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Convention Program Schedule

Has The Worm Turned? Versailles Starts To Flip Over POW Card. Daou's Triangle Closing?

Quote of the Week

National Democratic Institute discussion (C-Span1.) 'Primaries, Conventions and Debates'

Joe Who and Comcast

Joe Who and Comcast

Would Romney hurt McCain in Florida and Virginia?

"I have a dream...that my four little children will one day live in a nation...

Oh need to hear McCain's explanation on why he was better on the economy than Romney...

The Complete Democratic National Convention -- LIVE on C-SPAN

Barack's middle name

John McCain's 1982 Congressional Campaign Ad

Marc Ambinder says suprise live video appearance by Obama tomorrow night at convention

Out of the mouths of babes, Nickoloden is doing special about kids

John McCain can bite me.

Looks like anti-war protests are doing their share of representing America in Denver!

I'm very CONCERNED about Skinner's sexism!

Anyone know WHAT TIME the main speakers will begin each night??

Michael Eric Dyson is the man...

Wolf's a dick. Just 'almost' called Biden 'Liebe...', and corrected

Remember, it's the economy, stupid, and BOY, is he STUPID!

Nancy Pelosi's daughter just kicked Hannity's ass on Fox....

Stephanopoulos: No Roll Call Vote for Clinton?

Stephanopoulos: No Roll Call Vote for Clinton?

CNN confirming story forces Obama to release VP pick early; Text planned for 8 a.m., not 3 a.m.

Obama responds


Clinton praises Biden in speech to UFW

POLL: Obama 48 (+3), McCantrememberhowmanyhomes 45 (-4). 48% say Obama attacked unfairly.


What will be Obama's campaign song now: "Beautiful Day" or "The Rising" ?

Back from Springfield

This guy makes quite a bit of sense.

LTTE published

There's a "Sigh of Relief" about Obama picking you think?

Lou Dobbs is an evil man

Biden Hailed as Helpful to House Democrats


Dems give Michigan and Florida full voting rights

Clinton supporters need to do the right thing now

Clinton supporters need to do the right thing now

Ramussen/ Ohio polls

Great clip of Biden in New Hampshire earlier this year.

Great clip of Biden in New Hampshire earlier this year.

Maybe McCain shoud be worrying the GOP's "Communist repression"

Lieberman is the perfect VP for McCain ... which would ensure Obama/Biden's victory.

Here are the stats on Mormons out West. Re: If Romney gets the VP slot

I don't like Macdaddy's plans to build more nuclear power plants

I don't like Macdaddy's plans to build more nuclear power plants

Any chance of starting an e-mail campaign to get 3rd party candidates included in major polls?

for 2 days I tried to hear the Obama/Biden speeches on TV; we have to send speeches to our friends

Ted Kennedy to Address DNC in person!!!!

Does anyone remember when McCain, Graham and others were shot at flying over Georgia?

AP: McCain to dig up Reagan's corpse, nominate it for VP

John King on CNN just said Ted Kennedy will NOT be there tomorrow so lets not be disappointed if he

Great email and video from BIDEN. I am pumped with this ticket

Not going to be popular for this but I am so fucking tired of this

WP: A Place in Between (Obama's mixed parentage as a bridge to change)

The poll just reported on CNN is bullshit.

The poll just reported on CNN is bullshit.

New Virginia Poll: Obama up 2!

Breaking: Senator Kennedy plans to address DNC In Denver!

Text of McCain interview

Self-delete - nobody liked my sense of humor

Great new sign at our weekly vigil today:

The GOP/Mediawhores Will NEVER Bring Up The Possibility Of McCain's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Wow, for once I agree with Wolfson...

The MSM: Will the "fact" that Obama didn't VET or even CONSULT Hillary anger her supporters?

I Can't Sop ROFLING!

I Can't Sop ROFLING!

Once I voted for a Republican

Once I voted for a Republican

Does this news analysis strike you as overly harsh on Biden ?

Anyone See Brit Hume on FNS Panel say "Joe Biden is a great guy" and someone in...

Steady as a Rock Barack

Jim Hensley~ John McCain's father in law

The latest ad from the Texas GOP

The best response to the "Biden criticizes Obama" commercial...

Who in the hell are the pollsters calling? 25% never heard of Biden!

Capital Eye - Keeping Track of McCain's Houses (

Sojourner's Voting Guide (FREE)

BREAKING...STUNNING...McCaine has asked GOD to be his VEEP....God reponded: "FUCK YOU"

Democratic Party allows Microsoft to stick it to Linux users. So much for the party of blue collar

Its all about WHO TELLS the BEST STORY: The Obama/Biden Team gonna win with BETTER STORIES

Article: Netroots push back against MSM 'bias' - A fairy tale spin by Politico

Mark Halperin Burps: Interprets that to be helpful to McCain

For Obama, improbable path to the Dem nomination

Meg Whitman McCain's VP?

Biden warming the cockles of Kos's heart...mine too!

TCM is now starting Fonda in Gore Vidal's The Best Man

Attention Pittsburghers & Tri-State - KDKA TV is running Ayers Ad even Faux refused

So I got out of the bar at 2 AM this morning


Zogby poll question: Will the candidates' race affect your vote in the presidential election?

Networks' Unique TV Moment: Obama's address, resonant with history, and after-sunset fireworks

Bill Kristol's V-P advice for McSame: Pick Hillary!

Do you think the Obama Camp is waiting for McBush to get official before dropping the McBomb on him?

Oh Darn, McCain's Gone Missing Again! Where DID he get to?

Halerpin is so full of shit - they were going to use that junk anyway...

Biden's '07 book "Promises to Keep" went from bargain table to "bestseller list" in last 24 hours..

Biden's '07 book "Promises to Keep" went from bargain table to "bestseller list" in last 24 hours..

MSM meme/agenda for DNC Convention

Republicans can't or even refuse to govern

The Messiah-Complex Complex - The right's silly obsession with the Obama "cult."

I thought the Hilton family was pissed about McLame using their daughter's image?

So did we Stop the KeyRing Caper yet or what?

So did we Stop the KeyRing Caper yet or what?

So if McCain thinks Sen. Clinton speaks the truth, why doesn't he pick her?

How will your workplace vote?

Democratic Party assists Random House and it's anti-8-track campaign

Obama Comments Sunday [UPDATED]

The Latest Celebrity Feud: McCain vs. Madonna

I'm very happy with the polling data...

McCain is lost, guys.

For crying out loud, people, make the keys out of cardboard!

I suffer from PTSD

(PA Gov)Rendell: Obama coverage was embarrassing

The 17 Minutes That Launched a Political Star

Where are the Clinton's?

Crooks & Liars: Tom Brokaw, R.C.T. ("Republican Concern Troll") Carries McCain's POW Water on M.T.P.

Naked Puma Pixxx...

Bill Kristol: Biden trumps most Repub choice is Lieberman?

McCain would never last a Kansas State football game!

If McCain "wins" ugly, will it be like 2000?

eMail from MoveOn about RW smear agetn @ AP

FOX Offers Advice To Michelle Obama On Her Convention Style

Does McPOW Own More Houses Than You Own Pairs Of Shoes?

DNC propagates Microsoft's monopolistic practices.

Purple heart band-aids did not win 2004

the key stunt is Rovian, but not in the way you think

What about Monopoly Houses....

So sick of Hillary being upheld as a blue-collar hero

What's with these McCain talking heads?

I refuse to believe that the polls are so even

I refuse to believe that the polls are so even

Hyper mullet.

"delegate says jones called her "uncle tom".....

THE CHANGE? Will it be 4 more years of Bush policies or will we head in a much needed new direction?

NYT story on Biden's son Hunter: Son Was Paid by Bank While Biden Pushed Bill

Reagan was right.. What we (should have) learned this year

Bumper sticker Roulette

Take a deep breath - McCain's son is PRESENTLY involved in a banking scandal.

McGoo may just be kind of, well, dopey, you know?

Hey, Boston Globe, your slip is showing!

I don't want to brag but Joe Biden sent me an e mail ... what a guy

I don't want to brag but Joe Biden sent me an e mail ... what a guy

The Next 1st Lady, Michelle Obama's life story

What time will Michelle Obama speak tonight? Anyone know

What time will Michelle Obama speak tonight? Anyone know

Did anyone see Roland Martin call out CNN for not treating Michelle and Sin-dy equally?

Did anyone see Roland Martin call out CNN for not treating Michelle and Sin-dy equally?

The bottom line about the "stupid and petty" Repub attacks, like band-aids and Paris

ok, Rendell was pretty good on the CBS Morning Show...

ok, Rendell was pretty good on the CBS Morning Show... needs "Sponsored By Microsoft" on the welcome page

Biden's response to earlier comment about Obama's experience...

Ted Kennedy In Denver-Ken Burns Tribute Film

Hispanic Democrats now outnumber Hispanic Republicans in Florida

The Whining Event...McVain goes for the Gold...Come, we go look...

McCain's have 10 houses

Why do some DU posters "recommend" posts critical of Obama and Biden?

Note to the media and weak knee'd Democrats. . .Obama may be the 1st Black president

Dean: Laying The Groundwork For The White House

Jesu.... Schuster is doing a better job addressing this

Dead intern Skankboro trying to rewrite history will be streaming LIVE from the Democratic National Convention

Lying sack of whaleshit Carly Fiorina, threatening Obama with Rezko

So if Osama or Putin makes a tape w/jangling keys as a 'torment'

Next story on Fixed News Channel........

Why do they have the right wing @ssholes covering the convention for MSNBC?

How Michelle Obama will humanize her husband in tonight's speech.

A HuffPo blog? That's IT? (Yet another "key" thread, sorry...)

For your consideration

Desperate for ratings, Fox reporter picks fight w/protesters by blocking a peaceful anti-war march

Earth, Wind and FYahh!!!

$500 intended for Obama will go to Microsoft/Mcaffee so I can watch the convention online

Quick polling Heads-Up

CBS Edits Out McCain's POW/Kitchen Table Comment

Harold Ford Jr. is an ass

McCain VP? Bob Ney's out of jail! 'Rick Sanitorium' is available!

Serious question: Any word about how protests will be handled at both conventions???

My goodness the way MSNBC is going on about Hillary you would think she

f*ck CNN - in 1/2 hr - this is what I heard:

Mark Warner is the keynote address speaker

Do YOU Want A Man Who Cannot Bear The Sound Of Jangling Keys To Have HIS Finger On the Button?

Uh-oh ... Molson COORS brews a special batch for the DNC convention ...

Which one Is Harold Ford Jr and Which one is Joe Scarborough

Dammit - I want Don Imus back!!!!!!

Can they get Surrogates from the Obama Camp that can actually shut down the BS?

BUSH ....

I'm pretty certain that DU represents a majority of informed Democrats.

What's with the lack of sound quality for Boring Joe and Mika?

This is the answer to the key issue!

How about little monopoly houses?

A Repub clown on TV said Biden has no Credibility on Foreign Policy

Any real proof that Operation Key Ring is even a real plan? sounds bunk

Video: Michelle Obama’s Past: “No Silver Spoons”

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 46, McCaint 42 (-1). Best results for Obama in nearly a month.

Report: Springsteen, Bon Jovi will Play at DNC

We should ban all Vietnamese delegates too, lest McCain flip out.

Loretta Sanchez Needs to Know Her Role and Shut Her Mouth

Loretta Sanchez Needs to Know Her Role and Shut Her Mouth

Rasmussen, 8/25: Obama 46%, McCain 42% (with leaners, Obama 48%, McCain 45%)

Fixed Noise clinging to the Clinton spin with all their bloody claws can grab on to

This is the ugliest woman I have ever seen. Do we want this at our convention too?

I for one am looking forward to hearing Hillary and Bill speak

WTF is a PUMA???

Aren't 99% of working americans POW's?

A.M. Joe Telecast Is Annoying......

Personally I think we should all use MSNBC for the convention - for Keith & Rachel

What is with all the key posts.

Why Hillary supporters need to back Obama/Biden..

One key per key ring!!

Two Arkansas 'Blue Dog' Dems embrace Obama

Two Arkansas 'Blue Dog' Dems embrace Obama

Hill Leaders Press Clintons for More Obama Enthusiasm

Hill Leaders Press Clintons for More Obama Enthusiasm

Hill Leaders Press Clintons for More Obama Enthusiasm

I Don't See the Need for Any Silly Props.

Fer Christ Sake

Homeland Security Discovers that Reading Dickens Causes Mental Disorder

The only way the McCain can win is by dividing Democrats.

FAUX News reporting Biden has had hair transplants...

Vietnam Veterans I've known and PTSD

Dave Matthews gave private Red Rocks concert for delegates

Obama Leads McCain by 5 Percent in Colorado

I about puke when I see one of McCain's ads that try to make him out to be one of the little people

Biden was born in the KEYstone state!! Bring your keys to show your support! lol.n/t

USA Today: "Obama for rock star. McCain for president" banner flying over Denver

McCain attends Church on Sunday - Pastor discusses McCain's "failed first marriage" during sermon

McCain attends Church on Sunday - Pastor discusses McCain's "failed first marriage" during sermon

New Obama TV Ad: McCain Doesn’t “Know Much” on Economy

What is the matter with Mark Halperin?

Hillary supporters are for the most part trying to convince others to support Obama

Some Things Bear Repeating ...

Use the keys. Period.

how come no one has the guts to call these PUMAs racist?

Jangling keys: a poke at Mccain's many houses or his possible PTSD?

Joe Biden Is a Key Fighter in Dissolving Bush's 'Terror' Myths

The media has successfully made this convention all about Clinton and her supporters

Rasmussen tracking poll: Obama: 46% McCain: 42% (the start of a bounce?)

What Do We Need To Win In November

I'm reporting that Cindy has had a boob job! Will Fox be discussing that soon?

Obama/Biden Pics - Pic Heavy

Gov. Rendell: Hillary Clinton may run again

C-SPAN: Excellent Panel W/T Clyburn, Wilder, Smiley and Cornel West! Better than CNN/MSNBC's shit

No Red Meat from Warner Speech -- "If they want that, I'm not their guy"

If someone doesn't explain to me what the fuck you're talking about with the key rattlers....

We totally overthink everything. Kick back, yell and howl at the moon, have a good laugh,

We totally overthink everything. Kick back, yell and howl at the moon, have a good laugh,

what's up with the following?: a DNCC hire

Is There A Widget Available That Counts McCain's References To His POW Days?

The Boss, Bon Jovi headed for Obama's acceptance speech at Invesco Field

Temporarily immune from reality

Forget the goddam keychains. Make bracelets of THESE:

The Funniest Part About DU

John McCain is the right choice to fix our economy. Much stronger than Obama on economics!

When you fish in your own private, artificial lake on your 10-acre estate

Who's going to a convention "meet-up" or "get-to-together" in their state?

Bill Burton: No Plans For Kennedy To Address Convention

Which speakers are you looking forward to hearing this week?

if anyone's interested, is live-streaming MSNBC channel right now

What's with the Rethug Threatening Meme?

BREAKING: Jubilation T. Cornpone endorses McCain:

FYI: Official DNC Convention Schedule

FYI: Official DNC Convention Schedule

Unidentified Clinton Delegates Try to Buck Biden

Jon Stewart: "I think my audience would like to see a naked women smoke crack"

McCain: Pow, Pow, Pow 4.2

Stop this assinine Key discussion, before the discussion itself becomes a Story.

John McCain may want to translate Gasolina and other Daddy Yankee songs before accepting his. . .

Ask Nancy Pelosi a question (

A Joe of His Own?

McPOW's hyperactive message is a case study in contradiction. Does Obama like or not like critics?

Joan Walsh is DEAD to me!

Has McCain ever been to an NFL game?

Obama should do this at his rallies/town halls if he's not already:

"Daddy Yankee" endorses McCain; DAVE MATTHEWS does

Why not just hold giant die-cut cardboard keys in the air?

So what's it going to take....

"Tensions Boil in Obama, Clinton Camps" - and the pile of bullshit from the media begins to build

Should Obama cut an ad with Hillary blasting McCain for trying to use her?

*Please* quit buying into the MSM messages and perpetuating them here.

Look, make your life easier. Don't turn on FOX for the entirety of the convention.

How much ya wanna bet that to see McCain from now on

Cross post from GD re: Stephanie Tubbs Jones funeral and flowers update

Cross post from GD re: Stephanie Tubbs Jones funeral and flowers update

BREAKING from FoxNoise: "Daddy Yankee" to endorse John McCain.

Anyone pick up on the gravitas and influence the GOP is giving to Biden?

i'm thinking about voting early, absentee

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Will Skip Democratic National Convention, Spokesman Says

Michelle asked about being the breadwinner - "Me? No! Barack had like four jobs, always,"

Some of you are a bunch of fools!

Keys and the Clintons? Can we discuss other things? Like Obama and Biden? Thanks!

$500 intended to go to Obama is now being used for a spam filter.


I think people need to STOP worrying about the media BULLSHIT over Hunter-- Camp Obama has spoken

Anyone has good polls for our guys to talk up? Do it here!

Anyone has good polls for our guys to talk up? Do it here!



Pretend Democrat / Concern Troll - Debra Bartoshevich - shows up in McPow Ad.

Big Huge Foam Keys!


What Obama Needs to Do in Denver

How about only one set of colorful plastic keys.

I say, jangle those keys!

I *had* to turn the Convention coverage to CSPAN. Why?

Can someone credibly verify that there is a shipment of keys on the way to Denver?

MSNBC Chyron: "Democratic Naityonal Convention"

3 Senate Seats

If "Hide Thread" gets turned off does that mean I'll see the crap I already hid?

Obama extends lead in National weekend polling (CNN way off from the rest)

Obama Camp goes after McCain: "Hiding out in one of your seven houses" - while surrogates attack

Obama/Biden is going to be a Strong Ticket!!

Forget the keys: hum or sing this new jingle! (And please REC to help spread

Who else is feeling abused by and/or angry with McCain???

Iran Drops Nuclear Goals, Buys Jangling Key Rings

Great news! 1/3 of Hillary supporters don't support Obama...

Anybody need accommodations in Denver and can't get a hotel?

The Original Suggestion Was To Shake Key RINGS, Not Keys.

WTF?! I go away for ONE DAY and suddenly the forum is consumed with

Bill Clinton Jangles the Keys to the White House, Out of Obama's Reach.

POW POW POW POW POW McCain....(to the tune of barbara-ann)....

Are we sure...

Clinton 92 vs Obama 2008: Can we win again?


Look what I got, DU!! Shiny, pretty things!

Regardless of who thought of it, having Alan Keyes speak at the convention is a terrible idea.

John McCain's Keys

Wolfson Confirms Rift - Says Obama can help heal wounds by praising Clinton's accomplishments.

An observation about McCain: everyone is ignoring the 500 lb. gorilla in the corner.

***Forget the MSM Pundits, visit Pollster and***

Someone needs to put more hampsters in DU's server

Adorable video of Sasha Obama at the convention podium

Fox News reporter Jeff Griffins outed as Freeper by a Freeper

If Alicia Keys Wants to Jangle at the DNC Convention, then LET HER!!

Stumper: The Clinton Molehill

Print this off and pass them around at the convention

Print this off and pass them around at the convention

What do the keys have to do with McCondo's time as a POW?

POW is becoming to McCain what 9/11 was to Guiliano

POW is becoming to McCain what 9/11 was to Guiliano

Stop Jangling Alan Keyes

A picture of McCain's 7 houses

As a filthy-rich elitist, I'll bet McCain doesn't even have keys to his homes:

Nevermind. I offer you PUPPIES instead.

Check out what I posted and then deleted about the key thing on the 19th:

Check out what I posted and then deleted about the key thing on the 19th:

Drill Here, Drill Now!...and STAY Hooked On Oil

AK-47 ringtones...

You guys are so slow around really think McAncient

Ok I am slow this morning

Jesse Jr. Said it best - Blacks strongly support Dem Nominee always-All Dems should do same now!

Hillary responds to McCain camp: "I'm Hillary Clinton, and I do not approve that message."

Hillary responds to McCain camp: "I'm Hillary Clinton, and I do not approve that message."

Ill. Senate President Jones took Obama, the 'pushy' organizer, under his wing in 1985

Is Hillary Clinton really Clintoning the Clinton Convention Clintons?


..and John clicked together the heels of his $500 Italian loafers

I dont want a president thats afraid of my car keys

I dont want a president thats afraid of my car keys

2008 DNC Podium (Pics)

We're supposed to be celebrating, and some here are trying to dictate how we respond to McBush

Sirius will have gavel to gavel live convention coverage on channel 113

Stephanie Miller Show just gave KUDOS to DU's "one house one spouse" idea

Campaign surrogates: Should their pasts be exposed during m$m appearances?

AFL-CIO to target a million voters this week

Are the kittyculters going to be calling liberal talk radio again all week?

Can one of you excellent photo shoppers put McCain's face in this pic?

HEADS UP-Obama speaking in Iowa now!

What is going on? What is this "Keys" or "Jangling" stuff?

Forget the jingling key, use a "FOR SALE" sign.

What's McCain's plan to reduce the surplus population in America?

What's McCain's plan to reduce the surplus population in America?

So McCain is pushing "Obama vs. Clinton" and Obama is pushing "unity"

Gore received a few votes from the Supreme Court, but Hillary Clinton got millions of votes!

People who should never be forgiven: Bush, Cheney, Rove, McCain and

Hillary Clinton wins millions of votes, but McCain refuses to offer VP spot to her.

Thank you , Ann Lewis.

The Media is Playing Right Into a Narrative

Oh Noes!

It is the start of OUR Convention! Time to celebrate!

i got my dishnet & gave my obama shirt to the service man

"I'm Al Gore and I don't approve the carbon emissions coming from McCain's mouth."

McCrap needs to be careful what stories he pushes out to the press....MBNA

ATTN: OBAMA TEAM! The campaign ads I want to see. A series...

FACT: John McCain's Voting Rated ' D ' On Veterans' Issues. Obama Is Rated ' B+ '

"Proud owner of ONE house".

Rice Praises Biden as a "True Patriot"

Turning the media frame about polling on its head

The MSM's Golden Dream: Contention at the Convention starring the Clintons

Non-partisan Independent Joe Loserman & Supreme Court agree: Sore won millions of votes!

Suffolk University Poll-Obama leads by 5(44-39) in Colorado-Would force Mc to run the table if true

Industry lobbies at convention for federal loan program

"If MCCAIN picks someone who's strong on the economy, it's for the good of the COUNTRY!"

When it comes down to it, isn't it all about the ground game?

Just in case you missed it > DNC >Taking a stand for the Rights of the Born

If you keep up with this total $&%^ about keys...

To Jangle or Not To Jangle

Report on the Dave Matthews concert for delegates last night at Red Rocks:

THIS is what we want to see coming out of the Convention:

Fuck the polls!!!

Hey Media, would you STFU and SHOW the goddam Convention?

Isn't continual blinking a sure sign of lying. Isn't that one of the Tells

Isn't continual blinking a sure sign of lying. Isn't that one of the Tells

Would Obama be doing better if he'd kept his nickname Barry?


Of course the polls are getting tighter.

Every Time the GOPers say "Rezko" Dems should answer . . .

Interesting article on McMansions from 1999 "Cream Them!"

Senator McCain gets a passing grade on veterans affairs!

Question for the group on Biden

are they actually jangling keys at the convention or are we just talking about it? n/t

Stop the key jingling mess. It is F'ing beneath being a Democrat its sickening

Stop the key jingling mess. It is F'ing beneath being a Democrat its sickening

"Jangling Keys" was first mentioned here in the context of being one of his PTSD triggers.

NBC: Surprise! Ted Kennedy Has Arrived in Denver! Will Speak Tonight!

one thing all Obama attack ads have in common

Jangling keys

Ed Schultz reporting a rollcall deal being hashed out...

McCain's house gaffe will hurt him with older Boomers who vote in droves--if the campaign target it.

ABC has Obama up 49% to 43%

WTF? Clinton delegate doing an ad for McFucknuts???

I'm totally lost here.

I'm totally lost here.

Rove Tricks Dems Into Denver

CSPAN NOW! Tavis Smiley, Cornel West etc.

For a vet, McCain's record sorely lacking (McSame called on his lies)

Instead of keys how about Mail boxes?

Obama Campaign Launches New Website

A phone poll these days is sort of like polling people on AOL.

A phone poll these days is sort of like polling people on AOL.

Please pay no attention to MSM, cheap flash polls and other crap, it's a set up.

Limbaugh: "The Reason for Biden as pick": "White... Men"

So, we can't criticize McCain in any way because it will bring on post-traumatic stress?

So, we can't criticize McCain in any way because it will bring on post-traumatic stress?

I just called the DNC and spoke to the assitant to Dean about the jangling keys,


Aack! MacAuliffe is back!

WTF is the deal with MSNBC's convention coverage?

Nora O'Donnell Plays McCain Commercial During Democratic Convention to Court Hillary Voters

Who is introducing Obama on Thursday night?

Madonna compares McCain to Hitler and Obama to Ghandi: Get Stupid (live)!

It's all over! Look at this star-studded lineup of McCain supporters!

Two Pollsters give Obama 260 EV

Andrea Mitchell just brought up Dowd's article about McCain overusing the POW Card.

Andrea Mitchell just brought up Dowd's article about McCain overusing the POW Card.

I need some DU advice and expertise on this.

Democrats open faith-filled convention with prayer

Not watching, but is Corporate Cable playing the "Don't Know Much" Obama Ad over and over for Free?

Cut out paper chain houses -- 7 paper houses per chain - wave them!

Remember Debra Bartoshevich?

Remember Debra Bartoshevich?

Remember Debra Bartoshevich?

The democratic party is soft! that is why we lose political races.........

Todd: What you need to know about Denver

I thought the Conventions were a time for the Parties to get Positive coverage??

I am all for the Keys!

tie the 7 houses issue around McCorpse's neck.......

McCain camp lashes 'outrageous' Madonna

Who needs keys? Just make fans instead:

There is NOT ONE Fucking GOP Candidate that cares about this country as much as Obama or Biden!!!!!

If you don't like the Convention Coverage, you can call the Cable Stations!

Clinton preaches unity

I just called the DNC and asked them about "the keys."

Why does it have to be Keys? Post your suggestions for alternatives here..

Post Biden Colorado poll: Obama up 44-39!

OMG! I've been away from the teevee...What have I missed?

Obama and Biden Go After Donations, McCain in Web Video

Here is today's convention schedule and approximate time periods of speakers

"Obama's convention is shaping up to be the toughest—and most negative—in recent Dem. Party history"

If Obama doesn't get more support from Democrats, he will have to move further to the right to win

Arlen Specter: "The voter" more concerned with Russia, Georgia and Iran than paying bills.

What time does Michelle speak?

For those of us without television and/or cable

More friends of McCorpse who will be at the RNC convention?

OK, How should we bring up McCain's mental health?

Will The Media Show The Rascist Signs and Imagery at The Republican Convention?

How can Sirius LEFT call itself 'LEFT'??????

ABC News: McCain has not spoken with reporters since Aug. 13

Obama "Change we can believe in" image generator

When is it gonna stop being all about the Clintons?

Okay, I'm going to say this just once...if you have ovaries, and you vote for McCain...

McCain is the "change" candidate!

I thought this convention was about Dems/Obama-Biden not McCain/Clinton? What's the Deal?

If jangling keys truly bothers John McCain... well, I'm willing to accomodate him.

Clinton urges supporters to rally around Obama

Is the Iraq war moot?

Obama, Biden to attend Tubbs Jones memorial service

Thank God!

My plea--watch the convention on CSPAN or some streaming


Inspiring Video

Anyone remember Katrina victims?

Someone on C-Span just said we needed an extreme makeover in the Whitehouse - SWAMP RAT!!!

ARGH, MSNBC said race was "neck and neck"

FOX News Creates Doubt About Joe Biden's Age and Health

John Mccain on SNL 2002

Hillary on C-Span 1 now. Stream it.

The media's going to be SHOCKED when Bill and Hillary Clinton go up on stage...

Who needs Ron Fournier when we've (still) got Adam Nagourney

'Michelle Obama’s story' - CS Monitor

I'm hoping we nail the POW Parody story during the convention

Even after it was explained to me i still didn't believe it.


Bob, Ted, Carol and Alice

Colorado's hispanic pop increased 2.6% from 2000 to 2006 and likely is over 20% today

To fire you up for the convention!

Wagging the Dog; could it possibly be any more obvious? (On Cindy McSame and Georgia)

Watching C-Span interviews in Pepsi Center, reminds me of how Real Journalism should be.

First ABC News - now MSNBC taking note that McCain has not spoken with reporters since Aug. 13

Senator Kennedy to address DNC TOMORROW !!!!

Gallup, 8/25: Race Tied as Democratic Convention Starts (both at 45% for second day)

Dumb question, but WHY is Faux News allowed to cover our convention?

Obama Team's New Ad: "Why Is McCain Talking About The Sixties". Painting McCain as old, out of touch

What if Obama had sent Michelle to Georgia?

Ban the cat on DU

Can't see member blog posts at -- what's up?

Can't see member blog posts at -- what's up?

So what liberals will the cable "News" hire to pundit the Republican convention?

The Convention is starting on C-Span. Howard Dean up FIRST! YEAH!

Anyone up for a Key Party? Or should that be "down" for a Key Party...

All day Wednesday I will be at the Obama campaign headquarters for our area

DEVESTATING Obama Ad, SMACKS DOWN McCain on the Economy

Now Cindy McBush is going over to Georgia?? Can anyone 'splain

John McCain Sending Cindy McCain to Georgia???

Okay, CNN... this is the DEMOCRATIC convention. Stop showing Right Wingers!

Is John McCain's ad strategy messing up his Convention plans?

It is against Federal law for a TV station to conspire to influence

It is against Federal law for a TV station to conspire to influence

Obama Leads McCain by 49% to 43% in Washington Post-ABC Poll

The Anatomy of a Deception: How The McCains Changed Their Baby Adoption Story Just Before 2008

The Anatomy of a Deception: How The McCains Changed Their Baby Adoption Story Just Before 2008

MSNBC: Todd just compared the Hillary holdouts to Ron Paul supporters

MSNBC: Todd just compared the Hillary holdouts to Ron Paul supporters

Aging Vets, Prayer, Cute kids singing National Anthem

How about Monopoly cards instead of key-rattling?

Something about kids singing the national anthem...

Remember when you see the PUMAs on the tube--there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of Obama supporters inside

Standing with Obama and Biden!!!

Carly Fiorna on MSNBC just now indicates that Hillary's brother may back Mccain

About the Gawd Damn JANGLING KEYS

Hillary Clinton being used, abused and kicked upon by McCain?

McCain: Experience? Yes. Judgment! No! McCain's foreign policy adviser is neocon Randy Scheunemann

Breaking news: Democratic Party hires Carrot Top to jangle keys at the convention.

Something about kids singing the national anthem...

Something about kids singing the national anthem...

DAMBIT! Right at the start of the Dem convention, Repukes score a headliner coup..

Biden: "We’re going to give them the devil!”

I Love John McCain

GOP Group Puts Up 50 Billboards in Denver Claiming MLK Was A Republican

LOL!! Grampy McLame gets endorsement from "Latino Hip Hop Star"

Two pollsters give Obama 260 EV

CONFIRMED per James Roosevelt, Jr - MI and FL gets a full vote, not half vote.

Any Minneapolis/St. Paul DUers here?

Alexis Herman is for Obama!

Alexis Herman is for Obama!

I don't see the need for any props.

More Than Anything, It's About a New Executive Branch

Tactics & Symbols

The fact is McCain is a humble hero who is reticent to bring up being a POW....

He's Sending Cindy To Georgia?

It sounds like the M$M is really trying to stir up crap with all this


If you have cable, Watch on CSPAN. No slimy media types and negative coverage.

Flashback: McCain Agreed To Condemn Swift-Boat Attacks In General Election

There's No Split in the Democratic Party Like There Is in the Republican Party...

Gasp... Somebody is WRONG on the INTERNET!!!

HISTORIC! Ohio Prepares for EIGHTY PERCENT Turnout!!!

Just say null.


So rattling house keys is a no-no. Here's the headline

Your guide to the 20 Republican VP choices

When will Michelle speak tonight?

When will Michelle speak tonight?

My Dad's letter to the Editors about Ron Fournier's bias

cspan-1 speeches from dem. breakfast --pretty good

My Dad's letter to the Editors about Ron Fournier's bias

Will NBC's convention coverage be in HD?

Anyone check the PUMAs against photo of GOP aides & staffers?

First shot of Tweety in Denver shows nothing but Hillary signs behind him, held by PUMAs (which

Pelosi is just flipping all over the stage waving at everyone there.

LOL - McCain "no press" - GATE seems to be going viral; CBS News makes reference too

msnbc: Now Bill Clinton is TICKED OFF about the theme of his speech...

Remember Gore-Lieberman?

Why did CBS edit out McCain playing the POW card again?

Nancy Pelosi being introduced...

Never fear, it is on its way to Denver.

WOO HOO The special CSPAN channel from the convention is now live! n/t

WOO HOO The special CSPAN channel from the convention is now live! n/t

Joe Biden goes to local Amtrak station to say goodbye

Biden is not DLC.

Biden is not DLC.

Republican Convention Schedule Leaked

We must remember what Truman said(at the convention)

plastic keys on plastic keyrings=purple bandaids=stupid and petty

Talking points about Biden and foreign policy.

Talking points about Biden and foreign policy.

Clinton: 'I'm Hillary Clinton and I do not approve that message'

Clinton: 'I'm Hillary Clinton and I do not approve that message'

Suggest your cues for The Official McCain RNC drinking game!

How well do you know your DNC? If you're good I'll give you 1,000$ honestly

How well do you know your DNC? If you're good I'll give you 1,000$ honestly

Bond: Obama-Biden "most liberal ticket EVER"

I may have missed it, but has there been and Over/Under posted yet on how many times the words

I may have missed it, but has there been and Over/Under posted yet on how many times the words

Cindy McCain going to Georgia on McCain's behalf!

Maddow on MSNBC NOW

President Bill Clinton at the convention

The DNC should ban Fox News from the convention property...

Caroline Introduces Tribute to Uncle Teddy at 7:15 PM tonight.. Don't Miss This !

Caroline Introduces Tribute to Uncle Teddy at 7:15 PM tonight.. Don't Miss This !

P.U.M.A. founder Bill Bower wants a McCain/Clinton ticket

So now I'm hearing the media talk about Kay Bailey Hutchinson as InSane's VP--your thoughts?

So wait, are you kidding me with this keys business?

We must not bring up the Keating 5!

Liberals a sideshow in Denver

What is stuck in Tom Brokaw's throat anyway?

anybody else hate cnn being down on the floor?

Obama Response Ad Ties Ayers Swift-Boating Spot Directly To McCain

Obama Expands Lead Over McCain on Top Issue of Economy

After Obama wins, and we increase our house and senate seats

“Talking tough and acting dumb is not a way to keep you safe and secure.” - Obama

Michelle Obama: “The Barack Obama I Know Today is the Same Man I Fell in Love With 19 Years Ago”

Michelle Obama: “The Barack Obama I Know Today is the Same Man I Fell in Love With 19 Years Ago”

Focus up: MCCAIN is who Obama is running against, not Bill Clinton

Beat this is if you can. The PERFECT convention giveaway. I dare you. Beat it.

Will there be tit for tat during the Rep convention?

There was a Hillary supporter on Hardball today

Nice e-mail from Victoria Kennedy

Nice e-mail from Victoria Kennedy

Nice e-mail from Victoria Kennedy

Pelosi just up at convention.

The great thing about this shutting down of Dem 527 ads

McCain Spokesperson "We are the underdog. We will have to work

Jon Stewart jokes, then criticizes

who the f*ck is "Deb"?

Now you see why the Obama campaign waited until Saturday to announce Biden.

Elad....are the Hillary supporters that visable? MSM tells me so. I want the truth n/t

USA Today: Biden slated to campaign in Florida - "People will be excited and fired up."

Heard Saturday: Obama makes Bush look articulate & intelligent

Clinton Advisers Skipping Obama Speech

CNN Just A While Ago Did An Analysis Of Ohio & Pennsylvania....

CNN Just A While Ago Did An Analysis Of Ohio & Pennsylvania....

Re: McCain trying to use Hillary in ads

Do Young Democrats Like Biden? (VIDEO)

At this point if anyone has a Hillary sign at the Convention they are are Republican

Someone help me with questions about Denver...still worth going???

What the heck is going on? Every show I turn to has a Republican spokesperson

"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.”

Dean and his approach to campaigning laid the groundwork for Barack Obama to be nominated Thursday

John Edwards

self-delete. duplicate

Wow I just saw my first wide shot of the convention floor -

where can I watch live convention coverage online?

Obama: Let Bill talk pick his topic

Where can I find a schedule of the convention and its speakers?

Borack Borama?

Clinton, Schumer, Rangell and NY DNC delegation come out strong for Obama.

MSNBC Poll: How will Michelle Obama affect her husband's presidential campaign?

You know what is going to be great about 2012...

Does anyone think McCain might be dropping out?

McCain to pull off a surprise Veep choice.

What's on now is good but couldn't we have had a Hispanic speaker in prime time one night?

Anyone else think Obama appearing via satellite tonight is...

Capital Eye - The Money Behind Biden (

Democratic Convention Schedule

The ticket is Obama/Biden. Enuf of the posts about other candidates who didn't make it.

puke, puke, puke--ah, but good news-from lynchburg

Joe Biden: Sacred obligation to our troops (video)

Ha Ha--Fox is walking the convention hall without the network logo on their microphone.

Biden really is a gaff machine, I hope:

6abc in Philly did hit piece on Obama/Biden ticket and logic thereof...

The Convention alternative feed is up and running

Joe Biden Gets BBQ In Denver(with pics) partially shut down -- due to negative response to Biden pick?

Hillary must be proud..

I blamed the MSM for giving these A**wipe AIRTIME

Brian Williams: Obama life story is "bizarre".

Brian Williams: Obama life story is "bizarre".

I have this strange urge for a PEPSI...

My mom's letter!

Joe Biden: PA's third senator

David Gregory is disgusting! He's letting Nicolle Wallace spew RNC points

If you want to see the speakers at the convention instead of pundits analyzing, flip over to CSPAN

Poll from crooksandliars on AOL: Does John McCain play the POW Card too much?

Am I wrong or is this suppose to be Barack Obama's week?

Chris Matthews just called the PUMA's "WACKOS"....Ha, ha, n/t

anyone watching MSNBC?

anyone watching MSNBC?

I've got a new sig pic

SNL Skit I would pay BIG money to see....

Biden stops at hometown train station

The nutjobs are out

Watching the convention: Who is the band playing?

Evidence GOP will steal the election?

Obama-Biden And The End Of The Democratic Leadership Council

BREAKING: Racism in the Democratic Party is going on Death Row from 11/04/2008

Jangling keys. Bad idea.

Dems should pose as Ron Paul supporters and cause trouble at

Sasha Obama Gavel Banging Delights Bored Journalists

I just love the new Newsweek Cover

MSNBC: Shovel-to-shovel coverage?

BBC America has half way decent coverage with Matt Fry.

For anyone with any sense, notice the uptick in a certain primary candidates name on DU?

For anyone with any sense, notice the uptick in a certain primary candidates name on DU?

E. J. Dionne: What Biden Brings With Him

Dennis on msnbc

FYI-Keith is on now plus they are interviewing Jim Webb on MSNBC

FYI-Keith is on now plus they are interviewing Jim Webb on MSNBC

Obama just batted down stories that there’s any dissention between himself and the Clintons

Amy Klobuchar: WOW. What an inspirational speaker!!

Matthews just called the PUMAs "whackos" HAHAHAHA

My fave pic of Biden's visit to Downtown Denver today:

Is Denver on Mountain time?

Will the word "IMMIGRATION" be banned from the Repulican CON next week?

Huffington Post: "Jill Biden Through The Ages (PHOTOS)"

Suggestions on how to break the GOP control of the media??

I just realized something: Michelle Obama is the same age as my oldest sister.

One thing's for sure...

Obama: Bill Clinton Can Speak About Whatever He Wants

Bill Clinton not wearing an Obama button?

Bill Clinton not wearing an Obama button?

Michelle Obama: 'Nothing cynical about it'

Ohio elections officials preparing for 80% turnout in November

I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this...

Will you tell me when Gregory is off the air so I can watch MSNBC again? THanks. n/t

New Democrat Movement - Who knew there were so many Democratic parties within the Democratic party?

I hope M.O. remembers that not everyone in America knows about Chicago.

The Hillary Diehards, by Eric Alterman

I'm voting repubelican.

Harvard's Institute of Politics Releases New Poll of 18- to 24-year-olds' Political Views

Dear, MSM: Please note the absence of fighting or any negativity on the convention floor

Webb said the key to Obama winning VA is the southside

KO just asked Joe Scarborough how much he was going to shovel?

Remember that it is Democrats who Know how to Party! Enjoy the Festivities! We Will Win in '08!

Remember that it is Democrats who Know how to Party! Enjoy the Festivities! We Will Win in '08!

Jimmy Carter Won't Speak At Dem Convention

Can someone please post the convention schedule? When is Michelle speaking?

Daddy Yankee, singer/opportunist comes out in support of McCain

Biden at Boney’s BBQ - - Worked enthusiastic crowd

Does anyone know where Keith is?

I've only been watching for a little while, but...where's the DIVISION the media's been going on

Dang! I thought that was Alicia Keys!

Does anybody really think that the Obama campaign confides in Joe Scarborough!

So, Luke Russert is a bigger hack then his father

So, Luke Russert is a bigger hack then his father

Interesting conversation....



Now THIS is America!

Argh, argh, argh

Argh, argh, argh


Bill Maher: "Voters are getting dumber with every election"

I want to hear Clinton at the Dem Convention

I want to hear Clinton at the Dem Convention

Twidgits on MSNBC: "Most People Have Never Heard Michelle Obama Speak ! They're Resentful

OMG, they've got Olbermann fans...his picture is on those fans they are using

Chris Matthews talking about a Democratic Party Civil War

WTF! Andrew McCain involved in Banking Scandal! Why don't we concentrate on that? Doh???

Luke Russert, Joe Scarborough's young protege...

Tweety is in love

Have you ever been polled by the MSM?

"To turn the ship around you need a sail, but you also need a rudder" Jim Webb

CNN IReport: Clinton Delegate Tells Off Clinton "Supporter"

Another tornado in Denver area

Barack on SportsCenter

You'll hate me for saying this, but....

Why do the sour-graped Hillary supporters

Should Obama Expect a Big Convention Bounce?

This fucking revolting racist shit is going to get a lot worse until November:

Thanks, "Debra"....thanks a lot... (new McPain ad)

If plastic keys causes McShame to have flashbacks, then he is unfit to lead

Can somebody get this video to the dems so they can show it at the convention? McCain/lettuce:

Do you personally know Hillary supporters who are really voting for McCain?

I just broke down! I can't believe that our Democratic Nominee is Barack Obama! I am so damn Proud!

Cindy went down to Georgia, looking for a soul to steal. She was in a bind, cause he was way behind

Kind of feels like DU's been infiltrated today

We've arrived downtown and have our credentials

Do you think McCain would be low enough...

Do you think McCain would be low enough...

I just LOVE Laura Tyson... she'd be in my cabinet

Keep the Clinton thing in perspective. Carter didn't much like Clinton, Truman worked against JFK

I don't believe 22% of Hillary supporters are mad.....just follow the money......

Katrina 3rd anniversary this week at Convention: a reminder from a photo I took

I think it's almost M.O. Time

Operation Chaos II - Rollcall for VEEP w/ Hillary and Biden vote

Democratic Party assists Microsoft and it's anti-open source campaign

I was a fly on the wall listening to a group of conservative seniors

********Official Democratic Convention Day 1 Thread 1************


Olbermann just smacked-down dead intern Skankboro

Holy Crap, is that, Earth Wind and Fire??????


Clinton supporters have a lot of power

McCain - An Unsuccessful Bomber Pilot

The MSM Media Sucks Ass, come watch online....We got tunes

Ready... Set...

An Honest Question: Please no flame War, okay?

Is Brokaw Speaking Or Gargling? nt

Maggie Williams and David Axelrod Joint Statement on Party Unity

How much does John McCain love his second wife?

Howard Dean is SO SEXY!

Watch Claire McCaskill Tonight

Handy Guide to Carly Fiorina's lies, bye-bye's and job killing surprises

I frankly don't give a rat's ass about the PUMA crowd

Hey! In Honor of "tbayum", Our Most Recently Tombstoned Troll...

Toss them OUT OF THE PARTY!: Clinton Advisers Skipping Obama Speech

If I could have just 2 minutes with Michelle Obama

Are we going to allow this right wing coverage of our convention?

I think that Obama will perform significantly better in the popular vote than the electoral college

you ought to try cspan, there's music:):)

Have arrived in Denver...

'Hardball' - PUMAs are there - LOUD - Is this whole thing a GOP disruption operation?

Tweety just said Ted Kennedy was there!

The Mystery Behind the PUMAs is SOLVED!

Remember, this horrible coverage of Barack and Joe's convention

So when the Clintons speak at the convention...

Goddamn. We're a bunch of three-year-olds.

Dean tells cute story about the "swear box" for convention staffers.

If McCain comes UNHINGED at the jangling of Keys then he's UNFIT for the Office of President

Michelle Obama.....

Obama asks Justice to investigate 'terrorist' ad

The Corporate Media Will Do Anything To Undermine Dem Candidates. SO STOP WATCHING THEM!!!

Barack Obama's reflective 1995 memoir shows how he thinks his way through a challenge

Who is in greater need of the Clinton delegates' support by the end of the convention?

McCain Is Using Same Strategists Now That Attacked Him For Having PTSD In 2000.

What THEME can the DNCC Dems focus on to UNDERMINE McCain's credibility and support

Did anyone else see Matthews talking to the "Just Say No Deal" woman who said Obama's a Muslim?

Can we please STOP doing the job the republicans want us to do

Just got tickets to Obama's acceptance speech!

Boy, they are really shutting Mathews out! Boring!

Is McCain Getting Senile?

I want to know WHY we need to have ANY sympathy for McCain, ANY

not wasting much time - Pawlenty campaigns for McCain today

Obama Asks DOJ To Block Terrorist Ad, Investigate Donors

McCain's Aversion to Jangling Keys

To HRC holdouts: I will never vote for Sen. Clinton if this election

Remember back in the day when there was only 3 broadcast networks and

ENOUGH with the Keys already, It is an incredibly reprehensible thing to do,

***** LIVE HD from Democratic National Convention. STREAMING full screen!! TECH INFO:

I will NEVER forgive the key-rattlers, and here is why-

"A mile high, an inch deep"? How would you describe the GOP convention?

I have determined the group most responsible for the Clinton-Obama war

UPDATED!!! Judge who denied jailed Dem's motion for release was Karl Rove protégé

I'm sometimes amazed by the nonsense that gets traction in this forum

Obama Ad: "Don't Know Much"

What % of Dems did Kerry get during the election?

Did Hillary Clinton really need to add this to her statement on releasing her delegates?

Please help with this email!

Does McCain have experience?

Why can't the Democratic Party get the experience/change balance right?

Joint Statement by Obama, Clinton Camps on Media Reports


Democrats went WILD for Pelosi.

Nader's Party and McCain's Party aren't identical, but ......

Official Schedule for the 2008 Republican Convention

Saw my first protesters (you won't believe it)... plus Don Siegelman

CNN Post-Biden Poll shows Obama-McCain dead heat -- 7% OBAMA LEAD GONE

I don't understand: If McCain has PTSD, and jangling keys is "mean," isn't the larger issue...


Dont let them fool you! (a party divided?)

Right Wing Loonies plant Rovian "key changling" plot here at DU.

Enough Of The "Blame Hillary" Posts already...

People Unhinged Mentally Aberrant: PUMA n/t

FORGET THE " KEYS" - FACTS - John McCain's Voting Rated ' D ' On VA' Issues. Obama Is Rated ' B+'

FORGET THE " KEYS" - FACTS - John McCain's Voting Rated ' D ' On VA' Issues. Obama Is Rated ' B+'

Barack Obama's Nomination Acceptance Speech

The ONLY way for us to win in 2008

McCain and the DRAFT

The Daily Widget – Monday, Aug 25 – Obama 315, McCain 223 – Scaring Up the White Male Vote

The Daily Widget – Monday, Aug 25 – Obama 315, McCain 223 – Scaring Up the White Male Vote

If plastic keys are waved at the Convention, here's information to rebut possible GOP spin

Slideshow of Biden this afternoon in Denver.

Truckloads of key rings en route to Denver

'Terrorist Fist Pump' to Obama/Biden '08

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have the floor?

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have the floor?

No multi-cellular being should consider voting for McCain.

No sentient being should consider voting for McCain. That

All the books on the Non Fiction NYT Best Seller list written by RWer's

Frank Rich: Time for Obama to dump "change"...

Obama must be getting near!

FLAG request in honor of the Constitution

Utah State Senator Curt Bramble (R)Throws Hissy Fit at Pizza Delivery Girl

'Freedom cage' stands empty Sunday

Watching Matt Mitchum at the Olympics

Study: Goodling’s partisan immigration judges more frequently rule against asylum-seekers

Are the bible thumpers hitting you with McCain vs Obama GodTube video emails

Since da limpics were allowed into GD -- thank ZEUS!1 the crap is over and over!1

Olympic trivia question:

OK, I guess DU would be running to defend such a person.

Man Sues Obama Because He Didn't Get Text Message

Guardian UK: Can a dose of recession solve climate change?

Anyone watching the closing ceremony?

RE Olympic Commentary: I don't like the goofy guy....

Can pollsters access people who only use internet phone service?

Whoa! Teddy's going to be at the Convention!!!

Closing Ceremony Spoiler? The Light Wheels. (pic)

V is for Voting

Has anyone seen the new Harry and Louise commercial?

Is Kiefer Sutherland an RW shill or has he been duped by the

Obama Products

Signs of Change - Wind Power

NBC Censors Sexual Orientation Of Openly Gay Gold Medalist Diver

Dumbfuck Term #8,246: "Commander in Chief"

GOP opens "War Room in Denver"

New Obama Biden Bumper Stickers.

Hillary is Fox News' new best friend.

Iraq War Spending by Month or Annual (link needed)?

Is Dan Rather covering the convention?

actors pretending to be athletes saying goodbye to Chinese friends....

One of these girls from the US gold medal winning team needs a piss test.

Michelle Obama wife of US Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama

No time for panic just yet

Toon:Barack's Boy Biden Bites Bush Buddy!

Dog protected abandoned newborn, doctors say

Netroots push back against MSM 'bias'

Freeper goes batshit crazy on US News & World Report Joe Biden article.

CNN is hoping someone will be riveted to their seat watching their "deadheat" nonsense.

Is it just me or is DU running slow tonight?

Quick Obama Comebacks

GOOD MORNING DU & lets kick some republican ass today, oh yeah, eom.

Olympic Poll #6: Least Favorite Part of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Olympics closing ceremony, that IS a hell of a show

SPECTACULAR!!! The Dem convention in 100% HD!!!

Clinton insider says Bill and Hillary will work hard for Barack Obama

Rock'n With Krugman - Out Of The Park

FBI saw threat of mortgage crisis in 2004

a couple of old photos of Biden (from his 72 senate win)

Russia Warns Moldova Against "Georgian mistake"

To those who have seen The Dark Knight (small spoiler alert)

Request to the Mods

FBI official warned of widening loan fraud in 2004

Russia Lawmakers Recognize Georgia Rebel Regions(130-0)

surge update - Suicide Blast Kills 25 At Celebration in Iraq

Olympic Poll #5: Favorite Part of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Anyone have any hope for sale today?

Libor Benchmark Signals Credit Seizing Up as Banks Balk at Lending in Money Markets

Henry Rollins re: Bill Clinton Testimony

No Union Worker Should Consider Voting for John McCain

ZOMG!!! A Foreign, Exotic Country Won The Little League World Series!!!!!

Bush Told To Sign Birthday Treaty For Someone Named 'Kyoto'

cheney to Visit Georgia and Ukraine

Madonna slams McWar

If I didn't have a concern for DUers livers I'd make a McCain drinking game based on the word

The next storm maker is sniffing around Cuba


Check out Mount Democrat!!!

Matt Lauer: "Now back to the Democrat convention..."

Ben Affleck's Democratic Convention Plan: Poker!

The mom list I belong to posted a racist picture and the first person to call bullshit was a Mormon

What is it called when ...

If you get a chance to see "The Judge and the General" which just played on PBS


Does anyone know how many people have lost their homes?


This photo is ALL we need to unite us as Democrats...

Oh no! I pulled a McCain! Help me!

Outrageous Quote of the Week 8/23/08

1st post of my own on DU is a question

Dear Media Honchos and Honchettes ......

TOON; Inheritance

Mickey Scarborough and Minnie Brezenski doing their early morning Obama attack show as usual, eom.

It's time to challenge the Republican Party to let America turn the page on big oil!

Turn off the AirCon or you might vote Republican

All the Clintons should have spoken on Monday night

Home Sales Rise in July as Prices Fall, Inventories Spiked To Record Levels

I'm breathing in some fresh air..

Another Veteran Slams McCain On His Record

caption *

6.3 earthquake in Tibet

If you have paid for your OS ... Live Gavel-To-Gavel Coverage In HD AT

Who is the Most Corrupt Republican? - the "King of Pork"

The Rude Pundit - Soothing the Savage Clinton

Small Packages Trick People to Eat More

Am I the only one getting a bunch of error messages on DU?

How soon does DU go to level 2? Anyone having error messages?

The media coverage of the conventions needs to adhere to the DU rule

Introducing the 2008 oPod and oPhone*

WSJ: Alaska: Two Incumbents Face A Chill From Voters = Primary Aug. 26.

If you don’t pay, they take you in and turn you over to the Americans as Taliban or Al-Qaeda

Iran’s Ahmadinejad, Russia’s Medvedev To Hold Talks

Of Richer, Suskind and Habbush.

Keys and the Tiger: Would McCain be able to deal with distractions?

FOX gets doused!

Telegraph UK Reports Springsteen WILL Follow Obama's Convention Speech

Sam Cooke was 44 years ahead of his time

i would like to watch Faux with the sound muted and play a CD of clown music....

Sister Helen Prejean wakes up the first-ever DNC interfaith gathering!

How about some international observers to monitor our election?

Contractors Lose Immunity US Out of Iraq by ... "2011"

Contractors Lose Immunity US Out of Iraq by ... "2011"

Bush's Bureaucratic Dark Arts: (very important subject)

Ok, there are either Rethuglican terror cells on DU that have been activated or people are losing it

Stanley Kubrick's Boxes

Is Dora getting a makeover?

There's no way I'll ever be able to forgive her.

I crapped m'pants.

Doctors: Insurers Increasingly Dictate Treatment Decisions

Delay to Avoid Charges Due To Ridiculous "Technicality"

cnn -Post-Biden poll shows Obama-McCain dead heat - does anyone else smell a turd?

So Who IS Jerome Corsi (Swiftboat Skipper) Supporting? WTF!

A question about polls and cell phones versus land lines:

kitchen tables!!!!!!!!

kitchen tables!!!!!!!!

Faux News skybox has water spraying into it.

KGO news just said Teddy is IN DENVER! YEAHHH!!! n/t

Wish I had a nickel for every time a-hole John Roberts mentions Dem party "disunity" on CNN

Britain's "Iron Lady" Thatcher has dementia: daughter

First they got their ass handed to them by Russia, now Georgia prepares to welcome the Dark Lord

do you guys get creeped out when McCorpse closes his eyes and gives that creepy smile?

But, but, we’ve GOT to stay in Iraq. There’s so much riding on it. - Today’s Headlines 8/25/08

Just received this Reich-wing email - Your Thoughts?

Fox News’s DNC coverage focuses on cheerleaders, Hooters girl

Deceptive images

Why doesn't Ed Schultz throw this right winger off his show?

How can McCain promote more tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% of voters and have 47% of the vote?

BREAKING: Obamessiah is going to lose!

AlterNet: Don Siegelman Calls on House to Hold Karl Rove in Contempt


McCain gets lost on his way to his own convention

Who thinks McCain didn't know about the torture, rape and murder Bush had our troops committing?

Triumph of the Will Part II. What we learned from the Bejing Olympics.

Good songs for ads..

"Biden put the apostrophe in Obama"

Shit I liked Hillary a lot and would have been proud to vote for her for president

Condoleezza Rice has suffered a personal tragedy..

Things you learn from Republican nutjob e-mails -

This is what patriotic conservatives are being told to do this week by Glen Beck

The Mc*'s receive shirts from Central High School - pics

Thank god this tit won't be our mayor anymore

For those wanting a "united Democratic party," it doesn't happen

LOL - Look what the reporters on the Straight Talk Air campaign charter airplane deal with - pic

Thank you, Beijing. That was one hell of a ride!

Debra Bartoshevich should have a big bright H (for Heretic) tatooed to her forehead!

Breaking HARD .................

Fox News dweeb & F-bomb recipient claims Sheehan "defended" him because "she's running for office"

My two cents on McCain

Fuck you, Nicole Devonish Wallace Whateverthe fuckyourname istoday.

Border Fence Leads to Flooding

Many Officials Reluctant to Help Arrest Immigrants

Who knew that Pooh was such a great political analyst?

Gay marriage foes mobilize in Calif.

AG won't probe prison death

That al-Maliki guy sure has HIS fucking nerve ..............

They are showing Ann Richards' great keynote address from 1988 on CSPAN

John F. Kennedy's 1960 Acceptance Speech (text)

CSPAN2 showing 1988 DNConvention Ann Richards speaking now.

Here's a McCain voter:

I'm watching the 1968 Democratic Convention on CSPAN2. Hubert Humphrey's speech.

Bush Reveals One of the Presidency's Saddest Things-Bush History, 8/25

Aaaw, Nicole Rebublican hack is "disturbed" when people criticize about military service

Obama 47%, McCreepy 47%--What The Hell Is WRONG With People?

Iraq: You Don't Have To Go Home, But You Can't Stay Here

McThuselah is scoring Obama for not picking Clinton for VP

An army of young, motivated voters, cell phones in hand, lines up behind Obama

The Elephant In The Nuke Power Argument (Hint: it isn't nuke waste)

Luke Russert, NBC News: WTF???

This will be Gustav and an island or two is going to get hit

GET A BRAIN MORANS! : Why the Inside Job Theory is wrong and why continuing to use it only hurts us.

Are you better off than you were 7 years ago? CNN Money poll

Cindy's probably going to Georgia to score opiates

Does anyone know where I can watch the convention online? and Political Campaigns

just in MSNBC - Cindy McCain being sent to (republic) Georgia

CNN’s Jack Cafferty: "Are you better off now than 8 years ago?"

Need another Wikipedia specialist. Please, can someone help?

Conservatives silenced by their own rhetoric

I'm sick of this Rezko coverage

Malia, Sasha and mother Michelle at the convention

Malia, Sasha and mother Michelle at the convention

Why I am glad I am not a delegate to the convention

A squall in the shitstorm bush unleashed hits a forty year record ......

fox news

ATTN: OBAMA TEAM! The campaign ads I want to see. A series...

Ban on unmarried adoptions cleared for Arkansas ballot

Did any of you hear the journalist on MSNBC talking about Obama

Requesting arguments against "the surge" in Iraq

The Good Doctor!! Yeah!!!!!

Why aren't those afraid of Obama...

Live Convention Coverage on The H.O.R.N.!

Anyone listening to Randi Rhodes

We are LOSING the war in Afghanistan

The Progress report: CIVIL RIGHTS & 100 different ballot initiatives in November!

Repugs win Presidential Elections because -

We need to STOP Dem leaders being taken in by TBoonePickens' Green painted Trojan Horse.

Can we please have a serious protest?

Can someone please explain to me the "keys" and McCain?

Now we're being proselytized by corporations?

Why did CBS edit out McCain playing the POW card again?

Cable Funnyman Rips Cable News

I'm watching Hardball. These fucking idiots behind Matthews are an embarassment.

How Design Can Save Democracy-Interactive site shows how ballots are effed up.

How the HELL can they get away with using Clinton against Obama in ads?

Jean Duley is a public figure. That was information I found...

someone made an ad about McCain comparing him to Mugabe, Mugabe's lawyer

Pastor Rick Warren lied to us - Let me prove it to you now.

Andrew Tobias is gay? I didn't know.

Cheney to Visit Georgia Next Week -That oughta fix things right up...

How Bad Off *IS* Washington Mutual??? (Offering 5% on 12 Month CD)

***** LIVE HD now from Democratic National Convention. STREAMING full screen!! *****

Burning incense may spark respiratory cancers: Constant users 80% more likely to develop disease

Why does this "Recreate '68" smell like a RW public relations front group?

what barack 'needs' to do...what michelle 'needs' to do

We just watched "Charlie Wilson's War" - Great movie...

Wow-Dick & Cindy Are Going To Do Georgia

I swear if I hear one more word of or about infighting, I'm gonna have a "Network" moment!

Anyone hearing this awesome new album cut by Jeff Farias and his wife? Talking Biden right now!

If **you** were in the MSNBC audience outside the Denver Convention Center ......

4,000-mile Run for the Fallen reaches its Arlington goal

Most homeowners' insurance policies don't cover loss due to nuclear accidents. Why is that?

Forget the keys! Get a load of this!

China fired rockets to prevent Olympics rain!

Will the crooks ever pay?

Tweety just called the PUMA wackos...bwahahahahha

2008 Democratic National Convention: TV Listings (if you don't get cable TV)

Treasuries Climb the Most in Two Weeks Amid Credit Market `Horror Movie'

For those who think Joe Biden is pro-Drug War...

are there any anonymous celebrities on DU ?

MarketWatch: U.S. stock indexes down 2%; financial shares hit

A request if you are posting about Cindy

Earth Wind And Fire !!! Gawd I love this song .....

New Obama-Biden button available! -- "Follow the Road to Change in '08!"

It will be difficult, but I'm ready for ..........

The most elitist, uncaring thing Bush has ever said..

Dean Gaveling the Start of the DNC Now C-SPAN

CUT THEIR MICS! Joe and Whora. Jeeze they are strident.

Joe dead intern Scarborough bashed Obama all morning for 5 hours

Awesome!! DISH TV has one channel just for Dems Convention

Real Time with Bill Mahar is back on Friday 8/29th!!!!

Daddy Yankee Endorses John McCain

Sadly, my own son no longer believes in this country's potential as a democracy.

Biden Warns: 'We're Gonna Give 'Em the Devil'

I have been looking for the time schedule for the DNC Monday night

Are K.O. and Scumborough getting ready to fight?

Have Dem's turned into pansies? Seriously.

Elizabeth Dole for McCain's VP choice?

What are these fucking PUMA's?

For those without 'pay TV', PBS will be covering the convention tonight beginning at 8p est.

Need Wikipedia specialists

Kudos to a Florida blogger who tells it like it is. Ready to work...our leaders are not leading.

Dennis on MSNBC!

Luke Russet is no better than the rest of them

Just got an e-mail from my brother in Minnesota

Good God! This is AMAZING! New methods of Healing...Regrow lost body parts

Link to interview of NBC's justification for not covering Matt Mitcham's family

Link to interview of NBC's justification for not covering Matt Mitcham's family

This particular convention may mark the **true** change of generations

Background people appreciation thread

Had a conversation with three good friends tonight

I just read Klein's "The Shock Doctrine"

A cross made of steel from the trade towers to be erected at crash site

School Fund Raisers...I sooo don't want my kid to sell crap to help fund his school...other ways?

My sis is having surgery.

Photo Gallery of Israeli Girls in the Army

What is the deal with the signs are the convention. I have not seen one that isn't in English

Randi Rhodes simplified corporate welfare: privatized profits and socialized LOSSES

Protesters interrupt Pelosi speech

Did Cindy McCain Marry Her Father? - (Holy Electra)

How can this race be so close if 80% of the country thinks we are on "the wrong track" ??!!

Here's an e-mail I received as 'humor'.....

Gas prices fall as election night nears...

New Democrat Movement - Who knew there were so many Democratic parties within the Democratic party?


DemocracyNow! is two hours today!

The PUMAssholes on MSNBC are fucking nuts.

McCain: "I'd have room in my administration for Dick Cheney!"

The LA Times gave a great review to 'The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule' by Thomas Frank.

The "HAVES" and "HAVE NOTS" is a legitimate conversation in a democracy.

CREW SUES DOJ For Failing To Provide Records Of Fitzgerald/CHENEY Interview In Plame Leak

Glenn Greenwald: AT&T thanks the Blue Dog Democrats with a lavish party

Judge who denied jailed Democrat's motion for release was Karl Rove protege

Senator Leahy Is Not Satisfied with the Anthrax Investigation

Gee thanks George, you created another Chinese Spyplane Incident!

the worst televised sports coverage in the history of mankind

My wife and I have zero health insurance

I started a list of the many times Admiral McCombover has used the POW card ...

Limbaugh starting rumor that Michelle Obama is pregnant

MSRNC Pushing PUMAs to Help the GOP

I want President Obama to end bush's war & bring our people home immediately.

"Rush Limbo Hour," NBC Radio, Jan. 17, 1943 All hail the Natural Order!

Me, Jane Hamsher, Daily Show (And Convention Seating)

Am I the only one who just can't get excited about Obama?

US DIRECTS Destruction Of Evidence Linking CIA To A.Q. Khan's Nuclear Proliferation Network

Do Democratic principles require us to be more constrained?

Discovery Channel: "Noah's Ark: The True Story"

Joe Biden's Awful Record on Drug Policy

My racist aunt, Post-Biden, now will be voting OBAMA!

Seriously: I got told that Obama is the antichrist.

Condi's double standard. One country's expeditious withdrawal is another's "apirational timetable."

I Have My Car (And House) Keys With Me

"Water Mafias" Put Stranglehold on Public Water Supply

TOONS: The Houses! The Houses!

New Avatars!

T. Boone Pickens wants your water

Tobias Funke is gay? I didn't know.

No "free" transatlantic coach meals on United......

Poland to Probe Alleged CIA Link

Party Crashing AT&T and the Blue Dogs: The Best Government Money Can Buy

George Bush Lied the US into a War in Iraq

Elad And Hissyspit Are In The House And I Meet Gov. Siegelman!

Does McCain have illegals on his payroll? How can he not?

tweety: "you can see and hear insanity" as he cut to commercial

How long before...

When Good Lizards Go Bad: Komodo Dragons Take Violent Turn

Is CIA trying to cover-up Rummy's involvement in Swiss nukes....

As You Watch The 2 Conventions Keep An Eye On This

John McCain's camp calls Madonna's attack "vulgar!" Duh!

I heard that the Obama and Biden is just awful and bad.

A friend of mine, from The Netherlands, just had a heart attack ......

mainly because half the people I was with believed it until I explained the situation to them

Soooooo, I just filed a complaint at my local Navy Exchange

While Cindy does Georgia,

"Democracy for America" wants help getting-out-the-vote.

Aw geez, not this shit again...Gustav???

if Chicago gets the 2016 olympic games- what sport should they add?

Was Cindy Sheehan's hotel room in Denver bugged?

Sheriff: Boy, 12, shoots 11-year-old neighbor with AK-47


The fact that we in North America need someone like Bill Mahar to be a "radical"....

U. S. Airstrike Kills 50 Children In Afghanistan

Democrats open faith-filled convention with prayer

Dear Mika, Joe, Pat & all the concern trolls at MSRNC

TYT: Cindy McCain's Despicable Lie About Mother Teresa

Live Gavel-To-Gavel Coverage In HD AT

Before convention start, let's DU a salute to Chairman Dean for rebuilding our Party Infrastructure.

Is it time to expand DU profiles to include height, weight, skin color, and annual income?

Just when you think they've hit bottom ...

Tubbs Jones Funeral Arrangements Set - UPDATE on flowers

Cindy Sheehan's hotel room in Denver bugged?

Ask Nancy Pelosi a question (

Just how hot IS it in Phoenix AZ?

I didn't know they had blooming onions in China.

200 Pot Plants Found at Mall of America!

Waylon Jennings - Living Legend (A Dyin' Breed)

Apparently, Y'All are dead to me...

1969 Liberace Show Liberace and Minnie Pearl

I can has reputation?


Anyone else having problems getting into Hotmail?

Do you remember Toni Childs? Where'd she go?

"Beets. Bears. Battlestar Galatica."

I hate to interrupt all this talk about reputations, but I have an important question...

Reputation? How about a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T?

McCain picks Whitman as his VP

How long should it take Twitter to get my text verifying my phone?

---------MY!1 -------- Reputation!1

My friend's son wants my burp as a ringtone

I know I got a bad reputation


AWESOME>>>going to see the Temptations in October

Wednesday is my birthday - what are you buying me?

OK, it appears that we're catsitting this weekend...

Blackberry owners - tell me where to find free games to download..

KPOD question

Someone please tell sniffa that there is no farkin' way I am

Why is Midlo trying to sell her eldest daughter to p1? Is it for the Canadian citizenship?

Blood and Sweat

"Ice Cream! Ice Cream! Get your tuttsi-fruttsi ice cream!"

I FEEEEL the love!

Eddie Griffin is going OFF on Bush

The frittata/caponata sandwich-or, how food could be if you only dared.

I suck at going to bed...

You know I have a bad reputation--and it isn't just talk talk talk--

NO MORE WAR. Rec this Thread!!!!

Rememeber when Skinner and Earlg would post 1,000 posts Milestone threads

Chick flick?

Well, that closing ceremony is.... Interesting....

20 Worst Foods in America:

Did anyone else just watch that episode of Metalocalypse?


Did anyone show Elrond Hubbard the thread

Should I go to sleep?

What's worse? Which group makes you irritated more?

Yet another stupid criminal...

Naked Puma Pixxx...

i'm about to leave for the airport

Finally have the DVD..."Trinity And Beyond."

I don't care what ANYONE says, Valerian Root, while effective....

The Olympics are over.. Squeaky clean

Fans of "Godspell", check in

T-shirt at the convention?

I said lets have a crab boil at work. You think I had two heads.

Sweet Dreams, People

Any parents feeling sad with the kids off to University far away. I just dropped my daughter at the

OMFG: The Baby Jesus Anti-Fornication Thong - I shit you not

Monday morning ramblings..

So I was in Sweden for vacation

There's things I'd like to change about myself.

Zombies vs. Vampires: All out war! Who wins?

Alright, sing it with me now: I dont give a damn 'bout my reputation.

Women, do you have some kind of radar that tells you when a man is seeing someone else...

I like our new Obama bumpersticker

my face is sunburned, my dogs are bbbaaaarrrkin, but

Gold Medal Men's Volleyball!

Why do I find speed walking so funny to watch?

What is the difference between a bloke and a chap?

Which flame warrior or warriors best describe you (when the need arises)

My cat is scared of janging keys

My SO has had a Facebook page for only 15 hrs

Printer question

Sports that should be in the Olympics, but aren't

The top KITTEH pic is FUNNAY!

Turtleandsue born with 2 heads six legs, 2tails in Indiana

Don't blame me....

so I guess running scenes from The Deer Hunter on the big screens is out of the question...

Skygazer's poll got me thinking: What the hell IS my reputation around this place?

woot, i'm now 1 letter away for FIVE different prizes in the Subway scrabble game!

Anyone here watch Generation Kill

Are most American women ready to take a chance on a garden variety Republican such as McCain?

Post your creepiest sculptures...

I hate to admit it

Nearly had a Heart Attack When I Bought a Can of Paint Today

I am SUCH a dork - I'm always sad when the Olympic flame goes out

I just received an email from the "Federal Bureau of Investigation"



The 2012 Olympics: My modest proposal

Can somebody explain to me the key jingiling thing?

Midnight Horror

What is your experience with bars?

Skygazer's poll got me thinking:

I don't like it when people make fun of fundamentalist Christians.

If that doesn't spell "Sweden"

I double dog dare DuStrange to prove he's the Kwisatz Haderach

Has Joe Biden been divorced?

Join Together - The Who (youtube)

Hey, have any of you guys seen my keys?

The DU Lounge is stuck with Boojatta (the Boojatta, not the evil twin) for about an hour.

Defintion of Irony:

Anyone a Kevin Smith fan?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday August 25

The First Person That Finds Midlo's Keys Gets__________

Skygazer's poll got me thinking: what is Asher Heimermann's reputation around here?

Can someone explain the keys thing to me?

Kansas university fires mooning debate coach

Louis Armstrong's song "Cheesecake"

You know what this place needs? More Talking Heads

What is your experience with boars?

What is your experience with bears?

Dave Matthews cancels Sac and Utah shows (tonight and Wed)

I posted a youtube video earlier...

...mainly because about pi radians of the circumference of the sundial I was with...

It's a Slow News Day in New York...


Walking Catfish On Runway Delay Flight

The official "Welcome to DU, DuStrange" thread

Ask me anything. Really.

Kitten usually, after some delay, become cats.

Who bought the bag of mini snickers?

Please Dont Ask Me

Are You Glad The Olympics Are Finally Over?

Oh Nose

Have you ever seen the rain Comin down on a sunny day? {youtube and picture from today}

Forget asking others about your reputation

I just ordered a set of Digital Binoculars!!!

I just took my dog for a walk with no leash...

Fun with fails

Is anybody else having some problems posting?

Unleashed freerepubes are a pain in the a$$ and a threat to themselves and others

Anyone know of a shampoo that's safe for cats?

Perfect T-Shirt For Midlo

Cool photo series from GD on Israeli women in the military

Okay, so I feel like an idiot.

Did I Miss Something, What Is It With 'Keys' ?

Is there anything good on TV tonight?

So I am going back to school...

GD:P alert

This just in: Midlo is spreading rumors about Loungers..

This just in: PeterU admits to being an idiot.

It may be before 5 PM Happy Hour but I want to celebrate the beginning of taking back our country!!

What the hell is wrong with this world?!

This just in: madinmaryland is apparently female.

Post of the year over in GDP

How is this one?

Gawd. I love roasted red peppers.

This just in: turtlensue is the Faux News of the Lounge.

Cher? I don't think so. Name a better Catwoman

To the artistic directors of the Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 opening ceremonies

I now have 6 1/2 cats

What's this about Parche being dead?

This just in: You are ALL crazy

This just in: Midlodemocrat Sells Out Her Maid For Crack


This just in: I've asked several of you to suck and no one's taken me up on the offer

Cher will be Catwoman, Depp will be the Riddler

Are identity theft protection services legit and effective?

About smoke alarms. Can someone explain to me why mine went

This Just In: I suck.

If you were never welcomed to DU - this thread is for you!!

This Just In: Midlo On The Sauce

Speaking of mongolian mongolian grill, WTF is that?

This Just In: Y'all suck

Who's got some cool democratic desktop wallpaper?

Uh-Huh... Uh.. WHAT?!?!

This Just In... Youse bumz suck

This just in: I don't post for 24 hours and I come back to find a stream of copycat threads.

Barenakedlady survives plane crash.

Whine or Wine?

eBay will soon be paypal only?

My Firefox just had a seizure............


"Meet me at the couch in ten minutes or... I will make the entire Earth explode."

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 8/25/2008)

Baby Elephant Born At Oregon Zoo

"mainly because half the people I was with believed it until I explained the situation to them"

This has been on my mind forever, and you ain't gonna like what I have to say...

Dramas Versus Comedies

My Peanut Butter has a first name, it's S-K-I-P-P-Y...

This just in: None of you suck

I just shucked some fucking corn.

I yelled at someone today who wanted to talk about the Democratic Convention.

I just took my dog for a walk with no clothes...

Do not pass me, just to slow down

What is your experience with beers?

Great music at the Democratic Convention

What is my reputation on DU?

Why are youtube commentaries so fucked up?

Dune: which film version do you prefer?

Hey free snark alert in GDP!

Attention to all Threadless Fans! All T-Shirts $12 this week!!

If You Drank Beer What Would You Drink?

I need a hug.

Weeds: The Series

This just in: flvegan sticks his junk in the mashed potatoes.

This week, Swedes will be eating fish that smells worse than rotten eggs

Unleashed gods are a pain in the ass and a threat to themselves and others.

Name some embarassing early roles for well-known actors/actresses

This Just In: Writer is sick and tired of Parche's phallic airplane pictures.

Unleashed children are a pain in the ass and a threat to themselves and others

Apple computers are corrupting little Christian children

Best song line evah:

I Keep Telling Myself Things Work Out

wo0t. I get 3 paychecks in December.

John "Hardly Worth It" Mayer alerted paparazzi to his whereabouts and NO ONE SHOWED UP.


Skygazer's poll got me thinking: What the hell IS my reputation around this place?

So what's on your stereo/TV/mp3 player tonight?

I Have Had Such A Sh*tty Day That I Am Going To Bar Tonight

BREAKING NEWS: Midlo Having Affair With Maid Brenda

Are you a part of a 'tribe?'

Of the 10 highest selling albums of all time, which is your favorite?

Whats Your Beer Of Choice

What will you miss most about summer?

I've hit rock bottom...I'm Facebook friends with my friend's *cats*

I don't get it

DU Etiquette question

Who wins?

Today is the first day of my Medical Education.

If DuStrange Served Beer At His Bar Would You Only Drink This?

Some of the most horrifying foods in the world, courtesy of Cracked.

Hey Midlo, the Jeopardy! College Online Test is Oct. 1st

Some Pics from Boston ( very bad hair days)

can someone help with wireless router troubles?

I received an early birthday present today...

World's cutest kitten... (insulin alert)

Garfield Minus Garfield to be released in book form

I feel as if I'm in an Alfred Hitchcock movie

What kind of reputation do you have at DU?

Ninja Kitty - cute!

What Music Do You Like

Fay is finally giving Asheville

Today is our 29th anniversary.

My little puppy is mean

"Rewarding laziness is called...Welfare!"

This just in: half the lounge dead to Midlodemocrat

This just in: Elad had Mongolian Grill for lunch in Denver.

What is your experience with bears?

THis just in: Parche is dead to Midlodemocrat

What is your experience with madinmaryland?

This just in: You all suck

What is your favorite type or brand of beer

All of my cats just went insane at once.

People who piss me off.....more to come, I'm sure....

What's... cough!... for dinner tonight? Cough! cough!...

Unleashed dogs are a pain in the ass and a threat to themselves and others.

ID3 tags for MP3 files should be able to be tagged for multiple genres...

364 Days...

(Poll) ? (Poll) ? (Poll) (Poll) ? (Poll) ?

. . . and How Was Your Day

************ Happy Birthday U4ic!!! ************

Has New Age music "jumped the shark?"

**********Fundraiser for our darling lizziegrace!!!!!**********

Protesters collide with police in Denver

Sheehan speaks at Re-create 68 rally rally

Two arrested in DNC protests

FBI: Couple offered sex with girl, 5, for used car

Son Was Paid by Bank While Biden Pushed Bill

My Son, The Lobbyist: Biden's Son a Well-Paid DC Insider

5 soldiers, 2 journalists injured in Afghanistan

Stoned Driver Gets 3 Years in Alaska Highway Death of Woman

(PA Gov)Rendell: Obama coverage was embarrassing

Commanders' US extraditions concern Colombia

(Hillary) Clinton praises UFW (and Obama)

Pakistan's Zardari Says Taliban Winning War

Full Convention voting rights restored to Florida and Michigan

Full Convention voting rights restored to Florida and Michigan

Party Unity Tops Agenda For Democrats

Obama aims convention at blue-collar voters

Rogue unit blamed for raid on (Iraqi) government complex

Bomb explosion injures six soldiers in Narathiwat (Thailand)

Kennedy plans to address DNC

US tax loopholes cost billions annually

Zimbabwe opposition wins vote for speaker of Parliament

Registry plan for foreign travelers catches flak

Liberals a sideshow in Denver

Unidentified Clinton Delegates Try to Buck Biden

Poll: Race for White House tied

Suicide Blast Kills 25 At Celebration in Iraq

Part of Pepsi Center flooded by sprinkler system (and FOX News' Skybox)

Defense Dept. contractor arrested on post for sexual abuse

Iraqi PM says foreign troops to leave in 2011

Russia lawmakers recognize Georgia rebel regions

US says still no final deal with Baghdad on troops

U.S. soldiers still mending are returned to duty in Iraq

DeLay might be cleared of charges(says his lawyer)

Soggy News Day

Obama Aides Defend Bank’s Pay to Biden Son

Inspector general chastises Medicare on waste

Clinton, Obama Working out Deal for Roll Call Vote

Showdown between DNC protesters, Denver cops snarls Colfax and Broadway

Rising Hispanic vote shifts focus off Cuba

Pakistan's Ruling Coalition Collapses Amid Dissent

When Good Lizards Go Bad: Komodo Dragons Take Violent Turn

12 states sue US government over refineries

Alpine melt reveals ancient life

Human exoskeleton suit helps paralyzed people walk

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday August 25

Clinton urges her supporters to back Obama

Border fence design blasted as causing flooding

How Hunt Oil Buys and Sell(s)

Teenage DNA detectives expose US fish fraud

Cindy McCain's Mission to Georgia (country)

US soldier killed in shooting attack in Iraq

Hallmark stores refuse to sell company's own wedding cards

Rice: Joe Biden is 'a true, true patriot'

Criminals dumping weak US dollar for euro

Clinton preaches unity; delegate vote a 'personal decision'

Abortion takes center stage at DNC interfaith gathering

Dem delegate in McCain ad kicked out of DNCC

Russia says to inspect cargo at Georgian port

Obama Sees Need to Decide If Fannie, Freddie Should Be Private

Water torture act creates a stir at protest

Russia cruiser to test weapons in crowded Black Sea

Protesters: We're being treated like prisoners

Afghanistan attack was 'legitimate' hit at Taliban: Pentagon

In Nuclear Net’s Undoing, a Web of Shadowy Deals

Girl suicide bomber, 13, hands herself in to Iraqi police

White House: US Reviewing 'Entire Relationship' With Russia

Protesters interrupt Pelosi speech

Ban on unmarried adoptions cleared for Ark. ballot

Biden in New Hampshire

Fuck Fox News Denver Police and National Guard During DNC

Cheney travels to Georgia, Ukraine next week

Red State Update: Biden Picked as Obama's VP

A great Biden ad.

Cindy Sheehan at R68 Anti-War Rally

Day-by-day convention schedule

Michelle Obama Arrives in Denver

TYT: Should Overweight People Be Penalized?


Funny, pretty much sums up McCain

Shockingly Bad Propaganda Video: Raisin' McCain

sorry Mr Lennon

DNC Preview

Ken Salazar - Colorado Senator Interview at DNC Convention

DemocracyNow: Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-OH, Dies

Tropical Storm Gustav forms in Caribbean

Hillary Supporter Not A Democrat - DNC Convention

Collateral 56-The plastic vortex

DNC Funk the War Protest

Dead Prez Protest

DemocracyNow: The War in Afghanistan Rages On

DNC 2008 Not Quite A Riot (yet)

Rachel Maddow praises Joe Biden on Womens' Issues

DemocracyNow: New Film about Katrina, "Trouble the Water"

Ben Stein is NOT Rich

McCain on Houses Gaffe: I Was a POW

Britain's "Iron Lady" Thatcher has dementia: daughter

Joe Scarborough says the dream (Obama) has died...

Rep. Dennis Kucinich on Clinton, Biden and Obama

Madonna compares McCain to Hitler and Obama to Ghandi: Get Stupid (live)!

FUCK FOX NEWS... Live on Fox News

The Police State - Gitmo On The Platte-

DSCC: Behind the Scenes at the Convention - Road to Victory

Greatest moments in presidential speeches!

Joe Biden : Unions will become a household name if I become president

TYT: Romney For VP - Check Out What McCain Thinks Of Him

Hillary Responds to Mccain Attack Ads

Bill Kristol: Operation Chaos on Fox = McCain/Hillary

FOX News (mistakenly) airs potentially illegal anti-Obama ad

Totally In Agreement

Denver 1908-2008 -- A Century Of Politics

Hillary on McCain Ad: "I'm Hillary Clinton and I do not approve of that message"

Ted Kennedy's Long Legacy @ The DNC

Fox's DNC Coverage: Broncos Cheerleaders And Hooters Girls

Joe Biden the next Joe Lieberman?

Michelle Obama prepares for her convention speech

DNC Convention Protests - Pepsi Center - Swat Team, Denver

DNC 1948-2004 15 Videos (playlist)

The tragic lies and deceit of Pastor Rick Warren - pt. 1

Hillary Clinton Calls For Unity

Barack Obama in Davenport Iowa

FBI saw threat of mortgage crisis

Police Investigate Possible Plot To Kill Obama

Red State Update Retires

WHAT REPUBLICANS SAY ABOUT JOHN MCCAIN Michelle Obama prepares for keynote address

Kirsten Powers brings the heat on FauxNews. McPOW exploits the issue for political gain.

Russia warns Moldova against "Georgian mistake"

Choose To Unite - Barack Obama Music Video

U.S. Warships Arriving in Iran

Republicans Put The "Labor" Back Into Labor Day

MTB: Michael Moore Friday On Why Dems Are So Nice to McCain

New McCain Ad Features Former Clinton Supporter

Obama Ad: Why is McCain Talking about the Sixties?

FauxNews propagandists get "the beat down" at protest march in Denver

Iraq seeks breakup of U.S.-funded Sunni fighters - LATimes story

Expats harbour hope for Obama

A Noun, A Verb, and P.O.W. (Mary Lyon)

McCain Didn't Know What Kind of Car He Drove Either

No go on Hutto. Cheney aide who rides roughshod on the environment should not get a top energy job

Band rages against using music as torture (Rage Against the Machine)

The Three Dumbest Neocon Predictions Since the Disaster in Iraq

McCain judged by company he keeps

Biden is Pro-Hollywood / Anti-Technology

How Obama Reconciles Dueling Views on Economy

Richard Holbrooke: The Next President's Daunting Agenda

TPM: Cheney Link to Stevens Case(Andrew Lundquist nicknamed "Lightbulb" by dimson)

AlterNet: Joe Biden Is a Key Fighter in Dissolving Bush's 'Terror' Myths

Letter: Republican hypocrisy

Three Years After Hurricane, the Backup Is a Fixture

We are the WMD terrorists.

How (Ballot) Design Can Save Democracy

Mister Jalopy Wants to Make a Better World

Negotiations Under Way in White House Subpoena Case

Chris Hedges: Pouring Gas on the Afghanistan Bonfire

Defying the Broken Clock Rule

U.S. Interrogator Recalls Mass Detentions-Quota System Upped Arrest Rates in Iraq w/o Clear Results

The workers’ fightback is coming

Joint Statement from Maggie Williams and David Axelrod, 8/25/08

Ignore Jerome Corsi's slimy attacks on Obama

Trouble for BPOs as American states mull no-outsourcing laws

Did protest arrests violate rights?

Dems Fear Bill Clinton Will Refuse to Leave the Stage — Literally!

Accentuate the Negative- Krugman: no more knives in gunfights, please

Charley Reese: My Palestinian Wife

Harper's: How Hunt Oil Buys and Sell(s) (Bush/Cheney/Stevens croney Clay Sell)

Timely article: Four political conventions that changed America.

The Lessons of the Beijing Olympics

A Tale of Two Parties

US tax loopholes cost billions annually

Former Alabama Governor Makes Plea to Colorado Congressional Delegation

Spike Lee: 'I don't do Fox News'

Not much innovation in Asian IT parks, says BSA

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 349

Clinton supporters: Party unity my ass

Don't Know

"Pentagon military analyst program: Documents" (SourceWatch August 2008)

Painful lessons from IT outsourcing gone bad

A breakdown in security

Iraqi PM: U.S.-allied fighters will be disarmed

Ex-soldier pleads guilty to sexual assault

Bragg judge keeps slaying defendant in solitary

3 Pa. guardsmen charged in sexual assault

Navy: Aging P-3s safe despite mishaps

Coast Guard captain allegedly used cocaine

Latest in LPD series headed for delivery

Autopsy: Mix of pain meds killed Irwin soldier

28,000 body armor vests ordered by Corps

2 Marines in contempt of court in Nazario case

Settlement reached over defective blade

Expansion of Ellsworth training area considered

NM wants jet fuel spill cleaned up at Kirtland

Oldest cruiser leads makeover program

AlterNet: Welcome to the Food Revolution

Solar Energy and "the grid?" Can Someone Explain?

Peak Oil Review -- Aug 25, 2008

Cajun Residents & Towns Cling To Remnants Of Home & Tradition As Gulf Takes Back The Land - NYT

TVA Electricity Rates To Rise 20% In October On Higher Coal, Gas Costs

Poachers Kill At Least 20% Of Elephant Populations In Africa's Oldest National Park - Reuters

Professor Harold Hill's America - Energy Bulletin

Asphalt Costs From $41 To $70/Ton Since February - Upstate NY Planners Cutting, Delaying Repairs

Drilling Boom Revives Hopes for Natural Gas

Tropical Storm Gustav forms south of Hispaniola

Capitol Hill candidates urging inaction on global warming

Nuclear bomb

Junk Science on Fox News: Environmentalists Prompt Nuclear Power Wake-Up Call

Australia: Tyranny of distance fuels rising grocery prices

Uganda: Diesel thermal generators to be phased out next month

Have you seen the new TV ad from WECANSOLVEIT.ORG?

Iogen suspends US cellulosic ethanol plant plans in US. $350 million loan guarantees "not enough."

Utah: improper home CNG auto conversions may be "car bombs"

UK Nature Reserve To Be Partially Abandoned To Rising Seas - Titchwell Marsh In Norfolk

Cheap-to-run scooter replacing second car

Crocodile eats Bangladesh man who sought its blessing

Zap Electric cars (low speed) to be built in Franklin, KY

8/25 11:00 EDT NHC Confirms Trop Depression #7 260 SE Port Au Prince NW 15 Max Sust 35 1006 MB

NBC Censors Family of Gay Gold Medalist Matthew Mitcham

McCain: It Was the Gays Who Tortured Me

Safe2Pee - gender neutral bathroom

John Russell For Congress Fl. CD 5 Brief Introduction (Defeat Brown-Waite in 2008!)

Binyamin Gibli, Lavon Affair figure, dies at 89

Israel's missile shield against Iran: Three Americans in a trailer

Israeli gesture underway: 198 Palestinian prisoners freed

U.S. tax breaks help Jewish settlers in West Bank

Palestinian fishermen test Israeli blockade on Gaza

Obama: World must not allow Iran to corner Israel

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/24/08

U.S. and Global Economies Slipping in Unison

Why the OCC Can't Be Relied on for Consumer Protection

The Missing Link

The Path to Economic Growth: Bankruptcy

US Prime Mortgage Defaults Worsen Faster Than Subprime

The Great Consumer Crash of 2009

How Obama Reconciles Dueling Views on Economy

Today in labor history August 25 Established the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

Labor's Election Ground War--And How The Media Is Missing It

Brazil buying guns to get them off the street

Guatemala Formally Recognizes Its Indigenous People

Commanders' US extraditions concern Colombia

Rising Hispanic vote shifts focus off Cuba

Colombia fires prosecutor in paramilitary probe

ICC prosecutor visits Colombia

32 Dominicans interdicted near Puerto Rico ("fleeing" from their government?)

another Cuban class act: Kicks referee in the head

A wonderful Olympics

Oxyresveratrol and Parkinson's

Killer Carbs: Scientist Finds Key To Overeating As We Age

How many Gardasil commercials will be enough?

Electroacupuncture may help motor recovery in chronic stroke survivors

How many anti-Merck threads will be enough?

Ontario's Grade 8 HPV Vaccination Program...

Are there any news regarding the DU calendar?

TahitiNut, Sir....some of the new de Young Museum...

Water (and ME) Falling Over Things 2008: Part IV

Rural vs Urban firearm needs

U.S. Olympic Medals in shooting & Kim Rhode wins in 4th Olympics

Man arrested carrying hunting rifle in case into hotel in Denver.

10 Questions, and Answers, About Evolution

Killer Carbs: Scientist Finds Key To Overeating As We Age

GOCE Earth Explorer satellite to look at the Earth’s surface and core

Question about making muffin batter ahead of time

Left Behind

I want to be an official paid 9-11 OCT shill - Can anyone help me?

Interpreting Media with NLP / disrupting 911 truth seekers.

Psychology and WTC 7...

GET A BRAIN MORANS! : Why the Inside Job Theory is wrong and why continuing to use it only hurts us.

If the new 7 OCT says one column failed due to "thermal expansion," whither the bulge, the transit,

&%^$#!@*&^$#! Delay Might Be Cleared of Charges

FBI: Couple offered sex with girl, 5, for used car

can't get connected, says already connected

Watching DNC on Linux with Moonlight for MS Silverlight?

Can't get downloaded videos to play

A Teacher on the Front Line as Faith and Science Clash

For those for whom today is the first day of school (for the students) good luck

2 WSJ articles suggest a frightening future for education.

I didn't have my camera along, but if you're driving around 25th and Hennepin

Obama's Campaign Office in St Paul is Vandalized

Obamas MN Campaign headquarters VANDALIZED!!!

Bachmann Will Speak on Opening Day of Republican National Convention

Paranoid TrueNorth wingnuts claim RNC protesters stealing bikes

Did you see this Bus Stop near Xcel?

Twins trade to get Everyday Eddie back

Great LTE in the Globe defending Kerry against Beatty's petty attack on JK's ad

An awesome article that explains the problem with Pickens.

Al Gore ad for Kerry!! Please rec this diary:

Matthew Iglesias has the money quotes of what McCain said about Kerry re: Vietnam service

Kerry holding fundraiser for a congressional candidate in VA. Read this amazing history:

Is Kiefer Sutherland an RW shill or has he been duped by the

Q&A with Josh Brolin on Playing Bush in Oliver Stone's Biopic 'W'

anyone seen spamalot?

Print / Distribute This Flyer !

Jason Leopold Weighs in on Uncounted

Kellner said it's now clear that a "qualified" rating from NASED is "meaningless ...a piece of..."

Voting machine cartoon series

Hey, folks--I got back from the Obama barbecue to discover my LTTE in the

Glad to be back

Debra :puke: Bartoshevich in McCain Ad.

Announcing Eating Liberally - Milwaukee!

Finalized plans for Labor Day Weekend Picnic

Re: Prop. 8 - Does a constitutional amendment pass with a simple majority vote?

Atheist vs Atheism