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Archives: August 8, 2008

Green Bay Packers News Conference at Noon

Keith just put a pic of Sylvester the Cat over a pic of Rudy G

All the yammering about Obama and The Clintons and fueds and hurt feelings and speeches .......

Olbermann: Bush administration 'urinating on the Constitution'

Have you ever known a pothead who had colon cancer?

Some threads should not only be locked...

A comedy version of the Third Reich.

Dr. Rice talking about her crush on Denzel; "W" cavorting at the Olympics; yes IT MUST BE AUGUST

Venezuelans protest Chavez's new socialist push

My Morning Jacket doing a Flood Relief show in Iowa City.......

McClatchy: Three key questions still unanswered in anthrax case

For ACLU Supporters: Help rein in travel abuses by the Dept of Homeland Security

Look at this NewsMax **Should We Bomb Iran?**

Timetable for Iraq? NEVER! Errrrrrr... Ummmm. ..Uhhhhh

Ha! Breastfeeding En masse!

New Pentagon Report Uses Language Kerry Used in 2004 that Bush-Cheney Called "Dangerous" and "Naive"

Another One Bites The Dust....

Going to coin a new term......."McCain moment" instead of senior moment.

Results from Memphis District 9 Congressional Primary ..... 80 % reporting..

Obama, McCain campaigns bust out the brass knuckles

Urine bottles: Another result of high fuel prices?

Fight Bill O'Reilly!

Bad day for 2 sexually deviant MO repub officials

This Week In John Conyers' Pursuit of Karl Rove

Well, it's been a tough day today. To my dear DU friends, it's time for champanyah.

OK, Here's one instance in which I wish the U.S. was more like Pakistan......

Bin Laden’s Former Driver Is Sentenced to 5 1/2 Years

I did a search but didn't find anyone talking about the White House jail

02-Top Scientist Went Badly Off Rails-Secret CIA Project To Test Practicalities Of Mailing Anthrax

The Hamdan "Trial"

Kadie's thread got me to thinking - I used to really hate Poppy Bush

"Is Barack Obama acting too Presidential?"

God, we are just assholes. Can't even take care of our monkeys.

Bill O'Reilly Goes After Robert Wexler and Palm Beach Post But Doesn't Tell Full Story

Muslim Sportswomen Gain Standing in Beijing

Anyone Having A Problem Going On YouTube & Playing A Video?

Woman, 97, says cat's yowling saved her from fire

19 people fit into an SUV?! 9 dead and 10 injured in SUV accident

I think I figured out the reason for the "liberal media" and "activist judge" RW lies

Jane Mayer ("The Dark Side") on with Tavis Smiley tonight

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

the tom feeley thread got me thinking about gangstalking

Since "Beijing bUsh" is a "wildly unpopular" "president", how's he rating as "Forger George"?

'Chemtrails' conspiracy: Shasta board to talk about jets' metal dumping

'Chemtrails' conspiracy: Shasta board to talk about jets' metal dumping

How Big Is PUMA Now?

Iraq vet questions gun raffle for Pa. kids league

The Booking Shot

Republicans never change.

Let us celebrate the Memphis primary.

does anyone have video of cindy mccain on the view.......

Feds' Terror Watch List Can Ruin Credit Report

What is love? Ask Christian...

Bush Admin. sabotages McCain campaign - shake up??


Bush History, 8/7 - Lawyer's Message to Bush: Presidents must Obey the Constitution

Interesting sequence if items on our local evening news

"McCains Gone Wild!" - on shameless pandering and Miss Buffalo Chip

Kuwait taking emergency measures to prepare for war between US and Iran

Oh lord, here we go!

Profanity greater on liberal blogs

shameless self promotion: Here is a link to an interview on TCM blog re: my book on Fred MacMurray

First Doctorate in UFOlogy to be Awarded Saturday

A Grumpy Rant

Foreclosures Skyrocketing in Military Towns

Foreclosures leave California town deserted (20% of homes in foreclosure process)

Muslims warned to stay off trains used by Chinese (warning from Turkistan Islamic Party)

Let's face it: Bush luvin' (And McCain humpin') Republicans are too stupid for their own good

Hannity Compares Himself To World Leaders

Secret EU security draft risks uproar with call to pool policing and give US personal data

Let the Games begin!

WJ this morning-Bin Laden's driver sentenced

REHAB: a question

== Top 9 best new drugs = By Mark Morford

PUMA radio... UNREAL!!! They are broadcasting their plans for Denver!

Which are you more passionate about - the fight against plutocracy or the fight against theocracy?

type into your address bar

Rep. Steve Cohen declares victory in TN contested primary!

Russian Judge Rules Sexual Harassment Is Okay As It Ensures Survival Of Human Race

"Real Men Don't Think"

David Gregory is on The Daily Show tonight

Al Gore Places Infant Son In Rocket To Escape Dying Planet

Need a mortgage now?...Better bring a boatload of money to the closing...

Ann Telnaes flashtoon on Newt and Drilling

How ironic. Go to the CBC site to watch the opening ceremonies and it's censored.

Russia invades Georgia while Chimp attends Olympic Games

Foreign tv streaming online.. maybe some unfiltered olympics?

How are the media ANY different than the PR office of the RNC?

Concise answer as to why drilling now won't affect oil prices much now

Thanks for nothing Nancy. Thanks for absolutely NOTHING.

Nepal: More than 1,000 Tibet protesters held

Here's a pretty good synopsis of evangelism and the military

Georgia Pulls Out Troops from Iraq amid ‘Russian Aggression’

Meanwhile, there's a war brewing in the former U.S.S.R.

When - EXACTLY - are the "Opening Ceremonies"?

Pot Can Ease Pain for Some HIV Patients

Canada is broadcasting Olympics opening now live.

Raptors wrap up Guam deployment (xpost from Veterans)

Recalling the GOP Convention’s Festival of Falling Stars

Regardless of Bruce Ivins' innocene or guilt - for the moment

Bill O'Reilly lies about McCain being Bush rubber stamp

Oil Watch:BP Confirms 500,000 Barrel/Day Cut On Pipe Shut in Azeri Feilds.

CNBC nitwits discuss imploding economy as Opening Ceremony fireworks explode in background.

Fannie Mae posts Gi-normous loss, says worst housing slump since Depression is getting even worse...

Chamber of Commerce Gets $8,204 Bar Tab: Complains About 18% Tip for Wait Staff

Galloglas' ordeal now on Brad Blog and BuzzFlash!

Bank Failures Prompt Customers to Adjust Their Accounts for FDIC Coverage

Cindy Sheehan's ballot push

oxyRush and obSean are...

Knuckledragger Charged with Threatening to Kill Obama

Opting out of recruiting at school

friends, it is a happy friday

friends, it is a happy friday

so why didnt bu$h* and his rethug congress institute offshore drilling?

Bush taints US Olympic team, applies his personal stain to crush lifelong dreams and achievement

So, while we were all wringing our hands over war with Iran...

My 21 yr old son said today that a vote for McCain is a vote for whomever his VP is...

Shrub's comments on Olympics remarkably similar to war in Afghanistan

These people on PUMA radio are making open threats against the convention. How do you report them?

mr bu$h* is working out a withdrawal plan from iraq. they'll do anything to defeat obama

LIVE streaming of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's emergency appeal hearing

The new GOP logo. I threw this together to help them out. ;)

Obama Taking Some Time Out for Toot

US Taxpayers Giving Iraq Sheiks the Good Life - Bush History, 8/8

Looks like there will be an impeachment

Some images from the olympic opening ceremony

Official Announcement! The US is Changing The Seal!!!

Here it is in all its glory....the nasty Nikki Tinker ad against Steve Cohen.

Has anyone ever head of a wingnut theory that oil is still being produced

Let's all wish Senator Obama a nice relaxing vacation.

Mission accomplished...most commented article in the paper...feel free to add yours!

Capitol Hill Questions FBI Anthrax Investigation: Where's The Polygraph?

US military trainers not involved in Georgia conflict: military

REVOLUTION NO. 1: The fundamental flaws of our political system

CBS Marketwatch: Why McCain would be a mediocre president

Yet another Oil War starts.....

Waterboarding an attraction at amusement park

The most beautiful Opening Ceremony

Doesn't look like the Russia v. Georgia conflict is scaring

Fox News displays Iranian flag during report on Iraq.

Cheney to speak at GOP convention

Watch out for major price hike, users of natural gas!

* and Poppy in Beijing - pics


Brad Blakeman files lawsuit claiming movie plot idea was stolen from him

FBI Director Mueller regarding the probe of Dr. Hatfill: "I am unapologetic"

How to Put Rove Behind Bars for Years

Kwame out on bond, tether. Arraignment on two charges of felonious assault at 1pm ET - Streaming

Work of Adam Curtis

Caspian Oil Pipeline Battle with Russia

Oil Prices Tumble Again; Stock Markets Surge

The factually-challenged John McCain.....

What's up with the Nova M stream today?

Help me understand....Russia invades Georgia and oil prices tumble?

Is Hillary trying to set up a brokered Convention?

"The political origins of this national economic catastrophe began in Miami."

Ahhh the beauty of having a concealed weapons permit and carrying a concealed weapon.

Suskind to Release CIA Interview Transcripts on 'Forged' Document

Is Fox & Friends an RNC info-mercial?

Who'd have thought the Bush Admin could eff up our national bioterrorism lab?!!

Toles Toon

Poll about "political strategists"

The Age of the Blogger

*'s new job: union busting poster boy

Al Gore's New Boat - Solar Panels Being Installed - Fuel Efficient

Local news, but 13 dead, 40 hurt in bus crash in Sherman, TX. TV said no walking wounded

They are the men who made Bush's America possible. Without men like them, he could have done nothing

Why are political campaigns not using PayPal on their contrib. sites?

Crisis Looms as Corporations Seize Control of Commodities (food)

Expert says Torture "not just ineffective, but counterproductive"

Iraqi widows who want revenge must be al-Qaida. They just got to be. It sounds better

Oh,the guy was only joking about assassinating Obama.

Statement from Medvedev:

Oil now below $116, other energies down as well.

Westboro FUCKHEAD church planning to protest funeral of decapitation victim

If you even think about voting for Obama you'll die!

Embedded reporters or Republican activists?

I was going to post about watching for a News Dump on this Oylmpic Friday, we got a War Dump.

Anyone else waiting for Ron Suskind on Hartman's show?

BBC: In Pictures: Unrest in Georgia

McCain heading to Atlanta -- Heard Russia invaded Georgia!

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) for Al Franken.

Watch out for falling oil prices!

Should we now refer to oil as "Conflict Oil"....

Anthrax Suspect's Abortion Stance Eyed As Motive

Russian planes destroy combat planes at Georgian base!

RON SUSKIND will be on with Thom Hartmann today during the 1pm EDT hour

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (or Barrels of Oil, or millions of War Casualties)

What's for lunch today in Beijing today? - **Octapus Balls**

Fellow DU'ers can you explain or help me understand

The Rude Pundit: Sixty-Six Months for Hamdan: A Sympathetic Narrative

We gotta get outa that place. - Today’s Headlines 8/8/08

Theme song for *'s presidency...........I nominate "Firestarter" by Prodigy:

South Ossettia Leader Says 1,400 Killed in Conflict

Publisher of Latest Anti-Obama Book in bed with Sun Myung Moon

Gerald Ford was an FBI snitch on the Warren Commission.

87% of FAUX viewers will vote for McCain; 65% of MSNBC viewers favor Obama

Suskind's CIA source Richer on the record: "almost all that stuff came from one place only: Scooter"

Did anyone notice the Dow was down 224.64 today

Would somebody please buy that idiot McSame a stupid drill...

Things that Make A Democrat PUKE:

Caption * and Poppy

Analysis: energy pipeline that supplies West threatened by war Georgia conflict

Man Living In Woods To Receive $100,000

Ron Suskind's appearances, starting today:

Seriously, why the hell isn't the news covering the situation in Georgia?

Nine essential questions about peace, war, and freedom for the New Millennium

1990 NYT article on McCain (Keating 5)

Brave press person asks McCain for exact number of jets he's crashed :

Thud !

What does Bush do after a dose of Viagra?

Russia’s Market Collapsed on War in South Ossetia

Joe Conason: New evidence supports Suskind:

So, basically this whole Russo/Georgia war is our fault and is really no big surprise.

Waxman: Iraqi Budget Surplus = 'Same Amount US Consumers Have Paid To Line Maliki's Pocket'

White supremacists hope Obama win prompts backlash

Hey there buddy ro I don't see no flag pin OR a CAPTION

Is breaking news really that important?

The only person on GEM$NBC who does not like

CAPTION - Shrub** and his Soul Mate

Georgia on my Mind...

McCain says he opposes ethanol subsidies... at the IOWA STATE FAIR.

I voted for Edwards in the primary. He lied to me about staying in the race until the convention.

Is Apple the new "Man?" Apple Can 'Kill' iPhone Apps Remotely, Or Can It?

So John Edwards had an affair

I liked the "John Edward's big house" better...

The world could blow up now,

John Edwards alledged "Love Child' attacked by sharks looking for marijuana!


McCain Foreign Policy Advisor, Scheunemann, Recent Paid Lobbyist for Georgian Govmt.

Edwards says he was not "in love" with the other woman

John Edwards is proof that Republicans are more moral! McCain 2008!

Feingold slams Chertoff for distortions on laptop searches.

The tin foil is getting a work out this week, no?

John Edwards destroyed the sanctity of marriage - how will I ever sleep again?

Republicans trying to lure voters with new and improved image

The Tragic Last Moments of Margaret Hassan (Robert Fisk)

Catch 222-22-2222

Unrealistic expectations of Leaders? We are all human beings...and flawed.

Too bad John Edwards didn't fess up during the campaign - I still would have voted for him!!!!!!!!


Outta the mouthes of freepers - "Nobody can out slut Bill Clinton and get away with it"

Just because the National Enquirer got this story doesn't make them reputable.

Just because the National Enquirer got this story doesn't make them reputable.

Just got home. heard the news. I'm disgusted. Is an orgasm worth your career?

I am just so disappointed in Americans for allowing these assholes to get away with everything.

John Edwards' lying trumps anything the BFEE has done the past 8 years.

I'm dismayed about Edwards' affair -- but I shouldn't even know about it

We're finally finding out what Elizabeth Edwards knew two years ago

Meanwhile, the Republicans continue to fuck the country...

John Edwards Appreciation Thread

Will Ann Coulter now issue a retraction for calling John Edwards a

ICE Chief Calls for Congress to Discipline Dem Lawmaker for ‘Gestapo’ Remark

Who will be the first to pledge.....

I still don't think John Edwards had an affair and no one can prove otherwise

There's a brand new war coming to a theatre near you

Somehow, Karl Rove is behind the whole Edwards affair.

I only have one real question about the Edwards thing.

t.g.i.f. t.g.i.f. t.g.i.f. t.g.i.f. t.g.i.f . . . Come CAPTION the Shrub before he gets away!!!

CQ's Bush Loyalty Score (Bernie Sanders ranked last)

In the words of Zardoz: "The penis is evil"

Has your spouse ever cheated on you?

If Edwards were a Republican, he would be crying about "God"

John Edwards' girlfriend looks like John Bon Jovi in some of those pictures.

WTG! My nephew's co-worker tackled and held a robber

Poor McCain...he'll be frothing at the mouth to denounce Edwards...

Girlfriend: Fla. man didn't want to hurt Obama

Pat Buchanan is such a buffoon..

KBR/Haliburton Worker Raped, Locked in Shipping Container

Power corrupts ... Just look at the entire BushCo Regime.

MS (Vista) exploit that looks very serious.

Have you ever cheated on your spouse?

I heard Thom Hartman today say that he thinks McCain has a 60% chance of winning this thing.

Do you make a distinction between Edwards' affair and Bill's?

House explodes for 3rd time in 7 years

The Edwards Family is going through a really rough patch right now

Wow, I am away for a day and GEM$NBC has gone completely tabloid!

HRC Email - Update: Our fight for women's health

John Dean: Miers, Bolten, Rove subpoenas will lapse on Jan 3, 2009. (More Pelosi kabuki awaits)

Hey, I don't give a flying fig about other people's sex life

It is a private matter and I don't need or want the details. Or even the headline, for that matter.

1 person and 1 place no one ever heard of before today

Edwards to be on Nightline. I'm sick of the tableau of politicians wife standing by 'her man' while


I have not had an affair with Cindy McCain.

Ohio sues Diebold over screwed up elections

Mc* at the Iowa State Fair - pics

John Edwards didn't "cheat."

saw my first mccain bumper sticker in south florida - looked like a french fry ad

What's more important?

Remember-- JRE's affair happened in 2006.

DU Upgrade suggestion (I'm BEGGING!)

For all you good folks who like to bash Texas...

Suskind releasing transcript of 'forgery' source

The Obamas are the standard bearer at this point. McCain was a big old cheater too. n/t

Three strikes, Edwards.

It's unfortunate the media didn't go after the George W Bush abortion story...

NEWSFLASH! John Edwards is Human!

I'm just sayin' ..........

Re Edwards: it's better to focus on principles than on personalities

Party like it's 1998.

What do you suppose they're thinking?

Olive Garden Gets an F! (in Healthy Restaurant Rankings)

What is it about right wingers and the internet?

Many great men in history have had affairs

I just heard the corporate media use the word "lie"

What moral authority does the U.S. and mccain tell Russia to stop the war on Georgia?

US Backs Georgia Territory Integrity; Sends Envoy

Well you can't write comedy like this.

Russia Warns NATO Against Further Support of Georgia

Edwards sure got Ron Suskind off the front

Extreme appeal

Dear America, I see who you are but don’t recognize you anymore.

Sort of a logistics question about this Edwards stuff.

US tells Pakistan to follow the rule of law and their constitution..

Why fellow Democrats? Why?

*yawn* So, did I miss anything?

If only I could start a lot of threads trashing Democratic candidates - would everyone prefer that?

Leno: The Republicans call this on shore drilling

This is why I never engage in "hero worship"

Who Can Fix the American Economy?

Bush launches yet another surveillance program

"No one will ever find out." How on earth do people actually believe this?

Ahhhhhhhhhg! MSMBC: Will this Edwards thing bring back memories of

Group offering $100K reward for right-wing 527 takedownsl

Just saw Hillary in Las Vegas

Suskind: Bush Scolds Cheney-Jeopardizes Airline Terror Case-Deceives British for Political Advantage

Renewed protests threaten to delay Nano India launch (government type discrepancy; please edify me)

i don't get it. why do men (or women) in public life think they can get away w/ fucking around?

Well, guess I'll be taking a DU vacation....

For those who are bashing John Edwards today, did you support the impeachment of the President?

Wow! Edwards had an affair an adult woman? He's supposed to target children!

Support Political Wives

God, I hope the Dems, and DLC, are smart enough to spin this

A First Glimpse of the Third World War

Feingold slams Chertoff for distortions on laptop searches.»

....but the child is not my son!

Russian ship spotted near Japan's Okinawa

Had Edwards won the nomination, he'd have lost the general election

I feel safer every day!

Does the Edward's affair help highlight JOHN MCCAIN'S AWFUL DIVORCE?

Hmmm...Rough & Ready are BOTH speaking at the Pub convention

Rachel Maddow and Thom Hartmann are correct. McCain will probably win in November.

I sure as hell hope that he doesn't drag Elizabeth up on a podium and make her put on the brave face

I sure as hell hope that he doesn't drag Elizabeth up on a podium and make her put on the brave face

If I ever got really wealthy and offered you a Million Dollars would you take it?

Please DU my ltte..make it the most read/'s a new "paper" week

Georgia is the #3 contributor of troops to the Iraq "coalition"

So who heard Mark Green mention

Your lifestyle may hurt credit score

Russia goes to war with Georgia, John Edwards is revealed to have had an affair.

Some beautiful Olympic Ceremony Pix

Well it looks like all the chickens are coming home to roost....

A word or two about breast cancer...and the victims:

Boehner: "The American Public Will ‘Hang’ Nancy Pelosi"

Oh, P.S. Russia......on the opening day of the Olympics, no less?

Who really is the woman? How could she do this??!!

Who really is the woman? How could she do this??!!

Edwards Edwards Edwards Edwards Edwards Edwards Edwards Edwards Edwards Edwards Edwards Edwards Ed..

i bet there will be more investigative reporting on 'you know what', than dr. bruce ivins

Can we please stop all these new Edwards posts?Can't people post under the 500 posts already here?nt

In this PIC Rielle Hunter doesn't look very attractive

There Is Nothing Wrong Having An Affair

Well, looks like today's events have pushed the....

Edwards, and what we should be thinking about....

Is Countdown canceled for the next week due to the olympics?

DUer's in the Dallas/Fort Worth area..please consider giving blood this weekend

Was South Ossetia’s Fate Sealed In Kosovo?

All this I hate Edwards stuff is really aggrivating!

Edwards affair is everybody's business

Georgia: Russia has invaded and we are under attack; 1,400 reported dead.

Edwards needs to "Come Clean" about all of looks like he's Trashing Obama's Chances!

Ivins' Strain Of Anthrax Was Not So Rare After All: From 1 Suspect to over 100 People/15 labs

What John Edwards expects us to believe

Facing my fears

The MSM is never this "appalled" when Republicans are caught in affairs

First question I'd like to see at the debate

Reality TV Goes to Hell : "Make Me a Christian."

Who the FUCK do we think we are, asking for a cease-fire from Russia?

Non-gay, Republican Family Values Hypocrites.

Shadow-Casting 'Ghost' In School Baffles Educators-Motion-Activated Camera Videotapes Object

Breaking ABC: Edwards admits affair.

On Democratic Presidential Candidates and their penises.

Caption my latest creation: "Hello Maverick"

Special licenses offered to those who fear ’beast’-666

Ivins' Lawyer Rebuts DOJ Anthrax Allegations

War-meeting during the Olympics. Who the f**k is that!!?

I got it - the news of the day-forget edwards-LOOK!!!

Grandmother who drove with girl atop car protests her arrest-I'm a Christian

Are you people fucking stupid?

Paper Ballots; I'm frustrated what can I do?

Conyers welcomes administration's negotiation offer

if we turn on each other and attempt to judge others

"Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac."

the cablenuts, i've never seen such false outrage in my life.

Hillary's statement re Edwards and Edwards statement re Lewinsky

Maybe someone will knit me a sweater today......

Can we have a separate Edwards forum?

Hey, did anyone hear that Russia invaded the country of Georgia?

This sudden crisis of Russian aggression.......

I am EXTREMELY worried about this Georgia-Russia conflict

Don't almost 1/2 of ALL marriages deal with infidelity at some point?

oh,PLEASE give me some responses to a neocon letter re Congress

Don't let them fool you: THIS is Conservativism was and ought to be, not what Bush or Ann Coulter do

She looks like Laura Ingraham

Edwards should have paid for it and wore a diaper, then nobody would care

My reality check came today.

Border guards to turn away church group aiming to picket bus victim's funeral

Mike Barnicle: If True, Bush Is Guilty of Murdering 4,000 Americans

So NOW the MSM decides to pay attention to John Edwards.

Edwards: From a purely cynical perspective...

Dallas lawyer Fred Baron paid for John Edwards' mistress to relocate

A 13 yr old girl walks into a bar

"We love to cut you down to size, we love dirty laundry"

This will be my only comment on the Edwards thing: I never should have backed him for the nomination

Look! LOOK!!! A shiny sparkly ADULTERY pony!

How's your Matt Lauer and Bob Costas tolerance?

Presidential fidelity scorecard

SHAME ON YOU, John Edwards.

Nobody died when Edwards lied

Day's like today are day's I can't stand DU.....

Day's like today are day's I can't stand DU.....

I wondered when Cheney would release his Edwards wiretaps but

So Elizabeth Edwards knew, too? Wow.

Just saw Hillary in Las Vegas

I had a McCain limerick attack last night

Have you ever cheated on your spouse/significant other?

Cool pic of opening ceremony fireworks in Beijing.

Since when did DU become the stoning ground for extra-marital affairs?


So yet another prominent Democrat admits to being maritally unfaithful.

Tyson plant caves to right-wing bloggers.»

BREAKING! Bush to Chinese: "Tear Down This Wall!"

A take on Edwards, from a stubborn Edwards supporter.

A take on Edwards, from a stubborn Edwards supporter.

The John Edwards poll

Why I'm not throwing Edwards under the bus.

My reaction as an avid Edwards supporter

Let He Who Is Without Sin...

Ok...I think the baby is his... that he is lying.. and here is why:

Russian jets have attacked oil port of Poti!

Why do men kick women when they're down?

So I guess the greatest thing this Country has to worry about now, is that an ex presidential

Did Al Gore recently buy a 100 ft house boat?

Edwards supporters should be angry at John Edwards the most.

Does anyone believe that Edwards is definitely not the father of that baby? I mean come on...

What about US?

OK, so this is weird, but doesn't Rielle Hunter kinda look like a female John Kerry?

Psychologists say conservatism is a mental illness

A Huge Number of Men Leave their Wifes when they develop Breast Cancer

Surrogate frame: When asked about Edwards story...

Okay...I can't hold back any longer! I've never been an Edwards Fan but This Stuff Reeks!

Edwards like any other politicians affair, will not affect your life. Let it go.

Instead of cursing the media for reporting the story of Edward's lies

Man Sets Himself Alight in Protest Against China

U.S. Aircraft Carriers Head For The Gulf (Kuwait News)

Let he (or she) without sin cast the first stone.


I am FURIOUS at these reports Edwards had an affair.

Will we ever know the whole truth about the 9/11-Anthrax-Afghanistan-Iraq War nexus?

Massive US Naval Armada Heads For Iran The intent is to create a US/EU naval blockade

US Weighs Stepped-Up Military Forays Into Pakistan

"Gay marriage is an issue I feel internal conflict about & I continue to struggle with it." -Edwards

My main gripe with right-libertarian ideology

I'm shaking mad...I need help! I think you guys can help

Narcissist Edwards... You're all surprised?

McCain had an affair, too, right? When he was "transitioning" marriages?

"Fat discrimination" exists and is bad. That does not make it necessary to crap on thin people.

Was the JE story what Larry Flynt was holding back?

On strictly political terms, this Edwards thing could be a great gift for Dems...

It was true Edwards is a scumbag!

Suskind is shooting directly at the King-Hearings Are Planned-Transcript With Richer Released

Suskind posts transcript of interview implicating White House in forged letter

Over 300 DNC delegates have signed "Guaranteed Health Care for All" platform statement; we need more

Gang Stalking video..


Russia v Georgia; Don't worry Condi is on the Job!

Galloglas: The female GOP county elec official in MO was on with Hartmann (2nd hour)

Russia has just invaded Georgia.

Georgia Reports New Air Attack Near Capital; 2nd Night of Fighting

Georgia to Impose Martial Law, Port Bombed-Official

BBC: Separatists estimate that 1,400 civilians have died

Putin Says `War Has Started' as Georgia Claims Russian Invasion

Gitmo moving to Saudi Arabia - not a joke

"Scooter Libby and the shop around the vice president."

Why a Politician's Sex Life Matters

Do anyone remember DU'er KarlSchneider, where is he?

The Departed, Summer 2008 - DU Pet Memorial, up in Videos

Phelps' gang, enroute to beheading victims funeral, stopped at Canadian border

We haven't seen "bipartisan cooperation" like this since Washington decided to invade Iraq

"It was without a doubt the dirtiest and most dangerous manufacturing plant I had ever come to"

Guardian UK: Why TV news in the US is utter rubbish

Edwards has an affair and the media goes nuts

U.S. Company Cycorp "Predicts" Anthrax mailings by 6 months

Elizabeth Edwards NOW!!!

Bill Clinton To Introduce Hillary who will announce she is proud Obama asked her to be VP

Gingrich served divorce papers on first wife while she was being treated for cancer.

Gingrich served divorce papers on first wife while she was being treated for cancer.

Shit-for-Brains is taking some souvenirs home to brother Neil.

20-30 year olds, how's the career going?

HEADS UP regarding this latest Edwards revelation

HEADS UP regarding this latest Edwards revelation

I can't believe how much crap I had to take around here for criticizing Edwards...

Lincoln Group Propagandists Paid to Tell Afghans Their Bombs are Worse than Ours

So What If Edwards Had An Affair

Rapists Gone Wild

These Guantanamo trials are a joke.

Suskind Transcript (Iraq WMD forgery) - Suskind and Giraldi are both right.

Most important news story of the week ending 08-08-2008

Did we dodge a bullet by not having Edwards as our nominee?

US Government Stockpiles 500,000 Coffins

"After John McCain came home, Carol walked with a limp, so he threw her over for a poster girl"

34 years ago Nixon resigned--Duers who recall it--what were your thoughts and feelings then?

please sign KUCINICH PETITION for Friday Judiciary Committee

We've got a serious problem

Paul Begala knocks it out of the Park on CNN

TIME asks Pelosi: "Why have you taken impeachment off the table as an option for President Bush?"

'"I saw bodies lying on the streets, around ruined buildings, in cars,It's impossible to count them"

According to John Edwards millions of gay Americans were too immoral to be married

Well, Edwards just blew his chance at getting a post in Obama's Administration

Terror suspect says she was secretly detained and tortured for years by US

HEADS UP regarding these Edwards revelations...

Sorry. One more: Name a 20th century President/Major Pol who DIDN'T "cheat " on his wife.


I give not a shit about the Edwards thing.

"...‘John started carousing and running around with women,’..."

OFFICIAL "We love you, Elizabeth Edwards" thread

Wow! Mike Malloy is on a rant against...liberals

Police raid Md. mayor's home and kill his dogs

This should be the official party line re: Edwards...

To the Captain I Saw at Cracker Barrel

If They IM'd: Paris Hilton and John McCain

It's still none of my business and unless your name is Elizabeth Edwards

There is no way Hillary can be the Veep

McBush and Paris Texting Each Other! ROLF

What's the tradition of former presidents speaking at conventions?

Postmodern John McCain: the presidential candidate some Arizonans know — and loathe

bill wants his black pass back

Man held for Obama death threat.

Tinfoil hat super ultra sexy funtime post of the day

This might sound stupid, but I feel like Edwards cheated on me, too.

I think that was Obama's plan: announce Bill speaking to drop a hint that Hillary is the VP

OH SHIT! Joe Watkins on Abrams' show...almost as bad as Braaaaad Blakeman!

Pivoting to Populism: Obama talks about his brand of populism with WP reporter


Serious question: If our elected officials won't obey the law, why should we?

How would the repubs have punished a Dem. Pres. who sent 4000 G.I.'s to their graves for MONEY?

bush & cheney have murdered a million Iraqis & 4000 G.I.'s you dumbfuck t.v. talking heads.

I really hope this the end of John McCain.

Who wants to bet Rice votes for Obama?

Some of my favorite DUers really believed in Edwards.

John McCain Almost Perfect In Dennis Miller's Eyes But Obama Is Another Story

Most important thing about VP selection!

Bill Clinton fav/unfav rating from 2001-2008 (at

Are We\They\All Of Us... Kidding Ourselves About These Conventions ???

Epiphany time; Ain't this supposed to be fun?

Going mostly just on instinct here but I think it might be Richardson

Clinton to speak at Convention on Wed Night, just before VEEP speech

Listening to JFK's 1960 Acceptance Speech

FOX: Obama's lead and popularity a bad thing

Kerry Rips Former Pal McCain for Ad Citing Praise from Dems

bush's legacy: FAILED economy, 2 FAILED wars, FAILED to stop 9-11, FAILED to get bin Laden.

Veeps.... Would it be better for the person who came in second in the primaries in terms of

John McCain - Maverick Or Just Another Cowboy? ......

Bill Clinton speaking before the VP at the convention indicates three things to me

With people speculating that Bill Clinton might announce the VP candidate --

"You can argue that nobody is ready to be President" v "Ready on Day One"

I'm worried ...

Even McCane's Wife and Kids Are Bored ---pix--->>>

My prediction for Obama's most likely path to victory

Why Obama Must Win - Why Disney (ABC) and News Corp (Fox) Ultimately Will Stop Him - Media Diversity

Does anyone seriously think that Bill Clinton knows who the VP is going to be?

Is this the reason Barack is not responding to McCain???

Can Anyone Explain this so that it makes sense?

Oh, leave John Edwards the fuck alone

Bill Clinton has lost the support of the majority of African Americans

Drill! Drill! Drill!

If the rumors about Clinton's speech are true - I actually hope Hillary is the VP

Likelihood of discovering new large oilfields in U.S. is extremly slim

Rep. Cohen retains his seat

Is Ron Klain - Gore's Chief of Staff and star of "Recount" - joining Team Obama?

Greens launch effort against Electoral College manipulation of presidential elections

So a local ad against Tom Udall says there is 300 years worth of Oil

Ben Chandler (D Ky) calls for immediate withdrawal from Iraq

Does the fact that Wednesday's Bill Clinton speech mean that it's Hillary?

Hillary VIDEO on YouTube where she wants her name put up and roll call!

Bush Admin. sabotages McCain campaign - shake up??

This DHL thing. Should sink McCain in OH. Dems can't let him get away with it.

I have a feeling that Hillary is on the VP shortlist

If was Obama I would surprise everyone and chose Robert E. Rubin as VP

Who is Mark Halperin alluding to here for VP >>>>>>

What meal will Bill Clinton eat before his speech at the Democratic Convention?

Testimony of an Arab-American to the Democratic Platform Committee

I want to hear "...our next Vice President, ___________" at the convention

I want to hear "...our next Vice President, ___________" at the convention

OMG! Can you totally believe the speaking spot Chrissy got? how lame is tha-at?

Does anyone else have the feeling that these Olympics will be a disaster?

Know your BFEE: Olympic Games Show Who’s Best Friends Forever with Authoritarians and Dictators

"Big Oil" Incumbent loses primary

Obama opens 29 campaign offices in Pennsylvania

The wife of McCain's favorite preacher assaults a woman.

Hannity And Huckabee Falsely Accuse Obama Of Not Making It Clear He Loves America

You know, Rihanna is looking better and better

Am glad to see the ground crew finding the dirt on McCain

What has Hillary done in the past 6 weeks to help the party?

It's a Parody!!! Parody Parody Parody

A question regarding McCain and war

Obama to make public appearance at Keehi Lagoon Beach park tomorrow

McCain returning donations collected by PB County man

An expanding Obama HQ in Chicago

The Page: Leon Panetta may be being considered for Obama's VP

Wow, so disappointed in John Sidney McBush. The lil basturd didn't answer my email.

I guess it's time for the Dems to go toxic...

Look what I found!

DHL deal haunts McCain in Ohio

The Utah Jazz just beat the Spurs 261-175!!!!

New Details: Man held for alleged Obama assassination threat

Even weirder weirder - who the hell uses Limbaugh's skidmarked undies for their wallpaper?

Electoral Votes

Man charged over Obama death threats

A Blast from the Past.... Top 10 Things to Know About the Internet

Citing Poor Conditions, China Refuses To Send Delegation To Olympics

Post Some Feel-Sad Music!!

Could Lieberman be McCain's most potent VP pick?

The concept of desitin

So Keith reports Bill C. will speak on Wednesday at the convention pre-VP nominee. It's Hillary.

Rumer has it, she has a lethal weapon

Our brother-in-law is on tv - ask me anything

Very very short post that really belongs in the Lounge

Chicago is the center of politics

Gawd I miss GD:P

An interesting theory on why Feingold will be the VP choice

Guitar Hero fans! What are your top 5 songs?

Let's Play Celebrity Match Maker

Should I go along with my friend's plan or say no?

Just for fun - how much is worth vs.

What should I do right now?

Trust No One

Fucking Florida

Name something you like about the night.

In less than 20 days, everyone will know Obama's VP pick

Four in four Italian Greyhounds indulge in doggystyle.

One in four Italian sausages indulge in pork swabbing

Hillary supporters, how would you feel about Bayh as VP?

What am I doing here?

Where am I?

I got a fish this week. I named him Darwin.

Accountable America Targeting Big GOP Donors

Children's TV characters named after film and/or theater technical references. Discuss.

Any guesses as to who will be the Keynote Speaker at the Democratic Convention?

Rumor has it they're making another Lethal Weapon!

On Jeopardy, how does Doug "press the button" with his arms folded?

See what happens when I try to take a break?

Mavericks R Us, Circa 1999

Jamestown, North Dakota city councilman Charlie Kourajian will be Obama's VP

Subliminal Message

Is Hillary tacitly encouraging the PUMAs?

Please list the things Hillary has done in the past 6 weeks to help the party:

new obama ad

Let's list all the republican congressmen who had extramarital love affairs.

Now, this is a positive, effective ad:

Has anyone seen the new Obama hand signal?

Group Plans Campaign Against G.O.P. Donors

Oh man..The now-pulled Greyhound Bus Ad:


A simple graphic that sums it up

do TV commercials have the same impact they once did?

Drink my beer and die

A General Request for The Mods regarding "Sh*t Stirrers" (K&R if you agree)

Laugh of the day: Top Gear's British Leyland challenge.

Schumer: "What do you mean (Obama's)not one of us?"

Obama expands his lead in Washington state according to new poll

Oh Goody! Darth Cheney will speak at GOP convention after all.

If Bill Clinton is getting prime speaking spot, where will Howard Dean be?

Obama's Open Source Platform

A question about late credit card payments

New York Times Falsely Says Obama Is "Struggling To Maintain Parity" In Polls With McCain

McCain Blogger Lies, Insinuates Obama Has Recieved More Money From Big Oil Than McCain

I got today in the mail the offical 2008 GOP Census of the Republican Party, they want me to reply.

Sometimes I feel like I have a serious disconnect with people

What song lets us know how you are feeling right now.....

Dare to piss off Bill O'Reilly!


just saw a TERRIBLE dem ad on morning Joke

FirstRead: McCain ad makes dubious claims

ugghh... I'm lonely

I've taken my first ever dose of Advil PM, will someone come read me a bedtime story?

Song Title Game

McCain Timing VP Pick To Distract From Bush Speech?

The words "Friendster," "Klum," "Nazr," "Obama," and "Racicot" are not recognized by MS Office.

Soooo...I'm going to make an Appt. with a Psychologist...

Rebuking McCain's latest ad, non-partisan Tax Policy Center's analysis shows Obama's tax plan better

"But He Can't Win! Seriously!"

Any talk among Dems of using McCains abandonment of his crippled disfigured wife for a babe?

Rasmussen, 8/8: Obama 44%, McCain 43% (with leaners, 47-46)

The Great Wall of Duh

some republican on Morning Joe just said that Obama has gotten more money from big oil than McCain!

How do you do the dance, "The Freeper?"

What's the stuff about conference calls? Seriously. I go to work for a few hours

New Obama Ad: "Hands" (VIDEO)

Graphics expert wanted. Especially GIF animation - read on!

This McCain picture from White Haiku Master is effing awesome, check it out.

KKK types: Obama presidency will hasten the white revolution

McCain Gets His Hamdan Facts Wrong, Falsely Claims He Was Found Guilty Of ‘Supplying Weapons’

Tuesday Afternoon - The Moody Blues

What was the strangest thing you saw today?

Take a snapshot of whatever you're looking at right now.

What will McCain say about Obama being on vacation in Hawaii?

What will McCain say about Obama being on vacation in Hawaii?

Scream of joy! My friend gave me some Seahawks tickets!

Hey, my son called and told me he's going to propose to his girlfriend.

Surprise: EMPLOYEES of some oil companies prefer Obama

Sportsmanship!!! (A must see feel-good video)

Sen. Bernie Sanders to push independent voters to support Obama

Add me to the list of people who want Hillary as VP!!

Good evening Sir.

If you haven't already,would you kindly comment on my latest LTTE?

Get your affairs in order (or start one)

McCain's manufactured smears continue in new ad: Frames "The Real Obama" as an elitist.

Anyone remember McCain's creepy ethusiasm about taking on Putin?

I'm Entertained, Someone Bore Me...

Looking for that Tax Table Comparing Obama & McCain's plans, please post it here. Thanks!

IMDb does McCain (or someone likes to be on tv - like a celebrity!)

Popular Vote v. Electoral College(Why The Media Badly Needs A History Lesson)

The thread did not serve its purpose.

A McCain Presidency Is Tantamount To A Declaration of War Against Iran

Question for the MSM: How many homes does John McCain own?

Oww, oww, oww! Swallowed the wrong way!

Ben Stein has officially lost it

It's probably Biden. Know why?

BREAKING: ABC via Fox reporting Edwards admitting to affair

If McCain's "Abdullah" Contributions Had Gone To Obama Instead

Rasmussen - MI: Obama 47, McSame 40

Holy it wasn't just GD:P that was a mess today...

What's that sound?...Ahhhh crickets

What war zone are you in, and how late do you plan to stay up tonight?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/8/08 - Obama 44, McCain 43 (unchanged)

WSJ praises Obama's economic plan

Check out Barry O'Bomber

Anyone seen my glasses?

OMG - Jon Stewert's been a freeper all this time and we never knew it!

I have been watch a show on History International on cable about the black death in Europe.

So let's see if I have this straight.....

Latest Rumor VP Poll

Does negative campaigning work?

American Fans Angered By Olympic Ceremony TV Blackout

Respected True Bible Society research identified John McCain as likely Anit-Christ

So tell me again, McMetamucil.....

Obama Statement on Georgia-Russia Conflict

I just had a crazy notion

A Public Service Announcement: For every mean-spirited remark uttered in GD:P, God kills a kitten.

‘Selling Out To Big Oil’ Costs Rep. David Davis His Job (time to hit McCain)

Late night comedy...mostly political

Gallup, 8/8: Obama 46%, McCain 43%

Happy 888!

McCain, 1988: 'I'll embarrass a Democrat any time I get the chance.'

I'm getting tired of this. McCain puts out yet another ad attacking Obama as being out of touch.

There was an old man from Ar'zona

There was an old man from Ar'zona

Is it safe? (Also a Poll)

If you have 12 minutes to spare, and you like the Grateful Dead...

Wife of Vietnam vet shows how you take on an Obama hate email...

Group heroism saves five lives as fire engulfs van for disabled

John McCain: same shit, different asshole.

Anybody hear anything about Edwards lately?


Reposting a great speech on John Edward's behalf

Oh noes! Which one of you stole our credit card number???

Obama hitting McCain and his cronies hard on Ohio DHL deal - radio ad, conference call with Plouffe

Want to see job creation of Bush junior vs. Clinton in a very visual way:

Remember this John Edwards video?

New contender for most stupid commercial ever!!!

Who wants to hug my googly eyed doggy?

Anyone here ever use

Has anybody here, seen my good friend I wonder where he's gone...

unConventional Reflections

AP's AdWatch calls BS on McCain's "Painful"

Does anyone know the name of the photographer of this photo?

Hilarious 2008 Olympics parody - let the REAL games begin!!

Omigod, Obama's doomed, Dooomed!


Here's the deal ...

Will Obama comment on the war in Georgia with Russia?

Turn Edwards revelation on McCain

From someone who wasn't always so nice during the primaries

The issue of the day

Re: The John Edwards revelation...there is a silver lining...

Obama Campaign re: New McCain ad: "This ad is a lie.

Note to Obama........

So I went on a mountain bike ride this afternoon and got sick.

Not Even Close -McCain's ground game is still pathetic

Any ideas for DU to show respect to Elizabeth Edwards in lieu of the news?

WA POLL: Obama 52 (+4), McCain 40 (+1)

How does a toolbar help raise money?

McCains foreign policy adviser Scheunemann represented former Soviet republic of Georgia as lobbyist

Who was it that turned me on to Beck's "Sea Change"??? Wow!

The kitty's new favorite thing

for those who don't leave the lounge: major Russian-Georgian war has started

Breaking News: Concerning an extramarital affair.

for those who remember "all in the family"

Time: When Obama Goes Home to Hawaii

how funny is this?

How do you find your post on You tube when there are over 1,000

I'm Jewish, and I like (black) Gospel music.

Obama will NEVER win Michigan (O-47-M-40)

Question? Why is everyone here so concerned about Hilliary's Supporters approving the VP

When does the convention start??

Huff Post in September 2007: " ...Edwards met her in a bar...."

Ever stick a claw hammer up your...

Why would he admit to an affair if the baby isn't his?

What I hate about this Edwards revelation: It gives the National Enquirer Creds

What I hate about this Edwards revelation: It gives the National Enquirer Creds

Obama to hold public event after arrival to the islands

Obama better find himself a VP with no dick

I heard that Petsmart won't let a kitten be adopted out to a home that has a grown cat in it.

At least it came out now while Obama is on vacation and not campaigning

Should Edwards be allowed to speak at the convention?

From the "random things which amuse me for no reason whatsoever" series:

Look what was spotted on the back of the Double Talk Express...

Elizabeth, keep your chin up. You are an amazing woman!!

Spank me quick!! It 's my birthday

'World's Greatest Dad' guilty on sex charge

Well, at least Edwards didn't love her

This Is Addicting

I dare you to eat this hot dog. I dare you.

Anyone seen my asses?


TPM points out McCain's top foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, lobbyist for Georgian gov't.

The only positive thing from this unfortunate Edwards Meltdown...

The last two VP picks have been disasters.

Edwards, I still support you and this will pass. Remember Mcsane remarried without a divorce

Today is 8/8/08, and right now the temperature is 88 degrees

While everyone is obsessing with Edwards, Let's not forget the REPUBLICAN Sex Scandals

Does anyone notice how the reporters keep saying: Had an affair while

I want one of these!

So. Edwards did have the affair. And did hire her for a job she wasn't qualified for.

I just want to go on record as saying that "free speech zones" are abominable in a free society.

Edwards: "I do not support same sex marriage"

Birthday Greetings From Joe Cocker

Bonior: Edwards supporters 'betrayed'

WOOT! Group To Ask Justice Department To Probe McCain's Bundlers

Is it ok?

What happened on 08-08-88?


I expect the Republicans will now clamor to exhume Marilyn Monroe for DNA evidence.

How come nobody raves about Buffy, Jody, Sissy, Mr. French, and Uncle Bill any more?

WTF, is this true? BIRTHDAY CAKE hurled onto Lieberman during the bus accident?

This scandal won't hurt Senator Obama will it?

"I'm walkin' into spider webs...."

Why is Cindy McLame always with her husband?

I am insanely jealous of this reporter

i haz interwebz again! yay! what did i miss?

"Don't ask, don't tell" policy would be appropriate for Presidential

Who should play the next Blofeld?

I'm getting more and more pissed about McCain at Sturgis and the lack of coverage of it

What time zone are you in, and how late do you plan to stay up tonight?

MSNBC: Edwards Admits to Affair...Says he's not the Father of Baby!!!

Heading to Columbus, O-HI-O - what should I do?

I don't understad the GD:P outrage. It's not like he admitted sex with Hillary.

Well, I just passed CPR/AED for the 22 time.

PHOTOS: THE OBAMAS head to Hawaii for a well deserved break from the campaign trail

I can't find the thread

Have you noticed that there is a new wikipedia language?

That's one thing about Americans...we're not afraid to put anything on a stick, fry it, and eat it.

My pinky finger has been falling asleep everytime I use a keyboard lately

Saying "shut up" is so rude

Holy Shit!!!! Georgia was invaded by the Russians!

I just upped a new podcast

I'm in a flamewar on the UCC forums. Fuck 'em. Someday I'm gonna become a Mennonite.

Carrottop will be Obama's VP.

why did Edwards make this revelation now?

This is rich though... The guy they never mentioned can now derail the Democratic party

is it sexy in here?

Yo Loungers!!! Theres a GD thread for you to enjoy!

My reaction as an avid Edwards supporter

Group To Ask Justice Department To Probe McCain's Bundlers

So the VP race continues.. but I have the HOTTEST INSIDER information on Obama's pick..

Since Edwards isn't running for prez, could we move the posts to GD?

Could the Edwards revelation hurt ... McCain?

Media whores....

Rasmussen Missouri: McCain by 7

Edwards, Bill but not one mention of McCain's affairs on the MSM since the story broke

WIll the interview on ABC be "live" or has it already been taped?

Which is more relevant infidelity: that of the GOP candidate, or of a Democratic EX-candidate?

M. Barnacle"Mr Big Crap Catholic" former Bush apologist ranting on Hardball

"The High Road": A Pro-Obama/Anti-McCain video. Pass it along.

Now that Edwards has been outted.....

The McCain supporters who criticize Edwards will be rightly lambasted as hypocrites, it's true...

Star Trek Online Game Ready

Who cares about Edward's affair?

Olympics - Any Other Bad News That Folks Need To Air Out?

I will not play the double standard game.

Every human man on this planet wants...

I Am Going To The Bar Tonight And Have An Affair

The Edwards Affair in a Political Perspective (Ezra Klein, Center for American Progress)

The nosiest woman on the planet works in my office.

Time to revist the McBush affair that he denied and the media dropped

Bill Clinton To Speak At The Democratic Convention

I was just thinking Elizabeth knew about the affair and she still supported his

WTF can McWhine say? He did the same damn thing!

Mini-rant about how hard it is to get good help these days

Heh, McCain had no comment. Cute.


****Heads Up: Sen. Clinton Live Right Now Campaigns For Obama In Las Vegas, Nevada****

Photos Of Obama Talking To The Media About The Georgia Russia Incident

What's Wrong With This Caption?

The Page: Obama to Deliver Democratic Radio Address Saturday from Hawaii

National Enquirer says George and Laura Bush are divorcing

OK, here's the only debate question I want to hear....

Number of additional Edwards threads required to meet today's quota

A Novel Approach to Politics by: Bill Moyers and Michael Winship, t r u t h o u t | Perspective

The "I told yo so" crowd.

Black voters are overwhelmingly for Obama because he's black

Somebody may have stolen my meds!

I want Hillary to be the President!!!!!!!

Hey Pat Buchanan: WHAT ABOUT JOHN MCCAIN??? (Any YouTube producers out there?)

WHICH DUer could do a great DOUBLE-STANDARD YouTube??

Nancy Pelosi thinks Hillary is still in the running for VP and "would make a great vice president"

And, shame on you, Rielle Hunter!!

Somehow, Karl Rove is behind the whole Edwards affair.

Grandad is killed by catshit. U no can haz cheezburger to maik deth poo

BREAKING: Barack Obama admits his own deep dark secret...

A moderator and admin appreciation thread

Do People with Normal Psyches Run for High Office?

What if Elizabeth Edwards were invited to speak at the convention?

Andrew Sullivan: Another Scummy McCain Ad (McCain's bio v. Obama's - the chutzpah of McCain)

Inspired by Taverner's movie cliche thread: favorite specific movie bloopers?

Good People of GDP, it's Friday, the bar is open *****Free Alcohol******

McCain defends Iraq war: "What do you think that Saddam Hussein would be doing with oil at $120"

Looks to me like Hillary's 2012 strategy is being put in play.

Delete - wrong place.

Olympics opening ceremony "absolutely jaw-droppingly spectacular"

Striving towards a more perfect Union

The wikipedia article on Obama is getting pretty good... could any of us improve it?

Hey - Is Rachel on Race to the WH today?

Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more

Does GOP Stand for Grampa's Old Politicians?

What was he doing with her in July in a hotel???

Elizabeth Edwards has (or had?) a primetime speaking role at the DNC Convention.

Elizabeth Edwards has (or had?) a primetime speaking role at the DNC Convention.

CorporateAmericaPreparesforBattle Against Worker Campaign to Roll Back Assault on the Middle Class

Anybody want to proofread a manuscript?

In the wake of all this, I bet you that the media will bring up the POSSIBLITY of an Obama affair...

Skinner - Elad - Mods - Don't these Edwards threads belong in GD?

My local Classic Rock station is getting worse.

Captions needed (Brazilian gymnast training)

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/7/08 - Obama 44, McCain 43 (O down 1)

What's all this about John Edward having an affair?

Is there ANYTHING they WON'T stuff up there?


Now is When DU Needs a "Hide Threads Which Contain _______" option.

Are 70% of Americans originally from Ohio?

Hey my brother, can I borrow a copy of your "Hey Soul Classics"?

I agree with greguganus. We don't need so many Edwards threads.

Today is Princess Beatrice's birthday

Chimps is right to back up Finnfan who agrees Sniffa who agrees with greguganus.

How come nobodys talking about the Edward thing?

Seats for Obama's acceptance speech at Invesco Field snapped up in a day

On the topic of affairs...

Now I'm worried. Obama had better be honest.

Plouffe: McCain's DHL Deal A Critical Moment Of Campaign

Well, there it is. David Gregory just equated JE's problems with Obama.

Conference Call With John Edwards At The Local Olive Garden In 10 Minutes

Obama to Deliver Democratic Radio Address Saturday

On A Scale Of 1 To 10... How's Your Sense Of Justice Holding Up ???

On A Scale Of 1 To 10... How's Your Sense Of Justice Holding Up ???

Alright you mangy old fucks - if you were young again - what would you change?

Mark Green mentioned that McCain did the same thing! David Gregory

Fridays suck

John Edwards's Statement: "I Made A Serious Error In Judgment"

Pandora is the greatest thing to happen to music since music.

Russo-Georgian war poll

Group To Ask Justice Department To Probe McCain's Bundlers

today . . .

My Mistake! HRC How can we miss you if you wont go away!

i agree with Finnfan who agrees Sniffa who agrees with greguganus.

Snowball, dancing bird.

Obama Camp To Hit McCain Hard In Ohio On Job-Killing Deal


The Puppy Games on Animal Planet

Let's Talk Dirty To The Animals

Obama camp receives more than 60,000 applications in 24 hours for acceptance speech tickets

Edwards should now be prohibited from speaking at the DNC.

As a former Edwards supporters, I'm depressed for the Edwards family.

I admit it. I had sex with John McCain at LaGuardia Airport.

Imagine if Edwards had won the nom

I predict GD and/or GD:P will implode within the hour.

I have the perfect guy to sort out this Edwards scandal

I supported JE. He dropped out...Obama is the man. DO NOT LOSE FOCUS

It's official: his new nickname should be McDidTheSameThing

How many really dumb people out there are under the impression russia invade the USA?

Where I live, people assume everyone is for McCain.

McCain picks up key endorsement

OK, folks I will probably be gone for 2 weeks, the Olympics are on and I have to go

I agree with sniffa, who agreed with greguganus. We don't need so many Edwards threads.

It was true Edwards is a scumbag!

Well, looks like Brunswick is screwed

Wanna collide hadrons?

Show some love for Carl Sagan

Thank you, sniffa, for restoring a sense of balance and order to the universe.

Screw the Watchmen- I cant wait for the "Minutemen" movie!

On a boat in the middle of a raging sea,

Tonight it's CANNED BEER. Maui Brewing Big Swell and 21st Ammendment Brew Free or Die

Edwards, and what we should be thinking about....

Name The Airline

Dem surrogates bring up McCain infidelity

Dear lord, it was quiet for awhile, but it's BURNIN UP AGAIN!

Dear lord, it was quiet for awhile, but it's BURNIN UP AGAIN!

People of DU - Time To Flood The MSM Blogs With Questions Re McCain's Affair

I have a pork tenderloin in the oven

Honolulu Advertiser: Crowds Arriving Early for Obama Rally

It's the weekend. A reminder to those who can to go to their local Obama office

When is the Hillary hating going to stop?

I Am Having An Af fair

Very Special Friend coming for dinner on Tuesday. How should I conduct myself?

Roger Simon on BBC America says HRC spoke more about

My Obama sticker was ripped off and my tires slashed.

It's official: The National Enquirer is a better source than AP's political unit

Was This An Orchestrated Event? We Now Move From McCain Ads to Barack Obama

How Many Affairs Have You Had?

I'll admit, I've fantasized about being with Bill Clinton and John Edwards

So how does Mike Barnacle know how uncomfortable we all feel about

My blood sugar level is CRASHING. Somebody help me get back upstairs

Does anyone believe that Edwards is definitely not the father of that baby? I mean come on...

She looks like Laura Ingraham

I love my country, but I don't love the president.

Sorry. It is time for the Clintons to ride into the sunset..

Whomever is chosen as VP, they should be 52 or under

It is times like these (Edwards' personal life) when I realize how many still hate based on gender.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday August 8


The Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota PowWow is this weekend in Mendota, Minnesota

Today I had my first meeting with the a Hill person.

This is my 1,000th post, but you don't have to ask me anything...

Update on my Momma and her ALS specialist appointment today:

Mmmm, beer - Happy Friday!

CNN Breaking: John Edwards - he tutched the but

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/8/08

The Internet Oracle

Olympic Equestrian Dressage Streaming Live

finished book one of a series and I don't have book 2

Dallas lawyer Fred Baron: I paid John Edwards' mistress to leave North Carolina

Evan Bayh, the Do No Harm Veep - Except for the pronounciation of that last name, and ......

When the hell is McSame going to run out of money???

White supremacists hope Obama win prompts backlash

Are you ever tempted to leave DU in a blaze of glory?

Which is bigger: the Clenis or the Edwood?

The Atlantic - If Abdullah had donated to Obama...

Hey David Gregory......

Clay Aiken: Daddy?

Is it possible to be a liberal Libertarian?

Cindy McCain knows John McCain would never have an affair. Really. (Not counting the affair...)

Yay! I got a new toy today!

Photos I took on a recent trip to the Valley of Fire

FORGET EDWARDS: Groups Ask Justice Department To Open Criminal Probe Into McCain's Bundlers

McVain s love affair with Monica Crawley results in her support

Is David Gregory laying the Edwards thing on Obama's plate?

Did McCain ad intend to link Obama to Antichrist?

Evangelical warns McCain on veep

Who should be the keynote speaker?


I have a very important question to be answered....

I agree with chimpsrsmarter who agrees with finnfann who agrees with sniffa who agrees with greg...

Here's a novel idea/project for DUers:

My good friend's son would have been 20 today...8/08/08

The Daily Widget – Friday, Aug 8 – Obama 343, McCain 195 – Obama’s Lead-Potentials Tell a Story

Will Ferrell on Paris' McCain smackdown: "She nailed you"

****Heads Up: UPDATE for LIVE CAST: Barack Obama Speech at Keehi Lagoon, Hawaii****

FOX Viewers vote McCain, CNN & MSNBC viewers vote Obama(POLL)

Anybody else love the movie "Groundhog Day"?

I don't know if I like DU very much anymore....

The Departed, Summer 2008 - DU Pet Memorial, up in Videos

Postmodern John McCain: the presidential candidate some Arizonans know — and loathe

Obama needs to counter air gauge, a Gas Can with "McCain Energy Plan" on it

So, do you have special plans for the weekend?

What's Worse Edwards Cheating on his Wife or Bush sending over 4000 Americans to die in a war

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 8/8/2008)

Friday night dinner thread, DU!

Obama Ad Ties McCain To Job Losses


Photos Of Clinton Campaigning For Obama In Henderson, Nevada

If there's ANYTHING on Obama, today is the warning.

Is it wrong that I just love to take and post pictures of my doggy?

Hillary to fill in on the trail as Obama heads off to Hawaii.

MSNBC - McCain campaign to return $50,000 in contributions

Fadeaway - the Bodeans.

Another Scummy McCain Ad

Hillary speaks out today

McCain, King of Spam

My son is six. One of his girlfriends (that's what he calls them) just called...

Atlantic Scores Internal Clinton Campaign Emails

Nate Silver (Poblano, will be on Countdown tonight

White supremacists hope Obama win prompts backlash

Ill say this about Hillary

Sooo... if you saw possibly stolen property on Ebay for a really good price, would you....

McCain has lost it

One in four Italian couples indulge in wife swapping

Obama Radio Ad: McCain And His Lobbyist Buddies Caused Ohio To Bleed Jobs

A McVain Presidency would result in 1.6 million jobs LOST...already we have lost 480,000 jobs this

Let’s talk about how ‘tough’ times are ‘for the rest of us’

In the spirit of the lounge, which mistress is hottest?

TODAY - By Elizabeth Edwards

Phoenix Reporter Details McCain's Sordid Political Past

Any suggestions for a "late-in-life" romance (comedy) movie?

I'm really rattled by something I heard this morning.

Is there ANYWHERE they WON'T put it?

How old were you the first time you got drunk?

My 9 yr. old daughter has stomach aches and headaches every morning..

Postmodern John McCain: the presidential candidate some Arizonans know — and loathe

McLame and his new found big crowds

Test was positive. ElderGreenKid has Lyme disease. Please send more

My mom passed away two years ago today.

Woah! For the loungers who missed it - Statement just released by Elizabeth Edwards

The Republicans are coming to my neighborhood. HELP!

Gary Hart on Clinton's convention protesters:

Dallas Morning News blog: Elizabeth Edwards, meet Carol McCain

My Dad and John Denver - Weird Coincidence.

New Fox theme: Electing Obama will boost KKK membership and could start a race war...

Isn't it interesting how closely Edwards's affair parallels McCain's?

I promised myself I wouldn't do this, but I do just HAVE to say one thing about Edwards:

Carol McCain...the wife John McCain callously left behind.

Are You Married Or Have A S/O Or Single

A post your art work thread... I'll go first

*** Hey there Lounge. Wanna see what I did last weekend? *** Dial-up Warning!!!

Nobody Told Me

CNN edits story regarding Ivins' whereabouts on 9/17 and fuzzes up time.

Why Clinton Will Absolutely NOT Be VP >

Antichrist Obama Ad-Makes "Willie Horton Ad" Seem Benign (Time Magazine)

Edwards should not have run for President - or at the very least should have dropped out sooner

Election Shocker !!! John McCain May Be The Antichrist !

Michael Collins (aka autorank) Interviews Vincent Bugliosi - Prosecuting Bush for Murder

The PeaceNikki appreciation thread

Collapse of capitalism in the USA?

results from the more indepth mammogram and sonogram

"Senator Russ Feingold will be Obama's VP."

Calling McCain's lies what they are: Lies

What happened to that internet smear campaign claiming rush is a junkie pedophile?

Age difference between you and your spouse/significant other

Obama Camp Calls Out McCain and Davis for Role in Job-Killing DHL Deal

how drunk were you the first time you got rolled?

Yahoo Answers. Home of the mind-bendingly dumb

AdWatch: McCain ad claims Obama bad for families

Corporate America terrified of dealing with its workforce on an even playing field

Bush dedicates new massive US embassy in Beijing

Urine bottles: Another result of high fuel prices?

32 lab monkeys accidentally killed in Nevada

McCain Campaign Returning $50,000 From Fla. Bundler

Cop suspended for demanding free Starbucks

Georgian troops, warplanes, pound separatists

Chinese Islamic group threatens Olympics

White House press corps plane detained in China

Heavy fighting in South Ossetia (video at link)

Bin Laden's driver sentenced to 5 1/2 years

Americans want overhaul of health system: survey

Russian Judge Rules Sexual Harassment Is Okay As It Ensures Survival Of Human Race

Georgia Says It Fired on Russian Planes and Convoy

Georgian official says Georgian forces have shot down 2 Russian aircraft.

U.S. Consumer Debt Spikes In June

Angry mothers pack a Vancouver clothing store in a breastfeeding protest

U.S.-led coalition: 5 Afghan civilians killed (1 coalition service member also dead)

Georgia: Russian Jets Bomb Air Base by Tbilisi

Russian tanks enter South Ossetia

McCain campaign to return 50K in donations

Cambodian genocide tribunal faces allegations

Thailand releases 9 endangered deer

Fannie Mae unveils loss of $2.3bn

Incumbent Tenn. congressman loses primary

Random House pulls novel on Islam, fears violence

US Considers New Pakistan Effort

Russian troops enter South Ossetia after Georgia offensive

Kilpatrick faces felony assault charge today

Controversial U.S. church group (Westboro Baptist Douchebags) stopped at border

'God is punishing Canada'

Police raid Md. mayor's home and kill his dogs

Cheney to Speak at Republican Convention

Anti-China activists face federal criminal charges

Hillary Clinton's slur unearthed to hurt Obama

Socialist Cuba’s AIDS Rate Lowest in the Americas

Suskind to Release CIA Interview Transcripts on 'Forged' Document

Hurricane forms off Mexican coast {WEST/PACIFIC coast}

Muslim rebels agree to leave villages in Philippines

Republicans come out against (California Prop.) 8

CFO outlook on U.S. economy takes a nosedive

US man who spied for China gets nearly 16 years

Guinea Bissau 'foils coup plot'

Dallas lawyer Fred Baron paid for John Edwards' mistress to relocate

Armed Cossacks pour in to fight Georgians

Obama's Viroqua campaign office vandalized again

FDA: Some cholesterol and heart drugs don't mix

Attorney: (Anthrax Scientist Bruce) Ivins never knew he was 'the suspect'

Tenn. Democrat beats lawyer who linked him to KKK

Dick Cheney: RNC convention-bound

Georgia calls back troops from Iraq amid fighting

Car bomb kills 21 in Iraq market (Tal Afar)

Group seeks tighter ballot security in San Diego

Iraq vet questions youth football gun raffle

Girlfriend: Fla. man didn't want to hurt Obama

3 American protesters detained near Olympic venue

Ex-Bush aide claims 'Swing Vote' stolen from him

Charter bus crash north of Dallas kills 13

MoveOn protest targets Rep. Drake, oil industry (Virginia)

Beijing Olympics ceremony begins

Supremacists hope for boost from Obama win

McCain Web Ad Is Accused Of Linking Obama to Antichrist

IT And Media Cut 13,000 Jobs In July

Casey might get speaking role at convention


Remote-control warriors suffer war stress

Anthrax investigation should be investigated, congressmen say(Grassley and Holt)

U.S. tells Russia to pull forces out of Georgia

Whole Foods recalling possibly tainted beef

Sadr to disarm if U.S. withdraws on timetable

Oil sinks on stronger dollar, slips below $116

Government owes American Indians $456 mln: judge

State Supreme Court rejects noncompete clauses

40% of U.S. population has been tested for HIV

This Is NOT A John Edwards Thread

Edwards Admits Sexual Affair; Lied as Presidential Candidate

NC-Sen: Majority Action Hits "Big Oil" Elizabeth Dole

Congressman Takes On Military Recruiters

Bill Clinton to speak at Democratic Convention

We can give Obama a Filibuster- proof Senate majority in 2008


President Bill Clinton at the AFI Life Achievement Award

Countdown: Worst Person August 7, 2008

Countdown: GOP Power Outage

Countdown: GOP Power Outage

Georgian President requests U.S. support in war with Russia

Countdown: Bushed! August 7, 2008

Mike Barnicle Finally Gets A Clue: Suskind Interview

John McCain Lying About His Earmarks Aug. 7, 2008


John McCain has a problem with women

Barack Obama on McCain

McCain, Campaign Mgr Involved in Deal Costing 8000 Ohio Jobs

Obama Visits St. Paul, Minnesota

The Effects of War from the Eye of a Soldier

The Fabulous Life of John McCain

FOX Anchor Lies About Bush's Linkage of Al Qaeda and Iraq

Barack Obama Dreams from my father part1

NBC News 1983: Army replaces Jeep w Hummer/Exxon overcharges

On Morning Joe, Robert Gibbs tells Mika and Joey Scabs to Get a Grip

Just a friendly reminder while you watch the olympics.

NBC News 1983: Bad economy forces a return to military

NBC News 1986: GOP kickback scandal/Housing in Harlem


TYT: Republicans Pretending to be Democrats

Joe Liebreman has no evidence WTC7 collasped

Brian Schweitzer ad "Everything"

TYT: Unbelievable Sexual Harrassment in Russia

Michael Savage And The Raping Of Liberty

The McGuire Sisters on What's My Line?

Celebrity McCain Responds to Paris Hilton

CBS News 1978: Proposition 13 goes to a vote

Russia And Georgia Do Battle

Georgia begins war to retake South Ossetia

TYT: Televangelist Joel Osteen's Wife On Trial. Who Should Win?

Rielle Hunter & John Edwards Sex Scandal

NBC News 1983: Reagan get testy with Press after EPA firings

New Obama Ad - "Hands"

The tyranny of scripture

"McCain Naked" -- The Unauthorized John McCain Life Story

Drill Now? (Push Back)

The Departed, Summer 2008 - DU Pet Memorial

Georgia launches offensive against South Ossetia

Texas Executes Inmate After High Court Steps Aside

An auspicious, bloodstained day

NYT editorial: Hamdan's trial "Guilty as Ordered"

Bin Laden's Driver Sentenced to Making License Plates

McCain Tied to Job-Killing Ohio Merger

Afghan children raped with Impunity, U.N. official says

Bush’s ‘War on Terror,’ a frightening combo of the Third Reich and Stalin’s show trials

Hillary Clinton wants the presidency in 2012 and the Clinton's HATE Barack Obama

Conason - His (McCain's) Drilling Plan Full of Holes

Corp. America Prepares for Battle Against Worker Campaign to Roll Back Assault on the Middle Class

Robert Parry: The Hamdan Principle and You

Another Sign of the Times: U.S. Borrows Chinese Athletes to Compete in Olympics

Editorial: Corzine's education legacy

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 12

ABC news: Edwards Admits Sexual Affair; Lied as Presidential Candidate

Protecting McCain's Ignorance with a 'Great Wall of Duh'

The John McCain some Arizonans know — and loathe

Police raid Md. mayor's home, kill his dogs

Bill Clinton Redirects His Jealousy, to John Edwards

Judge rejects student visa injunction sought by H-1B opponents

Robert Dreyfuss: McCain the Antichrist?

Friday Talking Points (42) -- Get Up, Stand Up, Barack

Missouri state Rep. Scott Muschany, R, was indicted today

TPM: Capitol Hill Questions FBI Anthrax Investigation: Where's The Polygraph?

Guardian UK: Why TV news in the US is utter rubbish

George McGovern: My Party Should Respect Secret Union Ballots

Paul Krugman: Know-Nothing Politics

How Is John Edward's Affair Different Than John McCain's?

The Weekend Economist August 8-10, 2008

Part IV: For 2 soldiers, families, lives change (part 4 of 7)

U.S. weighs pursuing militants into Pakistan

Navy names new PEO Ships

(Navy Times) Editorial: Explain destroyer flip-flop

Sleeping missile crew to be disciplined

Copter crash-lands after base refuses to help

Iraq: Deal near to withdraw in October 2010

Raptors wrap up Guam deployment

(Air Force Time) Backtalk: Simply the best

Mechanical failure, error caused Talon crashes

UAV operators suffer war stress

Army bans government electronics at Olympics

(Air Force Times) Editorial: Solving UAV pilot crunch

(Marine Corps Times) Editorial: Reverse recruiting trend

'Safety fears' stop river protest (UK)

Nine new plaintiffs added to uranium exploration lawsuit (CO)

'Chemtrails' conspiracy: Shasta board to talk about jets' metal dumping

From GD: 5 Scientific Theories That Will Make Your Head Explode

EIA Revises Monthly Production Totals Downward Back To 2002 - Range 67,000 - 417,000 B/D Lower

Forestry board pushed for emergency logging rules

'UK second largest importer of illegal timber'

Museum curator shows off feathered collection

Brown tree snake wiped out Guam’s bird species

Salton Sea rescue effort clears key hurdle in state Assembly

Wired: Plug-In 2008: Electric Cars Are Inevitable ... and Essential

Indian Solar Loan Program Offers Access to Light

Shea Homes to Offer Free Solar Systems (Calif.)

Trash soils Bush pledge to protect islands

Peak Oil Notes - August 7

Energy Storage Pilot Program Approved in ISO New England - Beacon Power

Nesquehoning (PA) to become solar power (building "Pennsylvania Solar Park" — 10.6 MW PV farm)

NC State Engineer Taps Heat-Loving Bacteria for Hydrogen

State group fears 'death by hypothermia' (Maine)

8-6 Symington (Dem. Candidate for Governor of Vermont) Calls for 20% Wind Power in Ten Years

GoGreenTube.Com Eyes Global Environmental Community, YouTube Style

Mexico & Agaves: Moving from Tequila to Ethanol - 3 x the sugar content of sugar cane.

Best Crop Yet for Biofuels? — In Field Trials, Miscanthus Beats Corn, Switchgrass for Ethanol …

U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus says nation must develop diversity of energy sources

We Energies, Madison Gas & Electric, Wisconsin Public Power Commit to Additional Environmental Initi

A central limit theorem for production curves

'Major discovery' from MIT primed to unleash solar revolution (easy, cheap, efficient electrolysis)

(Oregon) Governor Breaks Ground on "Solar Highway" Installation

Direct, High-Yield Conversion of Cellulose into Biofuel**

On Energy, Candidates Straddle The Center—Outside Forces Are Driving McCain And Obama Together…

The Nuclear Future That Never Arrived

The Big Burn: Stay and Fight

Nanosolar Blog Entry: "Going All-Electric"

Coal. It's what lights up the world

The smart money's on green (CNN)

Greenpeace video: ForestLove (Possibly NSFW)

106 mpg 'air car' creates buzz, questions (CNN)

The Problem Is Simple: Too Many People, Too Much Stuff

Two Utah counties appeal ruling in Nevada water case

EU Solar Market Catching Fire

Obama loves high-speed rail

All Aboard: Too Many for Amtrak

In First Eight Days Of August, Arctic Basin Sea Ice Anomaly Has Nearly Tripled - Cryosphere Today

Natural Gas Drilling Sparks Fort Worth Protest

Judge OKs wording in Prop 8 ballot label

Democratic Party releases 2008 platform, very little gay about it

More than 41,000 NV state worker benefits to be reduced

(Ohio) Governor battles payday lenders

Everyone's house is worth less...except mine

8 who saw the crisis coming...

Now at Home Center: Discounts for Arabs only

Fury after Israeli officer in charge of prisoner's shooting is 'reassigned'

Olmert's departure: The perfect alibi

Israel: Lebanon is responsible for Hezbollah's actions

Waiting for treatment 6 ill Gazans die in 24 hours

Israel warns Russia: We'll neutralize S-300 if sold to Iran

AFSCME in San Francisco – Homage to Memphis sanitation workers’ strike & Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

United Steel Workers Protect Workers In Paper Company Sale

The Blog-That-Must-Not-Be-Named

Strike brings S. Africa’s economy to standstill

(California Supreme) Court says employers can't limit a departing worker's job future

Douglas Autotech: Locked-out workers fired

Today in labor history August 08 Cesar Chavez is posthumously awarded the Medal of Freedom

Venezuelan banks say unaffected by takeover

Chavez's power to legislate by decree expires (AP / 1 Aug 2008)

Cuba: Is It a Model in HIV-AIDS Battle?

Ecuador's Correa seen winning tough referendum vote

Cuban five background

Socialist Cuba’s AIDS Rate Lowest in the Americas

Activists in the US Reaffirm Solidarity with the Cuban Five

Greek athlete 'fails drugs test'

I think I'll hang around in the sports section for the next week or so....

Unofficial over/under on the number of Brett Favre threads

How many games must Ohio State Lose to keep them out of the Championship Game?

What the Bleepers on Larry King

I Can Transform My Own World for Me. . .

Another mind flash

What the Bleep Down the Rabbit Hole?

Ghost sighting in school in NC; post in GD.

What's love? Ask Christian......the lion.

Weekly Healing Project #2 | August 10 - 16: Healing for Loss of Heart (Discouragement)

FDA warns of adverse cholesterol-heart drug interaction

"Genetic Non-Discrimination Act Finally Passes"

Erin Brockovich preparing to help - Gardasil adverse events

Post 'em if you've got 'em.


Concealed weapons permit: The exception proves the rule?

Boy, 12, took gun to Valley school

Scottish politician suspended for firing a gun while on vacation

Draft of the 2008 Democratic platform -- Gun stuff

Chuck Bonnet and the Hallucinations

Slow motion lightning video

Neandertal Mtochondrial DNA Deciphered

does any one have the recipe for La Bou's chinese chicken salad dressing

What I'm doing with my apricot crop after I did everything else...

Biden working with Mayors and Police to fight crime.... Didn't anybody tell him

If anybody is interested in alternative medicine

Biden comment on unrest in Georgia (the country)

Please Kick & Rec this thread

Question to those of you that read Biden's book -

Corona! Froward! Get your butts over here!

Okay, I'll say it

I love this place!!! And my Bidenites!!

'Chemtrails' conspiracy: Shasta board to talk about jets' metal dumping

The 9/11 Deception Continues....

I've finally seen the light and I'm going OCT.

'Chemtrails' conspiracy: Shasta board to talk about jets' metal dumping

Reporting a Child Porn Exploiter in Texas...

Court rules against Dems in absentee voting case

Culberson opponent tells MoveOn to get lost

What happened to galloglas -- could it happen here?

My portal will not work properly with Mozilla browsers. Instead of

Gore and Kerry together at Nantucket promoting Obama

"Nuisance"…"law enforcement another chapter in the book Kerry was right.

Schumer: I would have been tougher (than Kerry)

I am so very sorry for the Edwards folks

Since when does Pawlenty care about middle class: people and issues?

"Pawlenty, seen as everyman, among least-known of McCain's VP prospects"

The Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota PowWow is this weekend in Mendota

So, is there a meet-up tomorrow?

Obama surprises breakfast crowd in St. Paul ~ STRIB August 7 - 2008

Olson Gets GOP Endorsement For Senate

Parents may home-school children without teaching credential, California court says

College Board to debut an 8th-grade PSAT exam

Angry mothers pack a Vancouver clothing store in a breastfeeding protest

Greens launch effort against Electoral College manipulation of presidential elections

Diebold in the Tropics: Stray Voting Machine Falls Off a Truck

My Ballot is None of Your Business!

I'm completely fuc*ed up.

Court rules against Dems in absentee voting case

PA AG Investigates House Reps After Charging 12 House Dems with Crimes

Another rating is the

Federal disaster aid tops $67 million after summer storms

Ya, hey. Pitt's floating the idea of Feingold for Veep.

Improved state voter registration system now working