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Archives: February 11, 2009

Israeli Apartheid Week coming to New York

Shepard Fairey comes out swinging (LATimes) {Obama poster flap}

Cherif Bassiouni: No Military Solution for Afghanistan

Can someone help me out re: next step in stimulous bill?

South Carolina Suffers While Demint, Graham and Sanford Posture

CNNMoney: Employment index worst in 35 years

Laura Ingraham taunted Specter about his association with Obama. That

Obama Attacks Education Cuts, Nelson Unable To Defend

Charities the overlooked victims in Madoff swindle (GlobeInvestor)

Toy makers get extension on lead tests (AP/Delmarva Times)

Tim Kaine Insulted by "bling bling."

An email from the other side- The National Republican Trust PAC -

Working to Stop Big, Industrial Agriculture:

Ledeen Once Again Has His Hand on the Iranian Pulse

Pfizer to Reveal Sizable Payments to Doctors

Exclusive: Leahy Talks To White House About Investigating Bush

Krugman: temporary 'protectionism' might be good:

What does it cost to appease 3 Republicans?

New rule:

Remarks By National Security Adviser Jones At 45th Munich Conference On Security Policy

Bush weighs down the Obama administration with cronies......

Michelle Obama talks to teens about the idea of Community

Last week, the rethugs admired the Taliban. Today they give us the "war of northern aggression"

Last week, the rethugs admired the Taliban. Today they give us the "war of northern aggression"

Plaxico Burress didn't pay his bills either

In case you missed this link from the white house website

Something you can do. Send a message to Senators Kennedy, Leahy, Specter, and Representative Nadler

Patrick Fitzgerald to stay on.

So the PO is going to raise postage once again

So the PO is going to raise postage once again

Killing others poll

Looks like a great KO tonight

"A Week Without Conservatives"....yes, they're SERIES!

How Should Progressives Be Talking About The Stimulus Package?

Julio on KO live NOW!!

Impaired Brain Activity Underlies Impulsive Behaviors in Women with Bulimia

Jeff Immelt CEO of GE (Bailout Recipient)opposes Exec Caps & Advises investing Overseas

I am not watching it but my mother just said Billo The Clowns head was exploding over the stimulus

NSA/CSS National Cryptologic Museum Dedicates The Magic of PURPLE Exhibit

Rachel is going to have Leahy on re: investigating *

"Ari, Jeff Gannon!" Keith Olbermann commenting about Fleisher's comment about

Is Julio

Schwarzenegger to send layoff warnings to 20,000 workers

Schwarzenegger to send layoff warnings to 20,000 workers

Truth and reconciliation?

How many jobs were created or saved by the T.A.R.P. bailout?

Interior Secretary blocks Bush "midnight action": sale of offshore oil, gas leases

Interior Secretary blocks Bush "midnight action": sale of offshore oil, gas leases

Anyone that doesn't get choked up at President Obama's response to the homeless lady..

Julio proves .......

Guv, at odds with most Utahns, backs civil unions for gays

Guardian UK: Take low-skilled jobs, class of 2009 told

Interior Official Was Nabbed in FBI Sting

Interior Official Was Nabbed in FBI Sting

By calling on the Huffington Post at his press conference, Barack Obama welcomed blogs into the MSM

Will the Senate need to get 60 on the conference vote as well?

Olbermann has on as a guest that college/McDonald's kid from the rally today

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work

$3 trillion! — Senate, Fed, Treasury attack crisis

Jimmy Carter on Maddow show now ..... 9.40 pm EST

"The Audacity of Socialism"

Interior Funding in Economic Recovery Act Would Create 100,000 Jobs

PBS Nova - Intelligent Design vs Evolution - is just remarkable.

Lets get this straight....Bill Clinton was a jerk off.

Jeb Bush trashes stimulus package Crist wants (Crist cancels lunch with Jeb; introduces Obama)

FNC Producer Aaron Bruns Arrested (kiddie porn, ohnoes)

LA times scrapes bottom of barrel to cast Obama vs. Biden

Krugman: "Ignorance is Bliss" (or what Big Pharma is trying to do to the SB)

Location of Projected New Nuclear Power Reactors

I got so sick of Cable News...I finally hit Amy Goodman's "News Wrap Up!" It's Indeed REAL News!

I got so sick of Cable News...I finally hit Amy Goodman's "News Wrap Up!" It's Indeed REAL News!

An appeal from Brave New Films: "A crisis for every American" - Help us tell this story!

On line to ask John Shadegg a question on a live town hall from DC.

Local prep athletes face murder charges

PBS Frontline here, 9pmCT: Sick Around the World

Thom Hartman made a great point tonight

Didn't we have once upon a time what the Republicans want, economically?

Government spending doesn't create jobs.

Of Worthy Note: America is still spending $12 Billion/Month in Iraq...

Today I Was Proud to be Union

ICE clearinghouse for CDS hung up on costs for lightly traded contracts

Palin: 'Harsh political climate' hampered Colberg

Anyone else watching Steve King (Repuke Iowa) on CSpan right now?

The Tulia Texas fiasco on PBS in less than a half hour

It's tough living on $500K a year:

OK-please comment at my paper re: a Ltte on Ted Kennedy

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's Back

Leverage is a pretty good show. It's on TNT on Tuesday night. It is

'Pink Panty' Women Target Extremist Right Wing Indian Leader

I wouldn't buy a puppy mill dog, because of health and behavior issues.

Are we on the leading edge of the next Great Depression?

A "Democrat [fill in the noun]" question

Got to rethink the problem. We can't compete.

Potential Triple Crown winning jockey caught cheating.

You cannot jump start the heart of someone who's been dead for months.

Chandler (AZ) plans to buy foreclosed homes

Whooooo! Tornado Warning. At least that is what the voice in the sky said after

Thomas Hicks just said the most freightening thing on the Daily Show.

House Democratic Leaders Freeze Cost-of-Living Adjustment for Members-no pay increases?

"Demon car" under investigation (might want to read if you have a remote starter installed)

Capt. Sullenberger on Letterman tonight

`Conservatives suffer from Oughtism (and, therefore, we do too)

Statement-Senator Russ Feingold: "There needs to be accountability for wrongdoing by the Bush Admin"

States Counting on Stimulus Aid to Balance Budgets

Do you have a favorite 'blog', and what if you had to pay to be online

Does anyone have a link to the homeless lady in FL and Obama exchange?

Study Reveals Ancient Chieftain Killed in Battle

Rome catacombs to reveal secrets

hmmmm.....should the bailout 2.0 announcement have waited a day or so?

Age of Alpha Males in High Finance Coming to End-World Seeking Women

Archaeologists search for unbaptized babies' grave

Well 'Yank My Doodles'! Jon Stewart-Matthews v. O'Reilly. Hysterical

GOP won't derail Solis on hubby

Iraq: No haven for ancient world's landmarks

Mexico mass grave may be Aztec resistance fighters

I lost my star - when does the Valentine Day Donor drive start?

The USA needs to find new ways to make money;.

I honestly could not believe it. The UK is (economically) in the toilet

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work

BwahahahaHA! Moose Mom cites her "duties" as reason for dropping out of appearance with Limbaugh

What Difference A Couple Of Tons Makes - Or Doesn't - For Two Old Friends

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Slain white supremacist had 'dirty bomb' parts

Nation's first openly gay news anchor fired from Boston station

Remember the Racist/Homophobic Candidate from Enid OK?

$550 Billion Electronic Run On U.S. Banks Nearly Triggered Financial Collapse

Fundie nutbag chops off his 5-year-old son's head

Thank you Mica - shut up Joe Scum

How Arnold Schwarzenegger lost to the 'girly men'

This is what we are up against, & this is why I need your help + we can do this

What ever happened to Global Warming? Great toon...

Custom agency needs to do their work.

My right-wing nutjob friend on Facebook is back! (re: stimulus bill)

Has anyone noticed that when a reporter brings up Obama's name to Republicans they get real scared?

Thought I would post his for those who follow the peregrinations of Westboro Baptist:

Boy, this slayed me. Tears. God bless Obama.

It's finally safe to watch American Idol again

Should Oil Executives be charged with lying to Congress?

At this point, when the welfare of the US hangs on a thread...

I thought it was "Country First"?

I have no use for this...

"Keeping Them Honest" on CNN--brought to you by Exxon/Mobil

Fundies outraged by state money used to promote adoption by gay parents.......

Some Candy Products that are on the peanut recall list

Listen to Wall Street moan about having to do it's part . . .

National Counter-Recruitment and Demilitarization Conference

Thank goodness that the Republicans Legislators are in Congress and not out here!

How's your Lowes Credit Card Balance Doing? single store cards are facing defaults:

The machismo that is paintball fighting

The machismo that is paintball fighting

You Try to Live on 500K in This Town: Oh F*CKING WAHHHHHHH!

AFP: What happens next after tight Israeli election

Stimulus plan: Is this the one? Al Franken: Yes.

Get ready for ten years of hell.

New Republican propaganda scandal brewing? Fox News pushes GOP talking points as it's own research

In this financial crisis, where is the anger at plazma teevee makers?

Plenty of countries with "free market capitalism"

In this financial crisis, where is the anger at snack food manufacturers?

Will You Help Me With My Next Film? ...a request from Michael Moore

Must See video of Democracy Now segment on current bank crisis

Fox News Literally Parrots Senate Republican Talking Points From Press Release

We need to fix our homeless problem.

It has been 98 Days Since Obama's Broken Promise. He NEEDS To be Held Accountable for His LIES

SC legislature is discussing higher insurance costs for obese state employees.

Robert Parry: The GOP's Jihad on Obama

Just saw Marsha Blackburn wagging her tongue on CSpan - first time I've seen her speak.

U.S. Prepares to Broach Hard Issues With China

Great call on WJ now

Here I am again - asking for help - how can I stream Countdown and Rachel?

Julio lands an announcing gig

Bull Shit, Chase.. JP Morgan.. you do not help out with shit.

GOP, Fox News Announce Merger

Federal Authorities Raid Top Donor to Ohio Congressmen

Solis Vote Coming Thursday

Is there anyplace to see the live testimony of the bankers before

Are people in poor countries more or less likely to commit suicide than Americans?

Bank of America - lying or poorly trained service rep, or lying bank? Or all three?

Michael Moore Looking For Help

Michael Moore Looking For Help

Frank puts the banking industry on the spot with a moratorium on ALL foreclosures

Map of stimulus projects and unemployment numbers

Is there a point to this House committee questioning these CEOs?

Something about annoying phone calls - and Caller ID

Florida cop resigns after being linked to KKK

Obama speaking now w/ Gov. Kaine in VA on job creation at construction site. nt

== Eat the rich == By Mark Morford

US-Backed Iraqi Security Gains Forged on Mass Deaths and Heightened Sectarian Divide

The Stimulus Bills: House vs. Senate (chart)

Seder gets an MSNBC show?

Christian Right CONTINUES to push FALSE talking point about Stimulus

11:00PM Hawaii Time: DOW FUTURES at thinks it might go lower

Did injury make ham burglar grimace?

Isn't Phil Gramm connected to UBS

Please vote: Stormy Daniels vs Diaper David Vitter

News junkies check out this site, really cool

Eight beheaded after wedding dispute in India (infuriating re: caste system)

Bad blood boils between Palin and state legislators over "Troopergate"

Graphics: Correlation of Poverty to Religiosity in Regions of the US and the World

The 'silver lining'?: "Muzak files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection"

MADOFF...A Legal Disgrace....

Drudge is highlighting an article by James K. Glassman, who claims the New Deal didn't work.

Big jump in Blue Cross premiums sparks outrage

Arlen Specter has surprised me (in a good way)


Parts for 'dirty bomb' found in slain US man's home and then

Hartmann is torching Reid

If you want to try a political board that's like the complete opposite of DU...

If you want to try a political board that's like the complete opposite of DU...

Jon Stewart eviscerates the flaming bag of hypopcritical shit that is Bill O'Reilly.

Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan

Stupid Conservative Quote Quiz. What's your score?

Are Executive Pay Caps Getting Sliced From the Stimulus?

Vancouver Island Hippies - Top Security Threat for 2010?

Friends, Will You Help Me With My Next Film? ...a request from Michael Moore

Court Orders California to Cut Prison Population

Feds and YouTube close to reaching a deal to post video

Ross Perot was wacky in some ways, prophetic in others...

Reguarding those losing their livlyhoods -- hope

GAO: Social Security isn't ready for baby boomers

Obama narrows choices for FEMA director (Craig Fugate, Ellen Gordon)

RSS feed?

Why the banks are not lending??

Fox Newser in Kiddie-Porn Bust

Give Geithner a Break (from site 538)

Because apparently out tax dollars aren't enough

'Painful Lessons': Abuse At Chicago Schools

How to Deal With an O'Reilly Factor Ambush Interview

ALREADY? House and Senate reach tentative deal on economic recovery package.»

Mafia millions buoying banks: UN

See Bank CEOs get skewered by Congress NOW on C-Span3

Amputee, doctor of poor faces losing his home

Can I receive unemployment while receiving a severance payment?

What crisis? Some businesses are booming (

What crisis? Some businesses are booming (

Are the Right Wingers Lovers of Death?

The thing that gets me about trying to solve things with tax cuts

The thing that gets me about trying to solve things with tax cuts

The Facts About O'Reilly And GE Doing Business With Iran

Public spending and jump starting the economy

House-Senate talks shrink stimulus bill; tax breaks may go

Would it be unAmerican or unCapitalistic to impose restrictions

How to Obamacize a Photo, Shepard Fairey Style

China's CCTV network gets little sympathy after hotel fire

Uh oh! Pete Hoaxtra threatens security of troops in Iraq!

Wow! Something you don't see every day, 'liberal' media contradicts a Republican

So if this recession lasts another 15 months, how bad will Republicans lose

Freepers "Storming Senator Arlen Specter's Office" !!! LOL!

‘Big John’ Reaches Congressional Milestone

A Request From Michael Moore: Will You Help Me With My Next Film?

Going to put on a guy on trial who believes the government spies on people through TV sets

Got the notice from my XM radio provider they're increasing the


What's the deal here? Every banker at the hearing said they got NO BONUS!!!!

During economic downturn, schools see increase in homeless children

Wal-Mart may outsource contracts worth $500 mn

Woo Hoo! I just sent Brad Pitt a Valentine !!!!

These Bank CEOs are all weaving an unbelieveable storyline...

Following up on Bill Press and Progressive Radio

Remember that lady who swam the Atlantic? As it turns out, she did NO SUCH THING.

Sherrod Brown giving it to Chuck Grassly on his revisionist statements on CSPAN2

GINGRICH DROPS THE SUBTLETY...."The Bush-Obama big government"

No Valentine's Day Drive this year on DU? Say it isn't so! :-(

Laura Flanders: Reconstruction Now

New England Republicans are getting scarcer than hens teeth ain't they?

HAIL! in Edmond Oklahoma (pic)

The State Secret Protection Act

I just came back from doing our taxes

What the hell is wrong with spending $2oo mil. on re-sodding the National Mall?

Gates Says Obama to Decide Soon on More Afghan Troops - Please don't do it Barack

Guantánamo inmate Binyam Mohamed close to release (Guardian)

It had to be said

Source: Petraeus Leaked Misleading Story on Pullout Plans

Peanut producers, responsible for at least 8 deaths and many ill, take the 5th...

OK, what is DU doing to celebrate Sarah Palin's 45th. birthday, today?

CBS - Bush, Cheney Should Pay Impoverished Iraq War Widows

Police Detectives May Soon Need Shuttle To Reach Vehicles

Lobbyists raising money for lawmakers’ portraits

PETA wants to take a bite out of pit bull breeding

DUers for superficial bravado and impotent online manifestoes check-in thread

Do you care more about torture or having been spied on?

Rep Steve Austria (R-OH) blames Depression on Roosevelt

Thom Hartmann show link?

It still blows me away that the GOP recently sought policy advice from Joe The Plumber...

Bankers Pledge on their "HONOR" to do Better

Stars & Stripes letter: How Liimbaugh affects AFN

Celebrities as Role Models

Madoff's wife withdrew $15.5M before his arrest

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Forecast grim for Southern Nevada

Did You know that Fraudster Nutjob Larry Sinclair (Not sure If I can say his name yet), sued Us?

I know Nancy Pelosi takes a lot of criticism on DU.....including from me. But I'll say this.......

Ari Fleischer on "the grid in front of" the President

So Lindsey Graham hates the stimulus but will totally accept the munny for his state

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Guest on Fox Channel receives death threat after slamming Republicans

Is the octuplet mom the "new sara palin"?

Nova special on the teaching of Intelligent Design was marvelous!

Hey! anyone know what happened to Obama 1260am radio station

ACLU can move forward with its lawsuit against Grand Wizard Sheriff Joe in Arizona

Stimulus - this can't be good.

Someone at Neilson trying to justify their job?

The next stimulus Bill coming up will be the Energy Bill

School and State Aid Saved in Stimulus Plan!

417 Partners?

FBI Probing 530 Fraud Cases From Financial Meltdown

Are House Democrats balking at stimulus bill agreement?

LA GOP Governor Jindal to give Repuke response to Obama SOTU

Texas executed another inmate last night

Families wait for funerals, toll could reach 300

The badly burned koalas who became best friends after surviving Australia's deadliest bushfires

The badly burned koalas who became best friends after surviving Australia's deadliest bushfires

For senators, tax questions are taxing

"House of Cards" about subprime - Feb. 12 on CNBC.... the producer/writer just lost his job

Obama's Republican Pick for Transportation Secretary

Dupe, Delete

The Rude Pundit: Live Whiskey-Blogging the President's News Conference

Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash

USPS raises postage price AGAIN

The Bush legacy: Refusing to testify in front of Congress

Homeless man whose father died in a 1964 fire perishes in 2008 fire while saving other homeless

Homeless man whose father died in a 1964 fire perishes in 2008 fire while saving other homeless

Las Vegas crapping out......

The new status symbol: a job

Out of all the Republican assholes - who is the BIGGEST?

Someone call a Waaaah-mbulance! Vegas mayor tells Obama his comments harmed city

Wash you hands and cook that pork!

The Far Right Thunders .... against Republicans

Isn't about time we shrink the Republican Party

All this madness and opinions and none of it makes sense .

Ford, GM execs see auto industry sales stabilizing

Shuster says he has a video montage for Palin's

Anyone else emotional about the state we are in tonight?

Please Al Franken....

Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash

There is simply no possible defense for police officers hitting a cuffed person in the face

"Fundies say the darndest things" - GREAT WEBSITE

Abortion to blame for fires: Pastor

I did something.

Madoff's wife withdrew $15.5M before his arrest

Howie Fineman's Hair is OUT OF CONTROL

In case you needed a reason to stop shopping at WalMart


Conference committee speechifying live on CNN!

Migratory birds shifting north

Musak files for bankruptcy

Bravo Eric Cantor - you moron

Nancy Skinner is a centrist WIMP. Advocating Truth an Reconciliation Commission CRAP!

What's with Howard Fineman's hair?

Sarah Palin undecided on talk show with Bill Ayers

I'm already against the next war.

Second Democrat Hits Obama Over Defending Bush's State Secrets Claim

WHAT is the deal with Howard Fineman's hair?!! Changes color almost daily, always seems

Your Predictions on the (rumored but reasonably inevitable) Sirius/XM bankruptcy?

a poll on the stimulus on a Cincinnati OH news site DU it!

a poll on the stimulus on a Cincinnati OH news site DU it!

Congressman's twittering raises security concerns

Stimulus bill seeks to recover Wall Street bonuses

Skinner or Mods.. No Valentine hearts this year? :o(

Holbrooke: Busy Bee

The difference between capitalism and communism:

Ugh, Randi still isn't back.

Joe Scar & Mika Mouse profiled in The NY Observer

New rethug talking point: "Obama's staff offered her a card to call a bureaucrat."

here's the video that eric cantor's office 'sent around'.... what class

Fuck You, Howard Fineman's Hair!

Car washers allegedly treated like 'servants'

CNN: Homeless woman's plea to Obama draws flood of support

Jeff Farias talking about hate crimes encouraged by Hannity, Rush, Savage, Coulter etc Link here...

XM-Sirius Radio Going Bankrupt...

*Uh-oh!* 300 foreclosure protestors show up at Morgan Stanley CEO's front door (Westchester Co. NY)

The Repukes in my office know everything.

America's most miserable city

I Got Booted From Krogers Today


OK. Someone explain it to me: Stimulus

Peanut Co. owner refuses to testify to Congress

Peanut Company owner ordered products shipped -- even after he knew they were contaminated

How badly is the economic recession affecting your household?

Arnie wants to tax medical care for your pets....

WHO GETS WHAT: Stimulus to pad pockets of jobless

Katrina vanden Heuvel: O'Reilly Overboard

Annie Leibovitz Photos: Michelle Obama's Vogue Cover

We may well be leaving Iraq, but the Pentagon is buying tanks, planes, copters, etc. for a long haul

Millions of Americans Facing Foreclosure Can Make Their Voices Heard

I'm lookin' a the weather and it looks like Ohio is gettin' hammered right now

Does Sen. Susan Collins suffer from ataxia?

Homeless shelters plagued by bedbugs

Michigan TV Station Waffles on Airing VIRULENTLY ANTI-GAY INFOMERCIAL "Silencing Christians"

My Response to George Will's column titled: Pretending that D.C. Is a ‘State'

You rat bastards! Now I MUST watch Hardball later to catch a glimpse of

Security Camera shows home invasion shootout. (updated link)

DU this poll on Michael Phelps


Should President Obama Sit down for an Interview/Beer with Wingnut Sean Hannity?

I don't pay taxes?????

Obama can't handle the truth? (re: torture evidence)

Conyers:Concerns Raised By Former Head Of CNN Medical News About Sanjay Gupta

Please help stop this program from airing.

Who thinks be need to RESTORE the rules that FORCE the GOP actually FILIBUSTER (not just threaten)?

Do you have a DVR

Great Lakes Senators rule

Anyone watching Octomom on NBC?

Huckabee: Stimulus is 'anti-religious'

Cool website

Your doggie... here's mine...

Happy Lincoln/Darwin Bicentennial, Thursday, February 12.

Obama on Bank Nationalization

Afghanistan: Honor based social systems are not based on buying and selling and money like ours.

If you were a freeper, what kinds of gifts would you want?

What MICHAEL PHELPS Should Have Said.......

I'm sure there's a rebuttal to this - I normally wouldn't bother, but he left almost

Joe Scarborough "The Ass-HOLE" of MSNBC

Jeebus! I lost my star! When does the Valentines day fund drive start?

money/credit/finance question for DUers:

Homeowner invites homeless man living under porch to move in

In all this anger at "the financial industry", where's the outrage against the Realty industry?

Michael Moore Takes on the Financial Collapse.....the celluloid way.

Man arrested with a rifle at the capitol

Gee, way to fight for the middle class

White Supremacist Angry About Obama Was Assembling Radioactive 'Dirty' Bomb! (Maine)

Leahy Says Bush Officials Could Be Prosecuted

Facebook group: 'Hey MSNBC - Bring Sam Seder To 10:00PM ET'

Ozarks Town Legalizes Pot

In this financial crisis, where is the anger at doctors?

Question: were the 8 bank execs sworn in before their testimony today?

She Wasn't Asked And Didn't Tell...

My wife's words: "WTF IS IT WITH THIS FUNDIE FAMILY!?!?" also why dresses?

The Waterford Crystal factory has been closed.

Jimmy Carter talks with Amy Goodman re: Israel, Palestine, Gaza -- video link

FBI: Corporate Fraud cases could rise to the hundreds

Great news from Iowa!

The New Effort To Steal Social Security


Leahy: Congress Will Do Truth Commission with or without Obama

Limbaugh falsely claimed homeless woman at Obama town hall asked for a "car" and a "new kitchen"

Senator Leahy Knocks Cheney: "I Don't Need Any Lectures From Him"

Fla. doctor investigated for badly botched abortion

OK Lets get a couple things straight about the stimulus bill.

The Audacity of Dope-Could legal marijuana save California’s economy?

Amnesty International Asks us to Demand Accountability for BushCo Human Rights Abuses

Amnesty for US soldiers who refused to go to Iraq? I think its the least we can do

A Freep's Lament (snicker): True Story: "UPS Driver Tells Me More Birth Certificates Being Ordered"

FUCK YOU, DIANNE FEINSTEIN!!! Feinstein trying to kill net neutrality via amendment to stimulus.

Great, just great. First peanut butter, now this?

'Breeding Disorder'

Avigdor Lieberman

ACLU Releases Newly Declassified-UNREDACTED-DOD Docs Detailing Deaths & Torture=RUMMY COVER-UP

Thirsty koalas desperate for water hailing down passers-by in Australia

I want to announce that I have found Jesus.

St Pete Times artistic rendering of the "Escape from Monkey Island."

Prince Harry sparks new racism row over remarks to black comedian Stephen K Amos

Threats send California octuplets mom into hiding

Virtual Library Of Medieval Manuscripts Created

Sports vs. Education

Guide for the Perplexed on Ageist Language

Free antibiotics available at three large supermarkets

When California Runs Out Of Water....

Nadya Suleman has launched a website for donations

When will Al Franken be seated? This is getting ridiculous.

Hugh Beaumont on the alleged inevitability of a Second Depression and "Blame the Victim"

Don't Breathe the Meat

EarthMatters Event Saturday (Nashville, Tn)

I am just about ready to cancel my cable - Windjammer.

Is it okay to call somebody back if you can't undertand their RSVP?

I think I'm becoming immortal

"Be my Valentine Charlie Brown" on at 8PM Eastern tonight

I just posted as grammar nazi on a message board.

Cinematic Titanic (Joel & MST3K alumni) LIVE at San Francisco Marines Memorial Theatre 2/13 & 2/14

Cinematic Titanic (Joel & MST3K alumni) LIVE at San Francisco Marines Memorial Theatre 2/13 & 2/14

Body Language Reveals Wealth

Funny condom commercial.

Need a SDHC memory card? 8GB? 200x speed?

FADE (Wake, Book 2) is officially out today!

FADE (Wake, Book 2) is officially out today!

Do you drink soy sauce directly from the bottle?

I'm on Mojito #2....

Great. I managed to dump my entire iTunes library

Don't let me hear you say lifes taking you nowhere...

Your brand new tube of pot falls into a freshly flushed toilet. What do you do?

Don't try to get a date by giving a woman "tips" on how to squeegee her windshield.

You cannot trace your own body on a giant piece of paper.

One confusing thing from the Grammys...

The Lonely Hearts Club

There is no such thing as a DIY liposuction kit.

OK here is your chance!!!!!!

Any way to watch dog show without having freaking $75 TV?

Just got Barnes & Noble's "Favorite Romantic Movies" email. What are YOUR favorite romantic movies?

Yay! That stupid ass diet show is off my TV

So Radio Disney went off AM radio here, which gave me an excuse to get satellite radio

The real reason Michael Phelps smokes weed

Christ. I lost $500,000 in the market in one day.

So we need to use a nebulizer for my two-year-old's illness

My fucket list

I wrote my own Valentines poem.

Who's planning on taking in "The International" this weekend?

Just before you go to bed I'll post something that will give you nightmares

Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Why did that guy from Entertainment Tonight need to apologize to Dr Phil?

Warning: Lounge advice should not be taken internally

Hmm Lojack just called me and said my car has been moved

DU Apology Thread

Reader gets a flawed copy of a book from Amazon; author delivers replacement in person.

fuck you

"I Feel Fine"

Bastids make me have to buy stamps again.

If Splenda and/or Nutrasweet causes cancer, I'm dead already

Oklahoma friends! Check in!

The stimulus bill passed with the Kerry provisions included. Who wants to celebrate?

i just had a ditzy moment

Let's create a drink in honor of Barack Obama!

Can you crock the bacteria out of a pot roast?


I'm about to get arrested.

PSA - do not, under any circumstances, catch the influenza

I'm sitting in a bar right now...

Kid just ordered a pizza with pepperoni and chicken.

celtic art I just bought

How wide is your window to DU?


Will You Help Me With My Next Film? ...a request from Michael Moore

Anyone else want to vomit all over the Valentine card section at the store?

JackMN has a little girlfriend at kindergarten.

I posted this in the Illinois forum

hey yall

Cannonball Adderly, Miles Davis, Hank Jones, Sam Jones, and Art Blakey...

Henrietta Hughes given a house!

Your earworm for the day:

Does anyone know where I can get some armpit enhancement done?

34 Days until St. Patrick's Day..

Krewe de Vieux 2009

ask me anything

help me with fucket list.....

OMG - I just got a mysterious big Electronic Deposit in my joint

Here in Upstate NY, it has snowed 33 inches in the past 30 minutes...

Match Game Story: "Driving over the Millaut viaduct, Freeper Freddy noted, 'It's like ____ Reagan.'"

I feel like crud.

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece of Shit

Has anyone seen an email w/ a headstone?

Pastor says Abortion to blame for Fires Downunder

Tomorrow is the big game: Team USA vs. Mexico in World Cup qualifying soccer

Anyone here use GoogleChrome Browser.

Yes! "Last Watch" is out!

"I vow to never wear a flannel nightgown"

Why does popular culture depict extraterrestrial aliens as about 4 feet tall, with large bug eyes,

I've been watching "Zone" reruns my whole life. Why haven't I seen this before?

So, my school is offering early retirement for anyone who has been here for 10 years

Get back here you little furry son of a bitch!!!!!

$15M Lawsuit claims ex-Met Roberto Alomar had sex knowing he had AIDS

Dammit, I need a break

Incoming Cell Calls That Don't Ring the Phone!! Do you get these?

Just a reminder from the campaign to everyone who thinks President Obama isn't doing too well.

Cenk: Banning Everyone From Two Dumb Points About The Collapse/Bailout (Featured At DKos Yesterday)

I tried to watch "An american Carol" on Netflix online

Good morning Lounge

Who would have thought such a little monkey could take such a huge bite from a human thigh? n/t

Shit. Tornado siren just went off.

You'll know I've snapped when you read a local news story...

Uh-oh, the Economy Forum is becoming the Lounge!!

Hail from Yukon, OK (photo)

Have you ever seen a grown man naked?

I share Sarah Palin's birthday.

Any news from plcdude?

PITA - have to get blood drawn for teste this morning, fasting, too,

I've been setting up my kid's wee netbook

Is your clothesline illegal?


Am I uncoool? I don't twit, and I think the idea of twitter is ridiculous.

I'm asking for advice.......broadly

"Hooooraaaay for Yooooooooou!!!"

There are more people in California than there are in Canada.

DAMMIT!!!!! Where was this in 1986?????

You know what the Lounge needs? Some Boy George & Culture Club!!!!

So I wake up almost late for work. I get a taxi and take it to my job. I wonder why

Irony. Oh, sweet, sweet irony.

How many times must the cannonballs fly before they're forever banned?

I am sick of hearing ESPN defending A-Rod

How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?

Hey, banks, here's an idea...put a couple security cameras at avg face height

ESPN: Nice try, but Favre decision was a Jets fiasco

Just watched LOST on SCIFI

Don Pollack is my job...right now...standing ten feet in front of me

To the employed: Do you worry about your job security?

Let's play: "My Senators Are Worse Than Yours!"

OMG - I just got a mysterious big Erection Deposit in my joint


New hook for Rihanna's "Umbrella" inspired by Chris Brown biting her

Should the Yankees forfeit the Campaigns they won with Sherman?

Vibes request please

Severe weather alerts from south of Atlanta north to SW PA. Be careful out there!

The beagle's at work with me. Ask me anything!!

If your heart doesn't melt when you see this


Omg! There is no such thing as "DER-BIS"!

What made the 70's in Germany such a fountain of creativity?

I am no Autophile, but yesterday I got to drive an AMC Pacer in perfect condition

The Abraham Lincoln voice project

I have a question:

I am disappointed in Terrence Howard's comments about the Chris Brown/Rhianna situation.

Does anybody really know

My Grandmother is so funny..she asked me to empy the mouse trap

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/11/09

I am no Autophile, but yesterday I got to drive an 88 Audi Quattro in perfect condition

24 Years Ago Tomorrow I Left The Air Force


Best idea ever!

I was there! Wolgang's Vault just added The Tubes, Paramount, 06-26-1976, Guest star Boz Scaggs!

Does Tom Hanks like you?

Does LynneSin like you?

She blinded me with science

hey! where is the secret valentine fund-raiser this year?


For Valentine's Day, I just want to find someone who makes me feel beautiful

Any good online deals for flowers for Saturday?

Also, the "Jared" commercials make me HOMICIDAL.

Why is the adbot showing up on the bottom of my threads even though I'm logged in?


Now that Brett Favre has "Retired" again, what team is he going to next?

It's sunny and 72 degrees in South Jersey today!!!!!

My name is KamaAina and I had an orange tabby

Any Andrew Bird fans?

Barack Obama is tired of your motherfuckin' shit.

If you wait 'till Monday, you can get a really good

I really wish Skinner would stop PMing me.

YES, the "OMG LOOK AT RIHANNA'S FACE" email is a fraud and the pic is Photoshopped

Crazy Train has an absolutely killer riff

Why do I see commercials all over the place here???

Least successful community event?

Guardian: Oscar watch: Jerry Lewis is long overdue an Academy Award

I hate to be cynical here, but anyone else think Dad is guilty?

What's wrong with flannel nightgowns?

Cool! 10 year old Sussex Spaniel wins Best In Show at Westminster!!! Stump!!!

I'm freezing!!! I wasn't this cold when it was -20! Damn cold rain.

"When you wish upon a star..."

The IRS sucks

Frickin' Tax Assessor

So did everyone already know that Octomom is asking for donations?!

Ice storm+ high heels= a good idea.

So I took a metabolism test today. And, you know, hyperactivity is no substitute...


Are DU standards falling?

Animal Collective, anyone?

Woo Hoo! I just sent Brad Pitt a Valentine !!!!

It's time to hunt zombies again

I am sore all over... but in a good way.

FASHION- the Moonspoon Saloon collection is finally debuted

Proof that going low-carb will kill you

According to the Firefox eQuake add-on

7 pm EST: Team USA vs. Mexico in World Cup qualifying soccer!

Student loans - can they be declared as a form of tax break or anything?

Should the Dallas Cowboys be disbanded for the good of humanity?

Question abut XBox 360's

Hero on the Hudson game

"Snow Machine"

Should the SF Giants forfeit the Championships they won with Barry Bonds??

The n/t free thread

A big thank you to the person who bought me my DU hearts.

Any non-cable places to watch the Carolina/Duke game?

Any premenopausal ladies ever experience

I love the semicolon.

So we can all agree...Railroad Earth is the best band you never heard of....

Would it be accurate to call the Stimulus package the "largest tax cut ever"?

Hey! Wanna teach a 6 year old how to drive?

Did YOU KNOW that JDepp is voicing a SPONGEBOB??!

Ladies, prepare to be dazzled.

My name is blogslut and I am an orange addict

Ok, Ladies of the Lounge, we all know what you don't want for Valentine's Day...

I got it! AC/DC, Black Ice!

The Powerball is MINE tonight!!

Okay, when you tell somebody you are going to become a bachelor,

I love the ascending colon.

Point of debate: Creedence Clearwater Revival

ARGH! Its tough being an Evil Landlord!!!

Hi everyone! How have you all been?

Can I just take a minute to rant about the sucky night I had? (longish, sorry)

Any Paul Weller / the Jam fans in the lounge??

My coworker got a nose job over Christmas break & I can't tell her, but...

I give to you...... some Bon Jovi!!!!!

Muzak is bankrupt!

The mayor of Las Vegas needs to STFU! If he wants more people to come to Vegas...

Just in time for Valentine's Day: Gormleywear!

What good are Oreos without milk?

Post a better Steve Martin film than The Jerk

Tired of coming up with ways to use your fruit before it spoils?

Funniest forwarded e-mail in a long, long time. Prepare to LOL.

I just found out I have a fibroid tumor.

Does anyone know what this might be talking about?

Siberian husky puppy

Yes u can sez awww

A coworker is dating a cop-so I ask her does he have any fuzzy

kitten picture of the day for tuesday wednesday february 11

I just saw Julio run past my house.

Does anyone watch Late Night shows from the website?

So, you all know the story behind green M & Ms right????

How to start a flame war in GD

DU eight words

Do you like Tom Hanks?

(Women only) What would you LOVE for Valentine's Day?

Why homeless people tend to be "belligerent".

Does anyone want a PUPPY?

So I watched "The Jerk" last night on HBO - first time in ages and I have this to say...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/11/2009)

So, BoyM just threatened to kill TM's ex because he broke her heart.

So, how many lines of code do you thik World of Warcraft (online) has?

Slaughter Me With Cuteness.

I stimulated the economy today.

Least favorite Valentine's Day gift for a woman (only women should answer)

Best theme party idea EVER!

4 8 15 16 23 42

I want to be an athlete again.

Secant, tangent, cosine, sine.....

A request for asskicking.

Art Quiz for you

Smart or stoopid. Test.

Your Favorite Gaming Console


Probably the most important video I ever posted. (IMHO). The biggest paradigm shift in my life.

When Bikers Drive Minivans

Salma Hayek's breasts WILL save the world!

India to launch cow urine as soft drink (no, we're not taking the p***)


Seriously, is there any better sporting event than UNC - Duke at Cameron?

I am uncomfortable with your sexual innuendo

A whole new meaning for the word "Birdbrain"

The Republicans are pissing and moaning, but have you noticed ANYONE saying this:

Henrietta Hughes has gotten a house according to Ron Reagan's guest

Something else that will put everyone in a good mood:

So I altered my retirement fund today

I've Always Wondered... Regarding Rightwing Freeptards... Which Organ Is The Most Atrophied ???

Apparently Chris Dodd mentioned that adjusting mark-to-market "might" be part of the Plan

Obama visited two counties that he lost in November

NY-20: Jim Tedisco's Twitter Fail (LOL!)

"...there is no magic to me sitting here..."

Did any crowd ever squeal like pre-teens at a Jonas Brothers show when 43 kissed an audience member?

Julio's on Keith now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Magic Negro?

Jon Stewart was clowning on Obama's press conference

Senator Feingold Hits Obama Administration Over Extraordinary Rendition Decision

Sweet Graphic of Stimulus Plan - Big Scroller

Sarah Palin Movie: Hollywood Screenwriters Interested

Terry Moran Twitters From Air Force One: Menu, Music, Passengers Detailed

PHOTO Caption it!


The audacity of dopes (bankers)

Yesterday I heard what I wanted to hear--no free money and accountability.

Random thought on Rethug revisionist history of the Great Depression.

In honor of Christian personal F#CK list.

I support the stimulus package! Facebook Group

President Obama can still stop an economic depression: Become a partisan fighter for the people!

LMAO @ Rachel

Talkingpointsmemo: Axelrod and Emanuel Were Right (On the American Bank Oligarchs)

Talkingpointsmemo: 'Wall Street Fall' (What freaked them out was Geithner's 'stress test.'

My 2nd Attempt: You know what? We have got us a Helluva President this time!

Fort Myers Florida Newspaper.. Poll: Do you agree w/Obama Stim Package?

My opinion of ABC's Terry Moran... Scumbag Moron!

Idiot Mayor wants Obama to apologize for quip about Vegas

I'm going to write a letter to the President....

Why does Jim Demint hate bycicles? (Blue Mass Group)

Good Morning America has people from the Fox Business Network on now?

The Stimulus Plans: How The Senate/House Plans Differ: A Detailed Chart

I apologize to the DU community

Patrick Fitzgerald Will Retain Job In Obama Administration

Congressman Rangel: "It is so difficult to talk with a body (Senate) controlled by three people"

Oops didn't see the other Pearlstein thread!

Geithner said he'd prefer to "err on the side of inflation"


Obama says he won’t seek re-election if stimulus fails

people posting sh!t about Geitner need to grow the F%$K up

Obama signals he isn't interested in 'truth commission' to investigate Bush abuses

Specter and Collins are flirting with insanity (and gangster-ism)

Well, it appears to be a consensus, Geithner tanked yesterday.

Obama, Progressives Move to Restore Stimulus Spending

Caterpillar CEO tells Obama they will rehire some of its laid-off employees if stimulus passes

Republicans care about Obama's views not his race.

Obama and Biden on the stump tomorrow in VA and PA !!

Utah's Republican governor announces support for civil unions and LGBT rights law

Considering Rep. Shuler's remarks, should elected Democrats follow a Reagan-like 11th Commandment?

Krugman: Obama on Nationalization

Question: Wouldn't the stimulus require 60 votes, filibuster aside?

Republican congressional leaders ask Bobby Jindal to deliver the GOP response on the 24th

DTV the lose-lose extension that will now be a tool to show how gov will screw up everything.

Mo Dowd Gets It Right Today: 'Trillion Dollar Baby'

Heath Shuler, worth even having as a Democrat?

IMHO we should help Collins, Specter, and the rest of the Republicans bask in the spotlight.

Stats are in: Presidential press conference 37,000,000 viewers; American Idol 30,000,000

Robert Borosage writing on bailout in Huffpo: CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE

Huffpo: Tentative Stimulus Deal Reached

**Heads Up: Gibbs' Daily Presser 2/11**

Some basic questions that need to be answered to solve the economic crisis

Limbaugh is getting more notoriety since President Obama mentioned him in a meeting

Question: Did the banks LIE to the rating agencies about the MBS's or did the rating agencies lie to

Oran Hatch is a fucking idiot

Did you see Colbert last night? His "The Word" was called "Loyal Opposition"

OK, I'm losing track of all these negotiations. Has the money for states been restored?

Obama: CAT will rehire Layoffs if the Stimulus passes

My 14 yr old daughter found the newspapers-

Henrietta or Julio?

"Liberal" Maureen Dowd agrees with GOP that there's too much pork in stimulus package

Gates Orders Review of Policy That Bars Photographers From Taking Pictures of Soldiers’ Coffins

OK, an "agreement on stimulus": when do they vote? Do we need 60 this time?

Steven Perlstein writes about the Bail-out and the Wall St. Cowards!

Dodd looks vulnerable in 2010, based on new poll

More proof of our President's no rest commitment to address our concerns.

WaPo identifies six possible Repug vote switchers on stimulus bill (3 in Senate, 3 in House)

Lindsay Graham (Idiot-SC): "I'll take the money, but I don't have to like it."

Cantor apologizes for response to ad

Michelle on cover of Vogue (photo)

In Retrospect, Not Such a Bad Start for Obama

Listen to what President Obama has to say about the Stock Market decline....

It Is Time to Nationalize the Insolvent Banking Systems by Nouriel Roubini

This time I really did miss President Obama on Nightline

Poll: With 69 percent approval, Obama has political firepower

Release the CHENEY Energy Task Force Notes

Laugh of the day....Freepers trying to figure out civil disobedience

Does anyone have a link to Michelle's Vogue pics?

GOP Rep. Cantor Attacked For Profanity-Laced Web Video

Why Obama’s new Tarp will fail to rescue the banks

Fidel Castro writes an op-ed about.... Rahm Emanuel.

I honestly think that McCaskill could be shortlisted for VP in 2012

" a legislative achievement, coming so early in the term, this is astonishing. "

Sorry if I've always been clueless but has Newsweek always been a right wing rag?

Columbus Dispatch: U.S. Rep. Austria (R-Of Course) blames Depression on Roosevelt

Reid: Breaking on MSNBC: They've reached an agreement

Las Vegas Mayor demands apology from President Obama

Homeless woman kissed by Obama gets aid offers

Jindal picked to give Repug response to President Obama's speech before Congress

Obama Is The President, Not King, Not Dictator, Not Emperor, PRESIDENT

Obama: This doesn't work, I lose

Hillary Clinton Launches E-Suggestion Box..'The Secretary is Listening'

Gallup: Stimulus Approval Rises to 59% (+7)

Who in the hell let Howard Fineman go on tv looking like that today?

Obama Allies Launch New Ad Directly Attacking GOP Leaders — White House Told In Advance

Must Read from Robert Reich on Geithner's Plan: It's Not Transparent and It's Still a Bailout

Panetta approved as new CIA chief

Democratic Negotiators Cut 50 Billion Out Of Senate Stimulus Bill???!!! Huh?

So now we have "Julio the Bergerman"

Barack Obama is tired of your motherfuckin' shit.

Seriously. You Were Lied to About the Wells Fargo Employee Recognition Trip

PHOTOS The three Vogue photos of Michelle

Can you feel the hate? Am I the only one?

The Birth Certificate gang takes another tilt at the windmill...

OBAMA throws women of Arizona under the bus.

OBAMA throws women of Arizona under the bus.

$789 billion package; 65/35 split between spending and tax cuts

Sasha and Malia's allowance: Is Dad being cheap?

Let's Face It, This Stimulus Package Is One Hell Of A GIGANTIC

V.P. Biden an embarrassment for prez?

President Obama's pick for Drug Czar

Obama taps Seattle police chief Gil Kerlikowske for Drug Czar

I'm calling on my county party to oppose Leahy's "truth and reconciliation" commission

SA TV make 'Bush is dead' Bushism

(Israel) Both parties claim victory and race to form rival coalitions

Exclusive: Leahy Talks To White House About Investigating Bush

Millions of Americans Facing Foreclosure Can Make Their Voices Heard

(UK) Council advises ecstasy downgrade

J&J Ejaculation Pill, World’s First, Wins Approvals (Update2)

Court to Coleman and Franken: ‘Streamline’

Wal-Mart Laying off Hundreds of Employees

Group pledges to fight GOP senators who support stimulus

Mexico's human rights record blasted

Militant attacks in Afghanistan leave 23 dead

Patients die in Sri Lanka shelling

Obama team works to overhaul Afghanistan-Pakistan policy

Azerbaijan's air force chief killed

Bombing kills provincial minister in Pakistan

Russia says may offer aircraft for Afghan transit

Climate change nudges American birds northward

North Korea's Kim Jong-il names new defence minister

China's CCTV network gets little sympathy after hotel fire

Thailand, Indonesia agree to discuss Rohingya issue soon

U.S. Prepares to Broach Hard Issues With China

Eight family members beheaded in Bihar revenge killing

Fox Newser in Kiddie-Porn Bust

Source: Petraeus Leaked Misleading Story on Pullout Plans

China report: 76 sentenced so far for Tibet riots

China exports continue to plunge

Wal-Mart may outsource contracts worth $500 mn

Blago, Libby prosecutor to stay on

Obama: Caterpillar will rehire if stimulus passes

(Abramoff) Scandal hits close to senator (Thad Cochran, R-Miss.)

New claim of sexual misconduct (by a KBR contractor) at Baghdad embassy

Twin Car Bombings Kill 16 in Baghdad

Congress has tentative deal on size of final stimulus plan

Attacks on Afghan government buildings kill 20

China Needs U.S. Guarantees for Treasuries, Yu Says

BREAKING NEWS: 7.5 magnitude earthquake rocks eastern Indonesia; tsunami warnings issued


Las Vegas Strip Gambling Revenue Fell Most on Record in '08 Amid Recession

Bushfires 'caused by abortion laws', Pastor claims

Corporate fraud run amok: FBI investigating over 500 cases

Show 'torture' evidence, US politician Bill Delahunt demands

ACORN protests foreclosure auction in DC

Geithner Says Bank-Rescue Plans May Reach $2 Trillion

S.F. burglary victim killed for going to police

Wedding row leads to beheadings in India

Former Decorated U.S. Marine Files a $10 Million Claim Against ATF for Being Wrongfully Prosecuted

GOP aide apologizes for curse-laden 'joke' video response to attack ads on stimulus

US banks defend bail-out spending

U.S. envoy Holbrooke visits northwest Pakistan

N.Y AG (Cuomo): Merrill Lynch Wasted Bailout Funds

At Least 22 Lose Vision After Free Surgery

Hallburton, KBR paying $574 million in bribery settlement

Disarray as Israeli Election Rivals Claim Victory.

Solis wins easy committee approval

15 dead in Lone Grove, dozens of injuries reported

Favre tells Jets he's retiring

Comcast wants FBI probe of Super Bowl feed interruption

Ex-Lawmaker's(Sen. Pete Domenici) Records Subpoenaed In Firings Probe

Ex-Lawmaker's(Sen. Pete Domenici) Records Subpoenaed In Firings Probe

Obama asks Kargil expert to review Pak-Afghanistan policy

Madoff's wife pulled out $15 million before his arrest

The great Atlantic Ocean swimming hoax

House, Senate Negotiators Reach Agreement on Stimulus

Tsvangirai becomes Zimbabwe's PM

A New Name in HHS Mix

(Detroit) Free Press reporter faces contempt hearing for refusing to name sources

China airport executive sentenced to death

Family members of fallen soldiers urge President Obama to reverse photo ban on flag-draped coffins

Defamation suit brought by man who made Obama YouTube video is dismissed (DU wins case)

GM to cut retiree health care for salaried workers under 65

Cops: Pedestrian hit, dragged for miles (dragged from Queens to Brooklyn)

Fox guest gets death threat after calling GOP 'one trick dog'

China to build Mecca rail system

67 Computers Missing From Nuclear Weapons Lab

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 11

Peanut Co. Owner Urged Shipping Tainted Products

House Democratic Leaders Freeze Cost-of-Living Adjustment for Members

U.S. (Iridium) And Russian Satellites Collide

Stump the Sussex named best in show

Foreclosure Drop Under Way In Florida (and Nationwide)

Report: N. Korea Moves Missile Equipment To Site

D.C. Voting Rights Passed by Senate Committee

Report: 'Dirty bomb' parts found in slain man's home

On Darwin’s Birthday, Only 4 in 10 Believe in Evolution

As Mainstream Exits D.C., Niche Media Tide Rises

Lockheed lobbies for F-22 production on job grounds

VIDEO: Julio the Obama fan

O'Reilly calls Helen Thomas The Old Lady, Wicked Witch of the East, while Alan Colmes cackles

Doug Stanhope on Sarah Palin

Countdown: The Near Miss on Complete Financial Collapse

Bruno (from The West Wing) gives spineless dems some advice

Keith interviews energetic, enthusiastic Julio Osegueda........

FRMR UN HR Invest. Bassiouni: No Military Solution for Afghanistan Democracy Now 2 of 2

Global crisis fuels protests Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) Urges Homeowners to Stay in home!

Obama's Stimulus News Conference

Arab Israelis see no hope in Israeli elections

Rachel Maddow: Comparison of Job Losses in Recent Recessions

Joe Scarborough: Perhaps We Don't Know What We're Talking About (3:47)

Pearlstein: Wall St. Leadership "Non-Existent"

Recession Reality: Ohio-Home of Boehner and Voinovich, both anti-stimulus


Kucinich: "Save Homes"

Dining With Terrorists: Episode 2 - Global Jihad

TYT: Homeless Woman Asks Obama For Help At Town Hall

Right Wing Launches Fear Campaign Against Electronic Health Records

I'm a Liar

Chairman Frank Asks CEOs - Why do you need bonuses?

PAC Threatens to Cut Funding of Pro-Stimulus Republicans

Essence Of Shitness - Fat Male Child

Fleischer to O'Liely: I kept Bush from calling on 'dotcoms and oddballs'

Countdown: Jonathan Turley on Truth Commission

PBS Newshour: Paul Krugman and other economists discuss TARP

Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work

TYT: Can We Trust Tim Geithner? (Includes Featured DailyKos Piece)

Super Pissed Congressman, Michael Capuano, to bank CEOs: "America doesn't trust you anymore!"

How Do People Keep Going?

Maxine Waters spits fire at CEO Banksters

Rep. Waters on CEOs and TARP Accountability

Top Pols Endorse Dean for HHS (The Nation)

Here's the Real TRUTH About Sen. Leahy's Truth Commission

Donald P. Gregg: The carrot, not the stick, gets enemies to talk

The Bailout’s Next Chapter

Obama's Replacement for Daschle at HHS: JULIO!

Peanut Company CEO Refuses to Eat His Own Product and repeatedly invoked the Fifth Amendment.

Definitive Proof of the Communist Conspiracy

Continuity of the Wrong Kind

If you were concerned that Walter Williams had regained some form of sanity....

Understanding Rendition: An ACLU case

CNN Interviews Obama Questioner "Julio" Osegueda

Barack Obama Uses Hypnosis in his Speeches!

Gene Lyons puts the stimulus plan put into perspective

To End This Financial Crisis, Americans Are Going to Have to Get Angry

Europe Fearful About Impact Of Israeli Elections

Misinformation On Health Information Technology - Progress Report, 2/11

Garrison Keillor: America loves its second acts

Iceland gets sold out!

MADAGASCAR: What went wrong?

The Failed Prophet by Senator Bernie Sanders

'Painful Lessons': Abuse At Chicago Schools

Transportation Secretary LaHood to meet with States today to discuss shovel-ready projects

Has anyone noticed that the Republicans are actually talking about issues now?

Geithner grilled on outsourcing, bank solvency, etc. etc.

Behind The Scenes With President Obama At Florida Town Hall {02/10/09 ABC Nightline}

Joan Walsh: Party on, GOP

Joe Bageant: Only in America Could Misery Be Turned Into a Commodity

NAOMI KLEIN: Public Revolt Builds Against Rip-off Rescue Plans for the Economy

The Amazing Obama Opens Up His Own Employment/Real Estate Firm

Rahm Emanuel is Being Lobbied by Health Care Lobbyists to Appoint Bredesen

Geithner's Folly: Bank Rescue Disaster in the making

delay on bill/SC: charge obese employees higher premiums

David Crosby revealed as octuplets' father

WexTrust Co-Founder Byers Is Jailed on Ponzi Scheme Charges

Eric Cantor is a Saucy Wench!

Westboro Chuch's Hate-a-thon Gets a Taste of Love

Let the Sky Fall

On eve of Darwin's 200th birthday, only 39% of Americans believe in evolution

David Horsey cartoon: Rush Limbaugh, Entertainer

Phil Bredesen: The Dick Cheney of Health Care

Commentary: Lincoln's remarkable tie to former slave

Hitler's Terrible Weapon: Publicity-Exibit at Holocaust Memorial Museum

A brief history lesson on Pot and the War on Drugs

Spying on activists: Who is the criminal now?

What Business Are You REALLY In?

Homegrown White Supremacist Terrorist in Maine

Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash

Congressman John Dingell: Why Health Care Can't Wait

The Real Jobless Rate Is 18 Percent

McDonald's guy' Julio Osegueda stirs up debate among the Right

Mike Wallace Interviews Ayn Rand, 1959

Downsized Nine-to-Fivers Turn to Kinky Sex Work

Worldwatch Institute: Countries Turn to Green Jobs for Economic Growth

Interior chief (Salazar) cool to offshore drilling, wants wind projects

Do "Clean Coal" Ads Violate FTC/FCC Standards?

Al Giordano: Speaker Pelosi: Here's $50 Billion to Restore to the Stimulus in Conference

A call to resist the nuclear revival (by former NRC commissioner Victor Gilinsky)

Live in NW Florida

Water crisis looms as glacier recedes- (Parts of Bolivia will run out of water this year)

Salamanders On The Decline In Central America

Explorer Pen Hadow Sets Off Across Arctic Ocean As 748-Mile Planned Ice Thickness Survey Begins

Time: Why Global Warming May Be Fueling Australia's Fires

Interesting Region-By-Region Rundown On Agricultural Droughts Worldwide

New Paradigms in Energy Research

As electric cars gain currency, Oregon charges ahead—(working on plan for public charging stations)

Study: Pollinating birds won't cross cleared land

Judge backs challenge to WA grazing accord

Climate change will prompt significant declines in up to a third of California bird species

Tankless water heater ripoff.

LED light bulbs are a bad idea -- Here's why

First Extinct Animal Cloned - Pyrenean Ibex Died Minutes After Birth - Nat. Geographic

Chevrolet Volt Battery Packs Will Be Manufactured by GM in the U.S.

Co-Operative Group - UK Farm Consortium - Bans Family Of 8 Pesticides In Effort To Help Bees

A warming trend?—This week's spring-like weather shows upward temperature trends

Long-Term Forecast For Washington State - Hotter, Drier, More Wheat, Fewer Salmon - P-I

How did $50B high-risk, job-killing nuclear loans get in the stimulus? Fraudulent budget gimmickry.

Forbes Reintroduces the New Manhattan Project

BrightSource signs 1,300 MW solar deal


Limbaugh Doesn't Get IT

Union Addresses Key Question in A-Rod Affair

Union files grievance for Burress against N.Y. Giants

The case against Hilda Solis is a war against labor

Walnut Creek woman charged with forced labor (forced her to work as a domestic servant)

Weldon Spring company accused of labor violations (damages of $225,000 related to unpaid work)

Loopholes? They're tight

Dear Mr. President: Please Give OSHA Adequate Support to Protect Workers in 3 Million New Jobs

Sunfield cited for 25 OSHA violations, faces $302K fine

Nurses at Newton Memorial Hospital petition to join union

CNN's Lou Dobbs Peddles Lies and Anti-Union Propaganda

Word for word: A look at an actual Obama Executive Order

Today in labor history Feb 11 “Mother” Jones is arrested while leading a protest of conditions in WV

President Obama Nominates Wilma Liebman to Chair NLRB

Wal-Mart may award outsourcing contract worth US$500mn: report (India is one of several countries)

GOP won't derail Solis on hubby's taxes

One Woman's Testimonial For NYC Program That Puts Women In Trades

United to move jobs back to the US

300 hostages killed by FARC, says former guerrilla

Mexico's human rights record blasted

Cuban runner, coach apparently defect in Uruguay

New Cuban 5 Film online in Spanish and English - "Against the Silence-The Family of Five Speak Out"

CUBA: Brother of man killed in Havana hotel terrorist explosion writes letter to AG Eric Holder

Dangerous poll politics in poor Haiti

Cuban National Ballet Became Reality with the Cuban Revolution

Tourist ends up in wrong country

Chavez: Lech Walesa unwelcome in Venezuela

Declassified U.S. documents recall Cuba contacts

Why the Venezuelan Amendment Campaign is So Important by Diana Raby

Chilean president visits Cuba

Realtors and lenders ate all the first time home buyers

Report: 2008 a bleak year for Northern Marianas Islands

‘Dead’ Russian Bond Market’s 80% Yields Squeeze Firms

If mortgages are so "toxic" why is Bill Gross buying them?

Geithner's plan is actually worse than Paulson's

Geithner's folly

Fresh protest over foreign labour

Merrill secretly moved up bonus payments: Cuomo

Wikileaks: Carlyle Group presentation on the world financial crisis, 15 Oct 2008

News Corp. Sells Bonds

Where is the list of Republican pork over the past eight years?

Recession, Poverty, and the Recovery Act

It Is Time to Nationalize the Insolvent Banking Systems by Nouriel Roubini

Obama on Bank Nationalization: Too Many Banks/Republicans

U.S. Trade: Exports and Imports Decline Sharply

2009 American Monetary Institute Conference

FBI, bailout watchdog expands criminal probes

Animation: How the Recovery Works

What laws or regulations were broken that led to the crisis?

Canadian Businesses Support "Buy Canada"

Box Turtle: DADT Discharges Continue

Your support and LTTEs really needed here

*** Support Governor Huntsman - UTAH (R) GOVERNOR ENDORSES CIVIL UNIONS - X-POST ****

Take action to stop anti-LGBT broadcast

Why Obama’s new Tarp will fail to rescue the banks

CNBC pump and dump scheme

"Ex- Gay" Activists Demand Faith Based Federal Handouts

We finally have a definitive answer from the REAL SPORTS FAN!!

Woohoo! I'm now a Bronco's Fan!! Thanks cboy...

Brett Favre to end Retirement


Richard Zednik scores winning goal,one year to the day since horrible on ice incident

Brett Favre Retiring

Can someone explain to me (RIGHT FUCKING NOW) the rule of The REAL SPORTS FAN,

Sharks defeat Bruins

Brett Favre is teh Greatest QB of ALL TIME. Discuss.

Should A-Rod be disqualified for the Hall of Fame? Discuss.

Who is your favorite to win the World Series?

AP: Netanyahu, Livni declare win in Israeli election (it's clear as mud.)

83% of polling stations – Likud drops to 27 mandates

Only Obama offers change for Israel

Lieberman / Holding the key By Yossi Verter

Egypt arrests 30 truck drivers 'headed for Gaza'

AP: Divisive Lieberman a big winner in Israel election

Arabs cheer after the elections in Israel

Israel's horse-trading begins (BBC News)

Palestinian Poll: Hamas support drops

Iran to try Bahais for spying for Israel

Robbery, Not Anti-Semitism, Motive for Attack on Venezuelan Synagogue

Anyone knows about Medical Flex account?

Bio-absorbable bone anchors any experience, no advice, just experience please.

Stephen Walt: What do we do if the "two-state" solution collapses?

Aftermath of the Knoxville Unitarian Church Shooting

AK-47 used in murder

misleading news peice on weapons cache arrest

Are VA employees represented by a Union? If so which one?

Guard misses January recruiting target

Gates open to lifting ban on casket photos

Vt. Guard fights back deployment questions

Cadet cleared of sexual assault charges

SOCOM chief seeks situation awareness tools

Senate delays confirmation of Pentagon deputy

Army gets 16 more Stryker medical vehicles

Bill would give some survivors lifetime care

(Army Times) Editorial: The new readiness

Judge OKs settlement in vets data theft case

Rucker soldier faces animal cruelty charge

34th ID heading to pre-deployment training

NATO: 2 soldiers killed in Afghan bomb attack

Ballcaps restricted — tell us what you think

Higher Tricare fees among cost-cutting ideas

Coronado sailors now face homicide charges

2 sailors arrested in San Diego drug sting

Port Royal discharged raw sewage while stuck

Special boat team gets new digs

Report: Army possibly missing some nerve gas

Man guilty of killing Navy vet seeks new trial

Navy details damage to grounded Port Royal

Study: More service members obese

Marine dies from wounds suffered in Afghanistan

Republicans urge caution on Iraq withdrawal

(Marine Corps Times) Backtalk: Ammunition alternatives

341st Missile Wing passes nuke inspection

Krygyz leader says money behind Manas closing

Career field for UAV operators is in limbo

Russia may allow shipment of Afghan-bound arms

Judge shields Luke AFB from development

Gates: Decision on Afghanistan coming soon

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: Core mission

Uncertainty remains as U.S. hands over responsibility for ‘Sons of Iraq’

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: DoD, VA must hire more mental health counselors

More servicemembers fighting battle of bulge

U.S. worries about losing 'Sons of Iraq' expertise

European briefs:

EUCOM to supply trailers for Patch High

Lawless says U.S. will not agree to realignment revisions

Russia to Modernize Strategic Bombers

Marine Ordered to Philippine Custody

Army Lab Halts Biological Research

Taliban Attack in Kabul Kills 19

DoDBuzz: Tether Leaving DARPA: Rustan New Guy?

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Wearing the Beard for Petraeus

Marine Held in Woman's Killing

Soldier asks Canada to rethink deportation

AF seeks to fill nursing shortfall by educating enlisted

Hunaduara Castle...and Red...

It's all in the cards....

Adsos Letter, You have

Barking up the right tree

The Beginning of the Beginning

The Chuck Lorre Vanity Card for today;

Anyone else with Obama dreams?

Starchild: The Lunar Eclipse and the Reconnection with the Elemental Energies on the Paradise Grid

Wondrous changes are afoot

Scientists Read Minds With Infrared Scans

Prostate cancer urine test hope

'This is the worst recession for over 100 years'

In other news:

Grandstaff-ing and Lamb-asting! - “Pastors” Who Threaten Their Flock?

Grandstaff-ing and Lamb-asting! - “Pastors” Who Threaten Their Flock?


So I had this conversation with my husband just now

Valentines Day! What is the best romantic meal?

What would happen if you let dough rise again and again and again....

My wife's ultimate kitchen, if she had her way... finally revealed

Stinky the Clown's kitchen finally revealed?

What's for Dinner? ~ Wednesday

Geeze, I did it again. How many of you have overcooked part

Okay...made chocolate chip cookies today...what did I do wrong...

9/11 Truth Activist & Congressional Candidate Deb Simon on TVNL Radio LIVE today

WTC Second Impact Enhanced Zoom

I'd like to propose a 9/11 thread...

Why nothing Congress did or is doing really matters..

Congressman Ruben Hinojosa (D-Mercedes) may resign become Ambassador to Mexico

Schieffer ponders run for Texas governor

Friedman may run again for governor (gag)

Awesome! Film about The Wrecking Crew on DVD soon!

Molly Bee Dies....

Canada Free Press: Time to disunite the right

Officer had his knee in Dziekanski's back: Taser inquiry

Schreiber wins hand in shaping ethics rules

Tories, Grits nearly tied for support, poll finds

National Post: Inner-circle exodus spells trouble for Tories

Need help with Linksys WRT160n v2

OK, I've got a weird Trojan problem. Anyone ever hear of Lori Weiman?

SFRC Roundtable hearing tomorrow

Kerry op-ed on Afghanistan

Time to come clean