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Archives: August 2, 2008

So When Are They Sending US Marshall After Rove?

Anthrax: Suicide or scapegoat?

K O and the Anthrax smokescreen...

Keith on the anthrax deal looks juicy tonight.

Israeli Voters Favor Netanyahu, Likud, Polls Show

Santa Barbara Progressive Talk moves to new Stronger Station

Remember the bogus meeting Atta had in Prague with Iraqi's?

Prisoner 650 at Bagram Prison Camp Pakistan

WTH? McShame suggests using military-style invasions (surges) in inner cities?

Aside from the scummy Republicans lurking around the Senate...

Glenn Greenwald on Rachel Maddow Now...Discussing 2001 Anthrax Attacks

McCain Ad showing Obama's face on US currency - from June

Admiral McCombover at the Urban League, 08-01-2008

7 Years After 9/11, First Responders Still Lack Medical Treatment

Stand back ..... The Flaming Nostrils of Justice are gonna BLOW!!

WA Supreme Court says privacy trumps identifying teacher in cases of unsubstantiated sexual miscondu

Re: Offshore drilling: Didn't Kerry say that oil companies have

Chinese plea for politics-free Games

Kitteh for president!

Grrrrrr! And The Lie Machine Goes On! Just Received Forwarded eMail re Obama in Afghanistan

By DNA "they" knew the A-thrax was from Fort Dietrich, Maryland

The Black Hole of the Web

Hubby worked for Corporate Wal Mart in 2000 they most certainly do "suggest" how to vote

Bush oks. soldier execution - a glimpse from the Freeper world.

How much does SMAMMITY *suck* - he's got a wingnut "chef" on!1

Countrywide exec still part of jet set; this is Sickening;a trip on people who have lost their homes

British Airways chief warns 'airlines will go bust'

McCain is boring and attacks Obama's intelligence and likability as cultish arrogance

Americare has anyone ever heard of it? It was the company that eliminated my sisters job after

When given choice, Ga town shuts down strip club rather than improve water treatment plant.

Bwaaaaaaaaaah KO begins with McSame's anthrax from Iraq comments

New website Republican senators bought by big oil!

Kodak to reduce retiree benefits starting in '09

GOP framing debate on Off Shore Drilling, as McCain $$ from Oil goes Up

US jobless rate at four-year high

Found the agenda for the 2008 Republican National Convention

McCain Scoffs at TWI Question On Truthiness


I hope Obama's ad team

Have people noticed this in the media? Claims both campaigns taking low road...

Scary Mess Of Right Wing Talking Points-Letters To Editor From Supposed Anthrax Villain

What do you think of Obama's idea of the oil companies funding rebates?

The first teaser promo for my vidcast, "The Idiot Box," is now online.

Although Rachel can have a glass-half-empty approach,

Mike Monsoor (I got an email about this Medal of Honor winner posthumously) snopes confirmed

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Do you ever feel like there is a war going on behind the scenes?

Economic Models Predicts Obama Win

Survey USA's 5 point McBush lead in MO is NOT accurate, here is why

Do you think the Bush team/Rove has taken over McSame's campaign?

The race to unseat Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Ore.) is getting really interesting...

I'm performing music/commentary at a Barack Birthday party in Madison

Folk's...I Need A Bath

Forget the Dream Ticket, How about the "McCain's Worst Nightmare Ticket"?

I'm watching a DVD called "Distorted Morality" with Noam Chomsky, help please:

A few things coming to a head, I think - desperate people will do desperate things.

Obama needs to revoke all agreements/orders by Bremer in Iraq.

There is a HUGE Difference Between a Campaign Attacking and a Third Party Attacking

DU, I can't guarantee a win in MO but I can guarantee that we will not know who won it until late

Reincarnation Alert! The Depression Generation Is Returning! Meet the Upside-Down Generation

I don't know who any of these people are.....Glenn Greenwald, Tim Russert (he's dead, I hear),

A Bullshit Bust and Time To End The Hypocracy...

Anyone understand FCC rules/regs? Obama 316 McCain 198 Ties 24

The First Time as Tragedy, The Second as Farce

John McCain, as of today, IS Nora Desmond in "Sunset Boulevard"...

shouldn't Obama be talking about the RW fear attacks on all Democratic pres.

My new beginning

Assume EVERYONE on DU has SEEN THIS! Incredible Composite of "OBAMA SMASH!"

Atrios Nails It Again...

US Air to charge for soda, coffee to offset fuel costs

Repeat after me....

The only thing I don't understand about this McClellan/Cheney/Plame stuff

So the missing baby is MUCH MORE important than the anthrax "suicide"!1 n/t

Obama Outperforming Kerry in almost all categories

Jesse Jackson for President

From Brave New Pac: Make McCain Disavow Dishonest Obama Ad.

McCain is spending over $140,000 a day to run the Britney ad

Bush History, 8/2 - Info Bush Keeps from Public to Protect Saudi Friends is "damning"

Wal-Mart denies that it told employees how to vote

Departing Countrywide exec David Sambol said to be vacationing via company plane: 3 weeks in Africa

In Lakeland, Obama Says Florida Facing Recession

People volunteering for Obama this weekend?

John W. McCain Is Just Another Fuckin' Monster

Howie Kurtz at WaPo: McCain's Ad Formula Employs Lowest Common Denominator

How You Look, How You Sound, What You Say: Lesley Stahl's parable.

Anthrax story v. Rove contempt >>> distraction?

GOP Computer Guru Controls Key Congressional Websites (from alternet)

On offshore drilling and Obama's position, smart electoral politics, but let's hope it never...

Is there an organization that rates legislators on LGBT rights?

"Don't Hire Any Girls--They Can't Lift As Much As The Boys"

F.C.C. Vote Sets Precedent on Unfettered Web Usage

"American Anthrax used to kill Americans"

WSJ illiteracy - journalists can't read/transcribe a sentence.

Re: the Anthrax Suicide

More than 10,000 detainees released in Iraq

More than 10,000 detainees released in Iraq

Anderson Cooper is good tonight. What the next pres has to face.

Late Late Nite FDL: Monkey Man

It’s the images and not the content of what you say that people remember.

Moses Was The Law-Giver To The Western World. After 8 Years Of Bush Trashing Rule of Law

Judge removed from 'Jena Six' cases; defense attorneys claim he made biased comments

Judge removed from 'Jena Six' cases; defense attorneys claim he made biased comments

McCain brings flip-flops to Florida, now opposes federal disaster insurance fund

The three stages of a political campaign

Big Oil's biggest quarter ever: $51.5B in all

Rat-owning animal-hoarding rapture-obsessed twin elderly ladies

When do you think Obama will seal the election?

Message to servicemembers: You are not alone …

McCain is a Dick

Italy Run By Big Media Mogul Silvio Berslusconi - America's Future?

Want High-Quality Universal Health Coverage? Fix Medicare First and Use It as a Model

McCain condescension a sign of latent racism.

Domestic oil drilling threatens national security

Fournier Named AP Washington Bureau Chief

President Carter put solar panels on the White House.

McCain keeps asking is Obama Ready to Lead? ... HELL YEAH, John, he's ready!

Kucinich seeks to bar US oil firms from Iraq

Michele Bachmann Watch, 8/2/08: MB inspires a theatrical production

Sure Obama is deserving of criticism but

Lil Bush falls off his bicycle today - got a pretty bad boo-boo HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Am I the only one who thinks using Moses in a political ad is offensive?

A bit of hypocrisy I have noticed lately

Male college students more likely than less-educated peers to commit property crimes

The problem isn't that Obama isn't fighting back. The problem is

Um, Al Qaeda #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri-dead... now, on the same day...

Bill Clinton Sends out a Letter About Hillary's Campaign Debt

The question of right-wing terrorism: anthrax


Obama's next ad

Did You Miss THIS ONE?

In the linked editorial the author seems to suggest that...

i feel sad

C-SPAN WJ: Eric Lichblau of the NYT...Anthrax Terrorism

How desperate is McCain: Tried to use Sharpton statement

Why did you become a Democrat?

What the McCain campaign would be doing now if Hillary was the nominee

I finally figured out what Obama's Logo reminded me of ...

It appears McWalnuts does have some racist tendencies. If the shoe fits John

Don't streak, get drunk or sleep outside

I think I need to sober up

A poem anybody? "To Roosevelt"

Have you received your Obama shirt for the 30$ or more June promotional?

McClown is losing. His maverick status, media pass, or so-called experience isn't helping

George W. "170 Days Left" Bush Radio: "The failure to act of the Democratically-controlled Congress"

Should Obama Even Debate This Guy?

Anybody else having problems with some political sites in IE7?

Right-wing lies and the idiots who believe them......introducing the Free Republic

Remember When Obama Didn't Fight Back Against The Clintons?

I want to see dirty, nasty, withering attacks against McCain from Obama NOW!

McCain suffers from "paper gap"

FCC Backs Net Neutrality. Orders Comcast to cease tampering. Hmmmf!

Republicans Hate Celebrities So Much That They Keep Electing Them

How has George W. Bush changed the American landscape?

Academy of War Awards

Criticizing Obama instead of Criticizing McCain is sooooo June & July!

People need to get out of the mindset that electing Obama will be "easy"

Horse dragged more than 200 feet behind four-wheeler

McCain and the Worst Week in Presidential Politics Ever

Pic Of A Protester Outside McCain Event

Bob Herbert: Running While Black (Lays the Smackdown on McCain)

George H. W. Bush's Candid Moment: "Our Man Ailes"

George H. W. Bush's Candid Moment: "Our Man Ailes"

Legal Schnauzer's Blog Locked As 'Spam Blog?' Other Liberal Blogger Sites Locked?

The headline reads"Obama opposes slavery reparations, apology "

Anyone else having trouble linking to stories on DU Home page?

BRUCE E. IVINS: A Scientist's Quiet Life Took a Darker Turn


Who really is "not one of us"?

Analysis: Democrats exact price from Bush for war

McCain helped pimp out the "Iraq Anthrax " deception (Glenn Greenwald)

John McCain's insinuation that Obama is the anti-Christ is an invitation to assassination

Kerry rides for Teddy Kennedy in Pan Mass Challenge today

McCain is a LIAR. This is America's Presidential candidate


The Official Seal of the Republican Party

Global warming means more raw sewage in local water: report - Can.

See yesterday's total solar eclipse from the Xinjiang, China

FIX for IE browsers that show ‘Operation Aborted’ error

Who's More Like Britney Spears?

Defying Subpoena, DoD Orders Sexual Assault Program Chief Not To Testify Before Congress

New York Magazine: Is Mudslinging the Only Way John McCain Can Win?


Poll: Voters want candidate with energy answers - Obama Wins:

Tell a lie

ONE: Organization to end world poverty

The Worrier’s Almanac’s Biggest Worry of 2008: The Bush Administration Refuses to Turn Over Power

Did Britney and Paris give McShame permission to use their photos in his ad?

They convicted Martha Stewart, we get Stevens

Plain Dealer's Repuke LTTE's make me SICK!!! Or, "The Media is a Hell of a Drug".

McCain is Obama's Cash Register

more on that newly formed US Fourth Fleet

Hope? For a country that elected Nixon and Bush twice? And where Anthrax 9/11 was inside job?

What the surge really proves is that ethnic cleansing works.

Oh, here's the spin...

The main reason Obama can't go negative, a Black man can't be seen as disrespecting an old white man

Remember how Ken Lay was declared innocent because he died before he was sentenced?

How are "internet cafes" that run like casinos legal?

To celebrate Michael Moore's film fest in Traverse City this weekend, a poll: What's his best film?

Question for Barack Obama, anyone?

Non Sequitur TOON: Pols and Pundits

McCain suggests military-style invasion of American Cities

The Atwater Plan

Smear campaigning is building a fire that cannot be controlled.

Bob Herbert, NY Times Running While Black

The Asian American vote...could be moving decisively to the Democratic Party

Obama needs an ad like this

OK folks - I need an Obama version of the old Burma Shave signs

Texas State Bd. of Education Throws School Districts Under the Bus

Defense Dept blocks testimony of sexual assault prevention official

The Commander In Chief Test: McCain's Greatest Hits

Sexism, Racism, Bad Jokes, and that McCain Ad, by Sherman Yellin

Did I just see MOSES part the red sea in McCain's new ad?

If I reboot and browse DU with IE6, after about 15 minutes, DU is blocked...

Obama Headquarters opening in Tallahassee on Tuesday

Jeb, Inc. - You will love this Special Reprt!

Rasmussen, 8/2: Obama 44%, McCain 43% - "Number of Democrats in US Declines in July"

True story: I was playing online free poker tonight...

John McCain and the Stockholm Syndrome

Would Va. Gov. Kaine as VP

Obama McCain Debate Preview

Shooting raises question: It is safe to be a liberal

You're seeing how Obama would handle Ahmadinejad


Utah millionaire donates money to fight California's anti-gay marriage amendment

Britney, Paris, Moses - I'm confused. Who is next for McCain to compare to Barack?

Am I the only one who thinks mccain just ain't white enough?

Pelosi: #870

Most appalling: the race card, the Hitler card, or the Antichrist card

I think McCain poking fun of the Bible isn't going to play well in the Bible Belt.

Cost of religion in the United States

DNA used recently from Jon Benet case

Years ago, I used to be a relatively sane person.

How about an ad from Obama that lets the people decide?

Pretending I'm the Guy with the McCain Sticker on my Car...

Twenty-three electric utilities went to Germany to learn solar

Hard times good for the 'sole'.....Shoe repair biz perks up in recession

In Cipro We Trust

LaBarbera’s Incoherence on Hate Crimes

A Tale of Two Terrorists-Jose Padilla, Dr. Bruce Ivins-by Dood Abides

Government planning "insider" ACTA group

McCain suggests military-style invasion modeled on the surge to control inner city crime

Obama: “They’re very good at negative campaigning– they’re not so good at governing.”

TPM: It's Hard

Is Bush a Hohenzollern or a Romanov?

Which McCain nickname do you like the most?

We had a bad week and the problem isn't the ads

Sen Stevens 'Not Worried' About Indictments

Talking points: The truth about taxes and McCain and Obama

Another bank bites the dust.....

Economy/ "The Race Card": Obama LIVE on MSNBC now

I think we need to compile a list of McCains greatest jokes

Obama speaking on m$nbc; holding news conference, 7:55amCT. nt

Did the McSame campaign get permission/licensing from Viacom for the "Ten Commandments" footage?

Does anyone here use either grid-tied or off-grid solar power?

My wife just got invited to The Big Tent!

People, don't be reactionary... Obama is ALL about working in a bipartisan fashion. Drilling bill...

I just now opened my mailbox and I got junk mail from National Review.

Obama: Would back limited offshore drilling

Move on looking for artists to exhibit in Denver during the convention

Quick question for your collective amusement

Obama is charismatic

****Heads Up: Obama Live Right Now Campaigns In Titusville, Florida****

McCain's own website referred to him as a "political celebrity".

That McCain guy. I don't like him much.

Check out who will win the election in this poll!

"Democratic Strategists" Need Coaching. NOW.

What Andrea Mitchell said tonight.

Why the big smear-a-thon all of a sudden?

Still more on propaganda

Col. Ann Wright: Sexual Assault in the Military: A DoD Cover-Up?

Illegals in the US Army (fast track citizenship)? Corrected

Kennedy/Nixon pre election polls for August

McCain knocks Obama's speaking style

Very, very interesting side-bar in new Rolling Stone (McCain/media lovefest)...

"McCain Is A Scumbag: It's Time For Barack To Take Him Down"

New site supports an Obama / Clark ticket (Draft Clark as VP)

Here's what Bill Clinton can do to get back in the fold....

McInsane Media Bias more than Obvious. Remember when Obama was accused of playing the Age Card?

How Obama can win Nevada

Rand Report Discredits Bush, Leaves McCain Without a Campaign

The Point of the Moses Ad (and the Celebrity Ad)

Wikileaks: Justice, Texas style -- read about it while you can

Barack's Town Hall in Titusville, Florida - Full Speech

Reuters: Economic models predict clear Obama win in November

Obama has a point

NYT: Shipping Costs Start to Crimp Globalization

DNC blasts McCain's 'shameful' tactics -- 'desperate,' 'dishonorable,' 'outright lies,' ...

anyone using Comcast having trouble with the DU site

Should the Moderators Stop ANY Obama Bashing on this forum???

"Is the Obama Campaign Orchestrating These Weird Episodes by Blacks to Make Him Look Normal?"

Low Road Hurts McCain, But It's His Best Chance

McCain donating Ted Stevens’ $$ to charity

Damn - that John McCain is one really funny guy!

In your opinion was Bruce E. Ivins the anthrax mailer?

AlterNet: Talk Radio and the Conspiracy to Kill

AlterNet: Talk Radio and the Conspiracy to Kill

Change vs McCain

Has anyone been to this website?

One of Obama's greatest STRENGTHS is his unshakable COOLNESS.

The oil in ANWR and the Gulf of Mexico isn't going anywhere!

AP HEADLINE: "Answers in anthrax case may have died with suicide"

I Latched Onto a Good Anti-Republican Email Item

Swing State Clusters Tell Story of Potential "Map-Changing" Obama Landslide

McCain was seen as a maverick because he said nasty things about republicans. Hence the media love.

McCain comparing Obama to Moses, is it projection?

ABC News:

GOP senator: Obama did NOT play the race card

The Low-Road Warrior (NY Magazine)

How Dare He Play the Winning Card!

"I'm young, I'm new to the national scene, my name is Barack Obama"

OMFG! Ya gotta see AND READ this:

Now when I hear "Paris" or "Britney" I think McCain.

Driven crazy by people who don't care.

The people upset with Obama

Did anyone else hear the McCain surrogate accuse Obama of attacking McCain

Hmmm..... I wonder where the McCain campiagn is picking up the

Killer in ambush may be charged in Michigan and Wisconsin

Details emerge about the Wisconsin killing of 3 teens at the Michigan border.

The Rove strategy is to take your strength and make it a weakness

Fighting Back

Got an idea. Can someone draw a coupon worth $1,000 saying it is redeemable

Offshore drilling is just like the Iraq War stampede of 2002

McCain picks his VP candidate. She is thought to add enthusiasm and popularity to his campaign!

GOP tries dinging Obama on drilling but...

From out and about amongst red-staters: The "high road" is ir-relevant.

Milbank To People Criticizing His Obama-Is-Presumtuous WaPo Hitjob Piece: You're Whiners....

Obama: Yes To Slavery Apology, No To Reparations

Has everyone seen the new mcshame add

Why aren't Republicans ever accused of playing the "race card" when they tell us Obama is racist?

Has Obama said anything about

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/2/08 - Obama 44, McCain 43 (O down 1)

Obama Agrees To 3 Debates With McCain

Do the great unwashed ( voters) know more about Paris H than Obama?

McCain Website Scrubbed Article Calling Him "Political Celebrity"

Remember who the first world leader was to visit Washington after 9/11?

British forces in Afghanistan may have to rent helicopters (from Blackwater)

Remember this stupid slogan from 2004?

I am beginning to belive the single most important thing to do is bring back the Fairness Doctrine..

WTF? Study Finds H.I.V. Infection Is 40% Higher Than Estimated-US significantly underreported.

Trent Lott - another corrupt Republican POS

Time to destroy the 'legitimacy' of the Republican party.

Bill to force Bush to get Congressional approval on Iraq security agreement

Brent Budowsky: McCain, Media Allies Play the Uppity Black Card

CIA Veteran Rips Agency, Tests Limits of Right to Publish Without Permission

The "St. Ronnie" Koolaid is some scary sh*t......

Where Have You Gone, John? by Jonathan Alter

Letter to (Yet Another) Totally Straight Wide-Stance Republican

Obama's remarks at the Urban League - thanks to a poster at DailyKos...

Not Obamas campaign but maybe a womens group needs to come out with an ad...

Obama needs a semi-new message.

I listened to talk radio for 2 hours straight. 3 obvious lies + incalculable amounts of manure

Anybody remember the Hart-Rudman Commission?

McCain picked his running mate a few minutes ago!

McCain blows the dog whistle

‘This is not a cost-free exercise’

Congress, agency argue over plan to use supplies from U.S. firms

The Last Campaign

If you were designing a TV ad for Obama--what would it say?

I found a picture of the anti-christ and he doesn't look anything like Obama

A bill to prohibit secret modifications and revocations of the law

A question for our lawyers. What is the statute of limitations for

The Youth Vote - Access, Not Apathy

Whose Racist Now? - One & 'Only Black Reporter' Booted From McCain Event

Bush 2.0

Are you using Obama's site's Neighbor to Neighbor tool?

Toyota Announces the Development of the Winglet, a Personal Transport Assistant (a la Segway) . . .

Garfield minus Garfield

Guys! I'm on! Really nice interview!

I just gota rant

Employers in U.S. Cutting Jobs, Hours, Signaling Slower Growth

Are the citizens of the United States ready to imprison a former President?

John McCain and the Art of the Big Lie

Does anyone know McCain's history on fighting against MLK holiday?

So...Chet Edwards Being Considered For Veep According To Newsweek

Weird, but last I checked, Barack is still leading in all of the polls!

I have been hard on Obama this week but I was just thinking

Limbaugh marks 20 years on the air with call from the Bush family.

John McCain and the Art of the Big Lie

John McCain Blames Rise of Internet on New York Times Editorial Board

Potential for life life on mars?

Assume You Are Big Media And You Want To Beat Obama- What Do You Do?

The new laptop seizure rules add to a piece of tinfoil I've worried about for a while

“The largest field operation in the history of American politics.”

The arrow of conventional wisdom has spoken about who won the week

Fla Dems: McCain voted against NASA funding

Breaking MA: Rockefeller Arrested In Baltimore, Kidnapped daughter safe

Gallup, 8/2: Obama and McCain tied at 44% for a second day

Senator Barack Obama softening his stance on offshore drilling?

Thousands of Wal-Mart managers summoned to mandatory meetings, told no Dems or Unions

MarketWatch: First Priority becomes eighth bank failure this year

We're already at war against Iran

Once Again (This Time On Oil Drilling) Media EDITS Most Important Paragraph Of Obama Quote

Gallup has it tied at 44% each

Quick reference to Obama rumors and hoaxes.


Crisis Looms as Corporations Seize Control of Commodities

Today I completed a Zogby survey which seemed to be trying to assess

One Month After 9/11, McCain Said Anthrax ‘May Have Come From Iraq'

"the White House will be the people’s house" - BO Urban League Today

America's Police State: Did Ya Ever Get the Feeling You Was Being Watched?

A picture is worth.......

MSNBC: Veep Watch: An Indiana lay over (Tues. evening through Wednesday afternoon)

Obama is going to win, right? Calm me down!

Cindy McCain is nothing but a Liar!

I'm listening to a Thom Hartmann rebroadcast, with that Terry Jeffrey dude.....

I'm listening to a Thom Hartmann rebroadcast, with that Terry Jeffrey dude.....

Why is the Obama campaign giving McCain something else to attack him for (refusing extra debates)

The Face of Terrorism in America

Photos Of Obama At The National Urban League

Which TV network has ben most pro-McCain?

What is wrong with John's left eye? It wasn't like that when he was young.

So I was maxing out someone elses credit cards today...

CNN Poll of Polls: Obama down 2 from last week, but "still in the lead"

RePuke governors are making the U.S. recession worse

***Heads Up: For Those Who Missed Obama`s Speech At The National Urban Leauge Can Watch It Here***

A tour of Saddam Hussein's yacht (VIDEO)

Investigatin' is HARD WORK! After suicide, feds consider closing anthrax case

Can you name the 16 members of the intelligence community?

HELP needed: debt consolidation services

McCain wants to unleash Iraq-style "surge" (w/ US troops?) on US inner-cities to "control crime"

Freeper on Ice!

Rick Davis does know his “smears” alright. Obama needs to hit back hard

Rick Davis does know his “smears” alright. Obama needs to hit back hard

Hey DU!! Check this out: McCain revives campaign with scrappy smarts

Mc Cain is either suffering from pre-senile dementia, or a pathological liar. Can there be another

McCain "deals the stupid card" wants to militarize American cities

DU often not accessible today....must leave window open here

Barack Obama's birthday is in two days.

Even the birds are for Obama!

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Pt. XVII: The "Unemployment Benefits Extension Sucks" edition

Is Obama too skinny to be president?

Finally! The truth about McCrabby

To win Florida, Obama must turn young supporters into young voters. (St. Petersburg Times)

To win Florida, Obama must turn young supporters into young voters. (St. Petersburg Times)

Type into your web browser -- Editing: site NOT owned by the DNC

Does McCain remind anyone of Eddie Haskell?

How to win 2008: McCain = Bush

McCain, Britney & Paris Counter Ad!

hehe have you seen dickipedia? I just found it very funny

Obama better grow a pair or it will be a repeat of KERRY 2004!!!

Wikileaks: Scientology's prison system

August 2004: election Kerry-327, Bush-211

my internet provider-(at&t dsl) had to come out and provide me with a new modem today...

We are at war with Iran right now. We just don’t have the moral courage to admit it.-By Scott Ritter

I think Bruce Ivins was Murdered I mean Suicided

Obama as Forerunner to the Anti-Christ

Obama is going to win the popular vote, but that doesn't guarantee victory

Senator Obama should vet fall debate moderators

Leo (Obama) has a win percent of 36 points vs 33 for Virgo (McCain) historically

Obama says offshore drilling stance nothing new

Hey Pelosi! I'm pretty sure "Obstruction of Justice" is a crime!

Anthrax Case - Curiouser and Curiouser:

"NYT Changes Anthrax Story...As I Was Reading It!"

I found something disgusting in a co-workers desk today

Gasp! The CEO of the Gallup Poll is a repug!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but...

Why would working folks vote for the party most responsible for .....

Does YOUR City Have A REAL-TIME Bus Tracker?

The Hill: Clinton touts her support for Obama (but wants her supporters' voices heard)

Proof! Just six degrees of separation between us

So, is Governor Crist of Florida really that orange in real life?

McCain v. The New York Times


McCain: "He doesn't seem like a serious president to me."

Obama in Titusville this morning... PICS!

Obama addresses National Urban League

windfall profit tax effects

It's Clinton!! It's Kerry!! It's Kaine!! It's's...let's wait!

I'm I missing something why is it a negative for a black candidate to talk race


Plouffe: McCain attacks 'helped our campaign,' moneywise

Walmart won't cash it's own money orders!

An observation from Russia

So... If Obama is the AntiChrist, shouldn't fundies vote for him to "get their Armageddon on"?

Is there any streaming of Obama at the Urban League?

Here's Why Obama's Strategy This Week Was Spot On....

Americans would be "outraged" if they knew info Bush was hiding to protect his Saudi friends

I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate CNN!

NY Times: Whole Foods Looks for a Fresh Image in Lean Times

Obama is not Skinny. Obama is fit, slim and trim. Big Difference!

Is Obama "Untouchable?"

BREAKING NEWS: Parade Accident in Wisconsin WITH PHOTOS

Gramps/Grumps: "If he's the grumpy old man...that's not going to play well with the public." (TPM)

John McCain Would Be One Of the Top 5 Richest Presidents Ever

John McCain Would Be One Of the Top 5 Richest Presidents Ever

Oil: Behind the Big Numbers

Wall Street Journal Reporter Invents "Is Obama Too Skinny" Issue out of Wholecloth


Jonathan Alter Nails "Immature" McCain :: "Where Have You Gone, John?"

The Trib, Tampa's right-leaning paper, and their coverage of Obama in St. Pete

My struggle to give a clue to the McInsain Supporter: A Rant...

Senator Kerry cycled 110 miles for Ted Kennedy in the Pan-Mass Challenge today

DUer music lovers might want to avoid Aspen. Condi playing piano in a music competition there.

How dickish is McCain Camp? "Our Town-Hall Proposal Is "Beneath A Worldwide Celebrity""

McCain assisted the anthrax from Iraq lie, on David Letterman back in 2001.

Opponents say San Francisco sewer plant too ‘useful’ to be named after Bush

No Autopsy for Bruce E. Ivins (Anthrax "killer")...Case Closed.

There's only one way mccain can win the election, the same way bush did.

The GOP power-brokers. Surely they opposed McCain from the

Media Corsi's Obama Nation echo falsehood and baseless charge in book

Little Timmy "The Tool" Pawlenty says supporting Obama is like bungee jumping.


Where do you think Osama bin Laden is?

Things about Barack that make Johnny PEA GREEN WITH ENVY:

Peak Oil: Another Fine Jackpine Rant

So there you have it, anthrax case closed, dick & dubya get off Scott free again.

Never thought I'd compliment Russert, but watch this, and you will, too.

Kerry vs. Lieberman on MTP tomorrow. I wonder how the true

The McCain campaign is beyond Childish

Offshore drilling and Obama.

Holy Cow! ... Look what's going on out in farm country.


Absolutely WORST possible VP for Obama:

The Democratic ticket that McCain could never defeat

Boulder Theater to simulcast Obama acceptance speech

Need some help with my HuffPo piece, please -

Upcoming Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

What is Obama's stance on drilling in ANWR?

The radioactive cash burning a hole in Gordon Smith's finely-tailored pocket

"Obama retracted his [racist] accusations and we're thankful and ready to move on."

Rahm Emanuel to be Obama's debate negotiator

No matter who mailed the anthrax, it came from a government lab!

Art for Obama - Submit yours to the Manifest Hope Gallery

Obama for America

Bush: "I'm gonna endorse Barack Obama!"

McGoonSquad evicts African-American reporter at rally.

What will be your first words when Obama wins?

MSNBC: 44-lb cat rescued was homeless due to owner's home FORECLOSURE

um . . two white women and two phallic monuments? anyone else interpreting celebrity ad this way?

Veepstakes and polls - from Kaine to Bloomberg

McCain is one Arrogant Pompous little Prick - "I know how to Win Wars"

If you campaign like Rove, you will govern like Bush

Election Activism: Rolling out a prototype, please PM me if you would like to participate...

Top Ten Questions for John “I know how to win wars” McCain

Airmen list 13 changes they want Moseley’s replacement to make

How Did A Whackjob "Homicidal" Scientist Get Security Clearance To Work With Bioterrorism Agents?

2 good NPR reports on anthrax - clearance, colleagues, family harassment

Any Good Ideas for a "bumper sticker" response to the claim that "The Surge Is Working"?

John McCain doesn't recall how he voted on the MLK holiday - while at the National Urban League

Nader's statement has haunted me - Are we political slaves to a two party system?

Bill Moyers Journal tonight - The Abramoff Scandal

What is a “low information voter”?

Shooting raises question: Is it safe to be a liberal in America?

Democrats anxious for Obama to widen lead

On the Road with the "Virtual Army Experience"

Wolcott on Mcain's Everybody-Likes-Obama Whiny Ad....

Do you share an ancestor with Barack Obama?

CNN Ran My McCain/Edwards Story...Maybe

A parting gift (or is it a parting shot?) from the * Administration:

and THAT is change we can- alright, who the fuck made that sign?

Abusing Our Wounded Warriors With Dirty Politics

Hoosiers who would make better VP's than Bayh

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, Aug 3 – Obama 350, McCain 188 (Link)

Pelosi bends to National Rifle Association to help out Blue Dogs

Impeachment Support Makes Wexler a Target

The latent Christian in me is starting to pity John McCain.

Democrats are supportive of offshore drilling and will not fight against it.

McCain-Backing GOP Senator (Mel Martinez): Obama Did Not Play the Race Card

another school year approaches and, yup, the pukes push vouchers.

One thing to keep an eye on about the Gallup poll.

Dutch magazine: 'George Bush no. 1 war criminal; above Kim-Jong Il and Mugabe'

What happened to Seteria Brown?

Does the shoddy treatment Wal Mart employees have consistently received over the years from...

Another bank goes bye-bye

MUST Read- Dr. Meryl Nass, MD on Ivins "Suicide."

Hal Lindsey writes: How Obama prepped world for the Antichrist.

US auto sales slump to 16-year low in July

It's Bayh! Obama Picks Bayh for VP!!!

how much time did Valerie Plame spend outside her "cubicle" in Langley? I just talked to a former

Fox News Has Video Of “Raisin’ McCain” Country Music Concert Attended By Hundreds. Raisin McCain LOL

Why are people so upset with Obama moving toward the middle?

Obama shifting on oil drilling...upsetting!

Anthrax killer: Who is Jean C. Duley?

Toby Keith: ‘Black Society’ Thinks Obama ‘Talks, Acts and Carries Himself As A Caucasian’

More Slack on that Rope, Boys!

Richard Belzer: Regrets: I Have a Few

For a hilarious, spot-on assessment of the McLame ad:

Obama needs to kick the shit out of McCain and the GOP !

If you believe Obama is NOT the AntiChrist, who do you think is?

Wow, who would have thought we had world-class political strategists on this board?

If Obama Does Not Win, Blame The American People

What is the biggest threat to Americans today?

Anthrax suspect would have gotten vaccine royalties

SWING VOTER - I think Bud voted for Nader yo!

The Las Vegas ReviewJournal would like to have your comments about Silver State Bancorp story

I want to know: Is there anything Obama will take a stand on?

“The Commission” by Philip Shenon on the Bush Administration’s Ignoring of 9/11 Warnings

Angry Black Man

Obama shifts, says he may back limited offshore drilling

McCain's "Country First Concert" Only Gets Hundreds Of People. And It Was FREE! LOL!

Grand Canyon

Media On three Hannity programs, Corsi offered another falsehood:

Gallup or Intrade?

Isn't the Moses ad the "he's an uppity black guy who thinks hes better than we are" ad?

Could the massive short covering of a company in Tulsa cause oil to go up by 20$ ??

So, this crazy murder in Canada is really showcasing ignorance toward the mentally ill

My two cents on the Anthrax Suicide… from a former spook

Democracy more or less intact? Take off the rose colored glasses, Krugman!

ATTENTION! Don't you NEVER bring your laptop to an international flight!

McCan't is Anti-Obama and Nothing More.

In the two hundred plus years America has been a country, what would you say was it's best decade?

I just wanna say, Teh Lounge rocks!!

Mad Dr. Bernardo has an evil scheme in mind for America...

In the paper today

Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion

Was the continent of Atlantis an island, which lay before the great flood?

i saw this dude strutting down the street in a lavender zoot suit with white pinstripes today

Wow! Amazing high-tech sculpture. (video)


God sticks pins in my eyes whenever he thinks I'm thinklmg I'm cool.

For my 4000th: Something I'm writing.

For Swede for the fuck of it

Vanessa Huxtable is 35 today

Oh! I'm only 2,572 posts away from 40K!

Hey, the Tandy 1000TX was made in the USA!!

GO SOX!! And WELCOME to Jason Bay!

Does anyone remember Original New York Seltzer?

Tonights Dinner was GREAT, It was...

Just saw "Get Smart" *SPOILERS*

That worked out well.

The Salmon Dance

Now I watch the good/bad Hellraiser IV: Bloodline

I have come to the conclusion that whoever runs this universe has a grudge against me.

You know this forum needs? More COWBELL, BABY!

Say what you want, turds! I love the show COPS!

Only smooth pimps are allowed to post in this thread!

God I need money.

I need a logo redesigned. Who do I need, a graphics designer? It's a simple job.

i can't believe it, Lindsay Lohan is in the news and i'm taking her side

Oh look! The computer who wore tennis shoes auditioned for Star Wars!

It's a shame about Ray

Without looking it up--which countries have participated in EVERY Summer Olympics?

You! Yeah, you... Cat Lover

Well, I signed up for early voting again for the November election,

Inspired by BrotherBuzz ..... Dixie the Dinosaur

Spoiler alert!

I just picked up a copy of "Breaking Dawn"

Some music, just for fun - Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Fats Domino, Rosetta Tharpe, Nina Simone...

Keith Olbermann has an outrageously sexy voice.

Ooooh, I love the smell of cucumber/melon candles.


God needs money.

And you though your job search was going bad?

The Kentucky Fried Movie or Amazon Women on the Moon?

Just saw the feel good movie of the 90's....

I'm drunk. WHEEEEEE!!!

Post your own LOL Cats

Okay, that does it. Sniffa and Bi-Baby need to take a big 'ole vaca'.

Sexiest Guvnah in the whole country right heah

Everytime I get up my cat goes running towards his food bowl

It would really be nice to sleep at some point

Everytime I get on up my papa goes running towards his brand new bag.

Was supposed to work today but slept for almost twelve hours!

Grrrr. XM isn't streaming Lollapalooza online

Good Morning. Does someone have a link handy for AVG free anti-virus download?

In honor of a certain DUer, I spent $1200 at Walmart this morning.

What the #$@%! is "soft" Viagra?

when will the hurdy gurdy man come singing songs of love?

I rent and can't have a dog right now, but I can wish:

George Kennedy is still alive.

TV stands - would you stack two of them together to double the height?

Why does every chick flick always have the star falling down or knocking shit over about 50 times?

Know what's funny? Know-it-alls who actually don't know shit.

Why do Saturday morning, coffee and New Order go so well together?

Hot Summer Day

Free hugs! beYotches!

Are you claustrophobic or agoraphobic?

Friday night fun - ask me anything about me you want to know

Holy shit, Nas' new album is great

Everybody brags about what "they've" done.

WOW I Met Somone At The Bar

Lucy just made an U-Turn in The Holland Tunnel --

Favorite actress that Woody Allen took as a relationship partner?

"Surf Nazis Must Die" fans: check in!

which do you prefer?

Surf Ninja fans check in!!!

Saw Dark Knight last night. Great movie, even though GOP Propaganda

Saw Dark Knight last night. Great movie, even though GOP Propaganda

I found Goldfinger in a dumpster.

I found Goldmember in a dumpster.

The real reason Jesus's face keeps turning up in stupid places like toast and tarmac spills.

The real reason Jesus's face keeps turning up in stupid places like toast and tarmac spills.

"Don't Come In My Ear" - Laura Ingraham

Battery dead again in my VW Golf

Once again, CNN focuses on serious issues plaguing our society

What is reality?

I found a Golf in a dumpster.

Chimney Jump Record-Gazette

A hilarious and clever LTTE to today's Boston Globe re: Manny

I found God in a dumpster

Our Father (The New, Revised Edition)

Ben Orr's voice. One of the best things about the 70s and 80s.

Movie with the greatest cars

If you have tinnitus, yell REAL LOUD.

I just saw the most depressing, downer movie of the 90's...

I'm baaaaack

Anyone here who wouldn't want their child in a gifted program?

You Dropped Your Bible....

No one's talking about the SEA MONSTER who showed up in the Hamptons??!

How many DUers are on OKCupid (or other dating sites?)

Attention DU Grammar Nazis - rules grammar change

Awkward moment during my lunch break.

You know what's funny about "Wu-tang Clan"?

The New Twilight Book Is Getting Some Of The Worst Reviews I've Ever Seen

They're making a new Pattulla

Use this thread to start some horrid shit

How does nature know what our most important structures are?

Cat location update


I found Goldie Hawn dumped

When you get your mail, do you:

Little 6 year old girl wows Simon Cowell singing.. Video

So if I were to go vegan for say, 90 days, would it help to go Vegetarian for 10 days before?

Turtles 101.

Garfield minus Garfield

ZOMG! Bi-Baby witnessed some despicable behavior by some cops today

Roger Ebert Reviews: Step Brothers - "Sometimes I think I am living in a nightmare."

I have a really bad feeling right now

Is wanting a Kennedy moment such a bad thing?

Okay, you're gay, that's great

A kid who interned at my son's summer camp died today...

Which Bundy would you rather go out with?

Trip to Alaska

Tori Spelling Adopts Twins

I'm in love...

Complete this phrase:

Post a picture of a cat laying on its back, waiting for a tummy rub

So who's watching the X games?

So who's watching the X games?

You know what feels good and brings a smile to my face?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday August 2

Flaming shots are so cool...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/2/08

What's for Dinner, DU?

Ok, if Paris Hilton can play poker, I should be able to learn...Right?

Twice in the last week I've been asked if I want a soda

What would you choose for a last meal?

my new all-time favorite band! thenewno2 w/ Dhani Harrison

Poll question: which do you prefer?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 8/2/2008)

I'm bored...Tell me something interesting!

Find a more annoying song than this one....

A post b-day shopping pic thread...yay!!!

My vegetarian wife is at the store buying me a steak

I found Gold in a dumpster.

Exam #5 on Monday. Taking a break from studying. How is everybody?

I feel totally defunct, and I need input 'cause I'm too defunct to think for myself.

The United Countries of Baseball

I've never made patella

People Will Come. Ray

A girl at the McDonald's nametag was "NAZI"

Angels One Five. One of the best forgotten films.

Does anyone else feel ANGRY when someone dies young?

Douchebag Beach: It's closer than you think

I've never made paella.

Just heard the feel good song of the 90's

Z0MG! LOLiticians! (pics)

My computer keeps locking up.

Craigslist: ASSHOLE HUSBAND for sale, or will trade for dog toys

Just got home from seeing The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emporer - Ask me anything!

Favorite mountain range?

Do You Understand Your Cat?

So, Lounge. What would you do? (Long story...gotta get this outta my system)

Obama supports the offshore drilling plan of the Gang of 10. Some details...

Post a video with a great drum solo.

Pics From Colorado (to remind me it was once cool) dial up warning

Fuck it

You realize most people don't watch the cable news shows, right? offense to snake lovers but

GM posts $15.5B second-quarter loss

US eyes weekend deadline for Iran in nuclear showdown

Scientist in anthrax case conveniently "commits suicide"

FCC Tries to Avert Threatened Satellite Cutoff

Census (is) asked to recognize gay marriages

Baumholder playground shuttered over lead concerns

John Warner: Jimmy Carter Was Right

Obama says would consider limited offshore drilling

House GOP Revolts over gas prices

US-ICE announces "Special Departure": gives non-criminal fugitive aliens opportunity to avoid arrest

Company asks pharmacists, hospitals to return drug

IOC denies deal on internet curbs

U.S. denies reports of al Qaeda No. 2's illness or death

Countrywide insider stole mortgage applicants' data (and sold it), FBI says

Texas rejects $105,000 for land sought for border fence

Pakistani Taliban deny Zawahri death report

ND towns unfazed by ICBM rocket booster in ditch

Why Pakistan is unlikely to crack down on Islamic militants

Documents: Contractor Culpable in Shaler Soldier's Electrocution

Miami lawmaker (Lincoln Diaz Balart -R, Fl.) opposes Little League team's trip to Cuba

S&P emails slammed mortgage debt products: report ("house of cards")

Iran, on deadline day, vows "no retreat" on nuclear enrichment issue.

Obama Agrees to Three Debates, No Town-Halls

Idaho Welcomes New Uranium Enrichment Plant

Karadzic protected by US until he broke 'deal': Belgrade report

White House Briefed On Potential For Mars Life

2 die in Pa. warehouse shooting; fired worker held

Rate of new HIV infections worse (40% higher) than thought, U.S. officials say

FARC Dissidents Assist Colombia

McCain chides Obama over school vouchers

Defiant Chinese Harassed, Jailed Before Olympics; Crackdown Defies Vow Beijing Made to Be Host

Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit against Nancy Grace and CNN

State loses attempt to argue anew for sex toy ban

John McCain & the Surge #3 (Assessment)

John McCain on the Surge #2 (Pre-Surge?)

This is What you Need....

Are Some of McCain's Media Falling Out of Love?

Will McCain Lose in AZ? -- KPHO (Phoenix) News Coverage

Wal-Mart Executives Influencing Employees To Vote Republican

Sen. John Kerry: A New Approach to Fighting Terrorism

Same-Sex Marriage Expands

John McCain on the Surge #1 (McCain vs Video Tape)

john fogerty soundstage 2008 can't take it no more

John McCain & the Surge #4 (Debate)

Fox News Busted

Countdown: Wal-Mart, The Republican Brand

Countdown: Bushed! August 1, 2008

COUNTDOWN: Obama and Drilling

Countdown: Anthrax, The Long Road

5th Dimension-Aquarius

After 9/11, McCain Linked Anthrax to Iraq

Countdown: Worst Person August 1, 2008

W Bush Trailer Directed by Oliver Stone

The Number 2

Barack Obama in Titusville, Florida - on the need for technological innovation and the space program

Straight Face Express

Chuck Hagel and Jack Reed Slam McCain

John McCain and A Respectful Campaign

TYT: McCain Had Plans To Attack Obama *Before* His Trip

CBS News: 1975 Defense Budget

ABC News: Golan Heights circa 1975

McPain Is All For Two Parent Families!

VERDICT: CREW's Melanie Sloan on Sen. Stevens Indictment

Oh McCain Directors Cut

Obama: McCain Camp not Racist; They're Cynical

Obama: McCain`s Campaign "Cynical"

Countdown: Anthrax Attacks Inside Job?

A Message from Maya Soetoro-Ng (Barack Obama's sister)

Bob Barr: Karl Rove is in Contempt

Let Us Be! (Barack Obama, New Music)

Grammys 1969: Performance from "Hair"

The Headzup/GoLeft Week In Cartoons

TYT: Cenk's Take On Obama & Off-Shore Drilling

School House Rock (Conspiracy Theory Rock)

"Go Tell Mama - I'm For Obama!" Barack Obama Music Video

TYT: McCain Wearing $520 Italian Shoes = LoaferGate!

ABC News: 1972 Democratic Calf. Primary

change is on the way -- song w/images

Hillary at fundraiser this week discusses whether her name will be on ballot.

USS Forrestal Mishap July 29, 1967

Now Playing = STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote = Selected Scenes

"Bleeding Afghanistan" Interview with Sonali Kolhatkar By Mike Whitney

The Political Revival of George Herbert Walker Bush

Is divorce bad for the parents?

Time, Finally, for Real Fuel Economy

OPINION: U.K. better than most of Europe at reporting anti-Semitism

Friday Talking Points (41) -- The Silly Season

Bob Herbert:: Running While Black

The ‘Empire of Chaos’ or living in the age of impunity By William Bowles

Obama's best strategy? Attack

How the US Can Get its Groove Back

Schwarzengger's Water Empire

The Republican Racist Campaign

The Nation: Access, Not Apathy

America’s Leaders Violated One of the Commandments By Andrew Greeley

Male college students more likely than less-educated peers to commit property crimes

Obama’s Revenge on the 'Moses Ad': Compares McCain to The Pharaoh

America's $53 trillion jumbo loan

What Next for Affordable Housing? The sub-prime mortgage crisis offers a silver lining .....

Shipping Costs Start to Crimp Globalization

Alan Brinkley reviews Jane Mayer's "The Dark Side" for the NYT

The Wrecking Crew by Thomas Frank

Unitarians Keep the Faith After Attack in Church

The Weekend Economist Aug1-3

Women end up less happy than men

U.S. Corporations Support Chinese Police State

Is the US complicit in covering up right-wing paramilitary links?

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, Aug 3 – Obama 350, McCain 188

Soldiers face Article 32 over detainee deaths

Army investigating shooting death of soldier

House approves ’09 VA, construction spending

Senate takes last futile stab at defense bill

Bill to allow media at military ceremonies

Navy: Small valve leak found on nuclear sub

172nd Infantry Brigade trains up for another rotation

Riley soldiers arrested for off-post crimes

Army to grow its own high-school grads

Idaho Welcomes New Uranium Enrichment Plant

'Oil from algae' promises climate friendly fuel

Climate change activists at Kingsnorth protest prepare for jail

Aral sea rescue plan a 'partial success

Brazil launches rainforest fund

Energy Boom in West Threatens Indian Artifacts

Lawsuit brings into the open TVA's role as polluter

Cattle egrets nest in Britain for first time

Gas price falls during prayer at the pump

Focus on people, 'not the climate'

Fuel costs put brakes on car clubs

UK nuclear plans left in tatters after collapse of EDF deal; Fierce row breaks out

Oceans of water

Fuel prices hit chaotic West African travel - Reuters

Obama shifts, says he may back offshore drilling

This is Mother Earth - naked. Mother Earth naked reveals world's geology

Nepal's 'restaurant' for vultures

AlterNet: Electric Cars Are the Key to Energy Independence

X-posted from GD: Any solar power users here on DU?

LaBarbera’s Incoherence on Hate Crimes

YES!!! I saw a young couple in Eugene

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/01/08

Not Practical To Tell The Truth

Less Stringent Ethics

The Republicans want to lose this election - the economics

Lebanese Christians mull conversion

Top Hezbollah commander: We're stronger, ready for war

Nine killed, 90 wounded in Hamas-Fatah clashes in Gaza

Olmert's exit may jeopardise peace effort

IDF allows fleeing Fatah members into Israel

AP: McCain raps Obama over school vouchers, union ties

Stocks pull back after another decline in jobs

AP: Jobless rate climbs as 51,000 jobs vanish


Verizon labor deal to end, strike seen as unlikely

CBS: The Growing Class Of "Underemployed"

Union Members Demand an End to Bush-McCain Policies

Today in labor history August 2 Sixty striking miners were wounded by police

NYT: More Arrows Seen Pointing to a Recession

Wal-Mart Wants to Make Sure Its Employees Don’t Vote Democratic

NYT: Shipping Costs Start to Crimp Globalization


California Study Shows Mandatory Paid Sick Days Would Improve Public Health

Miami lawmaker (Lincoln Diaz Balart -R, Fl.) opposes Little League team's trip to Cuba

Banana Executive Admits Participation in Peace Community Massacres

"Sportsvite is uniting fellow sports lovers through a growing online community. "

Red Sox undefeated so far during the post-Manny era!

Big Brown by 10 in Sunday's Haskell

OMG! Seven stray cats outside!

Can you all please send some healing light/energy to my 3yo niece Lily?

I need help recalling a back treatment

German farmer gets world's first double arm transplant

Consumers are raising cane over corn sweetener

Methadone Seen As New Treatment To Treat Chemotherapy-Resistant Leukemia

Family of teen injured by vaccine looking for other cases

ISO 50...

Sunset over Johnson Lake

August Contest - looking for a theme

Help me wish Adsos, a Happy Belated Birthday!

In Praise of Georgia Governor Perdue

Now to get rid of "may issue" laws

Mother Jones: NRA agent infiltrated gun control movement

Can you do a fine Brunoise?

That's Dr. May to you!

Are there any butterfly aficionados here at DU?

Life?.... White House Alerted on a Major Finding by Phoenix lander Team

Phoenix has Found Something More Compelling than Water......

Workaholic Biden needs a hobby; press release about education bill work

made a big ol' post about a new Biden et al. bill on Iraq security agreements

ok witty Bidenites, I'm doing a silly poll:

Bishop confesses to boyhood sex assault on woman

Country Music Stars Embrace Sodomy!

More reactionary fable chasing Catholics.

South Tower Anomolies

Karl Rove protest in Clear Lake (south of Houston)

The New Oil

Halp... sniffers via e-mail?

"My Yahoo" Firfeox 3 Problem

Is it possible

This post from Sept. 6, 2004 really shows how things were EXACTLY.

Transformational politics and remembering what it's all about

Great Concert on Monday 8/4 at 6:30pm

Pawlenty addresses Minnesotans about Obama:

Update on the nonsense in our school district

Here's an interesting post.

Ottawa faults Couillard for lost dossier

Nevada: STATE-FEDERAL OPERATION: Election fraud task force formed

Election Fraud in Florida and Georgia = Tom Feeney

Timberlake to host Oscars?

Dark Knight fans..check out this video.

Two of Tim Burton's next projects, "Alice" and "Ripley"

DU Videos: STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote = Selected Scenes

New season for Premiership Fantasy Football

Area veterans slam McCain on voting record

6/28/01 Bill Cooper predicts 911 and the people behind it. Murdered 11/01

UPDATE: Regarding my possible move to SF Bay area...