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Archives: August 3, 2007

Monica Benderman: In Freedom's Name

How reporters trumped up a story about Iranians killing Americans in Iraq

Guest Op-Ed - Juan Cole: (William R.) Polk on Insurgency & American History

There's irresponsibility. There's demagoguery. And then there's Trent Lott.

Rethinking American Entrepreneurship

Tillman Tribulations

Income Gap Shifts in Urban Women’s Favor: Young women in cities are making more than men

Gov. Pawlenty can't dodge ownership in bridge collapse

Scientists issue warning about chemical in plastic

Conservatism Is Politics for Kindergarteners--David Michael Green

FAU: Ocean power options viable for Florida soon- pilots in process

Glasgow terror suspect dies from burns

Four dead from bridge collapse identified by medical examiner, eight remain missing

Divers face dangerous conditions as river search continues

Clinton slams "arrogance" of US Iraq strategy

Clinton gets Pentagon briefing on Iraq

White House backs interviews on Tillman

U.S. military launches new air campaign south of Baghdad, sees further links to Iran

U.S. spy satellite declared loss, to drop from orbit

Bush Raps Democrats on Spending ("Bush ridiculed....Pelosi")

Glasgow terror suspect dies from burns

Bush to visit bridge scene

John Edwards Wants Hillary Clinton to Return Murdoch's Money

Senate Passes Children’s Health Bill, 68-31

Katrina floods not covered by insurance: court

TSA checks IndyGo (city) bus passengers

Why does this picture remind me of the Lounge Moderator tonight?

I'm going to be in bed by 11 tonight

Were you ever in someplace where a movement was afoot?

Is it 'by the by' or 'by the bye'?

Here's my take on your take.

What's the weirdest thing Loungers are doing tonight?

Beaverhausen is a STAR!!!

Oat Bran Again

Tammy Faye Bakker!

Have you ever wanted an extra hole in your body? You've heard the phrase,

Tribute to Artie Singing an Anne Murray song

What was it about us Gen-X'ers...being programmed for nihilism and self-destruction?

Wow, could a diet pill ever do this!!

Why can't we be like and photoshop something - I'll start.

Do you ever get pissed...

Nice use of oven gloves...

If you've had experience with biting children, please post here.

Prozac: Your thoughts?

I intend to spend Saturday drinking myself into oblivion

If Bill O thinks DailyKos is a hate site, what does he think of the DU Lounge?

What the HECK is this?

We're all Living in America, America, es ist wundervoll...

Good vibes needed on Saturday

Big Brother 8 fans... is Dustin really gay?

I love Julian Beever!

I want to get a flying saucer!

This Post Is Totally Useless.......

Laura Branigan.

Mr Scorpio's Hottest Sounds will be on in 15 minutes

DU DU Fantasy Football: 2 SLOTS LEFT (I miscounted or someone left)

Why is it that bright lights make us sneeze??

Wellbutrin: Your thoughts?

HELP: Cat spraying.

Killing Me Softly....

Anyone here like Mother Love Bone?

They have dull spirits

Melanie Morgan , Jennifer Coolidge, separated at birth?(apologies to Jennifer)

Best....sign... ever!!!

But They Didn't Have Any Pink Pistols....

Annie Lennox "Songs of Mass Destruction" to be released Oct 2nd.

Hey...who is here ?

And, now for something completely different....

What the fuck is wrong is with some people? - sickening animal cruelty

**SPOILERS** - So You Think You Can Dance

Supposably vs Supposedly

I have a hole in my head and I can't quit poking at it.

Projection is a lovely thing, don't you think?

I am thinking this weeks DUzys are going to be Doozies!

Be a Cat Juggler!!!

I'm off, Lounge buddies

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day 08-02-07

Shark Week Viewers Can Track Great Whites in Real Time

Seniors Go Online to Get it On

What cigarette do YOU smoke, Doctor?

Sigh...I love kitting........

Harry Potter- IMHO (no spoilers)

Zapp Brannigan

Mr GoG was rough-housing with SonOfGoG the younger earlier...

Loungers-Hate me if you want... "I need you"

An old story I found of mine (not finished)

Spex Thread

National Treasure 2 - the book of secrets (trailer)

Adderall: Your thoughts?

Musical collaborations: what if?

Black tar heroin: your thoughts?

What song best represents you?

Broke up with the man, deleted my myspace page.

mentally disturbed neighbor has been threatening my wife

Weirdness across the street...The nice man who lived there died

Has anyone ever been to Burning Man?

my ear, it has flavr

WOW GDP is Crazy

WTF is wrong with some people? Married people propositioning

Is it me or does it seem this job is killing Tony Snow?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/2/07

What's The Weirdest Dream You've Ever Had?

I am having a diagnostic colonoscopy next week...

What do you expect death will be like?

Post your best flamewars.

Am I too much of a "Lounge newb" to request good thoughts/vibes?

I guess that bridge was unnecessary so the Twin Cities should not miss it all that much!

~~the idgiehkt appreciation thread~~

This just had to be posted.

Sigh....I love knitting...

Which Star Trek movie was the best?

Weird hollywood relationships

So they found a "nodule" on my lung in a chest x-ray...

Do you ever get tired...

HEY...Look what I can do....

Big Brother 8 fans-who wants to know the HOH winner?

Have the schools (K-12) in your area start yet or soon?


Minnesota Bridge Collapse

Tony Snow on the Saudi Arms Deal

Where's the equivalent of the "flooded buses" cloned email pic from Katrina? What's that? Republican

CBS: America's highways approaching Third World status...posted July 9

Newt sounds like a Democrat addressing Nat'l Conservative Student Conference. Honest.

Stratcom Gen. James Cartwright: Don't renew START-1 Treaty


By How Much Should We Cut Defense Spending?

maybe, just maybe the bridge collapse will stop the war so tax $$$$$$$$$$$$$ is spent on US(A) nt

House Votes to Ensure Troops' Home Time

Whats in YOUR Carbon Footprint...

Right wing radio pundits get their marching orders from White House

That Sinking Feeling

I got the solution for the infrastructure problem...

Local Florida officials who enabled developers and businesses fight back against CSX.

The heartbreaking story of the Engebretsen family

3 new bridges for Iraq...

Bush Complains About Democrats Spending

Anyone have a chart of civilian deaths in Iraq through July?

REPORT: Putting U.S. Troop Casualty Statistics In Perspective

OK---- I bet a beer in the lounge that Bush hugs at least 2 black women in Minneapolis.

Republicans are not criminals. They're wily.

Are we just watching the end of the constitution

Cries for help in the wreckage; investigators describe difficulties of rescue efforts

Dubai Aerospace buys service providers from Carlyle (aviation repair, etc.)

"The FISA law was written in 1978. We're having this discussion in 2006. It's a different world."

Watching for Dean

Minn. Bridge Problems Uncovered in 1990

Melanie Morgan , Jennifer Coolidge, separated at birth?(apologies to Jennifer)

Some numbers to play with.

There's no such thing as privacy. Get over it.

Eeeee. Some fund raiser just called trying to get money for something having to do with H.D.

Not equalizing/dismissing. Just a bit of perspective: 09-15-2001 bridge collapse

YKos — Libby Trial Blogging Panel (scarecrow @ firedoglake)

What do you mean we don't spend enough money on infrastructure?

"God, angels, my seat belt"

Has anyone ever been to Burning Man?

c-span - voting on final agriculture bill - getting rowdy

Norm Coleman enlists Bush's help for money--not for bridge, for re-election!

On A Scale Of 1 to 10... What Are The Chances Of A Democratic Sweep In 2008 ???

3662 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Beck: "He feels the pain of every wounded hero, every lonely, grieving parent this war has caused."

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!! -Fight Global Warming From Your Desktop

Tonight on Charlie Rose: Brain Stimulation (big breakthrough) / Alastair Campbell

The Bridge of the Gods

I got a new phone and had to download some software for it

More than 70,000 bridges rated deficient

I'd like to post a Thank You To the MN Tax Payers League!

First Couple Of Videos From YearlyKos 2007 !!!

Bingo - Here's The Problem With The Minnesota Bridge

I'm sure the Freepers' solution to the infrastructure/bridges problem is

O, Canada! More Americans Heading North

Remember all the press 2 days ago about "only" 74 KIA in July?

In New Orleans, it was "heckuva job" Brownie...

Keith Olbermann defends BillO on "Countdown" (and then names him "Worst Person")

A gardener's take on democracy, rule of law and impeachment

Do NOT Forget The META-MESSAGE: Bridge Collapses, Flooded Cities, Major Blackouts

Has everyone been to FOXATTACKS.COM ??? If not, you need to go there, and become a Fox attacker!!!


An American visionary - Michael Franti. Watch this CBC interview about his time in Iraq. Also....

Keith is taking Mike Stark to task

These are the faces of people who visit prostitutes.

Karl Rove fails to appear at Senate Judiciary Commitee hearing on US Attorney firings

Video of Howard Dean's keynote speech at Yearly Kos.

Conventional X-ray taken during Dubya's colonoscopy reveals mega-polyp

Do you fear your government?

Tell your Senators: paper ballots for the 2008 general election...

Apparently... It Has Come To This...

House SCHIP reauthorization roll call (passed 225-204): Who are the 15 who crossed

McCain relies on supporters to drive him to events now.

Our earth in perspective... dial up warning

Are the fairies all dead? Where oh where can the fairies be?

Why this Minnesotan will be mailing my Republican Governor a nickel tomorrow

"Mr. Jennings, I am not here to play games," warned Chairman Patrick Leahy

Bush: STAY THE F*CK HOME - Dont visit Minneapolis

This bridge has always scared the hell out of me

A call to dismantle NCLB:

"I was losing weight because I couldn't afford to buy food.."

Hysteria/Paranoia? Are you exhausted yet?

This is fucking 10 times worse than Nixon back in the 1970s.

Cummings, Gansler take on role in Obama campaign

Episcopal Church's first openly gay bishop endorses Obama despite differences on issues

Nuking terrorists??

Hillary Clinton's Stance on Iraq and Afghanistan

Chris Bowers: Matt Drudge hears a leak and now there is a feeding frenzy.

Let me get this straight: Obama gets attacked for saying what he did about Pakistan

America's Economic Mood: Gloomy

Scotus lowest approval rating in years.

No More Secrets. We Want a Leader

WP, E.J. Dionne: The Rise of Kos

Driving directions to the 2008 Republican National Convention...

'Net Roots' Event, YearlyKos, Becomes Democrats' Other National Convention

Barack Obama: Putting Meat on the Bone

Did you all know Charles Rangel is a Republican light?

I'm just curious guys/gals. Where do you stand on the

Olbermann gives Obama props on big speech: He has a plan, Bush doesn't have a clue

Helen Thomas: Obama has it Right

Does living overseas from age 6 to 10 give one foreign policy experience?

It Takes A Wingnut Potemkin Village

Senator Kerry beats half-wit Mitt to the punch.

Clinton Disses Kossacks


Cheney: Dems On Witchhunt

Obama supporters- which is it?

Clinton disagrees with Obama’s ‘no nukes’ comment:

Hillary Clinton: Experience that is Only Matched by a Few

Hero Worshipping Obama

New ABC/WP Iowa Poll: Obama 27, Edwards 26, Clinton 26

Obama, the man with new ideas? Apparently not for TV ads

Obama says he doesn't trade favors for endorsements? Au contraire


Where are Hillary's Allegiances?

Carmel Valley, San Diego has officially joined the anti-war fraternity!

Why Hillary Clinton Has Jumped The Nuclear Shark

Bill Press: On Foreign Policy, Biden Rocks

Republican friend with RNC batcave access says Huckabee may be sleeper GOP nominee

Man Murdered Parents With Axe For laughing At Cat's Death

Eugene Robinson: Back to Basics (infrastructure)

Populism For a Price (Chavez in SA Economics) / WaPo

Peter Smith | What Really Failed In Minneapolis?

AlterNet: Today Is D-Day for Electronic Voting Machines

Paul Craig Roberts - In Richistan: Fantastic Wealth for a Few; Steady Decline for Many

As the nation braces for an active hurricane season, private insurers jump ship....

Law or Lawlessness

Congress Pushes For More Tech Education, R&D Programs

John Nichols: California Decides on Electronic Voting

Salon: Joe Lieberman, from his indie perch

Had a long talk with my “political conscience” last night

Profiting From Mortality


Biggest fans of the O'Hanlon/Pollack op-ed?

I Want My Money Back!

Return of the Robber Barons By Paul Craig Roberts

Post 2008, the wheels of justice will be grinding about imprisonment and execution of 9/11 traitors

Death and the New Frontier

The Religious Right, the GOP and the Wimpy Principle

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Gonzales!

Congress Delivers on Lobbying and Ethics Reform!

In Freedom’s Name By Monica Benderman

Truthout: Law or Lawlessness

Very Strange Bedfellows: The Short and Unhappy Marriage of Richard Nixon & Spiro Agnew

The Threat of U.S. Fascism: An Historical Precedent

Summer in Baghdad - Power Cuts and Dry Taps

Indian Call Center lands In Ohio

Good news from Baghdad at last: the oil law has stalled

PAUL KRUGMAN: A Test for Democrats

An open letter to Elizabeth Hasselback and all others like her from a 9/11 mom

Sean Penn Praised by Venezuela's Chavez

WHo Ordered the Execution of NFL/Army Hero Pat Tillman? / Wonkette

(UK) Tougher carbon targets law urged - BBC

Global warming fight may get boost from ozone plan - Reuters

Western North American group works on carbon goals - Reuters

India's tigers in crisis, less than half estimated - Reuters

India-US nuclear details released (BBC)

Spain to Allow Offshore Wind Farms

Cold Bleaches Great Barrier Reef As Queensland Hits Record Low Of 8C - Australian

Monsoon Death Toll In India Hits 1,000 - At Least 20 Million Stranded In S. Asian Flooding - AFP

Study - Length Of European Heat Waves Doubled Since 1880; # Of Hottest Days Tripled - Innovations De

West Virginia Wind Project to Add Second Phase (164+100 MW)

Namibia: Govt to Harness Solar Power

Chávez certain about oil barrel up to USD 100

Heat Waves in Europe Nearly Twice as Long Now

Fuel thirst deepens despite more mass transit

Glowstar solar lanterns light up adult literacy classes in Ghana

Bush sets global climate meeting (Sept. 27-28) - Reuters

Liquid Coal is a Bad Deal for Global Warming E action

White House threatens to veto House energy bill

In Praise Of Tap Water

Homeowners Who Go Green Face Neighbors’ Objections

Approval of boosted U.N. role in Iraq looks likely

House Votes to Ensure Leave for Forces in Iraq

Peru-Brazil: Tribes Flee 'Red Gold' Rush

Southwick Approved By Judiciary Committee

'Monumental' Iraq progress needed to sway ("Blue Dogs") Democrats plans

4 American soldiers killed in Baghdad

Bush Aide Addresses Missing RNC E-Mails

Bush signs homeland security bill

Lenders Broaden Clampdown on Risky Mortgages

Bolivia's President Criticizes Peru & Promotes Chavez During Stay

Good news from Baghdad at last: the oil law has stalled

Pinochet-era general is caught

At American Home, it's one last day at the office

Firms pull Facebook ads after link with (neo-nazi) BNP material

Coulter May Not Be Off the Hook for Alleged Voting Fraud

Overstretched UK troops face mental problems-study

Democrats' ad to praise Congress

Colombia's Uribe jeered in public debate with kidnapped soldier's father

White House again denies DeFazio's information request

Shamed scientist's 'breakthrough'

Bush Officials May Face New Subpoenas

The Spice Girls Going To Iraq? Baghdad Performance

In Texas, the public has no right to read inspection reports

Unemployment rate edges up, job growth slows

Inland (CA - San Bernadino County) Foreclosures Soar 200 Percent

MnDOT feared cracking in bridge but opted against making the repairs

Bush officials argue for new spy powers

Farm infected with foot and mouth

Four U.S. troops killed in Baghdad

News is too scandalous for Americans: survey

Republicans angry over House vote

UK police chief beats rap on killing

Submersible found floating new New York City

Computer Security Problems Found at IRS

Riots in Mosul prison lead to three casualties

Georgia Supreme Court will hear Troy Davis' appeal

Romney, Giuliani Change Their Tone on Bush's Iraq Troop Buildup

Marine who led murder of Iraqi gets 15 yrs prison

Bush criticises talk of US strike on Pakistan-govt

AP:Tillman Memo Contradicted Citation

Marine sentenced over Iraq murder (time served, demotion to private)

Armed Robots Join the Battle in Iraq

Bush: Congress must stay until surveillance law upgraded [Bush orders]

Marine Gets Time Served in Iraqi's Death


Brazil police find 2 Cuban boxers who went missing during Pan Am Games

Three Pulled from Sublike Vessel in NYC River

Envoys in Iraq could get choice jobs later

Stock markets drop more than 2 percent (Fear of "credit crunch")

Arkansas couple welcomes 17th child

Biden: Only a 'smoking gun' will oust Attorney General Gonzales

American Home Mortgage to close Friday

Bernie Sanders and anonymous senator place hold on Nussle

Ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame loses court decision (can't reveal service dates)

Sherwin-Williams Announces Recall

Abstinence Only Programs Do Not Reduce HIV Infection

Court rules FBI violated Constitution in Jefferson raid

Bush sets global climate meeting

Bush says Congress must stay in session until it passes new spying law

Newscaster suspended over affair

At U.S. base, Iraqis must use separate latrine

Millions flee 'worst ever' floods

Man mauled to death at Ving Rhames' home (Actor)

Judge's secret ruling curbed spy program

Lebanon cleric bans honor killings

Documents say Army knew of exam cheating

Tancredo: Bomb Muslim holy sites first

Court orders self-described pedophile to avoid California kids

TSA: All carry-on electronics must be inspected

(UK) Farm infected with foot-and-mouth

4hero: Les Fleur

good night, all

self delete

Er...It's 2:06 am, and I'm still up...Why?

some masks...

Posted a zilliion times already I am sure - but worth it again - free hugs

I wuv yoo

I just figured out how to stop the war

Today's Master Guitarist: Jan Akkerman

Could I ask someone with iTunes to dl something for me?

My birthday: Buddy Guy & Susan Tedeschi

A few songs I am listening to tonight - what are listening to? (The day the music died, etc)


Two questions about fast food

The Duggars just keep on cloning...

If you stayed at a Holiday Inn one night...what would you be able to do the next day?

Annie Choi - "Dear Architects, I am sick of your shit."

Bring out the gimp.

Cat vs. Printer: or worst homework excuse ever

I slept

Can you use the new compact florescent bulbs in a touch three-way lamp?

Did you ever think you remembered something, then later found out it wasn't really a memory?

Favourite Foreign Language Television Programmes

I was happy today until I saw this......

Thank you Stephanie Miller! She read my e-mail on air just now


I totally support breastfeeding, but

Comcast excels at SUCK like no other company.

I need a halibut steak marinade

Hey DUMBASS working for Sears Credit Card division...

Vacation begins tomorrow -- Pacific Northwest this time!

May I point out that Qwest SUCK?

So I received a order this morning asking me to buy a domain

Growing ursine invasions becoming unbearable

For Wcross, classicfilmfan, & others who have lost companion animals

I know if you find a lady bug in your house brings luck.

Viva Viagra....

Someone attempted to get into my photobucket account last night.

Oh! Alarming! Proof that the war on drugs has FAILED! They don't even CARE about this debauchery!

I've discovered inspiration for Britney's new look

How have your political beliefs/identity changed since joining DU?

HONEY!!! We are out of TP again.

My wife started her new job at the bank

Has anyone seen this?? youtube

i bought a mac yesterday. what should i do


Credit report?

w00t! !! Closing the office at 3 today

I'm prepared to fight you to the death* if you don't agree that

What network will "Grease" be on tonight?

Every bone in my body aches

So I've got to inject about 60cc of saline into our 2.5 pound kitten

Ohiosmith what is the word for today?

IndianaJones-please add me to your ignore list!

Lookit! ROFL dude can do the reverse backstroke!

The problem I have with anarchists

fruit on the bottom, hope on top

Starting a clique here in the lounge...

Is dis the moon?

Ok - who did this to Matcom's pug??

Jack the Dog comes to live with us today.

OMG! It's a Rhino!!!! At the watering hole!!!

~\ Two years *2 YEARS* not smoking

OMG! It's a DINO!!!! No watering hole!!!

If I post Midlodemocrat's senior portrait, how long before any of you laugh your ass off at it

Help please! Seeking im-peach-ment graphics

It's time for aaaa aaaaa SMILIE RACE!!!

This makes me the ultimate geek, doesn't it?

radio stations that play 2-fers and 3-fers of the same group...

If I post TeenMidlo's senior portrait, how long before DS1 or matcom

dupe; please delete

Crap. I used to work with one of the Mpls bridge victims

Is this unreasonable?

I'm making twice-baked potatoes. They are carbtastic.

Looks like the ex-es are scheming on Eddie

True or False-Lemmings are massively suicidal

Everyone who is related to George W. Bush, please post in this thread.

You people do know I'm related to George W. Bush

Faux News "dont leave home without your towel"

Robin Roberts has breast cancer?!?

I Was A Pre-teen McCarthyist

This morning I fell on my house coming out of my ass.

It is 94 degrees outside...Feels like 97

This morning I fell on my ass coming out of my house

You Oughta Know

The word for today is Ohiosmith. Take any DU thread and replace one word with Ohiosmith

my letter of designation to DU

From the WTF department: Alison Krauss/Robert Plant collaboration

For all those needing kitten pics...

How am I spending my morning, you ask? How kind of you to inquire.

I was a pre-teen McCartneyist

what happens if you right click on the address line and hit delete?

What do you expect breath will be like?

Screw this. I'm going down to Rufus's house.

So why is it so funny when people fall down?

Is there a way to completely erase the slate on DU?


My mom wanted to name me "Bronwyn." My dad wanted to name me "Wendy."

Be aware of the high cost of living the low life

What would you do if someone lied about being supple?

Applications being taken for New Admirer/Flatterer/Lover Substitute


What should I do this evening?

Look who followed me home.

Okay, lounge. Listen up. LynneSin just referred to me as

What are some other progressive/liberal movies I can add to my collection?

I'm going to blow my ears out

If this is your doorbell, I'm sorry.

Beer poll!

BREAKING WEATHER REPORT (wets finger sticks it up in the air)

Martin Scorsese

A BIG thank you for your famous Lounge Vibes.

The Guitar Master Series: Wes Mongomery

What would you do if someone lied about being simple?


Today's underwear.....

The Visiting Nurses office in our building is the Pinnacle of Laziness

My thread in GD got a DUzy!!


I'm protesting the DUzies

List 5 records or CDs in your collection that you really should throw out.

My husband says he's been working with a movie producer to make

I know I've been on DU way too long . . .

I'm baaaaack ....

Cute baby animal pic!

Anyone seen apocalypto? Is it worth watching?

Barry Bonds takes homerun chase to San Diego...

I'm frooooont ....

The Guitar Master Series: Kazumi Watanabe

I think I'm having a seizure . . .

That's just WRONG !

I just did something really bitchy

Granny Air Bag


If you all do not mind - I don't feel much like bouncing today.

Use this thread to share your mojo with the rest of the world.

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

The phrase for today is "dicks everywhere." Modify a thread to include "dicks everywhere."

Best Michael Vick Photoshop I've seen so far...

Dawn French and Cybil Shepherd: Smiles separated at birth

Still the funniest website ever.

Man mauled to death at Ving Rhames' house

Some fucker phished my myspace account. I HOPE HE/SHE gets VD.

Here are pictures of me, undoctored, wearing only underwear and a smile!

The Guitar Master Series: Vernon Reid

Furniture panics while couple adopts a cat.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/2/07 Bonus (by request: Jan Beatty)

Well, Porkbutt's back from the vet hospital.

Happy Birthday, LionessPriyanka!

What Will You Think When Barry Bonds Hits Number 756?

What would you have done...(bill collector)

I asked Mr LaraMN if he HAD to make out with either Ben Affleck or Matt Damon,

Elephant! On!

It isn't just DU: "Brangelina" having their own primary wars.

The Mediterranean Diet - it's bloody expensive, isn't it?

Cool...I found a video on youtube of skinner and the rest of the DU mods!!

This will be...

Some thoughts in my last week in London...

In honor of the "DUzy Awards" if Free Republic (or "those other sites") had awards...

We need a stupid criminal forum

"There are no atheists in foxholes"

My all-time favorite Jon Stewart interview, without question, has got to be

T-Shirt seen at mall...

The position is now closed. I've rehired Starbucks Anarchist!

Joe Flaherty Appreciation Thread

The Bar IS Open...........But

Can someone tell me where online I can buy a pair of Supima cotton poplin pants?

you on here?

Depressing thoughts... Post them!

You know what's funny? People who type "F**k".

Only 27 days until the college football season kicks off

I think I'm out on the street until I find a new apartment

oh Courtney, Courtney, Courtney....

Companion: SCTV Appreciation Thread

Post something nice that happened to you in the last 48 hours.

The fun never stops....I just met with a student named Mascara!

My sissies LostinVa is interviewing for potential Sperm Donors

Jack the Dog is HOME!

Post your favorite female vocalist

"J" names needed -- Help the Duggars name their next baby ... and the next ... and the next...

Mind the Gap!

I want my sissy-in-law Haraka back here at DU

Dragonflies and daffodils

U.S. couple has 17th child, not done yet

"There are no atheist in foxyholes"

yippee.... I FINALLY got in touch with a very dear, very old friend

Chris Wilson of IVAW

Looking for a few good vets.

Today in labor history August 03-President Reagan

Labor joke for the week: Late For Work

Saddam Shame by Roy Zimmerman

Secret secrets of THE SECRET revealed

Looming Problems w/ America's Infrastructure (Dodd & Hagel)

United Steelworkers Local7898 meet with John Edwards-Part II

United Steelworkers Loc 7898 meet with John Edwards Part III

Olbermann: The New Way Of Taking The Fifth

United Steelworkers Loc 7898 meet with John Edwards Part IV

United Steelworkers Local 7898 meet with John Edwards Part I


Reza Aslan on "How to Win a Cosmic War" -- Part 2/6 (with Q&A)

Reza Aslan on "How to Win a Cosmic War" -- Part 3/6 (with Q&A)

(1:03) of the House screaming match last night

Reza Aslan on "How to Win a Cosmic War" -- Part 4/6 (with Q&A)

Reza Aslan on "How to Win a Cosmic War" -- Part 5/6 (with Q&A)

Reza Aslan on "How to Win a Cosmic War" -- Part 6/6 (with Q&A)

Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit

Reza Aslan on "How to Win a Cosmic War" -- Part 1/6 (with Q&A)

Minneapolis, Minnesota I-35W Bridge Disaster Memorial Video

KO's "Worst Persons": Mike Stark, O'Reilly

Bush Implies Dems To Blame For Bridge Collapse

Olbermann, Alter: Obama's terror speech

George Carlin on abortion and conservatives.

Video: Dodd vs. O'Reilly

Fightin' Joe Biden

The Plot to Bury Progress

And, now for something completely different....

Florida Has 304 Structurally Deficient Bridges....five of them in Tampa Bay.


Bush To Mandate Aid To End Tyrannies....

mentally disturbed neighbor has been threatening my wife

OJ Simpson grilled during live interview - funny stuff hehe

George W. Bush is a lying are all of his 'friends'

President Bush Pleased Judge Leslie Southwick Will Soon Receive Fair Vote by Senate

In this toy story, retailers looking for U.S. products..(Yay Timbuk Toys )

Here is a headline you won't see in the US: Iraq Veterans Suffer Stress and Alcoholism

On Faith, Life and Ingmar Bergman

JOHNSON & JOHNSON Slow sales, expiring patents to force cuts

Even baby bottles aren't safe. Deregulation is going to kill us all.

I'm a bad, bad influence...

LTTE: "Vitter should step down, get his life in order, and let me cockfight."

From Jarhead to Talking Head

I've got some issues-am I wrong?

Consider signing this letter to Bush re: the Tillman investigation

Michael Behe on The Colbert Report 8/2

The Rise of Kos AND "...19th anniversary of Rush Limbaugh's radio show..."

Abe defeat could impact support for U.S.

Obama: The War We Need to Win

Harrowing details of Jeremy Hernandez ordeal on the bus...

Handshake picture deals election blow to Iranian reformist (Guardian)

Hag has got it right

What Really Failed In Minneapolis?

McCain Flip-Flops: Before Its Over, He'll Say He Was Always Against The War

US Government on Oversight: WJ

Any DreamWeaver developers here? Cold Fusion? o/t

The wrong kind of surge

Joe Conason: Bush's Non-Exit Exit Strategy

Gonzales Issue Snarls Surveillance Law

Van Gogh painting revealed as fake (AP)

"Congress-in general"----is the new topic. Just starting on Wash J. cspan1.

Is our local departments of highway learning?

Richland County, SC deputy injured; suspect turns self in

There Are Bridges In U.S. That Are Scored WORSE Than The I-35 Minneapolis Bridge

Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge

The Bush Terror Hoax

Déjà Vu

Clue to cause of bridge collapse

Soldiers Behaving Badly

c-span - House starting where they left off last night

Wake Up, America!!!

Nuts and fish are great for your eyes, did you know that? What's good for you?

Cops eye kids in 9/11 fountain prank

Seatbelt, air bags, and now...Mae West.

Last lines of "Public anger will follow our sorrow" commentary on bridge collapse

The Iran Attack That Wasn't

The Price The WH Is Paying For Gonzalez

My letter of support for Mike Stark - re: Countdown last night

In Iraq, death tolls often in dispute

Diebold voting machines vulnerable to virus attack

Iraqi refugees arrive in Detroit area as part of new influx to U.S.

Republican NAMBLA complaining about a motion to recommit.

Report reveals Australian aid to Iraq used for economic gain not humanitarian relief

Fight over oil tax threatens energy bill

And some still think Conservatism isn't a mental disease

With the bridge tragedy in mind, how are the bridges in your

Good news from Baghdad at last: the oil law has stalled

Report from Hannity's "Freedom Concert" thing


Murtha is in charge of House and it is HOOT--lots of shouting so far. cspan1

What can we do to convene a Grand Jury since their subpoenas are more

Wesley Clark To Bush: "Stop Trying To Look Like Leader By Chewing Up Lives Of American Men & Women"

What angers me the most about this incredible story (MN bridge victims)...

HELP! Looking For a "Proud to be a Liberal Rant'

Surely everyone is now hearing it loud and clear: "Fuck You, America"

What's going on in the House? It's in recess???? Cspan has

Valerie Plame's memoirs can't include length of stay at CIA

What did I miss in the House last night. Blunt is saying he's

State Dept. Offers Incentives to Get U.S. Diplomats Into Iraq

Fool me twice? -- NY Times, CBS, NBC report Bush allegations about Iran without context, skepticism

if you feel discouraged, compare these headlines


on cspan on ---last nights fight where Repugs walked out.

WH Relies On Congress To Change Laws Admin Has Already Broken-Shielding Them & Their Subordinates

Senators block Nussle's confirmation vote

Jon Stewart: When Dick Cheney smiles, an angel gets water-boarded

The White House asked the New York Times not to publish this article...

Jon Stoltz kicks some ass

Rudy: "We thank God that we haven't been attacked in the last five . . . years"

Karl's Cover-Up -- Editorial Cartoon by Steve Bradenton

Dictionary Definition-Anyone we all know?

I wonder what "security firm" this old boy was working for?

DU/Flottz & Wagitall Vocabalary woord foor the day

Grand jury demands gun-shop files...shops bought and resold firearms seized by police

Bush purposefully EXCLUDES 9/11 families from signing bill

How many son's and daughters lives is the Dem. wait and see strategy worth?

More Deep-Doo-Doo for Stevens

The only thing you can’t make a dime off of is the TRUTH

The politics of protection

Look at the house Republican bitches moan about not having their votes counted.

there is NO money to fix the bridges, dams, roads, levees, etc.

cspan1 now showing last night's dustup in the house n/t

O' Hanlon and Pollock Not War Critics

What is with using "thats gay" or "you're gay" as an insult?

Tracking Face time

Pat Tillman's Family Are Atheists So They Were Having A Hard Time Letting Go

Household items may save millions with cervical cancer

Why are the number of dead and missing numbers being scaled

Bush Has Proven Over & Over That He DOESN'T Really Mean It When He Says He Wants To Help...

oh sh*t

We're paying his salary, and he can't even tell us what he DOES?

Hill, White House Draw Battle Lines - Bush "... must be in the Twilight Zone."

AP: McCain changes course on immigration

Caption * and Sen. Ted Stevens

Who agrees with this advisory?

Couple welcomes 17th child — and wants more

Looks like Saddam Hussein is still not dead yet.

Zogby Poll: 3% approve of how Congress is handling Iraq war; military give Bush negative ratings

Sorry Republicans, you don't get to win because the scorekeeper screwed up.

Meghalaya Tribal Award For Al Gore

Republican cowards walk out of congress while doing the peoples business

The Decider was on MSNBC

I watched the congress in the sandbox rerun today....

OK, for those of us who've come late. Please explain the Waaahmbulance parade?

the list of countries that wanted to help New Orleans - neo cons said NO

RICE: "You're Behind Counter Because You Have To Work For Mininimum Wage-I'm On This Side Because.."

No-sex programmes 'not working' (BBC)

Dump Dick Day Video Contest: $1,000 Prize

Warning of webmail wi-fi hijack (BBC)

North Carolina didn't pass the anti bullying bill

Cspan1 NOW---re-air of ealier Repug Press conf (about Repugs walking off floor)

Republicans' stock answer to domestic spending: pay as you go..

Hey DU, Greg Palast Investigations Needs some Funds!

When are the Dems going to speak? It's past twelve thirty!

Hey Trent Lott you sniveling little lily-livered coward..

All Fall Down: America the Crumbling

Political TOONS: Infrastructure Insecurity

Worse Than Terrorism

"Sean Penn Meets Chavez in Venezuela"

McClatchy outsouring parts of their news dept?

Memphis Ministers Hankering to Hate

Subject: Rupert Murdoch and MySpace

(TOON) Steve Bell on Chimp, The Dick and The Surge

What do you all think of DailyKos's web layout?

Democrats Launch Nationwide Campaign Calling on Bush to Change Direction in Iraq

Giuliani defends his "Princess bride", Judith Stish Ross Nathan Giuliani

Two things I learned this week

Pelosi Reid presser. Cspan waitin. This was suspose to be wrap up but

NYT: Parts of Failed Immigration Bill Showing Up in Senate



The House is back in session.... I guess there's no presser for the Dems?

No-sex programmes 'not working'

Rome and America? Is our fall imminent?


Aide's testimony shows White House violating its own e-mail policy

I care more about ending the occupation than you do

Pew Research Center for People & the Press identifies the 20.54 dumbest people in the country...

How many lives is the Dem. wait and see strategy worth? (revised to conform to requirements - sorry)

Caught on Tape! - The Plot to Bury Progress

Caught on Tape! - The Plot to Bury Progress

Outspoken Calif. Editor Shot to Death

Some doctors refuse services for religious reasons (including Rx Viagra to Gays)

The HOUSE is back in session now! C-SPAN 1.

Is this Pete Sessions guy a total snake, or what?

How do you respond to morans who say they don't want to pay higher taxes for the

In my little town...

Armless, 1-Legged Driver Gets 5 Years In Prison

Q: Lionel Show's ratings better/worse than Sam Seder's on AAR?

Telemundo Suspends Newscaster Involved with LA Mayor

Climate conference in September to steal Gore's thunder?

Wonder if the dems deliberately disabled the electronic voting display

Al Franken temporarily suspends Minnesota Senate campaign . . .

Holy Crap! A 3 way tie in Iowa among Dems

Great! The Dems aren't going to respond?

How ironic... Republicans bitching about computerized voting...

House to work overtime ahead of recess

Pelosi did not count on a House Dustup that is happening.This news

U.S. Majority Sees Recession Coming

boy o boy--Dems are ANGRY at Repugs--House Fl. NOW cspan1

"Would you like to sign a petition to get George W. Bush re-elected?" *&^%$#@!(*&^%$#

House voting on adjournment right now

Is John Edwards Setting The Agenda For The Democratic Nomination?

so exactly how did the R's get the House computers screwed up

Can we get rid of electronic voting machines NOW????

Why is there a motion to adjourn in the house?

Iraqi Father Buries Five Murdered Sons (*Graphic*)

Condi Antoinette snaps at salesperson

Press Conference on CNN: Was this lady supposed to call the police and tell them she was alive?

Why is the Myers-Briggs test so popular? It isn't that great a test.

E. J. Dionne Jr.: The Rise of Kos

Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid! ---pix--->>>

General Wes Clark: Billions Better Spent on U.S. Than Iraq

A Nail in Maliki Government's Coffin?

In light of the MN bridge disaster, how much do you think the US infrastructure will be improved?

House Vote machine display is broken - Rethugs hysterical

McCain cancels NW fundraisers

The House Republics started their re-election offensive today

So Who Wants To Make A Citizen's Arrest On John Boehner???

Military tight-lipped on shooting

Drug-Tainted Asian Fish Slip Into U.S., States Find

Clinton pushes extra medical leave for families of wounded soldiers

Alcee Hastings just reamed the Rethugs on the house floor

Why the heck haven't Democrats passed ENDA yet?

You got to admit...Repubs are professionals when it comes to WHINING...

Fake Bill Clinton quote "If Hillary wins, I'll be the decider. I'll make all the decisions for her."

Teen Stopped From Chalking Names Of Iraq War Dead On Sidewalks

HOUSE session LOTS OF ACTION Official Thread# 1 (cspan1)

FISA bill come up for a vote and the vote count machine goes on the brink?

So Boehner revealed classified info on Faux?

How much do you think the war in Iraq is costing the United States every second?

IMHO! Who murdered Pat Tillman and why!

Dump Dick Day Video Contest

F-14 parts sold (To Iran) despite sales ban

Newsweek Baghdad Blog: US Congress is fooling itself regarding permanent bases

Predawn Raids Target Troubled Oakland Bakery ('Your Black Muslim Bakery')

Congress passes America Competes Act, authorizing $22 billion for science education and research

"Poll: Three Democrats Tied in Iowa"

Billions In Iraq Military Equipment Missing - DOD Can't Account for Weapons Transfers

Anyone besides me having trouble accessing dailykos?

Marine convicted of conspiring to murder an Iraqi civilian gets sent home

First Armed Robots on Patrol in Iraq

110th Congress not doing so peachy keen in this C-Span poll...

Pakistan urges UK and US to pull out of Afghanistan

That was the most ridiculous scene I've ever seen in the House

Are we still paying Karen Hughes' salary or what?

Pelosi Presser Now...C-Span 1....Talking about Dem Legislation Passed!

On last night's HR vote - Republicans-take your false outrage somewhere else!

Jesus Christ is crucified and resurrected here six days a week

Did Trent Lott tell Dems to get out of town and don't come

Truth About Tillman ... Murder's Not 'Friendly Fire'

Being Unhealthy Could Cost You -- Money (Company trying to tell employees how to live)

Things Today's "Conservative" Republicans Don't Believe In:

Beware of bogus bridge-tragedy appeals, FBI warns

Computer security problems found at IRS

"First of all the word is with, w-i-t-h, not wit, we don't speak ebonics in this country"

Democratic Senator’s Judicial Nominee Vote Angers Black House Members

Smoked pot? No problem! FBI drug standard lowered for hiring

Economics U$A... program # 27

Probable Cause Out the Window in FISA Fix?

"The IMPERIAL DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY" ROTFLMAO! Pence, repuke, just said that about the Democrats.

WH: "With respect to Osama bin Laden, rest assured if there was knowledge of where he was, action.."

Would someone give me the many reasons...

Can I get a quick link to the accomplishment of this congress.?

At U.S. base, Iraqis must use separate latrine

Article: Our infrastructure's becoming an embarrassment

Up to 300 Afghan civilians killid or wounded in NATO air strike: report

Ok, the House's ELECTRONIC voting is on the fritz and they don't trust the votes.

Irony alert: the voting machines are broken in the house, and

C-span.. Man, Congress Person Pete Sessions is an ass

Appeals Court Invalidates FBI Raid on Rep. Jefferson’s Office

Ellison coming up on Hardball with Barnacle

Does Pickles EVER not have the Joker Smile? in Minneapolis--->pic>

At U.S. base, Iraqis must use separate latrine

Hey!! This guy has been found


self-delete because I am an idiot (but at least I will admit it).

US soldiers find out their mission in Iraq extended for another three months

Colorado sushi restaurant takes dig at Barry Bonds in The Onion ad

Chamber of Commerce Report Jan 2006: Minnesota Transportation

What's in the FISA Bill?

the next round is just beginning - CSPAN-1

HElp dealing with some dunder head about the pukes hissy fit last night

Eugene Robinson: A Catastrophic Failure

Funding for the replacement of the bridge is an earmark, you know

Judge sides with CIA in suit over Plame memoir

NAACP opposes Nominee to 5th Circuit

On Responsibility, War Guilt and Intellectuals Interview with Noam Chomsky

The Bombs of August Sunnis Walk Out of Iraq Government PATRICK COCKBURN

Mortgage companies take their hit on Wall and Broadway

Marine sentenced to 15 years for murder of Iraqi civilian

The Military Organized The O'Hanlon-Pollack Tour - Glenn Greenwald

Windstream broadband problems. Grrrrrr

OK when Republicans do it: example #1 gazillion

Imagine the whole states of Illinois & Michigan..homeless , hungry & on the move

48. Overall, how would you rate Congress’s performance in handling the war in Iraq?

The Return of the Robber Barons PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

Frankenstein's Government

Who's the bumper-sticker pro around here?

Escort offers 'services' to private military contractors in Iraq

Bets on Fed interest rate action next Tuesday

Dow takes another big dip....

Dow down another 281 points -- shorting opportunities abound

Would A Gore/Clark Ticket Emerge Victorious in 2008?


For online users, a looming shortage of IP addresses

Today's House FISA BILL. What's in it. Bush won't sign it.

Lawmaker Wants Yahoo Probe

TOON (re: infrastructure)

FISA fight could drag into next week

For those watching C-Span. I want to see if my memory is correct. Did Harry Reed say that Cheney was

Exclusive: Bush Nixed Dem-DNI FISA Deal

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri 8/3.... the "magic" cloak

Blitzer interviewed John Edwards on topic of media monopolies...

3665 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

House OKs Prescription Drug Imports

Gen. Wesley Clark: "We Are Not Questioning the Generals. Mr. President, We Are Questioning You!"

Thoughts for the day

Pakistan Criticizes Barack Obama

Put on the tinfoil hat...

20 million people displaced as devastating floods hit South Asia

The agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation violated the Constitution

HOUSE SESSION - Thread #3:

Kucinich: Executive Order on Lebanon Undermines The Middle-East Peace Process

Today's House FISA BILL. Here's what's in it. Bush won't sign it.

When will Bill Maher ever come back?

Conyers leading debate on FISA amendment

Did I hear right? (FISA law)

Could Tucker be any less informed about DailyKos?

Bush 's transportation Budget Decisions....and a couple zingers....

We need a stupid criminal forum

Why dont the dailykos people bring up

What the White House Doesn't Like About the FISA Fix-- Oversight

What do you say to someone that says they're too busy

Semi-serious question about Leslie Blitzer.

AMERICA: from Freedom to Fascism.

AP Exclusive: General's Memo to Bush Contradicted Medal Citation

Evangelicals Wander the Halls of the Pentagon

He's going on (((((vacation))))) AGAIN

Christian DU'ers....

NEW Repug Ad...Attacks Liberal Blogosphere! (Fear Factor?)

how are your grocery prices now?

How do you feel about teenagers being tried as adults?

Disney Increasing Ticket Price To $71

John F. Kennedy, Arlen Specter, Jean Hill, March 1964:

Political Bathroom Graffiti

Quarter Billion Dollar Bridge ???

CSpan is playing the GOP press conference again. Dems still letting them....

The marketing team at Al-Queda is brilliant ... absolutely brilliant!

Breathing Space in Iraq and the Benchmark of Withdrawal

The collapsed bridge is a sad metaphor to the putrid state of disrepair * has left this country in.

Bush Nixed Dem-DNI FISA Deal! Made Dems Scramble!

Do you support welfare for illegal immigrants or do you support Americans?

Question for credit card experts or legal eagles...we're outraged.

Is the Jefferson Appelate decision a good thing?

Check out this Jim Cramer Rant's a keeper and scary

Tancredo wants to nuke Moslim holy sites, would that include bombing Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem?

He's not our president: W. hosts Rush at the people's house for cigars and a little fascism

Have the US Marshals located General Kensinger ?

Attention Techies...Is there a way to upload an iPod podcast to DU?

LIEberman speaks to prepare to barf

Official House Session thread # 4: FISA bill but they are fighting yet

Census operation west of Baghdad (eye scans and fingerprints) - pics

Repulicans are ignorant, cowardly chickenhawks and I'm

BREAKING: Court Rules - FBI Hill Office Raid Violated Constitution

19000 unpaid teens bag groceries in Mexico for WALMART: Tips only.

Hold onto your wallets and your country folks.....the OLIGARCHS are coming!!

Look at this... World Stats Counter

In our local weekly--freakin' weird.

Caption the VACATIONER

Brian Lamb's Question Of The Moment - Scrap The 1st Amendment?

F-16 in Afghanistan may have crashed due to a big honking spider in the cockpit - Photos

TPM Exclusive: Bush Overruled Own Spy Chief To Nix Deal With Dems!

Today Is D-Day For Electronic Voting Machines

Uh Uh Pawlenty is facing the questions

Can Congress defund the war and cite infrastructure needs at home?

A Friday funny - The Rush Limbaugh Courthouse has a bad roof!

NOW would be a good time to call Dianne Feinstein and tell her

Bob Allen: Fear Of "Other Black Guys" Made Me Go Along With The BJ Offer


Kerry Applauds Senate Passage of SCHIP

I figured out Universal Healthcare and Education for America =)

Lou Dobbs has Roy Blunt on Trashing Dems...says No Dems would Show up to Refute what He Thinks!

Were child molesters attracted to the priesthood or did priesthood make them into child molesters?

Al Queda behind bridge collapse!

Pelosi and Reid up in minutes - CSPAN

Were Republicans attracted to facisim or did facists make them into Republicans?

Under What AUTHORITY Did Cheney Send Gonzales To Ashcrofts Room?

OFFICIAL Thread #2--- HOUSE SESSION, they are WILD today: (bit of RECAP):

Cheney's role in Klamath fish kill

I would like to thank Kpete for all of her fine work. Sincerely, Kpete, thanks.

I've screamed at my TV so much today, my throat is sore!

Scarborough/Buchanan seminar on 'Democrat' mistakes...

IRAQ: Mass Graves Dug to Deal With Death Toll

AP: Tillman memo contradicted citation (Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal)

Bush to force Congress to stay in session to pass wiretapping bill - Dems should stay in session

I Just Don't Know

At the risk of repeating myself

Haven't seen a dem presidential nominee poll in a while....

Sheila Jackson Lee working for the Clinton campaign just might

The Other War

Sibel Edmonds: I assumed the enemy was foreign

The Importance of Preventing Central Tabulator Mediated Election Fraud

Did anybody else catch Jon Voight's bizarre screed this morning on MSNBC?

Federal Agents Searching People at Indianapolis Bus Stops: Air Marshals Patting Civilians Down

Another Creeping Slide Towards Big Brother - Where exactly did this authority come from?

DemocracyNow: FBI could have but didn't stop OKC bombing

Is it me, or this "Purity Ball" logo a little creepy?

Edwards just smacked down Wolf on CNN....

The Indigo Girls Have Done It. The Pope Has Done It.--Now It's Time for YOU To Do It!

*** Friday TOONs: 35W Bridge ***

Jena 6 --- New site!

Appreciation thread for BOSSHOG

Indian call center lands in Ohio

How many people do you have on your ignore list

"Cries for help in the wreckage - The decision was made to leave them."

ISN"T THIS A CRIME??? - A Judge Ruled This ILLEGAL & Bush Went Ahead & Did It Anyway!!!

Executive Order: Now your children lose their property

Is Scott Jennings our new John Dean?

$2,000,000,000 for 25 people

If Gore" isn't running"

Outsourcing the elderly: Low-cost care, made in India

***DUzy Awards for week ending August 3, 2007.***

Letter to my Congresspersons Advocating Triple Impeachment

Are American Citizens threatened by terrorists while in America?

Wow these guys look sick.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Joshua Holland: Are the Dead From the Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Victims of Conservative Ideology?

Obama indecisive on nuclear weapons - what the hell is he saying?

Will someone please explain this to me?

saildude: My run in with Homeland Security

Minister in skirt charged with indecent exposure, DUI, solicitation: man, when these guys let loose!

Newt Gingrich Says War on Terror "Phony"

Good article by Joel Connelly of Seattle PI about Yearly Kos

War, Faux Nooz, and Republicans courtesy of The Simpsons

Oxfam says one third of Iraqis lack basic necessities of life

E.J. Dionne: "Limbaugh desperately needs a Democratic president. Another Clinton would be perfect."

Terms seen met as U.S.-India nuclear text unveiled (Reuters)

Rubber stamp obstructionist republicans invent problems.

"Collective punching bag": Obama draws fire from Democratic contenders

Bumper sticker idea - you've seen the ones on trucks that say

This is the prefect response to the obsession with Edwards' hair.

White House threatens to veto US House energy bill (Reuters)

Wasn't someone talking about our crumbling infrastructure YEARS ago?

Among best Congressional race recruits so far are Democrats in MO, OH, CT and NJ

US: Soldiers Case Shows (surveillance) Law Needs Fixing - AP

Brownback video

Iraq violence: Monitoring the surge (BBC)

AP photo on yahoo front page now: collins, Libermann, Stevens and Bush

Boehner seeks to smooth waves after House ruckus

Feinstein’s flip sends Southwick to the floor

Sure glad the Minnesota bridge wasn't a "terra-ist" attack.

Christian court watchers keep tabs on judges (AP/CNN)

Aren't these same Republicans that are bitching and whining....

Clinton Disses Bloggers? Or Is It Just Bad Communication?

Poll Goodies on that recent WaPo/ABC poll for IA showing a neck and neck race

Wake up and Smell the Coffee, DU!


Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) endorses Hillary Clinton

GOP recruits former Marine Corps Colonel to run against Rep. Patrick Murphy (PA-8)

Wall St. Journal Loves Obama? Well, sort of.

Question to Hillary supporters, on experience

Rep. Tancredo (R) Backs Bombing Muslim Holy Sites as "Deterrent"

Republican whining

Clinton pushes extra medical leave for families of wounded soldiers

Plain and simple language, please. Why are so many in the election forum against the DNC plan?

Laura Bush....fucking go home, OK?

I'm supporting GRAVEL!!!


Compassionate Conservatives? Make me gag.

Fact check me please

Sloganeering troubles diplomatic pros (AP)

Is the Idiot-In-Chief practicing singing "London Bridge" before his MN trip?

Repugs Put out Ad Attacking Markos (KOS) and *Liberal* Dems

Obama campaign releases memo contrasting his approach with the Washington establishment's..."

Bush jawbones Democrats on surveillance

"Rovemort and the Plot to Bury Congress" Holy Obstruction, Batman!

Dear California DUers: You have a ballot initiative to stop!

Edwards, Obama & Labor: Will the Populist Moment Become A Long-Term Movement? (Sirota)

Who does this quote sound like it's from?

I have considered "resigning" from DU many times in protest

C-Span 1, anyone else listening to Brian Lamb right now?

Democratic Seats Secure, Republicans at Risk

urgent need calls to Feingold ASAP-FISA probable cause going out the window

Is the Jefferson Appellate decision a good thing?

Nancy Pelosi - Harry Reid Live News conference starting shortly - CSpan 1

House Liberals Flex Muscles, Move To Kill Another Weak Iraq Bill

Russ Feingold's Statement on the "Honest Leadership and Open Government Act"

My letter of resignation to DU

Taming the Wild West is ‘critical’ to Richardson’s primary strategy

Latest Newsweek Poll: Hillary - 44, Obama - 23, Edwards - 14, no pref/don't know - 11

Disaster looms in Pakistan

Politico's Mike Allen reports Obama is by far the favorite at the Yearly Kos Convention

Video of Republican voice vote?

Forget D-Punjab, Times of India applauds Obama

Chicago SunTimes on the Yearly Kos Convention. Dean spoke to 1,500 cheering liberal bloggers.

Not happy with Clinton or Obama

Clinton (and other members of the Armed Forces Comm) Finally Get Pentagon Briefing

Clinton Will Attend Q&A Session with Activists at Yealry Kos

It just gets better and better on C-Span -


Eleanor Holmes Norton for V.P...

TPMCafe: Congressional Dems Seek To Reserve Slide in Polls with New Ad Campaign

Is John Edwards Setting the Agenda for the Democratic Nomination?

Many DUers following MSM's lead!

A former First Lady addresses one of the greatest issues of our time

Dems Get ‘Establishment’ Senate Candidate in Oregon House Speaker

Edwards to join picket line

Pakistani protesters burn a U.S. flag, condemn Obama's remarks

Campaign Memo: "Barack Obama Was Right"... "It is conventional wisdom that has to change."

Is Obama Becoming a THREAT to the Establishment?

Republicans Walk Out On Procedural Matter

"EDWARDS IN A BIZ HATE & $WITCH"...says sleazy NewsCorp mouthpiece NY Post

Rasmussen Daily: Clinton 45%, Obama 21%, Edwards 11%

Decertify and Use Hand Counted Paper Ballots: Open Letter to Debra Bowen (X)

Errors & Omissions

Axlerod: Obama can win in the South (white Edwards and Hillary? Not so much)

Edwards would be wise to adopt "New Deal 2008: Rebuilding America"

By Demand! TPM Readers Asked for Wes Clark Interview...Here it Is from KOS Convention!

Any news on the next patron of the DC Madam? Boehner perhaps?

Military Religious Freedom Foundation----Urgent Press Release

"Cold-blooded killers who want to come to our home land..."

Is this nation going down faster than we think?....

Waitress Serves Mitt Romney on a Platter Regarding Health Care While Visiting a Restaurant : VIDEO

NY Times: Democratic Congress Following Bush Off A Cliff (Warrantless Wiretapping)

Big Ed to Tucker fucker Carlson: I will not sit hear and let you call Edwards a phony

Wow: Three-way ties in Iowa...Let the fun begin.

I'm really warming up to Edwards

House erupts in chaos

I, ____ _______, President of the U.S., and How I Ended Poverty. A True Story of the Future.

Pakistan Criticizes Obama on Comments - (top story....everywhere)

Larry Flint's Invest. Reporter said he's "Shopping" a story "Major Democratic Leader is'Mobbed Up!'"

Joe Klein was speculating the other day on a Clinton/Hagel ticket..

Why does Hillary deserve the "experienced" label?

Obama's "nuclear answer" in a debate would have instantly destroyed his chances

Wary of Recess Appointments, Senate Democrats Weigh August ‘Pro Forma’ Sessions

Biden, Bankruptcy, reality, & every candidate's "bankruptcy" bill

What's With All The Misogyny?

Clark's keynote at YearlyKos

Hillary knows exactly what she is doing - attacking Obama was pure genius

John Leonard on Dukakis

The Likelihood of a Republican President in 2009

I've been waiting my entire life for a President that would take nuclear war off the table

Biden is the man !