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Archives: June 23, 2008

Bush fails to appoint a nuclear terror czar (Boston Globe)

"My DU" just went weird.

Plan to Fingerprint Foreigners Exiting U.S. Is Opposed

Bush's Departure From The White House==Image in Verse

God, I miss Jeff MacNelly

It had to happen. "Maybe It was God's will"

Now that I decided on not being gay, I decided to get pregnant after watching "Juno".

Wheeee! World stock markets continue their freefall.....

Cheney Drops The 'F Bomb', & Bush's Outrageous Hypocrisy (Bush History: Sunday 6/22)

Your tax dollars ($350 million) at work: broadcasting Bush admin propaganda to spread democracy

Revenues from Bank Fees Up 41% in Four Years!

Remember the poll where 22% of KY and WV were racially biased??

Remember the poll where 22% of KY and WV were racially biased??

The most dangerous moment in history...

Larisa Alexandrovna: NYT Confirms Poland torture, but does not name facility... why?

I just finished reading "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman (SPOILERS!)

Difference between Charlie Manson and W?

News Flash: Network Anchor Stands Against ‘Unfair’ Campaign Spending

6/20 Election Model - Obama Jumps to 352EV, Leads Newsweek Poll 51-36

Dave Lindorff: Busting Bush & Co. In New England

What am I going to do if we win

McCain and his lies

Is it time to place a moritorium on the sale of corn to ethanol producers?

I just finished watching "in the valley of elah".

The slow decay of society. It comes in drips and drabs...

We can try to understand, The New York Times' effect on man.

Just watched "Bobby" Tonight.. Wow!

Probably posted before but still funny

And now, a message we can all get behind

So George Carlin meets God, and the first thing

Sad News.... George Carlin has died!

Microsoft Zune Vs. Apple IPod

Chavez Government Funds Prison Orchestra

MoveOn To Obama: Keep Your Word

Oh my God, George Carlin died! Just heard it on KGO news!

I listened to a right wing radio show...they are blaming the dems for the gas prices

You and I are not in the Big Club.

In typical fashion, President Bush squanders the opportunity to turn tragedy into something postive.

Republican economics in action folks.... Funny read

Would you please join me in seven moments of silence for George Carlin.......

Cue "Somewhere over the Rainbow", and call the president for a Photo Op...

The FCC airwaves, were they not "public airwaves?"

how 'bout some Carlin photos?

Kucinich's Bush impeachment resolution gets two more co-sponsors--Reps. Baldwin and Hinchey

So, we get the White House, a bigger House majority, and 59 Senate seats ........

How Many Internet Group Members does It Take...

This is the Hillary that I know and admire.

The frozen tundra of ANWR

George Carlin,,,,,RIP

“After that they hanged me. There was some kind of machine — a winch — "

What have you given up in this economy to stay afloat?

What a beautiful Planet we live on.....

Frugal folks turn to tap water again

Common Sense Is Overrated

A little bit of Carlin:

Fox Disses Gays With Quote From Homophobic Hate Monger

No More Betrayals: Let's Replace the Bush Democrats

John Bolton, unhinged.....

Too bad Carlin can't have Russert-style sendoff.

Neo-Con Rage

CNBC Obama... Public financing reversal.. IMMORAL?

RIP George Carlin

"Sons of Iran-Contra": Some Clues in Former CIA Director Tenet's Memoir

WTF's with Mika...?

'You're working for gas now', Camden, Ala. workers pay the highest % of income for gas: 13%

Today's "Queen Victoria:" the real meaning of "bipartisan."

Reporters Say Networks Put Wars on Back Burner

This morning's top political cartoon

Citigroup Readies Job Cuts in Trading, Investment-Banking Units This Week

A Totally Lawless Regime, By Paul Craig Roberts

If the New Right had been around through history

A cartoon from Soweto that says it all

Telecom Immunity-Why is this not a regulatory taking for which Fed. Govt will be liable?

Time to start calling: 877-210-5351

The campaign commercial I want to see

The Value of the Impeachment Process, by John Keane

Modern Battles will be Won by Controlling the Weather

Fight over White House subpoenas (Bolten, Miers) heads to court today

U.S. Experiencing the Worst Period of Industrial Downturn Since the Great Depression

Lieberman's Costly Support for McCain

AP: Billions more needed to secure US embassies

WJ this morning: WTF a Rethug is blaming FDR for the housing crisis

Will destroying the middle class reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Carlin and KO

Some great George Carlin videos. Gawd, I will miss that man!

RIP George Carlin

He was always there, talking about our lives. Just talking.

Blackwater Uses Local Sheriff To Skirt Ban on AK47s

More crap from the GOP-controlled media

Memory of 1969 disaster colors current oil drilling debate

Want to do something to alleviate homelessness?

Who do we have to 'speak the truth' now that Mr. Carlin has died

Oil rises despite Saudi output pledge

Connecticut Marshalls made millions delivering foreclosure notices

Man begs to be foreclosed on

Stem cells: A personal account

Fight over White House subpoenas heads to court (what are they hiding?)

Father's Day cards banned in Scottish schools

As Americans suffer at the pump, energy industry basks in luxury.»

If the US decriminalizes drugs, what happens to the Mexican and Columbian

First one of you fuckers that starts a Carlin grave dancing thread is a communist.

Question for you: If you had a chance to interact with ....

Important questions to ask of Congress before they just hand immunity to the telecoms

NYUCF internet radio is streaming classic Carlin routines now (*link*)

"Rising Unemployment Takes Its Toll" -- article

Oh gods, I always knew this day was coming. SHIT I'll miss George. He

Iowa rethugs call for release of federal conservation land for grazing and corn production

Interesting read.............

"Work hard. Millions of welfare recipients depend on you."

George Carlin's Poem Modern Man

congress fingerprint fine print (sneaking in fingerprinting to housing bill)

Fight over White House subpoenas heads to court

Where will the Dow end up today

Should George Carlin be allowed into heaven?

Help around the house?

Not every ejaculation deserves a name

On Web Advertising and the November Election...

and the "No shit, Sherlock" award goes to.....

Result of Saudi Arabia emergency oil price summit:

Bush History: Monday 6/23 (Bush Squanders Chance to Unite the World Against Terrorism)

Krugman: Bush's (and nation's) "Homeownership Challenge" flops (as it should)

I heard this morning that the Saudis had 25 million barrels of oil...

If you could do something to help end homelessness, would you do it?

Appeals court rules against Bush administration in enemy combatant case

Need list of civil rights eroded under Bush Administration...

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Black Katrina victims and praises Whites as the Floods hit.

White House Shoots Down Army’s Effort To Increase Oversight Of Defense Contractors»

caption bu$h

Repugs jonesing for another terrorist attack in the US.....

George Carlin: American Radical (The Nation)

I want to see a paint factory blowing up

Obama Calls For Closing "Enron Loophole"

Carlin Interview: "Do You Feel Like You've Accomplished What You Want To During Your Time On Earth?"

Depleted Lake Delton drawing tourists.

msnbc via nytimes swiftboat - Obama has close ties to ethanol biz

Should the government crack down on oil speculators ?

Just reported to:

Reporters Say Networks Put Wars on Back Burner

George Carlin is dead. I admired the man and he was a liberal

Day 5 in Fox News hell

Pew religion poll of 36,000 Americans

Corporations can spy on Americans, eh? If that isn't fascism, what the fuck is?

Does anyone remember that email going around Carlin

MSM messenger censors Vincent Bugliosi Book- The Prosecution of GB

Gipper's Ghost (Jesus' General knocks one out of the park)

U.S. Network Falters in Mideast Mission

The Rude Pundit: Alas, Dead Carlin

And now a message to the conservatives from Batman:

For those interested: Mark Dice, who Mike Reagan wants shot,

Bright Ideas for Storms and Blackouts

A local (Denver) traffic reporter said some of the seven dirty words you can't say on TV!

Was State Department Running Interference for Arms Dudes, Withholding Info?

Renewable Energy Tax Credit Extension Vote Fails in U.S. Senate

henry waxman - cspan 2 -taking questions

Some Faith that we can recover from Bush - Appeals court rules for Guantanamo detainee

Sean Hannity is a true Patriot!

Sign the Petition- Remove Michael Reagan as Board of Director of a High School

Pickles goes to Boston to Greenwash pResident Blowmonkey's Legacy

Funny clue in today's Newspaper crossword puzzle

Opus versus the new airport check-in surcharges -- Coming soon to an airport near you!

Need help responding to the Right-Wing-Nut email!

Is it "out" the wazoo or "up" the wazoo?

Supreme Court to decide sonar battle between Navy, environmentalists (dolphins)

Census bureau hosed? Redistricting implications?

Jesus, they arrested him in 1972?

Did You Know That George Carlin Wrote A Punk Rock Song?

Is anyone carrying on the Lenny Bruce/George Carlin legacy?

Put Oil Firm Chiefs On Trial, Says Leading Climate Change Scientist

Who's Going To Be Our Voice Of Reason Now?


action: sign our letter to Feinstein re FISA.

I received a letter from the Arbitron Ratings group

George Carlin on Countdown: This Country if Finished

Congress has the authority to hold someone in contempt, U.S. District Judge John Bates said

Cheney is pulling the same 2003/Iraq crap to drum up support for bombing Iran. Proof it's all lies!

Bee was not injured in the attack

Does anyone have copies of the PNAC documents?

Caller to Hartmann: What can we do about the audacious criminals in the WH


I guess we don't want to let Reverend Hagge see this article!

The Hippie Lawyer

HR 3221 May Rob Home Equity If You Rent Out Your Home

MSNBC now... McCain has bandaids on his head..

Worse-than-Average Recession to Drag Down Stocks, Merrill Strategist Says

Deutsche Bank Lost in Las Vegas as Foreclosures force Lenders to Decorate

Mike Luckovich is a genius

Who is watching the McSame discussion with reporters

Typhoon Fengshen kills 17 in Philippines

See "Free for All!" tonight, with MCM and Greg Palast!

How do you expect things to change in 2009?

Feingold: ‘Farce’ wiretap deal could be hiding ‘impeachable offense’

18 buildings, two trains, one bridge and a boat-Cedar River 10 days ago (WOW!)

"We're still trying to figure out why so many people showed up."

Conservatives love Ronnie so much that they

Conservative Government Destroys Atlanta Like Gen. Sherman Never Could

If congress is "test marketing" hints of fascism to us! We should do the SAME to them!

How can we deal with the inevitable fall?

Mitch McConnell's Senate Seat Now In Jeopardy

Got 'Robo" call to 'Restore Morals and Values'!

The local news has started using the term "bias crime" instead of "hate crime."

The local news has started using the term "bias crime" instead of "hate crime."

Scalia, McCain and Yoo Push Discredited "Gitmo 30" Talking Point

Lot of End of Civiliation (western or otherwise) threads today

dup thread...self delete

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act of 2008

How the hell did he ever get to be President?

Finding Clears Way for Hefty Duties on Chinese Pipe - as much as 616%

Is it ethical for wealth to be distributed among so few people?

CNN: McCain says band-aids the result of hitting car roof

Can we start a "Dead Person Forum" on DU

State Department helped sell decades old Chinese ammo to US/Afgan troops

Bill Clinton and the flood of 1993

Has anyone here ever called in to a RW Hatemonger radio show?

Help me in a Russert debate...?

Another loss for the Christian Right: Most Americans found to be tolerant of other religions

Corporate personhood and the right to vote

Matthews denies "loudly discussing his strategy" for taking over MTP during Russert memorial


Would you like to see oil nationalized?

Falling exam passes blamed on Wikipedia 'littered with inaccuracies'

Falling exam passes blamed on Wikipedia 'littered with inaccuracies'

House Set to Pass Debt Relief for National Guard, Reserve Troops

Live Impeachment Telephone Townhall Meeting Tuesday

Mercury News: Free transit service brings ridership to record highs (SF Bay Area)

Americans reassess spending habits: Coffee runs and cab rides given up in tight times

Dweeby, weasely, stealth hater, and ratfucker extraodinaire:

Concerns rise in France after Jewish teen is attacked

the 4th Amendment About to be Gutted from FISA is Connected To Roe Vs Wade

My entry for McCain's better battery contest

OK DUers who influenced you more

Gunman (disgruntled local official) in Iraq kills 2 American soldiers, wounds 4

Dodie Goodman of "Mary Hartman" died today at age 93

SFGate: Study finds contradictions among Americans' religious beliefs

UN-be-F**KIN'-lievable 6-page Newsweek fluff piece on Cindy McCain. UN-be-F**KIN'-lievable!

4th Amendment: Rest in Peace, By Cindy Sheehan

Wow, CNN just said gas is $0.68/gal in Saudi Arabia!

John Nichols: George Carlin: American Radical

The Liberal truth......Check out the top-grossing documentaries of all time

Appeals court overtruns "enemy combatant designation" for a Guantanamo prisoner


No More Betrayals: Let's Replace the Bush Democrats

Um....Is blowing up a nuclear reactor safe?

IAEA Leader's Phone Tapped (Let's give immunity to the telecoms!)

United Airlines to Cut 950 Pilot Jobs as Seating Capacity Falls

Md. plantation attic holds 400 years of documents

Self delete

''I’ve never done any favors for anybody — lobbyist or special interest group..''

photographer documents secret spy satellites

Comcast customer? See my rant in the Massachusetts forum.

HEALTH ADVISORY: Invasion of the Impeachophobes

John Dean: Obama May NOT Give Telecoms A Pass Afterall

Jim Cramer is an ASS. MSNBC. What a loon. Mad Money. That is all. n.t.

Law School to Plan Bush War Crimes Prosecution on REPLACING the bu$h Democrats w/ handy-dandy chart of some/all of them

What do you suppose the REAL inflation rate is?

Lieberman, blue dogs and an idle thought...

Many poo-poo spending tax dollars on Health care and education, then wtf should we spend it on?

surge update - 2 U.S. Soldiers killed in Iraq

Bush 'War Crimes Conference' to Convene in Mass., Plan Prosecution of Admin. Officials

MarketWatch: UPS Drops (earnings outlook) Bomb After Hours

Look at this total idiot

McCain's $300 mil challenge...Isn't that socialized inventing?

Thomas Friedman NYT - Just one more toke on the ole oil pipe.

Absolute DUMBEST of the right-wing gasbags:

Cramer is in the pocket of the Oil conglomerates

John McCain hit his head on his car door the other day, has bandaids on top of his head.

What would you do if they destroyed your home, threatened your family. Where would you draw the line

Would someone explain the process how oil speculators make prices rise?

Follow up: Woman injured in fire was trapped by doors to room (mother charged abuse vulnerable adul)

George Carlin and Fresh Air's Terry Gross: F**king great interview!

Michele Bachmann Watch, 6/23/08

Dean Baker: Bloodletting on Wall Street

It's the Isolation Stupid! Nathan Gonzalez on attacking Iran

I just turned on m$nbc to watch KO

In order to better represent mainstream Americans I am becoming a pundit for the mainstream media.

GOP election tricks

McCain adviser: Another attack on the U.S. ‘would be a big advantage’ for McCain.»

Rove wrote letter to MSNBC complaining about the network's coverage of the Siegelman case

House Judiciary subcommittee to consider subpoena for Feith.»

Imus' Adam "Pacman" Jones Comment: Asks Of Suspended, Crime-Ridden Athlete, "What Color Is He?"

Check out the American Family Association's Poll of the Day:

David Gregory's guest says Barack is going to be a carpet bomber!

What *can* we do to oil speculators? What *should* we do to oil speculators?

L.A. seeing more people living out of their cars

Iraq, the bankruptcy bill, the trade deals done without labor reps FISA

The conversation between George Carlin and God must have been something special.

Anything that weakens America, strengthens BushCo.

Blackwater using cache of AK-47s (Full Auto - Illegal)

TSA's new policelike badges a sore point with real cops: TSA say they "aren't respected"

Are we really going to attack Iran?

Iranians not buying the BS...

We're all going to die!!!!!!

Polygamous sect leader's daughter wants to ditch her attorney

Need proof that we're really not all that "enlightened"?

Name a movie for me.

If we win the Presidency and Congress,

Rove: Obama Is The Type Of Guy Who Hangs Out At Country Clubs

Rep Peter DeFazio: Dem Senators considering the "nuclear option"?

Judge tells Congress...You Can Enforce Your Own Subpoenas..!

Judge tells Congress...You Can Enforce Your Own Subpoenas..!

Italian Vogue Does All Black Issue

Why Democrats Can't Win: Lakoff, narrative and metaphor and FISA.

Humanitarian Imperialism Wants to Cross the Rubicon, Now! (Darfur)

Don't Let Bush Cut Funding for Public Broadcasting - VOTE IS TOMORROW

June 18: "George Carlin To Receive Mark Twain Humor Prize"

shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits

Images of Pentagon Black Sites and Missions

Did Obama promise to filibuster any FISA bill containing immunity?

In Honor of Agent Mike (and George Carlin): FISA Verdict Celebration Thread

great story for HRC fans - Clinton fulfills long-held promise to student

Free Toyota Priuses for Qualified Americans - (sort of...see details)

I expected to see Kurt Vonnegut on this list

Send a Personal Condolence to George Carlin's Daughter

No inflation whatsoever, whatever...

A Letter to a Traitor

Post here if you're not a very good American.

GOP Election Spending - Should Fox News Channel's Operating Budget Be Considered?

How widespread is the "Fox News Default" at Holiday Inns & other hotels?

So I went to Wendys after work tonight and paid $2.16 for a medium coke

Why is there seemingly a lot of money going to Obama,. but not

A thought on those heroic journalists....

I just officially registered as a Democrat!

For freepers trolls and McSame supporters.

Hypocrite windbag Rev. Ted Haggard has left his "spiritual restoration program"

Tim Russert vs. George Carlin

Bob Somerby on Dowd, Matthews, (Russert), and the 'viral illness' of Irish Catholicism

Stunning confirmation of mass murder in the Bush gulag-by Chris Floyd

Carlin the Great has died.

Carlin or Russert?

I finally figured out what note to put Ronald Reagan on


Mitch McConnell's Senate Seat Now In Jeopardy

Where are the fugging Dems?

Former CIA Officer Ray McGovern states war with Iran pending

Help make this work...

Link to "Tell the Senate to filibuster FISA legislation which includes immunity"

Will Wind Power provide 20% of our electriciy in 8 years?

Gas could fall to $2 if Congress acts, analysts say by limiting speculation in energy-futures market

Was watching "Inside the 3d Reich" last night

A rather remarkable woman passed away this weekend


Well, I just wrote a letter to my senator re: FISA

Who else hates private colleges?

Imus makes another racist remark

Dems Giving McCain a Big Pass

Rampage of the Religious Right, volume 300; Pastors to Challenge the IRS over Partisan Politics


Racism from right wingers

Post your favorite George Carlin lines:

Jim Cramer is a fucking nutcase

Fox "News": NAACP is registering prisoners to vote!!!!!111

Is your small local paper right-wing?

Please Chose To Live

McCain coming to Santa Barbara to talk about the Environment. ROFLMAO.

One way to handle gas prices: Move

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?

George Carlin: "Just how fucking stupid do you have to be to believe in angels?"

Holy Moly! Is America really this religious?


Woman's Claim: GOP House Candidate Paid For My Abortion

House Concurrent Resolution 362

Lithium Ion / Battery technology Leapfrogged by... Ultracapacitors...300 mile range per charge...

Principal who alleged pregnancy pact among 17 girls in Gloucester MA was apparently full of shit.

Should higher education be restricted to only those that can afford it?

Dumb questions: Are there bans on sitting on multiple boards of directors or...?

Obama’s "new" leadership same as the old leadership - Today’s Headlines 6/23/08

The Democrats in Congress have let the GOP make the Presidency a walking impeachable offense

Newsflash: Flava-flav still sold out

Y'all be good, me, my knee and cane are going down to the beach to watch the sun set.

A little celebration is in order. My certificate!

General Hospi-tale

If you told the DNC that you are withholding money because of FISA - You got it wrong. (A primer)

Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired

Fraud, much? "Run your car on water:"

My mom is SUCH a bitch!

How Often Do You Change Your Toil-

My soon-to-be ex son in law tried to commit suicide today.

yee bodi bodi bodi bodi bodi bodi bodi bodi bodi bodi bodi bodi bodi bodi bodi bodi

What's Going On

We have a new roof over our heads!!!

Woohoo! New NEGATIVLAND album coming out next month!

Religious right advocating violence if they don't get their way on banning same-sex marriage.

Close? No: A Blowout? Yes

Latinos Have Figured Out Two-Face McCain

I made a little kid cry today. Not my proudest moment as a Sunday School teacher...

Obama Moves To Reintroduce Himself to Voters

Tom Daschle: "I'm not seeking the vice presidency. I don't expect to be asked. I have no interest."

The Ten Commandments

LBN: President Bush Embarrasses the American Horticultural Society

Lindsey Graham on MTP: McCain has "put the country ahead of the desire to win for himself"

And here I was wondering if AICN had stopped giving negative reviews:

Who still gets FoxTrot in their Sunday paper?

Just got another one of those stupid e-mails..about, muslim extremists

Obama Keeps Dean at DNC

Dancing 2008

Wow, Polls open in just 135 days ---

Go Cubbies!

I Am Gonna Have Sex-

Male blackbirds intent on protecting turf

LAT: McCain could have a conflict brewing

McCain: Why is he still running?


What's for dinnah, DU?

We're going to have at least four years of this, folks, and hopefully eight.

What will we do when the Senate passes the FISA atrocity?

I love Howl's Moving Castle, I never get sick of watching it.

Huffington Post: "Newsflash: Anchor Stands Against 'Unfair' Campaign Spending", by Jeff Cohen

JFK, reasons for his greatness

Good Night DU!

Never under estimate the Democratic Congress and their willingness to give the GOP what they want!!!

Democrats are not sheep

Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde - on cable tonight

The stub of Snookeroo is

A sign of the times: "Obama Bake Sale"

heres something you may not have fully considered yet

I have seen more racist spew in the last couple of months

Corzine profile in Obama camp ever on the rise

First Obama attack book in the works

My daughter had her first swim meet yesterday.

Any chance of a friendly Democrat in the Senate putting a poison pill in FISA?

Zimbabwe, one more reason Obama will need a strong foreign policy.

What would you do for a Clown Dyke Bar?


McFlip, the McFlip flopper -n- Chief!

What'd I miss?

Here's why Obama is better than McCain

What Are We Really Up Against?

propagate this link!

Okay, this is just dumb.

What's on your mp3 player/stereo/TV tonight?

Very simple question about FISA.

Instead of Complaining About Obama's Statement Write Your Senators

FISA is not the ONLY reason I am now leary of an Obama presidency.

Toto in the Wizard of Oz was a girl dog.

Obama to Court Working Women

Obama kept Law Review balanced

For the Hillary Fans (((PICS)))

Obama kept Law Review balanced

hey! What's wrong with having a feisty wife?

GLBT Voters for Obama: Check-In Please!

Are younger voters just more prone to being Democrats?


Brain Teasers

LAT - Obama Campaign targets black voters - carefully

Whether they call it "Primaries" or "Presidential", GD P is as nasty as ever...

You probably won't hear from the media that Hillary's attendance at

Thank jeebus! New season of Project Runway, July 16th, 9pm

Young Evangelicals move to the center of political spectrum

Oh shit.

Will 1 fucking person in the media ask McCain why 1 of his top campaign guys created the Enron...

A tough time for politics.

Paulie Abeles - "I'm not a racist."

It is so smoky outside right now my eyes starting watering.

McCain surrogate tries new anti-Obama angle

If McCain were truly the underdog ??

These 3 pictures show the first 3 milliseconds of an atomic bomb detonation.

And the score today is Obama 27%, McCain 74%! Woo-hoo!

McCain tries to show off his mom as proof that he can function at an older age

RCP has Obama 238 McCain 163 Tossup 137

Joe Lieberman: I Want To Be Number Two

Sweet sweet Vicodin.

February 2004: "I don't know him," Bush said. "Oh, you will, Mr. President," Schakowsky responded.

Rasmussen Daily Poll June 23: Obama 47%, McCain 40%---Obama 49%, McCain 43%("leaners" counted)

Obama to meet with "Hillraisers"

Obama, McCain gear up for race-based attacks; Axelrod: "We've seen this movie before..."

Survey USA has Obama up by only three in Oregon

View from my back yard a little bit ago

Obama kept Law Review balanced

Caption Chimpy........

8 drugs doctors wouldn't take

Bookmark it: McCain VP will be Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan

Bookmark it: McCain VP will be Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan

In honor of George Carlin.

"Why is it that most of the people who are against abortion

Survey USA: Washington State to Obama by 15

Excellent diary by McJoan at Kos..."it's our job" to stand up to the party about FISA

Tell the Captain: Air Marshall CARLIN says GO FUCK YOURSELF!

There are 130 fires burning in Shasta County... ask me anything!

Some people are really fucking stupid!

This song never fails to make me feel happy

Obama Team Slams McCain’s “Failed” Energy Record

Isn't this site supposed to be supporting the Democratic Candidate?

Was I wrong about Barack?

Poll: Obama Holds Enormous "Voter Enthusiasm" Edge Over McCain

if you are "concerned"and posting "constructive criticism" then

The Middle class and reality of how the other half lives.Classwar..

A Philly fund-raiser throws support to Obama

Why does my face break out when it is hot?

Have we ever, completely, totally agreed? (a quick, gentle rant with a bit of humor, I hope)


Separated at Birth

DU is so predictable

How Anti-Choice Is John McCain?

The National Press Club travesty

Why do my brakes fade out when it is hot?

McCain's Low Road To Victory

Favorite George Carlin Quotes

One of my great heros and inspirations died yesterday

"That's An Excellent Question" (How can any woman, anyone, take McCain seriously?)

Comedian George Carlin is dead at 71

The FISA Drama isn't really about the 4th Amendment or principle. It is about Barack Obama.

Bill vs Al Demands Obama Filibuster FISA

Bloomberg: I won’t be VP for McCain or Obama

Soccer - now that's using your head

The psychology of fear

Anti-Obama, what do others think....subliminally racist?

MSM: Will ABC Overtake Fox As The Most GOP Biased Network?

I woke up from a nightmare last night with my heart pounding.

DU Electrician-types, help identify this plug

Why should Democratic "pragmatism" be defined in terms of caving to fascism?

Is MoveOn being led by a bunch of hotheads?

Obama, Clinton to hold "Unite For Change" campaign rally Friday in New Hampshire

Same publisher of "Unfit for Command" about to release attack book on Obama

Creatility? Let the McCainisms begin

I tell you this, with authority, after you turn fifty....

The latest "first" for Barack Obama comes off the Milan runway

LOL of the Day: Woman featured in new John McCain ad wearing a Barack Obama T-shirt!

It's so nice to hear Obama talk about Lily Ledbetter and the Fair Pay Restoration Act

Edwards touts Obama at ACORN convention

Steven Weber: The Sleep of Monsters Produces Reason

Personally, I dont understand how anyone but the greedy filthy rich could consider voting Republican

Applying a Personal Touch to the Campaign: Getting to know Obama through media venues

Democratic discussion group on Yahoo infiltrated by anti-Obama trolls

*****Obama Live Now Campaigns In Albuquerque, New Mexico********

Media give McCain a pass (re taking Public financing) while pouncing on Obama


Saudi Arabia to Allow Women to Drive - With Conditions

So the new employee leaves after working there for 5 minutes...

Dkos: John Dean says Obama might be able to go after telecoms criminally.

$300 million bounty for better battery? Gas tax holiday? THESE ARE MCCAINS SOLUTIONS!?!?

Obama Goes Hollywood!

Geprge Carlin's death has made me more upset

Coming up on our 1 year anniversary, my family wants...

I wonder... Are pollsters taking into account the Bradley effect in making their estimations?

Those that supported Hillary in the primary are going to have an easier time of it in the GE

Just got back from Walgreens in Denver and guess what they're selling?

FISA: You Are Falling for the Right Wing's Trap.

Warrantless Spying on Domestic Terrorists under Obama?

Edwards: 'Yes we can' elect Barack Obama

The Official "Post your favorite politically-based Carlin Quotes" thread

As important as a strong VP candidate is for Obama, it's more important for McCain.

Elizabeth Edwards: I'm Already Working With Obama's Team On Health Care(with video)

Vote For McCain or the Republicans will KILL THIS DOG!

McCain strategist: Terrorist attack ‘would be a big advantage’ in election

McCain on defensive over Air Force tanker contract

If John McCain is a great leader, why didn't the Navy use him as one?

Gallup Daily, June 23: Obama 46%, McCain 43%

Rasmussen New Mexico Poll: Obama 47 McSame 39

Obama and McCain: 'How I'll Fix The Economy' - article and pic

Barack's Remarks from the Working Women Discussion in Albuquerque, NM

Reasons my Uncle does not want Obama to be President.

Slowly and methodically, the race is becoming about Obama...

McCain Adviser: Another Attack on U.S. Would Be "Big Advantage" For McCain

Kristol: Bush might bomb Iran if he 'thinks Senator Obama’s going to win’

Mccain: Reject, denounce and fire Charlie Black over these outrageous comments and apologize!!

The real reason gasoline prices are where they are now

Damn, 128 dollars for a case of miller beer!!

Hey Rove you DUMBASS! Most of us don't know that guy from the country club. . .

I'm going to vote for Obama.

DNC: “McCain’s Economic Advisors: With Advisors Like These…”

Holy cow, MiddleMen is hilarious!

New Poll--Alaska: McCain: 44% Obama: 42% Barr: 3%

MSM Really trying to Discredit the Newsweek Poll

Shelby Steele doesn't believe subtitle of his own book on Obama

Wall-e, The New Disney Movie looks like a good time.

Poll: Obama Holds Enormous "Voter Enthusiasm" Edge Over McCain

In memory of George Carlin - Take any DU thread and replace 1 word with any of the 7 words....

NEVER, EVER see The Happening! it's a god-awful movie! (spoilers)

RIP George

RW to publish anti-Obama book

OK Bridal Shower people

Interesting conversation just now with my Financial Advisor.

I don't usually like much of the contemporary R&B stuff that I hear, but

He pleased 15 women in one day

Cardinal Glick and Buddy Christ!!! Gotta love Catholicism WOW!!!

I'm already paying enough debt Hillary and I'm not about to pay off yours

Poll: Obama Narrowly Ahead In Pennsylvania -- And Winning "Beer Track" Voters!

FISA bill to be taken up in Senate on numbers

Rove: Obama's the Guy at the Country Club Holding a Martini Making Snide Comments About Everyone Els

Obama Camp: Black’s Terrorism Remark “A Complete Disgrace”

Laura Ingram says Kim Jong Il has endorsed Obama

Yours Truly on a Segway. (I hate to admit it, but . . .

Help around the house?

George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce... All in the hereafter now.

McCain Distances Himself From Top Adviser's Claim That Terror Attack Would Help McCain

I make a good cup of coffee.....

George Carlin Appreciation thread.

Contact Senator Reid at (202) 224-3542 - Ask him to keep the FISA Bill from coming to a vote.

"Everybody got screwed except for a couple people who make more than 2.8 million a year"

Breaking: Obama is not president--yet.

Lounge gripe/request #6,363: If you post a youtube video, could you PLEASE

Obama kept Law Review balanced (A sense of fair play never seen from Republicans).

Does anyone know of a militant Democratic Obama hater coming back?

Sign the McCain FEC Complaint Letter

I miss Hillary Clinton

Behind Obama’s $22 Million (and McCain's)

From SUSA - Very interesting VP matchup charts!

If you want to donate to Hillary to help her pay off debt, do it. If you don't, don't.

YouTube: "There are things we say when someone dies that no one ever questions"

TOON: Greg Palast & Ted Rall - "Vote Theft For Idiots: Lesson 1"

George Carlin - The Sanctity of Life

My response to a manipulated email that lied about military deaths under Bush and Clinton

Guess which celebrity chef I saw last Saturday!

Rove is the guy who stays at home and day-dreams about getting even with well-liked people

Haruki Murakami

Have you ever been in the audience for a Jerry Springer show taping? (Or a similar show?) nt

Biggest News NON Story of the day...

You. Will. Not. Be. Able. To. Get. Food.

RIP George Carlin

The Daily Widget – Monday, June 23 – Obama 331-207

Great, so, my buddy's girlfriend has lost her marbles and has his apartment under siege

Anybody have any feel for how the airlines are flying today?

Barack Obama's faux presidential seal bites the dust

An OBAMA WIN hinges on the YOUTH VOTE - Poll for those 18-25

The fids' new home is finally put together!! (pic heavy)

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Anniversary of Title IX

God Arrested On Coke Charges

RNC Retains $50 Million Cash Advantage Over DNC

Ohhh the irony....McCain surrogate calls Obama “Patronizing” and “Dismissive” to Women

Rove is the guy at the Country Club who has the permanent wedgie and...

Goodbye, George

(Romance hypothetical) Is she interested?

Powerful tool for the customer, or just being a tool?


Januray 20, 2009

Welcome to Tignes, France

I'm taking donations for groceries and a gong.

Dody Goodman has died.

Are the Hardball producers Lazy?

Hey Rove? Is THIS what you meant?


Freedom of religion?

I'm really disappointed in some of you

Stephanie McKay - Tell Him

Damn kids! GRRRR....

Anyone remember Mike Royko?

Alicia Keys ~ Wreckless Love

any suggestions on brand of new bed to try?

DOONESBURY'S BACK! TOON: In Monday's Doonesbury He Promotes Obama's "Fight The Smears" Site

To even think about putting Dane Cook in the same category as George Carlin is blasphemy

I saw Dane Cook walk into a CVS

Plantlife - When She Smiles She Lights The Sky (4Hero Remix)

Can someone please explain to me who Dane Cook is??

I don't answer unexpected calls from Las fucking Vegas

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 6/23/2008)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/23/08 (warning: graphic language)

Obama can make me an enthusiastic supporter

Rateyes says Muammar Al-Qaddafi and Hu Jintao endorse McCain.

Good hybrid cars, or cars good on gas?

I swear I'm going to start smoking crack because my insurance will cover that addiction

Biden says couldn't turn down VP offer from Obama

This is why charlie gibson has a job:

Kid just got home from a woods survival camp - tell me about your camp

All My Faves -- why search?

...Tell us about your Cramps

Hot ticket Warren Buffett booked for two back-to-back $28,500 Obama fund-raisers July 2 in Chicago.

Anyone else find the pic of meat in the front page ad to be appetizing?

Why don't you all like Dane Cook??

What's all this hubbub about Danish Cooks?

Ever get a really great idea right as your about to go to sleep?

How to avoid a Nickleback addiction

Farm worker who died connected to "Two-Buck Chuck."

Is John McCain too old to be President?

Obama speaks to New Mexico working women - watch full speech

Clinton emails Web video to supporters saying she’s looking forward to campaigning with Obama

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA holds a round table discussion at the Flying Star Cafe in Albuquerque, N.M.

What the hell is all this crap about Amy Winehouse?

I'm home!

Arianna Huffington: McCain's Campaign Funding Hypocrisy: Why Are the Media Looking the Other Way?

Three reasons why Obama's FISA capitulation is DISASTROUS:

The New FISA Bill: A Bad Deal - Feingold Fact Sheets

another kitty

I wasn't a huge Carlin fan, but in his memory, I will post a great bit by him regarding baseball

Fighting for Peace is like Fucking for Virginity - as far as I can tell George Carlin said this

Does anyone else feel troubled by Obama campaign not reaching out to US Muslim groups?

Rove: Obama is "guy at the country club with the beautiful date, holding a martini and a cigarette"

Feingold: 'Farce' Wiretap Deal Could Be Hiding 'Impeachable Offense' ("An Astonishing Giveaway")

NYT: Some Muslim Americans Feel Shunned by Obama

Yay! The colonoscopy went fine

I'm the CEO of GDP assholes!

Matcom hasn't posted here in a week, lets make fun of him till he shows up

ok ok I know I break a bone everytime I go on vacation but

How to avoid holodeck addiction

81% humidity...AC's not working...Lovely

I have a phone interview at 3.

Suggestions for Dual Layer DVD+-R manufacturers and/or retailers?

Where's the hate for Squidbillies?

A commercial that annoys me--is it just me?

Obligatory Dody Goodman Flame Thread.

My Uncle bought beer with the company credit card

God muthfukkingdammit maggotsonsofbitches cocksukkinpieces of shit

Does anyone want to be my sugar mommy/daddy?

You're all fired. I want better imaginary friends

Doesn't it warm your heart to know George Carlin passed the comedic torch to Dane Cook?

Joe on Blue's Clues sucks worse than anything

The GOP understands that powder is not meant to be kept dry.

Obama campaign backtracking on the Obama presidential seal; thinks it was a flop

After the primaries, candidates move to the center

Where's The Love for "Metalocalypse"?

How long will 'Get Smart' remain in theatres?

Gas could fall to $2 if Congress acts, analysts say

Bumfights! Comedic Genius or Compelling Social Message?

PING lioness, rbnyc & others

Journey, take a trip inside your mind

All these posts about stand up comedy

C&L: Top 100 Standup Comedians of All Time (Carlin at #6)

Newsweek-"Are You Experienced? Why a U.S. senator might not trump a state legislator"

77 fucks to bill up yesterday.

Is it me or is Headline News turning into a live action Lifetime Movie Channel?

Have you seen "Bumfights"?

"Help us reach our goal of 50... ummm 75... wait, 100..."

George Carlin on "Inside The Actor's Studio" now on Bravo.

Congratulations! Audio Al will be 74 on Monday, June 23rd. Still crankin' even tonight...

ST: TNG - The Best Of Both Worlds 1 and 2 on SCI-FI

Clinton Brings What Obama Needs: Money

Harold Ford is so Annoying. He's a Prick

Rove picks the wrong metaphor to slam Obama

DON'T make fun of Midlo's Town and Country Minivan!

Up on The Roof - this one's for George Carlin

Do I seem really cranky to you?

"Ride this. Let's screw."

Watch the video and join the DU team!

The National Maximum Speed Law

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday, June 23

How in the world can this short haired cat shed so freaking much?

McCain calls for $300 million prize for better car battery

Oregon, SurveyUSA Poll, June 23: Obama (D) 48%, McCain (R) 45%

Want to something insane?

Which Do You Find Most Entertaining?

I'm kinda feelin' this way . . .

Woot!! We have achieved nephew pictures!!

One thing PC users can do that Mac users can't:

"My wife reminds me every day that I am not a perfect man, and I will not be a perfect President."

I just discovered "Dexter"

Anyone watch "Arbian Nights" on ICON last night?

Felix Hernandez just hit an opposite field grand slam HR off Johan Santana

I'm taking I-90 across the US...What do I see along the way?

The San Diego freeway was the scene of a freak accident today.

Does saying "God Bless America" automatically make someone a Republican?

Glenn Beck is an idiot

My son discovered (Herbie) The Love Bug (original version, 1968) yesterday

Every bird should get to fly - One of the best commercials I've ever seen.

Has anyone used Lifelock?

Whoops! Don't you hate it when you make a DU newb mistake?

I think the best way to honor Carlin's memory...

Freepers again show their stupidity...

Ingraham: Kim Jong Il supports Obama

Things like this never end well.

Choose a non-politician running mate for Obama

Anybody ever tried acupuncture?

Obama table in Madison: June 21 Edition (ninth one in 2008)

So I moved and had to give up two of my furbabies

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Larry Linville was a fucking genius.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Larry Linville was a fucking genius.


Sarah Lawrence College, Writing Seminar, Sunday Prelims

Where's The Love for "The Venture Brothers"?

My latest hateful, rude, asshole-y, concern-trolling letter to the Obama campaign

Reflections of my life

well...good night/good morning DU...

hey Midlo and the rest of the "sorta lives near Richmond" crew

When will I learn?

How Smart Is the Octopus?


So Jack, my big old mixed breed hound dog is shedding his winter coat.

After some of the threads today - I thought all of the DU lounge could really really use this.....

So I watched "The Day After Tomorrow" and this question bugs me every single time...

Help Hillary retire her debt: Contribute now!

I can't believe this is allowed to happen:

Top 100 Standup Canadians of All Time (Chong could be #6)

Barack Obama Should Run As An Underdog Due To GOP Fear Mongering

Freetard gaffes like "series!" and "!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!111!"

I didn't know from Dane Cook, so I YouTubed him

Who is your favorite "Classic era" movie star

77 bucks to fill up yesterday.

I GOT A JOB! WooHoo!!!!!!! (and relief! :whew:)

take a look

Worst product - EVER!


Question for smokers...




MoveOn is asking us to phone Obama campaign regarding FISA

Changed the name of the thread to protect the innocent --

The first Carlin anti-eulogy

"92 percent believe in God" -- Problems with the Pew religion survey

Why do people take drugs? ITS THE PAIN STUPID!

Commercials that should be summarily executed:

My response to a serious Hillary supporter who can't (yet) vote for Obama

So...100 pounds of silver adrenaline walked into our life.

Someone here has *not* seen Pulp Fiction

I DISAGREED with A LOT of what George Carlin had to say

Join DU's folding@home team and lend a helping hand.

What is cuter than baby animals, or babies of any kind?

Classicide - Gassing the American Middle Class

Carlin on Obama

George Carlin is a much bigger loss to America than Tim Russert

Worst customer service ever? (From (now with excerpt from article)

Can you think of anything that's risen in price since you were a kid

DU Community List time: "Top 100 Things redqueen doesn't like arguing about"

Which National Historic Landmark is closest to you?

1/20/09 - who's going to party?

What did John McCain say against America on the tapes he made for the enemy?

I has a date!

Seinfeld fans: Name an underrated episode of Seinfeld

~ Post a song that reflects the way you are feeling today ~

Join DU's folding@home team and lend a helping hand.

Rising Gas Prices, and a Golden Opportunity

Research question: growing up with an alcoholic parent

Describe the plot of a movie in limerick form, then let us guess.

peek a boo


Remembering George Carlin.

Left-DMK talks fail to end N-deal impasse (India)

Revius Ortique Jr., Civil Rights Attorney, La.'s 1st Black Supreme Court Justice, Dies at 84

U.S. Network Falters in Mideast Mission

EU states agree new sanctions on Iran

One US soldier killed, five wounded in Iraq attack

UK banks accused of boycotting Cuba (still poodles?)

"Rising Unemployment Takes Its Toll" -- article

Oral Arguments In House Judiciary Contempt Lawsuit Set For Monday

Ex-U.S. attorney speaks out for 'In Justice'

Deal allows U.S. to attack any country from Iraq – IAF

White House Blocking Army's Plan To Overhaul Contracting System

Dutch Foreign Ministry: Tsvangirai seeks refuge

Security of US nuclear arms in Europe is not our problem: NATO

White House denies Army's pitch for more brass(to oversee purchasing & monitor contractors)

Tastes in sports, food divide McCain and Obama

Citi poised to fire thousands (6,500 jobs) - Report

NATO says 6,000 troops urgently needed in Afghanistan(so they can hand over control in 2010-2012)

IRAQ: Pollution causing cattle deaths in marshlands?

Iraqis' drubbing of U.S. troops shows who rules the soccer field

(Supreme) Court rejects case on fast track for border fence

35 foreign firms win deals to develop Iraq’s oil riches

Staten Island GOP Candidate Dies

At Oil Conference, Saudis Offer Slight Rise in Production

McCain adviser apologizes for September 11 comment

Mayor: No support for claims of pregnancy pact


Washington Post Editor Leonard Downie Jr. Stepping Down

Polygamous sect leader's daughter wants to ditch her attorney

Michigan's bad economy fuels boom in auctions of storage units

Mortgage crisis spooking high-end developments (this is going to get ugly)

Goldman (Sachs) cuts financials, admits goofed on upgrade (of financials)

Former rivals (Obama, Clinton) to meet in Unity, N.H.

Freed of militias, Basra has new problems

Obama’s Campaign Closely Linked With Ethanol

Anti-Kerry book publisher plans book attacking Obama

Shortages, Inflation Hit California Food Banks as Hungry Kids Start Summer Recess

McCain disavows aide's comment about terrorism

The latest "first" for Barack Obama comes off the Milan runway.

Security gains in Iraq are fragile, reversible: Pentagon

Housing Outlook Grim, As Downturn Called “Worst in a Generation”

Reporters Say Networks Put Wars on Back Burner

FISA Overhaul Set to Clear Senate

Police raid Zimbabwe opposition headquarters(Tsvangirai has pulled out of the runoff)

MPD: Unruly Crowd at "Free Food Voucher" Event

US military to hand back Sunni bastion of Anbar to Iraq

Order restored among crowd seeking food vouchers

MoveOn To Obama: Keep Your Word, Filibuster Telecom Immunity

Appeals court rules for Guantanamo detainee

Iraqi councilman kills U.S. soldiers

EU lifts Cuba sanctions: presidency (officially lifted)

Berlusconi tells Vatican to lift ban on taking communion

Comedian George Carlin has died at 71

Judge reluctant to wade into White House subpoena fight

Judge reluctant to wade into White House subpoena fight

Officials Say United States May Open Diplomatic Outpost In Iran

Oil price up despite Saudi pledge

McCain Adviser: Another Attack on U.S. Would Be "Big Advantage" For McCain

American soldier killed, 5 others wounded in Iraq

Feingold: 'Farce' Wiretap Deal Could Be Hiding 'Impeachable Offense' ("An Astonishing Giveaway")

Gas could fall to $2 if Congress acts, analysts say

L.A. Seeing More People Living Out of their Cars

Waxman probes potential embassy cover-up

Women testify in Air Force rape case at Texas base

Home-schooling in court

McCain offers $300 million for new auto battery

Texas Town Reels From Horrific Abuse In Its Midst

Put oil firm chiefs on trial, says leading climate change scientist

Harry Taylor working to take back America

Larry Kissell Standing up for America!

Harry Taylor honored by the Young Democrats of Mecklenburg

"Joe, American" Challenges the Presidential Candidates

George Carlin - Saving the Planet

George Carlin: The Sanctity of Life

JedReport: The Glass House of McCain Trailer

George Carlin - Touched by an Atheist



George Carlin: The Seven Words

How to "Speak Democrat"

NASA’s Hansen: Humans Still Loading Climate Dice

Republican McCrory: What Would Andy of Mayberry Say?

Carlin. Heart broken, movie made, for DU...

Norm Coleman on war vote: 'No, no, no'

Barack Obama reach

Stupid Media --or maybe the LEFT should leave the MUD to the RIGHT in this election.

Mr Carlin Talks About Death and Dying


MUST SEE: How the US and Bush Torture People Around the World

END OF EMPIRE: William Blum, David Swanson, Kathy Kelly, Dahlia Wasfi, Richard Cook, Mike Whitney

"This Country's Finished" George Carlin on Countdown - Oct. 23, 2007

Fahrenheit 9/11: 'Peace Fresno'

Senator Kerry's DNC Speech in 2004 Claiming the Nomination!

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: D.C. (Flip) Flop House

Countdown: Scott McClellan Testifies before Congress

A retro on the career of Walter Cronkite (1981)

KO: Newsweek Poll puts Obama 15 points ahead of McCain!

George Carlin-America is Tyranny

Michells Obama speaking at the National Partnership for Women & Families

NSA Wiretapping ALL Americans

Obama: McCain Wont Stand Up for Equal Pay for Women

The Surfin' Bird (Forty-two Years Later)

McCain repudiates adviser's comments about another attack

Michael Savage Ridiculously Goes Off on Gay Marriage-The Young Turks

Tanya Acker Calls Out Lars Larson on Michelle Obama Comments

TYT: Linguist George Lakoff on Rationality and Politics (What Should Dems Do?)

CNN's Dana Bash: McCain Lies. He Said Bhutto's Death Helped Him Win.

ABC News: Blackout of 1977

Proof Bush knew of 9/11 attacks before they happened.

Laura Ingraham Is scared to death of the Fairness Doctrine

TYT: Are the Democrats Worse Than the Republicans? (Act Blue)

Biden and Graham On Afghanistan and Iraq, MTP 6/22/08

McCain & Lieberman On Netroots Nation

AT&T & NSA are Spying On ALL Internet Traffic

KO COUNTDOWN: NSA Copying EVERYTHING, entire Internet data stream

Kristol: Bush Might Bomb Iran If He Thinks Obama Will Win

Here is What Obama COULD/SHOULD Have Said: Barbara Lee

Why people vote Republican - try the link in Post 2 if this doesn't work for you

Carlin: 'These Rich Cocksuckers Don't Give A Fuck About You. They Don't Care About You. At All.'

George Carlin's Poem Modern Man

ExxonMobil Wants a Piece of the Lithium-Ion Game...or Not

Any urban (or even inner suburban?) dwellers here who are do not have a car?

A Green Coal Baron?

Sea of Trash

Long-Distance Migratory Birds Can't Keep Pace With Speed Of NE Climate Shift - ENS

As Coral-Feeding Fish Starve, They Kill Weakened Sections Of Great Barrier Reef - AAP

What Were Once Occasional Appearances Of Mauve Stinger Jellyfish In Med Now Annual, Massive Invasion

Big Three "Fighting The Winter Retreat From Moscow"

As Global Pollack Fleet Vacuums Up Bering Sea Salmon, Feds Mutter About Limits- J. Empire

Nanosolar Launches 1-GW Thin-film CIGS Production Tool

Solar cell, semi industry investments equal by 2010, iSuppli reports

Nigeria Oil Output At Lowest In 25 Yrs

Saudis Announce Oil Production Increases Again And Again And Again . . . .

Typhoon Fengshen one of the deadliest ever for the Philippines

NOAA Report on Climate Predicts Extremes - More Droughts Likely in North America

Clean Coal Facts and Fiction on CNBC

View from Dongtan (China's planned) Eco-City

Westar (and BP) to begin building (100 MW) wind farm near Nashville (Kansas Tuesday)

Book Review - Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming Is Changing the World

Republicans Fail to Understand That We Cannot Drill Our Way to Lower Gas Prices

China Becomes a Wind Power Big Shot Now

Speaking of offshore wind power

New Multi-Million Dollar Siemens Plant Will Increase Production of Mechanical Drives for Wind Turb…

Support For Cap And Trade, Carbon Tax Plans Evaporating Among Canadian Business Leaders - G&M

Renewable Energy Tax Credit Extension Vote Fails in U.S. Senate

McCain issues green challenge to carmakers (offers 300 million dollar federal prize and tax credits)

Wind Power Expansion in 2007 Beats Nuclear 10-to-1

Obama's Evolving Ethanol Rhetoric

George Carlin - We Like War

California utility to stop drawing power from Navajo coal plant (in 2019 "as things stand")

In memoriam George Carlin -- "The Planet is Fine"

No Targets, No Breakthroughs, No Limits, No Plan From Korean Climate Talks For G8 Summit - ENN

The New Trophy Home, Small and Ecological

McCain Opts IN, to Public Tap Dancing System

The Haditha Travesty, Take Two

All British forces to be pulled out of Iraq within a year

Intellectual Violence By Angie Riedel

Got bumper stickers? You might be prone to road rage

Bush 'War Crimes Conference' To Convene In Mass.

Liposuction: The Key to Energy Independence By Barbara Ehrenreich

Mind the income gap

Powerlessness soaring as society spirals: Economy, climate and wars erode U.S. psyche

Indian law grads on the case in U.S.

When Riding the Bus Turns into a Ticket to Jail

A Special Tribute to George Carlin: 'Seven Words You WOULDN'T Want to Say on Television'

The Hedonists of Power By Chris Hedges

Jim Lobe: Neo-Con Rage

AlterNet: Turning Your Lawn into a Victory Garden Won't Save You -- Fighting the Corporations Will

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Gang Rape of the Black Community (Eran Reya)

World's first mass produced hydrogen car hits the market!

Food inspection system in dire need of overhaul

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Sleepwalking to Fallujah (Joe Bageant)

Gas could fall to $2 analysts say, if Congress acts to limit speculation in energy futures market.

Infrastructure: Boring Word, Hot Topic

Blogger Launches 'Google Bomb' At McCain

Chris Hedges: The Hedonists of Power

McSame offers $300 million car battery prize

George Carlin: American Radical

Krugman: Level the playing field for renters and landlords

More Than 90 Percent of Americans Believe in God, Study Finds

Did everybody forget Bush cut the levee maintenance funds? By martinweiss

A Juxtaposition of Two Irish Catholics: How Would George Carlin Have Conducted 'Meet the Press?'

The Battle Of Today Is Not For Today Alone

U.S. Has No Remaining Grain Reserves

Big Paycheck or Service? "Are Ivy League schools simply becoming selecting mechanisms for Wall St.?"

Investigative Journalism Under Fire; Shrinking budgets, legal risk hurt a vital genre

Put Oil Firm Chiefs On Trial, Says Leading Climate Change Scientist

No Blood for… Er… Um…

The Anglo-Iraqi Treaty of 1930 (the more things change, the more they stay the same)

Catching Predators Is Good; Economic Justice Is Better

Growing Right-Wing Chorus Backs Impeachment. When Will Pelosi? By Marc McDonald

With a chance to enact a new liberal agenda, can Democrats emulate FDR's success and greatness?

Why Doesn’t the Press Ever Talk About the Oil?

Reporters Say Networks Block War Reports

Wexler: McClellan Testimony Highlights Bush's Crimes -- It's Time for Genuine Accountability

How George Carlin Changed Comedy

How a Shady Citigroup Subsidiary Secretly Makes Billions in the Oil Market

Oil Crisis. Oh, really? They are hiding oil offshore. By Linn Cohen-Cole

Bush Administration Losing Control of Media: Fresh Air Breaks Through By Barbara Bellows-TerraNova

Six Degrees?! Anyone know who Barry Bock is?

Are You Experienced? Why a U.S. senator might not trump a state legislator

Anatomy of a Price Surge (OIL) By Michael T. Klare

The H1B Visa Sham

House Democrat accuses US ambassador of evidence tampering

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 342

Will Wind Power provide 20% of our electriciy in 8 years?

The Game is Over. There Won't be a Rebound

Why fear foreign ownership?

Buffett is likely to benefit from bond insurance turmoil

Mortgage recovery to be very slow

Tip-reliant workers say slowdown cuts into tips

Voters may decide fate of payday loans

So the Fed now wants to regulate the financial services industry.... the fox guarding the henhouse

How McCain’s Money Works by Catherine Austin Fitts

Many Hurricanes, Many Eyes

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 06/20/2008

Unions battling for state employees (SEIU vs AFSCME)

Teamsters union OKs contract at Welch Foods

CWA Convention Begins June 23 at Las Vegas Hilton

Pending Strike Threatens Distribution of Coors, Miller Beers in San Francisco

W.V. Teamsters alert state DEP to beer dumping

(Ga.) Top execs' 2007 pay down slightly, to $1.74 million

Death leads to OSHA investigation

Explosive dust draws warning from OSHA

Congress Hears Possible OSHA Violations

Eric Lee: Twitter

Farm worker who died connected to "Two-Buck Chuck."

Today in labor history June 23 Congress overrides President Harry Truman’s veto to pass Taft-Hartley

BREAKING: Corporations Admit Trade Is About Lower Wages (Duh)

Justice@Smithfield Ad Campaign Launched

Great GLBT poem.

Presbyterians argue roles of gays, lesbians

The Very Fabulously Reverend Ted Haggard 'Restored' to Colorado Springs

Please HELP ME make this letter work, unedited to the editor (proof with me 4 mistakes updated)

More lesbians discharged in 2007

worst-case-scenario question about the CA election

For One Anti-Gay Woman, 30 Days Is Not Time Enough

News Flash: The LDS Church will be actively opposing gay marriage in California this Novembe

Culture of fear

VIEW: Ready for peace? — Shlomo Ben-Ami

IDF rabbi considers declaring Goldwasser, Regev 'killed in action'

Detention offers student new outlook on Israel

The Two Israels

Israel's Labour to back bill to dissolve parliament

As Gaza cease-fire holds, Israel eases economic blockade

London summit focuses on plight of Jewish refugees from Arab states

Court rejects rightists' petition against Jerusalem gay parade

Poll: 77% of Israeli Arabs would rather live in Israel than in any other country in the world

Bolivian state backs greater autonomy

Fidel's Prologue to new book: "Fidel, Bolivia, and more"

Latin America Could Halt EU Trade Talks Over New Immigration Law

MACHETERA: "A Huge Heart, Full of Gratitude and Love

Amid Despair in a Venezuelan Prison, Strains of Hope from a Music Program

The Dallas Cowboys have losing records against only five teams in the NFL!

Calling for your wise input...

Why should we have all the fun???

Fact/fiction. Need your insight.

Unused Transportation Shots

Okay... not my idea...warning... Kitten Photo

CDC expert gets West Nile bug -- literally

More Train Photos

8 drugs doctors wouldn't take

Angelcots---Unbelievable--Run to your TJ's if you can

Icewine .... Eiswein ...... Vin de glace ...... what a special gift

Not a cooking topic

Any DU member have current experience using military ranges accessible under 10 USC 4309?

Potato Pancakes

Blackwater using cache of AK-47s -Rifles given to sheriff in deal that skirts law (NC)

Vegetarian recipes that meat lovers will go for?

Expelled opening in Canada?

What new technologies may emerge as a result of tests conducted on the LHC?

Science question re: remote car door lock

NYT: Survey shows U.S. religious tolerance

More Than 90 Percent of Americans Believe in God, Study Finds

RIP George Carlin

I boil sweet corn for six minutes, how do you prepare it?

I finally figured out the real reason non-believers get so mad at

Flying Spaghetti Monster witnessed in Seattle! (dialup warning)

Philadelphia Set to Honor Darwin and Evolution

The Conservapedia entry on Jesus Christ... laugh out loud funny.

CBS: Bush asked National Security Council to Find a Way to Invade Iraq in Jan. 2001...

Let's say a new investigation of 9/11 begins...

Emergency Official Witnessed Dead Bodies In WTC 7


Touching History

So, where did the passengers go?

Same publisher for "Unfit for Command" about to release attack book on Obama this summer

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