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Bullwinkle925 is in the hospital - please, good vibes

No real update on Bullwinkle925 yet

Ask Pres Bush to "join the world" in banning cluster bombs. . ..

Bush History: Thursday 6/26 (Germans and Republicans Against Bush)

Calif. Group Says Stimulus Checks Went For Gas

Bush Foreign Policy 2008

Hogwash, courtesy of Glen Beck....CNN web site

This Week on NOW: June 27, 2008

Olbermann: "Bill, stick to what you're good at, getting your female producers."

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/26/08 - Obama 46, McCain 41 (McC up 1)

Our Congresswoman, Carol Shea-Porter, is sponsoring "Middle Class Forums"

County employees working 4 day work weeks to save on gas

Cook Political vs. Rothenberg?


More Charlie Black on KO

Cops: Baby, 2, Spent Six Days in Sacramento Home with Dead Mother

I support the right of Americans to possess handguns as long as they have a permit.

Students to be drug tested (competing outside the school district with artwork, poster contests, etc

Fishing industry reeling from leaping fuel prices

Phelps family says George Carlin is in hell

Fun fireworks competition over two months every summer in montreal

Tell Congress: Show Some Self Respect

Watching C-Span - red faced chimp is on. If he says "Nukular" one more time, I will go insane!

Four thousand one hundred and thirteen.

McCain voted to impeach Clinton

OK, to everyone freaking out about the Heller decision

House Holds Historic Hearing On Transgender Discrimination

Is Coffee the next "Bubble"?

Is Coffee the next "Bubble"?

"It's a Dry Well..." [Political Cartoon]

Advocates: Law on humanity crimes needed in US

Jindal Authorizes Chemical Castration Of Sex Offenders

On International Day To End Torture, ACLU Renews Call For Independent Prosecutor

Is DU traffic down a bit post primaries?

California is on fire (satellite image)

Dow Jones Industrials has dropped 12.1% since May 19th. Almost a quarter of that drop happened today

Where the Hell is Matt?

American grad student killed in Iraq

N.Y. millionaire gets 11 years in prison for enslaving workers

The Right To Bare Arms

19th Dallas man (in a 7 year period!!) freed after DNA testing


Anybody got dataon how many times M$M reran the Swiftboat ads free?

Wexler is on Colbert

Free iTunes 55mins of Judy Gold interviewing George Carlin and his craft

In the "Don't let the door hit you" category

CNBC Poll: Everyone agrees we need more oil. What's the best way to address the situation?

Iraq War Spending Bill 'Passed' By Congress

What are the chances that a child would turn her dad in for raping her

Nicolas Sarkozy, a Berlusconi wannabe?

Tsvangirai - I am not advocating military intervention in Zimbabwe by the UN?

I'm impressed. A (reasonably) fuel efficient supercar.

'Weeds spring up along median of Ronald Reagan Parkway'

Watch the 46664 Concert Honouring Nelson Mandela at 90

Senior AQI leader killed! ... Um, how many of them have we killed now?

Housing Abyss: Price drop feeding on itself

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Fighting Spam & Fighting Iraq: Bush Effectiveness Questioned(Bush History: Friday 6/27)

How much money did the Senators who supported the

Revolutionary "green" car set to rock automotive industry, save humanity.

Funny * a wtf sort of way.

Bolton: Israel Will Strike Iran if Obama is Elected

How much money did dems who voted for telecom immunity get from telecoms?

colin powell to endorse obama? Novak says he probably will:

O'Reilly wins Another Peabody!11!!!1

Has anyone else noticed that Hillary Clinton is looking a bit peaked lately?

Take stock!!!!.....The downward spiral continues....Nikkei down 319 as of this post....

Criminal Record for Man who didn't close his trash can properly.

Alkaline Soil Sample From Mars Reveals Presence of Nutrients for Plants to Grow

Senate Housing Bill Requires eBay/Amazon/Google & All Credit Card Companies...

Was The DC Gun Ban Enacted (At Least In Part) Because Of Ronald Reagan?

Bank of America expects to cut 7,500 jobs as part of Countrywide acquisition

C-SPAN 2 NOW - Big Fight over Medicare - Harry Reid just tore into McConnell

Two Views on the Threaten Iran Resolution

Conyers Get's Ready to Subpoena Attorney General Michael Mukasy!

That's OK Addington and Yoo......

For all the closet Repubs who use the term "far left" on this board--

The 'War on Drugs' 30 yrs. it still going on & who won?

Isn't It Great To Know That As We Get Closer To Orwell's Visions Of......

How fucked up is this?

North Pole could be ice-free this summer, scientists say

Once and for all: Why are "Liberals" so maligned? I was just

Robert Wexler (D-FL) coming up on Morning Joe now

European Business, Consumer Confidence Falls to Lowest Level Since 2005, Sales Slump

Oil Rises to $142 for the First Time as Investors Spurn Stocks

Um, yeah, cuz the " broken school rules" really trump killing a baby.....

I just realized what these pics of John McCain reminds me of!

Why doesn't Bush go over and hold hands with some more Saudis?

C-SPIN: Hugh Hewitt...The Cowardly Lion

Martian soil could grow turnips, Phoenix finds

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/27/08 - Obama 47, McCain 40 (Ob up 1, McC down 1)

Again I ask & someone tell me, they keep talking that the way to defeat Obama is to stress McCain's

David Gregory & Joe Scarborough ganging up and fighting with Susan Rice

Vern "Mini Me" Troyer sex tape.

Vitter's chutzpah

Hey ConLaw gurus: Are people convicted of violating the DC gun law still convicted?

Obermann's explanation about Kennedy's "Ich bin ein Berliner" was wrong...

Every BC citizen is getting a $100 "Climate Action Dividend" check... (Stupid Idea)

Animal shelter accidentally euthanizes wrong dog

Fire Guts Famous Downtown Restaurant (from Top Gun)

Ever wonder what life is like for North Koreans? Hang tight, we might shortly find out.

3fer: Who stiffs whom: ClearChannel/SHEARER, Bill/Oprah, NYrethugs/PATAKI

John McCain said he would not run a negative campaign...

Think this is a good idea?

The Constitution is an ideal. This country has never lived that ideal.

I have a feeling that gun lovers would vote for McCain

GM's Market Value Is Only $7 Billion—Half That of Avon

David Addington: I can’t talk about torture because al-Qaeda may be watching CSPAN

John McCain will be in my backyard tomorrow at this shack...

FBI not allowed to testify in 9/11 lawsuits

Carlin death hoaxed. He'll be performing Nov. 10th at the Mark Twain ceremony.

If a bank employee stole your savings would you expect the bank to make good on your loss pronto?

Child Detainees Battle System Alone-Face Harsh Conditions With Little Hope

Road Warning: $7 Gas May Be Ahead

Ok, what's the deal with this over at the Huffington Post?

U.S. Airlines are cutting 11,850 jobs - more dominoes falling

Three days worth of local gun stories. Glimpse of the typical?

Sometimes I feel like an abused spouse

Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket George Carlin's funeral

The liberals on the Supreme court should have kept their powder dry

every morning the WaPo slams obama--faux news in print

addington makes john sununu look like shirley temple...

This Recession, It's Just Beginning

Bravo TV tonight-the 'Californification' is almost complete

Man torches BMW to protest gas prices, police say

A truly horrible "Osama Obama" Google ad

Can somebody tell me what is the TRUTH about France and nuclear power?

Please sign the Kucinich impeachment petition

Ignorant RW email on Democracy and my response

The corner office is now available

Olbermann on Obama and FISA

Pictures for you to use! (cross posted in GD:Presidential)

Blackwater Raided

Bush History: Friday 6/27 (Fighting Spam & Fighting Iraq: Bush Effectiveness Questioned)

Senate GOP Blocks $50 Billion AIDS Bill Despite President’s Support

I'm so upset!!

What a difference a hundred years can make

Live coverage of Unity NH Obama-Clinton event...

House Judiciary Committee prepares to subpoena Mukasey.

Badly injured child is improving after dog attack (updated)

Christ - my brother lives in Houston. And I thought Atlanta was bad.

Victim of Noose Incident, Columbia U. Professor Is Fired Amid Plagiarism Charges

Anyone know how many in NH for Unity rally? NT

Officer kills attacking pit bull (3rd attack in Omaha in 24 hours)

WTF? Guy gets laptop seized for two weeks in "random inspection of electronic media" at border.

Elite US Army Academy Lures Kids With Mud and Duty

Mass. rep opposes mandatory min. sentence for child rape.(Jessica's law)

Ben & Jerry's Petition is Ready! Thanks again!!!

Impeachment Mgr. Bob Barr tells Jane Hamsher Bush is much more destructive than Clinton

Nice summary of BUshco's LIES before IRaq

NBC: Is GM Going Out of Business?

Dow headed in a familiar direction today.....

does anyone recall the name of the recording of the horrid

John McCain's mother collects a few speeding tickets

One big myth from 9/11.

Frightening workplace statistics from the book "The Big Squeeze":

OOPs it was my bad

need some poll help here

Steve King's (R-IA) failed attempt to spark GOP outrage RE: Bill Delahunt's (D-MA) Addington comment

State-Sponsored Terror: British and American Black Ops in Iraq

If I was a terrorist (video)

Most Read on Fox

Memorable companies that have vanished

Martian soil can support life. Perfect for asparagus.

The Rogues In Robes

St. Paul Paper Probes Another 'Soldier Suicide'

Bugliosi's approach to holding Bush accountable may actually cause Bush more aggravation

Join us for the RNC in St Paul Sept 1-4


Jesus says: No gays!

How Would You Handle A Work Political Issues..HELP NEEDED

Stupid question: what is the "recs" at the top of the page?

obama is a marxist and hillary is a stalinist

obama is a marxist and hillary is a stalinist

Hillary & Barack in Unity! NOW Pick your favorite channel n/t

America's first commercial cellulosic ethanol plant -- coming to Michigan's Upper Peninsula!

House Approves Mass Transit Funds....but Repugs manage to sneak in goodies for Big Oil


Moving picture from Iraq

McCain: Having someone hand him a salt shaker is BAD luck. Carries 31 cents in change for GOOD luck.

The Rude Pundit - Guns, Baby, Guns: More Scalia-Scribed Batshittery

Why didn't the Subcommittee have one counselor systematically grill Addington and Yoo?

I 'fried' Melissa Bean after she voted FOR FISA last week

Barbara Boxer: Rick Noriega wins 'Choose A Challenger' contest

Man dressed as Chris Mathews disrupts high school graduation ceremony

Reid to Coburn: Hold this, buddy.

Do you have the option of working from home rather than driving to an office?

my idea - please ignore

Elephant Poop!

Holy Tortured Logic, Batman!

Bad Economy Blows Out Central Fla. City's 4th Of July Fireworks Display

yet more undercover video showing abuses of downer cows

Stock Market/DOW >-100 so far today, dropped 358 yesterday

US retailers to close hundreds of Stores

Freepers still talking about Obama's Birth Certificate

Farm worker who died connected to "Two-Buck Chuck." Take Action

Why Impeachment is ultimately doomed:

Caption the Smirking Torturing Bastards

Dennis Kucinich on impeachment on Viewpoint with James Zogby yesterday!

Justice Antonin Scalia: Al Gore to blame for 2000 US election mess

Feds Raid Blackwater Compound

Some thought provoking information and sad information

Safety Pushes Stall at Embattled FAA

Senators Craig and Vitter team up to co-sponsor Marriage Protection Amendment.....I kid you not!

'Rapture Ready' members CONCERNED: 'We must all pray that Obama does not get elected.'

Dow 11351.97

Obama will compete for Neb. electoral vote

LA Times: Barack Obama's AFL-CIO nod gives him one more potent weapon

This Guy Looks Familiar

Mississippi businessman had son's wife killed because she was black

With Reasonable Doubts, Unions Line Up for Obama

Pentagon Report: Taliban Has Regrouped, Likely To Increase Attacks

It's worth half of Avon. It's worth one-sixth of Home Depot. It's worth one-66th of Exxon.

So, four paternalistic old white men ...

Whenever I feel a little down or depondent. I do this:

Obama's goals

Anybody in favor of the death penalty should read this

About the $50+ million the AFL-CIO is planning to spend

Feingold praises delay on wiretap vote

Laura Ingraham spanking Bill-O on the STUPID McSame "Dr. No" ad

How Technology Can Help Trim Auto Insurance

A Company Computer and Questions About E-Mail Privacy -- NYT

Grover Norquist: Obama is "John Kerry with a tan"

FFFFF you, Ted Koppel

Bill and Hill and Barack and Senator McCain and President Bush

Obama to continue campaigning in Texas

Winfield MO, levee just broke. 150 homes at risk, entire town

Randi is absolutely on fire today!

My Congressman just co-sponsored DK's impeachment bill!!!

Durbin Statement on Today's Supreme Court Ruling on Handgun Laws

MN Sen. Norm Coleman is a kept man in D.C. courtesy of GOP operative

North Pole to be ice-free this summer

Does Hillary Clinton Really Want Barack Obama to be the Next President?

Yoo Are Really Ignorant And Dumb

Any 527s dedicated towards smearing McCain out there?

Big-Time Attorney Dickie Scruggs Gets Five Years In Prison

I was molested in a movie theater

VetVoice: Senators Who Still Refuse to Support the Troops

Seen any "Support Our Troops" magnets recently?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/26/08 - Obama 46, McCain 41 (McC up 1)

Something of hope!

PARTIOT Morans (and their satellite radio station)

Inside McCain's iPod

Who was the man responsible....

Bush Declares National Emergency re: Nuclear Fissile Material

Have been away for over a week. Can anyone tell me if there's been an explanation by Obama

Dan Abrams Is Reporting Obama Cut A $2300 Check For Hillary Tonight...

TPM's Theda Skocpol-Mccain shaping the GE agenda-Is Obama ready for the GE?

A God Who Cussed

Botox for the Résumé: One Woman's Image Makeover

Stimulus checks

Exorcism protected by 1st Amendment, Texas high court rules

The eternal present tense (The Qur'an: A New Translation)


So...... negotiating with tyrants is bad and shows naivete...... unless Bush does it....

Ralph Nadar is Dead to me, He gave us Bush & now this crap.

Does Craig Crawford freak anyone else out?

Right Wing Feigns Outrage Over Delahunt’s Quip, Claims Addington Will Now ‘Be Targeted’ By Al Qaeda

We can no longer afford this military and its demands of world occupation.

The role of the hysterical high school sophomore was ably played, directly to type, by ...........

Today's climate change spotlight: Air conditioners in sub-arctic Quebec

This is a purity test:

Donate just 30$ and get a special edition Obama logo T-shirt!

Obama to continue campaigning in Texas

Obama-Clinton Meeting Fest

This 'he's going to be painted as bla bla bla'

The Pentagon's Stealth Corporations, By Nick Turse

Novak: Colin Powell likely will endorse Obama

I have the best solution to fixing SS. Heather Wilson is on CNN now

Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic: After The Press Leaves, Some Edgy Questions (for Obama)


Freepers on the new McCain ad (Dr. No)

Have you seen a McCain ad on broadcast TV this month?

Don't Google! When was the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) law first enacted?

are you ready for a bigger perspective on global climate changes.?.

Senator McCaskill needs to learn to be a gracious WINNER!

$850 BILLION for Bush wars to date. Thank GOD Speaker Pelosi was able to stop that blank check shit.

McClatchy: Disputed U.S. raid in Iraq reportedly kills a Maliki relative

One Upset Progressive’s Letter to the AFL-CIO:

Is it unconstitutional for me not to be able to possess a nuclear or biological weapon?

Colin Powell for Obama?

Why in the hell is Hillary "entitled" to have Barack retire her campaign debt?

Mississippi, Rasmussen Poll, June 26: McCain (R) 50%, Obama (D) 44%

The Clintons have nearly GUARANTEED that we're going to have a rethug president in 09.

Is this true about US oil resources?

Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

Anyone who supported Hillary and say they will support mcinsane

Do you live within walking distance of a grocery store?

About Gun Rights

Conyers subpoenas DoJ for Bush interviews in Plame leak

Barack Obama: A Faith in Simple Dreams

Go Bama by Ironmonk and the Band of Brothers.

Dupe from a dope.

Obama may be considering Hillary for VP

Barack Obama and the Jesus Machine (Guardian UK)

Smithville Restaurant In Trouble For Name

General Wes Clark Will Be on Face the Nation on Sunday.

George W. Bush defined...

Do you feel like you're being robbed?

Can't tell if this for or against Obama.

Glenn Greenwald: Keith Olbermann's reply and Obama's secret plan to protect the rule of law

About that Nobama Network

Religious Right Gears Up To Push Political Choices From the Pulpit

Would you rather see Obama pick his running mate before or after McDud picks his?

Today Nelson Mandela is 90

Taliban stronger then ever in Afghanistan, terrorist attacks expected to go up

joey scar has the subtlety of an earth mover...

Here is why I stand in absolute opposition to the Death Penalty:

Just a thought. We should be far more"concerned " with McCains VP than Obama's.

Stocks will fall to below 10,000 by the time 1/20/09 arrives

Picture of Barack Obama filling sandbags appear to be missing.

Conyers subpoenas entire DoJ for scandal documents.»

Why the AFL-CIO Endorses Barack Obama - By John J. Sweeney

Oh snap! Al Qaeda watches C-SPAN!

What Is to Be Done? Assessing the Antiwar Movement

Did they send troops from Afghanistn to Iraq for the Surge?

"She has said she is not asking for help to pay back" $12 million of her own money.

Who says Corvettes dont get good fuel milage??

WTF is the name of that women's group that was for Hillary and is now for McCain, and

And now, a question for the anti-death penalty crowd.

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/27/08 - Obama 47, McCain 40 (Ob up 1, McC down 1)

Caption: McSame

Fuel Me Once: All Coulter gets PWNED by Jeff Koopersmith!

Rachel's back on Monday.

Today's Top Oxymorons

lolcat thread

For the love of G-d, how hard is it to pronounce "nuclear"???

“I love Barack Obama.”

Ever feel let down when somebody you really like turns out to be a conservative?

Ok, Scarborough.."Media is equally biased for both candidates, so Republicans can't complain"?

Oil Rationing?

How long before we have to grow our own food? - Today’s Headlines 6/27/08

Obama leads 49 to 33 in NJ

Looking at the threads about Obama being politically smart or typically political, a question comes

Africans to Bono: 'For God's sake please stop!'

Hugh Hewitt on OSU-USC football game: "(I)t's probably the last football game we'll ever get to see

Obama’s email efforts easily outpacing McCain’s

Mental images from the upcoming convention...

Hillary Clinton's former policy director, Neera Tanden, will start working for Obama


CNN grudgingly flips MN and WI to Obama on their electoral map

How many folks are needing to "cash out" of their 401-k's to LIVE?

What's all this talk about bears?

doesn't the water go under the bridge anymore?

Does everyone in your family have a bicycle which is ready to roll?

Have you noticed??

hey Barack?,,,,US K9 party speaks!

Oil To Hit $170 Barrel This Summer - What Will We Be Paying for a Gallon of Gas?

I'm with the O man on this one.

Chuck Todd on yesterday's SCOTUS ruling and the POTUS race

What's your favorite Constitutional Amendment?

The Pornography of Power: How Defense Hawks Hijacked 9/11 and Weakened America-By Robert Scheer

Do you know what I'd really like to see at this Unity event?

David Horowitz: "UC-Irvine leads the nation in openly supporting Islamo-Fascism."

Time- Obama Lead Tight Over McCain

McSame only up by 5 in Texas!

A friend of mine just joined the Army.

Fist Bump Cover of New York Mag. Umm, what the... ?

So the Senate FISA vote got delayed.

How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Financial Crisis - Update...

Josh Marshall exposes CNN giving McBush a pass on Iraq, War on Terror (updated)

Obama Hires Top Hillary Policy Adviser

AT&T refuses to allow cancellation of service in writing

NY Daily News: Michelle Obama's the belle of gay Democrats ball

New TIME Poll: Obama 43, McCain 38

Richard W. Stevenson, who oversees The NY Times’s campaign coverage, is answering questions.

New McCain ad: "Putting country first. McCain."

McCain doesn't show up to vote on GI Bill

MSM preferred copy for UNITY MEETING:

Holy Crap - John McCain is whining about being misunderstood like a petulant boy.

Holy Crap - John McCain is whining about being misunderstood like a petulant boy.

Senate Passes Bush War Funding Bill 92 - 6

Barack Obama: New Energy for America

I liked the narrative from yesterday...

NYT's The Caucus: Senate Fails to Block Cut in Doctors’ Medicare Fees

The FISA bill explained on Randi's show didn't sound too bad

If Elected, Is Obama's Presidency Over Even Before It Starts?

Obama campaign strategy briefing

I'm sorry...

GALLUP: Obama Beats McCain on Most Character Ratings (understands problems, cares about people, etc)

Head-shaking brad blakeman is everywhere on MSNBC...

Republicans Taunt Obama As Spineless Over FISA Reversal

Category: Things John McCain might say in the debates with Obama:

U.S. temporarily halts new solar projects

Some numbers to feed to any Republicans you know

It may be just me but I get the impression that McCain is just "mailing it in"

Dodd on FISA

MSNBC: "Obama's tie matches Clinton's pantsuit."

Obama and Clinton in 'Unity'

The Weapon of Mass Destruction Is Cancer

Do You Think Obama Could Pull a "Bush"?

McCain pushes tough guy image

BMW M3 Beats Prius in Fuel Economy Test

Microsoft caves - XP support & updates available until 2014

WRITE Federal Reserve about Credit Card Abuses - Encourage them to enact new rules

Hillary's former policy director - Neera Tanden - joins Team Obama

The Daily Widget – Friday, June 27 – Obama 351, McCain 187

BREAKING Feds to pay steve hatfill 5.8 million

Swiftboat publisher targets Obama

Court Rewards Exxon for Valdez Oil Spill, by Greg Palast

Unity Schmunity...

"McCain/Bush 2 sides same coin- doesn't amount to whole lotta change"

Howard Dean: DNC no longer accepts donations from lobbyists or special interest PACs

I share a difference between bush and mccain and conservatives don't appreciate it

Michelle Obama Quote I Heard today on the Radio

unity now! cats and dogs unite for obama

New Poll: McCain leads by only 6-points in Mississippi!!

Thank You Hillary!

Anyone have family member who like to play emotional games when it comes to family matters?

Anybody catch the anti-Obama rant from that person on Larry King tonight?

Thanks, Dennis.

McLame: "And I stopped beating my wife just a couple of weeks ago."

Okay, so what' the single most important issue in this election?

Iran strike in the air as US and Israeli military chiefs meet - The Australian

Obama donates, asks backers to help Clinton's debt

Gallup: 6/27: Obama, McCain still tied at 44%

I just donated $2300 to Hillary Clinton

********Watch Obama & Clinton Campaign In Unity Now Live In New Hampshire*************

Gallup, 6/27 article: Obama Beats McCain on Most Character Ratings

What the heck happened to Obama's Youtube page??? FALSE ALARM; Tech difficulties

Yet Another House GOPer Caught Spreading Tall-Tale About China Drilling For Oil Off America

Republican strategists are so pitiful

I'm sorry, but...Obama wins & he has to kiss the rings of the Clinton's and their supporters?

Hillary and Bil, Clinton Just Donated To The Obama Campaign!

CNN interviews a "pro Clinton blogger"....

McCain Revealed : The Briefing Book

The death penalty is for retail killers only. Wholesale killing isn't illegal.

what red Deep South state is the most ripe for Obama's picking?

Saw a Bob Barr supporter in OH today gathering signatures to get Barr on the ballot

Obama`s Campaign Manager David Plouffe Records A Video To Supporters On A Laptop

My response to the latest anti-Obama email sent by my RW relatives:

The Clintons max out

Cindy McCain Starts a new Fashion Line

Cindy McCain Starts a new Fashion Line

Texas! McCain 43 - Obama 38

Sorry, negativists. Today, you lose.

GOP reps. advised to avoid party brand

For Those Who Missed Obama & Clinton in Unity, New Hampshire...

Why Hillary Clinton should not be the Vice Presidential nominee

Rasmussen Kentucky Poll: McCain 51%(-6), Obama 35%(+3)

Barack or Hillary?

Delegate who said she'd vote for McCain in fight

Youth All-Star Game Canceled To Prevent Bruised Egos

Survey USA: Obama: 48% McCain: 46% in Ohio

Isolated Incidents, or why the GOP is never held accountable for anything.

The picture that drove a Coral Gables cop over the edge

Took a break for a while, this place is as crazy as ever. LoL!

Motorsports. Do you like them?

Campaign issue: North Pole May Be Ice Free for First Time This Summer

Bloomberg: Hagel Has No Plans to Back McCain (would consider being Obama's Sec. of Defense)

Most important news story for the week ending 06-27-2008

Democrat Steps Up Push for Big Donors

WI Credentials Committee going after HRC delegate for claiming she'd vote for McSame

Jewish Dems Attack McCain's "Strength" On Iran

Torture Is Very Controversial-SO-We must pass a bill retroactively making everything they did legal

I refuse to let the negative energy here at DU dampen my enthusiasm for Obama.

The European Union Strikes down the ubiquitous right of American companies to poison human beings

Today McBush made a joke about beating his wife...

Our Infantile Search for Heroic Leaders

McCain: "And I stopped beating my wife just a couple of weeks ago."

CNN's Poll of Polls, 6/27: Obama up by 5

Some cool pics of Clinton and Obama

Do Edwards, Dodd, Biden and Kucinich have any campaign debt?

MSM: We've seen the PUMA's - where are the stories on the Barr supporters?

This douchebag on MSNBC can't even say PUMA right.

This douchebag on MSNBC can't even say PUMA right.

So where are the CNN/MSNBC special reports on

Should the Gays ban the Irish from this weekend's parade.

Obama needs to kiss the press's ass.

Poll: Most Clinton supporters back Obama

Large group forms on Obama website to work to get Barack to change stance on FISA

John McCain should answer this question.

Woman Gang Raped - Neighbors Hear Screams Don't Bother to call 911

Clinton: McCain = Bush (video)


John Ridley, Huffington Post: "When Rove Calls Obama Arrogant, He Means "Uppity""

Must be an election year. The Federal Marriage Amendment is Back. Guess who's co-sponsoring...

Are you attending a Unite for Change Party this weekend?

Obama's wife says he'll fight for gay equality

What scenerios would we be hearing if...

DEMOCRATS for mccain. frauds?

It's nice that so many of our "concerned" members use their DU names on the PUMA sites

Rasmussen Texas Poll: McCain 48%(-4), Obama 39%(unchanged)

This never seems to stop....

Washington Post: "It ain't gonna get better. Not this summer. Not this fall. Not even next winter."

what kind of vehicle do you drive, and will you go more fuel efficient upon your next purchase?

Norquist: Obama-“John Kerry with a tan.”

Finish the question! Call her out!

Nevada Republican Governor Caught In Embrace With Playboy Model

McCain reaches out to gay Republican group

Who’s that man?: Obama asked for ID at gym

Have you personally met any of those Hillary supporters the MSM says are voting for McBush?

McCain loses it...set to music!! down?

In the wake of the Dobson comments...

Group at Obama's official website which wants him to vote against FISA bill

You know what I like best about UNITY?

President Obama's Cabinet

President McCains Cabinet

Unity, folks. Here it is. Let's kick this thread in support of Democratic Unity.

Disagreement vs. Disruption... Pledged Support... and a big fat DUH!

McCain endorses California anti gay marriage state constitutional ammendment

Olbermann: "John Kerry With A Tan"?

********Yay...we made it!**********

90% say Bush is Worse Than Nixon [POLL] .Wow... [funny]

Olbermann jousts with Salon's Greenwald on Obama FISA support

McCain is just not himself lately

Are we going to beat up on the Clintons 24/7 or take our cues from the Obamas?

Kucinich on Taking Impeachment off the Table

BULLSHIT! Obama did NOT run on a more "leftist agenda". He was center-Left and IS center-Left

Getting fit with John McCain... LOL

Turd Blossom is trying to paint Obama as being arrogant!

McCain predicts he will take the lead "48 hours" before the election.

Is there a better VP to take on the Republican Smear-and-Fear-Mongers?

The View From Unity

only a few more days to get your Obama T-shirt when you donate

I defy you to show me a more impressive VP than Hillary

Tribute to HRC from Obama - story about his Grandmother and Daughter, Malia.

***DUzy Awards for week ending June 27, 2008***

***DUzy Awards for week ending June 27, 2008***

Yeah I think holding Obama's feet to the fire is important- after he's elected.

Candy Crowley lies: "There was a kind of 'people need to get over it' comment..."

Michelle Obama, Jeanne Shaheen rally women

Today's rally in Unity reminds us that politics is a team sport

Realistic Vice Presidential Poll - June 27, 2008

Let's face it: Hillary had the quote of the day

John McCain: "I Stopped Beating My Wife Just A Couple Of Weeks Ago."

I don't think we're going to have Fred Phelps to push around too much longer

Huffington Post: "Faith Healer, Demon Fighter, Exorcist...Let The Vetting Begin"

"McCain has a single path to the presidency, while Obama has several different routes."

Obama Campaign Manager's New Video Lays Out Strategy For Victory

Lanny Davis: Obama has agreed to pay off all of Clintons debt

Why Doesn't McCain Campaign On Weekends?

The misogynous nuttiness that is Chris Matthews


Obama's sister was in town last week (video and article)

I like McCain's "beating your wife" joke

McCain Unplugged

Is Dobson's Obama Hit Backfiring?

Pictures for you to use!

The Unity Tour Begins! (((PICS)))

Are the Pubs attempting to sneak another election through?? This talk of Close Polls is a set up?

How I think we can understand the FISA anger and make peace

AP - "Delegate who said she'd vote for McCain in fight"

So Americans have the right to "bear arms"

1,184th day since "Mission Accomplished" for Iraq? Is that what I just heard on KO?

D.C. SNAPSHOT: Bush Lawyers on Child Torture and Burial Alive

McCain: Bald Faced Liar On GI Bill (video)

Re: Clinton supporters & voting for Obama ........ There is NO Fucking Way .......

Is 'Gringo' A Slur?

Clinton donors holding back on Obama until he figures out plan to retire her debt.

Way to go, MSNBC

Staffing Virginia

John McCain Doesn't Know the Price of Gas/Can't Remember the Last Time He Bought Any

McCain tells Fox he will become the Presidential victor "IN THE LAST 48 HOURS"

The Reason We Have The Second Amendment

The quality of the talking heads on Fox News. Listen to the questions

The Good Wife's Guide ....Housekeeping Monthly - May 13, 1955

When does the election campaign proper start?

I've got mail!

Here's my worst fear: The Clinton family's attacks on Obama will be broadcast on every station 24/7

What Sheldon Whitehouse D RI discovered in Bush's OLC papers just before he voted YES on cloture.


What radio traffic reporters REALLY think of you

Today's weather in Tucson, 9 am to 6 pm - hour by hour. {dial-up warning 500K}

Hillary Rodham Clinton Showed Amazing Grace Today in New Hampshire.

Project Make McCain Exciting: The Gray Ambition Tour

My brother.. who owes me like 3 grand...

The other day I tried to get mud off my dead cow using a pickup truck

Watching "The Hustler"

Must See Picture: A collage of Obama magazine covers

I caught JackMN drinking out of a puddle at a curb.

PUMA leader on MSNBC now

"You ever tried masturbating with a ghost hand?


Unbelievable. I'm allergic to the freaking sun.

The Last Fourth of July

Obama is relatively centrist. check.

goth (or super pre-better goth)

Here's something to unite behind:

Which group's protests do you admire most?

Ever just cruise the web with a soundtrack playing?

Unite For Change Rallies Tomorrow - You are Invited!

Schwarzenegger "anyone saying offshore drilling will bring down gas prices is blowing smoke."

Who Are The Five Greatest Vice-Presidents?

recommend this thread if you prefer NOT to be gender-identified

An interesting article on the year 2012.

"Just Out of Reach of my Two Empty Arms"

I think I'll go have a BIG bowl of ice cream

Bad memories of high school art class.

Meatless Fridays?

Apparently having a slightly animated voice means I am taking attitude with customers...

Handy tip for cat lovers.

Hopkins Medical

Yay! I just ordered a book I've wanted *forever*!!

Obama on His Wife: “She Doesn’t Need to Be Retooled”

I love this picture.

Do you see me now?


Radish; gone to seed.

anyone know about A/Cs on the board?

Just saw Jeff Dunham live at the G'bor Coliseum.

I totally saw a scientology ad

The Scent (A poem)

Going Home With the Guy What Brung Me

There's a terrier 'battle royale' going on on my bed

I'm in a really crappy, crabby, cranky mood

Just told a young Libertarian "You live in a personal Norway"

I Hate to Say We Saw It Coming, But

Support your right to keep and arm bears

Planet Earth on Blu-Ray: Wow!

I should oughta have known; "Why is the TV broadcasting standard changing from analog to digital?"

The Motion Fire= Teh Epic!

Nothing Will Happen Without More Progressive Senators- sayeth John Kerry

Vote On Democratic Veepstakes MSNBC - Down to Sweet Sixteen (Video with Todd & Gregory)

This story shall the good man teach his son;

Guess where I am at

Reckless Kelly - American Blood


'I am thinking how happy I am"

When the Oil Runs Out

Bush Fulfills His Grandfather's Dream

Fantasy/sci-fi fans! Tell me your non-literary interests, and I'll try to recommend a matching book!


and by the way, how many houses does does one have to own before he's considered ''elitist?''

One reason to fly Delta...

Post a nihilistic video

Need techie help

Found about you

An animated Lady Freedom!

Hey, Monkeyfunk, how are the genital herpes coming along?

Post some 80's music videos.

I didn't even know we got the Fox Soccer Channel...Uh oh

Only bears have a right to bear arms.

McCain: And I stopped beating my wife just a couple of weeks ago…. has all 6 season of Highlander.

So supposedly they caught the mastermind of the Nigerian email crimes..

So supposedly they caught the mastermind of the Nigerian email crimes..

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/27/2008)

Weather Stone

Things I’ve learned…

Who enjoys sex more? Men or women?

The Aptera Electric Car!

Vern "Mini Me" Troyer sex tape.

You know who's not around anymore? Stalin.

I really do think I've figured something out...

Read the stories of this guy Eugene Blake

Why don't people use before they email me?

hey Barack?,,,,US K9 party speaks!

Am I?

The official Orioles-Nationals "make it interesting" proposal to Turtlensue

They are casting asparagus on Mars in GD!!1!!

HELP!!!! Little MB's birthday party is this weekend....

Did Midlo beat Chuggo last night in bunco?

Am I bionic?

When dead heading petunias, do you just take the dead flower

Do I have a right to bare arms?

Chuggo Sighting

Desperately seeking Joan Alpern....

"Yeah, I just poopin. Turn 'round."

I like messing with the computer at Amazon.

For the ladies of the lounge

How hot is it?

Momentum Building For Bugliosi's Case Against George W. Bush For Murder

Footage of the Motion Fire

flying the friiendly skies

Do gravel/garden yards require more work than regular grass lawns?

Suggestions for new Top Level Domain Names.

Pay Mark Penn's bill? Compare it to what Axelrod's firm, AKP Media & Messaging has charged Obama.

How many of you have a lava lamp?

What did you think of the movie "Rules of Attraction"?

What's your favorite web content about Chuggo (counting Chuggo)

i have no idea what the Chuggo thing is about

Are you in favor of the little guy? (Inspired by Andy from The Office)

Press Release: The former poster known as Beware the Beast Man was not Chuggo.

I am not a member of the Tori Amos cult, but her version of Teen Spirit is AWESOME

oh, jesus wept.

Chuggo is a crack smokin' loser

Youtube problems SOLVED

I am having withdrawals...

Post a song featuring the Mouth Harp

What if your boyfriend was a psychopath?

Match Game for Dummies: "Olga Orange was so old, her birth certificate was 'blank'.

What's your favorite web site (not counting DU)?

Most Annoying Use of Hand Clapping in a Song

Cat people - does your cat do somersaults in ecstasy?

Anyone else having trouble with Photobucket?

David Letterman on Spencer Pratt: "How does a kid like that get to be so oily?"

THIS is the most ironic thing I've ever read in my lifetime and no, it's not The Onion!!

Are there are any parents here that don't have a relationship with their children?

This is the coolest thing I've seen all day.

Weirdest live performance

I am going to eat half a ton of sushi today

Thoughts on Being Part of a Community (the DU) that is Presumed ‘Far to the Left’ of Most Americans

Who's Happy that the SC Favored Guns over Lives? Why Freepers, Gun Nuts, and Murderers of course!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday, June 27

lolcat thread

Blast from the (Recent) Past: Seven Car Commercials

Which of these Saturday morning cartoon of my youth is the lamest?

Four words I hoped never to hear in my lifetime: Vern Troyer Sex Tape.

My bus was 24 minutes late today.

Dangerously Amused and her guy are here.

You know who's not around anymore? Carlin.

My attempt to troll FR lies in endless limbo

The real "Chuggo" reveal yourself with near total anonymity.

GAAAH - all the good Twins ads have been pulled from the YouTube!

So I want to post more again in the Lounge

Am I Buy?

DEVO sues McDonalds!

proof that a Supreme Diety listens...

It has to be said: Margaret Brennan is gorgeous.

Am I By?

I am also unclear as to the identity and meaning of Chuggo

I just impulse-purchased a Carpenteria californica

Finally, some truth in advertising... a photo from a gas station near me...

What is the best American pizza style?

Would it be totally gauche if I installed a screen door on our front entry door?

And The Identity Of Chuggo Is...............

Weather Watch du Jour

Bra helps in rescue of Springs hiker stranded in Alps

Is There A Gawd?

What's for breakfast DU?

Anyone ever smoke fake grass (oregano) in their yard?

Sorry, Dad - but baseball is BOR-ING

I hope a judge turns over all this woman's millions to the 2 servants she enslaved for years!

What Is Your Favorite Flower?

Earl Warren Part II - Hillary Clinton On The Supreme Court Political Action - FOX smears Obama - sign the petition

Happy Birthday Left Is Write!


I sent letters to famous people asking for money today

Lounge-worthy LBN

Mother Nature is a bitch. And she has balls.

Somebody was murdered tonight in the apartment building next to mine tonight

Anyone ever purchases fake grass (fieldturf) for thier yard?

Oh my God! They tombstoned Chuggo!

Why the hell can't I peel a hard boiled egg?????

I am like Martha Stewart, only gayer.

Man, my mojo is completely gone.

Man, it's Canada Day soon - I hate Canada day


This'll solve your energy crisis. It's the power of

Farewell, Tivo. I loved you.

I'm *soooo* looking forward to seeing "WALL E." Pixar!

Need help with computer question!

McCain Beer Ties Might Brew Conflicts(Cindy and Son Work Against MADD)

"Snog, marry, or avoid" is on! This is great. They never think that most of those polled will...

Would you be upset if you were offered a place to stay on vacation and it wasn't 'perfect'?

Riddle me this.

Remember when Shine posted that ShineBoy had used her credit card

Who eats at Taco Bell at least 4 times a month?

Is supporting a position itself a position that you might support?

I'm listening to music on my birthday present!

Just So You Know I Am Getting KFC Tomorrow!

Semi-annual Official Lounge Bjork Adoration thread

I'm turning the big 31 on tuesday

I can't stop listening to this song... The lyrics also fit Bush to a t

Anyone ever patch a screen door?

So who is in the mood to play tonight?

Remember what I said about how the beagle had been cured by the in-home trainer?

When was the last time you saw a Wii in a store?

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

so I've been away

BREAKING: Chuggo has communicated with me!!!! I'm series!!!1111!!!11

What's the oldest software you are still using?

The New York Mets haven't hit a grand slam since 2006...

Name this TV show!

Sarah Lawrence College, Writing Seminar, Last Day

Cat incontinence: Need some advice! Please?

Level 15 Dwarf Warrior

What Would You Do With DarkTirade's First Paycheck?

Hey Sugar Smack!

I know this will be locked, but I just HAD to share

If You Had 2 Wii's In Your House

Best Use of Hand Clapping in a Song --

My cat is really sick....

I just gashed my ankle open on my bed frame. Fuck, that hurts.

San Diego, New Orleans, Ft. Lauderdale, Hawaii, Rochester and then Miami.

Any ideas on how to eradicate snakes? My pup Lucy was bit.

I'm jealous of all the making-out pictures.

Calling all grammar Nazis!

Best Use of Hand Clapping for a Bong--

Requesting famous Lounge Vibes if you'd be so kind...

Got my first paycheck today, so I have a question for my fellow lounge lizards...

summer dreams... make me feel fine

The BlueIris Semi-Noightly Poetry Break, 6/27/08

Fuckall I miss the fireworks

I need some lounge vibes, please.

What do you call those concrete things in parking lots

The Primaries are OVER and you need to Get Over It

Am I Bi?

***ACTION ALERT**Sign a letter to Increase the Child Tax Credit for over 13 million Children

Opinions on the AMD Phenom, anyone?

Am I Straight?

My son is brilliant!

I know this is not the cooking group but does anyone have good mussel recipes?

It's Canada and U.S.A. Friendship Festival time again!

Have you guys seen "Chase No Face" online? Warning, sorta scary looking

What the heck happened to Nicholas Cage's sideburns in National Treasure 2?

Medical horror stories!

Teacher Dumped After Howard Stern Appearance ("Hottest Wife, Ugliest Husband") Sues

Yo Ava! Ava dearest! I'll trade SAT scores with ya!

Dear Chicago Cubs,

It's Not Even Close: Obama Should Pick Clinton for VP

TYT: I'll Trade You the 2nd Amendment for the 4th

George W. Bush to Speak at Monticello on July 4

My school's better than your school..

Google has immortalized me...

Post the same song by two different artists...

Dear Progressives: You need to hear an Inconvenient Truth

Scalia: Gore to blame for 2000 decision

How much is it costing you to go to work?

Jindal (R-Terrified Of La. Legislature) update: Recall petition!


Hillary for VP!

Family friend reveals emails from Haggard, says ex-preacher a 'sexaholic'

A-list actors battle over new union contract (Jack Nicholson, and Ben Stiller vs Tom Hanks)

Greenland bid to raise whale hunt quota fails

New high for Afghanistan deaths

U.N. Finds Afghan Opium Trade Rising

ASIA MARKETS Stocks sink in early trading

Wikileaks: Obama and the Kenyan deception

CBS to Appeal Military Court Ruling on Haditha Interview

BREAKING NEWS: Congress passes war funding bill with unemployment and veterans benefits

NLRB gives Issa deadline for payment

Wave of bad news sends Dow down nearly 360

Report: North Korea destroys reactor tower

NY millionaire gets prison for enslaving workers

US delays Anbar handover due to weather (ceremony hasn't been rescheduled yet)

Obama, Clinton Join Together in Show of Unity: Joint appearance before Clinton donors

US spoke to ASIO on Mamdouh Habib rendition to Egypt

(Winfield) Missouri levee breaks (Friday morning) as flooding continues

Blackwater armory raided in firearms inquiry

MSNBC: Obama Will Personally Contribute Maximum $2,300 to Clinton Campaign

Teen mom of baby found dead charged with manslaughter

Gunmen kill leading Iraqi judge in Baghdad ambush

Ex-Taliban fighter tells of training from Pakistani military

Governor requests state of emergency declaration for state fire

Governor requests state of emergency declaration for state fire

Paraguayan jeers singing US ambassador

Philadelphia man arrested over anti-police video

Fed aided Wall Street to avert "contagion"

Mexico Welcomes Approval of US Drug Aid Package

Top Mexico City police commander slain

Muslim physicist says feds retaliated against him

Military units see another hike in fuel costs

Midwest levee breaks, corn price at new high

For the Record: Wars have cost $700B since 9/11

Oil price hits record near $142

Dow crosses into bear market territory (down 20% from peak)

Bush Pastor Launches Pro-Obama Web Site

Uribe asks for new presidential vote in Colombia (Bush ally)

Nigerian scam bust: Woman Gets Two Years for Aiding Nigerian Internet

FBI Data-Mining Plan Hits Roadblock in Congress

US nuclear weapons reportedly out of UK

Democrat's al Qaeda comment sparks Republican ire

$5.8 million for scientist in anthrax lawsuit

Take Out the Trash Precisely, Now. It’s the Law.

Bolivia denies expulsion of USAID revenge tactic

HIV Rate Up 12 Percent Among Young Gay Men

Mars lab finds nutrient minerals plants use

AP: House Panel Seeks Bush Transcript in CIA Leak Case

Toxic find halts Philippine dive

US to set up visa office in Hyderabad

Joe Lieberman Responds To 'Lieberman Must Go' Campaign


Scruggs gets 5 years in prison in bribery scheme

Larry Craig and David Vitter co-sponsor Marriage Protection Amendment

At US auto plant, McCain says opposes Big 3 bailout

Officials: 30,000 troops heading to Iraq in 2009

N.O. levees squeezed by Congress' demand for cash

Citing Need for Assessments, U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects

Hagel, Republican for Now, Says He Has No Plans to Back McCain

(DNC) Delegate who said she'd vote for McCain in fight

Rare Iraqi Jewish books 'surface in Israel'

Disputed U.S. raid in Iraq reportedly kills a Maliki relative

U-Haul: Crooked renters refill gas tank with water

Exclusive: No ice at the North Pole

2 Berkeley tree-sitters end protest, arrested

US to settle former Army scientist's anthrax suit

Baytown (TX) teen charged with capital murder in son's death

Iraq veteran discharged for acknowledging he's gay

Burrowing muskrat causes levee to fail

U.S. C-130 makes emergency landing in Baghdad field

McCain Adviser Plans Casino on the Tigris

Police say teens beat homeless Ohio man to death

Grim proving ground for Obama's housing policy

After-tax incomes and spending show big gains

Pakistan Militants Execute Alleged U.S. Spies

Kuato McCain wants to serve Bush's 3rd term.

Barack Obama: Anti-War Protest Song!

VP is "A Barnacle" on the Legislative Branch = ADDINGTON questioning

TPMtv: CNN: All Hail McDifferent!

Robert Wexler on Hannity & Colmes June 26, 2008

Raw Video: North Korea Destroys Reactor Tower

Freeway Blogger Interview

David Plouffe on Our Strategy

Contractor Conundrum

McCain Takes Credit For GI Bill He Opposed

Countdown: Bush appeases an evil dictator

Nas Attacks Fox News On Song From New Album

McCain says Mosul is quiet. Is this what he means?

KO: The Terror Card, the McCain Aide, and "Tremendous Reporter Cleavage"

Language is A Virus

TYT: What's On Obama's IPOD? Here It Is (& Do You Agee With Cenk Or Ben?)

Ha ha! Faux and Fiends get their panties in a twist over Bill Maher joke about pedophilia & Pope

Unity Rally: Barack Obama Full Remarks

An evening at the revival from which local pentecostal preachers are distancing.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in Unity, NH (Full Event)

Richard Dawkins talks about the potential political power of the non-religious in the US


Socio-Economic Implications And Small-Type Whaling

Wave energy into electricity - Aqua Power

Federal Appeals Court - No Deadline For Chimpy's EPA On Global Warming Policy - Guardian

One Million Acres Protected From Uranium Mining

"Ice is on course to disappear entirely from the North Pole this year."

Beautiful photography exposes crude reality

It's 1.5 degrees at the North Pole (again)

Independent: Exclusive - No Ice At The North Pole

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's climate change website (was it posted here already?)

Giant Algae Bloom At China's Sailing Venue Gives New Meaning To "Green Olympics"

Olympics, Development Have Only Worsened Beijing's Pressure On Non-Renewable Groundwater, Imports

America's first commercial cellulosic ethanol plant -- coming to Michigan's Upper Peninsula!

After Rainy 2007, 95% Of Texas Now In Some Stage Of Drought - Houston Chronicle

Science - European Study Shows Plants Migrating Uphill About 100 Feet/Decade As Climate Warms - AFP

Governator - McCain "Blowing Smoke" On Claim That Expanded Offshore Would Lower Gas Prices

Governor Orders UT State Employees To Go To Four-Day Ten-Hour Schedule In August To Save Energy

Whales lose, Japan wins as whaling meet ends - Reuters

North Pole Could be Ice-Free This Summer

Pine Bark Beetle's Presence In Alberta's Forests After Arriving From BC Likely Permanent - G&M

Kashagan Then - 1.5 Mb/d By 2005; Kashagan Now - 370Kb/d By 2013. Maybe.

Environmental report: Gulf is 'Florida's Toilet'

Study shows hybrids, bikes, trains on a roll in Utah

The Subprime Swindle

"the transition to a low-carbon economy may increase annual GDP growth in many countries"

Stage set for November ballot duels over clean-energy plans (Calif.)

House approves more funds for thriving public transit

Harpswell man's biomass plan gone with the wind (Maine)

Citing Need for Assessments, U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects

DC Chemical Raises Polysilicon Capacity (to 26,500 tonnes per year, Korea)

Guardian UK: McCain's age is an election issue

China Plans to Accelerate Nuclear Power

Avoiding Torture's Taint (MoJo)

Forget 'Willie Horton,' Dems Plan Their Own 'Horton Ad'

An interesting scatterplot of oil price vs production points

Climate disaster porn gets its own magazine: Extreme Weather

U.S. Stocks Plunge; Worst June For Dow Since 1930

Law Professor Confused by SAT Word

Mandela's words on Zimbabwe resonate widely (CSMonitor)

US nuclear weapons 'leave British soil at last' after half a century of controversy (maybe)

Lock and Load

The Pornography of Power: How Defense Hawks Hijacked 9/11 and Weakened America

Citing Need for Assessments, U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects

Oil climbs to record above $141 in Asia - AP

Thicker than Blood - Orphans of Cambodia’s AIDS epidemic form their own loving family

NRA: We Won't Rest, Until Everyone 'Rests in Peace'

Does the Road to Unity, New Hampshire Go Through Intercourse, Pennsylvania?

Media Matters: Network newscasts ignore politicization of Department of Justice hiring practices

Joe Conason: On energy, McCain sounds a lot like Cheney

Good news: Global warming is self-correcting, and will fix itself.

Jerry Seinfeld: Dying Is Hard. Comedy Is Harder.

Advice to Democrats: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

At Least 36% Of US Commercial Beehives Already Lost So Far In 2008, Congress Told

WP, E.J. Dionne: The D.C. Handgun Ruling: Originalism Goes Out the Window

Berlin: Man torches BMW to protest gas prices (using $9.40/gal gasoline)

Is Lara Logan being smeared for her criticism of Iraq war coverage

Did W help Geoffrey Fieger beat the rap?

Caroline Kennedy's new profile: Politics

WP, Eugene Robinson: Individuals do have a right to bear arms

Wash. Post: This Recession, It's Just Beginning

Rove does not like Obama's seal

The perils of offshore oil drilling

Living a sustainable life, minimize damage

Wartime Rescuer Of John McCain Dies A Forgotten Hero

Obama's Been Trying to Tell You

New research shows that much of bird classification is wrong

Energy storage coming to a power grid near you

EVERYONE nees to see this, re: Plastic Bags

Why Bill Gates likes India

Can the President Ignore Congress? by Alan B. Morrison

At its most extreme, unchecked global warming would lead to:

The next big thing...

New Kits Turn Any Car Into a Plug-in Hybrid (for $10K)

It Was Oil, All Along

US Rep. Inslee (D-WA) Introduces Renewable Energy Pricing (Federal Feed-In) Legislation

Northwest power managers struggle with electricity surplus

Australian Scientist Projects Possible Partial Collapse Of West Antarctic Ice Sheet Within 20 Years

The King Assassination and CNN Disinformation by Dr. William F. Pepper

Nights of Blackberry Dumplings

Hydrogen Goes Public in Southern California

Nielson layoff's draw Lou Dobbs' ire

Venezuelan Youth Orchestra System Inspires Children of the Barrios

State Veteran Home fined by feds

Post-Spitzer, a New Breed of Reformer

Singing the high gas price blues...

Suit Claims UBS Misled Investors

Book Value: A Meaningless Measure of a Bank’s Worth

Labor probing work of major immigration law firm (disqualify American job applicants jobs to immigra

George Clooney calls for truce between actors unions

Local (Nashville) Kroger union reaches tentative contract agreement

Union ballot initiatives clear legal hurdle (mandatory health ins. sue employers workers comp)

New labor camp for E. Wash. cherry pickers (Bravo for the company Reddout Orchards)

Wal-Mart and major union join hands on tax credit

Worried Teachers Gather At KCMO School Board Meeting

Former Union President Gets Prison For Extortion (57 months)

Today in labor history June 27

Dealers win election ruling at Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino

RICO claims arising out of corporate campaign may proceed (organizing charged as extortion)

Hoffa Leads Rally in Support of FedEx Express Workers' Campaign for Union Representation

Machinists Vote 'Present' in AFL-CIO Endorsement of Obama

Jumping in a new world....join us ! Unions 2.0

OSHA oversight in question

Welfare Mom Climbs Past Rejection (gets position in oldest, most coveted construction trades)

LCR = Log Closet Republicans

Stonewall Day Friday on KXCI

Gay Republicans Laud Supreme Court Gun Ruling

Gays Should NOT be parents. They're unsuitable.

A live one going on in my local newspaper....

GenY Finds Coming Out Still Difficult

Michelle Obama: Barack Will Fight For Gay Equality (Won't hold my breath)

LGBT blogger: Don't let anti-gay juicemaker squeeze your civil rights

Anti-Gay Juicemaker...Update (Please read, it's important)

Scientific findings on gay brain will send bigots to hell

HIV Rate Up 12 Percent Among Young Gay Men

Israel in the Season of Dread - NY Times

Former professor jailed in terrorism case charged with refusing to testify before grand jury

Are Cuba's Schools Better than Ours? (Yes)

Uribe asks for new presidential vote in Colombia

Bolivia planning state takeover of airports-report

Church in Cuba questions government’s promotion of homosexuality on the island

Florida Increases Restrictions on Travel to Cuba

RIGHTS-COLOMBIA: Making the ‘Disappeared’ Reappear

Eighteen Cubans "rescued" from Mexican authorities re-surface in US

Paraguayan jeers singing US ambassador

COLOMBIA: URIBE Wants to Repeat 2006 Election Amid a Bribery Scandal

MORALES Approves Expulsion of US Company from Bolivia

US warns Sandinista diplomat against dividing UN

Venceremos Defies US Cuba Blockade

Greg Norman and Chris Evert marry......

Handicapper's Edge: Weekend stakes previews

The NBA Draft

interesting perspective . . .

Hey - check it out!

Kryon - "The Story of Mary"

Small Mediums At Large

A found object post

TV Alert for Fri., 4-7 p.m. EST--UFO Hunters; Sat., 10 a.m.

HE GOT THE JOB!!! Yay--my brother got the job!

Another pretty cool site...

I can't relate to my family anymore and its getting more and more clear.


And the latest from South Florida involving cops and photographers


yummm peaches

Is there a way to defeat DU's photo size limit?

So what's for breakfast?

Okay, so I haven't checked in for a while, sorry :P

Looking for advice - Wifes job threatened while she is out due to illness

Am I being too anal about this definition of 'bokeh'?

Suicides "Linked to Phone Masts"

"Smalean" pork chops

Simple tasty glaze for chicken

SAF / ISRA File Federal Lawsuit Challenging Chicago Handgun Ban

My take

VICTORY!!!: Brady site removes link

America's Shooting Gallery from September 2005 to now...

Question about safety and protecting one' s home/family

Need help finding a gas range

Does Heller promote opern carry?

will the ACLU now start supporting gun rights?

Now that the Second Amendment...

For those of you who've stated that Gun is an "idiotic" website...

NY times editorial (very biased) on the courts ruling

Conjecture: Heller was 5-4 meaning 5 justices said 2nd protects individual RKBA and 4 justices say

D.C. digging in to fight ruling?

Dissolving bodies with lye banned in NH

Government Seeks Dismissal of End-of-World Suit Against Collider

Fossil of most primitive 4-legged creature found

Commendation for Democrats on the "Guns" Forum: With a only a few exceptions,

UCC United Church of Christ's Thomas Speaks Against Torture

African bishops denounce Mugabe's intimidation

Exorcism protected by 1st Amendment, Texas high court rules

'Demonic' fear drives U.S. torture, says Pax Christi head

Top Ten Lady Inventors

Jim Corr on The Lisbon Treaty & The New World Order.

The Reality Tests

US to settle former Army scientist's anthrax suit

Does somebody have stats of teen pregnancies by states.

Familiar faces at the Unity Event today in NH

What are Kerry's views on Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and possibly overturning it?

Misremembering the K/F Iraq vote in '06

The GOP can't avoid being racist: Obama is "Kerry with a tan"

Gambling experts coming forward to blast T Boone Pickens on going back on his word

Exorcism protected by 1st Amendment, Texas high court rules

Barbara Boxer: Rick Noriega wins 'Choose A Challenger' contest

Have you been writing LTTEs?

Dual booting XP and Vista?

Have you seen a McCain TV ad in MN this month? An Obama TV ad?

Post Secondary system to get restitution in corruption investigation

Norm Coleman keeps a "crash pad" on Capitol Hill

Linda J. Keen Receives 2008 Women in Nuclear (WiN) Global Award

Indian Country Today: Canadian government says it will only accept cash in land claim negotiations

Canwest: Canada accused of undermining international court

CBC: Canadian military silent on Afghan civilian deaths: UN investigator

Poll: Schools not properly preparing kids

EAC Publicly Rebuffs Voting Machine Vendor Association

Secretary of State vows swift action against voter fraud

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News, Friday, 6/27/08

Labour beaten into 5th place in Henley By-Election.

Question about parliament...

The Last Resort Of The Scoundrel?

Mandela concert: Gordon breaks into Estuary English.

I just heard from one of my techs that the last Shakey's Pizza is closing!

Oh for a can of spray paint...

summerfest-ya going? Who you want to see?

California law prohibiting handheld cell phone usage while driving takes effect July 1st

It was destiny that a repressive, aggressive religion of Abraham &Julius Caesar was going to prevail

Can we get some love for Varkam going?

Oz: 16 Year old arrested for wearing "Jesus is a CXXt" T-Shirt