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Sarah Palin lost 3 Trillion dollars!

Disney’s First Black Princess Movie Ideas Leads To Race Issues

Blackwater dumps tarnished brand name - new name = Xe

What's taking Bayh and Sherrod Brown so long to vote?

The Same Dame: National Review's Top 25 "Conservative" Movies

An end to Sheriff Arpaio's reign of terror?

Lars Larson is an ugly stupid assmonkey.

Five Columnists Join Obama on Air Force One

so Peanut Corp went bancrupt, on a Friday no less

Tonight we are seeing why it is so important to the Republicans to delay seating Franken

Tonight we are seeing why it is so important to the Republicans to delay seating Franken

Does anyone here know what's up with Randi Rhodes.

The "Real Nightly News Wrap Up" from Democracy Now!

Autism linked with rainfall in study

Is there a named GOP counterpart to the Blue Dogs?

If the same person makes two donations, does it count as two donations or one?

tweety gives judd gregg a 'hardball award' for fucking over President Obama

Ask Bill Clinton Not To Cross The Picket Line of Anti-Gay and Anti-Union Manches

well they have ads against the green saying congress is wasting money

ND-Sen: Dorgan Thumps Hoeven

Charles Krauthammer, whackjob

Blue Dog Dan Boren: Lack of Republican Votes Means Stimulus Bill Is Not American

Hillary's Road Trip

i'm blushing, thanks for the heart!!!!

Final Language of Stimulus INCLUDES Whistleblower Protections for Private Contractors

Peter DeFazio, who has easily earned my respect, voted NO on

Jack Cover dies at 88; scientist invented the Taser stun gun

Tell me I didn't just see that

Those rat bastards have really been busy crafting their lies this week.

remake the system

The Artists Formerly Known As the Religious Right

"He's a doody-head"

I thought we had 61 votes. What happened?

The LA-Las Vegas High-Speed Rail "Earmark" is a Republican lie!

An Air Force Lawyer Fights to Free a Guantanamo Inmate

Generational Theft?

Jimmy Carter coming up on KO

cspan 2's fun to listen to the republics whining on the Jobs Bill...knowing they've lost

Ooooh watch out, Snowe, Specter & Collins....Michelle Magdalang calls you TURNCOATS!

Do these A**holes go to night school to learn this sh**?

"If Republican delegation got Crist in a dark alley, all you'd have left is a tuft of white hair."

"Addicted to Fake Outrage.." Reefer Madness over Phelps?

Salmonella-flavored peanut-butter maker files for bankruptcy.

Huffington Post: Obama Fends Off Neighbor-Lady's Advances

Much love to Sherrod Brown....who's flying back from his mother's wake to vote for the stimulus.....

David Bonior: Schools Score Points by Standing Up for Workers

Mike Malloy Truthseeker's Mandatory Friday Check In

So is the stimulas passed both houses, and Obama will sign Mondday? n/t

So is the stimulas passed both houses, and Obama will sign Mondday? n/t

Quick question...Was Randi on today?

wow! ray lahood just told rachel that judd gregg went to the

If Republicans had any heart at all they'd lift the filibuster and let it pass with 59

It sounds like our new Transportation Secretary is pretty much an EX-Republican.

WTF was that "global warming is a hoax" ad on MSNBC?

What is a partisan?

Few Tax-Exempt Hospitals Provide Charity Care

Few Tax-Exempt Hospitals Provide Charity Care

Economic performance comparison by Political Party

Wow! Secretary LaHood is actually doing a good job on Rachel

Ice being blamed for latest crash?

So they are waiting for Sherrard Brown to fly back from his mothers wake for vote 60

Johnston trial on drug charges delayed until May

Watching another Republirat (DeMint) lie and root against the public right now.

Problem with truth and reconciliation approach to Bush/Cheney crimes...

Ginsburg's cancer has not spread, court says

CON GAMES: Capitalism -- The God That Failed

Here's what I'd like to see out of the Fund Drive....

Here's what I'd like to see out of the Fund Drive....

Corporate hatred

"There but for the grace of God go I"

The fundamentalists, neocons & supply siders

The Senate is in session and the staff are doing their jobs.

Underwear protest at India attack

Mr. Brown, AYE!

delete -wrong link

Worries grow that Peter Chernin won't stay on as Rupert Murdoch's No. 2

A friend of my daughter was murdered

Do we really have a dependable majority to do what needs to be done

I will sponsor 2 people as donors(you get to give the hearts)

dupe dupe dupe dupe dupe

RWers upset at Republican (!) Governor Jon Huntsman of Utah (!!)'s support of civil unions

Brown made it back, just voted Aye. The bill passes 60-38

So my wife and I get a rare chance to go to dinner...

"What about criticism that you've been too partisan in putting together this bill?" ......

Was Feinsteins's netroot non-neutrality clause in today's bill?

Pigs claim they're just about to fly...

To Honor St. Valentine's Day: What is Romance?

Blackwater = Xe?

Smell the bipartisanship...

Michele Bachmann Watch, 2/13/09: 'We're Running Out of Rich People'

Mr Brown ... Aye .. that's 60

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Happy Valentine's day Everyone

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Happy Valentine's day Everyone

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Happy Valentine's day Everyone

Who's this Lars Larson character on Hardball?

A more pragmatic 'Drug Czar'?

How about "Jobs" bill or "Invest In America" bill? That sounds better than "stimulus."

Hilda Solis is now Secretary of Labor?

What's the next big item on the presidential agenda now that the stimulus has passed?

For a little laugh, Top 10 disasterous Letterman Interviews

Thomas Levenson: If Mitch McConnell (or, say, Judd Gregg) were a Mensch…

Bush's 2001, $1.2 Trillion Tax Cut Stimulus Versus 2009 $800 Billion Stimulus

SSTs (Supersonic Transport) to make a comeback under Obama? Maybe?

SSTs (Supersonic Transport) to make a comeback under Obama? Maybe?

Moms offer reality check on multiple births

Thank you for my Valentine heart, whoever!

Why Chemical Warfare Is Ancient History

Pregnant w quads via treatments, almost 50, no insurance, in hospital on bed rest for 2 to 3 months.

High-tech Tests Allow Anthropologists To Track Ancient Hominids Across The Landscape

Are they spying on you?

Thank you!

Thank you!

DEMOCRACY NOW! Friday Feb. 13- Bailout Fraud-Amazing info!

When Coultergeist speaks...

New Flavors

Justice has been on vacation for eight long years. It needs to be restored.

Trends guru Gerald Celente talks revolt with Glenn Beck - Beck spewing Revolution on his show....

An odd coincidence

Russia: No Orthodox, Catholic Meeting Yet

Has anyone seen the Inauguration Super Camera?

Lincoln’s notes fetch $3 million for Dryden (NY) library

Just watched W.

Thank you

Thank you

What happened with the "Buy American" part of the stimulus bill? I missed that.

"Lieberman Stepped Up Role as Talks Ebbed"

Göbeklitepe: South-Eastern Turkey's 12,000 Year-Old Obelisks

Göbeklitepe: South-Eastern Turkey's 12,000 Year-Old Obelisks

Yesterday was not Friday the 13th for me, it was Black Friday!

Just made my first donation ever to DU. feels great!

Obama advisers conclude efforts at bipartisanship were misguided

Rumsfeld Knew His Guys Were Torturing People To Death, Which Is A Serious Crime

Pic sums up George W Bush to a tee

Mr. Obama's Mortgage Plan to Focus on Lowering Payments ... Mr. Obama to the rescue

Dr. Ethan Nadelmann for Drug Czar: Sign the Petition

More banks go bye-bye......

RNC Head Steele a little TOO HONEST yesterday

Michael Moore Asks Bankers to Help Prove Bailout Is ‘Swindle’


Orrin Hatch tries rewriting fiscal history

True Love....................

Does anyone know how to photoshop?

New Republican Slogan: JUST SAY NO!

These people are religiously insane.

Murder trial of US student in Italy

R.I.P. 'Ronette' Estelle Bennett, 67

To Governor Charlie Crist: Why do your state agencies refuse to identify themselves as such

WJthis morning - the stimulus victory

I wish there was a way we could honor Longhorn with hearts

Scientists flabbergasted by speedy birds

"If there are any jobs created by this bill, they'll be taken by illegals.....

GOP Votes Against Biggest Middle-Class Tax Cut In History

Fed whistle-blower protection cut from stimulus

Fed whistle-blower protection cut from stimulus

Democrats muscle huge stimulus through Congress

Help for everybody !

Rumsfeld Knew His Guys Were Torturing People to Death, Which Is a Serious Crime

Thank you for the

Stimulus Bill Would Aid Military Homeowners, Wounded

Is now the time for a gasoline tax increase?

Henry VIII love letter exhibited

Tonight's "prayer" from FreeRepublic...

Repubs are "screwing the pooch"...even more

Has anyone seen that Vermont Teddy Bear Valentine's Day commercial?

The Maggots in Your Mushrooms

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- New GOP Logo (Dory Hippauf)

george bush is a f*ckin loser assh*le.......always was/still is.....just have to get.

Thank you, Skinner

"25 Random Things" about the Stimulus Package

Roy LaHood (R)

US Missile Strike Kills 27 In Pakistan

Shipping company settles with DoJ on fraud allegations

I just heard what might go gown as the worst musical performance ever on late night television......

Roland Burris lied to Ill. House committee RE; bribe offer from Bloggo's brother

Vaccines and Autism

I'm trying to call out Joe Scarborough on something....

Does anybody even have a clue about the National Debt ?

Happy 65th Birthday Carl and thanks

Has the time come to nationalize the banking system?

I just emailed my Senator, Arlen Specter.

U.S. Now Sees Iran As Pursuing Nuclear Bomb

"He didn't realize that being poor was what was killing him."

I will be lurking here today...

Economic stimulus money will reach nearly all

House bill seeks guaranteed dwell time for troops

Who believes that what Obama called "clenched fists" will unclench anytime soon?

Got extra hearts? Wanna give them to people who have none?

Got extra hearts? Wanna give them to people who have none?

GOP Lawmakers Added to Endangered Species List

Thank you Secret Admirer for my heart.

One of Hagel's current endeavors

Smarter government rocks.

Another reason the Pukes just shot themselves in the arse

Judd Gregg Is a Wimp!

self delete

Remember the lonely today!!

Tech gurus use power of Web to help veterans (CNN)

Tech gurus use power of Web to help veterans (CNN)

MSNBC's Tom Costello just discussed how crash of Flt 3407 might be Bush's* fault.

I need my DU friends to help me write a rebuttal to Cornyn's column

Do you think one of the 3 will switch parties?

Trump Quits Trump Entertainment as Debt Payment Deadline Looms

Just Got Back From DC

Re: Hearts....Not for nothing...just my two cents here...not to ruffle any feathers...

Dear KO or Rachel: Ask Leahy how many letters AGAINST the Commission you got?

Iraq attacks are 54.8% of global suicide terrorist attacks- since 1981 (USMA West Point report)

Sheriff Joe and his slop bucket to be investigated and 287(g) in danger. Woot!

Someone gave me a nice Valentine heart, and I want to say "Thank You"

Citibank increasing interest rates 3% on Home Depot card

It's occured to me that the most powerful people in Washington are now crossover Republicans

For the over 55 set .........

Brown Just Voted 'Aye.' Senate Passes $727 Stimulus Bill 60-38.

Grammar - HELP

Thanks for the heart!

Answer me this. Very soft on raising taxes on the rich.

Thanks for my heart, whoever!

Thanks for the heart, whoever gave it to me. eom

Time Magazine's 25 people to blame for the financial crisis

Stimulus Package Explained (Q&A)

Romania: Bribes needed for basic healthcare.

Is the Stimulus Bill Big Enough?

Is the Stimulus Bill Big Enough?

It would require 60 votes anyway, filibuster or not. NICE LONG EXPLANATION here ...

Watch out: There's danger in your wallet (CNN) {20% rate hikes!}

Is it wrong I gave myself 3 hearts???

Lawmakers push for food safety reforms (AP/PhysOrg)

Over 100,000 Parents Deported From US

WTF? NYTimes: "Stimulus Plan Imposes tougher restrictions on Sr. Exec.s Pay than Obama wanted" ???

WTF? NYTimes: "Stimulus Plan Imposes tougher restrictions on Sr. Exec.s Pay than Obama wanted" ???

GOP seeking to end ban on some donation limits (Yahoo)

NC Attorney General goes after BoA bonuses

Rove may be forced to testify as Obama's lawyers get involved

Starting at Home, Iran’s Women Fight for Rights

The Republic Party Goes All In

A Plan for Economic Recovery George Soros

Wall Street weenies whine about congressional amendments to stimulus package

How much per hour will the new jobs in the stimulus package pay ?

How much per hour will the new jobs in the stimulus package pay ?

Comic relief: Top ten disastrous Letterman interviews

I found an awesome site-all the Presidential papers

Here's what my American Taliban Sister sent me today, and my reply

Amazing panoramic picture of inauguration...

Anyone live in Barney Frank's or Maxine Waters' districts? (Amex rant)

Visit the beautiful grey seal nursery that was spared from the hunt. Watch the video

Business the big winner in California budget plan

Jackpot winner's luck has been all bad lately (could face up to 20 years in prison)

Send Senator Sherrod Brown a thank you...

The Nationwide Allocation of Recovery Funding

With Stimulus Bill Passed, Will 'Antiwar' Pressure Now Build?

Young woman booted from team for being straight (Wildmon again)

secret admirer rocks

Neanderthals offended by comparisons to Republicans

How to stop unwarranted executive bonuses.

How to stop unwarranted executive bonuses.

To Believe the Official 2008 Recorded Vote, You Must Also Believe … ( TIA ) - x

It's Valentine's Day!!!

Are the caps in or out ?

You know it's not just a case of physical

You know it's not just a case of physical


Their children are not the same as our children

Their children are not the same as our children

Prejudice . Discrimination. Prejudicial discrimination.

Why This Fund Drive Matters So Much to Me

To: Senator Bill Nelson

More abstinence-only insanity: You can't rape a slut

The stimulus and our real estate problem.

Record length fingernails broken in crash


For all the people on DU - on Valentine's day

Unconventional med treatment: when should it be "complementary" and when should it be "alternative"?

A simple silly Valentine rhyme you can use if you want

Glenn Greenwald on Obama and boxed in liberals: a counter-productive relationship

Michelle Obama: American Beauty, Happy Valentines Day!

BofA Investment Services just sent me a letter to tell me >>>

Human Rights Activist Alison Des Forges Dies in Buffalo Plane Crash

Oh jeez! That cross-eyed freak Ron Christie is bloviating again

Weekend TOONS, Part 1 "They're just not that into you!"

Is there a better term for "infrastructure"?

just saw an ad lying about the stim bill

OK... this, uh...freaks me out a bit...

Crossposted from Illinois board...Today is the one year anniversary of the NIU shootings

I just sent an e-mail to the three republicans who

Memorial for Studs Turkel on Cspan2, H. Zinn speaking now!

Sending ya some Sugar.....Kitty Thread

Thought some of you might enjoy this little exchange

Politically Mixed Marriages/Relationships

Palin to the poor in Alaska - go hunt your own moose

Student loan limits in the stimulus package

MONSTER FISH PHOTOS: "Evolution on Steroids" in Congo

I, BlueCaliDem, want to thank that special someone who gave me a Heart!

Is Pakistan the next location for another damn US war?

Thanks to whoever gave me the second heart. eom

Delay Sought in House Judiciary Lawsuit (Miers, Bolten)

Should the government be subsidizing population growth? What should be done to change it if not?

Thanks for the heart!

Happy Valentine's Day to the GLBT community!

60 yr old grandmother arrested on cheese heroin manufacturing operation charges

Has PETA gone too far?

Thanks for the heart, twas kind of you...n/t

Autism, Vaccines and the CDC: The Wrong Side of History

Did anybody see the anti-global warming propaganda commercial on MSNBC last night?

GM considering Chapter 11 filing, new company: report

Semi-Official Thank someone who gave you a heart thread (oh, and I got a job!)

Wow, What a morning.

Has Anyone Considered that Randi Rhodes could be at fault?

Setback for Coleman

Did you know? The right-wing is going to respect the office of the President!

FIVE hearts this year - last year I only got three - They should send me to IRAQ

Research: "How religion generates social conservatism."

A funny thing happened at the Dallas County Democratic Party meeting today...

Glenn Greenwald Nukes Versailles On The Potomac

How many hearts can one Canuk get??

British investor in Madoff scheme kills himself

Now that the stimulus is going to become law, maybe the .gov can come out of crisis mode.

UN Climate Chief Praises "Night-To-Day Change" In US Policy

Prejudice assigns rotten teeth to the poor.

Show Us The Data

The importance of telling Republicans to STFU.

The UnAmerican Right & Other Traitors to America

I watched an awful report about the stimulus bill on CNN

Stimulus Spending & Tax Cuts- Detailed but EASY to read.

Stimulus Spending & Tax Cuts- Detailed but EASY to read.

I just got laid off

Burris admits Blagojevich donation request

Obama savors first major victory

LOVE SICK: UNLV researcher finds consumers are rejecting Valentine's Day materialism

Teenage handbag thief outpaced by 72-year-old ex-sprinter

Kay Warren: Following Christ means being ‘seriously disturbed’

Quick Question on the Stimulus Package

‘Crack babies’ aren’t severely damaged, researchers find

Snark!.. (David Denby's book)

Freepers: Stimulus="Socialism", "This is how freedom dies", "Obama's people will be like Mugabe's"

Book review: Why Unions Still Matter

Charlotte in same predicament as Wall Street

I just phoned the White House and insisted that Pres. Obama appoint

Dubai Economy "In Free Fall" Foreigners Fleeing Country

Nouriel Wins Again: Curses!

Anthony Weiner: I don't think Gilibrand's going to have a primary.

Will people get back on the merry-go-round?

Beaches may harbor staph bacteria: U.S. study

Traumatized Soldiers Coming Home

Reasons to Disbelieve the "Brain Drain" Theory about the Stimulus Package

Who Is This William Rivers Pitt Guy?

William Foxton, British Investor In Madoff Scheme, Kills Himself

As I recall, everything was OK until Bush and Paulson came out...

Review of Guantanamo detainees begins

National Scientific Society to Boycott Louisiana over LA Science Education Act

Republican Governor Panders on Gay Rights ?

G.O.P. =

Senate to take test vote on Solis

Thanks for the heart. Whom ever gave it to me thanks! Thanks Thanks n/t

(It KILLS me to say this) Thank you Senator Lieberman

Palin's favorite store forced to change its name

FDR on his political foes: "I welcome their hatred"

Happy Valentine's Day To All The DU Sweeties

The Knot in my Stomach

To any Freeper trolls, Happy Valentine's Day!

Buffalo Plane Crash Was 'Instantaneous,' Investigator Says

Doesn't Lindsey Graham understand that McCain and his fellow thugs lost the election?

Reid: "I will never forget (valor) of the 3 Republicans who broke from the pack and stood alone."

Treat yourself: Bill Moyers interviews poet Nikki Giovanni

Funny email about that "Yes, Pecan" ice cream flavor of Ben & Jerry's.

News Media - Refuses To Call GOP On Its "Just A Business Cycle, Do Nothing" Platform

The best part of the stimulus bill? That no Republicans voted for it, which means they get NO credit

The best part of the stimulus bill? That no Republicans voted for it, which means they get NO credit

Should civil rights in America be based entirely on age and place of birth?

Barney Frank asks a long overdue question

Whoever gave me the heart:

Rove may be forced to testify as Obama's lawyers get involved

Rove may be forced to testify as Obama's lawyers get involved

Rove may be forced to testify as Obama's lawyers get involved

Something random/weird I realized while watching TV last night. Tell me what you think.

Classmates remember murdered Larry King

The White House is Gonna Be Rockin'

Free Speech or Fascisim?

What about former convicts?

Drug giant GlaxoSmithKline pledges cheap medicine for world's poor

George W. Bush is Fundraising Personally for His Library

"What? What?" Failure To Supply Earplugs Cost Thousands of GIs Their Hearing

Irony alert - Clinic for special-needs children in Wasilla to shut down

who is that cross eyed dweeb on MSNBC right now?

2/14, the 20th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops form Afghanistan.

Note To Mods: Misspelled Heart!


Freeper Reaction to Stimulus??? Priceless

Washington Post: Efforts to Curb Corporate Excess Could Add to Travel Sector's Pain

Planned Parethood has received $1,000,000 in Sarah Palin's name! She has

United for Peace and Jelly? Junipers? Jerkarounds?

Legislation Would Ban Foreign-Made U.S. Flags

DemoTex needs to be named FAA Commissioner

Weekend toons, Part 2- Nuts, pea- and otherwise

Anyone else find themselves on the GOP mailing list?

Will the stimulus package curb or spur consumerism?

Will the stimulus package curb or spur consumerism?

The Economists Who Missed the Housing Bubble Are Coming After Your Social Security! (TPM)

IT'S FRIDAY DU !!!! Say goodbye to 3 more banks.......

Should women rule the world?

Hey, there's a Freeper posting in my local paper's comment section!

Ann Coulter or Adolf Hitler, can you tell the two apart?

Tensions between Israel and Turkey continues to grow

Reinventing Retirement

I'm giving out hearts who wants one?

Tax cut directly for the poor.

The Growing Chorus for Nationalization

Blackwater Restructure and Name Change

Tesla to be Profitable by Mid Year (via email)

This is the kind of person we're trying to do bipartisanship with

Army recruiting stand-down ordered for Friday

Wash. burglary victim drives off in thieves' van

Killing many "birds" with one stone. (Foreclosed homes to become affordable housing)

Should Britain return the Elgin Marbles?

How long does this fund drive last? I 'm worried we won't hit our goal. NT

Dump the GOP Elephant logo and bring on.....

White House has asked the Pentagon to cut nearly $2 billion from missile defense

The recovery plan: shock & awe for a shaken nation

Now that the stimulus is passed its time to pass the Employee Free Choice Act

A special thanks to Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

Simon Johnson on Bill Moyers Journal: How to fix the economy:

'Tebow bill' would let home school students play on public school teams

“Money Bundling” and its Fascist Consequences

“Money Bundling” and its Fascist Consequences

"Misprision of a Felony"-Rumsfeld Knew His Guys Were Torturing People to Death

A Valentine to my daughter

Ann Coulter jumps the shark again, this time by defending a racist organization

Sam Seder on MSNBC. DU this poll...

Bristol Palin is going to be on Greta next week....

I been wondering about something.

North Carolina AG goes after Bank of America bonuses

Teachers want exemption from Ore. junk food ban

There is a major cover up as to what started the economic collapse.

Wall St. execs & bankers feed those they made homeless

Why do Repubs hate the troops? Why do they want America to fail? Why don't they move to....FRANCE?!

Valentine's Day Haiku Thread

$87 billion for Medicaid

Christian Domestic Discipline ..... Over God,s Knee

Thank Goddess For Black Music!

Tell us in your own words, why you have no stomach for what passes as conservative opinion

Bill to ban hallucinogenic herb progresses


Thomas E. Ricks: The war in Iraq isn't over

“Andrew Jackson Is Our Next Target,” Says Boehner

What did you think about the poor families on 20/20 last night ?

Teacher Sues Over UC Berkeley Evolution Web Site.

'Kiss-In on Ho Plaza (Cornell) Protests Sexuality Bias of Valentines Day'

A cartoon says 1,000 words ...

Call me crazy, but DC needs 1 rep and 1 Senator

Come on Bill Moyers, Olbermann or Rachel

Too Much: A Commentary on Excess and Inequality

Valentine's Day Story for Homeless People

Congress Cuffs Bonuses for CEOs in Stimulus Package

Outsourcing America's technology and knowledge jobs

in re: Republican's tendency to blame poor people for the mortgage meltdown

I have accounts with both Bank of America and Credit Union and how different they work:

Anyone watching the Diane Sawyer ABC piece on Appalachia?

Here is a little lovin' for all wonderful DUers!!!

John Lennon's Last Radical Act

Baby-faced boy Alfie Patten is father at 13

heads up! Blackwater has changed its name

Crist says state to get less stimulus than hoped. Catastrophic Fund faces shortage as well.

Would You Chuck Your Health Insurance If The Feds Offered Universal Plans?

The DU Stimulus Package: Who needs a heart today?

God Bless Jimmy Carter

Psychiatric needs: stigma, disinterest...why did my post sink out of sight?

President Obama is coming to AZ!

Yesterday my wife and I visited Bricktown, the dining/entertainment

Can anyone explain this?

Protesters gearing up to "welcome" Bush to Canada for his first post-presidential speech

Robert Redford's 'Sneakers'

Would DU be interested in a strategic reading list, or a strategy group?

Would DU be interested in a strategic reading list, or a strategy group?

Bankruptcy Synopsis - My story for those of you "on the brink"

I love this time of year at DU and being able to give people hearts.

Valentines - edited for your enjoyment.

Scary stuff. More than 500 teachers lose jobs in Marion County, Florida.

Apparently someone thinks I am an "evil DUer"

I wonder if the New Deal was responsible for us winning the Second World War?

Trans Europe Express

Thanks Secret admirer!


Oh, for fuck's sake, DONATE already and make this shitty holiday END ASAFP.

Is everyone ready for the trip to Alabama?

I need to know - what kind of sadistic s.o.b. puts wallpaper directly on wallboard

I wuv my secret admirer!

***ATTN ADMINS*** GLITCH with the "give a heart" thing!


Thank you, O secret admirer!

I think going through a quarter life crisis

OK, Lounge Ladies: A little Anti-Valentine empowerment.

A lawyer called me today

Pussies that can't stand yellow journalistic headlines can kiss my @ss!

Pussies that can't stand yellow journalistic headlines can kiss my @ss!

2 donations already, and I don't have a SINGLE heart!!

My Secret Admirer Has the Most Awesomest Taste

I got hearts!

Flirty girl fitness?

Did you ever notice you can't capitalize the @ sign? n/t

There's only one thing I don't like about the hearts give away


How many hearts should i donate to my favorite du'er?

I was the first person to give a heart to my favorite DU'er.

Real life for women with children


Inspired by another post here: A Case of Beer.

I'm an Evil DUer! Waaah!

Thank you to whoever donated the hearts to me!

DU Secret Admirer Has Me On Explore...

testing please ignore

Whoa... one of my hearts knows who I am.

Ben and Jerry's new ice cream flavor in honor of Obama...

Awww, someone gave me a heart! Thanks!

Skinner has Three Hearts. Gave them to himself, ya think?

Damn it! I donated last week when I got laid.

At his worst, Stephen King drank a case of tallboy Miller Lite's every night

A followup question to my prior question about neutered dogs

It's all you guys' fault...I just realized I'm almost out of pb. Headin' to the IGA.

I haz a secrut admirererer?!

The Buddha dies


How would you deal with this?

Thank you for the hearts!!

Damn it! I donated last week when I got paid.

Double-edged sword...

I scored serious "good hubby" points!

Tiddy Bear

I've decided to become a rapper.

Time to take a DARK STAR break!

I got hearts?

Thank you for the heart, whoever you are!

Another public thanks!!!! My hearts look so pretty on me!!!!

It is amazing how my dogs know not to mess with Bella's toys even though

Check in if you fucking hate Valentine's Day and want it to go away.

The stimulus package just passed the Senate

How many have been on a flight that scared the bejeebus out of you?

Got Nothin' On Me!

Note to any students/professors, or anyone who might be presenting anything. Ever.

Reasons I love having a two year old

Well, my first-ever dinner party was a smashing success

Homeless face eviction

Envy me. I ate healthy fast food tonight.

GOP lawmakers tout projects in the stimulus bill they opposed

Thanks for the heart! Here's a KISS for you!

I'm starting to feel stimulated, how about you???

It's 11pm est

I'd like to thank the DUers who gave me hearts...

I am so glad the hearts are here

Is it drunk o'clock yet? n/t

Where's Grovelbot?

Cat Breath!

Are the sayings on the hearts generated randomly or do

Thanks for the heart!

Have You Seen Her Face?

Shelley with an "ey". That is right!

Weeeeeeee!!! This whiskey is making me dizzy!

Regret: a poster

Top 10 Rejected Candy Heart Sayings

Suleman Octuplets story: Democrats and Republicans agree on this one (DU & FR Mentioned)

I'd like to share with you all now what is running through my mind...

Everyone gather and pray with me....


BSG tonight.....


Thanks to someone for the anonymous heart

Vangelis Chung Kuo

Thank you anonymous for the yummy heart.

Love Me Two Times

Ever absorb a sith (12 parsecs) of hard scifi in a relatively short amount of time?

Night night y'all!

It is the quiet ones you have to watch, you never know what we are thinking.

Who let the Manson family loose on Google?


Dammit! They changed the hearts!

Thank you for the hearts!

As Sirius goes into Chapter 11. What was your favorite channel?

Thanks for the heart, stranger.

One Love..

I'm all by myself....

10 left

Just Jam

Well, a serious post...thank you for the hearts...

It is apparent I have two secret admirers...

Peace be with you.

Anyone else having troubles with HULU?

About me, and why I'm here.

How may else had a hard time watching Away From Her..

Thank you secret admirer. I needed that. You gave me a heart at the exact right moment.

I missed 1234567890

"Here Comes My Girl"- Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

There is no WTF heart. What the fuck?

That hunger strike didn't last long

Happy Valentine's Day


So, the moment I get out of my car to fill it up...

I'm eating chicken wings.

# what does a guy have to do to get an evil duer heart around here.

I ordered Hustler magazine & a Gibson 496R Black Magic Hot Ceramic Humbucker Pickup

hubby changed our cox bundle...I LOVE the game show network

hubby changed our cox bundle...I LOVE the game show network

There is a party in my pants...

Wanna see what a 50 year old man looks like?


I think that you should tell the person if you give them a heart.

Free Grants For Republicans! Free Grants For Republicans!

How Many More Days Do I Have To Memorize Name Changes?

I gotta know right now, before we go any further...

So I says, I says, only if she's 18!

In this Season of the Heart on DU, how about...

Couple make burglar clean their home LOLOL

ah, youth

Truth time: who here has consumed a 55 gallon drum of whiskey in under 4 hours?


Oh look! "Star Trek" is being remade for toddlers!!

Okat, that's IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1two


Many times I'd fought to protect her . . .

I Lost my STAR - I forgot that it was some DUer that gave me one last Valentine's Day

Friday the 13th horrifying visit to DMV turned out pleasant AND I got a good D/L picture

Happy VD!

I am thankful for those long-ago rowdy, hyper goats.

who wants to go on a valentines date with me?

Thank you for the hearts. I am touched.

Too much snow here yesterday. Wake me up in April.

A couple of secret sweeties gave me hearts!

Thanks for the hearts!

OMG! What a Nice Surprise!

Thanks for the hearts, secret admirers.

Why did TV Guide buy 'Jump the Shark'?

i tried to donate, but i didn't do it right and i couldn't give a DU heart

Is any body awake right now, it seem awful quiet here.

I am eating fried eggs, hash browns, fresh strawberries and heart shaped muffins.

Thanks for the heart!

I'd be in bed right now, if not for that damn Mah Jong.

Player Piano/Spinet/Console question...Plz help if you can.

The official mouse of GDP.

Your cheapest Valentine's day celebration.

Aw, someone bought me a heart - Thank you!

I rarely post on DU

Why do these things happen to me?


I just heard what might go gown as the worst musical performance ever on late night television......

I Loooove Youuuuu!

does anyone like yogurt on their salad?

A memory for V.D. I had a lovely encounter . . .

Update a BIOS? Watch as Vista drops drivers and wants to reactivate itself. Get a Mac? MAYBE!!

Literary cats

Hash Browns! Butter! Eggs! Half & Half! Ham! Green Onions! Cheddar Cheese! Paula Deen strikes again.

How many EVIL DUer hearts should I recieve?

I was sad...

If I Were A Bro - Eliza Skinner

Ukranian flash mob for Valentine's Day

Of course everyone knows what today is.

Worst commercial placement ever following a TV suicide (graphic Galactica!, but hilarious)

I need to vent about a potentially threatening situation at my apartment earlier this evening...

I don't know who sent them, but Thank You for the Hearts!

I'm getting a lot of PMs, Retro.

Thanks for the hearts! They mean a lot!!

Thanks for the heart!

Jetlag Fun- DUing at 3AM

i have to go to indiana to drink beer and shoot guns today

Am I the only one who feels proud to be given an "Evil Duer" heart?

I've been here officially for a whole year

I only have eyes for yoooooooooooooou....

Where is Roon? I want to give him a heart.

Thank you for my second heart!

In reply to the Valentine's hearts, I switch to the "dark" avatar.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/14/09

How green is your love life?

More Research is Needed

Oz didnt give nothing to the tinman that he didn't, didnt already have

I forgot to put Mrs. V.'s VD card in her suitcase!!!

Wow. Thanks for the heart, and Happy Valentine's Day!

ah, Saturday afternoon in semi-rural Georgia. pleasant temps, birds singing,

OK ..which one of you beautiful mother f'ers gave me a heart?

You'd think after 32 years you'd get tired of hearing "Foghat Live"

A Velentine's Day AWWWWWWWWW

Which one of you peckerheads gave me the heart?

Estelle Bennett of the Ronettes dies at 67

Record length fingernails broken in crash


Parenting FAIL!

An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar.

Penis Fencing!

Even if you're single, find someone to love today

Hundreds Attend Global Warming Protest

zOMG!!!!11!!! I think that there is a strange doctor stalking me!!!!

Everyone needs to listen to more Bob Marley!

I Have A Big Heart.......

I Would Love To Give You All Hearts

So there's a loud person living above me.

Six Reasons You Should Read Poetry

It's VD today. Do you have a heart on?

I have 9 hearts which i truly truly appreciate. I think its more than enough for me that 9 people

Boogie Oogie Oogie

Could you please say a prayer or send vibes for Bear?

Thank you for my heart, Secret Admirer!

I feel good. I helped some dogs last night.

All DU'rs That dont have anyone on Valentines day Post Here

PAC-10 basketball, ten minutes left. Arizona 69 - UCLA 48

The caregiver showed up today with chocolate-dipped strawberries that she made

Concerned Canuk thanks y'all for my star and hearts!

Happy Alantine's Day to meeeeeeeeeee!

Age of Aquarius -- Tell us about the first time you saw "Hair"

I have every reason to hate Valentine's Day, but don't.

Finish this story:

A sincere

What condition is your head?

poor kitty

What's everybody inebriating themselves with tonight?

Spending my Valentine's Day listening to old music. Happened upon this little gem.

Thank you for the heart, whoever you are!

Have Jelly Baby.

my mother's valentine's day note to me

My Valentine's Day gift to the lounge

To the ladies of the Lounge

Lunch at the Smithsonian - any suggestions?

OMG! I just realized that one of the hottest movie Draculas ever...1979

Thank you to whoever gave me the hearts.

I wish they had Valentine's Day cards like this when I was a kid

another depressing valentines day

Okay now some of us have too many hearts.

The full-length "Let It Out" Kleenex commercial has been pulled from YouTube!

While I love Grovelbot, I love the hearts fund drive more...

Anyone got an animated heart I can send to Mom?

Coolest baby ever!

Online Mii Generator! :D :D :D

I am full of Valentine love!! Come and get some!

To the guys of the Lounge

Off to spend Valentine's Day with The Smothers Brothers

kitten picture of the day for saturday february 14

My neighbor is taking me to supper tonight, as thanks for working in the

dirty car--do you; a.write "wash me" or b. draw

So far I am not only satisfied with President Obama, I'm downright HAPPY

Tonight, I'm gonna give it up for the Heartless Heathers and DJ Troutfarm

My Valentine's Day

What? No DTM heart?

Oh, I had such fun!

Has anyone tried Lindt Cherry and Chili chocolate?!


For those of us having a rough go of things today.....

So I am a single woman once again

Cactus heart

*Sigh*. This blessed day comes but once a year.

Help! There is a carrot thief in my house!

Consider Otis the Drunk....

Oh deer, I have a Valentine.

Thank you all for the hearts

I don't know what's so bad about prostitution.

Gizmonic and I had our first date 17 years ago today.

Another Saturday and that means it's another opportunity to listen to my show

My Top Ten Love songs

My cup O' Hearts runneth over

I will pay good money for a "Good DUer" heart!

I will pay good money for a "Good DUer" heart!

How did I manage to dress like a human Valentine today?

Thank you'z, and you'z!

fucking health care system......check out this bill

Many thanks to the kind soul (s) who gave me Valentine hearts!!!

I gave my DU crush a heart

My new, more practical ride...:(

I feel loved

what does a girl have to do to get an evil duer heart around here.

Feeling down? Watch this and smile.

Just noticed today's Google logo

What Are You Doing Today?

Some peoples have given me heartsies..and it is making me smile!!

My Valentines day.....

TM is home for the weekend and I am one happy mommy.

I'm going to tie one on something fierce at the bar now.

I'm going to see The International tonight. Anyone catch it yet?

What condition is your heart?

Why GDP Sucks, volume XXIII

Word of advice: never drink beer for breakfast on an otherwise empty stomach

Happy Singles Awareness Day!


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/14/2009)

Does anyone know of an online version of Risk that's free and safe to use

Perfect web site if you've had a bad day:

I don't remember who hates who, And I am not taking sides. Plus, names are changed.

Update: I am NOT going to drink away my misery tonight.

Do you mind if we just practice?

mover 5 cigs!

Do You Have A Special-Needs Pet?

Twist to vent

Y'all ARE aware the Age of Aquarius started today, right?


The occasional boyfriend just informed me that we will not be seeing

For your viewing pleasure, Carl Sagans "Cosmos". Link to entire series.

Have you ever wondered why you are single?

It's been a while since I last checked out

Just another Valentine's Day(tm) song that, for once, is NOT a rickroll



I wonder if anyone will get one of each heart?

Here are the conditions for State Farm's withdrawal from Florida.

Maggie meets the bus

So what did you give/receieved for Valentine's Day?

The furnace croaked on Thursday evening

My cats are compulsive about opening closed doors

Where should my Southern road trip take me?

Twenty-five days until he comes home.

How to be an Ally to Sex Workers

To those of you who are strangers to love:


FYI=The River Casino in Pittsburgh is taking job applications,

THREE Wows? I just had a Wowgasm!

THREE Wows? I just had a Wowgasm!

ok, fess up... who gave me the "evil duer" heart?

Do you ever click on bare links?

I'm bored. Should I .....

Today I am celebrating my 40th Wedding Anniversay! Holy Shit!

Happy Valentine's Day, DU!

If you want to hear one of the most beautiful choirs ever

Ut oh. Look what I found in my DU mail box...

. (the magically silent 61st Happy Birthday thread)

AWESOME! I now have two Wows!

What's your Mii name?

Here's a great love song: "Today"-- Jefferson Airplane

Mom asked to conceal her breast feeding to protest (at a Denny's restaurant)

Goddamn it.

Who Was The Best On Will and Grace

My Mom, who will be 92 on Sunday the 15th, isn't doing well

Anteaters Wearing Sweaters.

Cat nicknames: got any good ones?

DUer Secret Admirer has me on Ignore!!

How many else loved The Visitor.....

When Nixon flashed his two fingers..

Post links to your favorite YouTube videos

Frackin' Galactica thread!

You guys are the best! Thanks for the hearts!

You guys are the best! Thanks for the hearts!

I am so overwhelmed right now.

I am so overwhelmed right now.

Can you spot LeftyFingerPop in this pic?

Gah. Even reading comics reminds me that I don't have a boyfriend right now.

Ohhhhh! AH! Yes! YES!

I'd like to get married before I die

Since it's Valentine's day and all...I have an announcement!

Candy hearts this year!!! Lioness almost got her wish.

Valentine Day pic thread anyone?

Give me five of your top passions

Time for: Name that 70's tune!!!

Husband got fired Friday.

Valentines Day Bi-Partisanship: A Reach-Around the Aisle.

***** I signed the Bush Truth & Reconciliation Commission Petition *****

Republicans complain about cost - Democrats too polite to tell them the truth..

FRAME: It's simple-The GOP Would Rather Wait for 2010 Than Be Your Friend

Poor Republicans prove just how irrelevant they are.

So... We're Waiting For Brown...

Obama Pardons Bush-Cheney

Obama Pardons Bush-Cheney

Specter: more Republican senators support stimulus, but they're afraid of being primaried & exiled

RESOLVED: Refusal to investigate is equivalent to a pre-emptive pardon.

Worst Persons on Keith looks like a winner tonite.

Worst Persons on Keith looks like a winner tonite.

Specter: Republicans Support Stimulus, Don't Want 'Fingerprints' On It

God (or any other higher power) Bless Sherrod Brown

LaHood says that Gregg asked to be on Obama's cabinet.

So the stimulus passes: How long till gas prices rocket back to painful and what

It is seems pretty obvious - Gregg was worried about vetting.

I remember Clinton having problems with Cabinet appointments but did Bush?

Is the Senate voting on stimulus yet?

Executive-pay caps tucked into bill (updated)

White House plane is carrying the 60th vote to the Senate

Brown just arrived at the Capital and is in the Senate to give final vote!!

Pelosi Daughter's 'Right America' Set for HBO

Updated: Which represents GOP EPIC FAIL

Why doesn't Mitch or Judd switch to a yes vote so Brown doesn't have to leave his MOTHER'S WAKE

Educate me: Is there no tradition of 'pairing' in the Senate?

Educate me: Is there no tradition of 'pairing' in the Senate?

BREAKING-Sherrod Brown arriving at Senate now

Porn Star Wants Larry Flynt To Run Her Campaign Against Vitter

Sebelius to HHS?

A New Half-Way Timid Economic Measure? This time the Home Foreclosure Prevention Package


Give me your best guess... won't the governors who opposed the stim still accept the money?

Court deals Coleman a severe blow...

Worst Persons on Keith looks like a winner tonite.

Thank you, Senator Brown, for being so patriotic during a tough personal time.

PHOTO: Have you seen this one? (Barack & Michelle on Inaugration night)

Mmmm....Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake

Do you think there's any chance Obama will sign the bill this weekend?

PHOTOS The Obamas Go Home (UPDATED)

Obama plans concert for Stevie Wonder

Jay Leno TONIGHT recommended by KO and Shuster...

60-38 means this stimulus Bill passed by a super majority!

I think this should be the President's theme music....

I think this should be the President's theme music....

Chris Van Hollen Smacks down the Republicans

Russia, China Weigh In...Joe Biden: The change we need for US diplomacy

Drug "czar" nominee writes editorial in favor of voting rights restoration

Republicans lack standing to whine about not reading the bill

Republicans lack standing to whine about not reading the bill

Republicans lack standing to whine about not reading the bill

Republicans lack standing to whine about not reading the bill

Republicans lack standing to whine about not reading the bill

The stimulus bill and the vote for change.

An Exceptionally Good Weekly Address Today

Glenn Beck sheds crocodile tears for the same 9/11 widow he trashed back in 2005

Who Is This F--king Dope And Liar On C-Span?

Public still sky-high on Obama brand

Obama should offer that those who voted against Stimulus don't need to get the money

Do you see any similarity between these 2???

Norm Coleman Dealt Blow By Judges In Minnesota Senate Trial

RNC chair : 'No reason, none, to trust our words or our actions at this point.'

The GOP: A snake is a snake is a snake.

Please excuse me, am from Canada. How do I send hearts to

Republicans Hate working together, Hate Fire Fighters and Police. Hate Decency and Fair Play

wow. check out foxnews comments section to their article on Stimulus passage

"Obama's proposals mostly intact in final bill"

Help, how do I donate? n/t

Ayes have it! We did it! Stimulus passes Senate, goes to Obama!

LMFAO @ Apoplectic Republicant C-Span Callers

PHOTOS Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

OMG -- this is hysterical! The more you watch, the funnier it gets.

Is it true that it was Tim Geithner himself that removed the salary caps for CEOs from the bill?

Obama "Needs a healthier mix of ideas and economic advisors" The Nation magazine Editorial

Israel Election Aftermath - The Hope is Lost

Specter, a Fulcrum of the Stimulus Bill, Pulls Off a Coup for Health Money

I would like to hear the GOP articulate why the tax portions of the stimulus bill WON'T help us.

State-by-state infrastructure spending in stimulus package.

"Hey, That's Not Bipartisanship!"

I heard the most disgusting thing said by an elected official yesterday!

I heard the most disgusting thing said by an elected official yesterday!

Hypocritical Republican Email: Dems Playing Politics With Census

Anyone in a debunking mood? (Larry Elder alert)

NYT: "Bipartisanship" shifts to "discrete areas w/ temporary coalitions based on regional interests"

Come on then; you dirty stupid Republicans. We are ready for the Health Battle.

Ha! Dems Pull a Fast One on Stimulus Bill

So if President Obama wants a republican at commerce, ask Charlie Crist.

Dean visits with lawmakers at Vermont State House.

Say what you will, but I'm glad Obama has given the appearance of TRYING to be Bipartisan...

On Obama's desk by President's Day?? No way, too soon, too fast they all said

Do you think it would be wise politically if Obama tried to raise taxes on upper incomes soon?

Ambinder: Oh Big Bank? Dr. Geithner Is Here To See You

It Only Took Obama A Month To Make Good On A Number Of Campaign Promises

The most deserving of the DU Valentine. You scared Us Ruth.Thankfully you're home, get well soon. xx

Why are YOU happy the stimulus bill passed?

I hope that some Caterpillar employees speak up

HOLY COW... Ray LaHood, (sp?) Republican just said he does not

Stimulus Package Contains Strict New Restrictions On Executive Pay

GM to Offer Obama Administration Two Choices: Bankruptcy or More Aid

GM to Offer Obama Administration Two Choices: Bankruptcy or More Aid

Hey, Republicans. Why do you hate the troops? Why do you want America to FAIL?

An Open Letter to President Obama About the Republicans

Obama tapes message for NBA all-star game tomorrow urging service

The GOP's collective 'no' vote opened them up to midterm attack ads like you wouldn't believe

PHOTOS Happy Valentine's Day Everyone (The Obama Version!) (Warning: 52 pics)

PHOTOS Happy Valentine's Day Joe and Jill

NO $$$ from the Stim PKG to any congressperson' district who voted AGAINST the stim!

5 columnists join the President on AF1 (MoDo must be curled up in a fetal position)

I cannot believe this shit! GOP Audacity is breathtakingly stupendous!

Repubs are whining because the stimulus is a clear victory for Obama and Dems. Details of the bill:


Is the GOP a necessary evil for a stable U.S. government?

The CIA are the worldwide "hand" of the Bush family. What has Obama said/done to eliminate them?

BREAKING: Obama names Commerce Secretary

You stupid stupid Republicans

Boehner says that "not one member of Congress" read the Stim. Bill

The most tangible, immediate thing to come from the stimulus: State services will be saved.

"I am an eternal optimist that doesn't mean I'm a sap"--- President Obama-Interview-Nat'l Journal

Obama Makes Good On Promises To Indian Country In Stimulus Bill

By Astrological Sign?

Speaking of Rahm... How well do you know him?

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm's brother, tapped for White House health care policy advisor spot

Things Rahm Emanuel is responsible for

-- CNN Poll: Obama -- Strong leadership 80% -- more...

Where Is This Socialism Or Communism Meme Coming From?

What's In The Stimulus Package, You Ask? Here's a good rundown via The New York Times....

Guest lineup for the Sunday TV news shows

FauxNews "Beltway Whores" on stimulus bill: Repugs are big winners. Reid and Pelosi big losers.

Sherrod Brown's mother would be so proud of him and we should be, too

The Devil is in the details: A little-noticed amendment in the stimulus package...

What is with the "largest middle class tax cut in history" stuff?

U.S. V.P. Announces Appointment of Special Assistant for Disabilities Policy

The Republicans voted against the biggest tax cut in history

I have had it. The time has come for Obama to tone it down.


Kos: The obstructionist's dilemma (comparing Congressional Dems to Repubs (polling) what a BLOWOUT!

Still one of my favorite gifs !!!!

"Time for Ohio to have a Woman Senator" Ohio Dispatch (Good quote by Rep. Maloney in this!)

"Time for Ohio to have a Woman Senator" Ohio Dispatch (Good quote by Rep. Maloney in this!)


I Give Up: Someone Explain the Census Dustup to Me

Time to buy a car!


Obama’s Wasted Efforts At Bipartisanship

Should we ask Obama to centralize schools?

Why is Obama/Geithner opposed to CEO compensation caps?

Nations Architects Speak Out Against School Construction Funding Cuts

Analysis: Obama Scores Early Victory of Historic Proportions

Have you taught or tried to teach yourself a new language?

Sunlight before signing: The stimulus bill is on open for comments

A Valentines Day gift for the Lounge

Me and my Valentine

So why do President Obama's Cabinet Appointments Now Require 60 Votes for Confirmation?

***** Thank you for the Hearts Thread! *****

All systems ready for Sri Lanka polls tomorrow

MN Senate Contest Court Limits 'Ballot Universe' to Only Those 'Legally Cast Under Relevant Law'

New photos released of Fidel Castro with Chile leader

Tennessee Veterans Affairs Clinic Warns Of Possible Contaminant Exposure

7 Afghan, Official Killed by Roadside Bombs

Congress Passes $737B Economic Stimulus Bill

AFRICOM official defends U.S. role in Ugandan mission

Limits on H-1B hiring by bailout recipients still in economic stimulus bill

Obama: Stimulus bill 'major milestone'

Rove may be forced to testify as Obama's lawyers get involved

Ariz. Federal Credit Union closing 4 branches

Obama Returns Home for First Time as President

Talks Could Clear Way for Congressional Testimony by Rove

Stimulus Plan Places New Limits on Wall St. Bonuses

British diplomats to visit detainee at Guantanamo

Citi, M. Stanley may pay $3 billion to keep brokers: report (taxpayers dollars)

British investor kils himself over losses in Madoff scheme

Genocide expert dies in US crash

Ark. Pastors Debate Merits of Allowing Hidden Guns

G7 strives to couple crisis response and free trade

NH's Gregg To Vote Against Stimulus Package

GOP lawmakers tout projects in the stimulus bill they opposed

Stanford, flamboyant Texan, faces media glare (another $50 Billion Ponzi?)

Former Gitmo guard recalls abuse, climate of fear

This week 32,000 jobs hit the chopping block

Blago hit up Burris for cash

Major reshuffle in Saudi Arabia

Saudi King Shakes up religious establishment

Students claim they brought guns to school

Obama Scores Early Victory of Historic Proportions

PNC pays bonuses to execs after getting TARP money

Drug giant GlaxoSmithKline pledges cheap medicine for world's poor

Jack Cover, inventor of Taser stun gun, dies at 88

Suspected U.S. Missile Kills 20 in Pakistan

Climate change even worse than predicted: expert

Obama fans to get better access during Canadian visit

New war: Chinese hackers pick on US comps

Indians Involved in major US H1-B racket

Indians Involved in major US H1-B racket

GM considering Chapter 11 filing, new company: report

Fed indictments tell how H-1B visas were used to undercut wages

Specter: Republicans Support Stimulus, Don't Want 'Fingerprints' On It

Pay Limits in Stimulus May Cause Brain Drain, Industry Says

Ellison Questions CEO on Lobbying While Receiving TARP Funds

AP: Exhibit on Bush Inspired by Shoe Thrower

Sen. Leahy's Discusses A Truth and Reconciliation Commission

AP: Congress Passes Stimulus; Reid Praises 3 Republicans Who Voted 'Aye'

Al Gore Calls on All Scientist to Fight Against Global Warming

Fighter Pilot Operation Red Flag HD/HQ

Firing Line with William Buckley: guest Muhammad Ali (1968)

Young Turks: GOP Continues to Destroy Sensible Repubs

Senator Brown votes Aye, the conference report is adopted

F16 Falcon - F15 Eagle... Dogfight...

Porn star Stormy Daniels on her upcuming Primary run against Sinator David Vitter

Nova Baire, el Linux cubano

An Evil Plot to Destroy the World

Advice for those considering joining the military

Bill Maher responds to Michael Phelps Marijuana Controversy

Your Weekly Address:A major milestone

Young Turks: Today's Lesson - Don't Do Bipartisanship at Expense of Values

Jimmy Carter "Peace in the Holy Land: A Plan that Will Work" Democracy Now

Hardball: 2 Out of 3 Americans Want Bush Investigated (Gallup)

Boehner, during House session, showboats for C-SPAN cameras by tossing Stimulus Bill on floor

Obey on mythical mice/rats '...find it and Show it to me!! Show it to me!! Show it to me!!' (00:56)

VOICES OF HAMPSHIRE! Voices of Divestment

Former Speaker of the Israeli Parliament Burg: “The Holocaust Is Over: We Must Rise from its Ashes

Countdown: 9/11 Activist Beverly Eckert Killed in Buffalo Plane Crash

TYT: John Cornyn tries and fails, in a hilarious cloud of illogic, to explain his vote on stim. bill

TYT: Joseph Stiglitz Breaks Down Economic Problem In Simple Terms

Religulous DVD Trailer (Available Tuesday!)

Rachel Maddow: LaHood on Gregg Withdrawal - 'Gregg ASKED for Job; Very Peculiar'

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Kicks some Butt!

Worst economic collapse ever

O'Lielly & Glenn "screw loose" Beck on depression, revolution and the Fairness Doctrine

Wasserman Schultz smacks down Republican Rep on Hardball

Sri Lankan election: Vote for the Socialist Equality Party (Feb 14th)

Media Matters: Putting the "partisan" in "bipartisanship"

Review of Guantanamo detainees begins

Friday Talking Points (65) -- The Sausage Race

Just say no to the Vatican

E. J. Dionne: Lost in the Middle

An Open Letter to President Obama About the Republicans (From a Former Republican)

Backgrounder: Closing Guantanamo (Bruno / NYT)

Symbol of Argentina 'dirty war' now rights center

After the past eight years, we have a few questions (The Oregonian)

Rumsfeld Knew His Guys Were Torturing People to Death, Which Is a Serious Crime

Rikers Fight Club

Robert Parry: The Ultra-Radical Republicans

Why We Should NOT Investigate the Bush Administration

GOP blurs governing, satirical performance (Delmarva Times)

Doris Kearns Goodwin: 10 point list of leadership qualities LIncoln had

Former Gitmo Guard Recalls Abuse, Climate of Fear (AP)

'My Silence Cannot Be Bought'

Public still sky-high on Obama 'brand'

GOP: "No reports of voter fraud" in Minnesota

Hudson: Obama's Awful Economic Plan

The Drug War Wall Begins to Fall

A Torture Report Could Spell Big Trouble For Bush Lawyers (Isikoff/Newsweek)

The CEO of Comcast is TALENTED! Even After Death

Ann Coulter openly defends the CCC in her latest book on Victimization of the right

Microsoft Sued Over Vista-To-XP Downgrade Fees

Two dead-on LTTE's from the Richmond paper on Eric Cantor

This is the future of the Republican Party

February 1934 Atlantic: The Roosevelt Experiment

'Too Old' for Hip Surgery

Say the Secret Word, “Stability”

Weekend Economists Lonelyhearts Weekend February 13-15, 2009

'Fuel' to the fire of oil addiction

Science Can Now Detect Brain Injuries In Salmon Caused By Dams.

Storm Drives Spanish Windmills, Cuts Power Rate to 15-Month Low

Families Of Fingerless, Web-Fingered Children Sue Northhamptonshire Council For Waste Mishandling

As Oceans Warm & Fish Populations Shift North, Greenland's Fishing Villages Abandoned

WHO - Approaching Rainy Season May Push Zimbabwe's Cholera Epidemic Across Southern Africa

Four Decades After Brush W. Extinction, Peregrine Falcons Have Record Year In NY State - 67 Pairs

Maryland State Board Makes Startling Recommendation - To Save Oyster Stocks, Stop Harvesting Them

Melbourne Airport Visibility Down To 2km As Fires, Winds Hold Smoke Over City

Lovelock's New Book Has Memorable Thesis: It's Over

Expect climate 'surprises,' UA (University of Arizona) expert says

The end of certainty—All signs point to the climate becoming more extreme

NPR (All Things Considered): Does Stimulus Package Keep Green Goals In Sight?

Enzyme Test Allows Scientists To Detect Brain Injury In Salmon From Passing Through Dams, Spillways

No! The Economist (!) NotesThat Australia's Wildfires May Be Linked To Climate Changes!

A big green cheer for the stimulus bill

Scientists celebrate dawn of Barack Obama's age of reason

The ‘holy grail’ of biofuels now in sight—Long-promised cellulosic ethanol is in modest production…

'Crazy ideas ' to fight global warming revealed by scientists

Total CEO - Oil Price Collapse Weakening Global Output Potential, Perhaps Permanently - Reuters

An interesting weather observation

Surprise—Economists Agree! A consensus is emerging about the costs of containing climate change.

Renewable diesel wows expert

Batten down the hatches! Tesla thread in GD!

Australian Bushfires Pump Out Millions of Tons of Carbon

Tree-huggers v nerds—As the planet heats up, so do disputes between environmentalists

Some energy related items in the Stimulus Bill gleaned from various news sources...

Hamsters On Treadmills Provide Electricity Through Use Of Nanogenerators

Most penguin species in rapid decline

2008 CarMax Search Data Reveals Surprising Favorites - #4 - Mustang; #6 - Tahoe; #7 - F-150



Urgent: Ask Bill Clinton Not To Cross The Picket Line of Anti-Gay and Anti-Union Manches

Support the Performance Rights Act Today (AFTRA E action)

UFCW Weekender 2-14-09

Venezuela: New Fascist assault on Mitsubishi workers

For (not only) the Cuba haters...

Anti-labor violence rises in Colombia: House testimony

FAIR Study: Human Rights Coverage Serving Washington’s Needs

Venezuelan Jewish Community “Profoundly Grateful and Moved” by Government’s Efforts

Venezuela’s Referendum: Media’s Double Standards

Former Police Union Boss Charged

MLB, union discuss tipping off on performance-enhancing drug test allegations

Omaha Police Union Fliers Slam Candidates (Attacked For Sex Offender Stances)

CIA front group "Reporters without Borders" interfers in Venezuelan election

AFSCME Federal Legislative Report 2-13-09

Company profited from labor of disabled Texans (pocketing as much as $40,000 in wages a month)

Haiti to recover plundered Duvalier assets from Switzerland

Union killings loom over U.S.-Colombia trade pact

Finding a gap In health insurance: Coverage is an added burden for jobless

LA Times: Gay-rights, labor leaders call on Clinton to cancel speech

Today in labor history Feb 13 The first public school in the United States 1635

Today in labor history Feb 14 Court ordered as many as 1,100 former strikers reinstated

Proposed changes to workers' compensation system raise concerns (no coverage 4 undocumented immigran

Is a Progressive Revolution Possible?

Oakland Raiders and the countdown to 2011: The coming labor war

GM and UAW talks break off as Chrysler talks stall

An Easy Call for Obama on Joining a Union (Correcting the Dana-Metaldyne Decision)

Interbake labor relations hearings close


AFL-CIO, SEIU leaders take off gloves in Solis fight

N.J. Supreme Court: Striking Nurses Entitled to Unemployment Benefits

Hebron company facing $300K OSHA fine

Court Orders Commercial Laundry to Compensate Whistleblower

That ‘Buy American’ Provision

Unions see better days ahead under Obama's leadership

Chao’s Hubby Slows Senate Vote on Solis for Labor Secretary

Obama Will Fight with Us to Quash the Campaign to Loot Social Security -- Right?

If it's Friday, you know you can count on more failed banks

PNC pays bonuses to execs after getting TARP money

AIG sees winding down money-losing unit by year end

Martin Armstrong: The Collapse of Capitalism or is it Socialism?

States Recruit Worried Californians

"We Are Threatened by a Veritable Disaster"

The Baseline Scenario is a Must Read

How the The Keillor Principle Works on Wall Street--

Carlyle plans $3 bln financial assets fund-source

Urgent: Ask Bill Clinton Not To Cross The Picket Line of Anti-Gay and Anti-Union Manches

Gerald Celente - The Good Days Are Over

TV station pulls homophobic infomercial after gay complaints

Happy Pink Triangle Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to my friends here

Boycott Manchester Hotels site take a look

ok -- homos -- listen up --

Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day?

Soros--doing something about bubble economies

Can anyone explain what I heard on Bill Moyers last night?

Son of Dallas Homophobic Chuch Pastor T. D. Jakes Arrested in Police (Gay) Sex Sting

Republican Governor Panders on Gay Rights ?

No Player from The Steroid Era Should Be Allowed In the Hall of Fame. Not A One

A funny one from Mike Luckovich...

PAC-10 basketball, ten minutes left. Arizona 69 - UCLA 48

Which do you care less about? The Daytona 500 or the NBA All-Star game?

Pitchers and Catchers Baybee!!!!!!! My nipples are hard.

Boxing (Feb 14)

For those who think they have a shot: Erin Andrews talks Valentine's Day

"It belongs to Barry"

New witness against Bonds emerges

Falcons looking to trade Vick

University of Miami Stadium Named After A-Rod

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (February 14): Happy Valentine's Day

Kenny Chesney wants us to know he is not, repeat, not, gay

The Israeli Conflict Is Far Too Nuanced And Complex To Sum Up In One Op-Ed

Protestors: Batsheva 'dancing on Gazans' graves'

Israel Election Aftermath - The Hope is Lost

Israel puts terms on Gaza truce

Sayed Kashua / I'm a scared Arab in Israel

So, Who Won?

From Gaza with love

Is Avigdor Lieberman a racist? No, but...

Venezuelan Jewish Community “Profoundly Grateful and Moved” by Government’s Efforts

A toxic force rises in Israel

Autism, Vaccines and the CDC: The Wrong Side of History

I just made an incredible discovery! Tell me what you think, okay?

Testicular Cancer Risk Linked To Marijuana Smoking

Police investigation may bar Lieberman from treasury post (money laundering, fraud)

Vaccines and Autism

Babies Know: A Little Dirt Is Good for You

Several RW sites are whining about a "Gun Control" measure

Couple make burglar clean up the mess he made of their home at gun point

Battalion commander killed in Iraq

Court-martial set for pvt. accused in beating

Tenn. VA clinic warns of infection risk

Ind. Guard unit heading to Afghanistan

AAFES seeks new book, magazine suppliers

Mattis calls for small-unit, irregular skills

Sailor charged with stealing car, hitting cop

2 sailors hurt in MH-60S hard landing

Carrier Bush begins builder’s trials

Little fanfare for destroyer production

Somali pirates free Japanese-owned ship

Wanted Marine commits suicide in Canada

Stabilizer malfunction blamed in B-52 crash

AF Afghanistan role may grow as troops shift

Afghans will help plan, execute joint missions

Military motorcycle deaths rise in 2008

AFRICOM official defends U.S. role in Ugandan mission

House bill seeks guaranteed dwell time for troops

Military Update: Credit unions angry over surprise 'bailout tax'

Female Suicide Bomber Kills 35 in Iraq

Army Recruiting Goals Still on Track

USS Bunker Hill Completes Sea Trials

Corrosion Experts Preserving Aircraft

Training for Urban Terrains

Blackwater dumps tarnished brand name

General: USSR's Afghan Ordeal an Omen for US

Despite cramped quarters, few spats between spouses

F-22 spending could top DoD budget-cut list

When Pigs Fly With Ospreys

Navy asks Wash. to maintain ferry service

Alleged Army faker to retire from college post

My ONLY bird pic, Maestro...

Doors...not The Doors...just Doors...

Winter Contest Finals are up in GD

Some nice time lapse photography

Sakura, newest member of the household

"Some say the world will end in fire

In honor of Valentine's Day

When stone becomes lace

An Asheville Street Band. This is my town!~

Can't quite let go of Red - didn't we have fun with it

New telephoto lens

Thoughts Create Our Future

Love-In, Love Fest, Phillia, and Agape

Valentine Card for my ASHA friends

I wanted my first post to be here in this group...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/14/09

B'Day Wishes for PADemD the Cupid Baby

Thanks for the love that I always find here

time for Everyday Miracles...

Toning chamber - The Temple of Sacred Sound

Yeah Yeah-Happy Valentine's Day

Age of Aquarius

We are facing a Depression that will last 23-26 years.

Scientists Finish First Draft Of Neanderthal Genome (NPR)

Goldstein's comrade, again,again.

Priest files in sex abuse lawsuits to be released

What the Torture Debate Reveals about American Christianity (Sept 08)

Despite these riots, I stand by what I wrote

"The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the Bible and Evolution."

How religion generates social conservatism.

Is the love of food and shelter the root of all evil?

Spiritual Adviser to Mother Teresa Gets 25-Year Sentence for Sex Crimes

Thank you!

"Everything" topping for rolls, loaves, or bagels

Well now, this is weird!

Culinary Valentine Gift

Giovanni Cakes

What's for Dinner - Saturday Edition

Share your favorite recipes ~ CHILI & STEW

OMG shoot me now! Trying to choose a new range/stove/oven unit. ARGHH

Hearts from someone (or multiple ones)

Damn you, Tangerine!!

Teachers Caned for Low Test Scores. .

Conspiracy Acceptability Threshold - How many?

An odd coincidence

Here they go again. (Creationists flooding SBOE with calls & emails, per TFN)

Tom Schieffer: "conspicuous lack of merit in every field."

Meet Texas Billionaire (And Mini-Madoff?) Allen Stanford

Iraq’s Toll on Journalists, and Those Who Love Them

Gone in 65 seconds: Gabriel quits Oscars (nominated for Wall-E)

Anybody see the premier of Dollhouse?

Nato is deeper in its Afghan mire than Russia ever was

Ignatieff has friends in Obama's White House

Black and Frum simultaneously praise Canada's economic position on NP today.

Am I the only one embarrassed that Harper has said FUCK all to Australia?

Of just what use is a Dell Service Code?

Microsoft Stores - Top 10 ways they will differ from Apple

Wish me luck, am going to install Fedora 10 on this system:

Anybody know of a Copy program (like copying the files on a CD to my hard drive?)

Sen Kerry off to the Middle East on this Senate break

Brown asks for review into MPs' pension schemes