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Why nothing Congress did or is doing really matters..

The "Mini Tet" in Kabul today seems to be a just a probe that will lead to a major offensive against

Gates Orders Review of Policy on {Photos of} Soldiers’ Coffin (NYT)

More Koala news

What ended up happening with the homebuyer tax credit in the stimulus?

Betsy McCaughey-another day, another RW hack loved by the MSM exposed

Focus on the Family poured over $1m into Prop H8, then laid off 20% of its staff!

How did this "Market Crashed because Geitner provided no details" talking point get traction?

Who voted against Victims of Elder Abuse?

Bailed-Out Wall Street CEOs Still Leasing Private Jets, Hoping To Keep Up To $1.5 Million In Salary

I went to see a client today .........

There are some miserable people out there on the roads .......

Amy Goodman...Democracy Now...the "Nightly News Cast" about Wall St./Obama/Carter Interview/Israel

Please Select Your Level Of Hate

Please Select Your Level Of Hate

Muzak files for bankruptcy (CNN)

Damn Blinko tv

Bill Ayers has an idea for Palin

Buy American

During World War II Americans bought what were called War Bonds to help pay for the war...

Maxine Waters on KO re the bankers today

Questions Grow for Fertility Clinics

If I approached you to sell you something that was worthless, would you buy it?

Okay, so where's the other $827.9 billion going? Can you help me out here?

Ark. House OKs Bill Allowing Guns in Churches

Man dragged under van 17 miles, dies, police say (driver didn't know)

Fineman is losing his dye and fast.

Violent arrest caught on tape. Witness "they don't beat dogs & let u get away with it".

Violent arrest caught on tape. Witness "they don't beat dogs & let u get away with it".

Small Business Owners or Businesspeople in general:

Cheney does his part to hep out with the recession

2010 NH Senate numbers

The Nation: Robert Scheer: No Tough Love for Bankers:

Anyone notice Jamie Dimon

Great line KO

Fingers Crossed

Do You Have A "Country Wide Mortgage ?"

Guardian: Binyam Mohamed torture evidence 'hidden from Obama'

Huffington Post: Obama: Reopen the 9/11 Investigation

Barney Frank will be a guest on Rachel's tv show tonight

Simple question: Have any of those slimy bankers agreed to give the bonus money back?

'The bonuses Merrill took are more than what we spend on AIDS, TB and malaria in poor countries.'

MarketWatch: Vegas Going Bust

MarketWatch: Vegas Going Bust

HuffPo Slide Show: First Lady Michelle Obama at Mary's Center, 2/10/09

Wonder what brand of tan in a can Boehner uses?

Could another Repug crook soon be off the streets?

St. Louis ban for sex shops, liquor stores--and Charter Schools (from buying closed school buildings

What happens when the realization sets in that you've been duped your entire life?

Email I received from my brother - In God We Trust...

Who are they protecting ?

Quit fighting about money, give it all to them.

Domenici’s records subpoenaed in U.S. attorneys probe

Has anyone seen this movie?

Texas crafts plan for Mexico collapse

Rachel About to Reveal The World's Largest Embassy! (Super Top Secret!!)

There's no place for self reflection here, nevermind

Effort to ban beer pong quickly abandoned

Did anyone watch that interview with Collins and Specter yesterday?

I need suggestions for class tomorrow! I'm teaching

Australian Bushfire Death Toll May Hit 300; Police Probe Arson

Was unfortunate enough to catch Michelle Bachmann on CSPAN today.....

Uncovering the Perks of Albany’s Fallen G.O.P.

Miami-Dade, Broward Teachers Face Off With Boards Over Budget

Man oh man ... they sure are shifty looking lot, aren't they?

Boston Bans Cigarette Sales In Drug Stores, force cigar bars to close over time

Who are the most progressive, pro-worker, socialist-leaning Democrats in Congress?

Climate Change Threatens Birds with Mass Extinction:

Uncovering the Perks of Albany’s Fallen G.O.P.

Can somebody offer me a little opinion and alternate perspective here?

Should the Freepers secede?

Help please: Commissions payable upon employment termination?

Octuplets could be costly for taxpayers

Pt. 3 of's Coming Home series: "You're a pussy and a scared little kid"

69 Computers Missing From Nuclear Weapons Lab

Meet the bosses.

So .... are we sufficiently stimulated ...... ?

Unions go after Cantor. Cantor's office responds with this video *Warning LANGUAGE-obscene*

HEADLINE: Mormons, Utahns backed Prop. 8 more than known

Maybe the fuckers just can't help themselves.

How can we set the Repubes straight about Reagan and the "cut taxes" myth?

The FBI has opened investigations into more than 500 cases of alleged corporate fraud

Sarah Palin Wishes Herself a Happy Birthday Press Conference...Also (with videos)

The embassy has no trees, no shit dumbshit

DU eight words

2 cops on same force realize they are father and son

Draft John Adams for U.S. Senate (AZ). McCain is up for reelection in 2010.

Conditions for "Truth and Reconciliation"...

Brilliant Toles Cartoon: Bend Over And Kiss Your Toxic Assets Good Buy

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"

Why are they blind to the solution.

When Michael Steel said Government jobs are "not real jobs" I was hoping someone

Quit dancing around salary caps and bonus caps and whatever caps

SCREWED: More companies resist paying jobless benefits

Welfare Queens went to Capitol Hill today and begged Congress not to cut off their benefits.....

A short way around the "truth commission/accountability" debate

Detained kiwi denies he was joining Islamic militants

How in the WORLD did US Citizens get beaten down to the point

How in the WORLD did US Citizens get beaten down to the point

Sweet Cotton Candy May Help Labs Grow Tissue.

NSA Surveillance of American Citizens...Status?

Fuck Leahy's Plan for Immunity !

Please examine the disconnect here re: "Retention Awards"

Thousands of Americans Abroad Got No Ballots

For Valentine's Day............

Viacom net income falls 69%

Pakistan Links to Kabul Raid Probed

Pakistan Links to Kabul Raid Probed

Sen. Ben Nelson, Centrist, Takes On Paul Krugman

When Nancy Slapped Harry?

Based on the current stimulus plan, predict how long this recession will last

Senate hearings yesterday. Bank CEOs

Isn't it GREAT that while we have to follow laws, the oil executives are immune from the same laws?

Scarborough blames (This is my generalization of what he said today."

Which Is More Deserving of Public Funds? The Octuplets or Halliburton?

So all those CEOs took a salary cut ?

Do I have this straight? Shiites did poorly in recent elections in Iraq and it was Shiites who were

Where are all the fundies thrilled with octo-mom's decision to give birth

Sen. Kerry to travel to Syria next week, meet with President Assad

Housing tax credit little benefit for the middle class or poor

Another racist comment from Prince Harry

Don't let them rewrite history by blaming Clinton for the meltdown.

Compromise Gives 17.9 billion for Rail and Transit

Lincoln at Gettysburg.

"Predator State" -- best description of Bu**sh** admin EVER

Feingold Hits Obama Adminstration Over Extrodinary Rendition Decsion

Is it possible the mother of 10 got paid under the table?

Will Congress do more to punish & restrain Wall St. than ritual tongue lashing?

A Simple Question About The Bush Administration

Could Pakistan and/or Afghanistan Become Failed States? Then What?

Refuting a Rethug talking point: While watching CSPAN, several Rethug callers

iraq embassy shown on rachel last night ====== HUGE government wasteful spending

Colbert One-Ups Glenn Beck...Literally

I just saw a "1/22/13" bumper sticker

YIKES... i lost my star. got up this morning to so many ads all over the place

Poll: Most Americans want inquiry into whether war on terror tactics broke the law

In Record Numbers, Employers Move to Block Unemployment Payouts

Quote Of The Day

Torn in two (Poem)

For Insight on Stimulus Battle, Look to the '30s

Has the conference version of the stimulus bill been posted

Iraq from the inside of an armored BMW...Dahr Jamail

Wal-Mart Lay-Offs

So, what I am thinking is...

Yvonne Bradley: Bring Binyam Home

We are not consumers, we are workers.

Like Hitler

‘Pallin’ Around With Sarah and Bill.’ - A Suggested By Bill Ayers

Whistleblower protections axed from stimulus


New Deal Debate: for most of the New Deal era, the economy grew quickly - 13% from '33-'37

67 computers missing from nuclear weapons lab

Are peanuts still deadly poison?

CBS News Should Be Ashamed...Missing Florida Girl....

"Sports should go green, allow pot smoking"

"Sports should go green, allow pot smoking"

WSJ Editorial Page: Can a newspaper be more misleading than this?

Do we know when the House vote will be ?

UK government's former chief scientific adviser: Iraq was the first 'resource war' of the century

From fines to wines, businesses fighting proposed state taxes (sales tax on vet services)

Lucky Cal State University at Fullerton - they may get to share the burden of 14 kids with Grandma

Just did my Gallup poll, and it leads me to believe corporate America is scared...

Toxic Liabilities Are Not Assets

REPOST: How did $50B high-risk, job-killing nuclear loans get in the stimulus? Fraudulent budget

SAIC's Algae-Based Jet Fuel Gets DARPA Funding

Not surprisingly, military can't keep track of weapons they've shoveled into hands of Afghans

Major Stimulus Package for Kentucky

Jack Nicholson fans - FOX Movie Channel has an old one on

Compromise Recovery Plan Makes Needed Improvements To Senate Version»

Can We Criticize Obama Yet?

Will There Be a PENALTY For Early Payment Of TARP Funds?

Any word if Feinstein tried to poison the stimulus conference yet?

So...does Wall Street like Geithner's plan now...or WHAT???

another Texas explosion

Caylee, Haylee...I think Nancy Grace has been stealing Children for Ratings.

FBI expects number of major financial bailout fraud cases to rise

Einstein was smart enough to join a UNION

Council will allow some fine refunds (wow, a city gives back money?)

The Company Store, Debt and Serfdom

Please join me in a big Happy Birthday to my favorite Republican!!!

national day of protest regarding the wall street/bailout/bonus's

"Calm Down?"

Mendacity Wrapped in Avarice and Coated with a Smooth, Peanuty Frosting.

Two-thirds of Americans believe “there should be investigations into allegations that the Bush team

Newt, Mitt and Jeb Among New 'Wash Times' Rotating Columnists (*Biggest Conservative Thinkers*) LOL

This is bullcrap...Congress caves to pay cuts..what about millions of US

Today, 200 years ago, both Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born.

up close and personal news of last nite's storms

I thought my mutual fund company did something quite odd the other day

Can California sue the doctor involved in the octuplet birth for malpractice?

Tortured to Death

Stimulus Bill gave RATpublicons lots of ammo to bludgeon Dems with.

FutureGen 'Clean Coal' Earmark Removed From Stimulus

Wisconsin county bans prayer at public meetings.....Fundies foaming at the mouth

How to buy American

City of Los Angeles, mayoral election ~~ who should my pal vote for?

Have to share this hilarious comment from a Think Progress reply

GOP To Air Ads Against Stimulus In 30 Dem/Pro-American Districts

Be vewy vewy quiet.

U.S./NATO bombings in Afghanistan increase 64% in January (to what effect?)

The leverage was on the order of the UK's 96%,

Who is the Australian nutjob talking to Thom Hartman

800 show up for one job in Tacoma, WA oh my god

Australian brush fires: Police release suspect photo (Terrah!)

A cunning plan: Red Stater's not so bright.

The danger of borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars from overseas...

Fed Reserve Fails to Reflate the US Banking System V2

Bipartisanship: It's about the Electorate, not about Congress (X-Posted from GDP)

Geithner Warns His Talking Could Cause Depression

Sacred Cows

Awesome photos from cockpit of salvaged US Airways FLT 1549 (pic heavy)

The Gov Gives, and The Gov Gets

Question On The Stimulus Package

No Tough Love for Wall Street By Robert Scheer

There, I feel better now. I've defended the teddy bears.

"When are we going to FEEL the effects? Huh? WHEN??"

The banks are still encouraging people to borrow money they can't afford to pay back.

Comment to Congressional Dems and Bush investigations...if you people...

Phoenix, Arizona has become the kidnapping capital of America

(Jane) Fonda's Anti-War Film Gets DVD Release (37 years later)

Continue creating obese diabetics for profit, or find the cause and cure? Epigenetics?

A question for paid writers (and others) on DU: What do you think of this?

Should churches pay taxes--especially "mega-churches"?

Happy 200th Birthday to Chuck and Abe!!!

Who is the Congressman on Ed Schultz doing his best to trash Obama, the Stimulus, and everything

Look at the people screaming at President Obama

Does anyone have a handle on why it takes $320,000/year.....

Are corrupt Congressional Democrats being coerced into not prosecuting Bush/Cheney criminals?

Californians: Could Arnold be elected if he ran for the Senate?

Did anybody catch the PBS documentary of Lincoln last night?

Last night at Ford's theater

Seasteading: A Practical Guide to Homesteading the High Seas

Chris Floyd: "Shock Absorbers: Progressives Stunned by Obama Non-Surprises"

Australian PM declares a day of mourning.

Australian PM declares a day of mourning.

Conservatives contradict themselves when they criticize Henrietta Hughes

Did You Know They Have Debtors' Prison in Dubai?

Poor Bill R

Mark Fiore Flashtoon explains the Republican views on "Stimulus"

Ways to justify something that is morally wrong:

Ways to justify something that is morally wrong:

Oregon Guardsmen possibly exposed to toxic chemicals

Whatever Happened to Tamara Hall from MSNBC?

Has anyone seen the documentary "History of the National Security State?"

Soft Bigotry, Low Expectations

Retail sales rise unexpectedly in January

Retail sales rise unexpectedly in January

Bob Cesca: President Obama Is Literally Driving The Republicans Insane!

Bob Cesca: President Obama Is Literally Driving The Republicans Insane!

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln!

did anyone see that CATO guy on msnbc a while ago?

Online flowers indicate "wilting" economy...who knew??

First Draft of Neanderthal Genome Announced

Al Sharpton Criticizes Democrats For "Diluting" Stimulus Bill

A Salute to Pres Lincoln, Happy 200th to one of the (very few) decent Republican Presidents.

President Clinton crossing union boycott to give speech- urged to move speech

Oh no!!!! Not Trader Joe's, too!!!!!

Rebuttal to RW e-mail....


Unions to Wall Street: back off ( lobbying against EFCA)

Rep. Michele Bachmann’s stimulus plan: $1 billion to each of the 435 congressional districts.»

Pawlenty is on GEM$NBC

Must suck to be Bonnie Newman right now

GEM$NBC is carrying President Obama

Sen. Patrick Leahy: A Truth Commission to Investigate Bush-Cheney Administration Abuses

Prince Harry has to go to 'Equality Training " for the second time

"How 'bout we vote for God's stimulus plan?? How about that?"

What if US, Canada, and Mexico were only countries in the world-how would international trade work?

How are gas prices where you live?

"Because the Senate is so Dysfunctional"

Kathleen Parker is firmly planted on my shit list

Clearly the Repugs are not up to the task. . (Gregg)

TPM: Source: Collins Strips Stim Bill Of Whistleblower Protections

You know what sucks?

Man dies after Taser jolt from S.J. police

New Math??? WTF??

U.S. sees economic crisis as top security threat (NIE) - Reuters

Mortgage fraud suspect caught with $1.07M stuffed in boots crossing border

Charter to file Chapter 11

Rachel Maddow over to the White House for wednesday night drinks?

Mr. Beef faces foreclosure (sad story about medical debts bringing down a biz)

No matter where this poll is posted, DU or anywhere else, it will not give an accurate result.

Hang in there friends, Medicare didn't happen overnight -

Nationwide Mortgage Fraud Suspect Caught With $70K In Cowboy Boots, $1M In Swiss Bank Certificates

Here's who will benefit from stimulus accord

Karl Rove dirty politics & why Bush should be prosecuted

How about the Governor from Montana for Commerce

Stanford makes Businessweek - the S is about to hit

MSNBC Anchor, Peter Alexander, Apologizes After Saying "Colored People" (VIDEO)

Jesus Gets Practical: Hang your clothes on Jesus.

Screw the Rapture. I am ready for the REPture.

If Feinstein runs for Governor of CA next year, who should replace her if she wins?

In Montréal, the price of the houses climb of 3% in 2008 ....

I dont think Gregg's Withdrawal was a GOP Trick, but It was extremely Low Class to not warn the WH

Deutsche Bank Analyst's memo: Overpay For Our Assets, Or You'll Regret It

Defense Department Establishes Civilian Expeditionary Workforce

Does Gregg keep his Senate seat now?

Octuplets fertility doctor at center of another multi-pregnancy

Octuplets fertility doctor at center of another multi-pregnancy

Fidel on Rahm Emmanuel's name

republics have no intention of being bipartisan

Who persuaded medical institutions that vitamin deficiencies are real?

A Supportive Post and a Rant

My theory: The Obama effect: All the liars and schemers are being exposed:

I love DU and I love the people here, but we will never ever win this fight

So this stimulus plan is costing us around $2,600 per person

If you were designing an economic stimulus program--what would it look like?

I want all politicians who are against Social Security and Medicare to do this.

According to a report on kmov channel 4 in St Louis

Bush to give first speech since quittin' presidentin'...closed to public, organizers mum on fees

Come'on Harry, just turn one... you got three.. just one...

Any Lawyers out there

Bigots say the stupidest of things

Internal email reveals DOD delayed releasing men from Guantánamo in order to avoid bad press

Are the republicans political geniuses or cutting their own throats?

Can you explain this term? "Comparative Advantage"

When can we expect Obama say:

Has anyone received the forms

Office of Thrift Supervision chairman steps down

Do the powerful in the US not care if they kill the goose that laid the golden eggs?

Study shows Big 20% Drop in U.S. Households' Net Worth:

The Problem with Congressional and Senate Committees

Coleman Lawyer: The Constitution Now Requires Counting Invalid Votes

Menendez (D-NJ) says GOP should be afraid

The Case for a G.W. Bush Monument

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Kalamazoo, MI man beaten unconscious by 40-50 teens

Breaking: Judd Gregg pulls his nomination for Commerce Secretary

The weaker sex

Where does Gov. Pawlenty fall on the Republican-Asshole-O-Meter?

Judd Gregg..Runaway Bride ( Gloria Borger -CNN)

Baby Gestures Linked to Vocabulary Development

Oops!!Russian and US satellites collide

Minnesota Judges Expected to Rule Monday on Ballot Parameters

Domenici Subpoenaed In US Attorneys Probe

Gregg / Abramoff connection . .

So why did Tom Allen fail so miserably at taking out Susan Collins?

So why did Tom Allen fail so miserably at taking out Susan Collins?


I've never bought gold or silver

Speaking of fundraisers.....

Deputies: Ohio teacher cut class for prostitution

A curious thing happened at our Leg.Dist. meeting tonight.

There will be no tax rebate checks with Obama stimulus program

A note I sent to Senator Leahy. I await the answer from his office:

Defending the New Deal: some small evidence that the narrative is reaching TV

I just got spammed by Michael Steele

Amy Goodman: 'Have we learned nothing from Iraq?'

SEC Charges KBR and Halliburton for FCPA Violations - ONLY THE BEGINNING

Anybody else here think Gregg did this to embarass Obama?

We Now have Another Open Cabinet Secretary, so.....Who Do ya Want?

Who's more likely to screw up your life?

OctoMom -- It Was a Very "Goodyear" *GRAPHIC PHOTO!*

South Side man flings dog into car door, causing its death

Maritime grey sealers lose market for pelts (Harp seal hunt starts in March? Maybe not)

Get Ready For Digital TV Mayhem...Starting Next Week

Of the 219 Republicans in Congress, they were the only three to back the bill.

Lawyer: Evidence against Bruce Ivins 'undercut'

Iraq Vets Storm the Hill, Congress Rapidly Responds

With the republican party being the "party of the South," have I missed all the Lincoln day events

India: Cow Urine Soft Drink, Gau Jal, To Be Launched As Coke Alternative

From Patrick Leahy...request to sign his online petition

About whistleblowers - I wonder if any employees at the Peanut Corp of

The Wicked Witch of the West's Hourglass: The flaw in Capitalism. Part III

So did that 'did not vote' with Judd Gregg on the stimulus package

Are you optimistic that this "stimulus plan" will work?

Class war has already started in DU

What do you see as the future of the independent merchant

"It is not unusual to see men doing this type of work, but girls are preferred on routine jobs..."

Mr. Peanut Commits Suicide

Bills Introduced Yesterday Would Limit Use of 'State Secrets'

CNBC's 'House of Cards' explains financial crisis

Social Security isn't broken; don't "fix" it!

Country first? Kiss my fucking ass!

Nominate Dennis Kucinich for commerce & let's get this show on the road.

NYC: Resolution Introduced to Divest the City from Usurious Banks

My not-very-positive "private" email to Coast to Coast's George Noory

Chicage Sun Times: Octuplets' mom 'creepy' -- irritates Angelina Jolie

I think I'll have a peanut butter sandwich with some kool-aid and end it all. n/t

Negotiators cut out $15,000 home buyer tax credit

My mom

"You're a pussy and a scared little kid"

Kate Gosselin comments on Nadya Suleman.

Americablog: Ari Fleischer, who let a prostitute ask President Bush questions, now has a problem....

Was Looking...To See News Today...On...Octuplets And...Found This...

How Elliot Spitzer tried to save us from the repukes......

Funny blooper on Bill Press show just now

does Vanity Fair not want me because I'm not rich?

Holy Smoke ! Bat Woman is a Lesbian.

What Will YOU Do With Your Portion of the Stimulus Bill - $13 per Week ?

Drudge & GOP Spreading Bizarre Claim of Funding For "Pelosi's Mouse"

CALL Leahy's Office and Tell Him NO TO IMMUNITY!!!

Deputies say teacher who skipped class went to motel to work as prostitute

Sick SOB Rush Limbaugh comparing homeless lady in Florida with Queen for a Day Contestant........

Sick SOB Rush Limbaugh comparing homeless lady in Florida with Queen for a Day Contestant........

In dollars, coaches beat teachers in Texas; $$73,804 vs $42,400,

NY AG Cuomo Letter to Barney Frank on Merrill Bonuses

I'm about ready to donate money to buy Ms. Suleman a fur coat and Cadillac

Chief. Of. Staff. Rahm. Emanuel.

The Rude Pundit - They're Losing Their Fucking Minds, Part 4: Jesus Doesn't Need a Stimulus

What will you do with your tax refund check?

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative: "Canada's banking system the healthiest in the world."

Ex-presidents of Latin America urge legal marijuana

Do Republicans WANT the poor to be out on the streets or to choose between utilities and groceries?

Stephen Colbert DESTROYS Glenn Beck

Saudi Arabia warn of "nightmare scenario" in development of alternative fuels

Saudi Arabia warn of "nightmare scenario" in development of alternative fuels

GOP - when a bunch of Hate-filled Goobers got in with both Mafia and NAZI money from Wall Street

Cure for HIV found? Stem Cell transplant eliminates all traces of virus...

Rep Louise Slaughter: I must clear up untruths-Republicans "WANTED TO OBSTRUCT"

The American People: "We want Bush Admin. abuses to investigated!"

He predicted the economic crisis back in 2007..What does he think of the Stimulus Plan?

Genes remember sugar hit: Australian research

Economic sufficient condition

Seriously though, why is there a prayer before every little thing the government does?

Poll: Just 39% believe in evolution - What an ignorant country!

California's Pain Is Only Beginning

Who is opposed to the prosecution of Bush/Cheney administration criminals?

LEAHY Shoots Bushco In Face: "Bush & Cheney were in charge when the last attack happened"

Poll Question: Should Nadya Sulleman be allowed to have more children?

Complete Recipe for Accountability: Just Add Sweat

Here's my crazy stimulus idea: Why not give everyone food stamps?

Quote of the day.

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin!

'Some Say' Gregg HAD to withdraw because he had a Wall St Madam problem.

Singer Toby Keith takes security into own hands at Ky. concert

NPR has asked Juan Williams that he no longer be identified as affiliated with NPR

Concerning Your "Truth" Commission, Sir...We're Not Stupid.

Any Other 40+ Experience This?

Anatomy Of A Rethug Smear

Should Nadya Suleman Pay Govt. Back?

Our "problem" is that we actually have too FEW legislators

Happy 100th Birthday NAACP

"Seriously, Can we laugh now?"

The Big Winners In Stimulus Compromise: The Upper-Middle Class

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.”

Amy Goodman interview... holy crap!

LIMBOsevic is performing /committing TREASON

Millions of animals dead in Australia fires

Driving While Black in Small Southern Towns

there are more slaves today than at any point in human history.

Judd Gregg Withdraws as U.S. Commerce Nominee

Virgin Atlantic ad under fire for promoting 'sexism'

Skipping A Parent Teacher Conference May Cost You

My sister buys houses.

Why she did it?...$13,608.00 a month and free medical for the kids

Adorable Bill Geist video from this past Sunday Morning Show

They are going after Phelps b/c he destroys all Reefer Madness propaganda

Media mentioned Blue Dogs 933 times, Progressive Caucus only 99 times...

Carelessly opened car doors could result in fines

I am so sober right now I can barely post.

I am so right now, I can barely.

Yes! We Cannabis! ( Thanks to Royal Sloan 09 )

she being Brand

Ugh. Placement assessment tests.

How to keep three dogs busy on a rainy day:

Have you ever gone shoppping and not been able to find a damn

I am so drunk right now I can barely post

I am so drunk right now I can barely post


I have lost 3 lbs. in the last three days.

iam so drnk rihg tnow tht i canr breaelt posta here at du

"It's natural. It's from the fuckin earth and it fuckin heals, man."

Thank you, star donor!!

Mrs. Brady ..... I'm SHOCKED!!!

I'm so posted right now I can drunkly bare.


It *is* February still right?

WEST COAST...Starting now, The God Warrior woman of Trading Spouses!!!

I'm getting ready to copycat every thread by changing the first letter of the thread title.

KCPO plays 2 back to back episodes of 2 1/2 Men every night!

M'm getting ready to copycat every thread by changing the first letter of the thread title.

Facebook has Freeper gifts!!!

Ahhhhhh, Bourbon County Stout! Any questions?

For those of you wondering about Beer Pong, which was nearly outlawed in MD...




So "everybody" hates soccer and Mexico, so the U.S. won, AND

Top Chef Thread!

Helen's question at last night's press conference was extremely important.

Team USA over Mexico, 2-0!!!!

Everybody knows. n/t

Capital One - Raising APR, anyone else get a letter?

Washington Nationals sign Adam Dunn

Man , 9-5 is a myth ,

May I please have a hug?

What's the reccord of rec's

So I figured out how to colonize the moon

Everyone who died in Superman Returns was killed by one of the 'good' guys

New Joss Whedon series starts Friday -- what have ya'll heard?

Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow, people!!

Do not eat beans and hotdogs three times in 24 hours.

"The earth's a big blue marble when you see it from out there"

Neanderthal Dream #9

Medi-Cal will not let me go out of county to see a psychiatrist.


OMG, the "phantom reccer is back"??? Someone remind me...

Slaughter me with Centaurs!


i've been editing for the last few hours and now have 3GB less space on my computer

The Peanut guy should have to watch this over and over and over and over and ...

anybody here ever play "Fate-The Game"? I'm just curious...

Kitty cleans up and wins the prize LOL

42,000 Thank You notes from Planned Parenthood

Anyone else ever seen the movie "Mean Creek"?

I borrowed the Unsolved Mysteries Ghosts box set from a friend tonight.

ok its a .... post a song about how you feel RIGHT NOW thread...

Rest in peace Amber...

So the guy that took that picture of Michael Phelps


Lex Luthor sets a new high standard for evil.

I am so frikin pissed I don't know what to do. A child is in the hospital and I am some of why

Name a song that is a pirate favorite of yours

Neil Young w/ Phish at Farm Aid '98! Guitar wank-off heaven!

We came home to a baby llama ("cria") tonight! Holy Crap!

Weekly World News: "Fathers Against Mothers Against Drunk Driving"

It's a Miracle!!!

Need a little baking help, please.

Mother Nature doesn't mess around

two hour school delay for kiddo again, this time for high wind gusts

Men are aroused by

Can anyone with knowledge of labor law help me out here please? TIA.

Dear DU Internet Explorer 7 experts... Need help.

my get up and go has got up and left

Because he's yum:

I Can't Smile Without You

I love the scent of lasagna.


I love the scent of bologna.

woohoo! i win. i got tickets for the sox opener. obama throwing out 1st pitch


Fabio or Carla?

Printing Takes A Long Time

A Valentines PSA: You can get a hickie on your lips.

Happy 200th Birthday, Charles Darwin!

If you had an army of flying monkeys, like in The Wizard of Oz, would you use them for GOOD or EVIL?

My dermatologist just told me I have 'princess hands'

This Is Why You're Fat

All Things Must Pass

Just because you can...

Calming the Voices That Scream ‘Shop!’

DU Valentine hearts: Skinner says ---->

**************** DUKE LOSES TO UNC AT HOME!! ****************

So if Billy Preston was the so-called "Fifth Beatle", he did a lot of

Bandstand Boogie

Uhhhh, Candygram...

When friends have you over for dinner and ask HOW IS IT, you respond...

For Valentine's Day............

Thanks to Marzipanni, Flight 1549 interview clip

I feel so much better

Congratulate me. I have the cold that will not end.

There are two known ways that stars are created:

Happy 100th Birthday NAACP

Please, lounge, in celebrating Darwin day, do not win a Darwin Award.

Many people have been asking if we are going to have our Valentine hearts fundraiser this year.

Can anyone tell me what these quotes are from?

'Joba-The-Not' sentenced for impersonating Yankee

I have one month to heal

U2: Letterman's House Band for a full week

kitten picture of the day for thursday february 12

Jack Nicholson fans - FOX Movie Channel has an old one on

Paris Hilton seeks duet with Sir Paul McCartney.

Free Stress Test at Wal-Mart?

My telephone is out.

Special Plane For Underpants

Happy 200th birthday Abe Lincoln

Well I went downtown today to visit the new library and got a library card.

Vote For Me!

Rat loves cat!

What are your favre odors? Least favre?

If I got a wii could I protect my TV screen with chicken wire or a sheet of plexiglass?

Down home with Darwin, at 200

Why do I have...


Hey guys. Anybody up? I put the divorce papers in the mail and am wavering

Thanks Anonymous Donor!

has anyone ever used all 65,536

OMG!!! I missed 5000!

I LOVE a good flight!

College is expensive.

Heart Shaped Pizza

Ut oh - I've fed the fiend and she wants brains!

My Nephew In The Army Flies Back To His Base Tomorrow

I am very disappointed in sniffa.

Bi-Baby doesn't believe me that there's an albino in the basement of Boston City Hall

I think we should have a lounge Cafe Press shop

Whats For Lunch

We're having our special Valentine's Dinner early.

OK DU tofu lovers, here is a golden opportunity thanks to Trader Joe's

Internet drama makes me LOL so hard.

MrsCoffee is threatening to make vegan "food" for dinner tonight.

i'm not old enough to say i'm too old for shit, but i am too old for this shit

Hottest Yearbook Photo By A National Politician

Me and Candace Cameron and Nancy Sinatra are going to have a bday party for Hugh Downs on 2/14

I say we start a petition to have American Idol taken off the air

Does it cost a lot to legally change your name? Is there a discount for doing it repeatedly?

Robert Kraft, the Patriot's owner, was on Howard today.

My vodka FROZE! WTF!

"Size matters but transparency is much more important..."

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/12/09

Bar Keepers Friend or Bon Ami?

no one was home when I came home to make dinner

The other day I saw a woman carrying her "work shoes" with her on her way to work

ok I got the sneezes from TZ.. DO NOT CLICK ON HER THREAD

So I got a haircut today ...

Good morning Lounge

I LOVE a good fight!


Chris Squire of Yes hospitalized. Shows postponed.


51st Daytona 500 Pace car.

I just officially had the shit scared out of me

Thursday cutie!

American Idol has jumped the shark

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/12/2009)

Midlo's dermatologist just told me she has 'shrek hands'

I am considering leveling a toon on Diablo2 again

23 years ago, when I weighed about 165 with a 32 in waist, I delivered singing telegrams...

anyone here speak/read french?


Back at home with a sick baby.

a thing that makes me go hmmm

Why doesn't Skinner have a star??

My dermatologist just told me I have 'shrek hands'

Whew - I need some lounge love - GD has me spitting bullets

Whew - I need some lounge love - GD has me spitting bullets

Are you high brow, middle brow or low brow?

What do you think when you read the name 'LeftyFingerPop'?

Joke in which the work brazillion does not appear

Here it is: The Cathedral of Basketball.

Should there be a DU poll thread, including chromatic options, about donating DU hearts?

All I can think of is - PEANUT BUTTER!

I love the scent of cologne.

Pet request (bummer alert)

Oh my. Go to google's home page

Best ever storefront (picture)

I get a lot of crap for it but I LIKE Coldplay


Would someone please toss a bag of weed into GD:P?

It's insanely windy here in western PA

Petition to Remove AMERICAN IDOL from television

Rumor: Randi Rhodes to be WJNO-only?

HOW MANY DUARS HAEV U MET.!11111!1!11111!!!1 WTF LOL

Which really came first; jazz or bluegrass

What do you think when you hear the phrase 'avant garde'?


I think my dog is "nesting". At least that is what I call it.

My favorite doggie pic. Now, how profound is this?

I love the scent of düsseldorf

Should I be alarmed that I can't identify all the state avatars?

I think skinner should have a black heart vs a red heart competition

I'm watching Conan the Destroyer. Did he really just punch out a horse?

I have a date tomorrow! She invited me to Olive Garden for dinner.

Give a DU'er a Darwin Award....

Why doesn't Skinner make it so that you can tell when the Cheese Whiz in the compressed air cans is

So the ass that took that picture of Phelps.

Someone please tell me the Joaquin Phoenix interview on Letterman tonight is a bit.

Mardi Gras floats causing traffic jams in New Orleans


Directv or Dish?

OMG was that a LOST spoiler in NJmaverick's thread title?

Attention: Hello Kitty fans...

Cenk: Who Keeps Screwing Us Over? (#1 Featured Diary @ DailyKos)

What are your fave odors? Least fave?

Petition to Remove TATIANA from American Idol.

COBRA in the stimulus bill?

Looks like Mr. Midlo and I are headed to splitsville.

Please join me in TOASTING Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday!!!

Do me a favor... ? (pic thread)

What Was The Best Series Finale Ever

Are You Still Eating PeanutButter?

Tony Rice is the greatest acoustic guitarist in the world. Bar none.

Guys, what was the worst valentine's gift you ever gave?

If you've ever owned an iPhone: Would you recommend...

Psst. Lounge. Don't look now, but apparently the Jonas Brothers post here.

Auto loan ad: "No credit, no income, no license...we'll finance you!"

Amazon Kindle 2 eReader - to be released on Feb 24th

LOST- I am tired of watching people die

Americans For Prosperity - Who Are These 400,000 Morons and Why is MSNBC Covering Them LIVE ?

My toddler son's unique interpretation of "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" (Video)

Florida GOP Vice chair trying to get county committeewoman reinstated. Remember her racist email?

i finished my album

Jesus Gets Practical: Hang your clothes on Jesus.

What Am I Missing When We Hear - Nobody Knows How Or WhereThe Money Went......

Peter King is still wearing his Elvis hairdo .. He's obnoxious in every way.

So Peter King Is Setting The Stage Already If This Stimulus Package Is Successful......

Will Obama Invoke Any Executive Orders After This Stimulus Bill Is Passed?.....

Bernstein: Economic Stimulus And Financial Stability ‘Extremely Complementary’

Freeper Crazyness More Than Just Funny

White House Blog: First compromise, then impact (plus Obama's statement)

Obama's stimulus: a local view

Obama administration sending delegation to Special Olympics in Boise, Idaho

He's a baffling one, that President Obama

Blago coming up on Hannity ..... for those who dare!

Stimulus Bill already creating jobs, Caterpillar to rehire employees!

Help me here...what other President had major legislation pass in his first month in office?

Not all tax cuts are Reaganesque or Bushian:

Senate and House reportedly reach deal on stimulus with $70 billion in green spending

PHOTOS Gorgeous Obama pictures (All seen before...but for old time's sake)

Grassley and Repubs whining that they were left out of Conference

Urgent: Stop The Nuclear/Coal Power Plant Fraud In The Stimulus Bill

Obama Praises Lincoln's Legacy at Ford's Theatre

Is a second stimulus package in the works?

President Obama Is Literally Driving The Republicans Insane

Did Republicans get together and come up with "token" lingo?

McClatchy/Ipsos - Poll: With 69 percent approval, Obama has political firepower

So I am watching "Looking for Lincoln" on PBS last night when guess who shows up...

Republicans Still Talking Shit about the Stimulus Bill.

NEVER FORGET: "What do you talk about about when you have nothing to say?"

AP: Highlights of Compromise Economic Stimulus Plan

Pakistan President Zardari Receives Obama Phone Call

Repubs maxing out Coleman's recount contributions - "benefiting" from Franken not being seated

Obama's science pick John Holdren's hearings on NOW at this site:

Vanity Fair: Enter Obama and the O Team - Photos by Annie Leibovitz

Bipartisanship: It's about the Electorate, not about Congress

Take at look at this breakdown of stimulus by state

Barack Obama, Sidney Poitier and Luke Skywalker

Vanity Fair article: Nixon trashed Reagan

Vanity Fair article: Nixon trashed Reagan

Vanity Fair article: Nixon trashed Reagan

A suggestion for the next Obama House Party Topic!

Hilda Solis approved as Labor Secretary

Per Harry Reid: some Dems have never been in conference before cause Repub's shut them out

States Push to Take Back National Guard

Latest MSM BS Story: Obama vs. Las Vegas

The GOP's Jihad on Obama

Obama on the C-Span Television thing now about Lincoln

Eliminate the Penny? Funny stuff from Prez Obama

You thought Obama had finished his tour? Not Yet. Going to Denver and Phoenix

Drudge Headline Requests? Here are a couple of mine...

Twitter, Twitter - Republicans appeal to young voters...

CNN: In Ford’s Theater, Obama invokes forbidden word

All analysts I have been listening to since Oct have predicted the DOW

Why Are The Republicants Disrespecting Henrietta Hughes And Julio Osequeda?

Goddamn it, it's time to stop enabling these fucking Wall Street CRIMINALS

FOX News not happy with Obama’s press conference - LOL So funny, too bad Fox

Salon's Washington correspondent Mike Madden on "taking credit" in the Obama Administration

President Obama Executive Order 13501. PERAB!

Repug Tool Gregg's Statement on Withdrawal of Nomination for Commerce Secretary

The Coming Bank Bailout - Will democrats/progressive raise their voice?

Just How Fucking Goddamned Long Are We Going To Have To Wait For A Senator In Minnesota?

PHOTOS The Obamas at Ford's Theatre (Feb 11)

Menendez targets nine GOP seats

WH press office surprised by Gregg's drop out; got no heads up!

Claire McCaskill is a class act, she voted against Obama's DOD deputy secretary/corporate lobbyist

"..nothing about the vetting process played any role in this decision..."

"..nothing about the vetting process played any role in this decision..."

Polls: Support For Stimulus Package Rises

GOP leaders know more about Gregg's withdrawal than does the WH.

House Dems to give up pay raise

Repugs drumming up phony controversy over census.


The representation of women in the finance world globally and the Stimulus

Solicitor general nominee says 'enemy combatants' can be held without trial

Talkingpoints Josh Marshall questions Gregg's reasons for withdrawal

Here's who will benefit from stimulus

Is Gregg toast for 2010?

GOP pressure on Gregg because of Census ?? - see link

Anyone think Gregg's was forced to withdraw the nomination? Any skeletons in his closet?

Gregg Doing it for his Repub buddies?!

Nationalize the Banks:

Federal whistleblower protection provisions apparently out of the stimulus bill - this is not good!

Listening to Andrea Mitchell is PAINFUL!

Gregg says he's not running for re-election, so we still get an open seat

Judd Gregg pulls name from nomination.

The GOP LOST their Asses in 08 due to: Arrogance and Deceit. Caught pissing on the Masses they paid

Reid, Emanuel pushed for Gregg

Judd Gregg is the latest victim of stupid maneuvering by the GOP

Irony: Republicans show their complete inability to adapt... on Darwin's birthday

Brad Dufuss Blakeman: "Gregg Threw Himself Under the Bus to let Obama Escape Unscathed."

Birther Berg SPANKED Hard By Judge

If it were really as bad out there as you think it is.

Rahm Emmanuel Was Chief of Staff

The GOP fits the description of BULLIES in our Society...they will lie cheat steal in your Face

Gregg withdrawal shows Obama's inexperience, Senator Bob Bennett (asshat - UT) says

Gallopping Gregg couldn't handle the job.. so he lit out for the territories.

Lovin' Pelosi...

This forum should be called GD:H

Obama releases statement on Gregg.

Hey Mods! Can I create a sockpuppet named "Bipartisanship"...

It's time to step up to the plate for our President. I'm damn mad and want to send the

Did Gregg (w/ the GOP) intentionally accept and withdraw to undermine Obama and make him look bad?

White House Statement on Gregg

Which Lincoln quote best helps us with our current state of affairs?

All those blaming Rahm Emanuel are basically blaming Obama.

New right wing meme: The stimulus provides 300,000 illegal aliens with jobs?

Are you in favor of the Fairness Doctrine?

Claire McCaskill takes shot at Gregg via Twitter. I really love her!

Gregg can suck my balls.

Sen. Gregg begged for a job, and then ran away! What a douche!

Republican reaction to Geggs announcement

Gregg "Lobbied" for the Position initially, meaning he's Confused, Undecisive or was BlackMailed!

Dem Hill Staffer Dishes on Gregg's Withdrawal



Sam Stein Of HuffPo Talks To Cenk About His Question At Obama's First Prime Time News Conference

Unredacted documents reveal prisoners tortured to death

President loves Arizona! (even if DU doesn't)

VA GOP attempted coup failed due to twittering

A Poll to DU

**Gregg speaking now** n/t.

C'n I come in?

Will the regular banks in smaller cities go down before the conglomerates?

Seriously, why DON'T we just abolish the Department of Commerce?

Caterpillar CEO Contradicts President, Hangs him out to dry

Caterpillar CEO Contradicts President, Hangs him out to dry

Snowe on MSNBC, defending the stimulus.

For the Love Of God, Mr. President. Tap Gary Locke for Commerce and get this done already.

Taking down a RW talking point - they are blaming the housing crisis on Clinton. WRONG!

Census issues are about preventing the impoverished and people of color from voting. It's all about

Glen Beck Is Rush Limbaugh Without The Flair

Overview of the House-Senate stimulus PDF.

Krugman for Commerce

Krugman for Commerce

Krugman for Commerce

Robert Reich for Commerce Secretary

Happy 200th birthday to two people who piss off conservatives/racists: Lincoln and Darwin!

Robert Reich for Commerce Secretary

Robert Reich for Commerce Secretary

Please, what is the justification for these ethic rules "waivers"? What was the point of

Please, what is the justification for these ethic rules "waivers"? What was the point of

Please, what is the justification for these ethic rules "waivers"? What was the point of

Please, what is the justification for these ethic rules "waivers"? What was the point of

Please, what is the justification for these ethic rules "waivers"? What was the point of

BREAKING!!! Rahm gave Obama his first cigarette!!!

Tweety Just Upset Me - His Comment That Obama Using The WH Bowling Alley & Going To Camp David......

BREAKING!!! Rahm gave Obama his first cigarette!!!

Tweety Just Upset Me - His Comment That Obama Using The WH Bowling Alley & Going To Camp David......

Kerry named to head New Communication AND Tech Subcommittee

Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) said Gregg was under a lot of pressure from the right.

Please Tell the NY Observer What YOU Think of Joe and Mika.

OK Mr. President. You've proven you've reached out to the other side. Gregg's Rejection Is It.

Right on cue, the White House press awakens from its Bush slumber

Right on cue, the White House press awakens from its Bush slumber

Four Tennessee State Representatives Go Insane, Sign Up With Birthers

Rahm’s fingerprints all over package, tactics

Jack Reed: ‘I don’t think we should be afraid’ of investigating Bush crimes.

How serious a crisis was the Bush presidency compared to others in American history?

How serious a crisis was the Bush presidency compared to others in American history?

Couldn't think of a single comeback for my right-wing-nut father-in-law

Is Rahm inept or just bad at his job?

Is Rahm inept or just bad at his job?

PHOTO Caption it! (Obama, Biden and Gregg)

Really, 46 percent of Americans believe Reagan & Kennedy were greater than FDR, Lincoln and GW?

Really, 46 percent of Americans believe Reagan & Kennedy were greater than FDR, Lincoln and GW?

Really, 46 percent of Americans believe Reagan & Kennedy were greater than FDR, Lincoln and GW?

Right Back at Ya, Judd (WH statement)

The GOP Has Declared War On Obama

The GOP Has Declared War On Obama

2010 Mission: Defeat John McCain AGAIN! Look at the email I got...

2009 Project Censored #5 - Seizing War Protesters Assets

Congratulations to President Obama!

Breaking News: Gregg withdraws nomination for Commerce Secretary

Andrew Sullivan Nails it: Gregg Was Pwned

Petraeus 'leaked' Iraq pullout plans

Pastor says Abortion to blame for Fires Downunder

Ex-lawmaker's (Domenici) records subpoenaed in firings probe

Feingold Hits Obama Adminstration Over Extrodinary Rendition Decsion

Stimulus bill snag worked out, sources say

Billions for clean water, parks

Judges Approve Warrant for Sudan’s President

20 Dead as Taliban Attackers Storm Kabul Offices.

Iraq to question ex-Gitmo detainees up to 2 weeks

Detained kiwi denies he was joining Islamic militants

Sweet Cotton Candy May Help Labs Grow Tissue.

Racial concerns halt jury selection in third Liberty City Six terrorism trial

Venezuela Arrests Soldiers Over Alleged Army Plot, Chavez Says

Titian, the Tory and Wikipedia: a modern morality tale

Jolie's refugee comment stirs debate in Thailand

Harper rejects pleas to raise Khadr's plight with Obama

Special Envoy Heads to Afghanistan

China investigates more milk products for melamine

Biden in The House.

China claims victory at UN human rights panel

China and Taiwan to Confer on Imperial Art Treasures Split by History

China official: Tibetan areas closed to foreigners

More Sri Lanka wounded evacuated

Vietnam, Vatican to discuss diplomatic ties

Senate OKs Ex-Lobbyist as Defense Nominee

Powerful earthquake hits Indonesia, 42 injured (Update)

Pioneer announces 10,000 job cuts

Roadside bomb in southern Thailand kills 3

Bredesen in Retreat on HSS: 'I Was Mugged'

Ongoing Jobless Claims Hit Record, But Initial Claims Dip

Is Stanford Financial's Offer Too Good to Be True?

China Detains Building Chief in TV Complex Blaze

China Detains Building Chief in TV Complex Blaze

US frees scores from Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison

Lawmakers' Goal to Cap Executive Pay Meets Resistance

Pakistan admits India attack link

Ore. Guard tells of possible chemical exposure (of 433 soldiers while serving in Iraq)

US soldier dies of non-combat injuries in Iraq

New Evidence of DOD Cooperation with CIA Ghost Detention Program

(Congressman) Nadler Slams Obama Over State Secrets Privilege

Police to investigate threats to octuplet mom

Poll: Most want inquiry into anti-terror tactics(of Bush Admin)

The advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 623,000,

Ford official says auto industry is stabilizing

Retail Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Climb 1%, First Increase in Seven Months

U.S. (intelligence agencies) sees economic crisis as top security threat

Bank got help, still sending workers to resort

Gay marriage supporters vow to file second complaint over Mormon church's role in Prop. 8

Thousands of US weapons astray in Afghanistan: auditors

Pope Condemns Holocaust Denial

Autism Coverage Bill Fails

Iraq MPs Seek Reparation For 1981 Israeli Attack On Nuclear Reactor

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 12

Canada may reduce immigration

Scientists Ask: What Would Darwin Do?

U.S. Sees Economic Crisis as Top Security Threat.

'Nuclear Pork' Cut Out of Final Recovery and Reinvestment Package

Source: Collins Strips Stim Bill Of Whistleblower Protections

Uncovering the Perks of Albany’s Fallen G.O.P. (More sleaze exposed)

Facebook hits back at Italian ban

Ex-presidents of Latin America urge legal marijuana

States Secrets Fix Introduced In House

Taxpayers may have to cover Octuplet Mom's Costs

Gregg withdraws as commerce secretary nominee

Terror suspect claims torture by way of sex: Fahmin Ansari says an FBI woman tortured him with sex

Obama calls Alaska gas pipeline promising

GOP official wants to reclaim her post

Police making arrests in Phelps pot scandal

Obama Mortgage Plan News Spurs Late Market Rally.

U.S. Lost Track Of Guns In Afghanistan

Judge OK's use of Guantánamo forced-feeding chair

Netanyahu Ahead In Battle For Israel's Helm

Stuck Navy ship failed to report sewage release near Hawaii shore

Out of Work and Challenged on Benefits, Too-In Record Numbers, Employers Move to Block Unemployment

FT: Almost 700 Merrill executives paid $1m-plus bonuses

White House may move to buy bad mortgages

Jury deliberating in Fla. tobacco trial

Mumbai attack: US, western pressure worked

Brazil demands probe of alleged racist attack in Switzerland

Binyam Mohamed Torture Evidence 'Hidden From Obama'

Food stamps, tax breaks for poor in stimulus bill

Vaccines didn't cause autism, court rules

Senator predicts swift action on credit cards

Phone Bank From Your Home For Tom Geoghegan

Congressman Capuano (D-MA) Lambastes Bank CEOs

TMPTv: February 11, 2009: The Day in 100 Seconds

The Godfathers - I'm Lost And Then I'm Found

Flashback to 2001: Rep. Peter DeFazio warns of the danger of indiscriminate attacks in Afghanistan

When I Grow Up

Gary Jules-Mad world [homeless people]

Undead Republicans

TYT: Octuplet Mom Says She Doesn't Receive Welfare But...

Countdown: Maxine Waters on Today's CEO Hearings

New Drug Czar?

Young Turks: Eric Cantor Has a H*rd-On for Unions

Wall Street CEOs still flying private jets

David And The Dentist

NOVA | Judgement Day Intelligent design on trial 1 - 12 (2 hours long in total)

Gregg was for the stimulus package before he was against it.

US and Russia satellites collide

The Daily Left - Obama's Stimulus Bill

Rush Limbaugh VS. A Homeless Woman

Who Needs Big Government?

Sen. Jack Reed: We Must Investigate Torture Allegations

TYT: Bank Execs Get Grilled By Congress (Ear-Muff The Kids)

Rachel Maddow: Twitter Tweet Spoils Virginia Repub Coup

Octuplet Mom

Helen Thomas weighs in on Obama press conference

Lazy Iraqi Police get motivational speech

Barack Obama = Lincoln's 200th Birthday

Rep. Alan Grayson, D-FL, on the Worst Deal Since Manhattan Was Sold for $24 in Trinkets

O'Lielly discussing "the pot lobby" Vs Kellog's

Marriage and Gays: What Would Lincoln Do?

Torture, Rendition, Terror & Oil: A Primer on "Deep Politics"

Here's An Idea: Let’s Convert Bonuses Into DETENTION Awards

Independent UK: As the number of jobless soars collapsing confidence will create vicious circle

Marjorie Cohn: A Call to End All Renditions

Iranian Arabs seek equal rights

Laid-Off Foreigners Flee as Dubai Spirals Down

At 100, NAACP reviews its mission, priorities

Tortured to Death (Silverstein / Harpers)

China wants sculptures from Saint Laurent auction (Yves Saint Laurent)

President Barack Obama meets with area widow, others (Danville VA)

AlterNet: How Economists (and Pundits and Politicians) Helped Steer America Off a Cliff

AlterNet: Talk to Me Like I'm 4: Why Our Health Care System Failed Us and How We Can Fix It

Commentary: NAACP celebrates 100 years

Gen. Shinseki: Here's the way VA really works from a veteran’s point of view.

FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

Biden in The House.

China and Taiwan to Confer on Imperial Art Treasures Split by History

The Florida Response To Obama’s Visit: Help on the Way

Congress Chastises Sperm Banks for 'Lending' to 'Octuplet Mother'

An Open Letter to President Obama About the Republicans

Return Guantanamo to the people of Cuba

20 Dead as Taliban Attackers Storm Kabul Offices

Socialists talk about Lincoln and Darwin

American Nuremberg...

Homeschooling: America's Hidden Breeding Ground for Conservative Ideology

Having Lost on Stimulus, GOP Now Targets The New Deal's Infrastructure

Lawmakers' Goal to Cap Executive Pay Meets Resistance

Rick Santorum Goes All “Crusades” Again

Religious Police break hearts in Saudi Arabia

Most favor investigations into controversial terror techniques, possible abuse of Justice Dept.

The Watchdog Press That Became the Bush Government’s Lapdog

Sheriff Joe Arpaio setting up separate Tent City for illegals

Recovery Plan fr Hell-What Wall Street Wants

Blinded by greed, oblivious to need: How socially irresponsible Republicans are killing America

Can I get a witless?

Big Winners in Stimulas Compromise: Upper-Middle Class

Rachel Maddow: Stein of HuffPo & Truth Commission / Ari Fleischer & 'The Hooker Guy'

Will Obama Exploit the Unemployed as Recruits for a Ramped Up War in Afghanistan?

Obama’s Revenge: Vows Not to Count Judd Gregg in 2010 Census

Gaza: Death's Laboratory

GOP Celebrates Lincoln By Celebrating John Wilkes Booth

The H-1B visa has got to go (Good Read)

UPDATE 1-Capgemini exec: to double staff in India by 2010

Wall Street Men May Flee World According to TARP

Obama Officials Despair As Poll Outcome Puts Focus On US-Israeli Links

How the Party of Lincoln Forgot About Lincoln

Karl Rove dirty politics & the case of Alabama Governor Don Siegelman who was falsely prosecuted

Inside Story - Who won the Israeli election?

Asia: The coming fury

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Level of food inspection should make everyone gag

Senator Leahy has set up a petition at

Iraq's dogs poisoned, then gunned down

Bank Executives Promise to Use TARP $$ to Distribute Toasters

20/20 Fri: 'A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains'

Sen. Bernie Sanders: As Wall Street collapses, so does Milton Friedman’s legacy.

BBC Horizon: Global Dimming - "a film that demands action"

Sandia Labs/GM Biofuels Systems Study: 90 Billion Gallons of ethanol could be produced by 2030

German biogas plant is 85 percent efficient

Company to mine salt, store wind

Dengue Epidemic Worsens in Australia as Third Strain Detected

GM’s Hummer Said to Draw Interest From China, Private Equity

Alt Energy Not the Answer, Says Saudi Oil Minister

How did the stupid cellulosic ethanol scam fail to end up scalable?

Engineer receives probation for role in Davis-Besse cover-up

Don't buy our 'dirty' crude, Canadian green lobbyists urge Obama

AP: Tesla expects to get $350M in government funds

Climate change harsh reality for (Oshawa, Ontario) region ("most issues…will be food issues")

Marysville, Victoria Still Sealed After Fires - Authorites Fear 100+ Additional Deaths In Town

IHT: Big science role is seen in global warming cure (Steven Chu interview)

ESA Daily Updates & Imagery From Wilkins Shelf, Remaining Link To Terra Firma

NY Times: Ethanol, Just Recently a Savior, Is Struggling

Smart growth—a solution to climate change?

Mr. Tainted Peanut Pleads The Fifth - Dana Millbank Op-Ed - WP

NY Times: Oil Industry Ready to Work (with President Obama) on Global Warming

Corn Demand Drop May Be Keeping Ahead Of Global Drought Issues, Lower Projections For 2009 - B'Berg

Whitman Says Cheney Undermined Her Efforts - All Together Now - "AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!"

Western Mass. utility first to tap solar power law

Vermont utility eyes major solar project

Vestas, World's Biggest Wind Turbine Builder, Reports 51% Rise In Full-Year Operating Profits

Interesting map of Australia's heat wave

‘Who’s That "Nuking"At My Door?’ Asks The Navajo Nation

The Carbon Nanotube Transistor and why you should care...

Australia wildfires release tens of millions of tons of carbon

Italian nuclear renaissance gathers pace

Barnett Shale Nat Gas Drilling Pollution Nearly Equals Pollution From All Dallas/Ft. Worth Vehicles

Prince William Sound AT1 Orca Population "Doomed" - Never Recovered From Exxon Valdex Spill

Atmospheric CO2 Content Hits New Peak - 392 PPM In December 2008 - Up 2-3 PPM From 2007 - Reuters

Energy: Are you experienced?

Integral Fast Reactors



Can a Clean House Create Jobs?

State's unemployment insurance fund could face $1.2 billion deficit in 2010, projection warns

Steelworkers, other unions rally in Granite City to support Obama stimulus plan

Finally, Some Justice for California Car Wash Workers

Barton: Imperial arrogance (14 dead)

Stimulus would let Caterpillar rehire workers: Obama

Today in labor history Feb 12 John L. Lewis, president of the UMW & founder of CIO was born

Delivery tomorrow

Make Your Valentine’s Day Labor-Friendly!

Ex-presidents of Latin America urge legal marijuana

Walesa cancels visit to Venezuela

worst fear comes to pass; 10 more Awa indians massacred

Chilean president ignores Cuban political prisoners

Colombia: Additional information concerning the release of four members of the police and armed forc

yet more stupidity from Chavez: "Radical group 'La Piedrita' is infiltrated by the CIA"

(Miami) Rally set in response to synagogue attack in Venezuela

Finding a Way to Stem Foreclosures Proves Tricky

I just bought a house for 17k that sold in 2000 for 75k - and it's gorgeous!

Lawmakers Question Bankers on Bailout

electronic bank run

"European banks' toxic debts risk overwhelming EU governments"

Vince Cable: 'Bring back the guillotine...for bankers'

No Transparency In "Stress Test"

Great quote explains it all:

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post from last night.

Jesus F Christ - Executive Pay Caps Cut Out Of Stimulus

ReliantJ has a research project.

Congressman on God condemning homosexuality: 'I have trouble with that'

My son's father just emotionally crushed him.

Countdown to Spring Training Poll #3B: 2009 AL Rookie of the Year

Wow. UNC Just Put A CLINIC On Against A Very Good Duke Team At Cameron.

The list of all-time Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks DOESN'T include Brett Favor. Discuss.

Ex-girlfriend's lawsuit claims (Roberto) Alomar has AIDS

Major news here in the DC Area: Nats sign Adam Dunn to $20M for two years...

Countdown to Spring Training Poll #3A: 2009 NL Rookie of the Year

USA 2 Mexico 0. Bradley (43 & 90+2)

If we're judging the greatest QB by Championship wins---shouldn't that be Bart Starr?

Speaking of Dallas Cowboy Quarterbacks

Bud Selig says that A-rod "shamed the game." BULLSHIT!!

Hammerin' Hank No. 1 again? Selig mulling it

Israel's forgotten Palestinians

New leadership for Israel but the same intractable concerns

Israel election: Tzipi Livni fights to become prime minister

Few Peacemakers in Israel's Knesset

Avraham Burg: The Holocaust is Over We Must Rise From its Ashes.

U.S. urged to be flexible on Hamas

U.S. Democracy Double-Standard: We Embrace Lieberman, Reject Hamas

Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them

Gaza: Death's Laboratory

And the loser is.... Israel. Again. By Ori Nir

Hampshire College becomes first U.S. college to divest from Israeli Occupation!

Birth of Octuplets Puts Focus on Fertility Clinics

Why Sleep Is Needed To Form Memories

I don't care what Madison Avenue says or what Hollywood says, I think that by the time you're 40,

West Point addressing recent suicides

Army interrogator: Gitmo detainee cooperative

PETA targets Fort Wainwright

Army to work with 10 New York area schools

Ore. Guard tells of possible chemical exposure

GAO calls for DoD to examine contractor use

CSIS: Slow-moving Defense missed stimulus cash

Schwartz not afraid of Army airlifters, UAVs

Sailor starts site for moving theft victims

Petraeus to meet with NATO, EU officials

Looking to change your MOS

Change in Tricare hospital payments delayed

Surge needed on vets claims, lawmakers say

Death of Lejeune corpsman under investigation

N.C. Marines begin training on new vehicles

Filipino court orders Marine into custody

Yuma Marine faces manslaughter charge

Good Conduct Medal makes a comeback

Mullen to make visit to Minot

U.S. struggling to track Afghan weapons

Schwartz, Donley to talk nukes with lawmakers

Taliban attack in Kabul kills at least 20

Stream of airmen deploy from Yokota Air Base

Rep 'Twitters' Iraq, Afghan Locations

2 Sailors Held for Murder in Mexico

DoD leaders seek clues to Army suicide spike

Robotic Experiments Part of Cobra Gold

Deployments Scrubbed from AF Promotions

Active Duty Marines Get New PT Suits

(Military Times) Op-Ed: The Reserve/Guard Difference

Bill would give stipend to distance learners

Pilot can’t wait to get his hands on Air Force’s new F-35A fighter, teach others how to fly it

School suspends Marine drill team commander

Dependents suspected in vandalism of home

Military Obesity Doubles Since 2003

4 states, among last holdouts, eye open-carry gun laws

U.S. cruiser captures 7 suspected pirates

Red enough?


Birds on a Wire.

SUBMISSION THREAD for the February Photo Contest. Theme: RED

He said, "Call me Happy, everyone else does."

Cobb shed project interior detail

Elk, Rocky Mountain NP


Uneasy Climb

COMMENT THREAD for the February photo contest. Theme: RED

Another weird dream

Wow, what is going ON energetically this week, especially today?

Sleep affected by changes?

Talking with long-lost friends in my dreams

Weekly Healing Project #21 | Feb 15-21 | Abundance - Manifesting & Savoring

February 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests - Part 2

Darwin at 200: The Ongoing Force of His Unconventional Idea

Engineers Revolutionize Nano-device Fabrication Using Amorphous Metals

JAGUAR PICTURE: First Seen in Central Mexico Since 1900

Happy Darwin Day Everyone!

Migrating songbirds fly 500 kilometres a day, study finds

Secret of Eternal Life, Better Sex Found in Mammoth Graveyard

PHOTOS: 7 Major "Missing Links" Since Darwin (National Geographic)

Lysine vs. cold & canker sores = faster healing

Preaching About Superbowl Commercials (church in Dallas Texas area...

Mark Driscoll's vulgarity draws media attention

Wow. Just .... wow. Wonder if this is "official"...

Assuming for a moment that the Fundie's are right, and the Rapture does happen, what would you do?

I'm debating whether to enter a Chili Competition or not

Anyone wanna play "Share your favorite recipe?"

Do you ever discuss dinner plans with your Significant Other before noon?

This Is Why You're Fat

Old Time Burnt Sugar Cake

What's for dinner? ~ Thursday

Eternity - 2 people and a ham

I'm not hungry any more................

New Ben and Jerry's Flavors

Share your favorite recipes ~ COOKIES

Share your favorite recipe ~ SOUPS

Travel Channel - Man vs Food - wuddaya think?

Do you know what you're district pays out for it's sports programs?

I'd like to propose a thread where the motives of other posters...

Chinese Central Television Building (Manderin Oriental) -- Reinforced Concrete Structure and More!

Huffington Post: Obama: Reopen the 9/11 Investigation

Pete Sessions (R-Taliban) on Colbert Report

Email I just received: Cornyn skips Stimulus VOTE to hob-knob with GOP Wall Street Donors

What do any of you know about RCDC - Pecos?

'Pole tax' back in Texas appeals court (creative headline)

The Walrus's new editor

PMO blasts Khadr 'PR stunt'

If you are a fan of How I Met your Mother......

RAID 5 array of Velociraptor drives - fast or expensive?

Power supply replacement

Debunking the "Linux is virus free" Myth

Quick question - How do I use administrative tools on my PC

Flashing my bios problem

If anyone here uses Dreamhost for email and runs Peer Guardian...

Roundtable discussion in SFRC on Future of Sudan (2/12/09)

Commerce Committee organization for 111th Congress

To honor Darwin's birthday: some words from Lynn Margulis, evolutionary biologist

Union backlash over £7.5bn 'super express' train contract

Titian, the Tory and Wikipedia: a modern morality tale

Far-right Dutch MP refused entry to UK