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VIDEO: Daily Show: McCain's speech was 'going so well until his mouth ruined it'

Gallup: General Election Shaping Up as Change vs. Experience

Joe Bageant At The National Conference On Media Reform

Were the past two presidential elections stolen?

World News Trust At The National Conference On Media Reform

Rep. Waxman seeks access to Bush, Cheney interviews on CIA leak

Campaign Money

Good Stump Song

Secrets & Lies: GOP Accused of Political Prosecutions = ROVE, USAs, Siegelman. ....

Billion dollars pledged for food crisis (CNN)

Your private health details may already be online (CNN)

Will McCain Continue To Receive A Free Ride In The Press

Racist e-mail about India.

The "General Discussion Politics Forum" is now Bleeding on to General Discussion Forum...

DCCC won’t follow DNC's K Street ban

DCCC won’t follow DNC's K Street ban

Keith Olbermann on Countdown will cover "They Lied"!!! Sen. Intel Comm. Report!!!!!

Wexler is on Verdict with Dan Abrams on the panel!!

CBS: Memories Of Robert F. Kennedy (plus video)

I'm worried about Pennsylvania

At what point will Grampy McSame completely lose his shit on national TV?

Steroid dealer who recently met with NFL officials found dead

25 Words or Less: Harry Reid's strategy RE: Joementum

We don't need to attack McW on his age. It's uncool, a losers' tactic,

Abrams showing a clip of an interview with Bobby Kennedy n/t

Boycott targets eBay over new policy

McCain's opposition to two issues might help give Obama Florida...

Larry King's topic is home foreclosures. Ed McMahon and wife are the guests.

Olbermann vs O'Reilly ...See the ratings here


McCain snubs major Bush fundraising dinner.»

If Bush had Paid Attention to History... , today in Bush History (6/5/08 Thursday)

Exposing the GOP’s Voter Suppression Campaign

Larisa: DoJ investigating two US Attorneys for political prosecution

Regarding this "security deal" in Iraq....

Bob Dylan digs Barack Obama


Reid: Lieberman's Chairmanship is Safe

Hey Obama! Howard for VP. It makes sense...


Beyond gasoline: Prices surge for oil-based goods

ANOTHER Italian connection to the war?! What's really going on here?

Free broadband for the US?

Question about black heads of state?

Ore. polluter sent to federal prison for 6 months

The US softened up Gitmo detainees for Chinese Interrogators...

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

This almost looks like popular vote totals

The media hates the polygamists

AT long last, a president that chews with his mouth closed.

Conan O'Brien asked the three runners why they left home.

Ohio right-winger losing his marbles...

Teacher Threatens To Rip Out Student's Eyeballs

Zimbabwean Police Detain American and British Embassy Workers

Re: Keith's item about MURDOCH firing (in the future) AILES...

Young Republicans meet to discuss McStain stratergy:

"SO INHUMANE" Hartford Hit & Run Video - Is it Really?

Dean Says entire Dem party will not take money from lobbyists or PACs

While it's still June 5th for a few minutes

The press can't find Obama or Hillary - funny!

PACE YOURSELF, in case you are doing the same I have

PACE YOURSELF, in case you are doing the same I have

Equity in Americans’ homes falls to historic low

McCain: Russia, China encroaching on U.S. space business, Americans would be excited by man on Mars

A Grim Milestone , Today in Bush History (6/6/08 Friday)

New CBS News Poll has Shrubbie at 25% Approval

SC Lawmakers Pass Ten Commandments and Lord's Prayer Bill...

From Kennedy to Obama: Liberalism's Last Fling- John Pilger

LOL! * and baby - pics

LOL! * and baby - pics

I'd like to suggest a song for the Obama campaign.

A 78 year old man (on the news)

secret service hand positioning

Just how much information becomes unmanageable?

A Question of Strategy

DU the AOL Straw Poll

I loves me some Obama ... he kicks some Joe L ass

What the fuckity fuck and here we go....(MSM tries to build a...

A CALL TO UNITY: The Legend of the Demofriends

i had an uncle, and a bunch of relatives who listened to him

CSPIN Orin Hatch blowing a gasket on the intel reports on Iraq

Senator Leahy needs your help.

Broadcom Co-Founder Indicted on Cocaine, Ecstasy, Meth and Fraud Charges

The military tribunals at Gitmo... watch for the language on TV

What Hillary & Bill missed about Obama...

*****Rec this thread if you love puppies*****

$4.259/gallon at Costco

$4.259/gallon at Costco

Adviser Says McCain Backs Bush Wiretaps

House Democrats cut unemployment extension to fund wars

Any news from our friends in the tornado areas?

More Secret Histories of the Rich & Famous: The Ballinger-Pinchot Controversy & Bill Gates

Are Dems backing down on holding telecoms accountable?

*gulp* Chelsea?

Who do you think Time Magazine will choose as 2008's Person of the Year?

Drudge on Rassmussen: Obama 48% McCain 43%


I Gave My Friend Nate The Obama Hat I Bought It For Him For His Birthday

Blackwater opens San Diego training center

Brad Blog: My Own Votes, Four Of Them, Were Flipped Yesterday Before My Very Eyes

Adviser Says McCain Backs Bush Wiretaps

Obama: and Blog Spell Checkers

Parent coaching>>>a joke or intelligent choice?

more respect for Clinton Supers who are sticking with her

Banks' Woes Spreading Beyond Home Mortgages

AlterNet: Is Famine Inevitable?

AlterNet: Is Famine Inevitable?

Senator Clinton's "To-Do" list:

Our knee jerk manic economy...

Stephen Colbert's McCain Green Screen Challenge

Am I dreaming or are videos that make Repubs look bad disappearing from YouTube?

Repubs: Obama is a scary, scary commie black nationalist

MSNBC wants to make sure the people know who Tony Rezko is:

China Earthquake Strips - very nice

Does someone want to break the news to Ramius?

Israeli armed forces storm Gaza, raze farms and olive trees

If you donate to Obama through MoveOn....

Obama meeting with HC now in her DC home...

4,092 - and the murdering bastard that got them killed is still in office

Talkingpointsmemo's Rosenberg: At AIPAC Today, Obama Shows How He'll Win ( Note P.S. on Jerusalem)

West Virginia not totally hopeless: McCain leads only by 7!!!

I don't think Hillary is certain whether or not she wants to run as VP .

Obama officially addresses the GARBAGE "whitey" rumor!!!

Obama 44%, McCain 43% (new poll)

Summer's Here and the Time is Right for ... Getting Busted Going to the Festival

***CAPS LOCK!!!***

Comcast hires spies for feds and tracking users

I think mccain's challenge to Obama for town hall debates is suicide for him


Cash or Credit? 10 cents price difference in gas at my local station. Old pricing came back.

Top U.S. Air Force official resigns

On June 8 1967 a certain ship was attacked by a certain country

Useless information - Today is National Doughnut Day

Ok... This is funny

U.S. unemployment rate soars to 5.5% in May

What's with DU's front page?

If Charlie Rangel can be APPALLED at Clinton's conduct, SO CAN WE

I'm Sick of Hearing About the Post 911 World!!!...

Oil up over 6 dollars

Hillary supporters. Let go telling us to let it go

Ill. senator's victory praised from afar-On 4 continents, citizens proclaim US image boosted

Can't afford a vacation this year, so I watched some old vaca vids

So, McCain wants town hall meetings with Obama.

Aerial picture of formerly unknown Amazon Basin tribe

Obama is making sure if they go with Hill as VP...that the TEAM will PULL IT OFF big time

A beautiful tribute...

"Republicans block global warming bill because of costs"

US reopen case of wrongly jailed terror suspect who Bush sent to Syria to be tortured

I am back and I am safe. hardly any damage...just heavy winds

Obama is actually attempting to change the Social POLARITY of America

Media criticized for creating too many fake primary scandals, (or "-gates")

Dozens of Vietnamese are killed every year by bombs, mines and grenades

Bush Will Attack Iran If A Democrat Wins The White House

David Sirota: Dilberts of the World, Unite!

Leiberman's email To: Fellow McCain Supporters

McCain running mate

Bob Barr at 8% in GA and 6% in NC!

Good one on Moyers Journal tonight - McClatchy reporters on McClellan

Adviser Says McCain Backs Bush Wiretaps

Turkey, Iran together launch attacks on Kurds

Even though Hillary hasn't announced yet -- We should now be focusing solely on Obama's positives...

They are playing a repeat now of Kit Bond whining on the Senate Floor on CSPAN

Note to the media: A "secret" meeting is one you don't know about

How best to battle the email morons this season?

Bob Dylan's Art Show in London

Why Obama was in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday

Concerning email morans and stupid right-wing propaganda,

During this period of Democratic happiness, bushco is doing evil quietly behind the scenes.

The Last Roundup Is the government compiling a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law?

A little something to make a happy Democrat even happier!

Slashdot - Republican election judge wants advice on vote fraud

Those who are in Human Resources or are/have been employers, please check in.

Robert F. Kennedy reached out to Omaha boy in '68

RFK Avatars for the Weekend?

Message from GOP: To Hell with Planet Earth - we must protect corporate profits!

Homes in foreclosure top 1 million

ABC Nightline doing a RFK/Obama comparison

McCain Adviser Phil Gramm in the News Again: Did His Bank Help Wealthy Clients Evade Taxes?

Delusional LTTE claims media is in Obama's camp

US marks 40 years since RFK death

Richmond Va enveloped in smoke from fire... in North Carolina

The Obama pound, exchanged between Michelle and Barack on Tuesday night, marked a historic moment

Americans $1.7 trillion poorer

Dan Abrams: breaking news, Obama meeting with Hillary Clinton at her home in Washington DC tonight

Forced blood tests for suspected DUI drivers

JUST FOR FUN: What do you think Barack and Hillary are saying tonight??

Poor Cindy

It's Clobberin' Time!


Bush administration blackmailing Iraq over long-term military agreement.»

Beyond gasoline: Prices surge for oil-based goods

What would happen if mccain choose bob barr as his vice president?

Lobbyist ban is not applied across the Democratic party

Nuclear War Next Tuesday: IT'S ALL OVER PEOPLE

Another VP post: So I was deadset against a "both" ticket, but now......

Islam Versus the West, Is There a Winner?

ABC/Disney - First Smear Piece On Obama - Stolen Honor II?

ABC Reporting: U.S. Posted $80MM Contract This Wk w/ Saudi Indicted Re- BCCI

The Truth About the War (NYT editorial)

giddy democrats - bleh

So, the VP we ran in 2000 is now organizing for McShame. RW source warning**

DU this Obama poll in the El Paso Noozpaper!

Gee, high unemployment, record forclosures, record energy and food prices, repubublicans in control

Is the front page stuck?

I've got an idea


Are The Civility Rules Suspended Until June 11?

How much ahead in the polls do we need to be to win in November?

***BREAKING**** Michelle Obama "whitey" video leaked.

Has the 2nd Great Depression begun?

If Karl Rove (had the good sense to) compartmentalized his political persecutions...

Forever in Iraq? Gotta pay for that amusement park! - Today’s Headlines 6/6/08

I think anyone who has ever watched MSNBC can agree on this ......

Lamont still poking at Lieberman, heh....writes support letter for Kerry.

Do you think there's any chance that BO will consider Sen. Boxer

So, what, now

Bob Barr is perfect!

Advice to Sen. Obama from William Galston, Bill Clinton's former policy advisor:

A link to Senator Clinton's message to supporters, and an idea I like from a fellow Obama supporter.

A link to Senator Clinton's message to supporters, and an idea I like from a fellow Obama supporter.

My pick won. So its easy for me to urge unity...

MSNBC reporting a top-secret meeting between Clinton and Obama

Obama pays HIllary a House Call

the Lois Lane Factor

In Orlando Want to Obamaconnect

Only 7% public supports attacking Iran

'Job seekers' is that what we now call these lazy layabouts ...

Are you in a "forgiving" mood? Richard Clarke says we must forgive

Wal-Mart unconcerned about website hack that infects users, since no transactions effected

Who will win...

Going to post a link

Why Hillary Won't Be VP

Why Hillary Won't Be VP

LIMBOsevic jokes about Shrub and Katrina

McCain Question to DU

"It's a Beautiful Day": the full story

So are *they* going to even pretend that McHundred is the head of their party now?

John Cusack's new movie War Inc.

Johnny McLyingscumbag : I "voted for every investigation" into Katrina

No one wins....

'Standard Operating Procedure' is an intense look at Abu Ghraib

Coulter selected not elected

Judge allows Blackwater to open San Diego center

Maybe Congress can start helping Barack?

What Does Our Car have in Common With the bush administration?

Pakistan frees dozens of pro-Taliban militants under peace deal

Busssssssssssssssssssshed is on TV

McCain Is The Type Of Candidate You Throw Out There When You Know You're Not Going To Win

Senators Obama and Clinton move faster than I thought possible to unite the party-I'm so proud!!!

George W. bUsh lied. Knowingly. Deliberately.

Truth and reconciliation commission

Sen. Sherrod Brown will endorse Obama

We have to consider that Hillary's or any politician's reasons are psychological, not political.

And now we are together.

Get ready for $5.00/gallon......

Is John McCain building a bridge to the 20TH Century?

Cheney’s urgent to-do list: the passage of the Iraq Hydrocarbon Law

Keeping an eye out for GREENBRIAR... last thread:

Official Former Clinton SuperDUlegates who have switched check in

(MO) Lieutenant governor’s aide faces pornography charges

10 airports install body scanners

The official response to all Rethug spam this election season

Do you have any direct investment in oil?

*** BREAKING Obama meets with Clinton at her D.C. home ***

Israel to attack Iran unless enrichment stops: minister

Wreck this thread (X-post)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission vs War Crimes Trials

Should the Republicans use gladiatorial combat to select their future nominees?

Fraud in this election

Why Bob Barr will always be one of the most hypocritical POS's who ever lived..

Obama to keep Dr. Dean as DNC Chair

Montana Republicans have an "interesting" candidate for U.S. Senate.

AP ignored Gates' support for diplomacy with Iran, reported Obama is "inexperienced in foreign affai

Friday News Dump: Payrolls Dropping, Unemployment Rate Surging....Now go back to your BBQ grills

I Watched The Gibson Interview of McCain Last Night

FIFTEEN THINGS John McCain Underestimates

It was all about the SDs, Stupid

100 Acorns--100 Conceptual Instructions by Yoko Ono

I'm Still In Shock That My Candidate Won

Remember when the BushCo Regime used to feed us that BS about how the economy is doing so great?

Remember when the BushCo Regime used to feed us that BS about how the economy is doing so great?

Buchanan last night suggested Appeasement was the correct thing in 1939

NY Times contradicts the story that Hillary had to be urged to withdraw

Even by NY Post standards, this is pretty low. (George Takei cartoon)

Even by NY Post standards, this is pretty low. (George Takei cartoon)

McCain Calls Bush "A Fool And A Fraud"

Missouri Poll: Obama 43, McBush 42

Obama and Clinton to meet at Clinton's house .... but no one has seen them .......

Obama and Clinton to meet at Clinton's house .... but no one has seen them .......

McCain's big sugar lobbyist ties...Why he'll screw the Everglades

Not Breaking News!!! Pres. Clinton concerned about unusually high gas prices

Why Hillary cannot be the VP. Simple.

Leahy: Open Gitmo proceedings

Gore lauds Obama but dismisses role in administration

I'm Joining the Republican Party

Maya Angelou now is supporting Barack!

The republican playbook on "Isolationism"

He looks like

Nora interviewing Kerry Kennedy now on GEM$NBC n/t

Lieberman Savoring Life On Both Sides of the Aisle

Lieberman Savoring Life On Both Sides of the Aisle

Who are these dead enders applauding Bush and McCain?

Another Fine McCain Picture

Highlights in M$M hilarity: Last night's "secret" meeting between Obama and Clinton.

Having a garage sale today to fund a local Dem candidate

Black man and a white woman run the world

How are republicans you know loving this recession and high gas prices?

Look whats the Google says about Vets against McCain.

HRC says she is now ready to listen to advice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sweden to Pass Draconian Wiretap Bill???

Any news on the Barack/Hillary meeting tonight?

"Now watch this drive"

Here's a club we can use to bludgeon the GOP:

Here's a club we can use to bludgeon the GOP:

Caption This....

Doh!!!! Why did this not occur to me before. Obama Dean.

Too hot in the hot tub.....burn my feet.....Make it cooler!

I changed my avatar to Obama!

Damn, It Feels Great to be an American Right Now.

I saw your face, I hope you know we did not forget you

A Message To All Clandestine Republican Political Operatives Visiting DU

Bush History for Friday 6/6/08 (A Grim Milestone)

Indicted Saudi (Bush Pal) Gets $80 Million US Contract

Ya Think Publishers Clearing House Would Send A Check To ......

US Colonel, "If these f---ing hajis learned to drive, this shit wouldn't happen."

Holy Shite - Dow down 380 with 10 minutes to go n/t

Obama: I'll Be In White House For Chicago Olympics

My Semi-adopted son is home from Iraq

Finally, one of my e-mails has somewhat of an effect

We have a Florida issue to knock down any lead by McDoomed

Another excellent sign of how well the job market is functioning.

New Canadian Chief of Defense staff served in Iraq with US Army.

A freeper told me today that oil shot up over night because..

64 Years Ago Today!!

price of oil per barrel up NINE DOLLARS just today!!!!

Another chase of illegals in south Texas. Lucky no one was killed.

NYTimes Interactive Graphic on Exit Poll data from many states

NY considers creating 'organ-removal' ambulance

Scotty's Book, Senate Report On Deliberate Lying i.e., Iraq,..Lookee over here the Dow PLUNGED 400 !

Do you feel safer ........ ?

What's wrong with McCain's right hand/arm?

To the losing side: accept your loss and bow to us

WOW GEM$NBC will discuss Truth versus Fiction - Bush and Cheney and

RW coworker sent me this

A Democratic Administration - ripples beyond the Presidency.

Latest Lieberman outrage - uses "the Democrat Party" in an email for "Citizens for McCain"

Latest Lieberman outrage - uses "the Democrat Party" in an email for "Citizens for McCain"

this country is worth trillions of dollars

Travelling American chimpanzee exhibit to hit Europe

Travelling American chimpanzee exhibit to hit Europe

I've been thinking: maybe, we should start a campaign of unemployment reporting.

Looking for contributing advice...Primary vs GE vs DNC vs state elections...

The reason that Hillary should not be Vice President is because

The reason that Hillary should not be Vice President is because

The reason that Hillary should not be Vice President is because

== Is Obama an Enlightened One? = By Mark Morford

== Is Obama an Enlightened One? = By Mark Morford

The reason that Hillary should not be Vice President is because

The reason that Hillary should not be Vice President is because

'Going 6˝ years without another 9/11 is not an accident; it's an achievement,'

Re the Media Right Wing smear machine - doesn't Cindy pretty much innoculate Michelle ?

New McCain ad: "I hate war, and I know how terrible its costs are."

Quick synopsis of GD-P over the last 6 months...

Call the WAAAAAHmbulance! Your Whiny Hypocritical Press Corps[e]

market down almost 400 pts. Boy George says his plan is working

Dow Jown Heading Down....Now at -220 (1029est)


LTTE re: fuel prices. Please let me know what you think.

Derrie-Air has been exposed. (airline ad)

KKK sign at the baseball regionals at Georgia.

Turning the Corner

US walking away from UN rights forum

Check It Out: TYT Live From Radio Row at the National Conference for Media Reform in Minneapolis

Why was CesarAugustus2 labeled a troll?

RFK: 40 years later on Tweety

HILL SUPPORTERS: my sources say covert op is under way, surprise announcement sat., HRC to Denver!

Crooks & Liars: Lieberman "just taunting Dems at this point," plans to head "Citizens For McCain"

Senator seeks Rumsfeld Investigation...

WT: Barr Chiseling Into McCain Voter Base

WT: Barr Chiseling Into McCain Voter Base

This forum needs to apologize to Harold Ickes and Terry.

Did Chris Mathews just say "Peeps"?

Veteran frogman was among first to hit Normandy beaches

Obama is More Talked About at FreeRepublic than McCain

Woman sets gas station rest rooms ablaze to protest gas prices


$137.08!!! And we have a new record!!!


PRESENTING,...YOUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE: republican or democratic executive.

So try JAWBONING OPEC again, you miserable failure!

Operation Overlord: June 6th, 1944

help craigslist

Police chief's arrest is a major jolt to sleepy Northern California community of Blue Lake

The Lieberman we'd all like to see

10 years later, dragging death changes town

Strange thing. I went to the bank with my paycheck and they cashed it.

It's that time of year again...belly up to the trough!

Friday, and still over 100 superdelegates to go...

How about our first ad go something like this

Bush photos, 6/6/08 & 6/5/08: "Honk if you're totally F**KED."

Dubcek, Svoboda, Dubcek, Svoboda

It's OUR party--can WE publicly disown that rat's ass, slimy, double-crossing quisling?

"The eagle has landed, and she has a beak."

Obama backs Lieberman into a corner...

Weird shit in oil

I hope he's as sound a human being as he is a politician.

Former anti-terror czar: 'Someone should have to pay' for Bush administration lies

Israeli minister threatens Iran (BBC News, AP 6-6-08)

Obama Launches Two-Week Tour On The Economy

John McCain strategy meeting caught on video

John McCain strategy meeting caught on video

Best joke on GEM$NBC today

Message to Hillary: If you want Obama donors to help pay off your debt, don't use Ferrarro to ask

Europeans View America As A ‘Force For Evil’ Under Bush»

Popular vote

Dreams With Sharp Teeth: Review (Progressive Democrat Harlan Ellison documentary trailer added)

What about Dick Gephardt?

Anybody know anything about conversion kits for automobiles that

40 Years Later: RFK's Daughter Reflects (video)

Nutty neighbor....????

Nutty neighbor....????

Where's Rummy?

Oil price rises as much in 1 day as it costed at the day of fate

Clone McShame's Katrina Kerfuffle - A Leader I Can Believe?

documentary coming out on the extra shots and cia in the room when RFK was killed

Barack Obama, the person

Strap on your tin foil hats (maybe) -- Bilderbergers are meeting NOW.

OK. Dammit, everyone rec the thread at the following link:

America is gonna have a black president.

Obama meeting with Clinton at Clinton home in DC tonight, MSNBC reports

Can we agree to call him McBush in our posts from now on?

National Healthcare Question

Do you get the sense that once this party unites, we are so gonna kick ass this fall?

I know this subject isn't a hot-button topic at this time: Turkish head scarf ban.

Accomplishments of the 110th Congress, from Rep. John Olver (MA):

Have you ever been on welfare?

SwingTown? anyone watch it last night? possible spoiler

Suspected Child Molester Arrested After Knocking On Officer's Door

Suspected Child Molester Arrested After Knocking On Officer's Door

Did anybody see this hit job by ABC called Obamas top ten bad VP picks?

An investment in quality journalism

Ann Coulter's Felony Voter Fraud Crimes: The Complete Story

What if McCain died from health issues prior to elections?

What if McCain died from health issues prior to elections?

What if McCain died from health issues prior to elections?

Fox News in serious trouble

RePublican Pride Month...Watch for the Parades and Parties coming your way soon..

McClatchy: McCain's free ride is over, but he worked hard to exploit it

I really think Bill Clinton is the reason Hilllary won't be chosen for Veep

I really think Bill Clinton is the reason Hilllary won't be chosen for Veep

Supper in the Future?

Want to see some adorable pictures of Malia and Sasha

If you've never been to the Lounge, you're missing ALL THE FUN!

Missouri lieutenant governor's top aide charged with distributing porn to child

Go to 1:58 of this You Tube video and tell me if it reminds you of anyone.

Rice, Wolfowitz, Perle among those at Bildeberg meetings this weekend

Channeled material on Obama

is there some way to list all the times stories were run about Obama/Hillary misstatements? then...

is there some way to list all the times stories were run about Obama/Hillary misstatements? then...

Is D.C.'s "Military-Style Checkpoint" Plan Unconstitutional? Probably...

I don't normally support vandalism, however....

Anyone listening to Ray Taliaferro on KGO?

Do you think the word marriage is important?

CNN exit polls for Repubs asked about abortion but Dem polls did not. Is abortion going to be a

Iran May Have Used Pentagon Officials And Cheney's Office To Feed Bogus Intel

Look no further. Mark Warner is the best VP candidate

My Electoral Map Analysis: Obama Can Win By Focusing on Iowa and Virginia

EDITED: Are the energy barons INTENTIONALLY pushing a depressed economy,...

EDITED: Are the energy barons INTENTIONALLY pushing a depressed economy,...

Does anyone else think that it would be wiser to put the "baby to bed" now?

Oops: School misspells education on diplomas

McCain wants to abolish Amtrak...

Hey DUers, Do You Have A Tightwatt?

It's strange what the media will fixate on some times...(ON EDIT: DU ON CNN ALERT!!)

Barack Obama's Journey through Video: Post Your Favorite Obama Videos Here!

50 seconds of video---over and over and over and over....

If you aren't listening to Mike Malloy tonight, you should be!

If you aren't listening to Mike Malloy tonight, you should be!

The only way "Abstinence Only" is ever going to work

Is there a plan by Dems to stop the rethugs from stealing

Ya know, I'm really happy that every States made a difference this year!

Ya know, I'm really happy that every States made a difference this year!

The night of New Hampshire.

Which foreign country should President Obama visit first?

Transition advice

Transition advice

Bob Dylan says Barack Obama is 'changin' America

What do you think will happen to oil prices if Obama is president? n/t

Intrade odds:

why Hillary will not be VP.

Obama in Bristol, Va, pics and video

Remember when McCain and Bush were partying during Katrina? Obama was busy...

Breaking CNN Poll: Obama leads McCain 49-46, shows his base more solidified than McCain's.

The oil/gas crisis is a hoax to take your money!

Rasmussen - Missouri: Obama 43% McCain 42%

Gloria Steinem:Hillary has made history, now vote Obama

A suggestion (for the sake of unity)

Glenn Greenwald: NYT front page reports on McCain's reversal on spying, executive power

Lindorff: Time for Congress to Stand Up in its Own Defense: Impeach Bush and Cheney Now!

BUSH/CHENEY: "Blackmail, plain and simple"

More on the Obama-Clinton Meeting

I almost wish Obama didn't have to face what's ahead.

War With Iran? This Summer or Early Fall? Robert Gates Tinkering With the Air Force Troubles Me.

Meanwhile in the Senate ....... how in the fuck do they DO that?????

Just saw a bumper sticker that pissed me off

Woman Kicked out of Ladies Room

Barack Obama's To-Do List for today:

Poor John Edwards

I remember in 1999 when the price for a barrel of oil was $10.75...

Cool Photo from Key West...

Words of disapproval for Wasserman Schultz from one of the Democrats running in South Florida

Help me understand how this would work, please.

The new Administration should keep some familiar names..

Hollywood come together for Obama? Yes, it can

Rahm Emanuel: The "Bush's 3rd Term" thing pisses McCain off because IT'S TRUE, it's "struck a nerve"

Obama can handle the press....last night

Speechless with horror.

The "No Fly List" now takes on a new meaning

FYI for Hillary supporters concerning the Obama VA Rally

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA returns to Virginia! Visits Bristol and Bristow today.

US General lied under oath about KBR's Contaminated Water to Troops

A strange thought, republicans pick republican for VP and Democrats pick a Democrat for VP.

A strange thought, republicans pick republican for VP and Democrats pick a Democrat for VP.

Obama Is Going To SCREW This Country

a word about hate

McCain was against the everglades before he was for them...

Joe Scabro, aka MORNING JOE re-upped on MSNBC until 2011

Intrade Presidential Market Numbers

Just in the nick of time: Reid endorses Obama

Just in the nick of time: Reid endorses Obama

Kudos to all of the Clinton supporters here who have come out for Obama

National Hurrican Insurance Program?

A strange thought: What if Hagel was Obama's running mate?

Slipping the did they manage to pull that off?

Obama, As Seen From Africa

'U.S. Marine Accused of Proselytizing in Iraq a Symbol of Growing Anti-Christian Persecution"

Can you imagine how different things would have been if Harold Ickes had been chair of the DNC?

After tonights there any doubt that she will be VP

Holly crap, did you see all those old white men, McCain's age, doing daps

Obama-McCain Forums: Still a Terrible Idea-for Obama website down

I don't understand what's happening here!!!



So I Google "what to do in an accident" and here's what I got:

Good morning, from a very new Obama supporter.

Obama in a Blowout: The Presidential Election Will Not Be Close / By Guy T. Saperstein, AlterNet

Sibel Edmonds Case: More Destruction of Evidence re Nuclear Black Market

LieberCRUMB : Asks Senator McCain If He Could Create New Organization, "Citizens For McCain"

Can we impeach now, or does this position still make me "shrill" ...

"View" co-host questions senator and his wife's public display of affection

I saw "Moran Guy" driving his jeep today

John McGramps Is Un American Flys in A Foriegn Aircraft

Am I Paranoid Or Am I On Everyone's Ignore List...

Remember the Bush's Last Day Countdown keychains?

Tom Delay calls Obama a 'Marxist'

On Keith Olbermann's interview with Richard Clarke

Here's some scary precedent for you

America's Medicated Army

For immediate email circulation by all DUers

LA Times: Obama leads in battle for Latino vote

How Karl Rove Played Politics While People Drowned

Fox News ready to promote Obama's connection to a Chicago Law Firm

Fox News ready to promote Obama's connection to a Chicago Law Firm

Congratulations President Obama! (my first OP ever here)

Polar Bear Swims 200 Miles Shot Dead For Its Efforts

New Clinton supporter argument: For VP she's INEVITABLE (lol)

I just finished 2 Obama posters and would love your feedback.

Rasmussen West Virginia: McCain 45, Obama 37

When will the vp be chosen?

FYI: Wes Clark Premiered The Fist Bump For POTUS Candidates In 2003

Traders bet Obama beats McCain in election: 63-35% (as of today)

More important than Obama appointments to SC is if someone retires at the end of June.

"IT WAS ALL A LIE"-Time for Congress to Stand Up in Its Own Defense: Impeach Bush and Cheney Now!

Dow down 400

Why is Obama "corporate"?

Update the Hate Mailbag Protest day three

Clinton's way forward

I LOVE this!!

Dr. Dean, the Political Machine

Depression Signs Emerge - Thanks to Bush etc. (Mike Whitney)

maybe holding political office should be like jury duty

Obama meets with Clinton 6/5

Creative and Disguised Rasism is Still Just Plain Racism

Observation: Party Re-unification Seems To Be Taking Place A Bit More Easily Than Expected....

6/6/08 RASMUSSEN MATCH-UPS: OBAMA widens lead over McCain today


New agreement lets US strike any country from inside Iraq

has hillary ever touched anything that didnt turn to crap?

New GE polls: Obama 43% InSane 42% in MO; InSane: 45% Obama: 38% in WVA

Salon on Katrina: "How Karl Rove played politics while people drowned (Blame the Democrats)"

What. The. Hell?

When the powerless get their chance to change things (about my son and the Army)

Even by their standards, John McCain is an AWFUL choice for the Republicans.

Fixing the superdelegate system should be simple


JUST LOOK AT THIS MAP! It's not even a WEEK since Obama secured the Nomination!

JUST LOOK AT THIS MAP! It's not even a WEEK since Obama secured the Nomination!

JUST LOOK AT THIS MAP! It's not even a WEEK since Obama secured the Nomination!

Dreams from His Mother (Ann Soetoro as feminist icon)

Pissed Offed C-Span Callers

If Hillary Clinton Does NOT Release Her Delegates To Obama Did My Animus Toward Her Continues

I don't recall a push to put Dean on Kerry's ticket

Hillary, don't give up yet! Time for an Independent run.

NOW and the MSM Hall of Shame

Barr chiseling into McCain voter base (NC & GA are competitive)

TPM: Lieberman calls Dems the "Democrat party"

Hillary and Barack: They left laughing, Feinstein says

Question about the 39 hour work week.

I believe Hillary Clinton will not concede tomorrow

Do you support Barack Obama, or not?

14 felony counts. How do you plead, Mr Bonds?

"Et tu Brute?" My final rant on the primaries/press/etc.

It wasn't DAP it was a POUND. . .

Wow, you can tell who's using this board to continue the Democratic Divide.

A Tribute To the Hillary Supporters Who've Left or Gone (or just stopped posting):

Do we really have to push the "mccain is nuts" meme so much?

BlooInBloo Needs Help Coming Up With Another Name For McOlderThanDirt!

Will Hillary supporters be outraged if the 'monster' Samantha Powers returns to Obama team for GE?

Wealthy Americans Under Scrutiny in UBS Case (Phil Gramm, McCain advisor-check!)

This forum is pretty well-behaved tonight.

Bu$h On Cocaine In White House! (Globe)

Check in if you were a Clinton supporter who is now an Obama supporter for the GE.

I still don't like giving any advantage to McCain with the joint town hall meetings. This politico

Hey Obama you want a tough Vice Prez pick Kucinich

i encountered another anti-obama racist

Three more Washington superdelegates go for Obama (14-3)

LIKELY NOMINEE? Anyone else have a problem with this?

Clinton DID NOT hold an overwhelming advantage among women voters

Edwards reportedly withdraws name from Veepstakes.

DeLay: 'Unless Obama Proves Me Wrong, He Is a Marxist'

HuffPo- "Religious Right Figure Gets Chills: Obama could win 40% of Evangelicals"

Has everyone got their stimulus check from Chimpy?

Thinkprogress: Rev. Wright Dominated Media Coverage (so much for Obama media bias claim)

Harriet Christian (angry Hillary supporter) is Mayella Ewell in to kill a mockingbird...

Campaign surrogates you won't miss.

Gosh, it just really hit me this morning...does it seem surreal to you?

Watching DiFi on MSNBC, I don't think the Obama/HRC meeting went so swimmingly

Hillary Clinton's email message to her supporters 6/05/08 (TEXT ENCLOSED)

Religious Right Figure Gets Chills: Obama Could Win 40 Percent Of Evangelicals

Of course, there's a videotape. And on the tape, the candidate uses the word "whitey."

Obama supporters...

Under an Obama administration, will the Bush crime family be held accountable?

Under an Obama administration, will the Bush crime family be held accountable?

There's a monkey on my teevee talking about how young people are driving up unemployment

Looking forward to Wednesday

I am so happy and excited to have Barack as our nominee!

The Semi-Official GD-P LOvE-IN!!!

Right Wingnuts Human Events on the DAP — "‘Hezbollah’ style fist-jabbing"

Why Didn't More Women Vote for Hillary?

Best woman for the job could be a man

So What Do YOU Think Obama Said To LIEberman

Have you seen the Global Electric Motorcar? (GEM)

So, Obama is entering White House and Chimpy is leaving..

So, how'd that 3-thread limit work out? You wanna keep it for the new forum?

Tomorrow separates the men from the boys, the girls from the women. Tomorrow a line is drawn.

Pooch pictures? Cats allowed too!

Hey! Ho! Let's Go!

Can Hillary use Federal Public Funding to pay down her debt?

It's happening. The latest board has Obama up 74 EVs on McHundred.


So if Obama's election to the white house is bigger than the emancipation proclamation

McCain, in Florida, defends opposition to 2007 Florida Everglades bill

Don't Look Now But The Dow Is Down 340 Points And Oil Is Selling For $138.00 A Barrel

From The Biggest News You HAVEN'T Heard!

Come on John Edwards, just be our VP, why the hell not?

Hilllary $30 million in debt.

It begins: McCain and subtle racial stereotypes.

Great Smackdown of Larry Johnson: Reason Magazine-Everything's Gonna Be All White

How about Wes Clark for VP?

VP race: any female pols who are military combat veterans from South or SW?

I refuse to ignore Truth for the sake of "Unity"! (Obama supporters, do not sell yourself short)

Does Hillary actually have the most to lose with an Obama loss?

Catholic group protests New York student paintings

Is there a news blackout on the DNC's new ban on lobbyist and PAC money?

Whitey rumor matches novel

"The two candidates emerged laughing from their hour-long meeting"

Compromise/solution to Hillary's debt problem:

Justice Kennedy-Sweet Caroline to the Supremes?

In tight Senate votes, McCain not a maverick

Let's speculate on utterly crazy (but making sense in a way) choices for Obama's VP slot.

Today a co-worker called me 'Obama'

Rendell pushing the "if HE was self-assured enough" meme

THE MATH Daily Widget – Friday, June 6 – Wigand +1.49 – Total +2.50

Father's Day Idea: Dreams from my Father

How often has your FIRST choice in the primaries won?

So Gramps McInsane wants to put a MAN on MARS???

Breaking: Oil Climbs Almost $11

I'll Aks This Question Again

A thank you to DU and GDP from a visitor from Canada

Have The Republicans ever Touched Anything that Didn't Turn To Crap?

What everyone has been waiting on.

Obama Statement On Climate Change Bill

Obama is gonna kick ass.

Will Obama drive home the Supreme Court issue?

What about Bill Nelson D-FL for Veep

what presidential candidates have you voted for who WON?

Reports: Edwards rules out vice president slot

Robert Kennedy Would Be Eighty Three Years Old

John McCain's Top Priorities: Getting Your Vote, Questioning Obama on Iraq, and... Golf?

AP: Obama pitches Olympic bid

anyone see these McCain ads showing up on websites?

I got to shake Obama's Hand and say...and then he said.... Pics inside

Ok Everyone, It's Time

Many of you think Hillaryis44 and No Quarter is bad?

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Care A Great Deal About Each Other As Well As America

So, Minnesotans. How Much Trouble is Franken In?

So, Minnesotans. How Much Trouble is Franken In?

In case you missed it live, a clip of Olbermann interrupting McCain's speech to announce...

My head is going to explode McCain's new ad "only a fool or fraud talks highly of war"

What would Bushco hope to ACCOMPLISH by attacking Iran?

Is Obama being used by the Clintons?

How to GUARANTEE a Democratic win in November

Big Brown's hoof specialist to attach acrylic-fiberglass patch Friday

New DNC Ad - McCain's Lobbyist Friends

Who Do the RETHUGLICANS think their foolin'? Obama in a LANDSLIDE!

What do you think Obama told Hillary?

Who exactly is Larry Johnson?

Vice President? "Who, ME ??"

Show some love today: Support Howard Dean and the DNC

Larisa - Right-wing Goes After John Cusack (War, Inc.)

Obama VP selection team to meet with Congress to collect info about their recommendations

Something Weird Has Happened Since Tuesday Night

***** In Memoria. Robert F. Kennedy. Nov. 20, 1925 – June 6, 1968 *****

Get Your License Plate Complete w/Cross - SC

Now Terry McAuliff is changing role to a stand up democrat

Which of these 3 Virginians is the best choice for Obama's VP spot?


Pitchfork Media: Bob Dylan Endorses Barack Obama

Do you copy the inexperienced person at a new job?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but George Will wrote a helluva column today

Hillary: The inevitable presidentail candidate. Oh, wait...

Um, does Michelle know about this?

How Hillary can pay off most of her debt

Who REALLY won the popular vote?

"Curveball" on steroids: Rockefeller's report on the Office of Special Plans is a good read.

anyone else catch Brian Williams outing himself as a republican

Why can't I shake the feeling that GD-P

Wow...Randi spouting off on Mark Green and censorship at AAR


Clinton's Latino spin

I received a very kind response from CNN's Jeffrey Toobin today. See attached:

I just heard Paul begala on ed shultz ...

Youth Voters Make History as Turnout Shatters Records in 2008 U.S. Presidential Primaries

Obama's favorite breakfast?

Barack Obama has profound empathy

McCain in 2004 told Kerry to stop using the Vietnam war as a political issue

Why is Hillary conceding on SATURDAY? Would someone please explain this to me.

Can I just take a moment to say how much I LOVE Howard Dean?

How the Clinton Campaign Armed a Black-Latino Time Bomb in Nevada: Divide & Conquer Politics

Clinton Superdelegate: "Clinton Wanted to Exploit Jewish-Black Tension"

Clinton Meets With Obama, and the Rest Is Secret. How Do You Read This Look From Obama?(PIC)

Clinton Meets With Obama, and the Rest Is Secret. How Do You Read This Look From Obama?(PIC)

Will Obama help heal the racial divide?

Barack Obama's Fool Proof General Election Strategy

I have had enough of the FL Dem leaders, their big egos, their false outrage...

Get the fuck outta here.... Look what your cell phone can do

Unl;ess you are willing to blame Obama for his supporters' racist

*I'm* trying too... and it is NOT hate, it is mistrust...

*I'm* trying too... and it is NOT hate, it is mistrust...


I now understand why the media gives McVain a free pass

Anybody Making Divisive Anti-Hillary/Obama Threads Here Is An Undercover Republican...

Unconventional Behaviors

All "Women for Obama" merchandise on back order!

Courageous, Tenacious, and Ground-breaking!

Will Obama be the first African American President....

McCain sets sights on Clinton’s supporters

***DUzy Awards for week ending June 6, 2008***

a little comic relief: from the mouth of babes...

Did weak support from Hispanic-Americans doom Senator Clinton's bid for the Democratic nomination?

Michelle Bernard just predicted that Clinton will STOP short of an outright endorsement

McCain's Policies Sell Out the Working Class

Not that it matters much but CNN new poll has Obama +24 over Clinton

Not that it matters much but CNN new poll has Obama +24 over Clinton

Jim Webb for Vice?

At first thought, I would love to see VA. Sen. Jim Webb as Obama's VP Choice

I move that the Congress begin a full investigation of the oil prices.

How much time should Obama focus on pacifying the Clintons vs winning in Nov?

So how many of y'all are scared that Senator McCain might make the

i just gave everyone a pardon, we need a fresh start

i just gave everyone a pardon, we need a fresh start

i just gave everyone a pardon, we need a fresh start

Can Mr. Obama save us?

How about we skip on the Vice Presidency this time around?

BREAKING!!!Details Of Obama, Clinton Meeting Emerge

BREAKING!!!Details Of Obama, Clinton Meeting Emerge

Who the heck is Reba Shimansky and why is it significant that she is voting for McCain over Obama?

Who the heck is Reba Shimansky and why is it significant that she is voting for McCain over Obama?

I like Virginia Governor Tim Kaine for VP; I also like Claire McCaskill but this post is about Kaine

I'm trying... and it is NOT hate, it is mistrust...

It's over: Party unites behind Obama; Hillary addresses loose ends

So where's our ardent DU Hillary supporters?

You have five days to get it out of your system...

You have five days to get it out of your system...

You have five days to get it out of your system...

You have five days to get it out of your system...

Clinton's political image intact

Some say Obama can't win w/o Clinton supporters under 6 ft tall with 5 or more letters in their name

Some say Obama can't win w/o Clinton supporters under 6 ft tall with 5 or more letters in their name

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/6/08 - Obama 45, McCain 40

Joe Scarborough prediction

DUPAC ( Democratic Underground Political Action Committee)..Good Idea?!

Democrats, put down your swords

If coercing a divide between Jewish and black voters is ACCEPTABLE to you as a Dem primary tactic

NEED HELP finding a post-

Here's what happens if you ignore caucuses.

Randi Rhodes VERY confident PAPA can be defeated

Striking parallels between Blair, Obama

To some vocal Hillary critics here: SHUT UP.

I *FINALLY* Believe

I *FINALLY* Believe

Obama should have an ads blitz out right now. He should be defining McCain as we speak

Will John McCain attract a significant number of Hillary Clinton supporters to his campain?

Will John McCain attract a significant number of Hillary Clinton supporters to his campain?

I still love you Hillary!

I still love you Hillary!

I still love you Hillary!

I still love you Hillary!

The Republican VP Nomination...

What's WITH influencial Dems. (like Schumer) announcing that Hillary would take VP if offered?

What's WITH influencial Dems. (like Schumer) announcing that Hillary would take VP if offered?

What's WITH influencial Dems. (like Schumer) announcing that Hillary would take VP if offered?


Who should Obama pick for VP?

Something Odd in McCain's War Hero Saga

I hope Ann Richards and Molly Ivins are smiling

Should Obama be at Hillary's endorsement of him?

Will Bobby Jindal help or hurt McCain, if he gets the VP pick

Wes Clark email: Unite Behind Barack Obama

Should Obama be at Hillary's endorsement of him?

Clinton asks her donors to support Obama during conference call

Let The Negative Hillary Threads Sink!!!!!!!!!!!

Let The Negative Hillary Threads Sink!!!!!!!!!!!

Know what? I still think Hillary was the better candidate. Still think she would have won in Nov.

I was hoping he'd get some rest this weekend!

A Reminder As To Whom Really Deserves Your Contempt and Harsh Posts

Obama Says Webb Would Have His Back in Fight vs. GOP

Candidates don't usually concede same night primary opponent cliches it.

Rumsfeld Aid Shut Down Investigation of Iranian Contacts...

If you donate to Senator Obama, please do so through the DU fundraising page

Nominate The Best DU/GDP 2008 Poster

In honor of that polar bear who was killed yesterday, do this: (free and easy)

As a Hillary Clinton supporter . . .

An observation about racism and sexism in politics

What radicals does John McCain associate with (that haven't been mentioned)?

Conservative Pundit: Empircally and Observationally - We are headed to a historic landslide defeat

I support Hillary Clinton for Vice President.

Anyone Have Good Links for Obama Gear Besides the Campaign Store?


Randi Rhodes Funny Moment yesterday: "So you can't support Obama because he is black?...

CRAZY Obama Photo...

How can we get Al Gore to apologize for picking Lieberman as VP

What About Barack Obama ? -- Thread for Those who might want to KNOW; here are FREE CLUES!

Final totals: Barack Obama won the popular vote

Final totals: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote

Solidarity, A dividend forty years in the making, working to kill one thing

Obama Statement on Pride Month:

in the interest of harmony, here's my pledge, any other takers?

Are the 20-24% of Hillary supporters who claim they'll switch to McCain... really Republicans?

"Hey, Ho, Please Don't Go"

THE MATH Weekly – Friday, June 6 – Obama 300, McCain 238

who is perpetrating the lie that dems want obama/hillary ticket?? I don't

"Addicted to drama" Hillary wanted roll call so Chelsea could hear her name

Barack doesn't mess around.....

May I propose a new emoticon?

How about Brian Schweitzer (D-MT governor) for VP?

Obama’s Gay Promises

The truth is: Barack Obama is an empty vessel.

Hillary Loves You

It's a Beautiful Day! ---pix--->>>

No Dem Senators for Dem VP nominee. Period.

I've changed my mind, decided to vote For Hillary - Talk me out of it..

Comparing the Senate voting records of Sen. Obama, Sen. Webb and Sen. McCain

For the record, I like Hillary & the Clintons just fine.

Wesley Clark endorses Obama

The self-fulfilling prophecies of die-hard Obama opponents

Disney/ABC and News Corp/Fox and the FCC - Bias? Nope, Simple Economics

Obama has no option Hillary has to be on the ticket.

Just five reasons I think General Clark should be Obama's VP!

Mark Morford: Is Obama an enlightened being?

"Whitey" could be problematic.

Almost 10,000 first time donors to Obama campaign in 4 hours.

Eugene Robinson: What He Overcame

BREAKING: Whitey tape exposed!!!!

Final totals: Hillary Clinton lost the popular vote...

Hillary is a fighter, she's had to be

Regardless of who hates Hillary

Obama in a Blowout: The Presidential Election Will Not Be Close

Don't be upset a few hillary supporters think pigs can fly, withhold what they want and ignore them.

What REALLY happened at Feinstein's house.

Sweet: I just saw a McCain bumper sticker next to a "W04" sticker!

Prediction: the Veep will be a white Catholic male not currently part of the

Flashback: Over confident Hillary has no doubt she will be the nominee.

Great 8 Minutes of the Daily Show.......

1968: Robert, Jr Interview on RFK!

TYT: Hillary's New Job

A Matter of Choice

Hillary supporters...

HRC and BO are Laughing About it all Right Now, Ya Idjits

Analysis: The end of boomer power

HUBRIS, a poem

This thread is going to piss off some Obama supporters.

I don't know when it happened, but even belated Schadenfreude is good Schadenfreude

Did Obama & Hillary meet at the Bilderberg conference?

When Obama announces his v.p. pick,

"i won't vote for Obama now or ever. cancel my account skinner you ass"

Andrews says he heard racist strategy from Clinton camp

Webb being VP... Could he affect bordering states?

Isn't Bill Miller the only non-WASP the GOP has ever nominated?

Join the NO KICKS FOR HATE campaign

* * * BREAKING: HILLARY *ISN'T* 44! * * *

Check in and rec if you are, or are planning to actively campaign for Obama...

Pew Research: Coverage of Clinton, Obama ‘Almost Identical’

I think Obama needs a VP that is well known.

He Hates Obama But Found the Pizza Vending Machine in the Lobby!

Hillary will win in either 2012 or 2016

The "Hill-Haters" meme

She lost me at "slumlord".

Ok ok. Not that anyone should care, but I was just watching Obama & I LIKE HIM.

"Obama is where I’d be if I had had $250 million.” Gary Hart compares '08 to '84 convention.

Need your help in creating a viral smear email campaign against McSame.

Seeing Bobby Kennedy in Barack Obama (nice Mother Jones essay)

I have tried to resist falling in love.

The Intervention continues. Obama/Clinton meeting at DiFi's place tonight

Do you remember when we said she was hurting his chances?

6 Other Things that Aren't "Change We Can Believe In"

What did Obama say to Trader Joey yesterday?

Obama Doing Better Among Hispanics Than Kerry in 2004

HRC as VP?? HA! Vet this...

We need to balance the ticket in a way I haven't heard suggested yet

Thank god we avoided Harold Ford as DNC chair

US congressman says Clinton campaign sought to exploit tensions between blacks, Jews

WTF? The press seems really miffed for being put on a plane with no Obama...

Just got back from a day with conservative law enforcement types

This annoys me greatly...

When Hugo Chavez Pivots His Nasty Rhetoric Toward Obama, Will You Take Your Nose Out of His Ass?

When Hugo Chavez Pivots His Nasty Rhetoric Toward Obama, Will You Take Your Nose Out of His Ass?

Fortune: Why oil prices will tank

Well, the squad took the wife to the ER at the heart hospital today, and we have no insurance

It's official: Caribbean monk seal is extinct

Joe Bageant: Breaking The Beer Barrier

Let's face it, folks: the GOP is going to steal this election.

MSNBC Reporter Calls Spike Lee "Uppity"

DU is screwing up my reading attention span.

Come Here Boy!

Oh yea baby!!111!

I got those Smart Lidz- they don't work on your mouth.

Peckinpah's Wild Bunch just started

Paging graywarrior.... paging Ms. graywarrior....

Favorite cold?

What would you say are some of the most famous rockabilly songs? nt

Films featuring Dennis Dugan as the hero other than The Howling

It's only Thursday. It's not Friday.

Damn Swedes playing for Redwings.

Fuck dancing,let's read.

YouTube: The Tubes, "White Punks On Dope" & "Mondo Bondage," UK Channel 4, 1984

Anyone listen to Dan Bern?

Which is older?- 'Smell like teen spirit' or this year's high school grads?

The Ultimate Fmale Joke

Is it ok to post this painting here?

I live above a Boston sports bar


why was the Michelle Obama rickroll deleted

Tonight is the last night I'm ever going to spend with my boys, the way they are.

Damn it's late and I wanted to post something

Lounge challenge: say something more insane than this

Fuck dancing, let's fuck.

Watching Countdown (on DVR), and some idiot just said "ZEETgeist"

This is so stupid I became

I think I'll Post Something Just To Be Posting Something

Todays KPOD.... sleeping kitten

Cheney Enrages Iraqis Over Security Deal

Say whut?! GO CELTICS!! BEAT L.A.! BEAT L.A.!

Post here if you think we need one huge Lounge Meet up.

Name some DUers you'd like to beat up in person

The cat circus was in town last night

Is youtube working for everyone.

Nyuck nyuck nyuck...

Nyuck nyuck nyuck...

Pet Lovers - do any of you do this? *sigh* I think I'm hopeless. ;(

My high school graduation was tonight - lots of memories

I think my next record purchase will be

I think my next record purchase will be

I'm beginning to think I'm on the edge of a nervous breakdown

Any of you nerds know how to fix the analogue sticks on a gamepad?

I am in an undisclosed location.

Funniest Rick Roll I've seen so far...

in memory of Jeff Healey

Should I continue to drink tonight or

Office Rage

Oh dear, my little old cat seems to be losing a fang :-(

Happy songs!

Right wing ramping up "abstinence only" education again. Will Democrats cave again?

*****Rec this thread if you love puppies*****

Isn't this the anniversary of D-day?

My Son, The Puzzle Master (cute toddler video within!)

Look at our movie-loving kitteh!

Eyes To The Skies from Iowa To Dallas! Tornado watches, big storms

Eyes To The Skies from Iowa To Dallas! Tornado watches, big storms

Eyes To The Skies from Iowa To Dallas! Tornado watches, big storms

Where the hell is philboy tonight?

post here if you'd like to meet richard mccoy and the huevo brothers

Someone once started a thread where the concept was pick a great novel and turn it into a bad movie.

OMG - I almost pissed my pants yesterday while laughing at the doctor's office...

OMG - I almost pissed my pants yesterday while laughing at the doctor's office...

take off your pants, relax

OMFG!!1!! Paul Krugman uses the Brazilian joke in his column..

Good citizens cheque for duplicates!

Good citizens get duplicate checks!

Good citizens get duplicate checks!

Good citizens Czech for duplicates!

Good citizens! Chex duplicates!

Round 2 of me vs. CIGNA

i won tickets to see neil diamond

Top Chef - WTF???!!!! **** SPOILERS ****

So apparently I'm dating the world's only non-horny teenage guy.

Post some family Pics

YouTube: Nigel, I mean, JEFF BECK: "Cause We've Ended As Lovers"

My First LOLCAT Movie

Aussie Prime Minister "drives the porcelain bus"

Have any of you guys tried teabagging? And does it really work?

Summer Book Recommendations

Crazy RW house-guest knows where GWB REALLY was during Viet Nam

Happy Donut Day!

Happy 53rd Birthday, Sandra Bernhard!

Ever have a day on the internet when you wish you could do this?


Why would you listen to Rush Limbaugh's predictions about the price of oil?

Hey Turtlensue! Dan Snyder is buying Progressive Talk 1260-AM (WWRC)

Man the posters in GDP have nooooo sense of humor nor can they

Cubs improve to 1011-1010 against the Dodgers all-time.

Cleopatra's perfume

I can't believe they put chicken on pizza.

Commie Pinko Dirtbag - A hero for the ages

Fox News reporter cheats in contest and then pays for it

Ohio high school misspells 'education' on diplomas

Would you like to see my first effort at mosaic? This is one view

MTV's "Made" episode last night was at my son's H.S.

Never mind

What the Heck????!!! I just got Anne Murray's 'Snow Bird' stuck in my head

Have any of you guys tried teabagging? And does it really work?

An unexpectedly deft bit of diplomacy by our esteemed Commander-in-Chief

Six years ago, my uncle was killed by a bag of Chex

Have any of you guys tried lawn bagging? And does it really work?

Have any of you guys tried tobagganing? And does it really work?

Happy Birthday, Leanni Lei


Everyone please post your memories of Bobby Heenan (n/t)

well the latest thing out of milan is arabian goggles. anyone know where i can find these in the US

Oh, I'm so glad there is an explanation for this weirdness!!

So, I had this interesting argument in class tonight...

Hey, CaliforniaPeggy! You gonna do this one?

nice . . . anhydrous chloride leak not more than 7 miles from my location

Have any of you tried carpetbagging? And does it really work?

You fucking village idiots need to get over the Czech Republic thingie

Mom just had a lung biopsy done.

Did you ever have a scary/weird dream when you were a kid that still sticks with you?

"Hypermilers" claim to double gas mileage by driving smart

It is going to be one of those 5 pounds weight loss days.

Hangovers are dangerous…

Have any of you guys tried greenbags? And does it really work?

these look like some fun bags

I hate when mods lock threads


Have any of you guys tried greenbacks? And do they really work?

Latest view of our galaxy

OK, the mosaic by itself wasn't good enough...*sniff*

40 years ago today.

For those of you that don't go into GD-P.

When should you get the diploma?

Who Would You Like To See Win Euro 2008....

Aretha Franklin appreciation thread.

Be the first to tell me this isn't real

So I started my new job last week...

Have any of you guys tried teabagging? And does it really work?

Can't access else?

Can't access else?

my AC wasn't working and they are here now

What that hell was I thinking

My aunt just got back from Italy and she brought me a Prada purse!

"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it"

Would you go in to buy a beer at this bar?

Ugh! Low-sodium chicken noodle soup for lunch!

OMG - is Kathy Griffen's mom Midlodemocrat - the proof is here in this quote....

40 years ago today.


How long before the 'teabagging' bit gets really freakin' old?

Alright you village idiots! What's the dumbest most pointless post YOU ever made?

Alright you village idiots! What's the dumbest most pointless post YOU ever made?

Too hot in the hot tub.....burn my feet.....Make it cooler!

Who experienced the HUGE brainstorms last night?


Well, I'm off to Europe now!

YouTube: Jorma, Jack, Grace, JA reunion tour, 8-29-89: "3rd Week in the Chelsea"

Name some DU'ers you would like to meet in prison

Is it just me or is today going by so slow ?

Vegas, baby! I'm leaving in about an hour.

Who experienced the HUGE thunderstorms last night?

From a paper I am writing

Who Experienced The HUGE Fartstorms Last Night?

I'm going to happy hour soon but I only have cash for one drink...

Post here if you want me to stay at least 500 yards away from you at all times

Post here if you want me to stay at least 500 yards away from you at all times

Parche will for sure like this video.


The 50 "best" punny businesses. A teabag-free thread

I bought flowers, ivy, fruit, AND I like Coldplay

It's so hot here that I'm _______________________

I'm jonesing for a Blu-Ray player ... any advice/experience?

You just can't make this stuff up... a lobbyist named Malarkey!

WARNING: Anyone posting in Bullwinkle925's "meet me" thread will be excommunicated from the Lounge

Hockey Night in Canada theme song may be benched permanently from broadcasts

Obama '08 - Can you dig it?

Time for a beer. Who else wants one?

Harry Potter - tea stories


I'm jonesing for a Blue-Jay player ... who wants to play?

Anyone watch Swingtown tonight?

My name is Jorge W Arbusto, you tried to kill my father, prepare to die.

Goddammit Microsoft!

Bjork fans, check in

Airline fare hikes and service cutbacks got you down? Fly Derrie-Air!

I really try to be compassionate but some non-serious, trendy eating disorders makes me roll my eyes

Hilarious email from my mom

I swear I'm opening a popcorn stand in GD

TONIGHT on WGN: Four Classiic Episodes of WKRP in Cincinnati

Sorry to hear Holyfield's losing his home, but who the hell needs a 17 bathroom house?

FREE Krispy Kreme today! Celebrate "Doughnut Day"

Play a travellin' Jones song

Queen Latifah is my hero.

Porn for Peace!

I need a drink

EEWW!! Jessica Simpson's dad tried to take over Romo's career!!

What is the difference between a woman and a computer?

Ohio Beer Drinkers: Buckeye Beer Hippie IPA - should I drink it?

Do we find out who the final Cylon is tonight?

I am usually ambivalent on the death penalty

I'm worried about you

Holy god. Hayden Christensen is a horrifically bad actor.

June 6, 2008. William Shakespeare's Thought For D-Day:

Anti-fart vaccine developed!

Uhm what happened to Spring?

I don't know how long I can hang around tonight

Fellow Hoosiers, here we go again!

I'm Joining the Republican Party

Kelly's Law of Public Nudity:

There is a house on fire and you can only save one, who do you save?

Post here if you'd like to eat ME!

Had to call the Police on a dog left in a vehicle in Costco's parking

Angel or Devil? You decide....

I got to do something cool at my internship today

Dumb computer question of the day:

Raptor Jesus worshippers, check in

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/6/08

I can't believe I'm getting away with a sex thread

I can't believe I'm getting away with a sex thread

Any PC building hardware geeks in the lounge?

Baby Miraculously Survives Abortion, Expected to Live 'Normal' Life

I'm calling out FromTheAshes

How does one get rid of a frenememy (sp?)......a purported friend who is really an 'enemy'?

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Tonight's lullaby - Ode to a Guitar

Rising Star! Blues Guitarist Fredrik Strand Halland age 14--Love Blues? Gotta see this!

Wow ... never been in here before, hiya!

YES! I have found a way to beat the system.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/6/2008)

Post here if you'd RATHER meet ME than DeposeTheBoyKing . . .

A old friend of mine just scared the shit out of me on the phone. She is one

Borg fans, check in

What's the first film you remember seeing at the movies?

DU gives me an inferiority complex sometimes

Forgetable 80's music thread

Oil prices spiked another $10 a barrel today, expected to hit $160 a barrel by the 4th of July.

POLL: Best Clash Album?

Alton Kelley Dies; Psychedelic Artist (Grateful Dead's "Skull & Roses" & many others)

Sweet tea is yummy, especially on a hot afternoon

PLanning. They does not has it.

Do-it-yourself hate mailbag

Do-it-yourself hate mailbag

i'm kinda sorta maybe freaking out about saturday

Sleep problem: has anyone ever felt this way?

My dog's TPLO surgery was a success.

I'll Melt With You

Braggin' Rights! Popped a DU cherry tonight! WooHoo!

Canadians, Say goodbye to the HNIC theme

Rabbit nest on my porch..

Friday's KPOD

The Republican Kidnapper

It would appear, for some reason, I took a photo of myself coming home drunk last night

What's the best alcoholic drink...

Correct pronunciation of "Oedi"?

My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die...

Wow. Major implosion with Maestro and Dad. Long, cathartic ramblings

Have any of you cat lovers tried the Breeze Cat Litter system? Please report

Birthday wishes to MrsG

Really - what would you do for a Klondike bar?

I was told I had a nice set of melons last night.

Forgotten 80's music thread

Why hard-working Bellevue man was killed a mystery

Did Iranian agents dupe Pentagon officials?

The Unretirement of Reverend Wright

Obama, Clinton talk at her home, sources say.

Obama Campaign Open to Helping Clinton Pay Off $20 Million Debt

Obama denies a rumor and questions the question

Obama Meets Clinton In Private (NOT at her home)

Air Force officials ousted over nuclear gaffes

Reports: John Edwards Has Ruled Out Running for VP

(Iraqi gov't spokesman) Dabbagh denies deal to set up more than 50 U.S. bases

Hospital held man in solitary for 20 years, committee says (Va. mental facility)

2 Leaders Ousted From Air Force in Atomic Errors

Jobless rate jumped to 5.5 percent in May

Jack Lucas has died. Rest in peace Marine.

US issues threat to Iraq's $50bn foreign reserves in military deal

Adviser Says McCain Backs Bush Wiretaps website down

U.S. Payrolls Fell 49,000 in May, Jobless Rate Jumps to 5.5%

US issues threat to Iraq's $50bn foreign reserves in military deal

McCain: I'd Spy on Americans Secretly, Too

Obama and Clinton meet, discuss uniting Democrats

Obama-DNC deal may have little impact

Reports: Ex-U.S. Senator John Edwards rules out taking Vice President slot under Obama

Factories Turn to Refugee Workers

Lieberman launches grassroots organization {Citizens for -- McCAIN ??}

Dow Jones plunges about 400 points

Jobs recovery at least 6 months away

US threatens Britain with legal action over airline taxes

NYC crane inspector charged with corruption

Kenyan group vows to defend Obama from smears

Facing criticism, Obama modifies Jerusalem stance

UBS may reveal U.S. clients' names in probe: report

Poll finds majority of Dems want Obama-Clinton ticket


Shiites torch US flag in Baghdad

Colombia, Ecuador restore ties under deal with Carter (Jimmy Carter)

New 'super-paper' is stronger than cast iron

Fence-Mending Is Needed (between Hillary and some of her constituents)

Intel (Corp.) Facing Antitrust Investigation

Senate Climate Bill Blocked

Unemployment rate jumps to 5.5 percent in May (biggest monthly rise since 1986)

Schumer says Clinton would accept VP offer

South Carolina to Offer Cross on Car Plates

Andrews says he heard racist strategy from Clinton camp

Muslim gang attacks gay catwalk model

Mom Abandons Boy During Dallas Layover

California county clerk to refuse all marriage ceremonies days before gays may wed

Oil soars on $150 per barrel July 4 prediction

Google loses big in H-1B lottery as Congress gets new visa push

Hints of 'time before Big Bang'

Moderator Availability Thread, Friday June 6th

OT: Questionable signature lines.









Jack from Charlotte

Alert Is Really A Complaint About "Hillaryis44'



OT: Once again we are in a Tornado Warning...storm coming in

OT: Happy dance for today.

OT - I'm headed to Maine this weekend

Blaq Dem








Israel attack on Iran 'unavoidable'-Olmert deputy

Bush expresses concern about isolationism

He's Taking Law Into His Own Hands To Help Broke Homeowners

Rachel Hoffman: A Cautionary Tale

The Beautiful

Rep John Lewis: "This campaign is going to be like a crusade to save the soul of America"

Obama vs McCain - A Stark Contrast In Their First Debate


McCain: Everybody's Against Me!!!1! We're Gonna Kill'em

Anti-McCain? You need McCain Toilet Paper from Pie Hole .net

DemocracyNOW: David Iglesias on Bush US Attorney Scandal - Part II

DemocracyNOW: David Iglesias on Bush US Attorney Scandal - Part III

Joe Lieberman Lies About Bush Kiss ("Only a hug," NYT July 16, 2006)

Caught in a Lie, McCain Gets Miffed!

Jimmy Carter: Smarts vs. Military Action.

Clinton and Obama Hold Secret Meeting

Obama: He Really Deed It

Countdown: Bushed! June 5, 2008

Clintons for McCain

Barack - Please, Take Us Higher!!

TYT: What Kids Really Do at Model UN and Congress

KO: Dana "Panties in a Bunch" Rohrabacher & Rupert Murdoch, Worse & Worst

Red State Update: Scott McClellan's Bush-Bashing Book

TheRealNews: VP Cheney Blocked Talks with Iran

Captain Paul Watson, 30 Years War Poem, and Picture Book

New DNC Ad: McCain's Lobbyist Friends

McCain Scares The Pentagon and High-Ranking Repubs (FINGER ON THE BUTTON)

Keith Olbermann And Richard Clark

Saint John McCain. Trying to distance him self from Bushco with Lies.

Chuck Todd looks at the general election electoral college math

Obama brandishes cane, threatens to 'whoop' Congress

Anderson wants to be Donna Brazile's "Boo"

Black Cop/White Cop

TYT: Secret Iraq Deal?!

Callers Sound Off on Jeb Hensarling on Washington Journal

Car Hits Man, People Do Nothing To Help As He Lay In Street

Fall election predictions

Barack Obama in Bristow, VA

Bush to Congress: Make Tax Cuts Permanent (Sounds drunk, high, or maybe both)

Countdown: Phase II of the Intelligence Report Released

Americans in Paris evaluate French healthcare and benefits

Author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins, on America's Secret Empire

America's Medicated Army

Race and Politics 40 Years After RFK

First-of-its-kind (community-owned, utility scale) solar project planned for St. George (Utah)

Home energy consumption tapering in Bay Area

Lieberman-Warner - The Pissing Match Continues - Envirowonk

Bill Clinton Finally Sees the Light

Chimp Apparatchik - Assuming Sharp Turn On Climate By Bush Successor "Miscalculation" - AFP

A striking series of headlines

Now or Never - IEA Energy Technology Perspectives 2008 shows pathways to sustained economic growth…

Nazarbayev considers an increase(d) share of renewable sources to be crucial for energy balance …


Croatia complains it was kept in the dark after Slovenian reactor incident, while others were told l

Judge sends Oregon polluter to federal prison for 6 months

Good Interview With Barry Scott Zellen On The Great Arctic Melt - Global Politician

Don't give up

'Survey sez' LI'ers (Long Islanders) support energy conservation

Ted "Series Of Tubes" Stevens Concerned About Warming - May Block Gas Pipeline Construction - ADN

Manatee CO, Florida, Eliminates County Water & Air Quality Department - But Services Will IMPROVE!!!

Tar Sands Pollution Memos Hurriedly Yanked From Canadian Website By Advisory Group

Peak oil notes

Many Say Coverage is Biased in Favor of Obama (Pew Center report, released today, 2008)

Fuel prices push Britons towards pedal power


Scientists, Water Managers Testify Today To Congress On Climate Breakdown & The Colorado River

Lula Announces Protected Status For Amazon Region - Size Approximates Area Destroyed In Past Year

Congress Snubs Bush Plan For $10 Billion "Clean Tech" Fund - Administed By Coal-Lovin' World Bank

Peak Oil and Reflexivity and Peak Oil

The cost of Clinton's narcissism

Saudi Aramco's Planned 80% Expansion Of Refining Capacity Aimed Largely At Heavy Oil - Marketwatch

IEA report: more than a trillion for CCS

Chile Supermarkets Run Out of Food as Truckers Strike

Green scene a flash in the pan?

Serbia Builds First Solar Energy Plant

Climate Bill Dies In US Senate - ENN

As energy costs soar, America looks to solar

Climber follows climate crusader up NY Times Building

Jim Wallis: A Transformational Moment

World's biggest solar farm at centre of Portugal's ambitious energy plan

S.F. Supervisors OK city solar incentive program

Now voodoo economics goes nuclear says Friends of Earth

Indictment: Broadcom ex-CEO built drug warehouse

Gas hoarding leads to fire

Will the Pentagon correct Maj Gen Johnson's tainted testimony water KBR provided to the troops?

$45 trillion needed to combat warming

U.S. has few options as oil nations tighten grip - Reuters

Climate Change Shifts Jet Stream

McCain Campaign Staffed By Telecom Immunity Lobbyists

On Capitol Hill's revolving door: "old incumbents never die; they just backslap away"

Everybody on DU should carry this with them: Whether to Achieve Victory in Iraq or "Surrender"

Standing room only as Naomi Klein draws big crowds to Helsinki University

America at its best

Hey, Ho, Please Don't Go

Robert Kennedy: a life cut short, a lasting legacy

"If you really want to understand what this race is about, look at the two candidates' fathers."

Oil surges more than $10 to record over $138

Hillary Cites Study by Astrophysicists, To Claim She’s the Center of the Universe

How Clinton blew it

Texas town still shadowed by dragging death

Robert Parry: RFK's Death and the Hope of the Young

The Operator: The Double Life of a Military Strategist (Luttwak) By Laura Rozen

McCain, Who Missed Vote & Opposed Everglades Restoration Funding, Visits Park For Photo-Op

Lieberman under Reid’s protection after attacks

The Unretirement of Reverend Wright

Mother Jones: Seeing Bobby Kennedy in Barack Obama

America has sold out jobs that supported economy

Polar bear shot dead after 200-mile swim

Prisons Might Be Affecting Job Stats

Hurdle for future cities: human habits - Technology will not solve all green problems, some say.

Heinberg: How Do You Like the Collapse So Far?

It's official: Caribbean monk seal is extinct

Journalist John Pilger Confirms Multiple RFK Shooters - June 5, 2008

With 13 Million Hectares Of BC Forest Already Killed By Bark Beetles, Replanting Programs Faltering

"Gramma, do you think I could grow up to be president?"

(Agricultural) Boom and challenge (in South Africa)

Reliance On Giant Wind “Foolishness”

Dear MR. President - Obama & McCain Must ReThink IT

I'm all for Operational Security, but this is ridiculous

Computer Hack Could Lead to JDAM Strike

Military Update: VA, Congress assist veterans in mortgage mess

US Nabs Record Amounts of Cocaine

Air Force officials meet with British over driving issues

Small-arms fire kills 4 soldiers

Kids Get Insight Into Flight

War Vets Show Unity, But Not on Iraq

Report: Bush Misrepresented Iraq Intel

Iraqi forces make push in Sadr City

Center’s focus: Mental health issues, severe brain injuries

Online registration for U.S. travel begins in ’09

24 new Fisher Houses to shelter ailing troops’ families

Case of M16s reported missing at Hill

B-2 crashed because moisture confused sensors

Moseley and Wynne forced out

Missile shot down in test off Hawaii

Kitty Hawk’s plans hinge on GW repairs

120 Iowa guardsmen coming home Saturday

2 Shiite militia leaders surrender to U.S.

VA e-mail on PTSD catches court attention

Air Force leaders resign

Colonel taking helm of disciplinary barracks

2 killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan

Wainwright bodies ID’d as spc., wife

Chiarelli confirmed as next vice chief of staff

Do we REALLY need to know the numbers...?

How exactly does one go about buying shares in stocks here in the US?

What made the dollar drop in value?

NLRB Board upholds dealer unionization vote at Trump Plaza

Today in labor history June 06: Speculator mine disaster. 164 killed at Butte, Mont.

Diesel engine plant to lay off 290 workers

AFSCME Federal Legislative Report June 6

Got a whole bunch of new stories at Joes Union Review

Teamsters union plans to strike car hauler Monday

Hoffa Supports New Rules for Global Trade

Canadian Auto Workers Take Fight to Detroit

What Will a John McCain Presidency Look Like for Working People?

10 years on, Gay Pride Parade still gets Tel Aviv dancing

I need help in writing a character for a short story

Kassam rockets and mortar shells pound western Negev

Israel to attack Iran unless enrichment stops: minister

Does anyone here ever wonder what will happen if Israel fails?

Israel to attack Iran unless enrichment stops: minister

UN Secretary-General condemns Palestinians, Israel too

Israeli minister threatens Iran (BBC News, AP 6-6-08)

Porn for Peace! (X-posted from Lounge by popular demand)

'Modesty patrol' suspected of spilling acid on teenage girl

Mofaz: Israel attack on Iran 'unavoidable' if nuclear program continued

Can anyone here help me with this article?

McCain Invokes Kahane's 'Never Again!' to Warn of Iranian Attack on Israel

6/5/08 Cryosphere Today Map - Time To Play "Spot The Polynya"!!!

Models of Coming US Interventions: Iraq or Haiti?

COLOMBIA: Marulanda's Prophecy

Brazil, EU pledge to boost strategic partnership

Colombia, Ecuador Restore Ties Under Jimmy Carter Deal

Wanna Go to Cuba? 8 Tours Offered Including New Year's to Celebrate 50th Anniv. of the Revolution

VENEZUELA Dismisses Human Rights Watch's Demand to Clarify FARC Relationship

and Biden's too slim for VP ;)

hey gateley - Schweitzer thread with a great video

Watch out Joe! Phyllis Schlafly is out to git ya'

Here we go, Celtics - Here we go! Victory in Game 1: 98-88

Evander Holyfield Losing Home

Casino Drive did not train this morning due to problem with right hind leg.

Anyone have an astrological chart of the Bilderberg group?

"Obama a Lightworker?" Cross-posted from GD-P, of all places:

Anyone saying that Kobe is as good as Jordan is a fucking idiot....

Fascinating story: Baby born twice. I wonder how you'd cast a chart on this kid??

So does anyone think we should do an energy clearing

EURO 2008 TV Coverage- US

Bidenistas in DE....

Elderly man charged with fatally shooting his sick wife

Is this the place I ask for help in purchasing a digital camera??

FDA: Possible Risk From Dental Fillings

Looking for tried and true

Recipe request for grilling a nice big fresh (uncured) ham steak.

stupid gun tricks

TiVo partners For Fathers' Day with Masturbation Enthusiast who Showers With Little Boys

10 myths — and 10 Truths — About Atheism


Science World Won't Be Sorry to See Bush Go

Hints of 'time before Big Bang'

Prototype of machine that copies itself goes on show

For Blair Gadsby - Video Inside

The Reflecting Pool, 9/11 Investigative Drama, Premieres in New York City at Pioneer Theater July 11

Is the government compiling a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law?

For Those Interested: Official List Of 2008 Bilderberg Attendees

Bilderberg Announces 2008 Conference

Larry Teeter talks about the CIA and RFK

Ed O'Reilly's campaign coordinator Peter Vickery switches to Kerry

New Kerry photo (Celtics game last night)

Is there a spirituality gene? If so, is it adaptive?

I told y'all, I believe, that the SBOE circus regarding English curriculum was a trial baloon.....

Photos from today's SDEC

My trip to see the next President of the United States

Is anyone liveblogging the state DFL convention?

The New York Times names Texas Hill Country #1 place to visit this summer.

Bob Dylan endorses Obama

Howard Dean calls Michele Bachmann a "right-wing lunatic"

Clinton the Wrong Choice For Obama

Just Say No (On the meeting with Clinton)


i clear my ignore list yesterday. you should, too. PM to name Natynczyk as Hillier's replacement

Word change ups chances for school vouchers

Hockey question

Wreck this thread (X-post)

XP: Budget cuts threaten Florida felons' (voting) rights claims

Some press coverage on the TN Voter Confidence Act signing ceremony

There is quite a number of interesting stories on flashl's Daily Thread this week.

Future uncertain for Florida's Bush-Gore ballots from 2000 race

Punch cards Are Computerized Vote Counting

Add your cell to the Wisconsin Do Not Call List today...

Neo-Nazis plan to try to disrupt Pridefest...

Question on gathering signatures for candidate petitions...

Time lapse video - I5 fix of the boat section through Sacramento, this is pretty cool

Automatic RW (UK) blog comment generator

Obama campaign offices in Wisconsin?

Wow, this is nice

Wired: Atheist Game Asks Players To Kill Prophets

CNN: Atheists caught having sex in cathedral

PA - Atheist Billboard - "Don't believe in God?" - "You are not alone."

The Dentist and the Highjackers.....

CLOSING IN...It Looks Like A Conspiracy

Announcing the formation of Scholars for 5/06 Truth!