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Archives: August 13, 2008

Fed. court refuses to resurrect CIA leak case

GAO: Most Corporations Don't Pay Income Taxes

Former Q-C congressman Jim Leach backs Obama

America Out of Economic Ammunition

1969 interview with John Lennon on tape

Momentum Building to End Ban on Voter Registration at VA Facilities (But it Might Be Too Late)

Dkos diary: Partial list of violations of the law that are no longer crimes

Where is Chris Matthews??? Please? Anybody?

A Bit O' Nixonland: Were You There?

Flying the tense skies: Unrest at United Airlines

Since when did mercenaries become contractors?

Military strike on Iran won't detail nuclear program, U.S. experts say

Cops Throw Cameraman out of Rossi (R) event (Washington Governor Race)

Andrew Sullivan: Vladmir Cheney

Bush: Why don’t you shut up? (Russia Pravda)

Analysis of the Georgian-Russian Conflict STRATFOR and ORLOV

U.S. rebuffs Israeli request for arms geared toward Iran strike

Miso soup for the liberal's soul.....from Mort Sahl:

don't think Larry Johnson is a racist? read his latest blog post on No Quarter

How would Pelosi rate in any other job?

One of the people I talked to while phonebanking told me I could get "educated"

County Approves $1.9M For Ballpark Scoreboard

Gossip Break: Sen. Russ Feingold is dating actress...

has the womans gymnastics gone yet? Do you think they can take first?

Dan Abrahms really letting edwards have it.

"Frank Burns of News"

"Haunted by Elizabeth" (insightful article on Eliz Edwards)

People claim Obama will turn the US into a "socialist" country. What is "socialism"?

This kitteh haz change she can has believe in

Judge says UC can deny class credit to Christian school students

Republican Lawmaker Wants Environmentalists to Know Jesus Has Already Saved the Planet

Cold War II - John McCain - A More Extreme Hard Right Neocon Then Cheney or Bush?

Russia's UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin is the only listed guest for Charlie Rose tonight

Obama's VP Text Message: Be the first to know.

How would Pelosi function in any other job?

OK, I'm not planning on watching the Aryan Nation gathering otherwise known as the RNC, but......

DSCC Plans to Spend $7 Million in Ad Buys to Oust Dole From NC!

CBO: Scale of contract operations in Iraq is unprecedented (Iraq War: $1 out of $5 to contractors)

Thank you, Chuck Schumer......

John McCain, riding his campaign bus into a rally to the stirring theme from "Rocky,"

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Just found a pic of Cheney getting ready for the fundraiser in CA...

NC-Sen: Dole Leads by Five in New Poll


Someone other than Phelps wins GOLD! US Soldier Strikes Gold in Beijing

Just pondering something here (science related)

Limpballs: "Edwards might be attracted to a woman whose mouth did something other than talk" (MM)

This guy ........

Dog guarded owner's body for weeks after suicide

More on the Aisha novel that was yanked by Random House

What is going on in Georgia?

Question about citizenship in Starship Troopers

Democrats Plan Salvo of Ads Against Dole: The Party is Ready to Spend $7 Million After Labor Day, a

Puling, lying, drinking, evading, murdering, waring, brush-cutting ..

Malloy: The Shoe Lady Speaks...

What I'd like to see at the Dem Nat'l Conv...

Why does Joe Lieberman even caucus with the Dem Party?

Running Wild, Chupacabra Sighting Caught on Video

Spotted owl habitat slashed as population declines

Attendant: Evangelist Osteen's wife eyed cockpit after attack

Being skinny is no guarantee of a healthy heart

Almost one-quarter of U.S. homes sold in the past year were for a loss

CNN use footage of Tskhinvali ruins to cover Georgian report

Gobal Poverty Act--Obama?

US cancels joint exercise with Russia in protest at Georgia attack

Russian Troops Still Pour Into South Ossetia

So how many Pardons is Bush gonna have to issue on the eve of

Thanks to whoever put up the "What would you do... Muslim abuse" sticky!

Joe Lieberman - Dick.

A question about belly fat.

How about this painting by Ron Keas?

Three-alarm fire on Apple Inc. campus in Cupertino

"Just Us Sunday" Preacher Steps Down Amid Lawsuit

New Right-Wing meme: Obama is the "extremely radical, pro-homosexual" candidate.....

The irony of these two headline stories on the Huffington Post....

Bush erred by suggesting to Saakashvili that Washington would back him militarily

U.S. Olympic gals gymnastic team did great...silver.

Olympic Alert...Maybe...Very Interesting

answered U.S. criticism of the Russian overkill in Georgia by comparing this war to Iraq

John McCain: What you need to know about him

Justice for the victims of the Iraq War means more than humiliating neoconservatives

Georgia invasion story sure knocked Ron Suskind off the front burner...

A bit of fact-checking about Edwards and his programs.

Anyone else see this anywhere else today? Man Dead, Large Amount Of Possible Cyanide Found

UK wins synchronized bronze medal

If there was a plan to invade Iraq, John McCain was in on it from Day 1

Okay, I think I understand now...

Good News du Jour.

Is bu$h Drunk At The Olympics? Here Are The Pics:

Creep Show

Ron Suskind on DemocracyNow for the full hour

I want to thenk the person who donated and

The origin of the "30 percenters" revealed!

U.S. impotence: Statesmanship not possible without moral standing

Republicans: Bad for workers. Bad for the economy. Bad for Americans

Really, what's more legitimate? The war in Georgia or the war in Iraq?

Phelps wins gold # 11

anyone hear that woman nutcase on?

Budget deficit soars to $102.8 billion in July, triples from 2007

Dean: Ralph Reed Fundraiser Reveals McCain Double Talk on Ethics

Barbara Ehrenreich: When Pastors Go Postal

Is Bush drunk at the Olympics? Sure looks like it

McCain Debates McCain...

Invasion Songs - a Poem about the Russian invasion of Georgia

Just wait until the fundies see what McCain's #1 song is!

Would John Colmes Be Better Served....

Post-"stimulus" reality beginning to set in on the economy

Post-"stimulus" reality beginning to set in on the economy

New Weather Channel Sitcom About Three Guys, Three Girls, One Storm System

What's The Deal With bob novak?

Re: "Voting is a fraud, so why bother? Let the system break, so we can start over."

C-SPAN: Washington Journal...Richard Holbrooke

Hypocritical Right-Wing pig-beast alert: Limbaugh weighs in on the Edwards affair

Does anyone have the full quote where Pelosi said something about trying to save the planet?

Tell me how it feels.

This Georgian issue has me spinning

I want to sick Nancy Grace on BushCo about WMD's.

Russians show Bush how it's done

Bush Tax Cuts: A Third of the Savings Went to the Nation Richest 1% - Bush History, 8/13

hear ye, hear ye: a monkey is about to screech on live teevee

No power sharing deal yet in Zimbabwe

Bush coming up at 11.15am

What will we talk about after Obama is elected?

Why hasn't Bush had a news conference about his ally being blown to smithereens by Russia?

The Obama tax plan for the elderly.

Athletes only as old as China says they are - Are the Chinese under age or Undernourished?

The Rude Pundit: Michael Mukasey Doesn't Care About the Security of Americans

Retailers lowering their prices is not necessarily a good thing..

Russia has moved nuclear capable SS-21 missile launchers into Georgia

Continuing WAR I thought it was over?

Just who is John McCain meeting with? McCain secret meeting alert!

FYI: Ron Suskind on Dem. Now! today; very in depth interview...

caption this photo

New UK counter-terrorism bill may facilitate more coverups with "secret" inquests!

Fox News: McCain says Georgia pipeline "very, very important" for US energy independence.

U.S. Spies Really 'Surprised' By Georgia Attacks?

Notice any similarity?

Mel Martinez (R-FL) says McCain's "past" matters

Portrait of the candidate as a pile of words.

Great News - Idiot Bruce loses his primary

CNN/Breaking: Bush 'takes action' regarding the crisis in Georgia ..............

Former FCC chairman: McCain is a ‘technological troglodyte.’

Is LIHOP / MIHOP now more relevant than ever?

Dear, caring media:

The Russian/Georgian Crisis & Now We Are Paying The Piper

So I guess the question is what country would Bush defend if Russia attacked them?

Election or revolution?

IDF vets who trained Georgia troops say war with Russia is no surprise


Dubya on CNN now

Larissa Alexandrovna on with Hartmann in 1st hr. Topic: Can’t find WMDs? Plant 'em!

South Ossetia: superpower oil war

What does that stickie mean?

Georgia says tanks violate truce

American death toll at 4140

What the hell? We don't need to send Rice to Georgia, the EU is handling it.

Arctic cold war as US sends a ship to claim riches under the ocean

Almost all the stuff on the anti-obama gear site is price reduced....

We desperately need a president who can say an "s" word without whistling teeth

Lindsey Graham is one of McCain's "closet" friends.

37 Dems and Two Brave Repugs fight for Mahony Bill to regulate Credit Cards!

KKKarl Rove was vacationing in Crimea

For all of their tough talk, bravado and flight-suit codpieces.......

Rep. military couple have chosen to marry on 9/11

Sh*tty Senators.......

So Karl Rove was in Crimera, Ukraine last month?

Bush is sending Condi and humanitarian and medical supplies to Georgia. U.S. aircraft are on the way

Oh NO... he DIDN'T!

Anyone knows how Teddy Kennedy is doing?

Transcript of Bush remarks on Russia-Georgia

News from Lake Wobegone China, where the kids are ornamental and above average-looking

"the poverty business"

Wonder if any of the Georgian troops who helped Bush torture and kill Iraqis regret doing that now?


Prince Charles warns of 'disaster' on GM food

Can you handle the "Benny Lava?" video

Can you handle the "Benny Lava?" video

A jet ski in every barn, a capon in every pot, . . . and a CAPTION between every set of ears!!!!

Pelosi IS the elitist stereotype personified

cnn report....the bu$h*man has delayed his trip to crawford due to georgia 'crisis'

WTF is wrong with Detroit?

Russia: US must choose Moscow or "project Georgia"

Channeling Jeff Foxworthy. You might be a McCain voter if...

Once-Dumped Boehner May Fall Again If Republicans Lose in Ohio

All minds on heads, all hearts on love, . . . then come CAPTION our little conversating turtledove.

On the bright side: Ann Coulter was wrong: Edwards no "f***ot".

Conservative Prays For Rain On Obama

Fox News Channel uses white supremacist as "Free Speech Activist"


Russian Breaks Truce With Georgia

The Russia vs Georgia Cyber Attack

Olympic girl seen but not heard

The Russo-Georgian War and the Balance of Power

Fake Fireworks?? OMG!!! does anyone frekin' LISTEN anymore???

When Russia Withdraws From Georgia, Can You Take These 2 Reps With You?

Ukraine Imposes Restrictions on Russian Navy

For the umpteenth time, Nancy...Can we impeach the son-of-a-bitch now?

Report: Iran Warns Against Surprise Attack

Russia and Georgia: All About Oil

Russia and Georgia: All About Oil

Shooting at Arkansas Democratic HQ: ON CNN Now

Who knew that George Bush was smart enough to distract us by

NY Times: Credit Engine Stalled

Hope for Dem Senate race in North Carolina

ACLU takes Sheriff Joe to Court

Russian Army Clears Out Georgian Army Bases

Looking for a very simple graphic of taxes under McCain & Obama (saw it here a few weeks ago)

Can DU survive the end of George Bush?


Warrior John McCain: Far More Dangerous Than Bush

Jesselyn Radack:I Volunteer as Test Case: Justice Dept. Urges Applicants Rejected Illegally to Apply

Government of Georgia paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to McCain lobbyist

140 posts over whether or not he word 'retard' is offensive

Portrait of the Candidate as a Pile of Words

What the hell is that?

A Truth Squad for John McCain

So the coups de grace for the Bush Admin is to go nu-ku-lar with Russia?

Was it just me or did Bush look like one scared sick little man today on TV?

AP-Democratic Shooting URGENT

Very sad, but do former Edwards supporters feel they have been conned?

Alleged KBR Rape Victim Sues the U.S.

Several police and Lifenet ambulances sent to the scene of the Arkansas shooting.

Stem cell backers doubt McCain’s support

GOP gets Smashmouth; Dems get Kanye West

Does Georgia have nukes?

Has anyone noticed how the republiCONS...

How will the right wing noise machine spin the Arkansas Shooting?

Lieberman Attacks Obama’s Patriotism

This is Bill Gwatney, Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party. He's been shot.

Tell Lil George Bush You Sorry about Vacation

Turley Re: Mukasey Doctrine: "Discretion NOT Just To Prosecute But To DEFINE What Crimes are"

Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party shot today

John McCain, Internet dunce -- not the chief that an increasingly technological world requires.

Bush sends Rice to Georgia

Possible Chemical Attack Planned at DNC?

caption Cheney

Here's a pair of pictures to compair and contrast:

The role Southern Illinois played in preparing Obama for this campaign.

God, I hate CNN

Look what them internets have done Faux News get the debate boot...

More chatter about Hagel as VP nominee...

My Endorsement of Barack Obama, for whatever it's worth...

Seen this Obama ad on CNN today. Watch McCain being the BushLicker he is


Help me deny McCain a vote

After Returning From Four Days At The Olympics, Bush Criticizes Congress’s ‘Vacation’

Court Rules - The Bible Cannot Be Substituted for Science Teaching

Local Minor League baseball team having "bobble election"

Principal Who Discussed Pregnancy Pact Resigns

Rev. Wright book tour is a LIE!!!!!

OK, I'm sufficiently creeped out.....

I just got visited by Obama Canvassers

a happening in Denver to ponder

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/12/08 - Obama 45, McCain 43 (unchanged)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: A Frozen Katrina

Say It Ain't Jew, Joe - Marty Kaplan @ HuffPo

2 Famous Minnesotans will not be @ the RNC in St. Paul

WaPo carrying A3 story about McCain's Georgian Lobbyist Advisor

Bush demands Russia get out of Georgia AP

Gorbachev: Russia Had No Choice But Counterattack In S.Ossetia

Obama "Hands" commercial just aired on Olympics - Holy crap is that a good ad

Carpool Buddie and I doing a poll, Obama will win by 1900%

Choosing Hillary

NYC police propose massive public snooping system

Cold War II - John McCain - A More Extreme Hard Right Neocon Then Cheney or Bush?

Thank you Dr. Everythingwillbealright

U.S. to take control of Georgian ports

CAPTION *...or anyone else in this pic...

It's a GREAT idea for Obama to offer supporters 1st info on the VP!

I have a feeling it's going to be Evan Bayh

Colbert about Bayh

David Plouffe just said on Air America that

I know this has said before but...

Why do I see more McCain ads than Obama ads on TV?

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1:Don't tease the bear

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2: "Experienced" sounds better than "old"


If Hillary would have won, and announced Bayh as her running mate....

The liars are back. Time to finish them off (read email from Kerry, then go to the link)

WHY are people SO afraid of Obama???!!!

McCain supporters are energized!

Didn't someone from the Obama campaign say we wouldn't be surprised at the Veep pick?

Is it not funny to see the US repeatedly stressing that the fact that the Georgian

The US and Russia should be friends.

oh great......NPR is into the Edwards affair....

Obama in Hawaii News Video from today!

Homeland Security lists suspicious behaviors its employees should be aware of

Senator Obama, You Will Lose My Vote If You Do This

US Conscientious Objector To Be Deported from Canada

Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps, and Michael Phelps!

Troops pay baggage fees on way to war zones (CNN)

Good News: "Daughter: Rev. Wright NOT publishing book in October" plus he is in Ghana.

re: WHY are people SO afraid of Obama???!!!

What would be the best reason to have Evan Bayh as the VP nominee?

Got your back, Georgia! WAAAAAY back. - Today’s Headlines 8/13/08

Awww geeze, more winky news

Effect of Racism upon November

Surprisingly Strong Case for Bayh as Veep (cause that is not the direction in which I was leaning)

Now Wall Street Wants Your Pension, Too

Now Wall Street Wants Your Pension, Too

NY Times is pimping Corsi's anti-Obama smear book

Just Something To keep In Mind As Everyone Praises The Enquirer...

Condi Rice -STFU

General Wesley Clark Fans Click Here

Is this a possible answer...

The Experience Fallacy

And now, a word from our sponsers...

GOP Rep. To Environmentalists: Jesus Already Saved The Planet

Ohio voting law may be a boon for Obama supporters

Georgian-Russian hostilities spill over to beach volleyball (*SPOILER*)

I think this whole VP text/e-mail thing is overblown

McCain's top foreign policy advisor got $ from Georgia

Sen. Chuck Hagel: "Will not endorse, will not be at either convention"

LOL!!!! Who put the Badger, Badger on the Post-its?

The Best Poll Of The Year (So Far)

Someone want to tell the US ambassador to the UN that Georgia is in Asia?

WHY do people like Obama SO much??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

drip, drip, drip... new revelations on "the affair" inThe Enquirer

Who is Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad?

"The Good Ol' Days"

Is McCain the president?

Is McCain the president?

Any guesses at McCain's next ad?

AP: Mark Warner will keynote Democratic convention

McCain Has Known Georgias President Mikheil Saakashvili "For 25 Years" Since Saakashvil was 16

Tire-Gauge Industry Pumps Up Obama Campaign Coffers

A Firestorm Erupts As Colmes Compares McCain's Infidelity To Edwards'

Alabamians favor John McCain, but don't see him winning

AlterNet: Blood for Oil: War, Resources, and Boy George's Last Stand

While Aide Advised McCain, His Firm Lobbied for Georgia

Do you think they are trying to subliminally suggest something here:

Barr courts Virginia voters

Robert Timberg, anyone? McCain's serial affairs, described in DETAIL, via Daily Howler:

Book Karl Rove

List one Democrat that you wish had a freakin back-bone.

Right-Wing Hate Group Blames Immigrants For Increasing Greenhouse Emissions»

Anyone see Richard Holbrooke calling out CNNs John Roberts for spinning for the McCain camp?

Florida Registering Democrat by More Than Two to One

McCain Shows Instability In Russia-Georgia Comments

Obama has an edge on issues

NYT: Anti-Obama book follows anti-Kerry script

Norm Coleman's Sweetheart Rent Deal: Were Utilities Included?

Corsi's "Obama Nation" Hits NYT Bestseller List at No. 1 Spot

12 Days to the Convention, 83 Days to President-Elect Obama,

I wonder what's behind this:

Ike's Granddaughter Calls Obama 'Future of America'

Breaking News: Obama TV Spot on the Economy Coming Wednesday

Converter box confusion.

URGENT: This online poll is apparently being hacked and used on RW Blogs

URGENT: This online poll is apparently being hacked and used on RW Blogs

"Vote For Obama Or The Old Guy Gets It"

McCain ignoring calls to cancel controversial fundraiser

Bush: Why Don’t You Shut Up? A Russian Pravda Editorial Opinion On Georgia

Why do you have an ad

Here's the solution to the "retard" controversy:

Eric Boehlert: Fox News suffers another debate snub; bloggers take a bow

Knuckledragging right-wing idiocy.....

Why There is a PRO-Obama Media Bias

wow, i was thinking iran. how small of me.

Hahaha Rush is using Michael Phelps' diet as an excuse to drill here drill now.

At what point did McCain recover from the trauma of Viet Nam that caused him to cheat on his wife?

Is anyone studying the use of kudzu as a feed stock for bio-fuels?

Ohio voting law may be a boon for Obama supporters

So why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel.

FOLKS....WW-3 Has Started.......

Race issues add air of uncertainty to polls

Everyone's Olympics ads are weak

Who Does McCain Remind you of? A New Game for Hard Times

Generals testify against Brig. Gen. “We Can’t Have Acquittals !”

Want to remove an enormous stone from Sen. Obama's shoe?

McCain: "In the 21st Century we just don't invade other countries."

Mainstream Media's Insightful Coverage of Foreign Affairs


Here is a funny cover of "Shaft" that even Isaac Hayes would appreciate.

Prayer video that sought a Barack Obama drenching gets yanked

Is there a place we can view an up-to-date schedule of the DNConvention?

Wingnuts: Them Thar Illegals iz responsible for global warming

Wingnuts: Them Thar Illegals iz responsible for global warming

Question about the keynote speaker

McCain: The "You Kids Get Outta My Yard!" Candidate

Former FCC chairman: McCain is a ‘technological troglodyte.’»

Buying into the Spin about McCain’s Foreign Policy Credentials

Transcript: "Bush threatens Russia and directs US Air and Naval Forces to Move into Georgia" Aid?

When will the swiftboating begin?

The narrative the press is ignoring

Mark Warner will keynote Democratic convention

Sisters, This Is an Election We Can't Sit Out

McCain steps on Chimpy's Russia/Georgia statement the other day, but no MSM fingerwagging...

The Atlantic: For Obama the key is: look at John McCain, and see Alan Keyes.

Estimates are that there are 17,500 ethnic Georgians in South Ossetia.

Don't tell no one Don, but I may be voting Dem this year

Fairbanks GOP Mayor Endorses Obama

"Gitmo on the Platte" - Denver's warehouse for arrested protestors

what is a "New York Party Girl" anyway?

While Aide Advised McCain, His Firm Lobbied for Georgia

Jeane Meserve just did a report on CNN accusing Russia of cyberattacks

Why was John McCain Playing buddy buddy with a 16 year old Russian Boy, 25 years ago?

Bush heads to Crawford for two weeks after slamming Congress for going on ‘vacation.’»

Just checking in and MY GOD!

I posted a single thread nearly everyday for one month during the primaries.

Ohio voting law may be a boon for Obama supporters

Arming the Left: Is the time now? --by Charles Southwell

Messages of support for Bill Gwatney, the Arkansas DUers, and the Arkansas Dems.

The Deeper the Accent, the Deeper the Racism

"In the 21st Century Nations don't invade other Nations"

Posting my compliments to the mods and admins

CNN is laying out an entire scenario showing Russia taking


Selection of Warner for Keynote may mean Kaine is Veep nominee

Suzanne Malveaux spent one hour on the Situation Room

Traitor Joe needs to be booted from the party and his committess NOW

City readies warehouse for mass DNC arrests

Book on Obama hopes to repeat anti-Kerry feat

What do you think will be Obama's best state in November?

Black Vote in November

**Breaking: McCain campaign to move his nomination acceptance to this outdoor venue:

Former FCC chairman: McCain is a ‘technological troglodyte.’»

If you don't puke first, caption this photo....

Georgia War: A Neocon Election Ploy? By Robert Scheer

Guns, beer, and love at the Olympics

This Terry knob on Thom Hartmann is being especially annoying


Sexy pre-presidential beach vacation photo!

A Government Run By Inept Criminals-Led By The Most Hubris-Filled-Fetid Pus VP In History

How will you react if McCain wins and becomes President?

The extent of McCain's foreign experience, he knew the Georgian President at graduate school

Well, well, well, I guess the Russia/Georgia thing is starting a few

I Suppose This Russia-Georgia Conflict Is About Oil Too......

"Best Poll of the Year"

Obama LEADS....McGeezer BLEEDS....Obama still ahead and Gaining

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/13/08 - Obama 44, McCain 42 (both down 1)

From the Office of Senator Barack Obama (((PICS)))

McCain Blunder

Georgian–Ossetian conflict (Wikipedia article)

A song for Saakashvili to sing

the curfew city Missouri ( I think)

Folks, Can we stop the bickering long enough to give

Responses to that Freeper article in my liberal suburb's journal:


Things McLame can and can't have

NJ POLL: Obama 51, McCain 41; PA POLL: Obama 44, McCain 36. **Looks like more BAD news for OBAMA!

If he was a reichwingnutjob

If he was a reichwingnutjob

Has Condoleeza Rice have given up on her future political career ? Why is she allowing being abused

Another GOP Senator to skip convention

Obama birth certificate found (parody)

"this won't happen when Obama's President"

Report on the Wal-Mart union "threat"--this is getting ridiculous

I cant believe I donated to DU again, just so I could say...

Why Isn’t John McCain One Million Points Ahead In Every Poll?

The latest RW smear email on gas prices

Obama promises a new economy

Colin Powell (likely) to endorse Obama!

I guess they're killing us with impunity now ..... fight the Obama smears

John Edwards had enough delusions of grandeur to try out for the Clemson football team

Texas Television Station Running With Obama Birth Certificate Nonsense

Why Don't the Mens' Beach Volleyball Players Wear Bikinis, Too?

Media is beginning to deny the possibility of an Obama landslide

Why do I get the feeling we're going to war with Russia?

Penn praises McCain ad

Looks like Freepers have invaded the Guardian?

Paul Newman, Cool Hand Luke, Plastic Jesus

Fineman: Don’t Call Me—I May Call You

Condi Rice Comments At Her Presser Today......

Rat snacks can solve world food price crisis: Indian official

Evil can be found at "Stop the ACLU"

Remove Worthless Joe Lieberman Now- Sign the Petition

Rush attacks Elizabeth & ALL Women

McCain Will Pick Nothing Less Than a Pit Bull for VP

CNN is treating Jerome Corsi, he of Swiftboat acclaim, as some kind of legitimate author....

At, no tied states today. Exposing & Combating Liberal Media Bias

Hartmann: Today, Saakashvili is calling for McCain to do more for Georgia

Top Anthrax Scientists made Contradictory Statements

Who are these babbling idiot broads on CNN now? No wonder

Georgian / Russian Issue Not as Cut and Dried as Some Would Like Us

A fascinating interview with Sergei Ivanov (from Moscow), a former

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll Obama 48 (+1) McCain 42 (+0)

CNN featuring MvCaint's daughter -- showcasing her blog

St. Pete Times: Obama means it's not politics as usual for Pasco County, FL Democrats

Bill "freaking" Kristol!

Has McCain Video Stirred Fears That Obama Is Antichrist?

Figure in Abramoff scandal raises money for McCain

Pelosi: Senate Dems Won't Need Lieberman After The Election

"McCain and Bush party with cake while NOLA waits for crumbs. Republic of Georgia waits two days"

Obama's Attorney-General

GWB yanked Condoleezza Rice from shoe shopping and sending her to

Obama needs to be prepared to address the draft question, it's only a matter of days before

Unfit for Publication: Corsi's The Obama Nation filled with falsehoods

Cross Post from Videos: Colmes Owns Hannity... Exposes McCain Affair

NYT best seller nonfiction? Meet Jerome "Swift Lying Freeper" Corsi

Gunman wounds Arkansas Democratic party chairman

Great pictures of Obama in Hawaii from this link at Huffpo

The FBI Frame-up of Bruce E. Ivins

Tennessee GOP Links Obama To Black Scandal-Plagued Mayor(Detroit mayor)

The Russia-Georgia back and forth

Lone wolf terrorism by right wingers?

Anyone see the new Obama ad - McCain economic book

Gunman Critically Wounds Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman

KS POLL: McCain 52 (no change), Obama 37 (+5)

Classic Freeperism: "Gallup has Hussien up by 6 % HUH ?"

Russia adopts Bush Foreign Policy: You're either with us or against us.

Time to discuss the B word: Bankruptcy

Saakashvili told Georgians that the US military was moving in to help. What's McCain telling him?

Need To DU This Poll.......

After seeing Alan Colmes finally find his spine, I gotta wonder...

New Obama ad: "Book" ... ties McCain's war policy to economy

I'm so glad I've never brownshirted for a politician

When you have a 'I Hate My Job' day, try this:

Senator Obama's Statement on Georgia

Address for Arkansas Dem Party

Address for Arkansas Dem Party

New Movie from the Right Wing "An American Carol"

How the media picked a fight with Wes Clark

Stories that did NOT appear on NBC tonight although they had time

McCain acting and being accorded Presidential deference.

Bloggers Hand Fox News Its Ass

Dear Georgia, Despite what your lobbyist might have told you, McCain isn't the President...

My prayers go out to Bill Gwatney's family.

WTF??? Anyone ELSE noticing how over-the-top in the tank for McCain CNN 's 'coverage' is today?

lou dobbs asked a good question about georgia conflict

Bill Kristol: Colin Powell To Endorse Obama

Any one know when Obama is due back from his vacation?

So How Long Is Liebermans Leash

McCain Foreign policy adviser is paid by the Georgian government?

Don't wake McCain up at 3:00am, the guy needs his sleep

I am sick and fucking tired of this shit...

How ICE killed an letting him die of "undiagnosed and untreated" cancer

McC Called Georgia President The Same Day His FOREIGN POLICY GUY Signed 200K Georgia Lobbying Deal

The first bumper sticker I have seen saying "Anyone but Obama"

Obama on the shooting at the Arkansas Democratic Party Headquarters

If there was any doubt, McDubya wants to be a War President and Nothing More.

The Backlash to Bayh

Cindy McCain rushed to the hospital.

There's not enough controversy in here today.

Former Governor Mark Warner giving keynote address

Photos: Joe approaches state of bliss as words of McCain speech flow into his ears like sweet honey

Harris Poll: Obama 47% McCain 38% Nader 3% Barr 2%

New Rasmussen Virginia & Nevada

McCain photo at press conference supporting Georgia

Huffington Post to go local (starting 8/14/2008)

"a man fitting his description ran into a Baptist church and complained about losing his job"

After DOJ briefing Daschle now finds the evidence against Dr. Ivins as "complete and persuasive"

This is the reason I trust no one in my community.

Good thoughts for Arkansas Dem Party Chairman Bill Gwatney thread.

The brave Cindy McCain is with her husband at the MI press conference.

I'll say it, the MSM is BLATANTLY RACIST

McCrypt: “In the 21st century, nations don’t invade other nations.”

'There are two types of liberals: the simply evil ones and the clueless minions.'

Book on Obama Hopes to Repeat Anti-Kerry Feat

Saakashvili Tells McLame To Put Up Or Shut Up

The Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney

Senator McCain, You do NOT Speak for me

Kristol: Colin Powell likely to endorse Obama at Democratic convention.

what is a "New York Party Girl" anyway?

Is China a glowing Democracy like Georgia?

LA Times Article - Highlights GOP's Mixed Messages Re Georgia - What was McCain/Scheunemann's Role?

Powell to Endorse Obama at Convention?

America is no longer the nation that can "fix anything"....that has changed now.

Students fight for equal rights for gays

New national Pew Poll: Obama up by three

Bush Gets Aid to War Zone within 24 Hours, Let New Orleans Drown For Days

PNAC-boy Kristol says Colin Powell will endorse Obama at Dem Convention.

Did McCain Violate The Logan Act By Sending His Own "Delegation" To Georgia?

This Tropic Thunder marketing scheme is brilliant

Postmodern John McCain: the presidential candidate some Arizonans know — and loathe

Did McCain 's Georgian Lobbyist Adviser Set This Whole Thing Up?

Mark Warner? Keynote speaker at the Convention?

Bill Gwatney Arkansas Dem state Chair who was shot is a Clinton Super Delegate!

Offshore drilling: Top Ten Reasons it's a BAD idea:

Colin Powell tells ABC News he is NOT going to the Dem convention.

New Obama ad ...

John McCain did say "I know how to win Wars!" Guess he has to prove it.

AP: Anthrax Skeptics are Conspiracy Nuts, Anti-Semites

McCain has high name ID, a sterling reputation, and the media on his side. Why can't he break 42%?

Wes Clark vs. Evan Bayh (From CCN):

For those who support Bush's impeachment, a question

McCain campaign re-defines ‘lockstep’

Insider Advantage: Virginia: Obama: 43% McCain: 43%

"Are you going to be in Denver, General Clark?"

McCain's politicizing of the Russia/Georgia dispute is the worst kind of leadership a Commander-in-

Helen Thomas will be on HBO Monday night at 9 Eastern time

'Gitmo On The Platte' Set As Holding Cell For DNC

Spokesperson: Kristol's Claim That Colin Powell Will Speak At Dem Convention Is False

When did Rove place "announce end to occupation" on his calendar

ABC Nightly News hasn't covered Gwatney assassination yet: 6:43EST

I just donated to Democratic Underground.

GOP Senator In Tough Race Quits Role On McCain Campaign (updated)

Ah McCain gets it, credit where credit is due

If the Arkansas Democratic leader was murdered by a right wing nut...

Colin Powell to endorse Obama?!

Who wants to speculate on whether the Arkansas shooter is ANOTHER Michael Savage fan?

McCain adviser got money from Georgia

Media scutinizes McCain's Georgia policy statements:

Media complicity in action: CNN and Swift Liars

Report from the front lines - protesting Pelosi at her book tour! Two arrested!

Report from the front lines - protesting Pelosi at her book tour! Two arrested!

Obama, I beg you

Obama July Fundraising Thread

John McCain, Internet dunce

McCain Dispatching Delegation To Georgia

Silent remembrance thread for AR Dem chairman Bill Gwatney in GD.

Obama's Hawaiian Vacation (PHOTOS)

How many more speaking spots are yet to be announced for the Convention?

"Georgia would never be able to do all this without America"

Joe Klein: Scholarship

During the upcoming debates, will Obama be able to take the gloves

So Where's Our Best Seller About McCain?

Welcome to your new office Senator LIE-berman!

McCain: ‘In the 21st century, nations don’t invade other nations.’ (Presumptuous and wrong)

Time To Announce The V.P. -- Obama is peaking again, push it past the 50% barrier!

U.S. puts brakes on Israeli plan for attack on Iran nuclear facilities

Which US city is McCain willing to sacrifice now that he thinks we are all Georgians?

McCain Campaign's Double-Talk On Obama's Patriotism Largely Ignored By Press

Some DUers need to get ready to suck it up.

Photo: For some reason I find this photo of the McCains to be really disturbing. Maybe it's just me

I'd love to know who has already turned McCain down

Do you think Obama is doing better than Kerry was at this point?

Big Media Bias - Why No Coverage of the Bestselling Book On John McCain?

Warner "was subject to fairly intense pressure by Obama advisers" to be VP vetted

Arkansas Dem. Party Chairman Assassinated

McCain is speaking now on Georgia -- live feed

The Republicans who support Corsi's book support a guy who thinks the Pope is a senile pedophile

Is Laura Leaving Bush After he Leaves Office Because He's Been Hitting the Sauce Again? (BuzzFlash)

Very sad, but do former Edwards supporters feel they have been conned?

Cindy McCain is in the hospital?

Thug Pigs at their best again... WARNING VIOLENT.

VA POLL: Obama 45 (+2), McCain 44 (+1)

Please sign petition to stop Bush from classifying contraception as abortion.

Obama should name his choice for AG and State at the convention


Mary Matalin claims Corsi's book is 'a piece of scholarship'

Why not Dick Gephardt for VP?

This will silence any repuke who defends McCain's affair

Conyers "Distressed" That Mukasey Won't Prosecute In Hiring Scandal

Bikini volleyball and a drunk president aside, please help protect science ed. in TX:

The $4,284 monthly health insurance premium

THE OFFICIAL (non-official) VENTING THREAD. Are ya freakin' out? COME ON IN...

Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing) on Obama: "He’s just going to blow the doors off the place in Denver"

Screw Corsi - Cliff Schecter's book The Real McCain is ammunition against McCain

Why Can't Obama Get An Injunction Against The Book?

Okay, so first this happens...

Have no fears everyone. * is sending Condi to Georgia.

The Case for Joe Biden

The Daily Widget – Wednesday, Aug 13 – Obama 335, McCain 203 – AK, FL, KY, NC

Is it worth it to try to find "progressive" rationales for the use of U.S. force?

Cindy McCain has been HOSPITALIZED for carpal tunnel

A side by side comparison of men's vs women's attire on the volleyball sandlots in Beijing

First step toward war on American people?

Okay, so I'm a delegate and we learned recently that our state is in the same hotel as FOX News!

Congressman on Cokie Roberts: "She's a bit of a fool"

Apple gets bruised in vulnerability report

I need to rant about the Obama campaign and please correct me if I am wrong

April 17, 2008: Statement By John McCain After Talking With Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili

Spiegel: "it is quite possible that the Russian advance into central Georgia never happened."

bu$h Drunk At Olympics. Why Isn't This Story In The MSM?

Anyone have pictures of Obama offices/rallies/homemade signs?

Remember the report that Rove fled to the Crimea?

Please post here your examples of RW talk radio quotes that advocate violence against liberals

Do any of you know how to report a hospital for releasing

McCain today: "In the 21st century, nations don’t invade other nations." (w/ video)

If you turn off CNN and stop watching this channel, you will help elect Barack Obama

Shouldn't GOP Have A Sista Soulja Moment And Denounce The RW Hate Mongers?

Chef Julia Child was part of early U.S. spy ring, documents show

Colmes Compares McCain's Infidelity To Edwards' And A Firestorm Erupts

Wow, What a normal looking guy.

Obama campaign spends over $2M on N.C. TV ads

The Good Faith Years: A Metamorphosis

Amway is a Countdown sponsor?

A sixth farm worker just died of heat stroke Pix of the 6 and E action petition

Do you think that Powell could be Obama's VP pick?

If this system develops Florida better be ready

Pelosi, Michelle Obama to kick off Dem Convention

YOU'RE having a bad day? F-16 deadstick landing

How about a 24 hour DU limit for complaining about the VP pick and then back to work???

I am really tired of the negativism here on DU.

Daily Kos Diary: No Drama. (taking the Obama no drama pledge from here on out)

Carol McCain, the wife John McCain callously left behind- UK Dailymail w/ the juicy details!

Has there been an "Obama's VP Pick Predictions" thread yet?

Breaking - attempted assassination of Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman

We are One Fuck-up Away from WWIII...

MoDo says Clintons are planning a Shakespearean Coup

Robert Scheer dons the tin-foil hat. Georgia War a Neocon Election Ploy to help McCain?

A Partial List of Violations of the Law That No Longer Are Crimes

Georgia President calling McCain out

Moment of Silent Mourning Thread for Bill Gwatney

John McCain Stands With Bigots and Racists

Carpools take off with US commuters (

anyone here ever had to kill a person or persons in self defense?

LA Times: " disinformation to shape public opinion against Russia" Article In Pravda

FRAME: Jerome R. Corsi (Obama Nation book author) and his opinion on John McCain

Mother of Concern Threads - Conventional Wisdom - This Should Be Obama's Worse Week In The Polls!

The Sociopathic Supervisor

Someone Please Explain To Me Why We Are Flying Into A War Zone...

Is it NORMAL for Freepers to stalk people?

Sebelius will speak on Tuesday at the convention

Bill Scher: Trashing Our Government On Their Way Out

Opinions on pundit David Brody?

Would you pay $282 for Paris Hilton?

Poor Cindy. Will McCain Trade Her In for a Newer Model Now? ---pix--->>>

McCain killed renewable energy bill EIGHT times

The blue team convenes in Denver in 12 days. Predict Obama's veep in 1 guess.

HOW TO BLOW IT by Michael Moore

Does shock jock hate speech lead to violence?

Google Streetview Camera Car

How much Repuke election fraud do you think there will be?

Cindy McCain's wrist problem is just a lead-in for requiring the

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3: Olympics, Edwards and the rest

Happy 50th Anniversary, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Karl Rove was "vacationing" in the Crimea last month!

PHOTO GALLERY: "Bush, appearing falling-down DRUNK at Olympic Games"

"Stop OBAMA/BAYH '08" Movement Growing in Strength...Not much time Left!

John Kerry: "The Liars are back, It's time to finish them off"

For those who think the "Beach Volleyball Bikini" thread is stupid:

Kucinich urged Conyers to investigate Suskind's claims of Bush admin using fabricated evidence

Limbaugh: "Edwards might be attracted to a woman whose mouth did something other than talk"

Stalinism Inside The DCCC-- Beware The Red To Blue Program

US planes have already delivered aid to Georgia. Did you folks in NOLA hear that?

Kerry Launches Obama-Helping Anti-Smear Website

Crime-Ridden Town Expands Curfew-Cops Carry M-16 & M-4 Rifles

2,000,000!! (it's not a donor base, it's a political party! - the GOP - Grand Obama Party!)

UK Bees going extinct in 10 years

Bella Karoli cracks me up.

I'm sorry but who is that mustached man in the stickie?

Ok, fess up. Which of you put dead rabbits on Puma doorsteps...

Tinfoil Hat - Cmdr. Shawn Bentley was relieved of duty Monday

CaliforniaPeggy is at it again

My Son, The Jim Boggia Enthusiast (Amusing dancing toddler video link within!)

I hope this doesn't turn into something

Clique Clique Boom

wow.... someone just gave me a star!

My daughter was watching the olympics

Murder charges have been DISMISSED against police officers re: Katrina bridge shootings

Cliques can blow me.....if you belong to a Clique, click here!

Nancy Pelosi: "You can't impeach a president because you disagree with his policies"

The Georgia Invasion Of South Ossetia: Let's Look At The Facts

I have a question about cross dressing for an interview

Rant!!!!!!! On CLIQUES!!!!!!!!!

NYT review of Corsi's "Obama Nation".


So who else stood on the street waiting for Gannon tonight?

I need some Lounge vibes here...

Of all threads that aren't about AsherHeimermann, which one is the best?

I have a question about dressing for an interview

btw, if you're planning on taking that top 100 English words test, 'clique' just leaped to 94th

Alright, Bloodsport is on!

Would you be willing to trepan yourself for $1,000,666?

There Is No Justice

Why Do The Mens' Volleyball Players Have to Wear Shirts?

I have a question about salad dressing for an interview

Sometimes the planets align just perfectly.

I just set a new world's record for stupidity

Olympic Spoiler

I need to join a clique fast! Lest, I fall victim to raiders.

When did Law & Order jump the shark?

I thought a clique was

Rowan Atkinson Roll Call.

Forgive me this senior moment: What does IBTL mean again?


Hi, I'm Betty Crackhead, how about some tasty muffins?

I have some research to do

God, sometimes I wish I was a sociologist.

I'm afraid to go back to my hairdresser. He's going to yell at me.

Senator to Pastor: "Your Arguments Are Bull*#@!"

Lo-og! Lo-og! It's big, it's heavy, it's wood! Lo-og! Lo-og! It's better than bad - it's good!!

Can we please get a flow-chart??

"Look at me, I'm gonna go tutch the but!"

Damn, it is strange in here tonight....


thanks to anonymous

Who's the f-cking c-cksucker that put up that most recent sticky?!

Obama is up against the very core of “evil”

How kick ass was Pantera?

Nuttin' like having a gigantic needle stuck directly into the knee joint

What the crap are you people shooting at, anyway?!

Being a war pig profiteer CANCELS mccain's 'war hero' status.

Alright. Let's go ahead and get this over with... if we have to.

Check in here if you don't give a whit about the Olympics

The DU Military Industrial Clique

CONFESS!! How are you erotic?

Undergraduate DUers, I need your input

Any more news about Paul Newman?

Good news everyone! Turns out I'm not getting old.

I have a sunburn on the back of one leg and on the tip of my nose

So, class, what have we learned tonight?

Hey! I Love Log!

Well that was graceful.

Ho hum. Michael Phelps and his gold medals.

I am so freakin bored

Get ready, 200m Fly final is coming up. Phelps going for all-time medal record

Finnfan is teh sexah!

4x200 starting now

just a reminder...I'm getting arrested tomorrow

Anyone have any ideas on a California-specific gift I could give?

The Olympics are sexist!

I'm a Radiohead widow.

Can't find WMD in Iraq? Plant it?-by Larisa Alexandrovna

Who wants to join my kitty clique?

There are not cliques in here, but there are GANGS.

So, sex threads are not allowed here?

US Men's Swimming 4x200 Relay SPOILER

**Olympics womens gymnastics spoiler***

Dammit - how many inbred wacko animal hoarders/abusers are there in this country?

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty

The difference between kneeling down and bending over...

nightmare fodder

Need BIGGER Lounge vibes...(Update on my dad)

I have been gone all day and night...

sticky with pic of kid and big calf

funny walks!

Who's that guy with the guitar?

I have a FANTASTIC idea for a new clique.

How in the HELL did I make it on this list...

To the hell with cliques, I have mojo.

King of the world

whats really going on?

Whoever posted the "Hook 'em, Horns!" sticky - BRAVO!

Oh, fuck. Now it's logs, for Christ's sake, on top of cliques. Guys, I really like the Lounge, and

The inclusion of me in a clique

Could Mukasey Defeat Death in a Game of Chess?

Who else in my Clique loves Trader Joe's Mac & Cheese

PLEASE don't read ill intentions into my posting this...

Hell with minions, I have onions

calling out GreenInNC, JanMichael, Shakeydave and...

Craftygal's cat got locked outside last night

I think I am going to kill mo

I Feel Like Going to the Bookstore..

cool watercraft

Weren't original olympics in

Advanced AFP Flying piece of art causes museum chaos in Switzerland

I am compulsively watching a webcam... HELP ME!

Fuck the cliques, I'm forming a Secret Society.

......los lobos......."kiko and the lavender moon"

Do any of you drink Miller High Life?

My husband claims that I have some "Egyptian disease" because I have long toes.

Does the Mafia exist?

Chuggo got a sticky!

Chuggo got a sticky!

LIVE OLYMPIC UPDATE: Michael Phelps just sprouted wings and flew across the pool!

West Coast, seriously.

Help with the milking

My Big Fat DU Mea Culpa

Skittles Vodka

Whose sticky is this?

If anyone can tell me


Dog guarded its owner for weeks after suicide

Wax On, Wax HOFF

If you've ever wondered what all the "save the whales" fuss was about look no further

road signs . . .

Calexico love...who loves this indie band?

Car has 1.3M miles on it .

Did "Robb is a dingbat" jump the shark?

So what's with "Don't tutch the but"?

Suggested Biblical reemption of J. Lieberman

EarlG just gave me a two-fer.

I am a horrible awful person.

US Women's Gymnastics Team Final thread! *Spoilers*

A few pics from my month-long trip to Bosnia - Herzegovina,

My Olympic moments

Turns out I *Ran a marathon on a BROKEN LEG*

To whoever posted the "I Can't Believe It's Not Hitler" sticky...

Oops Dupe topic-

Special TV Offer:

I Just Passed This Minivan On The Highway With 2 Ladies Inside And They Flipped Me Off

OK, Something needs to be made clear for me here...

I Wish the Cat Would Stop . . .

GDP has another casualty

If ANYBODY HERE has any ideas as to how I can get some tickets...

So if the olympics coverage "breaks the internet", which site will be first to report it?

The Wall

If you want to post a picture in your sticky

"It is the wise man who stays home when he's drunk"

Another chupacabra sighting in TX

Hey, Lounge. Keep it up. Our NewYawker 99 thread is kicking

I've logged my poorest day of eating yet!

R.I.P. Sandy Allen

My Biggest Account Just Gave Me $100 Tip (German Consulate)

Beach volleyball - boring excess or exciting display of skin and talent?

I wanna rock right now!

Midlo! If you're still up check your PM.

Yo, DU!!!!

On the road with Dean today...Indianapolis. Picture with a bride and groom.

Does anyone call them rubbers these days?

Michael Phelps, Aquaman and Cthulhu get into a fight under water...

It took three days for the birds to find the new feeder...

((sigh)) STILL haven't heard about Mr. Writer...

Hey pilots! I have some questions about the Civil Air Patrol.

Hey pilots! I have some questions about the Civil Air Patrol.

Awesome pics of Vancouver on this site

Excuse me, DU Lounge.

Positive thought for Wednesday, 8/13

That was weird

Have You Ever Eaten At A Brazilian BBQ Restaurant?

how to avoid olympic spoilers

The Ravens win the Super Bowl!!!!!!! 35-31

I have to go hospital visiting and I have laundry hanging out.

Obama's Hillbilly Half-Brother Threatening To Derail Campaign




Thanks a fucking lot Pelosi, for not impeaching this mother-fucker when you had the chance!

What's the whole deal with Fred PHELPS at the Olympics??

Whatever happened to Michael's johnson


This is all about me

Tyler Durden sent me his contact info if anyone wants it

It's Alfred Hitchcock's birthday. Which of his movies is your favorite?

Every want to buy something and look all over town and not be able to find it?

Getting Medieval (some art on wood panels)

I think I might call Congress right fucking now.

Unforgivable blandness

When is the best time in a relationship to tell your partner that you want to have kids?

my 5 year old wanted to post:


yeesh - when creepy people knock

Weird Dreams? Go Here

When your Sheltie runs (strolls in her case) away...

How chilly might it be on an evening cruise on the San Francisco Bay?

Oh dear.

To the person who posted the Badger/Snake/Mushroom - Thanks

first love coming back into my life

Canada coming in first at sucking this Olympics!

Where Is LynneSin I Am Ready To Beat Her At Risk

Is there a country that has the words "We don't even trust God" on their money?

My wife bought cheap toilet bowl fresheners and now my whole house smells like a public restroom.

Damn. The Leek Spin gif is too large to post on the big board.

Oh no. Killer joke!

I'm going to malaysia

Question: business casual

one thing that should not be invented-bologna burgers!!

Porn inspector arrested... but why?

OMG..who did the Grovelbot/but tutch sticky?

Grovelbot always wanted ME to fondle his ass.

Michael Phelps Naked Pic

A little help?

What the hey was that? Anyone else experience a DU puke?

One day I want to hear the relative of a dead person on the news say....

EWWW Bush With Volleyball Players

This is the Official WE LOVE MIDLODEMOCRAT Thread.

Why isn't sleeping in the summer olympics?

Another weightlifting accident at the Olympics!

10 Reasons Why we Need a President Who Will Stop the Bush/Cheney Torture Program

According to the big board I'm supposed to Bug Someone today


Should we start an "Aristocrats" thread?

Olympic skeet shooting

If you wanna make love all night, and if the feeling is alright..

There'z a 25-lb cat passed out on my mouse pad

those dancing badgers rock :)


Why isn't bowling in the Olympics?


So I was thinking about Ed today

Whatever happened to Michael Johnson

Tonight's the night, The time is right

Should we start an "Aristocats" thread?

What does it mean if I get all sleepy and floaty on pain medication...

Arkansas Dem chair dies after shooting

I've decided that it's time for me to leave this place

Wolfman has Nards!

MrsGrumpy - You are in so much trouble!!!

I run for the bus, Dear.... While I'm thinking of us, Dear

practicing penis drawing for Thomcat.....

If you want it, you got it forever

Two Brazilians carry the flag for Georgia, defeating Russian team

And now, a world map of countries that do not use the metric system.

Ya know LeftIsWrite is a standup woman

Who are your ten greatest ATHLETES of all time?

Has Anyone Seen "Tell No One"?

Beck - Sea Change

Justice for Yang Peiyi !

If you should think about me, say a prayer for me

My nipples explode with delight!

I felt your heart so close to mine...

OMFG! Terrible Weightlifting Accident at the Olympics!

Official Volleyball Bikini wearing Unpopular Clique thread


Man says he's porn inspector, demands free videos

I Am At This BBQ Restaurant And There Are PedEgg Shavings All Over The Floor

OMG! OMG! I haz a sticky!!!!!!!!!!!

Who posted boobies at the top of the page????

Today is my sister-in-law's birthday. Please wish her well.

I don't smell bad I swear!

karma is coming back to bite the ass of a certain person that done me wrong.

Why isn't curling in the summer olympics?

My neighbor had a major heat stroke on Sunday cutting grass in the heat of the day.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 8/13/2008)

WH has started to panic over a July 9 meeting & Rove/McCain's Political Advice To Repub of Georgia

Shocking video of the Midlo/LeftyMom lunch debacle

Just some of the calls for violence against Democrats/Liberals, Gays, Pro-Choice, etc

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday August 13

Okay, this is weird BSOD during opening ceremonies

I Think I Am In Love

When your manager thinks EVERYTHING is an emergency,

We're trying a new pizza place tonight...I'm skeered!

Joe Satriani on October 17 and Robin Williams on November 20

you are trying to send a message to yourself

Just Some Photos I Shot

Elizabeth Edwards learned of John's affair 'slowly,' stayed for the kids

My Birthday Is Tomorrow, Give Me Some Love!

And I was told I was crazy when I said I understood someone not wanting to put an Obama bumper

Anyone got tips/suggestions about satellite radio ?

I haven't tried it, but this looks to be a good service from Google

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/13/08

i am going to either start screaming or crying.

take a pic of yourself right now!

anyone know how long it takes lenscrafters to get your new glasses in?

FINALLY! Jesus H-O-L-Y Christ.

question, why do others make fun of others

What's the difference between a puma and a cougar?

Alright, who posted the "Don't tutch the but" sticky?


Can you make it through this maze? Tricky!

What's for Dinner, DU?

Damn neighborhood kids. Why I aughtta....

I am going sailing on the Chesapeake this evening. Ask me anything!


Why you shouldn't see 'Tropic Thunder'

PHOTO: Exhausted, the Chinese 'women's' gymnastics team takes a rest after gold medal performance

Help me plan a dinner guys

Advice Fail

Hello! Do you know a site where I can make a nice free Web-page ?

My Vas Deferens is about to be severed and tied

Dog guarded owner's body for weeks after suicide

Made an appt with a personal trainer for Saturday. Only problem is

I'm sick of pissing people off: here's an innocuous thread. What does your cat do for fun?

OMG! The government is putting rainbows in the water supply!

How do Bikinis enhance Volleyball players performance?

Old Bay fried chicken, stewed okra & tomatoes, creamed corn with crème fraîche and basil!

Bill Gwatney has died from his wounds...

***SUMMER PHOTO CONTEST, Prelim Round 3***

***SUMMER PHOTO CONTEST, Prelim Round 2***

***SUMMER PHOTO CONTEST, Prelim Round 1***

Prayers and vibes for Bill Gwatney

Right or Left brain?


Wednesday Afternoon Joke Thread

We had a sort of intervention for my mom this weekend.

Do polls get more responses than regular threads?

Any Kia Sedona owners out there???

THe tragic death of Bill Gwatney who was shot at a Dem HQ underscores the fact that

Picture thread! Show us a smile :)

Hell with cliques, I Have Minions! check in minions

***The Summer Photo Contest Preliminary Rounds are up in GD***

This is the Official WE LOVE NEWYAWKER 99 Thread.

I am going to Cedar Point August 17-20 (next week)!!

CIA's 'Iron Bob' hired Chicago mob to kill Castro -- Robert Maheu, RIP

In what Olympic event would you like to compete?

Do you have a lot of pet peeves? I do...What are some of yours?

This is the Official WE LOVE NEWYAWKER 99 Thread.

Why would using underaged girls grant any advantage to the Chinese?

"whore College?" WTF?!

Why isn't 69 up there?

My 4-year old nephew just cracks me up.

uh oh, you better be good, ceiling cat is watching us

Ceiling cat! How did he know?

What the fuck is this new Star Wars turd coming out?

This is the Official WE LOVE NEWYAWKER 99 Thread.

Gwatney's assassin's name released: Tim Johnson. Let's start Googling...

So I have a camcorder - the question - has the DV technology improved?

War Puts Focus on McCain’s Hard Line on Russia

U.S.-Russia ties soured further by Georgia crisis

Man continues quest to depose Dick Cheney

Olympic girl seen but not heard

Former Republican congressman endorses Obama's bid

Iraqi governor escapes injury in suicide blast

Obama makes it to the beach

Advanced AFP Flying piece of art causes museum chaos in Switzerland

Justice Dept. Issues a Callback

Surrender or else, Russia tells Georgia, Kremlin calls halt to offensive, dictates humiliating terms

Russian convoy heads into Georgia, violating truce

Afghan Officials: U.S. Aid Worker Killed (2 Other Westerners Reportedly Die In Ambush)

Rights group confirms reports of abuses by both sides in South Ossetia

Navy relieves commander of air recon squadron

The Mukasey Doctrine

U.S. Analyst Depicts Al Qaeda as Secure in Pakistan and More Potent Than Last Year

Army investigation: Soldier’s death was a suicide

Alleged Mata Hari of Al Qaeda Could Provide 'Treasure Trove' of Intelligence

US Rice Warned Georgia President To Avoid Conflict With Russia NYT

Retail sales fall for first time in five months

U.S. refuses Israel weapons to attack Iran

Chinese police rough up British TV crew at Olympics

Shooting at AR Democratic Party HQ (in Arkansas)

Breaking News: Shooting At State Democratic Party Headquarters

Bush vacation postponed: Georgia watch ("postponed until further notice")

Bush demands Russia halt conflict with Georgia (stomps foot)

New York Times publishes correction... 48 years late

Mark Warner to Give Keynote Speech at Democratic Convention

Mukasey Won’t Pursue Charges in Hiring Inquiry

Kurdish forces refuse to quit Iraq battlefield province (ignore Iraqi gov't request)

McCain adviser got money from Georgia

Elizabeth Edwards learned of John's affair 'slowly,' stayed for the kids

Homeland Security organizes new division

Figure in Abramoff Scandal Raises Money for McCain (Ralph Reed)

Cindy McCain Hospitalized

The Iraqi government has told Sky News Online that it hopes to host the Olympic Games one day

As many U.S. contractors as troops in Iraq

Republican Trio Crosses Party Lines To Back Obama

Thompson helped arrange service for mother of priest and convicted child molester

Russia calls halt to 5-day invasion of Georgia

Figure in Abramoff scandal raises money for McCain

Black Hawk ops target Denver

Bill Kristol: Colin Powell To Endorse Obama

CNN Reports Gwatney is dead

Barbed wire, stun-gun use mark DNC warehouse jail

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 13

Mark Warner to be Keynote speaker in Denver

Bush to make statement on Georgia 11:00 EST

Russia Slams Ukraine Decree On Black Sea Fleet As Anti-Russian

Russia: US must choose Moscow or "project Georgia"

Georgia says Russian tanks violated truce

Hotel find is cyanide, police confirm (Upscale Denver Hotel)

Hong Kong emigrant's death attracts scrutiny of U.S. detention system

High gas prices cut U.S. driving for 8th month: government

Illegal immigrants found making military parachutes

Democrats ready to unload on McCain, Reed over Atlanta fund-raiser

Baghdad roadside bombing kills U.S. serviceman, Iraqi interpreter-statement

U.S. to Take Control of Georgian Ports: Saakashvili

World's tallest woman dies at 53

Deserter ordered out of Canada

Clintons: Arkansas Democratic leader killed

Ex-bishop pledges to aid poor as Paraguay president (takes office Friday)

Georgian president to McCain: Move 'from words to deeds'

John McCain's wife has been hospitalized in Michigan...

Charges Dismissed Against Police In Post-Katrina Bridge Shootings

CEOs gloomier than public on U.S. economy

ANALYSIS-Georgians ask questions of leader after losses

McGovern Urges Clinton to Leave Name Out of Contention at Democratic Convention

John McCain Pork Crusader Bane of Taxes

Iraq minister: US troops will pull out in three years under deal

Russian troops roll into key Georgian city

Russian forces sink Georgian ships

Republican Alaska mayor endorses Obama

McCain thinks companies paying NO taxes need a tax break.

"Elite" HIV wife may hold secret to AIDS vaccine

McCain Can't Pronounce Name of Georgian President

Global warning just a sign of the Second Coming...Don't worry, look inward.

McCain Casts himself in the Role of Movie Hero "Rocky"

Countdown: Worst Person August 12, 2008

Countdown: Beating the War Drum

Hardball: Frank Gaffney Interview August 12, 2008

'Gitmo On The Platte' Set As Holding Cell For DNC

Barack Obama Art - Unveiling of 6 new oil paintings by Keas

Foreclosure fallout: Houses go for a $1

Countdown: Bushed! August 12, 2008

CNN use footage of Tskhinvali ruins to cover Georgian report

Countdown: Factor Fiction

While Aide Advised McCain, His Firm Lobbied for Georgia

Countdown to America's Future: Ritter and Pena

Countdown to America's Future: Bill Burton

Countdown to America's Future: Linda Douglass

Former Republican Congressman Endorses Obama!

Susan Rice: John McCain "shot from the hip" on Georgian crisis

South Ossetia

Michigan Volunteer Team Leaders

Gallup Daily: Obama Up By 6%, 48% to 42%

McCain bus inches pathetically into the indifferent audience

Pres. Evo Morales wins Bolivia referendum by 63%

John Edwards Calls the Cheat Team

Countdown to America's Future: Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Person Shot at Arkansas Democratic Party HQ

Cheating on your wife is okay if you're a POW

John Kerry Fights for Veterans

Obama TV Ad: "Book"

30 second ad: Sean Hannity asks why we should trust John McCain

TYT: Cenk, Ana & Jayar On China's Opening Ceremony 'Scandal'

(Condi) Rice to Russia: 'This is not 1968'

Barack Obama - 2008 President - Book ad -'Middle Class First'

Georgia/Russia Clash Delaying Bush Vacation

Who Has The Better Top 10 Songs, Obama Or McCain?---The Young Turks

Rocking Chairs

When A Crime Isn't A Crime

TYT: Justice Staffers Won't Be Prosecuted For Illegal Hirings = Mukasey

Countdown: Department of Injustice

Kay Hagan: Voices

9 Year old in US prison This has to be stopped

Bomb in Lebanese city of Tripoli kills 18, wounds 40

Olympic officials defend singer switch; support grows for closing ceremony compromise

Faux News Colmes Exposes John McCain Affair! FIRESTORM!

TheRealNews: The geopolitics of Georgia

Is Angelina Jolie A Secret Republican?---The Young Turks

One shot at Arkansas Democratic Party headquarters (assassination attempt)

Wasserman Schultz in March about Dean. "stamp feet and insist that rules were broken"

Italian Car Salesman

Judge says UC can deny class credit to Christian school students

A Truth Squad for John McCain

Jewish International Opposition Statement Against Attack on Iran

Guardian UK: Bush rebuking Russia? Putin must be splitting his sides

Russia responds to American anti-ballistic missile systems in Europe

McCain’s Kyrgyz Connection: The “Freedom House” That Isn’t Free

Convicting California

Use of Iraq Contractors Costs Billions, Report Says

Rush to Arctic As Warming Opens Oil Deposits

Beware of politicians bearing gifts for the Cold War Hydra

McCain to Replace Randy Scheunemann, with Randy Newman

Endangered law: Bush rule change ignores science - again

Solidarity, solidarity, solidarity, solidarity, solidarity.

Guardian: Bush rebuking Russia? Putin must be splitting his sides

Mr. Mukasey in Denial

GEORGIA: Israeli Arms Sales Raise New Concerns

XP: ALERT - Could the Endangered Species Act become extinct?

Thomas Frank: The Audacity of Nope

I'm Sigmund Freud, and I Approve This Message

The Latest Bush War

The world reacts to Russia's invasion of Georgia

Robert Scheer: Georgia War a Neocon Election Ploy?

Gene Lyons on why Primary tactics won’t work with McCain

Private sector fails to flourish in Iraq, 'Iraqi citizens were desperate for the money.'

Edwards Scandal Raises Monogamy vs. Polygamy Debate

Banking on Bankruptcy

So You Think You Can Just Add a Clothesline to Your House? Dream on

NYT: Book on Obama Hopes to Repeat Anti-Kerry Feat

Froomkin: From Green Light to Yellow

Warrior John McCain: Far More Dangerous Than Bush

NYT book review: THE LIBERAL HOUR: Washington and the Politics of Change in the 1960s

Russia and Georgia: All About Oil

Drug oligopoly windfall

John McCain misses 8 votes on Energy policy and then yells at Congress to get back to work

Russia's big Caucasus win

Endangered Species: In More Danger; Dismantling environmental protection in last months in office

Russo-Georgian conflict is not all Russia's fault (CS Monitor Op-Ed)

The Great Corporate Tax Heist

Foreclosure fallout: Houses go for a $1

Bush team bungled big time on Georgia fiasco

A Path to Peace in the Caucasus - Mikhail Gorbachev

The Punditocracy: Speaking for the Wretched of the Earth

This is a tale of US expansion not Russian aggression

Haaretz: U.S. puts brakes on Israeli plan for attack on Iran nuclear facilities

Why My Family Quit Using Plastic

The Mukasey Doctrine

Ill and in Pain, Detainee Dies in U.S. Hands

Joe Lieberman's 'Color-Coded' Rumor About Obama

"Tell Hugo Chavez To Get Lost"

In These Times: Why Soldiers Rape

THAAD, Aegis cooperate in anti-missile test

Study: Reservists drink more after combat

DoD moves to protect renters from foreclosure

Report: 57% of troops sent on combat tours

E-3 accused of stabbing fellow sailor

VQ-3 squadron commander fired

Journalist in TV news piece is also Navy PAO

Navy agrees to limit use of some sonar systems

Big game hunters help Marines track enemy

Suspected trespasser injured at Twentynine Palms

New Air Force leaders lay out top priorities

Boeing signals it will stay in tanker fight

Marines in Georgia relocated, may leave

WSU to Study Iraq Toxins' Effect

UAV crashes into light pole at academy

Army Recruiter an Apparent Suicide

U.S. to fly supplies into war-torn Georgia

Unarmed missile tested in launch from Calif. base

Robots designed to ease sailors’ workload

Green Beret: Team leader shot, mutilated man

Can Sustainability Save the American Midwest?

Federal judge in Wyo. overturns `roadless rule'

Seniors Lead The Way To Green Living (many recall the Depression era)

Veep impact - The pro- and anti-coal contenders on Obama's veep shortlist

Tarp over part of Ballona Wetlands angers some environmentalists

Spotted owl habitat slashed as population declines

In Hanford, Wash., the country's most polluted nuclear reactor site draws tourists

Los Angeles to experiment with table-scrap collection

Federal judge overturns ban on road-building in national forests

Endangered Species: In More Danger

World in middle of "mass extinction spasm"

About 1/3 Of Florida's Indian River Lagoon Dolphins Have Tumors - News-Journal

Climate Behind Tree Dieoff, Upward Species Shift In California's Santa Rosa Mountains - AFP

China - No Plans To Extend Traffic Control Measures Once Games End - Reuters

Soaring fertiliser price threatens poorest farmers

Honeybees reaching crisis point

Shell rapped for 'greenwash'

Amazon threatened by oil and gas exploration

US partners with Canada to map Arctic continental shealf

UK water companies propose price increases in response to climate change

New York City Council Debating Measure To Fine Retailers Who Keep Doors Open With AC On - NYT

Lab makes renewable diesel fuel from E. coli poop (CNN)

Woooo!!!!!!!! GM's New "XFE" Engine Adds 1 MPG For Silverado, Sierra, Yukon & Tahoe - CNN

Crude Oil Price Retreat: Sunrise or a Lull Before the Storm?

8/11 NSIDC Update - Ice Extent Down 1 Million KM2 In 1st 3rd Of August; Amundsen's Passage Open

Prince warns of GM disaster

Newsweek unravels global warming deniers' "lie machine"

Pitter-patter of small feet, without big footprints

Indy racer says he gets better mileage on ethanol

Colorada Democrats nominate openly gay man for congress-faces only token opposition in November...

I was at a gay wedding on Saturday

Bloomberg: $500 billion in writedowns by firm

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/13/08

Think America is in debt?

Lebanon and Syria agree to establish full diplomatic ties

Notice any similarity?

Israel clears troops who killed Reuters cameraman

U.S. rebuffs Israeli request for arms geared toward Iran strike

Today in labor history August 13 John Frey testified before the Dies Un-American Activities Committe

U. S. Steel Reaches Tentative Agreement with United Steelworkers on New Labor Contract

A sixth farm worker just died of heat stroke Pix of the 6 and E action petition

Puerto Rican statehood party seeks English ballots

Venezuela eases price controls on food

Colombian general denies aiding paramilitaries

DEM NOW Analysis of Referendum with Jim Shultz of Dem Ctr in Cochabomba

Paraguay’s 300.000 landless families wait for new president

A different take of the Bolivian vote from Rebelion - Washington and Oligarchy Win

Cuban doctors attacked in Bolivia

Breaking Swimming SPOILER

Boston gets Cleveland starter Paul Byrd for... well, nothing.

LSU and Appalachian State in 17 days

What the hell is going on at Fenway?

Why are beach volleyball uniforms so different for men and women?

Is is possible for Skip Bayless to be a bigger asshole?

When will this get easier? really need some prayers and comfort!

Excuse Me, Your LIFE Is Waiting

Wickfordbard's Aquarius Lunar Eclipse Newsletter

Your Meditation Experience

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/13/08

Merck - $1.2 Million lobbying in 2nd qtr - Merck wins, Seniors lose

Teens say stress is why they take drugs

Gardasil Side Effects Prompt CDC Study

Gardasil Vaccine: 21 Reported Deaths

***Summer Photo Contest Prelims are up!***

bored self-portrait time...

New article on RAW conversion on my website...

***August Photo Contest Schedule***

Guns at church, college next on Georgia lawmakers' agenda

Enceladus Flyby images

'Bigfoot' Trackers Claim They've Found Their Prey (KTVU)

Molecular multiplier

What's your favorite way to eat shrimp?

Hey guys...remember those tweaked brownies I was on about?

Tony Bourdain

Cooking for people with Migraine Headaches

Catholic conservatives trying to undermine liberal Catholic groups

Video of the recent D'Souza, Hitchens, Prager debate is up.

Has anyone else here read Stephen Mansfield's, "The Faith of Barack Obama"?

"Religion is not harmless" is not harmless

Should agnosticism be treated as a religion?

Biden Brigaders: I need some facts to debunk this worn out meme

Ok, who posted a sticky of Max?

McCain and Lieberman - Perfect together.

I love the way he thinks:

And the suspense continues . . .

Interesting reference to Biden in Nation article

Oh MY!!

Great pic! Who's responsible?

My Veep Predictions - Steven Waldman

Did you guys hear about the Arkansas Dem Chair being shot?? (Bill Gwantey)

Ohhh man - Schuster just repeated what I said yesterday.

Wash Post thread - case for Biden (case against tomorrow)

Scroll this Hero ! 911 Truth goes Marine Style.

David Malone presents: Dangerous Knowledge

I just received an email

Is LIHOP / MIHOP now more relevant than ever?

Jerome Corsi, 9/11 Truth Nutjob

Bob Perry swiftboating Udall in Colorado

Voter fraud probe should end fears

Update for those who helped me out.

I know the nVidia GTX280 chip is superior, but the GTX260 is price/performance better...

Is anyone else annoyed by webpage design Nazis?

IT career help

Anyone install the new XP updates today?

Pawlenty places RNC in Minneapolis, not St. Paul

St. Louis schools seek dads’ participation

I went for a long week-end in Vermont. When I came back, I'd hope the Edwards story was finished.

OT: Coraline promo site

Kerry Launches Obama-Helping Anti-Smear Website

Obama vs. McCain: The Great Presidential Pop-Culture Debate

Any DUers on staff for Obama's election protection program?

Momentum Building to End Ban on Voter Registration at VA Facilities (But it Might Be Too Late)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 8//13/08

Where was Bush's surge in 2004?

Scam artists take a new tack this election year

Hey, y'all - a few recs for today's news, please?!

Ernest Partridge: The Fix Is In -- AGAIN

Labour MP has died; by-election next door to Gordon Brown's constituency

Don't forget Irish Fest starts on Thursday

8-year-old blues guitarist from Elkhorn

Nate Myszka fund raiser was a hit