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Archives: June 19, 2008

Kucinich on Impeachment

Kucinich on Impeachment

Why will Congress cave on FISA

Kucinich threatens 60 impeachment articles if Judiciary doesn’t act

Loopholes Poopholes! Sew them shut or

How to train death squads and quash revolutions from San Salvador to Iraq

On C-Span, Steve King (R-Iowa) giving big oil a reach around.

I am watching the TWIT on the dumbest show...insanity and colmes

Just received a PUSH-POLL phone call for Sheriff Tommy (what civil rights?) Thomas (it's starting)

I've started to use a new term for the far right

"Getting terrorism advice from Rudy Giuliani is like getting cooking advice from Cindy

BREAKING: Russert was paid by Rove!

So I was wandering over at Mitch and Nan's this afternoon....

Do you guys all realize how serious this Mississippi flood is?

Conyers, Sánchez to Justice Department: Our authority does not stop at the gates of the White House

Bush History, Wednesday 6/18 (The Rich Need More Help! Bush to the Rescue!)

House Leaders Agree on War Funding

House, Bush strike deal on war supplemental. No conditions, such as banning torture.

So the G.E.Russert service was the Liberal Elite that I am disconnected to

Student hacker who upped his grades faces 38 years in jail

Iraqi re-Baathification law not being implemented

Officer slams teen into wall

BARNICLE: "We'd never seen anything like it!1" (him & G.E., talking about the vast U.S.)

Luke Russert is Impressive. He Rocks!

Luke Russert is Impressive. He Rocks!

Faith healing teen dies at home (from something curable)

Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back - mission really accomplished

Amy Goodman: Weather Reports Are Missing the Story

Time to Badger Congress About NO IMMUNITY for AT&T and Verizon (Telecoms) for Warrantless Wiretaps

"George Bush doesn't care about white people...or wet people. " Wyatt Cenac.

George Bush doesn't care about white people!!!

McCain calls for building 45 new nuclear reactors.

XM 167 renamed America Left, starting July 14th

Offshore drilling - I'm starting to have a conspiracy theory

Bush, McCain Wed In California; Few Surprised

GOP Insiders Fret About What Former White House Spokesman Will Say

Keeping Pace with the Times — The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (NewEngJourMed)

Washington Times columnist calls AIDS ‘the gift of the gays.’

Small towns suffer big losses as rivers rise

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Maine: US Senate race gets closer

RCMP sucks in "naive in the extreme" youth to join terrorist group. Now stages a show trial.

What are we willing to do to change the course?

I'm Voting Republican because.....

Well, it looks like the Chimperor is going to do his obligatory Flood Fly-By

"The Changing of the Guard" by Dr. Zaius...a photo that really addresses the Bush 3rd term

Big Media - What The Democrats Face in November - Handy Chart

BRS - Is This Party For Real

Sir Winston Churchill -- Opinions?

By the light, of the silvery moon... the Solstice moon tonight...

Taliban Lives on, Iraq a "Failed-State", and Unpunished Fraud(Bush History:Thursday 6/19)

What is this Michelle O. makeover bullshit?

Bush Says Dems to Blame for High Gas Prices

Douchebag extrodinaire Larry Sinclair arrested after NPC

The complete video of Springsteen's "Thunder Road" is now up --

George Galloway talking about war with Iran

Big Oil vultures swoop in on Iraq. It WAS all about the oil, no mistake about it.

So someone help me out with this.

States weigh options in offshore oil fight

US N-weapons parts missing, Pentagon says

Any ideas on how to deal with deadbeat banks and investment companies

The term 'war crimes' just doesn't have the sting it used to does it?

Christian Newswire & John McCain: Obama wants to give Osama habeus corpus rights, cites Ghouliani

Large Ohio Banks Seeing Stock Plunging

Midwest Floods Seems Bigger Than New Orleans But MSM Is Not Covering As Much Because?.....

First come, first served on email names as Yahoo expands today

Our American torturers didn't do it for information, but for FUN.

"we" and "our"

Courting Disaster Flashtoon

Bruises, cuts cover dead child

What Does This Mean?

U.S. Suburbs Losing Residents, Advantages (VIDEO)

Hell must have frozen over.. I agree with Bill O'Reilly

Dad, David Boren, takes son, Dan, to the wood shed

Gifted Programs in the City Are Less Diverse

Celebrity 'psychic' (Uri Geller) who bought Elvis' home on eBay loses lawsuit, and house

I Propose That in Three Hours We End the MTP Tim...

FISA "Reform" Bill - What They Don't Want You to Know

Report: Phone companies to get immunity from spy lawsuits

Well I love apples, oranges, potatoes, and (some) onions.

ROFL--check out my local fishwrap's poll on high oil prices

Colbert's The Word last night

Tienamen Square -Amnesty Int. message

George Bush II - The Official Disaster President.

Bush anticipates "another disaster this year"

Madeline Albright coming up on WJ after the break

Russert, Tiger Woods, and Death, Pain.. Main Stream Media Style..

"White House Spokesperson Had No Comment."

RCMP sucks in "naive in the extreme" youth to join terrorist group. Now stages a show trial.

Bush gets rock-bottom rating from Americans: survey

Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back

video of Obama announcing the decision no to public financing

Restaurants challenge law they helped draft.

Federal immigration rules cost Kansas up to $1 million

We can have as many nuclear plants as we force the taxpayers to buy. No one else will.

McClatchy: Taliban ambassador wielded power within Guantanamo

Mother-of-my-dog, this is beautiful!

THE US military has lost more than one thousand "sensitive" nuclear missile parts

Yes, We Will Have No Bananas

Will Monsanto sue every flooded farmer who's land has now been contaminated by their seeds?

Impeachment Daily - Article 4 Misrepresenting Iraq as imminent threat

CSPan1 fans please tell me you're watching


One Simple Question

when it comes to mccain funny how the word 'flip-flop' has gone out of style

Is Nancy Pelosi a co-conspirator in these war crimes?

Exxon, Oil Giants Prepared To Sign No-Bid Oil Deals in Iraq

BUSHCO-Mission Accomplished...So STFU...

Here's one recipe Cindy McCain will NEVER take credit for:

The world goes 'round: Hula Hoop turns 50

I'm trying to figure out whether to disregard a cruel policy

AC 360 - bash Obama night!

15 of the Most Cringe-Worthy Men Alive - Cheney #2

Simplified Kurdish: an idea whose time has come?

ACLU Sues Old Dominion Freight Lines Over Firing Of Transgender Trucker

New! MASTERLIST of McCain Flip-Flops & Gaffs. Please help! It's getting long!

Darwin award nomination.

A Modest Proposal

Politics of oil: 'Let's face it'

Rahm Emanuel Nails Bush: "Calling on Bush to Take American Farewell Tour"

The rising cost of a presidential bribe - Gen. Peter Pace

Neither the US nor Iraq is a thriving democracy

Haditha Marine officer goes crawling to Michael Savage, threatens to sue Murtha

*Whine* We need more off-shore drilling! *Whine*

House, Bush reach deal on war supplemental

FEMA denies Iowa Mayors request for 800 large portable trash bins

Some Gas Stations Banning Use of Credit Cards at the Pump

GM stalls plans for future big trucks, SUVs

Where are the people who were prevented from attending a McCain event?

Hat's off to the Irish citizenry

Infrastructure Failure under the GOP.

Guess What Today Is

Anybody know where Bush is today and what cities he will be in?

Tell Congress: Arrest Karl Rove

The MSM may be beating the drums for war against Iran (CNN)

The Main Core Database & You

Exxon/Mobile-"Taking on the world's toughest energy problems"

Did Disney not pay their dues ??????

Bravo Patrick - how to expose bullies

Bravo Patrick - how to expose bullies

The bogus argument in favor of off shore drilling exposed on C-Span this morning

Thanks KO - we need this Enron loophole explained

American Rainbow Rapid Response: MISSISSIPPI RIVER UPDATE

A Fair and Balanced Tim Russert Obit

She was not a casualty of war. She was a victim of murder.

The father and daughter who war-monger together

Supreme Court: Come Back Next Week

Denial of Care: Is This What It Means to Support Our Troops? - Michael Moore site

So I got a bike and now bike to the coffee shop, when not doing the laundry

Wow check out Al Franken's ad - it's great!

Lakes across Canada face being turned into mine dump sites

Immigration Raids Lead U.S. to a Moral, Legal Crisis

Paulson press conference on CNBC

The FLDS polygamy raid: debate and update on current situation

Call Congress TODAY and tell them NO MORE $$ for war!!

Ari Fleischer's Freedom Watch is targeting vulnerable Democrats. How will they react?

Iranian Graffiti: Danish Pastry Is Our Absolute Right

Who is to blame for high gas prices? - The Democrats, Of Course

Sixth Human Foot Washes Ashore on Canada's Coast

ACLU Applauds House Judiciary Subcommittee on Continuing Its Examination into Torture Approval

Since we're deporting people, why don't we start

Bush History:Thursday 6/19 (Taliban Lives on, Iraq a Failed-State, & Unpunished Fraud)

Bush History:Thursday 6/19 (Taliban Lives on, Iraq a Failed-State, & Unpunished Fraud)

LTTE- Push Congress on impeachment

Keith was exceptional tonight..his coverage on Russert was splendid and heartfelt..

Rahall to Big Oil: Use It or Lose It

As simply as you can, please 'splain what the Enron loophole is.

my message in a bottle

Govt news conference on mortgage scams/arrests at 1:15pm EDT. CNN says they'll cover it live.

Because we just don't have enough opportunities for snark since GD-P

Bill Scher: Why Can't The Media Find Environmental Experts?

Time For Another Fox Apology

MSNBC extended coverage this morning: When Lingerie Attacks

George Walker Bush is *the dumbest* son-of-a-bitch that's ever walked on the face of the Earth..

Who are we?

Feith Chickens Out

Iraq Freedom Congress Hits Occupation Deal

Gee, golly, what to spend that rebate check on? - Today’s Headlines 6/19/08

Coastal Drilling Bill Number?

Robo calls blame Moore, Democrats for high gasoline prices


Strange Bedfellows

In Other News..Jamie Lynn Spears Welcomes Baby Girl

Baby steps: Feds charge 400 in mortgage fraud investigation, including fund managers

Either be tried in US courts, or face foreign courts. If (oops)

To hear this message in English, press one-Sick of this?

Good Mother Jones Article On The Off Shore Oil Issue and John McCain


What is the purpose of these hearings by Conyers and Waxman

Craig is taking a wide stance on the oil market, now on CSPAN-2

Royal Bank of Scotland advices clients to prepare for crash

Life immitates Art: Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

Enron, now Bear Stearns....

Loon calls Hartmann - says he's just like Weiner

Photo in need of a caption.

Republicans have finally found their issue for the General Election.

Diary of a mad black woman

REMINDER: Katrina oil spills may be among worst on record (113 offshore platforms destroyed)

Best political cartoon yet

Where do you live and where do you buy your food?

Couple find 60,000 bees in wall of home

McCain calls terrorism a "transcendental threat". Definition of "transcendental"

Community Activists Defeat Water Bottler in New Hampshire

"I served my country for 24 years, now my country is giving up on me."

The best part of Bush's reaction to the Gitmo ruling....

Winners of the first Sex-Positive Journalism Awards ("Sexies") Announced!


Life at the Edge of History

Ass kissers and all making $8 an hour or less got to keep their jobs...

VIDEO-Kathie Lee and Hoda talk politics

VIDEO-Kathie Lee and Hoda talk politics

*Happy JUNETEENTH!!!!!!!*


So why are we in the hole we are regarding torture?

A little something for the Florida Tourism Board

Operation Malicious Mortgage

I have something for the Democratic leadership in Congress:

Are We Drilling Over There So We Dont Have To Drill Here

What's wrong with this picture?

Hate To Broadbrush (my finer ones need cleaning) But Congress Is Lacking In Moral Turpentine

Ray McGovern in Detroit Free Press Asks Conyers to Impeach to Avoid Attack on Iran

Ok ok keith is NOT covering the floods, but he's done a hell of a job

Maybe you'll get it one day. They don't give a fuck about you.

Great place to watch McClellan's testimony tomorrow:

Gas Price Rant

Help Me

Obama endorses blue dog John Barrow in GA for House of Rep seat over Regina Thomas

The Enron loophole has been closed and goes into effect on Sept 30, 2009

The reason for the war: Iraq nears first major oil service deals with major Western companies

CommonDreams: Why the Economy Is Gloomier Than We Are

Paul Rainwater Should be Fired


The Rude Pundit: Bush Taught About American Government by British Reporter

So lets see, the House passes a FISA bill giving immunity to the Telecoms

First baseball, now horse-racing??

More Pictures from the BUSH / MCCAIN WEDDING (pic heavy)

This is just sad. Come on DUers, SUPPORT OUR TROOPS and tell Congress to BRING THEM HOME

Scott Horton: Travel Advisory for Bu$hco

Why wasn't Dumbya's Iowa photo-op covered live?

House Votes TODAY (Thursday) on Iraq $165B - Call NOW

Blackwater defends embrace of Islamic law

When and how did conservatives become great judges of character?

What are the expectations of DUers?

* on NPR a few minutes ago.

Scalia’s Siren Song


Help!! does anybody have a list of the 30 states in the latest salmonella outbreak?

All Saints star Virginia Gay recovering after attack in deadly rampage

only because I am exceedingly cynical here.

Indonesia's Ex-spy chief held in mid-air poisoning of human rights activist

Who us? Oh yeah uh.. we we just got back from er uh we wereCAPTIONing yeah that's what we were doing

How Many Of You Have Donated To Stop FISA Warrantless Spying from Being Legalized on Friday?

There are other Senate bills out there trying to stop energy speculation.

Ludmila Putin: My husband is a Vampire

An illustrated guide to why offshore drilling is a really bad idea

Hey, I sent Barack an email from his web site letting them know I support their decision

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Big Oil Heading Back to Iraq.

Survey: One in 3 Information Tech Professionals Snoops on Other Employees

Political issues which you will not discuss at DU simply because

LT CMDR Kuebler Attacks Pentagon's Legal System:An Unlikely Antagonist in the Detainees’ Corner

John and Cindy McCain would reap $373,429 if McCain’s tax proposal were enacted.»

Building Under Construction Collapses at Rice University,

Bush, like all ex-presidents, will have a Secret Service security detail on him for the rest

Paulson Urges New Fed Powers


Taliban Lives on, Iraq a Failed-State, & Unpunished Fraud(Bush History:Thursday 6/19)

OK The Verdict Is In The Race To The White House SUCKS

Do moderators respond when you write to them?

Oberman mentioned something curious today on Countdown

should all media types be left of center?

McCain Tours Flood-Damaged Iowa


Philippe Sands on "Fresh Air" talking torture...

Ann (Anne?) Curry for MTP??

Two Days Of Torture: "They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams... & our most horrific nightmares."

Yahoo! uses picture of Osama bin Laden in news article about Obama.

Bush attacked Iraq because Saddam kicked the EXTRACTORS out.

Obama e-mail list makes Dems salivate (Yahoo! story)

Kerry: McCain doing 'double-talk dance' for big oil

Does Obama have a position on FISA and retroactive immunity?

More ways the oil companies steal from us.

The Irrelevant President: "It took him a long time to get to New Orleans and he didn't help"

Ex-Bear Stearns managers arrested at their homes

City of Fresno, CA already sued but keep attacking the Homeless

Wexler Looking Forward to Willing Witness in McClellan

Brian Williams Get the Call for "Meet the Press"

Market collapse or mass financial abuse?

House, Bush reach deal on war supplemental-$165B, no conditions

Feingold for VP??

Prosecutors Want Dismissed Haditha Case Reinstated

Bomb Iran? What's to Stop Us?

Feinstein-Martinez Mortgage Licensing Bill Included in Broad Housing Reform Package

The McCain's are on hard times. Selling one of their (er her) homes *video*

Feingold condemns FISA "capitulation"

U.S., China to discuss investment treaty

Schumer/Clinton/Higgins Resolution To Rename Portion Of Route 20a As 'Timothy J. Russert Highway'

Obama Demands VA Immediately Investigate Drug Testing on Veterans (drug to help stop smoking)

What the Oil Barons don't want you to know- Bakken Oil Sands (Enron involved, naturally)

What the Oil Barons don't want you to know- Bakken Oil Sands (Enron involved, naturally)

This is a serious question about FISA

Favorite business of the month

If gas goes from $2 to $4 who exactly profits?

Feingold: Wiretap deal 'no compromise, it's capitulation'

The Bush Legacy Bus…coming to a town near you.»

War Crimes Committed and Justice Denied, by Major General Antonio Taguba, USA (Ret.)

Kucinich on Impeachment, By Dennis Bernstein

Great stories from

London v Bush, And London (Europe) when Kerry is there

Questions About Lobbyists

The Taguba story on accusing the White House of war crimes makes my newspaper

O' Reilly Factor in 1 minute. Hilarious video

Obama, telecoms and the Beltway system

I need some legal help related to the Iraq War Resolution

Awesome News For Fans Of Progressive Radio(!)

Is it okay to post a general thank-you to DU and DUers here?

Arrests for War Resistance Increase Again

It's time to take down the right wing ideology

Why Won't Corporations Take on Big Oil? by Ralph Nader

Haven't we suffered enough? bush and McCain visit Iowa

Washington Times columnist calls AIDS ‘the gift of the gays.’

2002 Bob Herbert NYT column re Phil and Wendy Gramm's ties to deregulation

Juneteenth is Today!! Recognize!!

screw Impeachment - I just want the Boondocks and Doonesbury back

Europe Gives Bush a Cool Good-bye

On teen pregancy and contraception pacts -- where the fuck are the parents??

Juan Cole: "The Great Torture Scandal" - A Compilation Of The Recent Revelations

Levee #20 overrun

Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold On the FISA Deal "it is a capitulation"

Abuses left detainees mentally ill, study finds

Finally, a wonderful, deserving choice to receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom

Here is what we can look forward to if off shore drilling is allowed

"War" funding (colonization) vote Today!! call your reps!

Col. Wilkerson Testimony --House Panel : Cheney +torture tactics.

Report: Gonzo Ousted Torture Critic, Then Promised Him USA Gig To Placate Him

Shell Halts Production At 200,000-Barrel-Per-Day Oil Field In Nigeria After Militant Attack

msnbc is talking about obama being a muslim.....this is gonna be tough folks

The boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling....

Giant moon illusion expected in tonight's sky

Ex-State Dept. official: Over a hundred detainees died in U.S. custody, at least 25 murdered

Congress Reaches Deal on Wiretapping Bill...immunity too!

Congress Reaches Deal on Wiretapping Bill...immunity too!

LOL!! FR detective squad scours Obama's "photoshopped" birth certificate

Hey all you smarmy assed 14 year old "cable news" producers

Have you seen: gas stations refusing credit cards, asking for cash?

Top Dems cool to FISA deal

Memphis Cops Caught on Tape Beating Transsexual Prisoner

Breaking: House Dems Go Along With White House On Telecoms Immunity

Obama & Kerry deal Halliburton major blow; Prez OKs closing KBR tax loophole

Monsters rule our world.

Progressives - To the Phones! STOP Telecom Immunity!

Linguistics question

Siegelman Prosecution Questioned = USA Martin now under investigation

Obama Staff "Literally Reviewing FISA as we speak"

Telco Amnesty vote tomorrow. Call your rep today! Contact #s inside.

Unacceptable FISA deal

An "Unwarranted betrayal" ..Democrats and FISA

Is it safe to come back out?

Transcript: Countdown's Special Report: McCain, Gas Prices & the Enron Loophole

I need some help re Obama's rejection of Public Financing

The US isn't likely to try * admin for war crimes- -but it's likely that a European country will.

Scott's still set to testify tomorrow, isn't he?

Scott's still set to testify tomorrow, isn't he?

**URGENT** Telecomm Immunity vote FRIDAY AFTERNOON 20 JUNE

**URGENT** Telecomm Immunity vote FRIDAY AFTERNOON 20 JUNE

A constitutional amendment is proposed

Oil companies caught NOT drilling in areas that have already been leased to them

Investment house Morgan Stanley fears massive currency collapse.

Oil: Windfall profits tax. Percentage based or price cap?

talk to me about teacher merit pay.

Senate Housing Bill Requires eBay, Amazon, Google, and All Credit Card Companies to Report Transacti

4 Detained by Philly PD and Homeland Security for Petitioning Against Police Surveillance

CBS reporter speaks straight ... on THE DAILY SHOW, not on CBS

How Low Can The Republicans Get??????

Nationalize the Oil Companies

A note from Patrick Leahy on the FISA bill

Between the droughts and the flooding, where's the food going to come from?

The FISA Shaft Is Underway...looks like a cave in.

Which energy source do you want to see off-shore?

Lt Cmdr: 'Bush Admin WAR CRIMES SYSTEM Designed To Get Convictions With No Real Evidence'

Ducking Impeachment in Congress and the Newsroom

Idiot Just Arrived in Iowa!

"Monopoly" was invented by a Quaker as an instructional lesson

It Was Top Down, Stupid: The Bush administration's "bad apples" theory goes sour.

America's Got Recycled, Repackaged Talent 2008. Where Have I Seen This Before?

Mom held for unpaid traffic tickets dies in Tarrant Co. jail

You know Its kinda sad for me today because its starting to sink in

Bill Cosby vs. Barack Obama: What's The Difference?

Mass and untargeted surveillance of Americans Communications

This piece was written over 20 years ago. Does it have any relevance today??

Do you agree with the author of the ...

"Christian Civic League of Maine" drops anti-gay initiative due to LACK OF INTEREST!

Love, community, support and reinforcement automatically obsolete Republicanism.

Muslim women rejected at Obama rally.

Kucinich: Impeachment NOT 'Off the Table-I am not going to relent in my determination'

Kucinich: Impeachment NOT 'Off the Table-I am not going to relent in my determination'

Should NBC's FCC license be renewed? Should FOXNEWS's?

Rep. Wexler statement of Telco Imunity bill

er yyyep looks like a CAPTION to me

Pelosi & Steny Hoyer Are Disgusting - Their comments on the Telecom Spy Bill

Why hasn't there been any MAJOR scandals and corruption

The Christian Taliban Are At It Again!

Glenn Beck Falls Down Flight of Stairs

Man forced to close "Pick-your-own" strawberry farm

How Big Oil Is Trying to Further Pillage America

Kucinich's Impeachment Articles

"Big John" Cornyn political ad - - if you want to see something truly embarrassing

Vichy Dems who voted for the FISA bill to indemnify Bush of his #1 impeachable offense

Brian Williams: "It's my duty to listen to Rush"

The Secret They Don't Want You to Know- Bakken Oil Sands (Enron related)

None of you will probably respond to this post

Amy Goodman: Weather Reports Are Missing the Story

Corn, crop rotation, sediment, and general misuse/over planting

"OIL FACT SHEET for us. Print it and carry it WITH YOU please."

Pigs who swam through floodwaters killed on levee

Strange Bedfellows Unite to Fight FISA Deal

my 15 years of marriage are worthless now.

"What the Gay Brain Looks Like" Time mag

Protection of Persons Assisting the Government Section 802(a)

The year I was born ('55), the average US income was $4137.

Who would buy a Lara Logan calander?

The government. My mom. My dad. And how everything changed for me this week.

I'm gonna go walk the beagle before the 'coons come out...

I just paid $2.50 for a Woodwardia fimbriata!

There's an actual bug crawling on my monitor, and I thought it was one of these:

Desperately seeking job

I just realized I'm a nude

I just realized I'm a prune.

I just realized I'm a dude.

Albright Helping Obama Bridge Differences with Clinton

What I just heard about the Enron loophole and McCain should automatically

Should people who post gravedancing threads be banned?

When McCain Drops Out

NYT Thursday: Obama limiting media access to campaign?

I have never been a thief

Can you get a tour of an U.S. embassy?

Harriet luvs her some mccbush....

OMG, why didn't anyone tell me that Celebrity Circus was on!!!

Must Sell --- very funny pic

Did AIPAC get a VETO in Obama National Security "Working Group" ?

Lunatic Groups Plan Vigils At Dem Convention

Rasmussen Ohio Poll: McCain 44 Obama 43

A romantic comedy - The Absent-Minded Professor (1961) Ah, the good old days.

The MoveOn Ad Is Being Aired In PA Now

Roy Sekoff, MY NEW HERO!!

Fear not Obama Supporters!

Obama: U.S. should avoid making bin Laden a martyr

Latest Chick Magnet - An Obama Bumper Sticker

Obama and Clinton plan joint meeting on June 26th

Joy Behar said she thinks Obama will win in a landslide!

Barack can’t be touched…

Rummy Declines To Endorse McCain

This post is for people with weird names

Hmmm...the pizza dough was squirrelly tonight...I wonder

Hysterical crop-circle thread in GD

Obama Campaign Introduces New Campaign Tool - Tag Team Conference Calls

Oil "Crisis" MEME????

Pictures from my day:

From the Obama Camp: The next big challenge

this is an unapologetic unity thread

lets settle the GE

Clinton's big donors won't help Obama until AFTER Obama helps pay her debt

Paging HeyHey... paging HeyHey

a powerful graph to tell you why fixating on polls, especially this far out, is a bad idea

Schwarzenegger Opposes Offshore Oil Drilling

Schwarzenegger Opposes Offshore Oil Drilling

What's everyone think of MI Gov. Jennifer Granholm for VP?

Test thread,,,

I feel bad - this one bit the dust...

I may be dense, but NOW I think I get it about Michelle Obama ........

So is Rudy anti-law enforcement?

someone needs to ask Pat Buchanan why a paleo-conservative...

For the record, Senator Clinton did NOT return to the Senate today.

Kudzu. It's taking us places?

Delete Dupe.

My internet was out yesterday. Did I miss anything?

Space Balls the Animated Series ?? I just stumbled upon this

New in Wolfgang's Vault: Grateful Dead, Berkeley Community Theatre 08/14/71

Texas Republican party to donate proceeds from racist pins...

Obama to Meet With Labor Leaders, Lawmakers

I think I have gingivitis.

Jon Stewart Takes On FOX News Re Baracknophobia!

Republicans vs Democrats in drawing big crowds (it matters in campaigns):


I just saw "The Incredible Hulk" - ask me anything!

to counter rethuglican talking points...

For the very first time I want to put a poster on ignore..

Michelle: Hold Your Head High; We Got Your Back

Another Newspeak Word that has got to go: "Detainee"

Perfect timing for Obama to opt out of public campaign financing

A STUDY IN CONTRASTS: Our presidential nominees exiting their limos to board their planes

Ooooh! devastating blow to McCain's campaign

Gas Prices & the "Enron Loophole" (where deregulated speculators were unleashed)...

Obama leads McCain in Florida for 1st time in poll

Mrs. McCain's GOP White Chocolate Nut Cookie Recipe

John McCain Gets Zero From League of Conservation Voters

John McCain Gets Zero From League of Conservation Voters

Rasmussen, 6/19: Obama 45%, McCain 42%, Five States Shifting in Democrats' Direction

Fuck the human race...period. I pray we get wiped out by a meteor or something of that nature

Should the VP bring heft on Economics or National Defense?

Obama Gets Involved In Local Georgia Race

NYT, pg1: Obama’s Campaign Tightens Control of Image and Access

Survey USA Wisconsin: Hispanics Obama 83% - McSame 17%

Someone asked for a map showing how McCain wins. Here it is

Someone asked for a map showing how McCain wins. Here it is


"The War of the Worlds"

Video: Important Announcement from Barack (Update: McCain whines)

Michelle Obama to get unprecedented campaign team

BREAKING: Obama Opts Out of Public Financing per CNN


Need some help with a road trip mix

FUNDAY XIV starts in Saginaw MI at noon Saturday -- you all are invited

Just donated again to Obama...A campaign owned by us! Smart move Obama!

McCain confronted as to why he has taken the most money from Big Oil

Obama to Break Promise, Opt Out of Public Financing for General Election

Why are you still up?

Here's what sucks.

The hell IS a 'New York minute,' anyway?

It's Thirsty Thursday! What drink would you want to have right now?

So Bush gave an energy speech

Should Obama get on board with the dems calling to Nationalize oil refining?

The Sandbaggers

Obama Shouldn't Debate McCain

OK, you got me with all the adbots

Goodbye everybody.

Poor pigs.

Evansville, IN womens flat-track roller derby

I strongly support Obama except in ONE thing.

CQ via Political Wire: Is Obama the Most Liberal Senator?

I'm baaack!

Tienamen square

"Now, go away...

Looking for John McCain Videos from him Hosting SNL

Texas GOP Convention - attempts to remove all naked art from public view and more freaky stuff

Which recipe would you most want to see in a "Cindy Mccain's original recipes" cookbook?

Well, I thought Virgos RULE, but unfortunately, John McCain shares my sign

Is anyone else having trouble with gmail?

I have 3 songs played back to back as 1 mp3 (blame the CD manufacturer for making it one track)...

McCain Team Falsely Charges That Obama Opposes Capital Punishment For Bin Laden

My ultra moody (but loveable) 14 year old daughter....

McCain screws up again by sending Fred Thompson to attack Obama

Happy Juneteenth, ya bastids! 344-194!

Asshole Cat of the Day Post

Why Is ABC News So Obviously Biased against Obama?

It's CAPTION TIME! (Crazy Old Man Edition)

Black Orpheus in ten minutes - 1959

Should the vp be right handed to balance out the ticket?

This cartoon made laugh out loud

Obama camp: It was clear that McCain's campaign had no interest in a fair public financing agreement

If You Visited Parche And Were Really Mad, What Would You Call It?

I wish I had a space ship.

When LeftyMom and I get together for lunch in August, I'm taking her here.

Where Is Bosshog

Remember the character "Mr. Bill" from Saturday Night Live?

News flash! Rumsfeld refuses to back McCain!!

LOL- McCain on 2002 SNL skit: plays creepy wife-stalker!

"Flash" in the can

So who's ready to cool off in a pool

Man shoots himself while breaking into house, dies

Why would any rethug whine about Obama not taking public financing for his campaign?

McCain Cries Over A Non-Double Standard

How long does a cold bug gestate or whatever?

I'm thinking of having a party at my place next week...

Why the Democrats choose to let Bush and Repubs off the hook?

The reason for high gas prices?

Gulf drilling's policy effects 'horrendous,' Bob Graham says

Video from Obama explaining why he's not taking public funds's "Alex" ad just ran on CNN

I think Republicans don't know what the word EMPATHETIC means,

What is wrong with parents? Kids out shopping at 2AM?

The 7 Deadly Sins Poll

I still have

Poll question: Greatest bad musical artist ever. You pick and/or discuss.

At 12:45 pm, TCM is going to show The Joe Louis Story


Veepstakes: Gen. Jim Jones

TM has totally inherited my dark sense of humor.

"Why the FUCK is Gas so High?!?" >> HERE'S WHY .... (PDF + Video)

Well I just bought a FUCK belt buckle

Take the Bush-McCain Challenge.

Obama won't take public financing for the general election

Greatest bald musical artist ever. You pick and/or discuss.

Would You Swear At Midlo While Eating Your Panera Tuna Sandwich?

McCain Debates McCain on Impact of Offshore Drilling

I don't want a Republican on the ticket....but

Veepstakes: Sen. Jim Webb

Do you swear or affirm?

Dear Baseball Fans: George Sandel sucks!

When McCain drops out

Your pocket sized picture of McCain

eBayers be aware. Possible Phishing attempt.

Who Has The Weirdest DU Name?

I saw Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull last night.

On the heels of mycritters2's thread about the FUCK belt buckle, do any of you

People are cool.

really craving a soft taco

Help debunking Anti-Obama smear please?

McCain: Lock-step and (oil) barrel

Upcoming "reality" TV shows...

Obama Goes Up With First General Election TV Ad

Which would you rather have?

Everyone seen Frank Luntz on Bullshit?

Is it smart for Obama to move back to the "middle" for General Election?

Obama should wait until just before the convention to select a VP

What a lovely day for a parade! A Celtics parade, that is...

Who was looking for a boat name earlier this week?

Oh Gawd Its My Right Wing Brother In-Laws Birthday Today

Should Bloomberg or Melinda Gates be on the VP shortlist?

McCain is having trouble coming to grips with Obama's decision on public financing

Why didn't any of you dipshits tell me that Buckaroo Bonzai is playing on Plex?

Libertarian Candidate Barr Blasts McCain

McCain is the worst possible candidate for the Youtube era

Barr pulling 10% of Conservative voters according to Zogby

WOW! Parche thinks I am LynneSin!

The Obama Wavelength

ABC News Blog - Whorin' for McCain

Bush/Cheny, Inc. and their Republican ilk have taken us all for a ride. Bush, yesterday...

Is it just me

Did I miss a memo or a meeting or something?

Aha! The reception next door left their extra cheese, crackers, and spring water out.

Kellogg wants your child to choke on blocks!

School's out for summer!

That's what she said!

Photos: Steve "Police Academy" Gutenberg clearly not pleased with the presence of the paparazzi

Something struck me today about Obama - He treads where white politicians are afraid to go..

Looks like I will graduate in August after all.

Republican Women Declare for Obama

Any Michelle Obama fans here?

Cover of the Rolling Stone!

Pander here please....

Graphic design question here

Looks Like Mitch and Nana figured out why Larry Sinclair was arrested

The water carriers are carrying their loads -- ABC headline re: Obama's "flip-flop"

really craving the hard salami...

Polls with 3rd party candidates?

OMG! Wonka's Giant Chewy Nerds are

From the racist Republican who brought you that Obama button...

Gen. Dwight's g-daughter, Susan, backs Obama. McCain has female troubles.

Paging Huggybearlumlums, you are needed in a thread. Please pick up the nearest green telephone.

You, uh, kinda need to see this

Elizabeth Hasselbeck on Hannity

CNN Contributor Calls for First Lady Debate

The "objective" Associated Press rips Obama for opting out of Public Financing

Hand Embroidered Day of the Dead Napkin Set

The bottled water Poll

DU NYC'ers: Are there any pirates left in the city?

Cool time-lapse video of ants consuming a gecko

Young Earth creationist Kenneth Ham speaks at Pentagon Prayer Breakfast

Am I the only person who didn't know what a Monroe piercing was?

Obama's Proposal For Lincoln Douglas Debate Format - McCain Rejects?

Just got off the phone with TM. She's at the beach for Beach Week and one of the girls

GOP Convention Concerns: Pidgeon feces and the Homeless

Has anyone been a group marshall for a gay pride march?

Well, this will be interesting. I guess we're going to find out how racist

Cindy McCain did not want John to run for president either time-

Randy exposing lying ass Brit Hume's talking points on Obama and his half brother

pick a VP

This election is far too important for democratic senators to bash the nominee(Feingold-WIsconsin)


Stuff that makes me wanna eat my own brain ...

Have You Ever Had A Buncogasm?

Just a heads up: Cynthia McCain will be on "The Situation Room"

I'm an agnostic but I love this song...

Mariners fire McLaren!!!!!1!

McCain aide plays sexism card

Rejoice - there's a new Spears spawn!!!!

Introducing, without further delay, US Patent 7122000. The Vagina-Bong

We bought a house!

Fox News Poll: Obama 42 McCain 39

I did a car repair by myself!

McCain's Base, the media, will make sure McCain's Free Publicity is on par with Obama's funds in GE

We are going down the same road ...

Obama adviser Susan Rice shows Dems how to handle FOX

RANT: Cable News? Most TV Talking DooDoo Heads are No experts at anything!

Yahoo News Juxtapositions bin Laden Photo w story on Obama opting out of public financing

Yahoo News Juxtapositions bin Laden Photo w story on Obama opting out of public financing

Do I have a dirty Mind? I'm loading pictures for work and I come across this....

TN Dem apologizes for Obama Terrorist-Connected - Faux News made me do it

'McCain's support among GOP women shows cracks'

Dammit...someone outbid me on the "John Adams" dvd on ebay.

Schlitz's original formula to return to Milwaukee

Who wants to tell Carnea that his sig line has a grammar error?

Panera Bread's tuna salad sandwich is like a gift from Heaven.

Those white lines on the cross-walk aren't magical

What kind of coffee (or other morning drink) are you drinking?

I am such an evil, evil person.

WTF!!!!! Tweety Show with Charlie Cook....

Obama Cuts Ad For Conservative Pro-War House Dem

Did McCain use the word "hisself" today?

I don't like the term "cougar"

My wife just told me that I need to get flowers for our daughter

I lov playing buncko in verginia

Obama calls and personally apologizes to the Muslim women who were barred from sitting behind him

Will Snotty McClellan do series damage to * at his hearing?

Russert’s Son Sounds a Theme of Unity at Funeral

Hey KW, Twins game is starting!

Good, gods! Idiocracy was so prophetic...

If he brings you happiness, then I wish you both the best

Sculpture hits rock bottom

I don't know what the deal is with everyone picking on Midlo, but I say

redqueen and I are starting a proofreading company.

Netflix is removing the "Profiles" feature.

i don't like the term 'cougar', but I do see the predatory nature of the people it refers to.

Rep. Kilpatrick, the Congressional Black Caucus Leader, says Al Gore is her #1 choice for VP

If you found out that your house was made of ticky tacky

100 degrees at Noon!

OK, someone clue me in on the whole Chuggo thing

"Obama has an Odd background, and being black is the least odd"

Okay, I really miss Blue-Jay's squirrel. Let's hound him until he puts it back.

Mildo, please proofread the following:

I dont like the term, "Dirty Old Man"

Midlo, redqueen, Please Proofread the Following:

Does anyone know where I can hire a proofreader?

Rasmussen push polling again. This time in Florida!

Am I the only one still in love with Buffy?

Do you support public financing of campaigns?

Woman Passenger Punches JetBlue Flight Attendent


Do you guys like curling? Do you like literate lefty Canadian rock?

Today Is Pick On _______(Insert DU'r) Day

Bob Uecker's boat rammed by great lakes frieghter.

I Feel Like Shocking My Monkey

Awww man, I am now desk chair-less!

Damn. I just found out my friend's dog was killed by her neighbor's dogs

McCain, Obama essentially tied in Georgia, poll says

Bungee chords - A PSA

Our goat: $50,000 for Barack Obama...(link to the DU/Obama fundraising page)

And now...a tribute.

Remember Lawrence Lepard? The guy who bought the $85,000 ad for Ron Paul?

Post number 20,000 for me right here...

Charlie Sheen single-handedly redefines the concept of "lower than whale shit"

101 freakin degrees!

Obama chez Kennedy: 'Change the world'

What Songs Make You Think Of Movies?

Have you ever wanted to master_ate at DU? Now's your chance!

You know something? Americans are just too damn tight

Looking at that big old moon last night, I remembered growing up

Didnt see one of these coming.....

Slightly disgruntled dirt:Nevermind.

CNN Video: "Roto-Rooter Rescues Kitty"

Question: Does the golden skull stick make the Chuggo?

I don't know if I could have lived in the Forties

Obama team weighs Nunn, Edwards as running mates

Newsweek: Carly Fiorina on John McCain...The things she says!

Love Heals

So, what's still cheap, at the grocery store, that has nutritional value?

My nephew has arrived!!!!

I think the term Cougars is gross. Its weird and predatory, which may be considered fitting

My Mom and Step-Dad AND my Step-Mom are going to be at our wedding!!!!!

Best. Revenge. EVAH!

Is it just me, or has the average .ERA of a starting pitcher gone up?

McCain Could Win More Electoral Votes But Lose Popular Vote

Colorado: Obama 43---McCain 41: Getting too close.

McCain Could Win More Electoral Votes But Lose Popular Vote

I've had a pretty interesting career....

Listening to Leo Kottke.

If you're a *hom sup lo* - check in here . . .

The Shadow Platform: Fighting the smears against Obama will take a higher consciousness

Cindy McShame Bears Her Teeth, Takes Bite At Michelle Obama

CNN Video: Cindy McCain on her Michelle Obama comments: "I'm an emotional woman"

Obamas first national ad.

Is it Just me...or is the Obama campaign Acting Very Timid on this Offshore Drilling Issue?

Write a short poem that describes you or something about you.

We sent Stravinksi into space?

You know something? Americans are just too damn uptight

How the Obamas counter Cindy.

The Daily Widget – Thursday, June 18 – Obama 332-206

Does Jessica Alba deliberately choose the worst possible movies to star in?

McCain and the C word

On giving credit to AssHat - No attacks here since 9-11

They are the Loves of my Life Part Two

On conf. call, Hillary urges donors to back Obama; will discuss media & women coverage of campaign

I really need a hug right now...

Harriet Christian ("inadequate black male" lady) meets her hero!

I'm a cancer

Breaking News!Breaking News!Breaking News!Breaking News!

Describe the pilot of a movie in one sentence then let us guess the movie's name.

How McCain Already Opted Out and His Weak Record on Reform

Ferocious Attack Kitten

Ferocious Attack Kitten

You Know That "Baby Alex" Ad MoveOn Put Out?

Rachael Maddow is really annoying these days

Superdelegate Mark Hammill (Luke Skywalker!) Endorsed Barack Obama!

Yet another contest: Use the words "Chuggo", "Eggo", and "Peggy" in a complex sentence

Feingold criticizes Obama?Huh?

"March of the Penguins"

Ray McGovern Asks Conyers To IMPEACH NOW & Avoid Attack On Iran (Detroit Free Press)

ZOMG! This is the first time I have ever done this on DU!

I just realized I'm a prude.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/19/2008)

The Daily PeterU Chuggo Contest

Guess the alternate name of a DU'er

Damned college kids outside my window are either shooting a video or practicing acting

Crocodile tears from the GOP regarding Obama's volunteers removing Muslims from a camera shot

This can be you.

My sister is getting hate mail over her Obama sign.

For any of you who work out with a dominatrix ....err, personal trainer

Obama should ask for a debate with the 3rd party candidates.

I Don't Like The Terms Cougar or Puma

CONFESS! Lounge ladies "of a certain age"--ever crush on someone younger?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thusday June 19

A friend sent me this, with the subject "City People Should Not Move to the Country":

DU Law Folks: Legal question

GOP recycles Clinton's attacks against Obama

So Ralph Reed on Charlie Rose thinks Joe Biden will get the VP nod.

Obama Staff "Literally Reviewing FISA as we speak"

I love this song . . .

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/19/08

Just saw The Happening.

Even George Will admitted Kerry in 2004 was right on terrorism - use this to defend Obama

Utah couple tries to market an Obama 'Sock Monkey"... are "shocked" by the angry response

EURO 2008 - Germany v. Portugal Quarterfinal

David and Elizabeth Lawson of Utah put Obama 'Sock Monkey" on the market again.

D&D geeks, I need a bit of help regarding mind flayers

If you listened to Jack Welch the other day, David Gregory's

I will be in Boston 4th of July weekend

David Gregory is annoying ...

Life is so friggin' weird

Enema monument unveiled in Russian resort

Question: Is AOL working for you guys?

wORd aSsOcIatiON ThREaD

OMFG, Tweety!!!

Video of Howard Dean's last interview with Russert.....he stuck with the rules.

Kittimus, the Wildly Inappropriate.

News on various stuff.

I just decluttered 1/3 of my garage...ask me anything

I have a VERY trusting doctor!

I don't watch The Hills, but I have come to the conclusion that Spencer Pratt must be destroyed.

My 73 year old Dad, a former Republican, now Obama supporter, blows a gasket at Rethug "friends"

I am an angry white woman Clinton voter!!!

AP: Sam Nunn for VP? What do we think?

I'm leaning more and more to Joe Biden for VP, but I do think it will be Hillary in the end.

John Kerry: Obama's Public Financing Decision Will Enable Him To Avoid My Fate respect...

Be our guest! We've posted beautiful photos of Portland, OR's OTHER rose garden: Peninsula Park.

Obama: You Wanna Talk About 9/11? Well, Let's Talk About 9/11!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kick Ass

need help with baby shower

RIP Luna

Cougar gets G-shot Guaranteed orgasm.

Are you a real man?

It's Going To Be Obama

Handy Guide to how Bush/McCain policy to lift offshore drilling makes no sense

The "Post One Positive Thing About Barack Obama As Our Nominee" Thread!!!

This post is for people with weird screennames

John McCain needs to withdraw from Public Funding, too

ABC anchor, Charlie whathisname misquotes Michelle Obama as per Repub disinformation.

Have you ever wanted to moderate at DU? Now's your chance!

The MSM is trying to hit Obama hard for opting out of public financing. Dear MSM, screw you.

Create your own creature and watch it evolve.

Just discovered this awesome game trial called "Spore", create your own monsters

What Sport Do You Enjoy Watching

Have you ever wanted to moderate at DU? Now's your chance!

Have you ever wanted to moderate at DU? Now's your chance!


Celebrity 'psychic' (Uri Geller) who bought Elvis' home on eBay loses lawsuit, and house

Bush, McCain Wed In California; Few Surprised

Amnesty seeks 'missing' Tibetans {1,000 unaccounted for}

City (of Chicago) IDs Salomonella cluster

Dirty money' sent back to Mexico

Iranian widow faces terror charges in NYC

Congress enacts farm bill over Bush veto, again

President's Cedar Rapids area visit taking shape

Dearth of Ships Delays Drilling of Offshore Oil

Free Trade in Food Is `On the Ropes' Amid Shortages, Price Rise

Locals warned against FEMA impersonators

Two former Bear Stearns fund managers arrested (securities fraud)

Federal court makes it harder for bosses to snoop into text messages

Sweden adopts law allowing official eavesdropping

Chinese South Africans classified as black

Rumsfeld repays McCain; declines to back candidate

Ex-UBS banker pleads guilty to US tax scheme

Freed captives get no "sorry"

VA reports more Chantix effects (participants had 26 'serious' events)

Governors Buck Bush On Offshore Drilling

Pentagon questions charges in abuse report

Hundreds swept up in mortgage fraud arrests

Survey: 500,000 Iraqis fled fighting in 2007

Paulson to Urge New Fed Powers

Iraq to contract with four Western oil companies: report

Taliban Ambassador Wielded Power Within Guantanamo

FISA Deal completed, House vote likely tomorrow

Pentagon questions charges in abuse report

Bush Bestows Presidential Medal of Freedom Awards (Gen. Pace, Iraq War Intel Investigator Silberman)

Obama Poised to Get AFSCME Endorsement (American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees)

Radio Merger Under Fire From Black Lawmakers

Afghanistan: After $6 Billion, Where's a Cop When You Need One?

Mom held for unpaid traffic tickets dies in Tarrant Co. jail

Bush Gets Firsthand Look at Flooded Iowa Cities

First thoughts: Obama opts out

Oil giants lining up for slice of Iraqi resources

FBI holds 406 for mortgage fraud

Call to honour El Salvador's rescuer of Jews after war role rediscovered

Dems, GOP Agree To Take Up Wiretapping Bill Friday

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday June 19

Abramoff Used White House To Help Get Rid of Roadblock

Mortgage fraud inquiry nets hundreds

Bush slams Democrats who 'call for retreat' in Iraq

Sweden approves wiretapping law

EU rules on illegal migrants anger human rights groups

Witness: Cheney Probably Knew of Torture

Ex-spy chief held in midair poisoning case {Indonesia}

Human Trafficking Charges For Judge, Son

A 6th Human Foot Found on Canada's Pacific Coast

Zimbabwe activists' bodies found

Have you ever wanted to moderate at DU? Now's your chance!

‘Little Baghdad’ thrives in Sweden-Sodertalje has taken in more Iraqis than U.S.

Midwest Flood Victims Feel Misled By Feds

France renews contact with FARC leaders

Italy approves "Robin Hood" tax on oil profits

Attorneys general back federal media shield bill

Upside of flooding: Great catfishing (actual MSNBC headline)

Rice: US government not involved in Iraq no-bid oil contracts

Tarrant County Jail inmate dies days after complaining about an untreated infection

Former AG Accused of Playing Politics with Justice

18 Cubans seized by gunmen in Mexico reach Texas

Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back

Wall Street Lobbies to Protect Speculative Oil Trades

Obama won’t accept public financing

Lieberman's Democratic ties frayed

WaMu, hurt by mortgage crisis, cuts 1,200 jobs

Oil tumbles $5 as China raises fuel prices

Survey says 500,000 Iraqis fled fighting in 2007

(U.S. Supreme) Court: Employers can use state funds to campaign against unions

China admits taking, burying US POW from Korea

Ban on hedge fund oil investments considered

Iowa flooding could be man’s fault, experts say

EU to lift sanctions against Cuba

US N-weapons parts missing, Pentagon says

Tons of PCBs May Come Calling at a Down-at-the-Heels Texas City

EFF Urges Congress to Reject Final 'Compromise' on Telco Immunity

20-Year Intense Downpours to Occur Every Six

Wal-Mart plans IT back office in Bangalore

Iraq goes after Shiite militants near Iran

Iraq goes after Shiite militants near Iran

Vulnerability found in Firefox 3 five hours after release

USF student pleads guilty over how-to terror video

Obama: NAFTA not so bad after all

HP to cut jobs

(ABC News) EXCLUSIVE: Hezbollah Poised to Strike?(Officials Say "Sleeper Cells" Activated in Canada)

More consumers, workers shoplift as economy slows

McCain Urges Building 45 New Nuclear Plants

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) Opening Statement on Detainee Treatment and Torture

Judiciary Hearing on Guanatamo: Larry Wilkerson's Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired) Opening

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) Questions on Detainee Treatment

Rep. John Conyers' (D-MI) opening statement on detainee treatment

Tim Russert Cameo as Himself on 'Homicide: Life on the Street' - 1995

Torture: Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing

JTF: Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility - Slide Show Camp 6

CNN: Rice, Corn Shortages Around the World

U.S. Mega-Bases in Iraq - TomDispatch editor, Tom Engelhardt U.S. Rep. Kucinich Vows More Impeachment Articles

Rep. Robert Scott (D-VA) Questions on Detainee Treatment

Common Sense 2008

KPNX: McCain Curses At GOP Senator Over Immigration Bill

Countdown: Obama Leading in Key States

Countdown: Politics of FEAR go into OVERDRIVE in McCain Campaign

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) Questions on Detainee Treatment

Larry Sinclair's National Press Club Press Conference - June 18, 2008

New Monument Honors Slain Journalists

Please delete.

Barack Obama: Foreign Policy Summit in Washington, DC

Cafferty Smacks McSameOldSameOld Around for Flip Flops

Democracy NOW: US Army Sergeant refuses to deploy to Iraq

Countdown: Worst Person June 17th: featuring El Gasbo, schooling Kristol on habeas

George Bush on Offshore Oil Drilling

TYT: Bush On Torture - Slander Against America

Your Daily Moment of McCain #4 - Chasing Bin Laden

Mike Reagan Talk Show Host Calls for Murder

Political action to free us from oil in ten years

Lara Logan: The Soldiers Feel Forgotten

TheRealNews: Israel confirms cease-fire with Hamas

HARRY REID: Gas Prices & the GOP Energy Filibuster

Gov. Don Siegelman on Karl Rove,

TYT: Is Gas Too Expensive? Head On Over To Mexico

TPMtv: 2008 General Election Roundup #1

Main Core Database

Ken Ham Creationism Crazytalk Clip speak at Prayer Breakfast at Pentagon

Cafferty File: How Clear Is It Where McCain Stands On Issues

Countdown: The Enron Loophole, Gas Prices & McCain - MUST-VIEW

Stenny Sells Us Out

Barak Obama announcement on rejecting Federal Campaign Financing

Obama's First General Election Ad

Joe Lieberman Cola? YUCK!!!!!

John Cusack Puts Captain Phonesex O'Reilly in His Place

Red State Update: Obama Fights Internet Rumors

Senate Armed Services = GITMO, Detainee Interrogation Techniques, Torture

US energy spending bill will kill funding for GNEP

Insecticide 'killing Kenya lions' (BBC)

Salazar against Bush oil shale policies

Climate book is judges' hot pick (BBC)

(Another) Polar bear eats lead in Iceland

Lakes across Canada face being turned into mine dump sites

REMINDER: Katrina oil spills may be among worst on record (113 offshore platforms destroyed)

Tijuana: Public bus service may be halted today (diesel shortage)

Iowa flooding may have been worsened by man

More Blood For Oil

Small shortage in Canada as cars shipped to U.S. -- "all your subcompact are belong to us!"

McCain: Lock-step and (oil) barrel

By the way, what happens when the Mexican standoffs end?

Diesel spike means rough times for seafood sales

My 'concept' car:

Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back

Storm warning for cloud computing (BBC) {privacy, PATRIOT Act}

Giuliani’s The One With The Real '9-10' Mindset

Slate: It Was Top Down, Stupid. ("bad apples theory goes sour.")

Premium gas sales tank as fuel prices rise

McCain and the "Enron Loophole"

Some links regarding the conservative attack on science

Ex-State Dept. official: Hundreds of detainees died in U.S. custody, at least 25 murdered.»

Seas Rising and Warming Faster Than Realized

China aims to become top hub for IT outsourcing

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Legalizing Occupation: Bush’s Last Manoeuvre in Iraq (Ramzy Baroud)

I was planning to take Amtrak up to Boston this weekend and come back on Wednesday.

EPA plan for cleanup from uranium mining in Navajo Nation

TPM: Why Isn't The White House Letting Him Go?" Scott Bloch

Consortium News: The Semantics of Bush's Torture Policy

Defining The Candidates - Professor Obama

Arctic sea ice melt 'even faster' (BBC) {and a Bu**sh**Co 'AHA!'}

Science Magazine: Solar Cells Gear Up to Go Somewhere Under the Rainbow

"... sea surface temperature could play a major role in loss of the Amazon rainforest ..."

{UK} Government wants GM crops debate (BBC)

LNG may turn more expensive than crude oil, Bernstein says

Bristol named first cycling city (BBC)

Majority of Americans Support Drilling in Off-Limits Areas (Republicans more than Democrats)

The Big Pander to Big Oil

Bad Day in the Rose Garden

Another '2-cars/vehicles' solution?

How Satellites Could Power the Future (Air Force Academy plans 0.1W demonstration satellite)

Dismantling the Myth of McCain-How the Republican senator’s maverick image is a sham

Tribes get New Mexico mountain summit listed as protected

Norman Solomon: Health Care and Ghosts of War

Joe Conason: Taxes, Integrity and Character

A Government of Law, Not Fear

Decline and Fall of America's Energy Empire

Right wing politics is institutional religion made flesh.

Tucker Carlson Advises Obama to Wear a Bow-Tie

How the emptying of state-run mental hospitals produced a social disaster

McClatchy Newspapers: Detainees will put spotlight on U.S. evidence against them

Important Revelations from Dan Levin former US Asst Attorney General

Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back

Health Care and Ghosts of War


Goodwill Hunting, Authorizing torture with the very best of intentions.

Don’t Fear Tomorrow

Want to know what is driving the housing bubble, oil prices, and inflation of food?

Communities Excluded, the Public Deluded in FCC's Secret Giveaway of Thousands of TV Channels

Freedom Rider: 35 Crimes

America Is Stronger When America Sticks to Its Principles!

New York City spends $2 billion on stadiums while slashing public funds

Weather Reports Are Missing the Story

Get me rewrite: NYT spins for McCain

ABC News' Gibson helps GOP spread GOP disinformation misquoting Michelle Obama. GOP twisted truths.

Steep Penalty for Alleged H-1B Scammer

McCain Plans to Add 100 U.S. Nuclear Reactors, Invest in Coal

Hillary, can you work nights?

Obama Goes Soft on Free Trade

Nanosolar's 1GW coater in action...

It's 2 degrees at the North Pole

“Catastrophe” Awaits Maine: Angus King

Inventors: Solar Dish Could Revolutionize Energy Production

Time for peace in the whaling world? (BBC) {long editorial}

TYT: Why Doesn't the Press Ever Talk About the Oil? (MSM has "become far too credulous"...)

Why the Economy Is Gloomier Than We Are

Joe Bageant goes off on TV prompted by a letter from an Australian...

How Goldman Sachs Manipulates Oil Prices, Wholesale Electricity Prices In Order To Sell Nukes

KO: John McCain's Connection to Big Oil & The Enron Loophole

Redistribution of Citizenship Status in South Africa: Prerequisite for Regional Development?

2 surrender in subprime mortgage collapse case

Derivatives Shoot the Moon

Before Al Jazeera is Allowed Into America They Should Allow Me to Broadcast a Show From Doha, Qatar

Rising mortgage rates add to housing woes

Today in labor history June 19 Eight-hour work day adopted for federal employees

OSHA to probe roofer's death

Gay Servicemembers Group Protests Presidential Honor To Former Joint Chiefs Chair

Santa Rosa's first gay mayor

Why Gays Don't Go Extinct

Clerk faces possible recall after decision to stop performing weddings

(Israeli) Supreme Court Asked To Ban Jerusalem Gay Pride

Az Bill Would Allow Anti-Gay Slurs In Schools

Thai School Gives Trans Students Own Bathroom

Has anyone been a group marshall for a gay pride march?


Israel, Hamas truce begins in Gaza

Lebanon PM: There's no place for bilateral talks with Israel

Major union rejects Israel boycott

Settlements: An obstacle to peace?

Hamas TV Teaches Youth to Kidnap IDF Soldiers

Ecuadoran Prez Rules Out Military Offensive Against FARC

Wash. Office on Latin America Video on Traveling to Cuba on General License

FARC extortion rackets in Venezuela, say locals

France renews contact with FARC leaders

Call to honour El Salvador's rescuer of Jews after war role rediscovered

US Academics' Open Ltr to INTERPOL Demands Retraction of Statement About the Computers


An open letter from Evo Morales to the European Parliament


Mariners Nation reels: McLaren fired!

a torn anterior cruciate ligament and a double stress fracture of the left tibia.

Healthy Big Brown's next start to come Aug. 3 in Haskell

Retief Goosen makes a complete ass out of himself

KO's Countdown covers Biden on Guiliani

I've looked all over the homepage, latest & greatest.

Broder WSJ on Biden & Lugar "Foreign Policy's Best Hope"

Biden will be on Meet the Press

If so inclined, would you please check out this metaphysical site?

Last night in sweat lodge

GOLDMINE for Alt. Healing!!!

Light & Prayers, please

Post some of your more recent weird dreams.

Mercury Retrograde ends today (June 19, 2008) at 10:32am ET

Is there a counter-coup brewing?

Water Falling Over Things 2008: Part II

Has anyone gone back to using their film camera?

POLL: Help me pick a "Transportation" entry...

Tests 'cut child asthma steroids' (BBC)

Non-Surgical Approach Can Treat Lung Cancers

How much is the sick U.S. health care system costing you? (US 16% of GDP, France 10.7%, UK 8.7%)

‘Am I in a hellhole of toxins?’ ... Sperm count concerns specialists

Even best efforts can't prevent all heart attacks

Clone cell cancer 'cure' hailed (BBC)

My new favorite snack....

Worlds largest exporter of weapons - The UK!!!

Above the Law

Scans see 'gay brain differences' (BBC)

Healthy lifestyle triggers genetic changes: study

Patent delays frustrate inventors (BBC)

Fundie Xian parents who tied son to tree for two days to stand trial for First Degree Murder

Does Judaism Believe in Satan? Not the way Christians do.

Tequila 'can make synthetic diamonds'

You are a eukaryote

Teen from faith-healing family dies at Ore. home

'Rabbi' Chen to fight extradition from Brazil -charged with horrific abuse of three & four-year-old

Indian politician calls for Hindu suicide bombers to target Muslims

On the Nature of Free Will, From the Jewish viewpoint

A test for Christians here

Has anyone here had an endometrial ablation?

The Next Food Network Star, anyone?

The Truth is Out There By Peter Barber Financial Times

I know. Don't you see?

Interesting analysis on Tower 7 collapse

interesting photos of 9/11 and WTC....well

That troublesome nose!

JK and THK at Tim Russert's funeral

DailyKos diary to rec & comment. Re: KBR tax loophole bill

Talking Points Memo

Press disses JK on the 2004 election (this morning on his show)

London v Bush, And London when Kerry is there

John Kerry: Obama's Public Financing Decision Will Enable Him To Avoid My Fate

warning before installing firefox 3----

When posting pictures here at DU, how can I tell if the picture will post

Tornado Warnings in the Texas Panhandle

Ethics panel works quietly to discipline public officials

Pro-choice bloggers--post on Rod Dreher's blog

I'm missing the toads and frogs in SE TX, but am now inundated

Mom held for unpaid traffic tickets dies in Tarrant Co. jail

Radio K looking for input

SC Times: "Bachmann reaps subsidy benefit"

Time to start contacting "our" elected officials about FISA

CBC: Liberal carbon plan to offer $15.5B in tax cuts

Dion's 'Greenshift'

John Mccain is in Ottawa on friday

Testing and Learning


Election Defense Radio's interview on how we passed the TN Voter Confidence Act

ON TV: demodonkey speaking on PA State Capitol steps about VVPB & (mostly) the need for healthcare.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 6//18/08

Diebold Summer Sale Offers Used Voting Machines

I read an article in an old issue of The New Yorker

Kucinich introduces 35 articles of impeachment

Progressive voice coming to AM talk radio

Obama campaign office opening in Waukesha this week

What is the proper response to "cheers"?

The big Hummer dealership off US 45 in Milwaukee is going bye-bye

When will Mayor Autry stop Attacking the Homeless ?

KIST in Santa Barbara being sold, will flip from progressive talk to NPR

Bay Area/Marin. Friday Nights on Main season starts tomorrow.

okay, suppose the marriage protection act passes this november...

If you would like to become a state voter registrar, read this

Yr. Atheist Tourist: The Defenestration Of Prague