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Archives: August 31, 2007

Shiite’s Tale: How Gulf With Sunnis Widened

Matthew Rothschild: Another Person Arrested for “Impeach” Sign

Jimmy Breslin: Remove Bush Over War Lies

Conyers: Impeachment off Pelosi's table, but not mine

Justice Dept. Probing Whether Gonzales Lied

Wasfi: the child of two Holocausts, Jewish and Iraqi

Corruption and Scandals overwhelms the GOP

Iraq surge can't last past Aug. '08: Pentagon cannot sustain force levels beyond next summer

Tauscher Warns Of Petraeus’ Conflict Of Interest In Reporting On Escalation

George Monbiot's otherwise fine article consistently calls neo-conservative "neo-liberal"

History Will Be Harsh On The US

PAUL KRUGMAN: Katrina All the Time

The Neo-cons Ignored Israeli Warning Not to Attack Iraq, Back In 2001!

The Next Energy Crisis

Trade unions back Clinton, Huckabee, Edwards

Petraeus says Iraq "surge" working: paper

Panel Will Urge Broad Overhaul of Iraqi Police

A Rigged Report on U.S. Voting?

Scientists sue NASA, Caltech over deep new background checks

Spy Chief Quote Cited in Verizon Lawsuit

'White power' chanted during immigration discussion at school

Marine tells of order to execute Haditha women and children

Legislature approves Jan. 15 Michigan primary

College football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF are anti-gay crusaders considered 'pro-family'????

I was so hot today, I was on FIRE!

Geaux Tigers!!!!!!!!!!

noobtime - How do I save this .gif to my HD so it still moves?

The reason I dislike Beauty Queens.


My neighbor has field mice in her house, she called me to set some traps.

i'm jerry onLy, ask me anything

I *might* have a paid internship, this spring!

Kitten Adoption Update: Randi is Keith, and Keith is Randi.

Yet more fun at Sen. Craig's expense

is there some kind of bumpersticker generator link?

what's the over/under on DU craig threads?

I have an extraordinary power

I finally got my bike ride video uploaded to youtube - link inside

I got my black labs today, a copycat

I can dream about you....

Tell me that plenty of idiots write grant proposals...

My Show is on @ 11 PM

I have to share a wonderful kitty encounter

It's 9:02 ET , Time to play WHO AM I?

WOOT! College football has returned

The reason I hate The King in Yellow.

And now from Leavenworth, Kansas,

al tells it like it is

Now that the Weekly World News is gone, what is Bat Boy doing?

I guess my eyes were deceiving me a little while ago.


As an experiment, for just one day, all loungers should reply to

can anyone tell me how I lost my avatar and star?

Is this a crime? Or just an affront to good taste?

My repug friend gave me a book to read - wondering if any of you have read this . . .

Don Juan, Casanova, the Marquis De Sade

Sports update, MLB:

LynneSin .. now I understand!

The tailor didn't hem my pants right, should I take them back?

good night, all

Quite a few trolls (it seems) earning the Granite Chiclet recently, and what do I do?

It'th thyme 4 teh Talkish funee Thar-redd

Is it me??

Hey Dallas, stop having your weather mess up my vacations please.

Marie Osmond to be on Dancing With the Stars

Was Jesus Married? and other short stories

Ah, Steve Vai - there's a reason Zappa had him play "Stunt Guitar"

OMG! Hillary Clinton is on David Letterman!

Pics of cars I've owned

The reason I hate The King of Queens.

What would prompt someone with a modicum of decency..

What would happen if you added yourself to your ignore list?

The reason I hate Dairy Queens.

What's your favorite name for The Tombstone?

what do you call your telly's remote? . . .

Have you ever nearly won the Darwin Awards?

Harry Nilsson fans check in!!!!

Golly, gosh darn, shoot . . .

Swam 50 yards underwater !

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/30/07

I wish to start a nauseating Lounge trend

self indulgent pleasure: pedicure and manicure...ahhh

Which weapon do you want in a battle: Death Star vs Doomsday Machine vs Species 8472 Planet Killer

Is there a sexier guitarist than Joni Mitchell?..............No!

Elementary School bans "tag"

Update on my dog's surgery. Was it worth the expense?

DC/ Baltimore/Annapolis Area DUers...Meetup next Wednesday night in Columbia

400 Indianapolis Public School Transportation Workers Join AFSCME

Despite unions' decline, Dems still court votes-Labor can still walk precincts and mobilize workers

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Jack Cafferty: Kucinich says Dems need to STOP funding war

Olbermann, Gen. Clark on Iraq report GAO leaked to Washington Post

Bush Nightmare Vs. Kucinich Solution

Keith is on in the central time zone


"No Wonder We're Going Down The Tubes"

"No wonder we're going down the tubes". 7 years distilled into 7 words.

Seen this yet

The Unions Man; Can Edwards Make Unions Matter

A question for "ex-fundies"

Why do judges automatically give more credibility to what a cop says over the defendant?

No, I did not forget the blood-dripping sarcasm icon

Gagle Cartoon....LMBO!

I want to say this - I am a christian - and until and unless you

Wow! Who just heard the Craig police interview on KO?

3735 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Will he or won't he run again? "Sen. Warner to Announce Future Plans" Tomorrow .

In The Name of Sincerity: Politics, Corporations, and… Revolution?

Will the Craig scandal cause homophobes to stop voting Republican?

The unanswered Larry Craig question...

Documents: FBI Spied On Coretta Scott King -- for years after husband's assassination

I watched BBC news tonight

A Quiet Rebellion-Justice Department Lawyers REFUSE Detainee Cases-Object To Bush Gitmo Policies

Anti-gay Christian group says it was treated unfairly

I never saw THIS Steve Bell

I have a really silly request.Would someone who knows post what the bathroom signals

Nasa predicts more severe thunderstorms with deadly lightning, damaging hail and the potential for

and for your parting gift, your very own George W. Bush Tote Bag! - pic

What would the presidential candidate field look like if image wasn't a primary consideration?

*Plane Carrying Repug Senators Shot At in Iraq! * Shelby, Inhoff and Martinez!

Do you think the tidal wave of China product (food/toy) warnings is a "subtle" warning to China?

it's part of our soul protection plan.

Coultergeist Got New BOOBIES !!

NYT editorial: Abu Ghraib Swept Under the Carpet

I may have lived sheltered life, and really do not care for the "audio"

Damn you guys are SO good.

Reid Opens Door to Pact With Antiwar Republicans

White House Is Gaining Confidence It Can Win Fight in Congress Over Iraq Policy

LynneSin .. now I understand!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Is This Inherently Political, Or Just A Stretch ??? - I 'm Just A Jealous Guy

Blowing In The Wind multi-media Joan Baez

Faux News: How widespread is sex in public bathrooms?

Alright Peggy - if you believe in what your doing then you should

Time to break the chain


You know what - could ban me or whatever it is called.



"I and other leaders of this country" says Mitt Romney

"The Truth About My Dead Brother"

I tried, but I couldn't make it through 30 seconds of the Larry Craig police tape

Beautiful story: "Surfing with Autism" ENJOY!

Editorial Cartoons: Sen. Larry Craig's arrest

There is absolutely no reason to conclude there is any offensive

Why the FUCK does BugMan Tom DeLay continue being on the talk shows?

The looming food crisis - Rush for biofuels is taking a toll on food crops

I was wondering - my grand uncle - (or great grand uncle)

Michael Ware Just Said: The President's Spokesman is Trying to Mislead the Country

It's NOT about the "gay"..

US ready to step into Basra as British pull out

Hillary on Letterman tonight

Hedge Fund Managers Average Salary $657 Million A Year; Criticism of pay for fund execs grows

WTF - not again

How many Islamic countries are Fascist?

Paul Craig Roberts: More Shame, More Sorrow: Will Bush Take Everything Down With Him?

Question: cruel and unusual punishment.

Students chant 'white power' during immigration discussion at school

You have to hand it to Larry Craig.......

A few Bible verses and illustrations for Senator Craig this evening

And we wonder why people are drowning...

Why is there still a giant hole in the ground in NYC?

Do you think the Manson Family should ever be paroled ?

deepest gratitude, DU! here, precious from kenneth foster's blog:

Hey, Joe for Clark. Look here Brother, don't do this to yourself again


Did you know DU has an Anthropology Group?

Mike malloy radio show is doing a segment on Tucker comment about his

Renowned Psychologist, Author Returns APA Award over Interrogation Policy

Will Senator Larry Craig seek another travel route to avoid MSP airport?

After listening to Sen, Craig's taped back & forth, "I have a wide stance." "I wasn't tapping my...

I Was Wondering What The Building Codes Say With Respect To Stall Spacing......

Wingnuts who dismissed Abu Graib & Gonzo's torture now claim CRAIG's cop was "aggressive"

Keith Olberman: 1/2 hour of content -- 1/2 hour of tabloid crap.

Images That Changed The World (Disturbing but Powerful)

WHITE HOUSE: Benchmarks were "too high"

Florida condo meltdown - who's going to live in all these $%&* condos?

Let’s Get Something Straight about Family Values

Craig Admits Guilt at This Point in the Interview >>>

Why is masculine bisexuality confused with homosexuality and, for instance, vilified in our society?

Judge: Same-sex couples can wed in Iowa

Re-election song for Larry Craig

Why disparaging Craig is NOT gaybashing...

Swiss businessman claims key Lockerbie evidence was faked

PREEMPTED: Bush admin Iraq spin and Petraeus/WH report

#2 in endorsements in Iowa!!!

Zack Exley's 2nd installment in his series investigating the history of Field Organizing

Modern Democrats love to pimp the RNC’s hoaxes for them

"No wonder we're going down the tubes...."


International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Endorse Clinton

Pranksters put a wrap on top aide's White House tenure, automobile

A Couple Of Craig Questions .........

Nazi group has said it will stage an anti-immigration protest outside the Mexican Consulate Omaha

Clinton, Edwards have a mutual interest in each other's success right now?

Has anyone noticed Edwards is beginning to gain momentum and get better press?

United Steelworkers Labor Union Endorses John Edwards!


Is Chris Dodd 2008's John Kerry?

larry craig trying to twist logic

Senator Leahy wants to defund the war

Hillary on Letterman Now

Why didn't Obama get the chance to do a Top 10 list in Letterman?

Obama: And He Overturned the Tables of the Money Changers.

On Poverty, Maybe We're All Wrong

Audio tape of Craig (R-Bathrooms) right after his arrest. "You are lying to a police officer."

Times Photo look back at * and his closest aide, Rove:

Hit Iran Where it Hurts by Barack Obama

Hillary is doing quite well with Letteman

Hey, Tom DeLay,

craig tapes - its right there -a tacit admission the moment he says "entrap"

It's Time for YOU to Post Something Good About a Democrat That's Not Your '08 Choice.

Obama is the candidate least concerned about labor issues

Katzenkavalier's take on the Dem Primary, just before Labor Day

Attention Democratic candidates: Iran is NOT developing an atomic bomb!

Elizabeth Edwards: Clinton 'hatred' will energize GOP

Trinkets and Treasure, China Tames the US (great article from Asia Times)

South of Baghdad, U.S. troops find fatigue, frustration

Australia: Anti-Bush protesters allowed to march

Is George Bush Restarting Latin America's 'Dirty Wars'?

CSM cartoon of the day

Why the GOP's Gay Wing Is Forced to Hide in the Bathroom

Professional Lying 101

Chavez steps into Colombian hostage fray

Nina Burleigh| Satan's in the Stall Beside Me

G.O.P's sexual politics

American Indigestion: Why Bush Governs From The Gut

David Horsey cartoon on GOP & Craig

Craig expected to resign, possibly as soon as today

The World's Fastest Man Is Gay

The GOP's crowded closet

U.S. Says Company Bribed Officers for Work In Iraq

Behind the FISA Flop


Kazakhstan's Nuclear Orphans

Second Attack On Monster website Discovered


How the Neoliberals Stitched Up the Wealth of Nations for Themselves

Senate Blocks Mandatory ID Implants In Employees

Should Americans Support a Candidate Who Allows or Ignores the Privatization of Iraqi Oil?

Standing Up To Corporations One Town At Time


Harry Potter and the Preachers’ Curses

Attack of the Wallmart-istas? by Stephen Pizzo

Vienna: Industrial nations shy away from stiff 2020 goals - Reuters

Exxon Valdez plaintiffs want $5 bln award restored - Reuters

Global warming – who pays and when?

Survey: Less Than Half of all Published Scientists Endorse Global Warming Theory

Canada wind industry grows amid opposition storm - Reuters

Okay, this is one for all you chemistry experts out there...

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant's Cooling Tower Collapses

Appeals Court OKs Navy Use of Sonar - AP

Breakthrough Power Technology Claims to Deliver 500 Miles on 5-Minute Charge

Suicide Bomber Kills 1 by Kabul Airport

Major German synagogue to reopen

Speeding Train Carrying Hundreds of Commuters Slams Into Empty Train Near Rio, Killing 8

US Lawmakers' Plane Under Fire in Iraq

Marine, Army soldier die in separate attacks in Anbar province

Well-placed GOP sources: Craig likely to quit soon

Effort to oust al-Maliki charges on

Cancer Society Focuses Its Ads on Uninsured

Barclays needs central bank loan

C-130 carrying lawmakers dodges missiles

GOP urges Privette to quit (Former NC legislator/prostitution conviction)

Democratic activist sues over loss of Florida delegates

Reid Opens Door to Pact With Antiwar Republicans

U.S. Says Company Bribed Officers for Work in Iraq

50 detainees to be released daily during Ramadan – (Iraq) VP

EarthLink's woes put free muni Wi-Fi in peril

Colombia Plans to Scrap Paid Exemption for Universal Army Draft

Well-placed GOP sources: Craig likely to quit soon

Bush plan seen as "Band-Aid" for consumers

The writing may finally be on the wall.

Marine in Haditha case shot five unarmed Iraqis, court told

Two Men Accused of Smuggling 7,000 Turtles

Bush Is Concerned About China's Military, Urges Allied Countries to Keep Their Troops in Iraq

Warner expected to announce end of Senate career

Another Iraqi oil official targeted, shot

Bush Announces Snow Retirement

German spyware plans trigger row

HHS Toned Down Breast-Feeding Ads (Waxman investigates GOP/formula industry political interference)

AP Reporting Craig will announce tomorrow that he is resigning.

Cunningham figure says he was trying to help government

Democratic Donor Turns Himself In

(Australian) Rudd rebuffs Bush on Iraq

Military scientists tested mustard gas on Indians

(Mitch) McConnell rebukes Idaho's Sen. Craig

Defense Lawyers: U.S. Losing Legal War on Terror

Tropical Depression 6 forms in Atlantic: NHC

US condemns Myanmar crackdown

Bush Plans Loan Relief on Housing

Same-sex marriages halted in Iowa

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday August 31

GOP officials: Craig to resign Saturday

Couple weds before same-sex marriages halted

U.S. Says Assaults Down at Guantanamo

Report: Baghdad education breaking down

Petraeus, Crocker to Testify Sept. 10

Community Groups Storm and Take Over New Orleans HUD Office

Car Bomb Blast in Troubled Region of Southern Russia Kills 4 Police

Justice Department Lawyers Refuse Detainee Cases (quiet rebellion against Gitmo policies)

GOP officials say Otter already has picked Craig successor; Otter's office says that's not so

Lawmakers push a united, hard-line front on Cuba

Document details Volz’s (top aide of former Rep. Bob Ney) cooperation in Abramoff case

Bush E-Mail Mystery Deepens: White House Won't Name Tech Contractor

Bush hears about strain on troops

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow Resigns

Sen. Craig likely to make announcement Saturday morning

Staff Says Craig Won't Resign

University of South Florida students indicted on explosives, terrorism charges

Sen. John Warner Decides Not to Run

3 Democrats to skip rogue primary states

"Redacted" stuns Venice (Brian De Palma Film Iraq War)

Venezuela's Chavez arrives to Colombia to broker hostage for rebel deal

Russia plans manned Moon mission by 2025

Lawmakers Describe 'Being Slimed in the Green Zone'

I haven't eaten all day except once but got some money & so?

Toen ik in Amsterdam was, had ik pret.

Great scottish fold pics (link only)

for SPK-- Love or Money

Question: what exactly does the "Views" column mean?

Do you think it's time to build bathroom stalls for people with a "wide stance"?

Why Christopher Walken is Godly

How can a cat...

77 degrees at 11:30?

Sick puppy update (better news)

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (08/30/07)


Any Maine DUers here?

Marie Osmond vs. Dancing With the Stars

Would you be upset if your spouse/SO hung out naked in a hot tub with one of their exes?

So I sayes to me wife with da wodden leg...

I am just the King of Freak, Bow Down Before ME!

Somebody already broke my heart....

Drunk dad has 11 year old drive home

Joni Mitchell - Coyote

I have NO alergies. At least when I'm not in TEXAS.

This may be a stupid question, but for any dentists out there...

Here's the list of cars in my life.

Here's a good one: Star War's Millenium Falcon or Spaceballs Eagle 5

So I want to know. Is "wide stance" now officially off-limits in serious conversation?

The HypnoToad eccentric Post Of The Day (08/31/07)

Things overheard in a restaurant.

The Reason I Love Dairy Queens

I heard snippets of the Larry Craig audio tape, and I have just one thing to say!

A brand new DUer could be on the way who knows but I feel sick ...

Some people do the nicest things....

3 Day Weekend

Tiger cub born

So did you see Charlie Rose on Tuesday?

Does anyone know of a job that hires two people to work together?

Overheard in New York - Which DUer was this

New England DUers-Obama in NH on Monday

Help, mens sizing question.

For anyone who has moved recently - a picture!

I just took a peek into GD. Those people are obsessed!!

Does everybody think THEY'LL never get old? Your grandparents and

Question about automatic monthly SS payment:

I am the King of Freak Injuries, Bow Down Before ME!

I met another punk rock legend last night - Tim Kerr from the Big Boys

Proof of the divine?

22 misfits' songs in 6:53

What are you listening to? Me? Belle and Sebastian Live at the Hollywood Bowl

Are you in or out?

A Chinese wife has cut off her husband's right hand because of his Internet addiction

Graphic picture of diseased lungs to be added to packages of British Cigerettes has electrolytes, that's what plants CRAVE!

Are there a lot of warehouses in west LA that need sweeping during the day?

"Some people probably would want to put pants on a horse."

Stolen bulldozer rammed into police station

The robber politely knocked on the back door of the Rogers Park bank -- and someone let him in.

Why does everyone hate the drama llama??

Guitarists - can I can change just one string, or should I do them all if I do any?

Question for techs re internet video formats

Who is Your Favorite Dictator

Whew, I thought I was going to miss the doctor tonight

I've Made A Division

Anybody else do Eratosthenes?

my online public league draft is starting

what a great day!

I've made a Sub-Division

The reason I hate Drama Queens

So Tony Snow's out. I think the new White House spokesman should be:

they're fiLming a movie right now outside my work


Da Fweepers r konfiused!

Okay, easy subject. What the hell is music?

So which is worse? Looking for sex in a toilet stall or Larry Craig discussions on DU?

Priceless fundie biology lesson!

Another high-level departure from the White House:

Who was Jackie Paper? and what became of him?

Just blew past my 11000th post!! Didn't even notice it! LOL

I just got a copy of Rosie Vela's Zazu vinyl. Now what do I do with ...

What movie turns you on the most?

i did a really dumb thing and now i don't want to fix it because i'm a lazy, lazy man

update for those who've been following my issues the last few months

We're off to go camping down in Big Sur this weekend!!


So these incredibly loud cars and motorcycles blaze down my street

self delete

Anyone else do Pilates?

Anybody try the new Coke Plus??

anyone have a nice pic for me to paint?

Anyone else do Pilots?

People Who Despise Harry Nilsson Thread

sister golden hair

i can't stop listening to dark side of the moon

I've made a decision

Holy shit! An 8-minute long juggled version of Reich's "Clapping Music"

Phones in Ears: Opinions?

Hop Road Rye Ale

They are selling Chinese Coca Cola in my local grocery store!

All i ever wanted... all i ever needed...

The Neverending XES Thread

The 2nd ave Deli is reopening!!!!

Does our political state mean we'll be going backward in progress?

Some of the best brass playing in the nineteen sixties...

Had to go to the hospital last night

Should employers be able to sue the estates of employees who die without giving notice?

Ever eat sugar off the cane?

Need Help - Democratic reply to this crap going through lists

Breakfast on Pluto

For KitchenWitch, She is missing the Fall season in the Midwest... Caution some bigger pics...

Dog 1, Phone Book 0

Tickle Me Elmo

The Bar Is Open.............But

Everyone has to watch this movie.

Do you still go to county fairs?

What is "Twee Pop"?

Anyone else do Pirates?

Yay! Kitteh has a clean bill of health! w00t!

Favorite Anti-Cromwell Song

Post music group names, whose actual name are band members...

My new favorite word: Badonkadonk

Warning signs on bathrooms

Today's *must see* link from the GD's

Let's Get It On....

What is it about cats and books?

The reason I hate Fairy Queens.

Friday Picture Thread: I want to show off my extremely HOT Girlfriend :)

Would you be upset in your current S/O did an Ex for shit's and giggles?

First gay couple legally marries in Iowa

Proposed new smiley:


Eeeww! 200 YARD wide spider web

Symphony No. 3 (Saint-Saens) "The Organ Symphony.

TOhioLiberal!!! SAFE TRIP!!!!!

"Susan Across The Ocean"- The Silos

I just got home from the hospital today

fair trade coffee shops in the Twin Cities?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/31/07

I just bought a CD by the first band I ever saw at Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill

The toaster is talking to me again...nt

My dog took a dump in the catbox.

I got back from Mr.Grumpy's funeral about an hour ago...


new painting

What would you do if your SO found the porn on your computer?

Ugh. I think I painted my bathroom the color of a slapped cheek.

Good Samaritans save mangled Siamese cat dubbed 'Dirt'

Teething Twins -- Share your favorite remedies, please!

In memory of Sophie Le Chat RIP (1993-2007)

Strange things your dog or cat eat?

ok. girls. lets settle this once and for all ---

They are selling Mexican Coca Cola in my local grocery store!

I've watched her grow...outside my window.

'Virgin chicken' and 'Steamed Crap' off the menu in Beijing

What did you think of Princess Diana?

We just applied for our marriage license

You Tube: Miss Teen South Carolina Calls 911

The start of what is probably a bad idea

WARNING!- I *may* be asked to Barbecue

What would you do if you found out your SO had porn on his/her computer?

Litmus test to tell if someone is Canadian.

Fairgoers message support to soldiers

Junior ranks take flak for Abu Ghraib

Preserving memories: Veteran collecting war stories for national project

Supporting vets wounded at war: For wood carvers, canes a labor of love to honor sacrifices in Iraq Sept issue is online & Labor Notes conference

Today in labor history August 31

Stephen Crockett is co-host and founder of Democratic Talk Radio

News-Press’s Daily Goings-on Scrutinized at NLRB Hearing

(Canada) Unions to launch campaign against N.S. anti-strike measures

Union, Smithfield remain at odds over secret vote

Staffers sue Ritz hotel in Pasadena

Feds say families of trapped miners can't request union help -- only the miners can

Lawrence: Labor Day: Support Unionizing Starbucks Workers

Kern County negotiates labor deal, avoids strike 6,600 employees

John Edwards -- A Clear Choice (Edwards vs. Ghouliani)

Ali G - War

Sen Craig's (R-ID) Absurd Press Conference

Dragnet = Craig

John Edwards: Rebuilding New Orleans

South Carolina: Spartanburg Councilwoman endorses John Edwards for President

Dana Perino on the Missing White House Emails

TPMtv: The Muck Gap

Another Republican pedophile list!!!

Randi Rhodes On Larry King.... AWESOME!!!

The Singing Senators

Senator Craig meets Avenue Q

Reagan wanted an alien invasion (actual footage of him saying it)

Disney/ABC Tries to Kill Off Dennis Kucinich's Campaign

Officer Accused Sen. Craig of Lying

Linda Addison : "Sometimes I wish I had stayed here for the storm and then it would all be over."

Why does Vitter get a pass and Craig gets crucified?

Larry Craig: Don"t do the crime......

Take Action! Don't Let Prejudice Trump Justice!!!

If you really think things like I said should be banned.

I wish the best to evey one of you - agree or not.

You Might Be A Republican / You're Probably A Democrat

Marie Osmond to be on Dancing With the Stars

Reid Opens Door to Pact With Antiwar Republicans

I am NOT GAY: GOP seeks to distance itself from Larry Craig (dialup warning)

With less than two weeks before report on "surge", Maliki is now BEGGING militias to stop attacks

Iraq water plant source of cholera outbreak-minister

In '08 Race, Even Veterans Turn On McCain

JUSTICE DELAYED: Budget Crunch Hits U.S. Attorneys' Offices

Washington Journal: 'Larry Craig: What's it all about'?

Sectarian unity eludes Iraq

Fox News Bashes ‘Desperate,’ ‘Ambitious,’ ‘Single Mother’ Katie Couric For Traveling To Iraq

A Sobering Census Report: Americans' Meager Income Gains

Surge working: top US general

Insipid MSNBC commentary on Diana's 10th Memorial...

Carbon Neutral? How about FART neutral!

Republican C-Span Callers Arguing For A Unfettered Right To Peek At Private Poopers

US and Iran spar ahead of Iraq report

At China's huge malls, high prices and few shoppers

Boswell, our local Blue Dog, on the war in an e-mail to constituents

Ted Nugent sure has a flair for web design - - - - ->

Why can't we have a WPA to rebuild America's bridges and infrastructure?

Republicon Congressman says they have no choice but to give his $50 billion

If you have a dem Rep or dem Senator, who's up for re-election

The audio tape shows Craig's guilt. Imagine how Sen. Webb would have reacted to same accusation...

Of men and tasers

Bush to Hear Military's Concerns on Iraq

That gun nut psycho called Washington Journal again this morning.

Sen. Obama will be in Manchester, NH on Labor Day.....

Craig, "I am not now or have ever quit the U.S. Senate."

Turns out MRI Scanners make great Lie Detectors!

Our Leader is a Mass Murderer, and Our Democracy is a Sham

Predictions of what will happen with a war against Iran?

If it were a "just" war, they're wouldn't be a need for propaganda such as this...

Bad week to read the news if you're a dog, part one

So Craig is a quiter

Why is anti-christian stuff allowed on this site?

Freeper compares Larry Craig to Jesus and Socrates

"No wonder why we're going down the tubes..."

Number Eight: BURP! Number Eight: BURP! Number Eight....

Well-placed GOP sources: Craig likely to quit soon

In E-Mails (released by Senator Kennedy), Political Pressure on Ex-Surgeon General

A Proposal for a New Forum: Progressive Christians


"Freedom isn't free?"

Consumer Spending Rebounds in July(BS Yes or No)

So Long Turdblossom -It's the last day on the job for President Bush's political advisor, Karl Rove.

Why is Sen. Craig the Whipping Boy and Not Vitter?

Arthur Frommer (travel guru) issues another rant:

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines


Is there a connection between sexual repression & global domination?

Bad week to read the news if you're a dog, part two

Ellison Joins Congressional Anti-Semitism Task Force

So are we going to war with Iran?

Lurita Doan (GSA Administrator) clearly violated the Hatch Act...

Several well-placed GOP sources: . Larry Craig is likely to resign, possibly today

Tom Toles: Home alone.

New Republican Comic: Larry Craig in "I'm Not Gay"

That $20K quick ship bonus for new recruits...

Justice Dept. Inquiry Focuses on Gonzales's Claims

NYT’s editorial: More Realism, Less Spin

Here is some shocking truth, the truth about prisons in Iraq.

Entrapment 101

Senator Craig's Arrogance

Refresh my memory: What was behnd the Bush/Reagan family wars?

Today is the two year anniversary of 3 days of inaction from B*sh on Katrina

Has Tony Snow forfeited our compassion?

Flippers fuel foreclosures

273+ Giant Panda territory in China hit by heavyrain, floods

For All Of You Who Complained That Senator Craig's "Recent Unpleasantness" Is Distracting

Iraq National Security Adviser too distracted watching children's cartoons to talk to US Reps

WashTimes: Sources say that 3 GOP primary candidates considering Gen. Tommy Franks as VP

Was Larry Craig one of the republicans who spoke against torture?

Tony Snow leaving 9-14. Just on CNN

Is Thom Hartman coming up on C-SPAN?

Despite having having plane under fire, Senators still believe "Surge" working in parts of Iraq

Could Larry Craig have just said he was out of toilet paper?

"Iraq Attacked WTC"

Do you have access to a Time Machine?

Minnesota has a program that allows first-time offenders to have charges against

Thom Hartman is live broadcasting on cspan1 now (also on air america)---Nice

Why don't we just have gay bathrooms? Too expensive?

Awe Sh*T! Dana Perino is to be new Press Secretary! frustration... Are they censoring stuff?

NYT Editorial: More Realism, Less Spin

We've lost Iraq, I mean the Dems.

Talk about Corporate welfare !

SF Bay Bridge Closed This Weekend !

The future is now: Introducing the environmentally friendly Sky Car!

Snow out, Perino in. CNN just now. Sept 14th

Bush to outline aid to mortgage holders

Seperated at birth

The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices

Bush: "I got a lot on my mind"

True or False (and why or why not):

PC alert - it is not "alleged behavior"

Is there a nationa registry for do not fax?

Do you think Iowa gay marriages will hurt us in 2008 like it did in 2004?

Hey Dems- Can you please look up the meaning of "Rule of Law"? Impeach NOW!!! nt

Proposed new smiley:

Jim Crow in Jena and drive-by media

This is the last day for Bush admin resignations - will anyone else go?

** Bush Presser **

1st Gay Wedding in IOWA - after judge strikes down Ban....

delete - meant to post under another thread

Gonzales subject of perjury investigation by the US Justice Department

DoJ Inspector General to Investigate Gonzales (Lying Under Oath)

2 tropical cyclones in North Atlantic?


Secret U.S. Embassy Report: Corruption is "the Norm" Within Iraqi Government

Conservative BIAS in the media!

Today's betting many resignations this weekend?

Bella Cucina Recalls 'Death by Chocolate' Cookies

Lindsey Graham ???

Why would Craig even think about resigning ?

Craig now says he won't resign. Will the GOP sick the Smear Vets on him?

Rising officer netted Sen. Craig

Bad week to read the news if you're a dog, part three

e-mail Colorado State Fair re: Nugent's scheduled show

Please caption.....(just "ewwwwww" and MY EYES! I'VE GONE BLIND!)

Petraeus Attempts To Manipulate Australian Election With False Claims About Iraq

This is neat - watch Mike Luckovich draw a hilarious toon

Slimed! Is Maj. Patterson admitting that the situation in the Green Zone is out of control?

Guess Bush and the GOP Congress wants more college kids to have babies.

Chad Castagana: Where The Hell Is The Mug Shot?

Gonzales Resignation Does Not Pardon President’s Abuse of Power

O’Hanlon Hopes Final GAO Report On Iraq Will Be ‘Improved’ To Reflect WH Claims Of Progress

Tony Snow is quitting for financial reasons. I don't blame him.

Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican

Iraq: Theater of the Absurd

Military in Iraq spreading bios of visiting Congress Reps, noting statements against or for the war

So, how long before the WH press corps bares it fangs at

Check out this poll.........

GOP officials say Otter already has picked Craig successor; Otter's office says that's not so

Interesting tie-in to the Craig affair in today's St. Louis Post Dispatch

Cross Mark Warner of everyone's VP shortlists.

Absytheminded Retires from the USAF today! Please Congratulate Him Here.

caption this BushCo pic..

It's FRIDAY, ya bastids! Randi thread...

New Shiite militia emerges in Iraq - supporters of Saddam Hussein

Carlson boy bashed for gay bashing by radio yakker

This is just a post to wish Diana Princess of Wales peace as the world

Can't help but wonder if Warner is retiring because he thinks he might lose,

GOPocrisy EXEMPLIFIED in Forcing Craig to Resign

Uniform directive roils March base reservists

Senate Republican Restroom

John Warner might be retiring because other Republicans will try so hard to take him out

Former Seattle Mariners Mgr.'s wacko comments about John Kerry and Hillary!

'The Defense of Trolling Act', sponsored by Sen. Larry Notgay.

Sen. Craig & his wife are now animated cartoon characters....

Bush must have some photos of a naked Muqtada al-Sadr at Abu Ghraib prison

Want to see what we face with HRC as a candidate?

What ever became of Tyler Froatz? Do Freepers receive a Get Out Of Jail Free Card or something?

Edwards takes: "Huge Political Gamble"?

Windfall: How Conservatives, Contractors, and Developers Cashed In on Katrina (Mother Jones)

Gay AND Dem bashing cartoon. We should email Glenn McCoy's syndicate

Bioprospecting and biopiracy in the Americas

U.S. Lawmakers plane fired on leaving Baghdad...

Family Values, Dan Quayle, Murphy Brown and Larry Craig

For Those of You Buying Into the Entrapment Trap

"the father of three said he needs to make more than his White House salary of $168,000."

Any Jimmy/Jeff sightings?

FBI suppressed video of TWA explosion

Michael O'Hanlon desperately trying to salvage credibility

Ok lets settle this public bathroom Sex thing

Why Have Dems Lost So Many Elections?

Vermont Nuclear Power Plant Automatically Shuts Down - Reason Unknown

I can't help but wonder if Warner got a phone call from Larry Flynt?

Bush to Announce Homeowner Initiatives

Gay marriage has its day in Des Moines as judge strikes down ban

The writing may finally be on the wall.

Dow opening 100 points higher --- stupidity rules!!!!

The Elephant in the room...

American Indigestion: Why Bush Governs From the Gut-by David Michael Green

Listening to a Republican speak

"You won't find this in the MSM," said the knuckledragger after quoting a piece in the LA Times.

Ironically, Craig may have contributed to

Tropical Depression Six forms, warnings and watches Windward Islands, Venezuela.

Your Attention Please. The KKKarl Rove Era is now "officially" over!.

Larry Craig, New Orleans, Katrina and Karma

Umm, so, why is the Pentagon targeting Democratic congress members in Iraq?

Senator Craig is not gay, he just likes an occasional man tool..

Specific Larry Craig hypocrisy

Hillary Clinton supporters: Why do you support her?

The true hypocrisy of the Larry Craig scandal(warning, angry rant)

"Redacted" Stuns Venice; New film about the real-life rape & killing of a 14 yr old Iraqi girl

Stop The Madness-There Is No Constitutional Right To Peep

Hitchens Coming Up On Hardball Again.

Wasn't something big suppose to be dumped today?

Senate Prospects are looking up

Although Craig is a republican, it doesn't necessarily means he's lying if his lips are moving

Happy Labor Day Weekend ....

Are you tolerant of people (gay or straight) who have anonymous sex in public bathroom stalls?

Is MSM using DU as a resource?

Is it time for Vitter to go too? How can we let this stand?

Limbaugh: Why Hillary Has an 80% Chance

OMFG -- This was beamed into my car from space...

Time for Harry Reid to go...

WWE Suspends 10 Performers Over Drugs

"Jon Stewart, Oral Exams and More"

Hide thread option: Great Feature or Greatest Feature?

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

Sen. Inhofe: Terrorists attempt to shoot down plane, is an indication they are losing

Stop! Put Your Hands Where We Can See Them! - rove pics

Couric: New Orleans seems like nirvana compared to Baghdad

Many pundits are asking...Is the GOP GAY???? Are so many in the closet

Dems (Especially Reid) Should Walk Away

American Voices on Larry Craig's arrest

Senator Warner, You could'a been a contendah.

Student Debt

Rove ‘overcome with emotion’ on his last day.

How hopeful or depressed are you about the future of the environment?

CNN doing another typically "balanced" story....

"Family Values" Tee Shirt.

What's with the Hip-Hop cultures fascination with Scarface/Tony Montana?

I've only been up for just over an hour and I'm already

To every DUer that has ever been part of organized labor or fought for organization

Sen. Craig to make announcement SATURDAY.

Nifong found in contempt of court

Larry Craig

South Korean missionaries slam hostage deal with Taliban

Korean Troops Prepare for Withdrawal from Afghanistan

S. Korean government denies ransom payment to Taliban captors

"pandering" cosmetic-crumbs" I hear these words from an economist on Lehrer

Lawmakers Who Were Almost Shot Down Declare ‘Significant Progress’ In Iraq

Housing: Bush Rides to the Rescue, Sort Of

A week of hell for Bush - Shuster

Karl Rove and George Bush had a reading contest? LOL

Some things should never be forgotten...

Is it ok to work towards removing nasty bigots from office, and is it ok to be happy when gone?

Hey, Freepers.

Time for a Larry Craig thread on bigotry.

Where the hell do people think gay people met in 1952???

Former Abu Ghraib Analyst: Army Adds Farce to America’s Shame

There's no law saying you have to pay income tax and/or its Unconstitutional

Mentions of the "Liberal Media" linked to Electoral Politics

"Redacted" stuns Venice (film on U.S. troop rape and murder of 14 year old iraqi girl)

Duke Lacrosse Case DA

MSNBC just said Craig is resigning tomorrow

Fixing Right Wingnut "Funnies" -- Take back the Comix Page!

Curious, what law did craig break?

Operation Straight Up

Senator Larry Craig Resigning Tomorrow

Ken Fucking Blackwell?????

Hey Western DUers!! Whatcha doing tomorrow morning?

"Redacted" (De Palma film about rape and abuse by US troops) stuns Venice

Let's see....

One more reason not to pay attention to NPR's Morning Edition:

Atheists, this wackanut on youtube wants to hear from you:

(Crazy Repubs) Who Were Almost Shot Down Declare ‘Significant Progress’ In Iraq

Tx Gov. Perry stayed he execution of Foster in that "rule of parties" case.

Caption the Chimp

Now hear this: Sen. David Vitter (R-Duh) wears diapers!

There is something inherently wrong with being four years older than your MIL...

So what do you think the cop who arrested Sen. Craig was *doing* during those two minutes anyway?

I'm going to spill..

Brent Budowsky: The Bad Judgment of Petraeus

Friday - After 6:00 Eastern - Something is being dumped in the hope we won't notice

Moderate Dems

So tell me this...

"The Investigation Has Gone Well Beyond Monica Goodling..."

Why was the cop working alone?

Former Reagan aide: 'Brownshirt' Bush among top 'mass murderers of all time'

Flood Blanco's email and voicemail about the Jena Six!

I'm still ANGRY my son was stop lossed to Iraq

Hey! WHYY's "Fresh Air" show is replaying the infamous Gene Simmons Interview today!!!

Wow, Charlie Daniels Has Got It Bad

To those opposed to same sex Marriage.....

So, who even gives a flying f** if Iran gets the bomb?

Oprah wants your health insurance horror stories

Interesting movie and book reports from Newsweek "Fall Preview"

ThinkProgress Banned By US Military After Posting Gen Batiste Op-ed Criticizing BushCo

Author urges Christians to call those who believe evolution... "Slime-Snake-Monkey-People."

The threads defending Craig and attacking the cop who arrested him are creeping me out

Yellowstone biopiracy

Dem Lawmakers Being "SLIMED IN THE GREEN ZONE" When They GoTo Iraq-Troops Given Inaccurate Bios

I could not care less about your sex life unless you get too 'caring' about the sex life of others

How can SEN John Warner have such a full-head of hair at age 80? It's Incredible.

***TOON***by Me

From half these posts about Craig you would think Heterosexuals NEVER have Casual Sex or Public Sex

Racist comment from officer arresting Craig?

Juan Cole is on fire and pissed! Every American should be!

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri 8/31 - Fall Lineup

I have this GOP Neighbor problem...

Forbes: Merkel #1 most powerful woman in the world

Paul Craig Roberts: The War Criminal in the Living Room

NBC bounce? Olbermann within 6,000 viewers of O'Reilly

"I challenge anyone in Congress and the President to come out here and if they'll do 15 months,

Man Fired Thanks to GPS Tracking

Friday TOONS: Part 1-If you see a Republican, RUN!

Friday TOONS, part 2- The Failure that is Bush- New Orleans, Iraq....

So I am driving home from work yesterday... Why are the gas prices so high? ^$3.00

Guess the number of folds on Fred Thompsons' forehead and win a Kewpie Doll

It's time to start exposing the "Birth Rate Obsessors"

Pissed off in Florida.

'Should Americans Support a Candidate Who Allows or Ignores the Privatization of Iraqi Oil?'

I wish Tony Snow health and peace.

why might a person plead guilty to a crime they didn't do?

People who don't like TV and find it boring and irritating at the same time.

Senator WARNER Will NOT Seek Re-Election

Anyone think Bush kissing New WH Spokesperson Dana Perino on her forehead is Innapporiate Touching?


I've stayed out of the Craig debate because simply, how can I support Gay rights AND

It's official: Karl Rove is now covert.

TPM: WSJ: After Stalling, Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA), Probe Goes on

A big round of applause for Kpete

Why Isn't Senator Vitter Recommended to the Ethics Committee?Or Forced to Resign? Here's Why.

American Cancer Association Plans To Devote ENTIRE Budget To Consequences Of Inadequate Health Care

TPM: Justice Department OPR Investigators Probe DoJ Hiring Practices

Where o where has newyawker99 gone?

"Redacted" by Brian De Palma, about G.I.'s rape & murder of 14 yr. old Iraqi girl & family.

The Burning Man gets burned early

Why TF doesn't Tweety STFU and let people talk...

Hey Larry, How does it FEEL in the Twilight Zone asshole?

How violently do you AVOID contact in a public bathroom?

Looking for a ride to DC for the march on Sept. 15th?

It Is Up To US (Ray McGovern)

"Bush Dogs" and the 200 billion for Iran/ from Open Left.

What We Say, What They Hear, and What That Could Mean if "IT" Happens Again

I wish only the best for Tony Snow...

Ray McGovern : Impeachment may help convince US Military brass to rein in the "dogs of wider war."

Day in the Life of Joe Lower-Class Republican, 2015


Dear Nancy, I Am Code Pink

Anyone Think The Cop Who Arrested Craig Was A Raging Asshole?

Dennis Kucinich Supporters: Why support Dennis?

Rove chokes out a long and wrong (delusional) article trying to put a positive spin on Bush's legacy

tony snow says he's broke

Bush E-Mail Mystery Deepens. WH Not Naming Tech Contractor

Your Opinion, Please!

NEXT Repub Congressman To Be Dragged Out Of Closet -SOON (Will Make Craig Look Like Little Bo Peep)

someone explain this to me: Bush E-Mail Mystery Deepens: White House Won't Name Tech Contractor


DUzy awards will be posted Saturday, September 1

Your thoughts on Princess Diana.

La Raza threatens to cancel convention in KC

Video Not Even PBS Will Air

John Ellliot is reporting that things are starting to look


Yet more on the "Mystery Poster" aka "Deep Modem" aka "Anon"

Political Prisoner Don Seigelman: Obstruction Of Justice Accusation Unclear = TPM

losing the impeachment battle is better then ignoring their crimes

31 August: Biden In Iowa

Biden on Face the Nation this Sunday

I posted at about our group


Would lower petroleum prices preempt a strike on Iran ?

Did Clobama ever respond to Edwards' challenge to call for raising the minimum wage to $9.50?

Polls Reveal Utterly Meaningless Stuff About Hillary

AP: NAACP challenges Louisiana voter purge (by GOP Secretary of State)

A Woman in the White House

Massachusetts: Speaker DiMasi joins Clinton team

Political Wire quote of the day: "Before they throw stones, Obama and Edwards ...

Video: NRA - Larry Craig Receives Harlon B. Carter Legislative Achievement Award

Hillary/Letterman Top Ten List from Last Night

Prediction-Warner seeks another term

Is Sen. Craig A Loyal Bushite? Or Was He Wavering On His Support Of The Iraq War?.......

Somebody please explain this to me:

Did anyone pay attention to the commercials on Olbermann last night?

Washington Examiner: Warner expected to announce Retirement ...

OK, denizens of GD:P. Your first take on an Edwards v. Thompson Presidential contest!

Re: Tom DeLay. Does anyone know when

GOP Activists Say Craig May Resign (AP)

Vitter the Shitter and Craig the Leg....

Iowa: Hillary 28%, Obama 23%, Edwards 20%, Richardson 13% (ARG)

New Republican Comic: Larry Craig in "I'm Not Gay"

There is a word, ironically enough, describing Craig's reluctance to resign

Obama's Sister Souljah Campaign

Rudy Guiliani on Digg - digg him down!

Fox News Bashes ‘Desperate,’ ‘Ambitious,’ ‘Single Mother’ Katie Couric For Traveling To Iraq

We need to recognize that there *IS* a difference

What if your delegates vote for someone other than the winner of your primary?

I no longer fear the Kucinich Revolution: Part 4

HRC at Diana's Funeral

edwards vs obama. the fight begins

Make the primary dates random each election cycle

Candidates still fixed on Iowa despite caucus flux

Sen. John Warner will NOT seek re-election!

Another high-level departure from the White House:

Early States Want Candidates Pledge

Chris Dodd on the road with fire fighters union

"Larry Craig: A **Democratic** No-Fly Zone "-Time mag LOL

Dana The Lightweight Perino named Press Secretary

Rove leaves notes for friends

Obama going for another ‘boom’ event in Atlanta

Your Attention Please. The KKKarl Rove Era is now "officially" over!.

NPR reporting that Nazi's are in Omaha today to protest

Clinton, Obama draw blacks, liberals from Edwards

RAS TRACKING POLL: Hillary over Obama (38%-21%), Edwards third (16%)

DNC's Labor Day Statement: Democrats Are Fighting for America's Working Families

This is just a post to wish Diana Princess of Wales peace as the world

What the h*ll is this?? Zogby/UPI poll GOP better for Iraq?

As school year starts, McGreevey heads to seminary

Michigan: Hillary 40%, Obama 21%, Edwards 16%

Dem legislator convicted on DWI charge

Democratic Party of Texas E-Primary - Voting Starts on Aug 31st.

Dean Urges Presidential Candidates To Adhere To Calendar

Evangelicals Disappointed, but Faith Not Shaken in GOP

More Douchebaggery from James Carville

With Letterman, Hillary Jokes Bill Looked Into No. 2 Job

Why isn't Edwards man enough to attack other Dems himself?

As John Lennon once said, strange days indeed

Time Mag Slams Media For Edwards Coverage; Says Reporters Making "A Dumb Argument"

Wash. Times: 3 GOP candidates considering General Tommy Franks for VP

Obama's lifetime labor record with AFL-CIO is 96%

DUers regardless of who you support, don't you wish you could raise concerns . . .

Looks like Giuliani's going to be the Repubs' nominee

Kucinich tied with Richardson at 5% - Rasmussen poll

Rasmussen Latest Matchups: Giuliani 47%, Clinton 44%; Clinton 48%, Thompson 44%

Petraeus: "...we believe al-Qa'ida is off balance at the very least..." WHY? It's the SURGE, stupid!

The second tier says "Whoa!" to other states trying to bump up their primaries

LAT: Fugitive Fundraiser Hsu Jailed After Turning Himself In Today

I hereby declare my candidacy for the Virginia Senate seat

A Conversation on Poverty and Segregation

Reid Wants To Make A Pact (at Daily Kos)

US Dems too confident in the final victory. Keep united - a warning from Italy!

NAACP challenges Louisiana voter purge

So far I really haven't made a choice for the presidental candidate but..

My Son, Back from Iraq, Lives on Tower on National Mall

How many 2008 candidate bumper stickers have you seen so far?

I am sure I will be flamed but I thought Hillary was "awful" on Letterman.

Ready To Get Your Heebies Jeebied?

Honest Question to Hilary Supporters: Why do you support her?

What will Iran do if it is attacked?

If you had to leave the Democratic Party, Which Party would you join

"Dean was conciliatory and offered DNC help for the state"..hour long phone call