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Archives: August 5, 2007

Senate report faults SEC on hedge fund probe (Reuters)

Afghan victory 'could take 38 years' (Observer)

Millions displaced by Southeast Asian floods

FRANK RICH: Patriots Who Love the Troops to Death

European heatwaves 'have doubled' - BBC

Beijingers urged to get back on their bikes - Reuters

Category:Members of Congress under investigation

Clinton Slams Bush Over Law Enforcement

McCain raps Congress for bridge collapse

110-Year Sentence in Iraq Rape-Killing

Figure in Iraq Mosque Bombing Is Killed, U.S. Says

Freddie CEO wary of more subprime loans - NYT

House Approves New Oil Company Taxes

Energy Bill Adopted by House Requires Utilities to Use Renewable Power Sources

House Approves Wiretap Bill

Woohoo! Just invested in some DVD goodies to keep myself busy

Now for an unlimited time only, I'm offering...

Abe Vigoda still lives

For those of you with vivid imaginations: Just imagine...

Lioness, hows Rockit????

Love the placement of two current headlines on

self-cleaning litter box, opinions?

When singing a song...what lyrics have you screwed up?

G'night, everyone!

Which newer sport team anthem is better?

Why would international money transfers cost LESS than domestic ones?

Barn Kitties!

Hey HYPNOTOAD - and other SF fans -

Can you believe she's 99!!!!!

I am posting from my almost finished loft second floor of my house.

Crowd harrasses gay couple at Yankees game

I really need to give people more credit in terms of engaging in "safe sex"

I've never had it.

What do rich Saudi kids do when they are bored?

Has anyone been able to Simpsonize the Moran?

The Moran is a raiders fan

Went music shopping today

Have a question for the lounge

What it's All About! from Woody Guthrie, Dylan, Lennon....WORDS...

Today Citibank send my dog a credit card application, this is not the first time.


Post your favorite opening titles. Mine: The Avengers

NOOOOOO! Don't let them take me!!!

The "Eh, Screw 'em. Who needs 'em anyway?" Party

Photothread, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho.

Favorite Milos Forman film

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/4/07

Replace a word in the title of a current thread with "Abe Vigoda"...

My vet's tech gave my dog 5x her normal dose of theophylline.

Masters of Science Fiction starting!!

Have dumb travel question. please help!

Soooo....Why did they kill Sonny, exactly?

Take the Idiot Test

Has no one posted this crazy skateboard wipeout from the X Games?


Larry King Live was GARBAGE tonight.

Man killed by his own pet black widow spider

Any Hyundai owners in the lounge?

Movie cliches: I just spotted one while channel surfing this evening

My big toenail got pulled up like the hood of a car and is barely connected

Bonds has caught Hammerin' Hank.

Worst NFL teams ever

Best Harry Potter book? (no spoilers, please)

Can you believe she's 86!!!!!

I don't know what to say.

have you ever driven drunk?

The *Official* Before and After Photo Thread!

I've had it.

Do you have an "unsolved mystery" in your family?

Does your family have a "secret" that nobody is supposed to mention?

Radio Lady Reviews: "Talk to Me" (Opens July 27, 2007)

Hey mzteris, shall we continue what we started?

Music trivia question!

Jim Cramer Blows a Head Gasket 8/3/07

Robert Novak Would Out Her Again

The History of Nixon and the Future of Cheney

TPMtv: YearlyKos Chapter 14 (Hillary defends taking money from lobbysists)

What about dams? There are all kinds of threads

FYI - The House has passed HR 2776 - Energy Tax Act

What structural failure would do the most damage in your area of the country?

Category:Members of Congress under investigation

Would it be poetic justice if

Homework help, please....

Well they did run it

If there were more than one of these jackets, it would be a uniform.

The Senate FISA bill is up in the House Now!!! nt Thead Two

Sri Lanka War Takes Toll on Innocents

Bush asks Pentagon to draw up plans to attack Chile for bridge collapse.

US court agrees to examine death row case (Troy Davis)

Bush rejects oversight of NSA spying

Why Dems MUST oppose FISA changes

Be prepared: Neocon Oil Grab in the works

If the Democratic Party give the AG

The Diesel Mechanic and Bobbie Burns...

Jim Cramer on CNBC says the markets are so bad it's going to be a depression

When Jim Cramer jumps off the ledge, let's hope he lands on...

so -our elected officials are actualy arguing over our privacy

Here is a link for all of the bridges in U.S. in need of repair check it out you may be taking the

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: The History of Nixon and the Future of Cheney

Idea of Iranian, Iraqi and U.S. security team floated

With republican conservative ideology, who needs Al Qaeda?

Edwards and “You”

FISA House debate is starting ... CSPAN

Iglesias, Ethics Members To Meet; Wilson (R-NM) Denies Inquiry

House Debate on (Senate) FISA Bill Thread #2

Wanted: a Constitutional Democrat

Ambassador Joe and Valerie Plame Wilson, Val Kilmer, Jane Fonda, etc on BookTV

Okay, the vote on the FISA House bill has started. Not to hijack the threads,

This has been an awful week

Welcome to Gonzolia. The Land of the Meek and the Afraid.

Need to KNOW! to stop the FISA bill. . simple majority? or 2/3rds?

OK my tin foily friends... Now that the warrantless spying is okey dokey

The terraist have followed us to Goose Creek, SC!

We can still fight. Clog up their mining system by ending each call with "dat wuz da bomb."

What happened to the thread about Zeitgeist?

Have you seen the Dems new ad: Taking on George Bush?

Where are the roll calls on the FISA votes?

Shadow's Taxicab Reports: My First Days On The Day Shift

roll call vote

Today my nephews and I took the train down to the Twins game

Should be a great show on at 10 EST -

" Hey, Anyone got a status report on when that guillotine will be ready?" "Chop Chop!"

My brother in law has a business office in London

Can we have a Cindy Sheehan Group now?

AP: Police Release List of 8 Bridge Missing

Did anyone see CNN's breaking news announcement about a truck found with explosives....

The Senate FISA bill is up in the House Now!!! nt

Undercover NBC Dateline reporter used underhanded tactics, outed at DEFCON conf.

"It Will Make the Generals Sad, I know" ...but Bring 'Em Home...Bring 'Em Home!

Fucking the Flip flops of doom

House Debate on (Senate) FISA Bill Thread #3


If AT&T ran the highway system...

Have you ever given any thought what community life is like if Republicans have their way?

New U.S law passed in terrorism fight

Why? Why? Why? Why?

Dems in Congress should work to pass every dream bill

Iraqi Power Grid Nearing Collapse

Security tightens up at all U.S ports

The Day Democracy Died!

30 of the 41 were the BLUE DOG DEMOCRATS

The progressive Democrats in the Senate should start using the filibuster again!

Do we have enuf state government control to push

So, how many of these Benedict Arnold Dems are up for re-election in '08?

Robert Dallek In Washington Post: "Ouster By The People"

Real people, real money.

Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2007 Passes

The GOP wins when we stop thinking and become emotional.

Bonds just hit #755 in SD to mixed reviews by the crowd

Thank you 16 brave Demorats who voted yes for national security

Washington Post: Ouster by the People

Email to my Senator - re: FISA

Nadler Forced To Withdraw ‘Truthful And Accurate Statement’ That Bush Broke The Law

FISA Roll Call

I really despise the Dems who voted against Bush's FISA bill

Hey, people, I just realized what the FISA thing is about. It's about VoIP spying.

Should artwork depicting minors in sexual situations be outlawed?

Terraists in Goose Creek, SC! CNN just now. (I am not kidding)

ACLU Issues A Scathing Statement About The Senate Dems...

Anyone who thinks impeachment would go through THIS congress...

I retract my angry comments about the Senate taking a month long recess.

LOU DOBBS CHYRON: "Are liberal elites trying to undermine the US?"

I love Big Brother. I love Big Brother. I love Big Brother. I'm just

We gave away our 4th amendment rights today

Latest Zogby Poll rates Congress at 3% approval on

How big a majority do we need in the Senate and the House

41 Democrats in the House and 16 Democrats in the Senate don't represent our party

Who Exactly Were The 40+ Dems Who Just Voted Against Us & The Constitution?

Why are we so upset that Bush got the change he asked for?

"We no longer need television documentaries about the Stone Age. We are actually living in it.

Would a YouTube music video with 560,896 views and 2494 comments be considered successful?

Sunday Talk Shows

Don't leave the party, Demand THEY leave the party (Blue Dogs/DLC)

# 4 official thread. House FISA voting NOW. WHOW

I am O V E R America.

Out of these tragedies can come a better life./This collapse is working out VERY WELL for you people

Just Heard Nancy and Reid SOLD US DOWN THE RIVER!!! They LIED TO US!

When will we finally have had enough and take to the streets

What possible reason could they have for approving FISA? Only one thing comes to mind --

Do we call them the "Enablecrats" now?

Come Primary Day: Open Season On Blue Dogs No Bag Limit

So when are we going to see DUers running for office?

Did Bush's Secrecy Endangered America? YES! Hiding Truth, Spying, FISA, and Trust Gonzo.

House Roll Call on FISA

Let them bear the scarlet letter from this day forward! What shall we call the 57 Dems

Best Democratic Congress Ever!

How bout propose ammendment to collect gun ownership info

"ACLU Condemns Senate for Passing Spy Law Changes" (... and the House is now included.)

List of Dem FISA Yes voters

What was the point of winning a congressional majority?

2 Wounded in Vegas Casino Shooting

Is the new SPY BILL unconstitutional?

I'm worried about the Dems & I'm a good progressive... Here's why:

“Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security

PIC: for upcoming 60 Minutes: Arnold for President?

Fours statements on the Senate's passage of Bush's FISA bill: Webb, McCaskill, Reid and Rockefeller

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects..."

2006 inspection report for bridge 9340

Pelosi & Reid are gone as Dem leaders, toast

Thank you to every Democrat who voted no on the temp FISA changes.

There is nothing left to be outraged about

Eavesdropping isn't what it used to be. True story from WW II and the NAZIS.

Oh my gosh. Caption this pic of Karl Rove.

The terrorists have won.

How can anyone support this woman after her comments today about Lobbyists at YearlyKos?

"God bless the people from this part of the world." - Chimpy in MN

Has anyone tallyed the "Hit List" yet? Who do we vote out? n/t

The DLC gave advice on surveillance in January this year.

It seems like Karl Rove is still running this country

Fuck you to every Democrat who voted yes on FISA

We all support impeachment. But here's my problem with "impeach right now no matter what" people

So the Dem bill Friday needed a 2/3 vote...Bush's bill today just needed a majority....

Larisa Alexandrovna: It's Official, We Are Police State.

Right-wing effort to embarrass Murtha fails!!!!

John Edwards Stikes OUT!


Dump Dick Day Video Contest: $1,000 Prize......... And Other Temptations

Slowly, Clinton Shifts on War, Quieting Foes

Dear Rep. Jay Inslee. Were you going to impeach? Sorry we just gave Gozo new powers. Is that ok?

It's time progressives go for progressives!


The Plot to Bury Progress....must see video

During House FISA debate, Congressman Nadler forced to withdraw a truthful statement

List of Dem/Senators voting yes on FISA:

Iraqi citizen: We are living in the Stone Age.

I don't see anything Beyond Hillary..but "Nice Clothes" & Hubby who was P-Resident for 8 Years!

I know it all depends on how it's spun by the media, but aren't Hillary supporters concerned?

Obama "stunningly impressive" in off-the-record session with bloggers

I'm Not Supporting Obama

Time to replace Harry Reid?

So what happens to Ron Paul and all his supporters once he fails to get the nomination?

Thank you Congress for my dilemma...House Approves Foreign Wiretap Bill

Did you know that Al Gore ran for President in 1988? Or am I the only one

Dems in the House will cave on FISA

Rep. Louise M. Slaughter(D) New York: “They have got us in a vise”

Obama hits back over "lack of experience" tag

Upon Awakening ...

Greenwald: Democrats’ Responsibility for Bush Radicalism

No Money Down Disappearing as Mortgage Option

Jack Bauer's Next Mission: Fighting Global Warming

California Severely Limits Electronic Voting (AlterNet)

The Nation: Inflation's Undertow

In Bush we trust - or else


A Reflection on Hard and Obvious Realities

Scott Horton Interviews Bruce Fein August 3rd..

The Polar War

Civil liberties at stake in fearful times

After capturing the Wall Street Journal, Murdoch is gunning for the FT

The Bombs of August: Remembering Hiroshima and GW Bush

I'm disgusted

The Big Thaw: Big Oil Has Been Banking On It by Glitzqueen

Europe's Deadliest Deployment--The 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division

Bomb Them Into Submission By James Brett

Robert Parry: Bush Gets a Spying Blank Check

Stock Market Meltdown By Mike Whitney

The Secrets of the World's Richest Man

The Nation: Al Franken's Rising Fortunes

Throw the Bums Out...Ours, Too (by Frank Dwyer at HuffPost)

Enough Already with the Pathetic Excuses

Brit Commander: Afghan "Victory" could take 38 years

Impeachment 'off the table'––unconstitutional By P. A. Triot


The Rising Tide of Popular Discontent in America By kpominville

The Truth About Denial

UN Opens New Negotiations on Climate Change

U.S. House shifts $16 bln toward renewable energy

California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard Takes Shape

Evergreen Pulp selected by state for biomass-to-gas project (CA)

House Passes Key Renewable Energy Amendment (Nat'l Audubon Society statement)

Sustainable Living: Getting ahead on renewable energy

Japan's hybrid train hailed as the future of rail travel

Bid to clean up, then buy uranium (enrichment) plants raises eyebrows in Congress

Investors warned to steer clear of nuclear

Stillwell Avenue Gets Solar Powered Terminal (Coney Island, NY)

Dumbest article ever.

GM electric car said to be ahead of Toyota

Utilities: Not easy being green (FL)

Tuna shift from pet food to delicacy as stocks fall

I-277 solar lights will be just bright enough (Charlotte, NC)

Truthout: This Business of a US-India Nuclear Deal

Cape Wind opponents see it in deeper waters (Mass.)

(Hydrogen) Fuel-cell buses promised for 2010 Olympics

Beating Global Warming with Solar Power (Denver)

Is "Killtown" an anti-Semitic hate site?

Indian call center lands in Ohio

The calamity of disregard (British warned Tenet about invading Iraq)

Sri Lanka War Takes Toll on Innocents

US, Afghan presidents to discuss Taliban

House approves $460B Pentagon budget

Memorial Service Set for Bridge Victims

Gangs smuggling Cubans into US via Mexico route

Israel faces Holocaust protests

Foot-and-mouth strain identified

US Kills Shrine Bomber; Mortars Kill 13

Ex-jurist (Francis P.) O'Connor dies at 79

Suspect in editor's slaying is booked

Republican Rivals Renew Debate Series

Charges threaten Alaska funding pipeline

MNC-I Soldiers attacked (3 incidents, 4 dead)

Foot and mouth came from American research centre three miles from farm outbreak

Iraq's Maliki rejects Sunnis' resignations

Iran and Nicaragua in barter deal

GOP hopefuls generally agree on Iraq

The Secrets of the World's Richest Man

House OKs new taxes on oil companies

Army Corps dumps old bombs, charges town

U.S. blames Shiite militia for attacks

Nine killed in Baghdad mortar attack

Taliban threaten SKoreans as Karzai, Bush set to meet

Embattled Japan PM apologises to atom bomb victims

Shades of Difference on Iraq, Abortion Highlight Iowa GOP Debate

Jail term disappoints murdered Iraqi girl's family (wanted death penalty)

China cleans up one-child slogans

Bush Signs Law To Expand Warrantless Surveillance

House approves Pentagon funds, holds fire on Iraq

Illegal Crops Creep Into the Suburbs (mj)

Civil rights attorney Hill dies at 100

Judges, lawyers to discuss co-conspirator behind closed doors

Huge Purple Heart Rendered in N.Y. Field

Iraqi police say 60 bodies found in Baquba

China tells living Buddhas to obtain permission before they reincarnate

Shark Fin Scandal Explodes in Ecuador (corruption exposed; fins ordered returned to poachers )

Cuban boxers head home, deny defecting

Hey ZombyWoof, I am ready for my nightly scolding!

Love you dearly, JVS

Saw the Bourne Ultimatum today

Julee Cruise - Falling (for Twin Peaks fans)

Drunken Bush

addiction to heavy-metal music a disability?

Where the hell is everyone?

Smokey and the bandit....

Best music video ever?

I had a chance meeting with a well known actress tonight...

A mind-blowing quantum thought....

I've developed an intense hatred of DJs

I saved a lot of tadpoles yesterday ~ ask me anything ...

Just got back from the Simpsons Movie. Meh.

The opening scene to the film "Zodiac".....

Allow me to rant a moment - why does it take a check 9 days to clear

what do I do with these Tomatillas?

has anyone played "Dream Chronicles"

Need some help computer geeks

Does anybody else know their Oscar Mayers classification?

Is youtube slow for anyone else?

Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest Results - LOL!

"Hurdy Gurdy Man" - Donovan

I will be SO DAMNED HAPPY . . .


Showgirls: A Masterpiece of American Cinema


Daniel Radcliffe’s career keeps on growing - and so does his moustache!

A portrait of the Wyeths

If this isn't Irony, I don't know what Irony is...

Indian suspect in banana ordeal

My Computer Has Been Acting A Little Weird

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up- 2Intense remix

Here's something cool I found wile "Stumbleing"

Damn it!

*sigh* apparel lust again.

Anybody going on the cruise with Randi Rhodes this weekend?

The Number 23 is probaly the shittiest movie I've seen in years.

lookie here... a live one

Comcast sucks for pulling NFL Network out of the Sports Package...

In lieu of one of my other posts (Baseball God) . . .

Anyone recommend a good place to get union-made in USA tee shirts?

Another fine day at the Temescal Farmers Market . . .

And close to Camp David is a little piece of heaven .....

Why don't men generally WAKE UP??

Citizen Kane remix trailer.

Bulldogs vs. bullfrogs

Impossible guitar

My favorite poem from childhood . . .

my husband andy roddick on telley now at the legg mason classic.

Friend Quotes....

My grandpa passed away this morning.

Five Sunday questions

What member of the fictional Corleone family would your pet be?

It is FREAKING hot in St Louis and it's gonna get HOTTER

Does your family have an edict that nobody is supposed to disobey?

"Titannica" One of the funniest vids ever

Has anybody checked out the new TV show "Mad Men"? It's pretty good, actually.

Look what I found on the Greatest Page.

Question about my daughter's bird...

Check your PM's!!!!!

if caL ripken had any cLass

Dedicated to GD

What are the best film, book, song, CD, play, painting, and TV shows of the last 25 years?

OK, what the fuck did I miss?

Can't we all just get a long?

Fish hear me

Fish fear me

A touch of the poetic: Dialogue from Wim Wenders' "Wings of Desire"

Fish wear me.

Fish cheer me.

Sign of the endtimes approaching...

Will the last person in GD please turn the lights out before you go.

Would you believe I totally rejected one house because the neighbor had a hummer

Which "Transformers" movie do you prefer?

Ya know what would scare me if I was a fish?

Fish? Dear me!

LADIES only . . .

Ahem, as I was saying, I'm BACK!

Why do people celebrate birthdays?

Any Loungers celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937?


Saw "The Simpsons Movie" today--overrated, imo

Maybe I'll leave too.

Saw the Ditty Bops last night

Does Anyone have any experiences with Montessori schools?

Fish near me

I've been nearly internet-free for a week...have I missed anything?

Any substitute teachers here?

Sunday roses - {dial-up warning}

Hi, I'm new here. Have I missed anything?

Whew. It's rough in GD today. Would anyone like to discuss garden tomatoes? Warm from the sun...

Hello, I Must Be Going - Groucho Marx

OMG!!! your baby girl's first rifle case in adorable pink camo!

Buy me...


Meet Jessica, the pet hippo

White men can jump

If DU is the starship Enterprise, then...

I have new found sympathy for White People

Caption this pic...

The only baseball record I'd want to see broken


How many/what albums have you bought in the last 30 days?

Just had my first "seeded" watermelon in years!

Why don't men generally wear make up?


A snapshot of my sojourn from the Lounge to GD this afternoon.

They're dropping like flies in GD. Is anyone HERE leaving???

Tales from Earthsea. Squee!

Anyone else NOT give a crap about Barry Bonds?

I say we organize a major East Coast Protest/Halloween Party - Oct 27th

Barry Bonds parody of "Hey There Delilah"

Please, Baseball God . . .

Fine, straight, limp hair . . .

I fell in love with Olvera Street today!

It feels like a winter's day today . . .

Auction to benefit animals in need of homes

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/5/07

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/5/07 Bonus (by request: Sherwin Bitsui)

Is Budweiser a performance enhancing drug?

Leave a creative smilies post

favorite slow dance songs?

Do you think sexual orientation runs in families?

Going to the Bahamas today

Our rug got peed on while we were watching the Big Lebowski last night

Anybody know anything about Montessori schools?

Your favorite SEINFELD secondary characters....

I'm leaving

IVAW Bus Tour pics

Business cartoon 8-5-07 CEO

A strike for better healthcare, this is not a labor oriented article

Sutter nurses union not talking strike yet

Hoffa Calls on Bloggers to be the Voice of Working Families

Tankhaul Victory in California

Workday Minnesota: Invest in infrastructure now, unions urge

AFSCME MN Council 5 on I-35W Bridge Collapse

Union says labor is only 10 percent of car costs

2 biggest blunders in Labor history


Michael Moore and the Portable Mosh Pit

Bill Clinton Plays Saxaphone on Arsenio Hall 06-03-92

911 was an inside job

Equal Rights by Peter Tosh

Paul McCartney - Freedom Reprise

One Love by Bob Marley

Monty Python's Life of Brian- Scene 5-- The Stoning

FISA Debate - Nadler: 'The Illegal Actions (Admin) Has Taken Outside the Law'

FISA debate Jackson Lee

V for Vendetta

Democrat Lite

At YearlyKos:John Edwards Challenges Dem Candidates to Reject Lobbyist Donations. Hillary Refuses.

Edwards cheered at YearlyKos

Outlaw In Chief

Getting Iraq Wrong - Michael Ignatieff is still wrong.

Goose City Bomb-- Loud -- Like A Firecracker - Ha Ha Ha

Progressive Pastor Calls for Protests on 9/11/07

Interesting take on who populates the Right - NY Times Book section

Reposting Friday's NYT editorial: "Stampeding Congress, Again"

One bad apple spoils the whole bunch......

Here-Check Out Some Live Acoustic Stuff...

C-SPAN now: Watching Novak drool and slobber over Reagan

Okay, I'll compromise

Now I have heard it all (well, almost - but this is just plain freakin stupid)

"Stop Being Characters In Their Story"

Bill McKern put a nice bio together for Molly Ivans

"Masters of SF" - a Bush parallel...

The Party of Fear, the Party Without A Spine, and the National Surveillance State

So what evidence is this guy basing his cartoon on?

The only post to combine piping plovers, New Jersey cats and the constitutional right to nudity

When fundies attack

I don't want to hear

Over 82,000 formaldehyde FEMA trailers still occupied...

THANK YOU to the 181 Dems in the House and 26 in the Senate who voted against Domestic spying bill

Just another day of corruption: "Feds knew about TYC abuse cases"

Patriots Who Love the Troops to Death

Juan Cole: Al-Anbar Residents approve of Sunni withdrawal

Pat Tillman -- farewell to a good man

Gunga Din Takes a Vacation

I saw a strange thing today....

Maybe Keith should do another "Special Comment" on Monday

Congress Caves - As other articles state, the Dems are always afraid:

What do you think of optional "world religions" courses in public schools?

Three Turkish soldiers killed in roadside attack

What do you think of Blogs-Bill O'Lielly -conventiondailykso on Wash J. now

Well then.. this rightie has human "evolution" all "figgered out".

US media blitz for war - Big guns of August

Feds knew about Texas Youth Commission abuse cases

Note to Congress: "They" don't have to bomb our buildings or bridges or be on our streets...

Do, did Bush sign the FISA bill while we slept. Some Repugs made it

Drunken Bush

Minnesota disaster highlights poor state of US bridges

Gangs smuggling Cubans into US via Mexico route

abc with George S. Rupublican debate. He is the moderator. Just started

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Feds knew about Texas Youth Commission abuse cases

Did Tim Russert just use the word "misunderestimated" in a question to Gates?

The Party of Fear, the Party Without A Spine, and the National Surveillance State


Does being eligible for parole in 10 years for this crime sound about right to you?

Man Allegedly Beat Roommate To Death

FRANK RICH: Patriots Who Love the Troops to Death

Fox sunday talk show will have panal on DailyKos conv. Up after commercial.

For gays in Iraq, a life of constant fear

This song keeps rolling in my mind

Would like to hear from the Blue Dogs on DU.

Texas wants Oklahoma's water and is going to sue them to get it?

"will this just be another photo-op"----this was the Question from our ALLIES

A rotting infrastructure vs. a bunch of guys with box-cutters

Report from Seattle Constitutional Crisis Event

When the marauding Huns have done with laying waste to the nation..

Condi Rice & Rahm Emanuel Coming Up On Face The Nation

I wonder how Riverbend is doing?


More problems with Earthlink. Haven't received any emails since 8:00 pm yesterday.

The Brookings Inst. guys are on Fox news sun. talk show.

New Congresscritters for impeachment

Kurds say US 'pushed' Islamic law in Iraq

The Sunday shows are so bad this week....

If Gonzales Resigns During the Vacation ....

"the worst floods in living memory "

Video, Report Details Evangelism at Highest Levels of US Military

If you can stomach it... Repubs debating live on ABC - "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos

For some odd reason, I'm watching the GOP debate

Loss of Anthem video gives family the blues (Thief stole camera, disc from checked bag)

There are many International members at DU. Will we now be an open target for

Parents wary after Mattel recall; Toys tainted with lead paint may be in kids’ hands

The War on Terror and Sesame Street: "War Is OK", says Elmo.

House approves $460B Pentagon budget

Was I seeing things or did some al Qaeda terra-ists try and blow up a highway in S.C. yesterday?

Do you feel the Democratic candidate has already been coronated?

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act: Myths and Facts

Deja Vu All Over Again.....

DKos - In The Vaults Where The Dry Powder is Stored

Green transportation...what do you think?

Does anyone have a list of the vote on the FISA bill or know where I can get one?

ABC's GOP debate is on now. It's infuriating.

Why in the hell do the "Republics" continue, and I mean, continue

Obama canvassing in Dubuque, Iowa: August 4th Edition


"Beau" by Jimmy Stewart

**SUNDAY PBS 3pm Bill Moyers: Buying the War

Raise your hand if you REALLY thought the FISA bill would fail

So, I had this REALLY wierd dream last night...

Stockton, Calif stops a water takeover attempt

Leahy/Specter And Possible Hearings about 1 Billion Ins. Fund not paying 9/11 Claims.

If we started full withdrawal of troops from Iraq today, it would take 2 years to complete...

Here is a helpful list of members of the commission that control the world

Call it Torture, Dammit

President Eisenhower's words on sound foreign policy hold true today

Deaf Voting - 2 million strong (captioned for the hearies)

Should Bush & Cheney Resign or be Impeached? (poll)

$460 BILLION Pentagon Budget. That's a LOT of cookies.

Seems to me it's time to rethink the trans-generational importance of infrastructure.

Katrina Evacuees Trapped In Trailers - ("I want to go home")

Tax Cuts at work

Florida Man Jumps White House Fence (AP)

A true Hispanic voice: GONZALES shames Hispanics. (Not NAVARRETTE talking)

Our leaders let us down on the FISA mess

Step 1 in Health Care Debate: Take Control of the Language

Brown v Board of Education attorney dies at 100

Alter: Is California GOP Trying to Steal the 2008 Election?

Latin American hired guns shrug off Iraq war risks for payday

Don't sit under the WHITES ONLY tree with anyone but me!

Air Pollution Harms Children's Lungs for Life

I don't think we can count on our military officers to be on the good side

Instead of getting pissed off at each other, get pissed about these:

Corruption Reports Challenge Credibility

Myth: US bombing Pakistan is new.....

One cannabis joint as bad as five cigarettes: study

Barry Bonds is easy to hate and convenient to blame

Latin American hired guns shrug off Iraq war risks for payday

Something to consider for what happened with FISA

I'll see your ignorant RW Cult Member LTTR and RAISE YOU ONE!

The Torture Czar needs an additional title to go along with his expanded powers

dupe n/t

Less than 2.5 fucking years for accessory to a rape-murder????

Is there any country that has a "Fair Tax"?

Don Manzullo, 16th District of Illinois

Guardian: Iraq imposes 'Saddam style' ban on oil union

Ominous Murdock Quote on WSJ Acquisition "He's pledged to enlarge the Journal's Washington bureau"

Era of the Bourgeois Romantic:The façade of US Altruism, the biotech industry & those that buy into

So I turn on NBC this morning

Pastor charged with DUI and indecent exposure...

The Propaganda Surge is ON

Hamas has taken over the Gaza Strip and you can thank Elliott Abrams for that

If we can find $2 trillion for war, don't you think we could find a couple of bil for healthcare?

Why "DO" I come here?

Michael Savage-Weiner suspects Dem Conspiracy for Judge Robert's seizure!

Just curious...what if Will Pitt had just walked away from DU, no

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sun 8/5 -- flip the bird

Is Pitt Nuts? Thoughts on the Dems/Clinton Thread

if caL ripken had any cLass

Why do I think that General Petraeus' September report is already done?

Secret log at heart of wiretap challenge

Am I wrong to be angry at the myriad of Congressional vacations?

WTF is wrong with these people?

Hello, I must be going...

Bill Kristol: Always the administration's shill.

Proposed NEW FORUM: The Drama Queen Forum.

Thomas Jefferson could discuss revolution but we at DU cannot!?

I've decided not to leave

A tale of irony: "Tell me if you can spot the terrorist in this story"

OK, Me too. I've had it and I'm leaving. I had a thread locked and

I am not leaving but I have decided not to repair the tear on my DU bumper sticker.

That's it! I'm leaving too!

I left a little earlier in the day...


while the dems were out "power-played" by bushco ... I think a different power-play

Proposed NEW FORUM: Head-in-the-sand Enabler / DLC Acolyte Forum

If You're Going To Leave, Why Bother To Tell Us All About It?

I'm taking the mid-night-train to Georgia...,.and then over to the Lounge.

For all of you fuckers wishin' I'd leave, I ain't!

I'm leaving. Here are some of the reasons why. Good-bye.

I'm leaving on a jet plane

I'm Posting On DU And Here's Why

I'm not leaving DU and here's why.

Op/Ed-Bush Admin Makes Allies of America’s Worst Enemies. And our enemies their greatest benefactors

Here's a shout out to the mods. Thanks for the work you do.

Any tips on how to navigate Daily Kos?

you know, everything about politics is difficult.

**********Punishment Park************

The Democrats' performance thus far has been disappointing

This is the US attorney of Alabama that did rove's bidding

Need some help... please

Did someone leave?

WWJD Upon Meeting the Commander In Chief.... At last an answer

Lesson: Don't F**k with the rich peoples toys

Schroedinger's DU

Austria's chancellor calls for complete abolition of nuclear arms worldwide

Time to Clean Up the Mess! - Patriots, Get to Work!

Hmmm. What do you think of this?

Bush has ruined the image of Democracy

Meghalaya tribal award for Al Gore

sunday afternoon humor to lighten the load

Contaminated green beans...

Ssssshhh! This is the Reason We're so Frayed & Combative Right Now:

'Spy Power: Bush Demands, Congress Delivers -- Again and Again and Again'

3669 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Some thoughts on 2008 and the Democratic Party

Let's allow Michael Vick to motivate NFL players

Some thoughts on Mikulski's vote Friday...

Republicans side with Hillary Clinton in Iowa

A little tin-foily - boom boxes

The WH uses executive privilege more often than ___________?

THE GOOD PEEPS VS THE BAD PEEPS///like crabs in a bucket, they fight to get out

EFF v Department of Justice. (Hearing just 2 weeks ago.) Just an FYI.

Question about the wire-tapping law.

Hillary taking Murdoch money?

A Better Foreign Polilcy - President Eisenhower's Parting Advice

Are there any unlocked threads left? Shirley this is a record?

Blue Dog Democrats = The Candy Assed Caucus

RW'ers: Supreme Court not right wing enough

"Kurdistan, The other Iraq"-on 60 minutes, building rush, mic and D's, money

Question for those with knowledge of the FISA legislation

Those of you who agree with those "blue dog" votes on FISA, explain why

Anyone got a link to the vote on the Senate FISA bill?

So, All Good Things Must Come to an End. Farewell Mr. Pitt, and Thank You.

Ain't Primary Season Fun?

**Email VIRUS Alert: DU'ers watch your inboxes**

With all these "don't leave DU" threads happening yanno what the worst thing is?

to opihimoimoi

Google presents Blackle - save enegry. *

How many people on here consider themselves Democrats?

Bush Visits Site of Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

A One-Act Play: This weekend at DU

Dems realize that Republicans are going to call them "weak on terror" anyway, right?

Army Corps dumps old bombs, charges town (Surf City, NJ)

As Karazi enjoys burgers with boosh, keep in mind that the Rice woman was a Soviet expert ..........

What has Gingrich been drinking? Anti-Kool-Aid?

Was the recent classic movie Office Space

A philosophical question on the internet and censorship

Is everyone leaving because they are afraid of the new FISA bill that passed?

Caption * and Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai

An observation --Just Why did the DOW climb to all-time high of 14000? Theories?

Something nice I can say connected to congressional democrats:

I'm really worried about...

Caption *

40 miles East Of Nashville 104 degrees

Wow! maybe we can get BatMan to fight Shrub and BushCo. next......

what a metal expert said on CNN late last night


I saw a really crappy movie from a company I invest in, should I write a bad review or good one?

Holiday Dinner Dynamics of the Big Tent

Anyone looking to do something unselfish?

Looking For a Leaker (Gov't Looks For Leaker on Warrantless Wiretaps)

Remember the Boy Scout who tried to build a nuclear reactor?

Is it possible our Bushler is "challenged" due to some reason..confirmed or not? Of Course he shows

After this FISA Bullshit, it's clear there will be no Impeachment, of ANYONE

8 yr old girl scalded to death. Stepmother charged. Her daddy was on his way home from Iraq.

How Baghdad apartment dwellers are getting their water in 117 degree heat

Baltimore Sun: A Blaring Call For Impeachment

TPM: Rove Violated The Hatch Act...

Pelosi Letter To Conyers-After Last Night's Tragedy: 'Amend FISA As Soon as Possible'

Virtually Every Bush Scandal Bears Mark-Not Merely Of Dem Capitulation BUT Dem Participation

The answer is to TARGET the Blue Dogs AND the DLC

It's hard to root for a team full of lousy players, with a shitty coach.

The New Frontier (A Question)

Democrats’ Responsibility for Bush Radicalism

What is wrong with the people in this country ?

"Everything is blamed on global warming" - today's insane LTTE

Patriots Who Love the Troops to Death (NYT: Frank Rich eviscerates the sissyhawks)

Democratic Party is growing more liberal

Blue Dog Dem Toon!!

The 16 Democrats that voted to allow George Bush & Dick Cheney to spy on American citizens

"The Abu Ghraib whistleblower's ordeal" - Joe Darby on BBC Radio

The Patriotic Duty to Absolutely Crush Corrupt Government Officials...

Fucklehead on Passage of Intelligence Security Legislation

HA!!! Look at the "who won the debate" results on ABC!

Village rises for New Orleans musicians.

Last Week My Retirement Savings Lost More Money Than My Annual Retirement Payments

Bushs New Signing Statement Mocks Democratic Party & The Constitution

Why Is Everybody Leaving? (Sic) Headquarters, Representatives Needing Changed (Not *YOU*, Vitter)

When was it decided that "Party Loyalty" was a virtue?

Looking For a Leaker-Former Justice Dept Lawyer's Home Raided By FBI (Newsweek)

'Progress' in Iraq" This is how I see it

How much influence do RW radio talk show hosts have in Blue Dog districts?

Let's face it guys; civilization needs all the help it can get from the Goddess

IMPEACH NOW! Either you are for the Constitution and Justice or you are complicit to fascism. Revolt

What is this, Lemmings off the Cliff Weekend or what?!

Would you wear something ORANGE everyday until Bush & Cheney are impeached?

Any DUers here ever hang out on Progressive Island in Second Life?

This is not about the Democrats who voted against Bush's FISA bill

We desperately need higher taxes!

Our system of government really, really sucks.

A Christian Taliban, 'Christian Embassy' is running the military.

I'd like to be Mod For A Day.

Why I stay - a Revival -- ((((((((( Ripple Effect ))))))))))

Now everyone just STOP RIGHT THERE!. . Katie bar the door!

A list of Benedict Arnold Democrats - and the Democrats who will challenge them in '08

There is nothing, but death.

Jane Mayer's indispensable story on the CIA black sites and the unlawful torture...

In Silicon Valley, Millionaires Who Don’t Feel Rich

May 24, 2006: Large Study Finds No Link between Marijuana and Lung Cancer

So Many Dark Things we Don’t Know about

More Bush-Congress court fights likely

Candidates line up to visit Jon Stewart

Son outsources care for his parents to India

All of our Democratic legislators smeared

Congress Authorizes Wire Tapping President

To all who put Party before Country:

Seems the Blue Dogs are deal makers between the to their website..

In Richistan: Fantastic Wealth for a Few; Steady Decline for Many

Bloggers Say it Again - They Like Edwards

WP,pg1: The Rise Of Jeri Thompson: Fred's Wife Is Helping to Shape His Probable Bid

The Abu Ghraib whistleblower's ordeal (BBC News)

Capitulation by Democrats in name only.

We no longer have a representative government

Non Sequitur: So, How Come I Get Punished when I Sweep Dirt Under the Rug?

GOP Hopefuls Generally Agree on Iraq (AP)

Tell Congress: Support Fair Elections Now!

How many times a year (or session) do Senators and/or Representatives vote?

Pablo nails the Dems.

When you have a long national nightmare like Bush the gifts...

Congress recesses amid Democratic achievements (Reuters)

There is only ONE quasi rational Pub in that debate this morning!

Vichy Dem Bush enablers- the list for primary challenges

Controversial federal judgeship advances (Diane Feinstein sides with Repukes, tips scales)

A strike for better healthcare, this is not a labor related post

MSM gets YearlyKos basically right

HELLO! Congress represent constituents, not the looney, left libtards that bash them.

Are we the only Party that cares about civil liberties?


Obama Campaign: Statement In Response To Republican Debate

Candidates line up to visit Jon Stewart

Another Democratic senator from VA? GOP "gloomy" about John Warner likely retiring

Does anyone have a Link to the Condi Rice/Salesclerk Dust Up?

What Senator Clinton said was technically correct.

Gates says Iraq politics disappointing (Reuters)

Obama should have stuck to his guns on issue of nuclear weapons

Americans That Sell Out The Constitution

What did the line up of white middle aged Republican males have to say

Six Judiciary Committee Members for Impeachment

No matter how big the crimes of bush/Cheney impeachment is now dead

Next time I get a traffic ticket, I will DEMAND that the judge change the law for me:

We should get millions of protesters to surround the Capitol upon Congress' return...

Virginia GOP Sees Warner Stepping Down

costs of staying will be borne US; the cost of leaving will be borne by Iraqi

If Watergate had happened During Bush's presidency. . .

Obama retracts comment on use of nuclear weapons

Cheney at the Bat

The Alaska political corruption investigation: Overview of the key figures

FBI raids DOJ attorney's home in search for warrantless wiretap information leaker RAW STORY

Iowa straw poll next Saturday may buoy 2nd-tier GOP hopefuls

Hillary to Name Al Gore as Running Mate

I am sitting here in shock!!!!!!!

2 Questions on Eavesdropping: Pres. Clinton's role and attorney/client confidentiality

Is Dodd the only presidential candidate to comment on the FISA vote so far?

Idealism and dealism

Kucinich to Submit Your Impeachment Petitions to Congress

Was anybody watching the (R) Debate this AM?

one last, final screw you and the elephant you rode in on to the DLC/Dinos

Obama DID NOT change his opinion on use of nuclear weapons

Clark seems to have a fundamental disagreement with Biden on a tripartite "solution."

Hillary said at Yearlykos forum that Dean's 50-State strategy was "exactly the right thing to do"

Can One Reporter Take Down a Presidential Candidate? - Edwards

You'll never believe what Cheney and the SOS of Bush Sr admin said to Biden in '91

Photos: Barack Obama today campaigning in Park City, Utah

Which Democratic Candidate(s) will allow criminal investigations?

Since November of last year when the Dems recaptured...

The Dumbest Thing the Washington Post Could Print

OK DU'ers I have a serious question about a candidate for President

democratic parties list of achievements......

Jonathan Alter : A Red Play for The Golden State

Al From says two Democratic chairman, Jesse Jackson, and activists...

Photos: Barack Obama yesterday in Chicago and celebrating his birthday with SCLC, Rev Joseph Lowery

In response to an earlier thread: Keith Olbermann never said he was pro-Hillary

FBI raiding home of NSA leaker as Dems cave on eavesdropping...

Obama canvassing in Dubuque, Iowa: August 4th Edition

Clinton gains respect at gathering of bloggers (SF Chronicle)

Democratic Self-Appreciation Thread 2: What do you admire the most about John Edwards?

A Devil's Dictionary for the Candidate Wars

Dean: "I was often criticized during the campaign for coming on so strongly"

Why is only OBAMA called "naive" when Hillary and Bush both said THEY'D strike inside Pakistan, too

Romney says Obama has gone from Jane Fonda to Dr. Stangelove in less than a week

I believe 2008 will give us a Democratic White House.

Maddow vs Malkin on the Bridge Collapse and the "Kossification" of America