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Back to the 60's! (Bush History: 6/14 Saturday - Flag Day)

New Forum Proposal: GD:TR

I dedicate this song to us.

Chimp o' war grasping at straws to rescue his legacy? (Orders go out, get me Osama)

Fox News: Quiz of Lies

Please help me respond to freeper relative


Giuliani Plans to Aid Hopefuls, for His Share

Sunday TV news shows

5/25/2004, Jim Jubak of MSN Money Fame advises his readers to buy OIL, $40 is cheap.......

What makes this a great country....

So what will you do with your Saturday night when DU goes down in a few minutes?

AFA: The Democratic Party endorses Ho-moh-sect-shoo-uhl marriage....


After all the posts and endless tv coverage of Russert, I'm ready to say:

DU's BACK, that was quick! n/t

Welcome to Equality for All!

Friend confirms Paul Newman's cancer

House GOP falls short on campaign cash (AP)

That was quick! :)

Regarding McSame and Bush, a friend of mine made this comment in an e-mail:

Because I'm loopy from lack of sleep . . .

Border Control = the new Serfdom?

I knew Tim Russert. Tim Russert was a friend of mine.


Let me thank all GBLT Activists for giving us all a little more freedom & happiness.

We like to pretend

Bush Announces: I won't step down ...

"conservative' TV boob Jay Sekulow is gathering signatures against return of Fairness Doctrine

Matt Stoller is whipping Ruffini on WJ this morning

Sex Trade Thrives In Afghanistan

Why does this photo give me the willies...

The big one and child labor.

Any AmeriCorps Alumni on DU?

I'm noticing NBC did not shorten their US Open coverage


In a country where the car is king, the price of oil = a challenge to long-cherished assumptions

Tiger at one stroke position to take lead...starting in a few

how do you measure candidates' experience? c-span wj now

Can a man and a woman

The FOX News Southern Strategy Gets the David Duke Thumbs Up: KKK Approved!

Government censors attack Secrecy News

Another Russert thread

Another Russert thread

Those in nations with universal healthcare

Mccain's response to the midwest flooding.

Bush, in Paris, acknowledges Midwest flooding

What's Going on This morining?

The perils of privatization.......great quotes from the film "The Corporation"

MTP: A nice tribute to Russert.

Many historians see little chance for McCain

Chilling quotations:

BwaHAH!1 Georgie asked Fred THOMPSON about being McNASTY's veep!1

What can anyone tell me about the New American Foundation?

Today (June 15) is Magna Carta Day, and we have a reason to celebrate

This is a photo from a place on the Western Hemisphere?!

Google Tools Will Tell You If Your ISP Is Slowing Down Your Connection

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/15/08 - Obama 46, McCain 39 - Both down 1

Will DUers PLEASE stop calling for the torture of Puppies!

If you follow Right-Wing hate groups, you may be interested in this development:

The Nation: Name Our Epoch

Tires: anecdotal confirmation of a post seen last month on DU.

Guardian UK: The story of modern corporate Britain

Conservatism vs. Authoritarianism: The British vs. The US Right, Glenn Greenwald

POLL....If this is any indication

Shaquille O'Neal wants to help with foreclosures in Orlando

So, everyone solemnly believes that the Bush administration is full of shit and lies.

Pundit Charles Krauthammer: Star Trek Alien Reject? (Inside Washington)

236.8 tons of cannabis buried in vast trenches in the desert

North Invades Mexico

More Reasons Why John McCain Is The Real McPieceOfShit

Bill Presses Iraq to Recognize Israel

Obama? Isn't his middle name Saddam?

A post dedicated to Tim Russert

Check out all the high recommends for Tim Russert on

Caption Karzai (post- Laura Bu$h visit)

'Special Weapons' Have a Fallout on Babies (what we have done)

Congress Responds to Kucinich Impeachment Bill (satire)

New vocabulary in the anti-choice movement....

WaPo: The Bubble (First in a three-part series on the Housing Crash)

lol at bush - "there's alot of reasons i like joe scalia."

Rob Reiner to direct Jim Webb screenplay?

MTV's Tila Tequila: Gays Can Get Married "Because of Me"

Reuters: McCain admits "It can be “tough” to be proud of USA"

come grit your teeth over this

McCain And Graham Plan To Introduce Legislation Undermining Supreme Court


The Nation: Silence of the (MSM) Lambs

For father's day.

Internet addiction, empty communities, and cheap art

Bush tells Brown not to withdraw from Iraq.»

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow are young, geeky and hot

Bush wants to get Bin Laden before he leaves office.

Good news in Iowa City? Did flood stage just go down slightly the last hour?

Why Gore Vidal ROCKS! Today's NYT magazine.

It's Magna Carta Day.....

W. Regrets Almost Nothing By MAUREEN DOWD

Could Scott McClellan Be Charged With A Crime?

Suicide calls jump amid economic woes, hot line says

Did I miss the DUzy awards on Friday?

McCain And Graham Plan To Introduce Legislation Undermining Supreme Court Decision On Guantanamo

Coming up on Cspan2 --Secret Military emblems and patches (Recommend!)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: One Simple Question

McClatchy - "We got the wrong guys"

DHS spends millions to prevent terrorist version of "Speed"-

Cheney Spouts Gibberish (Bush History: 6/15 Sunday - Father's Day)

Robert Reich on This Week is saying exactly what I said

Brit Tory MP stands up for habeus corpus. Seething colleagues denounce him as "barmy."

Oh no, another Tim Russert post!

"Joe Lieberman is fast becoming the Democrats' public enemy No. 1."

Jeremy Scahill (Blackwater) LIVE with Bob McChesney on "Media Matters" NOW (2pm EDT)

John McCain's Wealthy "Family Values"

Happy Father's Day

Fred Thompson: "unprecedented" economic growth under Bush.

Security for Bush will shut centre of London

I just saw David Letterman's interview with ScottyMac - Cheney is a goon...

The Military-Industrial-Media Complex

Looks like Bush has another sock puppet, this time Frech President Sarkovsky

Who are the real journalists?

Dick Cheney and Marvel Comics' the Kingpin. Have they ever been

Myths & Facts About FEMA Housing Following Katrina

How many have a deep subconscious fear that Bush will do something...

floods, floods, and more floods

Lively debate on C-Span right now about energy policy . . .

If You're Someone Bitchin About The Russert Coverage, How Bout Ya Shut It Off Ya Selfish Fuck.

Well done ADMIN you guys are quick and efficient

I get it. Damn mrbush indeed!

Mexico's Cheap Gas Draws American Drivers

AP IMPACT: CEO pay chugs up in '07 despite economy

According to agents, MTP speculation centers on Gregory, Matthews, Scarborough

I would say we have a success story right here at the DU

35 Reasons To Call (202) 225-5126

Is this a nationwide scam or just where I live?

Photos- Extreme Instability Clouds- Iowa

Crooks & Liars: 4,412 military deaths in Iraq, 128 Iraqi civilians killed this week

CEO pay rose higher in '07 despite economic woes

Recalling Russert as Political Operative in New York

Morning Paper Headline January 21st 2009

Interest rates.

Rapture-Ready Evangelicals Impersonate Army Officers

terrorist hand clasp?

What? He can't walk WITH his wife?

So, whoops, we accidentally let 1000 Taliban go....

Kuwait....Would you spend $10,000 getting your car waxed?

The Fall of Conservatiam

This breaking news just in! Tim Russert is still dead!

Old Farming Habits Leave Uzbekistan a Legacy of Salt

McCain Calls Arizona a Swing State

State employees must have direct deposit?

and yet again a day with watches and warnings. The clouds are getting puffy already

I am puzzled. Is any of the mainstream press reporting the Taliban prison break?

Evidence Showing Pelosi Must Recuse Herself On Impeachment

Is the flooding in the mid-west heading down the Mississippi towards New Orleans?

George W. Bush's Hail Mary Pass

If Waxman Were to Act

Heads up: Obama's Father's Day speech coming up on CSPAN

Proof of Conspiracy to murder 200,000 people a year in USA by big Pharma

McCain tries to play Dems for fools (again)

Shadow Supply Of Real Estate May Push Back Housing Revival

If God appeared before you right now and He was displeased with your actions,

I'm anxious to see if Carly Fiorina is really Kodos or Kang underneath that lifelike human suit.

Judge Sets Abramoff Sentencing Date, Investigation May Continue

Best nickname for the Bush Cheney regime?

Without my DUzys

"Bush soaks in Europe like only a president can (AP)"

Economy faces that '70s feeling again; Fed has a big challenge

Who needs DUzy's...

Details emerge of Bush's visit with the Queen

My ass no one protests the Iraq War

Photo: Bush "looks out over the graves of fallen American soldiers"

McCain's position on POWs from his thesis at the War College

Another Father's Day, another chance to recall my own. Such as he was.

Listening to liberals just tires me (LTTE)

The man died way too early

Turn on Your TV For a Documentary Tribute to An Amazing Broadcast Journalist!

Yo Homeys - John McCain Cribs

Is the United States Killing 10,000 Iraqis Every Month? Or Is It More?

Yahoo News...lies again..

John Edwards on Supreme Court?

New poll: Obama has NEVADA in play. "Statistical tie, a toss-up"

My Turn To Post a Russert Thread !! Funeral to be like State Funeral.. News Companies to Shut Down.

Let's all "FLOOD" the WH with DVDs of Iowa flooding!

Terrorism by the numbers (Clinton vs. Bush)

Who says American don't get politically involved?! LOL!

How could Kansas not teach evolution and be home to the Nibiruan Council?

These Traitors make me Sick.......... Katy Couric, Bill O'Rielly,

'Teresa Heinz Kerry's pumpkin spice cookies failed to beat off the competition'

Elian Gonzalez Joins Cuba's Young Communist Union ("I will never let Castro down")

Photo: British protesters greet the "World's #1 Terrorist."

Who would you pick for Obama's Attorney General?

How many Senate and House seats can the Democrats pick up?

Tennis its.... GOLFING KNEE? Tigers Knee triggers 2 eagles and 1 bird in one last nine

For Elad - PHP/MySQL Error

'I freed millions from barbarism', says President with no regrets

Proof of Insider Trading in Bear Stearns Collapse

Anyone else been having trouble with Firefox v2.0.0.14 lately (OCSP - Server Errors)???

The "law of agency" and "representation".

Walter Cronkite: "It is increasingly clear to this reporter that the only rational way out . . . "

Does Jim Webb on the ticket give us a better shot at Virginia and Missouri?

Rick Sanchez does it again!!

video:Protesters greet Bush's UK visit

I think many here on DU have failed to read Senator Obama's comments on Tim Russert

Wexler attacked by (district) paper for impeachment stance.

Face it. The Republicans want to run America like a sweatshop.

California Braces For New "Summer Of Love"

It's Just Plame Impeachable

Williams Calls Hume and Kristol ‘Out Of Touch’ For Saying McCain’s Tax Plan Will Help Working Americ

A USGS animation of June flooding shows how big this event is

A stunning statement of ignorance by a pro-war protestor:

People die, even close friends

An Honest 'Ode to Tim Russert.

NY Post tries to infer that Keith is feminine by way of RLS

Catholic Group Sues to Delay California Same Sex Marriages

I hope Tim Russert's funeral is broadcast live, just like Princess Diana's.

After seeing Bush having tea with human filth. I wish we would honor this line of the

Asia Times: "Bush pledges on Iraq bases a ruse"

"What you are about to see is unrehearsed and uncensored."

Hugh Hefner, 82

Iowa: "My family doesn't live there. It's not important to me."

"...If I have a chance to invade..."

Heads up for you guys in the flood zone

Here's a cool site I ran across...

Why Not Nancy? By Cindy Sheehan

"...the dictatorship of the future will be very unlike the dictatorships...

I think the salaries for every talking head should be posted on the screen..

Philadelphia Sheriff Takes Law Into His Own Hands: Refuses To Evict Homeowners!

Instant replay in baseball

Seen many honeybees lately? PBS is airing "Silence of the Bees" tonight at 8pm EDT

BBC video shows Obama filling sandbags while Bush dines with Queen

BBC video shows Obama filling sandbags while Bush dines with Queen

Exxon---273%----Increase In Profits---Thanks To Bush & Iraq War

Help! Need some facts about Obama and Rezc(k)o. Dad keeps bringing it up that Obama lied.

Meanwhile in London - the protesters are marching

Bush Tries to Raid Salmon Disaster Funds

The best Pledge of Allegiance story you will ever hear (or close to it!)

CNN is reporting that homeowners in Iowa are telling reporters...

It’s Conyers’s Time to Act on Impeachment

Mission accomplished: We love our corporate media propagandists!

This Is Your President's Brain on Drugs

I know this is not so popular here, but I am thankful as hell for the smoking bans.

They now ask us to remove our hats during the National Anthem at Sporting events.

His Pet Goat

A Tale of Two Presses: McClatchy Investigates Guantanamo, NYTs and WaPo Peddle WMD Claim About Iran

Is Fascism An Impeachable Offense?

My first OP will be my last, in honor of Tim Russert

Obama must recuse himself

Wiretapping: Impeachment Not Immunity- -Pls. Sign Petition!

The New Yorker: One Angry Man; Is Keith Olbermann changing TV news?

TV 9 KCRG live stream

The DUzy Awards will not, in fact, be posted tonight.

George W. Bush has ended racism in America (Iowa floods)

MSNBC - "Predator Raw" ... Dick Cheney?!

McCain Belatedly Cancel Fundraiser With Man Who Says Rape Victims Should Just "Enjoy It."

Bill Moyers interviewing Tim Russert - a MUST read

Wexler Attacked for Impeachment Support - Help Respond!

WTF??? IOWA is fuckin DROWNING for 4 DAYS...and Bush is having TEA with the QUEEN?

Rec this thread if you think the DU Hate Mailbag should be updated

Anyone but David Gregory for next Meet the Press host. ANYONE!

MACRO thread!

“Integrity is for paupers!”

Pelosi Must Recuse Herself On Impeachment-Or The House Must Remove Her


For those affected by the Midwest catastrophe: Dr. Estés steps for recovery from shock & trauma

Tallahassee resident hurt in Kent State shooting dies

NO ONE from this bankrupt Administration is in IOWA, NO ONE...

The breakdown of political language is allowing American society to be pushed beyond "crush depth"

This Chimpy/QE2 pic is just begging for a caption.

Extreme hard-Right group, The Center for Individual Freedom's twisted facts

Tim Russert vs. the Larisa Alexandrovna

Bill Would Ban Sale Of Foreign-Made American Flags

A Malicious Prosecution in my Family

Oklahoma Declares Sovereignty - What does this Mean?

Bush has seven months remaining in office

A tale of two leaders

McCain votes right of Bush on domestic oil/alternative fuel...

Memories of Tim Russert: The night he opened my eyes.

Obama stumbles in battle for Clinton supporters

News Outlets Face Increasing Scrutiny in Campaign

McCain Fundraiser On Rape - "you might as well lie back and enjoy it."

Obama Florida delegate switch of about 7 delegates successful today.

Excuse me, but when did this happen?

McCain says "It's tough to be proud of America"

McCain agrees w/ Michelle Obama on "proud"

Remember Armstrong Williams? Well guess what? He just might vote for Obama....

Obama and Health Care Industry

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Sunday June 15, 2008

I believe people action is needed against FoxNews

McCain Lies to Clinton Supporters

sean connery advising obama?

From the Florida JJ dinner...did Tim Mahoney get the message?

Positive vs Negative Identity Politics

stop pushing McCain talking points or .......

Dismayed Republicans emerge as Barack Obama supporters

Take a deap breath..... you smell that? It smells like fresh, sweet justice.

I just finished reading about McCain's 1974 paper on Viet Nam

From The Folks Who Brought You The Subprime Mortgage Debacle...

Republicans will cross over for Obama

Wow, true pandering-- McCain on judges and same-sex marriage

Black conservatives conflicted on Obama campaign

Warner says no to VP spot

MTP comes on at 10:30 AM in Washington, DC n/t

Can the McCains Pay Their AMEX Bill?

Obama not qualified to behave like Bush Retort to "Obama is not qualified to be president"

I love the fact that McCain is wasting his time trying to win over the Clinton voters....

Exclusive: McCain Gaffe On Status of Forces Agreement ....

The Obama Model

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/15/08 - Obama 46, McCain 39 - Both down 1

I'm watching Snuffy on ABC and Wolfe the whore on CNN right now...

America Cannot Afford John McCain

Oh good, The Stand is on SciFi for at least the next few hours...

Why John McCain does not measure up

So... What should I do tonight, DU?

It **isn't** 'questioing his service". It **is** questioning the *relevancy* of that service

Freak You! Freak You, Sam Rothstein! Freak You!!!

Anti-Espionage Act violated by McCain Campaign Manager's Firm?

Despite sitting at home I had a pretty good afternoon...

Cancel the fund-raising gig but give back the $300,000? - don’t think so

Say Good Night DU!

John McCain Makes Stuff Up

How would Jack Teagarden abd Loiuis Armstrong deal with it?

Best version of Basin Street Blues?

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am now a deadhead...(pics)

The Gov’t failed New Orleans, will the hunt for electoral votes help the flooded Midwest?

I've Been All Around This World

That was REALLY quick!

Don't think twice,It's alright.(Post two versions of the same song)

Favorite "Buddy Bolden Blues" tune?

What's an appropriate amount to spend on a wedding gift?

Hecklers: PLEASE stop booing McCombover during his speeches.

I have discovered the secret to good jazz

Great News: John Edwards Would Consider To Be Obama`s VP If Asked!!!!

What Is Life?

I dunno ...nothing looks any different!

...The Promise of the American Dream Lies in the Hope of an Upward Climb

A Disagreement...

Keating Five, dammit!

My Republican father is going to vote for Obama

Show Me The Meaning Of Life

FRANK RICH: Angry Clinton Women ♥ McCain?

And The Life Clock Ticks On

McCain's Chelsea Joke and Other Thoughts

For My Dear CaliforniaPeggy

Frank Rich today busts the myth Angry Clinton Women heart McCain?

What we're dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law.

HEY KW!!!!!


Analysis: Age an issue in the 2008 campaign?

"At Reuters Summit, McCain seen as best choice for economy"

Rasmussen, 6/15: Obama 46%, McCain 39%

Did the Obama campaign release May's fundraising totals yet?

Get this! My Republican two time Bush voting Republican Boss is going to vote for Obama

My grandmother believed in change.

Joe Lieberman says Iran is "expansionist."

Dont Give Up

Good Evening Lounge.

Had a graduation party yesterday for TeenMidlo and my most

Things like this make me smile: Barack Obama vs. John McCain.

Obama’s Down-Ballot Effect: DCCC says he runs strongly with Independents

Any AmeriCorps Alumni Lurking in the Lounge?

And now for something completely different:

Ok, I'm gonna make a Tim Russert post, but it's about something I saw today.

McCain reaching out to women

I get the weirdest damned earworms (warning: catchy)

John McCain makes stuff up - and no one mentions it

Kitty Dance Dance Dance . . . .

Jones Pure Cane Soda Presents: Campaign Cola 2008

Caption THIS pic...

Hold on to your hats ... ARKANSAS McCain +9 (down 15, was +24)

Is this a COD about to get swalloped?

NO NO, Caption THIS pic...

This is a fantastic childrens book!

If Obama selects Joe Biden as VP; how will the change/non-Washington message play out?

What will become of the .tv domain register when Tuvalu sinks below the sea?

I am going to a funeral on Monday

From the "With Friends Like These" File

Tom Brokaw looked like he was just about to break down on MTP.

The sock Obama doll has been cancelled

Thanks for the upgrade, admin!

Where's the Gabbagool ?

Watch The Entire Obama Town Hall Meeting In Wayne, Pennsylvania - June 14, 2008

I'm making a father's day breakfast for my husband

Have you ever had a total epiphany?

How does John McCain afford the lifestyle he lives?

Anybody try to watch "Inland Empire"?

Did anyone watch Face the Nation and review Jindal and Gingrich's analysis on this race?

Any video link yet on Obama's Fathers' Day talk at Apostolic church?

Audio link for Obama's Father's Day Speech

why does my dog get up and leave the room

Many historians see little chance for McCain

Which 2008 Repubican contender for President was the MOST pathetic?

A great Obama vs McCain Comparison on TAXES!! Good PRIMER!!

i had to alert on myself tonight

Survey -50% turning to the Web to get Information on the Presidential Election

Obamaroo: Days of love, peace, music

Does McCain's War-Mongering Come Front A Short-Man Syndrome?

Battle for the Teddy-Presidency: Bear-ack Obama and...this other guy.

I hurt

Mason Dixon: Nevada - McInsane (44) Obama (42)

156 Congress Members Who Voted Against The Iraq War

Obama on C-span right now!

Listen To Obama`s Fathers Day Speech!

Anyone live a distance from their family?

Obamalexicon - Barack Obama's secret weapon!

***CNN Live has a stream up for Obama's remarks***

McCain Fundraiser Stated That Frequenting Mexican Prostitutes Part of Growing Up...

Amazing short Video for you to watch to increase your inspiration for today!

McCain infers that it's tough to be proud of one's country

McCain VP? I am thinking Newt. Balanced ticket: two wife ditchers.

I have finally completed my studies.

Ten cop cars surrounded our house yesterday. Then Elvis showed up.

Homepage URL question

Michelle Obama in for 'Very Ugly Stuff', She's the New Woman Conservatives Love to Hate

Bumper stickers on NPR...very telling.

How come Tim Russert never wrote a book about his mother?

The Sock Obama.

Dance of the Red-capped Manakin:



Gallup: Republicans think American Morality Declines so what are they proud about?

Paging Captain Obvious: Study: Americans use Net to look beyond sound bite

Is this why I hear so many assholes on the radio?

Think the Gender War Is Over? Think Again: Obama v. McCain "an epic American gender showdown"


A meeting of the minds

Better than "going black" I suppose?

Patrick Fitzgerald for AG?

is Aaron Magruder ever going back to being a panel cartoonist?

How do I unblock cookies? I need to login to Photobucket and I

Lay the F*** off Michelle Obama

Happy Father's Day!

Kerry on Lieberman's position in the Dem caucus: "I can't tell you what happens next year."

Edwards Has Not Ruled Out V.P. Run

Does anyone know what's going on with Dave Chapelle??

9000 Posts

Issue: Food Safety Concern: Farmers now using human excretment as fertilizer

MUST READ! Don't Be Fooled by Wall Street's Happy Talk

Happy Father's Day to everyone out there

MAJOR METHODOLOGY CHANGE at 538 shows Obama could be leading by HUGE margin

Another Nice Art Poster For Obama

Michelle-shortbread cookies | Cindy-oatmeal butterscotch cookies

I Hate Tiger Woods

military record

If you want to find the cops they are hanging out in the donut shop...

I know Luke will be sad since his dad will no longer be around

Call your father, or spend time with your father today

People with too much free time: The Lolcat Bible Translation Project

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 7/15/2008)

Hey Ptah !! Photobucket still won't let me sign in !! Now what ??

Cindy McCain stole drugs from her own charity

Can anyone figure out what type of bird this is?

On line shopping....this made me laugh

Great. Yet another holiday that does not apply to me.

Obama's fathers day remarks up on CNN now.

Here's the latest deadline I've missed.

What was Christian Slater's last good movie

Something about Russert that really bothered me:

I received the BEST news tonight re: my financial aid for next year!!!

Its finally MINE!

for dads - "Laws Concerning Food and Drink; Household Principles; Lamentations of the Father"

"every kid in America should see this movie"


Anyone do ceramic or wood restorations?

Tigers just complete second series sweep in a row!

Picture thread to celebrate my new camera!

What if McCain's health fails and he withdraws from the race?

Is there something like Sendspace or Rapidshare for larger files (1 GB+)?

Euro 2008: Who Will Take It All?

My Son Is Going On Vacation Tomorrow With His Mother and Grandmother

I'm tired. I'm hot. I'm sweaty. I'd love an ice-cold beer and shower.

Obama fills sand bags.

What was that? Did you see it? I've never seen anything like this before.

My in-laws really surprised me this week.

Damn, where is everyone today?

What are YOU geeky about? Here's my geeky list:

Michael Nesmith's "Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash," the best album John Hartford never made

Is this kid great or what (a few large pix)

I once knew a girl who lived on Gordon Street

When I'm elected, I promise not to fill my Cabinet with my inept, chickenhawk, war-mongering cronies

Batter up!

Baseball oddity of the day: Twins pitcher strikes out 4 batters in ONE inning.

NO, Caption THIS pic...

Look how easy it is in Texas! Show us yours.

best new song ever...

ginbarn and I need good vibes for our niece

God! Why don't I ever listen?? Walmart

"F-R-E-E", that spells free. "", baby!

Just when you thought it might be safe to enter the bonds of matrimony...

Lounge vibes needed for Iowans-in-Law

cute pups and momma

No Obama TV ads in PA!!!-

This thread features rich Corinthian leather.

My father and why I hate war.

So where's the nearest re-education center?

LOL Cats

why are plastic wading pools all that awful color and design?

SuSE Linux 11 to debut on June 19th!

Anyone here going to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival?

The cat thirst picture reminded me

If ;you had one last song to hear, what would it be?

Democrats eye Lieberman's criticism of Obama

HEY! Behind you .......

Mmm. Chicken gumbo.

McCain should

Two days until Firefox Tuesday!

U.S. Traitor, Rove, thinks Biden #1 Obama choice.

Anyone Else Hate Father's Day, Mother's Day, and all days that...

cat thirst

Heiroglyphics image

Can cats and parrots get along?

happy puppy

Oh my GOD!!

Computer Internet geeks, I need some help...

My super exciting day...

Rocco Mediate and his peace symbol belt buckle in the lead!

If you had a birthday song, what would it be?

I cannot believe the McCain ad I saw on Lifetime today

Anyone heard from Parche lately?

Has anyone seen the movie "Down Periscope"? Did I just catch the best 60 seconds of it?

Harry Reid for VP?

Pew Report : McCain has ruined his brand - no longer considered maverick, independent, or reformer.

Did you ever sit in a chair like this --- springy????

Hey Lounge, do you see it?

Shea Stadium slip n slide

A new take on 'keeping up with the Joneses'

AUDIO LINK: McCain says "It's tough" to be proud of America...


Anybody else see "Head of State?"

Barack Obama: Father's Day Speech

It's finally finished.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/15/08

Why would my freezer suddenly start making clear ice?

What's for Dinner, DU?

I just realized something about the historical figures in "Bill and Ted"...

Fwd: Republicans on McCain

Charlie Sheen is only #2 on "Living Sex Legends' List"


I finally got into photobucket...random photos for you to see

Tim Russert was the Chief Executive of the News Division of NBC/GE, not a journalist

Michelle Obama in for 'Very Ugly Stuff'

Does anyone here know just what "Codswallop" is?

Does your Significant Other also post on DU?

What does it mean "to be happy?"

A house we really like has a heavy cigarette smoke smell up in the bedroom area.


Sniffa reviews: Boston Pride march 2008

Today's Severe Thunderstorm Watch lasts until 7 pm.

Sunday 6/15 Kitten Picture of the Day

Democratic presidents mean better wages

So I am going through my change jar...

John McCain takes $300,000 from Texas oilman who told rape victims to "lie back and enjoy it"

A nice light "fun", relaxing, wish I was here song thread

Do you own an Ipod, a Zune or any other form of portable mp3 player?

My Bookstore is FULL of DU'ers

Can you believe I paid 25 cents for this?

What I did on my DU break...

Anyone else have a cougar crush on Mary Louise-Parker?

How my 9 year old nephew has changed due to Barack Obama....

Happy Fathers Day Dhalgren!

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

Dem Convention $15 Million Short Of Fundraising Goal

Joe Biden was just on my porch, gave me a big hug and thanked me for supporting him!!

Cavalcade of the Puke Veeps

That sure seemed to come easy for you!

In Britain we are having a little taste of the future.

6/14 Election Model: Obama 51.9%; 319 EV; 99.6% Prob

McCain officially blows his chances with women. And (again) shows he's an idiot.

Name the Band You Most Wish You Could See Live But Never Will

Good morning everyone!

Congrats to DU's Ava!

Watching Ocean's Eleven for the first time

Charleston SC Obama volunteers' voter registration tent at the Juneteenth Festival

Caption this pic...

Cindy McCain Stole Her Cookie Recipe Straight from the Hershey's Website!

The Fact-Checker: Was Obama ever a Muslim? (in response to ad from "Willie Horton" ad creator)

Good family car with good gas mileage?

Floods force thousands from homes in Iowa

Bush begins two-day visit to UK

Karzai Issue Warning to Pakistan

Sen. Kennedy preparing to 'do battle,' son says

Children's health rights trump parent beliefs in Canada

Warner takes himself out of Obama's VP mix; accepts nomination for U.S. Senate

With Shares Battered, A.I.G. Ousts Leader

Traumatised US soldiers to get Purple Hearts

Miracle in Sichuan: The School That Didn't Fall

Karzai issues warning to Pakistan

At Reuters Summit, McCain seen as best choice for economy

Father's Day: Obama tells black fathers to engage their children

CEO pay rose higher in '07 despite economic woes

Nuclear Ring Reportedly Had Advanced Design

Many historians see little chance for McCain

Bush compliments Sarkozy on wife

Protesters greet Bush's UK visit

Don't move migratory birds during nesting season, Border Patrol told

McClatchy: America's prison for terrorists often held the wrong men

Dead Marine's family says he didn't get proper care

Edwards Has Not Ruled Out V.P. Run

McCain: It can be “tough” to be proud of USA

2 women wanted in 'unbearable physical and psychological abuse' of L.A. boy

UN chief: Saudi to boost oil production

Rice criticizes Israel on West Bank settlements

Obama: ‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun’

Ohio To Be Center of Military's Human-Performance Research

Get Osama Bin Laden before I leave office, orders George W Bush

1/5 Obama - Five Ways America will Begin To Lead Again!

Obama - The Contender

Democratic primary the musical

opium bride: hearts and minds lost in afghan

SELF DELETE - I didn't know this was a Ron Paul ad. Sorry!

Barack Obama's Speech on Father's Day

Thom Hartmann: Screwed = The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class

John Edwards Would Consider VP: "This Week" 6.18.08

Obama Helps Out with Flood Relief in Quincy, IL(longer version)

IowaFloods: McCain Says a Prayer While Obama Grabs Shovel

Letterman- Cool Not Cool - Obama vs Bush- Basketball

Cockburn = US holding Iraqi money hostage = re 58 US bases

I'm Voting Republican - Political Humor - Funny

Independent UK: Save money, save the planet

I freed millions from barbarism, says President with no regrets

Wiretaps “R” Us: Is the FBI Tracking Your Cellphone?

How homeowners, speculators and Wall St rode a wave of easy money with crippling consequences

Rust never sleeps

Iraq, the sovereign colony?

Severe storms, flooding continue in Midwest

The people who make the scanners used by TSA employees at U.S. airports to look at your bottom

‘Vultures’ expose corruption

When Dads Were Models for All of Us

Study backs (UK) nuclear test veterans' claims (NZ)

Scalia Supports Detainees' Right to 'Habeas Corpse'

The Battle On The Right: Fact vs. Fear

The United States of Advertising (BBC) {interesting POV!}

McClatchy Newspapers: America's prison for terrorists often held the wrong men

McClatchy Newspapers: Pentagon declined to answer questions about detainees

Alaska salmon may bear scars of global warming

McClatchy Newspapers: Studies differ on threat from Guantanamo detainees

Just a Good Dog

John Dean Blogs about Fitzgerald & Upcoming McClellan Testimony

One Angry Man-Is Keith Olbermann changing TV news?

British Warship from 1780 found in Lake Ontario - video

Frank Rich: Angry Clinton Women (heart)McCain?

Village Voice: Remembering Tim Russert

'Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?

How Fox News Endangers My Life: The Tokyo Rose of kleptocrats

Matthew Rothschild: A Discordant Note on Tim Russert

The Coming "Long Boom" in Clean Energy

What to do with CO2

Where Has All the Water Gone?

Perry the Frog

MUST READ! Don't Be Fooled by Wall Street's Happy Talk

Obama's Chicago Boys

Stung by Soaring Transport Costs, Factories Bring Jobs Home Again

Tax The Rich

Today's working family cartoon: care package

UAW In Detroit Briefing With Ford Officials On "Business Situation"

Today in labor history: Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison

Today in labor history June 15 police in Los Angeles attack some 500 janitors, Morris Udall was born

Info about your union and tools to locate other unions

Farmworker’s Friend: The story of Cesar Chavez By David R. Collins

Today's working family cartoon: Buried

Tip for Success in Management

Unions Call for Action to Stop Killings, Torture in Zimbabwe

On Father’s Day, Low Wages Hurting Single Dads

Labor contractor barred from fields (killed 17-year-old farm worker )

Second Calif. farm labor contractor shut down over heat laws

Latin American countries call for end to child labor

Labor Relations Darken at Hawaiian Airlines

A Brokeback Opera

Kern County clerk stung by criticism of her decision to halt civil weddings at her offices

Pictures from Boston Pride march are up

An apology (Uri Avnery)

Rice to Israel: 'Extremely important' to grant exit visas to Gaza Fulbright students

A Year Reshapes Hamas and Gaza

In Israel, Rice Criticizes West Bank Settlements

Source: Israel to swap Lebanon terrorist Kuntar for MIA soldiers

Gaza Group to Terrorists: Store Your Bombs Elsewhere

Those racists of East Bolivia are also slave masters

Golf is sooooo stupid....

ESPN likens cheering for Celtics to supporting Hitler, wanting nuclear holocaust, hating USA etc

ESPN ombudsman recaps network's 'Spygate' coverage

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (June 15): Magnus magnificent in Foros

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Is this good or bad?

Stuff like this really gets to me:

Just in time for the solstice

Wickfordbard's Summer Solstice & Sag Full Moon Newsletter

Norway becomes first country to ban amalgam, Sweden not far

I can't seem to find alkalized cocoa (Dutch processed) anywhere anymore.

It's been a really busy morning!

My MG is running!

So now I'm PO'D. Just got back from the grocery store and I

Okay, I just pulled a single layer vanilla Genoise cake out of the freezer

Stephen Hawking: Dark Knight

If God appeared before you right now and He was displeased with your actions,

OPEC beware! Scientists find bugs that eat waste and excrete petrol

Should we brace for future outbreaks of violence provoked by cartoons?

What happened to the indigenous people of Haiti under the stewardship of Catholic Spain?

Was there a considerable increase of converts to Islam after 9/11?

Proof of Conspiracy to murder 200,000 people a year in USA by big Pharma

Kerry on Lieberman's position in the Dem caucus: "I can't tell you what happens next year."

Happy Father's Day JK!

And now a Newsweek article of Kerry possibly being SoS

OMG. Three years of insults and hate against Kerry. Finally GONE!!

can this video be copied/saved?

Firefox 3 is coming Tuesday June 17

Camera or Computer problem? I just returned from France with

Dallas/Fort Worth DUers: Post-Convention Party!!

Mother, son Killed. Is this really all they have?

9/11 Insider Trading

Charleston SC Obama volunteers' voter registration tent at the Juneteenth Festival

Democrats’ Vote Drive in Louisiana Stirs Concern

6/14 Election Model: Obama 51.9%; 319 EV; 99.6% Prob

Election Reform and Related News: Sunday, June 15, 2008

What is the PLAN to make Diebold RIP?

Stanislevic: So Now Can We Talk About Hand Counts?

Election fraud in Ohio 2004? In Florida 2000? In Alabama 2002? In New Mexico?

Adverts on Democratic Underground

Democrats to invade MREAs 2008 Energy Fair

Man kills baby and is shot to death by police