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Korea, Vietnam and Iraq: Bush's View of History


AP IMPACT: a Beam Weapon for Military?

Pardon me for asking: Why didn't Craig flush?

CREW Asks That Senators Stevens and Vitter Join Senator Craig

Mexican trucks to start polluting US highways this Saturday

Fill your fuel tank up with water? Closer every day...

Astonishing fatal wind tower collapse screams no new renewables!!!!!

Nearly a month of 110 or more in Phoenix

Colombians buy shares in state oil firm

US suspends vast ADVISE data-sifting system

Latin America Warms To Iran Amid Anti-U.S. Sentiment

Secret facility tracks government employees missing in foreign contries

UN warns of 'armed' Darfur camps

State Department Offers New Perk to Lure U.S. Diplomats to Iraq

Mexico's Calderon breaks tradition to dodge protests

GAO: Iraq meets only 5 of 18 goals set by Bush

Chileans take to streets in anger at regime

Bolivia accuses U.S. of funding Morales opponents

Pentagon won't make surge recommendation to Bush

Plane held overnight after dispute involving Iraqis

U.S. Weapons, Given to Iraqis, Move to Turkey

Last 5 albums you listened to

Garden decorations?

What is a fair car price? How much off the sticker is fair?

Last 5 albums you listened to?

Great tidbit of info:

'This is not an AOL chat room' — Skinner, 2004

Is it cheating to eat the pistachios that have fallen out of their shell first?

Owen Wilson's Coke And Heroin Breakdown

The moon is blood red tonight...

Jessica Simspon replaced by monkey on sister's show

This is my sprinkler!

Welcome to the USS George W. Bush...

Teen Loses Prosthetic Hand Left on Bike

What's with KitchenWitch shamelessly showing off her sprinker like that?

Unannounced extra pledge drives--ugh!

I'm at a loss for words

I love IPA's, and Amber Ales - hell I even love the perfect Imperial Stout

What's New Pussycat?

Airline Horror Story: Parents Beware!

Click on My Du and post a screen shot :)

Faux News: "Lude Rest Rooms?"

I just bit my tongue, dammit! Which brings up an important question...

I just blackmailed Haruka -- and it worked

Will you cry in a lead-free zone, down within the shadows where the factories drone?

Is it wrong ........

Youk Youk Youk

I feel like a complete idiot.

what's your favorite type of sugar?

I've got mail!

Best post of the day

He gave me the eye .....

Sex with a cousin

What book surprised you the most?

I am feeling my age right now :( :(

Samuel Smiths IPA vs St. Peter's IPA

Gawd, but I'm bored!

Man I'm tired.. it's just been one of those days

Great song, here's Peggy Lee's take: 'I Don't Know Enough About You'

"There goes my life,,,"

Please caption this photograph. Thank you.

My song for tonight (add your own, could use some good music)

Has anyone in GD suggested that the Craig bathroom debacle is part of a Rovian plot yet?

New Sigline pic for me....

Sex With ME (If you are my cousin)

The Greatest Moments in MUSIC HISTORY!

Who are your favorite professional athletes (who are playing today)?

Tombstone Pizza's on the way,better hurry.

ok what is your favorite ummmm yeah (pev thought)

Posted in GD:P but it was worth it

Thanks for all your love and support....(repost used wrong name)

How long could you last on the food you have in your house?

I was looking forward to a long,labor day week-end

What SHOULD PBS show during its pledge drives? What would you schedule?

Google Meme Game

Tunak Tunak Tun

What is Montreal, QB like?

how to make 56 million people happy This is great...from my kid

My Dad has Parkinsons

So who wants a hug?

My sister fell off her pool ladder and messed herself up.

I got a new cell phone

I found naked pictures on my computer

Wake up Maggie, I think I got something to say to you

The 5 Most Guilty, Most Delectible Pleasures

Super Bowl vs. Academy Awards

What movie scared you the most?

Ha! I was banned from the Ted Nugent forums. (yeah, its real, about 30 members, I'd guess)

Thanks for all your love and support....

DHL will vote on union, NLRB sees merit in allegations labor law violated

Interstate Bakeries plans to close four plants, cut 1,300 jobs

Two Years After Katrina: ‘Our National Shame’

Ads timed to Labor Day attack union leaders

We don't want your war !!

Al Jazeera: Trail of the Dove

We Live In Constant Fear

Dennis Kucinich on Abortion in America

Obama: Rebuilding New Orleans

New Labour - Old sleaze - Saudis and BAE blackmail

Olbermann: Romney Attempts to Rewrite his History w/ Larry Craig

Sen. Larry Craig - Dragnet Blues

Tucker Carlson: "I've been bothered in men's rooms."

MoveOn ad: Tell Rep. Baird: Support our troops, bring them home

Keith Olbermann - Dragnet

Randi Rhodes On Larry King

Senator Mikulski Statement on Resignation of Attorney General Gonzales

Menedez (D-NJ) statement on Sen. Warner's call to withdraw troops from Iraq

Statement by Senator Lott Regarding the Second Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Murray on Bush Speech: Like Vietnam, No Clear Plan for Success

Schumer Announces Over $396,000 To The Village Of Spring Valley For Victims Of Domestic Violence

Some 9/11 victims group want Guliani silent at ceremony-shut it Rudy.

Kerry Asks White House to Refocus on Afghanistan with New Study Group


Framing the issues: "No End In Sight"; "Rendition"; & "11th Hour"

Blackwater mercs caught screwing in airplanes

Watch for the Republican Reverse Backlash

On Keith Olbermann; bush's all time worst quote

Riddle: What's the difference between Bill Clinton and Larry Craig?

Little Progress Seen on Iraq Goals

Word has gone out tonight......

I missed the "global warming is a hoax" reports of late

Murray (D-WA): Next Attorney General Must be Independent, Trustworthy

Conyers to Hold FISA Hearing Next Week

"He was a nasty, bad, dirty boy"

Scandalous allegations of anonymous gay sex!!!

Just a reminder ... Randi Rhodes is on Larry King tonight

Alternate reality scenario: The governor of Idaho is a Democrat

Senator Webb on Senate Passage of Measure to Amend the FISA Act....

Employer-based health coverage is "melting away like a popsicle on the summer sidewalk"

Bush tries to rally the troops

Anderson Cooper has a NOLA special

You Know What Bush...

This evening, if you're able to, play a song by the Cowsills

Greeks protest over fire response

Panel on cspan 2 now abour recent FISA law change, by the Center for

Little progress seen on Iraq goals

It gets worse.

Thousands To Rally In The Streets Outside GOP Straw Poll

Is Randi Rhodes on Larry King tonight? n/t

509 days to go.

Did Larry Craig 's Vote Against Gay Marriage Invalidate His Own?

I'm waiting for Randi Rhodes to come on Larry King

I'm a bit confused... how does it actually work?

Olbermann's Dragnet is killing me!!!

If people are now worried about airport restrooms

50 Billion More And We Own It.

With Craig and Vitter as office neighbors, maybe Voinovich should move

What is a fair car price? How much off the sticker is fair?

I'm Traveling Through KMSP Airport Tomorrow

Louisiana's 3ed Circuit hurricane insurance ruling

How Much Is Bush Behind In His Promise to NOLA

Straw Purchase's vs. Foreign Policy

Tell Congress to Stop the March to War with Iran

Dennis Prager thinks Gore is more hypocritical than Craig.

I didn't think it possible but is this an insult to porn?

Shameless Faux at it again: Graphics falsely asserted Castro "wants" Clinton-Obama as "dream team"

"When they betrayed Katrina NOLA, I did not speak out because..."

Iran rejects Bush denunciation

J. Alter said it's too late for Shrub to do good in NOLA. I disagree!

Pics that best capture the Katrina presidency

Pakistan Supreme Court demands answers

Richard Jewell dead at 44

Arrest warrants allegedly issued in Rove mooning incident

Had to Post This--Michael Vicks Jury

Most ironic job posting we may ever see

Why are the media still calling Katrina a "natural" disaster?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Why this story could become very important

Does the GOP have a growing problem? Or a going problem?

Today's Politikin' at the Minnesota State Fair

In remembrance - one of the best Katrina accounts ever IMHO

Boise Idaho NBC-affiliate poll: Do you think Craig should resign?

A new Aircraft carrier has been named after George W. Bush..

Were you in DC on March 17? Were there 30,000 freepers there????

On Katrina and International Help

so it doesn't occur to leona to leave her money to charity

BBC’s “Little Britain” Channel’s Republican Larry Craig’s Bath Room Bust

Pizza for pesos' marks decline of dollar


Hey, do you think you guys could pony up a measly $5.00?

Boy, That David Vitter, What a Pervert

What the story of Richard Jewell means to me.

Here is who will almost certainly replace Craig


Re: the late Richard Jewell...Whatever happened to the Doctor similarly maligned during the Anthrax

Guess who owns the GOP?

Why is homosexuality so threatening to the fundy wingnut faction?

47 percent of those between 18 and 29 get information about presidential campaigns from late-night

Any guesses on the psy ops message from Rove regarding ...

Tucker changes his tune.

Monsanto looks to patent pigs

Jena Six

Thank you DU for what you have done tonight

Dan Abrams is listing R v D sex scandals of the last decade

I think this says it all about NOLA:

how to make 56 million people happy

Larry Craig Was Stripped Of His Committee Assignments....

How About Some Olbermann Countdown Trivia

Thank GOD we have insurance...I have Chrons Disease

The Internet Troll As The Trickster Archetype

Pelosi won't see pink

50 fucking billion more. Dems you better not!

"Kennebunkport Warning" is a fraudulent letter!!!!! PLEASE READ THIS

Let's demand equal funding for Iraq and Katrina reconstruction.

Cross post from the lounge, please send some love (A DU'er has passed suddenly)

The greatest fear of the "Powers That Be" is a global cry for justice.

Obama Field Organizers Plot A Miracle

Does Anyone Keep A Record Of Pundits Predictions........

Is There (Middle Class) Life After Maytag?

The worst group of supporters here at DU are...

Bush and Katrina: Criminal Negligence, Depraved Indifference or Both?

Fear and trumped-up threats can be used to gain power.

Raw Story: "Conyers: Impeachment off Pelosi's table, but not mine"

CQ Politics: Blame Rove for Presidential Primary Mess, Says GOP Insider

The Reigning Mayor's Running Denial (Bloomberg)

Clinton, Dodd Win National Labor Union Endorsements

Olbermann slams Castro! DLC shill!

"You get the government you demand."

Romney-- the champion of regressive taxation

Clay Johnson appears to bring the same qualifications to Homeland Security that Gonzales br

President Bush Nabbed In Effort to Alter Own Wikipedia Entry (Avant News - Tomorrow's News Today)

Barack Obama would bring on much needed Changes

Only 34% of Florida Democrats approve of DNC's stripping it of its delegates

Craig (R-Bathrooms) approval rating 34% in Idaho, 55% think he should resign

Randi Rhodes: "Stop making sex a sin and you'll keep the men outta the bathroom!"

The Gay Community is Ecstatic**. Republican Senator Larry Craig is not gay!!

Hey Bush you're not getting that $50 billion for Iraq

Obama leading in Illinois and Missouri in Fundraising.

"Hey, are there any Republic Senators in there...."

Obama's Change could be more than coined phrase.

Firefighters' chief says Dodd can win in 2008

I'm meeting Richardson on Saturday - Any Questions for him?

Hillary and Bill back in NH Sunday

John Edwards turns on his fellow Democrats (Salon)

NYT: Clinton Campaign Will Give Hsu Money to Charity

Okay, on Keith Olbermann I hear the Dems are going to give Bush

X-Post: "Mystery Poster" DEEP MODEM Demystified. SOURCE Found at CREW

NJ Poll: HRC 49%, BO 22%, JE 8% (Strategic Vision)

Obama unveils Radical mortgage plan

Former President Carter Headlines with Edwards in Georgia

America's Next First Family

Edwards Evening News - "Tough truths must be spoken" (8/29/07)

"poor are politically mute...What rational politician would listen to the poor? They don’t vote..."

Take a BRAVE pledge - Right now!

Kucinich Supporters: Don't Throw Away Your Conscience! Watch this ad!!

What most distinguishes Obama from his competitors?

Biden. Iowa darkhorse, if the media will deviate from the script

The Sin of Getting Caught

Florida Democratic Party website building anger toward the DNC

Marie Cocco: Free Market Madness

The Rip-off in Iraq: You Will Not Believe How Low the War Profiteers Have Gone

CIA's terror blunders

Neoliberalism Dismantles Services to Make Elites Even Richer

Dave Lindorff: Attacking Iran Would be Madness and Criminal

The Empire Self Destructs: America is on the Brink!

TPM (via Froomkin) nails it

Migration to U.S. Results in Families Without Men

Study: US preparing 'massive' military attack against Iran

Greg Palast: “They wanted them poor niggers out of there.” New Orleans two years after

The President’s Escalating War Rhetoric On Iran by Glenn Greenwald

Corporate Hall of Shame: The Results are in!

The Spy Who Came Out of the Shadow by Andrew G. Marshall


Doctors Offering No-Interest Loans to Patients

Venezuela's Financial Mission in the Caribbean Basin

If Bush invokes the divine right of kings, the American Revolution will have come full circle

Christian Legal Group Represents Missouri in Abortion Case

Mexed Missages - Does Bush want war with Iran to cover his ginormous F-up of invading Iraq?

Sneeking a peek in NYC? NY Times

Cold War two by Noam Chomsky

Bush was right, WMD have been found!

Several Drug Companies Have Been Caught Deleting Important Information From Wikipedia

Anybody But... That Other Guy

A Guide to Media Manipulation, Republican Style

Thank God for the media attention

Labor Day for Millions. Loyalty Day for Bushites

Pentagon Gives Up; Hands War Over to Bush

Secret Report: Corruption is "Norm" Within Iraqi Government (by David Corn for The Nation)

Point, Click ... Eavesdrop: How the FBI Wiretap Net Operates

Ewan MacAskill: George Bush, meet John Major (similar scandals)

Our President Has Declared War on Iran...already. Now Comes The Attack.

What's Behind the Sub-Prime Disaster

Why Federalism Fails

LRB - Burn Rate: making money and losing ground in Iraq

Why Giuliani's Candidacy May Help GOP

Amageddon Must Be Near: WSJ Dumps On 3 Repukes, Huckabee, Linder & Chambliss

Trinkets and treasure: China tames the US

Hal Crowther - Stop the Presses

New Wasserman cartoon

The Predicted Financial Storm Has Arrived

TIME: Betting the Farm (John Edwards)

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock: Countdown to Midnight in Persia

A Nurtured World

Malaysia criticizes APEC climate change agenda - Reuters

U.S. Plays Down Split With EU on Climate - AP

Global warming could delay next ice age (by up to 500 kiloyears)

1100+ KM2 Of China's Pearl River Delta Underwater By 2050 - Major Impacts For Guangzhou, Guangdong

Invasive Algae Smothering Costa Rica's Culebra Bay Reef - Thrives On Golf Course Runoff - Reuters

USGS Greenland Survey Shows Much Lower Resource Potential

China Issues "Guidelines" For Companies Logging In Other Countries - Reuters

Public backs nuclear energy to help power Britain’s future (survey)

Organized Protest To Gold Mine Owner Wayne Murdy's Award Tonight At Denver's Marriott Hotel

Crowd Farms And 'Coppertops'

Technology addicts

It's Not That The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions - The Problem Is That It's Paved

As Drought Grinds On In N. Carolina, Wells Beginning To Dry Up Statewide

plug in hybrids, the grid and off-peak demand

Nature - Flood Risk Associated With Warming Badly Underestimated - AFP

Guardian: The Looming Food Crisis

(20,000) Wa. Grocery Workers Approve Contract

Report: Va. Tech could have saved lives

Congressional auditors see little progress on Iraq goals

Wanted Taliban leader killed in raid

U.S. soldier killed in bomb attack in Iraq

Many reports of Minnesota airport arrests cite foot-tapping rituals

Four South Korean hostages freed in Afghanistan: Taliban

New doubts in Politkovskaya case

Report: Iran Cooperates on Nuke Probe (IAEA)

Freddie Mac net profit tumbles as defaults rise

Doctors Offering No-Interest Loans to Patients

Iran threatens to withdraw help with Iraq security

Pentagon earmarks $17.5 bln for secret military research, development

Iraq water plant source of cholera outbreak-minister

Marines’ Trials in Iraq Killings Are Withering (no convictions for Haditha?)

Minnesota Sen. Coleman donates Sen. Craig's donation to charity

US Anglicans join Kenyan Church

H&R Block reopens Option One talks, posts big loss

Fighters 'snatch Pakistan troops'

Pentagon Disputes Parts of Iraq Report

Pakistan's exiled Sharif plans September return

Pentagon disputes parts of Iraq report ["Stung by" GAO Report}

Pentagon disputes bleak Iraq report

U.S. under U.N. law in health emergency

Nicaragua, US Company in Oil Spat

Idaho's Largest Newspaper Calls on Craig to Resign

China passes new anti-monopoly law

Coffeyville Kansas Flood Waters, Residents Gone

Office of Inspector General Agrees to Consider Gonzales' Testimony

Morning Shows Focus On Democrats, Conservative Watchdog Group Says

US challenges Rice, Hadley subpoenas

Public-sex crackdown takes police to Internet (Craig Part Of Larger Sting)

FBI Investigates String of Store Threats (Bomb Threats-Some Stores Caved)

China softens stance on product safety

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 30

Toys "R" Us Recalls Coloring Cases (Due to Packaging That Contains Lead)

Polish former minister arrested

Mitt Romney still subscribes to Larry Craig's YouTube channel

Official list of victims of an American disaster (Katrina) untabulated

Craig may try to withdraw plea

World facing 'arsenic timebomb'

Kenya Muslims say U.S. backed torture and detention

IAEA: Iranian Cooperation Significant

Hagel (R-Ne) and Kerrey's (D-Ne) focus is on vets, not Senate run

GOP leader (Ensign) suggests Craig should resign

China reports sighting of "extinct" dolphin

Documents Show FBI Spied on King's Widow

US Newspaper Help-Wanted Index Dips In July

China destroys frozen 'sub-standard' potato cargo from US

Surge working: top US general (Petraeus)

Iraq's offshore oil wealth protected by navy force

Gov. Perry commutes death row inmate's sentence

Porter Ties U.S. Withdrawal From Iraq To $9 Gasoline (Republican Congressman)

IOWA - Polk judge rules against gay marriage ban

Venezuela's Chavez pardons Colombian prisoners accused in plot

Protesters turn attention from 4x4s to meat-eating

Plane carrying Shelby and Cramer fired on above Iraq

U.S. Fed pumps $10 billion into financial system

Radical Right-Wing Groups Plan Counter-Protest

Nerve gas found at United Nations building

GOP no-shows prompt cancellation of debate

S Korea criticised over hostage deal

U.S. recognition for war hero who saved JFK comes after 64 years

Fred's (Thompson) In -- Finally

Kucinich: Democratic Party owes Fla.

Brazil reveals military rule list (atrocities from military dictatorship)

McCain camp releases interrogation video

CNN to stop using Reuters news service

Panama Nominee Tied to G.I.’s Death

Audio of Craig arrest reveals new details

U.S. congressman contrite after Colombian faux pas (Dreier)


My First YouTube Submission...

good night, all

I just tried it

Anyone want a snack?

This group might enjoy this link..

Holy Crap I whooped someone's ass at scrabble

Hello insomnia my old friend

UAE Guy Goes for 100 Kids Before He Retires!

So, I have a job interview this afternoon.

My Sweet Eileen

Today is one of the best days of the year.

Jimi Hendrix with the Rolling Stones (Long version)


I just watched Wedding Crashers

This Neverending Thread Must Die!

Would you believe I found what I believe to be another Rupture Forum

"Sex with me" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "sex with me".

Concert for Bangladesh (Harrison, Dylan, Clapton, Leon Russell, Ringo)

Would you believe I found what I believe to be another Rapture Forum

Shopping for cars is such a pissing contest.

The John Bonham appreciation thread!

I have a Beaufort Scale Force 15 Migraine if anyone is interested.

"Quiet Library" does Miss Teen South Carolina's parents (video parody link)

Soooo, does this mean Larry Craig has come out of the water closet? (ducking, running away)

Paging Underpants!!!

Police: Naked Dancer Nabbed In Beer Theft

I am adopting an unusually wide stance while typing this

Turn off the damn air conditioner already!

Is it Friday, yet?

OOOohh! Suck on my chocolate salty worms! Put em in your mouth and suck em! More fun from China

So I left a note on my landlord's windshield

Ed Norton to star in The Incredible Hulk

And he was just like a great dark wing/Within the wings of a storm...

Why hasn't anyone posted about the 325 million mega-millions?


Has anyone participated in the National Geographic Genographic Project?

Tech types, I need your help!

I really missed Top Chef last night

"We're winning the war in Iraq" - Tom Delay on the Today show this morning.

Baseball fans - have any of you heard of this woman?

The World According to Americans

What is the most letters one can have in a DU username?

MP3 Player With 86-hour Playing Time

Anyone you married ever slept with one of your friends?

the last apple off my tree, organic vanilla yogurt and granola equals

Who else is looking forward to this Arbor Day weekend?

I just had an aha moment.

does anyone here know how to make good turnip greens?

The pizza is here

Uh oh

Guilty Pleasure . . .

Renting in an apartment complex with property manager vs. renting from owner.

Could I get a hug?

Are You Going To PEV This Holiday Weekend

does prolesunited know something we dont?

So, isn't not being able to get a boner a medical condition that prevents...

Check out the cast for Mamma Mia the movie

found this cool old antiwar son...'let your white bird smile up....

Need a suggestion for a friend's post-hip-replacement gift...

Well, We've Recovered From The Storm Damage


"Boner" is the WORD for today. Modify a thread title to include "boner".

I just had an A-Ha moment.

Who Likes To Gambol?

I really missed Top Chef last nite "banging some guy in the bathroom".

The NEW phrase for today is "banging some guy in the bathroom". Modify a thread title to include it.

I just had an ahchoo moment

The new phrase of the day is "petting a fluffy kitty." Modify a thread title to include it

Reese Peanut Butter cups are in my crack

Old song kick

What's worse for you: Getting flamed or getting ignored?

I had a Hee Haw moment.

Reese Peanut Butter cups are my crack

Rules? We don't need no stinking rules.

Boner was certainly the greatest character in Growing Pains

Notice anything...

Why don't sex threads get unlocked?

I have an X-rated license plate now....

Crikey! . . . don't know if I'll be watching "Dancing" when it begins it's new season . . .

Pool Rules

what my son found in the mall restroom

David Blaine....

Hey Spread - Spread Your Videos

I had a dream last night that the women from How Clean Is Your House came for a vist.

this iGoogle homepage thingy is way cool

Time for "post a pic of a bunny with a pancake on its head" thread

ugh! must avoid TV: Ted Nugent on Glenn Beck tonight

From Princess Sparkle Pony: Larry Craig's Sexytime Cryptic Foot-Tapping Explained

I Just Had A Choo Choo Moment

The Day the Earth Stood Still - Keanu Reeves To Star In Remake

Best Spam Scam I've Seen

Am I wrong to love Diet Mountain Dew?

While lost-in-nj Is Out To Dinner We Can Talk About Her

I was looking forward to painting all the rooms in the house this whole long weekend....


So are there any other secret gestures you Gay & Lesbians do that I should know about?

Top Chef Season #2 finale - I think they screwed Marcel over on that one

See you all on the flip side.

I talked to Daniel Johnston today

If This Is It Please Let Me Know

I'm At The MSP Airport.....

I had a Psycho dream last night

That toe tapping stuff....

What's worse regarding unsolicited forms of mail?

Last week I wrote a check and put "1997" for the year.

I'm meeting the Weasley brothers (Harry Potter) this weekend, ask them anything!

So I'm really geeked about this old lady visiting Houston for the next eight months...

I just had a Chewbacca moment.

I just had a Choose Your Own Adventure moment.

Ladies and others, hoist your tankards to mankind's greatest invention:

10,000 Maniacs performing at Bill Clinton's 1992 inaugural ball

2007 Chevy Monte Carlo, what do you think?

Post responses that you didn't get to post in Locked threads here

DU needs a new rule

Healthy tip for folks who like to grill

Chincoteague Island, VA (Dial Up Warning)

I'm going to yoga class tonight. Ask me anything.

Would this be morally wrong when uploading video of my son to YouTube?

I am so sexy right now. I can hardly stand it.

A great Woodstock moment...

Why do lock threads get sexed?

Karloff? Sidekick? Fu*k you! Karloff does not deserve to smell my shit!

whomever it is that is not responsible for my star here at DU....all i can say is....


Can anyone read what my Avatar says

Good gawd "The Life Pursuit" is bloody genius! (Belle & Sebastian)

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are in my crack.

GUYS: Ever sneeze while taking a piss and all Hell breaks loose?

Five more days until they go back to school... five more days...

We need to get this smilie!

Once again DU has come together for a friend

Fuckall it's hot here in San Ramon, California

I'm Glenn Danzig. Ask me anything.

Are lock threads sexy?


I'll take a phaser over a lightsaber ANYDAY!

No, I did not forget the blood-dripping sarcasm icon

Philboy! A GRATEFUL DEAD Channel-all day-all night

CHART: Availability of marijuana in the US

Real Estate experts - what's up with this

Student tricks rival fans into raising cards that spell "We Suck" (BWAHAHAHAHA!)

Sick puppy update (good news)

I had a psychic dream last night!

I got my labs back today, a follow up

OMG....Kitteh's tooth fell out!


What's for dinner, DU?

I'm off to Nanaimo this afternoon. Can I bring you back anything?

Another Star Wars vs. Star Trek Poll: Princess Leia vs. Lt Uhura

Post something cool and something uncool

Selma Hayek may be pregnant

Anyone you slept with every marry one of your friends?

Man Loses Top of His Head in Brain Operation

Anyone think the new KFC commercial is in really poor taste?

Keith David vs. David Keith


I don't want a hug. I hate public displays of affection.

What Is Your Favorite Peter Gabriel Song

Where's Berthavenation?

We learned about love in the back of a Dodge..

I started my prenatal vitamins today!

Hubert Sumlin, dammit!

Who knew Lindsay Lohan was a Republican? "caught doing drugs and banging some guy in the bathroom"

I haven't pestered LynneSin in a I think it's time for the semi-annual

Three Times Two: Woman Has Triplets Again (odds of that, one in 64 million)

What TV show scared the shit out of you?

Well, I seem to be a mess. Ate lunch, then

I've got plans this weekend, and I'm getting sick.

Tap Three Times (with your loafer if you want me)

I may be going away for a while.

Speaking of kittehs, new pics

I'm meeting Tippi Hedren (The Birds) this weekend, ask her anything!

Great Guitar Songs (Besides Layla and Sweet Home Alabama)

Which weapon would you want in a battle: Star Wars Lightsaber vs. Star Trek Phaser

I am a 4th (or maybe 5th, or more?) generation Dem!

Jesus in a dog's ass. Yep, that's what I said

whomever it is that is responsible for my star here at DU....all i can say is....

College football is back!

I am a 4th (or maybe 5th, or more?) regeneration Time Lord!

Why don't people use their turn signals while driving?

My Infant Son, The Food Critic (YouTube video!)

I just saw the funniest Geico ad...

Raped woman on trial for being raped

Senator Craig forced out of veterans committee republican leadership post.

Pardon another intrusion, but there is a post in GD I don't want you to miss

Today in labor history August 30

AP: AFL-CIO Sues Over Government Crackdown on employers who hire illegal immigrants

Anti-Labor Ad on the NY Times website today.

Katrina - Broken Promises - (ACLU video)

New Orleans: Two Years Later

The Great Swindle (1948) Part 1-2

Nasty Boys

Amero is coming and its rhymes with Euro NWO bucks?

Olbermann Re-Enacts Senator Craig Bathroom Scene

Olbermann, Dionne: $50 Billion MORE for Iraq

Red State Update: Hillary vs. Terrorists

MSNBC: Police Recording Of Senator Craig's Arrest

Cheney on G.A.O. Benchmart Report

Bring Them Home, don't be fooled again

Our Power, Our Responsibility

Red State Update: Larry Craig

Senator Larry Craig: Tap Three Times With Your Loafer

Larry Craig - Bathroom Bust Tapes

Heavily armed society in the world

Little Progress Seen on Iraq Goals

Will you send this leave Iraq letter to your Representative and Senators?

Is there any chance whatsoever that Cecil Andrus could run for Craig's seat

One good thing to come out of the Craig hypocrisy exposure.

Do the Right Thing

China News: "Toilet scandal-ridden Craig ousted from senior posts"

The "Broken-Hearted Freepers Saga" continues-Re: Ted Nugent

Last minute help needed! Bay Area IWW Needs Help Re Starbucks

Pesticide Victims March in Managua

(TOON) Steve Bell on Brown, Ming, and Iraq withdrawal

Boys of Boise...

I predict this stealth candidate for AG

At the tone the time will be . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Take A Left

Well we are doing the swing back and forth witn the markets

Viking no more

Active-duty US troops become outspoken critics of Iraq war

What is the eminent health risk in NO, houses torn down that were repaired!

I think Dick Gregory is on kpfk

Maybe it's time

NBC is Betting On Pundit Olbermann's Appeal (O'Reilly Skittish Of Keith In Person?)


Study: Withdrawal Possible Over a Year

I want to see a repub contract with America to remove all it's hypocrites.

OMG the ACLU are freeper trolls!

Has your local media been downplaying the summer heat?

Wannabe Cowboy Freaks Rule the World

Attention Freepahs your sad Republiklan party does not appear the party of Morality.

The Invisible Americans

Blunders to prove costly

The Most Costly Earmark in S-CHIP

Pentagon Gives Up; Hands War Over to Bush (McClatchy)

Uh Oh...

As British pull back from Basra, an eye is cast on past occupations

Maliki: I won't resign, can't be forced out

Soldier back from Iraq critically injured in Nick Hogan crash

Study: Democrats get more A.M. airtime

US will never let ‘friendly-fire’ witnesses go to a British court

Anti War Rally in Fort Worth Sept 1 see link inside

Bush to Stay the Course-----as antagonist-in-chief.

If my friend has GWB toilet paper

AlterNet: Bush's Painful, Lopsided Economic 'Recovery' Continues

China and Iran's oil........

Have I told you lately how much I hate these MFers?!?

Kucinich & Paul out of the Race???

Data breach suit against Ohio U. tossed

Big Anti War Rally in Fort Worth Texas Sept 1

Do you suppose Larry Flynt has had an invisible hand in releasing

lest we forget - "al gore -- total fag"

Anyone Here From NY Or Canada Feel That 3.2 Quake?

Analysts say Iraq surge can't last past Aug. '08

Toys 'R' Us to recall 27,000 coloring cases (Reuters)

Check out the article on Politico by Rodger Simon re a Craig trial.

Morning paper: Confident bu$h* to ask for 50 billion more for surge

Washington Journal never fails to give me the biggest laughs of my day

Rove gets pranked - He loves Barack!

Stanford Professor tells story of Rice deriding jeweler because she made less money than her

Instant Karma: Gore to Receive Award in India

Impeachment without blinders

News Conf now - 3 Dems--- who just returned from Iraq) on cspan1

Bloggers battered by viral storm

"[Cleland] Aide Allegedly Crash Edwards Event"

Bremerton teenagers accused of assaults with milkshakes (get arrested)

Do Any Of You WONDER WHY-Someone Leaked Draft Copy Of GAO Report?

For Those Tired Of Discussing Senator Craig

White House Preparing Strategy To ‘Water Down’ Pessimistic Reports From Iraq

Thank god no one has posted this frightening picture (spoiler alert)

Woman calls police to complain about Arabic speaking passengers boarding plane

Police: Naked Dancer Nabbed In Beer Theft

Edwards leads in Time magazine poll of likely Iowa caucus goers

Are there no Americans in the Pentagon, the CIA, or the FBI who a) love our

Message to Black America/Bad choices got Vick in trouble

U.S. embassy in Baghdad: 'Fortress America'

"The goal should be How to bring the troops home, NOT how to sustain them in Iraq"

We don't have the votes, we don't have the votes. I would hope that to be true here in America

If Your Travels Take You To Italy in September, Vicenza Is the Place To Be

Jury duty as a microcosm of politics.

Why Should Congress Give 50 Billion More To Iraq When Billions Have Gone Missing?

New Orleans Times-Picayune: Mississippi, with powerful GOP delegation, got more aid

The Pen: Re: Action Page: Now That Gonzales is Gone, Who Do We IMPEACH First

David Horowitz “Declares” Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week for October 22-26

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance response from my Senator

Good gravy, "the military has decided to keep a low profile until the end of the Bush presidency."

Watch for a book from Larry Craig.. "What I Did (or did not do) on My Summer Vacation"

Who knew Lindsay Lohan was a Republican? "caught doing drugs and banging some guy in the bathroom"


Gonzo resigned because there was a serious threat of Impeachment - Bush would do the same

'Only in Washington' is $22 billion 'small' conflict - He says. Now he wants $50b for Iraq.

Another greedy Walmart scam (oops, story)

"Air pilgrims face holy water ban" - BBC

Who, in their right mind, would think that we are INGESTING fluoride to prevent cavities?

This was his very last recorded is a defininite MUST-SEE!!

Army to Examine Iraq Contracts

IMO The Bush* Administration has no intention of repeating the mistakes

Las Vegas Dodges Poisonous Gas Bullet

Want a Good Laugh? Read Linda Chavez defending Craig

A couple car magnets to mark the Katrina anniversary

Scathing new Fiore. . (health care in New Orleans)

Arthur Bremer - he who shot George Wallace -- to be Freed --

Judge to unseal transcripts from secret hearing for Cunningham co-conspirator

Allawi: “As you know, the militias now are controlling the government”

Spitzer Threatens To Sue Bush Administration

They Call Him Dr. Cruel

Unedited MSNBC footage: New Orleans Convention Center, Katrina 2005

Sea Level Rise - Guyana

Aqua Thieves, Inc.

Men Come Forward To Describe Encounters With Craig

NEW REPORT: "Protect America Act" Allows For INCREASED Surveillance Of US Citizens

thousands of dead fish at Nv. Wildhorse Resevoir

Larry baby! Tap 3 times with your loafer if you want me

TOON: This Modern World on the coming Petraeus report

whomever it is that is responsible for my star here at DU....all i can say is....

Have we heard from the rest of the Idaho Congressional delegation?

Critics say Army putting spin on Iraq suicides to avoid questions

Predict the next scandal.

Union Tries To Block Trucks From Mexico

republican most likely to be seen tapping his foot in a public mens room stall

I, and I think lots of DU folks, give people (in general) credit for having more sense

Three Times Two: Woman Has Triplets Again (odds of that, one in 64 million)

How Does Laura Bush Sleep at Night?

Breaking: Kenneth Foster sentence commuted

Iran: "The Americans should proceed with their next acts thoughtfully and realistically"

Why do some DUers have the need to sound like bullies or thugs?

Jena 6: "See this pen? I can end your lives with the stroke of a pen."

We need to petition congress to pass laws governing Blackwater.

I love the banner on this site

UN Office Evacuated After Workers Find Vias That May Contain Nerve Gas

Foreign Press knows how to write headlines: US Govt Office Recognizes Iraq Failure

The rot in the White House

Remember when the democrats said no to a Fox news run debate?

Homeland Security is testing a new weapon! (crowd control)

Richard Roeper runs letter slamming Freepers in the Sun-Times

Dear Mr. President, Take a Walk With Me (when the levees broke)

Kenneth Foster might not get executed...

Airport Security Officer: I heard Bush say in 1999 that he would "finish the job" in Iraq

BREAKING! Wolf Blitzer caught on tape losing his cool-BIG TIME

Gates Not Informed Of New $50 Billion Iraq Funding Request

If there had been a peacetime draft in the US in 2003, would the US have invaded Iraq?

"Rahm Emanuel is tough on corned beef sandwiches, loose in the stool"(RE: Restoring Bill of Rights)

Today's Rude Pundit is a MUST READ -- Bush, bigots, NOLA.

Listen .... things are just swell here ... what's with all the guns, Ambassador ...

Why leaking the draft of the GAO Iraq report was so important

Fred Thompson conference call with "test the waters campaign" supporters to announce an announcement


RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs 8/30 - Just when you thought it was safe to use the bathroom

Brent Budowsky: When Republicans Lie

RW blog buzz - Fred to announce this afternoon?

chemicals found at UN [last FRIDAY] were stored ---"a decade ago"

Fox News Bashes ‘Desperate,’ ‘Ambitious,’ ‘Single Mother’ Katie Couric For Traveling To Iraq

Did Craig use tax dollars to fly to Minni for bathroom booty call?

Watch Joan Walsh pimp slap Pat Buchanan

Ed Gillespie: "I do think there is a general view that the surge is having its desired effect."

Really good letter to Eric Alterman about 'liberal' Idaho. Short and sweet.

Are you still in the stock market? I sold on Monday.


NY Post uses gay stereotypes to cover Craig

Hey Congress! "IAEA States Iran's Nuclear Activities Remains in Peaceful Use"

Should Larry Craig throw himself unner de Bus? Should he RESIGN First?

Upcoming Clinton sightings...

c-span - walter mondale live interview

Traveling over Labor Day? Just Say No to Republicans who offer to blow you at the airport.

I'm At The MSP Airport.....

Note to the GOP: If what Craig did was worth resignation, force Vitter out as well.


A hard fact the dems should be exploiting- and aren't.

Widow of Hero Fights Deportation

New name for the GOP.

L. Coyote brings up a chilling point in a post

The state of the state: a rather dark assessment on a depressing day

This quote was ucovered today...

The next Iraq War funding vote is in a few weeks - why do things seem so quiet?

Do you feel the airlines is the test ground ?

Woman Claims Made-in-China Flip-flops Burned Feet (New Claim)

WHAT kind of crap is Thompson pulling? He said today he'll

How is this helping in the war against terrorism?

Fred Thompson to announce he's in at 4 p.m. in conf call with big donors..

Craig's fellow Republicans are stabbing him in the back. He should return the favor.

Def Dept Agrees Purple Heart Eligibility Should Be Expanded to Include All POWs Who Die in Captivity

Sen. Warner to Announce Future Plans

Craig should be judged by the same standard he would let employers judge other people

Why are these dumbass repukes not stripping Ted Stevens of his committee roles

Would a Pelosi presidency steal Hillary's thunder as first female president?


It'smore than annoying that 8 years of my life will be spent under Bush. And there is nothing

Did you know that James Carville was running a campaign for an official Democratic bumper sticker?

Remove Bush over War Lies -- Jimmy Breslin

Walking a Mile: A First Step Toward Mutual Understanding

What a coinkadink. Vials of chemical agent from early 90's Iraq found in old UN files.

In case you ever start to feel sympathetic toward Condi

WH admits Petraeus "softened up" NIE Iraq report

Tonight on Countdown

Even the chickens are talking about the next president.

Search and win a hunting trip with Ted Nugent!

this mexican trucking thing is fishy

Craig catches hell while the guilty go free

A Student’s Guide to Hosting Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

battle of the unnamed sources?

I hope Craig stays in the for his Senate Seat, so a Democrat can beat him in 08!

Investigative journalist. Is this application helpful?

Please, can we hold onto

Edwards Statement On GAO Report On Iraq

CSPAN - IRaq report by GEN. Richard Sherlock


OMG this is JUST BEGGING to be Craig-ized!!!

I couldn't care less about Craig because Bush Is ready to attack Iran

If someone said to you, in 2000....

Security Experts: Show us the evidence civilian deaths in Iraq have decreased

Iraq WMD's found - They were in New York at the UN

Shrub: "in this part of the world"

A question............

I'd like to kick Tom Delay squarely in the nuts.

"...the notion that the Constitution is a document of pure fantasy."

Cash of the titans: Criticism of pay for fund execs grows; Average $657 million a Yr

Disgraced former Majority Leader and future inmate Tom Delay on Hardball.

Images from the Dark Side of War (WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Now Haggard, the disgraced evangelical minister, is partnered with a registered sex offender!!

Glenn Fine, IG at the JD, who is investigating Gonzo is a Clinton appointee

to be clear, Sen. Craig was busted by Mpls-St. Paul Intl. cops, not

My doctors are worse than crack dealers

Yes, DU there is good news out there

The George W Patraeus Report - The Musical

The Democratic Underground Manifesto (Nostalgia, anyone?)

VIDEO! MUST SEE! Olbermann Re-Enacts Senator Craig Bathroom Scene

Radical Right-Wing Groups Plan 9-15 Counter-Protest

Healthy Eating Means No GMOs

Gotta love the Granite Goodbye!

Chris Matthews, "Is the republican party hypocritical?" no, no wait...

Keeping a Lid on a Hot Story? NASA Scientists Challenge Security Rules

WMD's found at the UN? . . . . .

A psychological explanation for Bush voters.

Have your feet ever "bumped" the foot of the person in the stall next to you?

Ray McGovern: Iran’s Nuclear Plans. i'm really scared zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

I challenge the Republican Craig defenders to discuss the issue without using the word "Democrat"

Is Sen Craig negotiating w senior Pubs??? He gatta know more than a few names..

Sean Hannity Suggests Craig Is Innocent

I have Delay on mute...can't even stand to hear one word from his mouth

NYT editorial: Locked, Loaded and Looney (Sen. Coburn blocking suicide prevention bill)

Medicare question and clarification....

Nugent Column Disappears from my local paper

"Kurdish Powder Keg Primed To Explode"

Republicans really seem to think "I do not recall" is an actual legal defense.

Henry Rollins Video on Wounded and War (Language)

Tony Snow appears to of lost a lot weight, fast.

The Larry Craig "story" is childish and idiotic, as well as a DISTRACTION

The Iraq war in pictures. Actually, in one picture. (WARNING: Graphic!)

Lieberman moves back to home town but no warm welcome

Tucker is sooooooooooo gay.

POWER OF THE DREAM by Celine Dion video story board w/ graphics.

Thousands of Girls Vie to Be Stewardesses

Vote for the Democratic "slogan" for 2008

Governor Perry's office says Kenneth Foster NOT to be

"The second thing those military officers and bureaucrats could do is leak information to the press

A reminder about experts and what their opinions are worth.

The wit and wisdom of Al Gore

Tweety is lapping this Craig stuff up!!

Rick Berman, Labor Day, and Bullshit. Anti-Labor Ad on the NYT Today.

My obnoxious Right-Wing coworker at work

hillary clinton on letterman tonight

What goes on in a Christian conservative's head when Larry Craig's are exposed?

So if the dems give moron* his 50 bill to continue his failure, what then?

How Soon Before Craig Checks Into A "Treatment" Facility?

Reid: Two Years After Katrina Democrats Continue Work to Rebuild Gulf Coast

Stockton Man Discharged Under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

TPM Paul Kiel: DoJ Officials Resign, But Mouthpiece Promoted

The upside down house in Poland

Revealed: New Law Gives Bush More Latitude To Expand Spying On US Soil

Veterans on DU?

Re: Sen. Craig. Why are Liberals Gay-Bashing?

I think Senator Craig should fight for his seat!

Is Tom Delay the best person these goons could drag out to defend

Actual audio of Craig Interrogation on C & L !!

If you're not doing anything wrong, you shouldn't mind getting spied on in the bathroom!

This is the Insanity we are dealing with. Domestic Discipline , LMAO.

U.S. under U.N. law in health emergency

Helpless, Helpless, Heaven Help Us

Are you in your right mind?

The repugs like Vitter because he paid for his kinks. Craig

Edwards odd disconnect between good rhetoric & poor plan on healthcare

All 3 of Vermont's Congressional Delegation say they'll "strongly oppose bush's 50 bil request

What item would you have taped down onto Rove's car?

China Halts Reincarnation!

WAXMAN Gives WH Until 9/10 To Turn Over E-Mail Info - Or Else....

Four Day War: Scenario of How War on Iran Would Go

Senate Judiciary Cmtee To Introduce Bill To Rein In DOJ's Power To Discuss Investigations

Does anyone STILL think Al Gore is going to run for President?

GLAAD Calls on Tucker Carlson, MSNBC to Apologize

"The Rip-Off In Iraq: You Will Not Believe How Low The War Profiteers Have Gone"

Does anyone here besides me think that Rove's car thing was a set-job?

Florida Baptist Witness editor: "We aren't electing saints here! All of us have fallen!"

What's worse, men's room trolling or sending 3,500 G.I.'s off to die in vain?

Sexy, verile, presidential...

I got exactly through p.2 of Brothers and started bawling like a baby.

I am a Canadian who loves Americans but sometimes...

Everything grows bigger in Texas

Perhaps the attack on Iran has already begun.

Triangulation SUCKS! especially for Progressives-

Fighting and Dying in Iraq to Make Room for Politicians

War Profiteering in Iraq Totally Out of Control

7 Active Tropical Storm Advisories...4 in the North Atlantic....

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

New Time Poll give Edwards 5 Point Lead over HRC in Iowa ! 7 over Obama !

Was Craig's arresting police officer homophobic?

Where in the Whirled is Larry Flynt?

larry craig passed on ted nugents stall

What % of the US public will support Bush when he takes us to war with Iran?

Looks like John Warner may be retiring

Video response from a Gold Star Family to Freedom's Watch ad

Ted Nugent comments on the Dixie Chicks (March 2003)

MIA Hubert Flottz.....he should be here to chime in on the Laughter...I hope he is safe.

What will you do if Bush/Cheney attacks Iran?

New document reveals that the Senator from Idaho used Craigslist to find "dates"

PETA picks on Al Gore - they make a good point in a bad way

Give me your predictions...

And Iowa DUer just posted this in the IA State Forum - Judge throws out Iowa's gay marriage ban!

oh boy, MN. police are releasing the audio tapes of Craig's interrogation.

Driving While Liberal -- has it ever been a problem having

All Homophobes are Gay: Problem of homophia is now considers solved.

I really wonder if we are going to make it through all of this .

Complete and Total Meltdown (DoD and Military)

Every single homophobe I've known has changed

R. McCovern Lays Out Bush Tricks to Justify Iran Attack

Have you in your life ever picked up a piece of toilet paper off a floor in a public bathroom?

Message to Black America/

“They wanted them poor niggers out of there.” by Greg Palast

"Farewell Senator Craig"...on Bartcop

What would happen if we tried to impeach Bush and failed?

If you don't think the U.S. will attack Iran...

A Reminder of Al Gore's Heroics Two Years Ago

A walk down Idiot Lane with Linda Chavez, or "Homophobia mean antiRepublicanism"

Iran Attack After Labor Day,"Congress has already given its overwhelming approval"

Why Do Some People Use The Word "Gay" As A Pejorative ,Even Here?

I guess this wasn't as funny to everyone else here.

GOP: Gang of Phonies ---pix --->>>

Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Think Putin Restarted Those Strategic Bomber Patrols For Nothing?

Remember when we were all pissed at Cindy et al for protesting at Conyers' Office?

CHENEY Gives INSTRUCTIONS To Roll Out Military Confrontation With Iran-With "Big Kickoff On Sept 11"

I think I found what Rumsfeld's been up to - School of Shock

How many DUers could make it to DC for as long as it takes to stop this madness.

Rove Discovers His Punk'd Jaguar ---pix--->>>

Amy Goodman in NOLA this morning. Prepare to be really angry

The glorious reign of Shadow the cab driver has come to an end

So long as it's consensual between adults & no one gets hurt,d'you care about others sex preferences

Do Something! A National Call For Tucker Carlson's Apology & Explanation. Phone #'s Included Here.

CBS News / 5,100 Boy Scout leaders removed for abuse

Could Fox be behind the undoing of Air America Radio?

TPM Paul Kiel: DoJ Investigator Probing Gonzales Statements

DOJ Investigator Probing Gonzales Statements

An open letter to Ted Nugent

How come some people are such intellectual snobs?

Sunday, 9/2: Waging Peace: The Art of War for the Antiwar Movement - Scott Ritter

Bush Is Not Looking Well ---pix--->>>

Student Aid for Illegal Immigrants Sparks Debate

impeahment is hugely unlikely to remove Bush - and I support it 100%

Good reading

Biden interview on energy and the environment

When did you become a Biden supporter?

Has everyone here seen this YouTube piece?

Obama Dominates GOP Rivals in Illinois

Hillary Clinton proves favourite across the Atlantic

Maybe someone already said this....

GWB's choice for AG will be.... Jeb Bush!

“I come telling the folks in this part of the world we still understand the problems.”

Iowa: Market trading predictions v. Polling predictions


The surge didn't more money

Iowa: Richardson rising, but top tier is a tough climb

Clinton collects more endorsements from women

"...and I beat 'em and I beat 'em and I beat 'em again..."

Man alleges he had oral sex with Craig in Union Station (D.C.) bathroom in 2004

Because I am no longer able to edit my original post, I will use this post to

The Rude Pundit:Katrina Plus 2 Yrs: Bush Goes to the Chocolate City, Upset Not to Find Willie Wonka

‘Ooh, punish us some more.’

61% of Democrats Say Dems Likely to Nominate White Male

Yahoo in China Doublespeak

Ambinder: Clinton-Edwards Mutual Sustainability

Jack Murtha's response to stopping the funds for war.

Fashion! ....turn to the left ... Fashion! Oooh, fashion!

Okay, what's wrong with my math? ( re: GAO benchmarks)

Blogger Known Well in Politics Turns His Attention to Attack on Obama Campaign

Obama blasts Bush on Iran in NY Daily News Op/Ed

NEW POLLS: IA, NH, SC (Hillary up in all three, Obama second in IA and NH, Edwards second in SC)

Editorial: DNC’s foolish slighting of Florida

For the sake of elected republican officials

Expenditures of Craig's PAC Alliance for the West

Political Truth-O-Meter

Editorial: Screamin’ mad (no pun intended)

So Oprah has recommended some pretty crappy books over the

Why didn't the frontrunners want to talk about Education?

If you were forced to vote for one of these modern Republican presidents

Which group of Democratic Party leadership resonates with your political values: DLC or DNC?

The DCCC called me to ask for money today.

What time will Larry Craig Resign tomorrow?

Time: John Edwards still leads in Iowa with 29%, 5 over Clinton, 7 over Obama

Is all this media news about Craig 24/7 is to take our attention

Vote for the best DSCC bumper sticker!

Is It Common For Police (Any Police) To Release Interogation Tapes?......

Politico: Fred Thompson delays announcement day until after the next Republican debate

John Edwards war on Poverty: My Ideas

*Breaking*... Petraeus To Mentally Project Iraq Report Via White House

VOTE: Where should the 2008 Republican National Convention be held?

Larry Craig Joke Roundup

Abu Ghraib acquittal no surprise: Soldiers take the fall for officers and higher-ups(Dick Cheney)

Iraq vs. NCLB

Heartwarming, adorable photo: Soon-to-be-exiting Turd Blossom carries a "Bush for President" bag.

Remove Bush over war lies

Did Bob Dole return the $69,000 he illegally received to charity?

Upcoming TV appearances by Hillary and Bill Clinton

Can someone explain these hypocrite republicans to me please?!

NH: Clinton 37% (+6), Obama 17% (-14), Edwards 14% (e), Richardson 7% (e). HRC breaks tie with BO

Florida lawmakers unanimous in vow to support voters' rights

Recommitting to the Fight Against Poverty (Center for American Progress)

Editing it until I get more verification.

"Are your papers in order" to vote?

The Stable - handicapping the Democratic Race.

Edwards at 49% Against Giuliani, Thompson in U.S.

What Senators were with Shelby in the plane that was shot at in Iraq today? Anyone know?

Larry Craig: A Democratic No-Fly Zone?

Democratic activist sues over loss of Florida delegates

"I don't go around anywhere hitting on men...if I did, I wouldn't do it in Boise, Idaho. Jiminy!"

Judge Southwick and Senator Feinstein

Fred Thompson Just Called To Say He's Running

Iowa ARG: HRC 28% (-2), BO 23% (+8), JE 20% (-1), BR 13% (e)

2004 ARG New Hampshire polls: this proves all these silly polls at this stage are mean less

SC: HRC 32% (+3), Edwards 24% (+8), Obama 21% (-12). Clinton takes lead from Obama

Romney leads comfortably in IA. Big pack from 2nd-6th separated by 5 points

Clint Curtis (D) to run against Congressman Tom Feeney (R). Needs help.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of people slamming Edwards and have no idea what they

Almost Labor day and another union throws support to Hillary Clinton.

Nebraska Supreme Court won't review sentence of short molester

Has the swiftboating of Elizabeth Edwards begun? If so, it's lame.

I hope the RNC does not ask toilet boy Idaho to resign, I hope he stays on for few more weeks!!!

Virginia Senator John Warner to announce Friday whether he'll run again

Biden helps low-income and pregnant teens

"your boy Obama"

What's Bill Clinton Saying?

Edwards polls best in Iowa when "likely voter" is defined more narrowly

Time to call their bluff: Florida Democrats should force national party to show its cards

Fred Thompson on being President

Indian Tribal Leaders Honor Al Gore, ceremony Oct. 6 to honor him

Iowa: Edwards 32%, Clinton 24%, Obama 22%, Richardson 13% (Time)

"Locked, loaded & loony": Senator Coburn is blocking suicide prevention bill for vets

Biden's "Walk a day in my shoes" as ----->

Carpenters Union Endorse John Edwards (500,000 members)

AL GORE vs. CLINTON/OBAMA. Fidel Castro bets on Hillary...

We should be proud to be called liberal

Chris Dodd has accepted Ed Schultz's invitation for a 3 hour visit on air

"Don't Carpool with Nouri al-Maliki."

'Tap Three Times with your Loafer if you Want Me' ~ video

Former Army captain Jon Soltz backs up his words: "I want a hit on Fox," he barked...

Reaching the 4,000 Milestone