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C-Span 3 Watergate Special Now -- 7:55 PM EST

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/17/08 - Obama 45, McCain 40 - Unchanged

Which party's convention is going to be more interesting this summer?

VA Denies Vet's Disability Claim; Cites VoteVets Membership

John McCain’s Global Warming Plan Makes The Globe Warmer

Rep. Darrell Issa politicizes Russert’s death.»

Way to take it to the hole....(Yesterday's Froomkin)

Does anyone know what Harlan McCraney's role will be in McCain's campaign

Bush History, Tuesday 6/17 (9/11 Commission: Bush was Wrong )

Regarding the death of Cyd Charisse

C-span 9:30 pm LIVE . . . USHR.... seems to be a GOP attack on

Oh my. Have you all heard about "Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less."?

"That fund is got enough money to deal with the potential disaster, another disaster this year"

Elton John's "Funeral for a Friend" combination with "Love Lies Bleeding"

I almost forgot. Stephanie Miller is on Larry King tonight.

Maybe I've been living in a hole the past few years, but who in the hell is Kinky Friedman,

OMG, finally great effing economic news!

Two nuts loose on Abrams: Kinky Friedman and Pat Buchanan

Zimbabwe's voters told: choose Mugabe or you face a bullet

Celebrate Life!: Jello Biafra is 50 years old today.

McClatchy: McCain's call for offshore oil drilling won't bring relief soon


The left uses the word "schizophrenic" like the right uses the word "gay"

FWB on global warming.

H RES 1275!!! Are you fucking kidding me!!!???

Watching the news tonight, I think I had a new insight into same sex marriage.

Shameless Promotion for "Al Gore Endorses Barack Obama in Detroit, MI"

Time to HAMMER the Republican Blunders

If anybody has "a 9-10 mindset" ---------- it's SHRUB!1 He had it THEN & has it NOW!1

Guardian UK: Baghdad insists on right to veto US operations

National Day of Action Against the Health Insurance Industry - This Thursday!!!

Some good news for a change - "Beaten-down dog from Vick case has his day"

War Casualties Under Reported?

KO just said he will have a special comment tomorrow (?) on Enron Loophole!

Documents confirm U.S. hid detainees from Red Cross

What is wrong with drilling offshore in US...isn't it just those McMansion folks preventing this?

Crist Angles For VP Slot: Endorses McCain’s Plan For FL Oil Drilling Despite Opposing It Last Week»

Another Ofishul Moran who are an American

How to add Snopes to your Firefox search bar:

WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

"The Fall and Rise of Hillary Clinton ...What she won by losing." NY Magazine..

Can we do a "Prayer Thread...or if you aren't Religious..a "Good Vibe Thread" to Mississippi River

The Brain Trauma Vets

Al Gore is a bit of a hypocite. (or not?)

Tinm Russert Was No More Than A Media Hack Espousing Propaganda


Torture is "basically subject to perception".

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Take Action for Tomas Young by Ellen Spiro

KEITH CHIANTIX is used for smoke cessation...

Salon.Com.. GOP should forfeit - the danger of this thinking

Anyone getting news blackouts from Comcast? CNN,MSNBC,

I am in love with Lara Logan!!

Tim Russert's finest hour....

Cost of operating an SUV

Glenn Beck: ‘It Is Approaching Treason’ To Elect A Progressive Congress

Apparently I'm not allowed here at DU to specifically I.D.

How sweet, the Congressional Bio of Prescott Bush....

Buckeye Poll

Keith says Chimpy is going to ask Congress to lift the ban on offshore drilling

Guess the marriage to my wife is doomed now

Racist Obama Buttons Sold at Texas Republican Convention

The Rich Need More Help! Bush to the Resue!(Bush History: 6/18 Wednesday)

Texas GOP Disavows Knowledge Of Racist Anti-Obama Button

renters rights - florida - I have a lease and landlord had realtor come to show the place

Please tell me that I did not just hear KO say that at the Russert

O'Rilley.....outraged over the baby Alex commercial

I am in Denver for a few days, and we are all looking up

Obama shoveling sand at the disaster ON KEITH

Report: Israel confirms truce with Hamas


Donna Edwards won the special election tonight.


Experts defend witnesses' inaction to father's brutal slaying of boy

Where Is The Website To Fight Obama Smears?

Gallup poll confirms majority of Americans favor diplomacy with Iran

Meanwhile, back in the NBA

Election 2008: Alaska Senate

Ahmadinejad Faces Intra-Party Challenge

Hard core criminal caught by cops

Have you noticed the difference in the coverage of gay marriage in CA? All "girls" and no kisses.

Opposition to the state and psychiatry

BREAKING: Lakers insist they won the popular vote.

Day of Prayer for Marriage

What if Calif votes to amend the Con and outlaw same-sex marriage in November?

When bush attacks Iran, how will Americans react?

Paul Alexander, author of “Machiavelli’s Shadow: The Rise And Fall Of Karl Rove"

BREAKING NEWS: "Morning Joe" is breaking into its Tim Russet reminiscences...

How Do You Put A Picture In An Email?

McCain’s Tortured Logic

If somebody (Rove) is a pathological and unrepentent liar...

Two Amazing back to back paragraphs from 6-months more Tom Friedman.

President of the United States and First Lady on the cover of "Us Weekly"

I know that DU isnt 100% responsible for the ads.....

Fake headline: Vice pres. dick cheney found dead in his office.

Can WE Prosecute and Convict George W. Bush for War Crimes? Maybe... Law School Forum Info Here

******Congratulations Boston Celtics!********

== Hell of a year (so far) = By Mark Morford

Include GI Bill in war funding, veterans urge

Addressing America's "Deeper Malignancies"

Adam Curtis: The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom

You've got this one bookmarked, right?

NYT: Are the Democrats Still Caving in on FISA and Telecom Spying Immunity?

Bush closes defense contractor tax loophole

bu$h*s parting gift to big oil - offshore drilling

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/18/08 - Obama 45, McCain 41 - McCain up 1

Report: Feds need better privacy protection for data collected about us

I wish I could buy what Chris Dodd is saying: I can't.

Safavin convictions overturned-gets new trial

Cops buying heavy weapons in anticipation of Democratic National Convention.

Bullshit on CNN just now about marijuana

The "Tragedy of the Commons": true or false?

Bush will be campaigning for his oilmen

For my 20,000th post, I have but one thing to impart.

Happy Birthday, Paul McCartney!

Racist, anti-Obama Button Being Sold at Texas GOP Convention

Truthdig: 50 New ‘Manhattan Projects’

Natural disaster

Conservative Pundit Dennis Prager Fears the Whippersnapper Vote

HEADS UP: Michelle Obama on The View 8 minutes from now

Another lying smear video of Barack

The Geniuses at the Washington Post (and their BS editorial on Iraq)

National Day of Action Against the Health Insurance Industry - Demand Universal...TOMORROW!

How Pro-American Are They?

Democrats To Back Down on Iraq War Conditions

Democrats To Back Down on Iraq War Conditions

The Rich Need More Help! Bush to the Resue!(Bush History: 6/18 Wednesday)

Meanwhile, Back in Iraq, The Carnage Continues......

Bush to Visit Iowa to Inspect Damage From Heavy Storms, Floods

Whose American Dream Is It, Anyway?

"All Of This Has Been Done In Our Names-With Our Taxes-We Are Therefore, Complicit, UNLESS...

Paulson & Co. Founder Says Bank Writedowns, Losses May Reach $1.3 Trillion

GOP "insiders" nervous of McClellan's upcoming testimony

Does Al Gore stand to make millions or billions off of carbon offsets?

Denver stocks up on pepper-spray weapon for DNC

Speaking truth to power, is a revolutionary act

Some people are just so effing stupid. There are people who think protests and rallies

Anybody else hear something about ANOTHER stimulus check?

Bush on TV blaming Dems for High Oil Prices: Says we Must Drill OCS

Bush confuses UK PM Gordon Brown with "hip-hop-style" handshake

McCain risks ‘flip-flop’ jibes by voters

Teachers' union to sue over two voucher amendments on the Florida ballot in November

algal poison is back on Maine's coast

Need some clear examples of Constitutional violations of the Bush White House

polar bear news from Iceland - yes, Iceland

6 schoolkids missing in flood - Philippines. 7+ schoolkids dead in flood -China

Marriage is about love

Report: Exams reveal abuse, torture of detainees

The First Annual Darryl Issa Challenge Contest

Just because...

Denver Under siege

Checklist for Change

Please send you wishes to Phyills and Del

Gas in Scotland translates to $14.00 / gallon

Bush to Congress: Embrace energy exploration now (Creating causes and conditions...)

My comments on Michael Reagan.

John McCain is living in a pre - 1776 mindset.

"If you drink this water and live, tell me about it." Iowa

Can Someone Please Tell Gingrich The Republican Party Already Lost An American City

FBI Interviews of Bush, Cheney Subpoenaed

Greg Mitchell: Jeff Gannon Returns As National Press Club Activist/Blogger!

Sen. Reed castigates William Haynes: ‘You denigrated the integrity of the U.S. military.’

has anyone seen any unusual gas lines anywhere?????

The French respond to their smoking ban.

Nowadays, there's a real need for more of what?

12 cent gas

Giuliani Falls Flat Bashing Obama on Sept.11 & Obama camps response: Giuliani's Pre-9/11 Mentality

The President Continues to Slow Walk Americans on Energy Independence-FACTS


Williams to Hannity: "I can tell you, Sean. They support the Constitution that you should support."

Uh ..... media geniuses ..... if yer gunna cite it, at least say it right ..... okay?

Should bin Laden surrender and plea bargain down to writing an offensive book?

Blackwater's Bright Future

Mr. Bush v. the Bill of Rights (NYT Editorial)

Need help finding Army Corps reports about Mississippi River levees not NOLA

It's not just Blackwater: the SourceWatch list of private military corporations.

Larry Sinclair is a criminal

Seen these protest signs?

Nomination of homophobic surgeon general may be dead.»

Reader’s letter: Support Bush impeachment

Presidential terms in office by Chinese Zodiac

Oxymoron time. Gov't ACCOUNTABILITY Office sides with giving more tax dollars to Boeing

Accepts Harvard rejects Columbia, Dartmouth, Penn, Cornell, Georgetown, Stanford, NYU

What If Iran Threatened To Attack The U.S.

"Does Anyone Care That The Midwest Is Drowning?"


Bush freed millions - from this earthly life - Today’s Headlines 6/18/08

Pit bull rescued from Vick dogfighting ring now helps cancer patients

Ah the plight of the rich!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger Woods is done for the year.


Start with a lie, blame someone else, never accept responsibility..

Law School To Organize Bush War Crimes Trail

So, the Chinese are looking at buying the Chrysler Building, and

I liked Tim Russert. Damn it, I really did.

Iowa's Sen. Grassley (R) has advice for * on his planned Iowa flood visit

The greater orgy of maudlin, needless sanctimony was .......

Anybody here know much about Charlie Brown in CA?

The 65 Percent Solution: 100 Percent Deception

Look at all the empty seats at Obama and Gore's rally last night. The news didn't show this.

Hope has two children...

Jury finds former Ill. officer guilty of 4 rapes

Old Dogs and Hard Time -- Joe Bageant

If Obama wins the White House, will we see the return of domestic terrorists?

Are obese people responsible for rising food prices?

caption * surfing the internets!

A question about Bush

Trump: "I think the oil companies have been ripping off this country & the world for a long time"

Journalism losing its meaning

Question: When did McSame meet with the oil companies? n/t

You know that feeling? 17 year old just got a speeding ticket...grrrrrrr

If the Taliban were 'Eviscerated' nearly 7 years ago who are we killing now? Their children?

Yup ... everything went to hell in America when we started using margarine

If I add the word "fuck" to my post...

Rolling Highways: Save money on gas, get there faster, and get there safer without having to drive.

Feith Chickens Out Of Congressional Hearing On Torture, Refuses To Appear With Wilkerson»

An idea whose time has come....the pedicab.

Craig McCord: Empty Shelves, Empty Bellies

National Day of Action Against the Health Insurance Industry - Demand Health Care for all..TOMORROW!

Offshore Drilling

If you had any doubt about the incestuous relationship between

The Unbearable Arrogance of Oil

Jellyfish outbreaks a sign of nature out of sync

1/3 of Taser Victims Require Medical Attention

Sprint counters $199 Apple iPhone with $129.99 Samsung Instinct

Video of police beating of transsexual.

What Obama could do quickly to clean up the ties that bind this country.

Death of a Salesman

just an observation, not a judgement: the memorial service is 2 hours long.

Latest RW Talking Point: Just TALKING About Drilling for Oil Will Give Us $2.50/Gal Gas !!

Mr. Zebari's Message: Iraq's foreign minister has a chat with Barack Obama.

Ever wear a defective Thong?

Rove may be allowed to testify without being sworn in.

where did the order to torture come from?

RBS issues global stock and credit crash alert

"I passed the first seat belt law in the US ....... and every other state soon followed .......

Because he was a Lynrd Skynrd fan, Tim Russert should be elected to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The Rude Pundit: A Defense of Comedians Who Run For the Senate

McCain's Absurd Backpedaling On The Environment

Why are defense contractors allowed profit?

experts say Torture 'stains US image, endangers soldiers'

Charges Dropped in Republican Politician-Escort Scandal in Wash. State

Torture memo author William Haynes: 23 don't recalls, 22 don't remembers, 16 don't knows

Talk of the Nation, June 18, 2008: 'What happened at Guantánamo?'

Please help DU this poll...

Torture, according to Randi actually made it outside the intertubes

The President's War Request: Local Costs Updated

Let's play a game of RISK

Tiger Woods done for the year - blown ACL

With all the storms Insurance companies are busy. Our adjuster was here and totaled our roof

Singaporean Man Gets 14 Years In Jail for Sniffing Womens' Armpits (NSFW)

How sad..people spent 4 days sandbagging, and it was unsuccessful

Broken Laws, Broken Lives: Medical Evidence of Torture by the US

Help DU this poll on offshore drilling.

Perdue set to make major health-care announcement later Wednesday

DCCC Announces Third Round of Red to Blue (14 more competitive races)

Texas GOP cuts off vendor that sold racist button

June 18th: The lastest from the nation's cartoonists...

Congressional Report: The Truth About America’s Energy

More Democrats Pegged for National Party Aid

Bush: All Hat No Cattle on Oil Drilling

Buffalo, NY needs to change it's name to Russert

Let Luke Russert Take His Dad’s Chair on Meet the Press

Who Would Barack Obama Appoint To The Supreme Court?

Fuck Tim Russert!

Tim Russert's likeness needs to be chiseled onto Mt. Rushmore

John Lennon once spoke of Tim Russert, "He's bigger than Jesus!"

just turned on msnbc....they were playing 'freebird'

"Inside Tim Russert's last vacation"

Final DOW numbers today

John McCain Is Not George Bush.

Otherwise known as "Republican Disease"

WTF -they're bringing on Gen. McCaffrey

i actually heard the words 'george w. bu$h* and war crimes' on CNN

Impeachment Daily - Article 3 - Misleading Congress and Nation concerning WMD

Same Sex Marriage Has Local Talk Show Host All Tied In Knots!!!!

Sibel Edmonds' Redacted IG Report Released

If We Drill, I Want the Oil.........

Lara Logan.

Horrors - another Tim Russert article - but read the comments

Feith: ‘We Did Not’ Exaggerate Iraq Threat, Just Made ‘Errors’ In Presentation»

Got bumper stickers? Then you likely got road rage.

As if flood victims didn't have ENOUGH to worry about

How do I, a nobody in the middle of nowhere, help my candidate get money?

Why Does Blackwater Hate America? - Blackwater wants lawsuit decided under Islamic law

He he he! I think I just owned a bunch of Freeper types

GOP = Gas and Oil Party

Help me out, here. Who was the last Celebrity who got this kind of send-off?

How many years until Tim Russert qualifies for sainthood?

Please please--post a new edition of the hate mailbag!! eom

Documents on Rep. Cannon’s website nearly identical to Merchants Payments Coalition

Space Race: A Battle Looms For the Overhead Bins

"It" takes a village

US says 4 helicopter engines worth $13 million missing in Afghanistan-Pakistan region

WH accidentally pings McCain as misleading

and where does the Mississippi River flow to? Thats right New Orleans

Wednesday TOONS: part 2 Shrub and mcshrub and Obama

A blindly optimistic reason why impeachment might be "off the table"

Breaking: Memorial Day moved to May 7th

Tim Russert - in Memorium

Erik Prince mansion. Your taxpayer dollars at work.

Request for your input


The GOP fights to increase profits for Exxon while Iowa drowns

The Dems need to make sure the public knows that the oil companies already

WaPo Interview w/ Kucinich: "I cannot understand what the political reason would be to not impeach"

On Hate

George W. Bush's 50 greatest accomplishments

caption this pic...

Feeling thrifty, the thirsty reach for tap water

I heard Limbaugh refer to Sen. Obama as "bin Laden" today.

Right-wing, conservative...

My report from the retail front lines

Remember my Activia yogurt "problem" in April? I lost 25-lbs in eight weeks. Beaver-Fever!

The Questions Tim Russert Could Have Asked Bush

Darrell Issa (R-CA) is a fucking asshole. K&R this thread if you agree.

Mother Nature copies genes better than people copy Bibles

'Kid-Friendly’ Sex Shop Opens In New York (NSFW)

Midwest Floods: 24 death, 148 injuries so far! Who knew?

Re: Disasters. You are on your own. Forget FEMA, Big Brother, and Charity

Iowa farmer makes a sorrowful choice

Bush prosecuted by the Hague? Ain't gonna happen.

A Response to *’s Speech Calling for More Domestic Drilling of Oil and Natural Gas

I was on Fox News!!!

Larisa Alexandrovna-"Bush Admin has created the very monsters they claimed to be fighting against"

Kucinich - Congress Must Check Raw Power of Executive

The Nation: This Brave Nation: Peace Takes Courage (Our AVA!)

I am voting republican (text version)

Do we not stand when the Star Spangled Banner is sung??? n/t

911 Prediction Revealed at Lindauer Competency Hearing in New York City (Michael Collins)

So, yesterday I posted about a fifth foot found off the coast of BC - NUMBER SIX IS HERE

The Costs of Racism to White People

Did I miss something, re: McCain wanting to close Guantanamo?

“Freedom of the press is on trial in Canada.” Pat Buchanan has a point re freedom of speech.

The gap between America's rich and the rest of us

Eulogy for the Winnebago

Here's my letter to Michael Gerson of the Washington Post today...

Screw the stupid airlines! Carry-on bag Nazis

If Bobby Jindal is the V-P nominee I'm going in on a billboard at 110 and Spanish Town Rd

Springsteen on Russert's Memorial....n/t

My parents will vote for OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

Stewart nailed it last night--we have lost our humanity as a nation.

GREAT PHOTOSHOP: Obama as Abe Lincoln

What do you call someone who uses your wifi

PHOTOS: Really. Just look at the difference in their faces. Joy versus Hate.

Bruce Springsteen's Tribute to Russert in what he finish off the Memorial:

I love this. A great political cartoon:

For those of you who missed the interview with Lara Logan last nite....

If you're in or around LA.....

Sacramento wants to tax text messages!!11!

Wednesday TOONS: part 1 Gitmo fallout

Wednesday TOONS: part 3 gas, inflation and other worries


Breaking: Tim Russert is still dead after 6 days...

THIRTY LEVEES in danger of failing

NOT FUNNY ...okay it is funny... from Iowa

If MSNBC had stopped talking about Tim Russert by now would DU condemn them as heartless?

Meanwhile...back in the real world Steny Hoyer and the Spineless Dems are about to cave on immunity

I am heartsick.

I'm sorry but Obama's offshore drilling position is a political loser

MSNBC to change name..

On a related matter: Is it not a conflict of interest for

Can anybody ...... anybody????? ...... tell me how ths person got her job?

Your assignment..

Take This Bush Poll

Pope Benedict XVI has stepped down and will instead host Meet the Press.

Tomorow is DUMP THE PUMP Day-ride public transportation

If you spoke Esperanto but kept it a secret that you understand Esperanto...

Texas Republican, father of 14, vows to fight D.C.'s "shocking" nude statue problem!!!1

the next time someone tells you how lucky we are to be paying ONLY $4+/gallon...

Lead story on CBS Evening News.......

Reliable Source: Pelosi & Hoyer's Traitorous Plan To Pass FISA & PRETEND Its NOT Their Fault!

A hero in defiance: Remembering Ballard's Edith Macefield - She refused to move

The Kennedy Center is filling for Russert Memorial Service...4:00 on MSNBC..

Congress finds Big Oil holding back fields that could DOUBLE US output

Should a business be allowed to only hire employees that "fit" thier culture.

MSNBC confirms Tim Russert still dead.

AP: Exams prove abuse, torture in Iraq, Gitmo

A timeline to Bush government torture. Salon. June 18, 2008

Kerry-Obama legislation to close KBR tax loophole, The "HEART Act," signed into law.

We are serving some new ad placements to non-donors.

Do you believe extraterrestrials exist?

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Now that half the country is flooded, do we still want to rely on CORN for fuel?

ok, what did Bush mean by this quote?????

5 Lawyers-Followed Orders Of BUSH/CHENEY-Who Ordered Torture & Cover-Up Of Crimes (McClatchy)

If you read only one GD/P post before November, make it this one.

The Evidence Is Clear & Convincing-Bush Admin WANTED To Torture & Get Away With It (Scott Horton)

Is The Star Spangled Banner usually played at the beginning of memorial services?

Obama will win, and here's how I know

What if the Bush Justice Dept. were running a child prostitution ring?

The death of U.S. strategy in Iraq

Remember when you were this guy, Joe?

Flood relief - who should we donate to please?

Bush's visit to Iowa...

More Signatures Needed.....

Breaking News: The U.S. Economy is in the crapper.......

Do you live in a progressive city?

Mall tracks customer phones - UK

Worse Than Enron? Goldman Sachs Accused of Fixing Oil Prices or The Ionizing of America

A question for Constitutional scholars (or those who THINK they are...)

Unfortunate Truth: As long as oil isn't damned expensive, we will never transition to renewables.

Reid said he didn't want to punish the wealthy for bilking billions out of the treasury

A letter to Barack Obama: want to join us in signing it?

Action Alert: form to contact Congress against changing FISA

Stuff I learned from the pro-nuclear crowd...

This is Enron all over again.


Does Anyone Know Where I could see Governor Granholm's speech?

Senator McCain-a polictican that no one can believe in...

Most complex crop circle ever discovered in British fields -- Telegraph

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/17/08 - Obama 45, McCain 40 - Unchanged

Popular Troll Tactic 9731: "I just got this stupid email from a co-worker!!11!"

Meet “Prominent” McCain Supporter Philip “Icky” Frye

The Activist Milestones — Developing the Skills to Become a Trained Citizen Activist

The Wrong Wing Blues

Kerry on McCain: Not So Straight On Energy

Look at all these Roadblock Republicans up for re-election

Unite for Change

McCain may make one-term pledge, Brownback says

Here's something for Mclame's potential running mate to chew on

Guess who blogs for the National Press Club?

John McCain ends his new ad with the words "Reform. Prosperity. Peace." I tell him what I think.

Randy Scheunemann: McCain Adviser Campaigned for War in Iraq

THIS is how it should be played.....

Thank you McCain -- Your Offshore Drilling Talk Puts Florida in Play

HuffPo-McCain's Secret, Questionable Naval Record

Photos from Obama - Gore rally in Detroit

Pelosi’s Pocket Pardon of our Little Boots.

For those interested , this man is the Bob Dylan of the Arab world

Republican ex-colleague asks Obama not to run ad

Meet Ernie Dude!


Kumer Ahwan Akisew

Please send your love to these two wonderful women!

Questions about window air conditioners.

Touching - our longest serving doorman is retiring. As sign reads;

He who fucks the nun will later join the church

Watch for it....Obama will HIT McCsame HARD tomorrow...

VIDEO: Entire speech = Al Gore Endorses Barack Obama = Let's REC this up.

At Least 51 Are Killed in Blast at Baghdad Market (and McCain is trying to play Bush's terror card?)

I'm in Phoenix, Arizona right now. JESUS FUCK IT'S HOT!!!

Is there anything funnier than a talking goat with giant balls?

Who will win tonights game?

Is there anything funnier than a boat with giant gulls?

My newest GD thread!

My internets have been down...

I hear Dickinson girls are fast!

Make this kitty purr

haven't been in gd-p much lately

Morneau just hit a HOMERUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the vegan ice cream world I'm 1 for 2.

Regarding contingency money from OR builder reorganizing from Ch. 11 bankruptcy...

My daughter is steaming mad at me.

For the first time in about 2 weeks I have the AC off and the windows open tonight!

Pit bull story posted in GD!

Boston Sunset

Worst thing ever on TV

I am aware of all internet traditions.

HuffPost's "Listening Post" Has Audio of Campaign Press Conferences **Might be worth a bookmark**

More Drilling

Reminiscing about 60s and 70s music?

Is this what's if fucking come down to?? (warning: RANT RANT!)

Left Coasties — giNORmous golden full moon!

Any Teppanyaki fans here?

Check out this McCain T-Shirt

After Attacks, Michelle Obama Looks for a New Introduction

McCain said he would run a campaign that was honorable. That didn't last long.

Olbermann: Tomorrow Bush is going to ask Congress to let states lift moratorium on offshore drilling

Can't vote for Obama or McSame? Please don't punish good Democrats by staying home!

Kobe melt down in 5,4,3,2,1

CNN, now: Anderson Cooper doing a story on Michelle Obama, panel coming up

Thank you Kevin McHale!!!!!!

Has Obama winning the Democratic Nomination Helped Him With White Voters?

So, visiting another country is all it takes to prove you're a foreign policy expert?

new obama art

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA arrives for a meeting at the DNC headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Short rant on McCain

Obama's Biggest Threat - CHIP COPPERCHOPS - Campaign Ad #2

Breaking: Michelle Obama To Give Speech Evoking JFK-like Idealism and Highlighting Her Own Journey.

How come nobody raves about the Psychedelic Furs any more?

A question about Firefox 3.

If you bottled Djinn, what would you call him or her?

I don't know about you but Snow White as the best animated movie...

Why Does The GOP Hate Strong Women? Have The Democrats Ever Went After . . .

Anyone see Dan Abrams tonight

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/17/08

Obama, McCain, and Gershon agree: The press needs to get off the stage

New Love & Old Love (Obama Detroit Rally)

There are people here in the Midwest who are homeless....

Is it too late for me to exercise tonight?

Mr. DTBK is singing at the top of his lungs

Late-night Fired Up, Ready To Go Post - Obama and Gore in Detroit!

"My name is Ishmael,"

A dedication

Cheney blames George Will for misinformation

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Black Katrina victims and praises Whites as the Floods hit.

NYT: After Attacks, Michelle Obama Looks for a New Introduction

Isnt That Matcom With TM In The Stands At The Celtics Game?

Kinky Friedman on MSNBC as a political analyst???

Leos are born to rule

Black Republicans and the McCain campaign

Need job advice

CNN has a special segment on Michelle Obama and the make over that she is receiving

Obama And Hillary To Appear Together At Washington Fundraiser

Fscking shit: absofuckinglutely racist button at Texas state Republican Convention (FUR WILL FLY)

Hey mods, thanks for locking all the "dancing on graves threads"...

The Professor on the key system says burn the polls

How do you stop worrying about things?

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Shit. Stan Winston has passed away.

Randi Rhodes nails it on oil supply

McCain vs. Obama's 50-state Strategy

You going to the convention?

Lieberman Passes on ‘Awkward’ Gathering With Top Obama Aide


Wanna get dizzy?

Say WHUT?! Celtics beat the Lakers in the NBA Championship series?! Oh SNAP!

President Bush going to IOWA on Thursday...about 8 or 9 days after the first Flood

Public Policy Polling: "Obama has a large lead in Ohio"

is it okay if I express concern about Barack's safety?

It's really good when you can make amends with your former DU adversaries...

William Goodluck wants to give me $12.2M from Exxon

Obama Expresses 'Deep Disappointment' in McCain's Silence on Wife Attacks


i can't understand all the hate directed at russert here

Maria Callas singing "Norma" on my CD player . . .

Website That Tracks Media Attacks On Michelle Obama

If I Had A Rocket Launcher... Bruce Cockburn Rocks!!!!

It's 3:40am MDT, and I'm awake.

Flipping Channels This Morning I Was Lucky Enough To See Susan Rice Slap Down The M$M Crap Twice...

Obama meets (today) with national security advisory group

How Do You Put A Picture In An Email?

I don't buy that McCain will be replaced as the nominee.

A Matter of Simple Justice - Go Governor Kaine!

What a lovely day it is!

And now, a quick trivia question...

My Pakistani friend is wandering around the house forlornly,

Condoleezza Rice for President?

How much money has Obama raised verses How much has McCain raised?

VIRGINIA (Rasmussen) Obama 45-Mccain 44| M.Warner 60-Gilmore 33

five-thirty-eight.. Nice site with "by state" polling numbers

Robert Frost poem

Michelle +9 over Cindy

Virgos are born to run.

10 things you should know about McCain....

ZOGBY POLL: Obama 47 (-1), McSame 42 (+2). Obama dominates among Independents (+22 points).

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/18/08 - Obama 45, McCain 41 - McCain up 1

All I can say is ..... caption this!

Leaving for Bavaria Tomorrow

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wed 18 June 2008

McClatchy: Easing of laws that led to detainee abuse hatched in secret

Any of youse ever break your coccyx?

Michelle Obama higher favorables than Cindy McCain

So the realtor said he would show us the house. For $75.

Hilarious video about John McC**t. WARNING: SALTY LANGUAGE

Hilarious video about John McC**t. WARNING: SALTY LANGUAGE

Posession is 9/10 of the law

My youngest daughter knows where EVERYTHING is

Magnificent Michelle: "‘Whitey’? That’s something that George Jefferson would say."

Rasmussen, 6/18: Obama 45%, McCain 41% (with leaners, Obama 48%, McCain 45%)


i just want to say this about same sex marriage

POLL: Obama's lead slipping in Minnesota

Poliitco reporting that New viral email abut Obama linked to Slate's Chris Beam

Sincere apologies, GDPers

Hollywood Activists Raise Money for Senate Dems

NYT: Bush May Well Sign Executive Order Repealing His Father's Ban on Offshore Drilling

Hey, mods, we need an emoticon for :pie:.

Hank Steinbrenner needs to go fuck himself

Hey, mods, we need an emoticon for :sigh: .

Gore won't be going on the campaign trail; Nobel laureate shies away from partisanship

When will McCain be labeled a flip-flopper???

I think it's going to be a long night,..

Comprehensive final exam

Firefox Question: does RC3 = Final ?

Do Astronauts Have Sex?

Say My Name

My LTE published in the NY Daily News...

I'm NOT with stupid

I honestly think that John McCain Is politically addled.

Could McCain Have Come Up with a More Ill-Suited Economic Advisor Than Phil Gramm?

OMG, the Celtics....

Lenny Kravitz?

Obama Campaign Rolls Out Richard Clarke To Hit Back At McCain's "Sept. 10th Mindset" Attack

mccain is opposed

Oil trade group: Offshore drilling = no new oil until 2018

Obama disappointed in McCain's silence on attacks by the GOP about his wife

Gemini folks create art. Twice daily.

Michelle Obama will be on the View today 11pm EST abc

Presidential Race Becoming Very Well Defined

Hillary Clinton is

Is that Sinclair Bullsh*t today?

Is that Sinclair Bullsh*t today?

Suggested New Game - The Stupidest Thing Said on MSM Today

SORRY - dupe on Quinnipiac polls - self delete

Obama leads McCain in 3 'swing states'

Coincidence? I Think Not - Bush to Press Congress to Lift Offshore Drilling Ban Tomorrow

In honor of LynneSin's 60,000th post, I am listing all my favorite television shows....

Okay lets DU this thing. Post on myspace forum spews horrible bull crap about Obama

In honor of LynneSin's 60,000th post, I am listing all my favorite television shows....

It's Wednesday!

If you boxed wine, what would you call it?

Aries are born to be Devilish!

PMSing Cancers are crabby.

Eddie Kendricks - Girl You Need a Change of Mind

Hillary Clinton goes after KBR, and DU once again exemplifies the equine paradox.

Larry King Live tonight

WOOHOO Its Pick On Midlo Day!!!!

$2 Button For Sad, Ashamed McCain Voters

Lieberman Skips Senate Dems' Strategy Meeting


Did anyone bookmark those McCain web graphics that somebody posted a while back?

Another Poll Finds Obama Leading In Historically-Red Virginia

Sick of the "Obama is a Muslim" emails

PPP Poll: Virginia - Obama (47) McCoffin (45)

Michelle is being too nice too Elizabeth. . .but that is very "First Lady" of her. . .

Did you ever see someone in a very stressful state whose eyes seemed

first sunflower open


Does this make you angry?

PPP Virginia OBAMA (47) McCain (45)!

PAPA debates himself

What is it with the "illegal code" in the address of images sometimes?

When'll McCain REALLY Release His Health Records Instead Of Giving 3 Hours F/Thousands Of Pages?

Obama smear merchant has lengthy criminal record.»

Obama and McCain sit next to each other at Russert's funeral

The end of the internet by 2012??

Who else is up?

Obama's getting a slooooooow bump

Clinton Asks Top Donors To Meeting With Obama

Right on Cue! Watching Jack Welch on "Morning Joke" hawking lifting ban on offshore drilling!

Obama Camp Hits Giuliani--HARD--Over Terrorism

Leos are born to rule

SHAMWoW! Should I believe this guy?

Aries People Are The Best

Sagittarians are easy

What's with all of the astrology threads? (And BTW, Virgos RULE!)

Rasmussen: Obama still competitive in Alaska

Obama, Clinton set a date

The Republican "Terrorists".

Capricorns were born to plan a coup

For those of you who don't know Grant Lee Buffalo

Dialogue aboard the Number Nine with bonus limerick

Today Lincoln Davis D TN condemned the remarks of Fred Hobbs....

This is for all of you folks who are dissing the Lakers:

Obama rumors

Dean in Miami tonight...says merger with Obama campaign going smoothly...completed in a few days.

In praise of smoking...

At the Inaugural Ball, will they be playing

Cat people - this is a great toy for cats

Finally got internet access at the new place!

McCain Campaign Falsely Accuses DNC Of "Attacks" On Cindy McCain

I dig Chuggo- He's going places

McCain is F*cked!

Top Two Senate Democrats To Oppose Wiretapping Deal

Kitten Picture of the Day poll

Tim Russert loved kittens and puppies.

Can I get some vibes for my Dad? Surgery tomorrow...

Fred Hobbs (D-TN) Update (You Will LOVE This)

I Have Two Chickens

One of the feral cats hanging around my yard is now a mama.

Gallup, June 18, 2008 +5 in todays gallup

Taurus folks will kick all your asses cause we're stubborn like that

My brother's in the can and won't be out until next July.

Whoa! California Peggy just got her thread locked!

Obama to meet women's, black caucuses

Charlie Crist endorses McCain's oil drilling plan off Florida (He opposed it last week.)

The bunnies on campus are breeding

MSNBC just reported that Obama and McCain are sitting side-by-side at Russerts funeral

afternoon snack

Busted! RW sites use false quote by Obama's half brother as evidence that he was raised Muslim

Any Project Runway fans? A little treat inside...

ARG! fucking mechanics

Day 2 and "there is still no fuc*ing coffee in this building!!"

The easiest point to make about John McCain's recently declared support for offshore drilling

****Michelle Obama On The View:::Open Thread****

"No Quarter" Finally Has The "Goods" On Obama...

The dress Michelle Obama was wearing

HELP - I got my new glasses and now I can't see if I ...

I was on an elevator this morning and this woman is yelling

I hope that Obama chooses Biden for Veep.

Gallup Daily June 18: Obama 47%, McCain 42%

The discussion about Mrs Obama 'needing a makeover' .......

My supermarket is awesome.

a memo to boston sports fans

*** Squirrel's Electoral Map: Obama 272, McCain 266 ***

The Cock on a Chinese restaurant paper placemat.

damn damn damn. after 2 weeks of cleaning house, 20 bucks for an add and permit its gonna RAIN Thur

How little optimism is generated by John McCain's statements, policies and positions.

Post #23 on this thread will be my new refrigerator slogan.

Companies who put previews on their DVDs as though it were a VHS need to fuck off and die.

New polls from ARG: Obama with significant leads in Florida and New Hampshire!!!!

That's it, I'm leaving early from work today.

Interesting quiz: Can you afford a baby?

Can anyone recommend a cheap but relatively safe hotel/motel in Philadelphia?

Obama Announces Senior Working Group on National Security

McCain adviser Lehman blased Giuliani for 9-11 Fireman deaths

Quinnapiac Battleground Updates: Florida - Obama +4, Ohio - Obama +6, Pennsylvania - Obama +12

Euro 2008: Group D

I see it's Pick on Midlo day again in the lounge.

New drilling in previously off limit sites is like hunting for the the last whale for their oil

ABC News: Obama lead in our poll is a "danger sign"

Texas GOP: stunned regarding racist button sold @ convention - it "was about unity and diversity"

Wonder which room Brenda the goddess of housekeeping is rearranging today?

a challenge... Can you feed a family of four 6 days on 25 bucks?

How Choice Helps Obama Win the White House

My MySpace acct was hacked.

St. Pete Times reports Senator Bob Graham say drilling plan "incomprehensible"

The Daily Widget – Wednesday, June 18 – Obama 298-240


Talking dog joke.

computer gurus, I have a question about my keyboard

How impulsive are you?

Have you ever known anybody who appeared on "Cheaters"? (Cheater, cheatee, or "other") nt

The agent that got me my last job and current job is PISSED.

If this little girl doesn't make you smile, you aren't human...

Paging flvegan and other hooch experts...

Obama has THE BEST surrogates. Listen to Kerry and Richard Clarke smack down McCain on terrorism

Everyone is talking about some big game last night?

I may have run out of things to cut down with the loppers

God, I suck.

Hume Twists Quote From Obama’s Half-Brother, Claims He ‘Is Not So Sure’ Obama Is A Christian»

How 'bout them Celtics!?1!

TOONS: Democrats Soft On Terror?

Is Obama changing his tune on Iraq?

The Obama camp needs to get off the TERROR B/S immediately

The Obama camp needs to get off the TERROR B/S immediately

Her tattoos were spelled correctly ....

Joe Biden Rips Rudy For Having "Zero National Security And Foreign Policy Experience"

Rush is so ignorant...he just told his listeners that Whoopie was so excited she wet herself

Be nice to Midlo, she has a junta

Self-delete due to DU posting bug.

How did I not know my state has another area code?

If I add the word "fuck" to my post...

Boy, there's a lot of concern out there today.

why I think batman is a dick, briefly

Things that shouldn't be sticky

why I think Batman has a dick, briefly.

Can someone PLEASE help me

i'm turning in an application for a new rental today and am a bit apprehensive

Some of my old friends have grown up to be utterly depressing.

XM radio? Worth it? Any tips before I buy?

More Holy Crap... Obama 47 McCain 43 in ....wait for it.... Florida

Huckabee: Demonizing Obama is a ‘fatal mistake

New Survey USA poll: Obama has a solid lead in Wisconsin

Post a 1980s Top 40 pop song that does suck

**I GOT THE JOB!!!**

Obama accuser has long rap sheet ~ Politico

Mix Disney and India's "Bollywood"

I've read thread after thread here about how Laura Bush makes

MP3: McCain's own (foolish) words in a techno vamp tune

Uh-oh *BIG* trouble in Iowa

ok, i've seen it all now: grumpy has a facebook page :/

Best thread ever.

P Diddy likes vodka & lemonade while receiving manicure, pedicure, private waxing

ABC News: 48% of Americans view Michelle Obama favorably, only 39% Cindy McCain!

This Post Dedicated To DS1

Obama Remarks on Detainees and Afghanistan

Tav and other beer snobs- can you help me figure out what this beer was?


Larry Sinclair (may have been) arrested; lawyer was wearing a kilt; more:

Politico: Muslims barred from picture at Obama event

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! Walking banana monster!

Oh dead, Mr. Bo you are sure bad!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/18/2008) 17 year old just got a speeding ticket...grrrrrrr

Does anyone else sprinkle salt on their watermelon?

Pool Report of Obama’s Meeting with National Security Advisers

The sluts with the pink cell phones are invading my MySpace!

oops..wrong place..delete

(not a copycat) should I get Sirius or XM?

Best way to calm down a "Bridezilla"...

I've seen it all. Michelle Obama just got an "A+" from an a "Public Relations Consultant" on FAUX

WhooHoo! It's Cheese-of-the-Month day again!

Maine: Obama Leads McCain by 22%

Meet the latest "Democrat for McCain": Philip "Icky" Frye

McCain: Rudy Has No National Security Experience

Obama leads McCain in key states of FL, OH, PA

I don't understand the attacks on Michelle.

I'm listening to the new Judas Priest album RIGHT NOW. Fan.tas.tic

McCain ain't winning PA...

Wait. Stop. Backup. The Black couple are the elitist ones?

Any woman who supports John McCain is a traitor to their gender.


"A fridge is a great place to keep your nuts."

The Obama Energy Plan

Could you see these on a wall in your home?

Election Mythbusting: Kerry did not lead in Ohio and Florida prior to the '04 vote.

New political director for Obama

Obama Announces Senior Working Group on National Security

91%, 3,500+ Votes) Says President Bush Worse Than Nixon [funny]

Disappointment with the Obama campaign: Muslims barred from picture at Obama Detriot event

DU photographer convicted of failing to show sufficient respect to police...

Absolutely hilarious McCain video!

There is NO BAN on drilling. This is a Republican scam.

Does Anyone Here Really Think McLame Can Beat Obama?

Juan Cole: John McCain's Oil Scam

GOP biased San Diego Union Tribune praises Obama

Can you figure out who wrote these words?

Maine: Obama Leads McCain by 22%; Incumbent Collins’(R) Support Falls Below 50%

Michelle Obama Consoles Teary Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Vote for your favorite Dem ticket now.

WORLD NEWS TRUST: The Benediction of Big Al (Mary Lyon)

"When 42 year old John McCain met his 25 year old wife.....

Obama touts tax credit to ease collegians' pain

Pay your respects

McCain drags out Giuliani as a surrogate, and he's immediately exposed as a hypocrite

How repulsive are you?

I'm worried...

"House Hunters" really irritates me sometimes.

Did I just see McBush standing next to chimp on CNN?

Migraine, Day 4

NYT: Michelle Obama's "makeover" (I wonder: Will angry feminists come to HER aid?)

Good news McSame hits on another unpopular idea

Michelle Obama a slam dunk on 'The View'.

Wisconsin Poll (SUSA): Obama 52%, McCain 43%

Barack and Michelle on the cover of new "US" magazine, beautiful picture with 6-page profile

US Democrats Attack McCain On Tanker Contract Awarded To EADS - Can you say CORRUPTION?

Things you didn't know about Barack Obama

From MoveOn: Help get this ad out about the true John McCain.

Tim Russert Funeral Huh?

I'm not sure where to post this. I hope this is the right spot....

If Obama is elected, will you play the "patriotism" card with your Republican friends/acquaintances?

Incredible SPACE Pictures

Has everyone seen Bluebear's thread on the front page?

Even Cindy McCain doesn't trust John, otherwise their would be no prenup.

Cindy McCain buys a new House for John

I could use some help with a math problem

Famous People....

Tonight's CD player selection: "Carmen" . . .

Donna Edwards won the special election tonight.

Ok, so Larry Sinclair's press conference was a dud.

Cat I'm a kitty cat

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/18/08

Latest polling from the last 3 days (short story, Obama looking very good)

Ratfucker Larry Sinclair has been arrested!

CNN's Latest Electoral Map - Have now given Barack PA .

Happy Birthday, Paul McCartney!

Dude, I should totally apply for this job.

i think she flipped a mccain supporter

I Don't Think McCain Can Make it to November

the next President of the United states will

CNN: Cafferty Files, if letters are indicators, McPain is screwed

McCain's Burger recipe

Bruce Springsteen performed at Russert funeral.

Okay, normally I ignore complaints about machines taking our jobs...

"You can't have him." -- New ad!

Does anyone think Michelle Obama needs a makeover?

WP--Wow, turns out Larry Sinclair's kilt-wearing lawyer is just as big a con man as he is!

Huckabee to McCain: "Stop demonizing Obama you fool"

ModBook.... Dope!

I dont know if this belongs in the Addiction Forum, but I got a monkey on my back

Best sports snark you've ever heard?

Leos are the center of the known universe

McCain has Really Opened Himself up with this Offshore Drilling Crap

I wouldn't feel safe if John McCain was in Charge! He's a weakass!

MUST-READ from Juan Cole: John McCain's Oil Scam - "It's All A Big Lie"

okay what's up with Obama's hiring of this guy?

Calling all hippies: Phish and Neil doing "Down By The River"

Celebrity 'psychic' (Uri Geller) who bought Elvis' home on eBay loses lawsuit, and house

Clinton takes month off

Which Internet browser most closely matches the intelligence level of the average FREEP?

If You Visited Maryland And Were Really Mad, What Would You Call It?

Video: Penis vs. Street Preacher

Step right on in to Midlo's new confession booth and rid yourself of your sins.

Paging flvegan and other pooch experts...

Do we need a Tim Russert Forum?

Was Tim Russert the Un-Baby Boomer?

Post a 1980s Top 40 pop song that doesn't suck

Thank you Senator Clinton

Scorpios will lie in a torpor until roused.

My photograph was juried into the Woodstock Artist Association Museum.

I'm listening to Bon Jovi in my office! I'm not ashamed!

Did McCain Just Lose Florida?

Biden: I'd Make a Great President, Secretary of State, Vice President

We Know You're *So* Troubled, or, I Love Concern Trolls!!!

Cookiegate Hits the Newstands

Kerry on (McBush's) latest offshore drilling proposal: "fraud of a policy"

What's with Ralph Nader?

Ethel Kennedy hosting a huge fundraiser for Obama and the party at Hickory Hill.

Generating a buzz; Politico has a link where people can buy Michelle's dress from today's appearance

Indies not warm to Obama-Clinton ticket

Michelle on "The View": Kind words for Hillary, Laura Bush

Ok, Show Me On the Map, How McDubya Wins.

Obama: I will close Guantanamo, reject torture without exception and end spying on Americans

MSNBC First Read: Not Moving On

McCain: Unelectable

Gather around boys & girls for today's valuable lesson: Elevator Etiquette


I Am Going To The Movies Tonight

BREAKING: Larry Sinclair arrested in D.C.


Damn you Little House on the Prairie!!!

McCain: Giuliani has no national security experience

Anybody heard from Chovexani lately?

Michael Collins aka autorank: 911 Prediction Revealed at Lindauer Competency Hearing in NYC

UPDATE on my Dad

I realized today, that I may have PTSD from the "incident" last week

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA meets today with his foreign policy team, generals and flag officers today

Good Advice For Us at DU from Senator Paul Simon

Is it okay to ask what people think of Sen. Clinton now during the GE?

So Cindy McCain is talking BIG SHIT about Michelle Obama

Obama pulls in front of McCain in new poll (that's Michelle and Cindy)

My Fellow Kitty Peeps: What are your cat stereotypes?

Anyone catch this one...Michelle and "proud" comment...

Obama Now 334 to McCain 204 in Electoral Votes (according to

Little Charlotte Church has REALLY grown up - expecting second baby

There's a little voice in my left ear that says we're going win huge across the board in November;

Cindy McCain...I'd like to be nice, but....

"Is Obama A Bully?" “He has got a killer instinct, but he has a cool anger" Call the Waaaambulance!

Is Cindy McCain one of those "Village of the Damned" kids all grown up?

It's Unacceptable to Attack Bill Clinton's Presidency! He'll be Obama's Best Endorsement.

Our trip is booked!

The "Frank Grimes" Ep of "The Simpsons"

Sorry DU... I'm Still In A Bad Place

Questions about Cities

We have a dog food thief.

You know that cat food I've been putting out for the feral kitties...

Ever wear a defective Thong?

Match Game Story: "Edna Echidna was so full of gas, her pantaloons ___ like the fucking Hindenberg".

OK, I have a sick Kitty and am trying to make sense out of what my Vet

Racist Hannity At It Again: "...where white folks' greed runs a world in need..."

Describe the plot of a movie in one sentence, then let us guess.

Actress-dancer Cyd Charisse dead at 86

Clinton, Fundraisers to Meet with Obama

Pakistani Fury Over Airstrikes Imperils Training

Feeling thrifty, the thirsty reach for tap water

Pentagon: shooting of Reuters journalists in Iraq justified

Maryland elects 1st black woman to Congress

Audit Faults KBR's Repairs of Hurricane Damage

Hundreds of Gay Couples Wed Across California

Republican Huckabee says don't denigrate Obama

Clinton takes month off

Campaigns in a Skirmish Over Terrorism and Law

Halliburton Subsidiary Faulted For Hurricane Work

Poll: Obama has slight lead over McCain in Florida

Sarkozy sets out to reform military amid criticism

Shooting of Reuters Journalist in Iraq Justified, Says Pentagon

Denver Under siege

EPA library on effect of new chemicals will remain closed

Larry Sinclair is a criminal

CIA Played Larger Role In Advising Pentagon

FEMA gives hurricane supplies back to Louisiana

Bush looks offshore for remedy to high oil prices

(GAO)Audit cites lack of planning for Afghan security

OfficeMax eliminating 2,700 store positions

Iraq, U.S. working to agree pact by July deadline(US drops demand for immunity for priv. contactors)

Bush vetoes latest version of farm bill

Mbeki to hold talks with Mugabe

(NBC) Exclusive interviews with Iraqi insurgents

Four British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Tiger Woods to sit out remainder of golf season

Gloomy Americans adjust to economy: Reuters poll

Northwest Airlines to reduce capacity yet again

AMT ‘Patch’ Wins Approval of Ways and Means Panel

Taser ban threat to Canada police (BBC)

FDA OKs Breathing Device Tested On Christopher Reeve

Mississippi River overflows 11 levees

Can Associated Press control the blogosphere?

Baghdad insists on right to veto US operations

Second former EADS exec charged in trading probe

Harsh interrogation methods stain US image, endanger soldiers: experts

As court ruling looms, UC dismantles more of tree-top encampment

Congress panel votes to loosen Cuba travel rules

Study: Conventions funded by millions from corporations

Congressman: Stop Drug Testing on Vets Now and Investigate

Memo: Lobbyists had special access to Don Young

Obama Camp Apologizes to Muslim Women

New rule restores rights to 115,000 Fla. ex-felons

Obama, McCain close in Va. (virtual tie-Rasmussen)

Michelle Obama looks for a new introduction

Maryland elects first black woman to Congress

House Democratic, Republican Leaders Reach Accord On War Funding Bill

GOP Insiders Fret About What Former White House Spokesman Will Say

Senate panel approves tougher sanctions on Iran

Almost a third of CEOs expect to cut jobs

Documents confirm U.S. hid detainees from Red Cross

Tennessee Democrat Apologizes for Comments About Obama, Terrorism

Ranchers vow to fight Bolivian land seizure plans (U.S. former peace corp worker/current land owner)

McCain: Tanker report unfortunate for taxpayers

US: 4 helicopter engines worth $13M missing (Afghanistan)

Wikileaks Gets Hold of US Special Forces Counterinsurgency Manual

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 18

Texas GOP cuts off vendor that sold racist button

Alaska: Obama Still Competitive (Rasmussen)

Republican Huckabee says don't denigrate Obama

(Senator) Gordon Smith apologizes for comment seemingly linking polygamy, same-sex marriage

Housing rescue bill could be slowed by Republicans

Poll: Obama leading in swing states Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida

Photobucket’s DNS records hijacked by Turkish hacking group

Feds cut climate research to save fuel

Rep. Warns of 'Consequences' If Rove 'Laughs' at Subpoena

No compensation for former detainees

Credit card fees: Some gas stations say 'no more'

(Physicians for Human Rights) Report: Exams prove abuse, torture in Iraq, Gitmo

Michelle Obama writes first lady Laura Bush after she defended her 'proud' remark

Muslims barred from picture at Obama event

Blackwater wants lawsuit decided under Islamic law

G.A.O. Backs Boeing on Aerial Tanker Deal

Feds made me do it, sez Iraq spy suspect (Susan Lindauer)

Former WH Reporter Jeff Gannon Now a National Press Club Activist

East Coast judge to lead Kozinski inquiry

Trial opens of alleged killers of journalist Carlos Quispe Quispe

Easing of laws that led to detainee abuse hatched in secret

Harsh interrogations OK’d from above, ex-Powell aide testifies

Give a listen to some free music by my father-in-law! (Singer/songwriter, country/folk-rock)

Immunity likely for phone companies in spy bill

New U.S. Military Contractor Overbilling Scandal in Iraq Looms (KBR)

General Accuses WH of War Crimes

AMA agrees that menthol should not be banned from cigarettes

Senators Deny Knowing Of Home Loan Favoritism

UN reports 'shocking' 27% rise in coca cultivation in Colombia

House Democrats call for nationalization of refineries

Bush Lays Out 4-Point Plan to Fight Oil Prices

RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) issues global stock and credit crash alert

Countdown: McBush's Oil-Drilling Flippity Floppity 6-17-08

KO: Bushed! Support the Troops-Gate, Halliburton-Gate, Pass the Buck-Gate.

John Cusack on Morning Joe = RE his new movie War Inc., McCain

COUNTDOWN: Obama smacks McSame for "September 10th mindset" comment


Bill O'Reilly Attacks Military Reporting = Propaganda

The Power of Nightmares

SPLC Trial Update: Imperial Klans of America (WARNING: graphic content & violent material)

Rachel Maddow Takes on Hayes and Blankley on Obama's Record

The John McCain Disaster = Keith Olbermann & Rachel Maddow

Obama Responds to "Sept 10th Mindset" Charge

Your Daily Moment of McCain #2


"War on War" Sam Harris Music Video by: Mark S. Shyers

TPMtv: McCain's Social Security Bamboozle

TPMtv: A Chat with Matt Yglesias, book 'Heads in the Sand'

George Bush Blames Torture Policy on US Troops

John McCain - "You can't have him."

He's a Stud, She's a Slut

TheRealNews: Obama and Progressives

Sen. Byron Dorgan, (D) ND = says 'no' to impeachment

KO Worst Person. Foremost QUACK = Darrell Issa + Obama sock monkeys

Michelle Obama clip from The View

Mora: Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo are ‘first and second identifiable causes of U.S. combat deaths'

White House Derides Investigation That Exposed Drug Testing On Vets As ‘Irresponsible Reporting,’

House Judiciary = Guanatamo: Douglas Feith Fails to Appear. Dog Ate Homework!!

NBC News: Adam Clayton Powell vs. Congress (1968)

Global Warming: Red, White and Blue


CBS News: JFK/Nixon (10/29/1960 ... week before election)

Countdown: The Fear Card

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) Questions on Detainee Treatment

Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) Questions on Detainee Treatment

Beck: ‘It Is Approaching Treason’ To Not Increase Nuclear Power in US

Rep. Artur Davis (D-AL) Questions on Detainee Treatment

McCaskill, Boxer, and Stabenau on Morning Joe. McCaskill points out Rumsfeld authorized torture

Red State Update: Gas Prices

Scalia Hates Habeas Corpus

Guiliani criticizes Obama's 'pre-Theptember 11th mindthet'

Michelle Obama On Hillary and Sexism, On "The View"

Bruce Springsteen Performs at Tim Russert's Memorial Service

Are War Crimes an Impeachable Offense or Just Infidelity?

TYT: Will Clinton Be Offered The VP Position?

TYT RANT: Bush Pressing To Get Bin Laden Before He Leaves Office

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) Questions on Detainee Treatment

Mike Gravel Endorses New 9/11 Investigation

Ron Paul * Osama Bin Laden LOVES What We Have Done!

'Morning Joe' crew totally clueless on MoveOn Alex ad

Michelle Obama on The View

'Enemy of the State' (1998). Sound familiar?

Ava Lowery on Fear and Optimism

Donohue/Pozner: Discussion with Noam Chomsky (Part One)

Donohue/Pozner: Discussion with Noam Chomsky (Part Two)

YoungTurks: FauKKKx News Explains Angry Black Women

McCain as creepy husband on SNL

McCain Proposes Drilling in Anwar Sadat

Paulson is wrong on oil – it is the failed Bush administration policies on free trade...

Guardian UK: The crisis of our time is here to stay for a long time

JFK's "Et tu, Brute?"

U.S. Ambassador Maintains: “Without a doubt. There are possibilities in Colombia (for a US military

Friends in high places (USA Today editorial rips Dodd and Conrad)

Mr. Bush v. the Bill of Rights

Mark Benjamin: A timeline to Bush government torture

Oil Trading's Powerful "Dark Markets"

In Senate, renewable energy tax credits in danger of, well, not being renewed

Could McCain Have Come Up with a More Ill-Suited Economic Advisor Than Phil Gramm?

Policy objectives trumped law on detainee treatment

Clean or Not, Coal Ain’t Cheap

Price jolt: Electricity bills going up, up, up / USA Today

Lithuania's Mazeikiu refinery shut down after (electric) power cut

Speeders to pay extra for police fuel

Nigerian environmentalists support coal mining (bid to save forests)

Pakistan: Loadshedding becomes a nightmare

Boone’s Farm: Oilman Asks Feds to Help Distribute His Wind Power

GE says U.S. renewables tax credit pays for itself

Exposed: Harvard Shrink Gets Rich Labeling Kids Bipolar

Oil Trading's Powerful "Dark Markets"

Greenland whale hunt 'commercial' (BBC)

Buying a new car? That'll be 20 trees, please.

AlterNet: Generation Y Refuses Race-Gender Dichotomy

Americans Are Living Longer, But Not Better

New Gene Lyons: Clown cars just keep on coming

Electric truck new wave of the future

BP Alternative Energy plans for office in San Francisco

Alaska No.2 Behind California In Wind Investment

CIA Lawyer’s Torture Definition: ‘If the Detainee Dies, You’re Doing It Wrong’

Britain ‘will miss’ green targets

Caroline Kennedy Takes a Role as More Than Keeper Of the Flame

Thermal solar technology catching the spotlight

WITNESS: Four days at the wheel of a hydrogen car

AC (Atlantic City Convention Center) plans largest U.S. solar roof (2.36 MW)

Torture began at the top

Anna Quindlen: Attention Must Be Paid

Citing 'Change' Over 'Experience,' Angry Electorate Also Seeks to Replace God

Congressional stalemate over renewable energy

Tornado-damaged power lines cause ComEd congestion

Is Gordon Brown up to the job?

Donna Edwards Wins Maryland Congressional Seat

How Choice Helps Obama Win the White House

One that I missed: Gas explosion in Poland kills 4 coal miners (June 5)

Whose American Dream Is It, Anyway?

Dave Lindorff: Killing the News in Iraq: Justifying the Unjustifiable

Peru's 'copper mountain' in Chinese hands (BBC)

Breaking: House Democrats Call for Nationalization of US Refineries

Northern White Rhino Probably Gone - Only 4 Confirmed In Remote Congo Park In 2006 - Reuters

Poll: Fuel spike curbs vacations, dining out

Torture began at the top - LA Times' Tim Rutten

The Disintegration of John McCain

Divulged in memos, but largely undiscussed in hearing about torture was the 9/25/02 Gitmo meeting

Republican Party

TYT: BIG JOHN = John Cornyn REAL Ad, He's Serious - Check It Out

5 Myths About Nuclear Energy - Myth 3

Bankruptcy Rates Rise Among Older Americans

Getting Power From Salty Water (Osmosis)

Energy Policy: Good Batteries and How to Get Them

TPM: Blackwater Brings Sharia Law to America!

Will Obama stop the war?

The great land grab

Izzy Stone, Patron Saint of Bloggers. "...nineteen years ago this week ... I.F. (Izzy) Stone died"

CAMPOS: Very serious 9/11 untruths

The murder of US manufacturing

McSame, "Drill more domestically"

We don't need to "look for" new energy sources

"There is no longer any doubt as to whether the current administration has committed war crimes."

Dissing Obama and Promoting McCain

Why I have little faith in the build-out of renewables and nuclear

The Brain Trauma Vets-An Epidemic of Psychological Wounds

Garrison Keillor: The motor home fades into the sunset

Oil problems, need to open offshore and Anwar: CON JOB!

Study: Solar energy cost will hit parity by 2015

Divers search for miners at Karl Marx mine (Donetsk, Ukraine)

JCA makes its first test flight

Man gets 5 years for $100M Tricare fraud

Sued charity for wounded vets changes name

IG: 2005 shooting of journalist was justified

Ground broken for new Leavenworth prison

Vets group claims DoD violates severance law

NATO disputes report of Taliban near Kandahar

Lawmakers: VA meds for smokers may be risky

Include GI Bill in war funding, veterans urge

40mm grenade doubles range of existing weapon

Editorial: Expedite Warrior Pay

Backtalk: Hope and reform

U.S. frigate just misses drug submersible

100-foot Navy antenna may clog traffic

Live-fire training begins at riverine range

Levin: DoD sought abusive interrogations

2/7 Marines killed in Afghanistan identified

Lejeune FD: Smoke detectors not checked

Reserve chief under investigation by IG

Mullen: Firings help fix nuclear problems

Charges against Hadithah O-5 dismissed

Security program well-intended but misguided

Current engagements, future options

Winter visits Bath amid shipbuilding battle

SouthCom chief encourages military bloggers

Spec ops copters fly over Denver until Friday

2 Lejeune Marines die in Iraq

US Economy Hits the Canvas, Fed Expected to Keep Rates on Hold at 2%

A New U.S. Strategy for the Global Economy?

A New Seattle "Hooverville"?

RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) issues global stock and credit crash alert

Union gas protest: Blame Bush, McCain, Big Oil

NYT: Labor Costs Rise, and Manufacturers Look Beyond China

Al Lewis: Grinding axes over unions (right to work on Nov. ballot)

Today in labor history June 18 A. Philip Randolph and others meet with Pres. Roosevelt

AFSMCE, MoveOn ad targets McCain on Iraq war (begin airing nationally Wednesday on CNN and MSNBC)

My dad was an 11 year old scab in 1931 by Omaha Steve on the Denver Post blog

Partner and I are Registered domestic partners

Norway: Same-Sex Marriage Permitted

I wrote a LTTE that I have sent to several newspapers.

Three California counties to locals: No marriage for you

Three California counties to locals: No marriage for you

Please send your best wishes to Phyllis and Del

Hey ya all,

S. Bear Bergman is awesome.

Opponents of Oregon gay rights law abandon repeal effort

BREAKING - AMA Resolution Approves care of Transgender

Gay Man Faces Prison Over DOMA IRS Protest

Inside Iran's Secret Gay World

The Watchmen movement's strategy for combating the "disease" of homosexuality

Marriage related - Since when was/is marriage "for the children?"

"God Killed Him For Loving Fags"

It's funny.

UN atomic watchdog: Syria lacks skills, fuel for nuclear facility

IDF to remove Kalkilya roadblocks as 'reward'

Civil Administration officials indicted in West Bank land steal

Report: Israel confirms truce with Hamas

So sad to see Obama kneel to AIPAC

IAF Pilots Kill Shalit Kidnappers

U.S. Ambassador Maintains: “Without a doubt. There are possibilities in Colombia (for a US military

OpEd: Greasing the wheels

BOREV: "Alvaro Uribe Confounds the Critics"

VIDEO: FIDEL, RAUL, CHAVEZ in Havana June 17, 2008

Jean-Guy Allard: "Why Bush Let the Cockroach In - former Bolivian "Minister of Death" granted asylum

Chávez welcomes Paraguayan president-elect

Trial opens of alleged killers of journalist Carlos Quispe Quispe (Bolivia)

Congress panel votes to loosen Cuba travel rules

Bolivia closer to the sea: Chile grants free access in Iquique

UN reports 'shocking' 27% rise in coca cultivation in Colombia

WTF? Category: US Targets Venezuelans for Aiding Hezbollah

okay, that commercial where the BBall player is changing jerseys...sounds like someone farting

JOEy crawford needs to be relieved of his officiating job

start your Kobe fueled excuses here

Ok, who left that opener right next to a can of "Whoop Ass" brand in Boston??

Boston Globe front page for June 18, 2008


Tiger Woods done for the season

The very first NBA game I ever watched was 1975 game 5

OK, say you're Tiger Woods and you're worth over 1/2 Billion dollars...


A Big Week in Boxing!

Joe knocking down Rudy again

Did you-all know Biden voted for the Bankruptcy Bill???

Yearly Horoscope Analysis from 6/08 until 5/09 for Barack Obama by Liz Greene

Career and Vocation Horoscope Analysis for Barack Obama by Liz Greene

check for email - got one from & new pics:

Your vibes worked -- I got the job!!!!

Latest crop circle

Psychological Horoscope Analysis for Barack Obama by Liz Greene

Releasing the Last Illusions and Dreaming in the "Now"

Thoroughbred Racing News: The Paulick Report

Thanks to all who helped me in the prayer thread

Any help with this dream, please?

Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox.... it must be nice to be a New Englander sports fan these days

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/17/08

I don't get it!

BREAKING: Lakers insist they won the popular vote.

Kennedy School, Portland Oregon

Hood River, Oregon

According to RagininMiami's blog

Portland Bridges

Columbia River, Oregon

Stop Anti-Free Speech, Anti-Artist, Anti-Journalist Legislation in Congress


Study finds depression can trigger diabetes

Pfizer, Ranbaxy deal would delay generic Lipitor

Take a nap

Beautiful health care plan at my husband's work.

International Rose Test Garden Portland, Oregon

Oregon Waterfalls

~~~COMMENT THREAD for the JUNE Photo Contest. Theme: TRANSPORTATION~~~

FDA Goes After Fake Cancer Treatments

Canon 70-200mm L IS == Phenomenal!

Crap... split decision in Miami...

Gun rights is biggest issue for court to decide

NRA's "Armed Citizen" log

Man stops bank robbery with CCW handgun

Giuseppe Di Salvatore: young and ready, Teenage Olympian is Canada's best male trap shooter

See a Huge Moon Illusion Wednesday

Become a Scientist, School Not Required

Did people get cancer in the Middle Ages and ancient times?

The Pentagram & the Pachyderm

Dawkins on O'Reilly. How stupid can one man be?

Dual nature, yin and yang

Who is the most persuasive advocate for atheism alive today?

Newly found planets make case for 'crowded universe' (AP/CNN)

You can finally download a demo of Spore!!!

People burned to death by God

The Quest for Immortality

'Oldest' computer music unveiled (BBC)

Louisiana Legislature passes 'creation bill' - Will the governor sign it?

About two thousand years ago, there was an opportunity. The opportunity is gone forever.

911 Prediction Revealed at Lindauer Hearing in NYC

Via GDP: HuffPost link where all presidential conference call audios will be posted

Go Celtics!!

John Kerry & Richard Clarke on Obama conference call today.

a comparison of June 2004 and June 2008 polls

Kerry response to Bush offshore drilling lunacy

Congratulations to the Boston Celtics on their AMAZING Finals Win

What John Kerry did back in late 2004, when he went RIGHT BACK TO WORK, was extraordinary

Todd Hunter touts poll by criminal pollster

PAC for Change - vote for Noriega!

Anyone else heard about Minneapolis allowing protesters to camp in Loring Park for the GOP Conv?

Another poll where you can help Al Franken

Four words, folks...

Analysis: Law schools growing, but jobs aren't

Educators see civil rights issue in bad schools

FYI: A letter to Obama re: testing as accountability

Study: The new SAT is not much better

Hillier regrets intelligence breakdown

Globe and Mail: Dion to promise that carbon tax won't increase price at pumps

Pills, knife among items seized from victims' home

In an about-face, Couillard refuses to explain Bernier's secret documents

DU this Poll for Paper voting.

NY Advocates to State Board of Elections: Make Election Audits RISK-BASED

The new Hold Steady album is out on itunes! Stay Positive!

Is there a Milwaukee area Obama HQ where I can get my lawn signs and volunteer and all that jazz?

Obey funds war he votes against

Who's going to Drinking LIberally Wed the 18th?

The Benediction of Big Al

Shopping for a new ISP in the So Cal area.

Rally for Health care tomorrow.

Mary Bono-Mack has a challenger CD45

Does anybody in California know