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Archives: June 20, 2008

GAO Upholds Boeing’s Protest of Air Tanker Deal

Nebraska farm accident kills 8-year-old boy

OMG! Did You See The Kitty On Olbermann That Had To Get Roto-Rootered Out Of A Drain Pipe??

Maybe this is why Hoyer feels it's a goodtime for a telecom compromise

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/19/08 - Obama 45, McCain 42 - McCain up 1

McCain: Women need more education. Statistical question

Free Trade in Food Is `On the Ropes' Amid Shortages, Price Rise

A test for Christians here


John Cornyn (R): "Doin' the Lord's work for Texas"

MUST he?!?

Sound familiar? Government borrowing soars by half (UK)

Did Obama say he'd opt out of public financing or not?

Holy crap...I was friends with the sister of the KO worst person...

Questions for journalists

Questions for journalists

Matthew Rothschild: Capitulation Row for Dems

Network Newscasters as celebrity icons...

Cost Plus bid aside, Pier 1 in a world of trouble after results

Tomorrow night on KO: "The Synchronicity Between John McCain and President Bush"

What if they spent 600 Billion in 5 years on American infrastructure?

gays need to start using religion against the bible reading nazis

Don't forget Refinery Memos

Fourteen Points of Fascism, a refresher course

Is anyone as pissed off by Republican idiocy today as I am?

Speaker Pelosi, 1/7/07: No blank check for wars "with no oversight, no standards, no conditions"

The Domestic Drilling Myth Exposed

U.S. House passes Iraq war funds bill backed by Bush

Now I see why the NY Post is always picking on Keith


Wish us luck , tonight is the first night of our Stay-cation!

A bit of New York history I had never heard of...

H.L. Mencken on Congressman

On C-Span, Michelle Bachman (R-Minnesota) is saying that just by drilling

Turley coming up on the repeat

One more time, Why did we go to war in Iraq? OIL

OMG!! They named a TOWN after Bill O'Reilly!!

Is anybody watching this clown Lars Larson on the Dan Abrams show?

It is very, very difficult....there are no easy answers.

FISA Immunity and Bush's War Funding All in One Day?

Dear Repubics, They Ain't Buyin' It Any More. Fuck You. Your "Friend", Stinky.

'Cover My Ass' Democrats

dramatic decline in bumblebees and other insects in my area

Who Will Bush Pardon Before He Leaves Office?

OH NO!!!! MIchelle Bachman is on CSPAN

On top of all the suffering...Unwanted Puppies Thrown Into Flooded River, Killed


So I clicked on an ad for FireFox 3 in this forum and all the ads went away!

A study on media bias... (you don't say?)

House OKs War Funds: Repubs Leader Applauds "Bi-Partisan Effort"

Ben Stein is a creationist crackpot. I had no idea

Hello, I Must Be Going: Bush Makes 'Lighting-Quick' Tour Of Midwest Flood Destruction


Parents of soldier Army says was murdered want to know why abuse wasn't taken more seriously

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

So what's the deal on the unemployment extension?

McCain campaign organizer expects to deliver large voting bloc

From the Declaration of Independence, part of the reasons behind the war

I think Dana Milbank would be good on Meet the Press,

Why Aren't The Reps in the House Listed by Party Affiliation???

Who in the world wide world of sports thought it was a good idea to let Bush out of the country?

I think I'm going to do something about the death penalty in TX

Clue: Rick Perry, with the candlestick in the governor's mansion.


The compassion of George W. Bush after visiting the flooded Midwest

Four minutes of Hell: Good Evening - NBC NEWS (snips from 2002)

WP: Abramoff used White House to oust government foe.

Congress to vote on Retroactive Immunity from War Crimes?

Bet ya Petco is out of business soon!

Way to go! - High Fructose Corn Syrup derailed!

Anybody see Gitmo, Senior imprisoned correspondent on The Daily show tonight?

Ross Perot wants more focus on national debt (CNN)

See what happens when you get your news from FOX????

EXCELLENT read! Techno-Fascism: Every Move You Make (What so many of us have been saying)

Help for the Rich, Harm for the Poor is "a step in the right direction" (Bush History:Friday 6/20)

Kmart CMO Quitting, Will Fight for Gay Marriage

Goodwill Hunting Authorizing torture with the very best of intentions

Waiting if the public interest (in fisa) will wane

Deborah Kerr Explains U.S. Foreign Policy, 1953

House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn on FISA Agreement- will strengthen our national security


Twice Now

Big Oil Poised To Do Business With Iraq

== Steve Jobs can never die = By Mark Morford

Midwest flood victims feel misled by feds

Dongwon to buy whole stake in StarKist

My parents, who were racists in the 60's, will proudly vote for Obama.

Scott McClellan:Revisiting Valerie Plame-Today--on C-SPAN3 at 9:30am (ET)

Two Scouts hurt in tornado recovering from surgeries (T shirts being sold to raise $ victims fund)

I have a VERY trusting doctor!

There Ought To Be Massive Protests Against This From Both Dems & Repubs... LINK

Mika: "Yes"

Cheney gets last laugh, has won battle to withhold records from public

Tom Tomorrow: Apparently, even the Republican Good News Fairy has her limits

Scarborough & Mika doing their usual morning bashing of Obama especially

Hey all, did you know the House approved war funding tonight?

Impeachment Daily Article 5 - Illegal misspending funds to secretly begin Iraq war.

Today's HJC Hearing

I Read this Article..Seemed Fair to me..(About Iraq Funding Bill)

Erecting concrete barricades worked so well on the Iraqis they are using them on us now

Half a million Iraqis fled from their liberators and became refugees last year

What WE Can Do About the Price of Gasoline! (support our Congress - end the ENRON Loophole)...

Bumper Stickers = Road Rage

WHEN is the MSM going to start talking about THIS????

McCain: "I didn't really love America until I was deprived of her company"

Loudoun County residents will be charged if they get picked up by Fairfax County ambulances

Washington Journal is hot this morning

Pause for effect: Iconic Ford SUV plant to be idled for summer

Hundreds of Pro-War Bikers Will Face Off Against Antiwar Protesters In Berkeley

Antidepressant Use Soars Among Deployed Troops

Paid Parental Leave Act Passes House, but Faces Veto Threat

C-SPAN: McClellan Testifies - 9:30 AM ET...

Why can't we cut money from abstinence education and discriminatory faith-based things?

Delete by OP...


Mississippi Levees Burst north of St. Louis, threatening towns

Midwest flood victims feel misled by feds

Midwest flood victims feel misled by feds

Rolling Stone : The Senate Caves

How would the neo nuts react if 60 G.I.'s were given the Gitmo treatment?

"Joke" noose in Lawton, Oklahoma

Anyone know what time McClellan is testifying before Congress today?

American Gloom

RANT: Welcome to "Democratic" Underground, where you get to meet anarchists, libertarians, and...

Elian Gonzales' family & supporters plan to protest Obama's visit to Miami today:

Dems excited, GOP wary of McClellan’s testimony

Dow dips below the 12000 mark.....

And here is the other reason Oil is expensive: Israelis 'rehearse Iran attack'

AlterNet: Is the Tyranny of Right-Wing Radio Coming to an End?

Little Scotty (Puffie McMoonface, to Mama) fires a shot across the White House's Bow nephew died for Exxon Mobile, Chevron, etc?

ACLU Condemns FISA Deal, Declares Surveillance Bill Unconstitutional

Oil rebounds on word Israel practiced Iran attack

Military Told Press and Families It Was 'Friendly Fire' -- But It Was Murder

Mississippi River Surges Over More than 10 Levees

TYT: Pete DeFazio (D-OR) attempts to defend his party on oil prices and Iraq capitulation with Cenk

Scotty Testifies on the same FRIDAYas theTelco Immunity vote!?

Scotty is Testifying- NOW CSPAN 3

Crude Oil Advances on Weaker Dollar, Report of Israeli Military Exercises

At the Nebraska State Democratic Convention this weekend: DINNER WITH TED SORENSEN

msnbc - mika editorializes during news re scotty

Speaker of the House (Florida) calls McCain ‘disingenuous’ for linking drilling to gas prices.

did anyone get a new rocketmail or ymail email address yesterday, and if so......

Iraq never came up at McCain town hall

Anybody seen this in your neck of the woods?

Breaking: Ford delays release of "Best selling vehicle

Fucking Racist!

So what's up with Agent Mike? Gone undercover

Techno-Fascism Every Move You Make

"....except when the President writes a memo saying otherwise..."

Techno-Fascism: Every Move You Make

Dilbert on limitless monitoring: You'll get used to it.


it amazes me that the Repukes still defend mr 25% Bush

Bush Gives Dems STDs

Please recommend your BEST RESOURCE(s) for FACT-BASED....

Pentagon: Over 1000 Nuclear Weapon Parts Missing?

Was That Just The 17%'er That I Just Saw Gloating On MSNBC......

John Yoo, Totalitarian, By Paul Craig Roberts

Aggrandizement of the Executive branch,

I'm sitting at a light behind an SUV with a "W The President" sticker.

Here is what the Oil Dispensationalists on DU are trumpeting --

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Signs Resolution Endorsing Universal Health Care Bill

Scott McLellan's testimony on C-Span 8p.m. EST

This explains the Republicans' inability to get it

BIG OIL: Sen Dorgan live on Senate Floor NOW = C-SPAN2

Dumbass of the Week: Fred Hobbs, a Tennessee DEMOCRAT!!!

Help for the Rich, Harm for the Poor is "a step in the right direction"(Bush History:Friday 6/20)

Citizens budget better than politicians

The Cold Fact On This 'F.I.S.A. Law', Ladies And Gentlemen

July 17th simulcast in HD Theaters-Glenn Beck Summer Comedy Tour (save the date)

Of Fantasy Chocolate and Reality Tuna...

Of Fantasy Chocolate and Reality Tuna...

GOP's latest Obama talking point...

We are led by war criminals, says general

Where the heck has DU been? I just learned that for the past four months,

Perfect, in case you ever need to induce vomiting

Hoyer the 'MVP' now up on the teevee

Chris Dodd Was Very Vocal Against FISA Immunity For The Telecoms.......

Arrests for War Resistance Rise Again - a must read

Looks like Bushie and tha Boys are going all out

White House Invokes Executive Privilege -- Again

C-SPAN taking callers now on FISA -- Voting on FISA has begun.

This is goulish, I suppose, but I wonder if MSNBC will show the final "Tim Russert Show" that was

There is a special place in Hell for you, Nancy Pelosi - oh yes there is

US speeders slapped with fuel surcharges on top of fines

Did anyone hear Chimpy's speech in the Rose Garden?

'NYT' Sunday Preview: Those Charlie Crist (Gay) Rumors

Can Wyeth Fool American Women Twice?

Lamar Smith Compares McClellan To Judas, Declares ‘It’s Hard To Take Mr. McClellan Too Seriously’

c-span taking calls while fisa voting continues

Pelosi is now thanking everyone for not supporting the rule of law, how pathetic /nt

Think Progress: Conservatives Echo McCain’s False Claim That Katrina Caused No Oil Spill Damage

Tibet exile says 209 died in anti-China protests

Webb splits with Obama over drilling

The U.S. Constitution (satire)

The FISA debate shows just how far we have to go...

Just to let you know, Nancy Pelosi has a Democratic Primary Challenger.

New Delhi airport, what a zoo

4th Amendment ticking away on Cspan

Remember kids - If we attack Iran, or, if the republican steal THIS election...

God Bless Ralph Nader


Due to Technical Difficulties the Glenn Beck show will not be available today

It doesn't matter what law they pass, Bush will ignore it.

LA Teacher Fired for Teaching Students to Think

Israel Flexes MusclesWith 'Iran attack' Drill. Chimpy Intends to Act Before Term Expires.

** McClellan Hearing back on CSPAN3 **

Canadian troops told to ignore sex assult reports in Afghan.

Judging by this toon, that repub plan for offshore drilling is gonna play reeel well...

Bush sneaks in to NC to do a fundraiser. It's hush-hush

What are the two top issues facing the country today? - zogby poll question

You won't believe what Norm Coleman said

price of oil down because China raising the price for their people.

Who has the link about the scientists who didn't know their names were on the "petition"

Help Wanted: MWM seeks political party that will protect and defend the Constitution.

Damn. Thom Hartmann has finally found his inner Mike Malloy

Today is World Refugee Day: US Criticized For Failing to Help Iraqi Refugees...

While I go and wash my car please keep your eyes open

What is the most important news story for this week (ending 06-20-2008)?

So who voted for what in the FISA BILL?

breaking news: democrats/republicans have no representation in congress

Anyone know when the McClellan hearing is going to start again?

What would you pay for quality news? [POLL]

The nation’s democracy will at that point have been left a smoking ruin

Ed "Terrorist Fist Jab" Hill, of Focks News, is also an author. I propose this for next book club

We've chosen Empire...(ta ta Democracy...nice knowing ya...)

He's A Lame Fuck, But Don't Call Bush A Lame Duck

Remember: Before Amy Winehouse there was Cindy Beerhouse...

Civil Rights Won for Alaska Homeless

Well it finally has come to this.

Anybody have the FISA vote list from the House?

Transportation help?

Well, looks like I (and others) were right about Obama....

Michell Obama Watch . Com

We’re a country of laws, Mr. Bush - Today’s Headlines 6/20/08

Political Artwork



When can I stop holding my nose?

Stocks drop as credit woes continue, oil rises

202 articles on Michelle Obame, 28 on Cindy McCain

Snotty hasn't changed his attitude at all

McClellan: Bush, Cheney Wanted Me To Say Libby Wasn't Involved In CIA Leak Case

I want to share with you my Congress person's newsletter

Harman has just said her constiuents are telling her not to give immunity to telcos

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R) NC: Can someone stuff a sweaty sock in her mouth, please?

Money to Learn

Text Messaging while driving now illegal in Louisiana & other matters

Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down a Handful of Roofies with Warm Box Wine

Bush's Obstruction Binge

This might say more about me than I want said

Look what this piece of shit has to say about passage of the FISA bill.

I LOVE Limited Hangouts. The theater is magnificant.

Stocks in U.S. Decline to the Lowest Level in Three Months on Oil Price

Bill Scher: One Final Solid For Big Oil

Another $162 BILLION approved for wars in Iraq & Afganistan

Why don't people on DU get as outraged over ABC News as they do Faux News?

Suicide by RV -Bwaaaaaaaaaaah

It's Friday and the first day of summer; ya bastids!!! (FISA being discussed)

MarketWatch: Bond insurer downgrades reignite write-down fears

FISA Amendments Act of 2008: FINAL VOTE RESULTS

Hearings on Monday dealing with the Enron loophole

Dumb question: What does IBTL stand for?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/20/08 - Obama 45, McCain 41 - McCain down 1

did I actually hear lou dobbs correctly last night? caught just a minute--he was excoriating the

Why does Nancy Pelosi hate america?

small time "clean" election matter

Will Pitt to speak at SolarFest !

This is a Story About YOU

How to donate to a candidate without getting more postal mail.

Peter Welch (D-VT) on FISA: "American people deserve to know who's accountable. This bill fails."


This Is Probably Why The Democrats Gave In On The Supplemental Bill

The quintessence of irony - construction worker falls 20ft from the Statue of Liberty

It's time for all of us to notify the DSCC/DCCC no more $'s due to FISA travesty. Since the money

Congressman Wexler's latest email & scheduled appearances

WTF -DOW below 12,000

I'm experiencing some ups and downs today.

So, what country's gov't is best in representing it's people?

McClellan: Cheney should testify about CIA leak

The FISA vote which just happened should tell you why mccain MUST NOT BE ELECTED

What steps has the new leader of our party taken...

OMG! Who is this ASSHOLE congress critter from Michigan on CSPAN??

Last wek my neoghbor fell 20 feet from his roof (cleaning gutters)

Ohio teacher burned cross on kids' arms

George Bush's latest powers, courtesy of the Democratic Congress

A hedge fund manager, who was to report for jail, faked his suicide, and ..

Who voted for FISA? I need a list of traitors.

Offline till Sunday, I'm headed to out state party convention

For those who frequently change their minds...

Wrong forum

Website pulls down racist Obama t-shirts.»

State Rep. Nicole Parra (D-Calif.) may switch to GOP today

Steny Hoyer Cheating On His Wife! Mikulski Is A Lesbian! Pelosi Taking Bribes!

Telcom Immunity - My Email to Barbara Boxer

Going into "activist mode": Pray to God to lower gas prices

Qwest was allegedly the lone holdout and did NOT allow NSA spying! - Switch your service!

Bill Moyers' Journal tonight: Racial Inequality

GOP whiners ask why Scotty didn't come forward earlier (if he was so upset) meanwhile WH

VIDEO: Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) calls for impeachment at McClellan testimony

Remember this?

In other news...$162 BILLION war appropriation passes

Why We're Gloomier Than The Economy

California unemployment hits 6.8% - Up 1.5% on one year

Romney cuts his campaign additional $2.3 million check.

Cenk Uygur: Why Doesn't the Press Ever Talk About the Oil?

C-Span rerun of McClelland testifying tonight at 8 pm Easterm on C-Span 1

Pet food products REMOVED from Petco by the FDA.

So what are the realistic chances of derailing this odious "compromise" in the Senate?

Officials call off aerial spray for apple moth

How about giving immunity to the pot smokers?

FISA bill prevents states from doing anything about warrantless wiretapping.

FISA still has to go through the senate and the democrats have a majority there too.

"I do believe it’s important for the American people to have the truth".

Military Readiness Problems

Frist and Hastert could not get this "spying" bill through in 06. Now the Dems are doing it.

The GOP-controlled media's "Expectations Game"

What will anger you more...


What about Cindy for Congress?

Who Gets the Biggest Slice of Pie?

Massachusetts Woman, Boyfriend Plead Guilty to Posting Pornographic Photos of 8-Year-Old Daughter

Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, ... liberty to gain

How can I?

Feds arrest Miami Beach munitions dealer Efraim was "a boy genius" who is "hard to control."

Explain to me how it is entirely up to the Democrats to keep us safe??


who knew that there was a monument to enemas?

LOL! Check out the World's most Sophisticated Watch

That low rumble of a rumor about riots at the Democratic convention.

If you can't defend your rights, you don't deserve to have them!

more of what we're up against

AFL-CIO: McCain should have visited Ottawa, OHIO!

Levees just worsen flooding for some people while helping some others.

Photo: A minor detail, yes, but I couldn't take 4 years of McCain's f**king SMIRK.

Because they're casher, that's why!

Lou Dobbs: Bush Should Be Impeached for Salmonella Outbreak

The Line: Generic Ballot Distress for House GOP

Anyone in GD watching the Stock Market drop under 12 thou? Graphic here


How come we aren't going for oil in Montana??

Friday evening TOONs Part 1: Oil Drilling follies

NJ salutatorian has graduation speech cut off

The Democratic Congress is more popular with Republicans than with Democrats.

The 101-k IMPLOSION (not a typo) will the the next big shoe to drop..

DUzy's??? nt

Olbermann Slams NYPost Page Six, Denies Interest in MTP, Admits He's Not Qualified

David Schuster is a terrible fill in host. He's on Hardball letting 2 campaign people talk all over

Attention Patrick Fitgerald: Seize the Oil Profiteers!!!

Funny, those on Capitol Hill don't like being spied upon, databases.

GI Bill Passes House, Despite McCain’s Opposition

Pelosi: Compromise bill amnesty provision causes telecoms to "come out of this with a taint"

War With Iran Is About Oil, Not Nuclear Capability.

New Wartime Contracting Commission Members Named

Senate office Telephone # of the DEMOCRATIC SPONSOR of federal reporting of electronic transactions:

If you've seen ANY "MSMEDIA Reports" about Scotties Testimony ...Please Report!

We need an "Ex Post Facto" primer, please!

What do you think is the *single* greatest ultimate cause of the rise in oil prices since 2004?

(Bloomberg) Gold May Rise to $5,000 on Inflation

Crap! Did I miss Scotty testifying?

Gallup, 6/20: Confidence in Congress: Lowest Ever for Any U.S. Institution (just 12%)

Bureaucracy failed abused boy, 5

FISA: Jonathan Turley says, Dems are protecting THEMSELVES.

Republican Rep. Steve King (Iowa) tells McClellan he has sullied the nation's respect of the office

Explain to me why corporations should lay claim to oil that is under federal lands.

Need help finding info

Still waiting for that big scandal on the bought off military analysts

No EU Lisbon treaty without Irish people's approval, says Miliband

Why is there no hate for the GOP votes against the 4th Amendment?

Another soldier was just killed in Iraq... for a lie!!!

The 105 traitors who voted for today's travesty are no longer Americans in my eyes

This Week on NOW:

What? Over? Did you say , 'Over'?

Should the oil companies be nationalized?

Fort Worth pastor arrested on child sex charge

"While a majority of Democrats voted against the bill, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., voted for it.

Fuck the media

Bush didn't know about CIA leak, McClellan says (Reuters)

Shit. Shit. Shit. And MORE Shit.

Latest on cross-branding teacher: Board "considering" termination; supporters plan recall (insane!)

Speak Out Against the Devastating Trade Policies of Bush and McCain

So, Will Dodd and Feingold Keep Their Promise?

Friday evening TOONs Part 3: Streamrolling our Rights

Keith debunked this last night, but it's FUN, Tweety loud, fighting at G.E.'s memorial service

Trolls out in force to destroy morale and suppress the vote.

Concerning the FISA capitulation and what we should do about it....

The future price of oil? Pick a number

Obama: "under this important bill, the Prez' illegal warrantless surveillance program will be over."

Our Party and our Leaders sure know how to disappoint.

Does this mean that every time I answer the phone I have to say "Hello, Mr. President"?


"Obama broke promise about public funding " ?? . . . WTF?

I think we may be in trouble...

Disabled soldier returning to war, facing ‘stop loss’ - ORDERED BACK TO IRAQ!!!!!!

Ohio teacher burned cross on kids' arms

Friday evening TOONs Part 2: Things they won't believe

We should all spy on Congress.

Senator Obama's statement on FISA

The Nays (to the FISA sell-out) & of course, Kucinich is there

I give up.

Seen on BBC World News America: Bill Gates drove away in a Ford Focus after an interview

Peace Movement to Congress: What Part of "Bring the Troops Home" Don't You Understand?

Rove 'helped arrange' Swiftboat attacks on Kerry

108 degree temperature ties or breaks all records where I live

U.S. Rep calls for Impeachment hearings after McClellen testifies



Barak Opens up 15 pt lead over McCain: New Newsweek poll

The invasion of Iraq cost the world $6 TRILLION in higher energy prices alone

I called the Obama Campaign. He is opposing the FISA bill and supports Dodd.

'Cannibal relatives ate boy alive'

Starting July15th MSNBC moves to Digital Only on Comcast. (some areas)..

House Approves Unconstitutional Surveillance Legislation

Can someone please explain to me exactly what is so ugly about

Martha Stewart has been denied entry into the UK a week after Bush left.

Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace

Why do we romanticize the past history of this country?

Polling - almost all Bush polls now under 30%

Steny Hoyer FISA Ad To Run in Washington Post

Obama on the FISA 'Compromise' ...

Barack Obama has decided not to take public financing. Time for DUers to step up to the plate...

Perhaps it's time to define the word democratic and

Bush Had To Wait Until Dems Were IN CONTROL To Complete His Coup

Cell Phone Crackdown: In-car cell phone conversations will be outlawed by July 1

I heard a nasty rumor today.

Should the military contractors be nationalized?

Wexler Pressing for Impeachment on TV this next week

Warning: This will make some people cry.

Greenwald on Dem leadership: "as devoid of dignity as they are integrity"

Silver Star War Hero Speaks Out Against Governor Manchin

Most Spineless Congress in American History

Steny Hoyer is My Congressman. I Just Finished Writing Him This Letter:

Obama must call for the Resignations of Pelosi, Reid, & Hoyer

Well, now CNN is showing silent pictures of Obama talking while

Final DOW numbers today

Look! There really is success in Iraq! ....We gots oil now!

Sgt. Baum just wanted to go home, meet his new baby, and have her sleep on his chest.

Dow dropping like a water balloon.....

Congress May Endorse Acts of War Against Iran: Help!

Kerry's Angry Vietnam Vet Crew Demand Meeting with 'Swift Boaters' to Refute Their Smears

What would be the best way to get revenge for the FISA vote?

Nancy Pelosi's twisted spin on surveillance legislation

Michelle Obama makes $148 frock a fashion smash

Steny Hoyer Says "YOU'RE NEXT"

The 105 Capitulators

Anyone Who Is Able Is A Goddamned Fool If They Don't Leave This Country After What We've Seen Today!

Drilling in ANWR will get gas prices down two cents.... by 2025

FISA, Telecommunication Companies & The Bush Administration

The oily bird catches ALL the worms!

Have you begun to assemble a list of those you need to keep in touch with

Grammar this! And while you're at it you can cram your spelling up there too!

There ARE some real Americans left. Here's one:

TYT: Are the Democrats Worse Than the Republicans?

George Bush's latest powers, courtesy of the Democratic Congress

On dealing with despair...

Cops pay 3 a.m. visit to tell man his door is unlocked

2,100 Assholes Are Driving Up Our Price Of Energy/Oil/Gasoline! What Everyone--Even Rs--Need To Know

Obama Silent as Democrats Give Bush More Spying Powers

Evacuation drill in Philadelphia

Pelosi - Reid - Hoyer MUST be Replaced ASAP

Gas Station Employees Call Cops On Man Trying To Pay For Gas With $10 In Pennies

The only Constitutional right we have left intact is the Second Amendment.

Michele Bachmann (R-MN): Caribou Will Love Oil Drilling ‘Because Of The Warmth Of The Piprline"

If Cindy is out attacking Michelle...start throwing rocks back at her glass house

So I was talking to a 20 something about laws giving telecoms immunity and

A phone company for the progressive in you...

Fact: Males who support impeachment of President Bush have enormous penises...

FLDS prophet's daughter, set to testify as an abuse victim, may now be missing.

FLDS prophet's daughter, set to testify as an abuse victim, may now be missing.

I love KO!

THANK YOU KIETH !!! Tell the truth about Obama and public financing!!!

OK, so what is the Rethugs stragey for November?

McCain And Obama Tied In Georgia

Greenwald...Obama, telecoms and the Beltway system

Talk about a "pretty picture"

Jonathan Turley calls the FISA bill "collusion" on Keith

All three Network Evening News carry Public Financing story with Anti-Obama tone

Obama vs McLame tax comparison

Tom Toles cartoon today: A message for upset Hillary backers.

"This campaign is in your hands"

Abrams start with story of McCain "I didn't love my country until I was deprived of her company"

McCain advisors created and defend 'Enron loophole'

We sent Chuck Berry into space?

Love Hurts

The US house just voted for a $165.4 billion war funds bill backed by Bush

Yahoo News uses Osama photo with story about Obama

Hey Lounge Lizards, I need your help.

They like Rudy Ghouliani because he's tough on terror!!!!

For the love of whatever, LIEberman is speaking at the Republican convention

McCain reveals Fund Raising Numbers for May one day early: $21 million

Obama camp from DU: It is time to go on the offensive

Someone Finally posted this song on YouTube... About freakin' time

Is Obama's campaign every going to do newsdumps on Friday?

Wizard of Oz Song (If I only had a brain)

URGENT Action Alert: Friday VOTE on FISA Amendments = STOP the Spying

It's all about you

Not a bad evening, even for Oklahoma...Dial up warning

Vote for the Repug VP Choice

"Get Smart"

Best Youtube video ever! "Ooh Girl - an honest R&B song"

My apologies to the lounge for anyone here who I offended with my post last night....

OMG! Did You See The Kitty On Olbermann That Had To Get Roto-Rootered Out Of A Drain Pipe??

One name I haven't heard mentioned for vice president is former senator Max Cleland.....

We're working pretty damn hard

Carville is doing great on CNN against that gambling addict

Day 19, still no stove.

Obama's First TV Spot for the GE...

Insider Advantage: Georgia - McCindy's Private Jet (44), Obama (43)

have you seen the latest tally from obama 344-194!!

Georgia high school fined after catcher ducks, pitch hits ump

My life is turning into a bad country song.

republicans will paint obama as a "liberal". but that tactic will FAIL this time

Lounge Quiz: Do you know where ketchup originally came from?

McCain ignored request to cancel Iowa visit

McCain: I 'Didn't Love America' Until Held Prisoner (VIDEO)

Is it true that McCain has taken $1 million from the oil and gas industry?

Dan Abrams blasting McCain on the Michelle Obama comment

Hey ! Cmdr Cuckoo Bananas - Before you leave -- You were

Let the Hillary Supporters Grieve Please

Dear Barack Obama,

TPM - Obama Camp: We Opted Out Of Public Financing Because McCain Won't Discuss Reining In 527s

Question for the women of DU regarding relationships with mom & sister

Woo-hoo! I'm getting promoted!

Dan Abrams takes on right wing nuts over Michelle's "proud" comment. Must see TV

Help me out, DU gurus! Experience levels of previous presidents?

The reason for my Last Post ..

Love Stinks

Rethuglicans 527's are set to spend $250M on lying about Obama so sez Rove

Sierra Club to Endorse Obama

Sierra Club to Endorse Obama

Why are the people who run Volvo so fucking stupid?

"New Soul" gave me the biggest case of earworm in years today!1

short rant: NPR

"The chickens are negotiable."

Russian spa opens monument to the enema (800 pound, 5 foot syringe bulb held by three angels)

was Cindy McCain proud when the Bush Campaign attacked her daughter ?

A "townhall meeting" is all McCain can get, that's why he's having them. *pics*

Yes! Keith is going to cover the fact that Obama did NOT

(Michelle) Obama Hardball Promo Pulled

Meanwhile at SETI headquarters...........

McCain holds onto his base

David Boren


Dems caving on more Iraq funding probably gives * green light on Iran

McCain & Obama-printable and easy to carry

Spoke to a very youmg Obama supporter registering voters today. the O people got game...

So long. Nice to know you.

HEY FOLKS!!! No excuses this time.

Barack Obama Midterm Exam

AP: AFL-CIO to endorse Obama within weeks (millions of $$$$ and volunteers)

Delete sorry thought this was GD

Oh, this will endear McCain to the Republican base - "McCain's secret meeting with Hispanics"


Breaking: Obama & Hillary To Campaign Together Next Friday

Houston, we have ice. Repeat, we have ice.

What is your personal headline for today?

Electoral 6/20: 317 - 194

Obama is Wrong On Opposing Nuclear Power

Clinton to Donors: Open Your Checkbooks for Obama

Today's Completely Unfounded McCain Rumor--

Artists for Obama: Limited Edition Antar Dayal Print

Poor little RNC is missing its security object. Can anyone help the "dears" find a wedge issue?

I really don't know how much more I can take.....

McCain signed a binding public financing agreement, got millions of dollars in perks, then withdraw

Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick: Nunn & Edwards on Obama VP List

Someone needs this in her sig line...

So I was watching "Twin Peaks" last night

McCain: I 'Didn't Love America' Until Held Prisoner (VIDEO)

Read all about it: Media smearing Obama, wall to wall distortion

Hillary Rosen On Obama Opting Out Of Public Financing (On Stephanie Miller)

Wow, that new Will Smith movie...

Please, may I have a hug? Re: health problems

Culver aides: McCain ignored request to cancel Iowa visit

Of all the problems I might have with Obama, him opting out of public financing ain't one of them

McCain's support among GOP women shows cracks

The New Obama Ad Was Just On Here In Central PA...

Heads up! Governors Economic Summit on Obamas website NOW

******* Heads Up DU: Obama in a meeting with Dem Gov ***********

Is Anybody Sponsoring A Bill To Close The Enron Loophole?

This music video is about as eighties as it gets ( and's not a Rick-roll )

It was only 4 short years ago (found some pics tonight, from when life was good)

Bar, 8 Heinekens, Now Home

Nevada: Obama Getting Closer

How far is too far to go for a bottle of sake?

I called the Obama Campaign. He is opposing the FISA bill and supports Dodd.

greatest campaign commercial ever

Republicans’ bizarre rediscovery of Osama bin Laden

The Stephen Colbert "Make John McCain Exciting" Green Screen Challenge

Dennis Kucinich asks us to sign his petition!

any other long time Obama supporters feel Hillary was a lot more...

How far is too far to go for the sake of a run?

Must.. Resist.. Donating.. More.. to Obama......

PHOTOS: Barack Obama and Howard Dean

Who Was Preznit On 9/11 Again?

Who Was Preznit On 9/11 Again?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA joined by HOWARD DEAN on campaign plane from Washington to Chicago today

Tunes For Tonight

McCain Is In Serious Trouble

Do you like American music?

Let's play: "Who said this?"

How far is too far to go for the sake of a pun?

Starting them young....

How far is too far to go for the sake of a nun?

Oh NOeS ! NYT: Obama's Decision THREATENS Public Finance System !!

"Holding The Sun" photos sent by a family member: (PHOTOS)

Hey everyone!

McCain shocked/upset at African American rejecting government handouts.

McCain Double-Talk on Immigration?

For the ladies and some of the gentlemen I present magnificence

How far is too far to go for the sake of a nun?

Keep on truckin, Bob Barr: Georgia: InSane: 44% Obama: 43% Barr: 6%

Will you step up? 1-202-225-0100

The Daily Widget – Friday, June 20 – Obama 336-202 (Special note on Rasmussen)

Are you classified as human?


Please contact the Obama campaign about FISA immunity

If I've Reached My Individual Limit For Contributing To Obama, Who , , ,

Somebody slap me -- I'm compulsively listening to Sammy Hagar

Obama went back on his word and decided to go for cash instead of integrity

no more cookiegate please?

Fred Thompson: Obama campaign are the only people who bring up Muslim rumors

Obama is Taking Public Finance

If You Were A Pooka-Shell Necklace In Downtown Seattle, Where Would You Be?

I recently watched two DVDs that I thought were terrific.

Separated at birth?

Clinton: Gotta pay off that debt

Growing Old With Dogs. Okay, it's schmaltzy but I cried my eyes out.

"They're playing with Senator McCain's campaign. They're messing with their minds." - Obambi who?

Will Supporters of FISA on DU defend the bill or disappear like the Project Chaos people did?

A Letter to the Next President of the United States

McCain met with an Illinois state senator/Dem convention delegate for Clinton who may back McCain

so, what happens to the 5 people who recommended Perry's hategasm?

I've just about had it with Salon. Horrible coverage on MoveOn's 527 shutting down.

Men could be deciding factor in this election; Obama running nearly even with McCain

Should Obama address Pelosi's lack of leadership?

Obama Homecoming Sweet for Black Caucus

Wonder Woman - just like a woman only smart

Bad day on Mars

CNN: Clinton, Huckabee frontrunners for vice president … on Facebook

My take on Obama's rejection of Public Campaign Financing (Per Request) - It's simple

OMG! I just got this email that reveals THE TRUTH ABOUT BARACK OBAMA

My truck found a penny

John McCain: "I was not in love with America"

Pic of the crowd at McCain's townhall meeting in St. Paul tonight.

Survey USA: Obama up by four in Iowa

USA Today/Gallup poll 6/20: Obama 48%, McCain 42%

'Florida's pristine coastline should not become just another chit in presidential politics.'

Rasmussen Poll: Obama opens 11% lead in NH and is within 3 of McCain in Nevada

Are you serious: Effective Campaign finance reform w/media consolidation and no fairness doctrine?

Who Else Doesnt Feel Sad, But Feels Kind Of Down?

New Aggressive Ad Campaign From Obama Camp Possible for Olympics -

Poll: Presidential Race A Dead Heat -- In Georgia

Does the average person struggling really give a shit about Obama opting out of public financing

Laughter. Tears. Curtain.

Ouch. Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune gave Mike Myers' new movie 1 and 1/2 stars.

So, Obama now claims that HE passed Welfare to work programs.

McCain holds on to his base

Rasmussen NH Poll: Obama (D) 50%, McCain (R) 39%

Obama, McCain release first General Election TV ads; Obama emphasizes patriotism

Obama, Clinton To Hit Campaign Trail Together Next Week

TGIF!!!!! Woo-Woo! What are your plans?

john mccain's new & improved facebook page: now with video game!

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/20/08 - Obama 45, McCain 41 - McCain down 1

Why don't they kick Liberman out of the party already?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/19/08 - Obama 45, McCain 42 - McCain up 1

who is feeling angry and annoyed?

Drunk starts a fire on a plane in flight.

Media bias favoring McCain doesn't only come from the right...

Rasmussen Daily Poll Friday, June 20: Obama 45%, McCain 41%----Obama 48%, McCain 44%(with "leaners")

Hey y'all! Gisele Bundchen's back!!!

The Bush administration is: ..... (Bush’s approval rating now = 24 % !!!)

New VH1 Show Canceled For Not Being Pathetic Enough

Need gift advice...

This song should be our National Anthem

Ladies/fahion police, is the sweatband *really* necessary???

Listening to the Sand Rubies


How far is too far to go for the sake of a pun?

Meet Frankie Awful, the newest member of the Awful clan . . .

McClellan Hearings Live on CNN

The Greatest Love of All!

More than 50,000 people have donated to Obama since his Opt Out decision yesterday

Hey, Loungers, today is Brian Wilson's birthday.

What part of the country should the VP hail from?

Check out these Amazon reviews of a $500 "Audiophile" digital cable

The MSM knows the truth, Obama pledged to work out an agreement on public financing

Man gets Windows Vista to work with printer

Bolton says "Best possible outcome of Obama presidency is more bombings"

did anyone get a new rocketmail or ymail email address yesterday, and if so......

Okay, fine, I'll admit it.

If the MSM would do their job, Obama could accept Public Financing

A man threatened my 64 year old Mom over John McCain

the secret life of high voltage transmission lines;


How McCain broke the law on campaign finance?

Why doesn't sniffa capitaLize his "L's" anymore??

Latest breaking news: Sarcasm Seen as Evolutionary Survival Skill

Should I Donate to Obama?

Question about apartments, security deposit and dawgs

House Passes FISA

What a relief...

Obama opposes granting retroactive immunity and...

I am thinking of inventing a broken clock....

Joe Madison on radio talking about oil in Alaska that could bring prices down to 1:40 a gallon

Obama Now Live On CNN!!!!!!

Today's Chuggo contest: a comic strip.

Obama ad buys indicate he is going to press McCain hard by expanding the front line to Red States

Gallant Loves America. Goofus? Not So Much.

Gallant Loves America. Goofus? Not So Much.

There's a bun out of the oven over at the Spears' house

Obama is all about changing the map this time around; his VP definitely comes from a 2004 red state

***DUzy Awards for week ending June 20, 2008***

Has anyone noticed how different parts of the party ,...

Man loses weight eating at McDonald's

Telecom Bill Passed The HOUSE???? WTF?

We need to play HARDBALL with these bastards!


Great new stuff at the vet's office

Okay, this is weird. It involves Dr. Laura and Hulk Hogan.

Why didn't Obama wait until Friday afternoon to announce the public finance withdrawal?

Excuse me, but sniffa is not human.

Question on the DNC and the Convention

Newsweek poll: Obama up by 15 over McCain.

Brian Williams to host next "Meet the Press"

Please Delete-Wrong Forum

Coolest. Apartment. EVER. (architect hid puzzles in walls & furninture for family to find)

Xzibit: 'I Don't Believe In Aliens'

Xzibit: 'I Don't Believe In Aliens'

The first (and likely only) annual DU Chuggo week has sadly come to an end. It was a huge success!

Don't allow MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, FAUX... to paint the picture of Obama

I think Mr. Midlo is being unreasonable.

My oldest boy wants to take up painting this summer.

6 PM and it is still 92 degrees out.

When Obama wins in November it will be at least in part due to Clinton

What if Michelle Obama said this?

New Trend: Cell Phone Music on Public Transportation

Holy crap!! How did *THAT GUY* get all the money???

How many shopping days until Walk like Platypus Day?

Ruth Notman: Caledonia

If McCain is short on campaign money, then why...

Barney Frank: A Definite No To Nunn

If Obama accepted public financing, would it increase or decrease the media's role in the GE?


Ok People... One More Time; Yes, Obama is running for President.

Election projection -- have you looked lately?

Should I be concerned . . .

Arg health care costs!!!

How big of an issue is it that Barack opted out of public campaign finance?

Newsweek poll: Barack up 51-36 over McBeenThereandDoneThat

Condo Company Unwraps Plan For Clothing-Optional Pool

How many shopping days until Walk like Priapus Day?

Hillary Clinton struggles with debt

Is Republican Swiftboating Going Out of Style?

Why is the blogosphere going batshit crazy over something nobody else seems to care about?

Here Is Turtleandsue's Cabana Guy

Top 10 Reasons McCain Wants to Debate Obama

Boy, that's gotta hurt!

What Should We Get Turtleandsue For Her Birthday?

Speaking of birthdays: Happy Birthday, Lizerdbits!!!

Funny Bruce Springsteen parody video

He He====Beckham's wearing a cod piece, Beckham's wearing a cod piece...

How the hell does Proactiv not get sued for ripping off "The Way It Is" in their commercials?

Name a known talent that you possess.

SOMEONE...ANYONE....tell me what do they have to GAINE from giving the telcos immunity?!?!?!?

Smear Michelle? Slander Barack? Now Obama's Small Donors Will Answer!

Anyone else ever get sick on vacation?

AFL-CIO blasts McCain for Canada speech

Ye gods but I hate office politics.

Why do studio executives think 14 year olds have worse taste than 8 year olds?

How can employers be so capricious?

Lieberman Is The V.P. Pick

I Love Mr. Show

I heartily second yellowdogintexas's recent endorsement of the Furminator

Anyone here a Google Earth psuedo expert?

GOP's only hope of sinking Obama: death by a thousand little cuts

Wow! I was out this morning working for our local charity (can't post here) at the gas station,

Anti-Stink Machine To Mask Sewage Smell At Food Fest

Can Someone Explain To Me Why Obama Opting Out Of Public Funding Is .......

Obama on campaign finances: He ought to say "I'm not using taxpayer money like John McCain"

Here's where the politics comes in.

Look what DS1 made me do.

Do You Feel Like Society is About to Break Apart into Chaos?

Nader campaign is fundraising on Obama's rejection of public financing

Only 90 shopping days left until "Talk like a Priate Day"

Just saw The Strangers.

Only 90 shoplifting days left until "Talk like a Pirate Day"

Obama campaign adds women to top ranks

Ugh. Anyone else have a hard time when their weeping willow starts shedding?

I went into CVS to get some lotion, and this cashier who was in her

A question for those of you who do this. What is the purpose of misspelling Mobil "Mobile" in the

What does it mean when a relationship is co-dependent?

If you have ever suffered from uneven balls

So I'm playing my saxophone outside my local CVS and raising money for "Save The Children"

Opting Out of Public Funding Unlikely to Hurt Obama

So I'm outside the CVS and I complain about someone playing music outside

Doctors fear Amy Winehouse may have tuberculosis

It came! I ordered an LCD tv for my bedroom

In honor of the extreme heat - I am cooking dinner in the toaster oven

So I'm outside the CVS and someone is coming out with a handtruck full of wine

WTF Scarborough eviscerates McCain Spokesman on Morning Joe ???

Gallup, 6/20: Obama 46%, McCain 44%

I am concerned

I've complained about this before...IM etiquette

Ugh. Anyone else have a hard time when their widowed parent started dating?

Gotta love how an incredibly insane Midlo is.

Jesus Christ, is the McCain camp serious? They call Obama's campaign "boys club bullying"?

There's a pizza in the oven over at GD:P


Rachel Maddow is hosting Race for the Whitehouse - maybe she can do it full time LOL /nt

Okay youse guys - should anyone notice my absence here (hahahahahaha) . . .

The MSM is attacking Obama because he's ahead

I think I know where DuStrange has been

sad news from the BW925 homefront . . .

From the "Most Emailed" Yahoo News Photos: Zurich Zoo, 2-month old Snow Leopard cub

Whenever McCain or his lackeys

Now I crush you with cuteness.

Milk in a box or milk in a bottle. What say you?

Barack Obama has decided not to take public financing. Time for DUers to step up to the plate...

HELP - I'm being held hostage by some guy who keeps saying 'It puts the CVS lotion on itself'

i've posted on this topic before - but, dammit ....

Uh-oh! Parche has been captured by LynneSin outside of CVS!!

Has Midlo came back from her trip to CVS to look for homeless people to attack?

For Those Who Missed The Obama Meeting With The Democratic Governors Today...

Gotta love how an incredibly inane Midlo post can inspire so many copycats.

Describe a DUer in one sentence, then let us guess.

LynneSin's Sax And The City

A flock of seagulls, two squirrels, a reason why the 1980s were scary, a happy guy, and Bjork?

And now for a moment of silence.....

I am heading to CVS anyone need anything?

How Many Of "Us" Are Left?

Charity Alert: Stay Out Of Virginia

I Just Saw Some Lady Get Tasered At CVS

Chastity Alert: Stay Out Of Vagina

I was just doing my job at CVS

McCain: "I always loved my wife, until I was deprived of her company and she was disfigured"

Midlo's PSA for today, June 20, 2008.,

Krugman on Obama and FISA (I can't believe my eyes)

My (ex) mother-in-law sent us flowers

Bloomberg defends Obama before Jewish audience

Woman sues Victoria's Secret claiming thong injury

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday June 20

Newsweek: Obama opens 15 point lead over McSame. Wow!

Anyone here ever gotten a "free" iPod or computer?

Will Some Lady Get Tasered At CBS?

TIME know what to DU!

I've been decieved! My dog is a secret Canadian!

I spent my morning sailing

Interesting Political Conversation...sorta

its 4:20 for your viewing fun

So, Midlodemocrat parks her 707 in her freaking DRIVEWAY.

McSame Will Drop Out In August

Why do I bother showering in the morning when it is this damn hot?

Off to see Da Hulk

Do you want to win this thing or not?

Obama: The Choice is Between “Hope” and “Fear”

I found a 80s song I LOVE!!!!!

I just saw a preview for "The Love Guru" MEGA-LOLs!!!

My car was burgled some time last night.

Uh, but isn't that just an apple? Odd dieting success story.

Obama getting closer in Nevada according to new Rasmussen poll-45-42%

Canada sucks! If you want to hate on Canada, this is the thread to do it in!

I just heard a GarageBand "jingle" in an Arm & Hammer commercial.

My friend's daughter has cancer. She's 19.

McCain attacks Obama over ‘cowboy diplomacy’

David Boren

Radio Lady: To everyone who liked "Sex and the City" -- so did we!

EURO 2008 - Quarterfinal 2 : Turkey vs. Croatia

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA meets with Dem governors and comes to Jacksonville, FL for a fundraiser

Pic thread time

Sean Hannity's piehole spews more lies about US oil reserves

The Bar Is OPEN : 'Splice The Main Brace' For My Main Man

who knew that there was a monument to enemas?

Who on DU has the highest post count?

Breaking: The Sierra Club and Steelworkers jointly endorsed Barack Obama

Michelle Obama: How do you see her?

A phone company for the progressive in you...

As hot as it is here - at least its not above 100

Alright nerds, I need your video card recommendations...

I have a confession, I'm afraid of revolving doors

Going to see Phil Lesh with Very Special Guest Levon Helms

CBS just reported a poll with Obama 51%, McCain 36% nationwide. Then went on

My suggestion for the new Obama campaign slogan

Bad guys really do get the most girls

Is there anyone who doesn't like the idea of Biden as VP?

What do y'all know about Nova Scotia?

Lovebirds -- A Photo Collage

What's the Pizza Score for your Ignore list?

I have to go now...

Anyone read this month's MJ Coverstory? (Phone Sex Operators)

California, 20 June, SurveyUSA Poll: Obama (D) 53%, McCain (R) 41%

misheard lyrics to rock the casbah

Bloomberg to Jewish Group: Reject Muslim Smear Against Obama

There is not a candidate with a viable chance to win that would not support the

Another EBay Scam.... (Loans)

Crap. My TV Converter Box coupons expired 3 days ago!


Could OBAMA "Impolde" under all the HOPES who are Invested in Him?

Morning Joe.

I am going to be scarce around here.

it's hailing....

i haven't the foggiest idea what to wear to a wedding

Have You Ever Been In A Fury?


Have You Ever Been On A Jury?

Looks as though we're stuck with FISA as it stands. I'd much rather have President Barack Obama

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

You Can't Kill the Rooster.

Public Financing: People aren't going to care

Are you an Anarchist?

I got a job!!!!!

I'm back if anyone cares!!!!

random questions

Barack Obama has decided not to take public financing. Time for DUers to step up to the plate...

Obama personally apologizes to Muslim women for treatment at rally

FOUND! A picture of young Cindy McCain, with some classmates.

Obama Backing FISA Compromise

Completely unfounded rumor about John McCain of the day, June 20th

Have You Ever Been On A DUzy?

Wired Magazine: Bloggers Get Obama Accuser Hauled Off In Handcuffs

Free Bumper Sticker: Obama '08

Obama and FISA - Please take a moment to send the campaign your thoughts.

Change Happens

With friends like us, who's got time to fight the enemy? Barack is getting fucked before he starts!

I have to wonder about a 29 year old looking for men aged 30-70

Name a little known talent that you possess.

Has Joe Lieberman totally lost his mind? He's open to speaking at the RNC?

John Edwards for VP

Anyone ever participated in a Spiral Dance?

(AFL-CIO) McCain Revealed: The Briefing Book

Some pictures from my daughter's kindergarten graduation

shit. it is raining, and looks like it will rain all weekend. doing an art fair.

I'm Starting A Cult...One That Will Benefit All Members Equally

For a creepy cult, they make a mean fish chowder

Barack and Hillary to hit the trail together!!!

Media calling Obama's opting out of Public Financing as FLIP FLOP - McCain FLIP FLOPS 24/7, but Shhh

Friday Fun: A Slippery Dick

What really, really pisses me off

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/20/2008)

I have a confession, I'm afraid of revolting DUers

Will Obama Keep Gates As Secretary of Defense?

Day one of yard sale, NO RAIN whew and made over 200 bucks

BWARE!...Buchanan, Barr and Nader could "Throw this Election!"

About that FISA bill

47,760 citizens have declared their independence from a broken system!

Webb splits with Obama over drilling

My husband rented "Cloverfield" and it is nauseating -- even the soundtrack sucks!

8 Counts for Rita ~ Tom Principato

A Happy Birthday Thread for Turtlensue!!!!!

96 in SF!

They did it to stop the lawsuits against telecoms, and to protect wrongdoers.

What is it with smokers needing the exact brand and type of cigarette???

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/20/08

Cat in danger

All Obama has to do to end 'funding-gate' is to get on television and

Edroso smacks down David Brooks' "Fast Eddie Obama" column --->>>

Crank up that old Del Fuegos album "The Longest Day" RIGHT FUCKING NOW

Life is interfering with my DU time! Crap, I'm just numb now. ;-(

Does anyone here remember when you could smoke at the Heath club?

Houston Chronicle cartoon re: Barack's decision to forego public financing says it all:

Are salespeople in New York City a little ruder and shorter with customers than elsewhere?

I feel sorry for Barack Obama.

Wouldn't Hagel be the ideal choice for McCain?

Discussion on FISA: What is wrong with Obama's stance? What is wrong with using phone companies?

OK Ozzy Osborne and BLACK SABBATH appreciation

kitty pile!

Exclusive: MoveOn To Close Its 527 In Response To Obama's Candidacy

If the name of the Lounge had to conform to GD: Something, what would the "Something" be?

Dear DUers - I need help with a question, please

Fuck it. My Chuggo comic is getting its own thread

Chuck Hagel and the Vice-Presidency: Are You Smoking Crack?

Huffington Post: Obama Backs Bill Giving Immunity To Telecoms

Today's LeftyKid's hair update: blue

Barack Obama went back on his Word!!!

Barney Frank: No to Sam Nunn as VP

Hagel says he'd consider VP offer from Obama

Why Obama's Support For FISA Cave-In Is Such A Downer

I know this is unpopular, but I do like the idea of Chuck Hagel as VP.

Roll Call!! Post your Republican friends, family, etc who have confirmed they will vote for Obama:

Clinton to fund raisers: "do all we can to elect Obama" . . ."I don't expect help repaying loan"

Birth Certificate vs Certificate of Live Births - Freepers all atwitter!

Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words.

Obama IS 44. (A Hillarite reaches closure.)

End of an era: Microsoft to end XP sales on 30th.

So if you were teaching 4 years of high school English, what books would you teach?

Lounge! What's for Dinner!

Excuse me, but country, is not music

Love and Hugs Thread

Obama is starting to scare me

Photoshop request

Loving John McCain: The media's campaign of deception and distortion

Sarah Lawrence College Trip and Daily Poem Thread

How is voter registration going in southern states?

Interesting commentary on sexuality in music...

The Reason that they compromised and the burden of Obama

George Will (!): McCain's views on habeas ought to give voters pause

LBN: Glenn Beck recovering from Fall Down Elevator Shaft

Am I the only one who will not click on nothing but a link in a New Post?

ronnyk's wedding update!

So, Travolta parks his 707 in his freaking DRIVEWAY.

What Is Your Biggest Phobia

The corporate take over of this country is over

Obama on NAFTA: who will he ultimately choose--us or big business?

I don't mind $4.50 per gallon gasoline. I really don't. But THIS is just insane:

17 Teen Girls Agree to Get Pregnant Together

The DU rules need to be reformatted into an easy to understand Goofus and Gallant format.

Obama will work to REMOVE Retroactive Immunity provision from FISA Senate version of Bill!

i have a big wet kiss for hillary and her supporters today

Let me see if I've got this straight. Michelle Obama was born on Chicago's South Shore ...

So I was shopping in my local CVS..

Another D&D question - how would these women react in this situation?

Post your most embarrasing musical admission here.

McCain is breaking the campaign finance law....DNC suing him. How dare he attack Obama?

Picture thread time!

Man killed by mountain lion.

Here are the Blue Dogs who wrote Pelosi the letter in Jan. supporting FISA immunity.

I Hate Drugstores "CVS and Walgreens".

Radio Lady: How to Beat this Summer's Heat! Great Ideas for You!.. from "The View"

Should Clinton use the $22 million in her GE fund to pay her campaign debts?

24 hours to read, one hour to discuss, biggest changes to surveillance laws in 30 years.

"McCain backhanded her"

Turkey/Croatia match was sh*t hot!

AFSCME Endorses Obama (1.4 million-member union)


Code Pink Plans to Stage War Protest (on House Floor Tonight)

Military Told Press and Families It Was 'Friendly Fire' -- But It Was Murder

Survey Says 500,000 Iraqis Fled Fighting in 2007

Sierra Club to Endorse Obama

EU Agrees to Lift Sanctions on Cuba

McClatchy: Easing of Laws that Led to Detainee Abuse Hatched in Secret

Israelis 'rehearse Iran attack'

Iranian oil minister to attend Saudi oil meeting

U.S. House passes Iraq war funds bill backed by Bush (no withdrawal deadline)

Obama apologizes to Muslim women barred from seats

Former White House Spokesman to Discuss Valerie Plame Incident with House

Muslim cleric loses U.S. extradition appeal

Obama team weighs Nunn, Edwards as running mates

Afghan detainee claims abuse at Guantánamo

Iraqi crackdown angers cleric's supporters

Monsanto To Sprout in Central America

McClellan: White House still hiding details of CIA leak

Bloomberg: Reject Obama 'Muslim' rumors

Investigation of Glaxo's Paxil widens: report (suicide risk)

Cheney gets last laugh (in battle to withhold records. Dems are conceding defeat)

Elián saga might hound Obama visit

A Window into How the Market Went Crazy

Floods create economic catastrophe in Midwest

Mum tells of guilt over near-death daughter

Did Catholic charity staff help teen get abortion?

Lawmakers back off EPA contempt move

We’re a country of laws, Mr. Bush - Today’s Headlines 6/20/08

More Americans Think Country's Going In Wrong Direction, Poll Finds

AP Exclusive: Probe halts rebuilding of Iraqi city

Easier nuke declaration eyed for NKorea

Hawaiian group demands restoration of the monarchy

'Cannibal relatives ate boy alive'

Martha Stewart refused entry to the UK

Hearings on Monday dealing with the Enron loophole

Fox News: Bush approval at 29% (first time below 30% for them)

Senator questions Gates about GI electrocutions

U.S. Said to Compromise on Beef for South Korea (but really hasn't)

U.S. Says Israeli Exercise Seemed Directed at Iran

Colombian admiral arrested in drug probe

Mexico at World Court to stay U.S. executions

Anheuser-Busch to take over India joint venture

Bush praises lawmakers for allowing gov't eavesdropping

Justice Dept. Grant Overseer Subject of Criminal Probe

McClellan, Wexler, Plame, Libby, and Cheney

Poll: Majority of Americans favor oil drilling in off-limits areas

The future price of oil? Pick a number

Big powers ease terms for nuclear talks with Iran

GM, Ford, Chrysler Credit Ratings May Be Downgraded by S&P on Cash Concern

Pet food seized at PETCO warehouse

US: Iran attack 'rehearsal' in Israeli military exercise

Flaw in Apple Remote Desktop exploited via trojan

Online Transaction Reporting Slipped Into Housing Bill

Obama, Hillary Clinton to campaign together

Suicide blast kills 7 in Afghanistan

Japan Police Arrest Greenpeace Activists Over Stolen Whale Meat

Stocks Down on Bank Woes and Oil Price Increase

MoveOn Terminates Its 527


KBR tax loophole raises new questions

Brokers threatened by run on shadow bank system

APNewsBreak: US asks to rewrite detainee evidence

(MSNBC) BREAKING NEWS: House passes compromise surveillance bill

Disabled Iraq war vet will serve two to four years for arson

Prison boss opposes release of ailing ex-Manson follower

Obama Backs Fisa Compromise

Berlusconi's trial continues in Milan despite request to have judge removed

Author: Rove 'helped arrange' Swiftboat attacks on Kerry

Barack’s Bounce: Latest Newsweek poll shows Obama with 15-point lead

Study shows that chronic grief activates pleasure areas of the brain

Russia's Lavrov warns against attack on Iran

Scientists believe Mars lander exposed ice crumbs

Bolivia officials say suspects arrested in possible plot to kill president

Ohio teacher burned cross on kids' arms

WTO adopts cotton ruling, Brazil ponders sanctions (on U.S. imports)

Hagel says he'd consider VP offer from Obama

(Toronto) Police Tell Stories Of Illegal American Guns Seized In Project Blackhawk

McClellan Slams Rove

Ohio's unemployment rate rises to 6.3 percent

United Airlines to require minimum stays from Oct.

US probes teen 'pregnancy pact'

Latin America outraged at EU plan

Lou Dobbs: Bush Should Be Impeached for Salmonella Outbreak

Major Break In Miami Beach Munitions Dealer Case

Donohue/Posner: Discussion with Noam Chomsky (Part Three)

Donohue/Posner: Discussion with Noam Chomsky (Part Four)

Red State Update: AL Gore's Electric Bill

MSNBC Keith Olbermann w/Turley = New FISA Legislation, Telecom Immunity

Homewreckers for John McCain

In reference to the US teen

Rep. Don Young Intern Memo - Open Doors to Lobbyists (and Young)

*GASP* John McCain is more unpatriotic than Michelle Obama~?!?!!!

Testimony of Scott McClellan = Rep. Conyers' Opening Statement

Artists for Obama: Antar Dayal

Rep. Nadler's Questions for Scott McClellan = Valerie Plame

'Insurance Jive' commercial for better healthcare

McCain Said He Did Not Love America! Actual video

Barack Obama: Economic Roundtable with Labor Leaders

McClellan-CIA Leak Investigation:WhiteHouse Still Concealing


KO: Mission A-FREEKIN-ccomplished!!! /Maddow = IRAQ OIL DEALS

Scott McClellan's Opening Statement House Judiciary = Valerie Plame

Donohue/Pozner: Discussion with Noam Chomsky (Part Five)

Donohue/Pozner: Discussion with Noam Chomsky (Part Six)

NBC News: Vietnam war news (1/20/1969) ... uses of propaganda by North & South

Bush Praises Illegal Wiretapping Bill (FISA)

These Are the Rules - Doug Hall, 1983

John McCain TV Ad: Global

Obama: McCain-Bush Offshore Drilling Plan Wont Give Relief

KO and Eugene Robinson laugh about how easy it is to expose GOP hypocrisy

Al Franken's first TV ad

Rep. King to McClellan: "Could You Not Have Taken Some Of This To The Grave With You"

Barack Obama on Offshore Oil Drilling

McCain Getting Questioned About His Military Record-The Young Turks

Obama on Campaign Financing: "The System is Broken"

Iceland Shoots Lost Polar Bear

CSPAN Callers Speak Out on FISA Amendments

Inherit the Wind - Evolution vs Creationism on Trial...deja vu all over again

TYT: Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) on the Iraq War

John McCain: "I Didn't Really Love America until I was deprived of her"

John McCain: Solitary confinement made me love America

Deconstructing the War on Terror


Rep. Wexler Says 'Impeachment' Questioning McClellan MUST-VIEW

Blast from the 80s: Not Necessarily the News

RW gasbag has to eat unpatriotic smear of Michelle Obama: Jonathan Alter on Verdict

Wrong (Al Franken Spot)

TYT: Cenk & Ben On Rush Limbaugh's RIDICULOUS Statements...

TYT: Democrats collude on telecomm immunity; Cenk demoralized, angry

Lou Dobbs Endorses IMPEACHMENT of George W Bush

Group Files Suit Over 'I Believe' Plates in SC

Business chiefs urge carbon curbs (BBC)

The Future of Wind Energy

Bakken Oil Field in N. Dakota - Hype or Windfall?

Energy Dept Wants To Store Nuclear Waste at Yucca Mt,. Nevada

Nuclear Dreams: Will the Next Atomic Age Ever Come? (WSJ on new WorldWatch report)

Sierra Club Endorses Obama for President--Joins United Steelworkers in Call for Clean Energy Future

Need heater advice....

Is this true? Chinese grow giant food from space.

Shrimpers head to Mexico to fuel boats (Mexico prices or bankruptcy)

Interesting document never published by NREL

World Business Leaders Call For Climate Action At G8 Summit Blahblahblah - AFP

EERE Network News - "national and international energy efficiency and renewable energy news"

67% Favor Building New Nuclear Power Plants in U.S. (Zogby)

Jason 2 Set For 6/20 Launch - US-French Satellite Will Improve Tracking Of Sea Level Rise - AFP

South Dakota's Fuel Tax Revenue Down 38% In One Month - State Scrambling For Options

Gulf Shrimpers Heading For Mexico For Cheaper Fuel

Put Up Or Shut Up For The Kingdom - Waiting For Oil Summit "Better Than Watching Top Chef"

dramatic decline in bumblebees and other insects in my area

"60% Of Oil Prices Due To Speculation" . . . . Or Then Again, Maybe Not

High gas prices got you singing the blues?

Iran Rerun - Everything Old Is New Again

The invasion of Iraq cost the world $6 TRILLION in higher energy prices alone

Core Data Show Greenland Warmed Rapidly By 10C 14,700 and 11,700 Years Ago - Bloomberg

Need advice about switching to solar... possibly

Google Transit: "plan trips using public transportation"

James Risen: The Return of the Neocons

A message to the Tin Foil Hat Brigade

John Yoo, Totalitarian by Paul Craig Roberts:

Radiohead Offers Free Front-Row Seats To Parisians Willing To Bike To The Box Office - 15 Show Up

DOE Report: Biofuels Effect on Food Supply "Minor"

Guardian UK: In praise of ... the fist bump

Bangladesh Looks Into The Abyss - 1/2 Of Largest Island Gone In Past 10 Years, Salt Rising Steadily

This Spade is a Spade: FISA Deal Is Bunk

Israel prepares to strike Iran

Bomb Iran? What's to Stop Bush? By Ray McGovern

AlterNet: It's Time for a Radically Different View of Patriotism

The real McCain-The media portray him as a GOP maverick. He's really a die-hard conservative.

AlterNet: What Happens When a School Board of Religious Zealots Will 'Lie for Jesus'?

The Ambiguous Legacy of ‘68: Forty years ago, what was revolutionized — the world or capitalism?

Irate McCain Tells Wife He's Counting On Her For Pubic Financing

Midwest: Two 500-year floods in 15 years

Flood Damage In Midwest May Block Planting Until 2009 - 80% Of Iowa Corn "Not In Good Shape" - Rters

Research Suggest 1961-2003 Ocean Temps, Thermal Expansion 2X IPCC Figures - AFP

No Peace with Greenpeace - Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

It’s Not Just that Levin Was Ousted–It’s Bradbury’s Trial Run on Torture

What Does Treason Have to do with Impeachment?

High Court Judges Obama Right, McCain Wrong On Liberties

Gareth Porter: The Imperialist Right Threatens Obama on Iraq

John Dean: The Importance of Scott McClellan's Testimony Before the House Judiciary Committee

Forget Sam Nunn as VP, Obama To Pick 'Tim’s Nun'

Michael Gordon's New Beat: Bomb Iran

The “disturbing chronicle” of KBR’s contracting abuses in Iraq

Bush Administration Sends Jon Stewart’s 'Gitmo Puppet' to Gitmo

Bugliosi v. Bush

Congress's Compromise On Wiretapping Fails To Curb The Bush Admin's Abuse Of Exec Power

Iglesias and Taguba Reflect A Brilliant Ray of Hope

Senator Wants FDA Probe of India, China Pharma (Sherrod Brown)

Cristina Page: Better Fathers: Courtesy of the Sexual Revolution

The Frame.

The Great Wall of America: The new border fence

Report: Ohio science teacher burned cross on kids' arms

Hell Hath No Limits

George Will (!): McCain's views on habeas ought to give voters pause

Bush Administration attempting to rig the FISA vote.

Nicaragua Seeks Bids on Energy From Largest Volcano (San Cristobal)

How Iran Would Retaliate If It Comes To War

Taking startup costs out of home solar


"Candy Bombers" Confront a Flooded Wal-Mart Nation (Updated)

A Window into How the Market Went Crazy

World population to hit 7 billion by 2012

Morgan Stanley warns of 'catastrophic event' as ECB fights Federal Reserve

Bloomberg story on Bear Stearns managers blames email

Ah and the dow keeps dropping any guesses when Bernacke will

How oil speculators may be driving up prices

Iowa Flooding Affects Workers’ Unions Throughout The State

Engineering Union Now Hopeful Boeing Will Get Air Force Tanker Contract

Crane Safety Report Highlights Need for Improved Federal Rules

Building and Construction Trades Department Endorses Obama (2.5 million members)

FAA Concerned About Controller Fatigue? Like Big Oil Worried About Gas Prices

Today in labor history June 20 Striking African American auto workers attacked by KKK

AFL-CIO, Change To Win Leaders Meet With Obama

WIN: Labor headline audio

House Passes Unemployment Aid—For Third Time (W to sign, 1.55 million get extra 13 weeks & GI bill )

Anti-union group airs TV ads in state (right to work on Nov. ballot in Colorado)

Remedy a Drop in the Cup of Starbucks' Fortune (employers to take notice by tripling backpay)

Employee Free Choice Act (how it would work)

Atlantic City Casino Workers Testify About Labor Rights Violations

Nurses, Wear Your Union Buttons Proudly


IUPAT Endorses Obama

House Hears How Bush Safety Agency Undercounts Workplace Injuries

Iowa Flood Victims Can Access Union Assistance

NYT: A US Supreme Court Victory for Older Workers

2 Democrats Back Boycott of Smithfield meat packing

How Many More Jobs Can Our Country Lose?

John Edwards to Address Labor College Grads

California Wedding Video

Cyndi Lauper grabs #1 spot on Billboard Hot Dance Club Play

Same-sex couple claims discrimination at doctor's office

Mistrial declared as jury can't agree on hate-crime charge in fatal fight

Anti-Gay Bias Hits 1% of All Fed Workers

"Barney Frank: A definite NO to Nunn"

Three Years for Killing a Gay Man

Girl troubles.

Bill O'Reilly: 'I just want mayonnaise! I don't want guys kissing!'

We Married In Canada, BUT...

Hamas officials: We will honor truce in West Bank too

U.S. says exercise by Israel seemed directed at Iran

Report: U.S., Canada warn Hezbollah set to strike Jewish targets

Warriors for Zion--in California

Israel frees jailed Hamas lawmaker in West Bank

Negotiations to release Gilad Shalit to resume next week

Settler fires rocket at Palestinians

Colombian admiral arrested in drug probe

VEN FOR MIN: "there are no terrorists here, officials should go after assets of Prez Bush"

PR: Irish Cuba Support Group Says EU Sanctions Against Cuba PARTLY Lifted

CHAVEZ may stop oil to Europe over Immigrant Law

New constitution set to bolster Ecuador's Correa

THEY'RE BACK!!!! - Elian Gonzalez' Miami Relatives Are Going After Obama

Bolivia officials say suspects arrested in possible plot to kill president

The most overinflated Soccer star on the planet!

Curt Schilling's career appears to be over.

So there was (another) parade in Boston yesterday...

Any theories why a baseball team would be terrible in interleague play?

Yahoooo Boston Celtics !

Something's missing.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/20/08

Happy Solstice! Occurs today (June 20, 2008) at 7:59 PM EDT

“I refuse ever again to let a Republican conclude that we are weak on national security.”

Transportation help please?

Virginia Man Sheds 80 Pounds Eating at McDonalds

Darvocet is dangerous in the U.K., but not the U.S.?

Anyone on DU have any luck with oral chelation? Just started a 30 day trial,

In honor of Cindy McCain, post your chocolate chip cookie recipes

Mayor vetoes firearm ban in city parks

UK town plans to cut down cop-killing assault tree

Gov. Paterson wants to give the NRA a state-sanctioned role in training would-be gun owners

Question re amending the Constitution to eliminate RKBA if SCOTUS says the 2nd protects an

After Nine's Gun Ruling, N.Y.'s Gun Laws May Be Next

Gay men, straight women share brain detail:

Fort Worth, TX Baptist Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charge

Former teacher, pastor sentenced to 25 years on child porn and sex charges

The world's nine largest science projects

Baptist Church Youth Group Director on trial for sexual relations with underage boys

The Exorcism of Bobby Jindal

“Do You Feel Fucked Up?” Drive Thru Spirituality

Protest pastor arrested (Standing-up for the homeless)

The Atheist Delusion

Why don't Christians think The Antichrist is a Christian Conservative Republican...

Australian police to charge Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi's wife (ran fake Hebrew School with no students)

Conservative Anglicans Plan Rival Conference as Split Over Homosexuality Grows

Baptist Pastor in Azerbaijan faces more charges

Canon tells me that digitals can't pick up deep violets...

ENRON...(corporate crime files) and more in wtc7 Carlye who?

You Are Not Alone

Government Tries to Block FBI Agents from Testifying about 9/11

The Bush Admin/US Govt has sanctioned terrorism as an instrument of power

The Official Story, Part Deux (more detail, 2004, from

Is a new 9/11 investigation necessary?

In case any of you missed it, Ed O'Reilly majorly flip flopped on Iraq

New diary

Kennedy fights for state's Medicaid

Rove and Swift Boat Liars

Kerry's Band of Brothers so totally rock! They're going after T Boone Pickens.

I'm trying to locate Drinking Liberally for Houston

Why Bachmann is a Dim Bulb When it comes to Oil Drilling

Natural Gas to be more expensive next winter!!

Michelle Bachmann thinks the caribou would welcome more drilling in Alaska

AM 950 "The Voice of Minnesota"

Minnesota Roll Call on Protecting Phone Companies which engaged in warrantless wiretapping

Michele Bachmann press conference spokesman lost his medical license in two states

Brokers ripping off Canadians.

“Gifted Programs in the City Are Less Diverse” Do we really want to invest in the future?

Marathon County Democratic office now open

Poison-tip umbrella assassination of Georgi Markov reinvestigated


Plagiarising TV shrink suspended... while Naomi gets 200 hrs community service

Mum tells of guilt over near-death daughter

Amy Winehouse 'may have TB'

Ron Kind: "New Democrat" asshole.

Just got back from my Left Coast visit, and I have to say...

Fresno, CA Demonstration at the McCain fundraiser

Adam Schiff (CA29) Voted for the FISA Bill.

We're havin' a HEAT WAVE...........

can we do something to end these stupid Propositions on the ballots

Unbelievable! Saying "I don't believe" is rude, abrasive and generally icky

Blog!: I'm Not a Bigot, but Your Religion Sucks.