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Archives: February 1, 2009

I like the new Windex commercial. Kids think they are late for school.

Question for mortgage expert about how to address housing sector.

Question for mortgage expert about how to address housing sector.

God, I wish there were more Alan Grayson's in Congress

If judges have thrown out foreclosures because no one can prove

So you think we won and it's over?

So you think we won and it's over?

Cousin Brucie/Buddy Holly Fans! "50 Winters Later" Sirius broadcast TONIGHT on 60s @ 6 Sirius

Purple fingers, and it only cost us 4,000 dead and over a trillion dollars

Pet-ernity leave -- truly the mark of an evolved society

There's no one as Irish as Barack Obama

Huffington Post: Campbell Brown Challenges Rush Limbaugh To Economic Stimulus Debate (& VIDEO)

Czech president attacks Al Gore's climate campaign

Fundies: Canadian polygamists seeking legal status AND IT'S ALL THE FAULT OF TEH GAYS!!!

How To Define Rich

Senate needs to get Ron Kirk confirmed, the world awaits. Really Doha needs to have dates set for

Sunday News Shows

Is anyone here conversant in senior issues?

Here's Another Smiley... Animated "Loser"

Write Oprah and tell her not to promote/encourage/support the octuplet mom.

Filming of Palin's Super Bowl commercial put on on the 'Net

Forbes on Fox featured all-out assault on Employee Free Choice Act

Who's on the Sunday talk shows?

I've reached the point where politics doesn't matter.

High taxes help the economy.

America abortion debate reaches into African slums

Senate Republicans Gearing Up To Filibuster Recovery Package Despite Promises To The Contrary»

Obama has begun discreet talks with Iran, Syria

538: For Democrats, Best Choice may be a Republican

I followed this story all day and I love it

Americans United Urges Senate To Reject 'Compassion Capital' Funding In Economic Recovery Package

Income of 400 richest Americans doubled during Bush era

‘Fantastic Voyage,’ Revisited: The Pill That Navigates

France claims rights to Lake Michigan shipwreck

Iraqi Christians caught in middle of Mosul vote

Little Rays Of Happiness: Dad Returns From Iraq As 6 Yr Old Son's Surprise Birthday Present!

Do NOT hate me for this ...but Michelle Obama or Greta Van Susteren?

After eleven days in office, Newsweek puts Obama in Vietnam

Fire station burns after cooking mishap

Televangelism Empire in Chaos Over Family Split

Sad stories from co-workers who are losing their jobs....

Agency sets out to fill 11,000 jobs (Border Patrol)

Michael Phelps caught on camera smoking a bong?

What are Americans still buying?

My Congressman's column about the GOP spending plan-feel free to comment

British national identity cards

They hate us for our freedoms

Want a job? Try nursing, high-tech

Chamber of Commerce Leading Congress Astray (petitioned Congress to drop “buy American” clauses )

Anti-whaling group says closing in on Japan fleet

90,000 posts on DU

"One man's pork is another man's stimulus" ....

Recession tough on repo man, too

Should Obama have spoken out about Ice Storms in MidWest?

GOP Governors Press Congress To Pass Stimulus Bill

Frank Rich:Herbert Hoover Lives

I don't understand Obama's bail out plan...

I don't understand Obama's bail out plan...

Rave On: 50 years after plane crash, fans dispute the music ever died

SF Chronicle: Recession Hits Super Bowl Parties

Palin joins nation's elite at dinner party - Anchorage Daily News

A Lot Of Smart People Post Here- Any Attorneys Or Retired Ones- I Have A General Legal Question

LA Times: Delay of tax refunds and payments adds to Californians' struggles

NY Times: Our Love Affair With Malls is on the Rocks

AP Investigation: Banks sought foreign workers

People People People You don't have to hate. You have to Tax

Too much Facebook makes teenage girls depressed

US set for ‘big bang’ financial clean-up

Jim Demint on This Week...

Facing foreclosure? Demand that your bank "produce the note."

Fare thee well, DU. I'm outta here. I can't stand it anymore

What Else Could the $18 Billion in Bonuses Have Paid For?

Police Listed Gay Rights Group Among Terrorists

Photo: Limbaugh pops a few Oxys and looks in the mirror

Obama: 'If Robert E. Lee Were With Us Tonight, He Would Be Very Confused'

A Republican Response To Ice Storms

Law schools on the DoD's shit list

Analysis: N. Korea angling for Obama's attention

$750,000,000,000 Bailout was Golden Parachute for Ousted Republicans

Habitats for Humanity ReStore Program

I say "add more decent paying jobs and not a penny in taxes needs TO be raised"

Does anyone else listen to Radical Russ Show 10-12 cstSUN on KPOJ Portland? (NORML sponsored)

Macy's set to join the massive layoffs dishonor roll?

Coleman to try to use Bush v. Gore to hijack Minnesota Election

Was Palin at the Alfalfa Dinner? Was there a 'big meeting' with Obama?

I Don't Hate the Rich, But I Know Who My Enemy Is

Zing - Our President is good

39 Years - A Generation Ago - we were singing this

Some child-care centers giving struggling parents a break

Losing my mind!!!

Out job was not over on NOV 4..

Looking for work-Try Craigslist- waaay more listings than other sources

Looking for work-Try Craigslist- waaay more listings than other sources

European governments tremble as anger spreads

Financial suicides...

Mitch McConnell just said on Face the Nation

AP Investigation: Banks sought foreign workers

New Way To Monitor And Improve Clean-up Of Contaminated Groundwater

All my criticism of $250 B for road building got ignored -- so maybe you'll listen to an expert.

I never wanted to drink a beer with George Bush

Robert E. Lee would be 'very confused,' Obama jokes

Brass cannons clue to wreck of HMS Victory

NY Times: A Month Free? Rents Are Falling Fast

The Few Remaining

Ahhhnuld, Charlie Crist and....yes....the Wasilla Wolf Killa break ranks with congress Repugs.....

Its a catastrophe for the apostrophe in Britain

Hutchinson wants MORE military funding from stimulus package

Ads pressure GOP Senators to back Obama stimulas plan

I don't need a damn tax cut! I need the economy to improve! Am I alone on this?

Angry Afghans threaten US troops after Special Forces raids kill civilians

Michael Steele, another garden-variety Republican asshole.....

Did Any Of The Sunday News Shows Bring Up Rove's Refusal To......

Forbes' et al's answer on why big bonuses are A-OK.

Are we afraid to say WalMart and Anti Trust out loud?

Tax cuts, tax cuts , tax cuts; that is all the asshole republicans can think

A Crazy Tale of Two Credit Card Companies.....

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgians join military as civilian jobs dry up

Our Tax Dollars At Work- US-funded program to arm Afghan groups begins

How long will the Minnesota recount trial last?

After eleven days in office, Newsweek puts Obama in Vietnam

Why does Mitch McConnell always look like his makeup was applied by

The country has no taste for a solution.

Obama preserves rendition two days after taking office

Extreme makeover's foreclosure Edition

The white sheet over my head, is keeping my

Why hasn't a Federal Refinancing Bank been established?

Pentagon retires aircraft carrier -- New $6 Billion Destroyer Emerges in U.S. Plans

Pentagon retires aircraft carrier -- New $6 Billion Destroyer Emerges in U.S. Plans

Bush administration was full of convicted felons and the Rethugs want to talk about Daschle's taxes

John Conyers -- A Serious Reformer Needed for Surgeon General

Naked couple surprises diners in stroll

Priest Uncovering The Beginnings Of Nazi Final Solution

Replace hate with tax and problem solved.

FOX News: Employee Free Choice Act "Pro Slavery"

Superbowl kickoff - 6:30pm EST

Senate seats - What is the difference between Blagojevich and Gregg?

My octuplet prediction: they are going to find that she went to four+ different doctors.

Lieberman jokes about waterboarding at black-tie Alfalfa Club dinner

Stimulus: DU this poll.

Keith Olbermann is a big guy. He's on the pre-game and makes Tiki

Insurers overcharged Medicare for prescriptions, report finds

Obama preserves rendition two days after taking office

An altered school schedule because of the F**KING SUPER BOWL?

Deadly Force-What a SWAT team did to Cheye Calvo's family may seem extreme.

Iraqi Town Builds Shoe Monument to honour journalist....

Redoubt web cam online

Proud To Be Ignorant - GOP's McConnell Says Obama Must Be Embarrassed ...

FReeper says terrorists will attack us, and "the sooner the better"

The Ongoing FBI Investigation of Norm Coleman - Where is the media

A scary scary picture of the perfect Republican

Octuplets’ mother wants Oprah to turn her into a $2m TV star

List of Proposed Stimulus Projects (

What is Democracy in Iraq Without Due Process of Law for the Prisoners; Many Arrested by US Forces?

How are the Freeps taking it?

Auto suppliers want US government bailout

Gregg appointment may not lead to filibuster-proof Senate

Colombia hostages freed by Farc

Colombia hostages freed by Farc

Is cutting off phone-in callers to Limbaugh a violation of their A1 rights?

"Paging Senator McConnell to the white courtesy phone."

You're Ruining Everything

The Puppy Bowl V starts at 3 pm eastern (with the Kitten Bowl halftime show)

Instead of Google you can use GoodSearch for charities

Healthcare portion of the House stimulus bill (pie graph)

I loves me some Frank Rich ..... Herbert Hoover Lives

Al Gore speaking on Climate Change Senate Hearing on C-Span NOW.

Did Kissinger Commit Treason?

I get a fundraising call from California Professional Firefighters

"Compare the two administrations take on women's issues."

Super Bowl, or "Roller Ball." I really don't get the difference.

Ted "I'm a heterosexual with issues" Haggard's appearance on Oprah...

Stripped of hysterical rhetoric, EFCA worth a look

Guest essay: Legislation will help resurrect the middle class

Find the gem in this Freeper post

What's the difference between a gun and a taser?

State Workers Call for Impeachment of Schwarzenegger

Something just dawned on me and it's troubling:

MarketWatch: Jobless queue gets longer

Britain 'must revive farms' to avoid grave food crisis

Anti-whaling group says closing in on Japan fleet

No Sign of Yesterday - A YouTube Tribute to my Dad

Congrats to the Iraqis

Obama interview on NBC in about 2 minutes - NBC Super Bowl pregame show.

Israeli ambassador: Gaza was practice.

Photo of Michael Phelps smoking pot? He says it's him

Frank Rich: Limbaugh sez he's "hijacked the Obama honeymoon." Frank sez, "In his dreams."

Obama dropping 'War on Terra' from the national lexicon.....

Phelps Cops to Bong Pic

Puppy Bowl V has started on Animal Planet. Watch at the risk of terminal cuteness.

I feel like an idiot for falling for that "$2.5 million" to raise a child figure

GOP Governors (yes, this includes their rising star, Palin) support the Stimulus Bill

FDIC’s Bair shakes up Washington, Wall Street

I like football and played in school, but this is too much.

Olbermann is covering the Superbowl!

Televangelism Empire In Chaos Over Robert Schuller Family Split - Crystal Cathedral drama

Folding dealers shock car buyers with unpaid liens (unpaid loan at tradeoff)

Has Obama restored the constitutional Writ of Habeus Corpus?

Who's getting arrested tonight at the Super Bowl?


Most False Poem EVER....

What a dumb fuck

"The Daschles: Feeding at the Beltway Trough" Greenwald

Military base and Iraq occupation opponents share Hawaii park with troop support groups

New RNC Chairman: GOP Is Great Just The Way It Is

Are we still holding people prisoner in secrete?

I'm beginning to think that as the Christian Right wanes in power, the anti-smoking nazis will take

United States National Debt (and the presidents responsible for it)

Could Ditka have derailed Obama?

Bay Buchanan will be on Rush Limbaugh's show Monday apologizing for failing to knock out Paul Begala

So did what's his name go on a pardoning binge before he left office? I wasn't paying attention.

FYI The Sopranos on A&E till 3 am ct

Funeral services scheduled for murdered toilet-Cop shot toilet

Do any DU parents want to share: What do you think it costs nowadays to raise a child?

Per Request: Limbaugh Victorious

Guilty of receiving stolen property .

Damn ... they made it a three ring circus.

Matt Millen, on NBC, just picked the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl. Congrats, Steelers!

Matt Millen, on NBC, just picked the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl. Congrats, Steelers!

If someone has more Net Worth than you think is feasible, or is inappropriately large, what do you

You can watch Super Bowl online

Build a papercraft Cubee Obama.

For anyone who is hungry or eating poorly because you are poor.

PUPPY BOWL!!!!!!111!!!1!!

Do the airlines still have that rule about no liquids on the plane?

How long till Obama signs the Kyoto Treaty?

Palin stiffs the house republicans: "She lied to us"

So what is the republiCONS plan...

So what is the republiCONS plan...

Warning!! Super Bowl Post!!

Impeach Bybee

Medicare Part D - bill to negotiate drug prices now!

Google It Your Own Damn Self!

Jennifer Hudson rocked the "Star Spangled Banner" . It must be said that she is

We just got an 800# call, we bought something on the peanut recall list

Canada stands up to cowboy trade policy.

Did your newspaper publish Palin's piece on "The Case for Drilling in Anwar" today?

New RNC Chairman: GOP Is Great Just The Way It Is

Going to Meet Its Public: Indian Museum Will Put Entire Collection Online

I totally messed up the name change thing! Can anyone help?

Do we really expect "insiders" to fix the problem?

Second riot breaks out at Texas prison

Robert Fisk’s World: When did we stop caring about civilian deaths during wartime?

Matt Millen, on NBC, just picked the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl. Congrats, Steelers!

That stimulus check we much did we get? Hubby's doing taxes

New line in The Graduate Redux 2009 from Mr. McGuire to Benjamin

Goddamn it! I just need a job!

OMG - Obama Is Fucking Hilarious!

Everybody Chill The Fuck Out...I Got This

John P. Carlin named as Deputy Chief of Staff for FBI director Mueller. Who is Carlin?...

Obama says most U.S. troops in Iraq home within a year

I was on the road for 2 weeks, I missed the name change amnesty.

This Week In God: Southern Love, More Prejudice, Catholics In Trouble

Screw The Opera. Screw Art Museums. Screw Comedy Central.

Davos protesters, to the Davos global elite: "YOU are the crisis!"

I'm Off To The Bar To Swill Beer, Eat Fatty Foods, And Watch Football...

Bush chief of staff Andrew Card complained that Pres. Obama insufficiently respectful of Presidency!

"The thought of losing him was worse than the thought of losing her."

The price of a pack of smokes just went up 61 cents (new federal tax increase)

What is Wealthy? I messed up my other poll the other night by not being specific enough.

Apros pos the ongoing what is RICH debate - is Obama RICH? Is Biden RICH?

John Nichols: Bernie Sanders: Put Wall Street Under Oath

DC "elite" gather to joke about each other.

Wall Street bankers: We Deserve Everything We've Stolen

Chicago Public Schools' new CEO Ron Huberman comes out of the closet with no fanfare. . .

OK, who knows what the rethugs talking point with Mika will be tomorrow on MJ?

In a more perfect world, there would be a wealth tax, not an income tax.

Octuplets' Family Filed For Bankruptcy

Ebay still selling racist materials

Taxing the rich

IBM Hides the Bodies, Eyes US Government Billions

Alabama doctor finds Wii injuries more common

Fight Right Wing Propaganda - The Myth About Ireland's Low Corporate Taxes

I went into Walmart today....first time in many many years.....

Sex-Offender Alerts To Be Sent By Phone

Should Obama let the Republicans become the opposition party to the bankers?

46 Of 50 States Could File Bankruptcy In 2009-2010

Yahoo toolbar has kidnapped my Internet Explorer

The Forsaken: One parent battles the mental illness system

Octuplet's mom's mom: "It can't go on any longer," "I'm gonna be gone"

$3 Million for Super Bowl Ad. $3 for Workers Who Paid For It

Renee Zellweger : I have a crush on Jimmy Carter

Details of CIA Fraud to Stay Secret, Judge Rules (Dusty Foggo)

Oh shit. Sorry. I thought I was in teh Lounge. Resume your squabbling!

UK: Having two children should be limit

TH Hugley said that Blago was railroaded. What is your opinion?

Joe the Plumber on black velvet - only $250

A $50 Billion Nuke Power Bomb Is Dropping Toward Obama's Stimulus Package-by Harvey Wasserman

A $50 Billion Nuke Power Bomb Is Dropping Toward Obama's Stimulus Package-by Harvey Wasserman

Repuke ("talking head" on cable news /Abramoff crony) pleads guilty to bribery

NYT: American Moms: Overwhelmed and Pissed-off

Well. Bob Dylan was just in a Pepsi commercial.

David Duke loses it over Michael Steele at RNC

The full economic impact will be acknowledged when Big Media begins to suffer.

Read it and weap

CONYERS: "Our Responsibility-If Crimes Were Committed-Those Responsible Should Be Held Accountable"

WTF!!? Obama Lets CIA Keep Controversial Renditions Tool

The man in the ice: His name is Johnnie Redding.

Rather than shouting "we hate rich people!" maybe DU could shout "we hate income disparity!"

Barney Frank "The Largest Spending Bill In History Is The War In Iraq"

Female Bank of England Employees Must Wear Makeup and Heels

There's not a thing wrong with being wealthy

Does it gall anyone else?

Florida school can't pay substitutes, so students sent to gym to sit...

I have to say this -- I find something unnatural and obscene about a woman

For anyone who is hungry or eating poorly, I have a secret to share.

Why in the Hell Wasn't Dr. Howard Dean Originally Chosen to Be Secretary of Health & Human Services?

Time to bring back Christian the Lion

I think my wife is starting to realize...

Do you judge a man by the size of the pecker between his legs?

I saw a mother breastfeeding octuplets at the Olive Garden today

I like the new Windex commercial. Kids think they are late for school.

Some Winter photos from Fort Frederick

Superbowl's greatest ads?

I am so friggin BORED

Studying for mid-terms. Dear God! Please just shoot me now...

I like the new Spandex commercial. Kids think they are late for school.

what is Liz?

I am watching Dr. Who, where is the Dr, is there a new one.

I started building my chicken house today, that was fun.

My husband just made me order hot sauce online!

Teach me about Acting vs. Hammy Acting (Frost/Nixon --- SPOILERS)

Anybody have the Youtube link to Jessica Savitch falling into giggles reading about famine

Are there any laws against nuking James Taylor?

Is this one of the best renditions of Star Spangled Banner?

This has to be one of the best beats ever, and I am not even a Dead fan!

Pay no attention to this thread. I just changed my username

Chicken Fights One, Two and Three

new, exciting, sexy, and cool! FFXIII trailer!

I think Super Bowl is bigger than Christmas

By the way...this beer rocks, and I feel sorry for those of you who don't have access to it

Subject: USA - outage report

my Super Bowl cake

Boo. For the first time in years I'll be watching the SB alone tomorrow

Forget about the octowoman, have you heard about Feodor Vassilyev's first wife?

I'm Sick... and Whiney....

I'm predicting SNOW for the Super Bowl!!!

Just found out about the first laid off worker in my congregation.

Oh, hey there...

New Fox Ab Fab remake update - Kristen Johnson as Patsy, Kathryn Hahn as Eddie

I moved today.

Plan 9 via webcast right now!

The ending of the first Narnia movie is such a kick in the teeth to the characters, lol

Serge Gainsbourg Dub Rastaquouere

Damn, that was a long day...

Just digging through some pics. These make me want to cry.

Who still uses phone books?

Attention: it has been 2 hours since your last break.

Ooga Chaka Ooga Ooga

Do businesses where you are close during the Super Bowl?


Is it just me?

I need Skittles tonight...

Paula Deen just made deep-fried lasagna...

Maybe it is time we got back to the basics of love

Something to watch tomorrow!

Springsteen SUPER BOWL setlist?

What would Vince Lombardi make of the high-tech hype around Super Bowl this year?

The half grown kitten is getting ready to school the new dog in

Is That Frank Black I See Singing With Swell Season On My TV?

5 days, and my lower jaw is still very sore. 2 extractions done on lower jaw, 1 on top.

Will Alec Baldwin show up on SNL?

I hope you all show respect for the Superbowl and stay off DU on Sunday.

WTF is wrong with NBC?

I am the luckiest woman on the face of the Earth.

SNL's Peyton Manning United Way "commercial"

Is Diana dirty?

I'm back. I'm really really fickle.

Mighty Putty Re-Dub

What do you think?

Goody Goody Liquors...biggest damn liquor store I have ever seen.

It is possible that I am tipsy.

My bed is screaming my name! I better go see what it wants.

Sherman's March is coming on at midnight on the History Internation channel

Sometimes we're all just...

What's everybody drinking tonight?

Bumper sticker assholery seen today:

Seriously help needed...quick....

Has it been a week yet... since I've been gone?

Funniest thing I've seen this year

Well, that didn't take long. Thumbman hits the bigtime.

What do you do with a 400 pound burro sitting on your head...

who am i in photo form

Well that was fun, what should we do next?

GO NADS!!!! GO NADS!!!!! GO NADS!!!!! GO NADS!!!!

I did a google image search for ugly hat

It was 45 degrees here today. FORTY-FUCKING-FIVE FUCKING DEGREES!!!

That "certain part of the male anatomy"

I heard that back in the 70's...

Mr. LIW has the hiccups. This is causing him a great deal of consternation.

It's my work day tomorrow, so...gotta hit the hay!


It's Saturday Night. What are your plans?

I would like to thank Rhode Island Novelty, cumberland RI. And China

Like I needed one more thing online to keep up with and maintain.

"It's natural. It's from the fuckin earth and it fuckin heals, man."

I love this artist's sand art.

OMG! This flashing collar on the dog is the best invention since sliced cheese!

got anything for a blood sugar spike?

Hey Squealer fans! You stocked up on your favorite beer??


I'm going to go beat the pets, watch a movie, and go to sleep.

I coulda had my way with every lovely lady there....

If you think that mixing whiskey with a chocolate shake is a good idea...

The Australian Open Men's Final is Amazing

My afternoon with the Geico Caveman

The Jackson/Timberlake "wardrobe malfunction" was five years ago today

Paddy is bored, and at work...

Ok. I'm doing a shot of whiskey every 15 minutes starting now.

Well, I'm off to Altoona to my favorite bar to watch the game later...

Some new pics of my daughter's puppy, Toby

A Lot Of Smart People Post Here- Any Attorneys Or Retired Ones- I Have A General Legal Question

DBAs in the house - do you think your field is secure?

Dear Mr. LIW....

Every 15 minutes I'm taking a shot at the poster formerly known as Philboy

So, who's playin?

Post your favorite Pink Panther cartoon

Is it possible to do one's taxes for free?

In the end, who was it?

Drawing on BurtWorm's idea: What's your favourite short film?

Cat in a hat

Japanese puffer fish or Chicken?


OKAY then, if you scroll down you'll find photos of cakes for the Super Bowl

How many Marxists does it take to chagne a light bulb?

"You're going to love my nuts"

The 'it's Saturday and RevActs is bored' picture thread!

Microsoft Songsmith: Music Maker or Genius Killer?

Senior Moment Problem

The gutters on the building next door just got torn off from the ice on the roof

does anyone here find lisa lampanelli funny?

This stuff!!!???!!!

I would like to be PUI.

Sweet. The sexbots will be here in five years!

Latest Pics from the Waldorf Cat Haven *dial-up warning* -- Post Yours!

FINAL Superbowl Straw Poll

if *82 unblocks your number, what code blocks your outgoing #?

Fair warning

Buy this and send it to me!

Special ops forces on their way to free the duck! Yea!

So what do you think Pres. Obama's email address is?

LaraMN went out on a binger Friday night. She hasn't been seen since.

I wonder how many people got the "Dr. Tongue" reference Keith just made on NBC?

Favorite Breakfast Mush

The chili is on, the TV is tuned to NBC, and people are starting to show up...

Can you name these two DUers?

Apparently, someone thinks I'm a man who wants to date another man from Russia

Apparently, someone thinks I'm a man who wants to date another man from Russia

Am I the only one who liked the MacGruber skits on last night's SNL?

Sweet, Groundhog Day is on tomorrow

Does your pet DUer indulge in bad behavior to get your attention?

Screw the Parental Advisory Lock!

Surprise the family with hot beef!

You guys seen Tokin' yet?

I drive a 1975 Chevy Vega with 2,950,000 miles on it....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 2/1/2009)

Ah, ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I don't care about the Superbowl, but I feel left out of the "Super" part.

Dear West coast, I hate you for making them broadcast this game so late!

Why didn't my paper come with the 3d glasses in Denver?

Six straight hours of 'I Love Lucy'!

Strife, Unrest breaks out on DU

Match Game: BOOBS!

NBC: Super Bowl. All Day.

Do you think Bruce Springsteen will have a wardrobe malfunction?

Is Sly Stallone drunk, high, or just naturally crazy?

Reliable live streaming (audio or video) of the Super Bowl?

One more hour

Rave ON...its a crazy feeling (RIP Buddy Holly)

It was so beautiful yesterday, but it smelled like hot dogs everywhere.

Maybe I've been in a cave, but when did Steve Perry turn asian?

What time is the COWBOYS game today?

Fear of heights?

Post a song that makes me happy. I'll go first.

Does your pet indulge in bad behavior to get your attention?

Does your pet indulge in bad behavior to get your attention?

How do you handle DUers who disagree with you?

If it wasn't a major financial burden, would you clone your favorite pet?

I've been here for seven years, and all I've ever wanted is one of these...

Pre Superbowl KITTY PICS!!!!!!!

Time lapse of a baby playing with his toys


Next up on NBC: Lauer speaks with Obama in the WH.

"Snuggie" satire

Had an encounter with a dog food Nazi. Yikes!

A sports spectacular practice run....

Apartment living on 4th floor is great!

Green homes for sale

Keith Olbermann + Tiki Barber = Kiki?


You guys seen Traken yet?

I just got back from snow tubing


In fourth grade I had a club. Everyone in it had to wear berets.

I just found the Bananarama tape I bought at Goodwill in 1987 for fifty cents!

Cabin Fever

Rick Ashley goes green

Official Superbowl PUI thread.

Does Kurt Warner attend a live church or a dead church?

"Penetration". There's a lotta talk about 'penetration'.

Nice airborne defense!!

SB trivia

Gen. Petraeus does the coin toss.

Bong hits, anyone?

I think John Madden has found his new 'bromance'.

Kick off the fucking ball already would ya???

USS Kitty Hawk

USS Kitty Hawk

You guys seen Taken yet?

Did Roethlesberger have to wear XXXtra Large shoulder pads?

Are you pulling for Obama's team? I am.

For the record, it takes exactly 3 seconds to go from Tampa Stadium to my house

"I think the Steelers need to try and score more points than the other team

Is the Super Bowl over yet?

can you watch the superbowl on line?

Bob Dylan --- Pepsi

I hate February!

What style of music do you listen to when you're stressed to the MAX?

When's that changing usernames thing suppose to happen?

Anybody else watching "Puppy Bowl V" ????

>>>>>>>>>> Teh Official Super Bowl Commercial Thread

kitten picture of the day for sunday feebruay 1

my cat has lost a claw

Blasphemy! Birmingham, UK, bans apostrophes

Poverty in America: Closing Words, Links to the Essays, and a Dedication

Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes

Baby born with 12 fingers & 12 toes; fully functional.

What do you do with a 20lb. cat cutting off your circulation?

My sweet brother-in-law died this morning

My wounds STINK and are CORRUPT because of my foolishness....

Do you indulge in bad Lounge behavior to get attention?

I'm watching "Death Race" and I've come to the conclusion

OH YES! It happens ONE Sunday every year. And Today is THE Day!


What sort of person would you see wearing this hat?

i had a very upsetting dream last night

Obama communist trucker hat


Well, everything is relative.

Mankind vs. Undertaker - Hell In A Cell (6/28/98), Pittsburgh, Pa.

Best TV Show

Every Senator and House member in the last 30 years should be prosecuted!!!

I'll play the game if I know the rules :)

GOP governors break with party over stimulus

Sunday talk show lineup for February 1

Republicans aren't interested in helping people

We put a bird feeder in our back yard two days ago. Where are the birds?

Heads Up-SNL on in one minute (11:29 ET)

Judd Gregg to be nominated Monday?

Politico: Why Limbaugh is the new Bush (and why he hurts the GOP)

Sorry, I'm not wild about Gregg at Commerce

Someone is twittering: "The President just dropped the palin' around joke on Palin.

And the Pursuit of Happiness. The Inauguration. At Last.

Ice Storms...where is Obama? Where is FEMA?

MSM - The republican spin machine at it again

AP: No. 2 Senate Republican promotes Gregg at commerce

Dear Republicans... tax cuts ARE spending

Daschle Knew of Tax Issues Over Car Use Last June

My Challenge to Republicans, anti-government crusaders, and "deficit hawks"

Why Rush is in trouble and why he is the perfect foil

Does it make sense for the federal government to subsidize flawed state constitutions?

I don't know what keeps the dems from finishing Limbaugh off

Is there video of the Alfalfa Club Dinner available?

Border War - Geithner-Summers psychodrama, Round 1.

*** I need to see a picture of everyone in their working environment ***

Holder Attorney General Non-Prosecution Assurance Controversy Part 2

This stuff about controlling the Obama Family's image is just weird

I disagree.

If you are undecided about who you want to win today: Dan Rooney endorses Sen. Barack Obama

Maureen Dowd criticizes Obama's soft treatment of greedy CEO's

Do you demand that Obama address your pet issue NOW?

FYI: President Obama will be interviewed by Matt Lauer on NBC soon......

Obama Whitehouse disputes Wapo Article re Bonus Crackdown

Josh DuBois evidently was the one who suggest both McClurkin and Warren


A What if Moment: What if Gov. of NH appointed a Republican to the Senate to replace Gregg

Was Palin on the Super Bowl Pre-Game show?

What better programming to watch at the pre-Stupor Bowl party? Al Gore on CSPAN!

Absolutely NO to Judd Gregg. No, no, no! If Mitch McConnell is

Simplest answer that should please everyone is: remove the cap on payroll taxes& reduce the rate

Folks really need to listen to Jeff Farias's Friday show

For Democrats, Best Choice May be a Republican

Interesting facts about supply-side economics:

So, Obama himself actually signs the letter to the family of a soldier who died in combat?

OT-A Lot Of Smart People Post Here- Any Attorneys Or Retired Ones- I Have A General Legal Question

OT-A Lot Of Smart People Post Here- Any Attorneys Or Retired Ones- I Have A General Legal Question

I have a theory on the Gregg appointment

I have one thing to say about Obama trying to be "BiPartisan" with the Repukes.....

Market based solutions

Who else wanted Kerry to reach over and strangle K. Hutchison

Hello? All you folks dumping on Obama tonight because he isn't down in Kentucky

Steelers or Cardinals

Obama on NBC now

Limpbaugh obsession running rampant

AP: Obama Pokes Fun at Alfalfa Club Dinner

NY CD20 replacement DEM candidate for Gillibrand's seat is S Murphy businessman from

Rush Limbaugh gets far too much credit. He always has. His days of preaching hatred are numbered.

LOL. Palin stiffs the House Republicans

now THAT was a President....

Kay Bailey Hutchison is highly impressive on MTP...

Cake Wrecks

Did anyone see John King today talking to unemployed workers he asked...

Catholic Church is attacking Obama already; threatens to close Catholic Hospitals

Which team's coach do you want President Obama to call to congratulate them for their championship?

So, Obama is continuing to allow rendition?

GOP Governors break for Obama

Post a soup that makes you happy

Steele to Obama: "How do you like me now."

Will Rush be man enough to accept Campbell Brown's challenge?

Conyers' petition to demand a "serious reformer" instead of "trial balloon" Sanjay Gupta for SG

Your Sunday LOLcats. (dial-up warning)

Do you have a Facebook account?

Chicago Tribune: Obama lets CIA keep controversial renditions tool

In Senate trial, Coleman turns to Bush v. Gore (could end up back at US SC)

Recalled Products Sent To Schools, Day Cares (Peanut)

Obama has begun discreet talks with Iran, Syria

Trade ministers to strive for Doha deal this year

We are on the brink of war with the South, says North Korea

U.S. working to ensure stimulus meets trade rules

Violent clashes in Russia as angry protesters call for Putin to resign over economy

St. Pierre batters Penn in knockout victory

After eleven days in office, Newsweek puts Obama in Vietnam

UK government wants power to expel wayward lords

IBM Hides the Bodies, Eyes US Government Billions

Scores killed in Kenya oil fire

Afghanistan hits back at Western critics over aid

UN says Afghan opium crop to shrink

Grenade at Thai temple fair kills 8, wounds 27

Obama preserves rendition two days after taking office

India PM Singh discharged from hospital

Putnam set to give up seat (FL-12)

GlaxoSmithKline to slash 6,000 jobs

Farmer in central China sick with bird flu

Olmert: Israel will hit back for Gaza rocket fire

U.K. Mediator to Probe Total Refinery Strikes as Action Spreads

Spain PM tells banks not the time for big profits

Israel denounces the desecration of the main synagogue of Caracas (translated from Spanish)

Sri Lanka threatens to expel media as army closes in on rebels

Iran: Obama's offer to talk shows US failure

China nightclub fire kills 15 (Indoor Fireworks Again)

Pope's bishop pick criticized over Katrina comment

Senate won't change if Gregg leave: McConnell

Strike by 24,000 refinery workers averted for now

Japan on heightened alert for Mount Asama eruption

Rebels free 4 Colombian hostages

Sharp rise in China birth defects

Sri Lankan official says army shelled hospital

L.A. Times to lay off 300 and Cuts Local News Section

Jailed China milk-scandal chief appeals sentence

Sudan expels US aid group over bibles

Will family's 4th generation at GM be its last?

Violent unrest rocks China as crisis hits

North Korea warns of possible war with South Korea

Weight of Combat Gear Is Taking Toll

Palin pushes for road to Nome(3 to 4 Million a Mile-500 Miles)

Stiglitz Criticizes Bad Bank Plan as Swapping ‘Cash for Trash’

GOP leaders doubt stimulus bill will pass Senate

14-times Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps caught with cannabis pipe

Phelps acknowledges photo showing him smoking pot

3 million join mass prayer in Bangladesh

Daschle delayed telling Obama about tax problem; earned $200K+ from health industry

AP Investigation: Banks sought foreign workers

UFO files to be released under Obama Open Government Memoranda

Chamber of Commerce Leading Congress Astray

Democracy Challenge - what is it to you? (contest entry)

Shut The F$%& Up, Rush Limbaugh!

Russian police arrested dozens of demonstrators

Get Gordon Brown Out - Oil Refinery protests


Protest turns violent in Geneva

SNL'S Obama Problem

Red State Update: Mailmen, Get Over Yourselves

Unreal. Congress Just Gave Itself a $93,000 Raise in Spending Money

Protest in Iceland january 31 2009 video

The Week In Cartoons 01/31/09

FRONTLINE investigates the causes of the worst economic crisis in 70 years

Rachel Maddow Handicaps the GOP RNC Race

Blue Dog Ben Nelson helps spread Conservatives' stimulus BS

SHittingTF in Russia Throughout Europe...

Taliban warns Obama of Afghan bloodshed - 1 Feb 09

Naomi Klein discussing bonuses on Real Time with Bill Maher

Did Israel's Ambassador to Australia slip up and expose war plan against Iran?

Man kills family then self in California: It's time to take stock of what's really important

Why Israel Is "Losing" In Gaza: Lessons For America

WP: In Book, Insider Recounts Hunt for Hussein's Weapons

Robert Fisk’s World: When did we stop caring about civilian deaths during wartime?

Frank Rich: "Herbert Hoover Lives." Sunday, 2-01-09 NY Times. He does it again.

World Economic Forum: Davos Under Fire

Social democrats to lead new Icelandic government

Michael Phelps Latest Endorsement: Marijuana

Good Old Shoe: Monument commemorating the journalist who hurled shoes at Bush has been taken down

Will Obama Keep His 'Buy America' Promise?

Barney Frank: Iraq was the biggest spending program ever.

Guardian UK: Riot? If I were 20 years younger I would take to the streets

WWII Allies Secure Beachhead Against Net Neutrality

The US and the Fall of Rome

CNN: Obama Advisor Paul Begala Calls Rush A Drug Addict

Mrs. Obama's New Roles as First Lady, Mom-In-Chief

I Come to Bury, Not to Praise

TYT: Are the Steelers the Best Team Ever? & Superbowl Prediction

Priest Uncovering The Beginnings Of Nazi Final Solution

Under Obama, 'war on terror' phrase fading

Deadly Force: What a SWAT team did to Cheye Calvo's family in the war on drugs.

Obama's Recession Fix Fits Economists' Models

Abu Greed: How Reagan-Bush Created A Debtor’s Prison Without Walls

Limbaugh Hoped President Obama Fails -- You Responded

Obama's Surprise for GOP Guests at Super Bowl Party

Boy Scouts: Forget Trustworthiness, Conservation

GOP hoists sail on Steele ship of racial denial

The American Economy is Not Coming Back

Protectionism is a dangerous road to walk - remember the Thirties

Iran More Committed To Non-Proliferation Than Israel: British Journalist

please critique my ltte re:Body Armor recall

Iraqi election turnout in line with predictions

Iraqis festive on election day

Voting goes smoothly as GIs observe

Troops on standby during provincial vote

Range of problems seen at Baqouba polls

C-17 mishap closes Bagram base

Navy APS to train on both sides of Africa

Officer tapped to run Gitmo went to school with Obama

Vicenza trying to free up more parking spots

Agencies meet to coordinate services on Okinawa

Iraqis Vote Amid Tight Security

Admiral Ready to Fight for Carrier Site

Navy Task Force Deters Pirate Attacks

Sailor Back in Custody After Child Dies

Castro Throws First Punch at Obama

Drug policy causes a stir within NATO

Sailor picked be lead physician on Capitol Hill

State Department won’t renew Blackwater deal

Iraqi Shoe-Hurler Votes in Prison Cell

No Sign of Yesterday - A YouTube Tribute to my Dad

Super Bowl can’t undo AFN’s commercial ban

TYT: Matt Damon Goes After Neocon Bill Kristol (Fun Clip For Saturday)

Congressman Brian Baird, chairman of Energy & Environment Subcommittee, "20% reduction in 20 weeks"

Sea Shepherd Relocates the Japanese Whaling Fleet

Redoubt fumerole doubles overnight.

lee-dekalb(counties) wind energy center of northern illinois

Independent UK: Parched: Australia faces collapse as climate change kicks in






Thousands of refinery workers (24,000) prepare to picket Valero, BP, Shell

Jones Act and US Jobs

Obama Seeks To Improve State Of The Unions

Still no labor proposal to players from NFL team owners

Labor union tells lawmakers: We're watching you

Employment costs rise at slowest pace since 1980s

Canadian Auto Workers to Reopen Talks

Equal Pay for Equal Work is Now the Law

Northwestern University Prof Dale T. Mortensen Honored For Labor Work

Boeing Posts $56 Million Loss as Strike Cuts Output

Has union organizing turned the corner toward real growth?

Durham Workers Choose Teamsters Union (260 workers voting by a near 2 to 1 margin)

There is one more thing you can do to help guest workers

Tyson workers reject contract proposal (98% 'No' vote resonates )

IBEW Local 1249 hit by Madoff scam (union plans on making its members contribute more)

GOP Says We'll Play Ball, But Kill The Ads

Today in labor history Feb 1 NJ silk workers strike for eight-hour work day 1,800 were arrested

Restaurant labor violations show Ithaca's dark side (more restaurants per capita than New York City)

LabourStart launches Union Book

Students and factory workers to rally Monday to pressure Georgetown to defend worker rights

NLRB sides with fired employees of Santa Barbara News-Press

Union at Momentive files new NLRB charges


Four million jobs in two years? FDR did it in two months

Union Membership Inches Up In 2008, But EFCA Still Needed

St. Anthony Community Hospital settles charges filed by union

Corners cut and beers downed at Fed-run OSHA classes

January 09 Best Month ever for the DU Labor Forum

Fight Brews Over How to Build a Better Internet (The stimulus bill has $6 billion to expand broadban

Spain urgently needs to cut imports-Industry Min

NEW Credit Slips articles...

Fate of UBS hangs on tax evasion case

Brown condemns 'indefensible' wildcat strikes in foreign labour row

Capitalist Pyramids

China runs deficit in 2008 after burst in spending

New York weighs ban on Central Park carriages (wipe out 400 jobs during an economic crisis)


Fortress Blocks Redemptions as Shareholders Lose 96% Since IPO

Davos Delegates in ‘Denial’ as $25 Trillion of Wealth Vanishes

Peru mining unions call for a nationwide strike

The Clinton Economy Easily Beat the Bush Economy

Disgorge, Wall Street Fat Cats

Any scoop on the pilot's tentative agreement with Southwest Airlines?

Poll: Where do you stand on the economy?

The Bad Bank is a BAAAAAD Idea.

What Cooked the World's Economy? It wasn't your overdue mortgage.

Rebels free 4 Colombian hostages

Lesbian couple wins court round

An interesting cartoon I just found. Special Rights for Homosexuals.

Mayor won't vote for same sex marriage resolution

First openly GLBT head of government appointed on Iceland.

Samuel L. Jackson Says Mormon Supporters of Prop 8 'Misinformed'

I'm in such a shitty mood today.

Mormon Utah Legislators Oppose Even the Slightest of Gay Rights

3 Yr. Sentence In Gay Man’s Death

Psychoanalysts call for end to military gay ban.

Canadian lesbian couple says doctor refused to treat them

Report: Hamas agrees to year-long Gaza truce starting Thursday

Iran's Ahmadinejad Endorses Another Holocaust Denial Conference

Israel Navy eyes advanced US warship

Israeli army lawyer who sanctioned bombings under attack over university post

Egypt begins installing tunnel detection equipment

Abbas Blasts Israel in Meeting with US Envoy

Gov't pays slain journalist's family 1.5 million pounds

Hamas head in Tehran to meet Iranian leaders

Israel’s Nuclear Hawk Avigdor Lieberman In Poll Surge

Israeli ambassador: Gaza was practice.

"Don't be Stanley Wilson"

Four rockets strike Negev, one landing near two kindergartens

Turkey PM storms off stage over Peres remarks on Gaza

Israel threatens respose to militant rockets

For Lesbians and Friends: Butch- the Masculine Woman: Interesting Reading

Leaked report on Jewish settlements shows Israeli government was complicit in illegal construction

If your are going to cite Fox News as your source, then maybe you need to

My Pick em for the Super Bowl---

Uh oh--- The Lounge Lizards are talking sports.


More Super Bowl Trivia

Boxing News (Obits)

Why can't we "You can't recommend threads from this forum"?

Big game today!

ESPN Crew calling Big Ben a Diva this morning. Makes up injuries to be center of attention.

You can watch Super Bowl online

Ok folks. Trivia time.

Warner asks The Boss to play a Spiritual Medley at the half.

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (February 1): Youth Triumph in Wijk aan Zee


Derrick Thomas elected to Hall of Fame

Palestinian men bear trauma of war

Israel urges Turkey to rethink ties with Hamas, Iran

Jessica Simpson is taking steroids!

Olmert: Israel will hit back for Gaza rocket fire

Reuters: Israeli warplanes bomb in Gaza after mortar attacks

Netanyahu says Iran will not get hands on nukes

UNRWA Admits: IDF Didn't Hit School

‘Fantastic Voyage,’ Revisited: The Pill That Navigates

A cry for help!

The Big Lie - Italian Study of Thimerosal vs Autism

HEALTH QUIZ: Do you feel that differing viewpoints are welcome in Health Forum?

Armed home owner helps police capture alleged car thief

Soldier from Temecula Dies In Shooting Accident

Town withdraws effort to ban guns

Photos from Fort Frederick, Maryland

It 's that time of year

Thanks CC

A question of red

David Wilcock on Myth & Logic radio....1/29/09

Nolle's FEBRUARY Astro-report

The Stars This Week: "The Times, They Are a' Changin'" - February 2 - February 8, 2009

Looking for info on elemental spirit beings

I'd like to discuss how we should begin taking care of ourselves during these changes.

What light does

February 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Gorgeous supernova remnant on APOD

Were Mitch McConnell's comments about honey bees anti-science?

I am sooooo addicted (mixing no-knead recipes and techniques - results inside)

Surprise the family with hot beef!

New mommy/cook birthday ideas

Bacon Explosion! (a plea for help and assistance)

I wish I lived in Bound Brook, NJ.........

Televangelism Empire in Chaos Over Family Split

Former President Jimmy Carter Supports Call For New 9/11 Investigation

Politicians know to say no to blood alcohol test

Afghan roadside bomb kills Canadian soldier

Do any of you use Vulnerabitly Scanners at work? If so, which one?

What's the most secure "sector" in the IT field? If you're in IT right now, how secure is your job?

I have an idea for a flash short for DU

Anyone into malware sleuthing? (and gif shrinker) RevLeft

I almost have the nerve to reinstall Mcafee

Am watching JK on MTP

Mr Brown, it's time to come down from the mountain

You can go and work in Europe, Mandelson tells strikers