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Archives: August 4, 2008

Jobless rates beginning to worry the nation's heartland

Defense contractor orders Iraq employees to surrender cell phones

A ribbon for the Republicans

Does Ben Stein think we are idiots?


before it goes down the memory hole....again

Luke Russert to Join NBC News

Just saw an interesting commercial on TNT....

Texas defies World Court, Bush on execution

Remember 2004 when the cost of gas went down before the election?

NYT Reviews The Dark Side: NO LAWS/RULES-"It Was The Camelot Of Counterrorism-It Was Fun"

We should love the republicans.

I just realized I dance like Steve Martin.

Simplest Question of All - why did the entire MSM develop amnesia about the Anthrax attacks?

Obama Wants Full Voting Rights for Florida and Michigan Delegates

Most of NH's Sunday issue of the Union Leader had headlines like:

Inside Barack Obama's Southern strategy

Solzhenitsyn, chronicler of Soviet gulag, dies

Little kid sings" The Immigrant Song"

"unwell" - Because sometimes the old TSS can't say it as well as a song

A socialist perspective on the Olympics: no matter who "wins", the working class loses

Why Not Trust The Corps? They're "Scrambling"

McNuts it is !

Anthrax: Obvious inside job of the highest levels.

McCain's shitty campaign strategy..

Latest crime trend : TOE LICKERS hiding under cars!!!

Burlusconi to send Italian troops into the streets to fight crime.

Tropical Storm Edouard....

Somebody please give me next weeks major news headlines.

What is the fundamental difference between a Republican and a Democrat? (Seriously)

Vote in CBS news political pop question ?

Bush History, 8/4 - Bush Fiddles While the Earth Warms

Question for Washington & Colorado DU'ers...

Scientists Question FBI Probe On Anthrax (WP)

Visualizations : Military Costs of Major U.S. Wars

Take my word for it...go see Kevin Costner in SWING VOTE Awesome Movie..5 Stars, Oscar time...

There was talk about Obama sponsoring a car in today's NASCAR race....

Sweden's Prostitution Solution (Apparently it works well)

Hurricane watch issued for western Louisiana, eastern Texas

Farron Cousins: DU is the best place for progressive info.

Obama says give Fla. and Mich. delegates full vote

They're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Bamboo in the Wind........Dalai Lama Quotes

"Obama terrifies me"

McCain's Buddy, Ahmad Chalabi - You're Fired (Again)

Iran in the hot seat, but other countries violate NPT with impunity

Wisconsin Parade Accident is Mayor's Fault

Prescription Data Used To Assess Consumers

Economic Models Predict Clear Obama win

day care closed after boy wanders away

Batten down the hatches - the books are coming!

Dupe. Please delete

Short rant on hatred of Mr Bush.

Something disturbing on Air America about "The One" ad

It Depends on How You Define "Define"? How Do You Know "Known"?

Lone Gunman...err...Scientist Responsible for 2001 Anthrax Attacks...

Possible human foot found ashore in Clallam County

Glenn Greenwald on DemocracyNow - Discussing Anthrax/Ivins....

"The New South"

Boo hoo -- The rich are starting to feel the "pain" of economic downturn

McCain gives you a daisy a day, dear

Obama Needs Big Rallies and the Myth of Indy's

McCain Just Says No to Indiana

Church exorcism protected by First Amendment

Sexual harassment okay as it ensures humans breed, Russian judge rules

Survey: July planned layoffs rise 26 pct vs. June

Is anyone else going to Denver to try to get in to see Obama's speech?

Senator Obama Responds to New CDC Numbers on HIV/AIDS in the United States

Since the GOP always projects it's weakness, whats with the Obama is too thin meme?

GOP: Lift drilling ban or risk government shutdown

Democratic Party 2008 platform to call decision to go to war with Iraq a "strategic blunder"

did you see when Lieberman said John McCain wasn't racist cause he adopted a child from Bangladesh?

McCain Ads on Democratic Underground

McBush, what Blue state are you going to win?

Housing Lenders Fear Bigger Wave of Loan Defaults

Where the "he's too skinny to be President" meme came from...

Ted Stevens, a metaphor for himself (Tom Toles)

AP: Tropical Storm Edouard aims for Texas, La. coast

Welcome Mr Vice President elect

Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?

The Dominion of Terror

Medellin set to die Tuesday for Ertman-Peña killings

Dedication (pic)


Tom Toles: McCain goes to the Dark Side

Tom Toles: McCain goes to the Dark Side

John McCain is a maverick no more

AP: Rising prices beat down consumer spending in June

MY VP prediction...

From a Reuters/Zogby Poll...Rising Food Prices

Stagflation rears ugly head

Tags on Corsi's book: "Obamanation"

Cops May Close Anthrax Probe Today

MarketWatch: Worst inflation in 27 years trumps tax rebates

Why do VP candidates debate each other anyway?

John McCain may not be racist,

Wall St. Journal: Companies Tap Pension Plans to Fund Executive Benefits

I haven't seen Former Sen. Bob Graham's name in the Veepstakes yet.

So who's listening to Mike Pence on WJ this morning

Dear Republican friends and neighbors. We know you're uncomfortable with McCain.

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram: 107 degrees, and counting

MarketWatch: Corporate job cuts up 33%

New Orleans under coastal flood watch

When a bank fails, do your checks bounce?...How long before the FDIC...

Black "conservatives"...

Remember - Obama's birthday is 8/4!

Very bad news for the conservatives. The Karma is coming!

McCain: The Most Reprehensible Of The Keating Five-Article 1989

Stealth Obama literature distribution via eBay sale?

A case for KEEPING the Olympics

When was the last time you heard someone use "um" while describing a "homicidal maniac"?

McLame not afraid to attack Barack, the best counter to this is

Mervyns files for bankruptcy protection

From Enron to Exxon

Bush by the Numbers: 450 days @ Camp David - 466 days @ Crawford "ranch"

"One out of every two African-American pregnancies

Don’t Tase Me, GOP!

Amusing warnings on a raft: Americans apparently the dumbest.

So this will make you laugh: Paris Hilton - McCain attack ad draws fire

The only house in my neighborhood that had a W-04 sign in front of it is now empty

The real reason neither the Anthrax Killer nor Osama Bin Laden have been found:

Larisa Alexandrovna On Solzhenitsyn (And An Excerpt Of His Writings)

Barack Obama in a Movie

Why Hillary as VP would work as a good Distraction

McCain's true voting record on the Military

Anthrax case timeline

A McCain spokesman said the other day that McCain wasn't really speaking for his campaign

Across America, economic woes are mounting

(from 1975) a moment of Zen

Pelosi: What's the process to remove her as Speaker?

Obama's fall in the poll has nothing to do with McCain attacking him.

Who wants to live on the 160th floor?

Wealthy Now Feeling The Pain of Republican Economic Policy ~ AP

Prescription Data Used To Assess Consumers

I saw 3 today in 15 minutes

Who likes Obamas idea of bringing the back windfall profit taxes on the oil companies?

Anthrax evidence against suicider scientist: Circumstantial

Democracy Now with Amy Goodman has a great report on the Anthrax case

Israeli soldiers prefer Obama over McCain, 55 to 35 percent

Immigrants joining the ranks of NJ's homeless

Poll: McCain's attack strategy paying dividends (AP)

Did Cheney Bush get the Anthrax Vaccine? or did they get Cipro

Did FBI offer Ivin's son $2.5 M and a sportscar to rat on him?

Couldn't you have told me that 30 years ago?

WSJ: Obama May Back Off Opposition to Offshore Drilling

The Turning Point - Past Elections

these ads on the du

Does it seem like when McCain releases a new ad the media plays them over and over for free as news?

The Rude Pundit: This Is an Optimistic Post in That It Thinks John McCain Is a Cretin

Anthrax case .... One more piece of "funny" information

E-mail circulating

Duley as 'double agent'? interesting read

Rep. Holt asks F.B.I. director Mueller to testify to Congress once Anthrax investigation is closed

In retrospect was it a mistake for Obama to go to Iraq and Europe?

McCain on Energy: His rhetoric doesn't match his voting record.

So tell me...this new city rule about not standing in streets...good or bad.

Help finding missing images, please?

Foot found on Olympic Peninsula beach

Sooooo very pertinent ...

Yeah, Barack sure is in trouble.

Need a reminder to help me smack a co-worker with...

Memo to John McCain (cc: Steve Schmidt)

In his 30 years in Washington what has McCain done to solve the energy crisis?

BREAKING: News on tv just reported actor Morgan Freeman

Lieberman: "We've had a discussion to talk about the possibilities" to speak at the GOP convention

Your imaginary retirement.

When do you think Obama will announce his choice for Vice President?

The Berlin Rally Was GREAT

MSNBC Obama making a long stay over in Indiana. Points to Bayh?

Reliably GOP State Is Up for Grabs

Senator John Sidney McCain is the biggest bullshitter in the entire world.

Japanese American Relocatin Digital Archives (JARDA) . . .

Who's on NPR?

Anybody seeing a trend in their towns....

I finally discovered a way to find John McCain attractive...

Here's a keeper: John McCain Debates Himself on Supporting Bush

McCain is the Anti-Christ

FOX News Guest Calls For The Race Card To Be Played Against Obama

Outrageous Quote of the Week 8/2/08

That ad is starting to creep me out.

Whom are you more likely to be on Halloween, Barack Obama or John McCain?

What a bunch of nervous nellies

Robert Reich: The Heart of the Economic Mess

If a Republican whines in an empty House, does it make a sound?

Can Everyone Please Stop Talking About Hillary For VP? It Isn't going to happen and isn't helping

At least Bush only forgot the answers

Bahai representative: 7 believers detained in Iran innocent

There is no time

John McCain bumper sticker Vs Barack Obama bumper sticker

McCain's Buddy, Ahmad Chalabi - You're Fired (Again)

Questions about offshore drilling

I predict McCain will name his Veep the day after Obama's Acceptance Speech

A simple question...a simple answer, "No"... a simple response

Did the BFEE cause the banking crisis ON PURPOSE?

Gwyneth Paltrow films ad for Barack Obama

If you go overseas - Will you be ALLOWED to contact the US Embassy?

IGLESIAS: State's Former U.S. Attorney Still a Spokesman on Firings

Obama's Choices for Veep Are Far Better Than McCain's Are

Braves announcer Skip Carey dies.

Dick move of the week

Zero U. kicks player off team because he made a rap video

Freedom Fighter Taylor Marsh has made the backstabber list:

What Political blogs do you really trust for insight and accuracy?

This country is suffering from a nationwide case of the Stockholm Syndrome

Crude Oil Falls Below $120

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Hartmann's reading the DU thread written by a former spook

Bush: "I have seen America at its very best in seven and a half years"


Food Contamination Scare

"Across The Universe", Vietnam and Today.

Do you think Congress regrets believing the Bush Administration?

How McCain Lost Before He Was Born

Obama makes bid in 7 longtime Republican states

Is it just me or isn't about time to knock off the pandering?

Boscov's declares bankruptcy

FUN TRIVIA FACTS about the Upcoming 2008 Presidential Election

Alaska Gov. Palin investigation update.

Should Congress keep working in October?

Faux Talking Points for the last few days: Bring up the issue of race. O'Reilly says he doesn't get

DAMMIT..Tell Me The Truth! UPDATED!

Poll: Obama holds a 2 to 1 edge over McCain among the nation's low-wage workers

Zell Miller Junior To Speak At Republican Convention In September

I keep thinking of the juxtapositions between this here US and

McCain think his "The One" AD is FUNNY?

News Flash: Conservatives Discover Inequality

Shoot Your Friends First: The Cheney Doctrine

McCain's ads are juvenile and at 72, he's too old for that! He's like a Joke!

"Obama's people are trying to denigrate" McCain's "military service"

Time to Arrest Karl Rove. - Today’s Headlines 8/4/08

GOP still speaking on floor despite recess

GOP still speaking on floor despite recess

What were the July fundraising numbers for both camps?

I have a beautiful 14 year old daughter and I would never pose with her like this

Obama ad to target McCain's energy policies(watch the ad here)

"Perhaps your reward will be in heaven - not here on Earth."

"What is it about George W. Bush that makes you want to serve him?''

McNasty is so hard on his Crew...they are PISSED OFF...many are frustrated beyond help.

Obama turns 47 today, McCain 72 soon

Greece: Beheading suspect in critical condition

Banking: Purchases trigger overdraft fees before they clear

White House Says No To Helping With GOP Stunt

Don't forget about the "Camel Club"!

Obama ad to target McCain's energy policies

Morgan Freeman seriously injured in car crash

My morning radio

MUST READ! The media debunk McCain smears, then promote them

MUST READ! The media debunk McCain smears, then promote them

Had my first encounter with a Republican canvasser yesterday. FUN !

Doug Thompson: " John McCain Is A RACIST "

need an anti-mccain hit piece

Where the hell is George Soros?

House conservatives boo veterans organizations who urge a clean military funding bill

Unintended Consequences of the PUB Brand...helping Bush not once but twice

RWB- Running while Black - Bob Herbert

Is Obama too intelligent to be president?

McCain's Dishonest Spin on MLK Day in AZ

Waiting for Rove = By Dan Froomkin

Happy 47th Birthday Barack Obama

DU invasion underway again?

Hess Corporation "Office Manager" And Her Husband Both Gave $28,500 To Elect McCain

What's the difference between being addicted to foreign oil, and being addicted to domestic oil?

George Lopez helps Obama get the Latino vote in Nevada

CNN Declares "McCain Controlling Internet" with Funny Ads.

She wrote this 3 years ago, here is my reply (a happy thread I hope)

This is big. This is really big.

From Jan 20, 2001 to Jan 3 2007, the GOP controlled all aspects of the federal gov't

JetBlue starts charging customers for pillows and blankets

Calling all eagle-eyed DU'ers.

The Chicago Cubs/Sam Zell Tax Dodge

NPR: Media reports indicating Anthrax scientist Ivins was going to be indicted imminently are False

Can Obama Turn the Dem Party Upside Down with the Biggest Voter Mobilization Drive in History?

Economic Meltdown Claims 2 More Corporate Bodies

The anthrax thing 1. no one buys it 2. they've awoken a dead story trying to wrap it up

What do buffalo chips, wet T-shirts and wife-abusing bikers have in common?

Army scientist tries to kill liberal politicians

If Morning Joe is any indication, the pubs are still on the "racist" thing,

ADN: Sen. Ted Stevens' lawyers file to move trial to Alaska

anybody have KO's email address?

OMG Brian Schweitzer is Obama's VP

McCain Takes a Page From Clinton’s Playbook

Looks like the GOP has hired Star Parker to muddy the waters.

Why do video games glorify the war in Iraq?

Multiple Oil Company Executives Gave Huge Contributions To Electing McCain

M$M spin on GEMSNBC: Who cares if FL and MI get their full votes counted?

Happy Birthday United States Coast Guard

OK, now we're hearing that Ivins hated women?!

Hate Radio: Liar Laura Ingraham "We don't need war images because we have Hollywood"

WTF? Ivins was obsessed with a sorority in Princeton?

My Republican friend's morning email to me.

Former FBI Official: After 9/11, White House Told FBI To Blame Anthrax Attacks On Al Qaeda»

McCain wants to "quickly shift the focus of the race" by naming his VP after Democratic convention

Obama to DNC: Don't limit Florida votes

Anybody want to help me start

New, aggressive Obama?

How long should an internet video on You Tube introducing a candidate be?

LAT Hits Hard On The "MultiMedia Stink Bomb": Obama's crime? Acting too presidential

Fire breaks out at 'God Hates Fags' church

McCain's Health Care Plan: Gut Employer-Based Insurance

Remember those purple heart bandaids and flip-flops? Now Repugs have found their prop for Obama.

Happy Birthday Barack Obama!

Corporate Media Ignores White House Planning of "False Flag" Operations to Trigger War with Iran

NPR story on anthrax case

Is it heterophobic to out a straight man without his permission if he is widely assumed to be gay?

McSame: "Let's get this energy crisis solved."

Lee Atwater appologized, will Novak? /nt

why isn't McCain's military record attacked

RNC: Obama's sole energy plan consists of urging Americans to properly inflate their car tires

Fresh Air-8/4: Thomas ("What's the Matter With Kansas?") Frank.

Time - Crushing on Obama

The Anthrax Attacks: Sunlight Is the Best Disinfectant

Millions With Chronic Disease Get Little to No Treatment

McCain's Team Too Stupid To Know About Basic Car Maintenance. Who's Elitist?

Enough with the Anthrax threads

2 criminals for the price of 1: "Bush To Appear With Sen. Stevens In Alaska Despite Indictment"

question about the timing of VP announcement: if Obama doesn't announce this week, he

Obama compared himself to Paris Hilton?

Military jury at Guantanamo gets bin Laden's driver's case

Congress takes another potshot at family farmers

What time is Obama's Speech on his Economic Proposal today?

The View is re-running the Barack Obama episode.

An appropriate quote for the republiNazis

Honoring Helen Thomas (her birthday)

Pregnant Jennifer Garner Pokes Fun at John McCain Ad

I don't feel welcome here

Link to hear Obama's speech in Lansing, MI at 11 a.m. EDT

Not All Veterans Salute McCain

Prepare yourselves. Rasmussen will have McCain ahead of Obama today.

McCain = Loose Cannon. Our WINNING MANTRA for 2008

It's looking like a good year!

McCain losing support of Arab-Americans who practice Judaism

Two more tire gauges needed for distribution - one for Ahnold and one for Crist

Cheney’s argument for not releasing innocent detainees: ‘They’ll all get lawyers.’

Battered Minority Party Syndrome

Does anybody else think that 529 account deposits

Barack Obama : New Energy for America

Barack Obama : New Energy for America

So at least lenders have learned their lesson after the sub-prime debacle, right?

Sorry but the attack AD's work

Obama is NOT behind Aug 4th Obama 316 McNasty 209 Ties 13

Obama's gonna get nailed for this "flip flop". Re: Strat Oil Reserve

What fails in Vegas the Review Journal tries to keep in Vegas. Readers react to Las Vegas cover up

Energy - A Republican Strong Suit

C-Span now re-playing Obama Energy speech...

Ohio is THE Battleground

Daily Rasmussen poll - yawn

I feel sorry for those compelled to be so

What is the advantage to closing up the Anthrax assassination/murder case before Obama takes office?

I think Obama needs to come out with a commercial that brings up the corrupt history

WOW! Look at Bobby Rush. . .he had cancer, he is healthy now but its jarring to see his look

Here is what John McCombover has done for black people summed up in one clip!

Obama Up 30 Points Among Low-Wage Voters

Obama launching 'Blue Star Families for Obama', "a national military families council"

Tires have become insanely expensive

Voters like Obama's energy credit (Rasmussen poll)

CBS Headline: On His 47th Birthday, Obama Is All Business

Bumpy Ride for the Straight Talk Express

The key to lowering gas prices is demand destruction, not more supplies.


Robert Novak to retire due to brain tumor

Are there any DUers who have created their own videos to put on YouTube?

Gallup today. Obama 46 McCain 43

at the rate mccain is going, if he keeps having tumors and shit removed from his face.....

at the rate mccain is going, if he keeps having tumors and shit removed from his face.....

Just heard on a newsbreak on Nova-M that Novak's cancer is malignant

Come On In, the Water's Fine

Apparently, during the Olympics, NO politics or news will happen

Obama Ad: 'Pocket' (VIDEO)

Happy Birthday, Barack Obama! We love you!

US oil firms seek drilling access, but exports soar

Trying to understand why the repuks are even close in this race

Josh Marshall: What About the Curve?

*** Obama's New Energy Policy Discussion Thread ***

Heard news bits making a big bit about Bush's "last" Asian trip

Listen David Gregory for the nth time

When will the airlines start charging for air to breathe?

McCain on offshore drilling: "Within a matter of months, they could be getting additional oil."

I suspect that the "theripist" in the anthrax case....

Fox News obtains 2005 email by Ivins claiming anthrax powder from letters matched Fort Detrick

Anybody watching Andrea Mitchell on MSGOP interview Federico Pena?

Obama YouTube Chanel Views 15,043,552, McCain 931,791

Is the McCain campaign getting into the mud about race?

Frivolous litigation

former Bosnian foreign minister: US officials gave green light to Serbs on Srebrenica

FBI: Federal Bureau of Idiots

When will we see the satirical video "The Angry One?" McCain just LOVES humor!

My response to right-wing christian E-mails

Does McCain go EVERYWHERE with that skanky blonde????

Update: Questions and Answers: Advances in Methods of Measuring HIV Incidence (CDC)

Giving in (aka flip-flopping) vs Compromise:

Karl Rove is...THE FUGITIVE (about Time)

Hey, those of you who watch the weather all the time, is it normal

PPP polling of Arizona: McCain: 52% Obama 40%

PPP polling of Arizona: McCain: 52% Obama 40%

John McCain is Truly Creepy! He reminds me of a ghoul!

John McCain is Truly Creepy! He reminds me of a ghoul!

She Walks My Grave in a Long Black Veil...She Visits "9/11" No body sees but Me!

Rasmussen, 8/4: Obama and McCain tied at 44%, with leaners McCain 47% Obama 46%

Morgan Freeman hospitalized in serious condition after car accident

Hyper Reality

Swiftboat Operation II - Jerome Corsi Strikes Again...

McCain brags he was 5th from bottom graduating yet Obama being called an empty suit!

HOLY CRAP! World disease map!

Yikes, nasty incident in Vancouver's gay district (Pride day here was yesterday)

Multiple Oil Company Execs Gave Huge $ To McCain Just Days After Offshore Drilling Reversal

New Hampshire "has shifted so hard toward Dems" that Senate race is emblematic of embattled GOP

Obama's new ad makes McCain and Bush look like twins

Lawrence J. Korb: History Shows Civilian Leaders Are Better Off Ignoring Advice of Generals

KFC in Iraq not authorized by KFC International...they are looking into the situation.

Breaking News: Hillary still lost the fucking primary

Breaking News: Hillary still lost the fucking primary

Michelle Obama To Meet With Military Spouses In Virginia

Michelle Obama To Meet With Military Spouses In Virginia

Ivins supposedly had obsession with a sorority.

Officials: Sorority obsession seen in anthrax case

Oh shit Obama slumping only up 3 in gallup

Does anyone else find Mike Barnacle particularly offensive?

Anybody happen to notice a herd of downer-bots on this board this weekend?

What embarrassing thing will * do on this trip to Asia?

Off-shore Drilling Explanation,,,Not a Flip-Flop

McHypocrite - McCain's 2000 Concession Speech & Campaign Manager's Comments Re The Perfect Smear

Cheney will not make an appearance at the Republican convention

Bayh to introduce Obama at town hall meeting in Elkhart IN on Wednesday

Obama Teams Up With Bayh for Injured Vets

Writer Frank Marshall Davis offered a young Barack Obama advice on life

Condi Rice: Bush administration didn't realize "how incredibly broken Iraq was"

Joel Haugen Who Is A Republican And Running For Congress In Oregon Endorses Obama!

Get out of the campaign bubble! McCain's attack ads WILL backfire. I have no doubt.

McCain supported bill to make car manufactures install equip to warn you when tires not inflated

Why does NASCAR hate America?! Tire gauges for everyone!

McCain Interviews While He was A POW.

Here are some LTTE Dr. Ivins wrote to his local paper.

FBI was told to blame Anthrax scare on Al Qaeda by White House officials

Republicans to Distribute New Tool to Convention-Goers

Why Is Joe Klein Angry?

Hey!!! It's August!!! What happened to Chimpy's month-long

Ari Fleischer hired as consultant to Green Bay Packers

New Ad is Close and Almost a Whole Cigar!

Proposal for an ad....

Antichrist watch!

if obama wants to go to sturgis for rally

Yoohoo! Paging the Obama campaign -- want to score some points with American workers?

A Gorgeous, Compelling Obama Campaign Photo Gallery

Maybe Obama Is to Blame...Or are Dems this Dumb?

So George Lakoff.....

For a few weeks our (few) media reps have been bashing McCain's "more drilling" meme

So did Obama just set the tone for this week?

Man presumed dead since 1979 found alive! I swear he looks familiar...

Feds Storm Medical Marijuana Operation on Day Court Rules DC Can't Undermine State's Law

Crooks & Liars: "Weak Daschle lets Graham call Obama camp liars: Obama’s surrogates must WAKE UP!"

Disturbing Subliminal Flash Imagery in McCain "The One Ad" Am I imagining this?

What does it mean when a bank's stock fall below a penny?

Kudlow - "Drill, drill, drill, so that the futures traders will flee."

Obama: "The oil companies have placed their bet on Senator McCain." (w/ Video of speech)

Pelosi firm...says no vote on offshore drilling.

Old Man McCain and his Degenerating Principles

The girl in the window , Feral Child

Hartmann sounding really desperate today

Has anyone else received this email from Bill Clinton?

I just completed a telephone survey (John Kennedy vs. Mary Landrieu) -- heehee.

White farmers in Zuid Afrika claim they are going to fight to keep their lands

The story of Mordeci/Haman.....and how it applies today. Please discuss

The Decline of John McCain - " by day, disgracing himself, soiling his reputation..."

It IS about McSenile's age, no other issue is more important

This morning on the CBS Morning News show they did a story on how Obama seems to be aging!

Lingering Myths about Generation X

Obama camp thumps McCain on small business and energy

McBush Said Congress Went on Vacation.......

Doe anyone have the link to Slacker McCain's schedule? Where he takes off on weekends etc?

Whether or not this is true, perception is key.

You Want to See what depleted uranium in Afghanistan is doing these days?

President's Job Is To Pardon

I would like your input on my problem.

Walmart Mobilizing Employees Against Obama Campaign

Gallup 8/4 O-46% M-43%

Lieberman on Press the Meat: 'young man'. Racist pig.

I think the House Republicans are giving the Democratic Party a HUGE GIFT


McBush tells Clinton-turned-McBush supporters they'll be thanked in the afterlife.

$57,000 from Queens --- Politico picks up on McCain's stinky quid pro quo

Frederick Engels on Afghanistan - More accurate and insightful than anything else you will read.

Wow! The secret to getting Pro-Obama ads aired by the MSM

Could having this event in Indiana throw off the media?

Multiple Oil Company Executives Gave Huge Contributions To Electing McCain

Poll Question: Your Current Confidence Level (Part II)

If Bayh and Romney are the VP candidates, what will you be doing during the VP debate?

Salon has uncovered new evidence of post-9/11 spying on Americans.

McCain seems to make a habit of mocking people in financial distress

Roadblock Republican Roundup for Monday, August 4


McCain cannot possibly win, unless…

Mark My Words: Someone on DU is Bound to Get the Veep Right.

Joe Lieberman: "John McCain Doesn't Have A Racist Bone In His Body", Well... Except

John McCain, war hero, military record, blah blah--Wake up! Aren't we forgetting something here?

I've gotta give it to the GOP, this little stunt in Congress has paid off thus far

Obama made a Spectacular Speech in Michigan today...where are the reviews?

POW McCain's Statements 1967-70

Are the Olympics really that interesting anymore?

McBatShitCrazy: 'We Have to Drill Here and Drill Now'

Gallup: Tight race, Obama slightly ahead

Multiple Oil Company Executives Gave Huge Contributions To Electing McCain...

House conservatives boo veterans organizations who urge a clean military funding bill.»

What do Rachel Maddow and Gore Vidal have in common?...

What I think will come from the energy policy protest at the House

How much is a flip-flop worth? If you're McCain, $285,000.

Ask Bob Schieffer to cite where the Obama campaign "denigrated McCain's military service"

Companies Tap Pension Plans To Fund Executive Benefits

Obama: Reinstate Florida, Michigan delegate votes

Another new Obama ad - hightlighting how McCain has voted on energy:

Why I hate writing to my reps:

Rumor check: If Lieberman speaks at the rethug convention, he will be kicked out of the Dem Caucus

Working Class Whites - why can't McCain seal the deal??

A tale which bears repeating:

I was talking to a co-worker who has 2 preschool children and I said

Where is "Mr. Will Obama Stand Up for Anything" when you want him?

John McCain announces plan to cut the price a barrel of oil by 50%

McCain Mocks Obama With Tire Gauges, But Agrees That Inflating Car Tires Properly Will Save Energy»

Update on generous Hess office manager

Time Magazine: The New Battlegrounds Oakland County, Mich.

CNBC Blogger Credits Obama with Oil Drop

The Connection between Bush/Cheney's "War on Terror" and its Class War

Obama in Indiana Wednesday (VP Pick probable)

The "Moses" commercial - what you're not getting

Terrorist Fist Jabs! (Dial-up Warning- LOTS of images!)

Happy Birthday, Barack: 47 is the new 46

Please vote: Who has the better energy policy - Larry King

Americablog: What's wrong with John McCain?

Americablog: What's wrong with John McCain?

Well we knew attack ads with Hillary in them were coming

Someone should ask McCain where he wants to locate new nuclear power plants

Karl Rove Wanted Poster

NYT columnist: GOP exploited race for decades

I heard on LeftJab that McCain only does one campaign event a day?

Prediction: McCain will pick a VP to reinforce the "I'm a maverick, not a politician" message.

Let's ask ourselves: How do people become executives in the first place?

The GOP are afraid to see the people face-to-face.

Photos Of Obama Giving His Energy Speech In Lansing, Michigan

America's Convention: Join Us In Denver

OMG!! McCain is going to STURGIS!?!?!?

MediaMatters Exposes Smear: "Unfit for Publication: Corsi's The ObamaNation filled with falsehoods"

caption Barbara Bush (daughter)

Shuster: "Evan Bayh is SO DULL AND SO STIFF it poses a risk for Obama"

Everyone here should stop speculating about the race for 30 minutes

Psssst ...... Nancy ....... **WAKE** **THE** **FUCK** **UP**

I'm afraid, please talk me out of it

An Anthrax Tip... From Larisa Alexandrovna

CNN won't tell you the real reason smirk is going to Thailand

What an Old Fraud!

Rasmussen Poll: Obama up by 13 in CT and McCain up by 19 in AZ

Ted Stevens TANKS

Stevens to Join Bush in Alaska = BUT, does Bush know about it?

Sen. Stevens receives warm welcome in Alaska = "about 100 supporters"

On His Birthday, Obama Asks for Faith in Possibilities of Youth

Michelle Obama on International Best Dressed List

What was Schieffer talking about yesterday.. about denigrating McCain's military service?

Michelle Obama on the cover of

Isn't McCain a card carrying member of the Screen Actor's Guild?

Has there been any Jenna Bush sightings since her wedding? Waiting to show off that baby bump?

Can I watch Race to the White House or Hardball today without wanting to gouge my eyes out?

Why McCain is still in it--Today's LA Times...

Happy Birthday, Queen Helen [Thomas]

Who do you THINK Obama will pick?

Hardball pundits making excuses as usual

Physician: "McCain's the most likely senator to start a nuclear war"

The Federal Government Is Now Issuing Us Good Citizens A Number And Chip

Sorry, But I Can't Support a "Risky" Candidate for President!

Why the hell are people freaking out over the Rasmussen poll?

Revealing McCain miss- Statement

the thought of john sydney mcveigh as president really scares me.

Scrub a dub dub: removes McCain calling himself “The One” from website

Ezra Klein on healthcare reform: "The Senate is your enemy. Max Baucus is your enemy."

Ezra Klein on healthcare reform: "The Senate is your enemy. Max Baucus is your enemy."

Al Gore Places Infant Son In Rocket To Escape Dying Planet

How Hillary Could Be Used

Man who ratted out Super-Rich tax dodgers lives in hiding and has $10 million bounty on his head

I nominate MYSELF as VP. Obama/Rimmer 2008!!!!

I heard this in Obama's speech on his Energy Policy which was featured on CNN...

A rightwinger sent my brother this email re Obama and McCain on taxes

Hillary on her VP prospects: It is "Barack's decision and his decision alone" HOWEVER...

If Obama does not choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate...

Novak's shocking revelation -- you won't believe it!

On The Today Show this AM.... Anthrax suspect’s colleague blames FBI for suicide

The Massive Smear Against Bruce Ivins: Cui Bono? (Pre-emptive strike on truth?)

The Massive Smear Against Bruce Ivins: Cui Bono? (Pre-emptive strike on truth?)

SALON: Would Obama prosecute the Bush administration for torture?

THIS is how WE WIN The Election!

Goodness, Cheney won't be at the GOP Convention

Right Hates McCain

Ailing Sen. Kennedy tapes video for Democratic National Convention

Handy graphic to email showing McCain's HORRIBLE record with Veterans

Have You Gone Out To Dinner Recently???

Happy Birthday, Barack Obama!

Will the "Ads" Dictate the VP Choice?

ATTENTION!! Next time you're in London just DON'T TALK IN PUBLIC!!!

Oregon GOP Candidate Endorses Obama

David Brooks' Magical Mystery Tour of Barack Obama

Obama vows tax credits, aid to automakers for hybrid cars

The Daily Widget – Monday, Aug 4 – Obama 350, McCain 188 – New Crosstab Project

So who's McCain's VP going to be?

What in the hell is McCain's strategy with his stop tomorrow?

Are you mad at those on the Right who are happy Ted has a Brain Tumor?

"THE LEAKER IN CHIEF" (Newsweek) Bush Declassified Info & Authorized Cheney To "GET IT OUT"

More from the Smear Machine: Seen this? Refutation help, please

Eric Cantor's Foolish Obama Slur

It won't be long before the ChickenHawks will be blasting HBO's Generation Kill.

McCain and big oil connections email I received. Great to forward I think.

Remember Collin Powell telling the UN about Anthrax in Feb 2003?

I call bull about Congress's low approval ratings

New e-mail from the McCain campaign - the spin is on!

Obama Up 30 Points Among Low-Wage Voters

Is McCain being "Graded on the Curve" by the M$M? Good Josh Marshall Piece

Er,,,CHET EDWARDS?....????

This McCain photo has NOT been Photoshopped

Boston Globe: The End Of Rakan's War - Iraqi Boy Treated In Boston Dies In Iraq

Boston Globe: The End Of Rakan's War - Iraqi Boy Treated In Boston Dies In Iraq

There are, it seems, plenty of Obama primary supporters who like Hillary as VP

Oregon Tells Woman: We'll Pay For You To Die, But Not To Live

Finances , worries and thoughts from a LEO wife.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/4/08

I don't feel welcome here

When did being undisciplined become a good thing?

Anthrax, Bruce Ivins Case Research-Resource Thread - Update & Rate Please

"Whole Load Of Crap"-Larisa Alexandrovna Has Low Down On "Therapist" To The Anthrax Suspect

Bill Clinton Has Regrets on Campaign for Wife

The Stars & Bars

Anthrax case closed. Just like nine eleven.

The only possible reason that Obama might pick Bayh

When you associate being gay with negative things and people

Olbermann speaks: why Dana Milbank won't be on Countdown any more

Ok, I work with a nice amout of reich wing nutsacks right....

Obama's crime? Acting too presidential

Dean's Response To My DU Activist Letter

I Can Drive 55...


Fox Punk'd By Bogus KFC Whopper

Governor Rick Perry Must Halt Medellin Execution Immediately,

McCain receives huge Big Oil contributions just days after his offshore drilling reversal. (Hess)

Hate the Media Thugs? Let's BE our own Media

Appealing to our worse selves

Keeping tires inflated will save more gas than we can pump out of ANWR

You know what is insulting. The GOP says they aren't racist, the ads aren't racist and McCain's. .

McCain Calls for Congressional Session He Won't Attend (updated)

Olbermann speaks: why Dana Milbank won't be on Countdown any more

VP Blues

Is verbal attack on a minor "assault"...?

I was an airline pilot for 30 years. Today, it scares me.

TYT: Why McCain Has Caught Obama and What Obama Can Do About It

Hey, let's shut down DU GD-P because according to some.....

Breaking via TPM: Hess Corp "Office Manager" & Husband Gave HUGE Bucks To McCain

A Bayh VP Would Hurt Our Senate Chances

From NYT Magazine: The Trolls Among Us

A solution to the Osama/Obama problem:

The GOP are afraid to see the people face-to-face. (xposted in GD)

Mitt says no to Veep job? CNN radio

"I'm John McCain, and I approved this message."

After rape victim used cell phone to call for help, KBR bans use of personal phones in Iraq

Rachel Maddow's PERFECT Answer

This Race Is Not Even Close (Take A Look At This)!

Grand Jury Investigating the Anthrax Attacks? Who's the Prosecutor?

Bayh is a good choice for VP

Greensburg, Kansas....I might be going there on August 14-15th

Hillary's back! -- To campaign with Obama this Friday in Nevada and for pre-convention unity swing

Milwaukee man faces foreclosure because he didn't pay parking fine.

**** Obama's DU Birthday Card (sign inside)**** Happy 47th, Barack!

When it comes to pornography and prostitution, why do women patronize other women?

Poor John McCain... the media wants us to understand something about him...

We have got to address the public view that additional off-shore drilling will be beneficial

If Bayh VP: There Goes the Chance of a Filibuster-Proof Majority.

How racist is the GOP's front page photo?

The appropriate context for McCain's tire pressure gauges: Republican assholery

We need our own heavily-funded swiftboaters to attack mclame's perceived strengths.

Oil Companies Escape Billions in Royalty Payments to Americans

Do you sometimes find that your fellow tribbles make you want to slam your head into a star door...

If you're a liberal and you like supernatural thrillers

Thanks for the welcomes

i take choo fuckin bullets mang!

What is a good, inexpensive scanner?

So, what are the requirements to be the anti-christ?

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is back online as one video now.(this is so cool)

there were only so many cartoons, movies, and television shows made between the end of WWII and now

Hollywood wants to ruin my childhood, don't they?

My first DU post from the couch on a 61" screen.

Is there still moshing at concerts these days?

OMG... the serial recommender is baaaa'aack!

XM is broadcasting Lollapalooza on channel 2

my first DU post from the adult video store

Pickens compliments Obama energy plan --strongly encouraged by speech on America’s energy future

YAY! My kid found his missing Guitar Hero cord!

I just realized I dance like Steve Martin.

Some schmuck stole my Obama magnet off my car!

Some rat bastard has been eating my tomatoes

The last episode of Dr. Horrible's sing along blog really broke me

Research at the University of Wolverhampton: "The World's Ten Oldest Jokes"

Movie Star Math ...Post Your Own

Best things in life:

Uh oh...I'm visiting someone's house..

I have to vent BIG TIME about work

I agree. Media loves McCain's Karl Rove tactics...Obama does not take them seriously enough.

Baseball broadcaster Skip Caray has died

Say hello to my leeetle friend...

Musicians whose obscurity baffles you.

Oh Sniffa!

Anybody else living on the Gulf Coast , I spent the day getting ready.

They're raising my rent by over fifty bucks come lease time.

(Picture heavy) Na na na na na na na naa, na na na na nawh-

Things I have learned in the past 2 days

I don't care what anyone says, I found Step Brothers funny.

Where are the Duzy's for this week?

Post your DUzys here

Will I Am of the Blackeyed Peas is the Shakespeare of our Time

NEWSWEEK: McCain Is An 'Immature Politician-Erratic, Impulsive & Lame'

Thunder raAAAroowaaAAAooo THUNDER!!!

Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Anyone know a good conversion software for mpeg to avi? Thanks!

I Want To Spam The Lounge With Whatever Comes To Mind... lol

Rock 'n' roll scandal!!!

Beat up Astro van with tiny wheels blasting "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"

OMG! I passed 50,000 posts!

To be?

Would you jail someone you had dated for a long time?

Would you date someone who had been jailbait for a long time?

I want to have Patty Smyth's babies.


Would you date someone who had been a reprobate for a long time?

A sanctuary that’s 600 cats’ meows

Best site to download songs??

Here's a post in honor of one of our new members, Waiting for Everyman

2:00 AM rant

Kitties to be Killed in Boca

A Big THANK YOU to all those 18 wheelers that work so hard!

I'm finally leaving Lagos today! I can't wait

Who else can't sleep?

What is your favorite dish that has rice as an ingredient?

Obama / Clinton 2008. It's the Best Ticket. It's the Winning Ticket. I Now Hope It Is The Ticket.

Longtime Braves announcer Skip Caray has died

Ok, I know I'm quick to anger, but...

What should I do with this shoebox full of 1909 Honus Wagner cards?

I am now a satellite radio subscriber

"A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud" (doctoral thesis by Queen's Brian May)


All right, DO NOT ABUSE THIS. Seriously. I mean it.

The Dark Knight: A great movie, or the greatest movie?

Last night's dream: Shrub in pink prom dress

Whom do you want to have babies with?

The rocket carrying James Doohan's ashes into space crashed yesterday

I believe God speaks to me through Brian Wilson. Saturday when

Mark my words: It`s Bayh!

Great little kitty cartoon

Need advice on getting rid of a wasp nest on a balcony


Today's 'Be careful what you ask for' department: The request: "We need rain"

We just had the (astonishingly) best pizza in Boston

Purple polka dotted swimmers??

Toppings That Don't Belong on Pizza:

Dubya sings "Its the End of the World"

No TIger but a BEAR on the golf course!!!!

I'm a cranky butt today

Leptailurus serval

Thought I'd share this ironic tid-bit

Incase anyone here had a shred of respect left for the oil companies...

It hot frickin hot hot hot hot

"Flesh-Eating Fish Perform Pedicures"

No offence intended, but does anyone else think "Unitarian" is an amusing name for a religion?

Body language experts?

Remember those flicks from the 1970s that exploited vicious animals?

Love Boat crew member most likely to steal from your room while you're sunning on the Lido Deck

Hi everyone! For those who remember me, I'm back!

Morgan Freeman injured in Mississippi car crash, in serious condition

DU PhishPhans: Best Halloween Cover Album

How often do you feel like a total freak?

Would you date someone who had been celibate for a long time?

Just returned from my first ever NASCAR race. Ask me anything.

You knows it bad when 4 HAVC guys are standing by the unit scratching

I was watching "Black Gold" and have a question about offshore drilling?

Braves announcer Skip Carey dies.

How Do You Know When You Are In Lust Or Love?

Of those two biblical brothers, Goofus and Gallant, which one do you like better?

old scifi movie from the seventies?

OK so I caught part of "Nowhere to Run"

Astounding short film

Yeah, I'm ripping the new Coldplay cd. You got a problem with that?

Post a video with a great Han Solo.

Met with the sturgeon today

Fear me. I just used Algebra while figuring out a Fleetwood Mac song.

Why did God create the Lounge?

Is there any way the FDIC can take over a bank and not report it?

I am so hot I am readdy to get nekkid at the office and make barking sounds

Musicians whose LACK of success baffles you

Carbon Leaf - The War was in Color

Cannabis- Might Help Prevent Colon Cancer

call me crazy

Lounge vibes for Morgan Freeman....seriously injured in car accident.

"Decadence Does Disco"

i got a new computer yesterday

If you are overwhelmed with DEBT, don't give up, and don't despair.

Background checks . . . Grr . . .

"I'm not offended by homosexuality.

Anybody else see "Swing Vote" yet? *NO Spoilers*

Reuters photo: Hope he washes that hand before the next person shakes it

Ive got a crush on you,

I had just enough time to think "Wow this is going to hurt"

Mainstream films in which the "C-word" appears

Projected Senate: Dem 57 GOP 43

VOTE NOW: Who is cooler?

I'm going to see Crosby Still & Nash tomorrow night! Followed on Wed. by Journey!

What cities are interesting right now, world-wide?

Anyone seen NewWaveChick1981 lately?

What's your parents' alcoholic drink of choice?

I really loved the beginning to Juno


don't hate my sexy

My day.

I'm going down to shoot my old lady. I found her messin' with another man

Bear fatally shot by bear hunter

Early Italian Breaks... This shit RAWKS!

LOLCat Photo!

There is no love for my thread in GD/P...

All those 30 and over...


Are bigger muffins better?

Even when I read descriptions of the calculus, I don't understand the calculus

This is *THE* screwiest video game I've ever heard of...

Techie Liberals - how many of us are there?

What's for dinner?

Anyone have the Crossfire footage of Novak

Are you a dude or a chick?

Who's the bigger douche?

Unbelievable reckless driving!!


"You call this a vacation?"

A very delicate question...:P

What Kind Of Aircraft Have You Flown In

I'm so proud at all my little kitten's firsts: Missy just called me

Met with the surgeon today

Another geography poll

IrktheSmirk turns the BIG 5*0 today.....

Well maybe this time it will work. Here is Jack, the rescue pup.

One of my favorite bass performances

Are you a swinger, or a square?

This was depressing: My sister and I visited our Aunt Joan today (she has Alzheimer's), and

New Lounge Game...

Hell yeah! It's a holiday here in Canada. Canucks check in!

So, is New York City actually Small Town, USA?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 8/4/2008)

How many countries can you name in 5 minutes?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/4/08


Mix Yosemite Sam with the guy from Deadwood and phone calls to cable company support

She wrote this 3 years ago, here is my reply (a happy thread I hope)

ThomCat and Rainbows.....

Parents Forget 3Year Old Child At Tel Aviv Airport

Insomnia cures?

New British Reality Show Celebair

Kitten Picture of the day for Monday August 4

If you were being laid off in three weeks, what would you do on the job?

Avatar help needed!

VP pick may chafe Hillary supporters

Internet "humor" that is way overdue to be retired.

Another death today:

Why does The Kelly Family suck so bad and why do Europeans listen to them?

Is Vivaldi Nancy Boy music as opposed to Beethoven who would have kicked your ass without

I got a new bike!

Are you scared?

Birthday Pics...(Dial Up Nightmare)

WannaBe and I are going to see Batman

With apologies to Radio Lady, here is my review of "Mamma Mia."

Can you spare me any encouragement?

My First year of Med School will contain the following classes...

Morgan Freeman was in a wreck and is in serious condition


Has the effort to smear John Edwards succeeded?

I must say goodbye for a few weeks...

This is our youngest goddaughter's 14th birthday. Post a photo of someone you love!

At Work Picture Thread !

What is your favorite mixed drink?

Do you still get crushes?

Woman, 97, says cat's yowling saved her from fire

A Communication from Evan Bayh

Favorite Incorrect Cliches in Movies

Ok SERIOUSLY... is anyone really falling for all this garbage?

Game: You Name a One-Hit-Wonder Artist, Loungers Guess Their Hit

OK pop psychologists, get in here…

ThomCat's weekend pics.....

Aleksander Solzhenitsyn dies at 89

Democratic platform embraces Obama's change theme

Bank Tries to Allay Fears of Instability in Venezuela

Nine killed in roadside bomb attacks in Iraq

Fewest Treasury Traders Since 1960 Hit Taxpayers

Housing Lenders Fear Bigger Wave of Loan Defaults

South Africa's Zuma seeks dismissal of corruption case

Brazilian minister threatens court action on US subsidies: report

Anthrax Indictment May Have Been Weeks Away

New Obama Ad. McCain "In the Pocket of Big Oil" (starts running today)

Attackers kill 16 police at Chinese border post

Obama to celebrate 47th birthday today in Lansing, talking about energy

Immigrants Facing Deportation by U.S. Hospitals


Animal Rights Activist violence at UC Santa Cruz

Milwaukee man faces foreclosure because he didn’t pay parking fine

Indian court rejects plea to abort sick fetus

Anthrax Evidence Called Mostly Circumstantial

FBI's evidence in anthrax case said to be mostly circumstantial

US soldiers killed by roadside bomb in Baghdad

Morgan Freeman critically injured in car crash

Bush Plays Host At Camp David To Ruler Of Dubai

'Intel spin' by US hardliners sparked NKorean crisis: book (shades of Iraq)

Chinese border assault kills 16

Democrats gain Latino support

A second, far larger wave of U.S. mortgage defaults is building

Stevens to Join Bush in Alaska

Brazil to Adopt Rapid Strike Force as New Military Model

Grim News for a Paper in Jersey (A sign of the times)

Housing Lenders Fear Bigger Wave of Loan Defaults

Putin calls for restoring position in Cuba

Papal Event Coordinator Forced Out After Sex Abuse Allegations

Scientist: World's Smallest Snake discovered in Barbados.:

Scientist: World's Smallest Snake discovered in Barbados.:

World's Smallest Snake Discovered

Delaware GOP's (Senate Candidate) Ting pays price for supporting Obama

Two-Year Extension Set for Mexican Truck Access Opposed by Congress

US must charge or release Reuters Iraq cameraman-CPJ

Secret deal kept British Army out of battle for Basra

Residents honor mayor, slain dogs at rally.

Murdoch to invest $100M in Indian Media

3 GIs killed in non-combat incidents in Iraq


(Senator) Stevens to Join Bush in Alaska

White House says no to special session of Congress

White House says no to special session of Congress

US: Bin Laden driver helped make 9/11 possible

Companies Tap Pension Plans To Fund Executive Benefits

Pentagon closes intelligence unit

Morgan Freeman seriously hurt in car accident

Groups predict prostitution spike at RNC

Petraeus: More than 80,000 buildings under review

CRB Commodity Index Heads for Biggest 1-Day Drop Since March

Saudi accused of having six wives (two over limit)

Multiple US officials: Sorority obsession seen in anthrax case

Lambeth conference: Archbishop blames liberals for church rift

Rich begin feeling the pain in down economy

Iran Escalates Military Rhetoric

Obama proposes tapping oil stockpiles

Bill Clinton, given golden opportunity, fails to endorse Barack Obama

19 indictments for accused underwear-survey conman

Huge new US embassy reflects growing US-China ties (2nd largest in the world behind Iraq's)

Poll: McCain's Attack Strategy Paying Dividends

Robert Novak Retires -- prognosis 'Dire'

Progressive VS Conservative - Center for American Progress

Plans Against Dissidents

Where on Earth will YOU vote?

Solutions for Colorado: Housing

David Gergen Calls Out Racial Signals of McCain Ads

McCain: Iraq-style clampdown for US Cities

Newscaster Farts bigtime

McCain's preacher, John Hagee, as you've never seen him before...

How to Brainwash a Nation

McCain Back-Stabs America?

did further research and not sure if this woman is credible

McCain's Daisies

Grassroot Obama in New York City(this video made me smile :)

Michael Savage Rants about the Bubonic Plague: Parody

McCain- The Perfect Republican Candidate

John McCain "I Really Didn't Love America"

Pill Popper Cindy McCain War Criminal John McCain Team

John McCain on Race Relations & The Good Old Days

John McCaindy - Stripes

Christian Seeks To Ban Fahrenheit 451 From School

Obama: Breaking Oil Addiction One of our Greatest Challenges

Obama: McCain Failed for Decades to End our Dependence on Oil

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Taking the (Race) Bait

John McCain Negative Campaigning & Republican Fear Tactics

Super-Rich Tax Cheats

Evan Bayh Calls for Iraq Policy Change on the Situation Room (2006)

Small Time Mercenaries

Evan Bayh Rallies UAW Members with Joe Donnelly

Mitt Romney: Obama is a "Well-Spoken, Handsome Young Man"

Obama: Oil Companies have Placed their Bet on McCain

McCain's Achilles Heel: Republican Vietnam vets questioning his military record

Barack Obama Ad Criticizes McCain Energy Policies

Daschle on Anthrax (8/4/08) 'Given their checkered past' not satisfied 01:10

Obama: McCain has "Been Part of That Failure" -Energy Crisis

Who is/was the bigger celebrity? Obama or Reagan Great response ad to McCain's ad.

McCain, The Race Card, And What Happened First

TYT: Cenk On McCain's Embarrassing Ad for the Latino Vote

Bill Clinton "I Am Not A Racist"

Obama: "Pocket" TV Ad

Full Speech - Barack Obama on Energy in Lansing, Michigan

Bob Herbert on Morning Joe Part 1

TYT: John Roberts Gets The Most AWKWARD CNN Interview Ever

Pelosi: GOP is doing the 'war dance of the handmaidens of the oil companies'

Obama Ad: National Priority (Hits McCain on Energy again)

Police State U.S.A.

Baghdad, 5 years on (part 1): City of walls

John McCain: The OLD One

Baghdad, 5 years on (part 2): killing fields

Ohio officer acquitted of killing unarmed woman

Gitmo interrogators shift focus to prison activity

McCain's Latest Ad Ups the Ante on 'Uppity'

Journalists, their lying sources, and the anthrax investigation (Greenwald / Slate)

Anthrax case raises issues about risk level (NYT on proliferation)

Researcher Kept Security Clearance as FBI Closed In (WaPo)

The half-trillion-dollar hole (St Louis Today editorial)

Paul Krugman:A Slow-Mo Meltdown

Elections Bill in Iraq Stalls On Kirkuk

Anthrax Evidence Is Said to Be Circumstantial (NYT)

Southern Discomfort: A journey through a troubled region.

Inspector: Iraqi corruption a 'second insurgency'

Rights groups fear feds' new terror profile

Al-Haramain refiles suit against US wiretapping

'Intel spin' by US hardliners sparked NKorean crisis: book

McCain's Health Care Plan: Gut Employer-Based Insurance

Speculation behind global commodity price rise

Mounting questions over US anthrax probe and scientist’s alleged suicide

How Foreign Policy Functions Shifted to the Pentagon

Ragtag Taliban Show Tenacity in Afghanistan

CON GAMES: The Full Condi

How Bush's team perverted the rule of law

Civil Rights Groups Defending Predatory Lenders: Priceless

All the privileged must have prizes

Immigrants Facing Deportation by U.S. Hospitals

Experts Slam Report by Anti-Immigration "Think-Tank" Claiming Undocumented Migrants Leaving

Activists: Mexican's death shows HIV-infected migrants suffer neglect in US detention

NY Times: Housing Lenders Fear Bigger Wave of Loan Defaults

Lawyer Says Detainee Helped U.S. Forces

John McCain is a maverick no more: "From straight talker to conservative ideologue"

U.S., Israel Attack On Iran Unlikely: Stratfor Founder

Beijing residents stage protest over Olympic eviction

PATRICK COCKBURN: Home Truths You'll Never Read in the Press; Who's Really Running Iraq?

Are Contractors Above the Law?

McCain’s Kyrgyz Connection: The “Freedom House” That Isn’t Free

McCain, the Analog Candidate

‘Everyone Deserves a Place to Sleep at Night’

Navajo youth peacemaker to Iran


Marian Wright Edelman: Juveniles Don't Belong in Adult Prisons

With Obama, a little uncertainty

It's Time for Obama to Get Tough


The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 347

All In the “McCain” Family

Killing from a distance

Academy airman accused of sexual-assault spree

Girls find out science is fun (OIT summer camp for sustainable technology)

World Naked Bike Ride.

Jeremy Leggett: Turning a climate crisis into a drama

Speculating on oil prices

Indonesia warns oil output to finish in 10 years’ time

SemGroup woes have ripple effect

Mercedes May Cancel Hybrid SUV Plan Due To Chevron Dispute

Scientist: World's smallest snake in Barbados

Why the Hype About Local Food May Be More than Just a Trend

Protectionist tariffs the main catalyst behind elevated commodity prices.

It's a body, er, a bus by Fisher

TS Edouard

Obama: 1 million plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2015

Will the Rising Price of Oil Choke Off Global Trade?

Why onboard hydrogen generators won't boost your mileage

Nuclear loan guarantees 'undersized': Goldman Sachs banker

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

Man shoots neighbour believing he sodomised his pet cat

The Hidden Tax Traps in the Housing-Rescue Bill

The Credit Crisis Turns One

Rich begin feeling the pain in down economy

The Housing Bill part 1-4 by Catherine Austin Fitts

Ghost Towns Across America - No Signs Of Bottom

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 08/01/2008

The Housing Market's Double Bubble: The Big One Still Has Yet To Pop

Ponzi's pyramid scheme pales compared to the complexity of the financial shenanigans unraveling

US lawmakers discuss retirement poverty

The First Thing They Get Rid Of

John Russell Addresses ENERGY, Democrat for Florida's 5th Congressional District

Australia's subtle policy shift on Israel

Pollard says did not get money from State

Nasser’s Legacy: Pushing Anti-Zionism in Africa

Court slams state for ignoring order to change West Bank fence route

Beirut to secure Hizbullah's right to 'liberate' land

Caught on film: How Obama's note was stolen from Western Wall

German broadcaster says Hamas tortured cameraman

Rights Group: Israel presses Gaza sick to become informers

Fire breaks out at 'God Hates Fags' church

Today's working family Carol Simpson cartoon: We Told OSHA

State probes 12 possible worker heat deaths

AFL-CIO Flyer Features Smiling Dick Cheney. No, Really.

Democratic Socialist Solidarity and the Farm Workers’ Struggles

Georgia Plant Blast Discloses Dangerous Dust, Federal Inaction

OSHA Investigating Construction Worker's Fatal Fall In Enfield

Clinton asks union that endorsed her to back Obama

OSHA probes death of Jelly Belly worker

Today in labor history August 03 Federal air traffic controllers began a nationwide strike

USW President Gerard Calls for Democratic Platform to Be United on Trade

Protest outside Mark Souder's office (oversized puppet, called the "Toxic Trader" )

Teamsters Praise House Bill Banning Unsafe Mexican Trucks

Getting Away With It (Wal-Mart)

A real heat shield for farmworkers (higher #s than any other occupational group except firefighters)

Another farm worker dies from heat illness (‘The black summer for farm workers’ )

Today in labor history August 4 Some 180,000 Teamsters launched a successful 15-day strike at UPS


Death and the Bush Administration (18 workers so far this year in cranes)

Poll: Low-wage voters back Obama 2-1

Wage Stagnation Hurts Workers More As Prices Rise

Obama to union leaders: 'We can't do it without you'

El Salvador to send new troops to Iraq

Colombia’s Democratic Hero Could End Up Compromising Its Basic Institutions

Honduras Cabinet Agrees to Enter ALBA

Sorry, duplicate post. Brazil to Adopt Rapid Strike Force as New Military Model

Brazil to Adopt Rapid Strike Force as New Military Model

OMG! The Packers have just hired Ari Fleischer

Manny being Manny

Excellent Manny-in-Boston retrospective

2009-10 NHL Winter Classic - Detroit v Wrigley Field.

Can anyone suggest a good remedy for out-of-whack-ness?

Life force behind lone rider

Stay alert, centered during this Mars/Uranus transit

any suggestions for how to improve the atmosphere at my workplace?

What is it about August 3rd?

8:8:8, hurry up!

I am going to attempt to cull all the links posted in this forum into one document.

UFO fans here--

Posting threads that criticize Big Pharma products draw harassment

Patient dumping outlawed in Los Angeles

Abbott faces more litigation over AIDS drug

Abusive dating common among teens, study finds

Run Them Pockets, Fool!

Gardasil side effects

What is the VAERS database?

On the quest for the wily king salmon...

Of birds and boys

bird thread

HR 4900- Why no vote?

Xpost -- Will Obama embrace Heller in the Dem platform or leave it a weapon to be used against him?

Why can't we all just understand this one, basic principle about gun laws?!

Daley hints he may drop fight to keep handgun ban (Chicago)

Images of the eclipse

HAVE they found poo on the Red Planet?

Mashed Potatoes w/ Zucchini Ragout

Dehydrating Tomatoes

a friend visiting from Denver just turned my plum tree harvest...

"Instant endurance," now in pill form

Microsoft sees end of Windows era

This is interesting --

Biden VP thread...

While playing Trivial Pursuit Totally '80's Edition with Debi, Jr. Sunday

Will the Pope come out of the closet...

How much safer is it to possess a copy of The Satanic Verses...

Knights Templar Heirs In Legal Battle With The Pope

Ohio town reacts to tale of teacher accused of branding student with cross

Thoughts on human life and afterlife

Do you agree with this quote by Mahatma Gandhi?

Church Exorcism Rights Case Planned For US Supreme Court

Hardball VP power rankings

I found a really nice Biden photo

What is your definition of "religion"?

Early report on the hijacking of Flight 11

setting up my old Compaq Presario for my wife.. do i have to load SP-1 & -2 before SP-3, or just the

New to broadband, may have been hacked - HELP.

Time to take the advice that

Def Sec Gates is releasing a new strategy using "soft power". In line with Kerry's ideas.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/4/08

A little OT: Since we're looking back, a piece about what could have been via "President Dukakis."

The attacks on Kerry this week prove we live in a mad, mad world (A Rant)

Bill Press probably adores mydd judging by the lack of facts

Keith Olbermann cuts Dana Milbank loose. It's about time. Remember what he has done to Kerry.

Oh, this is nice. Obama will spend his b-day tonight at a Boston fundraiser. JK will be there.

Interview with Kerry at North Adams. (video at the link)

I think Normie's running a push poll

That Coleman ad re: Franken - 3 guys at a bowling alley

Well look at that, one week from this months meet up...

School bully problem? Send in the clown

Fairfax Fed Up With Lunch-Line Thieves

Principal's making student house calls – 600 of them

Question about language laws in Quebec

In Oklahoma, state comp funds end up in campaigns

Colorado's crowded ballot: Initiative inflation could set record

NM Democratic Candidates say opponents' tactics constitute fraud

Why Don't We Vote at Post Offices?

The Guardian: "W" will only fuel the myth surrounding Dubya

Earth Fest here in Sheboygan, August 16th.

Milwaukee man faces foreclosure because he didn’t pay parking fine

I was de-baptized on Saturday.