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Rabbit nest on my porch..

McCain Emerges as Master Economic Flip-Flopper: Gene Sperling

A Grim Milestone , Today in Bush History (6/6/08 Friday)

Spying Telecoms Receive Billions in Government Contracts

Poll: Obama Leads McCain Nationally by 4%

I'm naughty

First Senate Debate Wrap-Up (Kleeb)

County Conventions Show Growth of Nebraska Democratic Party (check the stats)

What about McCain?

Live Video Stream from RFK Assassination Conference in LA

Why is Amway allowed to advertise on MSNBC?

Worst Person in the World.....

"I Call You My Base"

Freaky Friday on Wall Street; DOW Drops 395 points.

Freaky Friday on Wall Street; DOW Drops 395 points.

On Bill Moyers Journal tonight:

Anyone have opinions about Qwest??? Vonage?

Nelson (D-Fla.) bill would abolish Electoral College

Charles Krauthammer: McCain at his best isn't as good as Obama at his worst


I was watching the Stanley Cup parade on Detroit's Channel 7. One of the broadcasts sponsors

Thank you Glenn Beck.

Stocks fall sharply on surge in oil, jobs data

One California Clerk Refusing All Marriages

One California Clerk Refusing All Marriages

Americans $1.7 trillion poorer

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation receives racist Obama t-shirt in the mail.»

You've GOTTA SEE THIS! CLICK for TOON! "Obama/Hillary."..Dwane Powell's Best!

Lobbyists ask candidates to give them a break

Linsey Graham is 'right now' at a party on Simms School Road

You KNOW you're doing bad when

Are we in a recession?

The odds are that whoever wins the 2008 election will not be re-elected.

I just saw McCain's new TV spot....

Anti-Abortion Groups Shut Down Habitat for Humanity Project

What's in it for Holy Joe Lieberman? What's in it for Gomer Graham?

I'm experiencing an interesting ideological shift...

Tight Rein on Blood Sugar Has No Heart Benefits

If Obama wins, his 2012 opponent will be either Lamar Alexander or Huckabee

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Intel report to be used against McCain

Am I the only person sick of these "war with Iran next Tues." predictions?

Hey! Virginians!

Where will you vote this fall? - Midwesternish

Dream Ticket???

My sister the Clinton supporter

Where will you vote this fall? - Centralish

Where will you vote this fall? - Centralish

Just saw my first McSame ad for pResident.

Where will you vote this fall? - Southeast

How about that "Wonder Woman"? - Spots a Floater in DC River

Where will you vote this fall? - Hawaii and otherwise overseas

How do we help to prevent another 'train wreck'

Howard Dean and Amy Klobuchar telling Minnesota how it is. Speaking today.

Larisa Alexandrovna At Huffington Post: Right-Wing Goes After John Cusack

Online shopping

ATTENTION: I have taken everyone off my Ignore List.

Does McGramps even WANT to be POTUS?

Injustice at Justice, Today in Bush History (6/7/08 Saturday)

My daughter said she saw 'heat lightning'...

Rock's greatest story has remained untold—until now

What do you give to your dehydrated babies?

I have an idea for an anti McCain video....

Britain:Bush will face protests and demands he be charged as a war criminal

As economy worsens consumers turn to bartering for goods, services

Spam sales up

If you could pick the new symbol.

Labor Secretary Chao Blames High Unemployment Rate On America’s Youth»

Help! Found Dog!

Funny McCain this guy is making it easy.

Wj this morning - African Americans and Sen. Obama's nomination

I'm voting for McCain

Israel Attack on Iran 'Unavoidable': Olmert Deputy

David Corn: Obama Has Edge Over McCain On Bad Job News

What's the difference between the Jews and the Iraqis?

What's the difference between the Jews and the Iraqis?

Women bombers main motive is revenge for a male family member killed by U.S. or Iraqi forces

RFK's Death & the Hope of the Young

You guys want to see a really terrified child?

My Dad is the same age as McCain--- and he kind of acts like McCain

NYT: It’s So Much Nicer on K Street

Raw Story covers Bilderbergers meeting in Va

Raw Story covers Bilderbergers meeting in Va

Josh Marshall Debunks that Larry Johnson "RUMOR" thingy about Michelle

Can YOUR cell phone pop popcorn?

Protests in Seoul.

Nutjob Judge Gets Canned in AL = "firing a machine gun at a surveying crew"

That Al Sharpton / Pat Robertson commercial is tripping me out!

No! Al Gore never claimed to invent the internet

Where is Armstead ??

Then what is a government for?

Hey DUers FWB needs your help if you are so inclined! Great templates.

OK, I'm not an economist or financial advisor, but our roller-coaster, bubble and crash

NY Times: Job Losses and Surge in Oil Spread Gloom on Economy

Bystanders did call

HaHAH!1 Laura INGRAHAM lauds "caring, compassion" like she grew up with!1

Rasmussen: Obama is rising. Beats McCain 48 to 45 (SIX POINT SWING from last week)

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/7/08 - Obama 46 (up 1), McCain 42 (up 2)

Update the Hate Mailbag Protest day four

Anti-Abortion Groups Shut Down Habitat for Humanity Project

Name one positive thing Bush administration has done since 2000,

What are you most likely to give up in response to hyperinflation and recession?

Does anyone know how McNerney is doing in CA-11?

I would like to thank the Bush administration

Teens in U.S. Find Summer Jobs Elusive as Shops, Restaurants Eliminate Workers

What a soldier was telling me about the chances of getting rid of Blackwater

The media is overstating "women voters" in their

The media is overstating "women voters" in their

For Those Interested: Official List Of 2008 Bilderberg Attendees

Question. If there are riots in Colorado at the convention

Bill Maher's Religulous trailer is up

What are the Senate races for this November?

What are the Senate races for this November?

Tweety man-crush alert!1 "I dunno, debonair, (McShrub) your type?!1"

Tell the Oil Companies to.....

Colorado Springs - Unexplained ground heat burns boy’s feet

Senator Jim Webb is the contestant on NPR's "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me"

Don't forget the old "October Surprise" ..feel free to contribute

Shooting Victim Awakens From Coma, Says Wrong Man Arrested

SHE said it

Caribbean Monk Seal Declared Extinct

Caribbean Monk Seal Declared Extinct

Hope? Yeah, I *do* have it now!

Compressed air car... video...

ABC News rightwing coverage of the speech.

As An Obama Supporter, I thought Hillary's Speech Was Rather Good. Didn't You? N/T

'Wide World of Sports' Host Dead at 86 (Jim McKay)

Kudo's to Hillary. She is giving a really strong speech supporting Obama

Australian researchers say 'natural condom' could stop HIV

Clinton's outward manner influenced my thinking/feeling about her as candidate.

Life after oil

For Dog Owners...

Men - you don't often carry your 'fair share'


Cuba approves free sex-change operations

Where are our leaders?

MSNBC: Rachel Maddow hosting with Eugene Robinson and Michelle

Menthol Cigarettes Should Be Banned, Says Group

Newt Gingrich wants more terror attacks

This morning at the grocery store ...

"The AKC is the KKK for Animals,"

This is the speech she should have given Tuesday night.

Bush Radio: "I hear Congress say they oppose the war, but still support the troops. Prove it."

Before this war, no Iraqi ever hurt me or anyone I know. No Iranian either.

Men ........... Are you man enough for these?

I am voting for McCain.

Our next President would like you to thank Hillary Clinton . . .

"Youth Suicide's" bulletin on the 2008 election

Bush History for Saturday 6/7/08 (Injustice at Justice)

Rage. Do you feel it?

Why do you like Obama? I need answers.

What happened with the Rove subpoenas?

Where will you vote this fall? - West

John McCain is a huge ABBA fan? WTF?

CNN has a special on Bobby Kennedy and

Fearing Escalation, Pentagon Fought Cheney Plan

Hoo boy! Look out Phil Graham! UBS may open it's books!

OFFICIAL "No S**T Sherlock" thread: "McCain Aide Says Bush Knows Little About Economy"

Me 'n Jesus' witness . . .

THAT was the Hillary I was fully supporting one year ago. I'm a big fan once again.

Has any else wondered about this, concerning democrats?

I found this in the lounge but everybody needs to see it

Nelson bill would abolish Electoral College

Meanwhile, back at the Lieberman ranch.........

Report: Calif. clerk to refuse all marriages (over gay marriage)

CA: Supervisor: Another county department should perform civil marriages

Just watched "Iraq for Sale"

Biden, Lugar, Kerry, Hagel letter to Gates & Rice on long-term Iraq agreements

Bob Barr is as much of a threat to Obama as he is to McCain.

McSame on Chimpy's wiretapping: "So, there's ambiguity about it...Let's move forward."

The GOP PRIDE PARADE has been canceled due to epidemic of Pub Defectors

The Obama Clinton Love fest starting now on

Truthdig: Nicholas von Hoffman on ‘The Big Squeeze’ (Blue- and white-collar workers under attack)

The Double-Talk Express!

Candy Crowley pushed the Obama was golfing theme too.

Alberto Gonzales (finally) finds employment. (He was having trouble finding a job)

Protesters Videotape Customers at New Vacaville Sex Shop

The US isn't the only country that wants Obama. Seems the entire world wants him too

Check out this Clinton family pic...

Check out this Clinton family pic...

McCain Aide Says Bush Knows Little About Economy

Delete..-moved to the other forum

Oil, Israel, Iran, America and the High Cost of a Single War-Like Remark

Can somebody repost the mashup of McCain's speechTPM put together.

The OFFICIAL East Coast (USA) Record Heat Wave Thread

CNN senior business correspondent: Bush excuses for unemployment rate 'ridiculous'

Hillary was wearing BOTH Diamonds and Pearls today

Hillary has just made the McCain Campaign develop nausea and cramps...they are in PAIN

evangelicals get global warming

Gonzo gets a job

a bit of advice to obama

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to unite. (Pic)

McCain and vietnam

Leaked ACTA Treaty Will Outlaw P2P

What will be the Republican strategy this fall?

Darfur’s Child Refugees Being Sold to Militias

Watch Bill Moyers speech on media reform from Mn. It's GREAT!

PHOTO: Condoleezza Rice's conscience? The Ghost of Incompetence Past?

MSNBC doing 1 hour special on Barack. Starting now.

I am damn proud of Hillary Clinton!

Forget VP and Cabinet. Who will be Obama's Front Line the next 5 months?

Hillary, there are much more than 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling

The judge was arrested after firing a machine gun at a surveying crew near his home in Jackson, Al.

Triple Crown coming up

GOP, Great Opportunites Prevented....Evidence strongly suggests the GOP favors Bad Ideas

RIP Jim McKay

U.S. House members form LGBT Equality caucus

4 people dead, 2 deputies injured in Florida shootings

4 people dead, 2 deputies injured in Florida shootings

Rolling Stone. The branding of John McCain is an embarrassing work in progress.

What is the opposite of plagiarism?

GOP will lie about Big Oil to defeat the Democrats

Standing room only as Naomi Klein draws big crowds to Helsinki University

Student, 17, gets 8 years in prison for phone threat (Are we safe yet?)

I almost titled this "Tom Daschle, you poor, ignorant, misguided slut!

Garrison Keillor will have Martin Sheen and Bonnie Raitt on his show today - 6:00 PM EDT

McCain considering a political career in Iran

Remember when some Obama supporters were saying that the continuing campaign would hurt us later?

Until Last Night I Had Forgot I Got Shot In The Head Once

Until Last Night I Had Forgot I Got Shot In The Head Once

Here's a thought. Iraq. here's another. Afghanistan. remember?

Farm subsidies

There's a metastisizing cancer in 'news' reporting - Politico

McCain camp touts organization, warns of Obama poll jump

We got a second notice in today's mail

Stealing the Election, A developing theme

Why do people keep saying McCain is the same as Bush?

New commercial. a mashup McNasty Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran ...I hate war

New commercial. a mashup McNasty Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran ...I hate war

Iraqi PM meets Iranian leaders

Flooding happening in SE WI... Check it ** big photos **

Flooding happening in SE WI... Check it ** big photos **

Large Tornado on ground in southern Chicago Suburbs

Dr. Laura busted as a big old liar:

Things will get better real fast with the right person in office

Bush Budget Spends 100 Times More to Regulate Unions

GD/P will leave this mortal plane with a:

CNN Poll: Will Sen. Hillary Clinton's speech on Saturday help unify the Democratic Party?

Hillary Clinton, A Winning Speech, by Tom Hayden

Beck and Jonah Goldberg discuss Obama's "revolutionary art" VIDEO

Please view the linked video ( brief scene from '64 film w/ Burt Lancaster, Seven Days in May)...

Entertainment industry accuses campus laser-printers of downloading Indiana Jones

John McCain calls his wife a C****T....

If you're into sailing, check out this video of a French "flying" Yacht.

Today I celebrate two of Minnesota's favorite sons: Prince and Al Franken!

Today I celebrate two of Minnesota's favorite sons: Prince and Al Franken!

Where will you vote this fall? - Northeast

Waitress loses job after shaving head for cancer charity

Oil hit $139 - Is Morgan Stanley manipulating the market?

Do Iraqis suffer from PTSD? The “tour of duty” for the average Iraqi citizen is now over 5 years

Lindorff: Oil, Israel, Iran, America and the High Cost of a Single War-Like Remark

Are we sending anything to Hillary?

RFK: Remembering Our Father

Just when you think you have Bush outrage fatigue, this...

"Wondering aloud should not be a profession you get paid for."


Teacher at Coral Springs private school accused of sexual relationship with student (Florida)

Handy reframes:

Republicans Borrow the Family Car

Republicans Borrow the Family Car

Life without airplanes: from London to New York in 3 days and 12 hours

Post your favorite McLoser pic.

FCC Urged to Probe Pentagon Propaganda = "violated federal law"

Bible theme park to open in the year 2012, where?

Justices are well-off, well-traveled

I almost pity the Republicans: 'Justice Dept: R-Treasurer took at least $500K in GOP campaign funds'

Those ads are really getting annoying

Tonight Online: The National Conference on Media Reform-Amy Goodman, Bill Moyers, Phil Donahue, etc.

B-1 Stealth Bomber costing over $1 billion February.

Kerry campaign apparently trying to keep opponent off ballot

Put your Obama sticker on your FRONT bumper

UN calls for the US to end military recruitment of kids under 18 years old

Michael Moore doing voiceovers for Belmont horse race

Anti war activist and Veteran needs our help. Remember when a mother,

the Cicadas are here!

The Political Wonder That is Obama

Suggestion for those who do not know much about Obama..

I Know The Perfect VP Candidate That Will Placate Any Lingering Racial Fears About Obama

Why do you keep saying pundits thought Hillary was "inevitable"? Check this out

Why do you keep saying pundits thought Hillary was "inevitable"? Check this out

Former Green wins Montana GOP primary for U.S. Senate!

PHOTOS: Presumptive nominee Barack Obama makes unscheduled stop at the Chicago 2016 Olympic Rally

Non-excellent Project study: Fox is pro-Obama, MSNBC is pro-Clinton, and the media loves McCain ha!

Non-excellent Project study: Fox is pro-Obama, MSNBC is pro-Clinton, and the media loves McCain ha!

Non-excellent Project study: Fox is pro-Obama, MSNBC is pro-Clinton, and the media loves McCain ha!

Non-excellent Project study: Fox is pro-Obama, MSNBC is pro-Clinton, and the media loves McCain ha!

"In 2016, I'll be wrapping up my second term as president,"

Make a difference, make a donation to be matched ...

Make a difference, make a donation to be matched ...

Make a difference, make a donation to be matched ...

"In 2016, I'll be wrapping up my second term as president,"

She did it

"In 2016, I'll be wrapping up my second term as president,"

"In 2016, I'll be wrapping up my second term as president,"

Breaking Pew survey: Many Say Coverage is Biased in Favor of Obama

What happens at Feinstein's, stays at Feinstein's!

Rock's greatest story has remained untold—until now

Rock's greatest story has remained untold—until now

No excuses this time. You people walk the walk you talk! And its simple

That's it...I'm voting for McCain

5 Political Tips to John McCain- From Neil Cavuto (faux noise)

5 Political Tips to John McCain- From Neil Cavuto (faux noise)

No excuses this time. You people walk the walk you talk! And its simple

No excuses this time. You people walk the walk you talk! And its simple

No excuses this time. You people walk the walk you talk! And its simple

No excuses this time. You people walk the walk you talk! And its simple

The selection of VP for both nominees will be the most important decision of their presidency.

Local volunteers stood me up so I m going canvassing with my 4 year old tomorrow

Local volunteers stood me up so I m going canvassing with my 4 year old tomorrow

The new viral video against Obama. Is this really the best they can do?

Obama's Weekend Plans:

Charming: a hate site has published my name, address, and is soliciting ppl to kill me

Charming: a hate site has published my name, address, and is soliciting ppl to kill me

NBC correspondent to Bush: Become a diplomat

a little DU love ltte printed today

Brainstorm with me! Thinking of topics for an article on a Labor issue

"More Believe Press Showed Bias in Favor of Obama During Primaries"

Hillary was going to hire Axelrod in 2000, Bill said hire Mark Penn.

Hillary Clinton Nails It.

I'd like to take this opportunity, this special day, to once again recognize the good Dr. Dean.

*** REC THIS THREAD If you've ever been late n/t ***

This is BEAUTIFUL--and would it be too much to ask for DU to follow suit?

Do You See What I'm Seeing ???

The Clinton Campaign: What Went Wrong?

The Mystery of the "Hands Touching Obama" Photo


Hillary's blog is amazingly negative now

3 A.M. For Feminism: Clinton dead-enders and the crisis in the women's movement (TNR)


The dream is dead. Long live the dream!

I'm an Obama supporter and I am close to tears. Does anyone think she looked like she'd been crying?

I am an Obama supporter but the treatment of Hillary has radicalized me

Obama watches Hillary's speech on his Apple computer

Rate Senator Clinton's Speech

I kinda feel sorry for Hillary...kinda

Should 'Obama didn't win the popular vote' be considered flamebait after June 11?

Clinton cat "Socks" is still alive and well

***** Official "YAY, HILLARY" Thread! *****

To all my fellow Hillary supporters

My biggest Pet Peeve is people who are late when expected

Hillary would be fine as Attorney General, or better yet, Health and Human Service Secretary so she

FL Dems sniping over changes to Obama's delegate slate. Still threatening not to vote Democratic.

John Sidney McCain – The Most Dangerous Man in America.

FauxNews turning on Hillary in a big way - She spent too much time on herself, not enough on Obama.

So I can criticize every VP Potential EXCEPT HRC?

Harold Ford gives Obama advice..."meet them where they work, play and pray."

A new Sheriff is in town Barack Obama, so I can skip the "Hill Show"

How Could Hillary Fail To Mention McCain/Bush In Her Speech?

THIS is why I love Hillary

Close This Forum NOW

This Was Her Day (((PICS)))

Which voting block is most important for Hillary to court for Obama?

Is Anyone Worried About Blackwater Training and Recruiting in San Diego?

Hillary's home page is BEAUTIFUL. Congratulations, Hillary Supporters!!!!

McCain: "I Hate War" (OMG, he can't be serious)

Obama to Kick Off Two-Week Economic Swing

I thank Hillary Clinton, but after reading her blog, I do not think it worked.

Barack Obama Is Disappointed in YOUR SHENANIGANS !

To tell you the truth, it did not matter a lot to me who won the Democratic Primary.

How Many Of You Plan To Come To Denver?

Obama is Pepsi and Hillary is Coke

Wow did I just enter the twilight zone?

Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" has Failed.

OK, as an Obama supporter, I will contribute 25 dollars to Clinton to help pay off her debt

Top 5 reasons why Texas will soon be a Battleground state

WOW! By far the best speech I have ever heard Hillary deliver

Obama Called Hillary After Speech -- Honors Her For "Valiant And Historic Campaign"

PIC: Obama puts Lieberman in headlock

Did anyone else have the same feeling I did during this speech?

Can we stop bashing Hillary now? Do we have to wait till Wed. noon?

The FIRST Presidential Ticket With a White Woman and a Black Man

Obama's and Clinton's supporters on DU desperately need to emulate their candidates.

I just donated to the Clinton Campaign!

All Cylinders Running .....

Posters on "Hillary is 44" not impressed - [edit: it's a dirty GOP op site anyway - disregard]

Hey Midwesterners, how're you doing in Tornado-land today?

Fox news: "Terrorist fist jab?"

NEWS FLASH: There is *always* a roll call at the convention.

Is it a "slur" to be called a Muslim?

"I will work my heart out to make sure Barack Obama is our next president " (pics - transcript))

Kurt Beck, SPD party chair, endorses Obama

The Three Groups (Please Read)

Remember - Republicans still want disunity

House Democrats hoping for Obama factor - Targeting 40 GOP Districts

Hey DU, think we are ready for make up sex?

Flame away

Obama won the Popular Vote

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'M VOTING FOR HER:

How about a LOL!CAT unity thread.?

Is it just me, or do you folks also think Senator Hillary Clinton gave the speech of her life today?

Will someone please tell Blitzer it's not pronounced "Dumocrats"?....

Donna Brazile: We are seeing the Democratic party reborn.


E-mail from Howard Dean.

I knew the MSM had no clue. You guys here and on Kos are proving that we progressives

Someday We'll Be Together

Tonight Online: The National Conference on Media Reform-Amy Goodman, Bill Moyers, Phil Donahue, etc.

Hahahahaha! McCain thinks he has a shot at California !!!!

Gephardt Predicts Obama Will Win Working-Class Vote in November

Senator Hillary Clinton

We can haz DU group hug now?

I think I felt saddest for Mrs. Rodham

**************** HIP HIP FOR HILLARY! HIP HIP HURRAH! ******************

Obama First in More Ways Than Any U.S. Presidential Candidate

What Did BHO Offer HRC at the Secret Friday Meeting to Deliver Such a Tremdendous Endorsement ?

Man..oh man! Unreal!

Input request: How do we as Democrats deal with race, homophobia, class, gender in this GE election?

Not Releasing Her Delegates & Insisting On Role Call At Convention Feeds Rumors She's Still Going

Gotta love Charlie Rangel....

*MORE* Awful McCain Pics!

What Time Is the Concession Speech?

Has Hillary done irreparable damage

McCain, They're Going To Come After You!

Well that was fun !!! To all our 2008 Presidential Candidates !!!

Obama's Grandmothers at Inaugural?

Congratulations Team Hillary and Clinton supporters

If Hillary wants to be President of the United States someday, she needs to campaign hard for Obama

********** Breaking: John McCain Plagiarizes Obama's website **********

Obama: Still Not The Messiah.

Anyone else notice how the media is desperate to...

22% of Hillary supporters will not vote for Barack Obama ?? projects 287 electoral votes, 58 senate seats and 237 house seats!

Hillary will do an Al Gore and emerge from disappointment stronger, truer, greater as a result

Hillary Clinton is Going to Hit a Home Run Tomorrow

Ooo! Ooo! How about this?

The McCain Website Sucks So Much! I see Golf Gear Is One Of His Priorities!

Obama's Supporter Chime in to thank HRC for a near perfect concession speech

*******Hillary Clinton Appreciation Thread**************

I just realized that Republicans lack the talent and ability to deliver a serious moving speech.

Check out Barack Obama's home page.

Some things I really hope Obama is thinking about

Hillary Won 22 Primary Contests Against A Nominee! One of the best showings ever!

Hillary seceded?

The Drink Of Ch(u)mpions


Whats the deal with the owner at (False Flag operations)

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Saturday June 07, 2008

Whoops! Self-delete. Go to this thread instead (better pix):

Update from the Texas State Democratic Convention (final delegate count)

Question For Clinton Supporters Planning To Vote For McCain

I think Hillary should keep her name on the ballot and keep her pledged delegates

Is Obama an enlightened being? Spiritual wise ones say: This sure ain't no ordinary politician...

Moving On! ---pix--->>>

Do you think Pat Buchanan Likes Sitting between Two Black People?

Choose your least favorite fallen surrogate/MSM stooge from the Primaries

Front page of Obama's website-Hillary!:

A revealing and unexpected look at McCain's strategy after Hillary's speech today.

**This Hillary supporter would like to give Obama the biggest finger ever!**

Thank you Hillary.

Hillary's oratory skills have grown by leaps and bounds...

Only Real Clinton Supporters will Heed Her Comments

I just listened to Hillary's speech, and have never been prouder of the Democratic Party.

"I Will Come Again and I Will be Millions." Evita and Hillary

Does anyone know what "suspend" means in the context of Hillary's campaign?

John McSame's Campaign Ended Today

Bob Herbert: Savor the Moment

Hey all you "hillaryis44" folk....

My Obama Gear Arrived today (also new bumper magnet)

You know, I think we are going to KICK ASS!!!! This November..

Let us not give ourselves an Ayin Hara.

****The official "I was wrong, she did endorse him and I'm a total asshole" thread****

Strickland is now running Obama's campaign in Ohio (good news!) but does that mean he's out for vp?

Now that this is all over...

Hillary sold her soul to the DLC and

Democrats = Big Brown!

What Is "Flamebait"?

So...can Sebelius get on the ticket, or not?


Here's a poll looking for a few good respondents...

Today would be a good one for some self-congratulations .......


Is anyone else watching Candy Crowley's ANNOYING interview with Barack on CNN right now?

Does anyone have a link to a transcript of HRC's speech?

Why Obama Won

Disprove this. (I can't believe we're even still discussing it)

Bob Dylan Finally Makes a Political Endorsement?

Huge Clinton supporter - Latino Leader - Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa pledges his support to Obama

I DEMAND that each and every Clinton support come in here RIGHT NOW!!!

Did Obama do the right thing by not showing up at Hillary's speech? I know he did.

"He's a combination of JFK and MLK"

No more excuses HRC supporters.

Here is one reason why I can't stand Tweety...

Obama broke through the real glass ceiling

We will be singing this in November and on Jan 20 '09. Now that we are fighting for

So, Like, Ummm, We All Democrats Now Again And Stuff?

I wandered over to freeperville to read their reactions.

Now I am glad HRC delayed her endorsement of Obama until today

Breaking: Donna Brazile Gives Campaign Concession Speech

"I voted for that idiot twice...Obama will be our next president"

BTW, did all the Superdelegates endorse on Friday?

'Everyone's going to be monitoring every syllable.'


WoW! Obama hits back at MSNBC pundit who said he was out golfing during Clinton's speech

Bob Dylan says Barack Obama is 'changin' America

Before The Door Closes On The In-Fighting

Does anyone else feel as good as I feel right now?

McSame is the best name knock off.

I had other commitments this morning

Donate $44 Obama/44 POTUS

The reality of a contest between Obama and McCain is unrelated to Hillary's campaign

Now onto McCain: Keating Five scandal and more (birthday regards to a mob leader????)

Clinton must speak to her McCain-loving supporters.

Are we going to be able to discuss things like this... ("lightworker")

Timmeh Russert just suggested Gore for VP...

Can anyone provide a link to Clinton's speech?

If you are a Democrat that is going to vote for McCain please post here ...

Gov. Strickland campaign manager to lead Obama's Ohio campaign

Obama's Weekend Off: Date with Michelle and Family Time

Bob Graham for VP?

Will Hillary still try to convince the country she won the popular vote?

Your Whiteness Is Showing : Open Letter To White Women Threatening To Not Support Obama

Hallelujah.... thanks Mods

Go kick his ASS Barack!!!

**************LET IT SINK**********************

*****Official Hillary Clinton Concession/Unity Speech Thread*********

I know you think AOL polls stink but.....

New election tool. Google Trends....

Now that Hillary has endorsed Obama, watch the poll numbers for McBush...

The FRICKEN Republican (MSNBC) that said that Obama was playing golf during Hillary's speech told

OK, now that that's over. Who wants a COOKIE?

After that speech, note to self: Get Hillary 2016 t-shirt.

Woo Hoo!!! GO HILLARY!!!

A Little Something To Keep Us Fired Up

Today makes the last few months in GD:P worth every moment

Senator Obama is offering you an opportunity...

Hillary's suspension and endorsement - my own thoughts

I think HIllary made Obama a stronger, better candidate

LYING Lame-ass Brad Blakeman on MSNBC

It was truly a joy

Group Hug for Fellow Clinton Supporters

This is a fun little diversion...

The primaries are now as officially over as they can be, so...

Thank the FSM it's finally over and an open letter to all.

Statement from Senator Obama

haha...the new Republican line is "Barack Obama wasn't here..he was golfing! Outrageous!"

MSNBC would have been better had they put a Woman on the panel

Media Matters has a list of the lies & smears by that dick (Jake Tapper) who did the ABC hit piece.

Way to go OBAMA!

baby got barack! omg hilarious.

Let's remember- we were lucky to have so many strong candidates

Video of Secret Obama / Clinton meeting


I'll bet the Repugs are soiling themselves right now.

Obama wins: Newspaper Frontpages around the World

McCain is so screwed.

Hillary done good

Obama: "thrilled and honored" for HRC's endorsement

I have the coolest sig line that won't upload

****LET IT SINK......IN*****

Hillary and Barack aside .... one small sign of progress is ...

Hillary speech - video

I belive Hillary would be a great SCOTUS Justice.

Barack Obama's Homepage - Thank you Senator Clinton with link

*******The Official GLBT votes for Obama THREAD**********

"A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab?"

Together again, naturally

Live from the Texas State Democratic convention

Hillary Clinton for Health Care Czar!

For once, I totally disagree with Keith - I thought her message about Barack sucked and so does she

to all the pundits and others who complained about her waiting until today

She could have won this thing by staying positive like this speech

Newt Gingrich wants more terror attacks

I’m just in. Is there a video online somewhere of the speech?

From today I am not an Obamaniac or a Hillbot!

So when does Obama start bringing the woman who raised him on the campaign trail?

"We are a family"

McCain deploys DOZENS of staffers to battleground states.

Best birthday present I could have asked for.

My last post in GD:P- I agree with Senator Clinton; we must STOP sacrificing the Future to the Past.

Could someone please stick a sock in Terry Mcauliffe's fucking mouth?

Home Run, Hillary!

80% of Democrats have united behind Obama

I still support Hillary Clinton.

Eating Edamame, sucking down coffee

FOBs Warn The Obama Campaign About Completely Trusting The Clintons



I could see Hillary's speech doing great work as it progressed.

God, these events must be nightmarish for the Secret Service

I cried

We are united and we will win in November.

HILLARY!! Kick ass speech! You rock!!!

Thank you Senator Clinton, from the bottom of my heart

I applaud the 90-plus percent of Hillary's crowd today that is obviously ready to kick Pubbie ass

Savor this *Progressive* day - 060708.

Need help, quick links to correct Wright info.

Interesting..Chelsea Clinton to speak at TX Dem Convention

Thank you Senator Clinton

Well, that was most certainly better than Romney's concession speech...

I hate to be a smart ass, but please explain to me why this speech is not in New York. . .

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/7/08 - Obama 46 (up 1), McCain 42 (up 2)

Hillary Won 22 Primary Contests Against A Nominee. The Most Ever!

The subtleties were interesting too.

United we stand ( and win) Obama/Hillary 2008

I'm still voting for Hillary Clinton...

Wow. It feels really good in here today. :)

Both Clinton and Obama gave the youth of America something to idolize this week ..

Obama goes plays Golf

Cripes. If she had been speaking this well all along...

Chelsea Clinton makes impressive appearance and says her mother will give complete support to Obama!


Hillary: "Every moment wasted looking back keeps us from moving forward"

If I'm a Republican, I am just crushed right now.

Any DUer bashing Senator Clinton after today's speech should be banned from DU.

OK, Hillary. You earned my respect today.

For the first time, I admire Hillary Clinton.

I give it a 10!

Hillarys making me cry, and it feels so good....

See, it was all about the little girls and women in their 90s, not Hillary!

The media needs to keep comparing this to Romney and Huckabee's concession speech

Bravo, Sen. Clinton. Today, we stand not as your supporters, or as Obama's supporters...

I can't stand Hillary Clinton, but she is PUMPING ME UP!!!!!!


Okay...I think I could support HRC on the ticket.

Obama/Clinton. Bring this mother home! Take that McSame!

One Day, a Woman WILL Take the Oath of Office As President

Clinton endorses Obama, calls for party unity- video

Congratualtions Hillary

I know what some of the responses will be but, as a favor...

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Climate Change Bill


Thank You Hillary

Any word on when Barack and Hillary will first appear together? I'm rather looking forward to it

As an ardent Obama supporter..Hillary Hillary Hillary

Now let's get busy!

Hillary was great today!

I wonder if she will slip in how she "won the popular vote"?

Cheers to Senator Clinton - an absolutely gracious speech in the most difficult circumstance

I use my 3rd post of the day to say: Well Done Hillary...the party is started!

Ok. I feel better, now. She's doing the right thing, finally.

We are listening to a powerful leader in our party.

"Every moment wasted looking back keeps us from looking forward."

How will Clinton handle this very partisan crowd's response?

"I endorse him and throw my full support behind him"

Hillary's web site now states Thank you : Support Barak Obama today

Please handle Hillary's speech with respect....

Hell of a speech by Clinton. So far its been more then a home run.

Thank you Hillary. This is what I wanted and needed to hear from you.

"We must help elect Barack Obama our President!"

If DiFi ran for President, she would have gotten completely different

Looks Like Network Coverage Has Ended - Speech Only On Cable Now........

Farewell General Discussion: Primaries

withdrawn - she's doing the right thing.

Hillary lays down the gauntlet

"I am standing with Senator Obama to say, Yes We Can!"

Yes We Can! "We must help elect Barack Obama our President!"

HRC website now asks for support for Obama...Props to Hillary!

Good Speech: She Stepped Up

Very well done...and it is going to take some doing to get the crowd similarly aligned - but we've

"Today I am standing with Senator Obama to say YES WE CAN" - Hillary

Dear Hillary,

My last GD:P post. Thank you Hillary.

Thank you Hillary.

Good on her!

Typical Clinton bullshit...make everyone wait

Thank you Hillary

My last GD:P post... It's finally over. Thank you Hillary.

"Do all we can to elect Barack Obama to the PoTUS."

Good on her!

Hillary Clinton Appreciation Thread

Thank you, HRC - that's the unequivocated endorsement and

Why Barack Obama Will Be the Next US President (Toronto Star)

Why is she late?

I do hope they have the Clinton supporters in an air-conditioned venue.

Dear Hillary Clinton supporters

Good news for NC.

Now what do I do with my cultist robe?

Who is paying for that gas-guzzling motorcade?

I'm sick of all the Richardson hating going on in this forum. He's a true democrat and it's divisive

Hillary running at least 30 minutes late to official unity speech

Rachel Maddow: Hillary will take the scooter to the hall

"What Will Be Hillary's Role?"

C-span is still waiting for Hillary . . .

Geraldine Ferraro to hold her breath and stomp her feet until she gets what she wants.

Gah! My kids are watching Little Einsteins, my husband is playing an online game, so I can't afford

Shes still at home and already 20 minutes late, half hour away.

Waiting for Hillary to get to the hall is like waiting for Bill Clinton to get down

She just left her house!

Hillary is on her way.

Not for Nothing..But Jesus people calm the fuck down with the "lateness" thing. The

Not Ready on Day One, Not even on time days later...Please tell me she IS coming.

Hillary Clinton's horoscope (this is interesting)

One thing I can tell you for sure

Rwing email about Obama not putting his hand over his heart for pledge.

Thanks Hillary for providing GDP entertainment for one more day

Hillary late to concession speech

There is no doubt that like every other political leader in the history of the world

A half hour away from the venue!! Heard on MSNBC right now.

Oooofff...We have to endure more Terry McAuliffe?

"An Idiot's Guide to Barack Obama"

An Idiot's Guide to Barack Obama

I know it's early here in California ---- But I've uncorked the bubbly.

Do you think the Dems will ever see the likes of the Johnson landslide numbers again?

Obama edict requires DNC to return $100,000

Democrats calling McCain campaign to volunteer against Obama.

MSNBC calls it like they see it

The popular vote matters, but who won it doesn't.

Opinions on the timing of the concession speech

Overheard just now

Whats important now is what does obama want. He doesnt NEED any one person to be his VP.

Are those Hillary supporters for real?

"The National Building Museum" where Clinton's speech is . . .

MSNBC just reported that the latest Gallup has Obama over McCain by 1 percentage point.

remember that time wright was looped 24/7 for 3 months straight? well..

It seems to me...

Obama "needs" the Clintons like he needs a bad rash.

If You Are Truly A Democrat, And Vote For McCain In November, Then...

I Support A United and Strong Democratic Party

I believe that on balance, HRC supporters have been remarkably Noble and Magnanimous in defeat

MODs, Skinner: Can we please have a separate thread for all polls?

What time does Hillary give her speech today?

What would like to hear Hillary say today? Here's mine.

The Meaning of a Milestone

Memorable Highlights of Hillary Clinton, before the Official end of her Campaign

Today is Unity Day- Obama and Clinton together, ending the family feud.

When is the speech?

The fall of the House of Clinton

Am I black enough for ya? Old school? No Schoolly d to be found!

Fox News Should be Sued for Reporting on Michelle Obama "Whitey" Rumour Without a Shred of Evidence

Nader campaign event draws big crowd

Poor Hillary! Her blog has been taken over by Rethug trolls, vowing to vote

14 hours until CNN begins its Hillary speech coverage

A word to the Hillary supporters who will not vote for Obama

What Is The Proper Response If Barack Obama Wins The Popular Vote And Loses The Electoral College?

Great Obama Quote!

Is Obama the Return of Idealism in Politics?

In Money Race, Obama Has the Advantage


Great site for Obama Gear

When Obama breaks many of his promises for

Interesting side-by-side comparison electoral maps of Obama and Clinton...

Hillary supporters: no matter how you feel about us, Obama treated HRC with grace and respect!

A Modest Proposal: Put Yer MONEY Where Your Mouth Has BEEN in GD:P, FOLKS

ICE Gets Smacked Down by the WaPo Ombudsman

ICE Gets Smacked Down by the WaPo Ombudsman

ICE Gets Smacked Down by the WaPo Ombudsman

Great work tonight, mods! As always!

I have to watch stupid FOX news because MSNBC has their nightly prison program on...

Do 18 million Hillary supporters love her $2-worth?

States McCain is trying to win

Obama's latino problem

Never forget that tomorrow is a new day with new surprises.

McCain, McCain, McCain, Mcain...BUSH...Republican....

More Hillary supporters throwing fits and threatening to vote for McCain.

I just got back from Minnesota--Obama's Speech in St. Paul Changed My Life!

Electoral Map for June 7th, 2008

Wes Clark urges support for Obama

CabalPowered is the BEST MOD EVER!

Why isn't anybody commenting on the Senate Intelligence Committee

CA ballot initiative on equal marriage rights may have an effect on Obama's chances

Obama and Hillary, President and Vice President. Trying to be analytic.

Does Edwards still qualify for Federal Public Funding?

DU this poll. (AOL Straw Poll)

Will Hillary clean up her McCain advocacy blog after tomorrow?

Maybe Hillary Clinton should be the keynote speaker at the Convention?

My New Anti McCain Banner

Obama is a sell out...

EMILY's List backs Obama

BBC crew will be stopping by to film the Obama table in Madison tomorrow

"this will be my final counselor when I am making decisions in the White House..."

Dianne Feinstein's "popular vote" comment AFTER the Obama-Clinton meeting was ominous

Jesse Jackson Jr: A chapter could be added to the Bible in dedication to Obama's primary victory

Kossacks not too pleased with Markos Moulitsas (Kos) making fun of McCain's teeth

Why doesn't McSame stand a chance? (not obama related)

Great advice here on what Clinton should say tomorrow

Thought Better Of It...

So, Obama Supporters (Old and New), who's with me?

In 16 years, will I feel the same about the Obamas as I now feel about the Clintons?

Talking Points stickies?

As angry as I got with Hillary at times, I can say I did admire her general tenacity.

Barr wants to add a third wheel to any Obama-McCain debates

It's disgusting....

I'm going to ask Al Franken one question.

Moderate Republicans for Obama

To Clinton Supporters Tempted By McCain

Hillary does NOT want to be vp

The biggest news you HAVEN'T heard

Just rec'd an e-mail from Wes Clark asking me to support Obama for Prez.

My husband's car repair guy is going to vote Democratic this year for the first time.

New Poll: Obama 47--McCain 43--Nader 6.

Dude, DU: P is SOOOOOOOO yesterday.

Boobies and wieners


"Not only are we going to New Hampshire, Tom Harkin,

You've GOTTA SEE THIS! CLICK for TOON! "Obama/Hillary."..Dwane Powell's Best!

Biden Assails McCain On Warrantless Wiretapping

Cool map from the NY Times: Where Candidates Found Support

Thank You to All (even those I disagreed with)

There would be one advantage to Hillary Clinton as VP.

The first thing I want Obama to do as president

Wes Clark: "Make sure Barack Obama is our next president... a critical mission.''

WTH? LA Times Criticizes Keith Olbermann - Defends O'Reilly

I went to Hospital last night (Pissed-off Rant)

I went to Hospital last night (Pissed-off Rant)

West Virginia: McCain 45% Obama 37%

Engel: Permanent Bases Would Technically Be Iraqi With U.S. ‘Tenants’ As ‘A Face Saving Device’»

Book TV Schedule: June 7th - 9th

I have the perfect gift - We should each send one of these to Bush on his last day

Glenn Greenwald: David Broder: Embodiment of Beltway values

Al Franken is the Democratic nominee for US Senator

Small Town Overthrows Corporate Giant for Control of Water

I have an idea...

285 K jobs lost in May

"Sharkwater" - A++++++++++

My Fear Going Foward Is That *Co Will Get Israel To Hit Iran.......

The Airline Industry is so F**ked......

U.S. has NO remaining grain reserves.

One More Way To Steal An Election - 2008 version.

The idiot box syndrome

I don't think we will see a Republican president in at least 50 years.

Are BushCo bringing to us the collapse of the Western Economy?

I just gave away all of my rebate - ASK ME ANYTHING!

Tim Mahoney, FL Democrat : ''I don't owe the party anything"

The silver lining to the cloud the airline industry in flying through right now.

Where nuke fuses to Taiwan LIHOP? (hint: it's happened before)

I Can No Longer Stomach Middle Class Americans of the Commissar Caste

I Can No Longer Stomach Middle Class Americans of the Commissar Caste

Can't make locking fuel caps fast enough

They're looking at your naked body!

If you've never been to the Lounge, you're missing this thread!

Ed McMahon is losing his house

omg. what if I'm offered a job for which I'm not qualified?

Good Music, Good Liquor, and a Good Woman

I recently reported here that someone stole a day

The schematic bank

POLL: Best Clash Season?

~105 here tomorrow

90 degrees..a hot gymnasium full of people...

Sometimes I just wish that I was a Giraffe.

Oh no! It got so hot so fast that I haven't had a chance to hunt up

If you don't entirely hate this crappy song, which version is better?

Funnel cake !!!

Checkin' in from the ATL tonight

Joakim Soria!

I heard from an old friend today

Alicia Keys' "Superwoman"

Excuse my forgetfulness...but didn't we use to have a kind soul (at DU) named....

Review title of new Adam Sandler movie

Ok, how many of you drunkards are coming to DU to imbibe with ME during the DNC convention?!

My house is now under contract!

who here knows about "It's-It"?

Want a soundtrack CD? They've got 'em here!

Amazon should ban me like Harrah's casinos ban gambling addicts...

droopy. i missed it. i searched for it. i couldn't find the post...

tell me your definition of an "overprivileged ass"

Hot Fuzz

So I decided to use one of nmy 3 very special posts in GD-Piffle tonight:

Anyone here actually like the movie "Southland Tales?"

Bullwinkle925's late husband shook RFK's hand the morning he was killed

We are ordering a Hybrid Ford Escape tomorrow.

Damn I passed 8000 posts and didn't know it, that is what I get for hanging out in GDP.

This is how it was back in the day...God bless 'em (youtube)

Today is the 90th anniversary of a hallowed day in baseball history

It appears the only way to get in the secret club

The new McDonalds Southern Chicken Biscuit..what do you put on it to moisten it up?

Um...I'm watching "Ed Gein" on IFC...

Bed or Eggs?! Please advise!!

I'm sure this will seem like flamebait


What could go wrong with a Dr Who ring tone website?


Smashing Pumpkins.....what happened?????

Should I have a drink or should I go to bed?

I am so smoked!

How I'm feeling now:

I am sew...

This is for you

God Fucking Damnit.

In honor of Bi-Baby who is watching Ed Gein that reminded me about Buffalo Bill

now i'm craving something sweet and gooey . . . . .

So , . . . I got myself something today (totally cheesy) that I've wanted for years . . . . .

Post a pic of yourself if you have flared nostrils and bug eyes!

session 9 is on Sundance right now,

I am so stoked!

Great green gobs of granulated gopher guts,

Went outside looking for my cat, she is on the roof of the house.


Say goodnight. I've had so much coffee and diet Pepsi I'm gonna puke.

And with this I bid you g'nite...Born Slippy:

Helloooo all..from Beautiful (not quite) downtown Las Vegas

Anybody have a read on a torrent for tonight's BSG?

The nerve of some people.

The European Championships


Would somebody please take philboy's computer away

It felt so good! After what felt like decades, I got a thread locked!!

Is it wrong to call out another DUer,

Wisconsin high school athletics governing body proposes to ban shirtless fans.

How do you insert your smilies?

Best free anti-virus program

Qustion about the French Open...

NetFlix Instant Viewing is down today

Who has seen "Lars and the Real Girl"?

"Is it wrong to kiss on the first date?"

Flamebait? I'll fucking show you flamebait.

You believe I'm actually laughing with the Freepers?

How do you like my new sigline pic?

What's on your .mp3 player/stereo/TV tonight?

Colorado's Thong-Faced Bandit Suspects Arrested

I want to go hang out at my mom's house today...

Mmmmm... $6,100 jumbo black Japanese watermelon... spokesman praises its "unparalleled taste"

Where can one buy Rock & Republic jeans in person?

For all you Seatlites! Viva Sea Tac!

Teddybears Cobrastyle...


Casino Drive is scratched.

I know they look stupid, but....

I miss Jerry Garcia

please send some of those famous lounge vibes my way

Help! Found Dog!

Just posted my first OP in GD.

I am getting ready to participate in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life

Got a cat question and need some help

'Slurpy wet' vs. 'Cheek peck'

hey DU cub fans! chime in here!

The News

vibes for my mom

UGH! Cuban Tree Frogs

UGH! Cuban Tree Frogs

I'm watching a baby bluebird getting ready to fly.

I am so stroked!!

Man, I was pissed last night,

Man, I was pissed last night,

GD-P needs a mascot. Indeed, I can think of two...

I'm watching a baby mushroom getting ready to be eaten.

Update: Cubs tumble to 1011-1011 against the Dodgers all-time.

Central time zone, get ready for 12:34:05 6/7/08.

Ever shattered an ankle?

Kung Fu Panda - no spoilers

Just so you know. The GDP is safe now. Drinks are being served.

Just so you know. The GDP is safe now. Drinks are being served.

Tastes like kitteh

"God, I know you're testing me here . . .

Check out our dogs

Naked man claiming to be Christ, George Bush hit with taser by police

The repuke man who I went on one disastrous date with, showed up again at my door.

Friday night pic thread


I just Rick Rolled GD-P one last time.

What's a good brown color to paint a hallway?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/7/2008)

I had been eating a strict vegetarian diet for over a month

'Gino' dances in disco Heaven

I don't WANT GDP to change. It's WAY too much fun!

I think I finally am getting my health insurance/health issues under control

My left hand hurts

I want 1 reply to this thread...


'Wonderful Life' actor Bob Anderson dies at 75


I have a date tomorrow night!!! Any last minute advice?

House is sooooo unrealistic

I know I will get shit for this but...

I know I will get shit for this but...

I know I will get shit for this but...

My Obama t-shirt arrived today!

fantastic pet product: FURMINATOR. This is a grooming tool I found at the vet's

I'm Gonna Booglarize You, Baby

Hey, you 80's freaks (like me!) - check this out:

Sooo Hillary concedes and we aren't at any DEFCON level????

Jim McKay of ABC's Wide World of Sports fame, has died at 86.

Post a pic of an unusual baby animal

I was impressed with the new Indiana Jones movie.

Critter weekend

George Foreman Grill

Its 87 degrees here and its only a little past 11am...

Have you ever been emotionally amused ?

Have you ever been emotionally amused ?

I have been craving a Bloody Mary...and I have never even had one

Describe a world where audio recording technology is invented before written language.

Post your picture if you're unpopular!

15 year old kitty with known history of cancer starts shedding chunks of fur

enough time has been wasted today. I have many things to do

Please let all the horsies stay healthy!

ouch. just fed my kitty. what is up with them flipping over on their back?

Somebody just made a lot of loot

How come lots of women are always 5 foot 6 around me?

List five celebrities you want to just go the fuck away. Forever.

I really should be cleaning house, but...

Zookeeper dies trying to get tiger to mate

I am craving double fudge brownies but I am too lazy to go to the store.

What time does the Belmont Stakes start?

HTML geeks: does anyone know how to do a ticker banner in Html?

This has got to be one of the best purchases I've ever made

Limited time opportunity to contribute to a great GD thread!

I need to make guacamole...But I'm's too hot today

I'm goin' out to the patio for a smoke. Who's with me?

Post a pic of you favorite sandwich

God bless the A/C!!

SE WI DU Friends, are you all safe?

Pretty Woman on TNT

ACTUAL source of Chicken McNuggets

Anyone watching the Belmont Stakes?

If you were in a Jazz Band, what instrument would you play?

Wish I were back here.

Biggest Chokes in sports history?

Have you ever been emotionally abused?

i'm home from taking the SAT

BTW, My Tigers just beat the Indians

Wow!! Tornado siren! Gotta run! nt

Asshole neighbor just killed our morning glories

Raise a glass with me in memory of my big brother.

Everyone wants my Oxycodones

For guys only (not female women)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/7/08

Time for a "Poor Me" pity party.

Pa. woman accused of stealing 5-ton steel coil in a three-quarter-ton pickup

Flooding happening in SE WI... Check it ** big photos **

woo hoo I lost 21 lbs.!!!!

DA and I have a big day planned tomorrow...

And I ain't got no worries, cause I ain't in no hurry at all.


If ya want a little bang in your yin yang come along

Dr. Laura wins 2nd place in yacht regatta by cheating but refuses to drop out

"Kittiwake" means...

I jsut saw this McCain ad on TV and it is 100% Pure Grade A BULLSHIT!

Saturday garden picture thread. Post them here.

Its laundry day. Spooky loves laundry day

Men ........... Are you man enough for these?

Did your class have a "rally cheer" ? What was it? Do you remember?

oh noes! the ice maker in my refrig is crapping out. it's like living in the stone age!

From what region of the country do you hail? (Awkwardly correct grammar! Yay!)

CreekDog is comatose to me.

My first ever Seascape

God I love Love LOVE Garage Sale Season!

Catnip bubbles are teh best!

Post the girliest girly girl alcoholic beverage here.

Why are they singing "New York, New York" at the Belmont?

New puppy pics, because you asked...

This week I am teaching a Field Herpetology course! (pic-heavy)


No Triple Crown, Big Brown loses.

Did you see any action? Head East

Friday Night with Kittimus Prime and DayDreaminHippie68 :) (pics)

How to deal with roommates stealing stuff from the fridge...

Holy jesus, I'm posting this on a brand-new Macbook.

Anybody see "Flawless" with Michael Caine and Demi Moore?

92 FUCKING DEGREES in New York City!

Sexy hot tub photo!

The film reviewer of the Chicago Tribune said that Adam Sandler's new film...

I bought a new car today.

Just so I know - how the hell does one suffer a badly twisted knee in his or her sleep?

When you visit someone else's house, do you put glasses on their wood tabletops?

I want 1.5 replies to this thread.

My stepson's girlfriend's truck was stolen. A disabled veteran helped the police get it back.

Anyone have the bush cheney dancing gif of laurel and hardy?

Lipton's Diet Green Tea Citrus

Happy Birthday, Anna Kornikova

I want 1,500 replies to this thread...

Sweet tea...WTF?

I'm quitting today. Quiting smoking. I've tried hard for the last few

"Are all democrats as disgusting as you?" written on paper and attatched to my windshield wipers

hey, my buddy beq - ck in!

hey, my buddy beq - ck in!

Mississippi Kites


It's Friday Night in The Lounge!

Legendary broadcaster Jim McKay dies

House budget chairman promotes Democratic plan (radio address)

Veteran sportscaster Jim McKay dies at 87

Clinton ends historic bid, endorses Obama

Poland to leave Iraq by October: minister

Novel stem cell therapy gives hope to boy with rare disease

Senior NYC crane inspector accused of corruption

Iraqi PM begins talks in Tehran

Russia blames U.S. for global financial crisis

Press angry over secret meeting between Obama and Clinton

Candidate Touted as Kerry Challenger Bumped from Ballot

Bush lauds China's response to earthquake

Ex-Steeler star Dwight White dies at 58

Moderator Availability Thread, Saturday June 7th

Ex LGF member



OT -- Requesting a snip

snip please



OT -- Does anyone remember that today is....






Pablo Suarez

Some more Mod love.


Johan Eliasch, Gordon Brown consultant, fined for illegal Amazon logging

Clinton suspends her historic presidential bid

Cuba to provide free sex-change (covered by Cuba's national health care system)

Legendary Broadcaster Jim McKay Dies at 86

Al Franken wins endorsement for Senate in Minnesota

Sheriff: Sect members will be charged

Chavez backtracks on Venezuela spy law

Nelson bill would abolish Electoral College

You're too fat to fly, court tells hostesses fired by Air India

The Detroit News apologizes for typo in Obama headline

Caribbean monk seal is now extinct

Bush/Cheney Enema. Obama rain.

Gov. Tim Kaine (VA) speaks to the Texas Democratic Convention on behalf of Obama

Operation Chaos Failure

(re-release) Schwarzkopf & Gates on why we DIDN'T invade Baghdad in '91.

One Tin Soldier - The Original Caste

Sloppy Version -- Reposting

Hillary: "Take our energy, our passion, our strength and do all we can to help elect Barack Obama!"

Bilderberg 2008 Attendee List

Countdown: Worst Person June 6, 2006...Lieberman

Black President

TheRealNews: Iraqi MPs against US bases

Hillary Endorses Obama: "United and More Ready to Win in November"

Hillary Clinton Endorses Barack Obama(Full Speech)

Robert Greenwald calls out FOX news

Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech: Full Remarks

TYT: McCain Even Gets Clowned by Fox News

Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech = 29:02 minutes = Full Speech

Black Sabbath - War Pigs {antiwar protest}

Bill Moyers addresses NCMR 2008

Bleeding Obama

Johan Eliasch, Gordon Brown consultant, fined for illegal Amazon logging

With oil at a record price of $139 a barrel

Phosphate, The coming Crisis.

Top 5 Ways to Cause a Man-Made Earthquake

Fewer Tickets to Ride (or, 7000 gallons of diesel woe)


If anyone in this forum ever suffers from insomnia, I have the cure

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (Trailer)

Yucca Mountain safety plan is 'doomed,' nuclear company says

The Brutal, 'Iraqi' Education That Awaits John McCain

The Future of Media Doesn’t Belong to Murdoch; It Belongs to Us

The History Channel International running video on Argentina's disappeared political prisoners

McCain Needs ‘Vision’ to Beat Historic Odds Favoring Obama in ’08

National Debt Erodes Public Trust

Tales From Inside the Editorial Board Room

The world food crisis and the capitalist market

Rebranding Republicans: McCain's Conundrum

Porritt on population

Experts describe the type of campaign they hope to see Barack Obama run against John McCain

Mark Crispin Miller: Does "Recount" Do More Harm Than Good?

"Peak Oil" vs "Speculation". A balanced look at both theories.

Neither Honest Nor Trustworthy: The 10 Worst Corporations of 2007

Destroying African Agriculture

Three Fixes For Our Lobbyist Problem

Shock Doctrine Takes a Bite Out of Friedman Legend

Hillary Finally Endorses 'Big Brown'

U.S. Companies Sell Surveillance Technology to China Contrary to Law

Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton Endorses Barack Obama (transcript)

Chavez Revamps His Intelligence Services: The Corporate Media React

Europe Fears a Post-Bush Unilateralism, This Time on Trade

Obama Signals He Won't Back Down to GOP Smears

Let's Help The New President by Catherine Austin Fitts

Conservative mag's positive review of new Israel peace lobby

Robert Fisk: The West's weapon of self-delusion

Cheney Enrages Iraqis with Demands for New Laws

Breaking: Hillary’s Concession Speech Running Late, Till 2016!

Not just $100/barrel. Price of oil now OVER $100 HIGHER than before invasion.

Chris Floyd - Degrees of Significance: The Nomination of Barack Obama

George Will's Colbert appearance taken apart

Water-Starved California Slows Development

Arcata (CA) opens electric car charging station

The Age of Oprah, Cultural Icon For the Neoliberal Era

Is the government compiling a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law?

LAT: McClellan's 'Matrix' moment

Slovenia under fire for misreporting nuclear plant shutdown

"The solar power business is bracing itself for a collapse in prices"

Tuscaloosa News: "Rove should be tried for treason"

Ledeen: It’s 1938-1941, Hitler is Hezbollah, al Qaeda, Iranian Khomeinists, Saudi Wahabis, Etc.

David Broder: Embodiment of Beltway values by Glenn Greenwald

Obama speaks to HQ staff. MUST WATCH.

Anyone have any tips on how to talk to Americans addicted to their gas guzzlers??

ABC's Nightline Has Shockingly Bad Smear Segment On Obama (Must Watch)

Foreign investors' rail bid examined

The jobless: in their own words

Today in labor history June 7 Militia sent to Cripple Creek, Colo.

Busted: Unemployment Rise Worst in 20 Years

‘60 Minutes’ Spotlights OSHA’s Failure to Protect Workers from Dust Explosions

Letter to the editor: Time to demand higher wages

Clinton's UCLA speech in jeopardy as union workers picket UC campuses

Air Traffic Controllers Endorse Obama

USA Today: Record foreclosures won't ease soon (at risk of sinking into foreclosure — reached 6.35%)

David Sirota: The populist uprising

Police usher Cal chancellor from angry meeting

Labor Officials Denounce Union Attack Ads

Sleeping in Cars in the USA

Cuba to provide free sex-change (covered by the national health care system)

Gays mentioned two times in speech.

Parents to Supreme Court: Allow Civil Rights Lawsuit over School's Homosexual Indoctrination

States that outlaw Gay Marriage DO NOT have to recognize Civil Unions

"Out & Proud In Chicago" documentary

What hath our initiative process wrought?

Kern County clerk plans to refuse all marriage ceremonies

I know my family cried during Clinton's speech,.. Maybe your family did too

Negotiator: Israel, Palestinians to start writing pact

Negev pounded with Qassams, mortar shells fired from Gaza

Woman Murdered by Relatives to “Maintain Family Honor”

Johan Eliasch, Gordon Brown consultant, fined for illegal Amazon logging

BOREV: Latam Politics is More Awesome Than Other Politics - (Judi, something special for you!)

The History Channel International running video on Argentina's disappeared political prisoners

Cuba to provide free sex-change

Venezuelans protest banned candidates

Venezuelan soldier captured in Colombia

Chavez backtracks on Venezuela spy law

Biden assails McCain On Warrantless Wiretapping

posted out in GD - Biden, Kerry, Lugar, Hagel letter on Iraq policy

Biden again saying he shouldn't be VP

New Approach wins Vodafone (Epsom) Derby

Casino Drive Scratched from race

Well it's a Russian against a Serbian in the finals for the women.....

What time Central Standard Time does the Belmont run?

"They're all gone"

Tale of Ekati....Big Brown....Icabad Crane

No Triple Crown

Former Steeler/Steel Curtain Member Dwight White dies :-(

Big Brown is a great horse. And I pick him to win. But there is only one Big . . .

Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Retires

Thank God BB is walking fine.

I have nothing against Big Brown...

Will Big Brown race again?

Paul Pierce and Last Night's Injury

Big Brown Bust...

My thoughts about the coming election. A stream of conscience vision in metaphors.

Emotions during Yoga - anger/agression w/ Warrior pose

What do you do about negative, and extremely negative people?

Wow, Where'd that Come From? (HRC resignation thread)

What does creepy mythological imagery have to do with Obama's Veep choice?

Phin Again

The best $500 I ever spent

Does anyone else have the problem of "thinking digital"?

Communities to get $300M to tackle health inequalities

Really need some DU Assistance!!

XP: NY considers creating 'organ-removal' ambulance

This photo has NOT been altered in any way.

any ideas for additions to spaghetti carbonara?

How many people here believe that some of the school shootings have been government false flag

The Second Amendment in the Balance

Gun Owners Caucus - Texas Democratic Party 2008 State Convention

Key to All Optical Illusions Discovered

"Lost" Pyramid Found Buried in Egypt

'Dandruff' could contaminate Phoenix landing site

Nasa Scientists Make Magnetic Fields! Check out the video >

Raw Story covers Bilderbergers meeting in Va

Shocking Doctrines, Shocking Short Shrift

Jon Gold Interviewed At The NE 9/11 Truth Symposium - 5/17/2008

Lots of JK pics from MA Dem convention at KerryVision

Nice articles I found that reminded me of Kerry.

Senator Kerry is scheduled to appear on "This Week " with Stephanopoulos.

Boston Globe article on Ed O'Reilly making it on the ballot

why cant i ever log in to a forum after i register and retrieve my password from email..??

Any typo3 developers/skilled users here?

Where are you Conventioneering Party Animals going tonight? n/t

franken, first ballot

Would you prefer if there were a primary today to choose the Senate candidate...

Best free anti-virus program

McCain Underestimates Obama

Clinton Superdelegate Exposes Racist Strategy of Clinton Campaign

Even Conservatives and Libertarians Are Debunking Attack on Michelle Obama From Crazed Clintonistas

Peggy Noonan on the meaning and consequences of this primary

Is Obama an enlightened being?

Clinton Endorses Obama

Buddhists for Obama graphic

Student inventors win $10K with creative, realistic plans

Va. court upholds women's college move to coed

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Friday 06/06/08

Fellow Cheeseheads, if you are in SE WI check your weather

LA Times big Obama showing could help pick up districts from GOP

SOA event in Larkspur

Second Annual Elmbrook Democrats Cookout!

Fresno Homeless Residents Win Settlement

"Imagine No Religion" billboard in Denver

CA Department of Peace conference in August 2008