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A poll about these presidential polls

OMG! Hillary for VP!

i was away from DU and my TV for like 5 minutes.......

Fellow DUers, Here is the Kryptonite to all things Pumish

"Obama taking the month of August off was a brilliant maneuver".."

How worried are you about Obama's chances?

***Three Reasons we can NOT trust Barack Hussein Obama***

John Mc Cain Is No Dieter Dengler!

Comedian Rush Limbaugh dissed Rachel. Details coming up on Keith

UPDATE on the VP pick (to this minute)

Folks, it's clear. It's either Vice President Clinton or Pres. McCain.

When Obama makes his announcement

McCain "Has Earned A Ph.D. In Double-Talk" - from Edwards campaign attack dog....

Obama is going to win this election, his Veep choice will have almost zero impact

Clinton can easily "take back" her "only has a speech" comment

Dear Sen. McCain: PLEASE pick Lieberman as your running mate!

Dear Senator Obama: It's time to stop being "Mister Nice Guy"

obama should pick jesus as his running mate

John McCain is....

Next week speakers at DNC should label McCain for what he is...a warmonger

I need some political cartoons slamming McCain.

For those watching Obama in VA -- did he indicate he was going to

They are pushing Hillary again on Dan Abrhams Verdict.

Sen. Obama's statement on the passing of Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Honoring sparosnare... Who's the biggest curveball Obama can throw with his VP nod?

I Don't Give a Flying Flip WHO Barack Obama Chooses

The Obama - Infanticide shit

I see the "OPERATIVES" are out in full force tonight.

McCain Camp's latest email:

North Carolina: McCain: 45% Obama: 43% (Obama only gets 75% African-American vote?)

As long as Obama chooses to react to McCain attacks

Obama steps up anti-McCain message in his TV ads

So much for no drama Obama - turns out he's one hell of a political theater director

God, Buchanan wants Obama to pick Clinton as VP!

Ok, tell me that again. McCAIN WANTS TO SERVE ONLY ONE TERM!

For the love of God, can we all STOP criticizing WHOEVER the VP might be??

Why is Pat Cadell referred to as a "Democratic Strategist"..... this guy is as Repuke as they come

John McCain--Hacktastic on Energy

If you criticize, they will crucify you!

To those who threaten a certain VP or Fuck my children's future, I say

****Heads up***if you are not watching CNN's "McCain Revealed" to be followed by "Obama Revealed"

Had something pop into my head as soon as I heard about McCain's draft gaffe.

Trial Buffoons

Dems Need to Take the Gloves Off With Lieberman--Including Obama

Legally speaking, there's no reason why Obama couldn't name Bill Clinton VP

I don't want a FIGHTER, I want a WINNER

So what have we learned?

In the last week or so, I have told several people that I thought Hillary was going to kick some

Name some things that the McCains will lie about in the coming weeks.

My sister suggested: take the worst qualities of George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan

Man, he looks like a moron or heavily medicate

Freak Out Your Friends With Fake Obama VP TXT

Proof Obama is gonna kick ass

Obama Links Abramoff - McCain in Negative Georgia Ad

This Colonel's Son Never Made It Back from Vietnam

Just in time.... I was really getting hungry....

"Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.....I don't disagree we need a draft.....

If you haven't seen this in the front page, and you're heading to Denver next week...

If Obama announces his choice tomorrow he is likely on the phone

Does anyone else find it odd that the entire MSM,

Relax, folks...

So Is There Any Time Frame Yet On Obama's VP Announcement?

As long as we're floating completely unqualified former Dem President's children for Veep

In her speech to the convention, HRC needs to make clear a few things..

ALL the media talking heads are talking up HILLARY HILLARY HILLARY

Obama supporters confident going into Denver

Why doesn't Hillary want to be Vice President??

Are you planning on watching any of the REPUKE convention?

Is there a VP pick who would NOT be saddled with these problems?

People, just give it up. Please.

Damn, I can't find the Mybo write a letter to the editor tool, where is the link?

Exclusive beach photos

I'm going to be in Toronto during the convention. Any parties?

Judge informs (R) Sen. Ted Stevens that his Felony trial will be in D.C., not Alaska... LOL !!!!

Cross in dirt? Hah! Tricking Vietcong with gold? Nuttin'! New McCain story coming out!

This site NEEDS to get a spine!

Gov. Crist: Fay a 'Catastrophic Flooding Event' (30" Rain)

Obama will pick Tim Roemer.

man, i am so pissed

What is the STUPIDEST reason anti-Obama people have for not voting for him?

LOL! McCain calls lobbyists "birds of prey"

Interesting - could godaddy tell us who the VP will be?

Nutter set to campaign 'all-out' for Obama in Denver

If McCain were a Dem, the GOP would have used his pledge to the north vietnamese

How cool would it be if Obama sent out the text message at 3am?

Don't worry, be happy get active.

Funny idea for a McCain 3AM ad

Something is dreadfully wrong! PRESIDENT MCCAIN is looming larger.

Alex Castellanos defines Barack Obama: amorphous

If McCain shows up TV disoriented and naked, what would the MSM do?

For McCain the 3AM phone call is no big deal.

How November could be a win/win situation

Did McCain just say he'd support a DRAFT?!?!

Question about McCain's Memory,

Why does MyObama say not to expect a call?

A glimpse of the young Obama in action: "That moment, for whatever reason, never left me."

the order went out

the order went out

Let's drive this video to the top of the DIGG list and keep it there.

No one is paying attention yet, it's too early

John McCain admits his foreign policy requires re-instatement of the DRAFT . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I thought today was a normal day until I logged into DU

Why polls are less likely to be reliable: changing technology usage.

Hillary rallies behind Obama - conference call with her delegates

A little inspiration for the weary

The Vietnam Vets are Coming for John McCain

Obama or the DNC should get an ad out asap on McCain's draft comment

I'm really, really worried

If Obama picks someone OTHER than Clinton, would you support the ticket?

Oh, my bad. Didn't realize I accidentally clicked on General Discussion: Hillary Clinton

Is it me, or is Drudge not being as unfair to Obama as he was to Kerry and Gore?

Obama's ads could use some "talking up". I like this one...

Obama's ads could use some "talking up". I like this one...

Hillary as VP almost guarantees us a WIN. Quit holding a grudge and get over it!

Obama Shifts Message to Everyday Concerns

Obama Shifts Message to Everyday Concerns

What's the likelihood Barack picks Hillary to be his VP?

Anyone watching the Obama Revealed show on CNN?

I no longer think Biden will get the call

Daughter slams Cash 'endorsement'

NY Times article features Sebelius

Clinton creates 'whip team' to quell anti-Obama protests

To counter Joementum, Maria Shriver should convince Arnie to speak in Denver...

To those of you who still insist on demeaning and attacking Clinton and her supporters

Three wonderful videos of Barack Obama...circa 1995

To the many people in various threads asking why Dem X isn't out kicking McCain's ass


As Richard Wolfe, Newsweek, said today on...

Anybody Refusing To Vote For Obama Will Have

Remember that "How do we beat the bitch" video?

If your bitching you better be working

McCain will choose Cantor.

We need to re-frame the abortion debate NOW -- here is how

If Obama said we need a DRAFT the media and rethugs would be going crazy

The VP announcement will come when?

I can not take another

Clinton visits Florida to support Obama

I just have one thing to say about the current Veep discussion.

I'm enlisting your help DU!!!

Check out my new Oped sent to local papers as a reframe of the celebrity tag

Cindy McCain stole drugs from a charitable organization she headed and became addicted???

Obama's VP: The Candidate Drops Some Hints

Okay, what's this deal about McCain choosing Lieberman and promising only one term.

John "straight talk" McCain applied for a marriage license to marry cindy while he was still married

McCain hopes to turn the tide in Great Lakes area

Anyone ever watch Mr. Wuhl on HBO....a lot of legend is being printed now.

Anyone ever watch Mr. Wuhl on HBO....a lot of legend is being printed now.

Put me in the Pro-Hillary VP crowd...

Put me in the Pro-Hillary VP crowd...

McCain's statement as to what he requires of his VP pick

The Case for Hillary

Is it more P.C. now to talk to people about their political leanings, or less?

got back a while ago from seeing the next president of the united states

The CNN special on Obama and McCain 'Revealed'. Who saw it and what did you

Electoral Math: What Hillary Brings.

NYT Magazine: How Obama Reconciles Dueling Views on Economy

Why not the obvious veep choice that sitting right under our noses?

Yesterday's Zogby Poll Put Into Perspective

Yesterday's Zogby Poll Put Into Perspective

I have begun to believe it might actually be Schweitzer.

Post-Saddleback, we need a clearer line on abortion

I believe John McCain when he says he doesn't question Obama's patriotism..

Honey ..........................

McCain: How many houses do I own? I am not sure!

Are bush and Co. trying to piss off Russia to help McCain?

PLEASE Digg this MUST SEE VIDEO that could Destroy McCain


5 1/2 years as a pow: it excuses erratic, immoral behavior, but it means we can trust him.

Rasmussen, 8/21: Obama 45%, McCain 42% (with leaners, Obama 48%, McCain 46%)

My case for Wesley Clark to be Obama's Vice President:

Beware: McCain would continue the war in Iraq

So Many Homes, So Little TIme......

I don't know whether to laugh or cry RE: Cindy Mccains "invisible" sister

Iraq (and 2 other issues) Have Just Blown Up in McCain's Face!

Bill Burton puts out statement for Obama about McCain's many "houses"

Joe Biden. Is he a good pick?

Just a little reminder of how full of shit Zogby's polls are

HRC will be in CA Sunday addressing United Farm Workers convention on a bill she & Obama cosponsored

Prediction: If Obama doesn't name Kaine VP today, it's Hillary

Gov. Kaine cites McCain's "how many houses" gaffe (Video)

Totally off the wall VP suggestions.

If Obama Picks Kaine Or Sebelius, It'd Show That He Wants Them To Be Veep, And I'll Vote For Him

"I think -- I'll have my staff get to you. It's condominiums where -- I'll have them get to you."

Veterans React to McCain's Admission That He'll Need a Military Draft

O can do anything better than J can..

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA, JIM WEBB hold a townhall meeting in Lynchburg, Virginia

Manna from heaven...The Politico asked [McCain] how many homes he in fact owns. He didn't know.

Right Wingers Target & Go After Corsi

Why does Condi and Bush look so unhappy about this Iraq Timetable deal?

If Obama Picks Kaine Or Sebelious, It Would Show Such A Lack In Judgement, I Would Tune Out

Dems Pounce on McCain Admission He Doesn't Know How Many Houses He Owns - WaPo

The Shoe Drops (McCain wants a draft, Iraqis agree on timetable for U.S. withdrawal)

So if 40 is the new 30 shouldn't 40 year olds be eligible for the Draft?

Why Don't I See VP Preference Polls In The Media?

Black Man as President

What Do You Think Obama's Appearance With Kaine Today Means?

Why not have Lincoln Chaffee speak at the Dem convention to conteract Lieberman?

McCain/Lieberman....could there be a less exciting ticket?! nt

CATO asks whether McCain's hot rhetoric is helping Al Qaeda recruit

McCain-controlled GOP committees delay finance reports

McCain: Two Become One - The "Metaphysical Status Of Property"

dont try to figure VP by where the plane goes

***Heads Up: Obama Live Right Now Holds A Town Hall Meeting In Chester, VA***

Halperin: Dream Teammate!!!

Obama and Kaine Hold a Brief Meeting

I don't have Fox "News" on my TV. Do they/will they run Obama ads? Or are

Obama Should Clearly State That He Will Not Restore The Military Draft

Did Obama say his short list=Kaine, Biden, Bayh? It is the MSM's Fabrication

Ok...if we're making predictions...I think it's gonna be Kaine.

Ok...if we're making predictions...I think it's gonna be Kaine.

Cindy McCain lied about meeting Mother Teresa?

No Regard For Truth or Integrity

Where's the house that John McCain forgot he owns?

POLL of 19 Battleground States (14 of which Chimpy won): Obama 46, McCain 45

Oil Rises More Than $6 on U.S.-Russia Tensions, Dollar Weakness; McCain Must Be Driving Up Cost Of

Romney: McCain Doesn’t Speak For McCain When He Suggests Renegotiating The Colorado River Compact»

Romney: McCain Doesn’t Speak For McCain When He Suggests Renegotiating The Colorado River Compact»

Obama needs to make the point that using bellicose inflammatory rhetoric increases the price of oil.

the primaries are time to fall in love

Obama Camp on McCain House Gaffe:"explains why he thinks the fundamentals of our economy are strong"

The Hillary brigade seems to be under the impression

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. One of McCain's Mansions featured on Fox!

Why? Why? Is MSM Pushing Hillary On Barack?.........

Can I haz txt message plz?

With all the McCrazy House Drama today - I'm really looking forward to KO Tonight.

Looks like Michael Steele is the token Uncle Tom at the repub convention..

McCain expands definition of rich and poor to include happy and unhappy

I can only estimate the number of homes I own

I can only estimate the number of homes I own

Looks like Obama is targeting key swing states with attack ads


Please print this and give it to anyone you think may be voting for McCain-if you find it worthy.

Michael J. Fox is a cannibal!

McCain: ‘I don’t have to show I’m different from Bush.’»

A new fun-time game: Let's think of puerile attacks on Rush Limbaugh's appearance!

Did You See the Finances? No Wonder Dropping in the Polls


McCain switches on Abortion again...days after Saddleback forum...

Obama: Do Not Let McCain Land On Pennsylvania Ave (hilarious image)

Titillating headline on question I can't answer.

It is 12 o'clock!!! Do you know where...

It is 12 o'clock!!! Do you know where...

Just Curious, What Do You Think Of Donna Brazille?

It has come to my attention that Snopes is a leftist website biased towards Obama...

Obama Camp Hits on the Right "Emotion". Direct Hit

CounterPunch: "Is Georgia 2008 a Repeat of Hungary 1956?"

The temperament question comes roaring back

Jonathan Alter just said on Ed Schultz that Obama might announce VP today.

Jonathan Alter just said on Ed Schultz that Obama might announce VP today.

New Faux News poll Obama 42 (+1) McCain 39 (-1)

WTF? Obama to showcase his Veep in Indiana


Obama campaign: here's your slam back at Johnny McCondo

Who keeps moving my cheese?????

How do I find the # to my local Obama field office?

The New Republic: Made Man. How Cindy Hensley Invented John McCain

Letter from A Connecticut Constituent Blasting Lieberman

Obama ad on HouseGate out already!

Caroline Kennedy to be President Obama's ambassador to London?

I don't think it's that big of a deal, I'm not sure how many houses I own either...

Too bad Lieberman wasn't with McSame

Let me get this straight...

I'm Going to See Obama in Springfield, IL on Saturday!

So the entire Iraq debacle was just for Smirk's reign

Presidential/Vice Presidential Debate Schedule released

This is it. We have the first item we need to bring McCain down.

If Obama picked Clinton would you support the ticket?

Gwatney's Widow to Take Place at Convention

Road to 270: Oklahoma

How Obama Blew The Election: Loserville

Last week I warned that the draft would be an issue, guess what? How this is handled

Nothing Has Changed, Race Is Still Close (Charlie Cook)

McCain Refuses One-Term Pledge, Says No Need To Differentiate Himself From Bush

McCain claims he learned from Vietnam to only send troops into harm's way as a last resort

Of Course McBush Knows How Many Houses & Parking Lots He Owns!

Is Obama Just Biden His Time Until The Convention?

Wingnuts turning on Corsi over his Obama smear-filled book

It comes down to TRUST...can we afford to TRUST the GOP/McSame Dudes this year

Hillary Clinton will not speak at the convention

Paul Krugman said it the other day: Obama's campaign better shape up

McCondo can suggest putting oil wells near his California beachfront condos

The meme is clueless and incompetent

POLLS JUST IN: let's quit being all panicky for a while

Whose house?

Whose house?

"have you sent the text yet"?

Lieberturd will be as useful a running mate to McCain as he was to Gore.

ack...main board posts are scary! i was hoping someone else heard this too and could corroborate...

Bush and Rice are talking "Timetables"....uh isn't this what Obama and the

Time: Obama Speaks About His VP Choice

To all bitter, deluded HRC supporters: She LOST! GET OVER IT!


Gallup 8/20 Obama 45% McCain 44%-Down 1% for Obama since yesterday

Denver to hunt protesters with maps, bicycles, football helmets

Russia invaded Georgia

Rural Pennsylvania Tests Obama; "Some of you won’t vote for him because he’s black....Get over it."

It's Hillary!

Why McCain became so agressive and negative.

What tha...Is the media determined to help McCain

Obama Paints McCain as Wealthy and Clueless

so where is Obama going between now and Saturday? Chicago?

Obama campaign launches new TV ad, holds events nationwide on McCain's losing track of how many home

New Viral ANTI-MCCAIN add...

How many homes do you have, Senator McCain?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA is in Richmond, Virginia, for a townhall with Governor Tim Kaine

Some POSITIVE news: Obama up in Nevada, leading double digits in Minnesota

Maryland: Obama up comfortably over McCain: 53-41

I can't believe McCain's handlers are letting him near a debate....

McSame to Choose Quitter for VP Running Mate (McSame/Portman)

McCain just lost the Viet Nam Vet vote!!

ARG New Hampshire Poll: Obama (D) 46%(-1), McCain (R) 45%(unchanged)

Do ya'll think that it would be useful to remind people of a certain jagoff named Phil Gramm?

WTF's up with McDouches's proporties? If you get them wet do they multiply like Gremlins?

There is absolutely NO WAY that Hillary Clinton is going to be the VP nominee

DISH Network

Limbaugh talks more shit: suggest Dems, media "can't criticize the little black man child"

Let's pretend McCain is poor

I like the way Obama played McOut-of-Touch's Multi-Homes.

Should Obama Unveil A New Slogan At The Convention?

When are we supposed to get the text message?

ARG Florida Poll: McCain (R) 47%(unchanged), Obama (D) 46%(+1)

You know the house ad touched a nerve

John McCain rolls out new campaign slogan

The narrative arc of this election is being written by the Obama campaign, and we are all characters

The narrative arc of this election is being written by the Obama campaign, and we are all characters

Justice Clarence Thomas must be pissed at Obama

LOL-Josh Marshall- "will not stand by" and let O claim M owns 7 homes when M owns "at least 10".

The Obama "infanticide" smear wouldn't trouble me even if it were true.

Sebellius and Richardson are being talked up right now.

NPR doing story about McCain - were just discussing his first wife

What does the McCain campaign have against arugula?

This is getting stupid

Ever hear corpmedia breathlessly claim that McCain can't win without the Bushes?

Take Action!! Write to Limbaugh's Boss

McWrinkly is actually the elitist

Architectural Digest article on one of McCain's many homes. And a question.

Why Did They Do the "House" Thing but Not the "Draft" Thing?

McCain cheated for several years on his wife, Carol McCain

Pennsylvania Getting Tighter: New Rasmussen Poll

When McCain said he would chase bin Laden to the gates of hell, did he mention Saudi Arabia?

This whole VP selection thing has gotten so Agatha Christie lately.

Anyone heard anything about Al Gore in the running for Veep??

Hilarious comment made by McCain supporter in response to Obama's ad about McCain's houses

Which past Presidential race gaffe is the McCain housing thing closest to?

Wow! After "Forum", Obama Up and McCain Down!

Things I've learned watching the Mccain campaign:


More questions reporters should ask McCain

Questions you'd like to see people McCain ask in a town hall meeting?

The Hill: GOP rolls out hefty list of Denver party ‘crashers’

Harry Reid 'I Can't Stand John McCain'

Um. So. WHEN is he going to announce his VP pick?

No to Sebelius and No to Richardson

lol...I guess the McCain camp really IS focusing on Rezko now. Time for Keating 5.

Shock!! McCain owns more houses than Kerry!!

The brilliant thing that the Obama campaign is doing....

So, Senator McCain, How Many Shopping Centers Did Your Wife Buy

criticism is not hate

They're remaking the Sopranos

Where is Obama NOW?

"There are many houses of my grandfather's candidate."

McPTSD Wants You to be Drafted For His 100 Years Wars!

McPTSD Wants You to be Drafted For His 100 Years Wars!

Limbaugh's Really Pushing the Racism

Check in here...if you do NOT know how many houses you own...

Any HYPOCRITES who don't know how many homes you own should not COMPLAIN!!!

Johnny McCondo and how he got suckered and lied with Keating Five scandal

Vice-Prez CNN poll

McCain's 14,000 sq ft home 4 sale: $12 million (pictures!)

Obama schedule after Springfield on Saturday

Johann Hari: John McCain and his secretive plot to 'kill the UN'

Okay, so, can I get a role call for those of us on DU who think Obama is going to choose Hillary?

McCain: ‘The Fundamentals Of The Economy Are Strong’

Take a Tour of John McCain's Mystery Houses of Mystery

how many houses? my staff will get back to you on that one.

Anybody ever get the feeling that this is some sort of weird test???

This Suspense Is Killing Me Any News Yet?

As you can see ...Obama can get drity if he has to.

"Seven" ad - And no, is has nothing to do with the

Disturbing McCain graphic Of The Day...

The RNC Will Feature All the Colors of the Snowstorm

Which candidate is controlling the debate?

Clinton's role crucial at Democratic convention

McCain's ad: edited to tell the truth...

Campaigns vie over whether McCain is Bush clone

Campaigns vie over whether McCain is Bush clone

Campaigns vie over whether McCain is Bush clone

Campaigns vie over whether McCain is Bush clone

CNN's "No S**T Sherlock" moment: "McCain, Lieberman coziness irks Dems, conservatives"

Did you know that the McCains own a $1 million PARKING LOT?

The 2008 Convention: Women Of The United States Senate To Present Checklist For Change

BIG NEWS: Photo of McLames VP

2008 Democratic Convention Schedule

Interesting article in NYT Mag on Obama and his economic views

According to Drudge McCain is getting ready to fire back hard in coming ad. Prob. Rezko.

Limbaugh calls Obama "a little black man-child"

Limbaugh calls Obama "a little black man-child"

when mccain cries "pow" during the debates: "america doesn't need a president stuck in the past"

As of last night, I owned 10 houses....

The First Question Obama Should Ask of His Veep After Naming

I know John "Keating Motherf%&king 5" McCain did not just bring up Rezko. . .

Here's an idea I had for a response to the Purple Heart Band-aid know what to DU!

POLL: Obama gains in FauxNews poll. Obama 42 (+1), McCantrememberhowmanyhouses 39 (-1)

Minnesota Poll: Obama 48% McCain 38%...but if Pawlenty is added to ticket

Questions to Pound Mcpow With: Draft Reinstatement? and HIS PTSD Treatment?

I keep humming the old Joe Walsh song "Life's Been Good" today

Obama Must Object to DNC Prison

Are We Hung Up on VP for Deeper Psychological Reasons?

Obama drops a VP Hint: Someone "not about ego"

I'm getting on the Hillary for VP bandwagon, too

Obama should start calling McCain "homes"

Even major league tool Cillizza says Obama has been handed a gift with "how many houses" gaffe.

So when Obama takes office, who could he pick for what to really piss off the Republicans?

Can someone

McCain is so out of touch that ________

Obama and McCain are not on the ballot for President in Indiana

Obama and McCain are not on the ballot for President in Indiana

Obama and McCain are not on the ballot for President in Indiana

Obama Heads to Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Montana Before Denver

Eisenhower's granddaughter announces she's leaving the GOP

Will the so-called Hillary Faithful really vote for the lying bastard with ten forgotten homes?

Yes We Kaine?

Harry Reid: "I can't stand McCain"

Research 2000 Poll: Nevada 44% Obama 43% McCain

Research 2000 Poll: Nevada 44% Obama 43% McCain

POW, PTSD and John Mccain.

One has to give it to the Obama campaign: no leaks

Convention Seating Clues? VA to be seated next to IL in the front...

Oh Hell, I'm on the Hillary VP bandwagon too

More than any other tickets, Obama-Kaine or Obama-Sebelius or Obama-Schweitzer would confirm

McCain in 2004 "sick and tired of re-fighting" the Vietnam War

My mom is really upset over McCain using his POW status for political benefit.

McCain "Home" Jokes! Post Here!

Obama needs Hillary for VP to win

Did anyone hear the NPR program on McCain and his 5th from the bottom status?

I'm Getting Sick and Tired of John McCain Using the POW Card

Here's a surprise: Ohio voting machines in error in primaries. should the campaign roll out the text messaging?

How Many Homes do YOU Own?

If Clinton is Obama's VP, they will have been in states with 200+ EVs the week before the convention

McCains Buy Second Beach Condo | McCain Says Struggling Homeowners Need To Skip Vacations

Here it is, all wrapped up nicely: McCain is OUT OF TOUCH.

Help! I can't find the current Dem platform on the Dem web site!

Richard Clarke:"Quick Draw John" wanted Iraq war before Bush

McCain Camp Remixes Anti-Obama Video "The One" - "sparking the flames of the faithful"

The correct answer that McCain should have given was "Zero".

Marc Ambinder confirms McCain is coming with a Rezko ad tonight.

DU a poll on McCain's houses

DU a poll on McCain's houses

DU a poll on McCain's houses

Conservative nonprofit group with past link to McCain to spend $2.8 mil on ad linking Obama & Ayers

McCain's housing gaffe doesn't matter because - are you ready? - he was a POW

ABC NEWS Is Kaine out of the VP race?

OMG. I got tickets for the acceptance speech!!!!

Just got this text message from Obama campaign: "HRC 4 VP. LOL."

Only ONE Democratic Senator said Obama....

Only ONE Democratic Senator said Obama....

Obama camp: New group is McCain front

Obama camp: New group is McCain front

Governors, State Representatives, Former US Senators, State Senators and the list goes on.

McCain's going to accuse Obama of having ties to "unrepentant terrorists."

why are they rolling out the VP on Friday news dump day????

I just heard a radio interview with Cindy McCain's sister Kathleen Portalski.

Joe Biden's son goes to Iraq

"Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran ..." ~ "Life begins at conception."

it's very simple: in order to win, obama absolutely must get......

Richardson has relevant foreign policy experience + Latino vote + limited ego

My friends, how many homeless vets could be housed in McCain's houses?

Obama Camp will be phoning FL and PA residents asking: "Do you know how many homes you own?"

The McCains have SO many houses they forget to pay property taxes for them!

John "Mr. Money Bags" McCain has won the game of Monopoly..

John "Mr. Money Bags" McCain has won the game of Monopoly..

Which is more embarassing

How many homes do you own?

McCain Has More Houses Than, I Have [fill in the blank]

Can anyone explain McCain's property taxes to me?

Didn't the Obamas live in a condo from 1993 to 2005

Obama says he's decided on a running mate

What a difference a day makes!

My gift to all Hillary, um... detractors. (Not a prank. You'll like it.)

Here's a clue, the Ayers ad was already on schedule for release.

Because of the hurt feelings of Clinton supporters......

Received my Convention Watch Party Packet today

Obama inspires black Republicans to switch parties


Has McCain said ANYTHING that is true about Obama yet?????

Has McCain walked back the draft remark yet?

Convention streaming info for the TV-less among us

Re: Is Mccain mentally fit for the presidency?

USA Today: McCain family have at least 11 parcels of residential real estate

Rep. John Lewis backs Obama. But McCain is his new buddy.

Somewhere I read that Obama was going to be in Billings, MT on Wednesday.

So why isn't anyone making a Keating 5 commercial?

QUICK: Give me 5 good reasons not to panic!

How long 'til 'Bomb Bomb Iran' appears in an Obama ad?

If it's not Gore, Hillary or Batman this VP thing is kind of overplayed.

If it's not Gore, Hillary or Batman this VP thing is kind of overplayed.

The Arizona Republic 10/8/89 - “Sen. John McCain had more than a constituent relationship w/Keating

Would you say Biden was "independent?" I don't know what Obama means

McCain's Plan For Vets? A Privatized Health System!

Time for a keating five ad?

LOL @ Faux News

Rasmussen New Mexico Poll: Obama 47%(+1), McCain 41%(unchanged)

anyone STILL think Obama is not gonna smackdown McCone the racist troll?

One thing that has to be impressive to everybody....

I Know Who Obama's VP Pick Really Is

Revised: How many homes does your spouse own?

If McCain is going to try to hit Obama on Ayers, then Obama needs to hit McCain on Keating

McCain keeps up effort to link Obama, antichrist

Why the home debate matters...

Florida Poll: McCain: 47% (unchanged) Obama: 46% (+1)

Biden and age

Take a virtual tour of McCain's $12 mil. Phoenix home/s (it's for sale)

Memphis superdelegate says internet and email campaign is getting "downright nasty".

Obama airs new TV ad in Nevada: "DANGEROUS". (McCain favors Yucca nuke dump)

List of McCain's questionable Friends

Verbal Gaffes From McInsane

The McCains claimed Mother Teresa personally convinced them to adopt their daughter. It was a lie.

The McCains claimed Mother Teresa personally convinced them to adopt their daughter. It was a lie.

Does anyone else think it might be Webb?

The Obama campaign better be working on another ad to hit McCain with TODAY! McCain

Marriage is between One man, One woman and Eight houses.

Marriage is between One man, One woman and Eight houses.

This is the kind of campaign I'm talking about! Yes!

My Favourite Pic Of Obama Today

All the houses are Cindy's? McCain is a kept man. A lap dog.

Yes, I'm worried about Obama's chances. Sue me.

Some hope for Clark as VP?

Wolf said something about some documents regarding Ayers that

There's only one thing McCain is in touch with.

Obama's Spokesman Calls McCain/Ayers Ad "Despicable"

John and Cindy McCain paid $700,000 CASH for a loft...


How Would You Like Wesley Clark As Obama's VP?

Will they break the V.P. for the 6:00 News tonight?

"This is ONE HOME we can not afford for John McCain to move in to!" Barack Obama AD

How To Win - - - - - How To Lose

What I'd like to hear in an Obama speech during the next few days...


Top 10 Dumbest John McCain Quotes

Can we somehow use the "McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns" thing at the convention?

Dude, where's my HOUSE???!!!

BREAKING: Ayers ad is up on Politico

The case against Hillary

Why do so many here attack people/organizations who attack McSame?

Why do so many here attack people/organizations who attack McSame?

I'm not going to look at that Ayers ad. I'm not going to be distracted from McCain's Many Homes.

LOL! John McCain Can't Remember when Labor Day Weekend Is!

(Pics, Video) Homes McCain doesn't remember having worth nearly $14 million

How Many Homeless Vets Could Live in McCain's Houses?

I think being 1st lady might be too much for Cindy

Obama Team Seeks Changes in Primaries

Uh oh, the freepers are getting pouty over housegate LOL!

ABC news blog now saying 8 homes but they're all Cindy's

McCain Is Blowing His Wad - TODAY!

So when McSenile BOMBS Canada, will the GOP blame his POW captivity? What a joke.

i know WHY McCain say's all seven are Cindy's homes...

How many private beaches does McCain own?

McCain's a former POW and Peter Griffen is

Do you know how many Homes you or/and your spouse own?

NM POLL: Obama 47 (+1), McCantrememberhowmanyhomes 41 (no change, typically)

self delete

McCain's Lame Response ad is up.

McCain's Lame Response ad is up.

McCain Camp Responds On Houses Gaffe: He Was A POW!

VA Republicans still BEGGING Obama not to pick Tim Kaine...

The most obscene thing about McCain's houses are the bathrooms.

The McSame pizza test

VA, OH, or IN ?

Please let it be Clark or Biden

Please let it be Clark or Biden


The only bad thing about McTooManyHomesToCount is

Obama will be up speaking again in a few it looks.

Whoever posts the first verified vice-president thread will win a prize from me

The hidden statistic in having so many houses.

Worried?? Concerned?? Enthusiasm Fading???

the reTHUGS are using anthrax attacks against McCone office to distract

Funny: "Holy Shit, It's Joe Lieberman."

What is Barack's position on guns? I just heard some nitwit on

POLL: I'm going to vote for the Democratic nominee.

Some wisdom from the interwebs...

McCain owns more houses than my entire family put together!

I think we need to TOTALLY shift gears around here !

Danger of McCain's 'Seven Houses' Slip - To say Team Obama is "salivating" is an understatement.

Does anyone know exactly who it was who asked McC the house question? Just curious.

Does anyone know exactly who it was who asked McC the house question? Just curious.

How many pairs of shoes do you own that cost over $500?

Is there any chance of the propoganda films that McCainus made having survived?

Am I naive to believe that when all is said and done in November...

I ain't looking at ANY anti-Obama Ad made by Anybody EVER! I will not contribute to them in any way!

Newsweeks/ takes on COLB Cult! (Finally!)

FOUND: McCain - Get out of Gaffe Free Card (for the Media)

Obama Town Hall Meeting in Chesapeake, VA (LIVE STREAM)

Here's McCain's new Rezko ad. It's weak.

The Veepstake-outs Have Been Hard on the Press (Poor Babies)

Obama's vacation on a Private Beach in Hawaii? They Don't EXIST.. Beaches are All Public

Let's put this into prespective: Gore trailed Bush 53-39 just before Dem convention in 2000

Those punk ass motor scooters on the McCain team say Obama attacked Cindy?

is hillary out campaigning for obama? attacking mccain? i never hear about it.

Chris Matthews: "We're all wondering what the king himself is saying..."

The 13 second audio clip that will squash any dream McCain ever had of being POTUS.

What time is Obama's 8/28 acceptance speech?

McGaffe says he is questioning Obama's Judgment, while Obama is questioning McGaffe's judgment

Hey, where's Phrigindumbass? We need a numbers fix !! nt

Mccain campaign hiding behind cindy.

Scratch two from the Obama V.P. short list

OBAMA: "I've been right a lot more than he has for all that time he has spent in Washington."

If it's tonight I hope the VP name is released during Countdown

I don't say much in GD-P anymore

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA at a townhall meeting tonight in Chesapeake, Virginia

what is the average age of the people on this forum ?

Obama Signs

John McMansion

John McMansion

Clark will be at the convention. He's live blogging NOW

Ooh, Hardball right now - founder of "Just Say No Deal"

It's 3am and your Cell Phone is Ringing...

It's 3am and your Cell Phone is Ringing...

~~ Has everyone seen the giant BLUE BEAR that will be watching our convention?? ~~

Link to local news of Obama in Chesapeake, VA

Hey Westerners - does something about this sound fishy to you?

Hey Westerners - does something about this sound fishy to you?

I like McCain's tale of the cross in the sand.

Guys, in case you didn't catch it, McCain made a MAJOR gaffe today...

Guys, in case you didn't catch it, McCain made a MAJOR gaffe today...

A Freeper's FREAKISH McCain Story: "I AM LUKE SKYWALKER!!!"

Uh-oh...McCain response to Obama regarding McCain's housing statement

Freepers Say: McCain IS NO WAR HERO!


Tweety said that McCain's ad trumps Obama's ad..then

Thanks to the person who donated to DU in my name!

The VP shell game. Try looking at the person hiding in plane sight.

McCain offices evacuated after threats - white powder in mail to Denver, NH

McCain's Houses: Lifestyles of the Rich & Out of Touch


What's all this jazz about a white power crisis at a McCain HQ?

Is the sudden outburst of support for Hillary because she will take McCain to the mattresses?

"It got to the point where they used the beach condo so much I couldn't get in. So I bought another"

Getting stopped for no probable cause by Mississippi Highway Patrol

In Obama Revealed special, CNN's Malveaux baselessly suggested Obamas got special deal on house

Ah the polls don't lie

I'm bored with all of the Armchair Campaign Advisors and the Scared Nellies! Just DO it!

why is Hillary still calling Obama "my opponent?"

What are McCain's VP options?

I get the feeling Hillary is winking at her supporters to say in polls they won't vote for Obama

USA Today: Obama Speaks Again About His VP (More Hints)

If they bring a knife, we bring a gun!

I say it's Hilary

Alter thinks it's Biden and it's tonight. <-- Update: NOT tonight

Carville, ever helpful, suggests strategy for Obama...

Why is Hillary's brother meeting with McCain's people?

Newsflash! Much of the pro-Hillary VP sentiment here is from Obama primary supporters

Obama says he's decided on a running mate

would McCorpse consider picking ron paul?

McCain camp responds: Obama's rich too (McCain getting all confused)

WSJ/NBC Poll-48% of Clinton Supporters Will Not Vote For Obama

My Case For EVAN BAYH to be OBAMA's Vice-President

Why isn't Russ Feingold attacking McCain over campaign finance?

Should the candidates comment on this photo?

Kennedy supporters hated LBJ. LBJ supporters had contempt for Kennedy.

Obama's only led in 11 polls in a row...

Marc Ambinder's blog has photos of the DNC and GOP convention podiums

Wake Up, Obama Camp: "Tell it like it is, Obama!"

Nothing sells like anticipation

Obama/Clinton: The Landslide Victory That Democrats Have Dreamed of Since FDR.

"Don't EVER DEMAND someone STOP ATTACKING YOU...Doesn't work!....WEAK!!

Clemons (Washington Note): Time For Obama Team to Call Gen. Wes Clark and Request His Services

NEWSFLASH: The primaries are fucking over!

NEWSFLASH: The primaries are fucking over!

Lovely Graphic From DNC- McCain's Houses: Luxury Real Estate (please feel free to pass it on)

Obama Lives in "a Frickin' Mansion"

NBC Nghtly News lead story: Does John McCain really not know how many homes he owns?

BeachGate! McCain Camp Lies Again: There Are No Private Beaches In Hawaii

James Carville: Obama must get mad to win

The Giving Hillary

anextraordinary two days of RCP Polling Data

Republicans say mccain fucks up because he was a POW

W: "Haves and Have Mores" Arnold: "economic girlie men" Gramm: "Nation of whiners"

W: "Haves and Have Mores" Arnold: "economic girlie men" Gramm: "Nation of whiners"

Audio: Obama Hits Again On Elitist McCain In Chesapeake, VA

McCain just lost Colorado - Part 2

Who Knew Beer Distributorships Paid Off So Well?

I know how many houses I own:

Racist fucking addict pig Limbaugh: Media believes 'you can't criticize the little black man child'

It's terrible that McCain being a POW makes him unable to remember the # of houses he owns.

Remember when the RWers kept slamming Edwards for having ONE $4 million home?

While we're on the subject of houses, let's not forget Phil Gramm

Shoud we have two forums?

Is John McCain OUT OF TOUCH with America?

Obama video: McCain has 7 houses

McIdiot did not forget because he is rich, he FORGOT because he is senile!

FREEPERS ATTACK McCain's Military Record In the Senate

Hahahaha McCain was just told that his story about the break-up of his

No one better tell me McCain has family values

In a few hours you are going to see why I think the media is so dangerous

New Obama ad hitting McCain HARD on his houses gaffe

McCain has changed his position on every conceivable topic

McCain is Basing His Campaign on Lies.

On hearing McCain's "draft" comment, I pulled up this video

Forget McCain being in touch with whats happening in our lives...he isn't in touch with his own.

the "elite" evidence is piling up fast on McCain

Kaine on McCain's House Gaffe: "He Couldn't Count High Enough"

MN POLL: Obama 48, McCurmudgeon 38

John McCain has a HOUSING CRISIS

which media whore will be first to defend McCain's "houses" gaffe?

So McCain supports the draft now???


McCain unsure how many houses he owns

"Everybody's Got Problems" - Help TPM help John McCain figure out how many houses he owns.

Obama needs to ask McCain how many mansions the KEATING money bought

"Do Democrats have a problem with an American owning a lot of property?"

On CNN's McCain Revealed, Feingold says McCain has temperament to be prez, he'd be a good president

What I Learned While Canvassing for Voter Registrations

Dave Chappelle Was Right...


Obama and the Sacred Pow

Wil anyone remember how many houses Teresa Heinz Kerry has?

This one comment will cost..MC Idiot the election..

Am I the only one who thinks McCain's war record should be left alone?

Obama's Strategy: Roping a Dope

I just turned off Countdown. I could not take it anymore....hearing about the Clintons and ....

Shame on you, John McCain!

PHOTO: What is that big bulge in McCain's pocket??

John McCain's story about tricking Vietcong to store stolen gold in his prison camp may not be true.

Saying he's a POW to justify owning 8 homes is "disingenuous at best, outright repulsive at worst"

Saying he's a POW to justify owning 8 homes is "disingenuous at best, outright repulsive at worst"

McCain's 50-dollar-an-hour lettuce picking job offer--get that out NOW!

Forget the Pundits' GUESSES...WHO OBAMA may be pointing to

Reading the Tea-Leaves of the Hair-Dos of the Potential Veeps.

Scratch Kaine and Sebelius

Obama Knows, His VP Vetting Committee Knows, Can It Remain Secret Until Emails Are Sent Out?

On Friday or Saturday, I predict we will see many posts like this:

If McCain picks Romney, this needs to be the Obama Commercial the next day

Here's the Graphic I made for "McCainopoly" - Tired of "gate" this and "gate" that... :)

Limbaugh suggests Dems, media believe "you can't criticize the little black man-child"

Obama Must Object to DNC Prison

Andrea Mitchell says that Biden's family has been arriving at the house all day...


"At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cu*t."

There was a reason why Rush Limbaugh & other RW Hacks Pushed Crossover Hillary Voting in the Primary

There was a reason why Rush Limbaugh & other RW Hacks Pushed Crossover Hillary Voting in the Primary

Michael Moore Dares to Ask: What's So Heroic About Being Shot Down While Bombing Innocent Civilians?

Please don't post spoilers about the text message

Instant message transcript leaked between Sebelius, Biden, Kaine, and Byah:

McCain Revealed starting on CNN

A Question on Union "secret vote " legislation...


Stephanie Tubbs-Jones interview with Stephen Colbert

Stephanie's death makes me feel the same way I did when Wellstone died

pull your own finger...

Has any Congressional Democrat come out and condemned liberman speaking at the repug convention? /nt

How sweet if Captain Combover picks Lieberman

Speaker Pelosi: On the Passing of Chairwoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Dear Mr. Matthews: Once is a flub. Twice is dumb. Three times is you're trying to mislead.

do you think Lieberman will be Mcinsane's VP?

NC-Sen: Neck and Neck


House report rips Bush’s ‘unsubstantiated’ use of signing statements

A good day in the life of a caregiver

I'm on city criminal court jury duty this week. All week. Check out this ..

Please read Rick Reilly's piece on

Looking for video of Bush sr. and Reagan arguing

Michael Vick's monthly pension plan income: $277.69. Michael Vick's monthly expenses: $12,225.

I WANT an elitist for my President....

So if I got pot for someone who is building one of our aircraft carriers am I a terraist?

Beth in Mississippi is upset that "Hallelujah Chorus" excerpt is used in a radio ad


Hillary, you can heal us! Give your votes to Stephanie Tubbs Jones before the roll call vote!

Proof that Perry Logan finds any mention of himself more titillating than a porn site

I am mad .... that is it! time after time these things keep happening


Prime example of why I have no use for Alan Colmes...

Why Liberals Rock.......An affirmation ......

Recreate68 guy on Nova M Radio

Stephanie Tubbs Jones- "real" "passionate" "loyal" and "damn smart" to boot!

NBC Nightly News opener: 'Housing issues; Does John McCain really not know how many houses he has?"

Hip-Hop Republicans! And no, it's not from the Onion, either.

oh,'re about as hot as a Caddy

Wet white bikini, the women's beach vball - starting.

Execution for accomplices?

"McCain: The PHOTO-SHOPPED candidate"

KO has really sunk his teeth into the "McCain agrees to reinstating the military draft" story.

"Its only Rasmussen" "Gallup always leans right" "Its only August" "They oversampled Rs"

Swiftboaters are Attacking Schumer for IndyMac Bank Failure??? WTF???

McCains Pay $270,000.00 per year for butlers/maids=more than median value of ONE American Home

McCains Pay $270,000.00 per year for butlers/maids=more than median value of ONE American Home

Hey, Minutemen!1 Here's some USA-GOLD for us from the son of ILLEGALS!1 Viva CEJUDO!1

Seizing the "Obama Moment": Which Side Are We On? ...(Sirota)

Darn I hope people are watching CNN right now. Obama's biography

This effects everyone’s physical health and the country’s financial health.

McCain calls lobbyists 'birds of prey' (Irony alert)

Lake County Sheriff sentences himself to jail

"War is the American Way to Teach Geography!"

Besides Fred Thompson and McCain himself, what other celebrities ...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

9.5 Courics

Airline Pilot/Gulf War Vet on Terrorist Watch List May Lose Job

For those hankering for a more diverse olympic experience

Richard Holbrooke was just on with Tavis. He answered McCain's "We are all Georgians now" declaratio

What happens to Stephanie Tubbs-Jones' house race?

People can be so dumb and bigotted in Canada, too.........

About those "moneyed elites"...

From the Office of Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Broward County home losses, by city: Sun Sentinel

Resilient Storm Fay Could Hit Florida a Third Time

Talking Dirty — The Politics of Clean Water and Sanitation (NE Jour Med)

Rice tells Russia not to make threats (Is she for Real)

Can someone explain what would happen tomorrow if Leiberman booted tomorrow...

What you think? - National Service Iniative

Holbrooke on Tavis Smiley. Intense. Is anyone watching? nt

In Case You Missed It: Gulf of Mexico "dead zone" to hit record size: NOAA

Howard Dean's statement on the passing of Stephanie Tubb Jones. Picture of them.

Does "USA! USA!" bother you....

"Heres the deal. We'll protect you from abortion."

Burglars break into Coburg police station

A man shouldn't have to fight the weather and the economy at the same time.

Hey...DU'ers who remember! What was your FireFly (Lightening Bug) Count this Summer....???

Someone please close the window, there seems to be a DRAFT in here.

TURKEY: A Linchpin in Pipeline Politics as Caucasus heats up.

Local story that wasn't reported...Why?

Alternet: A Working Guide To That 'Other' Convention In Denver

Neil Cavuto Implies That Sabotage — by Labor Unions — May Have Caused the Spanish Airline Crash

Lieberman Likely to switch party affiliation to Republican at Convention

America is about to be cured of a bad case of

Russia says Georgian troops should go back to Iraq

Olympics...spoiler alert, maybe.

A Few Speculators Dominate Vast Market for Oil Trading

Conyers Releases Letters Initiating Investigation into Alleged Iraq Intelligence Forgeries

What's the deal with these "olympics spoiler" threads?

Notice the sign in the background states "Ridiculously High Standards"

Giuliani, Lieberman Will Speak at GOP Convention

Why McCain hates McCain...

America's fastest-dying cities

Using PTSD as a defense

Will it be Bayh? I hope not. I still want Hiillary on the ticket.

Should 18 year olds be allowed to blow the heads off people to raise oil profits?

It sickens me that America would possibly elect a man who takes pride in bombing villages.

NanceGreggs appreciation thread!

Can't make this shit up

Olympic Spoiler Alert...

The path taken

Germany’s key to green energy

Corporal punishment seen rife in U.S. schools

KO reveals the REAL reason Donahue was canned?

Caught the movie "Bobby" for the first time on DVD yesterday is down. 8:22 central

Credit-card issuers are aggressively targeting the trillion-dollar market in small business spending

Brooklyn's top cash crop takes a hit

FEMA phones hacked; calls made to Mideast, Asia

For YOU, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, thank you.

Votevets: Veterans React to McCain's Admission That He'll Need a Military Draft

Watching The Olympics I Can't Seem To Get These Simultaneous And Conflicting Images Out Of My Mind..

Rice says US-Iraq coming together on timetables

I mean, really... Vietnam is rooting for McCain?

Security breach? (TSA inspector able to get into parked jets at night)

"The mystery of Aafia Siddiqi", Woman Detainee Tortured by US!

Debates announced

Very interesting read on the Russia/Georgia conflict....

Hmm, French President and Government officials attend funerals of soldiers

Camp Wellstone grad? Camp Obama ? DFA training ? SEIU training alumni? Paid staffer? Check in .

*ALERT* Legacy update-something he touched (finally) did NOT turn to crap

FOX "News" Anchor: "John McCain doesn't like to talk about when he was a POW"

TV Show Focuses on Michael Vick Dogs ( I won't be able to watch this)

Sen. Stevens' request to move corruption trial to Alaska is denied

+++ 4,145 +++

Goldman Sachs Says Half of the World Economy Faces Recession

LA TIMES: Stirke possible at LAX

Ted Stevens sets up fund to pay for legal bills

Guess fundies will have to watch Lifetime for wronged wife movies, Hallmark introduces gay wedding

From the Office of Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones

The gold medal female beach volleyball match is incredible

Wingnuts are SO mean!1 Look what THEY are saying about poor Cindy-- "kind of STRANGE"!1

McCain unsure how many houses he owns, and claims some billionares are 'poor'

MarketWatch: U.S. leading indicators fall 0.7% in July

Independent UK: John McCain and his secretive plot to 'kill the UN'

Bush Administration Agrees To "Timetable" For Withdrawal From Iraq-FINALLY

Guillian-Barre Syndrome......I've been hearing this a lot lately.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shares.....for less than a Starbucks latte!

Alternet: Why T. Boone Pickens' 'Clean Energy' Plan Is A Ponzi Scheme

Was there any follow up on the assasination of the Arkansas Democratic Chairman Bill Gwatney ?

Student Dead in Knoxville School Shooting - What's Going on Here?

How popular is Evan Bayh in midwestern states?

Women's soccer vs Brazil (Spoiler, I guess)

ads - get these guys to do obama ads - just saw another one on tv that is great

Banks to Congress: You don't need to pass credit card legislation.....Trust us.

Ladies & Gentlemen I Introduce to You The World's Fastest Man (Video)

Democrats were right about oil speculation.

Tributes to Tubbs Jones roll in

Just days after GOP convention wrap-up, Sen. Craig gets his next day in court

The Rude Pundit Heading to Minneapolis During Republican Convention

Another idiot speaks out on global warming

One of the most incomprehensible right-wing rants I've ever read.

McClatchy: Key U.S. Iraq strategy in danger of collapse

Every Alaskan (man, woman, child) is getting an extra $1,200 to help with energy costs

More Big Imminent News - about Sam Seder & Marc Maron!

Bush plan would blunt California state birth control law

Does your town have a flag?

Alternative Olympics medal tables: by population, GDP or human rights score

meme: mccain houses

Open Letter to the U.S. Antiwar Movement

How I love Tom Toles. (Who drew what in the dirt?)

Few Speculators Dominate Vast Market for Oil Trading

McMansions version of Life's Been Good

Why Does It Seem That Gas Prices Aren't Going Down Like The Price Of Oil?

Oil jumps to $121 over tensions with Russia

New DOJ guidelines would let FBI open probes 'without any basis for suspicion'

MSNBC had its top 12 hypocrites on its homepage Wednesday. Mostly conservatives.

Are you hiding secret messages in LOLCAT photos?

against the law in Can. to grow medicinal herbs in your garden

Escalating Russian tensions yet to hit market: Fannie, Freddie, meet Vladimir

It takes a Nobel Laureate to figure out the economy sucks?

Doesn't Paris Hilton only have $35 million or something?

Fraud Worsens Foreclosure Crisis-Scams to Stave Off Foreclosures Victimize Home Owners Again

Turn and Face the Change -- With Newspaper Industry in Crisis, 'Everything's on the Table'

US accused of war crimes over torture methods (Aust.)

Chuckie T's miserable defense of McShame's agreement with a draft

Israel threatens ALL of Lebanon this time

So, there was a thing about the Prague Spring on NPR this morning

Bush Plan Would Blunt State Birth Control Law

U.S. Leading Indicators Signal Slowdown to Deepen on Job Losses, Housing

olympics - they only seem to do track, swim, beach volleyball, gymnastics, there

' McCain's Plan to Privatise Veterans' Health Care'

Commodities Index Heads for Biggest Weekly Gain in 33 Years on Oil, Dollar

How would Republicans benefit from a McCain win?

Who's going to Denver?

Russia Says Ready To Supply Syria With Defensive Weapons....

I've had it with James Carville and his baggage

Last term, the RNC had purple heart band aids. This year . . .

Oil Jumps $5 on frugality concerns.

Scott McClellan to Obama: 'Please Don't Probe Me'

Bush Vote-Suppression Expert Scores Gig At Civil Rights Office

Bush has no plans to see Oliver Stone biopic 'W.'

"WE SHOULD JUST KILL THEM!" Bush's NSA on what to do with US journalists they don't like!

OBAMA hits McCain with NEW HOUSE ad...

Did Ibuprofen help alzheimer's patient?

Anyone Watch Bill Allison, Senior Fellow Of The Sunlight Foundation On C-Span

With my apologies to

Just got back from the Melissa Etheridge concert..

I guess the right wing has their word for the election: sovereignty

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Louisiana Doesn't Want You If You're Gay

Preparing for winter..

Warning to Denver: Have plenty of pesticide ready

Poor clueless CNN, Heidi cannot figure out why McCain's numbers improved

America in the World: Silenced by Bush

Conservatives Don't Believe In Energy Independence. Just Ask 'Em.

Acts of Creative Destruction: Rebuilding America for the 21st Century

Refugee Program Halted As DNA Tests Show Fraud

David Sirota: GOP Cites America's Richest County As Proof Economy Doing Well

'I Spent Years as a POW with John McCain, and His Finger Should Not Be Near the Red Button'

............ and the most profitable bank in the world is ............

Reid resists calls of stripping Lieberman's status: "Why would I want to throw away a good vote?"

Iran Oil Official To Head To Energy-Hungry China

My boss gets right-wing emails about Obama from her family. I just responded to them. Pray for me

My boss gets right-wing emails about Obama from her family. I just responded to them. Pray for me

days of the theocracy

Take a Tour of John McCain's Mystery Houses of Mystery

McCain, Obama agree on fall debates

The one-sided culture war

Sen. Stevens loses his cool during call-in radio program

Did Crist eat the seed money for Florida's State Stormwater Insurance?

Corsi on Hartmann tomorrow?

So according to McCain's $5million a year test, he and Cindy are rich but Obama is not.

Help needed. Need info on tax plans for both candidates

NIST WTC 7 Investigation Finds Building Fires Caused Collapse (Added link)

Two Women Sentenced to Re-education (through labor) in China: Both in their 70s; applied to protest

Bob Ney on Thom Hartmann!! Another Political Prosecution?

Jerome Corsi's "NonFiction Bestseller" Is Neither

Russia must withdraw from Georgia right now-White House

It's... it's a vision!! I see yes I see it .... in this potato!!! Do you?


AP Exclusive: Crow offers free music to voters

Eight troops dead in Afghanistan in 24 hours: military

Why they hate us

Richard Clarke:"Quick Draw John" wanted Iraq war before Bush

How many variations of women's gymnastics are in the Olympics?

HealthDay - 79 Million Americans Struggle to Pay Medical Bills

McCain: ‘The Fundamentals Of The Economy Are Strong’

Report: Fires Brought Down World Trade Center 7

Introducing the Barack Obama Teddy Bear

Obama inspires black Republicans to switch parties

Report: E-Voting companies being charged with counting votes

Wanna see something scary? Mid-range tropical weather outlook for next week

Help!!Need some INFO - What is with these videos that I get on my Internet

WWJD: Who Would Jesus Deputize? (not the Onion)

What's the deal with this new Microsoft spokesman?

Why didn't Pelosi put Congress on a long vacation when the WAR FUNDING votes were up?

Trouble the Water.....It's Not About a Hurricane, It's About America

Question about the length of time military folks currently spend on the "frontlines"...

Remembering Stephanie

here is a great >>> link>>> Viet Nam Veterans Against McCain

I just read on the internets that Rush Limbaugh is a junkie pedophile so it must be true!

TSA Martinet Claims Her Unpublished Rules Trump Real Ones

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal..."

Parents outraged after cop uses High School students' MySpace pages for Internet safety assembly

McCain's housing gaffe doesn't matter because - are you ready? - he was a POW

Back to School shopping? Not so much......

"Obama strikes some as a pompous elitist"-Uh, when comes the title"McCain strikes some as losing his

New Guidelines Would Give F.B.I. Broader Powers


New name for McCain: "Noun Verb POW"

Greenwald interviews Sen. Grassley: Sen. Leahy will have hearing on anthrax investigation

How much does an ad cost?

LMAO! Romney, Giuliani to protest in Denver. Slogan? "Not Ready '08: A Mile High and an Inch Deep"!

REVENGE OF THE SPAM HATERS - for a laugh today

Gene Upshaw has died..

Denver DNC transportation info, please?

McShame response: But they can only live in 4 of the houses, and he was a POW!!!1

Strange quote from Solzhenitsyn (Capitalist- Communist alliance)

It's raining, it's pouring, shit! the old man has drowned.

Beware: Dangerous Dog Toy (graphic)

150 Clergy Appeal to Obama: Don't Lose Your Ethical Vision, Don't Move to the Political Center

Our town is holding a Lincoln Sesquicentennial celebration with a worship service

The Saudi Arabia abortion laws & the GOP platform re: abortion

Four years ago Exxon was making Recod Profits yet gas was half what it is now.

now THIS is the kind of ad I was talking about!

Unhappy with Conservapedia, right wingers plan to hijack Wikipedia

Oil speculators back in business...

Delete - oops

How many "man of the people" type guys FORGET 14 million in hard personal assets?

The Secretary of Agriculture is up to no good during his last months in office.

As the ship of state is being righted, I am adrift in a lifeboat ..........

just saw CNN chyron: Obama to announce VP anytime....

In loving memory

From Please sign petition against tax breaks for oil companies.

Lou Dobbs-Government can invade every aspect of my life-just keep me safe from drug-running Mexicans

From Please sign petition against tax breaks for oil companies.

Obama just destroyed his campaign with a dirty, easily exposed LIE.

At JFK, Denying basic rights-another day at the office

CNN just said McCain Denver office has received a threatening

Is an adult male vegetarian who has facial hair and lives in the USA necessarily a communist?

Nature: Case Not Closed

Obama's vacation on a Private Beach in Hawaii? They Don't EXIST.. Beaches are All Public

San Francisco Ponders: Could Bike Lanes Cause Pollution?

A lot of crap jammed in a small bumper-sticker ..

Geez, I can't believe I just wasted my time watching "Harold & Kumar Escape Guantanamo"

Can anybody verify this?

It's Baaaaaccckkkkk! (McCane plays the anthrax card)

Where can one send condolences to Stephanie Tubbs Jones' family?

The troops will be withdrawing before the election

The DU tribute to Stephanie Tubbs Jones

The Taint of J. McCain't

LOL! Homeland Security Tap Catches McCain

If we dealt with all addictions the way we deal with oil (Rogers 'TOON)

Who did Limbaugh call a "little black man-child"?

Rachel reporting Condi made an unannounced trip to Baghdad today? nt

Deaths of 3 Black Congresswomen

David Vitter CAN use campaing funds for legal fees after all...

My God. It just hit me, reading the Obama website and noticing his DOB.

Another RW forward and my response

i can't get the pics of obama out of my camera

Time to be creative: X is OK/offensive/cool because John McCain is a POW!


Liberals get shot.

Impeachment Update: Conyers sent letters, did not call members back from recess

Grand jury issues 3 indictments in polygamist case (AP)

Another Olympic Spoiler with a question

Bush Gives us Five Years of Declining Incomes: Worst Record Since WWII-Bush History, 8/21

"The Guy James Show" Live from the Democratic National Convention

**Virtual moment of silence thread for Stephanie Tubbs Jones**

Things that make you go... hmmm

No, Not Evan Bayh, please.

Wall Street Journal: U.S., Iraq Are Said to Have Set Withdrawal Timetable

The McCain household budget for servants is $250 Thousand???

Air Marshals: Innocent People Placed On 'Watch List' To Meet Quota

Rezko sentencing got pushed back until one week before the election.

For discussion..plese answer honestly...,"How many houses do you own?"

Here's the Graphic I made for "McCainopoly" - Tired of "gate" this and "gate" that... :)

Hillary Clinton Statement On Stephanie Tubbs Jones" In Loving Memory"

Denver Police receive 50 unmarked vans for the DNC

Why is the DNC dissing Al Franken?

McCain Office Is Sent White Powder, Threat

The Point of No Return?.......Thoughts on Corporations and the Commons

That darn Obama

"The Looming Nuclear Nightmare in the Backwoods of North Carolina!" (if you are within 500 miles..)

wtf is wrong with this nation? why does it hate its own?

Presidential Election Already Decided ... in Voters' Minds

Petraeus draws criticism for saying Christian book ‘should be in every rucksack.’»

Bushco sets up a system to mine data to capture every bit of

Tropical Storm Fay is still stationary

Unemployment benefits accessed via debit card?

Texas man guilty in swinger sex case

FSM found, and she is not friendly to stars.

GM to spend $500 million to launch Cruze in U.S.

Hillary as VP? [POLL]

I'm feeling pessimistic about this election - change my mind

How much military experience does the current admin have

Don't "forget the importance of prayer-based care"

Visitors to Colorado for the Convention---- A Heart And Soul Fight for Denver

Does not the Senate have some say in the treaties and aggression and

Feds are now saying "Whoops, we were wrong, speculation is the major reason oil prices increased"

I've made a choice, I'm leaving the DU (for several months)

TYT: Matt Stoller of OpenLeft W Cenk, Pulls No Punches & Breaks Down Obama's Campaign

LOL! TOON on Bolt's 200m record

Senator Robert Byrd: "My Letter to the Next President"

Jacques Rogge and Usain Bolt - vote

Limbaugh: Obama "a little black man-child"

The ONLY thing you are “free” to do is TRY to become one of them. I’m not fighting & dying for that

Hey Coasties keep an eye on Fay

Bush and McCain's Reckless Adventurism

Kucinich in 'NYT' this coming Sunday on impeachment

My 151st ltte printed today..please rate it at the site and comment there

New Guidelines Would Give F.B.I. Broader Powers-AGAINST US FOR NO REASON

Shawn Johnson's Peace Sign Earrings

Tough times at DU?

Rush: Abrams replaced by a person with more testosterone

Ok. That's it. I'm calling it. It's gonna be an epic blowout.

Olympic Spoiler Alert...

Olympic Spoiler Alert...

Dismantle the UN????????????

Community suffers another shooting (in a school) weeks after church shootings.

Let's give our newer members the key to DU DOMED= doomed, etc.

I just watched Obama's "McCain has 7 houses ad"

Some Thoughts on the Nature of Debate

NOOOOOOOOO They euthanized the baby humpback

Principal outs lesbian, orders to stay away from kids. Superintendent: "We are in the Bible Belt"

Principal outs lesbian, orders to stay away from kids. Superintendent: "We are in the Bible Belt"

The news that Admiral McCombover has received a letter ...

The news that Admiral McCombover has received a letter ...

GM releases official pics of 2011 Chevy Cruze

Journalists and bloggers under assault (Maher Osseiran, Lauria, Sibel case)

At JFK Airport, Denying Basic Rights Is Just Another Day at the Office

International Olympic Committee launches probe into He Kexin's age

Pets or Prisoners? (From American Humane Association email)

President of Griffin, Georgia Rotary Club booked in Columbus on child sex charge ..

This Shocked Me. I Had No Idea This Was Legal...."Corporal Punsihment" In Schools? WTF???

Thom Hartmann just said: "Capitalism has reached the cancer stage."

With FISA approval, has anyone noticed Executive Order 12333?

Sufficient Grounds For IMMEDIATE Impeachment: Iraq Oil Was Stolen & Cheney Planned Theft In Advance

Pop history quiz (no reference materials allowed)...

'nother nasty letter to NPR

Watch Michael Moore On Meet The Bloggers Friday August 22nd At 1pm EST (Or Watch Free On Demand)!

for those who remember my post about Jennifer, my student whose mother





I will NEVER forgive the democratic wussies in the House for

Don't you hate the feeling that you just completely boned a job interview?


My new dog barked at a statue of the Virgin Mary - someone's lawn ornament.

Meltdown on Hannity forums

A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into a bear...

C1 canoeing-my back hurt *WATCHING* this this morning


What is your favorite Hollywood movie couple?

A Rabbi walks into a bar.

Has Usain Bolt been on TV yet tonight?

The Bush's in China

Why must really awesome events conflict with family gatherings?

gymnastics gala is on now

Has the day shift left yet?

It has officially been ONE YEAR since the last time I got laid.

Early videos of John Keats reading some of his immortal odes

So if I got pot for someone who is building one of our aircraft carriers am I a terraist?

Help, I'm a rock.

Geeky wiring question

Hidden Camera Shows

hey - anyone seen ThomCat lately???

Do you want some milk?

I have now

Subterranian Homesick Alien

Is it sketchy to massage random people on facebook?

Please make this go viral

Headphone/earbud problems

College Republican Video

Where she held me in her arms one time and said, "Forget me not".

John McCain walks into a bar.

Wet white bikini, the women's beach vball - starting.

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me...

Is it sketchy to message random people on facebook?

Chicks in bikinis alert

Woo hoo!

Has anyone seen the 'Stand Up To Cancer" promo with Sydney Poitier?

Flute beat - boxing

Sun Sentinel: Worst Album Covers

would you take a last minute job?

Oh. My. God. The Ultra-Right are trying their hand at big-screen comedy.

Okay kids need vibes

What's in the basket?

Post Your Favorite Flash Movie Here


Does Wearing Fishnet Stockings Make You A Whore?

One of my fellow doc students was text messaging while someone was speaking in class.


Dislexics of America ........UNTIE!

Bon Appetit's Smoked Turkey, Blue Cheese, and Red Onion Sandwich

viewing latest election returns


Screwing at work. Good Idea?

Breaking news McCain has chosen his running mate:

cat and horse

i *hic* have the *hic* hiccups *hic*

Today's Olympic moment

One of the best final scenes ever filmed:


I need an inexspensive digital binocular, suggestions.

Maybe this will work better in the Lounge.

Question For Math Whizzes On New 200M World Record

Charles Laughton trying to do southern accent. ROFL

I am on for the next few minutes,

Thanks to jeff30997 we now finally know the definition of a brazilian...


Re: Tropical Storm Fay coverage

Ok, need a really smart person to answer this question

June Cleaver, Patron Saint of Sexy TV Women??

Meet terrorist James Robinson, 3rd Grader

Tail between legs, walking away slowly, head down!

You !


Link to a youtube video (song) that is euphemism for (well, you know...)

"In line" or "on line?"

Fay & Florida. .

Great Moments in Moderating History

Hilarious video of dog humping kid playing Wii

TURTLEANDSUE!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!11111111111111111

Photo of my cat, taken 5 minutes ago. Yawning, rabid, or both?

We DO all look alike! (Hilarious--must watch).

I think the lounge saved my mind or at least what's left of my sanity

Can I haz txt message plz?

It's time to impeach Parche as President of DU for not responding

Gene Upshaw, NFL Hall of Famer, is dead at 63.



Terminal Cuteness Alert!!! Dial up Warning!!

If you could compare your life to a movie, which one would it be?

Misty May and Keri Walsh *woot*

A comment about Curious George (the monkey, not the President)

"I was sittin' in a crummy movie with my hands on my chin

May I please have a hug?

My GD:P post was just rendered and disappeared. Ask me anything!

Beer @ 5AM?


Is this a smart idea?

We're about to be in big trouble

I just bought a car off eBay, ask me anything! n/t

"OMG! Mr. President, like, thank you for the inspiration!"

Uh-oh. I made a foray into GD:Pffth and started a thread.

ok what the hell? ....strange cat behavior

What should I do in Cancun?

And WHAT is WITH that BLUE SCREEN of DEATH? (Seinfeld gets $10 million to pimp Microsoft)

Man, anyone see the Canadian tip his canoe at the finish line?


What will be the next lame television series into movie from Hollywood?

My wife has a question about zombies

Do you have your insulin ready?

Has anyone tried the Auction for Income thing?

I get to babysit a cat all next week!

Tell us lies, tell us sweet, little lies...

Maurice White (Earth, Wind & Fire) files lawsuit against his homeowners association over termites

Just found out that an old friend passed away yesterday.

California Peggy Kitchen...



Barack Obama just took a splinter out of my hand

Today's pet peeve: People too cheap to buy their own damn books

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thursday August 21

Bush and Co real failures in Iraq are more than obvious

I have grown a goatee, and I can't stand it...

Live Action Comic Book/Cartoon Character Movies Gone Wrong

Today's pet peeve - people who write in books

Things I've been wondering about the Olympics

What the hell's MY nickname?

I have grown a goatse, and I can't stand it...

Manchester: We're Veggie-Friendly!

How to handle a Nigerian scam...

I have grown a goatse and I can't stand it

I just got an email requesting that I remove my liberal ass from the planet

What has got to be the most difficult language to learn?


Well that is what I get for googling goatse!!!

I need to say something about CaliforniaPeggy.

My pics from Vegas .....

Have an email etiquette question...

How should Connonym remove her liberal ass from this planet?

And now, a safe sex demonstration:

Michael Phelps Returns To His Tank At Sea World

I never get text messages, so imagine my excitement when one arrived a few minutes ago.

I can't breathe

Bennie must be from Heaven, because he damn sure ain't from me

Click Here to join Parche and DuStrange's "Mile-High Club"!!

Anyone ever have multiple wierd dreams in a night?

My Coworkers are trying to pop popcorn with their cell phones

I'm really NOT calling out huskerlaw or anything

CNA question (nursing)


Death Cupcake wants to date your daughter

I love it when I'm in before the lock

This starts off my Spidey Sense

GOP has new qualification to be president

Who here has played Metal Gear Solid 4? (mild spoiler)

Is it possible to make cheese with a douchebag?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 8/21/2008)

Your pets are watching you

Seriesly! Parche is the pilot for the Denver Broncos.


Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale

OK, DU How Many Homes do you own?

Joke Thread

DS1 is a douchebag.

I Know Who Obama's VP Pick Really Is

Can you break out the small violin for me please?

HA HA! Take THAT, Coffee guy

Jackson Browne will be on the Colbert Report - Whoo Hoo!

Never read pizza threads while hungry

something REALLY different musicwise from me

Obama Names Musician Rick Astley as Running Mate

Bob Barr's national headquarters are in my hood - ask me anything!!

Click Here to Join Our Denver Broncos MHC

I had a VERY weird nightmare last night... polling days are done.

Do I have a dirty mind or

Obama's VP pick revealed!!!

A corollary pet peeve: people who fold back the spines of books

So here we sit in TX

Whats For Dinner I Am Having KFC

Project Runway: Who Will Be Kicked Off Next?

I'm ranting angrily about this to anyone who'll listen...why shouldn't that include you?

What "Cardiac On A Stick" are you looking forward to eating at your local fair?

Britney's Real Singing Voice

the baby whale is going to be euthanized

The trof semi-fortnightly pome thread:

Is Time Really On My Side?

Why does everyone here seem to think I'm a year and a half younger than I actually am?


Dogster and Catster... I had no idea

Clown Meat

I'm going over to DS1's tonight to make cheese.

"Men are Better than Women" - at first I thought this site was a joke

Should poor people launch a class action lawsuit against PETA?

Me and Mrs. Aristus just got back from seeing "The Dark Knight".

Where has Robb been?

Regarding Gender and the ever delightful put-downs...

Amy Winehouse's Newest Record!


Complete this nursery rhyme " ... he had so many houses, he didn't know what to do"

Most convincing portrayals in the movies


Bush+Zappa=Hilarious Video!

I'm a Cougar, not a Puma -- get it straight

I'm not going to be fired. I'm going to be made a floater. (link to original thread)

Who Should Be President Of DU

Vista says I have no network connection

Anybody know what DuStrange and Parche do for a living?

Anybody got any xanax?

You Can't Win: Movie Quote edition.

I dedicate my 988th post to Bob Dobbs!!!!

Convention parties Wed. or Thurs in Denver?

Cat medical question.

'Flyover' states

Crap! I think my mom know's I'm dating my boyfriend.

ha ha, look at how each candidate holds a football

Best Nickname for Anneliese

If cruises last more than four hours, immediately contact the Coast Guard

Parche, pal, old buddy...

Need good vibes for my father-in-law...

In recognition of my 700th post, I now present a tribute to Pat Robertson

McCain Still Receives Big $$$s from Keating S&L Figure Linked to BCCI and Organized Crime

You'll never guess who Obama's VP pick is in a brazilian years

Robb senses an opportunity:

Things that you should never ever do in life:

I've decided on a scooter. Pics!!

Pedigree Dogs Exposed, a disturbing new BBC documentary

California Pizza Kitchen...

Cindy McCain's Half Sister

Hacker exposes alleged Olympics age fraud

Justices: Wiring (informants) without warrant violates rights

Report Rejects Medicare Boast of Paring Fraud

Al-Qaida in Iraq Says It Killed US-Allied Sunni

Rice in surprise visit to Baghdad

Car bomb wounds 11 people in western Turkey

Unanswered questions behind the anthrax case

Iraq deal calls for June pullout from cities

Colombia military atrocities alleged (Bush's South American ally)

FBI says it easily replicated anthrax used in attacks

McCain hopes to turn the tide in Great Lakes area

Donations bundled far from Florida

Two Women Sentenced to Re-education (through labor) in China: Both in their 70s; applied to protest

More than 50 killed in Darfur tribal clashes

Afghan civilians said killed in U.S.-led air raid

Iraqi refugees in Egypt spurn government call to return home (only 240 out of 100k return)

Music industry can't force Web removal of song excerpts, judge rules

Vanderburgh Co. (Evansville, Ind.) keeps abortion restrictions

U.S. says likely to help Georgia rebuild military

3 soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Sharif threatens to quit Pakistan coalition: report

Taliban claim Pakistan suicide blasts that kill 46

Death toll in South Ossetia a tenth of inititial Russian claims

Judge's ruling protects anti-war shirt

When Daley says shhh, library is quiet on Obama

Hillary Campaigns For Obama In South Florida

Student shot at Tennessee high school dies

FEC frees McCain from spending limit for primaries

Charges against protesters dropped

TSA Fires Back: Blames Airline for 'Security Violation'

Rice says US-Iraq coming together on timetables

Ask John McCain: Kevin Geary

9/29/2007 McCain: I 'Might Consider' Military Draft

NATO ships enter Black Sea for exercises

McCain Supports The "DRAFT" 8-20-08 (Countdown)


Petraeus (Christian) Book 'Endorsement' Draws Fire

Can anybody verify this?

Countdown: Worst Person August 20, 2008

No razor wire at DNC jail

Medicare gap leads to elderly skipping drugs

Insane! Repub compares Pelosi to Marie Antoinette

Pope of the Super Christies (Part 1 of 3) Bill Maher on Larry King

McCain, Obama agree on fall debates

Russia armor seen pulling back from Georgia

Obama says he's decided on a running mate

New Tough Obama Ad: "Backyard" (Yucca Mountain)

Homeland Security Phones Hacked

Barack's House

Countdown: McCain Endorses Draft, Brushes Off Wounded Soldier Mom's Point

Countdown: Backdraft

Russia Says Ready To Supply Syria With Defensive Weapons

Countdown: Worst Persons 8/20 - Limbaugh Jealous of Rachel Maddow (& Bigoted)

Religulous - Exclusive Clip #1

Countdown: Bushed! August 20, 2008

Appeals court sends wiretap case back to lower court

Iraq Troop Surge Debate : Stephanie Tubbs Jones - Anti Surge

Obama Lives in "a Frickin' Mansion"

New rules proposed to protect anti-abortion doctors

In Warsaw, Lieberman Calls for Russia's Ouster from 'Group of 8'

AP: 225 Days of White House Emails Missing (CREW: WH "Continues to Drag Its Feet")

Obama in Lynchburg, VA on taking the high road.

Deaf dancers remarkable hand movements

Barack Obama: Martinsville, VA

John McCain Admits Lying for Political Ambition

Feds seek 9-year term for ex-KGO host Bernie Ward in child-porn case

New Tough Obama Ad: "Better Off" (Hits McCain on Economy)

Pope of the Super Christies (Part 2 of 3)Bill Maher on Larry King

Russia must withdraw from Georgia 'now'-W. House

Victory for Clean Air Act

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 21

McCain In His Own Words: McCain Places Ambition First, Country Last.

Judgment? McCain Said He'd Have Chosen Cheney, Rumsfeld

Pope of the Super Christies (Part 3 of 3)Bill Maher on Larry King

Anti-McCain Ad: What is it worth?

Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Grunting Pig


Obama camp links McCain to Abramoff scandal; Second negative ad in 24 hours

British security services colluded in unlawful detention of terror suspect, court rules

Giuliani and Romney to crash Democrats' Denver party

Obama NV Ad: Dangerous

John McCain: "In the 21st Century, Nations Don't Invade Other Nations"

Inside Edition shows McCain's former swanky estate

McCain Closes Gap on Obama In Poll as Conventions Loom

Barack Encourages NC to Get Involved

Kazakhstan considers to divert oil export route from BTC to Russia

Obama casts McCain as rich, out of touch

NFL Players Union Head Dies

Mike Malloy - The Nazification Of America

1984 Primary News/Reagan defends against 'greed & sleaziness' charge

IOC orders investigation into He Kexin's age

Group to spend $2.8 million on anti-Obama ad

Obama Hits McCain on Number of Houses Quote

NBC News: Salvadoran Rebel interviewed (1984; rare case of Rebel on MSM TV)

Libby questioned on forged letter linking Saddam to 9/11

McCain-controlled GOP committees delay finance reports

Richard Viguerie on Good Morning America (1984)

Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot

In the spirit of the Olympics!

Happy Birthday, Mr. McCain

TPMtv: Tuff Talk . . on Russia/Georgia. It's clear we have no power to do anything about it

Key U.S. Iraq Strategy in Danger of Collapse

TYT: Should Drinking be Banned at College?

Rezko gets sentencing delayed till October

Did John McCain endorse the draft? (olberman)

Mike Malloy - The Weirdest Caller

To The Victims in South Ossetia

Obama Campaign Ad: Three Times

Audio: McCain Can't Recall Number of Homes He Owns

9 key rings - in revenge for purple bandaids

Scientists urge U.S. to protect economy from climate

The Decemberists to Release 'Amorous' Tribute to Valerie Plame

Tbilisi admits miscalculating Russian reaction

TYT: Obama Should Not Be Praising His Opponent

John McCain's Response Ad

Gori Not in Ruins. Media is Lying Again.

A few speculators dominate vast oil market

Red State Update Meets Westboro Baptist Church

Red State Update Meets Westboro Baptist Church

Biden is Democratic favorite for Obama's No. 2

Stay the Course: Vote John McCain


The Most Hated Family in America PT 1.


McCain cheated for several years on his wife, Carol McCain

41 seconds of Rick Warren and his sort-of beard

Ohio Voting Machines Contained Programming Error That Dropped Votes

Anarchist Denver

Help John McCain Count His Houses!

McCain office in Denver receives envelope with white powder and death threat.

TYT: Obama Must Stop Being So Soft - He Must Attack McCain

This is an Orange

McCain unsure how many houses he owns

Mike Malloy - Vincent Bugliosi Interview Part 1 of 5

Now on the Hallmark aisle: Gay marriage cards

Obama video: McCain has 7 houses

CNN Talks With John McCain About His Keating Five Scandal

Third ship hijacked in a day off Somalia

A Trained Eye Finally Solved the Anthrax Puzzle

New Paraguay leader sacks military chiefs

Angry McCain: The Lifelong Hot Temper of John McCain

A story relating to Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Why Tom Ridge Has the Inside Track for McCain's VP

Guardian UK: Feminists who defended Hillary with vigour must do the same for Michelle Obama

Medicaid bears brunt of states' budget crunch (CS Monitor)

McCain is Boring

NSA Security Officer: We Should Just Kill These People

Maureen Dowd: fiction writer?

TURKEY: A Linchpin in Pipeline Politics as Caucasus heats up.

The path chosen

"What Did We Expect?" (re: Georgia and Russia) - today's New York Times.

Dreams of Obama by Tom Hayden in the North Coast Journal....

Forget Abortion, GOP Base Opposes Lieberman as VP, for Supporting Circumcision

Gene Lyons on what Obama must do to win

The Generation Trap: Today's social-justice activists start with different conditions than the 1960s

Medical Tourism Is Great -- for Those Who Can Afford It

Episode 1: T Boone Explains Wind

Episode 2: T Boone Makes a Pitch

Episode 3: T Boone Explains the Bidness

Episode 4: T Boone Coaches the Candidate

Episode 5: T Boone Testifies

Episode 6: T Boone Plots Campaign Strategy

Episode 7: T Boone's Senate Pals

Episode 8: T Boone Listens to a Pitch

The Hands That Feed Them

Richard Clarke: "Quick Draw" John McCain Wanted War Before Bush Did

Episode 9: T Boone Evaluates Campaign Ads

Episode 10: Scenes From the Campaign Trail

Episode 11: T Boone Gets a Midnight Visit

Episode 12: T Boone Learns About War as a Campaign Strategy

Too Old and Frail to Re-educate? Not in China

Episode 13: T Boone Confronts a Disturbing Reality

Episode 14: The McCain Campaign has an IDEA!

Episode 15: The McCain Campaign Has Big Plans for T Boone

Episode 16: T Boone Woos the Voters of California

Russia, Georgia And South Ossetia: Notes On A War

Episode 17: Our Media Brings Us the Truth

Episode 18: T Boone Explains the Ecology of Cash

Georgia-Russia Conflict: US Expansion Not Russian Aggression

US falters on NATO's failure

Georgian military debacle may spark demise of Nato

Prepare for a Kennedy at the Court of St. James

U.S. Steel workers getting $4,464 each as profit share

US, Iraq have draft to pull US troops out

"I Spent Years as a POW with John McCain, and His Finger Should Not Be ..."

Russia-Georgia conflict: Why both sides have valid points (Fred Weir overview, CS Monitor)

Johann Hari: John McCain and his secretive plot to 'kill the UN'

Unanswered questions behind the anthrax case

Library cards: Does Big Brother know what you're reading?

"Seizing the "Obama Moment": Which Side Are We On?".....{Sirota..a Good Read}!

The Happy Happy Joy Club

Friction With Russia May Spell Trouble for U.S.

Alabama (state) workers to pay for extra pounds

This year so far coolest for at least 5 years: WMO

"Nonconsensual experiments are unconstitutional but recent changes in the law allow just that"

McCain: Senile? - PF 029

Police, E-7 tried to help GI in murder-suicide

Investigation: Sgt. died of natural causes

Ex-soldier sues over terror watch list claim

Judge OKs photos of bodies at Martinez trial

Liaison in Sill mold issue forced to resign

Lawmaker writes to restore bonus for soldier

Army letters vow longer help for survivors

Web site to educate employers about hiring vets

Army divers clean up tire reef in Puget Sound

Boise Medal of Honor recipient passes away

Bill would ensure sole survivors get benefits

176 Pa. MPs get sendoff

Leavenworth breaks ground on new chapel

Second naval visit to Russia canceled

City petitions to know cause of nuke sub leak

Lance corporal dies in Bahrain

Offshore runway at Iwakuni delayed 2 years

Thousands tapped for staff sergeant

Slain Marine just wanted to stay alive

Final guidelines for tanker coming next week

U.S. base in Ecuador gets last CO before close

In-demand Predators hit 400,000 mission hours

Seeking stability in Diyala

Using PTSD as a defense

Training reinforces USFJ anti-violence message

Report: U.S. ships could enter Black Sea

Missiles Strike Inside Pakistan

Friendly Fire May Have Killed French

F-15 Hits Mach 2 on Synthetic Fuel

Vets' Reaction to Bush Speech Mixed

Britain's Spy Service Seeks to Hire Gays

Recruiter Accused of Sex with Minor

Vets Face Lengthy Battles Over Benefits

Petraeus Book 'Endorsement' Draws Fire

Report: Retired 3-star drank at emergency ops job

My 151st ltte printed today..please rate it at the site and comment there

Navy SEALs Help Jack Bauer in '24'

John McCain: Hacktastic on Energy

Independent UK: Don't believe the GM apologists

ESA funds technology for Earth and Moon base SBSP (Space-Based Solar Power)

Peak Oil Notes - August 21

Northwest Airlines Asks Clear Channel to Pull Anti-Nuclear Weapons Ad in Minneapolis Airport

Bridgestone Firestone to raise prices

Lake Tuz - Once Turkey's 2nd-Largest After Van - Down 85% In 90 Years Thanks To Irrigation, Climate

Cartographer's Photographs From 1950s and 60s Help Track Himalayan Climate Change, Glacial Loss

150 Nation To Meet In Accra, Ghana For ClimateTalks Blahblah BDCs Reluctant BlahBlah

Xcel takes unusual step to shut down coal power plants

All the Oil We Need

Making Solar Cells in a Pizza Oven

Peru's army on standby as jungle unrest grows

Fay making its third landfall in Florida

Satellite Images Show Continued Breakup Of Two Of Greenland’s Largest Glaciers

Turning to bikes for gas relief brings rise in accidents

Disgruntled Employees At Oil Tank Farm Dump 45,000+ Gallons Into Forest, Streams -

Saab 9-4X Crossover Runs on Alcohol and Gas

If we shifted everything from Petrol to Natural Gas overnight, would this slow warming?

I attended some biofuels talks at the ACS meeting in Philadelphia this week.

Tropical Storm Fay forces global warming deniers to cancel Florida meetings

AlterNet: Why T. Boone Pickens' 'Clean Energy' Plan Is a Ponzi Scheme

NYMEX Oil Complex Soars as Supply Rhetoric Forces Shorts from Market

A few large finacial firms have been manipulating the price of commodities

New Audi engine, combines high performance with low (gas) consumption

So tonight I was chillin' in the back yard drinkin' beer and rhapsodizin' on biodiversity

Principal’s outing of gay student roils Fla. town

2 teenagers held in killing

Hallmark introduces gay wedding cards

Find out if your friends or neighbors are funding yes or no on Prop 8 (CA)

Some questions for transgendered DUers.

Is anyone else annoyed by stuff like this

Pieces of coexistence

Pushing right-wing American politics -- in Israel

Hamas leader: We'll retrieve Jerusalem only by way of jihad

A one-state solution in Palestine is patently unrealistic

Can You Have Inflation and Deflation At The Same Time?

I hate banks!

Former FDIC chief "Privatize Fannie and Freddie" There it is!

Cause of low savings rate? no income growth

Why Democrats are better economists than Republicans

Labor, Film Co. Paint McCain as the ‘Real Elitist’

Today in labor history August 21 Nat Turner launched a slave revolt in Southhampton County, Virginia

Chibebe: Zimbabwe’s Union Movement Remains Strong

Superior to cut U.S. workforce by 29%

Unease over Guatemalan gold rush

Mexico outraged over corrupt police, kidnappings

Peruvian tribes end land protests

Paraguay's new president replaces military command

Colombia military atrocities alleged

Scars and snipes for American flops

Breaking news at Gene Upshaw (NFLPA) dead at 63

Paul Newman takes his last laps at Lime Rock

Thumbs up or down for NBC and it's coverage of the Olympics.

(Michael) Phelps sun/mars in water sign, etc

I had a weird dream last night about Obama and voting issues

Retrograde planets in your birth chart

Can anyone recommend Kabbalah reading?

"Experiencing the Lull and the Big Purge to Freedom" - Karen Bishop - August 21, 2008

I'm feeling a little unnerved with the quiet that is going on.

Got some weird aspects in my chart.

Vioxx deal payments to begin Aug. 28

Are you familiar with the theory that earlobe creases are a marker for CV disease?

Did Ibuprofen help alzheimer's patient?

Medscape "Caution Urged Over Large-Scale HPV Vaccination Programs"

Study: "Sexual Matters Don’t Sway Mothers on HPV Vaccine"

Health of the Nation — Coverage for All Americans

Update on the measles outbreak:

Researchers Question Wide Use of HPV Vaccines (new NEJM articles)

Wall Street Journal: Merck/Schering "Coverage of Vytorin Cancer Data Fades Quickly"

Are the HPV strains Gardasil protects against antagonistic to other high risk HPV strains?

Some clarifications on support of Gardasil

Measles Cases Highest Since 1996


Photos You Wish You Took

The Happy Boaters

In the mist . . . .

Colorado Stream Crossing...

"Sensible" gun laws defined--by the Brady Campaign itself

U.S Presidential Candidates Release Space Policies

New, "Chubbier" River Dolphin Species Found in Bolivia

Sloshing Inside Earth Changes Protective Magnetic Field

Aboriginal children 'can count without numbers'

Scientists Say We Can See Sound

Hubble has found the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

A scientific chuckle for a doomed world.

I'm not a vegetarian but I love this website:

"You have a heavenly father who loves you." I find that statement as

Which Protestant denominations of Christianity give attention and respect

Where's the humility in having confidence based on faith?

What is a militant atheist?

Delete - never mind. JIOOU answered my thread out there.

Its Wednesday night, 10:45 pm EDT. AT THIS TIME, who do you think it will be?

a little video summary of Biden's ability to attack McCain

A Blunt Inquisitor

Biden's House Draws a Crowd

I sent the OBama campaign a little email yest. re: VP choice

Heavy Betting on Biden for Veep -- By Political 'Investors'

hmm, Biden left the house in a suit this morning

I MADE myself stay in bed this morning, hoping the announcement

Interesting Wes Clark Live Blog at the Washington Times.

MSNBC update - A More Buttoned-Up Biden

Maybe a nice leisurely drive would serve to calm us all down.

Biden campaign gets closer to resolving debt

Alter - Newseek - Biden - on edit - removed note about tonight

This is going to happen

Does Biden know UPDATE kind of --

WTC 7 Solved: It Was Ivins!

The Mighty Oz Has Spoken!

More fuel on the fire, it's Joe....

Report: Fires Brought Down World Trade Center 7

Federal report refutes 9/11 conspiracy theory

NIST WTC 7 Investigation Finds Building Fires Caused Collapse (Added link)

Tarrant County: Camp Obama this weekend

Gen. Wes Clark is featured speaker at JRR Dinner, Houston, 10/4/08

Scratch two from the Obama V.P. short list

Printer Problem

What the heck is Reg Cure?

System Restore

KCMO Teachers Still Without Contract As First Day Approaches

Teacher's paycheck wrong 7 times

Feds Say Fire Took Down Bldg 7 On 9/11

College teachers - do any of you know if your colleges need adjuncts? Online teachers?

McCain's Mansions

Has any individual from Minnesota ever won an Olympic gold medal?

Is Norm Coleman Backing Down From His Condemnation of Rep. Mark Olson?

Carpenters union endorses Coleman

Seizing political advantage from a tragedy

Canada eases telephone rate rules

I'm going to be in Toronto during the convention. Any parties?

Self delete

Stephanie Tubbs Jones has died

Senator Kerry comments on Musharraf stepping down in Pakistan.

XP Home Service Pack 3 Issues

New Diary up on BMG

The joke's on McCain: Late-night comedians lay off Obama

The Electronic Voting Machine Hokey Pokey (You Put Your Right Vote In. It Spits Your Wrong Vote Out)

Company acknowledges Ohio voting machine error-BUT-same machines to be used in November

He's Baaaack: Civil Rights Commission Hires Spakovsky to Work on Voting Rights

So this Yank strolls into the UK Forum.

Wondering if I can start to get an approximate head count on who is coming to the picnic

There really is a God!