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Archives: February 10, 2009

There's a far-right extremist running in Israel's election with the last name Lieberman......Hmmmmm

Why was Bush sending Iraqis to Guantanamo?

Suicide bomber kills 4 U.S. soldiers in Iraq

The $800 Billion Gamble: Economists Say Stimulus Cuts Could Be "Disastrous"

NY Times; last man standing strategy

Sen Burton's (R-Indiana) Freudian Slip: Tax "crap" not "cuts"

Republicans Play Politics With Stimulus Package – GOP Backs Spending To Rebuild Iraq But Not America

Antiwar Lawmakers Wary of Adding Troops in Afghanistan

Do you waste time on the internet?

Do you waste time on the internet?

An Obama prime time drinking game???

Rossford pet store's vets treat wandering, injured deer, then set it free

Who are your five least favorite Senate Democrats?

Guardian: The Chinese Premier forgives his shoe thrower. Will Bush be as gracious?

Some frustrated with lead mandates

Is the President speaking tonight?


1.3 Trillion Bush Tax Cut vs. $900 Billion Recovery Plan

Some things we may hear tonight from Obama...

Garry Trudeau must read DU.....cracked me up today!!!

Free Bipartisanship and Simple Decency Rejected by Republicans...

Maybe we should reformat the DU Front page...

NBC time delay is making the audio not match the video

What do you think of the Olive Garden?

Now that Holder has been sworn in as AG the corrupt Bushies must be purged from the system.

Ex-SEC head will be on tomorrow.

Ex-SEC head will be on tomorrow.

So, after Obama's strong day in Indiana, the press is foaming at the mouth to ruin him tonight.

Economic Recovery and Reinvestment bill ... better than "Stimulus"?

Who are your five least favorite House Democrats?

really a question on Iran policy

(BLEEP)-ing Obama!!!

Man honored for rescuing child in pit bull attack June 08 (photo of the hug!)

There is a direct link between spending and jobs and no such link between tax cuts and jobs

Question: Are there any more filibuster opportunities for the GOP for the stimulus bill?

The President gave it to the Chimp in his opening statement twice!

Obama's really taking the old guard to task.

Folks...judging from what we are seeing, there will be no rehabilitation of Chimp's legacy for 4 -

Ya know what I think would be healthy for this country?

Obama admin. invokes Bush's 'state-secret' defense to silence detainee's rendition testimony

"A lot of bad habits built up here in Washington."

He mentioned we're not building much here at home.

Thank you, Chuck Todd

Tapper asked a good question. "How will we know that this is working? Metrics?

Ladies and Gentlemen The President

Ladies and Gentlemen The President

This is the most persuasive Press Conference I have ever seen

Capt. Sully is not a hero.

Some good news for Michigan

Obama's rhetoric of "change" is meaningless as far as this case is concerned...

Which "news" outlet will ask Obama the first stupid-ass question?

There you go - -

Do you get the idea the presser is NOT scripted?

MarketWatch: More than 1,000 banks may fail, analyst estimates

You just went from Mr.Mackey's 4th grade class to Professor Obama's college class

"I inherited the deficit that we have right now"

cbs - that old guy who took over from the real journalist (dan rather) says he has to

A president mentioning the dead troopers TODAY....

I think my new sig line will be: President Obama-smart is back in style. nt

dontcha just loved how Obama wouldnt answer that Isreal is the only country in the ME with Nukes?

Anyone know where I can watch the whole news conference online?

Postcards from the economic meltdown: Starbucks value meals?

I love our president

The book is now out on Obama's 1st Presser

Why didn't Cornyn vote int he Senate today?

Why didn't Cornyn vote int he Senate today?

Anybody watch that on FOX? Shepherd Smith was already whining about pegging Bush policies.

Take a step back and ask yourself this question ....

Obama mentioned that school story for a big reason

yuck! Freeper in the house! calling bouya65! Loser!

This news conference should be acting as a very strong, very good medicine for the country.

So, does President Obama expect a proposal from Senator Leahy

The tragicomic fiscal crisis back-and-forth in California (Ahhhnuld vs Chiang)

I love baseball but

Already Gregory misstates the truth - "support for the stimulus is falling fast"

Robber Shot During Stick-Up Attempt

Huffington Post credentialed and called upon.

mush limpballs and the Dixie Chicks

Awwwwwwwwwwwww he singles out Helen

What is the over/under for freeper tombstones on DU tonight?

I feel bad for Ron Reagan

Gergan just called tonight "a classic and shrewd use

DU'ers in SoCal STAY SAFE and dry

Boy, Rachel really made that creep Ben Nelson squirm

Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Arlen Specter.

Not since Clinton ........

Chuch Todd- "Consumer spending got us into this mess."

Mods pls delete, posting bug

For those of us who couldn't see or hear Obama's speech how was it?

Surprised by press conference

ON PHONE:SEAN HANNITY--calls in for his response to Obama's beer offer

"It's a little hard to me to take criticism from folks who oversaw a doubling of the national debt."

I loved the way Boxer reminded us that McCain LOST

The only things I remember about *'s pressers are 1) he

Not to incite violence, but who's the right-wing blowhard you'd most like to slap the sh*t out of?

Is it just me, or does that look like Ed Schultz next to Helen Thomas? nt

15 Companies That Might Not Survive 2009

American Experience The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln PBS 9pm est.....n/t

Overheard at the blood bank today


After every tax cut there is a recession, and it is always a surprise.

Video of CNN report on Emmonak/Western Alaska - nicely reported

$1.3 trillion in tax cuts in 2001 by Bush administration for the wealthiest

Aww...our FRiends had their feelings hurt by a Republican...

BlooInBloo's Favorite Tidbit Of The Whole Press Conference....

What is Ben Nelson talking about?

Chamber of mummies found in Egypt

What He Really Said

Stupa found in Bihar 'could be world's second largest'

Folks tend to think criticism of the Pentagon is a slam on Obama

When will Bonnie Newman take office?

Cornyn skips stimulus vote to meet with "prominent media conservatives"

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Harrison subs for Mike tonight

The "Extraordinary Rendition" smear....

Was the Bankruptcy Bill a leading Factor in Causing the Recession?

Presdent Obama confirms they are reviewing Dover Air Base press ban...

Westminster Dog Show (on CNBC) just mentioned the Obama's dog search.

Police find 22 dogs in station wagon with owner

Decoding the Propaganda: CNN explained.

From the bowels of their mother's basement come.....

Ben Nelson on Maddow tonight re: schools, states and NCLB

CNN..... "He took a question from Huffington Post a fringe news group"

How the War, Tax Cuts, and the Swaps Market Debased the U.S. Financial System

WH says President never told the military to, 'Give me three (Iraq) drawdown plans'.”

So I thought I’d do something good for this country — kill Democrats ‘til (sic) the cops kill me

GD vs GDP - how long?

OK, is there a conspiracy to keep these two posts together in the listings?

I denounce and reject myself for this...

was teddy roosevelt a blue dog

A little reminder for the freepers making fun of Obama's Press Conference.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Wow---The Media has ADD(attention deficit disorder)

Chase just raised my credit card rate

When will Al Franken be seated?

Old fashioned filibuster... we were talking about this in the morning

F.D.A. Finds ‘Natural’ Diet Pills Laced With Drugs

Some things we will not hear tonight from Obama...

Not a smirk, not a shrug, not an obfuscation, not a single hint of incoherence....

Goya's Ghosts - and being "put to the question"

2T economic contraction over 24 months, ok lets translate

Suppose someone set your house on fire...?

Perfect Title: The Chess Master

Octuplets' mother receives public assistance + 3 disabled children

Anybody know about Black Press of Canada? Word is they are trying to buy San Diego's Union Tribune.

Reality Cannon.

Judges back a one-third reduction in CA state prison population

Dumbest question of the press conference.

Craig Ferguson is slicing and dicing Ann Coulter...Anyone watching?

OK..... Now has the 'NOW' economic analysis changed your thoughts on Capitalism?

Right Wing Terrorism Watch: Shooter of UU Church pleads guilty, gets life

Leahy is on a roll

Joe Scum is really stupid

Stimulus checks tripping up taxpayers

Let's add a new word to the bailout debate: Restitution

Financial meltdown architect and human turtle Phil Gramm says he's "high...Very high".

Where'd all that money go? Bank execs testify Wednesday

"Thoroughly vetted"

Why are Nazis left wing? Well was talking to brother in law and it finally made sense

Sound Familiar?

"Celebrity" being taken down in car chase in Universal City right now :Update: not a live broadcast

Capital One isn't making enough money so they just raised my rates 8 points

Obama's polling high. Stimulus polling high. GOP polling low. Why not just..

Ladies, would you kiss this man?

Ladies, would you kiss this man?

Toddler survives pool 'drowning'

Iran Offers ‘Dialogue With Respect’ With U.S.

Dollars & Sense: Immigrants Bring Big Bucks For Jails

Australians tried, but couldn't outrun fires

Towering inferno claims building at CCTV Beijing headquarters

Army Suspends Germ Research at Maryland Lab

Question for Michael Steele

Starbucks value meals?

Consumer shifts, saturation add to economic woes: Media giants grapple w/ issues on multiple fronts

Ideological Blockage!

Soul Rebel: An Intimate Portrait of Bob Marley

UK Bankers Say Sorry World. Don't Blame us - it was the Bonuses

Iran To US: We're Ready For 'Dialogue With Respect'

AF colonel accused of imposing religion

On that graph Rachel Maddow displayed

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Crap That Doesn't ****ing Work

Americans still fools for tax cuts.......

CD-proposal: "May God bless Sweden"

Starting Public-Sector Jobs With Parting Gifts in Hand

DUers! Help me compose a letter to educate an ignorant, racist person, please?

Virginia-Republicans skip Kaine chat (all 5 Republican Congressmen) *nice!*

Anybody see that Free Grants for Republicans ad at the top of the page?

Trimmed Bill Still Offers Vast Sums for Education

The media's lens problem. Bush has a conference - he is "resolute" Decisive"

You senators & congressmen want to save our economy? End bush's goddamned wars!

Ray McGovern was on Newstalk radio

Grandma's Moistening Kettle May Have Held Off Flu.

I don't want to see Cheney on TV any more

Chuckie Todd is making shit up as he goes along...

I don't know what kind of coverage Obama's getting on the tube, but

The nice little town I grew up in looks like total crap now...

AP: Peanut company in salmonella probe shuts 2nd plant

Does anybody else hear "The President is going on national TV tonight" and just CRINGE?

I'm sure I'm not the only female in America who, when Obama

Maybe our banking system is just set up wrong?

Bosses of failed banks line up to apologize

Walmart helps poor people and helps make people poor .

Ask the republicans who oppose the stimulus

Poll taxes and investing .

The Farts of Compromise; Hacking the Stimulus

“I don’t see how I can possibly embarrass him more than he already embarrassed himself"

Oh look!!!! AP's checking Obama's facts!!!! FACT CHECK: Examining Obama's job, pork claims!!!!!!

More Troops Not Solution In Afghanistan - Spain Foreign Minister

Every 13 seconds a home goes into foreclosure. . . a message from Consumer Reports/Consumer's Union

Tax Payers Already Footing Octumom's Bills

Sen. Susan Collins Cuts Women's Jobs from Stimulus Bill

Holy Shit!!! It's been so long, I'm not use to this. We have someone with a brain as President.

How would you like Obama depicted in a Doonesbury cartoon?

Poll: Lieberman Would Lose 2012 Re-Election In Landslide

Police find 22 dogs in station wagon with owner

Peanut Corp. of America ran unlicensed, uninspected plant in Texas for over 3 years!

Senator Ben Nelson (R) doesn't know who Paul Krugman is.

Thracian wine complex recovered by a team of archaeologists

Rove: "We Didn't Leak" (I bet Valerie Plame et al - would beg to differ!)

Why doesn't the media check their facts?

Will Work for Jobs

ok...I am on the wrong side of the world here

Roubini sees U. S. playing greater role in banking

Ahmadinejad says Iran ready to talk to US

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work

a little Russian mystery at the Antarctic

Oil is ready to break out (Wall Street Manna)

The Obama Rope-A-Dope?

What did Geitner say that caused a 300 pt drop in the Dow? n/t

Dick Cheney video up in PV forum

Voting starts in Senate on Stimulus Bill

Would someone please put fishhooks into my eyes and ears?

MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield fixed data on autism

Nice intro from Crist for Obama.

Hydrogen Superhighway concept

Question for DUers: We have the Lege and the Executive


Final Vote on the Stimulus Bill starts (12:27 PM)

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 10

Boo Hoo Rushicans are bawling in the Senate

can someone answer this, re Condoms in Stimulus bill?

Online Pornography Helping Lower Rape Incidents, Study Says

Puppet wants to hold his own strings

Octomom had little to do with her six children, spent all her money on cosmetic surgery and IVF

Octomom had little to do with her six children, spent all her money on cosmetic surgery and IVF

How close were we to financial meltdown

The American Family Assn. calls on Newt and Jim DeMint to stop Dems from persecuting Christians

I think Mrs. Greenspan should keep her mug off teevee when the news is about financial shit.

They did the tax cuts for the rich. It didn't work. They did the TARP

One of the best t shirts ever :D

Economy and Revolution in the News

Well, at least the Flag industry seems to doing well

did you see that?

This whole Phelps marijuana thing just brings hypocrisy so clearly into view.

The Senate passing of the stimulus bill just got a standing ovation in FL

"H.R. 1, As Amended, Passes..."

*ding* I have an idea, how about we CAPTION!

As if we care what the Afghans think of US

Many members of Congress may have a Daschle problem, skip taxes on family travel

O'Reilly producer stalks NSA whistleblower - calls him disgraceful

Robert McNamara's Pentagon

Global Climate Change: Audubon Report: Birds Shifting North:

Gun Dealers Experiencing Shortages Of Bullets

Geithner's plan is doomed to fail ........

Should Limbaugh, Hannity, and O'Reilly condemn the acts of the church shooter?

Energy jobs creates more jobs and puts more money in the taxpayers pockets

Please critique my ltte re: the Flag-draped coffins.

More than 800 US troops were killed in Iraq from Feb. 1, when the 'surge' began, through Dec. 21

The hypocrisy of McCain's words on who is creating debt!

Bill O'Reilly Mocks Helen Thomas

Local news coverage favors economic recovery bill.»

Ms. Henrietta Holmes just crushed me.

Recovery time frame

Advice from Robert Reich-What Geithner Still Needs To Do

Obama knows the economy is going to improve. So do the Rethugs

Obama's Reagan problem...

Baghdad schools banning discussion of Saddam Hussein & George W. Bush

To our DUers Down Under: Please take care!

OMG!!1111 Righties discover "Obama is a Commie" Conspiracy!!11!!

Watch the Stock Market. It is beginning to move. n/t

How Did You Like President Obama's First PrimeTime News Conference?

Dear Strategerists: Obama's non-answer on Bushco proves the dangers of not impeaching at the time

I haven't googled it and I don't know enough about it but why isn't there a device

Caps on CEO pay are fine, BUT

Karzai: Afghans, US in 'gentle wrestling' match

Ya know that Yahoo toolbar/email service you use?

Only Terrorists Support a Living Wage: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Wal-Mart

Divorce only legal for a man and a woman and not for gays - stephen colbert n/t

Gun Enthusiast sentanced for killing 2 and wounding 6 at church

How delusional can you get? (Rush's sad new logo)

Is Wallstreet conspiring against Obama?

Previous Money Manipulation Never Explained-9/11 Option Bets Against American & United Airlines

Property seizure by police called 'highway piracy'

Property seizure by police called 'highway piracy'

Obama Establishes Afghanistan-Pakistan Policy Task Force

Frustration with the MSM vs Reminiscing with Markos re Colbert . . .

Bentley driver was 'distraught over financial stuff'

Judges Order Massive CA Prisoner Release (57,000); State Vows Appeal

FBI raids peanut butter plant suspected in outbreak (CNN)


61 yea 37 nays....just looking at those numbers, you'd think it passed by a landslide

Wal-Mart cutting 700-800 jobs at headquarters

Income and Body Mass Index in Europe

58% in Gallup poll disapprove GOP handling of stimulus bill

duplicate - deleted

We haven't seen the worst of job layoffs yet .... LINK

Pat Leahy in ith Nora on GEM$NBC

Question: Stimulus Bill - Once it gets negotiated in conference...

Question: Stimulus Bill - Once it gets negotiated in conference...

The Rushican Stalinists

Did Al Franken Get Sworn In Yet ?

What are the tax implications

Is Gibbs holding a press conference today? Haven't heard mention, although it's a busy news day

Stock market ridiculous today...DOW down over 4% to 7936...334 points down since this morning..n/t

Republican nose jobs

Where the F is Randi???

Panasonic to fly home workers' families over bird flu fears

Pit bull that injured Omaha woman yesterday fought 'to the very end'

Geithner was laughed at when he met with lawmakers.

didn't Bin Laden claim that he would bankrupt us?

Pigmen coming after our pensions now?

Toon Time: Tom Tomorrow

Republicans and the Right are "Economic Elitists"

Henrietta Hughes and Mary Morin

Someone should punch Bernanke in the nads. n/t

Is the wedding off? Palin's kid and Levy?

A week without Conservatives

Military recruitment surges as jobs disappear

Hilarious-they won't even say *his* name. The Daily Show last night

Oh my goodness. Tell me someone's going to call Inhofe on his blatant lies

John Kerry wants to 'eliminate Al Qaeda and the Taliban from the region'

Well, I think I just lost the rest of my retirement in the Stock Market today.

If the cuts by Senate "moderates" remain in the stimulus package . . .

If the cuts by Senate "moderates" remain in the stimulus package . . .

Koala Rescued from Australia's Wildfire Wasteland -- great photo!

Should I change my sig line to...

Henry Ford quote on Banks.

Take action. Tell Congress to find out how we became a nation that tortures.

My call to Sen. Jim Inhofe's office

Uncle Jay explains the news to school kids in America

Taft, Goldwater, and Rockefeller

Obama reviewing media ban on covering troop deaths

Bloomberg: Bond Vigilantes are testing the Obama Administration

Wyoming legislators reject changing state constitution to ban gay marriage

Is anyone else watching the Republican crybabies on TV?

Girl gets a year in jail, 100 lashes for adultery

Girl gets a year in jail, 100 lashes for adultery

"Get FREE Government Grants For Republicans"--An AD on DU ??

"Above the Law" bill introduced on House floor by GOP Congressman

Please DU this Poll

It's the Randi Rhodes^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Nancy Skinner Show again!

"Spendulus" - Lest There Be Any Doubt About Fox News Partisanship

Conservatives must be weeping bitter tears.

We aren't talking The Economy in Mississippi, we have our priorities straight

Excuse me, just who is "Wall Street"???

Let's see if I have this straight.

Julio the Student /worker in Ft. Meyers town hall

It’s Simple and It’s Mandatory: Prosecute the Bush Administration Torturers

Stewart rips O'Reilly over hypocrisy on privacy.

Bredesen: ‘Advocacy Groups Don’t Matter Nearly As Much As The Pharmaceutical Groups’

Feb 2005: Bush & "fantastic, uniquely American" woman w/ 3 jobs, asks "Getting any sleep?"

Once again, the Associated Press carries water for the RNC

Rush Limbaugh is..... (a homage to e.e. cummings rant)

Obama: "We'll help you" vs. Bush: "Uniquely American"

Centuries-old legend in Gozo proved true

Arrests reported in Michael Phelps bong case

had a student tell me today

Palin backs out of CPAC

Best President by decade?

Clinton holds out hope for useful talks with Iran

Australian preacher blames abortion for deadly fire

"Baseball-size hail" and tornado hitting outside Oklahoma City.

What up with Sen. Kyl as in "pill"

I just read that in many ways Cynthia McKinney kicks Obama's ass.


Rep. Kanjorski: $550 Billion Disappeared in "Electronic Run On the Banks"

Skinner, I have an idea.

A comparison of economic stimulus plans (House v. Senate)

Should there be one or two ELECTION 2010 forums?

Stock market: "buy on the rumor, sell on the news"

Happy Dingell Day Eve, DU!

Something that almost makes me optimistic about human society

Tonight's forecast for the San Fernando Valley is 34 F. The forecast

Disabled American Veterans support media access to returning caskets of U.S. troops

Our President is quite brilliant

TEDTalk Tuesday: Malaria and education

Mr. Franken Comes to Washington

And what about that smile Obama flashed at ... (Todd?)

Concussion panel recommends ban on hockey fights

Finally, Coulter titles a book meaningfully ...

Hamburger Hill

Scarborough Confesses: ‘Perhaps We Don’t Know What We’re Talking About’ On The Stimulus

Great defection: A Pa. survey brings sobering news to Republicans

Will War Ever End?

Smoking Gun: Fox Newser In Kiddie Porn Bust

Atlas Vomited

Official Republican position is that economy is in a mess.

"If handled correctly-I say a cautious yes to Leahy's and Conyers' initiative"-Dave Lindorff

TVNewser: Fox News Channel Producer Arrested for child pornography

Vaccines cause Autism "doctor" faked his data.

Video Henrietta Hughes (I could hear him choke up...)

Kansas mayor who shot, killed dogs gets standing ovation

House Dems to fight for their stimulus

TORNADO northwest of OK city

Plug-in Ford Transit Connect to make its debut in 2010

OBAMA: "All right, Helen"

Financial plan is up on the new government website

Susan Collins makes me nuits

Man held at U.S. Capitol, had rifle in truck: police (Reuters)

Has Anyone Close To You Lost Their Job Recently?

The short version TRUTH about FDR and the Great Depression:

Sobering Results For Cost-Cutting Medicare Project

It's so nice to have a president who is a mensch!

"Everybody needs to grab a hose, and that's what Charlie Crist is doing here today." - President Oba

Tuesday TOONS part 2: The cost of war, climate, the economy...

Bush-era offshore drilling plan is set aside

Helen!!....... She knows Israeli has nukes and wants Obama

Apparently, there has been an increase in the use of "Democrat" as an adjective by GOPers of late...

Texas SPCA find 22 dogs in car with incoherent owner

Missouri House member apologizes for Civil War comment

McConnell: Stimulus Would Lead to ‘Europeanization’

Nissan seeks US gov't loans for electric cars (yes, you read that correctly)

More Criticism of Plan to Close Brandeis Art Museum (BYT) {Madoff fallout}

Octo-Mom on Welfare

Top defense lobbying shop breaks up after being raided

Law #19 of /The 48 Laws of Power/: Know Who You’re Dealing with – Do Not Offend the Wrong Person

Cro-Magnon Right Wing Idiot of the Day: State Rep. Bryan Stevenson of Missouri

Just Got My First Robocall Sales Pitch on my Cell Phone! Who has that Do Not Call List # ?

Beijing's Mandarin Oriental Hotel today (pics)

Oops - SA TV make 'Bush is dead' Bushism

**** Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Press Conference*****

Aaron Bruns (faux news)was caught in college for the same offense in 99

Hypocritical Comment of the Day? Sen Ensign(R-NV) calls for Govt transparency...

If my guy gets me a Vermont Teddy Bear for Valentine's day I'm kicking him in the groin

Salma Hayek Breastfeeding An African Baby Boy (Video)

Mods pls delete, posting bug

Dammit, Obama knows the truth, too. Will you listen to what he's saying?

What's this Bullshit that the Stimulus Passed by One or Two Votes?

Sirius XM Prepares Bankruptcy Filing

Help! Ron Paul supporter and myself in heated exchange!

Republicans' non-stimulus plan is a really bad idea

Grandma's Moistening Kettle May Have Held Off Flu.

"Kill yourself. Save us the paperwork"

The price of oil continues to go down, but the price of gas at the pump has gone up.

Republicans staking early claim in 2010 Senate cycle

Kucinich debates Rs on stimulus 'save American homes'

Kucinich debates Rs on stimulus 'save American homes'

Republicans boot speaker from party, lose majority in TN House

Exorcist: Devil Influences Abortion Industry

CNN - Indiana job ads: Topless dancer or nothing

Even liberal site admits Obama thowing seniors under the bus - way under!

Bad news. Netanyahu declares victory in Israeli election

The Valentines I mailed to family were all returned today with

My friend got dragged out of bed, cuffed and arrested over a left turn.

Happy 200th Birthday, Mr. Darwin

Happy 200th Birthday, Mr. Darwin

The $780 billion stimulus bill can be paid down if we legalized marijuana

Crude oil prices continue to go down, but gas at the pump has gone up.

Specter To Ingraham: "Don't Give Me The Wine And Dine Baloney, Young Lady" (AUDIO)

Homophobia and the Question of Choice of Sexual Orientation

It's time to help the Koalas

Where'd all that money go? Bank execs to testify Wednesday

What is the status on Franken?

Goodwill stores pull clothes, toys from shelves to comply with lead safety law

It started out innocently enough...

An interesting little fact about the bank bailout

An interesting little fact about the bank bailout

TPM - Hey, Back Off Our Turf!

One more false smear of our President....State Secrets

This Modern World: There's that media melody again!

Wow! Talis Colberg resigns as Alaska's attorney general.

Sec. of State Clinton links future of missile defense plans to Iran's nuclear program

Is it necessary for a President to have an earpiece during a press conference?

Homeless Fort Myers woman offered help after Obama's town hall

Republicans Shoot Them Selves in the Head Again

Another for the list of people who do not deserve to breath air

Amnesty International torture petition to be taken to Congress. SIGN IT!

Well lookie lookie - I knew this was not for real

Well lookie lookie - I knew this was not for real

The idiot Freepers are STILL at it!

I'd say Tim Geithner had a pretty shitty day

Approximately 690 tv stations plan to terminate analog service on or before Feb 17

Krugman: 'Plan Better Than Expected+Maybe A Trojan Horse That Smuggles-THE RIGHT POLICY-Into Place'

Let's get one thing straight about torture....

Scientists Uncover a Dramatic Rise in Sea Level and Its Broad Ramifications

Anybody see Senator Boxer on Rachel Maddow? She said something extraordinary that is

Lawsuit: Girl Forced To Take Pregnancy Test

Thomas Ricks is on "The Daily Show" tonight

Church shooter manifesto released: "kill them in the streets, kill them where they gather.”

So Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Michael Steele Walk Into a Bar....................

Rudeness Reveals Wealth

So the DOW is down 408 points? Crikey!

the 5 stages

Plan to Raise Taxes on the Rich Is Gaining Momentum In NY

8 People Arrested at the Party where Phelps took the Bong Hit

Senator Feingold Hits Obama Administration Over Extraordinary Rendition Decision

DU Job Status Poll

RE: Stimulus $15,000 credit for buying a house- so I sell my house to my son and I buy his &

Bentley in slow-speed chase in Los Angeles...

My father just called to tell me that he is registering as a Democrat

I do NOT love Obama

What Do You Think of 24 (TV show)?

MarketWatch: Mass-transit transit fares should be eliminated, not increased

o/~ Getting to No you o/~

Today is the 45th anniversary of the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act!

"Money is just paper and superfluous." -- Octomom

Is it true that Levy is NOT Palin's daughter's baby's father?

How Close We Came to Total Meltdown-9/18/08-"Within 24 Hours-World Economy Would Have Collapsed"

Why do Republicans insist on appearing illiterate?

DUer Geniuses (or Genii)... I need something from you.

Obama's Justice Department Backs Bush Secrecy on Renditions Suit- ACLU 'shocked and disappointed'

Have an iPhone and live in an area without liberal radio?

Folks! Obama's now using "State Secrets Privilege"! Just say NO!!! Enough's enough!

Suspicion mounts about 'burrowing' Bush appointees

do you ever shop at WalMart?

There is no solution. USA needs another career.

Miguel Tejada charged with lying to Congress

A defense of the DLC

Coleman Says 'God Wants Me to Serve'

Economist James Galbraith: Bailed-Out Banks Should Be Declared Insolvent

Armour shows how Henry VIII grew into an ‘absolute monster’

We're all fucked! The cosmic alignment of 2012 will get us all.

Okay, I'm going to say it. If Rahm Emanuel can't set aside his ego to have Howard Dean

Republicans are a bigger threat to America (and life) than Al Queda. (a rant)

Have you ever heard a President explain what a scam COBRA health insurance coverage is?

Have you ever heard a President explain what a scam COBRA health insurance coverage is?

"NOW Is The Time To Arrest & Give A Fair Trial To EVERY Member Of The Bush Administration"

Do you believe there really is a group called Al-Kida?

State Secrets privilege update (bad news)

Casino Smoking Ban Seen Unlawful By Tribes

Obama and the Generals' Defiance

Recording Industry Takes Over DoJ Under Obama

Naomi Klien: demonstrations reminicent of Argentina's uprising against deregulated capitalism

On the subject of the harm done by de-regulation . . .

Bill Press: The Truth Behind the Corporate Conspiracy to Silence Progressive Talk Radio

OK, the press conferenence could have gone better - how hard is

FOX - Airs Repub's Press Release WITHOUT Bothering To Correct Typos!

Letter from Ralph Nader to Rush Limbaugh

"Obama signals he isn't interested in 'truth commission' to investigate Bush abuses" LINK

Senator Bernie Sanders: Where Did $2 Trillion Go?

"All the rich folks on TV complaining - must mean it's going to be good

Is all the emphasis on making medical records electronic a first step

Time to Scrap the Stimulus and Start Over

Block William Lynn Nomination to be Deputy Secretary of Defense

Obama Aides Rip Cable News, D.C. Media And Political Elite

Clinics, cable cars help Venezuela's Chavez in vote

Fox News Producer Aaron Burns arrested and charged with Possession of Child Pornograhpy

PETA protesters don KKK robes and hoods to raise consciousness about AKC species supremacy

Nader on Hartmann: Tobin Tax would...

True or False on the Senate...

What is the future of the local hardware store?

Several thousand waited in overnight lines to see the president in conservative Ft. Myers.

16 illegals sue Arizona rancher

So you want $10,000 and life will continue on as usual right?

Chris Hayes on Olbermann - says the repugs win if the country goes into deep depression

He's Mounting a Campaign Against the Fox Network

Kucinich probing oversight of bank aid program

Free Republic's Current Action Alert:

Tonight on Nova: "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial"

Father honored son's memory by re-enlisting, serving in Iraq

The Wicked Witch of the West's Hourglass: The flaw in Capitalism. Part II

Is "benevolent Capitalism" an oxymoron?

Rocking a house is nerve-wracking!!!!

A horse with no name

Which hand do you give somebody the Middle finger with?

Screen capyure/Paint question

Crazy best man toast/speech at wedding

Why can't the library computer allow you to view Tron?

Masturbation is Male Empowerment


Top Gear Season 12 starts tonight, BTW.

MrLaraMN is in Florida. I'm going to make obscene snowmen

You are powerless. You must saw "Awwww"

This is just silly looking.

Crap I lost my star

Please post links to threads in which freepers get locked and/or

Can Anyone Recommend A Free Anti-Virus Software?

did you know that FB has chat?

Next time I find a live troll...

Poll question: Which hand do you give somebody the Index finger with?

A Change Is Gonna Come

OMG! THIS IS HUGH!!!!@ THEY ARE SACRED!!!!!!@!!@!@!212

Lounge, please welcome this new DU member.

Thank you to my anonymous donor!

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work!

My ass hurts.

How much was the band on Ed Sullivan's show Feb. 10, 1964 paid?

Koenigsegg? Y'all need a REAL hot car like mine!

Overheard on COPS: "Back one-and-a-half somersault, tuck " for $20 during a prostitution sting.

I am, right now, a stressball....

Overheard on COPS: "Half and Half for $20" during a prostitution sting.

I just found out my first love got divorced


Tuesday TOONS part 1 Republicans, Centrists and Obama

I just found out that my first love got a horse.

Oh yeah, well I want peace on earth and good will towards men.

I just passed a house with a red light bulb on the porch

And now tonight's Republican response to Obama's presser....

Some people have a lot of god damn nerve, you know that?

BJ Questions.

From the end credits of "Two and a Half Men" and "Big Bang Theory"

Ear muff the kiddos

What's with the tacky ads that show up when I open up a post?

What is it about Elliott Smith?

i feel sad and down today... not sure why

LA area - slow speed chase - a Bentley - on KCAL 9!

Do you like Guinness?

An Open Letter to You Republican Obstructionist Fucks

I'm craving--I mean CRAVING!--something to drink AND something sweet.

Robert Plant on BlinkoTV

Bill Hicks' Spot On David Letterman in 1993 - Another Tragedy Exposed

I denounce and reject myself for this...

There is a lack of the Recommend Fairy here lately.

For my 40,000th post I've decided to flash the lounge a little leg.

Anyone know where I can find U2's Grammy performance?

Well if BB, GOPisevil, flvegan, and Pierre. Smooth get what they want...

If BeachBaby gets her Koenigsegg, then I want THIS!

How do YOU keep your stainless steel pans sparkly clean

Sorry to bring everyone down..


Hi, my name is Jason, and I am a gummywormaholic...

This poll in GD needs some Lounge attention

I just friended someone whose is a fan of Ann Coulter

How do you pronounce LOL, ROFL, etc. when you read them?

With time travel, I could buy sports, movie, and TV show almanacs. Then I could come back and...

kitten picture of the day for tuesday february 10

Opens the bar

Dildo Boulevard

we have come to a decision

What is your opinion of metrosexuality?

What is your opinion of unincorporated census-designated-place sexuality?

Who the hell is Chris Brown? Is he a performer too? Lives with Rhianna?

How many DUers have a Michael Phelps type photo in their past?

How many DUers have a Michael Phelps type photo in their past?

Eek. It probably doesn't need to be posted twice.

Humor (R-Rated for language). Repost from long ago. Some may find it offensive.

Tell me this song won't get stuck in your brain

Would you like to taste my HOT BEEF SUNDAE?!

I moved last week--no internet till at least next month

Bear Removal Specialist :D

Good morning Lounge

Okay, Lounge, a question: What makes me a genius in your mind?

Since I am dropping TZ,

Great photo -- Firefighter Rescues Koala from Australia Wildfires

Would anyone like to tackle another question on modern feminism?

Tornado outbreak possible today in parts of TX, OK, LA, and AR

How do find someone who does websites?

What is your opinion of muncipalsexuality?

In honor of it being less than 48 hours until pitchers and catchers report...what

Livni leading in Israeli election exit polls - Reuters

Livni leading in Israeli election exit polls - Reuters

All of this cough-cough here and sniffle-sniffle there...

Monday night LOL critters

Would anyone like to tackle a question on modern feminism?

Neither Mao nor I felt much like getting up this morning.

I just made brownies...

You can have your F-15s, Koneggseggseggseggs, S7s, I'll be happy with a new Honda Civic

I just paid off my car. I guess I should be a good American, and go get a new one. nt

I just paid off my car. I guess I should be a good American, and go get a new one. nt

How do you like your fresh strawberries? (trying again)

Do you love Adult Swim?

I just found my sugardaddy!

My journal is turned off, but if you google callchet's journal

OMG..I am an important person!

Anyone here good at Name That Tune, but can't read Japanese?

Help! I'm at work and stuck on watching Chet Baker videos!

How to install a cat door

Vibes and Prayers Please..

Mmmmmm meat with Gyro seasonings.

Underwear protest at India attack

Happy Monlam everyone!

Did any DU'ers watch The Beatles live 45 years ago? (tomorrow)

Did Hell freeze over today? I actually defended a Cowboys fan...

I'm going out to get my new favorite food obsession

I think we should all cut Ashford & Simpson some slack, dammit!

I just want these, that's all.

I LOVE the term Octo-mom. It makes her sound like a comic book supervillain.

Breaking News:

Which is most offensive?

I think we should all cut Homer Simpson some slack, dammit!

For Aristus: Shakespeare does the 25 Random Things meme

Buying a hearse is nerve-wracking!!!!

I think we should all cut O.J. Simpson some slack, dammit!

Buying a horse is nerve-wracking!!!!

Buying a horse is nerve-wracking!!!!

Buying horse is nerve-wracking!!!

A new idea for mashups: TV themes!

I feel so naked.

Awww...Thanks, whomever you are!

There's some nice homemade tomato soup in the fridge, but I'm too worn out to go get it.

"Reading this book is like getting punched in the face by Carl Sagan.

Has TZ Changed her name back to Turtleandsue yet?

Our local Fox affiliate just announced the expected corporate "shutdowns" for 2009.

Luckiest guy ever


Epic Pit Crew Fail...

Man Makes Body-Part Bread

Do you fit the following two qualifiers:

ZOMD!! Fundies support medical marijuana!

Ripping cds - anyone have this issue before...

I think we should all cut Jessica Simpson some slack, dammit!

Back to Yoga today .......

It's February 10th! Where are the hearts????

Pay very close attention... You are getting veeerrry Sleeeeepy...

Awwww, firefighter gives a koala bottled water (Australian fires)

What's the best way to ask your boss about a sensitive work matter?

If I am on drugs that make me laxidaisical..what can I do..other than coffee.. to make

Holy crap! I signed up for this place 5 years ago today!

Its amazing how a Show (Heroes), can go Downhill So fast (Span of Two Episodes)

BREAKING: Possible shakeup in Russian government

I'm going to watch a TV show about my Uncle Joe on RETRO

An old cartoon demonstrates just how profoundly Jesus will smite all of us.

I'm having my Monday today.

I just saw the Chris Brown Doublemint commercial on G4

So how long is DU going to be saddled with the memory of my former screen name?

The word of the day is "steroid cream". Replace any word in a thread title with "steroid cream"

So Abe Vigoda, Harry Morgan, Jack Klugman are still alive?

I'm suffering from How I Met Your Mother withdrawal.

Thanks for the star!!

Where is Lashaunandsue?

How many DUers have shown you what was under their sink?

A question for Battlestar Galactica Fans (Spoiler Alert)

Stories From the Road: The Heat

The Ultimate *Spoiler* Alert

"Here Comes the Night" by the Beach Boys is my earworm for today.

"Here Comes the Night" by the Beach Boys is my earworm for today.

Thank you to the generous person that gave me a star.

Thank you to the generous person that gave me a star.

Be sure to visit this site!

Okay. I've reached my limit.

Saddest and best news story I have seen in a long time

I think we should all cut OJ Simpson some slack, dammit!

Am I the only one who worries when Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy are "sick" at the same time?

I think we need a "Locked Thread Forum"

I'm spending Valentine's Day afternoon at a Young Liberals meeting.

Grr. You do not get a "tax return" from the government!

Injured deer stops by PetSmart Vet Clinic, gets treated and goes on its way.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/10/09 (warning: graphic language, NSFW)

My response from union-busting Aunt Millie's Bakery...

Bon Scott and Angus Young are rock Gods.

This ox's name is "Heart"

How to get a $1500 tax CREDIT!

This is a new one

Help me explain the "Dingbat" thing to Mrs. Robb.

So we never forget.

Grey's fans, Katherine Heigl and T. R. Knight are leaving.

I think my tonsils are starting to swell...

We have a few Slovakian friends on Facebook..

If your audience yelled PLAY FREE BIRD non-stop through your show, would you play Free Bird?

Day 219 - 24 hours after learning the ability to mobilize

Instead of sleep, I had my own personal brand of torture last night.

This is so beautiful .... and sad .... but a happy ending.

Best.. Valentines. Day. Card. Ever.

Terrier alert!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/10/2009)

*Mount San Antonio & the San Gabriel Range*

I am having an egg salad sandwich for lunch

Post a "haunting" song

OK people, one of my few remaining freeper friends on facebook

All time favorite SNL sketch?

John Donne

I wish I could just smash my fucking phone.

Does cutting caffeine affect the mood? Like, am I liable

got to go

BREAKING! Bar Refaeli gets Sports Illustrated cover for 2009

How many DUers have you had a sudden flash of eerie telepathic premonition about?

Things you learned you liked because

Ok, if Beachbaby gets her Koenigsegg, GOPisEvil gets his S7, and Flveganator gets his Pagani...

You're at the first press conference of Barack Obama's tenure - what dumbass question would you ask?

Little things that excite you: I found out that Mark Bittman's Kitchen is the same size as mine

The issue of steroids in sports: Do you care?

What did Madonna know, and when did she know it?

Week 3 Presidential Action Items

Dancing Cockatoo Video

I just lost my star I guess...when can I by some Valentines?

Snow in SE AZ! Obligatory snow on cactus pics!

So... Who can tell me about Aldi's supermarkets

Kindle users: your reviews

Should the Yankees forfeit the Championships they won with Rodriguez?

I missed my 40,000th post!

Beware of Starfish Hitler!

Blue Dogs get to meet with the president...Progressive Caucus..not yet.

Just booked our cruise for June

Name a song that is a private favorite of yours

Does my story belong in Ladies Home Journal 'Can This Marriage be Saved'?

Your brand new tube of Chapstick falls into a freshly flushed toilet. Do you:

Picture thread time

Michael Collins on Obama vs. Celebrity Generals: "Obama is maneuvering brilliantly"

Oasis was WAY better than the Beatles. Discuss.


Obama will be on Nightline Tuesday

White House web-site to live stream national address

dupe, delete.

Job growth under Bush worst since WWII:

Obama drinks Beer and admits it!

Does anyone else think the gay marriage debate is a waste of time?

When is this presser? n/t

Obama is a liberal, through and through- just under the radar.

The Obma prime time drinking game?

Juliana Goldman of Bloomberg ?

Haaha---no, Chuck Todd, the premise of your question is inaccurate.

"The party is over." Good line n/t

Who is this asswipe Repuke Congressman debating Rep. Meeks on Hardball

Is the Pres calling these reporters from a list in his head or notes?


Zinger of the Night, Next time they get nothing, I'll throw in the stuff they want and I want later

Hope----To me it is the intelligence of our man.

President Obama just made me cry...

Comcast HD Channels went out on ABC HD, CBS HD, Fox HD in South Florida at 8:45

There may be politicians who say we dont need a stimulus, but very few ECONOMISTS

PResser Thread 1: THREAD 2 NOW OPEN

You want to know what amazes me? How these dumb asses (Tweety and Todd)

Was that Ed Schultz sitting next to Helen ???

This is how much I love our president

The Obligatory "Chuck Todd is a Dufus" thread.

Dover coffins / American deaths question dodged.

Approval poll

Gergen: job well done

How Many DU'rs have you talked with on the phone

Obama on torture: "generally speaking..let's get it right moving forward, not backward"

Gergen: "A classic and shrewd exercise of political power..."

Is the Pres calling these reporters from a list in his head or notes?

For the record...

LOL! Remember during the debates when reporters said Obama was too long-winded?

At this moment, Senator Leahy is one of the Democratic Party's biggest liabilities

No earmarks in the stimulus package?

barack seems to be calling on the ones who he knows will ask the wrong...

"I am the eternal optimist."

As we defend the Obama Administration, we need to avoid THIS habit:


And he ended it at 9 sharp

Obama, "Nobody is above the law." (Investigating Bush Admin)

Weird! I just saw Malcolm X's demeanor in Obama and Googled it

what do i see? a crack in the sky and a hand reaching down to me

Todd just gave away his stupidity by suggesting that consumer spending

How would you Rate President Barack Obama in his first Prime-time News Conference?

HuffPo got a question, and it was one of the best of the night

LMAO, Bill O's guests are debunking his spin...

The Republicans are playing to their base

The repeat of the town hall in Indiana is on CSPAN

JFC! Blitzer says the Upcoming Speech is "The President to the Democrats!"

Will Fox News get to ask a question? Or ........

good grief! can't nebraska do better than ben nelson?

I wonder if Herr Bush is watching Obama's press conference

Josh Marshall over at TPM has some Great Obama Speech Stuff Up...Check it Out!

Ed Schultz is @ the Presser

President Obama is Rooseveltian. The Republicans are all Herbert Hoovers.

President Obama is Rooseveltian. The Republicans are all Herbert Hoovers.

Obama prosecuting Bush admin officials: "My view is also that nobody's above the law..."

Our President on Nightline Tuesday 2/10

Ari Fleischer on Oleilly gives Obama an A- . nt

*******President Obama Presser Thread Deux....Krugie Krugie******

Castellanos and Madow agree Americans are too stupid to

Heads up! Barbara Boxer on Rachel's show next.

Predict what the final bill reconciled bill will look like.

What I like best about having a President like Barack Obama.....

Obama sure is long winded - he was only supposed to speak for 10 minutes they said.

The level of knowledge that Obama is showing is awesome

Will Dick Lugar cave in and vote yes on the final bill? He got slammed today--2x--without even

SO here's the "Bumper Sticker" sound bite Keith and Rachel

Graph comparing recessions, can someone post?

Rude Pundit - Live Whiskey-Blogging the President's News Conference

Rachel: Dumb it down and put it on a bumper sticker

SHIT! I missed Obama on Nightline

NY Times Editorial: A Better Stimulus Bill

The Press Conference just "jumped the shark!" The A-Rod question is stupid!

Drudge and Politico trying to turn Ed Schultz front row seat into scandal

Has Obama Neutralized Lieberman?

My favorite part of the Presser was the A-Rod question response.

If he's THIS good just 3 weeks in, imagine what he'll be like with a little more experience!

Does anyone have a link to the Obama press conference?

Do we have any really "indelpendent" voters here at the DU?

I don't Smoke, but...

Reuters analysis: Obama, Pelosi in showdown on stimulus bill

Obama Opening Remarks at First Presidential Press Conference

Obama Opening Remarks at First Presidential Press Conference

Rachel forced Ben Nelson to defend the cuts from the stimulus bill.....He


Oh Gawd no. Morning Joe looking at Florida Senate race.

So what *would* Ed Schultz have asked if called upon?

The President wants to "Defib" the economy

President Obama: CALL ON HELEN FIRST!

Krugman: The Destructive Center, Quantified

The only country in the middle east with nuclear weapons?

Republicans fail to obtain bipartisan support for blocking stimulus

NYT: A Better Stimulus Bill (Hint: It's not the Senate centrists' bill)

Sanders calls for Dean at HHS

The World was told how to deal with Bush

How often have you agreed with an action of President Obama?

They rack up billions of $$$ of deficits on THEIR watch and now complaining?

Tweety is eviscerating Mark Williams on his show right now. LIVE - late style.

Mr. Republican Speaker, You're Not A Republican Anymore: Kent Williams kicked out of GOP!

In regards to blaming consumer (over-)spending for the current economic crisis:

The transparency The President plans for the recovery spending

Where Senator Lugar was yesterday and why the attacks are unwarranted

Obama and the Republicans-an analogy

"Helen.....this is you inaugural moment" as he addressed Helen Thomas for a question


Remember When Chimpy Was Pleading For The Bank Handout?

Exploding Heads Galore in FreeperLand

Mr. Prez. I had this question ready for Bush but he didn't call on me then.

"Obama Runs Clock"

Iranian President Says Talks with US Possible

Mr. Prez? I'm a consumer. How will I know the conomy is better?

Where should Obama go to put political heat on filibusterers?

A core hypocricy of CONservatism regarding federal and state governments

PHOTO President's Approval Rating Up By (At Least) One After Presser

DUPE- delete

Regarding President Obama's news conference last night

Here Are Your GD Sound Bites

Wouldn't It Be Nice To Have Another Democratic Senator?

Bank Bailout mimics Bush Administration Approach:

Thinking on his feet.

Geithner just started speaking re the bailout plan n/t

"Same People Who Told Us The Economy Is Going Just Great"

Yesterday's RudePundit.....

Who caught what Paul Begala said on CNN?

In times of plenty, models and media generated 'ideals' got thinner and thinner.

Look up "Presidential" in the dictionary

One thing I didn't care for in Obama's press conference last night on nukes in middle east

The difference: "Yeh, I 'preciate the question."

Eugene Robinson: Slam the Door on Compromise

PHOTO Has anyone seen the President?

At no time did he have to say "I fully understand."

The pundits are still committing the same mistake.....

Dealing with the Bogey-Man: Dialogue with Iran

They Are Still Trying to Float The Meme That The Bill is Not By-Partisan

Obama Owns the Room

Since the MSM and Pubs call every Democratic proposal "liberal" "big government" "left-wing" anyway

What time is Obama's Florida town hall meeting at?

It's time for Obama to potty-train the GOP

Nicely Done, Mr. President

PHOTOS: President Obama meets Military Personel and Families today

Bob Herbert calls Obama "The Chess Master"

President Obama on CNN Live now from Florida town hall meeting ... link....

Cold warrior Henry Kissinger woos Russia for Barack Obama

Another Stimulus Poll: Americans Approve Of Obama Not GOP

After that introduction how long will take for them to call Charlie Crist a RINO. . .


"Doing nothing is not an option. You didn't send me to Washington to do nothing."

Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan: Betsy McCaughey

Washington Times: Obama snubs black press

Please DU this poll

I think tonight is a good example of why you should think twice before betting against Obama...

Joe Klein: "An impressive performance...they have no weapons to match the cool sanity and reason"

Dear Freepers I have a message for those of you lurking here....

A wonky sermon? WTF Rachel? n/t

Obama is a genius, but Gov. Crist is pretty smart too

Anyone see the vote breakdown on the stimulus yet?

Petraeus Leaked Misleading Story

sorry to repeat, for the second time in a week:

VERY proud of my governor Charlie Crist right now.


Bipartisanship my ass!! Dick Lugar declines ride w/Obama on AF1

MSNBC host considering Florida Senate bid (Scarborough)

Did anyone else see Obama's response just now to the lady

PHOTO Ugh. Yuck. etc. (Mask alert)

Anyone else feel Obama, esp. after last night, should have given that speech instead of Geithner?

Guess who else was live-blogging the Prez's town hall?

Note to George Bush and the Republicans:

How are you liking our Community Organizer-in-Chief?

**Heads Up: POTUS Live in Ft. Myers**

Why the CEO salary cap is a joke

Rachel Sklar: Jake Tapper wants to be this administration's David Gregory

So the WINGNUTS are lashing out against Henrietta Hughes at Windy City Watch . . .

Obama played this perfectly!

Government spending in terms of GDP is going to be high now because of you guys, McConnell

Republican Mayor of Ft. Myers FL fully supports Obama.

Krugman: BARF!

Hey, Senator Kyle, didn't you get that memo from Cheney?...

Hey, Senator Kyle, didn't you get that memo from Cheney?...

stupidest question from the press conference

Then they poured a hot liquid into his penis wounds

Huffpo's William K. Black: The Audacity of Dopes or (We know how to resolve failed banks)

Shepard Fairey Sues The A.P. Over Obama Image

Geithner Says Bank-Rescue Plans May Reach $2 Trillion (Bloomberg)

It could be just me but doesn't Geithner reminds you of Pop

Anyone know where I can watch Obama in Florida?

Watching the Ft. Meyers event just made me cry

Handy dandy Stimulus Bill Chart-Side by Side House/Senate Figures

President Obama and Insanity

Republican denial watch: Mark Finkelstein can't believe how popular Obama is

The reason everyone is talking FDR so much is because this is an FDR moment

Mitch "Doofus" McConnell Making Incomprehensible Vocalizations on MSNBC

Pew: Support for Stimulus Plan Slips, But Obama Rides High

Mitch McConnell: Are You FREAKIN KIDDING ME? GDP - Reagan - Europeanizing America ? Pitiful !

Sorry, dupe

These Repub politicians piss me off....Are you guys watching this?

Iraq's Maliki (Bush's stooge) says Biden criticism "out of date"

I think these big banks are blackmailing us.

MSNBC just said Gates is about to speak about wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Is this the Pentagon's


Greatest presidents by century.

Wall Street's big drop because it wants "details" - Hey Wall Street, so do We.....

Remarks of the First Lady at the Department of the Interior, February 9 2009 (inc. photos)

Nouriel Roubini Calls For Bank Nationalization

Krugman blogs on Geithner's bailout plan...

Woohoo, Air Force One just flew over my Store in Bonita Springs FL!

Couric screw up...

Spending money on fire departments is wasteful spending?

God loves Obama so much God wants to kiss him (PIC)

Yellow Matter Custard: Chapter 9

Obama to Ahmadinejad: Yeah, yeah I'll meet ya.

Er, Um, It's Kinda Quiet Here For What Happened Today. Humble Pie Anyone?

President Barack Obama Just Fed The Republicans About Two Thousand Feet Of Rope

Realistically, before Obama helps Henrietta, Charlie Crist, her local mayor and county. . .

It’s Official: Obama Speech to Congress Set for Feb. 24 (in lieu of SOTU)

WTH are they bitching about 'transparency and accountability'

Will There Be A Tax Rebate Check With This Stimulus?

Henrietta Hughes vs. Joe the Plumber

Is Paul Krugman fashioning himself an "Oracle Of The Left"?

So, would anyone like to eat some nice, fresh crow?

Henrietta Hughes and Ronald Bricker

What is Doogie Howser doing running the Treasury Department?

Henrietta Hughes (sp?) - Oh my God!

Obama should make an example of ONE Wall St. exec

"So called Terrorists"????

Barbara Boxer is making the Repugs miserable.... she's on MSNBC now and

Obama's Press Conference Answers Three Formal Grade-Levels Higher Than Bush's First

Senate hearing is going on live on C-SPAN 3, with Geithner.

Krugman may have a point...and what Team Obama needs to come back with now.

MSNBC's First Read: The Stimulus' Six Points of Contention

Herr Dumbya "Didn’t Call On ‘Dot Coms And Other Oddballs’ Like The Huffington Post"

BBC: SA TV make 'Bush is dead' Bushism

Stunningly Orwellian intellectual dishonesty: Boehner's "twice the jobs at half the cost" claim

VIDEO Have you seen Julio Osegueda ask the President a question today?

Obama is a "lair".

Paul Begala: Cut off funding to Mississippi and South Carolina.

Pres. Obama Town Hall Meeting in Ft. Myers, FL

Ed Schultz is talking about his star position last night next to Helen Thomas.

Barack Obama is seen swinging a baseball bat as a child.

The thing that moves me most about Henrietta Hughes.....

Huckabee says stimulus is 'anti-religious'

Suspicion mounts about 'burrowing' Bush appointees at DOD (seeking to sabotage Obama)

Perhaps Henrietta Hughes will be the end of Obama's bipartisanship

Michelle Obama to Grace Cover of Vogue Magazine

Arlen Specter: "Republicans Swallowed a Big, Bitter Pill."

Folks, let's lay off Michael Steele:

PHOTO President Obama and Henrietta Hughes (UPDATED)

Stocks Tumble as Geithner and Fed Detail Bailout Plans

I can't help but feel as though we watching a replay of the GE

Bush and Republican House and Senate in 2006 voted AGAINST RELIGION!!!

White House: We Want Non-Traditional Media To Have Seat At Table

Anyone know why Obama decided to call on the American Pravda (AP) whore first?

Hardball: Perlstein from the Washington Post "It's not our job to make Wall Street guys happy."

Oh my, Cornyn didn't show up for the vote on the stimulus package.

UGH Check out the conference committee

If the Green Party was the major opposition party in the USA.......

heehee (((PICS)))

Some more validation...

Axelrod Denies Losing Internal Battle To Geithner Over Bailout

Anyone notice commercial ads are piggybacking off Obama's popularity?

Obama should fire this Paulson clone Geithner and replace him with Krugman!

Tom Coburn says he prays for Obama every day

Your "First Prime Time Presser" Photos Thread

You know what? We have got us a Hella of a President this time!

Wow! The president speaks fluent English, talks in complete, coherent sentences...

Obama On Lessons Learned: I Should Have Started With No Tax Cuts

PHOTOS Obama in Fort Myers, Florida (Feb 10)

O'Reilly just called Helen Thomas the Wicked Witch of the East...

repuglicans Idea Of "Pork":

Here's What Krugman Just Does Not Understand

I amnot entirely sure that Geithner is not a vulcan. look at those ears!

Henrietta Hughes (update)

Texas Congressman Dons Tinfoil Hat, Jumps On Birther Bandwagon

Anyone think maybe Obama just doesn't care for Dean?

PHOTO Ah jeez Mom, why didn't you get me to turn around?

Kerry provisions, including high-speed rail, passed with stimulus bill

Right wing blow hard Roe Conn (on WLS-AM) ridicules Henrietta Hughes. . .

PHOTOS First Lady at Mary's Center, Washington (Feb 10)

PHOTOS First Lady at Mary's Center, Washington (Feb 10)

CNN:Man arrested at Capitol for Obama threat

"Obama had the country in his hands and the Republicans at his mercy"

My God! How freaking STUPID are these republicans????

To me the question has always been, why did previously sane bankers go insane?

Robert Reich: What Geithner Still Needs to Do

I still can't quite believe this happened today

Tweety asked Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) on how things will get better in 4 years...he stresses Tax Cuts

I think I just died and went to heaven.

After 8 Years of Free Speech Zones, the MSM Discovers What "Real" People Look Like

You were right. I was wrong.

I think TARP wasn't to keep them lending, I think it was to keep them breathing.

The Banks are BASTARDS ........TRUE BASTARDS!!! !!!!

Is Obama overturning a hidden foundation of the Reagan "revolt of the haves"? Did Limbaugh "spill

Excuse me for one moment . . . "COLORED PRESIDENT ON TV!!! COLORED PRESIDENT ON TV!!!"

Excuse me for one moment . . . "COLORED PRESIDENT ON TV!!! COLORED PRESIDENT ON TV!!!"

Obama plans regular happy hours

PLEASE show this poll some DU love regarding the Stimulus Bill

TennCare Troubles: Doctor Accused of Trafficking Prescription Meds Has Murder Conviction

Besieged Auto Industry Sheds 20,000 More Jobs, This Time At Nissan

Senate Clear Path for Vote on $838 Billion Stimulus

Senate Invokes Cloture On Collins-Nelson Amendment

Israel's Livni woos female voters ahead of poll

Bailout, Take 2: Investors want US to share risk

U.S. to lay out plan to sop up bad mortgage assets

Ross, Carlyle eye rescue bid for BankUnited: report

Bolivia Considers Nationalizing Power Grid

Judges back a one-third reduction in state prison population

Russia to investigate 4 major oil firms on price

Lieberman, Arabs and cannabis: pick of the Israeli election campaign

Rain offers little respite in China drought

Union: Hacker broke into FAA computers-Accessed the names, national ID numbers of 45,000 employees a

Man denies China PM shoe charge

New York jazz singer Blossom Dearie dies at 82

Video of Beheading of Pole Held by Taliban Is Real, Official Says

Spain says no plans for more troops to Afghanistan

Acknowledging 'honest mistakes,' Obama tolerates critic

Taiwan's Wu pleads guilty to laundering $2.2M

Arthritis therapies 'ineffective'

About 200 stranded dolphins rescued in Manila Bay

Grandma's Moistening Kettle May Have Held Off Flu.

China Tells U.N. Panel That It Respects Rights

U.S. diplomat holds Afghan supply talks in Moscow

Smoking curbs clear hurdle in home of Marlboro man (Virginia)

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Raided Lobbying Firm Connected to Murtha

China’s Vehicle Sales Top U.S. Tally for First Time

Intel Plans to Spend $7 Billion on New U.S. Plants

US woman in 'milkshake murder' to seek 2nd appeal

Bush Faithful Rewarded With Jobs - On the Way Out, He Placed Aides and Big-Money GOP Donors

'This is the worst recession for over 100 years'

Obama begins cybersecurity review

Italian coma woman’s death ends Berlusconi’s bid to keep her alive

Obama Directs National & Homeland Security Advisors to Conduct Immediate Cyber Security Review

Obama Wants SJ Firm's CIA Flight Lawsuit Tossed

UBS says still working toward U.S. tax deal

Senate passes $838 billion stimulus bill Democratic leaders vow to deliver legislation to president

FBI Raids Salmonella Peanut Plant, Offices

Senate passes $838 billion stimulus bill

Bredesen: ‘Advocacy Groups Don’t Matter Nearly As Much As The Pharmaceutical Groups’

UBS announces $6.9 billion quarterly loss

China TV admits it burned down new HQ with illegal fireworks display

Senate passes Obama's economic recovery plan

US dairy farms in crisis as milk prices turn sour

Developing: Kadima leads Likud in tight Israel vote: TV exit polls

(Iraq PM) Maliki says US era of Iraq dominance is over

Indians send pink underwear to 'Hindu Taliban' in revenge for bar attack

Livni may not be able to form gov't due to large right-wing bloc (Israel Polls closed)

Exit polls forecast Livni over Netanyahu in Israel

GM cutting 10,000 jobs

Clinics, cable cars help Venezuela's Chavez in vote

Job openings fall 35% in 18 months (Layoffs up 58%, quitting rates at record low)

Interpol issues alert over 85 wanted for Saudi terror plots

Lab tests show possible salmonella at Texas plant

Senate Delays Confirmation Of Pentagon Deputy

Colombians blast flower trade (slave labor conditions, child labor)

Obama Choice On Troops For Afghanistan Due In Days

Suspicion mounts about 'burrowing' Bush appointees

Judges Order Thousands Of Calif. Inmates Freed

Did Burrowed Pentagon Employees Leak Detainee Information?

CBS News has learned Iran's President Ahmadinejad has officially asked for a meeting with President

Obama reviewing media ban on covering troop deaths

It’s official: Michelle Obama is on the cover of the March issue of Vogue.

Dean Gets HHS Endorsement From Patrick Leahy

Obama warning on Pakistan 'haven'

FARC rebels kill 18 in Colombia

(California) Governor to lay off workers if no budget deal

Medical society probes octuplets’ conception

Palin: 'Harsh political climate' hampered Colberg-Alaska Attorney General Talis Colberg has resigned

Orlando "Cachaíto" López, bassist for Buena Vista Social Club, passes away

Nazi-looted art set to be returned to U.S. heir

Book publisher HarperCollins to lay off staff

Israelis go to polls in crucial election

Bush-era offshore drilling plan is set aside-Obama team eyes renewables

Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Launching Missiles on Israel from South Lebanon

Stocks plunge as Timothy Geithner fudges detail of economic rescue

Ahmadinejad says Iran ready to talk to US

Freestyle motocross racer Jeremy Lusk dies

GOP Group Threatens to Campaign Against Republican Stimulus Backers

Minnesota: Senate judges order count of 23 rejected ballots

UK Bankers "Profoundly Sorry" ...

Layoffs Begin At Wal-Mart (700)

Angry Poland accuses Pak of fostering terrorism

Stocks tumble after gov't unveils financial plan

Poll: Lieberman Would Lose 2012 Re-Election In Landslide

Bush-era offshore drilling plan is set aside

British Muslims star in anti-extremism advert in Pakistan

U.S. Cancels Huge Kabul Embassy Expansion

Geithner Said to Have Prevailed on the Bailout

Animals the forgotten victims of Australian fires

House bill would end travel ban to Cuba

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 10

Japan scientists identify cancer-suppressing enzyme

Circuit City wants to pay execs incentive bonuses

Circuit City wants to pay execs incentive bonuses

Pro-Pot Lobby Rips Kellogg Co. For Dropping Phelps

Man held at U.S. Capitol, had rifle in truck: police

(Update) Homeless Fort Myers woman (Henrietta Hughes) offered help after Obama's town hall

Henrietta Hughes: Obama Asked For Help At Town Hall (by homeless woman)

Eight arrested in Michael Phelps case

Obama Press Conference PT. 3: 'Folks Who Presided Over A Doubling of National Debt'

Obama Press Conference PT. 4: 'Banks Taking Exorbitant Wild Risks Caused This'

Obama Press Conference PT. 5: 'Step #1 - Job Creation'

Obama Press Conference PT. 6: Photos of Flag-Draped Coffins

Obama Press Conference PT. 7: Next Bank Bailout

Obama Press Conference PT. 10: 'Ideological Blockage'

Obama Press Conference PT. 1: 'Won't Return to Failed Policies of Last 8 Years'

Obama's Opening Remarks at First Presidential Press Conference

Obama Seizes the Stage, but With No Drama

Let the War Crime Prosecutions Begin

TYT: Beck Calls Al Gore A Nazi - Gets A TYT Ban

Fuck The System

"Why We Fight" director Eugene Jarecki on the Election 2008

Ben Wizner: An Example of State Secrets Privilege

Countdown Worst Person: KO speaks a little hilarious truth to Wall Streeters.

1st Lady Michelle Obama's Speech During Visit to Interior Department (02/09/09)

Senator Ben Nelson failing to explain his cuts from the stimulus bill to Rachel Maddow (02/09/09)

Tom Geogeghan on Ring of Fire pt. 1

Tom Geogeghan on Ring of Fire Pt. 2

Obama Press Conference PT. 9: Calls on Huff Post's Sam Stein; Misdeeds of Bush Admin

Porn Star To Run Against Prostitute User (Vitter)

Republican Response to Obama Press Conference

Teach the Children

Ahmadinejad Open to Talks with US

TYT: Cenk's Take On Obama's First Prime Time Press Conference

KO talks to Chris Hayes about GOP obstructionism

181 Reasons to Stop Compromising

Wayne Morse from War Made Easy

Obama Press Conference PT. 2: Iran

Why Regulation Matters - Economist James K. Galbraith

Davis requests torture statement

President Obama's Town Hall Meeting in Florida PT1

Scarborough on Stimulus Package Polling: Perhaps

President Obama's Town Hall Meeting in Florida PT2

TPMTv: February 10, 2009: The Day in 100 Seconds

ACLU Challenges Jeppesen Dataplan and CIA Rendition

President Listens to Desperate Plea for Help in Ft. Myers FL (Henrietta Hughes)

AF colonel accused of imposing religion

Rachel Maddow shows why Republican stimulus arguments: don't make sense, are wrong & disingenuous

Joseph Stiglize (Pulitzer Prize Winner) on why We Shouldn't BUY Garbage!

Obama Press Conference PT. 8: Calls on Helen Thomas; Pronounces 'Nuclear' Correctly

Rachel Maddow's post press conference interview with David Axelrod

Stimulus Pork - Fact and Fiction

Rachel Maddow Breaks It Down For the Slow Folks (aka GOP)

TYT - GOP Plan To Sabotage The Stimulus Package

Keith Olbermann at 2009 HRC NY Dinner

TYT: Republicans Claim a Job Isn't Really a Job

Breaking Down Media Spin on Obama and Stimulus

Media Fail to Stimulate Honest Debate on Economic Stimulus Package

Pentagon warns of US military intervention in Mexico’s “war on drugs”

Boehner admits to handing out tobacco checks on the House floor (3:02)

Renegade GOP Senators Fear for Their Lives

The Third-Party Delusion and the Need for a Mass Movement for Progressive Change

3 months in American history and Walter Cronkite (JFK--The Beatles)

Congressman Peter DeFazio: "WE. WANT. OUR. MONEY. BACK!!!"

LA Times: Obama Expected to Appoint Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist As Gatekeeper to the Judiciary

The Last Green Stimulus

Economic Stimulus on The Cheap

The Destructive Center


The Taliban GOP

Dick Cheney's new home - Welcoming Committee

Rep. Kanjorski: $550 Billion Disappeared in

Eugene Robinson: Slam the Door on Compromise

William Greider on the Democrats' Money Dilemma

An appeal from Brave New Films: "A crisis for every American" - Help us tell this story!

Ben 'Half-Ass Nelson' Gets Himself in a Half-Nelson

The Media Continues to Mis-lead!

The GOP's Filibuster Hypocrisy

All, not just conservatives, have right to radio voice

The Icelandic Volcano Erupts: Can a Hedge-Fund Island Lose Its Shirt and Gain Its Soul?

Hardball - Rep Kendrick "it is bipartisan" Meek (D-FL) totally owns Dan "the whiner" Burton (R-IN)

Consumerism is over, period

The Myth of Bipartisanship

A Government of Laws, Not of Men

Economic Crisis Solves Illegal Immigrant Problem (They don't want to live here any more)

Dollars & Sense: Bail Out the Safety Net

David Horsey cartoon: The Republican Cult

Recession? No, It's a D-process, and It Will Be Long

nytimes editorial: Obama will have to insist on a better Stimulus bill.

In Praise of Steven Korman, CEO

They Love Me, They Really Love Me!

Madoff Investors Assail Trustee Claim Cutoff Date

America Needs Howard Dean as Health Secretary

Matthew Rothschild: Obama Delivers Ideological Knockout to GOP at Press Conference

$700 Billion Bailout Celebrated With Lavish $800 Billion Executive Party

Helen soldiers on, reading Coulter so we don't have to

Petraeus Leaked Misleading Story on Pullout Plans

Americans disapprove of Republican effort on Stimulus bill

Robert Gibbs Says President Obama Will Meet Hannity for a Beer

Half of China's toy factories close

Don Siegelman Disagrees With Obama On Investigating Bush

President Obama's Reply to Leahy's Announcement of a Truth and Reconciliation Committee

Why the GOP Is Going Down While Seeming to Go Up

Fundamentalist Consumerism and an Insane Society

Sarah Palin's $159,050 Conflict of Interest

Iranian Overture Might Complicate Relations With Israel

Chained Immigrants on Parade: Who Will Stand Up to the Sick Antics of a Racist Sheriff?

"Bipartisanship" and Obama's Approval Ratings

TYT Army Invades Facebook

MSNBC host considering Florida Senate bid (Joe Scarborough)

Robert Reich: Why Republicans Won't Support the Stimulus ....(bottom line, politics)

Windmill study shows impact on bat populations (but not birds-"too soon to draw any conclusions")

Obama says renewable energy key to economic future

Surface temperature anomalies in Australia February 2009

Daily Drought Watch: California Snowpack at 60% of Normal

About 200 stranded dolphins rescued in Manila Bay

Reuters: "Smart cities" mean rivalry in power, construction

Birds seem to be heading farther north because of climate change

Reuters: Amazon forest may get drier, but survive warming

N. Ireland Environment Minister Bans Climate Awareness TV Ads - "Propaganda", He Claims - AFP

Sea Shepherd: Canadian Justice is a Wonderful Thing (slap on wrist for brutal seal killing)

Dry Winter, W. Temps 2-3C Over Averages, Stress Wheat Crops In Uttar Pradesh - Times Of India

General Mills Will Stop Using RBGH Milk In Yoplait By August, 2009 - Star Tribune

TVA - Coal Ash Cleanup Will Take Years, Cost Hundreds Of Millions -

Army Suspends Most Ft. Detrick Research Pending Bio-Materials Inventory - WP

Ivory Coast Ag. Minister Warns Of Serious Problems Looming For World Cocoa Markets - AFP

(Central American) Salamanders "Completely Gone" Due to Global Warming?

A $50 Billion Nuke Power Bomb is Dropping Toward Obama’s Stimulus Package

Australia fires a climate wake-up call: experts

Google energizes efforts to cut consumer electric bills (Computerworld)

Wind power jobs are abundant, but training is scarce

Georgia nuke planner: there will be huge cost overruns and construction delays


Dubai's "5-Star" Jumeirah Beach Awash In Sewage, TP - "Like Swimming In A Toilet" - G&M

Trees Migrating North Due to Warming

Tim Flannery - Two Degrees & The Difference Between Life & Death - Guardian

Freak ice storm strikes western Canada

"Alarming" Declines In Puget Sound/BC Coho, Chinook Salmon Survival Rates, Overall Numbers - PI

Number Of Overweight Or Obese Military Personnel Doubles Since 2003, Pentagon Says - USA Today

The tortoise and the sun

Drought Clamping Down On California Farmers

Type 2 Diabetes Spending Now Consumes 1/3 Of Mexico's Social Program Budget - FT

How likely is it that Global Warming will destroy human civilization within the next century?



Besieged Auto Industry Sheds 20,000 More Jobs, This Time At Nissan

FREE HILDA SOLIS! Sign the online petition

Today in labor history Feb 10 Forty workers are killed on Staten Island 1974

Fifteen injured students, two detained at Barinas University

Cuba distributes farm land to boost crops, food

Call and demand (request) freedom to travel.

Colombians blast flower trade (child labor, slave labor)

Bolivia Considers Nationalizing Power Grid

2-10-09 Miami Herald/Glenn Garvin op-ed: Appeals court: No 'Vamos a Cuba,' no problem

Bolivia Considers Nationalizing Power Grid

Clinics, cable cars help Venezuela's Chavez in vote

Buena Vista bassist Cachaito dies

FACTBOX-Venezuela's social projects win Chavez support

Tonight's Lullaby: Hay Amores

How One Fund’s Profits Ended Up in the Caymans

Bulgarian Farmers Block Greek Border

BBVA Mexico says in control of credit card defaults

Saving the economy from our brains

Team of Zombies Wins Fight to Protect Bank Executives

Mortgage Servicing Problems for Prepayments

JPMorgan Cracks Down on Unused Credit as Banks Free Up Capital

Geithner Said to Have Prevailed on the Bailout

U.S. Taxpayers Risk $9.7 Trillion on Bailout Programs

Martin Wolf: Big Banks Insolvent... policymakers "are not prepared to admit the truth"?

Reagan said, "because taxes should hurt."

Black Hole Alert: Fannie, Freddie Cash Needs May Exceed $200 Billion

Another Spook Bank? Stanford International

Wall-E vs. Wal-Mart

A person can't live on 25 cents an hour.

GM Trimming 10,000 Jobs, Reducing Pay as Much as 10% (Update5)

What size bank do you use?

Roubini: How Long Will the Recession Last?

Geithner Bank Bailout Plan: Fiasco

Senate passes Stimulus bill "with scant Republican support": vote 61-37

Remember this, Top management could care less about failure.

Why Obama’s new Tarp will fail to rescue the banks

The Republicans and Wall Street brats are taking the market down on purpose.

My Newest Emoticon...

Cross-posted from GD: Homophobia and the Question of Choice of Sexual Orientation

Democrats officially against gay marriage amendment

Theater company leaves in protest over Prop 8 (San Diego)

All these guys came from the same high school

Hmmm...the SEC is not in the top 25 college men's basketball rankings.

UT self reports it's idiot coach Kitten for minor NCAA recruiting violations

At least A-Fraud was honest about using steroids

Not sure if this is sports related or not, or if it should be in entertainment section.....

duplicate post

Where do you think gold will be at the end of this year?

Countdown to Spring Training Poll #2B: 2009 AL Cy Young

Countdown to Spring Training Poll #2A: 2009 NL Cy Young

Stubblefield Told N.F.L. of Drug Use by Players

I'll tell you what frosts me about the Steroid Era.

I can live to be ah thousand and I'll never understand people

What a happy day. A-rod's confession (shame on him), assures

'Boys officially cut 'Pacman' Jones

Are athletes in drug-tested sports clean now?

Tejada charged with lying to Congress

The latest Pirates admits to using steroids. Blames it for his sidearm pitching...

Which sports figures are Republicans?

Testosterone-drenched slogans of tribal loyalty won't do it

Where Lieberman and Obama meet

UN chief to set up panel to probe Israel's bombing in Gaza

Israel's Livni woos female voters ahead of poll

Lieberman, Arabs and cannabis: pick of the Israeli election campaign

LIVE ELECTION BLOG: Kahane campaigns for the Arabs, Hamas for Likud

Chomsky on Palestine-Israel after the Gaza Massacre

Cyprus: Iran ship breached export ban

Exit Polls: Labor comes in fourth place

J Street to ADL: Let’s do a poll

Amnesty accuses Hamas of eliminating opponents

Exit polls: Livni's Kadima leads in 2009 elections

ADL poll: 31% of Europeans blame Jews for global financial crisis

Breaking the Palestinian impasse

Palestinians Stop Paying Israeli Hospitals for Gaza and West Bank Patients

The resistance option

“Even elderly are facing eviction“ nursing homes forcing out residents.

Arthritis therapies 'ineffective'

The Cough-and-Sniffle Question: When to Keep a Child Home?

J&J Ejaculation Pill, World’s First, Wins Approvals (Update2)

Get nutrients from food, not vitamins

I can live to be ah thousand and I'll never understand people

Advice to Youth re: Guns by Mark Twain 1882

ATF investigating fire at Fort Benning

Obama reviewing ban on photos of coffins

Military: 4 soldiers killed by Iraq car bomb

Army names 2 in reopened electrocution cases

USA Today poll on the 2nd Amendment.

Remains of 2 soldiers to be buried together

New ‘adventure’ program launched

Soldier pleads guilty in murder-for-hire scheme

Soldier who fled to Canada returns to U.S.

Pentagon deputy expected to be confirmed

Senator: Leavenworth not likely for detainees

Study: More service members obese

(Army Times) Editorial: Obama’s way forward

Leahy: Truth panel would examine Defense, too

Mullen says Afghan troop boost capped at 30k

Lawmaker urges drug abuse treatment for vets

Campbell soldier charged with child abuse

Ordnance cleanup set for ex-training site

Petraeus pushes French for help in Afghanistan

Hearing set on effect of Vt. Guard deployment

Records probe halts Detrick germ research

Navy trains Va. Guard for underwater survival

Fort Bliss soldier dies in southern NM crash

Minn. Guard soldiers head to Iraq Feb. 12

Tank round guides self to target during test

Port Royal CO fired after grounding

Obama: No safe havens for terrorists

4 ex-Gitmo prisoners handed over to Iraqis

Families sue Seahawk maker in fatal crash

II MEF takes command of Anbar ops

Vote to evict U.S. from Kyrgyz base delayed

Former airman extradited to face drug charges

Predator crashes in southern Afghanistan

Cobra Gold 2009: Building trust high on the agenda

Sharp tells N. Korea to act responsibly

RKBA’s deadly enemy “Help Pass the Ammunition Accountability Act”

Civilian ship repurposed to help anti-piracy effort

Safety issues lead to 45-day ban on nightclub

AF colonel accused of imposing religion

Navy changes ammo rules after dumping allegations

Naples assessment delayed until March

Pacific briefs: Airman involved in head-on collision

Navy calls SEAL parachuting deaths accidental

Army Pulled 8,000 Armor Plates from Field

DoDBuzz: OSD, AF Scrubbing Space Programs; T-Sat Reassess

Obama Not Hot on Bush Era Truth Panel

Defense Tech:Hey PMCs: Stop Blaming the Media

Fired CO had affair with ex-wife of officer

Spring MEU deployment marks new era for MV-22

Stimulus compromise keeps construction money

First upgraded C-5 arrives at Dover

First upgraded C-5 arrives at Dover

please critique my ltte re: flag draped coffins

Gun Owners Caucus (TX) Election Meeting in Austin, February 28

Some Red...

Another Couple Graffiti

OK, talk to me about "red".

Guess I will put this here

Tennessee River Red Pictures

shadowy friends

Not kidding this time red poll. Nothing disgusting or rude below,

Just a few shots before it clouds up again.

What do you think about this as an entry?

Timisoara Cold Series

My Red poll.

New puppy playdate shots (it's the photog forum is a dialup warning necessary?)

Art Bell on C2C

Thirteen Disciplines: A Warrior's Guide to Self Mastery

I have an odd question....deja vu anyone?

Blessed Day for Ayesha

World Peace Card Meditation Feb. 12 at 7:30 PM your *local* time (for wave effect)

The Shack, A contemporary spiritual tale of healing.

2:03 in the A.M. - a painful reminder of the power of a Mars/Uranus transit.

Paranormal State on A & E...what do you think?

Gravity Is working against me

Ten Major Flaws of Evolution - A Refutation

Tonight on Nova: "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial"

Hadron Collider relaunch delayed

Question about the meaning of "Human"

Budding there any significance to the regularity around 0730-0945?

"Noah's Flood" Not Rooted in Reality, After All?

Indulgences! Get yer indulgences here!

Christian Origins and the Resurrection of Jesus: The Resurrection of Jesus as a Historical Problem

Someone PLEASE take this pan of shortbread away from me!

I live in San Diego. I've eaten at dozens of restaurants. I've only found good duck confit at 2.

Making Tincture of Roses...

Hash browns

Greek Ravioli

Shoutout to Hippywife ....... you guys okay????

So, WHY am I the ONLY person in C&C--

Tuesday ~ Whats for dinner?

Cooking for the chemo patient: Tips given and welcomed here

I have a pound of pork stew meet and company coming on Saturday.

What are you favorite flavor combinations?

The Shack - A contemporary spiritual tale of healing

What is your death row meal?

Need advice, want to return to college

Previous Money Manipulation Never Explained-9/11 Option Bets Against American & United Airlines


Freepers, other citizens storm Sen. Specter's Office on Porkulus

Harper dropped lawsuit ahead of key hearing

A question for Battlestar Galactica Fans (Spoiler Alert)

Need help with a silly problem on Word 2007

Does anyone here use Boingo when they travel?

Sens Kerry and Lugar push for climate change action

"This is the worst recession for over 100 years" - Balls

Just what exactly do you stand for, Hazel Blears - except election?