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Archives: August 8, 2007

Reza Aslan: Why Do They Hate Us?

India Inc is waking up to work stress

Enablers of Fascism: Fatalists, Corporatists, the Uninformed By J. F. Miglio

The Democratic Candidates: A Case Study In "Briar Patch" Stupidity

Not My Grandpa's Democrats By Richard Cohen

For an Iraq Contractor, Duty, and Then Death ....(125,000 contractors in Iraq)

Sole late-term abortion doc in KS faces trumped-up criminal charges; State wants to shut him down

Independent UK: A stain that will not be wiped away so easily (UK citizens held at Gitmo)

"Kill Or Convert," Brought To You By the Pentagon

Pressed by U.S., a Wary U.N. Now Plans Larger Iraq Role

For an Iraq Contractor, Duty, and Then Death

Bill Gates no longer richest: Fortune magazine

Amy Goodman: Radio for the People

At US base in Germany, a probe as building costs soar

Local CA TV poll: National Security vs Wildlife off SoCal - What's More Important?

University Of Illinois - Regional Ice Anomalies Throughout Arctic Basin

Evangelicals and Environmentalists Find Common Ground

Can anyone tell me

Yangtze river dolphin driven to extinction

The End Of Cheap Food

Dangerous fossil fuel accident causes earthquake.

Japan Lobby Group Wants Nuclear Panel Chief Fired (Update1)

Around the globe, 2007 is on track to be a year of extreme weather

Early 2007 Saw Record-Breaking Extreme Weather (Warmest Period Ever Recorded)

North and South Korea to hold Summit

Clinton, Obama take heat from rivals

Apollo Moon Images Made Available Online

Defense rests in Padilla terror trial

US commander [Petraeus] says 190,000 missing US guns went to Iraqi forces

U.S. troop deaths up after drop in July

US uneasy as Britain plans for early Iraq withdrawal

$750M sought to rush armored vehicles to troops by air

McDonald's hikes China pay after controversy

Government Set for a Crackdown on Illegal Hiring

Court: No Unapproved Meds For The Dying

Kremlin sets sights on Middle East

U.S. Says Iran- Supplied Bomb Is Killing More Troops in Iraq

AP: Seafood From China Wasn't Screened

Jackson faces jury trial after arrest over gun shop demonstration

Study Finds Sexism Rampant In Nature

OMG, this location was just mentioned on Jeopardy

So this new $10 million game show...

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's nest on AMC n/t

We're both sick - and being sick sucks

Never mind... nt

Your favorite candidate sucked at the debate tonight.

The official Michael Vick chew toy!

Thanks for all your support, guys! Thankfully, Bill O'Reilly is on to these evil bears...

1,500 minutes to Top Chef, people!

Moronic auto finance question

The Milwaukee PBS channel is having a begathon...

You like those old THIN MAN movies? Here's some great dialog:

Given the current socio-political situation, I'd like to quote NIN's "Head Like A Hole."

Fill in the Blank: God, my ______ hurts!

Sandra Lee is horrible

Ruby our mini-schnauzer is wrestling with the kitten....

Deadheads and San Francisco scene fans, lookie here---

Not enough porn.

If Bush thought he could get away with this much spectacle, I guarantee you he'd do it.

If ever I needed the good thoughts & vibes from DUers - now is the time!

Would you eat the bacon chocolate bar?

Bonds is 2 fer 2 so far . . .

I just got back from the market.

Is a "fucking moron" someone who is bad at, or unrehearsed in sexual practice?

Hammerin' Hank Aaron . . .

I like women that chew gum


Would anyone want a High Contrast layout for DU? (Dark background and light text)

Mother-daughter pedicures - what about sister-sister massages?

I just got the leather-bound "chewing gums of the world sampler" with over 1000 pieces of gum...

Has anyone ever deleted a blog?

I can't has presidency?!!?!?!?!?!!!111

This post is contagious.


Seriously - women - if you chew gum in public, you look like a fucking moron who gives sex away

Remember the alien crop circle in Britian. Now check this out and prepare to PUKE

Prince Phillip cuts one

What do Smokey the Bear and Attila the Hun have in common?

HospitalFest 2007! (WARNING: graphic pics)

Dayum. Third in line to the throne, right?

Beer Cupcakes?!

Whay documentation do I need to go to Canada?

If Democratic Underground was by other name - what would it be?

I'm having cataract surgery on Thursday,,


I'm going to try and perfect the art of the "zero replies" Lounge thread

Who hasn't joined Myspace or Facebook or any of that huggy-feely crap?

I'm movin' on

I just ordered a leatherbound Lord of the Rings - woo hoo!!

Have I mentioned recently how FUCKING MUCH I HATE PEOPLE????

SeeMunkee is out of surgery

Best Movie of the 90's

So, at lunch I pull into the crowded Subway subs parkinglot...

Now the Nigerian email scam is coming from Hong Kong!

Statement: "Boogie Nights" was the greatest movie of the 1990's. Period.

Post your favorite songs about scurvy here

Best film of each decade?

Okay y' SO is having surgery tomorrow

It's a small thing, really...

AFL-CIO Forum Kicks Off With a Discussion on Nation’s Infrastructure

BBC Radio 4: The Whitehouse Coup (1 of 3)...

Miami Police Shot Protester, then laugh about

Hillary: "I'm Your Girl"

Hillary Clinton gets booed at AFL-CIO Forum, 8/7/07

Kucinich on NAFTA

Part 3 Democracy NOW - FISA and the Protect America Act "Congress ... Terrorized"

Part 2 Democracy NOW - FISA and the Protect America Act. Amy Goodman Reports

Part 1 Democracy NOW - Warrantless Eavesdropping - Protect America Act Report

AFL-CIO Dem Debates - Part Seven

AFL-CIO Dem Debates - Part Six

AFL-CIO Dem Debates - Part Five

AFL-CIO Dem Debates - Part Four

AFL-CIO Dem Debates - Part Three

AFL-CIO Dem Debates - Part Two

AFL-CIO Dem Debates - Part One

Should We Impeach President Bush = on Democracy NOW = w/ Cindy Sheehan

MIke Gravel on MSNBC - One Man Can Make A Difference

Part 4 Democracy NOW - Glenn Greewald & Marjorie Cohn = "Gonzales is a War Criminal"

Official AFL/CIO debate thread: Keith Olbermann moderating live-thread 7

Official AFL/CIO debate thread: Keith Olbermann moderating live-thread 8

3680 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

After tonights debate i say if you can make it there you make it anywhere.

my republican relatives changed colors from red to blue!

I missed the first hour. Will the debate be replayed tonight?

Hey Wolfson, save that shit for the Republicans

Clinton gets booed and screams throughout the debate, Matthews calls her majestic.

With over a TRILLION wasted on a useless war, all going into the pockets of the rich

Amber Alert Ticker

Post debate show with Chris Matthews and KO

Official AFL/CIO debate thread: Keith Olbermann moderating live-thread 9

Our neighbor girl's in Iraq, at "Camp Adder/Tallil"'s that area? Anybody?

OFFICIAL "ALF" CIA Tweety debate afterparty . . .

How are you liking this forum in Chicago, with real people asking questions?

Howard Wolfson is a DICK. Smug dick. Good choice, Hillary.

Okay, everyone post your top five.

AZ Rep article on Monday's actions and press conferences

If the money spent in Iraq had been spent here inspecting

KO comes on and plays a snip from the man in the wheelchair, and Tweety

My Political Candidate Debate Fantasy

Rate Keith Olbermann Here

Sorry, dumb question about prescription drugs...

Spirited debate in a Great city/Chicago/Soldiers Field

After we get rid of the lobbyists - can we PLEASE GET RID OF THE PUNDITS

So the Democratic candidates have now fielded debate questions from the public twice now. Have the

Buchanan says Kucinich did WELL? Bwahahahaha! I agree! nt

Actor Sean Penn Tours Venezuela

The vote that didn't happen

Why do all the Hillary supporters hide around the debates?

You like those old THIN MAN movies? Here's some great dialog:

FYI, for any who don't know that Keith Olbermann comes from the sports world....

Which dem candidate would you like to see wipe up the floor with which rep candidate?

Say what you will, Hillary does not miss a trick; touting herself as an AFL-CIO gal...

Possible vomit alert!

Geez! Why doesn't tweety get off the air

Why no questions about FISA?

Why does Bush keep saying "people in this part of the world?"....

David Gergen on CNN just said Dodd/Edwards did well. Well, how 'bout

I rarely disagree with Rachel Maddow but I did tonight

More Seismic Activity Stops Mine Rescue Try

Okay people. After the doom and gloom of the last few days

MSNBC screwed up tonight. They spent 24/7 on ANS, but couldn't do a follow-up

NATO says it doesn't know if the US is holding any Afghan women at Kandahar or Bagram military bases

Jewish works found in Hitler's personal record collection

Edwards did poorly tonight...

Kuchinich is unelectable because DU simply does not have the membership numbers to elect him.

Is anyone else all debate-ed out?

Clinton and Obama could do alot to separate themselves by paying for and staging their own debates

Has the New York Times gone completely nuts on Latin America?

Good news in Kentucky. We choose a new governor this year. Here's

The pundits say that Edwards lost! I can't believe we watched the same debate


Invading Pakistan, getting Osama. Where does Hillary stand?

15 more months of this shit--- Just shoot me now.

The idea that this country needs to be brought together kept being brought up

Preschoolers: McDonald's Food Is Best


I'm watching a video of tonight's Debate and it looks like the GOP revolution will turn back to sand

Right on Trevor Brown High School Students, Phoenix, AZ!

General Blames Clerical Errors In the Case of Missing Arms

The Last Days of Democracy: TruthDig Interview with Elliot Cohen

Why don't Dems play the fear card?

Vacancies Whittle Away Right's Hold On Key Court

Bush's Verbal Assault? No kidding

Why Doesn't Congress just end the war in Iraq

A former co-worker just sent me this

Hillary could piss in a bucket and submit it as a debate stand-in and WIN according to media.

Edwards did not do bad.

Shuster says Obama "was wrong" durring the debate about the Pakistan issue

I'm very impressed with the Secretary of State of Calif!

Which rethug senators are we most likely to unseat next year?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Just came across Fred Thompson on an old episode of Roseanne on Nick at Nite.

Terrorists, no tech and electronic surveillance

Utah mine owner founded company on advice of squirrel

Sacramento Bee's Dan Walters Tells California Voters: Trust in Diebold and Ye Shall be Rewarded

Congressman plans new impeachment articles against Gonzales

What if Dennis Kucinich/John Edwards got the kind of airtime that Hillary and Obama got?

We are China's Bitch: China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales

Edwards snatches a t-shirt from Kucinich - pics

CIA report on 9/11 due on Labor Day

Keith Olbermann did a fabulous job moderating the debate tonight.

What the FUCK is up with the Edwards bashing by Matthews & co.?!?

How do you think the men of experience did? Dodd, Biden, Richardson?

Was The FISA Fiasco A Perfect Storm Created By KKKarl Rove ???

Debunking the Laffer Curve

VIDEO X-Post: Democracy NOW - Warrantless Eavesdropping - Protect America Act Report

VIDEO X-Post: Should We Impeach President Bush = on Democracy NOW = w/ Cindy Sheehan

Fred Phelps Going To Minnesota To Protest At The Funerals Of Bridge Victims

Did anyone watch the Daily Show?

Bush administration officials confirms War on Terror a political ploy

None dare call it treason

Nearly 1 million Iraqis killed due to the Invasion......

T or F? Hillary is the strongest woman candidate to ever run for President

UN: World hit by record extreme weather in 2007

Which two presidential candidates would you like to be stuck in an elevator with?

Didnt Bill Clinton sign NAFTA into law????

I love Keith. But why did he only ask the black man about Barry Bonds?

Dear Margo: My Daughter was raped by her command in Iraq two years ago

Still another republican, caught breaking the law...

Garrison Keillor on B*sh visit to Minnesota

I agree with, like, and admire Dennis Kucinich, BUT....

I have been gone for a few days. WILL PITT if you are READING THIS....

Bill Richardson: The Best Civil Liberties Candidate for 2008

Freeper fascists blame Clinton and Kennedy for housing slump.

Edwards did a great job tonight. I really liked his comments

Pentagon officers found guilty of proselytism charges

The GOP and their problems/inappropriate inhibitions with sex

SO...Kucinich, post debate. Unelectable? How do you like him now?

The China Bashing Tonight by Our Candidates (Not All) Was Shameless.

The Hiroshima Cover-up

Who won the debate tonight?

Ave Maria, Florida...10 story chapel, university, city.

"Blind Taste Test" Presidential Poll has Majority Favoring Kucinich!

Is Edwards even at the debate?

Some are better than others, but I LIKE THEM ALL!!!

So who is running for President? And who is running for VP?

Boy - You Can Really Tell This Is A Chicago Crowd.......

How much longer until Biden and his ginourmous ego backs out of the race?

Biden has sympathy for Average Americans because his Health Care IS TAKEN CARE OF

Candidates Answer Iraq Question from Iowa Worker

Lhadon Tethong walks the walk-blogging from inside china

Why do you think the corporate media always--always--says Clobama win every single debate?

Does Joe Biden reach around and grab Lieberman's balls?

Kucinich is SO full of himself

Workers Star at AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum

Who else is making a list...

MSNBC pundits: Edwards did POORLY what debate was they watching

Man, Matthews et al sure are selling Hillary tonight eh. I turned it

Howard Wolfson

Prediction: MSNBC pundits will say Hillary won the debate

Best line in tonite's debate...

Gobama for condemning the notion that we should sit down and shut up

i am loving these debates

Where is the MSNBC poll?

I have to say, I hate the "SPIN" that follows these political

"Hillary wins on healthcare" WTF?

Is it DAMN time for us to e-mail and call MSNBC on there bias in this campaign

Why did Obama go after Dodd??

where was gravel?

Recovering Senator Tim Johnson gets ‘thumbs up’ to return to South Dakota

Restore health to America's elections and pull the plug on SDD virus threat (X)

Do I smell an Obama, Edwards detente?

"Second-tier" candidates targeting Obama?

Debate 101: Don't disrespect the questioner!

Six Judiciary Committee Members for Impeachment

Ok, I have to say this: Kucinich is the best friend Labor has

Keith Olbermann directly attacks Edwards

Edwards lost!! Edwards Lost!!


May be an off year nationally...but it is a big year here in Virginia...and things are lookin good..

Dear Senator Biden

Dems Strike Each Other Over Pakistan

This crowd is rowdy!!

A round of applause for all the Democratic candidates on a great debate

"but first let me respond to..." all can do this but Biden

Unions Go Slow in Backing a Democrat

Debate Wrap-Up: Candidates Choose Sides

Wes Clark on Kos tomorrow at 11AM EDT

THIS JUST IN: I call it for Obama and Edwards with a side of Kucinich.

Guess what pass unnoticed....42 anniversary of signing of the Voting Rights Act.

"The day the music died"....interesting blog about the FISA vote.

I Didn't Like Terry McAulliffe When He Spoke For The Dems And......

NBC Channel 5 Chicago Poll on AFL-CIO Forum

It Is IMPOSSIBLE To Prevent Voting Machine Hacking (X)

In lieu of the Chinese Threat to sell dollars and liquidate US debt...

An honest question - was a vote for the IWR a vote for war, or something else?

Dear GOP ...

Edwards & Obama v. The Rest of the Field?

Rumor: NY "TimesSelect" could soon be FREE again

Getting Osama and using nuclear weapons... where does Hillary stand?

Is it just me, or was that a really bad debate?

Anyone else offended by K.O. asking ONLY Obama a sports question?

I Think Kucinich Won This Debate - A Poll On DU Show He Won It Hands Down.....

Who lost the debate tonight?

So Was Michael Moore's SICKO Wrong about Hillary

who won the debate

When it comes to Hillary bashing

Bush stole the 2004 Election

anyone who is sick and tired of the msm and their promoting of Hillary

Political Pariahs

Juan Williams Defends Yearlykos on Faux - and Wins?!

Kucinich did surprisingly well.

Bush: President for Life?! Please tell me this is a joke

I have got to say, Hillary looks awful today! What happened to her hair and makeup?

Happy Quiz Time!!!!!


"STRENGTH THROUGH PEACE!" Kucinich has the BILLS to Push Through OUR PROGRAMS!

Hillary is pretty sharp and quick on her feet...but comes off real shrill

who loved the moment when that guy asked Edwards what was wrong with america.

MALLOY: "Edwards/Clark would be a good ticket!"

Clark's opportunity as Vice president to Edwards

If you're angry at your Senator or Representative, do something meaningful about it NOW

Wire-Tapping for Fun AND Profit!

i was at the debate. ask me anything.

My first choice is Wes Clark. If not, then I'd love to see Al Gore.

Ooh, ugly stuff from Biden's campaign directed toward Edwards and Dean.

Elizabeth Edwards: Can’t make John ‘black’ or a ‘woman’

Head of Young Republicans under investigation for blowing a sleeping guy

Who here has an axe to grind against an opponent candidate?

Who really supports Hillary?

Which liberal has the best gun regulation theories and policies

Just finished watching the "Debate" and here are the winners and losers!

Joe Biden brags about giving reach-around across the aisle

Who Will be the 1st to DROP OUT of the race??

War on freedom: Congress should end Bush power grabs (Salt Lake Trib)

Editorial: Wiretap law gets diluted (Ventura County Star)

The Utah mine disaster: A tragic consequence of government-industry collusion

Congress caved in on wiretapping program

Poll of Iraqis show they oppose giving away oil as Bush backed hydrocarbon law requires

Unwarranted betrayal (Alany Times Union editorial)

State GOP requires a loyalty oath

Ezra Klein: Can State Governments Set Up Universal Health Care on Their Own?

AlterNet: The Fallout From California's Ban on Electronic Voting Machines

AlterNet: I Was Tried (and Acquitted) for Protesting the Iraq War


Equity Firm Pours $48 Million Into Chinese IT Outsourcing Company

Israel Owes the U.S. a Blunt Word or Two on Iraq

Let's look at what the Dems who voted for the Bush's spying bill are sacrificing our liberties for.

More of Cheney's Fingerprints

Before Olympics, a Call for Change; Chinese Dissidents, Foreign Appeals: Honor Rights Commitments

Democratic Support Variences for Clinton in Red and Blue States Statistically Insignificant

Medical tourism set to become a $2 bn industry (India)

Ourselves in Shakespeare

Dispatches From the Konservetkult

David Sirota: An Alternative Left-Right Strategy to Stop Warrantless Wiretapping

Thank You Mr Chertoff: Gut Feelings, Intuition, and the Bush Administration

Ozawa tells U.S. envoy he won't budge

Vacancies Whittle Away Right's Hold On Key Court ( A Ray of Hope!)

John Pilger: The Unseen Lies: Journalism As Propaganda

Extremes of Heat and Rain: "precursor of weather variability as global warming transforms planet"

US: I Spy-For Capitalism

E. coli conservatism killing six more? (Utah mine collapse)

Kucinich impresses the pundits

In a Oklahoma license plate, an argument that liberals are not Americans.

States Feel Left Out Of Disaster Planning

Recipe for avoiding those risky bridges----Garrison Keillor

LEBANON: Women in the Frontline for Clearing Mines

Congressional conservatives head home to ruin any attempt to provide more kids with health insurance

American Genocide In The Middle East: Three Million and Counting


Dictator or Quisling by Malcolm

Matthew Rothschild: Why Are Most Democratic Senators Hiding Even From Censure?

Removing a Failed President by Joel S. Hirschhorn

Katrina vanden Heuvel: A New New Deal

Beyond Disaster By Chris Hedges

Uncle Sam, Your Banker Will See You Now

AlterNet: Spend, Spend, Spend: The New Model for Parenting

Independent UK: Roadside bomb attacks in Iraq reach an all-time high

Max Blumenthal: Kill Or Convert, Brought To You By the Pentagon

Building (Mexican) Bridges... With U.S. Tax Dollars

Death in Basra: the British under siege

Robert Scheer: The Terror America Wrought

Fiasco Fatigue

Living in the Weimar Republic of America

Battling Modern Day Jim Crow: the "Jena Six"

Failure to Stop Bush Is Not a Victimless Crime By David Swanson

The Failure of Antigovernment Conservatism

Outrage beneath the radar—Bush "civil rights" official tells Arabs stop worrying about civil rights

The Most Stupendiferous Military That Ever Was!

Jimmy Carter Surely Wasn't Worst President

No One Told You When to Run

Rudy's 5 Big Lies About 9/11 - V V

Waxman Introduces H.R. 3448, The Global Climate & Ozone Layer Protection Act of 2007

Ed Begley Vs. Bill Nye The Science Guy: Who's Greener?

crosspost: Remember the Boy Scout who tried to build a nuclear reactor?

A brief glimpse of what is to come

Radioactive water splashed 2 TEPCO workers in quake

Warming Draws Evangelicals Into Environmentalist Fold

Indian Gov. Withdraws Elephant Reserve Plan - "Too Big" - Leaves Opening For Mining Corps. - Reuters

Study - Pacific Losing 600 Square Miles Of Reef Every Year Since 1980s - Telegraph

Tree Mortality In Sierra Nevada Doubles In 20 Years, Likely Due To Climate

Burst Water Supply Pipe In Ankara Cuts Off All Water to 4 Million Residents - Reuters

If India Can't Handle 2007 Monsoon Rains, What Happens When Climate Really Destabilizes?

Hearing for E. Maine wind farm draws supporters, critics

Fort Halifax Dam: Ruling favors removal (Maine)

House Energy Bill: A Portfolio of Benefits for Clean Energy

Cooking up more uses for leftovers of biofuel production

If An Illegally Logged Tree Falls In The Cambodian Forest, Does The World Bank Hear It?

Bush Admin Rewrites Emergency Response Plan In Secret - Local, State Officials Feel Left Out - WP

For the journal-readers: Earthquakes and Isostasis

Lost forest reveals new species (BBC)

a Tornado ........ in BROOKLYN???!??!?!!!

Major air pollution episode underway

Coral reefs dying faster than expected

7 August AMSR Sea Ice Imaging - Lots Of Thinning From 80 - 85N, Esp. On E. Siberian Sea Side

UPC Solar Funds Four New San Diego School Solar Power Projects

I need a new energy source. I have $10 trillion.

Meritage Homes' 'Zero Energy' New Home Community Combines Solar Power and Energy Efficiency

Peak Oil and wind turbines

Bush Still Wields the Threat of Terrorism

Bill Directs Army to Disclose Graduates (SOA)

Court to hear Haneef Australian visa case

Colombia suffering from unionist 'genocide'

U.N. Receives Pledges for Darfur Force

Spy chief's role in espionage bill questioned

Taliban attack U.S.-led coalition base

US launching new crackdown on employers of illegal immigrants

AP: Seafood From China Wasn't Screened

Chavez offers LatAm energy pact

(Massachusetts)Turnpike official resigns from board (Deval) Patrick set to gain control of authority

US general deciding course of Iraq war

Brown orders review of asylum rules for Iraqi interpreters

Warming Draws Evangelicals Into Environmentalist Fold

At US base in Germany, a probe as building costs soar

Efforts to rescue miners suspended

Perry's travel security cost $250,000

Scientists, Executive Clash Over Quake (Utah mine)

Rudy dodges questions about whether he's a 'good Catholic'

Humanitarian Situation in Iraq ‘Worsening’

Iran tells PM Maliki it is helping secure Iraq

Young adults lead in lacking healthcare: report

Yangtze river dolphin driven to extinction

EU threatens tit-for-tat visa limits on Americans after US tightens law

Police: Man Shot in Ohio Over 25 Cents

Florida Senate president's son dead of apparent OD

More Weapons for Iraq Security Forces Likely Missing, Amnesty International Says In Wake of GAO Rep

States Feel Left Out Of Disaster Planning

"This baby's name is not 4real'

US air strike in Baghdad's Sadr City kills 13-hospitals

Israel Requests Changes To US Military Aid

Boeing Teams With Five Airlines In 9/11 Lawsuit Against CIA, FBI

Left parties reject nuclear deal with US

Protesters arrested at Rep. Sanchez's office

Gay Endorsements Have Scant Impact on Voters

Indonesia's West Java hit by strong earthquake

Chinese-manufactured toothpaste recalled

Vehicle slogan earns a visit from the Secret Service

Disaster looms as 'Saddam dam' struggles to hold back the Tigris

Musharraf pulls out of peace council (WH surprized)

US bombs Shiite gang as Baghdad pilgrimage begins

Obama blasts shadow fundraising group

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 8

Big Dig glue company charged with manslaughter

Obama's supporters get around money limit

Roadside bomb kills 1 U.S. soldier, wounds 4 in Baghdad

Iran forces 'foil' terror plot

Labor Dept: 1,001 contractors have died in Iraq

British serviceman killed in Iraq

Shuttle launches with teacher aboard

Suicide bombing kills 28 — 19 children — in Iraq

Democratic candidates address gay rights

Sun Microsystems to cut more jobs

I-35W inspectors flagged serious cracks, rusting

Flooding cripples New York's aging infrastructure

Leahy sets final deadline for wiretapping docs

Harper visits Arctic to asser Sovereignty

Declaration of emergency likely tomorrow: Reports (Pakistan)

Pelosi arm-wrestles over cash for the House gym

Americans extremely wary of Chinese goods: Poll

NWS: F2 Tornado Confirmed In Brooklyn

Army Concludes Baghdad Diarist (TNR's Beauchamp) Accounts Untrue

KTLA's Hal Fishman dies at 75

Yad Vashem honors Romanian gentile who saved Jews during WWII

Romney Speaks Up for Sons (decision not to enlist)

Romney: Giuliani's NYC 'Sanctuary' for Illegal Immigrants

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest on amc

Who is excited about the new Kanye West?!

So how has Noxema changed your life for the better?

Name your favorite film where Michelle Pfeiffer plays a witch. n/t

Just when I FINALLY got to sleep...arrrrggghhhhh

I'm tired. I must bed. But can I has cheezburger?

I just finished 5 more pages of my Master's Thesis!!!

I've just been out cold for about 13 hours

Look what I made!!!

Dang, heat index at 109 and the work ac is barely working!

Oopsy. self delete.

Is DU being kind of slow for anyone else?

Testicle Surgery Mystifies Police

way to go, Barry. Can we stop talking about you now?

Happy Birthday Ratso.

A small, heartfelt request

I have created the perfect dip for pork rinds. Douse a bowl of chunky peanut butter with Tabasco

ok ok! Here is what I woke up to!

send some good thoughts for our dog

Man Claims To Have Magical Sword During Heist, Deputies Say

Anybody seen Kellenved around lately?

Jeez, Britney...

My "get up and go" stayed in bed this morning

I make adware for a living.

Barry Bonds - homerun king

Ladies and Gentlemen: your true Home Run King is a Giant

Heres to gettin your proverbial feets wet!

A question about Napoleon Dynamite

****** The Official "Bonds Hatefest" Thread ******

WHAT was I thinking??

"By their stench ye shall know them."

What percentage of the population has differently-colored eyes?

LEFT IS WRITE -len/-lets (LIW kids)...your mom has a COWBELL, and

So I donated cupcakes to my law school's public interest auction...

Did you know you can *save* youtube videos?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/7/07

I just ordered a leatherbound Dominatrix - woo hoo!!

Any Political video makers need appropriate background tune?

for the third time today, i am trying to leave brooklyn to go to manhattan

"Fucking" is the word for today. Modify a thread to include "fucking" as many times as you can.

Anybody watch "The Closer" Monday night? (spoilers)

how much do you Love your MOMI?

New York Meter Maids Falsify Tickets to Go on Break

Top Chef fans check in!! Who is getting eliminated tonight!!

Crossed the deserts bare, man!

Heh Heh!!1!! No one guessed the correct month Barry Bonds broke the record!!

Lounge vibes for my brother, please

I really need to go on a diet

Who uses the verb "horking"?

It's weather like this that makes me want to put a ham down my pants

It's almost lunch time, and I'm hungry. Can someone come over and make some red beans and rice?

A warning to all members of DU Underground

Mmmmmmm Chicken bites

In honor of the new Jackie Chan movie coming out Friday

Opened my Aberfeldy last night. I may never drink Bourbon again.

Sis walked across her kitchen last night--no crutches, no cane

Not looking good that I'm going to get my dream home

A warning to all members of the Democratic Underground

I'm getting "cabin fever" from the heat as badly as I ever have from snowy weather.

Okay, THAT was seriously creepy.

My top 5 Favorite Nihilist Movies

So the work AC is now broken It is 87 degrees in my office

madinmaryland is proof-positive why DU admins should administer random drug testing

If you weren't from where you're from, where would you be from?

BREAKING: LynneSin: "I kissed Barry Bonds"

To all the weather nuts out there, I saw something that made me wonder the other night...

BREAKING: LynneSin: "I'll become a Barry Bonds fan"

DU's newest sponsor "Chico's Bail Bonds"

The Official Gary "U.S." Bonds Is Awesome Thread

The Heat is bad...

Feminine guys better for long-term love: study

The official Ralph Reed is awesome thread

Pssst!! Everyone, LynneSin is actually from Maryland,

****** The Official "Fuck Barry Bonds" Thread ******

rolling stones - you can't always get what you want

The Official Barry Bonds Is Awesome Thread

"This baby's name is not 4real'

Firefighters complain: forced to ride in gay pride parade, harrassed

Why doesn't someone make a water cooler that also makes ice?

Wow, I am on someone's ignore list!!1!!

John Lennon - Woman

HALLE - Casiopea


Post here if you're staying out of the current madinmaryland/LynneSin spat.

Official Dick Cheney Is GOD Thread

It's weather like this makes me want to put a cold sausage down my pants

I just finished painting my garage. Ask me anything.

Question for the Ladies:

Memo to Date Diggers

World's Worst Clown, pick one

What are good places to go when in Ithaca NY? Also, how long does it take

Update about Rockit :(

Ohio Players - Skin Tight

Am I a terrible person?

Sid Vicious - My Way (Complete & uncut)

What are the best things to go down my pants in Ithaca NY

Keep your fingers crossed for me...

LynneSin, say it ain't so.


Iggy Pop - China Girl

The Roots - You Got Me (Live)

What do you MEAN it's only Wednesday?!

Danger Doom- Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Chrome Children - MF Doom & Madlib Live

Please keep your fingers crossed that no one steals my desk before I get home.

Did you know there's a youtube of porn?

The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Yeah, THAT version... Hide the kiddies)

Just got the call from the down my pants office!!!

Best Movie of the 80's

Whoever decided we should count in decimal was a moron.

Quirks of registered trademarks - Round Two

Pssst... guys... 'home run' is two words

Amsterdam, BABY!

The best free tickets EVER!

I believe in magic, in a young girls heart.

Quick.... Need suggestions for good stuff to sprinkle on ice cream

Another movie thread! Best "L.A. Films"

Vince Guaraldi - Linus and Lucy

Joss Stone ft. Common - Tell me what we're gonna do now

Who wants to go on a roadtrip to visit ohiosmith and go to Foxyholes

I just unleashed my snark on SCE!

how much do you love your meme

Well I guess I blew that interview

I predict bad weather a day in advance.

w00t!!!! I JUST PAID MY CAR OFF!!!!

Please answer my weather poll. IT'S NOT THE HEAT IT'S THE ..

Who wants to go on a roadtrip to visit Aerosmith and go to Foxwoods

"I get older, they stay the same age. "

Does anyone else see the bouncy smilie frozen?

RHCE....No... (hey oh)-- For The Lounge Today...

Until now, I have had only one avatar on DU. Now, a new dawn. What could prompt this change???

Who wants to go on a roadtrip to visit Barry Bonds and go see Barry Bonds

Just got a haircut...

This is my 4,000th post. Ask me anything!

Passenger 'hid monkey under hat'

Now THAT is new!

First Sweet Corn out of the Garden!

Ah! there is a cricket in my room

Rowdy "Redneck Games" Irk Neighbors

Computer question

Did you ever go to juvenile boot camp?

If someone asks you if you want to engage in a friendly game of rugby against the All Blacks,

I must question the sexual morality of (BLANK) that like to (BLANK)..

So... did I miss anything?

What I want to know is, who left the oven on and the door open, damn it has been hot today.

RHCP....Snow... (hey oh)-- For The Lounge Today...

My two cents, and that is really all it is worth, on Bonds and baseball in General..

so i got to thinking about

Shit! I missed my 32,768th milestone!

Why do I fear the Tuna Melt?

It is false, but I can still dream, Why can't this happen to me?

Clip of Apollo 11 moon landing.

Lame Joke Of The Day

Imagine by John Lennon - Republicans hate it - why?

GD is now obsolete: BlogWarBot, the Automated Internet Political Argument

Memo to grocers: if you want me to buy stuff that's about to expire, I want a STEEP fucking discount

is this part of the new world order?

Dear Customer Service Workers:

Did you ever go to internment camp?

Bush calls Bonds

Thirteen Days

Sometimes people get worked up about the strangest things

*ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring* .. .LARAPHONE!

Why Do They Drive On The Wrong Side Of The Road In England


Let's go Bicoastal

It's weather like this that makes me want to put a hamster down my pants

Today in history 8-8

Okay, I'm warning you.

Moving to NC has made me weak! The heat is killing me!

Would Barry Bonds have the same record today if he didn't use Steroids?

OK, so my friend is seeing someone we both used to date

"Down my pants" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread to include "down my pants".

Thanks Lounge, for the vibes.

I was appalled and disgusted last night

Go flame it out with BlogWarBot (via atrios)

Instead of having a candy bar named after him.....

I haven't eat in 7 days!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/8/07

Speak here only using Cricket lingo

The ultimate car

85 Year Old Crashes Car Into School Cafeteria - Kills 8 Year Old - $500 Fine & Loss Of License

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/8/07 Bonus (by request: Charles Bukowski)

New Top Chef tonight!! w00t!

Oral sex can cause throat cancer

DU bias?

I am listening to "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate.

Any So You Think You Can Dance fans

Gorilla biscuit... Michiganders... anyone?

Okay. I found out what spooge is. So what does it mean, to hork?

Man you guys got some scary-ass powerful vibes!!

*sigh* No photos to caption.

People who ask for advice then blame you when they take it

so i haven't shaved in two months....


It's a new camera! And of pics! Come and!

Ah! there is cricket in my room

I am SO in love! Take a look!

Seen at the grocery store earlier this week -

Maybe I'll move to Virginia..

Did you ever go to summer camp?

I will consider Barry Bonds as the homerun king when I accept George Bush legitimately won 2000/4

Anyone ready for THE SMART CAR?

Best film noire-ish film since 1970?

presidentiaL trivia: name a president who was not eLected

The Official My Dear CaliforniaPeggy Appreciation Thread

Post your favorite "Ab-Fab" quote!

Romney: No Army For My Sons...

Fighting In Orlando For A Living Wage

Pepsi Bottling to combine units, cut some 700 jobs

My Great Uncle and the Union-his story

A Nancy Pelosi Moment: 2 - Look for the Union Label

9-15 Murray Earthquake Mining Collapse Safety Crandall Utah

Instant Mix Imperial Democracy Buy One Get One Free

Part Nine, Conclusion

Jon Stewart / Crossfire - worth a rewatch

Corporate Tax Scams!

Proud To Be A Liberal

Obama at AFL-CIO Presidential Forum

AFL-CIO: The Candidates Spar Over Pakistan

AFL-CIO Dem Debates - Part Eight

Gore Vidal on the media

Michael Moore - The Awful Truth (Iraqi Oil)...

A very British way to handle a bureaucracy..

Romney says sons don't need to enlist ... they are serving the country by "helping me get elected"

John Pilger - Freedom Next Time (Part 1)

John Pilger - Freedom Next Time (Part 2)

Steelworker's Question: 'What's Wrong With America?'


Kucinich's replies @ Aug. 7, '07 Dem. Pres. Debate



Anybody out there being ripped off by America's Servicing Company owned by Wells Fargo?

Assaulting Olympus


Jim Crow injustices: activists pressuring Georgia to free Genarlow Wilson

Army Concludes Baghdad Diarist Accounts Untrue(freeper)

Do some citizens truly believe

It's official: Chrysler's fucked now

Petitions, shmetitions, calls, playing nice

Look what we're doing to our kids who...

Navy Announces Summer Exercises Off Guam (Valiant Shield)

Who "won" the debate?

Impeachment Petition Goes Missing In Garrett Park, MD

Should we be afraid of the Cheneyacs or not?

AP: Suspect Chinese Seafood Slips Past U.S Inspectors

How Courting Sheiks Slowed Violence in Iraq

Norman Solomon: "Let Us Now Praise An Infamous Woman..."

Wichita Kansas chooses to stay in the dark ages

Falling debris from Tobin Bridge causes problems for boaters (Boston, Mass.)

Fuck Barry Bonds!

Alternet: The Fallout From California's Ban On Electronic Voting Machines

Has C-SPAN mentioned the debate?

Driving ban imposed in Baghdad

Waxman Introduces H.R. 3448, The Global Climate & Ozone Layer Protection Act of 2007

Profiting From The Meltdown

== Totally Free! Click Here Now! = By Mark Morford

2,000 Iraqis flee homes every day to escape death - One in seven Iraqis have already fled

Democratic Party is growing more liberal

Should Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich run together on their own ticket?

Child abuse blamed on Iraq service

How Typical of the Neo-Cons

Resistance kills dozens of Iraqis, U.S. occupiers kill dozens of Iraqis

Richard M. Nixon, White House farewell

A lesson from History

I heart Edwards and Kucinich!

US general deciding course of Iraq war

U.S. Troops Deaths Up in Iraq After the Decrease Celebrated by the WH and the Pentagon

Could there be a repeat of the 'longest election night' of 2000?

Rainstorm Cripples Commute in NYC Area (no, it's not Global Warming)

Military Decides Course of Iraq Occupation

CountDown question

The New FISA

chicago Dem Forum, afl-cio. Host is Keith Olbermann. ReRun justed on cspan1

J Conyers letter in Washington post

WP, pg1: There's a very good chance at least one court will tilt OUR WAY for many years!

TN's Steve Cohen and Reagan Asst. AG Bruce Fein Go for Gonzales Impeachment

diane rehm show - mike gravel

send some good thoughts for our dog

Passenger 'hid monkey under hat'

Test and find out which candidates share your views

Romney's biggest problem is that skeptics are simply weirded out

WSJ: Sunni sheiks complain their real enemy now isn't al Qaeda, but a Shiite-dominated government

Play Democrat - By Mike Luckovich

Bridge disaster may raise gas tax from coast to coast

Loyalty oaths in Kansas?

Well I don't know what to say about this...Anyone?...From Crew

Wiretap bill roils liberal base, turns focus to Sept.

CIA report on 9/11 due Labor Day

"Opposition" planning massive smear campaign against Bill Clinton

Who do you "hate" most?

What the Fisa vote denies:

Using height as a racist filter.

Poll: Clinton would edge Giuliani in Pennsylvania

I was on vacation for 3 weeks, yes i missed you all, so is the Vitter story dead?

Gordon Clark: "I Was Tried (And Acquitted) For Protesting The Iraq War"

TODAY: WSJ Recently Required By Murdoch Stands Alone In Praising New FISA Law

Look at these last national Dem against Repug match-ups for president I could find

Murray (Utah mine owner) says miners won't be rescued for "one week"

Vacancies Whittle Away Right's Hold On Key Court

Can lies float?

Speaker Pelosi On Barry Bonds Record-Breaking 756th Homerun

Rep. Sestak On FISA: ‘We Should Have Stood Up And Said No’

they're going to kill us already

Chagossians reclaim our land:people evicted by the UK,land leased to the US military

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Poses With Same Stupid Sign Romney Posed With

I can make your life go away with a stroke of a pen

Musharraf Pulls Out of Peace Council (snubs US/Karzai)

Great new feature on Salon? TV Daily

Huff Post Attempts Smear of Edwards...Quotes Contradict Insinuation of Edwards' Role....LINK

Hispanics turning back to Democrats for 2008

Crazy Bob press conferance on CNN this hour. Mine collapse

BORDC Tells Congress: End Warrantless Wiretapping and Restore The Fourth Amendment

you can teLL kucinich kicked ass Last night

Bush Commends, but Doesn't Call, Bonds

Budget Stall Could Delay New Death Chamber

Is STS- 118 still a go?

Utah mine used risky cave-in method of mining.

Bush cites Global Economy Extremely Strong, so everything is fine ....

Here's a laugh riot: NewsBusters is shocked at Keith Olbermann's "fairness" at the forum

Edwards is right when he says there needs to be 'job protection' in trade negotiations...

Amsterdam store owners fear ban on "magic" psychedelic mushrooms

* is followed by his senior staff as he walks to the Treasury Dept. - pic

Police: Elderly Fla. Woman Beaten For $30

Minn. GOP Vote To Adjourn Without Passing Emergency Bridge Funds

OMG I Want On FoxNoise......NOW...35W

Competing plans for San Fran skyscraper

I've received several expressions of support for Hillary Clinton from women I know

WH: bush's 418 days off considered "recess"

Saw a "W" sticker that made me snort

You messin' with my woman?? --------->>> caption


Ok, Bob Murray has gone of the deep end. You just

Iraq's war Wounded: In their Own Words

Young Republican President Resigns in Sex Scandal!

Grade the Democratic majorities in Congress so far

I just gave my wife my last forty dollars, that and an over drawn bank account will get her into the

Split in anti-war left

The U.S. Geological Survey reports a magnitude 7.3 earthquake has occurred in Indonesia near Jakarta

Bush: "We want this to be the land of dreamers and doers"

Castro is not a dictator so stop saying that!

Breaking: SC Moves up Primary to Jan 19 same as NH Hold the Phone...More News is in

The youtube battle continues

Message From Hiroshima

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Wed. 8/8 -- Oragami champions

7-Year Old Battles Gunman

New Weapon is Enough to Make You Throw Up

Voting For Hillary Will Not Make Bill President Again

Will our media cover the civil trial of the 9/11 families who didn't take the bribe next month?

Monica Goodling Testifies

For those of you trying to compare Barry Bonds to George Bush..

Big Homebuilders' Lending Practices Fueled Mortgage Debacle (Bus. Wk.)

Caption Dead Eye Dick ---pix--->>>

The Psychology of Warmongering

Ode to Democrats Like you!

Online Fax Services - do you use one? Any recommendations?

U.S. says airstrike in Iraq kills 30 Iraqis

Is the US now briefing against Britain? Britain "beaten in Basra"

TODAY IN HISTORY - Nixon Resigns: August 8, 1974

So...about those debates. Um, can I have Gore now please...?

Thom Hartmann: China threatens to sell our national debt & crash our economy

New Guatánamo Whistleblowers Emerge Backing Up Lt. Col. Abraham

MPs ask Pakistan to quit US alliance, boost ties with Iran, China, Russia

Homeless Man Murdered For Asking For A Quarter

3,500 to 1,000,000. We win. War over.

ABC News 5 in St Paul shows my tribute vid on TV & links it first in their list

Ft. Myers Florida 94 today

Progressives Are On The Rise

ACLU: Congress Legalizes Warrantless Wiretapping for Americans

Will Keith be doing a debate with the republicons I am ...

Bush Pronounced "Fit For Duty"

"Passing FISA threw the key reason for impeachment out the door." Is this true?

FBI and CIA will not allow its agents be questioned under oath for 9/11 negligence lawsuits

Freshman Dem Working With Bruce Fein To Introduce Articles Of Impeachment Against Gonazles

If Conservatives believe what they push, Why don't they mentor more disadvantaged people?

The Moron is talking up Ebay, everyone should be an Ebay trader.

Durbin, In Iraq Now, Interviewed By NPR This Morning

Are you inclined to give American Troops the benefit of the Doubt?


Back to the 80's - the Soviet - Afghan war (VIDEO)

Corruption in Washington and Iraq has dulled people to local corruption

To lurkers without DU accounts help end the war. Send this email to the GOP and GE public relations.

Kyra Phillips...CNN's secretary of propaganda...anyone listerning to her?

does the mining cave-in count as the weekly disaster?


Why would Sen. Clinton threaten to cut off aid to Iraq?

Seeking 'thinspiration' (pro-anorexia/pro-bulimia presence on social networking websites growing)

"Women and children are 14 times more likely to die than men are during a disaster,"

Tomorrow: Watch the Presidential Forum on GLBT Issues

"Winning Hearts And Minds"

My letter to Jim Webb re FISA act

NY Times falsehood: pro-Obama PAC allows supporters to break legal contribution limits

American Bar Association: Resolution-Concludes Bush Interrogation Methods-Against Geneva Conventions

SEIU: Petition, Care for Kids!

Politico claimed that McCain "has generally avoided tough partisan rhetoric"

I saw a "Save Darfur" sticker on a deep blue Jaguar idling outside the East Bank Club today...

McClatchy: Studies: Suicide bombers in Iraq are mostly foreigners

Utah mine owner Murray -(R) "NOTORIOUS" for safety violations

Where's Anne Coulter? She's about due for her next outrageous statement

SIERRA LEONE: A Women's Issue That Women Are Wary of Campaigning About

New Term: Bush "Yard Sale Economy"

Don't you miss "Bo" Dietl spewing his insanity on Imus In The Morning regularly?

Zippy on attention spans and presidential hopefuls

Kucinich is unelectible because of the media and viewers like you

Was there really a tornado in Brooklyn this morning?

Study: Katrina Displaced More People Than Previously Thought

Cindy Sheehan: Turns out we are 'Mad as Hell'

Joe Biden is on THREE different shows tonight!

John Nichols: Kucinich Helps the AFL-CIO Prove a Point

After Propagating False Iraq Intel, NYT’s Michael Gordon Now Echoing Bush Claims On Iran

Should the US withdraw from NAFTA?


Vacation-Boy (a.k.a. "Chimpy") Strikes Again!

Labor Dept: 1,001 contractors have died in Iraq

Lyme Disease can have neuropsychiatric implications(Lyme neuroborreliosis). BUSH RESIGN!

If you don't believe in Global Warming is it cool where you are today?

1 million lbs. of suspect Chinese seafood in U.S.

Home of the Whopper

Was Patrick Henry right or wrong?

If anybody has info on this I am interested -

Matthews can't believe that public favors Dems on fiscal issues

They are lined up out the door at the local organic farm

Israeli soldier kills filmmaker on camera, but case is dismissed for "lack of evidence"

DU will get over its anger at Reid and Pelosi….

US Bombs Shiite Gang as Baghdad Pilgrimage Begins

Wednesday TOONS: A bit o this, a bit o that...

Inside Mormonism in Nightline tonight.

WH doctors: Bush smokes an occasional cigar, but does not drink alcohol

ACLU Asks FISA Court to Release Orders That Led to "Emergency" Wiretapping Legislation

Scientists, executive clash over quake (which came first, the tremors or the cave-in?)

Frail mom and dad outsourced to India

I have hope...James G. Carr sits on the FISC

Pakistan Says It Is Not Ruling Out Imposition of State of Emergency

Transportation Chairman Unveils National Bridge Funding Proposal

Our overlords really DO want to make us puke...

Sty in the Sky: The Filth of Flying

Chris Floyd: False Positive: Bush's Deadly Odor of Mendacity

Is the "War on Terror" Coalition falling apart...?

Dollar to Collapse?

Justice Department drops Dragon Skin body armor recommendation

Please Help by Signing this petition for proper Heath care for the Iraq/Afghanistan Vets!

Cindy Sheehan is against the war!! Not everything she says is a campaign slogan!!

PLease check in DU left-leaning progressives

Did I just hear on my teevee that Bush is being treated for..

Pentagon seeks $750M to airlift armored vehicles into Iraq

DAX June 1996 - August 2007

'NYT,' Michael Gordon, Continue Focus on Iranian Weapons in Iraq -- While Others Downplay

Shuttle to launch in about 7 minutes

Private, copyright enforcement 'officers' for hire

After Four Years of Certainty, McCain ‘Not Positive We Can Win’ In Iraq


There Are Now Close To 107,000 User Registrations On DU. Is There Somewhere On This Site.....

Possible design flaw found in collapsed U.S. bridge

An interesting observation about Kucinich

The Most Stupendiferous Military That Ever Was!

Plenty posh & pretty porta potties at PGA here

ACLU: Tell Sen. Reid and Speaker Pelosi: “We Won’t Let Congress Fail Freedom.”

Beware of the brown people!

Jesse Jackson With Tweety

Caption * (warning, large pic)

Why Russia Should Sell Weapons To Iran And Syria

Tweety will have the gentleman who

Disabled LTV Steelworker from last night's debate on Hardball

Tweety didn't know the difference between Medicaid...

Dick Smiley ---pix--->>>

SOB Romney!!!!!!! Check THIS excuse!

Bush's Executive Order on Lebanon Even Worse than the One on Iraq

Girl, 3, Shoots Boy, 6

What is a straw poll and how do they do it?

Who do you want as a Vice President?

US uneasy as Britain plans for early Iraq withdrawal

Man takes ticket to Supreme Court, loses

This is who Tweety brings on to discuss Hillary Clinton

U.S. to unveil new anti-drug strategy for Afghanistan

gingrich STILL threatening to run for president.

Indiana's GOP Gov. Mitch Daniels raves about Young Repub leader (& pervert) Glenn Murphy

Bush doesn't mention subprime volatility-attacks Democrats on taxes

What does "progressive" mean?

I think somebody better start saying this out loud- the truth -

Yes Skinner. Sometimes I get tired of hating. Sometimes, though, I just get TIRED

It Seems To Me a Pattern Is Developing

I think Bush is becoming reclusive----not liking the WH. abc just said

John Fogerty has taken multiple swipes at President George W. Bush on his upcoming album

More Mystery Poster

Can you say VENEZUELA?

Disaster looms as 'Saddam dam' struggles to hold back the Tigris

Extreme weather the norm across globe

AN EXAMPLE FOR PEACE - Act of defiance to Nazis still reverberates today

On Ozone alert days . . .

We Must not forget that this isn't the First time the USA los hundreds of thousands of AK47's it

So almost 70 miners get trapped and nothing on the cables but for less than ten

Monkeyboys are interchangeable and dispensable.........

Apparently... These Really Do Belong In A Museum... (Dial-Up Warning)

"Stores that cater to high income consumers have been doing quite well..." - CNBC guest

"It's A Wonderful Life" All Over Again.... And Mr. Potter Comes To Town!

Watch SHUTTLE LAUNCH @ 6:36PM EDT (Endeavour, carrying first teacher in space, Barbara Morgan!)

Kurrent electric cars

Ailing Senator Tim Johnson returning home to S.D.

Do you refer to yourself as a

Is this company associated with Blackwater? Internationalexecutives

Remember the homeless during this heat wave....

Anti-gay law in Poland aims to fire teachers with "homosexual attitudes"

Why is Guiliani and McCain skipping the Ames straw poll this weekend?

The military can supposedly trace serial #s of Iranian weapons in Iraq but can't track their own

Big Dig glue company charged with manslaughter.

Upside Down Flag: Charges Dropped, Full Story, Follow-up & LTTEs

I wonder how the Repugs will "swiftboat" our candidate?

In these days of difficulty getting loans....

Is it still unpatriotic to bash bush & his war, now that repubs do it too?

CIA report on 9-11 addresses 'substantial redactions' in earlier reports

WH: B*sh treated for Lyme disease last year!

BEST.MEDIA.CRITIQUE.EVER: John Pilger - Freedom Next Time

Romney has a little geography glitch (on his own state of Massachusetts)!!

What you need to believe to be a Republican...

Walk Six Paces Behind the King at All Times ---pix--->>>

Marijuana Dealers Offer Schwarzenegger One Billion Dollars

Bob Murray, Utah mine owner: "Hillary Clinton "anti-American"'

Can we have a big pie fight?

REPORT: The ‘The Next Few Months’ On Iraq That Never End

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

In Brooklyn?

Here's another Young Republican in a sex scandal

Conversation with my boss: the rich don't get it.

What are the stats??? How many deaths due to insurgency and how many due to terrorism?

To the DU admins: Thanks for DU, and for the hard work you've put into it

Turkey sent 350 special ops forces south into Kurdistan

New info on JFK assassination

Blowing things up for the Lord!

Something I've noticed from the Crandall Canyon Mine footage

Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, __________.

Dear DU.

Lesson for us Democrats -- United Buffalo herd scare away lions

OUTRAGE: 900 SLAVES building new US embassy in Iraq

Oral sex can cause throat cancer

The White Rose - anti-nazi activism

UFO Over O’Hare Airport: New Report

Who can the next Democratic President appoint as AG..

Young Republican National President resigns; Says sex with man was consensual, not harassment

Military lets Bible Crusader Send 'Freedom Packages' to Troops in Iraq, includes Rapture Video Game

Entire generations of America's ruling class - unwitting guinea pigs in a vast eugenic experiment

L.A. Registrar Worried about Diebold Profit; Holt Deceives in Wake of CA Findings...

Have YOU ever seen this in YOUR doctor's office? $25.00 cancellation fee??!!!

Report Accuses American MSM Of Kowtowing To Climate Skeptics

The Banality Of Dick Cheney's Evil

Kucinich is unelectible because of the facts

Cindy Sheehan: Long Line of Chickenhawks

Bill Clinton Rocked...

“President Clinton” – “President Bush” ONLY from 1988-2016 – Is that what we want? n/t

If O'liely knew Markos Moulitsas was X-CIA would he still trash him?

Brit Muslim bashing programme completely distorted Mosque statements

This was just emailed to me calling attention to Clinton's friends who

Temp Check In --How Hot is it where you are today?

Let Sibel Edmonds Speak

Bowen under the gun for decertifying rigged voting machines: write news editors & legislators

Bridge hero says "Nope" to a dope (Bush)

Has Anonymous posted at TPM since Tamm's Home was raided and his computers seized?

A message to conservative Democrats

NASA TV Fans: Space Shuttle about to Launch T- 3:00 minutes and Counting

A 27 year old mother (married) with 3 jobs

How do you address police brutality?

romney respects his 5 son's decision NOT to serve in military.

Man Smuggles Monkey On Airplane Under His Hat

"This baby's name is not 4real'

A Look at the Myth of Reverse.....ism

Bill Maher fans.The Decider (full stand up HBO special) on YouTube.

Why we (feminists) fight.

(((TOONS))) A few tasty morsels to hold you over til the morning - don't hog 'em all

What Best Describes Your Attitude Toward Gun Ownership

University Of Illinois Graphic - Arctic Sea Ice - August 7th, 2006 vs. August 7th, 2007

Gore says he may re-enter politics

Entertainment For the Troops: Jesus with a Fist

I have a herniated disc and no health insurance. If I had a gun

Young Republicans Head Resigns In Gay Sex Scandal

Do you ever get tired of hating?

How much profit do the oil companies make per gallon of gasoline?

Is California GOP Trying to Steal the 2008 Election?

Who can't wait for Newt to get in!!!???

Clark: "George Bush reminds me of a Rookie Pitcher"

(Miss. Gov.) Barbour, Eaves Win Miss. Primaries - AP

Richardson unveils health care plan in Council Bluffs

When Journalists Attack: Truth-Squadding David Shuster

just a reminder of what we're up against

The Dems are getting more of test in these debates than they will face in the national "debate"

How did you learn about Obama's Pakistan comments?

Anyone have vid of the man on crutches last night?

If Hillary was not related to Bill, do you think she would have the same level of support?

John Nichols: Kucinich Helps the AFL-CIO Prove a Point

Rookie Mistake? Not So Fast (Obama)

Democrats should spend all of 2007 talking about the SCHIP

TIME: Grading the August 7 Democratic Debate

Weekly Standard senior writer: We are so popular because we are not objective

Data Mining Disaster In D.C............

County GOP votes to censure Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

I highly suggest you NOT take a nap around this guy (unless you're looking for a lil *wink-wink*)

The argument "my candidate is one of the most liberal members of the house/senate" is really stupid.

GOP Goes Nativist: Attack Ads You'll Be Seeing

"Political Animal" Blogger Kevin Drum on Hillary Criticisms: "What was all that nonsense about?"

Rudy dodges questions about whether he's a 'good Catholic'

Interesting numbers from the Mississippi Primary Elections Yesterday

Marine Corps Times article supports Hillary in dispute with Pentagon...

Al Gore 2008 DFA Straw Poll Petition

I want yes or no answers from the candidates! Who's with me???

due the FISA vote, we should all watch what we say

Serious Question? Why Edwards and not Obama, or Obama and not Edwards?

Were there VP's in last nights debate

Mittens says sons don't need to enlist ... they are serving the country by "helping me get elected"

POLL: Trend Reversal: Hillay below 40%, Obama closing in (within 11 points)

Another Terrorist Attack? Blame BUSH & CHENEY, you idiot Dems

Remember in 2004 the RW smears of botox?

Um... Hillary screwed up last night and said she has children (another gaffe?)

Are you really covered? 4 in 10 Americans can't depend on "health insurance"

Breaking: SC Moves up Primary to Jan 19 same as NH Hold the Phone...More News is in

Richardson unveils mandatory healthcare plan

Trend Reversal: Clinton Below 40% in New Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll

A Democrat friend of mine told me last night that Bush

Voter turnout/party affiliation

Don't know much about baseball and Barry Bond

Doesn't Romney's statement equating his son's campaigning for him with military service remind you of

Supossin' Bush is out of the presidency and Cheney takes over - How will that affect

I fear we will have to impeach Cheney at polls in Nov 08. IMO, Romney will have to cut a deal with

Citing shortage of armored humvees, Army has soldiers train on simulators

Hillary booed at AFL -CIO forum...

Biden's Iraq proposal has some merit.

Barack Obama: Senate Passes Obama, McCaskill Legislation to Provide Safety Net for Families of Wound

Kucinich would be stronger in the general than Edwards

We are too polite!

Ck Out This Book About 'W'........Who Knew? It's only 199.55!!!!!

IF Hillary wins the nomination then goes on to win the general, it will be because...

Vote Hope 2008 - Obama's supporters get around money limit

Obama Seeks to Make the Sale to Hispanics

Our voices on our media

2008 Democratic Race Rankings

TPMCafe: Barack Obama has new ad running in Iowa and South Carolina

So can all the troops come home from Iraq if they campaign for Mitt Robme? nt

Anyone who hangs around here knows that I support Biden, but what I want to know

Obama’s new Iowa ad

New Military Regs on Information Assurance, COMSEC

How profitable is this war?

First Presidential Votes Might Be Cast in 2007

Obama is right-on on Pakistan.

Hillary was wrong of her assessment of Pakistan last night

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Obama's foreign policy can play well

Pakistan may declare state of emergency

GOP wives an overlooked advantage?

If Hillary was a man, do you think she would have the same level of support?

Clinton: "I'm your girl."

Are people tired of MSNBC only 914,000 viewers watched the debate

Upstate GOP (Greenville, SC) censures Graham. Above-the-fold headlines!

Okay, Is there a way to watch the Gay Rights Forum Online?

Here we go again Folks....President Bush promises 'justice' for Iranians interfering in Iraq

Hard hitting journalism scheduled for fox radio this afternoon

America Reborn!

Clinton: Bad Roads, Bridges Harm Economy

My Rx

Let's Explore This - Why Shouldn't People Running For President Engage In Hypotheticals?......

Darby Conley Finally Admits: Satchel is a Dem...and is in a Funk!

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A.B. Stoddard: The question whether Obama is black enough is legitimate

Iowa poll : Clinton 26.8 ,kicking butt.... Obama 22.3, Edwards 22.1

Office of one of our Florida Blue Dogs said an odd thing today...

Edwards decries U.S. trade policy

I don't support Hillary just because she is a woman.

Edwards 2007 "Fighting For One America" Iowa Bus Tour To Launch This Monday

Quinnipiac: Hillary out to huge lead in swing states, FL, OH, PA...only dem to beat or tie Guiliani.

Edwards's Stance on Trade May Attract Union Support

Goldman Sachs Chair Blankfein Edorses Clinton

If Senator Obama were white, do you think he would have the same level of support?

Obama seems to soften tone on Pakistan

Go to the ACLU website and help them save the freedoms our Dems sold out.

Jim Webb seemed like such a smart person

If Chris Dodd was a Hopi Viet Nam Vet who converted to Buddhism , would he be getting more support?

My Interview with Henry Waxman. The Hollywood Liberal

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Questions for the candidates --- Post yours!

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Bob Murray (owner of the collapsed mine) is a major GOP donor!

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I have yet to meet a live Obama supporter.

Nice Job Obama, Musharraf pulls out of peace council...

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strenth. Obama is not ready to be President.

Edwards problem with his campaign is

If the AFL/CIO or labor in general vote for Hillary in the primaries, they deserve what they get

Can You Name A *Single* Thing That Mrs. Clinton Has Stood Up For And Won?

I don't care what you think of Hillary, what that jerk just said on Tweety should outrage all of us.

I'll take what I can get

I just watched the AFLCIO/MSNBC Dem debates.

I saw six politicians & one President last night

Will Bush cancel the 2008 election? CREEPY!!

LGBT DUers and anyone else interested: Debate Thursday!

Buffett to co-host Obama fundraiser in Omaha

Edwards' Blinking >>>