK Off with Hannah Simone

Hillary on Gonzales Resignation

Smiling Faces

Kennebunkport Protest 8/25/2007 (3,000 people marched on the Bush Estate)

Gonzo Explains His Resignation

John Edwards - A Survivor's Question

Pedophile Blogger Leaving California

Tom Feeney supporter pumps up legal fund AND seeks NASA contract

$84M NetAlert Filter Cracked in 30 Minutes - DOH!

Republican Real Estate Bubble About to Burst

I'm the train they call the city of New Orleans.

All of a sudden we have Dems calling WJ and talking about "Bush's War".

On abortion: Amnesty International OR the Vatican Secretary of State. Which side are you on?

Edwards Goes After the 'Corporate Democrats' -- Is This a Turning Point for His Campaign?

SurgeGate. Just how successful has it really been? The numbers:

Facing a draft, little Teddy Nugent bravely wet his pants

It's Good News Week - Hedghoppers Anonymous

That's IT!!! To hell with it!!

Can anyone identify this bug?

Anyone Watching God's Warriors? Does CNN Keep Cutting It Off

What to think of this (AA edits on Wikipedia??)

TPM: Bush Lies About Al-Qaeda Captures in Iraq

One Nation, Under Threat

Through the Looking Glass

Cheap flights to heaven

I guess someone has to say it. Bush on the Greece fire.

Poll: Are you satisfied with the jobs our elected congress folks have done?

Any word on the overnight ratings of KO?

looks like someone loosened their bible belt a bit too much...

Cancer in Iraq vets raises possibility of toxic exposure

Children doing battle in Iraq

We Rolled Gonzo...

gonzales steps down to spend more time torturing his family.

Oh, what a beautiful mooooooo--rrr--ning.....!!

Do Progressives believe a person can be rehabilitated?

dupe pls delete

Will Durst: Rove Bye Bye

ted olsen as AG? Why not, he's actually a pretty good liar.

Will Bush Appoint Jonathon Sharkey for Attorney General?

bush to make statement at 11:30 Eastern time n/t

So..will Bush Interim Appoint a new AG or Not?

I am Sure Bush will Recess Appoint Someone this Afternoon for AG

Ted Nugent Received Student Deferments In 1967 And 1968

On Gonzo - why didn't they wait until the Holiday weekend newsdump to announce?

Fred Thompson for AG?

Dear Senator Reid: Get thee on the first flight

Union Leader editorial falsely claimed Clinton said "troop surge in Iraq is working"

Please stop falling for the GOP spin re: the Florida Primaries

Doesn't the AG have to be approved by the Senate?

Maliki is right about Clinton & Levin.

The NYT's New Pro-War Propaganda

I'm betting Bush will appoint Orrin Hatch as AG

Don Lemon on CNN triggers 'gag effect' praising Gonzales...

RC: Thinks GONZO rsigning is a BAD THING?

"Scant Support for LA Sheriff Recall"

WA POST: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Resigns

John Nichols: Gonzales Goes But Investigation Must Continue

Gonzo to have news conference at 10:30

Is The Bush 'Firewall' Collapsing? Rove resigns, Gonzo resigns...

Effective Sept. 17th. I'd like to see someone resign and just walk away, no press conference

CNN: Gonzo Resigns!


Rats fleeing

Did anybody notice this? MSM Pumps "Terra talk" this morning, JUST BEFORE Gonzo Announcement...

It looks like there will not be an unchallenged AG appointment while Congress is in recess.

c-span taking calls on gonzo

*** Official Gonzo/Bush Pressers Thread ***

Trapped China Miners Dig Out of Collapse

Bush will say "Al was a good man" and " We will nominate another good man"...

"bush needs to be held accountable also"--as gonzo just following orders says a cspan caller

cspan 1 is Replaying Gonzo Hearing with Leahy

Farmers' Almanac Predicts '2-Faced' Winter

Now that Gonzo's on the run, can we legally perform a citizen's arrest on him?

A few thoughts about Gonzo, Chertoff, Rove - and what we MUST do

The Lifespan of Bush Admin Players Upon Election of Democratic Congress

Is Gonzales the mystery Powerball winner?

Problems connecting to Stephanie Miller Show ? ...

Would Bush appoint Lieberman AG?

Say Buh-Bye to Gonzo, DU! ---pix--->>>

Dammit, media, stop talking about Vick!

Guess who gets to appoint Gonzales's replacement?

Now That He Resigned Will Gonzo Get His Medal of Freedom and a Pardon?

Drum roll please: The new temporary AG

Reid Statement On Resignation Of Alberto Gonzalez

Well you know what this Alberto Gonzeles resignation proves?

Poll: Young voters disenchanted with Republican party

Is Schummer in DC? I thought everyone was still on vacation, but

Oh no! MSNBC cut away to cover Presidential candidates

Gonzo'z gone. Now let's go after Cheney (Dave Lindorf)

Rumsfeld, Rove, Gonzalez, please compile the latest Rat Retreat here.

Children doing battle in Iraq

I Hereby Declare, and Let it Be Resolved...

Biography of Condi Says She's Loyal to Bush Because 'She has a Thing for Bad Boys'

Gonzales presser at 10:30 . . . President to speak at 11:30 . . .

Are you sure you want to go there, Bush? You student of history, you.

BUSH-SHOCKED-To Learn Iraq War Strapped CIA's Ability To Focus On bin Laden

CNN: Bush Plans To Install Inexperienced, Bush Loyalist Clay Johnson At Homeland Security

Anyone notice that Raw Story scooped the major media on Gonzo?

So MSNBC cuts off their own Democratic debate to hear Chimp say the Dems smeared Gonzo.

TPM's Josh Marshall: Recess appointment -- 'watch for it'

Doesn't Sept. 17 seem like an odd date for Gonzales' resignation to become effective?

Thank God and Greyhound...

Stupid, stupid politics

Sounds like Vick is taking Olberman's suggestion! Listen to his

LOL, * had to look at his notes to finish the phrase "good name dragged thru the....."

Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann to be simulcast on C-SPAN next week!


Atlanta Pentacostal megachurch minister: "The Devil made me do it."

"Going Back to Texas to Be One More Horse's A**"

bush has an escape hatch. he seems to be making things a

Why wasn't Bush at his side?

Damn CNN! They just cut away from the Dem response

Dodd's Senate Office Broke Into During Weekend

Iraqi insurgents taking cut of U.S. rebuilding money

Cornyn from Texas weighing in on behalf of Gonzalez. On CNN

Chavez to move clocks ahead 1/2 hour in 2008

Jeff Gannon-- "I have nothing to expose besides liberal media bias.”

Bush About To Be An EyeSore Again For Seattle...

Latest "Off the deep end" Freeper quote...

Bush and Vietnam analogy. Not a blunder, but a calculated ploy.

Gonezo is a flight risk, as is Rove, all ye Congressional Dems ... File ...

I find it funny

Jeb? Would Bush name his li'l brother? ala Jack?

Iraq: British retreat descends into chaos as Shia militia occupy police centre The mad dash to flee a sinking ship

WP: A 2006 DoD study concluded that the current Al-Anbar strategy may result in short-term success

US Commanders Smoking Crack Say Iraqi Citizens Turning Against Insurgents

Caption Gonzo ---pix--->>>

Seen this?? An ad for

ACTION! N Ky, south Ohio Veterans. Join the Iraq Summer campaign.

Oh wow this poll really needs DUing!!

The CNBC Katrina Program

Cheney is next

You know how people always perceive the South as the bedrock of Iraq War support?

The only ones left are Barney and condasleezagopher. Quick Vote: Did Attorney General Gonzales make the right decision by stepping down?

Waco Whacko Emerges From Hiding ---pix--->>>

Thompson campaign loses another staffer

U.S. Health Care Needs to Become Non-Profit

Chertoff - Patriot Act co-author, Whitewater Special Counsel, Katrina...Jeez!

TOON: Ted Rall - "I, Not Rudy Giuliani, Am The True Ground Zero Hero!"

A recess appointment for Gonzo's replacement? What are the issues?????

I'm betting $10 that Bush will do a recess appointment to fill the AG slot

So Rove resigned. Gonzo resigned. Big effen deal!!!!

Ah, all is well. Vick found Jesus

OK, Gonzo is gone, now we got Paul Clement - for the foreseeable future

What does it mean??????? (Gonzo Gone, Rove Gone...)

Rumors of Gonzo resigning hit USNews yesterday afternoon

Newsday: Frances Townsend turned down offer from WH to replace Chertoff

Bragg Soldier Whose 3-Month Deployment Extension Postponed Family Disneyland Vacation Killed In Iraq



Why did Gonzo resign?

Did Gonzo call Bush, send him a letter or was the story just made up?

ABC says "Schumer says he might have some problems with Chertoff."

CNN: Senate aide with DOJ connections says Chertoff will not be Bush's choice to replace Gonzo

Thought of the day: Are we the better people?

"His good name was dragged thru the mud"

Paul Clement clerked for Justice Scalia

Yeowch: Home Prices FALL & 16-Yr. Glut As Housing Bubble Goes Bust

If You Are Considering Foreclosure, WATCH OUT! Adding Misery, Now "Foreclosure Scams"

Bush cannot make recess appoint of a new AG (thanks to DUer onenote for the info):

Legislators launch probe into FDA job competition plan

Owen Wilson Hospitalised After Suicide Attempt

Why did Bush's Iraq puppet Malaki only cry about Dems pointing out he is an idiot?

Re: Falcons not cutting Michael Vick - PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE

Jimmy Jeff's back in the news

Is it me...

If Nukes are "on the table", why can't Impeachment be on the table?

Tremendous Hindu Temple built in...of all places...

Spencer Ackerman (TPM) : "Gonzales, master of disaster"

"The President of the United States has been leading a war on science."

So, Gonzo, now you find yourself with lots of free time on your hands ...

"Democrat Dodd's Office Burglarized"

Is michael chertoff in reality Ramses II?

CURIOSITIES and THEORIES About The Gonzo "Resignation"

Carlyle Group buys part of Home Depo

Question for our "Money/Financial Experts" out there....

Hill Democrats: Gonzales Resignation 'Not the End of the Story'

Is Keith back tonight? I hope so! Can't wait to hear what he has to say

Weekend Nazis have ways to make you shiver

Won't nominating Chertoff mean we spend weeks talking about Katrina? Why would Bush want that?

Senator Sherrod Brown's Office On Resignation Of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

New crop of farmers takes to the fields

Wingnut Janet Parshall and her husband on CSPAN spreading lies

Compare our chicken nuggets.

"But Gonzo is an honorable man..."

The drought we call America. Anyone got a match, cause I need the fire dept here asap? (A rant)

gonzolez name drug through the mud by politics according to bush

So they made an 'agreement' in Iraq. Nothing's been voted on by the parliament, nothing will be . .

With Paul Clement filling in as acting AG, What happens to his investigation of the DOJ?!?

Did Gonzo leave in order to spend more time wiretapping and torturing his family?

Long profile of Matt PUDGE. Parents were Libs. Mother worked for Ted KENNEDY

US ambassador to UN: Middle East turmoil could cause world war

Please tell me Michael (Gut Feeling) Chertoff isn't

Lieberman Statement on Gonzales Resignation (deserves our appreciation for his work)

Hatch reacts to resignation of Alberto Gonzales....(blah, blah, blah)

ROFL - Caption Max Baucus reading to kids

GONZO's Letter of Resignation on TPM Sunday, Aug. 26.

The sinking ship being abandoned by rats is George W. Bush

Senator Feinstein Calls for Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki to Step Down

Senator Casey on Alberto Gonzalez Resignation


Poll: compare our outrage (pet dogs) to our indifference (Katrina victims)?

Nostalgia Time-- The AG was Bush's first Nose-Thumb to the US

Don't Miss The Film That "Has The White House Spooked"

The CNN host this morning asked the logal DC reporter what did Gonzo

On Raising Money (Netroots and Darcy Burner)

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Mon 8/27 - booga booga

Senator Russ Feingold On the Resignation of Attorney General Gonzales

Report: Fantasy Football Costs Employers $435M Per Week

SO, is THIS the Deal that the Dems made - They'd rush the WireTapping Bill if Gonzales Resigned?

Clement to stand in for Gonzalez until next confirmation

Has anybody else heard about this: Witnesses For Military Murder Trial Killed..

The Democrats' responsibility in the wake of Gonzales' resignation

So does this mean the Justice Department can get back to enforcing the law

Chertoff was one of the architects--along with Gonzales--of the Bushist torture policy.

Heads up: Nina Totenberg will be

Gonzales won't leave office until September 17th

Iraq's Sunni dash Bush's hopes of breakthrough

The problem with most presidential candidates, GOP & Dem

Anyone listening to Randi? Is this a rerun?

Bets I'd like to make (against the 28%)

"Cheney to be gone in three weeks..." (Is this DM again?)

Subprime mortgages and heavy debts bigger threat to US than terrorism (NABE survey shows)

Atrios: The ruling classes are ALL jumping on the Maliki-Must-Go Iraq "strategy" bandwagon

Gov Dean: "It's About Time" BUT "The True Problem Rests With BUSH WH Itself"

Sarkozy calls for (foreign) troop exit from Iraq

Mitch McConnell on Gonzales "poisonous partisanship"


Iglesias (fired USA) on Gonzales resignation:

Comments on gonzo resignation from CNN viewers.....

I'll bet this TOON gets a few Freepers pissed off...

Did the looming articles of impeachment have anything to do with Gonzo's depature?

Here's an interesting it morally wrong to subdue likely agents provocateur?

Gotta hear today's Unger Report on Patreus Report to Congress - HILARIOUS

DU This Poll Gonzales Gone Cast your Vote

Which statement is Shrub's most ludicrous - Brownie vs Gonzo?

Total Lunar Eclipse Early Tues. Morning (Tomorrow)

Just great. On C-Span, they are broadcasting the Janet Parshall radio talk show.

And it's 1 2 3

"Thompson Campaign Loses Another Staffer"

whow---Bush sounds really upset-(his comments below)------I was working

So paste a tail upon his nose and point him toward the grass. He's going back to Texas ...

Mennonites plan to move over photo IDs

Sow The Seeds Flood Relief Fund Designated to Help Midwest Farmers

DNC points to Dem calls for independent inquiry as reason for Gonzales' sudden resignation

Great SunTimes Op-Ed: Facing a draft, Nugent bravely wet his pants

Ya gotta love this: Gay Unions Sanctioned in Medieval Europe


Sources: Chertoff to be Recess Appointed

Save America

They're Marching, But for What?

Al Gore's The Alliance for Climate Protection Is Warming Up Madison Avenue

Only a guy like Alberto-FU7 could give a bad image to ....mud

Megachurch Co-Pastors Announce Divorce

Tell Them No To Chertoff

Gonzales.....anything to keep the shit-hole, quaqmire, illegal war in Iraq from being reported.

Leahy says probe of Justice Dept. will continue (on now on NPR)


Olbermann's Sunday Night Football Comment on Michael Vick

Chewed Vick cards at $6,400 and rising in eBay auction

Would you take this bet re: Gore running?

Castro writes newspaper column from the grave!

Where do you fall on the ethics scale?

Elad - better reconsider the Top 10 conservative idiots vacation!

Conyers On Gonzales Resignation: "AG resigns amid a cloud of suspicion"

John Edwards on the Gonzo resignation.

Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown: Calif. could change the name of "marriage".Fundy activists atwitter!

Schumer and Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Tweety

Edwards: "My view is, you give them a seat at the table, they eat all the food."

A Gonzo Haiku thread

Ok so who is in line for that thankless AG job?

NPR just now....Leahy was asked about Chertoff as a nominee for AG.

So if Craig steps down and Johnson comes back, does that mean that Lieberman can switch to his real

Sheldon Whitehouse Statement on Resignation of Attorney General Gonzales

Wyden, Brownback Applaud Early Net Radio Agreements-“$500 per channel minimum royalty”

dupe nt

Great commentary on Gonzales from the WashPost (of all places)

So, Craig was arrested back in June and has already been sentenced to 10 days in jail?

Craigs excuse-- he has a wide stance when going to the bathroom.

Republican politicians? Do they run for the money, but stay for the sex?

“Young Americans too fat to fight” and Romney’s solution to health insurance problem.

US-led and Afghan troops forces strike inside Pakistan (Pakistan says w/o permission)

Questions for the new AG confirmation hearing. Time to start preparing NOW.

So, Did Bush short circuit Congressional Subpoenae by having Solicter General

40 years ago this week. Mississippi Freedom Party denied seats in racist convention

Kansas City's own Krazy Kris Kobach could be next in line for the Attorney General job

Senator Larry Craig voted Guilty for President Clinton's impeachment on both counts

"...fraud is as much a part of the fabric of Louisiana as it is in Iraq..." LARRY CRAIG

Was it worth it Al?

Senator Larry Craig appreciation thread.

Could Cheney be next? Part of deal to avoid Bush impeachment?

So, torture boy is really resigning?!

Am I the last person to figure this out about the surge?

Dobbs Mentions Lewd Larry ..just now..

Is it too naive for me to think.....

Could we now have a new leading indicator of a major economic depression...

Pakistan: Justice and the general

If you're not watching Kucinich on the MSNBC debate, you're missing it bigtime

Delete this dupe, please

Austrian right-wing nut who minimizes the Holocaust says to ban mosque-building

GOP wants one of the top officials in charge of the Katrina response to be our next Attorney General

Senator Craig (R) was arrested for LEWD conduct in a Minneapolis restroom! Pleaded guilty

Is it not fair to ask candidates (debate or interview) if they intend to use recess appts. and

Gonzo the Innocent.....

Remember this picture?

More Media Criticism

OK, I'll Be The FIRST TO PREDICT: Fox News Will "Mislabel" Craig As A Dem!

Will Larry Craig be vindicated? The poor man is ill.

here's gonzales' (interim) replacement....paul clement

"Boys, some as young as 11, now outnumber foreign fighters at U.S. detention camps in Iraq."

Can you imagine Republican presidential candidates were afraid to talk about health care and cancer?

The diff between Dems and "The Other White Meat"

Remember this guy?

Michael Greenberger is destroying Gonzo on

A serious question I have, about ensuring the qualifications of the next Attorney General

Little rimjob's pulled all mention of Larry Craig's

U.S. has second worst newborn death rate in modern world, report says

I'm looking for a bit of info regarding Florida's primary move

Quick question: How many bush people resigned before dems won last election?

Statins may help prevent Alzheimer's: study

Balloon crash survivor describes horrific jump

Idaho's Sen. Craig: a ZERO % rating on gay/lesbian issues from Human Rights Campaign

Edwards, on Gonzo's resignation: "Better late than never."

Craig Was Mitt Romney's Idaho State Chairman...

Britain's Brown No Better than Bush on Iraq-- Rejects Timetables

Army’s ‘quick ship’ bonus proves popular

Senator Craig disappears from Mitt Romney's website.

Web Cam of Dim Son's Visit to the Other Washington

Pelosi: ‘Resignation of Attorney General Gonzales Is Long Overdue’

Katrina despair story: "I call him Blue Eyes because of his eyes."

U.N. says heroin production in U.S. occupied Afghanistan at "frightening record levels"

Resident Evil snarls Seattle traffic

BIDEN Issues Statement on Resignation of Attorney General Gonzales

Question for Boston DUers re: Stealth bomber flyovers

We're feeling mighty strong today....

My President Will Be...

Today would be LBJ's 99th birthday.

"Even my worst day as AG was better than my father's best day."

Feeling the Pulse of DU (as of Today, August 27, 2007)

Michael Vick should go free

Olbermann's NBC Ratings

What is it about this administration and the "chimp" look?


Does Anyone Know Why the Craig Story Is Breaking NOW? 2 Months After the Fact?

And now from the "Move along, nothing to see here" department...

A song in honor of Berto

NRA spokesman Ted Nugent threatens presidential candidates...

Draft Patrick Fitzgerald for AG

Clement's appointment stinks...

Everyone in DC Knows Larry Craig is Gay

The details!

Lunch in Crawford. Caption this * and Gonzales pic

Southern baptist church knowingly placed convicted sex offender in pulpit

Army’s ‘quick ship’ bonus proves popular

Separated at Birth? Pick the best choice

Was Alberto Gonzales name dragged through the mud for partisan politics?

Portland Press Herald pics of Kennebunkport

Jack Balkin on Bush's three problem after Gonzales' resignation (good stuff)

Idaho Statesman editor says they have been investigating Craig. Results on website tonight.

Another entry from the Department of Truly Odd Photo-Ops

Larry Craig!!!

Be nice!

Kerry: Congress must keep pushing until we get truth and accountability...

Why Isn't Tucker Featuring The Larry Craig Story?

"Every contractor in Anbar who works for the U.S. paying the insurgency"

Poll: compare our outrage (pet dogs) to our indifference (chicken nuggets)?

Seismologist made first call to 911 after mine collapse

Ever wonder how big al Queda organization is? Here's your answer

Craig's Senate webpage updated: "I'm innocent"

First Rove then Gonzo!? What is up?

The cat KNOWS

White House cites "political show trials" (??) as reason for Gonzales resignation

Max Cleland stumps Blitzer: "You know he (Rove) is lying when his lips are moving"

Who is the US Fighting in Iraq?

Wasserman: Astonishing Tower Collapse Screams: "NO NEW NUKES!!"

Freepers manage racism, sexism and homophobia in a thread about Gonzales resignation

Falcons owner re Vicks::: Blah blah blah "he did reprehesible acts, etc But IS NOT CUT FROM TEAM

CREW: On AG Resignation, renews call for special prosecutor

GORE'S Alliance for Climate Protection to drop $100m/yr on media campaign.

Yikes, the price of a gallon of regular milk, not organic was $5.29 today

Dinner with Helen Thomas last night

A Police Officer Riding In Fuckhead's Motorcade Was Killed Today?

Congress - it's called INHERENT CONTEMPT ... and it's long overdue for Bush, Cheney, Rove, ....

Statement of Senator Clinton on the Resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

Gonzales resigns!

Why is CBS's Schieffer, CNN's Anderson Cooper & MSNBC's Chris Matthews, trying to bury John Edwards'

Just thought I'd post this....pretty good stuff coming from a

Anyone else hear this? Senate wants documents on wiretapping before they'll confirm new AG.

Iglesias: Rove, Gonzales exits 'absolutely linked'

Who's gone? Let's Make A List....

I am very conflicted about the Craig case

check out rivkin on tweety

Hillary is leading for two reasons:

Boston Tea Party museum on fire!!!

Is it already over? I suspect so: Clinton v. Guiliani

AIDS victims are being buried alive in Papua-New Guinea

Tata Consultancy bags deal with Hawaiian Airlines

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Kerry Tells Bush to Restore Integrity to Justice Department

Why the big deal about Dunkin' Donuts eliminating some trans fats? Here's why.

Gonzales Does Not Remember Resigning

Is your state Mine Inspector elected or appointed?

What the fuck is it with Republicans, gay sex, and bathrooms?

Louisiana Treasurer Switches to GOP, Could Tilt US Senate

Just what does PC mean?

Dumb question (I think) on the Social Security wage cap

"Over Lunch" (another huge Iraqi blunder by The Decider comes to light)

Breaking.....Rep Craig ID Pleads Guilty....REPUKE

Winner for the August photo Contest is

Gay Unions Sanctioned in Medieval Europe

Oh, fuck. Can Bush give Karl Rove or Scooter Libby a recess appointment to be Attorney General?

OMG! I just realized.... it's all my fault!

A.P. Breaking Senior White House Staff Calls Meeting ....

Apparently it's only 49 states in '08 for Howard Dean and the DNC!

got A notice from census

Will you be standing up in September

Want to see anti-Muslim bigotry at it's finest?

Give it up for Joshua freakin Marshall

Officer in Bush motorcade injured --->>>

Match the deli product to the BushCo official

Craig Issues Statement: "I Should Not Have Pled Guilty"

Empathic reading. Case in point: GWB

Police admit agents posed as protesters; One carries large rock to protest.

The Great Iraq Swindle, ...

The Democrats' responsibility in the wake of Gonzales' resignation (Glenn Greenwald)

Gonzales Resignation Does Not Pardon President’s Abuse of Power, ACLU Says

My 1000th post: A remarkable woman and a myth buster

Time To Tear Down Guantanamo - Your Help Needed

did anybody watch Christiane Amanpour's "Gods Warriors"?

Theories, anyone?

Senator Craig: "Bill Clinton, you're a naughty boy! A nasty, bad, naughty boy!"

Sen. Cornyn mourns 'sad' news of Gonzales resignation

what is it with repuke politicians and lewd behaviour in public restrooms?

Evil or eviler?

Everyone in DC Knows Larry Craig is Gay (Two Decades of Rumors)

The Burning Man Project ???

WSJ: "Fair " Tax--from Church of Scientology to Mainstream Republicanism

Someone help me understand the crime in Larry Craig's "lewd conduct"

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Possible jobs for Gonzales after DOJ resignation?

PORNO Search Engine Attack at CREW: Comment has 5,000 GIBBERISH links sabotage = DOMINICI

Florida sowed the seeds of a propaganda war against the DNC.

Who Loves Joe Lieberman?

PSA: I do not have sex in airport restrooms.

"Found Jesus"...Gosh, that seems SO sincere!!

Hey, why is the front page so wide?

What I heard this morning on KMTT 103.7, The Mountain.

TPM Anonymous Poster Suggests-"Refuse To Confirm Nominee Until Subpoenas Answered"

DEEP MODEM: Who is the "Anonymous Lawyer" and who is the "Anonymous Imposter" ??

McKinney Dismisses Pelosi, Embraces Sheehan Challenge

"BREAKING: AGAG's interim replacement-Cedarburg's own Paul D. Clement"

If I could wave my hand and all state-run lotteries would disappear, I would do it.

"My wife doesn't want me sharing an office with a woman"

Ain't much can piss me off like a mouthy skinhead

A review of Chertoff's links to terrorist financiers would be prudent before naming him Atty General

Will Pitt: Burning the Law in a Riot of Treason

Thompson hopes his role investigating wrongdoing will propel him to the presidency.

Those who advocate war...

LOL, from The Onion

LA Times: Obama Scores on US-Cuba Relations

Is Hillary running on Bill's legacy or her own judgment?

Maybe Obama didn't know about Senator Coburn's hateful comments?

calling an emergency session

"No more ice cream Fridays?!" THAT'S why Gonzales resigned!

Gonzo - gone-zo ...... this morning

Wow... great fucking job CNN

Who is most responisble for Gonzo leaving?

What's with the Monday Morning News Dumps lately?

Obama Statement on the Resignation of Alberto Gonzales

It's so reassuring that Bush gets pissed of by things done "for political reasons."

So who's next DUers?

Fewer Iraqi children are likely to die. The reason? Sharp increase in sterility among Iraqi men.

I Always Thought Gonzo Would Go Before Karl

On Compromise, unity, and Obama

Why did Alberto Gonzales finally resign?

Romney Regiment

This Modern World: They Repeated The Mantra All Summer Long

Bush in Washington State (Protest Will be fun, Please Join if you are WA DUer)

The DEMOCRATIC Underground... a LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE site... and some people are gung-ho...

Excellent! Barack Obama's record as Illinois State Senator

Why Chertoff is a Good Idea

Opium production soars to "frightening level" in Afghanistan


Rudy is an Urban Legend

The poll numbers Kos has been posting are ferociously addictive.

Look! A Unicorn!! No, Wait...Two Unicorns!!!

At this rate even Vick is going to feel sorry for Bush

More Staff Trouble in Thompson Campaign (Cillizza/WaPo)

Gore should.....

Gonzo resignation text

TPM: Roundup of comments on Gonzo resign. The best is the last one from Rahm Emmanuel

MSNBC/Lance Armstrong LiveStrong Presidential Cancer Forum (Official Thread)

what ever happened to Harriet Miers?

DNC Release: It's About Time Gonzales Resigned

Is it too early yet for the hate to be showing? Or do we really NOT hate any of our candidates?

"Take a Stand Day" event near you on Tuesday! from Barbara Boxer wrote:

20 Million Women: The First Time I Did It

I was out this AM. Is Gonzo "going to spend more time with his family?"

Fred Thompson: The natives are getting restless?

Seems To Me That MSM Is Making More Of The Vick Story Than The Gonzo Story.....nt

Lesson from Quebec-Marchers beware!

So How Shall We Celebrate Gonzo's Resignation?

Now that Gonzo is gonzo, will Senate Dems show spine?

How many of these 2005-2006 Bush judicial nominees did Obama vote against?

RNC Flustered By Barack Obama’s Appeal in Kentucky

Fire Fighters union endorsing Dodd

The DSCC is looking for input on what their slogan should be

Obama fires up crowd in Lexington, Convices Many That He's The Real Deal

Hillary Supporters,

Bedtime for Gonzo

Edwards now within margin of error with Obama for 2nd place; Clinton leads with 40%

Everyone be sure to watch KO tonight!

Question for the "I won't vote for X" DUers

"The attorney general should be a person of integrity and credibility, and Mr. Gonzales was not."

Dancing With Conyers

This is fun: 2008 Democrats Sales Shares, July-August 2007 Check out the Kooch!

The Rude Pundit:Live Champagne Blogging the Alberto Gonzales Resignation Announcement and Coverage

From the Frying Pan to the Fireball : Chertoff the worst possible replacement for Gone-Zo

AP Photo: "President Bush walks away after making a statement about the resignation...

Is it clear what Larry Craig's Lewd behavior was?

Irony: Gonzales resignation effective on Constitution Day

Obama was thinking about voting for Roberts until told of political consequences of doing so

JACK CARTER (son of former President Jimmy Carter) ENDORSES JOE BIDEN FOR PRESIDENT


Will ANYTHING change your mind about your chosen candidate?

Obama's grassroots organizing in South Carolina

Bush may indeed still try a recess appointment says this:

More comments from Edwards on Gonzo & Chertoff:

Edwards: Congress should use all tools to demand troop withdrawal

Cyber sabotage-are we ready?

I am going to be honest here, as a tireless and faithful Obama supporter:

Why does the DNC not impose a primary spending limit?

Obama's horrible Senate compromises

Will Pitt on the Treason of Alberto Gonzales, et al.

MSM: "AG Gonzales Resigns in Disgrace. How badly WILL this hurt the Democrats??"

Rasmussen: Clinton electability more predictable--high enough for narrow victory or close defeat

Source: White House to remove FOIA information from website

Edwards, Obama only Ds w more favorable than unfavorable

I'm gay and I have a question...

Oprah Winfrey Muscles Wedding Party For Rooms Needed For Barack Obama

Poll: Let's talk experience...what kinds of experiences are most important for a future President

Larry Craig (R-ID) arrested for lewd behavior in public restroom

If Sen. Larry Craig resigns, the governor (Butch Otter, R) appoints his replacement

My parents are Republicans. Should I cut off any communication because they are?

Good news for Edwards' fans! Rasmussen: Edwards leads Giuliani 49%-41% and Thompson 49%-35%

Huckabee returns Obama praise: "intellectual giant" who is the "leading Democrat"

"the choice to scapegoat Sen. Clinton is unfathomable" - Keith Olbermann

Anarchists to hold planning meeting

Someone is betting $4.5 billion on a catastrophe within four weeks.

Before DU Heads Into One Of Its Gay Jokeathon Frenzies

I have made my support of HR 333-the Impeachment of Richard B. Cheney known to officials

I hate Hillary haters.

Apparently it's only 49 states in '08 for Howard Dean and the DNC!

Edwards would redploy troops to Kuwait, Jordan, Persian Gulf. No "residual force" in Iraq

Question: Why did Gonzales leave the Air Force Academy after only two years?

Question for supporters of all candidates other than Kucinich re: health care proposals

Vast army of 'Hillary haters' has claws out - Chicago Tribune

Why the time is NOW to take a stand against the DLC

Who would participate in a Joe Biden Group?

President Clinton will make his fourth 'Late Show' appearance just days after Sen. Clinton stops by

I Like the John Edwards of 2007 a Lot More Than the John Edwards of 2003.