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Archives: August 9, 2007

U.S. Struggles to Downsize Guantanamo

Poll: Iraqis Oppose Oil Privatization

In Bridge Collapse, Refugee Group Faces a New Ordeal---Somalis

The Failure of Antigovernment Conservatism

Staff vote against plans to increase presence (UN)


Brent Budowsky: 'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death'

Clinton has big lead, but rivals say just wait

Firefighters Threaten Lawsuit Over Forced Gay Pride Appearance

Robert Fisk: Lebanese strike a blow at US-backed government

Senator Obama, the Bomb, and the Battle for the Democratic Nomination

Crash Test, China's Brilliance BS6 Sedan Fails Miserably

Blumenthal: Will the real Colin Powell stand up?

AT&T Censored Anti-Bush Lyrics From Pearl Jam Webcast

Russia holds strategic air drills over Arctic

The Pentagon Sends Messengers of Apocalypse to Convert Soldiers in Iraq

Puffin chicks 'starving to death' (BBC) {climate change to blame?}

Trees Won't Fix Global Warming

Renewable Energy Plant Demolished on Long Island.

Extreme weather the norm across globe

First Presidential Votes Might Be Cast in 2007

Pepsi Bottling to combine units, cut some 700 jobs

Roadside bomb attacks in Iraq reach an all-time high

Flood plan could leave N.O. exposed

Democrats Praise Progress In Iraq, Then Criticize

U.K. gives London Synagogue same national status as Stonehenge

Longview company voluntarily recalls sandwiches

British Criticize U.S. Air Attacks in Afghan Region

Potential Flaw Is Found in Design of Fallen Bridge

Bush warns of Democrats tax rise plot

Top Democrat: Our Iraq Policy Won't Endanger Israel

With all the Bonds threads I went back to see if there were Glavine 300 wins

I'm bored

Upcoming crime films

Mathematical Sex

dear fargin bastiges

I can order four skin tones from Bare Essentials.

Right-wing losers in small roles in Scorsese flicks

Mythbusters taking on baseball myths tonight.

Is this indicative of an attitude problem?

Time for kitten break

I had a good cry- I feel great now

Oh For Pete's Sake!

George Bush applies for a new job. (video).

Dog and Cat making out on a couch

Please wish me good dreams!

This "My Music: The 70s Experience" special on PBS is just awful.

Men just would not be able to deal...

Men just would not be able to deal with a hamster down my pants.

The Horse Whisperer is on now, I really like this movie.

Message to Ahnuld

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

Baseball trivia - much is said about the 5 tool player - what are the 5 tools?

The 1-18-08 trailer - anyone else notice this?

My day in pictures...

Misogyny - Rusty

I want this as my ringtone

Am I paranoid?

Alice Cooper, back when he still was cool!

33 Years Ago Today

(For equal time): Dear Rude Customers:

Has anyone ever noticed that philboy and matcom are never on at the same time!

If you're wondering what happened to my sanity, you can blame 'God Warrior'...

In Honor of Jane Lynch - Start Naming Girl-Gets-The-Girl Movies

Why doesn't Santa have any kids?

Johnny Cash from San Quentin

A lolcat for SPK...

Any advice for learning how to play the guitar?

Our standoff is turning ugly

Oh, no- NOT more of those lame fractal art pics...

'Radioactive Boy Scout' charged with stealing detectors

good evening :o)

Someone said the date to me today... and it unexpectantly choked me up...

Woman here in Sheboygan barks at police dog, while drunk...

It's Just Stuff

The ultimate wife (copycat thread)

Brother Thelonius and Sandy Denny

So there's a police standoff here

Ok, just have to ask this - what do you think about the movie "It's a Wonderful Life"?

Baseball trivia - Name the five ways to get to first base without hitting the ball

Don't hurt me, but I didn't know Jane Lynch was gay

15 Great Dane puppies - more cute than you can stand

My cat just climbed in to the bath with me.

What is your favorite film genre?

A pre-owned Hummer....

"Hot Fuzz" enthusiasts: please tell me where this cameo is!!! (Spoilers?)

Real "fun" going on right now--who do things all go wrong at

My co-worker is asleep sitting at her desk. What should I do?

What secret ingredient would you suggest for Iron Chef?

Sky alert: The Perseid meteor showers will peak in the next few days!

The BEST BAND IN THE WORLD is calling it quits this weekend.

Today in labor history Aug 8

150,000 Workers Will Require Biometric ID to Work...

Huckabee Sounding like a Democrat on Hardball (WTF!)

Fight the New World Order Orwellian Police State !!!!!

Rachel Maddow's Campaign Asylum: The 'Don't Say GAY' Debates

More Mitt Romeny On His Sons' Service

Is The GOP Trying To Rig The 2008 Election In California?

STRATA Presents: The New National Anthem

Bush job approval 29%

Time to go home.

USDA agency launches inquiry into lobbying e-mail

I get an alumnni magazine every once in a while. Today there is

Long Line of Chickenhawks

Judge Orders Michigan Man to Scrub Veterans Memorial With Toothbrush


Popular Car Wash Faces Eviction (interesting take on some issues)

Getting ready to watch my new copy of "The Battle for Algiers."

Shopkeeper protest to sweep India (BBC) {protest Wal-Mart and ilk}

David Dastych secret CIA interrogation and PROMIS

YOUR BOSS IS A SCUM! New Survey says that SCUM BOSSES get PROMOTED...Digby explains

Homeland Security chief vows to move forward with ID law

CBS Promo: "Smartness really does not count. George Bush...

McClatchy: Pelosi to lead Katrina delegation to Gulf Coast

Wealth gap 'spreads across Asia' (BBC)

Ghouliani appoints neocon Norman "Bomb Iran" Podhoretz to head his foreign advisory board.

Romney & Giuliani - MIA in Veitnam

I want to know - if we killed so many Al Queda -

Winning Hearts & Minds:British Criticize U.S. Air Attacks in Afghan Region

None Dare Call it Reason

Those Silly Emails Of Rove's Concering the Goings On In The Deparment Of Justice, Nothing To See

To those who think that Speaker Pelosi is what is stopping impeachment:

There IS One, Of Many Functions, That DU Provides...

Caption this * pic

"This is not sports"

The US arsenal lost in Iraq

Gore is lookin' mighty fine these days...

103-F in Greenville, SC, today ..

2008 Republican Convention Agenda

In 6 1/2 years under Bush we have......

'Protecting America' vs 'being a chickenshit'

With the FISA Caving...I'm sick of using the "Cry Icon" is there a "Big Dick Icon" that I can use

Bill Moyers Impeachment Episode To Re-Air On PBS This Friday

Bridge Hero Gets Offer: Paid Tuition, Okay! & Photo Op With George Bush, Nope!

First Father: Tough Times on Sidelines

Excuses for Glenn Murphy's Late Night Peccadillo

The Sum of All Fears......Bush Beyond January 2009

google maps: OJ Simpsons House along with a knife sharpening van parked outside

I think it's time to wipe out hardcore conservatism, or at least do all we can to wound it

Congressman: Minnesotans 'Screwed Us'

I Finally figured it out. I KNEW Mitt Romney reminded me of Somebody Famous.

The softer side of Conoco-Phillips

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Peter Werbe filling in


China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales

George Carlin tells the truth (short video)

Jim Cramer on Colbert Report.

This is curious; a Rumsfeld clip was featured on America's Funniest Home Videos tonight

Where has Swamp Rat been?

A little something to piss everyone off

Do you remember this, from 2006....(and yeah, I am pissed off)

Here in CO, we have a priest running around naked. Apparently, clothing chafes.

Bush Apparently Had Lyme Disease

O----O---kla-...ho--o--o ma's OK... and winning the war on Global Terrrrrrah!

Tonight's guest on The Daily Show -- Senator Joe Biden (D-Del.)!!!

A Letter From Abroad To The Democratic Party leadership Via Moveon

Baghdad weather-with 80 pounds gear

Right-Winger Accuses Iraq Vet Of ‘Stabbing’ His ‘Fellow Men And Women In Uniform’ In The Back

Neil Abercrombie v Steve the Steel Worker - What IS Wrong With America?

Disabled Steelworker Steve Skvara: A Lazy, Whining Traitor?

It took German medicine 55 years, but they cured this woman's headache

I am getting so old I forget- did CNN even say a word about it.

And the Buzzflash Media Putz of the Week is...

I read where Sen Hagel would make up his mind about running for Pres during the August break...

Pakistan May Declare Emergency Says State of emergency possible

Just turn your damned phone OFF!!!

Barbour, Eaves Win Miss. Primaries

This is so pissing me off -

A good night to all of you.

PAY ATTENTION!! Grow your OWN dope.


Buzzflash: Living in the Weimar Republic of America

Gore: Polluters finance research to cast doubt on global warming

Murry the Mine Guy

Man sneaks monkey onto airplane--past security--under his hat

Peter Galbraith in the NY Review of Books: "The Iraq war is lost."

British Criticize U.S. Air Attacks in Afghan Region

The Free Republic of Racism.....

Hillary Clinton: The GOP’s Favorite Democrat

Is an Obama/Kucinich ticket plausible?

Bush Confident of Market Recovery

Poor Bush pere is suffering because people point out to him what a useless dolt his son is

Fred Phelps is going to Minnesota!

The GOP candidates have some sort of "Rove in reverse" machine

Corporate Slavery (An e-mail my brother wrote to me)

To Those Of You Considering Ignoring Impeachment Proceedings - Please Consider is history!

America's Yellow-Armband Moment

Every reason against impeachment is an EXCUSE

In Gonzo We Trust - By Dahlia Lithwick, Slate

Novak Reports FISA Bill Boosts Conservatives' Morale

Normally a Lounge topic: Kitty Cats. Loose Kitty cats in urban areas.

Fisa Bill is "Unwarranted Betrayal" ....Albany Times

Follow-up: Parole for man jailed after rape apology

77 Year Old Man with Cancer pushing Carriages today in 94 degree heat at Wal-Mart

Remember how high DU's expectations were last November, AFTER the election???

Breast implants linked with suicide in study

To those who demand impeachment..... ....consider.....

Clark explains why the "War on Terror" is un-American in NYT editorial.

AT&T "Censored" Anti-Bush Lyrics In Pearl Jam Song

Waxman Meets Impeachment Delegation, Says He Will Keep Open Mind, Wasn't Aware Of Inherent Contempt

Living with schizophrenia

Caption Time! The Lurking Dick: What is he thinking? [PICS]

When it comes to repealing Bush's FISA law,

NEWS that both Sucks and Blows: Rising R Accused of Deviate Sexual Conduct

Wise Words

re: NCLB - I heard HRC asked a question about No Child, but had to

2012 Election?


Rudy Giuliani's Five Big Lies About 9/11

Hillary Clinton and the Bankruptcy Law

GOPiggie Spat: Mittens accuses Ghouliani of allowing "Sanctuary" to Illegal Immigrants

Holy semolies! Here are some ... um ... suggestions from political right.

OK I'm a day late ... the debate in Chicago ...

Leahy sets final deadline for White House on wiretapping docs

What a difference 10 years makes

Washington Post Editorial: Chasing Terrorists

Obama for President: Because the world does not hate America enough.

Alan Keyes starts "grassroots" effort to draft...Alan Keyes for President

Immigrants and Health Care — At the Intersection of Two Broken Systems (NewEngJourMed)

South Carolina moves up primary, likely will trigger Iowa and New Hampshire to move up as well

Gibson radio producer called his Edwards comments "a poor choice of words" (Media Matters)

Senator Obama, the Bomb, and the Battle for the Democratic Nomination

First Presidential Votes Might Be Cast in 2007

Will you stand in the public square on Sunday? Enough.

What will you do if Bush validates his National Security and Homeland Security

All this Shillary is an Obamanation!

Hillary continues to kick Obama's ass - 38-27, Edwards at 13

Hillary Clinton: New Darling of the Right?

As I predicted: Obama as a black candidate would get trashed by his own party

Populist Rhetoric Defines John Edwards

He's not even President, and Obama is ALREADY CAUSING CHAOS around the globe!

I have been asked to run for office, would you vote for this guy?

This video is a hoot

Elizabeth Edwards: "We can't make John black, we can't make him a woman."

If Pakistan Captures Bin Laden Now, Can Obama Take Credit? (Cenk Uygur, Huff Post)

Bush has spent 418 days at ranch working as President

Photos: Barack Obama "Walks a Day in the Shoes" of a home health care worker today in Oakland, CA

DKos: BREAKING POLL: Lieberman takes commanding lead

I feel like it's Christmas eve ...

Face It! Freddy Thompson is Too Chicken to Debate. How Un-Manly of Him!

Help ME With This! Is Hillary REALLY the GOP's Favorite Democrat?

Obama could not even decide if he would congratulate Barry Bonds

Dodd and Biden are assholes for supporting Hillary, against Obama

Last night, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd were kissing Hillary's ass

Bugles are blowing that now is the time for America to challenge the Bush/Republican "spin" on 9/11.

First Father: Tough Times on Sidelines

Lenovo Eyes Packard Bell For Acquisition

'Iraqnam' is being created in the Mideast

Chris Floyd: False Positive: Bush's Deadly Odor of Mendacity

NYT editorial on immigration: "The Misery Strategy"

Aid to Help Asia and Africa With Human Effects of ("already happening") Global Warming

Eventually, the US will have to negotiate its way out

Outsourcing: A national disgrace

A trillion for Iraq, while bridges fail

AlterNet: How We Can Take the Constitution Back From the Brink


For vaccines, underinsurance worse than no insurance

The process nominating of Prez candidates moves forward today, protecting frontrunners & status quo

"Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine" questions story in "The New Republic, a liberal magazine"

Paul Sorum, MD: See SICKO! And Learn about Private Health Insurance

Patricia J. Williams: The Protect Alberto Gonzales Act of 2007

BNP Paribas Freezes Funds as Loan Losses Roil Markets

Giuliani: "It's great to be rich"

Masters of Disaster: The Bush Gang Opens the Floodgates Again by Chris Floyd (SERE)

Getting away with murder

Jesse Jackson: A Lot More Than One Bridge Could Crumble Under GOP

Helium 3 and Me

A New New Deal

Canada and Bush's North American Union Project

Grover Norquest Gets His Wish by Robert J. Elisberg at Huffington Post

Hey Doc, It Hurts When I Do This….


World stocks slide on fresh US credit concerns

Dave Lindorff: Democrats Aren't Wafflers, They're Wifflers

Blood and oil: How the West will profit from Iraq's most precious commodity

Time Warner Charges You $0.23 For The Coupons

How RCTV President’s CIA Connection Links Venezuela and Nicaragua

Tracking Pharma Gifts to Doctors

How about a bill called "Restoring our Constitution"?

Carl Bernstein: Bush More "Disastrous" Than Nixon

Bill Moyers will give a Keynote speech on PBS at 6:45 est

A Feast of Bullshit and Spectacle: The Great American Media Mind Warp

Why are most democratic Senators Hiding even from Censure?

Fired Forest Service Worker Sues for Job - AP

Russia's 'Finders Keepers In The Arctic?' The 1493 papal

Borneo's pygmy elephants threatened by oil palm, timber, rubber plantations - AP

Italian mafia accused of starting wildfires and hindering fire crews - Guardian

Biofuels shift seen to put major squeeze on food prices (up 80%???)

Food That Travels Well (food miles, NYT OpEd)

A Truly African Green Revolution (WorldChanging)

World's first carbon-free city (in Abu Dhabi ???)

EU carbon price could crash again: report - Reuters

Grass Roots Rising: Paul Hawken’s “Blessed Unrest”

Cities in the deindustrial future

Ontario walks tightrope on plan to end coal use - Reuters

Missing bees - thin crops? Wilton (Maine) farm halts (blueberry) picking

'It only takes one storm' (Maine hurricane response study)

TOON for the Climate Change doubters

WMO - Global Land Surface Temps In January, April 2007 Warmest Ever Recorded - ENS

Don't rush to add coal plant, EPA warns (Nevada)

Calif. Farm Town Is Nation's Smoggiest

Cities In The Deindustrial Future - John Micheal Greer (Archdruid Report)

Central Bank Of Nigeria - Nation's Crude Production Down From 2.53 Mbd to 2.23 Mbd 2005 - 2006

Chilean Wine Country Sees First Snow In Fifty Years - Reuters

America's Amazing Sinking Energy Infrastructure - Port Fourchon, LA - Fortune

17 British Tourists Injured By Glacial Ice Collapsing Onto Deck Of Cruise Ship - BBC

More Fragile than They Might Appear: The Sierras’ Warning of a Warming World

Two thoughts about our disappearing Arctic ice.

Recycling Question: Can Small Zip Lock Bags Be Recycled With

Recalled: 255,000 Chinese tires (with list from CNN)

Global warming will step up after 2009: scientists - Reuters

OPEC Delegate - " I Don't See Any Increase In Production Needed" - Gulf Times

As Galveston Sinks, "The Preserve" - 3,900 Unit Development - Planned For W. End Of Island

GM to begin testing Volt electric car by spring

Bodman - Department Of Energy Will Have Energy Conservation Plan In Place By 2008 - ENN

Mythbusters: Ethanol and Foreign Oil Displacement

Renewable energy projects will devour huge amounts of land, warns researcher

Peace activist Sheehan announces candidacy for House

Human rights court rules against Colombia in killing of Indian activist

Guatemalan candidate's daughters injured in election-related violence

French president, Bush to get together in Maine

The Pentagon Sends Messengers of Apocalypse to Convert Soldiers in Iraq

Musharraf to decide on declaring state of emergency

Leaders of China, Russia, Central Asian states to observe war games

U.S. political climate ripe for grassroots groups (Good News)

Two more British soldiers die in Iraq

US withdrawal likely unless Iraq violence falls: study

Chile: Conservatives and Church Fight Over Fair Society Issue

Sex Assault Suspected at Playboy Mansion

Bush May Try to Cut Corporate Tax Rates

Winder soldier told to 'finish off' Iraqi is no murderer, attorney says

Feds plan new air passenger screening (Secure Flight)

Marine's Charges Dropped in Iraq Deaths

Bush says others delay Guantanamo prison closure

Legal fight over red cross symbol

Bomb attacks on US troops at highest level

(Gitmo) Detainee Transfer Announced

Jobless Claims Move Higher

Whites Minority In 1 Of 10 U.S. Counties

Bridge under construction collapses on Loop 202 in Mesa

Pentagon Calls Suspects Enemy Combatants

Iraq library director: troops must leave

Nelson (D-Ne) drops request for millions in funding

Administration Fights Dem Plan to Boost School Aid for Vets

(Federal appeals) Court upholds union's service fee

Bush not concerned about Iraq-Iran meeting

US high court nixes long-shot drugs

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 9

Gunmen blow up bridge north of Tikrit

Stocks fall; Dow down 300 points

Wealth Gap Is Increasing, Study Shows

2 bodies found in Minn. bridge wreckage

Dinosaur mass grave discovered in Switzerland

2 U.S. Marines die in separate incidents west of Baghdad, military says

Bush Dismisses Proposal to Raise Gas Tax

Kent officer tickets man for 'Impeach Bush' sign

Russian bomber jets resume Cold War sorties

Migrants agree: It's harder to get jobs

Gadhafi's son: Bulgarian medics tortured

Monster truck crashes into crowd of spectators in DeKalb

US Warns Iraq's Maliki Over Iran

(CNN) Poll: Republicans starting to stand by Bush again

Police Blotter: Defendant wins breathalyzer source code

First lady, Jenna Bush to write children's book

Subprime: The Ugly American Hits Europe

Pelosi urged to impeach Bush

Clinton discussed use of nukes last year

255,000 Chinese-made tires recalled

McClatchy: Cheney urging military strikes on Iran

Pearl Jam censored by AT&T, calls for a neutral 'Net

Musharraf Move Seen As Sign of Weakness

Cuba-trained U.S. physicians fear prejudice back home

White House says Bush was treated for Lyme disease a year ago

Bush defends Gonzales: AG has 'done nothing wrong'

Medics freed by Libya were tortured, Qaddafi's son says

A hover craft for everyone.

Mini Wheats, wheats, wheats it's high in fiber you can't go wrong. Vanilla flavour mixed with wheat

The nightly storms are approaching

Barry Bonds, coast to coast


Guy in Standoff kills himself

A cool-down for all of you sweltering in the Lower 48

Ac/Dc - " Can I Sit Next To You Girl?? "

Yay! Buck Henry is a new regular on The Daily Show!

my dog is begging for strawberries...

*** Summer Photo Contest Preliminaries up in GD ***

Post a YouTube vid featuring a Gibson Super 400 guitar

Brent & Annette's wedding cake

I love waking up in the morning and, as the day begins, it gets darker.

Fuck this bicycling shit, it's too damn hot

A license plate I saw on my way in to the office today

Philboy is Philboy...

so I might just be dumb but...

Ya know, there's one forum on this site that's a rock of sanity

Good afternoon, DU!

Underground House

Buffalo calf survives lion attack - video link

Friends, Romans, Lounge Lizards, lend me your ears! I need a recipe for a good rice dish

Good morning...Here's some Thunderfingers for you...

One of my favorite poets of today: Jeffrey McDaniel

Genesis. Programmer style...

why is it that when you need someone to read their emails, deperately

Today's Video Series is Dedicates to the On-U Sound Experience

Matt Donovan, my professor and an awesome poet:

Gary Clail On-U Sound System - Human Nature

Doctors of Dub "tartarsaurus"

African Head Charge

Could you all send some vibes this direction briefly?

Dub Syndicate - Wadada (Live In Melbourne 2007)

So I just broke a thousand posts!

Outa Space Reggae Dub SciFi

Favorite Cigar? Favorite Pipe Tobacco?

Sing with me now! D M C A!!!

twinkle brothers reggae dub

Anyone else ever have a Redline?

Video: Krugar Park - Lions and buffalo

Lube Jobs

Lame Joke Of The Day

OK, Lounge Lizards, it's looking promising over in GD today- Puke Beams

does it mean you are getting old when

Leave me alone! Quit following me! (minor dial-up warning)

The word "Party"...

What a great day it has been...

Mad Professor Live Dub

What does IMO mean?

My cat wrote me a message on my keyboard...

Ok... folks since it's working for everyone else, I'm going to give it a try

Help me get out of bed in the morning!

Anybody else finding your appetite evaporating in the extreme heat?

All-Bran Construction Worker

Need some lounge vibes

Do I want to know what 'ripping a pile' means

Funniest CostCo Complaint Ever

Can I have tree fidty?

There was a cockroach in my living room this evening

Zappa fans - do I have anything here of value

Favorite Shiisha? (for hookah)

Your experiences with Recruiters?

Are "Lounge Vibes" magic? Should we regect them? Will we all become Voldemort?

I'm ripping a pile of Christmas CDs right now. In August.

Moran wants to save Jeff Gannon/Guckert

* Declares War...On Zombies!

I feel awful. We Have had doctors appointments every day this week.

She's a frozen fire...She's my one desire (Cars, "Let's Go" live)

Don't know about Regecting Harry Potter but

Breaking news! I'm an idiot

Today's market action....

is lioness I look skinnier...

funny AOL headline mistake: Bush Treated for Son's Name

I gave a lady $1 today because I was in a hurry..

How to post a picture with in your posting?

Laura & Jenna Bush to pen biography about George W. Bush

Day 2 at work with no AC. I am frigggin miserable

A peculiar movement in N. Virginia (from

Have you ever been knocked up?

Someone call 911!!! I'm on fire!!!!

Have you ever been knocked out?

Look what the Sci-Fi channel is re-doing now...

Have you ever been knocked over?

What was your hometown newspaper when you were growing up?

Has anyone tried to read the fine print on the

Marital dispute-please help

WEHT MrsGrumpy?

So we're making nookies. Oh never mind

Good news everyone!

The matrix, bad programming and us...

F O O D ...F I G H T

Official Plame Fest Fost

Anyone need an IV?

"Ripping a pile" is the phrase today. Modify a thread title to include "ripping a pile".

A Beautiful Summer Poem

We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when

Funny Picture story of a squirrel and cat. This site has some amazing storm photos too.

What are some unique hobbies you have?

Favorite Cop vs. Cop Movie

You Cant Handle The Truth

So we're making cookies. The dough needs to be chilled enough to slice.

Joyeux anniversaire, Audrey Tautou....

from the Matcomnews files: Priest Nabbed While Running Nude

Who let this guy out of the Lounge?

Carlito Brigante addresses the court

Drinking from VA to the Georgetown part of DC is something everyone should do

Dream a Little Dream About

Criss Angel...

Posterior vitreous detachment.

Seen in a wallyworld parking lot at 6 AM sometime last spring

The KLF - "3AM Eternal"

I'm listening to String Cheese Incident while I pay bills!

who's on your list?

does anyone else think Matcom is the guy in the purple hippo suit

The The - "Sweet Bird of Truth"

Official Flame Fest Post

Have you ever been locked up? (lame copycat)

Probably the greatest moment in sports history...

It's been 4 hours. Left Is Write...are the cookies done yet?

camel tow


Anyone need an Indian rope burn?

Anyone need an Indian throat burn?

It's been 4 hours. Left Is Write...are the nookies done yet?

Holy Water...

I'm so frustrated and angry right now...I don't even know where to begin...

Anyone who lives in PDX

TV is depressing

Every man and woman can be beautiful

Yay!!! I got to meet another DUer today!!!

Naughty Girls checkup time!

i don't want to sell anything, buy anything or process anything as a career

Hey Grandpa! What's for supper?

When I think of DU I think of _____________________________

A monster # by the US Open champ! (PGA Championship)

Twelfth Night

Driving from VA to the Georgetown part of DC is something everyone should do

You know what's rude? When guests come over to YOUR house, and make YOU pray before you eat

Golden Girls check in time!

I conquered my fear of the Tuna Melt last night...

Have you ever fallen asleep at work?

Here's what's on tap for Dinner this evening:

OMG! The dog knows how to stay!

So that "nodule" that they found on my lung in my chest x-ray..

I heard you die in Book 7.

Looks like those astronauts weren't drunk after all...

Post your favorite YouTube musical moments here:

Love, Sex, Intelligence (youtube)

PICTURE THREAD: Please post your own!

Have you ever been knocked up?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/9/07 Bonus (Jim Simmerman)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/9/07

Nora, the piano-playing cat: The Sequel

Parents: what's the going rate for babysitting these days?

Naughty Girls check in time!

Favorite season?

RIP Sharon Tate ...

I hate gun trivia in Internet Movie Database

Quotes From Vince Lombardi

RIP Jerry Garcia...Where were you when you heard?

Introspective Taverner

Best movie about your home town or home state.

Okay, what did I do?

Macho Men Are Seen As Bad Choice For Long-term Love

Favorite Corey Feldman movie or skin rash?

Why is it such a freakin' trial to find matching socks around here?

Sexiest male voices?

DU celebrity look-alikes

Damn, I hope this doesn't impact the next Harry Potter movie

New Job is REALLY NEW for this kid (and great at the same time)

underpants is seeing The Wiggles in concert. Post your mocking comments here in this tread

Post a YouTube vid featuring a Gibson SG guitar (inspired by anticoup2008's AC/DC thread)

Administration balks at better GI Bill benefits

Bill would give deploying troops extra leave

Vets group unhappy with 2 new pension bills (DAV)

This young Marine lost his soul in Bush's Hell (xpost from GD)

The missing 190,000 rifles and pistols in Iraq, trouble this veteran greatly.

Military base closure costs skyrocket again

Today in labor history August 09

Obama Walks in Homecare Worker's Shoes

Hilary Clinton Plays Nurse

No Balk by 300-Game Winner Glavine When It Comes to Union Solidarity

While Miners Wait 1,500 Feet Beneath Solid Rock, Owner Blasts Mine Safety

Heads up: Labor Department sues Pilgrim’s Pride over back wages

NARCAP findings on OHare UFO Incident

George W. Bush vs Godzilla

Boston - Corporate America

Obama ad: "What If"

What Do You Ask for 2008?

More Gore Vidal on the Media

Sexual Abstinence Ed 'Purity with Priscilla'

It's February 2009 and a Republican is still in the White House...

Edwards at the the AFL-CIO Forum - Steve Skvara

Bob Allen Goes Down.

Kim McFriendly - A Republican Candidate You Can Trust!

Bob Allen blows smoke out his ass

Democratic Forum Greatest Moments

CNN makes Bob Allens racist defense sound plausible?

Obama at YearlyKos breakout session

Walk a day in my shoes: Barack Obama/Pauline Beck

Democrats Shun Fox News


(VA-02)Rep. Drake seeks "protection" from "unexpected questions"

President Bush on Accountability

Please do not lock my threads- I don't appreciate it.

I shit you not - my reply to you was blocked -

Is it - Cause I think this is the house WE built.

Gore: Polluters finance research to cast doubt on global warming

Govt. to delay elections citing growing insecurity due to threat posed by al-Qaeda

US asks did they put a metal flag,or a bed sheet on the ocean floor

Canadian leader makes Arctic trip

No time to call it quits in Iraq, says Cheney

This is going to be a LLLOOOOONNNNNGG election

It's 11:30 PM and my neighbor behind me is verbally abusing his wife again.

What the FBI found at Ted Steven's house

Child Soldiers

Nebraska poultry barred by Japan, Russia, Turkey and the Philippines!!

(Sierra Nevada) Brewery executive (VP) missing-Chico, CA

To burn or not to burn (visiting the flag-burning issue)

I am asking - please ban me or not -

Ban me -

Tomorrow Comes

regarding the new DCCC "Tell Bush to listen" commercial

So someone asked a question

Pulitzer Prize Winning NY Times Writer: Pelosi, Reid are Wrong The Petraeus Surge is Working

I've been watching Hardball....

Republic primary campaign for 08 reminds me of a

Better to be pissed off...

Is Obama wrong for not wanting another one of these

WHOOO-HOO impeachment fever in NE PA?

Pakistan blaming Obama for their State of Emergency; I bet this is

Faux News Headline: Time to rethink Evolution

Nixon's Final Remarks To The White House Staff, August 9, 1974

Bush May Try to Cut Corporate Tax Rates-Cites Need To Compete Globally

FISA bill boosts conservatives’ morale

Homeland Security to Enforce Labor Law?

Louisiana nursing home case puts Katrina response on trial

Note To Robbers: Don't Put The Gun Down & Count The Loot You Stole While Still In The Store

repubs always claim they have the best 'values', I say bullshit.

Graying hippie lives in treehouse in urban Miami neighborhood

Minorities Now Form Majority

correct punishment for Bushies: collecting the dead in Iraq

Waxman Says He Will Keep an Open Mind on Impeachment

Thoughts about arming insurgents and other criminals

British Criticize U.S. Air Attacks in Afghan Region

Pelosi Takes Democrats’ Case on the Road

Why aren't all Primary Elections Held The Same Day?

“I love you, sir, but your son’s way off base here”

Yesterday the question was asked do we get tired of hate, well, yes I do

What Dems should say about FISA (and it will be broached again)

CNN is being a lot nicer to Bob Murray this morning

Covert court proceedings must end

The Most Powerful People You've Never Heard Of

alan keys considers offering comedy relief for election 08.

U.S. condemns "rocket attack" on Georgia

White House Concealed Bush Ailment

Bush was treated for Lyme disease, White House says

Bush presser at 10:30, please turn your tv off

WH House Fears That Colin Powel Will Finally Tell The The Truth & Ruin September's PR Surge

Fighting terror with a flashlight

I'm not buying.

Pretty good earth quake just now - you guys feel it?

Review: `No End' a damning look at Iraq

7-9 is fast approaching

American Bar Assn. plan limits access to public records

U.S. withdrawal needed for security, Iran tells Iraq

Matt Stoller: Progressives on the Verge of Total Party Takeover

Anti-Saudi tide rises in Iraq

Army denounces 3 articles written by GI

Soft-spoken teacher posted the words "Impeach Bush" in a public garden, and Kent police cast him as

Sending Terrorists Running for the Bathroom

How big of an asshole is Murray the mine owner? Meeting with relatives...

Good News:Forecasters lower their outlook for Atlantic hurricane season

Contributions to presidential candidates by military personnel (current and retired)

CNN Just Runs Ad For American Coal Industry...

White House says Bush was treated for Lyme disease a year ago

Uh-oh! Stock market open for 5 minutes and down 265

Iran, North Korea Say They Will Strengthen Their Economic Ties

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

cbs is have a PRE=Bush special report.


Waxman Says He Will Keep an Open Mind on Impeachment

Attention Bob Murray and other mine owners: You want to be union free?

Washington's August Break: Just Don't Call It Vacation Time

The Security Threat in the New Wiretapping Law-A Gateway for Hackers

Poppy Dogged by Junior's Critics

AT&T blocks Pearl Jam's Bush slam

Full Interview with Henry Waxman

Count the lies in Shrub's speech!!1 Two in the first sentence!!1

This Story Shows Why The WH should Have Disclosed Bush's Lyme Disease

LOL, stock market was recovering, Bush started talking

CNN just chirped: "Bush headed to Maine for a little Presidential R & R!"

Don't know about Regecting Harry Potter but

Official Chimp Presser thread # 1

Bush administration "civil rights" official tells Arabs to stop worrying about civil rights.

Why does our media keep referring to Musharrif as President Musharrif?

I think I know why they are called "Blue DOGS."

Might a little more focus be in our best interest? (re: RW scandals and crimes)

So George W. Bush is demanding Amnesty for violating

Karl Rove is Tricking You Again

Wis. cops capture diaper-wearing monkey

If impeachment hearings take too long and bog down Congress...

Media framing Dems on Iraq

Dow down 170 points before Bush speaks

Snuggly the security bear lays out the new Spy on Americans Act

British military asks U.S. forces to leave Afghan province

Kill Or Convert, Brought To You By the Pentagon

Official chimp presser thread #2

NYT: Secrets of the Police

First Father: Tough Times on Sidelines

U.S. stocks dive after subprime wave hits Europe

Bo Dietl defends necessity of racial profiling with blatantly racist remark

DU this CSPAN poll - Do you support Pres. Bush's plan for tax cuts to help make U.S. businesses more

Bush says can't recall when heard of Tillman friendly fire death

somebody PLEASE tell me - this morning

WaPo: States Feel Left Out Of Disaster Planning

Iraq Watch, day whenever: . . . The data that might lead to our withdrawal.

From KOS: Karl Rove is Tricking You Again

'Redneck Games' a Problem for Police

Bush trying to cut taxes again. This time, it's corporate.

President Bush on Accountability

BREAKING NEWS: Websites could be required to retain visitor info (even record VOIP phone calls!)

"And then head out the next day for his Texas ranch" - - FOR A MONTH again.

Cordesman on CSpan - holy shiite!

There is a difference between "hate" and "despise".

Harold Ford doesn’t know who’s been right about this war all along

"Oppenheimer" the TV Mini Series available in the UK - NOT IN THE US...

ABC, NBC Presidential Debate Video To Be Made Available On YouTube

Media Policy Becomes a Presidential Campaign Issue

Wichita police investigating fireworks shell in patrol car gas tank

Conservative Blogs, Newspapers Spin Durbin’s ‘Very Discouraging’ Iraq Assessment

States Feel Left Out Of Disaster Planning (they have been left out!)

Caller on CSPAN just supported freedom, and quoted a 1960s song...

Oil Law Brings US Intentions Into Focus

What does it mean to have a broken military?

The president feels passionate about this issue!

Bush On Iraq: Quotes from McFuckwad and others complicit in the WH lies

CIA gives a president the information he wants to hear and not what he needs to hear

Awww... poor Bob Murray has gone for 4 days w/hardly any sleep

Doesn't anyone here find it the least bit interesting about all the issues with chinese products?

A 7-Day Tower Guard Vigil on the National Mall

Anyone listening to Thom Hartmann right now?

Any scientific confirmation of the Utah earthquake that supposedly

If Democrats were threatened with potential terrorist activity, they need to make it public

Inviting Political Video Vloggers to join me in creating political commentary on youtube & a website

The * Agenda In A Nutshell

Davy vs Goliath

CAPTION * or be damned.

I finally figured it out. The SMIRK was missing at the Bush presser

Will Bush cancel the 2008 election?-We may have about a year to prepare (Wasserman & Fitrakis)

A freeper sent this pic to me...but I LIKE it!

Pissypants requests photo op with bridge hero. Hero says NO. Refuses to disgrace self.

PHOTO: Bush congratulates Barry Bonds

Remember when Jose Padilla dominated our headlines? The jury has his case and you wouldn't know it

Get your daily Bob Murray right here! What a maroon!

Need a laugh? Protesters Feast on Don Young Fundraiser...

Hit piece on Michael Moore

Did Durbin concede that the Surge Is working today?

Clear Channel station evacuated due to smoldering bush....

Discussing what public wants in health care, Luntz left out top priority

Iran getting in the way of Bush, war supporter's spin on Iraq

Aint to proud to beg

Harper's Blogger Ken Silverstein still Waiting for Answers from John Conyers...

A proposed plank for the Democratic party platform in 08....

Air Force Study: US withdrawal 'impossible to resist' unless Iraq violence falls


Earmark Sleaze - Coconut Road Wording Changed After Voting (Alaska's Don Young)

Media Models New Bush Cloak for Continuing in Iraq

Is this a "Dream Team" or what?

Bush On Red Cross Torture Report: "Haven't Seen It, We Don't Torture"

Nixon resigned the presidency 33 years ago today


Container truck tips over on property of Saudi royal

Who thinks the Bush regimes refusal to testify under oath is going to play well next election?

Most Kontogiannis (Duke Cunningham cohort) Court Records Slated to Be Public

No More Impeachment Talk!

Leahy sets final deadline for wiretapping docs

Police: 'Most Wanted' Nigerian Scammer Arrested In Florida

My message to fiscally conservative Democrats.

'Grass Roots Rising:Blessed Unrest'

6 years after 9/11 and yet no bin Laden?

The Dubya Diaries: T.G.I.F. - Suckers! [PICS]

Bush: DoD will find the truth in Tillman death ("can't recall")

Still on the fence about which candidate to support?

Italian mafia accused of starting wildfires and hindering fire crews

What do you think the decider will be doing...

CAPTION our lil' catcher in the rye (*) as he fields questions in the WH

RUH ROH...Hillary's words come back to bite her..."Clinton Discussed Use of Nukes Last Year"

PHOTOS: Spaced-out, petulant, rambling mess meets the "press"

CAPTION W's egress.

Family looking for RV to support the Global War on Terror

It is only thursday, why are we bouncing our boobies?

At U.S. base, Iraqis must use separate latrine

UN Staff Council: Iraq too dangerous to expand mission, out now

How come Gravel wasn't in the last debate?

Nagasaki 9August 1945 A Necessary Evil

How Bush and the Media will make the "Surge" look like the greatest thing since sliced bread

The Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave

Is Cramer going to go balistic again?

*** Official chimp presser thread #3 ***

Conservative sexual fetishes: A hardcore guide

The most irritating toon I have seen this week

Photoshop prison bars into this or just CAPTION it

An Exclusive Interactive Map Showing Extreme Weather That The U.N. Links To Climate Change

Right-wing blogs attack steelworker at the AFL-CIO Forum who lost his health care and pension

Speaker Pelosi: * Continues to Defend an Iraqi Gov't Unable or Unwilling to Make Political Sacrifice

CNN: Mine owner Murray has become "the face of this tragedy"!

Does anyone know anything about the republiCONS...

NYSE to leave Wall Street....

More miner crap on CNN

Sidney Blumenthal: Will The Real Colin Powell Please Stand Up?

CNBC is going nuts!!

Sierra trees dying faster due to warming

"Children of Hillary's Village" ("post-Roe youth") to protest Clinton after 8/9 debate

George W. Pissypants ---pix--->>>


I heard someone say they actually felt sorry for bush.

Mittens (pinned to his jacket) Romney doesn't know how many counties in MA?

Ex-funeral director gets 10 years for stealing burial money

CAPTION chowderhead (*) at his news conference!!!!

More Mystery Poster...he is still around

"it was feared that homeless people living beneath the bridge might also have been trapped"

BREAKING: The Dow closes more than 300 points down -- one of its worst days this year.

This very much speaks for itself, even as satire.

After watching the disjointed, confused press conference,

Well, my blood pressure just sky-rocketed: look at this racist garbage my cousin sent me

"Lovable old coot" mine owner finally gets Spanish interpreter;keeps Hispanic families "sequestered"


Clark: "There are three sets of issues in getting out...let's look at each one."

Scrap NAFTA or no?

Yard Sale Economy displays wares....

ACLU Asks Secret Intelligence Court to Release Orders That Led to "Emergency" Wiretapping Legislati

AT&T errs in edit of anti-Bush lyrics

I need help with some "legalese"

Vacation Time with * and Poppy - pics

Happy Dump Dick Day! from A28

Why is this man not running for President?

The Case of Kenneth Foster: Texas Prepares To Execute Man For Driving A Car Near Scene of Murder

The Romney Brothers

Canada and Bush's North American Union project

Do you have an impeachment sticker on your car? Why not?

John Nichols coming up on Rachel Maddow----LINK here:

"Patriot" (a poem)

Anybody in LA feel that? QUAKE!

Russia's Cossacks rise again

Police push for sky patrols

Dodd: Clinton and Obama are BOTH inexperienced

Aryan Nations After Bomb Blast

Women's Health at the FDA

a very odd Bush photo from 2002

Tony Snow Looks HORRIBLE

Women...Despised and Persecuted Ideas

You know what's rude? When guests come over to YOUR house, and make YOU pray before you eat

The Race Dimensions of Trafficking in Persons – Especially Women and Children

Gender and Racial Discrimination

John F. Kennedy "The President and the Press" (April 27, 1961)

I wonder if Jr has had his 'heart to heart" with Maliki yet?---I saw a pic of

Too Fun

Army to Expand Recruiting Incentives

Obama coming to Lexington Ky this month. Here is the notice.

Maliki visited with Families of Iranians who we are holding as prisoners

Ya know, I didn't know Olbermann

Bush vs, the Zombies

Russia Revives Cold War Style Surprise Visits To U.S. Air Space With Bomber Jets

3684 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Feminist...A Little Righteous Anger

Bush: "I said I'm confident that we -- both the Paks and the Americans"

U.S. Pays Ford Foundation for Funeral

The Wacky Klan

Germany Struggles to Save Berlin Wall.........


Anti-leak Congressman discloses classified intelligence budget cut in editorial

War with China? The topic came up during the AFL-CIO debate.

Bad radio

Turkey Must Take Baghdad

Open letter to Randi Rhodes. You are fortunate to be so smart and a hard worker.

Anti-Leak Congressman Discloses Classified Intell Budget Cuts

When I Hear You F@cking

Another Republican gets arrested - from rush's hometown

Bush On Torture Report: ‘Haven’t Seen It, We Don’t Torture’

It seems to me that 'Tax And Spend Democrats" may be inevitable.

How Bush is Stealing More Money from Each of Us: A weak dollar and the Fed

Bush: 19 kids to come on airplanes to murder our citizens - KIDS WTF!

I'm Fed Up With You Peasants Questioning ME! ---pix--->>>

Randi Rhodes bitching at Edwards haircut

People, want to start connecting dots on China trade & the BFEE?

Bush Cheney launch coordinated campaign to pin Iraq's troubles on IRAN

Al Gore Transforms Television With A Little Help From His Friends

A Widening Credit Squeeze? Cards Raising Their Rates

It's easy sometimes to forget Iraq -- and then a plane lands in Boston and brings it home.

Taking time to remember those killed/harmed in Nagasaki 62 yrs ago

Can Petraeus really give a 'frank assessment' of Iraq occupation while feeding it to us through FOX?

Tweety Just Ripped Romney A New One

Oh Lookie. The Carlyle Group owned it's own data center!

Cindy Sheehan--Stop crying!

Infant abuse and anti-abortion people: perfect together

New forecast: Above-normal storm activity still predicted

I was thinking about the conservative rant that government

Starting RIGHT NOW- Bill Moyers on C-span!!! Tune in!

The Coming "Bush Aftermath": What Will It Look Like?

Message of Peace ---- from 1947

Hillary is a disingenuous .......

O’Hanlon/Pollack Rebuffed By Travel Companion Cordesman: ‘I Did Not See Any Dramatic Change’

Police: Baby Left In Fla. Heat While Mom Shops

Any decent president would resign...

These Dems signed on to Censure Clinton in 1999 (Diane Feinstein bill):

Just Back from my first trip to Israel - comparison 1

DHS taking over checking passenger info against watch lists

Can we just issue a warrant for Murray the Coal Guy now?

Project X News!

2 arrested in N.J. deaths, others sought

Heads Up: Appeals Court Battle Over NSA Surveillance coming on August 15

This young Marine lost his soul in Bush's Hell

About the 190,000 missing guns in Iraq

Bush Is Demanding Wiretapping Amnesty

Did Hillary Just Receive A Mortal Wound re: Previous Nukes Off The Table Contradiction? Obama Wins?

In Need of DU Support/Advice

Credit card offers: we get them almost every day in the mail, it's ridiculous

Sex Assault Suspected at Playboy Mansion

In A Three Minute Monologue, Matthews Gushes Over Bush’s ‘Great Neo-Conservative Mind’

Won't Somebody Think About the Poor Tick?

I'm watching the replay from Chimpy's earlier press conference

Matthews: Where have all the "big, beefy" "every-way big guy" Democrats gone?

wow, Hartmann just put 2 and 2 together for me

Romney Fundraiser and former Bush "Pioneer" indicted

Talking points: how supporting impeachment will help Congress win in 2008

When Obama is called 'inexperienced' ... is that code for "boy"??

Christians United for Israel- Bringing about the Rapture

DFA New Jersey impresses me so much.

Does it seem this Murray Energy guy, Bob Murray, is dealing straight...


Minorities become the majority in 10 percent of U.S. counties (AP/CNN)

O’Hanlon/Pollack Rebuked By Travel Companion Cordesman: ‘I Did Not See Any Dramatic Change’

Bush to speak at 10:30 Eastern time this morning.

My contribution just went to the ONE candidate who will end Clinton's NAFTA.

Giuliani says he faced same health risks as workers on 9/11

This may sound silly, but we've tried everything else: how about REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY?

Tweety (a.k.a, "Shrub ASSWIPE") blared that Shrub was POWERFUL, "LIKE A ROCK!!1"

B*sh's "improving numbers" among Repugs...

Domestic Violence

McClatchy: Congress escapes, leaving NSA to eavesdrop freely

Bush says he'll veto children's health funding-again

Fossils challenge old evolution theory

Duer in the news


And so she drove out of my life forever

Real world Slytherins

Pvt. Lavena Johnson, was killed in Iraq on July 19th, 2005. Evidence points to assault and murder.

In the Hole to China...

Buck Henry new correspondent on The Daily Show

How a drug or vaccine gets approved: A description of clinical trials

This Hour, 33 Years Ago...

"I just think George W. Bush is doing a good job with Iraq and everything else"

When the bridge fell in minnesota did anyone hear Geraldo...

US turns U-2 spy planes on itself, raising specter of broader surveillance

Is Spanking Of Children Appropriate?

I knew a guy with Lyme's Disease once. I even saw his MRI images.

Ed Schultz says that Dennis Kucinich will have his 3 hours

Laura Bush, daughter Jenna to publish children's book (about a boy who doesn't like to read)

If you REALLY want to help the Kucinich campaign...PLEASE DONATE NOW !

Can a non-American ask you something about your primary system?

I am really starting to get Pissed-off at Stephen Colbert and his gulping Pain Pills shtick

John Dean: The So-Called Protect America Act: Civil Liberties Threat and a Greater Danger As Well

****** Latest info on September 15 march in DC *****

Bush Tells Congress to Change Its Own Priorities to Fund Bridge Upgrades

Biden suggests bringing criminal charges against Bush admin.

The Sin of Misunderstanding The Poor

Another Inconvenient Truth:Tourists hurt after Arctic glacier breaks

Neighbors sick of Limbaugh-listening slacker neighbor who lives in his car.

Scientists have cracked the riddle of levitation

PHOTOS: (graphic) Nagasaki 9 August 1945

Conservative.."traditional" women..

"The Sanchez Six" - Marine Mom and Vets arrested in OC Dem's office - Please take action!

Take action! AMAZON supports cockfighting through sale of magazines

To NON-DU: If your CEO killed your kids, bankrupted your company, spied on employee personal lives,

What does it mean to be poor in America?

OK, this is my first video

Bush Sees New Threat! Must See!!!!

Henry Waxman finally speaks out on Sibel Edmonds Case!

"Enterprising freckle-faced kid with American flag" and Keith Olbermann busted by Fox News's Gibson

I'm sorry, but Randi Rhodes is being a MAJOR *ITCH today!

Spanking IS Abuse


"NO, Bad Under Dog.!!!"."Bad Naughty Liberal!...Bad, Bad!"

She wanted to be a teacher…

Tomorrow Never Knows




Oh, no! Scumbag David "the rap music made Imus do it" Gregory is on my TV again

A quick message for those that think the working poor should just "Get better jobs".

Kids who throw drinks back at drive-thru windows.. (I know how to thwart them)

Conservative Blogs, Newspapers Spin Durbin’s ‘Very Discouraging’ Iraq Assessment

A friendly impeachment thread-stop in and say hi whether for Gonzales, Cheney or Bush

Idiot Philadelphia columnist: "We need another 9/11".

Links to some DU threads on Robert Murray and Utah mine collapse

FOUND ONE: BUSH in photo with Young Repub. Prez accused of Sexual Crime

Edwards to campaign in NW Iowa next week

Tom Foreman (CNN) just asked.. "is General Colin Powell the boost McCain needs right now?"

Clark was blogging on DailyKos today.

Portions Censored From Pearl Jam Webcast

Rasmussen: Trend Reversal: Hillary Clinton Below 40% in Presidential Tracking Poll

We'll only succeed with Muslims if we start acting like Christians.

AFL-CIO holds off endorsing '08 Democrat: "all the candidates are impressive"

TV Newser: Olbermann/Debate Reviews

Clinton Has Big Lead, But Rivals Say Just Wait

Illinois Candidates Start Petition Drives for Earliest-Ever Primary

The N.Y. Times finally understands .... We are pissed off

Antiwar Freshman House Leader Faces Skeptical Constituents

U.S. political climate ripe for grassroots groups

We need a database of (R) business owners and the salaries they pay.

Qualities I'm Looking For In A Candidate For President.

Ron Paul campaign expresses concerns about Diebold's voting machines

Romney: Dems too concerned with civil liberties

Other People's Maps (Iraq, partition plans and the historical perspective) Wilson Quarterly

bush says he opposes radicals and extremists

"Oh Say Can You See..."

IMO, courage and intuition are among the top qualities I am looking for in a president.

Lee Terry (R-Ne) antsy for a declared candidate

bush's blathering preempts Diane Rehm on NPR

Democratic candidates address gay rights (tonight in L.A.)

I heard about the CA reapportioning of votes yesterday

The Rude Pundit: Poppy Bush Loves George, Not Us

Rasmussen on Hillary's chances in the general election...

Daily Kos: If Pakistan Captures Bin Laden Now, Can Obama Take Credit?

Hi Crimes and Misdemeanors from The Washington Spectator

The root cause of problems (long)

AFL-CIO Decides Not to Endorse for Now, Freeing Unions to Do So

Howie Kurtz on Moldea (muckraker) & Flynt (publisher of GOP muck)

Tough Questions for "Walnuts!" McCain This Morning

Obama Softens Tone on Pakistan

Obama and Pakistan---Josh Marshall (TPM)

I'm starting to get sick and tired of apologizing for the House and Senate

McCain Doing Worse Than Obama -- Among Iowa Republicans!

Pundit Chris Cillizza declares Edwards sole loser of AFL-CIO Debate (says Biden was a winner)

Campaign Alchemy: Candidates Turn Negative Comments into Fundraising Gold

So is Hillary consistent? AP: Clinton Discussed Use of Nukes Last Year

Maybe it's because Edwards has some really good advocates here...

Will Edwards's speech be televised?

Want RFK Jr. to run in `08? How to show your support!

Fuck New Hampshire, Mississippi its going to have its primary this September

Bush is a saint... {NB: This is a joke!}

Commenting on the Black Commentator

Chickenhawk Romney: But my son is driving a Winnebago around Iowa to help me win!

there's something happening here ... what it is ain't exactly clear ...

Obama’s Support For Nuclear Power Making Some Greens See Red

South Carolina Dems Refuse to Move their Primary Date

Is anyone listening to Thom Hartmann? Why isn't Congress investigating re 2001 anthrax attacks?

Hillary flip-flops on nukes...she needs to do something about that forked tongue

Do you attack rather than critique democratic candidates?

Horse's Mouth: Fox News' Neil Cavuto: Please Come Back, Dems! Please! We Need You!

FISA, fantasy and facts

Cindy up on the Situation Room right now.

Too many debates, too soon, with not enough viewers

Rove's Diary: Just Try to Stop Me, Coppers!

Bush takes swipe at Congress’s productivity

My problem with HIllary is no longer her politics. It is her competence.

Daschle lashes out at GOP for zeroing in on Johnson

Who here is for PARTY LOYALTY?

New U of Iowa poll out today, Thursday 8/9

A message from Ramsey Clark

A question re. Dems who vote amnesty for the Junta

well it certainly looks like the knives are out between Obama and Clinton folks here.

Greenwald really nails it about the Establishment Foreign Policy Community

Clinton Camp : No Contradiction - by Beth Fouhy at Huffington Post

Senator Tom Daschle: Tell Senator John Ensign to Stop Attacking Tim Johnson E action

Photos: Barack Obama on the Eddie 'Piolin' Sotelo Radio Show today in Glendale, CA

POLL: Hillary lead at 20 points over Obama (44/24), statistically unchanged since last month

Bush and the media are spinning Iraq success, what are the candidates saying?

The Bush administration is so 'green'.

Daub (R-Ne) still undecided about (Hagel's) Senate seat

Democrats Stress Working Family Issues

Dodd, Fresh From Slamming Obama, Now Targets Hillary!

US Political Climate Ripe for Grassroots Groups

After Great Hopes for New Congress, Reality Falls Short

What other liberal forums do you post at?

An essential web site to bookmark for following campaign contributions

Seriously, if Gore doesn't run, how can we catapult Kucinich to frontrunner?

Purple-thumbed Republicans 'tipping hat' to Iraqis in weekend straw poll

Flashback: Hillary Said She'd Take Nukes Off The Table Last Year

Fox News' Neil Cavuto: Please Come Back, Dems! Please! We Need You!

Legalized Wategate or They Just Gave Away the 2008 Elections

Obama warns Bush over veto threat

If Hillary Clinton continues to duck hypothetical questions, does she deserve your vote?

Rep. Sestak(Fmr Admiral) FISA: ‘We Should Have Stood Up And Said No’

President Bush, Democrats will stop investigating when you deliver answers to our questions.

PACs and lobbyists aided Obama's rise

Jr. got real ticked off today when asked about his accountability:

Don't you people realize that Obama now owns the 'fight the terrorists that attacked us' position?

HEADS UP: LGBT Candidate Forum tonight at 9 PM ET, streamed online

The Permature Al-Anbar Happy Dance

Unions divided between Edwards, Clinton

So if Richardson Does not get the nod....

Kucinich on 'This Week with George Stephanopoulos' Sunday, August 12

NYT: The Blogs Are Alive With the Sound of Angry Democrats

Want to make a difference on FISA - Need Help

California State Senator Sheila Kuehl Endorses Hillary Clinton

The more Hillary and Obama fight , the more likely Gore gets in

OK, here's my ticket:

who here is for a party capable of, and intent on, meaningful change for the better?

The question I want to see asked during a YouTube debate of Dems:

I'm a Twenty-Six Percenter!

WaPo Editorial: "Chasing Terrorists" re Obama, Clinton, et al

I'm getting ready to go see Hillary!!

.. the real enemy on the other side of the aisle who is trying to play you for a sucker.

With all the shifting of primary dates

New Gallup Poll: Hillary Increases Lead to 22 Points - - - 48%!!! Tops in Foreign Policy

Obama's downward slide

Clinton will walk in nurse's shoes for a day

The Blame for the FISA Wiretap Bill Lies Solely on the Shoulders of Pelosi and Hoyer

Prosecuting the Duke Lacrosse Players

Why only Gore can stop Hillary

Let New Yorkers tell you: Giuliani's not the 9/11 hero you think he is

Ok, who started the "Edwards is angry just like Dean" thingy.

My wifes two best friends just got called back up

Edwards Statement on President Bush Tax Comments

Obama: Shocking poll result in Iowa - updated

Is a multiparty system better than a two-party system?

these Blue Dogs are sick puppies