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What do Google search aggregates say about the human condition?

"In Economic Vise, Pontiac Struggles" -- A NY Times audio slide show

HappyHippyChick wants to thank my heart giver! I heart you!

Crime prevention system and iGuns.

The economy writ Short, Tall, Grande

I heart you! Whoever you are!

"Buy American" on 60 Minutes. Steel industry, Nucor, etc. (n/t)

Anyone watching 60 minutes tonight - a "whistle blower" for morgage companies is excellent

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Jimmy Carter: A Better Man

60 Minutes February 15th-recap

"They're for the environmentalists"

Care to nominate a nice story for BestOfCraigslist? small business helping out flight 3407 relative

Japan's Economy Shrinks at Annual 12.7% Pace, Most Since 1974 Oil Shocks

Pakistan Truce Features Enforcement Of Islamic Law - Yay, Bush & Neo-Cons!


Here's a reminder of who might be running America right now:

It is time for a new House un-American Activities Commission?

LA Times: Budget Stalls as California Nears Fiscal Collapse

Goldman Sachs to provide TARP answers.

Rough footage from Reuters: "Plague of monkeys"

This steel company owner on 60 minutes is kicking ass!

Hugo Chavez is asking voters to permit him to serve past 2012. What're the odds?

Lindsey Graham says the country is screwed.....

Thank you to my anonymus admirer!

Is anyone watching Sicko on Showtime?

What would you do for a Klondike Bar (or a DU heart)?

Organics Meat-Eaters: Take Action: Stop NAIS (OCA Action)

We're Not Bigots. We're Patriots

GM and UAW go back to the table today

Should we welcome Joe Lieberman back into the Party??

LOL @ Shaq's routine

Ken Lay

Fer Chrissakes, McCain just ruined a perfectly boring All Star game

Not only are we down to one Senator, I just miss Paul Wellstone so damn much.

Geithner at G7: No Cowboy Trade policy from US. Adminstration committed working with the rest of

German court convicts Afghan man of stabbing sister

Machine guns have a chilling effect on freedom of speech:

Racist Anti-Obama Emails Draw Weak Response From Universities

Heads Up: Peter Werbe's streaming radio program is on now

Lots of good captions up at PunditKitchen (the political LOLcats)

Lots of good captions up at PunditKitchen (the political LOLcats)

for A, who was the neighborhood dealer of record

Great Tin Foil/MIHOP drama was on NBC tonight...

"Diaper Dave" Vitter Says Obama Adopts Judicial Standards of a "Dictatorship"

Computer virus invades German defence computers

Man ..... I miss Johnny Cash .....

Do We Have Socialist Institutions in America ALREADY !

Artifacts point to Chinooks' wealth

Artifacts point to Chinooks' wealth

Egypt's first history book

To Whoever Gave Me a Valentine Heart

So next task: Getting labor secretary confirmed! Status?

Headwall spectral imager helps decipher 10th century B.C. Hebrew text

Oh snap, Obama taped a spot for the NBA all star game!

Sounds like Pelosi the Younger is a victim of...

Important Maya Architecture Finding in Uxmal

State artifacts put in jeopardy

School's cache of Indian artifacts is a rare find

TOON: Pavlov's banker (why bailouts haven't lead to more lending)

Economic Lessons From Lenin’s Seer

Schumer slams Graham re spending: Where were you when Bush spent $1 trillion on Iraq war?

Lindsey Graham Open to Nationalizing Banks

Using Synchrotron X-rays To Tease The Hidden Secrets Of Dinosaurs And Old Documents

I just gave away all my hearts

High-resolution images of the Obamas

A Day without Pay

RIO (Restore Iraqi Oil) contract

OMG!!1! Venezuela becomes more like evil commie pinko fascist nations like

Pill To Erase Bad Memories?

I can't tolerate that video capture of Bush on the

Japan takes a dive

how the hell

How Web-Based Advertising works busts NY Times on its triple-standards with Chavez and termlimits

This morning (8:23 a.m. EST) Ex-Gov. Don Siegelman to be interviewed on the radio.

This morning (8:23 a.m. EST) Ex-Gov. Don Siegelman to be interviewed on the radio.

Obama's big mistake.

Palin's favorite store forced to change its name

Poll in need of intelligent voters

Before 2009, the democrats didn't have 58 votes in the senate

Iraq sheds US puppet image in its own backyard: FM (From inside the heavily fortified Green Zone)

file under "duh" . . DC journalists love the GOP, . .Americans don't.

LA Times: Laguna Woods' retirees still await medical marijuana dispensary

Swift-boats, USA Next hack resurfaces in W.Va. marriage amendment battle

Swift-boats, USA Next hack resurfaces in W.Va. marriage amendment battle

Towards a second term:

Where is the "librul media" about this?

Complexity Theory: as societies become increasingly complex, they're also more prone to collapse.

Weapons programs re-branded as jobs programs

Faith-Based Discrimination Being Allowed in new White House ? NYT thinks so.

Homeland Security Nuke Detectors "Comical"

An apology......heh!

Conservative solutions to a radical crisis

Somebody's Gonna Be Pissed - Seven Tons of Coke

SoS Clinton slams Bush on N. Korea

Do you realize that had John McCain been elected that no action what so ever would have been taken?

Honor guard adopts toddler as boy soldier

The Others (Toon fixed)

Did Obama blow his honeymoon during the transition?

Sick of hearing from the Repugs, "No one was able to read this bill"...

X-rays, other radiation brings out secrets of ancient times

What the republicans reminded me of last week - by Rurallib

Eyes on the Prize! Every attack by the GOP on ANY Democratic Senator is an attack on Health Care.

Do y'all get "Boston Legal"

GM is NOT using U.S. Government Loans to Invest in Brazil - Who do we believe?

I hate that my donation money helps keep this site going - I'm a real sucker for doing so!

It was a truly horrible 8 years.

"Recalcitrant" Repugs would rather see California crash and burn than approve a tax increase......

Elliott Abrams: Bush made ‘a serious mistake’ in failing to pardon Libby.

Can you even imagine how much fun those two little girls are having at the White House?

Ancient entrance hall in the Daming Palace found

Egyptian pyramid had its own afterlife

Today - Support Community Choice Act Day

Republicans as Bandar-log.

Film world has capitalism and crisis in its sights

A 'fraud' bigger than Madoff

Little Prince Indigo Child at Tattoo Parlor Art Show Embarrasses Hipster Dad

Do you believe there is a guardian angel looking over America?

One year ago, Another Campus massacre. 5 sons and daughters dead.

I was watching teevee and along came Lindsay Graham, which is horrible enough .....(bwahahah)

FreeRepublic Funnies: Morans see "Communist Coup"!

While websurfing today I ran across Joan Swirsky,what a vile person.

While websurfing today I ran across Joan Swirsky,what a vile person.

Democrats we can Believe In.

The rich want tax cuts? Give it to them!

Please, could we immideately ban posters who call Hugo Chavez a dictator?

For those who thought they could take a break after the election...

For those who thought they could take a break after the election...

More English Language Triumphs, Modest But Welcome

Mr. Fish TOON: "Isolating the Gay Gene"

“Dear Mr. Obama, please Make it rain candy!”

The Next Bernie Madoff: R. Allen Stanford Under Investigation By The SEC, FINRA, FBI

Homelessness: The Family Portrait

Homelessness: The Family Portrait

ABC's Stephanopoulos provides welcome forum for dubious GOP stimulus talking points

My sister-in-laws hubby pissed me off yesterday.....

Looking for all of the damage caused in the past 8 years ...

Alright, who did it?

How many millions were spent...

Thank you for my two hearts!

This board never ceases to amaze me.

From the "We lost and can't get over it" dept

New rankings of presidents: What rankings do you agree and/or disagree with?

What have the spoiled brats been doing?

I'm not at all for making porn illegal. But I find it weird that it is legal and prostitution isn't.

Tail thieves baffle Colorado horse owners

I can't get to Randi's message board, I'm directed to NovaM

Great Anti-Bush Song

Tough Times In The BFEE...Library Donations Are Down...

Which is the worst investment?

I'm not going to call them out, but I saw more than one post on DU citing Politico

About 30 Years Too Late- But We'll Take It

Pay attention and you will see, in broad daylight, the media ass-fucking you

I could use some help with my Marriage, please...


Bill: financial aid to illegal immigrant students

11/5/2008 ... The day the troubles of the U.S.

Remember, He Lost Badly

Is Obama delegating too much authority to Defense and Treasury Depts?

stimulus: a parable...

Why 50,000 bp is a "Crazy Date" for Topper

Obama's photo taken down after customers complain...

Obama's photo taken down after customers complain...


Remember Oliver North

Going in for a Cat Scan today.

Nationalizing the Banks Seems Inevitable: How Bad Does It Have to Get First?

Adult download tax proposal awaits climax in Albany

Slowpoke TOON: 2019....

Take a look at the picture I just stumbled upon!

Latest right wing lie - or is it stupidity?

Pakistan ends offensive against Taliban, imposes Sharia law in northwest regions.

A Commodity Called Misery (Joe Bageant)

WSJ: Morgan And Citi Prepping $3B Of 'Retention Awards'

US News: Bush is Fundraising Personally for His Library

Wikileaks releases NATO report on civilian deaths

Note to Skinner:

The RW Media Monopoly *Hearts* Eric Cantor!

What could possibly be put into a George W. Bush presidential library?

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid - Looks Good - Why Did It Take So Long?

Obama in Schneefälle

When Libertarians Attack

Do arts jobs count as jobs?

Job Losses: Comparing Recessions

Job Losses: Comparing Recessions

Do you think he'll show up?

British and French nuclear submarines loaded with missiles collide underwater

Redoubts rumblings have increased their average amplitude again

UK Muslim tells court he fabricated Islamist past

Woman goes berserk over missing flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco

I can give away two stars - any Obama supporters who need them?

Ohhh look , another thread about SEX... and working.

I just found out I'm so screwed on health care under this stimulus bill

What's a "HEBREW FREE LOAN" as advertised by ACCEDER and appearing on DU?

What's a "HEBREW FREE LOAN" as advertised by ACCEDER and appearing on DU?

What's next--a .499 caliber ban?

Dem Senators Durbin, Whitehouse To DOJ: How's That Report On Torture Opinions Coming?

"Inside the Meltdown" on PBS Frontline tomorrow (Feb. 17).

OMG! n/t

Republicans, Now Hear This: It's not your fucking money!

DU'ers who support Ron Paul support a man who is anti-choice, anti-labor, anti-gay, and a racist

Jobless, facing eviction, a Detroiter checks out

my god!, it`s full of stars!!

Japan's Leaders Powerless (and appearing drunk) as Economy Plunges

Japan's Leaders Powerless (and appearing drunk) as Economy Plunges

Durbin/Whitehouse-Letter To DOJ Re: YOO, et al-"Must be held accountable"

Thanks to my 2 heart donors. You Rock!! ~nt~

Thanks to my 2 heart donors. You Rock!! ~nt~

Wall Street Woes Make Their Way to K Street

Live Phellps Drug Persecutor Presser - MSNBC/259 PM EST

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been busy outside of "The View" as a clothing designer for QVC.

Republicans practicing Reverse-Schadenfreude?

Palin wears musk ox scarf. Musk ox not doing so well anyway.

GOP lawmakers tout projects in the stimulus bill they opposed

Amid recession, a vein of optimism

There has been some concern about a thread I posted earlier today

Bill Press is so much smarter than Ed Schultz

GOP Lawyers Org Issues Conspiracy Email Claiming 'Desperate' Franken is 'Stealing U.S. Senate Seat'

Sorry, I can not able to donate this time around. Things are tight...

Kansas suspends income tax refunds

Kansas suspends income tax refunds

Let's make shit up about how the administrators use our donation money!

Plan expands sales tax to cut corporate tax

WY-Gov: Might Freudenthal Challenge Wyoming's Term Limit Laws?

The CIA and Rape: Media Representations of the Victims

GOP Problem Solver

New Zealand imposes strict internet copyright law

Where is the Skinner/Elad thread that spawned all these other threads?

My first and probably last thank you thread for the hearts!

Sheriff Leon Lott should go after South Carolina's adulterers...

Harry Reid Should Have Kept His Word on Roland Burris

Bush quietly signs corporate tax-cut bill (from 2004)

Yet again, people will call me a piece of shit...

Ohio woman pleads guilty to exercising 73-year-old husband to death

US foreclosure image is 2008 World Press Photo

Conservative group sues for TARP details

Stewart Parnell - President of Peanut Corp. of America - and Poisoner-in-chief

got out of the shower to the sound of an obvious republican mouthpiece

FOX News: The Hate America First Network

This Burris thing is getting ugly here in Chicago. They are saying on the local news

Do you think with the economic climate we have right now, I have the "right" to be appalled at this?

MN Corporate Media censors those opposed to MN Guard being send to Iraq

So .... J.D. Hayworth is back ...... still as stupid ... but back

Marc Thiessen

Net metering proposal meets with resistance from utility providers (what do you think?)

"War on Terror" created a global "War on Human Rights"

"The savings is substantial"

"Christ on a crisp!"

Hey Norm Coleman, show some class & concede the election already

CT woman attacked by a pet Orang.

Kansas says it will not pay employees or pay tax refunds

End The War On Drugs

"If Obama walked on water, the GOP would say it's because he can't swim."

Found something else on the Nova M/ Randi Mystery

Bill Introduced In Pennsylvania To Ban All Portable Gadgets In School

MA wants to monitor and tax mileage

How long before some Conservative Think Tank sues to block

Adult download tax proposal awaits climax in Albany

HELP-Nasty Computer virus attacking - "MS Spyware"

Is it true that Skinner and the mods use the fund drive money

Before I forget...

Human Rights eroded world wide, Thanks to the US

Fightng Dirty

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 16

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 16

Thank you for my star

Are us Humans F*CKING NUTS????? Two nuclear powered, AND NUCLEAR ARMED subs collide mid-ocean . .

Victory for the Venezuelan Revolution: 54 to 46%.

the new right wing memo---President Obama is a partisan

Stop Baby Boomer Bashing: Protect Social Security and Medicare

Crude oil is getting cheaper _ so why isn't gas?

Fair doesn't mean bipartisan.

**Breaking** You can be your own secret admirer!

The flat-earthers are dead - Long live the George Will Climate Change Denier society

Thanks to whoever for the hearts!

Thanks for my hearts...


She Fought for Her Husband (wife of rendition victim Maher Arar)

Another thank you for the heart

I don't really understand the people behind the PUMA sites that are still standing today.

Democrats May Be Headed to Showdown With Obama Over Bush Probes

New Beer Tax Is Bitter for Brewers (by about 2000%)

welcome to the Nancy Skinner show

Holy Anger

"I didn't know a steamroller could move so fast!"

Strikes and protests in Martinique and Guadeloupe are

I Don't Give A Fuck What The Admins Use The Money For. They Run The Best Dem Site On The Web.

I Don't Give A Fuck What The Admins Use The Money For. They Run The Best Dem Site On The Web.

Report: Caracas synagogue attack was simple robbery, not anti-Semitism

"I can't get a job anywhere." Says laid off lawyer. Lawyers losing jobs in droves

Al Franken acting senatorial

Josh Marshall coming up on Shuster to nail Gramps McSame n/t

I hope Obama cancels the new Marine One fleet

The hearts make me smile - thank you all!

Since the plane was on autopilot I blame the airline.

White House Not Challenging Rove's Privilege

New update from Green 960's John Scott about Randi

(Dogtown & Z-Boys) Director of Crips and Bloods: Made In America, Talks About His Latest Documentary

Anybody watching Tweety?

Thanks to whoever for my hearts! They're appreciated, and I would love to

Don't Let the Door Hit Your Fat Ass on the Way Out

Barack Obama sends bust of Winston Churchill on its way back to Britain

This is what we're up against from the Conservative, Fundy Community.

The Nation: Blue Dogs Bark

Alaska Governor Introduces New Alcohol Bill

In case you missed it, here's a video of FDR speaking about Republicans - please K&R it

misleading headline on 'Obama administration defending bu$h* secrets'

Analog to digital TV: Rapture Ready member sounds the ALARM!!!!!1 MIND-CONTROL!!!11

CNN Video: Oregon proposes a 1,900% percent beer tax

Palin's PEOPLE magazine biography (yes already) her pregnancy was kept secret from family

For those who wants transparency on where the DU money goes - here is Skinner's transparency...

VANITY FAIR: Farewell to All That: An Oral History of the Bush White House

The Three Enemies of Health Care Reform: Big Pharm, Hate Groups and the GOP

Anyone else see "Slumdog Millionaire"? Thoughts?

The Big Dog still barks......

Rove re: Leahy's Truth Commission:"a political witch-hunt and that this was, you know, sort of 1930"

Sen Whitehouse on "looking back" and investigating Bush admin: Congress "can walk and chew gum"

Obama slows down troop boost decision

President Clinton: I should have better regulated derivatives

If you were a governor and your state was broke ...

I've been a member of DU since 2004

10 Top Trivia Tips about Hugo Chavez (+ other fun facts about Venezuela)

Looks like Randi is off the air.

Looks like Randi is off the air.

New Historian poll of presidents: I'm surprised the Chimp is as high as he is

Time to ban cigarette ads in shops - Smokefree Coalition


How religion generates social conservatism

The Maggots in your Mushrooms

“Free Republic” Site Kind Of Godless “Conservatism”

McCain "greeted with a smattering of boos and hisses" when introduced at Phoenix Suns home game

Historians: Six presidents worse than Bush

The Demise of Public Health During the Bush-Cheney Years

My cousin committed suicide. After 4 tours in Iraq and losing so many of his

Liberals living in conservative hell hole do you cope?

Star Parker: Abortion Clinics are responsible for the economic crisis

Vermont Country Store addition of 'intimate solutions' to catalog outrages customers

What ever happened to that women who was pictured with the Abu Graib prisoners?

A 'fraud' bigger than Madoff /missing Iraq reconstruction billions

Best Book on Iraq?

NYT: 59% of our "Center-Right" Nation Wants Govt. Healthcare

Justice for an abused cat on Digg. If you have a Digg account, please digg.

Statement From NovaM re; Randi

Your most hated current politician is...

Confessions Of A Guantanamo Guard

Found some clues to the NovaM/Randi/Manzo mystery over on Jef Farias' board

The Power of Populism! This is AWESOME!!

Changing from analog TV to digital is costing the taxpayer LOTS - who's getting rich off this?

All in Favor of Sam Seder replacing Randi Rhodes say I

Facebook wants to own all the content you post -- in perpetuity, for free, forever

Randi Rhodes' Message Board Gone....again

Poll for College Grads Only

Reports from Venezuela from The Economist

The Self-Mainfested Doors of Perception

Heads Up.... FRONTLINE: Inside the Meltdown, Tuesday, 2/17, PBS

Galveston, Texas, still struggling to recover, rebuild after hurricane

Bill Clinton just said he was such a Calvanist he couldn't take a day off from

My near-brush with a late term abortion - UPDATE

Can someone explain what /b/ and 4Chan and Anonymous are?

TSA security proposal worries Alaska aircraft owners

How about funding Health Care w/ 10% Fed. Sales Tax on all "Premium Goods" purchased by Super-Rich?

Is it true that some of the "anonymous" DU fund drive hearts are provided by DU itself?

I don't know what to say.

Sex offender act might not be worth its cost to Nevada

Photo of Obama is Taken Down at Peterson AFB Commissary After Complaints

The case of American Eagle 4184 (Oct. 31, 1994): study it well.

Fundies: The Fairness Doctrine's goal is to wipe Christians off the airwaves......

Kuwaiti Prof Suggests a Biological Attack on White House, Prays for Bombing of Nuclear Plant on Lake

All Right...If You Really Want To Know Where All The Money Goes...

A Second Heart

State of KS employees may not get paid. GOP playing with your life again

Colleges ban illegal immigrants

Tennessee Republican Lawmakers Become National Laughingstock - Again

Why is any Interest Rate over 25% legal?

No Nursing Home for Us!

New York Times: Case May Alter Judge Elections Across Country

It has taken me over 6 months to get up the courage to post this.


Jim Webb goes after the prison-industrial complex

If you were a governor and you couldn't meet your state's budget ...

When I walked into the room I wondered who had sh!t on my TV screen.

Thoughts on Corrupt Generals

Randi Rhodes Speaks (Via Green960 AM)

Our Military's Enduring Future in Afghanistan

What song is playing in the soundtrack of your life right now? Here's mine...

Special Needs Cheer Team - "The Pride of Trilogy" looking for some help

Al Gore: "I had a Presidential election stolen from me, but I moved on ..."

Nancy Skinner Huh? OK I'm Outta There. What Else Is On Right Now?

Rant: Why I hate the mail

For DU: A promise kept.

Should Yahoo! stop having inane polls with two pointless, stupid options?

I'm drunk, but I'm pleasantly stuffed on some really good food right now!

BTW, great show on NPT right now. Nature has "Why We Love Cats and Dogs"...

Fuckin' A!! I'm finally back online!

Did anyone see the Texas fireball?

To whomever sent me a heart(s)

thankyouthankyouthankyou! Somebody loves me!

Sunday night music thread

I have an extra ticket to see Sophie Milman teusday night, who wants to come?

This is what worn out looks like.

QUESTION: Should I seek immediate medical assistance? I've had this heart on for more than 4 hours.

***A Thank You Thread For DUer Larisa Alexandrovna For All She Has Done***

"The Trials of Ted Haggard"

Very Important Poll

QUESTION: Where do the characters go when I use my backspace or delete them on my PC?

General question about laptop computers

OMG! The Björk Song...

Just logged in and found four hearts!!!

LOL @ Shaq's routine

I'm Waiting....

God Bless Reuters: "Bra for boys is bestseller"

"Charlie bit me".


Okay, so I just agreed to help a couple of belly dancers make chainmail body adornments.

My stepson cracks me up.

Justice for an abused cat on Digg. If you have a Digg account, please digg.

Ok, I have question about Star Wars Episode II

Sloths are creepy.

I hate computers. I just hate computers. I mean, I REALLY hate computers!!!!

Idiocracy is on Comedy Central right now!!

God I Hate Valentine's Day: A Rant in Three Parts

So the but tutcher is trying to organize a race between himself

Wash. burglary victim drives off in thieves' van

Digital Blasphemy

Bob Weir in Japan, 1994, Queen Jane Approximately.

Thanks to whoever gave me my Valentine's Day heart.

I have a bunch of pork chops left over from a holiday

"Oh baby... you are soooooo talented."

Can you dig it?!?!


*CLASSIC* Tom Hanks, Cher, Greg Allman, Dickie Betts, and Slappy White -videos

I'm broke, but I'm Mardi Gras bound!

Carrie Nation Has Risen From The Grave!

Am I the only DUer who watched all or part of Daytona (spoiler)?

Someone reslly likes me...

BTW: I'd like to thank the people who sent me Valentine's hearts.

Thank you thank you!

Oooh!! Oooh! I got a message in my inbox!!

Craig's list is a pretty powerful tool


Question: Does Nicholas Cage make the same movie over and over...

There was a video from Conan O'Brien's Show with a comedian complaining

The UNOFFICIAL "THANK YOU FOR THE THANK YOU for my Valentine" thread!

Should NASCAR race in domed stadiums?

my 1TB external hard drive is on the way

I took my Valentine to Antony & the Johnsons.

My camera died in my hands yesterday. It was a Nikon Coolpix L3 digital camera.

If you are unfamiliar with Facebook, let me describe it for you:

Woo hoo! 666 donations!

Dear friends have sent me Valentine hearts.

I googled a friend of mine today

Man cannot live on pepperoni, peanuts, beer, and vodka alone.

The Carrie Nations

***Bling Bling***

I want to work at the bank.

the 3 stooges have been keeping my spirits up lately

Shostakovich or Stravinsky?

Shostakovich or Stravinsky?

February can fucking kiss my Italian ass.

Feeling sorry for myself tonight.

That's our puppy

That's our puppy

You know what XM radio needs... Galaxy News Radio.

Is it Michael or Micheal?

Calling Midlo's posse

OH MY GOD! I'm In The Finals! (Photography Contest):

My in-laws gave me a gift card for Olive Gardens.

I may or may not have a kinda-sorta-internet girlfriend...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lounge.........I give you.....................

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lounge.........I give you.....................

You know when you're at The Olive Garden, and you witness a parent with an obnoxious toddler...

If you are a food person you should read this article

I Did My Part To Stimulate The Economy

Hey... if California Peggy's hearts go all the way across,

Is there anyone here who would like a heart that has not received one yet?

Get a free Redbox movie for Monday, Feb. 16

How do you pronounce "DUer" in your head?

I don't EVER want to be on a flight with this lady.

Phentex rocks for the same reason as DeepBlueC!!!!!!!!!!!

"Beware of the Dogs" signs. Best investment ever.

Thanks to the person who gave me my heart.

Help me get rid of this post in GD.

Anybody up for some Rise Against?

Christian Bale Goes Bat S**t on Peter Griffin

Know what I love about deleted sub-threads?

Post your exact credit card number.

What would your day to day life be like with

Hey! My daughter has an interview with Dartmouth!

Grits, cathead biscuits, and sawmill gravy. Is there a more perfect food?

The static electricity makes me want to shove my head in a vat of oil

The static electricity makes me want to shove my head in a vat of oil

DeepBlueC++ is cooler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I am sick. Running fever and all.

What's all this I hear about the Indigo Girls?

What's all this I hear about the Indigo Girls?

I want to do the great backyard bird count

I just found out my Daughter joined the army grrrrrrr I need hugs

The end is nigh!

If you haven't been in GD today

Hello. My name is Professor Douchebag.

Breaking news: The Sci Fi channel broadcast an ok scifi related movie yesterday!

Seriously. Is there a more perfect food than the Triscuit?

holy shiznit, i'm 20 posts away from 15,000!

I am thinking of switching to Verizon mobile Internet- is 5gb per month enough?

Ok, what does it mean to be indigo?

Good morning Lounge

Fuck it all! My donation went to me instead of another DUer!

OMG! Somebody likes me! They really like me!

Let's hear it for the DU musicians

Wanna know what I think?

J.G. Wentworth

LOLcats (and other LOLanimals)

We've killed more asian beetles this winter then we have for

Life with Sebastian

Strange question....having to do with soda choice

The Daily Show: The 10 Greatest (Fictional) Presidents of All Time

"I can barley believe it!"

Anyone know if it's legal for a used car dealer to install lojack without the buyer's knowledge?

This name change thing totally sucks trucknutz.

He wants toupee. Advice, PLEASE!

DeepBlueC ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should I divorce GD over this? -- serious advice only

200 Million Years From now, when New Guinea is next to Alaska and Antartica is just off Baja...

Should I divorce the lounge over this? -- serious advice only

Who else is enjoying the Great Knife Fight of 2009?

Oh, I have something divorce-worthy!

Oh, I have something divorce-worthy!

I can't believe Paul Hogan has yet to make an appearance today

~health-related vibes needed~

I am talking to a reporter. Series. I am.

Jeebus. Look at all those posts by that douchebag Midlo.

Texas Fireball: The Video

Grounds For Divorce


Hey Lounge!!!! Newsflash!!!!!

I KNEW it! I KNEW it ....

'Oil Can' Boyd looking for comeback at age 49

So, yesterday while waiting for church to start, I'm reading DU on my Smartphone...

Anybody watching US of Tara?

The Current channel is one of the few places on my TV that shows real people

Things I learned being lazy and watching TV today

"I'm warm for your form."

Why am I paying $64 a month for cable when everything is online???

Why Didn't Jesus Have a Dog?

i'm in love

I enjoy not being special.

Why the hell didn't I think of this?

How would you handle right-wing parents who are constantly dropping bait for arguments?

Jeff Sharlett discusses the Prayer Breakfast, the Family, and Faith based programs.

What color is your bra?

WHY don't people feed me when I'm hungry?

So, a little bit of good news today...

Family guy hannity and colmes reference

Wisconsin DU'ers...Advice please

Which is a more serious grounds for divorce?

There is a giant piece of icesnow down the street, and it looks like a gargoyle.

New Youtube hit: Woman flails and wails over missed flight

Jeebus Lord, my feet are cold. I just hate winter.

kitten picture of the day for monday february 16

I just started a music blog. Check it out...

Danmed netbook!

Breaking new: Michael Phelps will not be charged with possession

One of the better "How I Met Your Mother" episodes tonight.

Haruka vs. LostinVA

Should I divorce Mr. Midlo over this? -- serious advice only.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/16/2009)

Rodin's The Thinker or Rodan The Flying Monster?

Getting my Warwick groove on!!!!

Can someone help me with a MS Word question about headers?

Today must be the day for cats to die

I like puppies!

Krautrock band Can invented the Jam band

Great Moments In Moderating: GreatAuntOfTriplets

What color is your aura?

went to the dentist...get to go to an oral surgeon

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/16/09

Girl Would Be Terrified If She Knew Teacher Had Crush On Her Too

Blue Jean Baby. LA Lady

Are you happy with the number of hearts you have?

Post a favorite website, please. Funny, pithy, informative, whatever. TYIA

This is how sweet lizziegrace is, in case you didn't already know.

Enough with this "secret admirer" crap already!

Should I divorce SarahB over this? -- serious advice only

Kittimus Prime has a very large obstruction

He wears a toupee. Advice, PLEASE!

My cat just said "No!" to me.

So what are the jillions of dollars in DU's super-secret slush fund REALLY used for?

How to break up a band 101

Can you spare some kind thoughts? Our beloved TommyCat (17 years old)

Let's have a song title conversation! You may only reply with a song title

Best Union Ad EVER

"Rock n Roll" questions still left unanswered

Pork cracklins>Triscuits, yay or nay

I could use some help with my Marriage, please...

Someone told me if I want my body's ashes sent into space, I have to die first. Is this true?

With regards to horror movies: supernatural or analytical?

Get well vibes for Kittimus Prime needed...

Which has been the best decade for music?

Who knew? All I needed was to be French, and a billionaire, and *I* could have married Salma Hayek

Should I divorce Haruka over this -- serious advice only

Should I divorce Haruka over this -- serious advice only

Offer us a cool, but unusual word you like. Give us a sentence containing it.

Poverty in America: No Keener Revelation

Do you take vitamin supplements?

10 Questions

Saying goodbye to my girls.

The end of the rainbow. (pic)

I want to thank you, whoever you are.

I don't have to be nice.



awww Thanks!

What are you reading?

What long-delayed act will happen first?

Republican Taliban declare jihad on Obama

This Week: Graham Open to Nationalizing Banks. NY Senator Schumer, NY Rep. Peter King, not so much.

Courtesy of Bartcop: the difference between a Bush town hall meeting

Aso’s Approval Rating Slumps to 9.7 Percent

If Obama Told You To Take Your First Born Son, The Apple Of Your Eye...

prime minister gordon brown quoting obama in the house of commons.

Do you watch LiberalViewer's videos on YouTube?

Obama message coming up on TNT right now during NBA all star game

It is Official - Obama is President of the Century

Obama to lift ban on stem cell research soon: aide

"If I perceive that people are taking advantage.....I will CRUSH Them."- The President

FYI- Comcast On Demand "Black History Month" offering is kinda of like the Obama Channel

Should Senate Dems consider abolishing the filibuster (nuclear option)?

Photo journal of the Vice President's day on Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009

Peeps like them 4 dudes from Tenn asking for proof of Birth (Obama)

The new President in his first nearly three weeks in office has only just Begun!

**Heads Up: Potus Recorded Message at NBA All Star Game**

I wish DU a "Happy Presidents' and LSoS Day!"

You know when you're at The Olive Garden, and you witness a parent with an obnoxious toddler...

U.S. Bank Execs Should Fear British Invasion

Obama will continue to be Bipartisan.

McCain taking talking points from Michelle Malkin - and lying

You know that chick who dumped me? Well, her new boyfriend is doing really badly.

Top Economists Agree 2009 Worst Financial Crisis Since Great Depression

Worship = support a man who lied a great nation into a costly war that made another country stronger

The census issue

How Long Till Minnesota Gets A Senator?

PHOTOS Obama & Lincoln Cupcakes. (Seriously). (** Non-Worshipers: Don't Click! **)

One of the worst things about Republicans is their assumption that Americans are stupid

TOON: Charlie Brown & Lucy explain bipartisanship

President Obama opts not to appoint a "Car Czar"...

Does anyone else get tired of hearing a politician say what Americans want?

Sen Burris tourist pass should be turned in. I hope he realizes that he has been used.

TN Lawmakers look dumb for reviving Obama hoax (birthers)

TN Lawmakers look dumb for reviving Obama hoax (birthers)

This Is The First Time I've Put The Flag Out On Presidents Day Since 1999

Schuster on Schultz: The chattering class just doesn't get it

Who was at the inauguration? ( Incredible zoom feature)

PHOTOS the inexorable march of worshipful iconography drives subject Obama to photogenic ennui

Four Tennessee state representatives, all Republicans, have signed up to be plaintiffs in a lawsuit

The National Review stands tall against our real enemy: poor people and battered women

This is a pretty good article on the C-SPAN Presidential Rankings.

i love it! people in arizona camping out already to see obama

i love it! people in arizona camping out already to see obama

FOX News: The Hate America First Network

A future Republican politician? (Slight warning...)

Kos: DC: Where the losers are winners

Anyone watching Family Guy?

how about a middle ground between fawning and bashing?

Frum Skewers Fellow Repugs: "This week we looked not only irrelevant, but clueless and silly."

Stupid Stupid Republicans Again. Can NoQuarter ever tell the truth?

"Worshiping" Obama is a right wing talking point, can someone tell me how it made its way in here?

Obama plans concert to honor Stevie Wonder

Obama Starts Strong Even With Rookie Mistakes

A month and a half into his term... and no significant Democratic splintering.

Krugman: It will probably be a long, painful slump

Who Do You Think Are The "Winners" And "Losers" In This Stimulus Package?

Begala: If you oppose stimulus, don't take the money

GQ magazine slams President Obama on Presidents Day!

If Bush wounded the GOP McCain is going to finish it off.

Galaxy Has Billions of "Earths" Says Scientists

OK, I know it's been eight long years...

"Some say" McCain's a bitter, angry, petty, ungracious sore loser...

Vibes needed, please...for Thomcat

Anyone familiar with CAN Groups on MyBO?

Have any of you had an experience where you thought "time's up"?

I'm not Ashame to admit, yeah I'm one

Allow me to clarify a couple things

Am in awe here and wish to thank the three DUers who sent me

I just heard on MSNBC 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. that our President

Conservative Andrew Sullivan Cries Foul: "Republican Taliban declare jihad on Obama"

Obama's comments on Nationalizing Banks etc. to Washington Post

Liberal columnist Joe Conason: Pardon Bush administration torturers. Prosecution would be divisive

If you are on facebook, check out this link.

Obama: Playing "Gandhian hardball."

So about this hero worship thing...

Stare at this for 20 seconds

WOW. Check out this White House Gallery. "Behind the Stimulus Package"

We Need An Economic Stimulus Bill To Revive The Economy

Since everyone and their brother is weighing in on Obama supporters, I guess I can too..

The Nation's William Greider: Labor's Man Joins Treasury Team

Watch Tweety

A Message from the Arizona Democratic Party

Big Dawg: Obama off to good start.

I don't really understand the people behind the PUMA sites that are still standing today.

Unusual factory reports record sales

Republicans start to support the idea of nationalizing insolvent banks by Nouriel Roubini

Breaking: firestorm over hero worship engulfs DU

Obama did more to stop climate change in one month than Clinton/Gore did in 8 years.

You know, it's not hero worship. It's immense pride.

Historians call Bush right

What's up with Randy Rhodes ?

What's up with Randy Rhodes ?

The OFFICIAL "Thank you for my Valentine" Thread

Why shouldn't Obama be considered a hero?

Dow Chemical to produce thermoplastic solar roof shingles (production and sales by 2011)

Clinton makes first visit to Asia

Chavez victory celebration speech video link here (live now 10:15pm EST)

Miliband faces new 'torture cover-up' storm

Japan economy in biggest dive since 1974

Spain offers 200,000 a get-out-of-Cuba card

China announces military dialogue with US

'US missile strikes' hit Pakistan

Airstrike in Afghanistan kills Taliban commander

U.S. to Study Effectiveness of Treatments

Afghanistan's Karzai hits out at U.S. critics

Four Britons to Join First Tourist Trip to Baghdad

Lovers caught in Malaysia's anti-Valentine drive

On Trip to Asia, Clinton Focuses on Economy and North Korea

Kidnappers of American in Pakistan extend deadline

Nuclear submarines collide in Atlantic

China papers bask in G7 praise, pillory "Buy American"

Chinese blogger stabbed after public reading

CIA official investigated for alleged rape of two Algerian Muslims

Roadside Bombs Kill Iraqi Pilgrims

U.S. Envoy Reaches Out to Iran in Afghan Visit

US 'war on terror' eroded rights worldwide - experts

Obama faces tough decisions on US auto industry

Chavez 'wins' Venezuela referendum

Government Pension Agency Threatened by Recession

Tennessee Republican Lawmakers Become National Laughingstock - Again

Aso's Problems Continue (Drunk at G7)

Miliband told to come clean over claim Government asked for U.S. help to cover up 'Guantanamo tortur

Recovering crash remains a methodical process

States and Cities in Scramble for Stimulus Cash

Illinois GOP leader calls on Sen. Burris to resign

CIA Helped India, Pakistan Share Secrets in Probe of Mumbai Siege

Eyewitnesses across America see fireball falling from the sky.

To Fix Detroit, Obama Is Said to Drop Plan for ‘Car Czar’

Senator John Kerry says U.S. eager to talk to Syria

UK nuclear advisory group scrapped after warning of safety risks, insiders claim

Pakistan Agrees to Enforce Islamic Law in Violent Region

Oil up on 'supply crunch' warning

British and French nuclear submarines collide in Atlantic

GOP senators say Obama off to bad start

Tony Blair wins million-dollar prize for global leadership

Pakistan imposes Islamic law (sharia courts) in Taliban stronghold

In a Likely Obama Pick, Some Find Hope for a Shift in Drug Policy

Kan. suspends income tax refunds, may miss payroll

Anti-terror tactics 'weaken law'

National science group boycotting Louisiana in protest of Science Education Act

On C-SPAN, Historians Rate W the 7th Worst President Ever (Clinton Ranking Advances)

Exclusive: Rove not covered by executive privilege in political prosecution case, lawyer says

(Lance) Armstrong’s time-trial bike stolen in California

Cambodia genocide trial to begin

Perves Musharraf was playing 'double game' with US

Wall Street To Lobby Geithner To Relax "Stress Test"

China clears Danone, milk products of melamine

Bolivia to get Russian helicopters to fight drugs

Women use Koran to demand equal rights

Why we can: Memories of my second mother

Pill Could Erase Bad Memories

Michael Phelps not to be charged with Marijuana crime

Galaxy has 'billions of Earths'

Dairy Cows Head For Slaughter As Milk Prices Sour

Chavez calls Venezuela vote mandate for socialism

Shemekia Copeland -- Sounds like the devil

Bill O'Reilly Consistent Sexist?

Bigoted Homophobic Moralizin', bible thumpin' testalyin'

Failure to save East Europe will lead to worldwide meltdown

Recycled Houses

Call me an "Eternal Optimist"

Sly and the Family Stone: "Thank You" (Julio Osegueda & Barack Obama Remix)

TYT: Is Obama Playing Rope-A-Dope?

A FREEPER gets elected

A woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HKIA

Rep.Kanjorski reveals

Jay Rosen, Glenn Greenwald, full interview w/ Bill Moyers

FUNNY: Bank vs. Credit Union ''Money to Blow'' parody of Mac vs. PC

Huh! Chevy Chase NOT a fan of Sarah Palin :)

FUNNY: Bank vs. Credit Union ''I love you'' parody of Mac vs. PC

FUNNY: Bank vs. Credit Union ''Under the Table'' parody of Mac vs. PC

FUNNY: Bank vs. Credit Union ''Happy to Serve'' parody of Mac vs. PC

Military Recruiting More Green Card Soldiers

How Will It End?

Bush finds a new job!

Saturday Night Live on Republican Congressional Leadership

Susan Sarandon: Join climate action civil disobedience March 2 at Capitol Coal Plant in DC

Human Rights & Rwanda Expert Alison Des Forges Dies in Crash. Democracy Now 2/16/09 1 of 3

With your help, this could be Al Gore's next movie: No Hunger

The Hemp Revolution, 1001 Commercial Uses for Hemp

Hillary Clinton Arrives in Asia for First Diplomatic Trip

O'Lielly attempts to defend calling Helen Thomas a witch

Was George W Bush The Worst President In History... Or The 7th Worst?

F*ck you very much the FCC

Hardball: Former AZ GOP Congressman JD Hayworth says what? (please help unravel)

Unbef**kingLIEVABLE: The House GOP Is Back...Republicans Promote Stimulus Opposition With Aerosmith

The Plastic Man

Peter Schiff Was Right 2006 - 2007 (2nd Edition)

FDR in 1936 and 2008

CNN: Nuclear Subs Collide

Former President Jimmy Carter On Countdown With Keith Olbermann 2-13-09

Bill Moyers asks: "Why will Amy Goodman of Democracy Now never show up on 'Meet The Press'?"

Funny FKN Planet: There Is No God

TYT: Cenk's Reaction To Corporate CEOs Caught Scheming On Tape

Republican Taliban declare jihad on Obama

100,000 Parents of Citizens Were Deported Over 10 Years

TYT: End The 'War On Drugs' NOW (Stunning Statistics)

SNL Shoulda' Used OLD Dan Akroyd Character to Lampoon GOP

The Two Progressivisms

Global Warming Seen Worse Than Predicted

No matter what Mulford says, H1B restrictions will soon be totally illegal

E. J. Dionne: A Hand on History

Obama on Nationalizing Banks and the Stimulus

Obama Administration currently is unwilling to take on the large banks politically.

Bank CEO Gives $60MM in Bonuses, to Tellers and the Like

Krugman links to analysis: A “lost decade” for the world economy

President's Day (James Kunstler)

Depression survivors remember hope

David Axelrod's Wife Describes Struggle With Daughter's Epilepsy

Charlotte’s Economy (A Fable)

Historians: Dubya Actually THE WORST President, But 'Ranking' Affected by Steroids

Hong Kong: Network Mobilization Against Religious Hegemony (Christian Right)

Rush Limbaugh Hates America -- And So can You (Hal Cohen)

The new Fallujah up close and ugly

Chris Hedges: Bad News From America’s Top Spy

A Heroine for Human Rights

More Annals of Global Greed Inc.

Chavez wins vote to scrap term limits

Is America Ready to Quit Coal?

George Bush is NOT the Worst President EVER

Day Laborers Are Easy Prey in New Orleans


A 'fraud' bigger than Madoff

District's Carlyle Senses a Profit in Toxic Bank Assets

GOP Goes With Aerosmith Theme, But Shoulda' Picked THESE Songs

The River Too Tells the Story

Recovering crash remains a methodical process

The Nation: Britain's Winter of Discontent

Book Review: Was Bush Doctrine Just a Little Bit of History Repeating?

Is the Supreme Court About to Kill Off the Exclusionary Rule?

While Americans lose their homes, America offers fat stipends to foreigners/H-1B's

Join army, be a US citizen in 6 months

A 'fraud' bigger than Madoff

Kevin Drum: What Obama Did

If You Don't Agree With The Stimulus....Don't Take The Money!!

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 358

Beginning Of Phase 5 Of The Total Systemic Crisis (LEAP/E2020)

Something new is "coming into form" in America and it transcends the political game of the elites.

Family Guy does "Hannity and Colmes" -- "You hate America!"

Aerosmith? No Way! Help the GOP Pick a Better Theme Song

What would be the price tag for using the Qattarra depression for solar-hydro power generation?

AlterNet: Firestorms and Deep Freeze: Climate Change May Bring Both

Our Panarchic Future

Southern Ocean carbon sink failing

Xpost from Economy: Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production

Trade group says U.S. geothermal to double

Blog of a Vegan Pirate - The State of the Galapagos by Tod Emko

U.S. Geothermal Signs Interconnection Deal for Neal Hot Springs

Rise in malaria rates, drug resistance tied to climate (change)

Canberra Times - More Blue-Green Algae Outbreaks Likely As Warming Continues

TVA ready to revise strategic plans—Recent financial and environmental flaws push…a “new era.”

Las Vegas' Lake Mead Water Supply In Jeopardy W/I 6 Yrs - SNWA Considering 3rd $817M Intake System

Largest Calving On Record From Terminus Of Tasman Glacier (NZ) Produces 3-Meter Wave

AAAS News Release: Dwindling Resources of Soil, Water and Air Require New Rescue Plans

Xinhua - Yangtze Headwaters Permafrost Less Than 10 Meters Thick Gone By 2016, Scientists Say

Easing Atmospheric CO2 Levels Using Nanotubes and Sunlight

Climatologist Stephen Schneider Slams Corporate News For "Screwing Up" Climate, Science Coverage

Study Shows Arctic Peat Equal To Tropical Forests As Source Of GHG Nitrous Oxide - New Scientist

More US patents awarded for "fuel cells" than for any other "clean" technology

New Antarctic research station is carbon-free

Carbon Material to Store Renewable Energy (graphene ultracapacitors)

Bushfires and extreme heat in south-east Australia

(Pardon if this is a repost.) 'Fish technology' draws renewable energy from slow water currents

Climate Could Cross Critical Threshold by 2100, Expert Warns

Does the DUer with the most hearts win?

JOB - Univ. of Tx. (Austin) - Director of Sustainability

International Youth Make NYT #1

Finland reactor: at best, if no more delays and overruns, a warning to investors; but if TVO fails

Indian experts find bacteria to beat global heat (produces calcium carbonate from CO2)


Astronaut speaks out on global warming





Stanford Study - More Than 80% Of Cropland Increases Since 1980 Came At Expense Of Forests

Hamburgers are the Hummers of Food in Global Warming: Scientists

Long-time GM Consultant: Chevy Volt Won’t Save Company

Drastic changes needed to avert global warming?

BOREV reporting on referendum vote - last post at 9:24 pm - lookin' good

VENEZUELA: Video of Chavez' Victory Speech

Bolivia to get Russian helicopters to fight drugs

VENEZUELA: "Jon Lee Anderson Still Getty By with One Eye"

The Truth About Colombia's New Emperor

Venezuela Ends Term Limits

Chavez 'wins' Venezuela referendum

Unions rallies includes `Buy American' calls

“The Starbucks Problem”

Selig scolds A-Rod, attacks players' union

PhillyDeals: Union dollars could aid a building boom

NBA labor agreement may be reopened

Celebrating Black Labor History Month

Union protesters picket Rite Aid

OSHA complaint decision (whistle blower reinstated with back pay and beneits)

RNs employed by Nistel file petition for union election

AFL-CIO favors 'mixed' health care system, Sweeney says

AP: Fewer workers idled by strikes, lockouts in 2008

5 Stories that put NBA All-Star weekend in perspective (4. The prospect of another lockout)

Immigrant Doctors Training To Become Healers Again

Cartoon: Class War

Today in labor history Feb 16 They became the first union to win a five-day, 40-hour week 1926

Sikorsky workers ratify new 5-year contract

The real issue in the debate over the Employee Free Choice Act

Great Credit Union Website!

How does one form a union, strike and collectively bargain in a right to work state..

Japan’s Economy Shrinks Most Since 1974 Oil Shock

Geithner Pressed By G-7 to Push Ahead With Bank Bailout Plan

UK..Bailed-out bank attacked for celebrity contracts

U.K. Economy to Shrink 3.3% in Worst Slump Since 1980

RBS to cut 20,000 jobs

UK..Government bans executive bank bonuses

Credit Card Companies Change Fees before New Rules Take Effect

Kia, Kraft Suffer in East Europe as Exports Backfire

Ukraine Ratings May Be Cut by S&P on IMF Loan Risk

Obama Opts Against ‘Car Czar’; Geithner, Summers to Head Team

Consumer Prices Probably Fell in January: U.S. Economy Preview

Companies cut ties with risky customers

Japan's Recession Deepens...GDP Plunges 12.7 %

Republicans start to support the idea of nationalizing insolvent banks by Nouriel Roubini

Don't miss a credit card payment, or the APR could soar

Lloyds' HBOS deal backlash builds

BMW to cut 850 jobs at Mini plant

Energy firms get go-ahead for UK wind farms

Money markets still not ready to nurture economy

Saving Federal Arts Funds: Selling Culture as an Economic Force

Figures reveal Blair's charity empire

Geithner and Summers Consolidating Power (Auto Bailout Edition)

Credit Cards in the 2007 Survey of Consumer Finances

Audits of Largest Corporations Slide to All Time Low

Comparing Bank Failures, Then and Now, in Current Dollars

The Week Ahead....expect confirmation of deflation

Household Income and Debt Trends Since 1980: Quick Picks

Economists Try Target Practice in a Fun-House Mirror

If anyone has any advice for me I would be ever so grateful...

Homophobic editorial in Morehouse's student news paper

Nadler, Leahy Reintroduce Partner Immigration Reform

Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Protest Clinton's Speech

Roubini tells Geithner to nationalise US banks

Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production

Visa, MasterCard cut costs as revenue growth slows

The return of Marx

Fla. school steroid testing ends over money

Big Papi wants season-long ban for steroid users

Penguins fire their coach.

All My Children Features First Lesbian Wedding on Daytime TV

400 religious schools to mark Gaza 'expulsion'

Sudan rebel leader meets with Defense Ministry official in Israel

Israeli army detains 27 Palestinians in West Bank

Palestinian-US venture a study in contrasts

An open letter on antisemitism

Israel Wants Some Swap Prisoners Exiled - Report

Sure the Israeli right won? Peace lost? Look closer

West Bank settlement gets green light for massive expansion

dupe - delete

Israel opens three major crossings into Gaza Strip

Israel should forget about bombing Iran (Gideon Levy)

Kadima: We agree with Lieberman on 90% of issues

Israel seen undermining disarmament - ElBaradei

Defense establishment: Iran No.1 threat to Israel

First-term Meretz MK Nitzan Horowitz to present civil marriage bill to Knesset

Two Qassam rockets fired from Gaza hit Negev

Netanyahu: Palestinians should be sovereign, but not at Israel's expense

Israel takes control of more West Bank land

Whose court is the ball in?

IDF: World duped by Hamas's false civilian death toll figures

Livni: Israel must give up land to remain Jewish and democratic

Jordanian MP to file war crimes suit against Israelis

As Gaza aid caravan leaves England, 9 supporters seized by ‘anti-terror’ forces

U.S. to Compare Medical Treatments - part of Stimulus Package

Voting Himself Rich: CDC Vaccine Adviser Made $29 Million Or More After Using Role to Create Market

Deaths from Measles began to decline dramatically around 1910...

Spain Withdraws Merck Gardasil Vaccine After Illnesses

anecdote vs statistic

What's next--a .499 caliber ban?

Anybody know anything about binary explosive targets?

House aims to shoot down federal gun controls (MT)

Fear of stricter gun laws spurs surge in sales

Reserve O-5 sues, alleges USERRA violation

Military: Soldier killed by bomb in Iraq

Ex-soldier wants other leg amputated

Ky. Guardsmen return after 1 year in Iraq

Wars take moms away from home

Contract workers say KBR knew of exposure

Passed-over majors to be eyed for retention

SD schools agree to expand ROTC programs

SRB levels slashed; some fields see boost

U.S. uses UAVs to hunt Somali pirates on shore

Afghanistan to take part in U.S. war review

Alumni fight to save school for kids of vets

Iraq-bound 2/23 has packed training schedule

(AF) Officers awarded more medals proportionally

Outdoor rec program helps soldiers confront post-deployment stress issues

U.S. troops work on putting Iraqis to work

Rep. wants probe of VA psychologist firing

Military reports 83 Malaria infections in ’08

SOFA-related crime on Okinawa was up in 2008

Tsukiji fish auctions reopened to visitors ... but please behave

Grand Forks drones to patrol Canadian border

Film tells story of final journey for soldier

Obama’s handshake with Marine raises eyebrows

Bill would turn six closed bases into emergency shelters

Navy ship collides with boat in Yokosuka

U.S. nuclear warships in Japan touch a nerve

Man sues LA college over anti-gay marriage speech

Amgen 2009 Howell Mountain leg

Praying Before Playing--And Downtown Scenes

(London) Photographers to make their voices heard against Terrorism Act abuses

Jersey Tomatoes!

The band

My camera died in my hands yesterday. It was a Nikon Coolpix L3 digital camera.

Shot Today : The lake in Central Park

A couple of oldies...

3 more shots from my back pages

Is it a bad/stupid thing to take this offer?

An insult to every photographer in the world...

Anyone in the group read Susan Sontag's "On Photography?"

Thank you for the hearts! So sweet of you!

Thank You for Hearts!

Thank you for the Hearts!

The Stars This Week: "Get Involved" - February 16 - February 22, 2009

my balentine! i loveseded ju!

You like me! You really like me!

REAL DISEASES can be solely due to energetic causes

Very cool thread that might interest you.

Speaking of Diseases/Healing... MAP

GSE for a cat?

Where are my keys?

AAAS: Darwin the Buddhist

Wonderful webpage for folks interested in speculations about extrasolar planets.

Space Vacuums?

Louisiana boycotts science; scientists boycott Louisiana

Mormon theory of Bigfoot traces monster to Garden of Eden

Lovers caught in Malaysia's anti-Valentine drive

Help me through a brain fart, please!

Faith-Based Fudging

have you ever used pie tape to keep the juices in?

Today's projects.

Need Help and Recommendations on Immersion Blenders

Just finished 40 corn waffles to go with chicken fricassee

What's your favorite food blog?

Why the heck doesn't somebody invent...

What's for Dinner? ~ Monday the 16th Edition

Cooking For Dummies

Cool Obama Book For Kids

US military is preparing to quell civil unrest at home

Texas lawmaker wants to impeach judge (Sharon Keller)

Andrew Jackson on History Channel at 8:00 p.m. EST....n/t

Peter Cook: Not only a comic genius ...

Quality of recent PBS telecasts - anyone else experiencing these issues?

Liberals must embrace the West, Ignatieff says

U.S War Criminal (Bush) to Speak in Calgary !!!

Windows replacement shell?

I have a problem connecting to USPS at

Anyone have a PCI-E video card that they'd like to donate?

I'm looking for a package to make and/or edit graphic images.

Holy bleeepies; going from a 320GB Seagate SATA drive to a WD Velociraptor 300GB drive...

Can people here advise of a cheap and easy way

Size matters....what affects website loading time?

Angry workers throw fruit at union leaders