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"You are stirring a pot of shit you will be sorry for!"

Japanese Lawmaker takes 9/11 doubts global

Iran elections.

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/23/08 - Obama 47, McCain 40 (unchanged)

Bush Squanders Chance to Unite the World Against Terrorism (Bush History: Monday 6/23)

Bipartisan Coalition Condemns "National Security Courts"

Carlins last interview on KO.....

Thanks KO - terrorism helps Republicans

NASA warming scientist: 'This is the last chance'

Bush/McCain’s Gas Price Scam Is an Enron Re-Run

Picture thread - George Carlin

Why do the House Dems think that the public would turn on them if they have Miers & Bolton arrested?

Shortages, Prices Hit California Food Banks as Hungry Kids Start Recess


It just occurred to me that because the legalized spying will probably pass this week

what had I said earlier about brad blakeman on MSNBC?

Toronto Sun: Next Great Depression?

My letter to my 2 Red State Senators re: Energy

I finally figured out the real reason non-believers get so mad at

I mostly agree with Charlie Black on this one .......

You can't be crazy if you don't want to go kill any more Iraqis. Catch-22 circa 2008

Anyone familiar with Vets for Freedom?

US court says Guantanamo detainees not enemy combatants

Dammit! I have a dial-up and can't watch U-tube. Please posters

2 U.S. soldiers killed, 4 wounded while conferring with local Iraqi authorities

And today, on a smoke break (not pot) it hit me....

Irish activists acquitted of charges of damaging a Raytheon office

Whahoo, my congresswoman is on worsts with KO

Larry King has a good tribute to Carlin

Netroots Nation Agenda Looks Awesome!!!!

Many thanks to those of you who helped me with my San Francisco trip!

County Board Republican files to run for chairman as independent

George Carlin on Death

If Bush attacks Iran, and the Democrats don't impeach....

I don't know why I expected more RE: George Carlin

Admiral Michael Mullen (Chief of Joint Staff) surprise visits Israel today

Support a strong global warming plan for CA (via Union of Concerned Scientists) :

Wow! Josh Marshall's "TPM" is a feast for the eye of DU'ers Tonight...check it out...

New poll suggests Obama can beat McCain in Florida

Iran: Iran, 5+1 proposed packages can serve as ground for dialogue

Freck, becoming progressively more depressed by Congressional cowardice, decided to off himself.

Blind spots for the RIGHT and the LEFT and science

So when is Senate debate/vote set for the FISA cave-in?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


What the hell.

Hastert wastes $20,000 in taxpayer money on lavish trips during last 11 months in office

A message from Greenpeace

Posts that Piss Me Off !! ... Lately Anyway .... :)

It appears many women Iraqi suicide bombers are widows - There are around a million widows in Iraq

I'm seriously CONCERNED that Obama is too fat to be elected President.

ABC Nightline: watching the birth of a new religion in Eastern Russia

Bush is using offshore oil drilling...

Cheny Shows Off His Cluelessness (Bush History: Tuesday 6/24)

Inside Bush's Billion-Dollar Immigration Gulag

Carlin was a 'monologist', per his words on Charlie Rose. Yes, he was!

...they insisted, were signs that the Taliban had grown desperate...

The Haves and Have Nots: Speedo's High-Tech Suit That Is Dividing The Swim World

Gee he was just here a minute ago!

NPR Fresh Air tribute to George Carlin. Interviews from 2004.

Is there going to be a Constitutional challenge to the Reid-Pelosi corporation protection racket?

If nuclear power plants are safe as the experts claim, why won't insurance companies insure them?

$150 oil by the 4th.

Conservative movement: 1980-2008. RIP in November!

Stop Pelosi; support Sheehan!

The Obama campaign's (Reformed, evangelical) biblical illiteracy is maddening.

Mike Barnacle said it on "Hardball" earlier: In early March 2003, right before the invasion of Iraq,

2 U.S. civilians, 2 GIs killed in Iraq blast

Digital TV Thread Revisited

Hooray, the surge "worked".....

Kelpie Wilson - Why More Food Is Not the Answer

10 Years Ago You Could Criticize Your Government Officials. Today?

Where is all the video of the new and improved Iraq?

Anyone else think John Stewart sucked tonight?

Milwaukee...3,000 people turn out for the food assistance beginning at 3 a.m.

When some kids go to school, it means this (and we complain when a roof leaks):

McCain gambling on offshore drilling

Pat(racist Southern Strategy author) Buchanan defending Imus on Morning Joe

McCain is dubbed a reformer "because of" The Keating Five?

Financial Firms May Make Deeper Cuts, Eliminate 175,000 Jobs

Georgia DUers, how bad is the water shortage in Atlanta

MarketWatch: Wall Street Goes to the Bears

Bruno, N.Y. Senate Majority Leader, Won’t Seek Re-Election

WJ this morning - Randy Forbes Energy Independence Plan

Sports bra saves US hiker in German Alps

Dear God - Dick Morris has to be the most repulsive pillock in the universe

Support the Screen Actors Guild strike! Even if it lasts a year, two, ten or even

Eat Shit and Die: Contaminated Veggies Are the Meat Industry’s Fault

Hooray, the surge "worked".....(follow up)

surge update - Four Americans Killed in Sadr City Explosion

Heres a few words that sounds so good

Drought in California Forces Farmers to Spend on `Fire Water'

British Airways irked by Bush effect at Heathrow (40,000 delayed because of Shrub's trip)

Roll Call: Former Bush DHS secretary Tom Ridge busted ... lobbying for Albania

It took 4,100 dead US soldiers, and the wounding of 30,000 more to make Iraq safe for Exxon

Software question...What freeware/shareware can record my PC screen as I do something & comment ?

Congressional Resolution Demands Bush Act on Iran

Report: 5-Year Long Attempt To Reshape Department Of Justice

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/24/08 - Obama 46, McCain 40 (Obama down 1)

Headlines that make my brain hurt...

Building Better Levees

Air America Radio gets new program director

Nation's Spies: Climate Change Could Spark War

Dick Morris is a smarmy putz.

Cheny Shows Off His Cluelessness (Bush History: Tuesday 6/24)

Future Wars Will Be Fought Over Fresh Water and Food ....

Chaos erupts as 3000 turn out for food assistance in Milwaukee.... LINK

Timothy J. Russert Highway

Sign of the times; Vogue cover stories, July "The Price is Right: Strategies for

Monica Crowley... Anyone?

H.Con.Res.362 is the final straw for me! We need to vote out every single member of Congress!

WA gov Republican candidate Dino Rossi on ballot as 'G.O.P. Party'

"Captain Phonesex" Bill O'Reilly Offers Inappropriate Acknowledgment Of George Carlin

Israel 'will attack Iran' before new US president sworn in, John Bolton predicts

Of course, Barack Obama should visit a mosque...

Dos Amigos

Worldwide Whaling Body Meeting in Chile this Week

CNN's Jeff Greenfield: "everyone knows" terrorism helps McCain

Dear Don Imus: If you have to explain your remark then yes - it's racism

Wounds You Can’t See - By BOB HERBERT

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

It Took 5 Yrs-4,100 US Deaths & Wounding of 30,000-To Make Iraq Safe For Exxon (Derrick Jackson)

The silence of recession.


Oops! NYT: Gov't Study Criticizes * Admin (& McSame's) Measures of Progress in Iraq

Heinz Pulls Ad Showing Men Kissing (UK - VIDEO)

John Cornyn Flip-Flops on GI Bill, then Takes Credit for It

Caption this * pic...

Are telecoms paying to get amnesty for illegal acts?-PROOF: Comparing Democrats' Votes-3/14 & 6/20

The Pregnancy Pact Case

LEAVE IMUS ALONE! Go after Glen Beck, Hannity, Savage,

IG Report: Bush DOJ Stacked Honors Program With Young GOPers

Emanuel Asks McCain to 'Clarify' Stance on Great Lakes Oil Drilling

Consumer Confidence Falls to a 16-Year Low on Fuel Prices, Housing Woes

Get this! Former head of the Hanoi Hilton endorses ... John McCain for president of the US.

Republicans in Florida Race Try to Move Past Foley Scandal

Glenn Beck has a STAGE SHOW??!!

U.S. nears halfway mark for accepting Iraqi refugees

Four years of home gains have been wiped out: Back to 2004 prices

What Richard ''I Am Not a Crook'' Nixon was doing 36 years ago today.

Clarke: Black Basically Said To Terrorists, ‘Yes You Can Manipulate Our Politics-Come And Do It'

We complain, but it must really hurt when the poor president fills HIS tank.

Global Warming and the Iraq War

THE POLITICAL REVOLUTION- The politics of your guy is worse than mine

Shock as Canada rejects Iraq refugees

Dow Chemical raising prices by another 25 percent (on top of a 20% increase last month)

I could have sworn Imus was an old man......

Millionaires club gets bigger, members richer

"those who would prosecute George W. Bush for murder"

The Rude Pundit: The FISA Failure and the Sodomy of the Patriots:

Pelosi Says More Debate on FISA Would Be ‘Healthy’

LTTE Political reasons for high oil prices.

Something else to remember about George Carlin.

ABC Nightline: Jesus is Alive in Siberia AND "Do the Clintons Really Hate Obama?"

Third Progressive Patriot of 2008 named

Teevee Is Better Than Life! OR McCain will inspire ...

In defense of Don Imus

Back to my regularly scheduled program

Kay Hagan

Wonkette: Indians Send Obama Terrifying Monkey God Statue For Good Luck

Efraim was "a boy genius" who is "hard to control."

Ray McGovern now on Alex Jones Show...

U.S. Network Falters in Mideast Mission

New Mexico looks like a blowout (much like Virgina) in the senate

Dangerous international terrorist Boy George denied US entry; forced to cancel tour

McClellan: Bush "still clings to the belief that 30, 40, 50 years... history is going to vindicate"


Satire at the ballot box to 'honor' Bush

Baghdad office bombing kills 10

Dobson: Obama is "distorting the Bible", pushing a "fruitcake interpretation" of Constitution

....bu$h* beats the drum for war against iran and the oil prices go up

why isn't CSPAN showing the oil speculation dog and pony show?

why isn't CSPAN showing the oil speculation dog and pony show?

Justice for Sale: How Big Tobacco & GOP teamed up to crush Democrats in the South(Larisa Alexandrov)

Please DU this poll.

msnbc headline: dobson: obama distorting bible

Election Polls

Rep. Bob Etheridge (supposed Dem.) was on Wash. Journal

Report Sees Illegal Hiring Practices at Justice Dept.

Israeli soldier's suicide causes panic at Tel Aviv's airport

Should media be held accountable for spreading false information?

this is what cnn calls 'top news'

Tom Toles mini-marathon

Got a few words for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice,

The Richmond Times-Dispatch's own Gary Brookins

A speech by Bridget Gabriel being emailed. Who gives her money?

Tom Hartmann has Scotty on

'God' arrested near church

Anyone knows anything about "World Venture?"

Attention "Fun With War Crimes" fans -- the long-awaited third episode has been posted!

PHOTO: Would somebody kindly tell me what is going on in this photo?

Now do you think Cindy Sheehan has a chance?

An Enduring Legacy (Sign the petition if you're in San Francisco!)

A new epithet? "Good Romans"

Call your congress-critter right f-ing now, why?

An easy way to determine if you or someone is taking a sexist position

It is much more personally satisfying to ............

McCain Runs Into Opposition Over Offshore Oil Plan

the Obama 'flip flopper' talking points are sinking in... here's a response to a fact check email

Vatican accused over girl's 1983 murder/witness implicates Marcinkus

MoJo Blog: "GAO: U.S. Lacks Post-"Surge" Plan For Iraq"

Does the corporate media EVER mention the US-Mexico border fence?

Before Judge, Spirited Clash on Subpoenas for Bush Aides

Interesting Wave Energy video

GOP-controlled media playing "Expectations Game" part 2

They are coming for the shirt on your back.

Observation about bumper stickers

IG Report: Applicant Done in by Love of Wolves

More Grief for McCain on Secret Meeting with Hispanics

Poll: Illinoisans are less likely to interpret the Bible literally

More Water Woes

National Lawyers Guild Calls on Senate to Vote 'No' on FISA Bill

Can you say f**ked? ..... Look at the joyful (sarcasm intended) Yahoo Finance headlines:

you know what? its over. why try anymore? let's all just give up. its over....

Gasoline Demand Falls 2.7% Amid Record Prices, MasterCard Says

Suppose Congress threw a party and nobody came....

Latin America outraged at EU plan

Feingold Blog Dedicated to Progressive Issues

Obama's Big MO: 6/22 Election Model Graphics

The Hedonists of Power, By Chris Hedges

Could this be photoshopped?

Internal documents:Capitol ill-prepared for bomb attack

IRS boosts mileage deductible

GAO: Pakistan gets terror funds with little oversight

The real McCain

The world's millionaires club is getting bigger -- and its members decidedly richer

Jonathan Turley on Randi now. nt

FISA message from True Majority: Way to contact senators

ACLU Urges Congress to Do the Right Thing for Young Americans; Funding for Abstinence-only Must End

sweet jeebus. the smoke here in northern cali is HORRIBLE. I

Why politicians suck

How much longer will Bushie-Style tyranny reign in what was once the USA?

Making Iraq safe for Exxon - Today’s Headlines 6/24/08

Joe Cocker Fans. Funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

FISA Bill: We all must put pressure on our senators...NOW!

Bumpersticker Seen in OH

House Web site down?

Am I seeing things or did O'Reilly get beat in 25-54 demo's by Olbermann again Friday?

Why i love GD

FOX orders a new gender-bending comedy pilot called "Lalola"


The Surge, keeping track of the numbers: over 33,000 US casualties incl. over 4,000 dead.

Water and Sanitation in South Africa

Can garbage run a car? Not yet, but some think it's possible

Bill Clinton offers support to Obama

This letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was sent today...

Rabid rightwinger claims that the Nobel Peace Prize is now useless since Gore won one

Newsweek: Obama doesn't care about flood victims

2.5 billion years ago...

This Modern World: A few recent examples of awesomely non-racist political discourse

HBO replaying 11 of George Carlin's Specials

Lego Secret Vault Contains All Sets in History

Citizen Insane

Bush threatens VETO of FORECLOSURE RELIEF bill

U.S. housing prices plummet -- but not in Chicago

Net adresses to expand? ICANN vote on Thursday.

My stepson was arrested, jailed, and had to post bond for...

Was the hippie movement, in part, a Christian movement?

Ye Haw, Good News From

Faster Inflation May Unleash `Financial Tsunami'

AFA: Heinz mayo ad features Ho-mo-sect-shoo-wul KISSING!!!


media denounces charlie black comment then talks about it for two days

A modest FISA proposal

BREAKING! WMDs Discovered in Iranian Hen House. Fox News is Watching the Situation.

(UAE)is first international port operator to be certified for security by U.S.

US to carry on military trials at Guantanamo despite ruling

CCTV cameras 'taught to listen' (BBC)

is james dobson the spokesperson for christianity and the bible in america?

James Dobson, flaming asshole

Communities suffer as foreclosure rate rises: Lonely streets, rundown homes, service cutbacks

OK, who took the mccain sign at skyway drive and pinellas pt drive south?

Alhurra Paid Former White House Aides, Washington Journalists

The most pressing issue of our age

Patrick seeks free two-year state colleges

Randi just said if you signed up for Wexler Wants Hearings, he'll call you at 7pm tonight!

J "Dubya" McCain

McClatchy: In a first, court says military erred in a Guantanamo case

Pelosi Welcomes Filibuster of the House FISA Surrender Bill

UGH! I just got this email

19,000 acres burn in Mendocino County (Northern California)

Hi DU. Nice to see you. I've missed you. What's happening...

WHY is whackjob Dobson CNN's ***TOP STORY*** at the moment?

Which of these three has the best .......

Bush Good For Business? Dow Only Up 200 Points From Height of Clinton Years?

Presidential monument for * in San Francisco

If Trollop McCain's drug problem is "off the table", what is "on the table"?

Could someone, anyone tell WTF a discussion on the bible

Shaq gets slapped by sheriff and Lose Sheriffs Badge

"fitting monument to this president's work."

Auditors Say Justice Dept. Improperly Screened for Political Ties doesn't change! It's the same old stuff every day. That's not good!

Anybody else on the phone for

ACTION NEEDED: Contact Dingell re Gas Prices

Washington DC Metrorail jam-packed....daily

Ouch - Gear mistake flattens sports car

XM150 to broadcast 21Hrs of George Carlin tomorrow...

Everybody look at this toon and let it sink in.

NY Post: George Caitlin Dies

McCain a No-Show as Mayors Plead for Help

Consumer Pain Goes Beyond The Pump

A snapshot

Retiring GOPers to party leaders: We’re not taking orders anymore

Too busy for love? Let your parents arrange it

Justice for Sale: How Big Tobacco, GOP teamed up to crush Dems in the South

Memo to James Dobson: NEVER quote Leviticus 18:22 again

We have met the enemy and they is us.

Top McCain adviser: fresh terrorist attack (in US) "certainly would be a big advantage"

Mr. Fish on hearing the news of George Carlin's death:

Commentary: Gen. Taguba knew scandal went to the top

Another 9/11 "would be a big advantage" for McCain, says Charlie Black, McCain adviser

White supremacists can barely contain their bile anymore.

Bush 'war crimes conference' to convene in Mass., plan prosecution of admin. officials

I just now heard for the first time the latest Imus thing .......

Breaking news! Another Poll (Bloomberg) has Obama up by 15 points

Whoo Hoo! Even REID is going to fight the FISA bill!

Who is Randy Forbes and why is he being ignored?

Nearly 100 Million - ONE HUNDRED MILLION - Americans are or are near being diabetic.

Larisa Alexandrovna: Justice For Sale - How Big Tobacco & GOP Teamed Up to Crush Democrats in South

NBC: U.S. Commanders In Afghanistan ‘Complained To Us’ That They Lack Resources Because Of Iraq

Hardballers bending over BACKWARDS defending Charlie Black

George Carlin - The Owners of the Country (this is our reality)

Why would Bush be so concerned about Telecom immunity?

Tuesday TOONS: RIP, George....

Richard Ben-Veniste fires back at Charlie Black

Girl missing since 1983 was kidnapped on Vatican archbishop's orders, police told

College students in Peninsula College build fusion reactor

Woman Says ''Pro-Life'' Repuke Candidate Paid For Her Abortion

Liberals "Deselected" for Plum Jobs at the Department of Justice

Wexler to push impeachment and opposition to FISA bill

Predict the Fed

TYT: Do The Democrats Want To Lose? Or Is Caving To Bush Part Of The Plan...

BIDEN Introduces Legislation Calling for U.S. Leadership to Protect Global Biodiversity

Hey, Carlin haters:

Dr. James Dobson is not a minister and is no authority on the Bible?

Yanno what's really, really cool? The Democrats are competitive in places ............

Alligator bites off arm of late-night swimmer in Okeechobee: Darwin award winner thanks God.

Should Americans worry about an economic collapse, or is that too dramatic?

FLASHBACK: McCain Declared Osama Bin Laden Threats Are ‘Very Helpful’ To Bush’s Campaign»

UK bans commercial after O'Reilly whine. . .

An African dictator worse than Mugabe? It hardly seems possible, but...

Wexler: 'It is now the time for Democrats to be breathing more fire."

If Iran was attacked by Israel what would Iran do?

Breaking-Obstruction Of Justice/Docs Destroyed - OIG & OPR Confirms Politicization Of Hiring At DOJ

Bush To Filipino President: "I Am Reminded Of The Great Talent Of Our Philippine Americans..

Black site? Secret detention facility in D.C. metro area

Scientists find bugs that eat waste and excrete petrol

Is Cindy McCain's drug problem fair game?

UFW on kos: 17 yr. old farm worker who died of heat stroke connected to "Two-Buck Chuck."

Sheriff Tony Perry is playing with the bad boys

Update on son in law suicide attempt

Is that Carlin behind Lenny Bruce.

Clinton may run again, Pelosi says

Military Demands Bonus Money Back from Soldiers with Arms, Legs Blown Off

Goodbye, Bill Gates!

Gas has dropped to $3.86

Douglas Feith still believes that Saddam may have transfered WMD to Syria

Feingold to filibuster FISA bill (Interview-Democracy Now)

I wish reporters, when covering wildfires, would stop referring

Cowardly Rush whines about editorial cartoon. Cheap bully dishes it out but can't take it.

Marjorie Cohn: Scalia Cites False Information in Habeas Corpus Dissent

Which right do you think bothers Republicans the most?

JUDGE: Questions Congress: Why Don't They SIMPLY ARREST WH Admin Officials?

DU this poll please

Many DUers don't know the difference between baseball and football.

I just looked on Zillow to see how much the value of

Anyone have any info on how Helen Thomas is doing?

Homeless "Middle Class"

I feel this political correct stuff is dangerous .

Boycott Bolthouse Farms!

Kerry & Schumer want Iraq oil contracts stopped until Oil Theft Law is in place

Shaq loses Arizona deputy badge over foul-mouthed rap

McSame Needs To Ask BLACK

McCain thinks sponsoring a bill with Lieberman

Delete Post...I was informed on this thread that Obama "Ditched" the Offending Seal...

The most important thing I learned from this election cycle, thus far.

If David Axelrod suggested

Government Study Criticizes Bush Administration’s Measures of Progress in Iraq

The GOP needs terrorist attacks to happen in order to prove they keep us safe from terror.

Haditha victims' kin outraged as Marines go free

"Charlie Black ought to be gone tomorrow" ...

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/23/08 - Obama 47, McCain 40 (unchanged)

Here's something intellectual: FUCK YOU, ROVE! You should be rotting in prison!!

Dobson Accuses Obama of Distorting the Bible

Once Obama is elected, what do you hope he does and doesn't do?

"We need to hit these people with a sledge hammer"

Flip-Flop of the Century (to date): Traitor Joe Lieberman

In the End all the Rethugs will have is Hatred and Prejudice ...

Bayh spokesman joins Obama’s campaign

Rasmussen Polls: New Mexico - Obama +8, Pennsylvania - Obama +4,

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the official seal of the John McCain Presidential Campaign

U.S. Sugar preparing to sell Everglades land to the State of Florida

Pregnant Mass. teen says there was no pact

Telecom Immunity Update! Dem "Think Tank" says "Telecom Immunity Could be Separated" from Bill!

The Obama Revolution


Sean Hannity takes one of my favorite quotes from Barack and fukcs it ten ways to yesterday.

I was just on a military money site looking up some information. Anyway,

I was just on a military money site looking up some information. Anyway,

Bash the Obamas

TOON: Tuesday's Doonesbury Continues Obama "Fight The Smears" Storyline

New blog by me and a friend on the press

The Christian Taliban runs amok in SC .. especially the upstate (brothel alert!).

Obama has a lead in South Florida, poll shows

OH MAN!! You need to read the article in Newsweek about Cindy McCain!

House subcommittee subpoenas Feith.

NYT The Caucus blog: Can a Politician Be True? (Obama - A charmed candidate)

Me and McCain

Senator Angry Old Prick's familiars are praying for a terrorist attack....

Fortune Magazine: What Obama Means for Business

Michael Shermer hates Michael Moore (surprise....)

Searching for John McCain

In All Seriousness, Rove's Comments Today Are Very Telling

Obama should pick a fight with Dobson

how much of this is B.S.?

So let me get this straight - karl Rove is hoping to scare voters away from Obama by

This Modern World: A few recent examples of awesomely non-racist political discourse

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/24/08 - Obama 46, McCain 40 (Obama down 1)

Obama gets a Rusty...

Obama Seeks to Bond With Women

Have YOU ever "bumped your head" so hard in a car that you needed a Band-Aid?

There's a new Obama in town, and he is a MFin' badass. Talk to him now!

Kerry: John McCain must address these comments from his political guru, not wave them away.

Kerry: John McCain must address these comments from his political guru, not wave them away.

Wow, considerable Obama supporter infighting between

Miami Herald: In Zogby poll, Obama Leads McCain in South Florida by wide margin

Obama Picks Up Backing from Another Key Union

Obama to Join Business, Labor Leaders at “Competitiveness Summit”

Nice and different video of Obama

DNC files lawsuit over McCain financing

McSame gets called out on his flip-flopping (offshore drilling)

McCain's Campaign Funding Hypocrisy:

Obama's Informal Short List - Kaine, Daschle, Webb, Napolitano. Personality before politics.


Clinton returns to Senate

Funny discussion with dental patient this A.M.:

Are you in favor of outdoor bans on smoking?

If we treated our children the same way we treat our politicians, we would raise

If we treated our children the same way we treat our politicians, we would raise

Obama Camp: McCain Flip-Flopped On Question Of Whether Specter Of Terrorism Helps Him Politically

McCain wants you to believe that lunch REALLY DOES cost $100 a plate

So McCain's Campaign WANTS A Terrorist Attack To Help His Moribund Candidacy?

Protesters Reported Outside McCain Event in CA

Dobson? F'ing DOBSON? Why is the media freaking out that a right wing racist is bashing Obama?

Don Imus

Talkingpointsmemo's Theda Skocpol: True Campaign Reform, Bring People Into Politics

Will Bush Attack Iran Prior To the November Election or Wait Till Obama Is Elected?

A strange and bad change in the way politics is done

Rove: "Obama's the Guy at Country Club Holding a Martini Making Snide Comments About Everyone Else"

Obama donations since he opted out of public financing already past 100,000

I have seen only one McCain sticker where I live

Barack Obama's sound position on Nuclear Energy. Discuss.

Smearing Michelle

No Job for Mr. Nice Guy: An "election system that actively selects for egotistical megalomaniacs"

Do you spend more time...

LA Times: McCain could have a conflict brewing

The Obama files: Articles and information to help convince skeptics

Obama Camp Hits McCain Aide Over Terrorism Remark

Hard times in Florida deflate Governor Crist's approval ratings

Obama Camp Responds To Rove: He Has 'Cornered The Market On Arrogance'

Repubs are trying to define Obama before he defines himself...

How Obama Wins: Choose Gore as V.P.

"I haven't seen this much anger in a long, long time"

"Do you think B.O. will issue a Presidential Pardon for ALL 'black' felons?"

U.S.-allied Iraqi politician kills 2 U.S. troops, wounds 4

New 527: "Swift Boat Obama"

New Mexico, Survey USA Poll: Obama (D) 49%, McCain (R) 46%

Dobson accuses Obama of 'distorting' Bible

The deal with the seal. Some historical info.

How many of you have tried to kill yourselves?

Poll: Obama Holds Huge Advantage Over McCain On Energy

Mobile phones 'more dangerous than smoking'

Not one word. Not one f&^^$%$*&ing word!


Tell Barack Obama to KEEP HIS WORD on FISA

Quick note, I had temporary insanity and had to fight to defend Obama yesterday

**********Obama Live Now Campaigns In Las Vegas, Nevada***************

WTF!!? MSNBC has trent lott explaining charlie black's vomity comment?

Tiny NH town readies for Obama-Clinton swarm

SNL this Saturday will air premier episode from '75 hosted by George Carlin

Q. What do Obama and Jerry Lewis have in common?

We are a country of LAWS not MEN....

Muslim Voters Detect a Snub From Obama

Wow, GOP, Is That All You've Got? PATHETIC!

How cynical is it for McCain to use the word PEACE in his latest campaign materials??

question: Is MSNBC's weird "special NYT hour edition!" a new or regular thing?

Obama will go to a Mosque, a Buddhist Temple and to Rome to see the Pope-- When he is Prez

Obama Campaign Press Call: Ben-Veniste and McDonough on Charlie Black's Comments (AUDIO)

Huff. Post: Media Pundits on Obama and Public Financing -- Shut the F**k Up

AFL-CIO getting ready to endorse Obama

Today hosts Dick Morris, who says people are debating whether Obama will be seen as "sleeper agent"

Obama can remind Dobson - Healthcare education environment consumer/worker rights are pro-life

What do you think Obama's response should be to Dobson?

Another Lobbying Headache for McSame: Ridge failed to disclose working for Albanian government.

So I sent my first alert to Obama's watchdog link...

Today was National "Sit with a Bear Day"

this will be an interesting time, because of this issue

What The Hell Are They Talking About On Hardball - The American People Are Fed-Up......

Greg Palast: Is the 2008 Election Stolen Already? Vote Theft for Idiots - Part One

Obama now up 9 in Michigan

Time for the religious "left" to slam dunk Dobson's sanctamonious bullshit!

FLASHBACK: McCain Declared Osama Bin Laden Threats Are ‘Very Helpful’ To Bush’s Campaign

Breaking: Muslims, Gay People, White People & Women Hate Obama...

Charlie Cook: Obama & public financing-Cries of 'naive' would be louder than those of 'hypocrite'

Pelosi floats Edwards

McCain thinks Americans shouldn't think about jobs. Just start their own business on Ebay

Sweet! A local paper is doing a story on me and my sports blog.

Hillary greeted by cheers on first day back at Capitol Hill (VIDEO)

McCain outlines plan to make federal government buildings, auto fleet energy efficient

Received this email from McCain campaign today.

DNC fundraising begins

McCain's EBay Model for Jobs Finds Few Buyers Among Economists

AP: McCain to visit Colombia next month

Torttia Flat

Kevin Smith remembers George Carlin...

Who do you think is our most vulnerable Senate Democrat this year?

Whoops! Don't you hate it when you make a DU Doob mistake?

Rove's Strategy for MI: Depress Muslim Turnout for Obama

Rove's Strategy for MI: Depress Muslim Turnout for Obama

Gallup, 6/24: Obama 46%, McCain 43%

Do you think Congress will do something to lower gas prices?

Another lesson on patriotism

I love this guy talking for Obama on MSNBC right now!

Even "Maverick McCain" Can't Connect with Young Voters

Ok I'll try this again

OK, well I supported the president's agenda this month

Obama Tells Hillary Supporters to 'Get Over It'

McCain's two bandages are the result of hitting his head exiting the car.

Dodd, Feingold, Wyden and Boxer to Oppose FISA Bill

Not enough to be tied to Bush, McCain ties himself to Cheney

Laugh riot in GD:P

I am on a conference call with Rep Wexler about impeachment, what should I ask him?

McCain's Campaign Funding Hypocrisy: Why Are the Media Looking the Other Way?

A Love Song

Oregon GOP Senator Distances from Bush, Sides With Obama

Smearing Michelle

True story:

Obama Surrogates Wasserman Schultz and Wexler: McSame will never win South Florida (AUDIO)

best charity clothes drop boxes

Strike a pose!

Obama's Big MO: 6/22 Election Model Graphics

I committed an act of vandalism.

Infamous or Capote?

OK the FISA bill...

Obama lavishes praise on both Clintons

Help the poor, overburdened 24/7 "news" people; what would you ask John McCain?

The Corporate Media loves the smell of John McCain's 4 days old dirty drawers.

Eddie Murphy!

I just watched Juno, any guys wanna form a teen pregnancy pact?

A party at risk - A country at risk

Obama needs to hit back hard on the Dobson accusation, Radical Fundamentalists have no monopoly on..

Had an awesome day today!

Organic detoxifying tea...

I just had the best idea ever.

They are at it again..

have you ever heard a white person called "exotic"?

Wow, I just NOW discovered that F11 puts your browser in fullscreen mode.

LA TIMES POLL: Obama 49 (+3), McSame 37 (-3). Huge "enthusiasm gap" benefits Obama.

mmmmm... pretty!

Hot Action Cop

"The Princess Bride"

Tiny N.H. town readies for Obama-Clinton swarm

I got my Obama t-shirt and it has the Union label.

O.K., don't faint, there is a positive thread in GDP. Everyone please give.....

Hate mail of the day... enjoy!

Watching the newest assortment of VW commercials, am I the only one who REALLY wishes

WP, Eugene Robinson: "Race may be thorny and complicated, but it's no match for love."

Once in a lifetime - TOUR - autumn -

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA in Las Vegas today and Dems Abroad in India show their support for Obama

Star Trek, ahead of its time once again ...

Obama is wrong about ethanol subsidies

Druggies are terrible liars

What's the big difference between Irish and British humor(humour)?

Dobson: Obama has a "fruitcake interpretation of the Constitution"

Obama: McCain Has Failed Us On Energy "For Decades"

I agree that Obama has to do more outreach to Muslims, BUT please tell me when the fuck did McCain

HuffPost: "Dr. Dobson Has Just Handed Obama Victory". by Frank Schaeffer

What's up DU?

Shakespeare and KitchenWitch...

aaarrrrrghhhhhh . . .

GOP Senator Runs New Ad Touting His Work With Barack Obama

This picture cracked me up

Video: Obama held a discussion about energy at Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, Nevada

I can't figure this out - message from my former roomie

Good news from my dermatologist today!

Please DU this poll!

Well Fox Sports Channel found a dynamic sports to cover!

MSNBC....Since The Primaries Ended, It's Not Worth

Nice ass


Three reasons why I believe white people under 45.....

How Mother Nature culls the heard.

Goddammit! MSNBC is pushing the "Muslim snub"

Rename it the George W. Bush Sewage Plant

Call your senators now re: the FISA bill

'They Live' is on...

Statement of Senator Obama on the Crisis in Zimbabwe

Cindy McCain looks terrible on the Newsweek cover this week!

Obama Tilts Toward Center, Irking Some Activists

Conserve gasoline - bike pool

Obama Campaign Emailed Me A Link To A Video Today


Annuale. Once a year. Period.

Unless somebody asks me something

"Teen Pregnancy Pact" is the phrase of the day. Reword a Lounge OP using "Teen Pregnancy Pact".

The idiotic, useless media trying to give McCain's strategist a pass for his despicable comment

NY Times editor rips Dowd's "relentless gender-laden assault" against Clinton

can someone explain how to change my default email?

Teen Pregnancy Pact: brought to you by CVS

Good news from my GYN today!

Latest Times-Bloomberg Poll: Obama holds 12-point lead over McCain

# Good news from my proctologist today!

What sense does Internet Radio make

Carlin coming on Larry King right now. Bill Maher is the guest

I'm going to be an uncle!

please rate up and comment on my friend's column

eBay: How long do I wait before contacting a seller?

2 Great Condom Commercials!

What's Sexiest?

What's Sexiest?

Last post for a bit: MY WIFE BECAME A U.S. CITIZEN TODAY

Have you ever ridden a Segway?

Anyone have a Hyundai Elantra?

Nice bass.

Whew! I just phoned EVERY SINGLE Democratic Senator re: FISA

Shopping for wireless routers....

McCain "Didn't love America" before he was a POW

Joss Stone annoys the hell out of me.

I'm going to shoot my cow-irker

So I just found out my ex-MIL is dying

I basically quit coffee without meaning to!

Is it normal to mourn the death of someone you've never met?

Justice Dept. hiring marred by politics: probe

Lifetime - Television for Women. And yet McSame's wife forces him to watch.

Sexiest LBN story ever? Sports bra saves US hiker in German Alps

Holy Shit: Obama +1 in INDIANA!

Seinfeld fans: Name an overrated episode of Seinfeld

Gas prices where you are?

I may not betray friends, but I love "A Friend's Betrayal"--the great made-for-tv drama on Lifetime

I may not smoke Weed - but I love "Weeds" - the great show on Showtime

Second day on the new job: PAID holiday. Yes, I said "paid".

I may not like elevator music, but I love "Local Update"--the great show on The Weather Channel


Cindy McCain's company lobbies against Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Evidently, the clowns at Fox Noise believe the Iraqis owe us oil, and we should take it

Now that we know smoking & talking on your cell phone is dangerous you may want this handy product..

When your online life is your ONLY life... then it's time to step away for a bit.

When your online life is your ONLY life... then it's time to step away for a bit.

So LynneSin...What did you think of the show?

McCain travels to Colombia, Mexico

Has the American public actually moved to the right?

Anyone remember "Reading Rainbow?"

A question for longtime 49ers fans...

Why is Andrea Mitchell harping on Obama not asking his supporters to pay Clinton's debts??

the global oil crisis has given me great cause for concern

My nephew just discovered Carlin 3 months ago.

I need your good thoughts this week

Woman sues Victoria's Secret claiming thong injury

A not-too-difficult sports question

My eyes are sore; I've rolled them too many times

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday June 24

Can't we all just get along? Shaquille O'Neal takes the mic and asks Kobe a very special question

Who wants to see a KITTY video?? "Morrissey Making Biscuits"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIDLODEMOCRAT - Hope you don't mind I posted this picture I have of you!!!

Obama Camp Statement on Sen. Gordon Smith’s TV Ad

Obama's funding enables a "Shock and Awe" TV ad strategy that could paralyze McCain's campaign

What kind of cat is this?

I find it hard to believe that Conservatives believe this shit

Why? Why does it feel like a charley horse when I stretch?

Energy saving measure

When I woke up today, I was thinking of "Stand by me"

The biggest burn of my career as a bachelor

Do you print with serifs?

In honor of my new-found ability to use the direct link...

Turtlensue: The Orioles play the Nationals this weekend. Care to make it interesting?

Attention Midlo

For those looking to get Midlo a Birthday present - the 6 best rated boxed wines

How versatile is YOUR cell phone?

There is not, I repreat, NOT a vending machine with peanut butter cups in it downstairs

Dog comes to rescue, pays with his life

Attention DUers -- the third episode of "Fun With War Crimes" has been posted!

When you are wronged

Bill Clinton: I'm behind Barack Obama

When it's just too inconvenient to feed your baby yourself...

I'm Making Crab Corn Chowder

God arrested for drug dealing

Important warning!!

I'm watching "To sir with love" is the term "slut" not as offensive in England

Hair Salons in D.C.

Dodd, Feingold, Wyden and Boxer to Oppose Cloture on FISA Bill

OH NOES!! I just swallowed a little piece of plastic!

When you post a poll on smoking bans in GD

Another kitty video (much shorter)

ad placements... a heads up

ad placements... a heads up

Context: Obama's opponent

what would be the most earth-shattering discovery?

i had a filling relplaced in my tooth today...

I finally find a community garden, but can't get in

Fred Phelps likes goats!

Why do all the threads criticizing McCain or his wife

So, I am filling out a human rights complaint for sure now

Where has Parche Gorn??2??

Is polygamy a stiff?

I think I should be allowed to drink at lunch

Young Dems

Hair Salons in D.C.

Lefties I've *never* liked -- starting with CARLIN --*not* grave dancing

Anyone have a Mac Mini?

Is mythology a myth?

An 18-Pack of Wild turkey

Why is Midlodemocrat so mean to me?

The poor opossum.

Dude, you couldn't wait?

An American Tragedy 4/19/07 Never Forget

I so want to buy stuff in the US of A.

For all the new bike riders - Should cyclists say "on your left?"

Get a load of this: McCain is going to teach us how to blog!!

Reading "High Fidelity"

Dude. Huge tornado thing coming down from the North

New mouser pictures

Today is my birthday. Let's just say I'm older than most of you and younger than some.

Anybody have any experience with American Income?

"From the People Who Brought Us Judith Miller & George Bush" - A NYT Invective

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/24/08

Our STFU check is here! Our STFU check is here!

Damn you inspection station!

McCain's Vietnamese Jailer says he was never tortured

Once Again, We Eat Our Own

Led Zeppelin The Ocean 1973

The poster for Rob Zombie's new movie is mathematical.. and direct

Post your George Carlin editorial cartoons here

How bats eat the Moquitoes by you

Wes Clark will be on Dan Abrams tomorrow 6/25

Odysseus' returned home April 16, 1178 B.C.

I have a better question about naked men! In the movies or on TV,

For Redstone: This ad bothers me more:

DU Women (and men if you want to chime in) 15 year class reunion

Did you know Western "Civilization" funded itself through the sale of Opuim?

Led Zeppelin Misty Mountain Hop 1973

I don't know about you but I think LOGO channel is much better than LIFETIME

My name is Lara, and I have adult temper tantrums.

The Daily Widget – Tuesday, June 24 – Obama 313-225

Best photoshop ever!

Want to see The Face Of Evil?

Obligatory music thread: Third person self-references to the band/artist in a song. Yea or nay?

Dramatic Lemur

Death of a legend (warning, slightly pornographic)

Somewhere along the line today, I ingested aspartame

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand, walking through the streets of Soho in the rain.


When does the schools(k-12) in your area start again? How long have they been out?

Separated at birth?

anybody know of a good freeware ISO burner?

Mormons go after gays again

Amy Winehouse has "low level signs" of emphysema, but she DOES NOT HAVE emphysema.

How bad is the Mesquite by you?

WIPEOUT!! --yaaaay people falling down!! (tonight on ABC)

Any advice on buying a bike?

Now I am really really depressed.......

I want in on the Moderators forum

Women Dropping Out of Science Careers

OK, what happened to vanilla-flavored Coke Zero?

My response as a Christian, to all the people in my email list about the Obama is the Antichrist fwd

I found a way to stomach Dennis Miller

Apparently, a realtor's sign in front of one's home is an invitation

Job Market

Requiem for a Crumpled Pumpkin

I just don't know ---

OK, I have a question about naked men...(and anyone can answer!)

Do DUers shorten your user name? A long name reduced to one word, or

Could you POSSIBLY hate this yuppie fuck more than I do? I doubt it.

The reason why "Brothers" is the best episode of ST:TNG

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 6/24/2008)

My fifteen year old daughter is in her room, with headphones, laughing, for two hours now.

America's Toughest Sheriff--> Shaq gets slapped by sheriff for rap language

A response to the Obama b.s. I got last night.

Our 9000 mile, 4-week road trip through the USA ... some thoughts.

OMG - I just read a rumor about a "Valley of the Dolls" remake with.....

How bad are the Mosquitoes by you?

The infamous Howard Dean scream . . .

Broken Skateboard Has Last Laugh (short video)

Okay, where ARE the celebrities to benefit the Iowa flood victims?

How do you relate to a friend who has had a family member murdered?

msnbc is reporting that a couple see's jesus in their baby's ultrasound

Sarah Lawrence College, Writing Seminar, Monday Recap

Life of a Knitter with a Kitteh:


It's time to play DU Jeopardy!

L.A. seeing more people living out of their cars. So WTF do you want these people to do?

Is Celine Dion's cover of AC/DC's Shook me All Night Long - the worst cover ever?

Cat comparison - do these guys look alike?

As a child could you figure out the amount of trouble you were in by how your parents summoned you?

Debi Jr. just invited me to join Facebook

what did your mom make for summertime treats?

Is DU tolerant?

Frank Church and the Abyss of Warrantless Wiretapping



Is monogamy a myth?

Democratic left turn or right turn now....and who said we had to "go right" to win?

Tomorrow's FISA vote means government can keep spying even if court says no.

Joe Cocker, Decoded

Obvious fact of the day: Madinmaryland is an a*hole...

UN leader wants election scrapped

Latin America Could Stall Trade Talks Over Immigration Law

American Envoy Is Linked to Arms Deal Cover-Up

Tiny Shetland island declares independence

Chilean president pushes whaling ban

Diaz: Feds 'have abandoned' cities

FARC hostage asks Chávez for political refuge

Mobile phones 'more dangerous than smoking'

SKorea to get tougher with US beef protesters

More Than 90 Percent of Americans Believe in God, Study Finds

Consumer Pain Goes Beyond The Pump

West links drug war aid to Iranian nuclear impasse

Proposal To Limit Immigrants' Medi-Cal Benefits Spurs Criticism

FBI promises more fraud arrests

Auditors Say Justice Dept. Improperly Screened for Political Ties

Baghdad Blast Kills Four Americans

(Dem) Senators seek to block Iraq oil contracts

Voter Decision Affected by Polling Place, Study Finds

Insurance not required, FEMA told flooded town

Report Says Partisanship Reigned in Justice Department Hiring Program

(Iraq) Defense ministry gives occupants of govt. facilities 72 hours to leave

Some in D.C. suburbs taking public land

First female four-star U.S. Army general nominated

EU agrees on new sanctions against Iran

Brazil seizes cattle to stem Amazon destruction

7 bodies discovered in desert

Venezuelan economy displaces Argentina as third largest

Four years of gains in home prices wiped out

Senate advances housing bill by veto-proof margin

Delta, Northwest pilots agree on joint contract

Bruno, N.Y. Senate Leader, to Step Down

Explosion targets Americans in Sadr City

McCain adviser sorry for terror attack comment

Class action suit againt Indian American-owned salon

Class action suit againt Indian American-owned salon

U.S. home prices fall in April at record rate

States turn down US abstinence education grants


Beijing Pollution Threatens Success of Summer Games (kills estimated 656,000 people every year)

(ABC News) Exclusive: Bush White House Pushed ($1.2 Million) Grant for Former Staffer

Swollen Mississippi defeats another levee

Groups, City Argue Over Rallies at Dem Convetion

Muslim Voters Detect a Snub From Obama

Feingold won't try to stop spy bill vote

Stimulus package fails to boost consumer confidence

Woman details abortion, relationship with "pro-life" congressional candidate

Israeli apparently shoots self as Sarkozy departs

House Votes Cut for Medicare Insurers, Not Doctors

U.S. Congressman's Family Member Kidnapped in Juarez

Pelosi encourages extended debate on FISA compromise legislation

Deal would limit taking of water from state

Britain: Zimbabwe's Mugabe no longer legitimate

House Medicare bill gets veto-proof majority

Bush To Filipino President: "I Am Reminded Of The Great Talent Of Our Philippine Americans..."

U.S. Sugar to end operations, sell land to state (FL)

Pirates take four European tourists hostage

Bush administration to leave Iraq oil deals alone

Survey: 44 per cent of Americans favour torture for terrorists

Analysis: U.S. poor are vulnerable to 'neglected' diseases

Clinic workers imprisoned patient who couldn't pay

Nader to Democrats: Stop Blaming Me for '00 Election

"Medieval" Afghanistan needs care - UK defence chief

Sports bra saves US hiker in German Alps

Dobson accuses Obama of 'distorting' Bible

NASA warming scientist: 'This is the last chance'

Ex-officer who testified suffers own trials (admission officers planted guns)

Obama dismisses Dobson criticism about Bible

Audit: Justice Department Weeded Out Dems

Colombia Urgent Action: Black Eagle Death Threats in Santander

Cuba approves, makes available lung cancer vaccine

GAO: Pakistan gets terror funds with little oversight

Obama Leads McCain by 15 Points as Voters Reject Republicans

CBS News: Israel Prodding U.S. To Attack Iran

Make history

911 a lie

Countdown: McCain Aide: Terrorist Attack Would Help Campaign

The Onion: Supreme Court: Death Penalty Is 'Totally Badass'

KO and Chris Hayes discuss McCain and energy policy

Fred Thompson: Obama Campaign Source Of Anti-Obama Smears

Hannity Accuses _Obama_ Of Playing The Race Card

Susan Rice, Obama foreign policy adviser, out-debates Laura Ingraham

Rep. Lynch questions DOD and State officials on 22-year-old arms contractor


"Fun With War Crimes" #3 -- "If the war isn't working, it's your fault ..."

Star Trek McCain

Rep. Lynch (D-MA): AEY May Still Have Contracts in Iraq

McCain Adviser Juxtaposes Public Financing to McCain as POW

Hearing on 22-year-old Arms Contractor: Waxman's Opening

George Carlin on "the American Dream"

Internet Providers Block Child Pornography

Countdown - Kos discusses FISA and Obama

Blue Immigration

McLamer Flack: "John McCain is Aware of the Internet"

Masculine American Effects - Accompaniment by Phil Ochs

Keith Olbermann Tribute to George Carlin - June 23, 2008

BraveNewFilms: How To Win - 'The Parsley/McCain Clip'

Waxman Questions at Hearing on 22-Year-Old Arms Contractor

Countdown: Jun 23rd worst person is Monica Crowley

McCain: Bhutto Assassination Could Help Me Politically

Another Smack Down of McCain's HealthCare Plan by Elizabeth Edwards

Obama Pride

When The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash

F*ck the French

TYT: An Ode to George Carlin

John McCain Attacks Obama for Opting Out of Public Financing

TheRealNews: Iraq Story Buried by US Networks = one million killed

Republican Senator runs ad bragging about his work with Obama

TYT: McCain Adviser OK with Another Terrorist Attack on America!!

Heinz Deli Mayo Ad

Bill Moyers interviews Douglas Blackmon, author of 'Slavery by Another Name'

Bush's Supreme (Court) Hypocrisy:

Sen. Russ Feingold on FISA

KO and Richard Clarke discuss McCain, Charlie Black, and the fear card

Video of Obama Filling Sandbags in Midwest

TYT: Don Imus' Racism Emerges Again?

Don Imus On Pacman Jones

TYT: Guess Who Wants George W. Bush Impeached?! (GREAT Points)

Bill Maher remembers George Carlin on Larry King

Karl Rove embarrases himself on FOX News over pipelines

McSame '08

TYT: Incredible rant on historicity of Jesus by Cenk wrt How Would Jesus Vote?

Looks like Bush buddies, the Saudis, are thumbing their collective noses

Liquid biofuels reach one exajoule of energy in the United States.

Chilean president pushes whaling ban

State pursues sugar buyout to aid Glades (move to alter level of water polution in Everglades)

Guardian: Put oil firm chiefs on trial, says leading climate change scientist

Paris will implement electric-car-sharing program

Scientists Focus On Fate Of Arctic Ice This Summer, Tracking Weather Patterns For Rerun Of 2007

High Court to Review Naval Sonar Dispute - WP

What do you get when you combine sun, water, rust, and CO2? A: hydrocarbon fuel

Tar Sands Industry Reaches For Greenwash Brush As It Rolls Out New PR Campaign - G&M

Senator's Broad Range Of Energy Policies Defies Categories

Utilities cut off more customers who are behind on their bills

Sustainable economy 101: Lessons from Europe and Japan

Africa fish fall blamed on Japan (BBC) {Japan blames the whales -- WTF?!?}

Sun-loving frogs aid fungus fight (BBC)

E. Timor Government Taking Heat For Turning Over 1/6+ Of Nation's Arable Land To Ethanol Farm - AFP

Scrutiny of oil traders escalates; speculators blamed by some for rising prices.

Interesting Wave Energy video

Should Oil Executives Go To Jail Over Climate Crimes?

Investment in Solar Cells to Equal Semiconductors by 2010

Brazil seizes cattle to stem Amazon destruction

Criminal Trial Of WR Grace, Executives On Libby Asbestos Deaths May Now Actually Take Place - PI

Democratic candidate arrested for trespassing at public meeting for nuclear power plant

Booting US Sugar from the Everglades (TIME)

Russian Army Trains for Arctic Combat to Defend Resource Claim

Has Bush Abandoned the Everglades? (TIME) {article from August 07}'s Top 25 Hottest Guys in Green

James Hansen....."We must get back below 350 ppm to preserve civilization"

Seven questions for Fatih Barol.

Lotus throws its weight behind methanol

Peak Oil Review - June 23 Proudly Presents The 25 Hottest Girls In Green

400 Fires Across N. California - 5,000 - 6,000 Dry Lightning Strikes Recorded In 24-Hour Period

Whaling body agrees path to peace (BBC) {by killing whales}

French Drains vs. Gutters

What would you do if you personally saw a Muslim being discriminated against?

Obama Aide: 'We'll Benefit if Country Suffers an Attack of Flatulence'

Robert Parry: Media reform is much more important than campaign finance reform

Paying More, Getting Less: Just Where Do America's Health Care Dollars Go?

Jim Lobe: The Bolton-Telegraph Scare

Unregulated speculation in U.S. energy markets - a brief tutorial

The patient bill collectors

Congressional Resolution Demands Bush Act on Iran

McCain: 'A Terrorist Attack on Charlie Black Would Help My Campaign'

Homage to Izzy Stone: Secrets & Lies

Home Prices in U.S. Metropolitan Areas Fell 15.3% in April, Most on Record

Communities Rally to Save Their Way of Life

The Blame Game: Who Killed the Economy?

Battered Congress Syndrome: "The House could order Miers's arrest and detention in a Capitol cell."

Gulf firm (UAE)is first international port operator to be certified for security by U.S.

McCain Proposes $300 Million Battery for Wife’s Vibrator

National Lawyers Guild Calls on Senate to Vote 'No' on Electronic Surveillance Bill, H.R. 6304

Pierre Tristam: Still places worth drilling for oil, but what does U.S. do after that?

New York Times’s Public Editor Seeks 'Castration' of Maureen Dowd

Distracted - attention deficit in the workplace.

Infosys’s client satisfaction plummets

Jesse Jackson: U.S. in dire need of home improvement

Capitalist Ten Commandments By Kent Welton

Toronto Sun: These Wars Are About Oil, Not Democracy

Big Oil and the war in Iraq

Who's afraid of Michelle Obama?

I'm Standing With Imus in the Morning (Huffington Report)

Auditors Say Justice Dept. Improperly Screened for Political Ties

Body Fat Holds The Key to Energy Independence

MarketWatch: Gas Could Fall To $2 If Congress Acts, Analysts Say

Tomgram: Nick Turse, The Pentagon's Stealth Corporations

W. Australia Burning Through 2 Million Liters Diesel/Day To Generate 20% Of State's Electricity

Granting Immunity to Telecoms is a Criminal Act By Susan Allen

H-1B visas do not create new jobs

Bush versus Obama on American Lifestyles and Consumption

Offshore wind power park announced for Delaware (CNN)

Dobson accuses Obama of 'distorting' Bible

"That's Just Your Opinion"

Lake Victoria Has Lost At Least Six Vertical Feet In Past Four Years - SF Chronicle

Americans Do Not Want Change

Penetration by Jim Kunstler

UPS Reduces Profit Forecast on Fuel Costs, Economy

Consumer confidence tumbles in June

SEC Wants Investment Funds to Reduce Reliance on Credit Ratings

Not your average bear market, says analyst

NY Times Paul Krugman: "Home Not So Sweet Home."

Labour Start just flashed the DU Labor Forum around the world!

Today in labor history June 24

Letter to the editor: Opinions should be based on fact not fiction

Buy UAW-made and preserve union jobs

Massive study finds most Americans devout, tolerant

fundies going 'stealth' at pride

Fred Phelps and company finally get it!

Mormon Church Working Against Gay Marriage....Again.

How did you deal with coming out?

SC School Begrudgingly Allows Gay Club

Four Arrested After Anti-Gay Assault at Flagstaff, Arizona Pride

Heinz pulls ad showing men kissing

"Captain Phonesex" Bill O’Reilly’s Greatest Homophobic Hits

gay pride

What Makes a Gay Song?

Counterpoint: What does the religious right want?

Sarkozy to Knesset: Share Jerusalem with Palestinians

Gaza truce shaken as four Qassams slam into west Negev

US envoy slams Israel over 'illegal importation...from Iran"

Colombia Urgent Action: Black Eagle Death Threats in Santander – Double Emergency

MACHETERA: Popular, Not Populist -- Interview w/ Prez Rafael Correa

Noam Chomsky, Tom Hayden, Brian Wilson: Doing Negorponte's Dirty Work?

FARC hostage asks Chávez for political refuge

COLOMBIA-NICARAGUA: Colombia Wants Debate with Ortega at OAS

COLOMBIA-ECUADOR: Ecuador Says May Impose Colombia Trade Sanctions

Venezuelan economy displaces Argentina as third largest


When the US Decided to Overthrow Aristide, Here's One of the Lousy Things It Did

New HBP rule for baseball

Carlin on baseball vs. football

Boxing: June 24 through June 28, 2008

Wimbledon 2008

Terry Bradshaw admits using steroids in '70s

k & r this thread:

I just called the all the Senators about FISA --

bbc - Whale 'duets' with a clarinet

Good news and strange news

Dances With Wolves

"Creating Our Sanctuaries and Staying Put" - Karen Bishop - June 23, 2008

My brother is having his 2nd interview today!!!

OPEC's Food Shortage Public Relations Plan

Distraction - attention deficit in the workplace

This is why I love Joe Biden:

~~~June prelims up in GD~~~

Gene Variation Linked To Earlier Onset Of Alzheimer's Symptoms

The good old times?

Dementia can hit after a stroke in prime of life

U.S. poor are vulnerable to 'neglected' diseases

8-year-old shot in drive-by: 'I'm going to miss you'

Time to take Trader Joes to task

Second Amendment discussion on Daily Kos

For Alien Life-Seekers, New Reason to Hope

Deep thoughts... A pictorial definition of peer review:

Suspended: No Astrology Allowed

My God, who would publish such hateful rhetoric?

DailyKos diary to rec and comment (and bookmark). The Kerry/McCain history

Campaign Finance Reform and how it failed Senator Kerry in 2004.

karendc in the New Yorker!

OT - Does anybody know what happened to The Field and Al Giordano.?

Confused - my Flash Player suddenly won't work any more.

John Cornyn Flip-Flops on GI Bill, then Takes Credit for It

Anyone familiar with WavePad audio editing software?

Michelle Bachmann on KO's worst persons???

“Tin foil is the new black,”

A little love up to Greatest...

DNC just called me (again) for money...

Donate today to Elect a Democrat in South Milwaukee and Oak Creek!

Peace Fresno Holds John McCain’s Feet to the Fire

Support a strong global warming plan for CA (via Union of Concerned Scientists) :

Fresno State Bulldogs in the lead at College World Series

OZ: Atheists and Christians unite to protest at Pope in Sydney

Atheism is moral.

TYT: Was Jesus A Republican? Cenk's Controversial Interview From Earlier Today (Video)