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I think Rachel is heading over to be on Olbermann now. (Let me know - no cable.) nt

Olberman- "A noun a verb and POW"

LOL! KO is just giving a rundown of McCain's properties.....

The Ayers thing is absurd.


Dupe - delete

Greening of McCain may only be skin deep

KTLK News just said that The Text Message would be going out

Suspend Veep pick

I got a text message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Obama supports infanticide but McCain wants to wait until the babies are 18.

Mark Halperin (the page) is teasing Dick Lugar for Obama's VP

Help Obama air "Seven" - donate $77.77

Going megaviral

That McCain statement about spending 5 years in one house in prison...


Let's all add to McCain's ready POW retorts! Add your own!

John McCain's everlasting wars needs a DRAFT!

John McCain's everlasting wars needs a DRAFT!


Obama's VP pick, mystery solved ...

Check out the AP Headline: "Obama raps McCain for ignorance of his own houses"

Invoking 9/11 Attacks, Conservative Group Links Obama to 70s Radical

"We can't afford more of the same"

Olbermann- McCain's Meltdown at Las Cruces-

I'm a Cougar, not a Puma -- get it straight

In future years, they will refer to this as the Shot that took down Mccain!

08.21.2008: Today's campaign in pictures

Al Gore or John Kerry for Veep?

How many houses do you own?

Four Michigan Republicans will skip GOP convention

With McHouse Gate brewing, let's NOT compare McCain to Bob Dole...

FactCheck had to prove Obama was born in the USA!!!!!

McSame offices report they were sent threatening letters

Are you smarter than John McCain?


Sibelius, Kaine-- probably out of the VP running

I think McCain was misunderstood on the Great Housing Scandal

Richardson & Jindal on LKL

How The First Presidential Debate Will Be

MSNBC Clip of Brian Williams on McCain's houses. Top news stories of the show.

So McCain loses his top talking point....the WAR

Thursday TOON Roundup- part 2- Convention Time!

They need a realistic image of McCain. That troll is way too young.

Repug convention starts are labor day?

Here's an interesting article from the Christian Science Monitor about McCain's adopted daughter

Say it with me. ALI, ALI, ALI!!!!

i just got polled by Quinnipiac

From 2006 to 2007, the McCain's budget for household staff went up from $184,000 to $273,000

Orlando Sentinel's Football preview-- LOL!

Confession from me. We actually owned TWO houses when I was growing up.

McConceited is a vain Ambitious man....this combo produces POOR JUDGMENT

A Question I bet Senator McCain Cannot Answer without help...

Alright,Now I know this is really off the wall,

"McCain" Cockroach Wins NJ Race

McCains using LLC companies to pass tax protected wealth to their kids

It Is Just What It Is! What It Is It About BOTH of the CLINTONS.......

McCain has at least TWICE as many houses as Obama has pairs of shoes!

Obama Talks Veep to Early Show (Halperin)

Rezko ad: Racist Overtones? At the END of the ad....

Protest Housegate

McCains Bought Second Beach Condo At Around Time McCain Said Struggling Homeowners

Hoosier Values: Woud Barack Pick Lugar?

McCain's camp said Obama's "houses attack" opens the door to Rezco and Rev. Wright!

McCain's camp said Obama's "houses attack" opens the door to Rezco and Rev. Wright!

Donating to Obama online is all fine and well...


Why does McCain constantly refer to Americans as "my friends"?

How soon we forget

obama will make the vp announcement call to all your cell phones at 3AM.......

Talk about your coincidences.

3 things

The "Jingle Your Keys" Project at McCain Events and at the DNC!

McCain's POW Defense: Devaluing Our Service and His Own

With the polls tightening up are you SCARED enuff to want

With the polls tightening up are you SCARED enuff to want

Obama says he's made his veep choice

This Springfield IL event: how firm is it? is it for certain that Obama will be there with the VP?

So, what do you think of Joe Biden?

CNA Hosts HR 676 Celebration at the Democratic Convention in Denver

Is Johnny McPOW Telling More ' TOUGH GUY ' Fable Stories Again?

What Time Thursday for Obama?

Biden? Is Biden the buzz now?

It is 3 AM , Friday 8-22-08, check your text message, the VP will be.......

There are no private beaches in HI.

Set aside candidate spats for a moment to appreciate a unique moment in campaign history

So... Is this Good or Bad: Rezko Sentencing will be on Oct. 28th (rescheduled from Sep. 3)

How refreshing to come back after a nice night out with the wife...

Inside VEEP info- It will be

ALPHABET GAME: "In McCain's case, POW stands for....

Wake Up, Obama Camp

Halperin: McCain chooses Romney according to 2 GOP sources

Its clear why McCain would pick Romney. This is the answer to the Public Finance Problem McCain has

Even Fox News Refuses To Run Slimey Ayers Ad Against Obama (TPM)

I vowed I wouldn't do a VP post...ah, well, so much for that.

"Anthrax" scare at McBush offices ALREADY being used on Hannity/Colmes!

What are some of the newer nicknames for John McCain?



Do You Think John McCain Signed Up His Cell Phone To Get The Obama VP Text???

McSame Keychains!

Maybe we could limit VP guesses to people who stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night?

wow... OMG... the VP choice is...

BREAKING HARD: Mccain has settled on Mitt Romney as VP choice-sorry dupe

Imagine millions of people watching Obama speak when he's on FIRE the way he's been in his town hall


The ONLY VP that Obama could pick that would make me not vote for the ticket...

Requiem Mass for the GOP... This is their las Splash...Gone forever as a Force

McCain is so reactionary

VP: I may have called it right on both sides.

How many houses does Mitt Romney have?

Do we know where Obama is tonight and tomorrow? nt

Time: 2 GOP Sources: It’s Romney

A fun, fond DU VP Memory

Another Obama-friendly night on drudge.... I really don't know what to think about this anymore

The Veep Information is Starting to Trickle In....

Bye, Bye Romney. McCain's "Housing Fiasco" Probably Just Cost You the VP Slot.

If Romney gets the VP slot, how will that effect the Fundy vote?

CHECK IN HERE - If You Checked The Safety Deposit Box Today To See How Many Houses You Owned???

"He had so many houses, he didn't know what to do"

Experts: Obama-Ayers Ad May Be Illegal

A Republican rants at you. You answer: "How many houses do you own"?

VP Debate Biden vs. Romney

Cindy McCain's a Big Fat Liar

Clinton to have own Chair at Democratic Convention

Becoming the Tony Little for Obama

Tinfoil Hat Time: McCain Camp (or RNC) behind "Powder" Mail to get House Story out of News

With the GOP Veep looking like it is Mittens, if we acted like Republicans we would....

2 New Late Thursday Night VEEP News Developments For GOP

New Michigan Poll: Obama 46%, McClown 39%

Lt Gen Robert G Gard -- McCain’s POW Defense: Devaluing Our Service and His Own

If it's Biden, this memorable Obama/Biden Des Moines Register debate exchange will be revived

Some really great Obama in VA photos on his website (Kaine too)

Socialist Party Put on Ohio Ballot by Federal Court

To the backers of any particular VP possibility

Headsup! Brand new Michigan poll! Obama 46% to 39%!

Toby Keith--a Democrat, and for Obama. Wait, WHAT?!

HuffPo says it's Mr. Magic Underwear for McCain VP

HAHA! Freepers Waste an ENTIRE SUMMER Trying To Prove Obama is Not a Citizen!!! Text hoaxes plague Obama VP plan

Fish: meet barrel

Well, is McCain's "home" remark his Kerry 87 billion statement?

The Romney Rumor is a Test

Maybe McCain could win after all...

Who has the most houses? mccane/Romney or Obama/Biden?

William Fichtner - voice over for Obama's McCain home ad...

John McCain's shabby Phoenix home circa 2005 (pics)

In The Event That It IS Hillary

Q:Should we poll or not till Obama sends the text??

Well... it's 3am.... and my phone hasn't vibrated..... Guess its time for bed...

what will you eat on election day?

Where are the War Prisoner (Swift Boat) Veterans for "Truth"?

So, I just fought back re: a McSame email.

How many houses does Mitt Romney own?

OK, I'll say it. Obama's Ad Agency SUCKS.

What kind of freak show!

No polls until Obama texts.

"More of the Same".........One of the mottos that will win us the election!

GOP sources say it's Romney. No wonder McCain is freaking about the number of homes he owns

In loving memory

Why Mitt Romney is a big mistake for John McCain...

Biden: Bad cop to Obama's good cop.

Is it Bloomberg? (More pointless VP speculation!)

The Convention

Obama gears up for VP announcement

Playing the POW card

I feel like I'm going to get an e-mail at 7 a.m.

I feel like I'm going to get an e-mail at 7 a.m.

McCain's campaign is ambisinister ...

V.P. Debates: The Catholic v. The Mormon

OMG I think the VP will be HRC

MI POLL: Obama 46, McCain 39.

To fix a recession created by Wall Street financiers, McCain picks one of them.

What was important about Yesterday

John McCain knows how many houses he owns....

The Media are like Sharks

Hoping It’s Biden -- David Brooks endorses Biden

Q: "What's your name? " A: I dunno, I'm a War Hero"

Howard and Barack are working their arses off this week ...

HuffPo: Official Net Worth: McCain $36.4 Million, Obama $799,000

McLame turned four of his houses into a Hotel today. So he only has three houses left.

For Fourth Night In A Row, Hannity And Guests Accuse Barack Obama Of Wanting To Kill Infants

Obama Explains How He Made VP Choice (CBS Interview)

Obama Explains How He Made VP Choice (CBS Interview)

Obama: "Fuck it, I'll be my OWN damn Vice President!"

"Governor. Romney, how many houses do YOU have?" = Not like asking McCain. Won't help us.

AD (or YouTube) IDEA: Endless clips of Rudy saying 9-11 and McCain saying POW...

Video: Obama on CBS’s “The Early Show”

Any truth to this about Obama's text messages?

I just saw an TV ad on Obama about his "ties" to the

Too bad Joey the Scar isn't on. Can you imagine the

This Too Many Homes to Count Story is the gift that will keep giving....

Need to resurrect this story: McCain and Developer Donald Diamond

Obama owes me $4.

The narrative is coming together and it makes the media look like the wankers they are

McMansion might have found the perfect fix for the "how many homes" blues - Mittens Romney for VP

"Like a recluse... No one knows I exist"

Orlando Sentinel: Are you ready for some football? Hail to the Chief!

Are Hillary Supporters Really That Stupid That They'd Rather Vote For McCain Or ......

Roaches for McCain! Republican roach wins race!

Joe Watkins on Abrams, defending McCain's "housing" matter with "he's a war hero."

I shouldn't let it get to me, but..... Kerry, McCain and wealthy wives

I kind of hope Obama doesn't announce his pick today

What the Housing fiasco really says

Imagine the energy it takes to run 10 houses. And McCain has the nerve

The Vice Presidential announcement. "How would you handle it".

Warren Buffett Says Some Edwards' Contributor Should File A Money-back Class Action Suit

Warren Buffett Says Some Edwards' Contributor Should File A Money-back Class Action Suit

Obama widens lead in poll in Michigan 46-39 12% undecided 3% "other"

REMINDER--"Cindy" FORGOT to pay her California Property Tax

McCain's Plan to Privatise Veterans' Health Care

Map of McCain's Cribs (Valued at $13,823,269)

McCain’s POW Defense: Devaluing Our Service and His Own (Lt. Gen Robert Gard, Vets for Obama)

BushCo wrapping it all up with a neat little bow.

Things Mother Teresa *may have* told Cindy McCain to do

I don't know about you, but I'm glad Obama has waited until near the convention for the VP pick

In revenge for Purple Bandaids - Keyrings!

Widow of slain Demo chairman honored to attend convention

What's the over/under on the number of fake text message threads that will be started today?

i think the dems should also link mcschrub's


Luckovich on McCain and the "housing crisis"

Trust in Obama

Mitt Romney has a son issue.

POTUS '08 Who listens, who thinks they're skewed to the right?

Really simple ad idea. Show the lowlights of the past 8 years - tie to either Bush or Republicans.

Just curious.. How many homes did Saddam Hussein own?

If I wrote a Presidential speech...

The real reason McCain will not pick a pro-choice running mate: Bob Barr

Obama: I Welcome Bush Coming Around On Iraq

Can somebody help me find an article on McCain?

At this point, I think I will be very impressed if Obama has chosen somebody who is not among

A simple yes/no poll. Will Obama choose one of the front runners?

The issue is really not McCain’s wealth or how many houses he has

9 Key Rings: A brilliant idea for the Dem Convention

Nine Key Rings For The Convention - This guy is brilliant.

So, CNN Has Reporters By Bayh's House And Biden's House. Guess They're

Who would you rather play football with??

Any Idea on getting our messages on Faux News?

My friends, I believe marriage is between a man and a woman w/ extensive real estate portfolio

I just blinked for a second...

If McCain picks Romney he can kiss the dog lover vote goodbye, too

that .1% for whom the economy has been good under Bush -

Automatic response to anyone mentioning McCain

"Oregon tribe to allow same-sex marriages"

John McCain to reenact Military Draft

John McCain goes to the doctor...

If it's not Biden, I will be very surprised bordering on shocked

So. Anything goin' on in politics today?

Do you think that Obama should mention the draft issue in his acceptance speech?

The big bad wolf from the 3 pigs tale would exhaust himself blowing down

Eugene Robinson:Johnny, We Hardly Know Ye

Let's hope Obama's VP Pick doesn't have as many houses as McCain.

CNN is staking out houses and hovering over Midway Airport waiting on a private jet to see who ...

CNN is staking out houses and hovering over Midway Airport waiting on a private jet to see who ...

Paul Krugman: Now That’s Rich

Is anyone from the M$M staking out Mayor Bloomberg's location today?

McCain: Americans will not pick lettuce for $50 an hour

Do you believe the Romney rumor?

Here's the Answer to McCainOpoly's housing crunch...

The tension will build each time we approach the top of the hour...

McCains own TWELVE Houses!

More than 60 present and former telecom lobbyists work for McCain's campaign

The Wonkette, Ana Marie Cox, is a dumbass and deserves to be punched in the face.

How many SCOTUS seats will the next President fill?

The first DUer who posts either the official VP text or e-mail message wins

McCain gaffe worse than George H.W. Bush's scanner moment

Hillary NEEDS Obama

A nine-car motorcade took McCain to a Starbucks this morning-where he ordered a large cappuccino.

CNN UPDATES Viewers Every Fifteen Minutes

549,856 views : Obama's 'Seven' Ad in 20 hours on YouTube

I'm Really Impressed By The Secrecy Surrounding Obama's VP Choice......

Senator McNopoly - How will you solve the housing crisis...

I can't see how McBush can EVER call Obama elitist again??

Fabulous Life of John McCain

How do you sign up for the text message, send GO to 62262?

Another great DNC video.....

How many of these can McCain play before people tell him to put that shit back in his pocket?

McCain and Gordon Liddy

How the HELL do you NOT know how many HOUSES you own?

How the HELL do you NOT know how many HOUSES you own?

A poll for DUers that are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the big announcement:

A poll for DUers that are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the big announcement:

On what plane of existence does "his wife owns them" count as an excuse---

A McCain/Romney ticket would have 11 homes and $500 million between them

How Much Time Are You Gonna Spend On DU (GDP) Today?

Remember when Obama hired Patty Solis-Doyle

Wow! Tomorrow's NYT has David Brooks (!) Op-Ed on Biden that is AWESOME

Dinger's Last Chance VP Poll

Robert Reich would make an interesting choice for VP, wouldn't he?

I don't think it's Biden, if you do, please make the case for me, I don't see it.

McCain: Leak comes out, IT'S MITT...Obama: No Leaks. Nothng. Waiting on Bated Breath

If I can't have Wes Clark, then allow me to make a case FOR Joe Biden...

McCain Politicizes The Military By Floating Petraeus For Vice President»

I don't care who the VP is anymore

And the VP is....

How The MCCAINS Changed Their BABY ADOPTION STORY Just Before 2008 Bid

Remember the Millenium?

John McCain: WWIII Would justify draft

The best way to pick a VP would be... features misleading, biased poll

Breaking news re: the text message

An Exclusive: Anthem for change by Dave Stewart

"I don't own any homes. On the other hand, I'm not sure how many Cindy owns"

Experts: Obama-Ayers Ad May Be Illegal

Last chance to predict the VP choice!!!

I am praying for Romney...

Bad News? *Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are about to go under...

A More Perfect Union

Not To Be Out Done By Obama's Text/E-Mail VP Announcement McCain Is......

O.K. That's It!

O.K., Who On The Shortlist Did Obama Call Yesterday?

Ad Suggestion: McCain's Priorities (Hint: It's not you and me).

McCain Celeb Attack Returns In New Ad

If He Wont Text ME I'll Text HIM!

"Why can't we just talk about the issues this election"

The More Town Hall Meetings McGaffe Has, the More Obama's Numbers Go Up

Clinton to have own floor whips at Dem convention

Billy Graham told Solzhenitsyn cross-in-the-dirt story in 1975:

I wonder what McCain will say about this...

Temporary jail set up in Denver to cage out of control PUMAs!

On Hardball...Hillary is still calling Obama her "opponent".

I think it's going to be Webb ...

McCelebrity heads to Hollywood

Obama will be announcing his VP pick today. Who will it be? My guess.

was Wes Clark's jab at mccain's pow status a few weeks back a "trial balloon"/test...?

So are all the VP hopefuls clearing their schedules for tomorrow?

Tests are looking good for GD:P new Flame Retardant Suits...get yours here

Biden scheduled to teach Widener Law class on Saturday

My pick for Obama's VP: Rocky Anderson

JUST FYI-Mike Allen of the Politico is a far right-wing hack tool

Biden Seen as Frontrunner for VP Nomination

Who understands the mechanics of SMS texting?

The truth about PUMA's

Ahh...McSame doesn't know because he's been too busy serving the American people.


Chet Edwards would be a dumb pick for many reasons but the number 1 reason is

Well it looks like Housegate has flopped. McSame actually gained a point in the polls.

Next McCain ad we can expect to see: Give the POWer to a POW!

Looking for feedback; national survey

McCain STILL Owes Back Taxes on One of His Homes

Caroline Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi on Meet the Press Sunday

Dude, you're getting a VP

Chet Edwards would be a TOP-NOTCH pick (and would give us a shot at Texas)

HuffPost's front page: All Biden

Let me ask a question....

Democratic Convention center revealed on FOX

Rasmussen Indiana Poll: McCain 46%, Obama 42%

The Suppense Is Killing Me

Ways to kill time waiting for the call.

Watched CNN's biography on Obama

That "AP Breaking News" thread is killing me.

Official podium pictures from the DNC website...slideshow.

how many here have THOUGHT you've heard you text alert or IMAGINED...

You think the anticipation is killing us? LOL McCain's team has to be bouncing off the walls

Text message received!!! It's Gore!!!!!!!!

Text message received!!! It's Gore!!!!!!!!

In Obama Revealed special, CNN's Malveaux baselessly suggested Obamas got special deal on house


Got It! But not saying.... LOL

Text message!

New Michigan Poll Has Obama up 46-39. McMoneyBags is tanking!


Where is O now? Anyone know his sched for this afternoon?

How are most Americans seeing HousesGate?

Warning to Obama on the New Cold War by Tom Hayden

I can't WAIT until we don't have to hear the words VEEP and VEEPSTAKES for another 4 years.

Just where did Chet Edwards come from all of a sudden?

Chet Edwards' voting record

Obama beating McCain by 7 in Michigan!

This thread is NOT a hoax about Obama's VP choice.

Does anyone know if there is video of McCain saying Americans won't pick lettuce 4 $50/hour?

Could Obama be waiting to announce to give the house story time to play?

Obama notifies candidates on VP shortlist

McCain's made a mockery of his own POW status.

Please read, very important if Obama wants to win:

first it was rudy gi911iani, now it's pown mccain.

Predict the DU level for this evening...

Ain't this grand?

Who would be a better attack dog than Hillary Clinton?

$10 for the first verifiable post naming Obama's VP - with half going to the DU - who will match me?

Carl Bernstein on CNN thinks Biden and Clinton were the two top finalists,

I need to go to the can ...

Heard Any Good "John McCain's Got a Lot of Houses" Jokes?

Using 1980 and 1992 as examples

Love this - Joe Biden won't forget the number of houses he owns -

Damn you guys! I've never seen so many locked threads. Take it easy on the Mods, will ya?

Robin Leach of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" leaps to the defense of Johnny McCondo

It's Hillary!!!!!

Do you think that people will receive the email at the same time that the text messages are received

ABC News: McCain camp recently removed press release tying McCain to group behind Obama/Ayers ad

Pundits And Writers Start Hitting McCain For Non-Stop P.O.W. References (TPM)

McCain needs cheat sheets written on his hand -- what do you think he'll write?

A watched pot never boils..

Sp what does everyone think McWhiner will do in the next 48 hours to steal the spotlight?

McCain flips flop to get elected.

I just got back from a 2-wk. camping trip. Anything going on?

Karl Rove's photo

Poll: Franken, Coleman deadlocked in Minn. Senate race

Why would Obama announce his VP on the Friday news dump?



Another good question for McPOw "Who balances the checkbook in your family?"

The McCain's probably has the same lock on all her houses, so he doesn't forget which key goes with

Forget DU. What are the odds that the announcement will crash the phone system?

Hey IF it's Hillary do we have to let Perry Logan back in?

The Old Poot and the Empty Suit! or The Old Shit and Mitt!

McCain is a LIAR!

Who Do You Want for VP???....

For maximum effect this text needs to go out during the business day

Wall Street Journal posted an alert that Obama had selected Kaine...

Is It Me, Or Does It Seem Like The Talking Heads Have Something In Their Contract

John McCain is having a housing crisis.....

Chet Edwards Info

9/11 Truther Lawyer - Philip Berg - Files Suit Alleging Obama Disqualified

Could McCain be waiting to see if Obama picks Hillary

Could McCain be waiting to see if Obama picks Hillary

New Obama TV Ad: Out of Touch

Check out my boxers

Check out my boxers

Friday news-dump timing on the VP pick?

WashPost article on McMansion House-gaffe

Fox News actually has standards?

I will try again. Hillary supporters

Thom Hartmann Interviewing Jerome Corsi Now

The best thing McCain could do is pick Lieberman or Ridge for his VP

12:00 CST would be perfect.

My co-worker says he thinks it'll be tomorrow.

TPM: Poorly chosen surrogate? Robin Leach comes to McCain's defense.

Ensign says GOP colleagues failed him

Senators make about $170K a year. The McCains spend more than that on servants..

LAT: "Crawford's congressman as Obama's VP?"

The Relevance of McCain's Houses - It's Emblematic of the New Gilded Age

Looks like Hillary or a Hillary supporter wants to step all over Housegate and the VP pick.

Biden paid off a big chunk of his campaign debt yesterday (link)....

Senator Angry Old Prick: A devious bag of douche (Rude Pundit)

Senator Angry Old Prick: A devious bag of douche (Rude Pundit)

The Obama campaign needs to challenge McCain't re:lettuce for $50 an hour.

This is horrible

Veepwatch - The View From Barley Mill Road

John McCain lost his house!!

Apparently right wing sexual perverts

Any of the VP-candidates get a Secret Service detail yet?

Okay, give your darkhorse VP picks.

Though Obama Had to Leave to Find Himself, It Is Hawaii That Made His Rise Possible (WaPo)

Rush just said Obama said 10,000 people died in a tornado in KS this spring

Politico Exclusive: Hillary WAS NOT VETTED

The Page: Obama keeps McCain "Houses" Gaffe Alive with New Ad

Why isn't there as much suspense about McCain's VP?

Gallup, 8/22: Obama 45%, McCain 44%

1:10 pm latest Veepstakes news from Marc Ambinder

Could someone here let me know the time that Obama gives his

I forget...was the VP choice this suspenseful in 2004?

Care to guess how many people here will post the announcement at once?

I will be very satisfied if Senator Biden is the choice....

Were figures released as to HOW MANY people signed up for text msgs and e-mail? nt

OK, last chance a wild card guess.

Rush Limbaugh-"He's Basically A Skirt-Chaser, Folks-He's A Gigolo"

Hillary Supporter wouldnt be Sad if OBAMA lost ...

Dear Sen. Obama:

the media-they finally feel what we have known all along

the media-they finally feel what we have known all along

"The McCain Plan = THE DRAFT"

Michigan Poll: Obama 46%, McCain 39%

They should play Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream Speech" at the Convention.

Why Hillary SHOULD be the One!

So Senator McCain, how many ill-conceived wars do you want to start?

Obama should delay the VP announcement so we can all figure out how many houses McCain owns!

The most disgusting reason ever was given to me recently as why NOT to vote for Obama.

Here ya go:

Is Clinton being watched? What's the story there?

Guaranteed losing ticket for the repukes....

Chet Edwards - Lowered Expectations

Fake VP threads - how to identify them


What are your impressions of a person who suffers from PTSD?

Obama chooses Ben Franklin!

Dear Senator Obama: Like everyone else, I'm just Biden my time while you spin your Webb

Rasmussen, 8/22: Obama 45%, McCain 43% (with leaners, Obama 47%, McCain 46%)

Whoever it is, I just hope they spell the name right

If Chet Edwards CONFIRMED Anything Before The Announcement, He's NOT The One

McCain is a gambling addict?

Newsmax poll - help pick McCains VP

"American Prayer" - New Pro-Obama Song/Video

Something to do while waiting -

The Best Time For That Obama Text

The Best Time For That Obama Text

McCain, is it possible he could pick Meg Whitman?

Is this Suspense Really Helpful?

McCain’s POW Defense: Devaluing Our Service and His Own

Police dispatched to Biden's house

It's Bahydaine!!!!!

It's Bahydaine!!!!!

Kathleen Sebelius speaks to Iowa's Volunteers

AP Breaking News: Chet Edwards is emerging as a VP finalist.

In the middle of Bounce Your Boobies??

McCain Almost Certain He Has Ten Toes

I am starting to get officially annoyed because there hasn't been an announcement

HOW many HOUSES do Britney Spears and Paris Hilton own? Might more good commercial fodder by

Great day for Obama and a god awful day for McCain

Let This Be A Lesson: When the press claims "sources inside the Obama camp say"....

Good News: Landrieu Opens 16-Point Lead in Louisiana

A McMansion Nursery Rhyme

THINGS TO DO WHILE WAITING - An American Prayer At the Mountain Top.

Between the Voters Who Hate McCain and Those that Hate Romney in the GOP


Can we please stop with the fake VP threads?

Rush is pissed that the text message won't come before the end of his show

I think it only fair that Obama be made to pay

While Obama picks his VP, what will George W. Bush pick in the meantime?

Hawaii Time

Obama is DOMINATING the news today. Barely a mention of McMoneyBag's VP choices.

A fist-pound to Thom Hartmann

Another 'houses' ad released.. it's funny

Any bets on how many threads will get posted about the VP pick when announced?

I am holding on to my phone waiting for a text...

GOP playing expectations game, saying Obama should expect a 15-point convention bounce

While you're waiting for textual release.....

The parallels to JFK are being to look creepy. n/t

Do you think McCain's foot in mouth act changed Obama's VP schedule?

Denver to hunt protesters with maps, bicycles, football helmets

Top Republican To Fellow GOPers: Give Me Money, Dammit!


Top Republican To Fellow GOPers: Give Me Money, Dammit!

How are most Americans seeing HousesGate? ("the gaffe that keeps on giving.")

Senator McCain, How many homes should you and Cindy build for US POWs?

Senator McCain, How many homes should you and Cindy build for US POWs?

You guys, I think it might be Gravel.

Ladies and Gentleman, Obama has his pre-convention bounce!

the delay can only mean one person...

I talked to someone close to Chet Edwards he said...

"Open Left" Blogger makes interesting case for why it's Hillary...worth reading while we wait...

Oh. God! Yes! Yes Yes! It's's coming....

BREAKING: Obama close to announcing running mate.

Hillary gets stiffed

Obama Statement on Reports of US-- Iraq Troop Withdrawal Agreement

So, how ya holding up? I'm doing well....

Who remembers when Dan Quayle was named to be Bush I's VP?

Obama says he's decided on a running mate

Clark question.....

How many times will "POW" and "9/11" be said at the RNC???

Kerry's Smear Fighting Campaign Sent Out an Email

McCain aide on house gaffe: He "lived in one house for five and a half years -- in prison"

Anyone else running out of fingernails? *gnawing*

Another Obama Ad Slams McCain Over Houses Gaffe

If it's Chet Edwards --

***Breaking News: Veepwatch!!!***

You must really be killing time

I'm starting to think this thing gets announced tomorrow in Springfield.

Michael Moore's "How The Democrats Can Blow It ...In Six Easy Steps"

So the networks will be on Airport watch through the night

Veep announcement could be pushed off due to "McCain's many houses"

OK, OK, I Give Up. Here's My V.P. Prediction:

McCain’s Cronies: A Few Questions About Orson Swindle

Wash. Post uncritically reports McCain ad's false suggestion

The reason why the Secrecy is Killing the Press and the Repukes:

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA arrives at a hotel in Chicago to prepare for his convention speech

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA arrives at a hotel in Chicago to prepare for his convention speech

McCain camp says Obama will get a 15 pt bounce out of the convention

Chet does he come across???..

Like war? Vote for McCain

Fox News Just Aired the Weather Underground Ad they said they wouldnt

Surprise At the Democratic Convention: Republicans

What's Wrong with Obama? (Comic)

Investigative Journalism in this Country is Dead.

John McCain and Russia

Okay, so the Chet Edwards bone has been thoroughly chewed through..

Fox just played part of the weather underground video

For every complex question, there is a simple answer.

LOL... Faux News just "accidentally" ran the Ayers ad...

The Rude Pundit: John McCain: Using the POW Excuse Since At Least 1990:

Interesting map today - 269-269 if ties go to McSame

I find it REALLY FUNNY how wrong all the media has been on the

Sneek-peek at the Pepsi Center

McCain's Latest Defender: "Rich & Famous" Leach

Rec this thread as a protest against stupid "rec this thread" threads.

CNN is saying "any minute."

Maybe the text to so many numbers was simply flagged as SPAM

GOP will run ads in Spanish during Democratic convention

What time does the Friday official news dump start, anyway?

imo the biggest CLUE was what Obama said about a veep to help navigate world problems...

Rain-at-the-convention prayers go on

Why in the hell do I have this particular earworm going through my head today?

Lifestyles of The Rich & Out of Touch

Cindy McCain 'Unsure' How Many Half-Sisters She Has

Fox News said Obama and Hillary met last night...

Here's something to pass the VP pick time...

self delete

lol. . Just got an email from Wellstone Action titled "It's not a VP. . ."

The Expectations Game...

Rasmussen California Poll: Obama 51% , McCain 37%

Another House John & Cindy Wanted to Keep Quiet

"Tonight, in Chesapeake, Va., Obama recalled his more modest circumstances a few years ago."

The Schedule Suggests it's Brian Schweitzer

Hillarys comments from the NY state fair

Want proof that Rush Slimeball is behind much of this "PUMA" activity?

Did anyone not think that the Republicans weren't going to run the dirtiest most deceptive campaign

Little Johnny McMoneyBags and his wife own at least 8 homes

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on Reports that U.S. and Iraq Have Reached Tentative Agreement

Hey Brad Blakeman: Where's your fucking sense of humor now?

Have there been any sightings of Biden today? nt

WTF? Why is Fox Fucking Faux News and what they are reporting all over this DU Forum?

***Attention: Obama Supporters and Mods!***

Jesus CHRIST - CNN ...

I just got "the e-mail"

Obama/McLovin !!!11!!!!!

Robert Gibbs said they might wait until Wed to announce VP

Finding Clinton’s Aid to Obama Too Tepid

One thing I just noticed about Obama's "Seven" ad:

Transcript of yesterday's Hardball re: Hillary's "my opponent" statement

the deeper meaning of the text

What's a good radio link that I can play on background, since I'm not watching TeeVee?

McCain's Strategic Blunder: Opening the Door to Keating Five

The Gold Diggers of 1933 Starring John McCain

Is there anything more satisfying than knocking consdescending people off their damn pedestal?

Obama Camp Responds to Spakovsky's Hiring at Civil Rights Commission

Dems keep up assault on McCain's house gaffe

Dems should quit mentioning McCain's service

Heard at the Obama office in Denver:

One minute to THE text message?




Whoever Obama Picks They Need To Be Ready To Take It To McCain Repubs Toe to Toe...

Hello Again, My Friends!!!

the Outlaw Josey Biden Army of One

WOW!Great response from the Obama campaign!

Obama/Chigurh 08. That's my ticket and I'm sticking with it.

Anyone else just get an e-mail from the Obama campaign - that WASN'T

The window is closing...

The window is closing...

I said it earlier but I will say it again. . .I doubt the VP nominee will be one of the frontrunners

If the VP candidate isn't revealed by 6:30 Eastern, feel free to go to bed whenever you want.

Please remember that no matter what happens today

Keep talking "POW", McSame. Here's how you addressed a POW wife and mom who wasn't so fortunate

Obama, you magnificient bastard...I love you, man!

"Tell us about the Good America when Kennedy was President"

Two questions about McCombover's homes....

Will McCain Name His Pick Immediately After Obama Announces His? Stealing Thunder?

What is the possibility that the veep is...

We're not gonna know till tomorrow. I certainly don't want a leak in the Obama camp

You know what sucks about this text messaging thing? I can't scoop anyone. . .

No matter who Obama picks,

Chet Edwards Voted For A Constitutional Amendment to BAN GAY MARRIAGE!

McCain Camp calls on Obama to condemn new Cindy McCain "Priceless" FL ad

I heard Geraldine Ferraro last night on Hannity and..

The Daily Show welcomes the RNC to St. Paul

***Official Veepstakes Breaking Point Thread***

WTF did Wolf just say?

One thing's for sure, the Obama Campaign is playing this brilliantly

The announcement will be at 5 p.m. Today

Blogger Steve Clemons: It's Joe Biden

Sen. Joe Biden; It's Steve Clemons

NYT: The Joe Biden Sr. "Scattered Silver Dollars" story

Flashback: McCain didn’t know what kind of car he drove

Puzzled about the panel on the Diane Rehm show today. So, McCone's

60 current/former telecom lobbyists work for McCain campain

So, do we think McDole signed up for Obama's VP announcement?

I have a theory: Announcement at 9 Central time.

Paul and James on CNN

This is not the way to treat someone who is horridly impatient!

Folks it is going to be tomorrow,

Meanwhile, back in Chicago...

I Want Biden As My Vice President.

Could they be having technical problems?

Does KO do his show on Fridays?

One of the contenders has to get on an airplane soon

Who's doing tomorrow's Democratic radio address?

Just to pass time while waiting... Who is your number one choice and least favorite choice?

A video of Sebelius was just posted on Obama's youtube channel

The rw nuts are out in full force (not here but various political blogs)

So it seems the chances of an announcement today are fading.

As usual, the media is talking out of their collective ass

Just think by this time tomorrow we will know who the VP is!

Be Cruel. What Is John McCain Saying and Doing Right At This Moment?

Pat Buchanan accuses 'McCain's neocon warmonger' of treason

This is probably nothing (from Ambinder)

CNN Coverage: Sewer-style

Talking point: Mitten's magic underwear

When does the Olympics officially end? My announcement prediction is

Report: Company printing Obama-Bayh stickers

delayed announcement: Chet Edwards moved up a notch....

NY Post: Obama picks GEPHARDT for VP.

I support whoever Barack picks!!!

My heart skips a little every time I see a "BREAKING:" post

Why do I hear Vicki Carr singing "It Must Be Him"?


I would be cool with it if Obama waited till tomorrow to announce his pick.

Well the repugs think it's going to be Biden.

The Brilliance of Plouffe and Axelrod ($200M in 24 hours)

Susan Eisenhower Leaves Republican Party

My contribution to the neighborhood beautification effort

Who do you believe owns more houses?

Could be Bayh

Seeking Info: How much did McCain spend on "Help" for his houses?

About all these text messages,

Marc Ambinder tracking a flight from Chicago Midway to Delaware

This place is crazy today----patience

Just saw CNN

The Obama team is showing fabulous discipline today, If the

"The only way to get around Arizona is by small private plane". Priceless!

Well, former U2 commandant VULF BLEETZUH took just 2 minutes to piss me off!

What if the time is 6:35 EDT? Anchors forced to learn it on-air!

What if the time is 6:35 EDT? Anchors forced to learn it on-air!

ABC -it's now TEN houses... (lead story on Good Morning America)

I just had a cool thought..Think about how many MILLIONS

For those of you supporting VP candidates who are personally opposed to abortion BUT

My in-depth studies of Dem schedules tomorrow has revealed the dark horse VP

If Obama doesn't announce VP tonight, I wish he's just wait till the convention.

Lettuce-gate. When did it start and why has it gotten NO press?!

Obama to Mediocracy: "I set the schedule, not you. Get it?"

This reminds me of a Linda Ellerbee story.

Local Chicago radio station playing "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bayh"....

How long before...........

McCain as Marie Antoinette- Critique please?

Seeking bloggers for

Ultimate Chutzpah! Obama Opens Up Offices In Forsyth County, GA!

Ultimate Chutzpah! Obama Opens Up Offices In Forsyth County, GA!

Well, over at Arianna's Joint...

they're waiting for Hardball to come on

they're waiting for Hardball to come on


just got the text from's......

Dallas Billionaire, McCain bundler, is anti-Obama group's backer

If I go crazy, Obama's to blame!

Photo: The joie de vivre that comes with being a McCain family member

The Repubs. will have a "war room," high-profile Repub interviews, & neg. ads at OUR Convention

Taken down to rework it-

Wolf: "How has he been able to keep this secret? Does this mean he'll have a secretive White House?"

If Obama is One-Tenth As Masterful At Controlling the News Cycle

LOLz! Wingnuts Go Bonkers in Housing Hoard Spin!

Ize plazs Football

in case you were wondering if the mccain houses story's got legs....

Guests for Sunday TV news shows

CNN report just blew the story about Obama's "poor" brother out of the window

Does Bayh bring midwest credentials? I.e. can he carry IN and help in OH, PA, MI?

Ken Salazar's cousin abandons Dems to support McCain

Let us now observe a moment of silence for the lazy-assed, biased, corporate toe-licking pundits

DNC Creates John McCain Property Walking Tour

Marc Ambinder's live twittering from Denver...

Seems to be alot more people outside Biden's House than earlier...

I just got a text message!!

Obama: Iraq Agreement Shows McCain's "Bluster ... Out Of Touch With Reality"

Obama: Iraq Agreement Shows McCain's "Bluster ... Out Of Touch With Reality"

McCain, "I run for personal ambition"

It could be ANY MINUTE NOW

Obama's VP text and email put the media on notice. He doesn't need them.


"Are Huckabee supporters going to support McCain?" Satirical question.

McPain and his GOP don't get it...the harder they try the worse it gets for them...

Ya know what would have been fun? Every one of the VP candidates

I know how to make the announcement news arrive NOW

LOL NBC5 in Chicago said the announcement is coming before noon tomorrow. . .

When do you think the announcement will be made?

I supported Hillary in the primaries, but do not think that she should be the VP

"...despite having massive support from the liberal nation media"

OMG! It's Lee Mercer, Jr.!!

I just can't believe that Obama chose

It's Bayh, Maybe.

Its Bayh.

Okay it's Biden no Bayh no wait it's gotta be Kaine oh crap it's...

Honest to God...the buzz around Obamas VP choice coming by way of text and email is just brilliant

Road to 270: North Carolina

If it's on a bumpersticker, then it's true.

Hypothetical: Would Obama have gotten better press if he'd announced the pick on Thursday?

Oh look!! It's Biden.

Please, please, PLEASE!


How Long Will It Take Everyone To Get The Text or E-Mail?

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous McCains watch!

SHIT! Evidence! Right Under our Noses!

Media anticipation is becoming progressively more negative is active.

ROFL!! Even the celebrity gossip sites are making fun of McCain:

BREAKING: Gloria Borger on CNN reports that Senator Obama's VP already knows

What does Cindy McCain know about John that we should know?

Hey, while we're busy fussing about VPs, there's a demonstration at McCain's

Hardhitting ABC: "Waldman kids found a way to profit - sell lemonade to the thirsty media throng"

Gill Studios is NOT the official Obama campaign printer

We're agog! Simply agog!

Jeffry Toobin just NAILED IT on CNN

Will the wolves be "Bayhing" or will we be "Biden" our time?

Susan Eisenhower Leaving GOP For Good, Cites McCain’s “Rove-Style” Politics

My goodness - LOL - the neurotic excitement has reached a fever pitch!

Obama veep still a mystery _ intro set Saturday

Phil Gramm back in the McCain fold..

I think Obama should just line all of the possible Veeps up in a room..

Vote on a caption of Obama and McCain or add your own.

I think Obama will send the text right before he walks on stage with

What about the flight from Midway to New Castle, Delaware, Ambinder talks about...

Help needed RW debunk

Biden would be a HORRIBLE choice

WTF? Is CNN anti-Obama all the time?

Obama-Bayh bumperstickers being printed?

FactCheck: Born in the U.S.A. - The truth about Obama's birth certificate.

"Johnny come lately."

About the private jet en route to Wilmington from Chicago:

Did you see the get-up Cindy McCain had on yesterday?

Deep thought. Nobody really cares who John McCain's VP is.

Specifics on Campaign Event with Barack Obama in Springfield, IL

How much earlier will Obama supporters know before it's a story on the media

Barack Obama's Million-Dollar Text Message?- Silicon Valley analysis

Obama/Bayh will not look good on bumper stickers.

The text message delay is causing me to vote for McCain.

Was Obama pressured into tapping a VP with a jawline rivaling Mitt's, and hence Bayh?

Was Obama pressured into tapping a VP with a jawline rivaling Mitt's, and hence Bayh?

Biden would be a GREAT choice

OMG..The McCain Residences, A Google Earth Tour -- on YouTube!

Carville on CNN whining that "Obama isn't interested in Hillary's opinion"

Limbaugh: "little black man-child..." Need it decoded?

This web site coming soon...

If america pulls out most of its troops from iraq, and it goes back into civil war...

I'm just going to smoke a VICE presidential bowl and relax now. It is what it is.


It wasn't Biden that left the house.

Should Obama Apologize to the World for what Bush has done?

If it's Bayh I'm getting plastered

What the right said about Kerry having a rich wife. In case you forgot.

"Biden Looks Great When You Fear It Might Be Bayh" -spew drink on keyboard-

Bumper Sticker Could Indicate Bayh Is Obama's Veep

Ya'll are just as bad as the media.

Anybody got a Ouija Board?

Local radio station here in KC just announced they were contacted by a printer who

Before the announcement....a big thank you to the mods.

Why I think it won't be Biden. (This is based on Media Speculation not really my own)

Biden's Now Not So Secret Charter.

I have a hard time believing that plane is picking up Biden.

How Big O could get the big mo back: end debt slavery for college kids

Is there any VP choice that you think could sway your fundie acquaintances?

My husband just sent me a text message.

got staff?

DU'er Gives First Game Card From McCain Version Of Monopoly. Use It Wisely

ABC: brillian move to have all those text addresses in the data base

Oh My, Tweety Seems To Be Kicking Ass And Taking Names

These are the Obama/Bayh stickers everyone's talking about...

Will the Obama camp send out e-mails or just a text message announcing the VP?

Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews and Bob Shrum extremely confident it's Biden on MSNBC

To those who are frustrated that Obama hasn't yet selected his VP a little history lesson...

Joe Biden, Electrifying?

Shrumbob Square-tie on MSNBC says he believes it it Biden!

This is so much fun

Chris Matthews: "Why is it elitist not to know how many houses you have?"

"You have not received any messages"

Okay, the DNC Podium ROCKS

Anyone else feel spectacularly annoyed?

It's Biden. I know you guys don't believe me but give it a little more time.

Post the stupidest possible VP choice here. Mine: Obama/Ferraro

Obama's "Teasing" might be his way of getting back at Media, but it's wearing THIN with many of his

Great Strategy. McCain & GOP Only Have This Weekend Before Their Big Weekend.

PUMA Attempts to Destroy Hillary Exposed

I predict 4pm eastern.

Obama/Biden will beat McCain/Romney by 4-5% (which is a lot)

If beer baron Jim Hensley & his pampered dgt didn't trust McCain w/o a Pre-Nup, why should America?

McSevenhouses wild swing Rezko reaction opens the door to KEATING 5 - YES/NO

Does Chet Edwards' last name doom his chances of being chosen as VP?

Are you annoyed or happy?

How badly did the McCain camp want to bury the "houses" gaffe?

$273,000 spent on "household help" by the McCane's

Mommy, Where Do Wankers Come From?

I'm glad both Hillary and Bill Clinton are going to speak at the convention.

IT's CLARK!!! So easily THE BEST PERSON for the job! By what measure can he be bettered?

"He's the most famous celebrity in the world."

Now How Ticked Off Will Everyone Be . . .

Psssst. A car just left Biden's house.

Let them eat LETTUCE!

Fox reporting McCain furious about Florida Democrats putting Cindy McCain in a web ad

Does anyone actually WANT Bayh?

We're starting to see the 5 Stages of Grief over the VP pick

I attended a small Biden for prez get together early in the campaign

Guys, it's Bayh.

Here's what Obama said:

Charles Krauthammer says the "houses" thing hurts McCain

What about Bob Graham as a dark horse?

McCain: "Housing important to you? don't vote for me"

have fun! ltte in my paper today

It's not Hillary...Blitzer shows her "sans makeup" looking like a VICTIM

CNN just did a report on Obama's half brother.

I heard through the grapevine that the VP candidate won't be announced until tomorrow morning

OK. This is just cruel. I honestly DID just receive the following e-mail from Obama's campaign:

While many of us are fighting to keep our houses,

Let's collect some aliases of Senator John McClone

Obama's 'mansion'?


330 Obama events within 100 miles of me....I thought I'd never see the day!

Gallup, 8/22: Obama Lags in Democratic Support

I just got off the phone with Chet Edwards...

***Breaking News: Obama`s Campaign Plane At Chicago Midway Airport!!!***

***Breaking News: Obama`s Campaign Plane At Chicago Midway Airport!!!***

I don't think Obama will allow his Veep to be revealed in the Friday News Dump

I hope it was worth it. I'm getting emails from the Obama campaign

Why is Obama teasing us?

Obama to MSM: All your news cycle are belong to us.

Florida Republican says Dems will "register anything with a heart beat -- anything"

Important note to the Obama campaign from families with girls under 13

Obama Weather Underground picture found!

Just Say No Deal = 100% Republican phony PUMA group

BREAKING SOFTLY: McCain leaked to Halperin Romney's name to get some limelight.

One house . . . One spouse . . . One country . . . . . . . . . . . . Obama 08!!!

Wondering about the delayed announcement -- there is one possible VP choice for whom the delay makes

DNC: "They go Rezko, we go Keating. If they want to escalate, bring it on."

"Conservatives in Hollywood" for McCain...(Moonie Times)

Big Fat Reality Check: Here's why Obama NEEDED to wait to announce his VP choice.

DNC vs. RNC Stages - I think we know which wins!

Text or Leak! It's On Its Way!

Why aren't Hillary supporters helping to pay off her debt? Now just under $24 Mill per CNN:

Clinton's creating a 40-member team

McCain campaign also to announce VP pick by text messaging service.

Anyone know what time the Springfield rally is tommorrow?

I can't stand keeping the secret any longer. IT'S ME, DAMMIT!!

So McCain gets @$60,000 disability plus Social security

I want to File a Law Suit Alleging that John McCain is not a natural born citizen, and is therefore

Veep Prediction (based on gossip): Sebelius

What time is it?

Fox News: Obama invites dangerous muslim to appear at Dem convention.

This is McSame's Macaca Moment

Looks like it's Hillary!

McCain camp desperate to respond to his 'housing" problem. New 'Celebrity' ad pathetically weak!

McCain didn’t know what kind of car he drove, he had to ask an aide

Keep 'em hangin' Barack!! Suck up as much as that free press as you can!

How many of you have your cell phones right next to you?

I just heard from Washington (unofficially) that Biden has been notified: he's da man

Rec this thread if you're voting for Obama NO MATTER who the VP is.

Rec this thread if you're voting for Obama NO MATTER who the VP is.

Meet Joe Biden - timeline and photos

Who else signed up for John McCain's VP telegram?

150 Clergy Appeal to Obama: Don't Lose Your Ethical Vision, Don't Move to the Political Center

The Daily Show puts up a Billboard for the RNC convention

I have the champagne chilled, and I'm ready to...

Cindy McCain Says Staff Member Will Handle Sibling Tally

Guess who is the new Obama campaignTeam Leader for the Conway/N. Conway area?

Sunday Morning News Shows - Caroline, Kaine, Gibbs, Sebelius, Axelrod, etc.

A post defending Mitt Romney!

ALL DU MEMBERS: Go see I.O.U.S.A In Theatres This Weekend!!!!

"The Public Record"

Is Sam Seder on the verge of getting another radio show?

This Week on NOW: Health Care Solutions

Your government at work, again: TSA "inspector" breaks airplanes

KO just said...

Group to spend $2.8 million on anti-Obama ad

Is this story true?

The Rove-Rezko connection

NM-Sen: Pearce Surges in New Poll

America's Right Wing


Thursday TOON Roundup- part 3- War and our other problems

Company acknowledges voting machine error

Is Admiral McCombover ready to lose his temper on camera!?

Feds Say Fire Took Down Bldg 7 On 9/11

Thursday TOON Roundup- McMansions

I hate to say it, but I'm Olympicked out!

RIP Capt. Ed W. Freeman - You were one Hell of a man.

I'm going to miss Dan Abrams. I like his * League Justice

Ah there are days with idiots on the road



McCains Bought Beach Condo At Around Time McCain Said Struggling Homeowners Needed To Skip Vacation

Vitter Can't Use Campaign Funds to Pay for Madam-Related Legal Fees

W yearbook photo if graduation was 1952....

Who saw the woman on Hairballz who says she won't vote for Obama?

Bush sets world record: He runs up 8 trillion dollars in the budget & current account deficits.

Dish Network will have fulltime Democratic Convention coverage on channel 211

Russia to pour $25 billion into technology

Turn and Face the Change -- With Newspaper Industry in Crisis, 'Everything's on the Table'

Color me cynical .... the convenience of the 'white powder' at Combover Central

Any progressive who doesn't like Joe Biden has NOT read this:

Death Penalty Reform: My compromise, a schedule 1 rule....

Republican Convention Host Committee overlooks Black businesses

Less than 1wk to National Vets For Peace Convention in Minnesota

Don't talk about Captain Combover's houses. He's a former POW.

An issue of unknown risks and costs vs. unknown benefits.

Republican Prosecutors and a Local Alabama Newspaper, An Overly Cozy Relationship

I found this remix of "Sea Lion Woman" This guy is a genius....this is very timely...

New Obama ad.. scathing

IOC officially investigating Chinese Gymnasts.

Exploding Fundie Heads alert: Hallmark offers same-sex marriage greeting cards

A movie about our disastrous debt.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

More bad news for the Airlines

Ending Plastic Pollution of the Oceans/Water

The US missile defence system is the magic pudding that will never run out

Found a John McCain house!

Tell me this is coincidence!

Ya know, I used to listen to Malloy all the time, but I can't anymore.

Child Well Being Table

U.S., Iraqi Negotiators Agree on 2011 Withdrawal

Iraq During the Bush Years: Nothing but "Progress"-Bush History, 8/22

Overseas DUers... This American wants to get OUT!!!

Overseas DUers... This American wants to get OUT!!!

Overseas DUers... This American wants to get OUT!!!

The Verdict is Out But Abrams is Still In, For Now

Made Man: How Cindy Hensley invented John McCain

Send Dems anthrax, case still unsolved. Send McCain fake anthrax, get caught the next day.

which would you rather see nationwide? pot legalized for age 21+ OR legal drinking age of 18

Thank God this problem was resolved.

IOC asks for investigation of China’s gymnasts

Why I'll never use EHarmony again.

In a Cyclist-Friendly City, a Black Hole for Bikes

a question of constitutional/electoral procedure-

"Southland Tales" was deeeeep!

Someone with a good memory for political ads, help me out here.

I will say one good thing about Dick Cheney during all this VP talk

Glimpse into dangerous labs (Fort Detrick)

Do you know how many homes you have?

Olympics disappoint China business owners

USA Wins Gold in (spoiler)!!!! It was just shown LIVE, but if you are recording tonight, don't look!

McCain's house(s) of cards..(from AZ Central newspaper blog)

Lieberman Raids McCain Campaign Fridge

I don't care about Obama or Clinton

Just when you thought things could not get any weirder...

John McCain v John McClaim...

This Must Be Understood - Our Capitol is Owned by Foreign Capital...

The Age of Bush, Part VII: A Square Peg In An Oval Office

What politician/opinion leader do you most trust?

Convert to Islam, get placed on no fly list?

A relative or close friend shows up at your door and tells you they are

A message from the desert isn’t lost on Ted Koppel

Medicare hid fraud, report says

If Your Hospital’s Janitor Has Moral Objections To Your Abortion, They Can Refuse To Give It To You!

Moby sounds off.....

LOL - Keith reporting on "Housegate"

Admiral McCombover's inability to remember how many houses he owns means ...

I'm starting to hate Ebay!

Flake says Republican's neo-Nazi tie hurts GOP.. (gee..d'ya think??)

***NEWSFLASH*** From China -- this is HUGH!!!111

First They Came For The Smokers...

So now we are going to get out of Iraq?

If McCain cannot remember a simple thing like how many houses he owns,

Bush, Cheney and Rice; Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels

NBC Makes Mockery of McKay Legacy

The Verdict w/Dan Abrams - last chance to see it tonight.

Energy Debate Lines Drawn - you've gotta see this . . .

Earlier tonight, staff from one of Mccain's offices went to the ER after being exposed to

ACLU: Proposed Bush Regulation Jeopardizes Women’s Health

John McClaims to be a Maverick..

POTUS Debate Question.

Do you favor the Democrats swiftboating McCain?

Report: DOD to again probe post-Katrina pumps in New Orleans (Jeb Bush's former partner)

Limbaugh's "black man-child" slur elicits one SCARY blog comment

What was the significance of September 11, before 2001

In These Times: Our Toppling House of Cards

US Military Deaths In Iraq War At 4,145

$500M terror watch list program on verge of collapse

AlterNet: O'Reilly Attacks Woman Who Connects Dots Between Hate Speech and Violence

Olympic Spoiler - 4 X 1 ladies

So now the bush administration comes out with a timetable, and the MSM is silent

Some people should not have kids!

Admiral McCombover's "Resko": Donald Diamond


Dear Senator Clinton supporters,

Foreclosures account for 42 percent of Maricopa County (AZ) resales

What was the reason mccain gave for voting against a day honoring Martin Luther King?

How many things is Admiral McCombover "not sure" about?

C-SPIN: Abramoff Pal Ralphie Reed


Did you know this?

Glenn Greenwald: The right and men who live off their second wives' inherited wealth

Water Wars

TEAL: the Typo Eradication Advancement League!

Here's what freepers believed four years ago

When a business partnership of artists incorporates, is it morally entitled to corporate welfare?

self delete

Poor Michael Ware..

The Official TPM Tally: The McCains Own Eight To Eleven Houses

Poll: Majority of Americans open to supporting a gay presidential candidate.»


Former McCain mansion ... virtual tour on Yahoo RE... $12 million...13 bedrooms(main & guest house

Bush & Cheney Don’t Believe John McCain Was Tortured -

Should we be worried?

Paulson Might Weigh Whom to Hurt in Any Fannie, Freddie Rescue

My "special" son says go see Tropic Thunder !

Financial tycoon Warren Buffett suggests 'populist' John Edwards return the small donations he took.

OMG! I just got an email from Obama!

The white powder scare at the McCain campaign headquarters in Denver..

Unless the country has wised up, it looks like it will come down to Ohio and Florida

Boeing Says It Might Exit Tanker Bidding

India's 1st woman Prez. advises women to learn Karate

U.S. Torture Claim Credible, British Court Finds

How many of you are going to fight the vote stealing cheat this time around?

Appeals Court Remands Gov't Appeal in Hepting v. AT&T = FISA

Despite Bush's Goal of Doubling Peace Corps' Size, Tight Budget Forces Cuts

It's 10 minutes to Doomsday, do you know where your anthrax is?

Is There A Better Version Of The National Anthem Than Marvin Gaye's?

Cindy McPain from meegbear's Rude Pundit thread

The Rude Pundit - John McCain: Using the POW Excuse Since At Least 1990

Hmmm...Check out the Investor who built 2211 Camelback.. McCain's Luxurious Condo in Pheonix

One area we cannot compete with repubs: Dumb slogans:

The 13th floor of the WTC 7 ?

Ohio Services Set for Tubbs Jones

Conversation at work yesterday....

AlterNet: Booze Kills, Pot Doesn't

Pat Buchanan is a raging leftist pacifist!!

China solves the confiscated items problem..(airport)

It's 3AM.....

Deal would have U.S. troops out of Iraq by 2012-(no, the deal will KEEP troops in iraq thru 2011)

House Count

grieve for the Polar Bears - warning this article is a downer

McCain should ask Cheney how many houses he owns.

Finally, the news everyone has been waiting for.

Did Robert Mugabe use the classic strategy: first get money, then get power, then...

D.C. bartenders favor Democrats as patrons

Bob Ney (R-OH): Prosecuted for Not Playing Ball with Bush Administration

How often are you hitting "refresh" today, looking for VP choice?

Spoiler: Cuba vs USA for Olympic Gold

So, the gov't has a new Iraq pull-out plan. Where have I heard that before? Could it be...

Dole Falling Apart?

Dole Falling Apart?

Private insurance...

HHS proposal says doctors can refuse abortions, referrals

Buchanan nails McCain's Neo-Con Adviser, Scheunemann

Jerome Corsi next up on Thom Hartmann - 1:07 EDT

Now that McCain brought up Rezko why isn't Obama hitting back with the Keating Five?

584,000 medical entities could lose federal funding for not accomodating anti-choice employees...

neo con Ralph hung over Reed arrived late for his spot on W.J.

I know wiki isn't usually a great source, but

Texas congressman Chet Edwards for Obama's VP?

NUclear War OK?

Pro-RIAA comic hopes to scare file sharers with bizarre legal fantasy

House of the future should be concrete igloo on hydraulic lift

Inmate killed himself with a burrito, suit alleges


Newsflash: A Private/Chartered Plane From Delaware Due In At Chicago's Midway Airport

Is the frequent outspoken Zionism of TV preachers of Christianity a reactionary attitude?

To keep your mind occupied until VP announced:5 Really Weird Things About Water

position open: Free Speech Radio News Headlines Editor

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,

American Family Association launches boycott against Hallmark.»

Lost Secrets of the Americans

The age equals experience just got local

The age equals experience just got local

Airport security "wands" a suspicious character

RNC line up of speakers

$40,000 in a bucket stolen from a shed...

Is Putin working for the McCain campaign? - Today’s Headlines 8/22/08

When they go this far..... LIARS!!!

Argentine dog saves abandoned baby (Awww...good puppers!)

Thanks for the star!

Lawyers: 2 Marines refuse to testify in federal trial

Bill O'Reilly's 7 Worst Moments

CNN is crazy, they have a live came set up at Biden, Bayh, and

Get out of Gaffe Free card

Shaking up the beehive - The response to the Right Wing and Right Wing Hate Radio

What will the "October Surprise" be?

(Spoiler?) My new Olympic hero.

Evangelical Preacher Charged With Murder, Rape, Sodomy, Sex Abuse & Incest

"What's wrong with Michelle Obama?"

If a man has a sex change, can he compete in the Olympics as a woman?

How do you think McCain will notify his supporters about his VP selection?

Why are so many excusing stealing from a library?

Lock/delete/erase this

Muhammad Ali will attend the Democratic Party Convention

Pew Research: Interest In Democratic Convention Much Higher Than In 2004

Will Fay make landfall #4

The Fast Track to Slow Food

Anyone listening to Sam Seder?

Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave!

Legal Question: Califorina

hope the Denver cops don't dress like the Miami cops

Muhammad will attend Obama speech at Invesco!

Sugar Land’s Lopez Family (TAEKWONDO) At Beijing Olympics: SPOILER!

I hate living in a "swing state" at this time...

I Want to Give a Shout Out to (IMHO) a GREAT Olympian!

Robin Leach (I kid you not) comes to McShame's defense.

So I was on the website for re-ordering my ExtenZe male enhancement pills

Anyone running a Veep Pool?

OMG! No effing way... Its Oprah Winfrey (link here)

The New York Times Best-seller List: Political titles with and without typographical symbols

Can we measure John McCain's carbon footprint?

Ben Stein is more of a maverick than John McCain is, receives praise from FRC

CNN Veepcam morphed into "Train Derailed in Oklahoma"

Chairman Waxman Issues a Subpoena for Clean Water Act Documents

This Week in Scandal Watch

Civil Rights Commission Hires Spakovsky to Work on Voting Rights

Bill Scher: This Week In "Insurance Company Rules": Forced To Raise Funds For Sick Friends

I.O.U.S.A. - The Movie

Franken and Coleman Now Tied for Minn. Senate - Coleman Had Large Lead for Months

PR Push for Iraq War Preceded Intelligence Findings

I Just Got a Text Message (from my wife)!

great obama pic 1979

WTC7, anthrax, and Iraq War all solved in a few weeks--Very impressive.

It's gonna have to be an old white dude.

Senate GOP hurting for campaign money

McCain's running for National Commander of the VFW, right?

Fundamentalist Group Drops Public Funding Windfall After Americans United Protest

Sometimes good things do happen.

Just recently learned that in Australian airports, non ticket holders can

Fundies: Hallmark Out to Ruin Marriage in Amurka! They will be smitten!

Washington Post "Diebold machines made to drop dem votes" = dead link

Al Franken trails 42 - 46 in his race...

Someone should just bop Begala over the head with a keyboard..

Jerome Corsi's Long, Strange Trip

Buchanan accuses 'McCain's neocon warmonger' (Scheunemann) of treason

Ben "Mr. Confidence" Bernanke: Inflation outlook is "highly uncertain." USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

bu$h* is now using his illegal war to influence the election

John and Cindy after a day at the lake.

Could Obama pick a republican to counteract Lieberman?

How's this for a thought?

PETA Wants To Buy SeaWorld And Free Shamu

Accused church shooter faces new charges

You know all those WWII movies or movies set in other dictatorships

Jukebox John keeps changing his tune(74 flip-flops)...... list of McCain's flip-flops

FYI: Coke and Smokes

David Crosby Not Shy About Which Side He's On

Is McCain the first kept man to run for president?

Here is some info some might find interesting: Wal-Mart and the Government.

McCain flips flop to get elected.

Do you ever get the feeling all of this is one big dog and pony show?

DNC Releases New Video: 'How Many'

OMG you should see the Pepsi Center

OMG you should see the Pepsi Center

For those who lived thru both which was (is) worse--8 years of chimp or 6 years of Nixon?

Anyone know what's happened to Bart this week?

Anyone know what's happened to Bart this week?

Just checked Dem Convention Schedule. Kaine is the only one not scheduled to speak!!

THANK YOU, Dan Abrams. You will be missed.

DU hurricane buffs, riddle me this (1990s storm question) ..

2 Marines found in contempt of court

Hillary Just May Be The One!

V.P. Watch ......

Doug Minkler: Free Graphics

If you were elected president, what book would you ask to be sworn in on?

Ed McMahon finds home buyer- "and it's not John McCain,"

This is hilarious.

Someone is searching for John McCains Homes

Detroit Free Press: Obama has 7-point lead on McCain in Michigan

A Grave Infringement on the Right to Choose, and Ridiculous Meddling into the Practice of Medicine

Cindy's Daddy was a real bastard, wasn't he? (she didn't fall far from the tree)

There hasn't been this much ado about an event since...

Tuna reaches unheard of prices in Honolulu as stocks continue to dwindle and

Myspace Censors ECA Over Kill Bill O'Reilly Song

Officials told to look for fake emergency vehicles

What if Obama picks Kaine and McCain picks Cantor?

Get your war on: The Surge!

A report card for the Bush Administration

Canadian Con health minister at his douchiest

Gonna get Lojacked!

Rumor,Rumor: Plant printing Obama/ Bayh material! nt

'American Prayer' for Obama

Most important news story for the week (ending 08-22-2008)

Topless protests tomorrow and on the 26th

A question - are any of the former POW's who knew McCain defending him?

So Bush has a "cut and run" plan now...What was it all FOR then? Killing all those troops..

Reporters running at Bidens house

Conservatives grow wary of mixing church, politics

Movie paints picture of catastrophic future "I. O. U. S. A."

Y'all ever read the original torture documents?

Roll-out of my new name for John McCain: Juano McGuano

Oh noes! Mass layoffs in L.A.!

Come on - fess up. You're jonesing

Obama Kisses Real Change Bayh Bayh? Oh God, I hope Not!

What's McCain afraid of...

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah CNN is really really upset

The DC Madam (Deborah Jeane Palfry) will affect the 2008 election from the grave.

Post your VP predictions here!

For those of you who are being text with the Obama VP selection, are you going to share with the

You know the announcement could have been delayed due to someone turning the VP slot down.

Slide show of Architectural Digest's cover boy McCain's redesigned Phoenix home

You know that whole judge, book, cover thing?

All clear on threats to McCain offices

video of CNN going insane waiting for the pick

Why is the name "Salman Rushdie" well-known internationally?

You know, Biden has a powerful personal story.

Bank Failure Friday Night: The Columbian Bank and Trust Co of Topeka, KS

The Republicans enacted policies that . . . .

A query about comparing the tax proposals of Obama vs McCain

Obama: 'McCain is a Country Club Republican'


Russia's oil boom may be running on empty

NYT: Seeking More Viewers, MSNBC Turns Left

Murder conviction reinstated in fatal S.F. dog mauling

Can we at least agree that a factually based political attck is NOT"Swiftboating" ?

Drudge says it's Bayh.

McCain's Cheat Sheet to Remember How Many Houses He Has

Obama Could Greatly Benefit from Biden's Verbosity...

McCain To Pick Ronald Reagan As VP

Plain speaking about Russia, Georgia and other stuff...

I will be very disappointed if Obama's VP pick isn't either

When will Obama make his announcement!? Place your bets here!

Stephanie Tubbs Jones, as organ donor, helps dozens

Shot and left for dead in the street, dog starts a new life

Am I right in feeling sqeamish about this course outline?

Is Propaganda the Greatest threat to America’s Democracy?

CNN Showing Damaging Quotes From Biden Already

Who will Obama pick (The last Veep Poll)

autorank's Bugliosi article up at OpEdNews. Please go hit it.

Reflections on Leaving the Party by Susan Eisenhower

Rolling Stone: "The Decade of the Dude"

Help! My boyfriend is thinking about voting for McCain.

Reid on Lieberman: "No matter what it is, he's always with us. He just does not vote right on Iraq."

New NSA report has documentary evidence that the CIA Iraq "white paper" created months before NIE

New NSA report has documentary evidence that the CIA Iraq "white paper" created months before NIE

Warning: Worldwide Economic Wipeout Ahead

Warning: Worldwide Economic Wipeout Ahead

Ed McMahon finds home buyer and avoids foreclosure

Drunken cowboy monkey riding a dead elephant: Rolling Stone's current cover illustration

A Few Words about the “Loony Left”

The article that has the right wing in a never before seen frenzy of hate

Corporations and the Common Good.....Inherently imcompatible?

On average, $27 of local property taxes go to road building and maintenance

CBS News: "A noun, a verb, and POW"

They can't keep the lid on it!!! => #10 on the NYT Best Seller List

NEW: One House, One Spouse, Obama 2008 Stickers!

BOB NEY: Prosecuted for Not Playing Ball with BUSH Administration

Karl Marx and Ayn Rand say that the most important thing in life is money. Do you agree?

Young Anti-Abortion Republican Evangelical Backs Out of Giving Democratic Convention Opening Prayer

HORTON: More Prosecutorial Mischief in Mississippi

Judiciary Panel Wants to Interview Six About Claim of Forged Iraq Letter

wtf....Anthrax suspect's lawyer speaks up for FBI

Why do military people all seem to mispronounce "Eye-rack"?

Firestorm of pressure from Japan to stop Sea Shepherd from Protecting Whales

Wonderful LTTE in Denver today, about homeless people....

Chavez: "Bush deserves the gold medal for drunkedness at the Olympics!"

EVEN NEWER (and improved) One House, One Spouse, Obama 2008 Stickers and T-Shirts!

Michael Moore Dares to Ask: What's So Heroic About Being Shot Down While Bombing Innocent Civilians?

McPOW, you've cheapened & exploited your military service like no other man before you.

Can this be verified?

If, in campaigning, we sink to the level of the repubicans .......

If, in campaigning, we sink to the level of the repubicans .......

I miss idgiehkt

How Do You Feel When One Of Your Threads Gets Locked?

A sex thread walks into a bar...

An airplane picture walks into a bar...

Liar who dragged Duke Lacrosse players through the mud to release book

For those who "can't believe the election is this close" and "we don't need to swiftboat, we have

We all remember Sore Loserman, right?

Yesterday at a reception for new graduate students..

Note to self....

What's the poison of the evening?

JOB SEARCH UPDATE: I'm over-qualified, but there might be a more lucrative position for me.

ROFLMAO!..."OP is no longer with us, again."

Guess the skit rant...

I love you guys

I got a text message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New project: I'm going to listen to every single to make it to #1 on Billboard's Hot 100.

um, no comment.

Any car audio experts?

Tongue's sixth 'taste' discovered - calcium

crappy cell phone pic

Trail of evidence to Chinese gymnast's age?

How many houses does McCain have?

Dumb thread

Update: First < I never come into the lounge much, BUT...>

It's come to this

i have to go to texas tomorrow

DS1 needs to hang up the phone so we can continue with our

BMX what


yet another wtf moment. my son's oldest friend and his family are being deported.

Dear God the trolls around here are getting fat..

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

I am now in a state of ooky shell shock.

Summary of DU, in video form...

Someone brand new posts a whole bunch of few word posts

Green Acres!!!!!

Quality thread in GDP

I still reign as the supreme thread killer

Red State Update vs Westboro Baptist Church (video)

Asshole sighting in GD-P

wow... OMG... the VP choice is...

I'm not a cooter, not a pooter -get it straight

"It Takes A Nation of Brazilians To Hold Us Back."

My mother is a tough broad

Can philanderers fall in love?

Kompleat this Kraftwerk rhyme..."Stare at the TV screen", "I don't know what to do."

My Mother is a republican

Does anybody know if Obama is still awake?

Can Flanders fall in love?

Crap! I think my mom know's I'm dating her boyfriend.

You can take a beagle oustide before going to bed...

The Red Green Show

I just watched No Reservations....

Worst place you ever fell asleep/passed out?

Can otherlanders fall in love?

What's the Dumbest, of Funniest Thing You've Done While Intoxicated?

Howdy'do laidies? My name'a Pete

Extreme ways are back again


Can you here me?

Hate me...

Mrs. Slocombe brought her pussy to work

is there anybody out there?


southpawkicker . . .

Is the word "aquitard" offensive?

There are TWO brazilians losing to two Americans.

I'm going to fucking explode.

I only have one house and one wife.

TYT: A Noun, A Verb and POW (Is McCain Overplaying The POW Card?)

Hey Midlo!

Trippy medal map (forgive me if this has ben posted before):

Sen. Ted Stevens' Very, Very Short Memory

I feel icky, oh so icky

FOGHAT, baby! Ohhhhhhhh Fuck Yeah!

Michael Phelps actually

The Chinese gymnasts might be busted!

is the word unitard offensive?

There's an Australian pole vaulter called Steve Hooker who looks like Carrot Top.

What are you listening to tonight?

Do you ever just want to curl up in bed and stay there?

Tuesday afternoon

If you purchase Bigfoot, should you be allowed a refund?

Get ready for Defcon 4. When the Veep is announced GD-P is going to explode.

Here you go cat fanatics:Yoda the four-eared cat

Oh for all that is holy and sacred......

EEEWWWWWW - - Did any of us need to know this.....

Earth to all you fucking nimbicle dumbasses that drive oversized SUVs


Just shoot me right now..

Jesus Is Coming For Midlo And Lynnesin

You know you're out of shape when yawning causes you to throw out your shoulder

Post something that's been said, but that you just heard and it boggles your mind.

Crap! I think my boyfriend knows I'm dating my mom!

Fred Phelps. Seriously. Does the man have no shame at all?

What the hell did I just miss here?

"No Air" by Jordin Sparks and Chris brown is a piece of Pop Masterpiece

I can't believe both teams dropped the baton

"sweet" little sinatra just viciously attacked me

One house, One Spouse, Obama, 08

Call this number, freak out a Norwegian village:

Is Boojatta a cyborg?

I get such a kick out of seeing that someone checked out my thesis at the library.

Boy. If this is true, this is absolutely horrific.

Kitten sketch of the day

You Can't Win: Movie Quote Edition Day 2 (With updated award info for winner!)

Imperial presence in the San Francisco area.

Text messages.

Who doesn't have access to a computer?

OMG! Obma just txtd me!

So, what would you do

So I found some free cake in the breakroom at work

If Joe Biden Is Picked And We Win Will We Have A Party For Lynnesin?

cool, found this very.. uh... RED pic of Vancouver

Are you all excited? Because soon we're all going to have a simultaneous O...

Mandatory workplace charity campaigns

Could it be?

Text message received!!! It's Gore!!!!!!!!

What is your favorite mixed dog breed combination?

Text message!

This thread is NOT a hoax about Obama's VP choice.

Who wants to have a little fun??? Here is your mission!!!!

CONFESS! Who's got their cell phones open, LBN posting window at the ready....

Text message

So I found some free cake in the bathroom at work.

I hope he announces that he isn't going to have a V.P. at all.

Obama considering Kane for VP choice.

It's Hillary!!!!!


Here you go cat fanatics:Yoda the four-eared cat

Hello Lounge

Breaking News: Obama drunk texts his supporters.

Oh my boss totally just crop dusted me!

My cat knows who will be VP but she won't tell me unless I go to the store and get her

"Mythbusters" on Letterman tonight!

Looking For Advice: I Am Traveling to India on Business in Sept.

Fuck , wasp bites hurt !

What do people think of the new Metallica?


I Just Got A Tex Message

Has anyone seen my CAKE? I left it in the breakroom

I Just Got An Oedipus Tex Message

anyone have the DNC schedule in a nutshell?

Man uses Barbie fishing rod to make record catch

Have we snarked yet on Gwen Stefani's baby name? Zuma? WTF?

datasuspect to GD...datasuspect to GD please

This is too silly...

Texting Etiquette Question?

breaking!!! Obama to install a TOLLBOOTH for tomorrows Springfield event

I'm having a sad day today...

My day in smilies


Barack Obama to name VP nominee at a Jersey Diner to the tune of "Don't Stop Believing"

I Am Going To Lunch Now Let Me Know When I Return

If you were a writer, which books would you write?

What is the best age to be?

Well, dammit, when will we know?!!

How many threads will start when "you know what" happens?

More effective means of communication: Text messages or conference calls?

Can you go anywhere?

If you're tired about hearing me whine about unemployment, move on

BREAKING NEWS!! Estes Kefauver has been chosen as Veep!!1!!

Probably posted before, but Google cache FTW

I'm gonna take a nap. Somebody call me when we know who the Veep is.

Punishment for the next Lounger who posts a VD hoax thread?

Why is there a picture of Condi Rice wearing KISS makeup on the DU homepage

Holy crap! Obama named his running mate!

The minstrel of the dawn is here

I've been looking through my ImageShack pics

Geeking out

From the '70s

I'm the proud owner of a money pit.

I watched my 2 year old nephew as he watched an ant.

Obama to announce VP nominee with a puff of white smoke coming from his chimney

How long should the site of a yellow-jacket sting be irritated?

Post here and I will say something nice about the state where you live

Pizza- Chicago Deep Dish or NY Style?

Does anyone know what happened to Lay's Olestra chips

While you wait: an im conversation amongst the vp hopefuls

It's so obvious. The reason none of the candidates is making travel plans is because the pick

Well, my son got the job he was interviewing for

Freedom kiss!




Any GENERATION KILL fans around here?

Questions to keep you occupied and to spare the poor mods

What should the Lounge theme song be?

Post a picture. ANY picture!

Ooooohhhhh yummy!!! Fresh Herpes

They should fire them fuckers that do product control for phasers.

Punishment for the next Lounger who posts a VP hoax thread?

So just when I thought the Free Credit Report commercials

Punishment for the next whiny post about the VP that Turtlensue makes


Evan Bayh!!!!!!!

SHOCKING Revelation from the John McCain home page......

I admit it, I'm Evan Bayh, ask me anything!

Pssst. I need some vibes

Westegg signing off DU for now...

OK, Who else has an Obama ringtone?

So I found out today that the job

Blackberry 8830 Owners - CHECK IN!

Ok, I have no idea who "the Fonz" or "Fonzi" is

What atracts you?

Sean Connery's strategy for his son's annoying downstairs neighbors: "kill the adversary."

Your Favorite TV Show Theme Song?

It's like Christmas Eve in GD: P right now.

"Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get."

Half ton woman indicted in 1st degree murder, baffles authorities on what to do with her.

remember that Flash time-waster Bush Falls? well,

I want to see some art by DUers

Are the cameras also waiting outside of Lee Mercer Jr. house (all three)

Official "Obama Announces VP Choice" duck-and-cover thread

The Last Time I Saw her Face

Pocahonts - Neil Young

VP Hoax Thread

Apparently, Edwards is out.

i can see the leaves on trees again!

Manzarek & Krieger to pay Densmore, Morrison heirs $5 mil for touring as "Doors of the 21st Century"

Still ranting about the fundie worship service in a public park.

Ugly Escorts want their money back - seems they couldn't get a job

Come! We dance!

OMG you guys I finally got a Wii!

Oh, hey, I got my DTV converter box thingy for the antenna

While you jackasses are fretting over Obama's VP pick, I'll be volunteering at my counties party HQ

So, Seattle area folks, suppose I take a job in Renton.

Kathleen Sebelius!

Poor Lynnesin

You're freakin' kidding me. It IS Chet Edwards....


Obama Just Texted Me, Flvegan will Be His Veep Choice

Breaking NEWS Dan Snyder is named VP!!1!!~

If you think it was nutty over at GP when we had two candidates

Has Anyone Ever Had Dental Work Done in a Foreign Country?

Ed McMahon sells home to "private buyer"...and it's NOT the Donald, as reported earlier

Turtlensue submits to a beating as punishment for next VP hoax thread

The next VP submits to a beating as punishment for a Turtlensue hoax thread

Hi-Def t.v. - some comments and questions.

45 minutes...45 long minutes

My first kiss came from a 21 yr old when I was 17.

Jump around

While we all wait: What's the difference between John McCain and Jed Clampett?

Shamu, my semi-blind cat, is freaked out by the beagle's food ball.

How many people here have donated to Obama's campaign?

Midlo For President


I rise to the fuck you............

LynneSin's real name:

I'm listening to Jorma Kaukonen now

Disturbing juxtaposition of the day:

Found me a Freeper, want to lookie quick?

Alright! Tweets about to ask the question I would....

Some of your get it.

Give it a few minutes until Turtlensue and Parche both have their heads explode

Give it a few minutes until Turtlensue and Parche both have their heads explode

How would you determine the

Political sex

blast from 4 years ago this week

I have a Carly Simon song playing in my head....any guess as to what it is?

Ok, find your favorite childhood actor and link it to your favorite actor in the present..

Darling, There's Something I've Been Hiding From You—I'm Jimmy Buffett

I could swear I saw Chuggo in downtown Akron today.

Is it okay if I smoke my VP bowl in the lounge? GDP is stressing me out.

Members of the average British household spend 34 minutes a day shouting at each other

Go on: confess!

Interesting E-mail from Governor Bill Richardson...

A Lot Of Assholes In This World

Drunkenness + eBay

I just got a TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Band of horses

what're your plans for this evening?

Love my webcam (chatting with wife, she is in CA, I made it to ohio - pics)

Can Highlanders fall in love?

I want to see some farts by DUers

I... I'm really starting to worry it isn't going to be Lee Mercer Jr.


McCain's Riding High on the Polls. Tell Me, What the Hell is That all About??

Darmok: The logical choice for Obama's veep

The best song ever written or the best song written in the 20th century?

What can you make with a bunch of celery?

You want to hear how Britney REALLY sounds. (Her Microphone isolated)

Can you feel humidity gradients when walking around in a large room in a residence?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday August 22

The word "gift" IS NOT A VERB!!

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.!

The Red Green Show

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 8/22/2008)

I'm Joe Biden, and I'm going to be Obama's VP. Ask me anything.

I have an addiction that i can really not afford..

Sometimes I feel like I can't catch a break.

I hate your home state.


Whats for dinner?

Who are these Jonas Brothers?

Who are these Jonas Brothers?


What's the worst movie ever made?

Check out my friends' band.

Do you eat okra?

Who was your favourite Older Women/Man fantasy?

Aloha. What the fuck is the time?

Name a Celebrity You Wouldn't Brake for

The Green Red Show {dial-up warning}

Hey Loungers, still more photos

So if Joe Biden gets picked as VP - will you finally show the love & respect Delaware deserves

So much for fucking "confidentiality." Recent job news-related.

Who Doesn't Have a Cell Phone

Outside Lands music festival webcat tommorow!

The Best Movies That Had A Sad Ending

"grammar vigilantes" . . . banned from national parks . . .

Mexico outraged over corrupt police, kidnappings

(Pics, Video) Homes McCain doesn't remember having worth nearly $14 million

Fraud halts US refugee programme

Alabama workers to pay for extra pounds

US buyout money heads abroad amid financing drought

Consent decree signed in Maine hate crime case

Abbott to cut 1,000 jobs from diagnostic unit

Kerosene recalled in Pa., NY, Ohio, W.Va. (Gasoline possibly mixed-deadly)

GM releases official pics of 2011 Chevy Cruze

In a Cyclist-Friendly City, a Black Hole for Bikes

(British)Court says Guantanamo documents should be released

Obama: U.S. budget deficits weighing on dollar

Marine Corps Recruiter Accused Of Unlawful Sex


Iraq Takes Aim at Leaders of U.S.-Tied Sunni Groups

Wal-Mart to pay former exec Coughlin $6.75 million (admitted embezzler)

Russian withdrawal from Georgia remains uncertain

Three top Wall St. banks to buy back billions in auction rate securities

Aristotle Onassis ordered Robert Kennedy's assassination, according to play

Obama not ready to name running mate just yet

Kuwait loans Cambodia $546 mln, plans embassy

Georgian official: Russian troops leaving Gori

Chet Edwards? (AP Breaking - Short List - Vetted)

Petraeus: Iraq slows hiring of former insurgents

U.S. envoy to meet N.Koreans for nuclear talks

Obama notifies candidates on shortlist

India Atomic Import Exemption Stalls at Nuclear Group (Update1)

3 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Russia's first Georgia move legitimate: U.S. envoy

Russia Says It's Fulfilled Georgia Pullout Pledge

NYC to Pay 52 Antiwar Protesters $2 Million = Kunstler vs, NYC

CBS/CNN: 1984 Democratic Primary gets nasty (Mondale's original 3AM ad Hillary borrowed)

Recession fear for half the globe, says Goldman Sachs

PR Push for Iraq War Preceded Intelligence Findings("White Paper" Drafted before NIE even Requested)

Anatomy Of Your Enemy

McCain Out of Touch with Reality & How Many Homes he Owns

Countdown: Worst Person Aug. 21, 2008 = Rush Limbaugh

("Al Qaeda No. 2") New Zawahiri Video Released

No single-term pledge for McCain

U.S. scraps self-deportation program

NRSC to cut Senate Race expenditures

Anyone know what's happened to Bart this week?

Countdown: Robert Klein Interview August 21, 2008

Sen. Stevens Trial Will Take Place in Washington

Oregon tribe recognizes same-sex marriage

US regulators shut Columbian Bank in Kansas

White powder in letter to McCain not anthrax

CNN - 'I've made the selection'

Gwatney's Widow To Serve As Superdelegate At Democratic Convention

House colleague berates military pork king Murtha

Foreign contractors stoking Iraqi violence

Barack Obama Pounds 'No Change McCain'

U.S.-led Coalition Kills 76 Afghan Civilians-Ministry

Peru's Congress repeals land laws pushed by Garcia

Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) on Talk of Alaska Radio

Oil prices fall over $6 on stronger dollar

A People's History of American Empire by Howard Zinn

Ex-US diplomat gets 20 years for child porn

Civilians In Warfare

Verdict: McCain Owns Seven Homes In Three States

SEVEN HOUSES : Barack Obama campaign ad 08-21-08

TYT: Obama's New Tax Plan Goes Under Attack, Compared To 'Welfare'

DemRapidResponse: How Many? -- Excellent!

Last Edition of Bush League Justice August 21, 2008

Kal Penn with Dean on the bus in Santa Fe, NM.

Pilot Suspended For Being on Terrorist Watch List

Dalai Lama Denies Tibet Massacre Quote

Obama Slams McCain for Being Out of Touch

CIA Officially Responds to Suskind Book: Calls Charges 'False' and 'Offensive'

Dean in Santa Fe today on the bus tour. Tomorrow Denver

John McCain and Keating Five

The Betrayal of America! Vincent Bugliosi

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday August 22

McCain Advisers Say Stance on Abortion Is Crucial for No. 2

Jesse Jackson: Barack Obama is 'Anchor Guy' in 54-Year (Civil Rights) Relay

Countdown: McCain's Housing Crisis

Warren Buffett says 'game is over' for Freddie and Fannie

Usher Raymond on BnB Voter Registration Drive

George McGovern Comeback Line

Why The UpTake and $$$ Are In Denver

Japanese create stem cells from wisdom teeth

Kosovo Forum in Montreal - Lewis MacKenzie

Obama: 'I've Made the Selection' for V.P.

McCain's "How Many Houses" Game

Woodstock -- 40 years after

Name on government watch list threatens pilot's career

Sen. Barack Obama Speaks to LIUNA

CNN: E-Voting Machine Maker Admits Miscounts!

McCain - Making Excuses on Gaffes and Flipflops because he was a POW

On The Trail with Obama: Homeless Veteran

Kathleen Sebelius speaks to Iowa's Volunteers

NBC News: Reunion of SS guards draws protests in small German Town (1984)

Republican Explains Why He`s Voting For Obama

Soldier gets 15 months in prison for desertion

Obama Ad: "Out of Touch"


Karl Rove's Spin: This Is An Attack On Cindy McCain (!)

Airport Police Cleared in Gotbaum Death

Pew: More Americans Question Religion's Role In Politics (Majority Now Say Churches Should Stay Out)

U.S. measles cases at 12-year high

INN News: Carter's debate briefs fell into Reagan Campagin's hands before debates (1984)

McCain's houses nightly news roundup

Ukraine opposition to send Georgian leader neckties to chew on

Lou Dobbs: Democracy at Risk = w/ Ellen Theisen, Voters Unite

AD WATCH: 3 Fridays, 3 False Attack Ads

How many houses do you own?

More Fun with the McCain Housing Crisis! State Coverage (NC)

TYT: China Squashes Olympic Protests

Countdown: McNOPOLY = How many houses and condos?

Ecuador complains of meddling by Venezuelan opposition

Tour of the Democratic National Convention Hall

Muhammad Ali will Attend the Democratic National Convention

Why Biden?

Bernanke: Financial Storm Not Yet Over

TYT: A Horrible Lie By Cindy McCain

McCain's Best Man Hasn't Endorsed Him

Poll: Franken, Coleman deadlocked in Minn. Senate race (Franken up by 1)


McCant: Because You Can't Do It, My Friend

Scientific Report Comes Out Explaining WTC 7 Collapse

Neb. 'safe-haven' law allows abandonment of teens

Al Franken Returns To Comedy In Goofy New Ad

US to gift Pak 20 T-37 trainer jets

Military halts shipment of deadly toxins

US Senator met with Venezuelan Congress Vice-president

An American Prayer

TYT: Is McCain Overplaying The POW Card?

Alabama to charge fat workers extra cash

Opening statements begin in Fallujah case

Independent UK: The population timebomb

MI5 criticised for role in case of torture, rendition and secrecy

Amy Goodman: Cheney, Bush and Habbush

Talking About Disorders of Sex Development: Interview with Intersex activist Amy Hinton

McCain Hires Sherlock Holmes, to Figure Out His Number of Homes

Larry Flynt: Where are you?

John Shelby Spong: Good Show, Poor Theology (Saddleback Forum)

Gorbachev - Russia Never Wanted a War

"No wonder America can't wait to get rid of Bush" - UK Daily Mail article and pics:

Time:The Five Faces of Barack Obama

David Brooks: Hoping It’s Biden

How Obama Reconciles Dueling Views on Economy

Bernanke: Financial storm not yet subsided

Bush Plan Would Blunt State Birth Control Law

Paul Krugman:Now That’s Rich

McCain Camp Plays POW Card on House Gaffe

Is big back? How soon we forget!

McCain's Warped Worldview

Steve Martin's 'Tribute' to McCain: King Glut

John McCain Discovers America


Seven Ways Your Vote Might Not Count This November

Aristotle Onassis ordered Robert Kennedy's assassination, according to play

Babyland on 20/20 - Tennessee's Poverty Driven High Infant Death Rate

(Ivins) Case not Closed-Editorial from respected Science Journal 'Nature'

US election: Convention puts Dean's revolutionary credentials to the test

Island Upbringing: How Hawaii Shaped Obama

How to Erase That Smea...

McCain misfires as he attacks Obama's home purchase

$2M Settlement Is a Cop Wakeup Call

McCain's Plan to Privatise Veterans' Health Care

Progressives Losing the Book Wars.

Time Magazine: Are Oil Prices Rigged?

Apocalypse Later: Looking Back at 2008 from the Future

Behind the Scenes: Meet George Obama

One Nation, Under Stress, In Debt. - I.O.U.S.A the movie.

Michael Moore Dares to Ask: What's So Heroic About Being Shot Down While Bombing Innocent Civilians?

And None Dare Call It Treason; Who is Randy Scheunemann?

Utility Use of Solar Power Begins to Heat Up

Oil Casualties: Kazakhs Mull Exporting Through Russia

Google Goes Geothermal With New Clean Energy Investments

Toronto's mysterious bicycle thief

Slow burn for a cash crop (tobacco)

Alcoa "Optimistic" Aluminum Prices Will Rise on Power Shortage

UN Highlights Hotspots - Nations & Regions Most Vulnerable To Climate Breakdown & Consequences

Demand For Solar Rooftop Systems Down Under Pushes Waiting Times To Nine Months - Canberra Times

At Least 1,000 Dead In India's Monsoon Flooding - Food Riots In Bihar, Uttar Pradesh - ENN

Hydrogen Projects Finding Mixed Funding Sources

SA MD's Who Diagnosed At Least 10 Cases Of Manganese-Specific Illness Swiftly Fired, Replaced

Eco-homes: Less than zero (UK)

Americans skip Labor Day trips as costs rise (-0.9% YOY)

Federal wildlife monitors spotted 9 polar bears in one day swimming in open ocean -ice diminishing

Sierra Club wins another: Court Rejects E.P.A. Limits on Emissions Rules 8-19-08

Earthquakes May Endanger New York More Than Thought; Nuclear Power Plant Seen As Particular Risk

Making Terra Preta Soil: Ramona's Recipe for Home-Made Dirt

What is the carbon footprint of McCain’s countless homes?

Japan Players Bet Big on Emerging Thin-film Solar

8/22 National Ice Center - All Of Franz Josef Land @ 1-3/10ths, BIG 7-8/10 Area w/i 100 NM Of Pole

US Automakers Are Seeking $25 Billion in Federal Loans

Pre-ignition catalytic converter (Burning plasma)

Raymond James Says State of Russian Oil ‘Much Worse than We Would Have Imagined 6 Months Ago’

Driven: Shai Agassi's Audacious Plan to Put Electric Cars on the Road

Canadian Firm Soliciting Bids For CCS Plant - Far Smaller Than Canceled US "FutureGen" Pilot

Florida Now In 5th Day Of Drenching From Fay - Dumping "Absurd Amounts Of Rain" - SunSent

Wind firm seeks strategy shakeup (cost overruns and production problems)

Talking About Disorders of Sex Development: Interview with Intersex activist Amy Hinton

'The Advocate' to reduce frequency to monthly

A day without Gay People....

Republicans bitching about homosexuals and heterosexuals receiving equal medical treatment.

Obama's VP short list: Rep. Chet Edwards (D-TX)...

Linda Evangelista

Tilda Swinton

State orders West Bank fence rerouted in favor of Palestinians

A one, two or three state solution?

Airlines keep cutting back services...

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/21/08

Fed Acted on Lehman Rumor

10 Exchanges Agree to Stronger Oversight / The New "Alternative" Trading Platforms

Three top Wall St. banks to buy back billions in auction rate securities

Cracks appearing in U.S. commercial real estate market

Fed begins to focus on preventing next crisis

Warren Buffett says 'game is over' for Freddie and Fannie

Bernanke: Financial crisis taking toll on economy

Greenback Surges, Euro Shrivels

"At-Will" Employment & sick days

Tees say Made in USA in Chinese

The Real Class Act at Olympics: Cuban Hurdler Dayron Robles

Peru's Congress repeals land laws pushed by Garcia

CUBA DEFEATS US in Olympic Baseball SEMI-Final --SWEEEET!

Ecuador complains of meddling by Venezuelan opposition

US Senator met with Venezuelan Congress Vice-president

Your (political) football hero?

IOC president Rogge, rips Usain Bolt, overlooks criticizing China

IOC to investigate Chinese gymnasts ages. I will say it now, there

Volleyball Question..

An excellent mantra for positive manifestion from now through November

About candidates, from HuffPo:

Has anyone cast charts for any of the VP

DNC and RNC stages from a Feng Shui perspective?

My 90+ yr Step-Grandad had a small heart attack last night plz send light, Reiki, prayers

Not New Age, (at all) but this guy writes good books on self-improvement/healing:

Heads up, for all who DON'T vaccinate

What is microbial antagonism?


Measles vaccination coverage levels reach record high according to most recent

NYT: Measles Cases Grow in Number, and Officials Blame Parents' Fear of Autism

Vermont Organizations and Faith Leaders Demand Support for International Family Planning

Losing Ground: How the Loss of Adequate Health Insurance Is Burdening Working Families

U of M Study Finds Higher Cancer Rates Among American Indians

Researchers Test New Vaccine To Fight Multiple Influenza Strains

New Drug Shows Promise in Cystic Fibrosis

IS there a trend to decreasing vaccination of children for measles?

FDA To Allow Irradiation Of Spinach And Lettuce

But Laura Bush is for it, so it must be good, righttttt?

Inflammation and natural cox II inhibitors, inflammation is associated

FDA claims "bulk drug substances for many of Merck's vaccines were adulterated."

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 days

Gardasil Roundup

Still more photos of my birds

More flora.

BOY - This Was Fun To Wake Up To!

since I completely spazed out the contest...

I'm about to blow my top in a thread in LBN

Anchorage's "Big Wild Life" just gets wilder every day.

Vaccination Poll

Intel Cuts Electric Cords with Wireless Power System

Homebuilt plane kills three

Lookit this .... yesterday at the soopermarket

Do you like how your house smells?

What is a fanatical refusal to take any position on Zionism? What is a fanatical anti-Zionism?

How much of the Koran is the original, "uncorrupted" doctrine of ancient Hebrew-speaking prophets?

Poll: More think religion and politics shouldn’t mix

Vermont Organizations and Faith Leaders Demand Support for International Family Planning

Republicans bitching about homosexuals and heterosexuals receiving equal medical treatment.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer slaying church attendance among women, study claims

All great power comes from either technology or magic.

Newest NEJM study on the cost effectivenes of Gardasil

OMG this is funny!

Some discussion that maybe Obama will postpone announcements so as to

More info -- Did you know Biden went to the dentist today?

link with quotes from Biden's book

This is a good point about Biden's campaign debt --


Here's the clip with Tweety and Andrea Mitchell -- Check it out!


I must have missed this part of Obama's Chesapeake Town Hall

DE Online: Betting on Biden, but no peep on veep

McCain Nails It

Question for Biden Supporters...

Wow - just wow!

Photos by a DUer in front of his house!

Police dispatched to Biden's house to contain media

Joe, "prone to gas"

Georgia trip photos on Biden's website gallery!

Make sure you check out this thread -

Biden Enjoys V.P. Wait with Family By His Side (ABC news)

Are you KIDDING me? No word yet?

Delete - never mind - it wasn't anything valid. nt

I just posted an LBN link to CNN which

Here, guys --

I'm sick of reading about Biden's 36% NARAL rating (from 2003)

I can only admit this to you all here....

cute video of Biden and his mom last night

Debunking NIST's Conclusions about WTC 7: Easy as Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Look at what I stumbled across today (Biden 4th of July statement)

9/11 Truther Lawyer - Philip Berg - Files Suit Alleging Obama Disqualified

Something might be happening -- look at this live feed!

As federal agency declares 'new phenomenon' downed WTC 7, activists cry foul

Even the gardeners grilled in Biden frenzy

Does anybody remember which Bidenite predicted 4pm Eastern?

OH FFS, Camp Obama HURRY UP!!!

Biden off to D.C., or maybe the store (thursday)

When they go this far..... LIARS!!!

The cat has weighed in....

Wait Til America Gets to Know Jill Biden

Question I posted at GDP

thread over in GDP about a flight from Midway to Wilmington

Just peeked at the CNN camera at Biden's house

Hardball - Andrea Mitchell and Shrum saying they predict Biden.

9/11 Truther Lawyer - Philip Berg - Files Suit Alleging Obama Disqualified

Kristi posted that there was a flight from New Castle to Midway at 8am

If it IS Joe, and that plane IS coming for him,

Okay, they need to announce this soon

I am so mad at myself right now.

Bidenites! We passed our milestone -

AE911Truth Press Conference in response to the WTC 7 NIST report


Advisory Committee on the Texas Democratic Party Convention/Caucus System Meetings Planned

This Just In! Senate Nominee Rick Noriega in Fort Worth TONIGHT

Anyone familiar with GMER? (rootkit scanner)

So are any of you checking out the GDP

See the "ARt CarS" and get great food at Midtown Global Market

The State of Things, an ice-sculpture installation, Sept 1 State Cap

Just thought I'd tell ya, as a former Edwards supporter, I'm hoping it's Biden.

Take the week off Sept 1-4th !!!! We need you !!!! Starting Sunday

Michele Bachmann's pal Pastor Mac Hammond subject of IRS investigation

Line up of speakers for RNC

Tom Morello, Steve Earle, Anti-Flag, Michael Franti, Dead Prez and more to play anti-RNC shows.

Dion links Walkerton, planned cuts to food scrutiny

PM eager to escape his own trap

Amnesty International welcomes the RNC

Kerry has a nice little smackdown of McCain quoted in HuffPo


The Daily Show welcomes the RNC

Revenge!!!! It can be sweet.

Sunday shows - Goody, I can stay in bed late

Heresy I know, but is there anyone else who doesn't care who the VP is

VIDEO: E-Voting Machine Maker Admits Miscounts!

TPM Muck: Obama Camp Responds to Spakovsky's Hiring at Civil Rights Commission

I can't see any problem with ID cards, can you?

Assistance in Milwaukee

Latino Voters Sue Madera Unified School District

Is time travel possible?

Am I right to feel squeamish about this course outline?