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Still Time to DU this POLL on same sex rights!!

Dean says Obama plan will open Medicaid to all along with other

Captain Sullenberger Goes To Congress .........

To All Those Rightwingnuts, Who 8 Years Ago Called Us Loserman, And...

Mideast diplomatic dust-up over unpaid dinner tab?

In the end, all this DC Voting Rights Act will accomplish is an extra Republican Congressman

If your a bigot and you know it...

Bobby Jindal to Reply to Obama's Speech...

Happy Mardis Gras! >>

Is it to early to start drinking?

Mickey Mouse to start layoffs

I am looking for some great political cartoons...

Happy Mardis Gras! >>

Schumer, Burris, Durbin, and Bunning - a comparison.

I could have sworn I recently read a report on DU about how US schools lag behind

GOP hates earmarks — except the ones its members sponsor

TPM: What do Jack Abramoff and Allen Stanford have in common?

Guardian UK: Outstanding 'complexity' wins Naomi Klein £50,000 inaugural Warwick prize

Why is it so hard for banks and repubs to do the right thing?

Officials: Complete Withdrawal of American Troops From Iraq By December 2011

Hawaii civil union bill moves to Senate

Microsoft 'elevates America' with free job training

Cop Makes Arrest In Bathroom After Smelling Crack

Iraq and Afghanistan is not stimulus. The military is not a jobs program.

Barney Frank on Jindal: "If That's Political Courage, I Hope We Have More Cowardice."

Barney Frank on Jindal: "If That's Political Courage, I Hope We Have More Cowardice."

Morning JO on the floor of the House for speech

TN's Dem Gov Bredesen Mulls Rejecting Part Of Stimulus Money

Why is healthcare reform being coupled to Social Security 'Reform'??

SOU streaming on if anyone needs it

"I'm really diggin' ya RNC Chair Michael Steele,!"

I don't see why Dems in Congress don't openly refer to it as Bush's mess.

Sasha Obama Keeps Seeing Creepy Bush Twins

The Lighter Side Of The Financial Crisis

So if we have a big, big bomb it all falls on the shoulders of President Eric Holder

There's Ruth!! Good to see her steaming along after all she's been through lately...

Listening to Thom Hartmann today, I learned something I didn't know about the Iraq "War".....

Officials: US 'combat' troops to exit Iraq by August 2010 - 30,000 to 50,000 to remain until 2011

Official Obama Speech Thread

What Channel will you Watch Tonights Speech on?

March 2007 - Bernanke Says That Mortgage Troubles Will Not Spread To Rest of Economy

Our President is on his way!

Mike Malloy: My dream Republican ticket would be Palin-Jindal, with Rush Limabaugh as SecofState....

Imagine, if you can, the amount of care and love and bravery it takes ......

the last few State of The Union speeches, people were drinking heavily, as I remember

goodness they aren't letting him get up to the podium!

Stocks EXPLODE in HUGH (that's right, HUGH!!) RALLY on news of..... absolutely nothing!

Ah time to prepare my drink for this.... a... LATTE

Did you hear Obama got a mortgage from Northern Trust ? - a tarp funds recipient

I can hear Justice Clarence Thomas's bitter, self-hating thoughts

Tweety: "Barbra STREISAND, remember HER?!" Uh, yes, Yes we do.

"Nobody messes with Joe"

Holy Shit This is SOOOOO Much Better Than Watching Bush


Keep sitting, fucking Republicans. The world is taking notes



Killer Joe

Yay, even though it's all bad news, I'm so happy to see an intelligent President

Question: Do you think all of the GOP's talk of punishing disloyalty will backfire?

Question: Do you think all of the GOP's talk of punishing disloyalty will backfire?

Nobody messes with Joe.... Truman commission

I am perfectly capable of cheering as my president speaks to the country and to not be happy to hear

"Promise from peril, opportunity from ordeal"

Do I see the republicans now standing and clapping?

Do I see the republicans now standing and clapping?

A re-energized DOMESTIC auto Industry (we can not walk away from it)

Will someone tell Nacy Pelosi to stop fooling with her dentures.

Washington Post: U.S. Clears Path to Bank Takeovers

Is bushie Boy drinking tonight? Is he watching how its done?

"Health Care Reform Cannot Wait, Will Not Wait and Must Not Wait Another Year."


The Republicans are AFRAID not to stand!

When they show shots of repubicans in the audience, I want to throw shit at the teevee.

*** THIS *** is what unity is

Articulate, Intelligent, Speaks in plain terms, Has a plan and says it...

All of us contributed to bringing CHANGE to Washington - and Prez Obama to the podium!

For the first time in over 8 years --- we no longer see Cheney's snarl sitting behind the Prez!

watching the speech on MSNBC and my wife and I are seriously

The speech, follow along (I know it's almost over)

Good bye no bid contracts - smacked to the ground

Whence this man?!1 I'm astounded!1

Hey Repubs....

According to the tracker on MSNBC the McCain voters like him even more than we do.

Its so simple!!! Medicare for all!!! HR 676

This is amazing!

OMG who is still in shock at actually hearing a President speaking like a President should.

The United States of America does not torture, that is for the world

Jindal must be shitting tacks at the thought of

"With the deficit we inherited"........Ouch!!!

"With the deficit we inherited"........Ouch!!!

Check and Mate.

Compare and contrast! Thanks Daily Kos!

I'm lovin' the speech... but oh my gosh, the shot on C-Span...

If I'm Bobby Jindal

Ok folks how many of you love to be addressed as ADULTS?

End taxcuts for corporations that send jobs overseas... that is change I can believe in

is that a bar set in front of Pelosi?

Jesus, who else is switching over to CSPAN?!

Can anyone reading this even imagine Booshe speaking any of this to America?

OMG repugs look like they want to throw up. They know they have lost

This Obama guy. Pretty sharp customer.

52 interruptions for applause.

Is his microphone off?

Is his microphone off?


seems like Obama broke the approval meter on MSNBC

Eat THAT, Jindal

Dammit O, stop saying "clean coal"

What I don't understand about Obama's speech . . .

I don't about you but I can't wait to hear 'Bobby Brady' Jindal's response to this.

ACK! Chris Matthews STFU

How will Jindal handle more troop pay and better soldier benefits?

Yes, we do not torture. But what about those of us that do and have?

So... I missed the speech... how was it?

COME ON BOBBBBBEEEEE! Oh this will be good.

AP posting their extensive review of the speeches- before they've even been given

whats that funny looking little thing on his suit coat??

Cnn international has Christiane Amanpour commenting on the speech

"Bobby" say so much about them/him.

Gergen: First Half of the Speech was FDR, Second Half was LBJ's Great Society

Question: When is Bill Maher debating Ann Coulter?

Nancy must've gotten the D.C. Jack-In-A-Box franchise (It's a California thing.)


Pelosi looks funny

Yo .... Piyush .........


Rachael: "This is the largest tax cut in American history."

Holy shit! Is this Sesame Street? Bobby ain't ready for prime time.

What's your prediction on the stock market tomorrow

TYT Fans: LIVE Coverage of President Obama's Joint Session W/ Congress at

I'm Bobby Jindal

Did you hear OB?

This man is so uptight, he shits a trail of diamonds behind him.

Hey, you guys didn't tell me Bobby Jindal was a marionette.

Mike Malloy: "I was wondering why Lieberman looked so sour when he walked in....

Does Jindal have a tooth whistle going on????


Are you freakin' kidding me? Jindal?! Once upon a time boys and girls.

Palin/Jindal '12

Jindal, McCain and Palin ...... sacrificial lambs all ......

Jindal sounds like he's on Sesame Street! LMAO!

UK war criminals attempt a coverup. What do they have to hide?

The RNC has promised to release Governor Jindal if we give them 3 trillion dollars. EOM.

Well The gop got one thing right

I love seeing Michelle Obama after 8 years of Laura the stepford wife.

This is THE most childish sounding speech ever. Worse than Idiot Son

Jindal sounds a bit like Tim Calhoun from SNL

Did you hear Tweety go "Oh god" right before the Exorcist came on?

OMG, why did the Republics pick JIMINY CRICKET to give their response???

And if you call within the next 10 minutes, we'll throw in...

Bobby Jindal just sent this urgent message to M$Greedia

When you watch a US President artfully reach down the throats of the other party, grab their tonsils

I watched the Obama speech on Fox

OMG this Jindal is so insulting! He's talking down to us. Is this the way

The name Bobby Jindal sounds like a NASCAR driver

What is with his face? It's as lopsided as another's lips!

Thank FSM, I've never owned a firearm

Bad Democratic leaders in Congress- they rejected this approach

Alright, I'm listening, but if Jindal's all they got they're toast! For a long, long time ~

Jindal is really bad. I *almost* feel sorry for him.

is it me, or is this response a NON RESPONSE?

Jindal's drawl is less thick than earlier today on the news shows...

The future of the Republican Party: Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Patrick McHenry and Rush Limbaugh.

is this an end of an era? No 9/11 reference?

This Wasn't State of the Union Address. Why Does Bobby Wanker Get Rebuttal time?

every time I think he's wrapping it up, he starts again

Oh here we go: TAXES! CUT FREAKING TAXES!!! Shit, that didn't take long

"The Wonderful World of Disney" - Sunday nights. Jindal's speaking style.

AAAAAGH! My ears are bleeeding!

I do not remember EVER seeing ANYONE in Congress ASKING the President for an autograph

If he says "You're going to love my nuts"...

Boooby Jindal is an asshole ( I wanted to get that out of the way)

SOB here we go 9/11

and gaad bless america...

so this is the best the 'loyal opposition' has?

F%#@ off Bobby!

Poor Rachel...she's speechless after Jindal. n/t

If Bobby Jindal is the best they have, the game is over for the GOP

I'm watching PBS

Oh, gawd. I just realized. jindal almost made bush look intelligent.

Americans can do ANYTHING!

Piyush invokes govt. failure during Katrina as reason to oppose Obama.

Jindal: "Sorry, you were fucked by Republicans when you trusted us before"

Bobby Jindal is to Katrina...

My name is Bobby Jindal, and I'm a MASSIVE FAILURE!

Self delete..

robert gibbs up on msnbc

Rachel: I am paid to talk for a living. I'm speechless

Bobby Jindal sounds exactly like Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio.

Anyone else thinks Jindal looks a little like

This guy makes Tim Kaine look like Cicero

What the hell can Jindal say after this???? n/t

Wow - Pyush made Barack look even better

Wow - Pyush made Barack look even better

So I guess the GOP doesn't like the rebuttal time given to Jindal?

Bunning threatens to sue NRSC

Mr. Rogers lives!

"Now is no time to dismantle the defenses that have kept us safe for HUNDREDS of years"

Keith has a Special Countdown On Now.

Anchor Baby Bobby Jindal: Don't take hope, people are trying to kill you

BARNEY FIFE-god knows I love that show but Jindal had himself a "Fife" moment tonight

Bobby Jindal is an Anchor Baby!

So, was Booby Jindal reading Green Eggs and ham to Booshe??

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Anyone have a link to Obama's full speech on video yet? I missed it :( nt

Piyush, there is no plan to build a rail line from Vegas to Disneyland!


JIndal sounds like a redneck trying to read a teleprompter... oh yeah that's what he is.


Rachel Maddow: The Republican Response - "I"m Absolutely Stunned"

Jindal sounds like Kenneth from 30 Rock!

Sen. Boxer looks fantastic and natural!

OMG... he's making me cry...

after seeing Jindal and Obama in action tonight how many think Dems will win

Anyone hear Tweety when he saw Jindal... "Oh, god."

We all know that Bobby Jindal is an idiot

Tax cuts evil government bureaucrats tax cuts trust people with their own money evil government

Tax cuts evil government bureaucrats tax cuts trust people with their own money evil government

Everyone expected Jindal to bring a knife to a gunfight

Living in her truck

At what points, exactly, did Jindal hit the hip-hop GOP / Frank Sinatra

Jindal in a nutshell...

No comparison

So - will the NYPost have a Bobby Jindal cartoon tomorrow?

Freepers not so impressed by Jindal.....

I guess I got here too late.

those colored graph lines on MSNBC

Thank you to the DUer who was kind enough to give me a star.

Oh fuck!

That was the best they've got?

"BOBBY" just buried the GOP

"BOBBY" just buried the GOP

Who's bobby jingle and why should *I* care?

"My daddy said, 'Bobby' (or 'Piyush', as he pronounced it)..."

"Republican's Had to OUTSOURCE their response" !!!!!

"Republican's Had to OUTSOURCE their response" !!!!!

BREAKING: Piyush Jindal admits to being anchor baby

Howie Dean on KO now

Jindals speech is already on youtube!!!!

ABC just got a shot of Boner.

I missed the speech

TDS: Interviewing man who thinks Obama is the anti-Christ

Bobby Jindal, how long until we find out some un-Godly horror in his closet?

Tweety just suggested Dean for HHS Secy

Please, please....

Please, please....

Rachel is speechless

Palin/Jindal or Jindal/ Palin in 2012? McConnell/McCain? Rush/Jeb?

Has anyone asked Jindal how many of the folks from the 9th ward have rebuilt their homes?

What a triple header. We watched Religulous...then Obama...then bobbie J.

Jindal lived in Igloo once.

I participated in CNN's Opinion Research SOTU poll tonight - and Candy Crowley can STFU

I'm glad the Repugs opted for comedy relief tonight!

Rapture Ready "very concerned" about Obama's plan "to teach sex to very young children"

So this is what leadership is!

Do not monitor Volcanos, Do not monitor Tsunamis, Do not monitor Hurricanes

You know Obama called out South Carolina tonight

What's going on in New Orleans in this last hour of "Fat Tuesday"?

OK, don't take this wrong, but if Booby Jindal was elected Governor of Louisiana


Is anyone brave enough to see what the freepers are saying?

What scourge did I fight off?

Jindal: Kenneth on 30 Rock?

Jindal's response looked like an audtion tape made at the CT School of Broadcasting.


Poor Rachel doesn't feel good yet. Dark circles under her eyes.

Jindal fashoin faux paux: candy cane tie and sallow complexion

Between Palin, Steele, and Jindal .... is there a viable idea from any one of them? (credit: Rachel)


A Rebuttal to the Republicanned Preschool Rebuttal to President Obama's speech

Umm. The automobile was not invented in the USA.

Great Poll Numbers for Obama's First Speech: 79% now Approve of Obama's plans for the Economy

Jindal "create jobs by lowering income tax rates for working families"

Okay, We had Parent-Teacher conferences tonight. I taped Obama but give me cliff notes on Jindal pl

That's right, Bobby. Get those old bureaucrats

Bobby Jindal, Boom goes the dynamite

Breaking: Republicans running out of sacrificial lambs.

We are underestimating a brilliant politician in Jindal. Barney J is an expert on the constitution.

Ah ****SHIT**** ......... I just wet my pants ............

Oh my, ... Palin or Jindal or Steele for Repub Presidential Nominee?

Holy Shite Rachel that was brilliant

Holy Shite Rachel that was brilliant

Jindal Bells, Jindal Bells, Jindal All The Way

Republicans so taken by Obama's speech they are inspired to exhume...

I know most of the rebuttal was written before the Presidents speech...

Tonight, the president led.

25 (Political) Things

It must really bug the hell out of republicans...

Please, if there is a God in heaven ....

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"Courage is not defined as enduring the suffering of others" (Barney Frank, earlier tonight)

In case you missed it, Jindal response video here

The Lighter Side Of The Financial Crisis

"Hey, you're not a Dick"

Come on happy DUers it time to silence

Freepers embrace, move away from Jindal in 1 thread

The Republican bureaucrats were in charge during Katrina

Obama explained things so All Americans could Understand, while still treating them like Adults

A stake in the heart of the GOP, and their "we support the troops" meme.

Why wasn't Scalia at the speech?

Jindal walks out - Tweety

Fundie News Alert: "McCain insiders to speak before homosexual activists"

Piyush Jindal used to be a "pagan idolater." Not that there is anything wrong with that . . .

Jindal fashion faux paux: candy cane tie and sallow complexion

Jindal sounds like a high school student. This is the best they have?

As pointed out by the anal cysts ..... er analysts, this is the BIGGEST tax cut *ever*

AP releases Obama "fact" sheet right after speech

Fox Panel's Verdict On Jindal Speech: 'Childish,' 'Amateurish,' 'Not Exactly Terrific'

Rachel Maddow, I want to bear all your children

Rachel Maddow, I want to bear all your children

Does Bobby Jindal ALWAYS talk like he's reading "My Pet Goat" to 4 year olds?

Scott Ritter: US set to invade Iran by this summer

Watching Charlie Rose. They are just tripping over each other praising Obama

Did Mitch McConnell relly say the price of "bi-partisanship" was GUTTING Social Security?

Did Mitch McConnell relly say the price of "bi-partisanship" was GUTTING Social Security?

The president's speech...

Vote on Jindal's Speech

Hannity's "Great American Panel"

President Obama hit a home run tonight. Jindal struck out.

George W. Bush to visit Europe on speaking tour (Asia also) **Playing with FIRE.**

How can you pick out Bobby Jindal in a room full of secret service agents?

Anyone who ever thought that Jindal gave an excellent response should have their head examined

repeat of address right now on CNBC

For those who Missed it, MSNBC and CNN are both repeating the Speech at the Same point Now

For those who Missed it, MSNBC and CNN are both repeating the Speech at the Same point Now

Rachel Maddow claimed President Obama had to make his case to Americans.

Do the Repugs know that "Piyush Jindal" is an anagram for ...

"She'll be dead in nine months"

"The Credit Card Debt Crisis: The Next Economic Domino" LINK

The guest on this TV show is now neck & neck with Jindal, Palin, & Plumber for the 2012 nomination

Obama repeat starting on CNN now n/t

Let's give it up for that Rockstar, Mr. Rogers, err - Bobby Jindal!!!

Michael Steele is quite possibly brain damaged. - he accidentally told the truth

Push Poll

How to deal with Jindal.....

President Obama laid the wood to it tonight.

The happiest person in America tonight?

Anyone have a Jindal fact check?

Help me out here- can anyone think of a worse high profile political speech?

Things are going to be all right

How many GOP Heavyweights turned down the opportunity to respond to the BIG O????

Interesting, the DJI futures are down by 17

She cuffed a young 'vandal'. Her reward? A legal bill of £2,000 and a criminal record

You know what's most insulting to me about the GOP picking Jindal?

Everybody knows "Bobby" is the nickname for "Piyush" right?

Seriously, who is this Jindal guy?

"He's African-American. I'm Indian-American. Therefore I know you'll love me, too"

The guy is just cool

Michelle Bernard Plays The Stupid "Immigrants Don't Trust Government" Card

Ha! Tweets On Jindahl: "It's Safe To Say A Star WASN'T Born Tonight."

Make your predictions now: How will PIgboy rebutt Obama's speech tomorrow?

I hope it doesn't happen, I really do. But if another hurricane hits New Orleans

Bottom line: Obama talked to adults, Jindal to 3rd graders

Woman who shot husband acquitted

Rush Limbaugh: Bobby Jindal is the "Next Ronald Reagan" !

What did Prez O say to Ruth Bader G????

Anyone else get the feeling Jindal was doing a SNL Sketch? I kept waiting for the punchline...

I don't get it -- Why Jindal instead of ALAN KEYES????

wine is bad for your health, no... it's good, wait!'s bad!

How to destroy all the current party platforms of the GOP=Bipartisanship

For the first time ever....

I really like our President....

An honest Republican on the nature of capital:

Now that Jindal's gone, Elvis/Rush 2012 !

Support war resisters.

Something to look at...

Ty’Sheoma Bethea

Christine Pelosi nails The Exorcist

It boils down to this: the Repukes are just too STUPID to realize how STUPID they look.

What A Moran! "Bush surprises SMU political science class"

Bobby Jindal is friends with the "devil"

US Lawmakers React to Obama Speech

California Legislator Sees Benefit in Legalizing Pot

Bobby Jindal Response Panned By Pundits, Republicans And Democrats Alike

Does your local paper cover local government well?

Joe Biden on TODAY SHOW NOW, first;

Sheldon Drobny, founder of Nova M, and a co-founder of Air America Radio, attempted suicide and is

Ash Wednesday in N'orleans,

Turkish Airline crashes in Amsterdam - all 135 people

Remember that song "The Name Game"? Let's try Piyush

Opinion: Obama's Very Own Quagmire

"We will Rebuild!" Tina Turner in "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome"

Jindal's response Speech. Just another indicator of the "out of touch with reality" MO of the Cons?

Michael Steele on JoeScum

Is the KKK a religious organization?

Christian Science Monitor: Obama is right to take on the very rich

Jindal and Palin, perfect together

You knew it was coming....

What does CSpin do the morning after Pres Obama's speech

The Humpty Dumpty Party

Deleted - added to another thread.

Two brothers, one big FAT lie.

Any governor who turns down stimulus money for his state is most likely committing political suicide

C-SPAN radio is simulcasting "Bill Press" while cable TV is torturing us with The Bookie of Virtue

Only another $233,280,000,000 to go!


Mike "Rusty" Steel, RNC chair on Joe Schmo trying to explain the Repuke alternative to the stimulus

The reviews are in on Bobby Jindal's response....."An American Carol" was more well-received.

You KNOW there is an SNL skit about Gumby and Pokey coming, you just KNOW it

Jindal Will Not Be President

Question on the Jindal response

Question on the Jindal response

Todays Animal Cops Preview: Rabid Pack of R/W Talk Show Hosts Caught...

Where do the Rethugs get these B-movie, smarmy, evangelical

Coming up next on Morning Joe... Forest Gump!

9 Dead in Turkish Plane Crash in Amsterdam

Gov, Bobby Jindal: My mother was "44 1/2 months pregnant"

Is George Will cracking up? ..... Check out his "deep" observation after Obama's speech:

Jindal's response to Obama's plan - Is he nuts?

This name/nickname thing....

Tweety said it all, the GOP OUTSOURCED their response

Transcript of President Obama's speech

63% of Americans think GOP is playing politics with the stimulus package

CSPAN caller says 2B for ACORN: Politifact rates this "Barely True"

== Postcard from India = By Mark Morford

The Piety police are gunning for YOU people

Quote of the day regarding Booby Jizzdoll's rebuttal to President Obama's speech

Daily Dow Predictions Anyone?

A volcano could go off at any moment.

4th graders. 3rd graders. 2nd graders. Who was Jindal targetting in his speech?

Republicans and the Deficit. Must Read

PHOTOS: We don't need no goldurn volcano monitorin'!!!1

Bobby Jindal sounded like he was talking to a class of 3-year-olds

Bush's Rehabilitation Tour..'improving his image around the world' wtf

Taliban remove checkpoints in Pakistan's Swat: witnesses

I never had to worry about an undocumented worker taking my job

Bobby Jindal's Facebook page!

Why didn't Bobby Jindal have one of those towels on his head?

c'mon mourining joe, ask shelby if he thinks President Obama is a U.S. citizen

mika is full of shit...all the right wing talking points for Barbara Boxer

538: Jindal Versus the Volcano


Can you cut your budget by 25% by the end of the quarter?

Why the big deal about calling Jindal by his original name

Wow. I knew that Freepers were homophobes, but the virulence of it in this post surprised me a bit:

Newsmax Magazine is so freaked out by Obama that hey've snapped

Why won't people leave poor Michael Savage alone?

Pundits weigh in on Jindal: "amateurish, laughable, a missed opportunity, awkward with capital A"

Response To Obama's Address In Pictures

Excuse me for the stupid poll question, but I had to ask:

Uhhh, Bobby? There are several hazardous volcanoes near U.S. population centers.

You know those bar bets that you can not win? "Made in the USA"

A frosty reception for embattled senator: Burris gets polite but distant treatment from his fellow

If Bobby Jindal is the best they've got

Jindal's "wtf - you call that a rebuttal"????

Should sexual orientation be added to WVA's anti-discrimination laws?

DUers I need some recommends on this SW Ohio...

What's up with Sheryl Crow performing at the Northern Trust party?

Afghanistan: Stay or go?

Homophobic group tries to shock people with ads featuring INTERRACIAL (Gasp!), GAY (*faint*) couples

Has Mika stolen Stephanie Miller's "schtick"?

NPR carrying the GOP water, as usual

Ziegler Vs. Lauer: Palin Documentarian Confronts "Today" Host (VIDEO) 8:27

Can CSpin find any more Rushicans to spew their crap

ACC Tournament tickets available to the public for the first time since 1966

Don't sweat the critics Bobby!

Lucky for Palin she had to work a second job to pay taxes tonite

It's now the Grand Old Obstructionist Party...that's clear.

Fine, the gloves are OFF: You say "Piyush" Jindal because you are a F'ing Racist.

Steve Wynn rolling snake eyes in Las Vegas

Is it me, or is AP becoming FAUX news light

Lousy speech wasn't Jindal's fault.

EveryTHING, every institution, BANKS, Government are so corrupt.....

about Jindal's inflections....

NY Times: Citing Cost, States Consider End to Death Penalty

He channeled FDR and JFK, my god, what a speech

Jindal: "Like the President's father, my own parents came to this country from a distant land"

Analysis: Giant home loans were still going strong in 2007

DU Pissing Match Popcorn Thread.....

Wednesday 25th--LIVE streaming of Capitol Hill briefing on the failure of MA health care reform

Guide to Stimulus Tax Credits on Green Stuff

Guide to Stimulus Tax Credits on Green Stuff

Torture or not torture?

Are Republicans nattering nabobs of negativity?

expose them all

Why the GOP chose the "Slumdog Millionaire" to give the speech last night?

California Mendocino County Under Medical Marijuana Seige Now

I'm very disappointed in you, Barney Frank...


Ok, then...Calling him Piyush is like calling Jeb Jerry

Did Obama Take a Shot at the Palins?

Piyush -> Bobby is like Barack -> Brad.


Hey anyone ..... are we under Orange Alert or Red Alert today?

Who did Bobby Jindel Remind you Most of?

Eric Cantor creeps me out just like Ted Haggard. Pics.

Good Read: Obama and the Revival of Responsibility

I don't know about you but Ohio is looking really blue in 2010!!

Schwarzenegger to play himself in Stallone film

The Grand Old Phucks... Or why I stopped worrying and learned to loath the dumb bastards

Sheldon Whitehouse kicking ass on C-Span2 now over torture, secrecy

Jindal's assimilation was a downgrade that added nothing to this nation

Piyush Jindal does the impossible ... makes Sarah Palin appear erudite.

Piyush Jindal's comment on volcanoes has me in a muddle.

Keith Olbermann is not wearing pants!

It's time for that weekly most annoying Republican Poll

Fluffernutter alert.. Live on MSNBC now.

Yes, it's taken me awhile, but the Republic Party really is in its death throes

Dear Media, why are you so hesitant to ride without training wheels?

Octuplet mom fears hospital may not release babies

Vladimir Putin faces rising anger from within Russian army

If no one know who holds what mortgages then how do investors get paid?

I do a great Bobby Jindal impression now.

Government Fishing Expeditions – The Good and the Bad. (UBS)

I'm gonna do an OP on DU but only if Bobby Jindal can do the rebuttal

what's with Vice president forehead ?

-- Obama’s Approval Rating Significantly Increases after Speech --

A Planet at the Brink: Will Economic Brushfires Prove Too Virulent to Contain? (Economic Violence)

FDA ignored complaints of filthy syringes from N.C. plant-5 dead, hundreds sick

That Pfukkin Pfottenhauer Pflim Pflamming on TeeVee

Remember the "returning America to the 50's" meme? They are getting closer

This place is now known as.....


"Volcano Monitors". Funny, huh?

What a joy it was to listen to a President that can string two sentences together!

A planet at the brink? (recent protests, riots)

Unevolved right-wing knuckledragger alert: The mayor of Los Alamitos, CA

Log Cabin Republicans slam Steele’s comments on civil unions.

It is Governor Bobby Jindhal...

Okay - I know I'm *outta da loop* ......

FYI: USA - volcano maps

Who will give the next GOP response to an Obama speech??

The Slow Pullout Method

Last night's speech made me proud to be a Democrat...

New CBS News VP tied to Jack Abramoff scheme

What do David Vitter, Tony Perkins, and Stormy Daniels have in common?

First few moments of Rush....LOL.

What Bill will have Hatch and Kennedy as sponsors?

Hello! My name is Bobby!

Clips of Rachel's interview with Pelosi on now

Specter May Lose Support of Penn. GOP

Coded message to the GOP and Jindal

Jindal picture.



Supreme Court: State can stop union political deductions

Jindal's Fatuousness

Jindal's Speech Was an Insult to His Family

Krugman Jindal Response: GOP Has Become 'The Party Of Beavis And Butthead'

From now on I want to be known as Marsha Brady.

Biden: Stimulus Money Can Be Taken Back

We are the Bobby, resistance is futile.

Jindal took the bait .... now his presidential aspirations are History!

The telemarketing calls will not stop!

Bobby Jindal *is* Kenneth from 30 Rock


Popularity Has Its Benefits At Work

How is a social issue debate as to whether a hospital has the

How many farcical left-wing emails have you received in your life?

delete because of bug

Slum dog republican! (Jindal)

Jindal: "Protecting people and property from volcanoes is STUPID!!!!"

Sen Bunning to sue his own party because they want to run a candidate against him in the Primaries

Anyone else hope that Obama goes after the pharmaceutical companies

Democratic Spending Bill Reverses Infamous Bush Rule on Endangered Species

Who is the St. Ronnie worshipper on with Thom Hartmann?

I realize there have been other threads....but Gov. Jindal was so gratuitously insulting

[Some] Anti-War Groups Will Back Obama’s Troop Withdrawal Delay

Report sharply criticizes sex education in Texas schools

Dear Suzie Orman: You don't know what the hell you are talking about!

Last night's Presidential address made me proud to be an American, again.

Fox News FACT CHECKs Obama's speech "Depends what your definition of automobiles, is."

Winger Radio Dipshit: 'The GOP House members are a randy, sophisticated, energetic lot...'

Liar, Obstructionist, Governor, Bobby call me what you will.

"Countrywide" Goes the Way of "Blackwater"

Well I'm sold....

Poor lil' ole picked-on Bobby Jindal

George Will on Obama speech: "I Don't Know When Men Started To Hug Each Other"

Reuters, now shilling for the global elite

I had never seen Jindal before last night

I'm morally superior to everyone!

Bill Scher: Solis Confirmed; Big, Anti-Worker Lobby Humiliated

A question about m$nbc

Can somebody give me an update?

Chris Mathews is a victim of ignorance about Catholic tradition.

Republican Mayor uses ARMED GUARDS to intimidate voters, wins re-election. . .

How big is our permanent military presence in our Iraqi colony going to be?

Where's the TV coverage of people who actually are losing jobs and homes?

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 25

Ya know why Republics distrust Gubmint?

Japan's boffins: Global warming isn't man-made

Great question Helen

President Bush embarks on first speaking tour - and he's getting paid $150,000 a pop

CNN Update-US House says "no" to pet monkeys

BREAKING NEWS: In the middle of Hurricane Katrina, a Louisiana sheriff actually YELLED!

Who's the bozo on with Nancy Skinner?

Anyone want to bet that Palin will take Stimulus Bill money and

Unbelievable! Read just how awful the S.C. school the young lady that won't quit is in!

I unloaded on a co-worker last night. It felt good.

The very clearest message of the night: "If you make less than a quarter of a million dollars .....

Who said it?

Something that made me go "Hmmm" re: Dr. Dean showing up twice on MSNBC yesterday

Gov. Jindal, won't you be my neighbor?

Bwaaaaaaaaaaah -this was like following Led Zeppelin with a harmonica

The word 'terror' was not used once in last night's speech

What's with all the standing ovations during the speech to Congress yesterday?

Corruption Touched CIA’s Covert Operations

This is a frivolous post....

Middle class task force meets Fri in Philadelphia

Obama calls on congress to pass tough new regulations for financial institutions

The Pres is on GEMSNBC

Obama's speech vs. Jindal's speech (from a Louisianian)

John Conyers:President Obama's Health Care Commitment

Anyone heard from Symbolman (Micheal Stinson)?

"Freedom's Lighthouse" proclaims Jindal the "shining light for the future of the GOP"

I'd never ask you all to watch Oprah but today Lisa Ling is doing a story on Tent Cities

In honor of George Will--- A thread of men hugging men....

Is the creator of the cartoon character, Maxine, a Freeper? He seems

Cassius Clay sure could box, man.

Dead Horse Update! Topic: Jindal's name.

Why the Geneva Conventions do protect unlawful combatants.

So, I had a meeting at The Pentagon today......

omg, Jindal is such a cartoon.

omg, Jindal is such a cartoon.

UK Gov't Accused of Cover-Up over Iraq War Minutes

Source: Matthews says 'Oh God' before Jindal spoke

Santelli's losers

Poll: Obama address hit the mark - Rethugs are trying to dance on the head of a pin here

Gitmo guards getting their last 'kicks' in?

How many Republicans

I am betting almost anything that this morning was HORRIBLE in the ............

So Who Would You Like To Twitter

Gotta love today's Clay Bennett TOON

Jindal is Toast

Jindal is now tasting what many a Democrat has had shoved down his or her throat: media blood lust

It is February 25 - 114 days since the election. ENOUGH already, Norm, Congratulate Senator Franken!

Harold Ford Jr. ... why can't he just go away?

Orlando area courts order mediation process on lenders to stem tide of foreclosures

Mac vs. Joe: Where did our love go?

Pennsylvania alcohol sales continue to rise!

MSNBC is looking into Tweety's "Oh, God" utterance from last night

david brooks is no longer a conservative, according to tom delay

warning: tom delay on hardball........warning

Paul Krugman: GOP "The Party Of Beavis & Butthead"

Tom DeLay is such a lying prick nt

Tweety's on fire...

What is the Rushpublican-Hannidiot-Freeper Base REALLY thinking about Jindal and Steele?

Burris Delivers Speech, Presides Over Senate

648 Billion Dollar Reserve Fund for Health Care, to be Included in Obama's Budget

648 Billion Dollar Reserve Fund for Health Care, to be Included in Obama's Budget

Jack Cafferty just now on CNN: "These are the people making our laws, it's time for a revolution in

What about Michael Weiner?

Drudge Blames Obama For Market Declines, Accidentally Gives Him Credit For Rally

After President Pledges Support, Jindal Snubs Veterans

House Approves $410 Billion ‘Omnibus’ Spending Bill

Yeah, he parked it.

Here's another repuke I can't stand, Marion Robert Morrison

David Brooks - insane, a disaster for the party, not a great moment

OK, DU, your help is required tomorrow with Jack Cafferty "get off my lawn" game...

Sum up your favorite wingnut talking head in one sentence. I'll go with Monica Crowley:

I am so glad that Jendal looked foolish. It is what they are all about.

I am not proud of Bobby Jindal, the Gen X'er.

Hey Tom DeLay Corrupt former congresscritter

Christopher Hitchens, sounds like James Bond looks like the guy who installed my satellite dish

GOP Deep Thought: 'Why do Democrats push preventative health care? Living to 88 is expensive.'

Tom DeLay just said "Governer David Jindal has had a stellar record"

Obama's Non-Withdrawal Withdrawal Plan

Tweety, "Mr. Delay you know you're always welcome on this program!!"

Jindal and Volcanoes

The Cumberland Road and the future

Palin = Jindal = The new Republican "brand"

Oil executives urge Congress to expand offshore drilling; coastal states wary

OK, I may be a traitor to the cause, but I know how Jindal can improve his image next time...

Sanford: Rush Limbaugh is an ‘idiot.’

I havent seen William Kristol's stupid commentary adorn the pages of New York Times in a while ..

DU THIS POLL on Same Sex Rights!!

Best. Jindal. Photo. Ever

What Jindahl should know about volcano monitoring--you betcha!

Clock Ticking for Swiss bank secrecy (good riddance!)

Does the likely history of Easter Island hold an economic warning for us?

Ann Telnaes' take in "Mr Jindal's Neighborhood"

What part of NO don't you guys understand?

Six Good Reasons to Goof On the Governor of Louisiana

Young Miss Bethea returned to J. V. Martin School today.

Is piyush an ass?

Paul Krugman calls Republics....wait for it...

January 2009: 7th warmest January on record

Hey look Mitch McConell

I love it...NOBODY messes with Joe

'Stay on this,' said Sen. Whitehouse to Salon. 'This is going to be big.'

Is the Republican Party fomenting rebellion among the armed forces as a political tactic?

How Blue Dogs And Other Reactionary Fake Democrats Damage The Brand-- Union Busting

Jindal Top Choice to Deliver 2012 ‘Keynote Address’

Bobby Jindal-for-President in 2012 on Intrade after reaction to his speech last night

Job Opportunity NYC - "be part of a new conservative mega-news site"

Okay - I'm the *Biggest Loser*........

Big HS hazing/sexual abuse scandal at the HS just down the street from me.

Another RW email. And a Reply to All.

FOX Cable

Harry Reid: Congressional Budget Increased To Pay GOP Staffers

On Education, Obama Blows It

The fight over the use of Governor Jindal's name is a distraction over his role as GOP attack dog

This thread is about SMOKING!

Tenn. Governor: "I'm On Obama's Short List for HHS - But Won't Take Stimulus Money"

(01/21/03) "DLC: New Dem of the Week: Gary Locke"

This is mostly impossible

I know President Obama has said throughout that he'd consult with his commanders and generals

I need some help with a local poll, please

Homophobic senator "apologizes" -- sort of.

Let's be honest and have A Poll about Race in the US

Honor Killings

Las Vegas to Disneyland?

Who said this?

This Housing and Banking Crisis Is Caused By Wage Stagnation

Ok someone post that ride please. The car with the main players, laushing and party'n!

Plastic Soul

Every goddamn time the President profers his sound ideas....

Is reducing total home loan payments by $2000 per year REALLY that big a helping hand?

Regarding the governor of Louisiana's first name ...

To lighten the mood on names a bit: BBC: 'Most unfortunate names' revealed

*MSNBC Breaking** The Obama girls have picked their (puppy's) breed!

Last night as America rejoiced as one nation under God indivisible...

Harp Seal slaughters starting

They shoot horses, don't they? Now Montana wants to build a horse slaughterhouse!

Other States Look To Albuquerque's Cheese Sandwich Policy

Just now watching the address. Justice Thomas is an ASS

I don't buy it that a US housing bubble could cause a global recession. Something else is going on,

"Just Weeks After Leaving White House .... BUSH SUICIDAL!" (Globe Magazine)

When I initially saw that Piyush was being used I thought racism but...

some of us DUers were born into a world without plastic - really!

some of us DUers were born into a world without plastic - really!

White House Watermelon Email From California Mayor Dean Grose Inspires Outrage

Coleman Camp Gets Caught Not Sharing Evidence With Franken Side, Coaching Witness

Mom runs over 11 year old son (on purpose?)

The Rude Pundit: Bobby Jindal Wants the Nation to Be Like Louisiana

MSNBC's Chris Matthews explains 'Oh God' remark

Barbara Boxer scored a 10 on Mika again

Is allowing only Cuban-Americans the right to go to Cuba discrimination?

OK, so there's been a lot of Jindal-speech bashing, some of which was called racist,

DU this poll about Obama's speech!!

QUIZ: FOX News Anchor or Porn Star?

"This conversation is over."

If you drop out of school, you not only let yourself down...

Can we criticize Jindal without sounding like fucking Klan Members.

I thought Piyush Jindal's speech was excellent.

Response to Governor Jindal

About that Katrina "small boat" story Jindal was pushing

What should I do? (Patient rights and religious freedom)


"Turn off the TV, put away the video games, and read to your child"

The guy is a putz - a very dangerous putz.

So why did not Jindal legally change his first name to Bobby?

this is the BEST written slam of GOP revisionism on New Deal and Great Depression

JFC, Ed Schultz just said that "there's no way that the top 2% can pay for all this"

Anyone else see a pitiful Republican attempt at "We get it, too!" ??


How Pro Golf winnings have progressed

The Republicans don't want to talk about Guns, God and Gays around here any more. Abortion either

Social Security is NOT broken. What the hell are "Universal Savings Accounts" Obama talked about?!

Freeing Up Resources... for More War

Point of action to fight back against AMEX's recent abusive customer practices!

Do Folks Really Believe In This "TERRORISM" Bogeyman?

Krugman: The party of ideas has become the party of Beavis and Butthead. (re:Jindal)

Minnesota Judges Strike Key Coleman Witness, After Failure To Share Evidence

Can you feel it? It's getting bad out there. I just heard that all the schools in my county that

One of the toughest girls in the world

Octuplet mom fears hospital may not release babies

Don't confuse "racist" and "right wing".

Dusty Foggo documents released... Immigration fraud, assault and battery, other corruption....

Lawyer who represented Oliver North, Iran-Contra--is he now representing Stanford? (Check this out)

The way to tax pot is to tax papers instead

Have you ever had a name change? First, commonly known as, surname? How about ancestors?

Have you ever had a name change? First, commonly known as, surname? How about ancestors?

Octuplets mother offered $1M porn contract

Albuquerque schools institute a "cheese sandwich policy" for children with delinquent lunch accounts

Would you like to see DU on the list of Groups calling for Special Prosecutor for Bush/Cheney et al?

What's important about "Piyush/Bobby" thing is it reveals he is the *opposite* of *Barack* Obama

Glenn Greenwald: Why a war crimes fact-finding commission could uniquely enable prosecutions

Marxism is...

College costs have increased more than the overall inflation rate for decades now. How come?

Last night, as America shit and pissed freedom all over itself, our slaves in China...

Not to be rude. But what type of job pays someone 250,000 a year

JFK, FDR and 'Seven Days in May'

Breaking: Jindal rushed to Port of New Orleans

DING! DING! DING! New way of referring to the "Cable News" jagoffs.

Republicons used a brown-skinned redneck with unusual names to Rebut and put off the Democrats

Pelosi Criticizes Truth Commission As Inadequate, "ABSOLUTELY" Advocates Criminal Prosecutions

Leahy announces hearings on Bush investigations set for next Wednesday.


Conservatives love Twitter, 'the next revolution that’s going to take back the Congress.'

My given name is turdnugget,

STUDY: Fewer than 1 in 3 Americans expect to fully retire

Get it straight people...calling Jindal "Piyush" is the equivalent of calling Obama "Barack"

Unbelievable...Posted at Free Republic

NPR: Court rules for Utah city in religious marker case

In Fido, the bunch of Freeper-types have simply run away.

Bobby Jindal has chosen to be called "Bobby" and nobody should argue with that

Is it still ok to call "Wolf" Blitzer Leslie? How about calling Chris Mathews

Is it still ok to call "Wolf" Blitzer Leslie? How about calling Chris Mathews

Math team question,,,,,

Why not build a transcontinental MagLev Train?

A great justification for building a nationwide high speed rail network

Membership fees, Costco, BJ's, Sam's Club etc , Can anyone

Powershift 2009- National Youth Summit-heading to DC to lobby congress on green energy 2/27-3/3

Florida's religious right to do battle again with science in education.

Report: Goss Knew Of Foggo's Shady Past

"48 arrested in U.S. raid on Mexican drug cartel", Obama administration considering using military.

Isn't this just so SPECIAL?????

i have never seen du sink so low as tonight. disgusting. we make fun of "piyush" now?

A neighbor just knocked on the door and asked me to tell my husband something...

Driver with beer in hand and one on roof of car arrested-pees pants-pees pants again in cop car

Watching Cook's Country on the PBS Create subcahnnel.

Do we have any DUers with "non-Western" given names, who choose to go by a more "common" name?

Rampant Roofism going on in Political Videos

Tomato aspic. Pev? Or just gross?

Rampant Wawa crackism going on in GD

In Support of a Truth Commission to Investigate Bush Administration Crimes

Since when have Mods been able to access our personal info???


Bizarre local commercials with three-dollar budgets....

This will be my first SOTU speech without a drinking game in over 5 years...

What R U Drinking? Post a song that tells us

Do you PMS regularly with anyone?

I just apologized to my wife.

It's Creamy Tuna Helper with some frozen peas thrown in night at Casa de 'pooch. ALERT THE MEDIA!

I want to do unspeakable acts with Campbell Brown, my goddess.

Madam Speaker, The President of the United States.....

President Obama is about to speak!!

I want to do unspeakable acts with Campbell's Soup, M'm! M'm! Good.

I know what that was

one of my biggest fears is happening this week....

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/24/09

"Nobody messes with Joe"

I want to do unspeakable acts with Charlie Brown, my goodgrief.

20% of Brits would sleep with their boss to get a promotion

Okie dokie. Here goes ...


Don't look now - Walt Starr is on the front page of Daily Kos

Winslow, The Meow Mix

President Barack Obama is entering the joint session of congress as we squabble..

Obama Is The Anti-Christ/Hitler

Who else thinks that Obama slipped women's panties

Lounge drama:

Robin Eggs are EVIL!!!

Hi, I'm a dumbass following a formula to encite my base

Pikachu! We saw you!

Okay, so I'm a dog.

Does anyone actually read the *** OFFICIAL {X} THREADS PART DUEX ***

Access denied!

Paula Deen loses her pants

I found another Mod Thread here....

"Hiya kids and welcome to the Bobby Jindal Show!"

Real quick.. in one sentence, proper.

ULTRAVOX to reunite, tour!

Testing *tap tap* Testing 1234

A comment from a repuke "friend" on Facebook.

i need the Jindal husband couldn't watch and he needs a good laugh

Post a song that references another song

So I started a new job today....

I've got three terrierists chewing rawhides on the bed...

I just want to say that, at this moment at least, I am very happy

Tonight's Lullaby - Hi-De-Ho

BARACK!!!! How could you do this me????????

I've discovered an empath even more worthless than Deanna Troi

OK, so I went to a wine bar and watched the speech streamed to my laptop...

Toilet Paper Wedding gowns! Who Knew?

Toilet Paper Wedding gowns! Who Knew?

Tuesday night cute kitten

Free... Nelson Mandela.. Free... Free ...Free Free Free Nelson Mandela

Bobby Jindal is an asshole. You're welcome. No need to go into GD.

Is it possible to hide entire forums?

I have something important to say.

\"The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.\"

When DU goes to bed

Good night, er, morning, all.

Anybody else catch this?

Holy cow! It's so powerful, it needs a bigger hood! ----->

I'm starting a commune

I don't mean to interrupt the latest Lounge drama or Obama's speech, but

People who go to optional gatherings while ill deserve to be tortured with a rusty spork.

The moon is full, the air is still

How much does it cost to get tile installed?

Oewemjee. This is Hugh

I know it's coming, but it cracks me up every time

what the hell is a "yogasm?" Just saw it in a New Yorker cartoon.

self delete posted in wrong place. nt

Stupid Facebook and stupid 'friends' from high school - stupid stupid stupid

Good morning Lounge

Do you really think so? nt

How did James Taylor not get sued by Burt Bacharach?

I hate mustard greens

Fuck! I lost the Blood Sweat and Tears thread...

Computer question

I stepped in cold cat vomit in my bare feet last night, so I wrote a blues song.

This has been an epically weird and entertaining day in the Lounge.

I love yellow mustard.

No Lounge For Old Men.

Teachers are never really "off duty".

Steven Page to leave Barenaked Ladies.

Seen on the back of a Toyota Yaris

Fuck it.

Post Your Favorite Protest Song

I just took a look at my ignore list and wow, a lot of those people changed their name last month.

kitten picture of the day for wednesday february 25

The EVIL bitch is gone!!!!

Okay, there has to be someone else here who watches "Real Housewives of Orange County"

Octuplet mom fears hospital may not release babies

ph33r my DESKTOP!

What do you bring when you go to a covered dish event?

Would it be impolite of me to post a sign on my door...

My son was just involved in a high speed chase

It's time for a Dr. Martens owner roll call!

It's time for a Dr. Martens owner roll call!

Video for Parche

Check your PMS

Headed to the dentist in 3 hours- First time in 2 years....

Are The Jonas Brothers Better Then Led Zeppelin?

Peet's Gunpowder Green Tea

18 Texas school districts use Focus on the Family and Southern Baptist materials


Did Anyone Go To Midlo's Bunco Party Last Night?

Marionberry denied status as Oregon's state berry.

Are You Comfortably Numb?

The first rule of the internet:

Remember KISS's Dada/Polka phase?

Need an adventure? Then here's the place for you: Lost Trial Lodge, Sierra Mts.

I'm just going totally Bluestate Yuppie today aren't I?

What sort of activities do you do, to keep your mind sharp

Thank God It's Friday!

Thank God It's Friday!

Oh, dude! Segway Tour of San Diego Wild Animal Park!

I'm going to call out the mods and the admins and howl about DU censorship

Campbell Brown

Ever have to deal with a nasty, joyless unpleasent person on a professional basis....

Do You Like To Hug?

Oh, I DO wish people wouldn't bring food into the work space.

Daylight Savings VS Standard Time

March is gonna come in like a lion.

Condensed tomato soup - milk or water?

Did you see the Comment on his DU User Profile?

Vitamins for young ladies.

So who will be the next non-white-penis Republican "rising star"?

Would this subject line get a thread locked in here?

I've been out of it the last couple of weeks.

Dating sucks

Sharif don't like it....

Ballad of Hollis Brown

OK, there's a banner ad for Rachel Ray cookware above the Lounge. Discuss.

IDIOTS - MORANS - FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I asked this lady when her baby was due and she said she wasn't pregnant.

You know what teh Lounge needs? Some Ted Nugent!!!!

I hate bureaucratic nonsense.


iTunes - "Skip When Shuffling" -- it's about freakin' time.

Best thread GD today!!!


Well I'm just having a dandy 24 hours.

Is your first name on your birth certificate the name that you go by?

I'm heading out to Baba Wawa.

With regards to Star Wars Question #34...

I'm heading out to the Wawa.

Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck... I lost my other grandparent this morning

Trying to be proactive, I ground up my own bones for the giant's bread. But now I can't stand up.

and if the ground's not cold everything is gonna burn

What are your favorite ways to waste time on the Internet?

Now I know I'm a hard core Lostie

Where's Midlo???

R.I.P. Philip Jose Farmer

Unrolled Rick Poll

re: Piyush v. Bobby, I now wish to be called El Capitan

Mouse, my skittish cat, is "barking" at the birds outside.

Parent-how do you deal with your kid throwing a fit?

Let's put together a collection of Dickwads who look like Todd Palin

Twittering sounds really pevvy and like doing nasties

Maundy Thursday: Only 44 shopping days left.

Seems I set off a shit storm in Latest Breaking News

dinner's ready

Hey all, need good vibes for my teenage nephew.

This picture comes with a warning

whoa. ran my first game of 3-on-3 in about 5 years. didn't barf or pass-out!

David Shuster is talking about tweeting. I wonder, does Tweety tweet?

Mardi Gras = Shrove Tuesday

Brunei Booze Bust Nets 1,382 Beer Cans On Boat

Boy, you Loungers aren't much appreciated in the Sports Forum.

In metaphysical experiments, what does the control group do?

Are people who twitter known as twits?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/25/2009)

Ash Wednesday

George Harrison would have been 66 today.

So Who Would You Like To Twitter

I'm crapping my pants. I'm meeting with my sister after more than 10 years

Cute animal picture of the day!

a year ago today, a special little guy jumped into my life.

I am depressed.

I had to make a tough decision this week, and I'm glad that I did it

Who are the 100 most overrated characters in fiction?

Anybody else miss the candy hearts?

paging Dr. Strange...

Where's the outrage?!?!??!?!?!?

Crap. Had my credit card stolen this am!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/25/09

So, is the Top Chef finale tonight?

Manhattan Clam Chowder!

Vibes needed for my son.

What the heck is going on with this hedgehog's face??

You know how there are the Elks, the Moose, the Eagles, and other social clubs

WHY do dogs lick their balls??

What's for dinner, DU?

Parents - how do you deal with your kid throwing up?

Post your favorite funny short youtube vids

This could be the speech of the New Century.

Dean on next....Hardball (again)

Octomom offered $1million + healthcare for her kids if she does hardcore porn

Match Game Story: "Herpes Hypatia's sangfroid was a determining factor in her not ___ the abattoir"

Obama's State of the Union Address: An Epitaph for the GOP

Recommend this thread if you have managed to avoid clicking on the Rush Limbaugh naked threads.

NAKED??? . . . I thought it said "NUKED"!!!! . . . what a disappointment . . . n/t

Score one for sustainable food: Obama taps a real reformer, Kathleen Merrigan, for deputy USDA Sec

There is a Presidential speech tonight. Where are the drinking

Have you ever had someone ask if you were pregnant

Stanford had links to funds run by Joe Biden's Brother and Son, Hunter..

Predict the joint session hug of the night.

So no justices, generals and ambassadors tonight, right?

...and the hits just keep on coming

I'm cooking a inch and a half thick Porterhouse from Costco Ask me anything.

Which cabinet member is staying behind in the safe house tonight?

Which cabinet member is staying behind in the safe house tonight?

Obama To Target Tax Havens In Budget

The GOP's Nutty Negro (Alan Keyes)

Brain-frying question about a troublesome iPod issue.....

Why isn't it called a State of the Union Address? Am I missing some obscure rule?

A freeper weighs in on President Obama's speech

Self delete: Wrong forum

Minnesota Court Denies Coleman's Attempt To Un-Count Ballots He'd Previously Agreed To

"2009" according to TiVo the title of this speech is "2009"

Will Michelle Bachmann try to liplock this president?

I gotta say I am a little peeved about Rachel and Keith goining on and on about a 3 month Iraq delay

I have a feeling that Pelosi is alot happier tonite than she was at the last SOTU.

All is good in the world.

I Can't Wait To See The ReThugs Fall All Over Themselves

Here comes our cabinet!!! I'm excited!

Watching people arrive at the President's address, it's obvious why

Obama just kissed Ileana Ros lehtinen!

Predict The Exorcist's Response

Shut up, Williams and Gregory!

So, how could the Repugs prepare for their "response" speech?

Tell me something that makes you sad.


Did Shelby just apologize for the birth certificate comment?

I just have to say once again, THANK GOD this man is the President

Whoooo hooooo: live on two UK channels

Obama just served Shelby....

2012- This is the commercial I want to see

More excerpts from tonight's speech....

GOP: sitting in their hands as Obama lists jobs saved

Nobody messes with Joe!

I keep expecting Crash Cart and his side kick Low functioning illiterate man to pop up and yell

I love this man, our President.


I'm sorry..but Hillary

I'm sorry..but Hillary

C-Span's good, try it nt


"I Refuse to Let That Happen"

Nancy Pelozi's been holding back tears since He walked in nt

So who's the guy yelling Fired Up, Ready to Go?

I'm all tingly and excited

PHOTOS The U.S. Capitol building (Feb 24)....beautiful!

Obama vows to lead US from dire 'day of reckoning' (AP)

Bobby Jindal has to be whimpering somewhere right about now


This Address to Both Houses is Un-Presidented

I see Democrats standing up and applauding our new President!

Nevermind... (self-delete)

Haha! He just DESTROYED the repukes!

This guy is good.

"With the deficets we inherited..."



"The United States of America does not torture"

who's that lone fucker (republican) who's not clapping for anything?

Obama voters OFF THE CHART on MSNBC

Ummm,Are We Allowed To Hero Worship Just a Bit Now?

OMG why am I crying

How can you not stand and clap for Children's Health Care...

I support our President 100%, on each and every issue

ANyone watching the Audience Reacton on MSNBC?

one pitch.....home run!!

Obama Practiced this Speech Just Once

Latest from Freeperville: "This is not happening...this is not happening...(sigh)"

THANK. GOD. This man is the president.

Out of the Park..................nt

Can you imagine instead of Obama & Biden up there tonight

Nancy Pelosi suffers from 'EXCESSIVE HAPPINESS' LOL!!

Did they just grumble?

I don't remember how Bush spoke at his SotU mumblings.

I don't remember how Bush spoke at his SotU mumblings.

My favorite moment of the speech (on MSNBC):

BRAVO!!!!!! GREAT SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tweety says he's not impressed with Jindal

Those Repubs will probably put the signed programs on Ebay

Remarks of President Obama to Joint Session of Congress

*** Rate Obama's speech ***

He forgot Mars!

haha. Mood on Fox News Channel is very somber...



Where was the Human Animal Hybrids? Damn him!

When bush was pres I don't recall so Many asking for autograph

President Obama Is BLOWING AWAY the Repuks

Are you aware that JDepp may play MOE

"Oh God"

This is the guy Republicans say is their Obama?

WTF??? Did He Just Mutter "OH GOD!!!" As He Approached The Podium???

Savings accounts? What?

Newsvine Poll

did anyone catch Oprah today on today's homeless?

CSPAN 2 has live Congressional reactions. n/t

Take that, you fat nasty ugly piece of crap, addict Limbaugh, at least the parts

Were the Repugs standing more than they were sitting during the applause breaks?

So what is Exorcist Bobby going to say after that speech?

Juan Williams can go screw off

Did y'all hear Tweety under his breath just now?

WTF??!! Why did NBC just switch to an infomercial...


DU to Boobie Jindal: "Aw shaddup, ya fuckin' rodent!"

I'm thinking that Obama is just getting warmed up - we ain't seen nothing yet.

Republicans Speech is WAY to SIGN SONGY - Sounds like a used car salesman.

Why do I picture a country western kids show when I hear Bobby Jindal?


Is Bobby Jindal trying out for a kids' show? LMAO at this reading. HAHAHAHA.

This is the guy Republicans say is their Obama?

A morality test.

Jindal: ME ME ME ME ME

so ends the political ambitions of

Show and Tell with Bobby Jindal

If Jindal breaks into "Won't you be my neighbor" I would not be surprised.

Doesn't Jindal realize that Katrina happened under Republican Bush's watch

Dennis Kucinich has been inspired.

"Americans can do anything, little boys and girls"

He looks like howdy doody! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

Create new jobs by lowering taxes for working families?

Who heard Chris Matthews go..."OH GOD!!"

Jindal cannot pronounce "president"

Mr. Rogers is giving the rebuttal!!!

Rachel Maddow's statement to Olbermann

Buzz kill coming

Jindal, mix between Howdie Doodie and Mr. Rogers, with a dash of Mickey Mouse! LOL!

jeebus harold christ on a pogo stick

Anyone hear Matthews say "Oh God" as Jindal walked out?

Let's repeal the 22nd Amendment

Hey kids - Let's clean out the barn and put on a show!

Bobby Jandal Sound Sutpid

Jindal sounds like Mr. Rogers

The Disneyland to Vegas LIE yet a formal speech, are you kidding me????

It's weird I was watching the presidential address and switched to to the weather for a minute.

Jindal: "Screw those volcanos!"

Jindal's "Response" Makes Me Think Of This...


Check your PM

Oooooh, "dangerous enemies!"

Did you all hear Olberman just before Jindal showed up?


Hey! Did you know New Orleans is all A-OK!

"Hi. I'm Bobby Jindal". He sounds like he's selling Shamwows.

Is it me who found the "half UNDER WATER" comment uncool?

Stuttering bobby

"We believe Americans can do anything"

We PROMISE, We Wont Fuck You In The Ass Yet AGAIN!!!

"We don't believe in increasing government dependence..." HA HA HA HA HA

Republicans hate Americans that live near Volcanoes - Your on your own.

Republicans hate Americans that live near Volcanoes - Your on your own.

And.. the award goes to .. Slumdog Millionaire!,, LoL

Jindal/Palin in 2012!!!!!!

Jindal is Kenneth from 30 Rock n/t

Jindal sounds like he's on Sesame Street! LMAO!

I swear that this Jidahl speech reminds of a dentist trying to pitch a whitening product

Ok, which one of you crafty infiltrators posted this at freeperville?

Why can't Jindal read a teleprompter...?!

Jindal Wants The USA to look like Lose-E-ana

Pet peeve of mine - Strength pronounced "stren-th"

"...we place our hope in you, the American people." Translation:

I hope Louisiana voters call up Jingo and let him know he is a fool.

My eyes are officially rolling back into my head

Olberman announced that Lou Dobbs is self steaming after Matthews statement.

Martin Luther King Jr is smiling right now

I guess Arnold is going INDEPENDENT now...

I like the comment about how dropping out of High School is "quitting on your country"nt

For the love of God and all that is holy

Their douchebaggery knows no bounds, it seems.

"We don't believe in increasing government dependence..." HA HA HA HA HA

Buzzkill? Hardly. I"m laughing my ass off right now!


What should have been scrolling at the bottom of the screen during Jindal's speech:

They say FAIL - I say WIN!

Saturday Night Live is going to have a field day with Gov. Jindal

Axlrod is on fox now

Sarah Palin must be breathing a huge sigh of relief...

Hey guys, mark this day down, its the end of Jindal's national career in Politics

Did... you know...that...a thinner.. lipspitted.. version of the Governor of Louisiana?

Should the GOP nominate Jindal as their 2012 presidential nominee?

Is Jindal selling a Sham Wow?

The official run Bobby run thread. Check in to encourage him to run for President in 2012.

Name some crazy shit you did as a child, maybe on a dare from friends

MMmmmmm. Recovery From Food Poisoning Is SO MUCH Fun

Rachel Maddow....I LOVE HER ON JINDAL!!!

So Obama comes out and talks about taking the country out of the


THIS is the Republicans' rising star?

We are watching the end of Bobby Jindal's political career

Well "Bobby" just had the shortest presidential run in history...

Mitt has to he grinning from ear to ear.

I'm an idiot. I have no idea what Bobby is talking about

Jindal: "Pershinil reshponsabilatee.... Woshantin.... to be fello chitazins".

Word of Advice. NEVER AGREE TO speak AFTER OBAMA

Bobby Jindal CAN dew annnnnything

Why did MSNBC just go to an infomercial?

Jindal is the best the Republicans have. Him and Palin.

Juan Williams RIPPING Jindal, said his speech was a failure...haha

Jindal speech. Golden Reader books wrote it.

Sarah Palin is a BIG winner tonight. Her chances against Jindal went way up tonight!!!


Well our drinking game words here were "jobs" "stimulus" .........and "tax cuts" for Jindal

Sweet Jesus. Jindal speaking as to a room of 5 year olds.

I would gladly pay $100 to see Rahm's reaction to Jindal right now

Could Bobby Jindal be more overrated?

The Time of Reckoning (NY Times)

Fox is trashing Bobby's speech

My new nickname for Robert Gibbs = "Gibby"

My senator Barbara Boxer looks freaking fantastic

Palin/Jindal 2012.... another winning ticket for the Democrats :) n/m

I don't remember hearing a presidential address I actually LIKED before tonight.

"Hi. My Name. Is. Bobby. Jindal."

David Brooks just said that Jindal's speech was...

Did Jindal just walk out of the rest room?

Jindal Blogging

We now return you to the nonstop GOP Palin wank-a-thon.

Thanks, Bobby, for telling me not to worry about

Obama is CHANGING this Nation!

I just got home from a Fat Tuesday happy hour and all I have seen of Obama's speech this is clip....

Batting clean up for the Dems...Babe Ruth, Repukes counter with Mendoza!

Jindal-Palin 2012!

Cliff notes of Jindal:

Piyush Jindal made Carribou Barbie sound scholarly. SHEEESH!!

It's time for a CF Martin owner roll call!

Jindal: A Drac?

Obama Takes Jab At Bush Policies: ‘A Surplus Became An Excuse To Transfer Wealth To The Wealthy’



I just turned on Fox

Obama references a letter from a 7th-grader...

PHOTOS No offence (at all) to the haters....but can we have one night of hero-worshiping?

Just got back to TV and thought I heard KO say Dean was coming on?? nt

Insiders leak Jindal lipsinked speech - actual voice was Kenneth of 30 Rock

So when President Obama gets back to the White House tonigh...

Obama's response to the 7th grader.


Uh-oh. Even Free Republic doesn't like it.

Romney v. Jindal

Seriously, is Jindal an asshole or what?

A Politico (gag) writer just wrote this on Twitter

Flash CNN/Opinion Research poll:

ROFLOL! Why would we want to monitor volcanos?!??!

Why Bobby Jindal talks to everyone like their children:

Why does Bobby Jindal hate America?

Okay, I'm calling it. Palin/Jindal '12

Hey Jindal!! You and that sheriff work for "THE GOVERNMENT"

Jindal's speech reminds me of something, what was it? ... oh yeah

Republicans CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!

I'm not a reflexive Obama fan,

Please God let them pass Bankruptcy Modification soon.

FOX JUST SAID - "The Speech read better than it was delivered" - FOX CALLED IT, REPUBLICANS FAILED!

Matthews had best line: GOP outsourced their response with Jindal's incomprehensible screed

Obama is SO

Do you think Robert Gibbs really wants to jump up and click his heels right about now?

This is Jindal's response to the President, a campaign speech? Ugh.

How many times did he mention 9/11, torture rooms, terra?!

Bobby Jindal is terrifying.

LOL I I Love How Obama Made The Asses Get Up And Clap.

Instant Analysis: Great speech from the President!!! Why was Pelosi wearing that thing?!?

"Who was... Bobby Jindal?"

PHOTOS to compare and contrast:

Obama's education speech left my voice tired and hands raw

I cannot believe this, the Republican Party is sinking lower and

President Barack Hussein Obama is one of the most mature human beings I've ever witnessed.

Rachel re: Jindal - "Ah-ba-ba-ba"

Anyone else feel like you were just patronized?

HELP! If you have the Jindal speech please post. I can only find the "text:


We need more "Prime Time" TV like this.

Jindal's speech reminded me of one tv character from start to finish:

Animal lovers please help. My Beagle had a tumor and I am scared to death

Jindal - Americans can do ANYTHING

We are not QUITTERS!!!!

New Republican PAC announced P(iy)USH On....

Why was Jindal chosen to give the response?

Jindal makes total sense, except for one wee tiny little fact;

Thank you to the DUer who gave me a star.

Eric cantor (f-fail) was just on Fox, look out Jindal!

JINDAL VIDEO!!!!! for those of you who couldn't watch the magic!

Please DU this Phoenix poll-Results will be on the local news

Help us Joe the Plumber, you're our only hope.


I got my 10" stuck to my pitch lap.. Seriously, with pictures..

You want to see the PROPER way to give a rebuttal speech?

Dies it say anywhere that the Anti-christ has to be a male...

GOP is serving up all their morons now so that they can present

The Republican Party Outsourced Their Response Tonight....

Jindal Speech = "Oh YEAH, Mister Hotshot Speaking-Like-a-Grownup-pants? Oh YEAH?"

Jindal 2012? Well...they have their doubts in Freeperville.

did you hear Olbermann say "oh god" when Jindal appeared?

Is this Jindal or Mr. Roger's Neighborhood???

Even Fox News panel thought Jindal bombed

I've invented a new word to sum up the MAGIC that is Bobby Jindal: "Articuliciousness"

Rachel is destroying Jindal! It's sweet!

"He's Mr. Cool, then, now and forever."

Presidential Historian Beschloss said Obama's speech was a landmark speech

Hey Jindal those bureaucrats who wouldn't let your Katrina rescuers put their boats in the water....

Michelle Bernard is so annoying.

Republican Ed Rollins on CNN: It was a good night for Sarah Palin (re: Jindal's flat performance)

Analysis: Obama address renews audacity to hope

Did anyone else hear Keith as they showed Jindal walking out say.

Michelle Benard is melting down on MSNBC -

Looked like Loretta Sanchez replaced Michele Bachmann

The Republican Party is in shambles...

So, let me get this straight, Palin, Jindal and Steele are the great hopes of the GOP?

Palin. Steele. Jindal. Cantor.

Obama to withdraw most troops from Iraq by August 2010

McCain on Larry King said the speech was good

Who thinks Repubs will dump Jindal for CANTOR?!

It feels really good....really, really, really, good! Doesn't it?

LOL....sorry.....but was that really Jindal?? Or a Saturday Night Live skit??

DU this poll on AOL

Now THESE Are Great Survey Results!

Why didn't the REAL putative head of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh deliver the Republican response?

Why was Bobby Jindal sober?

You asked, I delivered

Bunning: If NRSC Runs Candidate Against Me, I'll Sue!

Bobby Jindal is Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock


Prez Interrupted by applause 52 times. PBS. OK. So what is he planning

"Because nobody messes with Joe." ...

I am quite certain that someone, somewhere on DU has already spoken to this tonight...

Let's just let the Volcanos Blow...

Michelle's mom. I bet she couldn't wait for the grandkids to go to

Freepers are so dumb they're actually criticizing Obama

So I recorded Faux News so I could hear their reaction after the speech.

Jindal's the dumbest person alive. He's against monitoring volcanoes!? WTF!!

The G.O.P. is Skylab circa 1979. Hurtling earthward, breaking apart...

The G.O.P. is Skylab circa 1979. Hurtling earthward, breaking apart...

FauxNews Propagandist Brit Hume: "This was not Bobby Jindal's greatest oratory moment."

Best Moment: When Republicans Started Clapping When Obama Mentioned The National Debt

Caption this

Congratulations, Louisiana GOP, you now look stupider that we thought possible

Obama is like the Democrats Reagan. Thats why Republicans can't stand it

DU This Poll! Was Gov. Jindal's response effective? (MSNBC)

The rich folks running the media do not want Bush Taxes to Expire! They will fight this!

self delete -double post..mods please delete this one..

Does anyone have a PIC of Jindal wearing a lapel pin?

They should of had Jindal come down those steps like Scarlett O'Hara.

Truly the greatest photo I have seen all week: THE SEQUEL

"Something worthy to be remembered."

Wow, even the freepers were cringing at Jindal's speech.


No CNN for me...

I'm just a Republican

Am I too sensitive? Maybe. My email to Tom Shales of WaPo

Am I too sensitive? Maybe. My email to Tom Shales of WaPo

The Seven Intellectual Underpinnings of the Obama Code by George Lakoff

Would somebody please explain what made Bobby J. an up-and-comer before tonight.

Talk about a man with a vision! And can express it, to boot!

Isn't it great that we have a President who isn't a fucking idiot?

Wow, Gunga Dim's speech is special.

Senate run not in plans, Moore says

Fuck Lame Ass Jindal! Let's get back to talking about our Great President!

P H O T O T H R E A D!

GOP thoughts......"Why didn't "Our President" speak like this guy"??

Are the Republicans going for the entire 30 Rock cast?

Geithner!! Obey the law!

"Nobody messes with Joe....Nobody!"

DC-AL? UT-AL? UT-04? DC Voting Rights Bill Clears Cloture

Jindal worried me a little until I saw him speak tonight........

There's already a Facebook group titled "Bobby Jindal is Kevin the Page"

Why Exactly Did REPUBLICAN Bobby Jindal Invoke Katrina?

Hey, would anybody mind if I made a joke about Gov. Jindal's ethnicity?

We HAVE NOT banned torture in this Country!

Who are those 2 old white headed dudes who have never stood up YET??

He Just Broke Up What's Left of the Republican Party

I thought the speech was just OK.


Text of Brooks unloading on Jindal and the Republican message last night

Dean Baker: Obama Gets an 'A' on Health Care; Needs Improvement on Banks

here's why Tweety uttered "Oh God" to the Jindal thing

MSNBC Has A Poll Up On Tonight's Speech... You Know What To Do !!!

Palin and Jindal: America, don't get stupid again.

Video - Someone on MSNBC saying "Oh God" before Jindal's appearance

Jindal is a horrible 2nd grade teacher.

Forget 'The Exorcist'! We Have A Most Impressive President!

CNN: 11% say speech made them more pessimistic.

Obama gives Justice Ginsburg a big hug

Jindal could learn alot from Harvey Milk and campaign advice given to him

Obama doesn't talk to us like we're stupid

Jindal's "government bureaucrats stopped Katrina rescue boats" yarn...what's the REAL story?

Jindal chose to re-name himself "Bobby" inspired by the sitcom character Bobby Brady after watching

Predictably you all attack Jindal's delivery in avoidance of his underlying message.

I was delighted by Jindals speech.

So in 2012 will the Presidential ballots have Piyush Jindal listed as the GOP candidate?

"Oh God"

Mr. Jindal, if OUR government is so worthless, how do you propose to get US to fight its Wars?

The morning after the night before: Freepers talk Jindal

Palin, Jindal, Steele - The Three Stooges of 2012!!!

WTF? Are We Scared of Jindal? Where's the Discussion on Obama's Speech?

NYT Brooks: Jindal's response: "DISASTER", "INSANE"

Obama's Speech to Congress: A Leader in the House

Raygun had it wrong & repukes "don't get it"

Which is the more important story?

Was anyone else thinking "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" When Jindal started talking? n/t

Does Bobby Jindal remind anyone else of an overgrown Opie Taylor?

PLEASE DU this poll

I can't wait for Jon Stewart to skewer Governor Bobby!

Michelle Obama on the cover of new People Magazine (w/ some excerpts)

Alright, at the risk of sounding negative...

Did Bobby Jindal remind anyone else of Kenneth from 30 Rock?

Mission Accomplished: National Poll Reports Obama Speech Provoked "Inspiration" Across the Board

I wish the Republicans DESERVED more economic input

"You actually put this joker up against ME?

Truly the greatest photo I have seen all week:

Viewer Approval During Obama's Speech (!)

SallyMander Appreciation Thread!

After 9/11 people were with Bush** because of fear/anger. Now they're with Obama because of hope. nt

Did Jindal legally change his first name to Bobby?

"It was like the Rolling Stones opening for Air Supply"

Since discussions about Obama's speech are conspicuously lacking on DU today, here's my take on it.

I dont care about what Jindal or any XYZ republican has to say BUT

Is the Louisiana Governor ready to take his message to the hip hop community?

Oh noes! Ron Christie spewing Puke chunks about Obama's speech...

Alex Bennett on sirius left mentioned that Anderson Cooper was a log cabin republican.

Watch out for Jindal ...It's A Trap!!!

Nobody but republicans on NPR this morning. Eric Cantor and others.

BREAKING: President Obama nominates Lok Ga-fai to be Secretary of Commerce.

The Age of Obama

STFU and do what the President says: Don't you folks know we are at WAR?

CNN: First movie Obama viewed in the White House theater was "Slumdog Millionaire"

Dig it! * IG of Abramoff Fame to Oversee Stimulus Spending *

Steele hides in his car during Jindal's speech.

Andrew Sullivan on Kenneth Jindal's response

Just sent the following email to Jindal's office

I know it was you.

2nd U.S. soldier in Iraq challenges (Obama's) eligibility

WSJ Poll

Please unfreep this poll - thanks

Let's hear it for Michelle!

PHOTOS Happy Ash Wednesday Mr Vice President!

PHOTOS Happy Ash Wednesday Mr Vice President!

America invented the automobile?

Eliminate No-Bid contracts in Iraq. Bye bye, Halliburton?! YAY! nt

Free-Trader for Commerce Secretary?

Pleeeeeez stop posting useless polls ..

Obama Administration Signals Thaw in Relations with Russia

Please delete - item already posted.

It's not Obama making the markets crash...

Republican Party: Please do not nominate Jindal in 2012.

Obama tells nation: 'We are not quitters'

white house press briefing on now. nt

As long as the GOP governors feel like they don't want govt money

Byrd: Obama in power grab

"I can ... say without exception or equivocation that the United States of America does not torture"

Who was the young uniformed man next to Jill Biden?

Who was the young uniformed man next to Jill Biden?

Congress Moves on Giving D.C. Full Voting Rights

RE: the young lady from SC who was not a quitter.

Obama - A Missed Opportunity?

If John Kerry were elected in 2004 the GOP would have criticized him for $$$ to fix levee's in NOLA!

President Obama's Address Tonight (2/24/2009)

PHOTOS Bobby Jindal Steps Up His Campaign For 2012

Flashback - 1/08 - Obama's Rebuttal to Bush's Final SOU speech

Please delete DUPE

Wisconsin soldier says he won't return to Iraq

GD Poll to possibly add DU to Groups calling for Special Prosecutor for Bush/Cheney et al

"Obama doesn't talk to us like we're stupid....It was an explanation."

I don't get it! Obama is our President. Last night he outlined his vision and his plans for

A TV Guide poll (hey, everyone's critic)

Looking for link to Community Service Projects from Obama

Dem Gov. Bredesen may reject Obama's Stimulus Money

Now that Jindal is toast, who is the next rising GOP star?

It would be a hoot to have a White House dog named "Frank" or "Moose"

First Lady: First Dog Arrives in April

LOL...Jindal's homepage and the reaction to the speech

Political Robot Bobby Jindal Shows Why He'll Never Be President

Tennessee may reject stimulus aid for jobless

Chris Matthews Explains "Oh, God!" Utterance

I wonder if there is video of Bobby Jindal performing an exorcism?

Oh. My. God. It's Back!!!

Sabato: "Jindal looked like a fake Rolex after you've just seen the real thing."

CNN POLL: 68% very positive, 24% somewhat positive, 8% negative. 82% like his economic plan.

Get out of the way Joe the Plumber! Here comes Bobby Jindal the Pizza Delivery Man!

MSM continue to blame Obama for market decline: "Obama's Speech Didn't Wow Wall Street"

Those banking stress tests... maybe not so stressful

Jindal seemed so creeeepy on TV

Jindal hurt the GOP more than he hurt himself -- remember Clinton's 1988 keynote?

Wesley Crusher.

CNN is trying soooo hard to prop up the funky Republicans.

The Nation on Bobby the Vampire Slayer...

Bobby Jindal, won't you be my neighbor?

My favorite part of Jindal's speech

Postmortem of President Obama's Speech.

:spray: Just when I was starting to feel sorry for Jindal - This!

So, the traders are holding their breaths and tantrumming again since

An outstanding blog to add to your daily read: CalculatedRisk

Rating President Obama's State of The Union Speech

Tweety Says "Oh God" Before Jindal Reponse? (VIDEO)

I can't tell you how much Klobechar (sp?) impresses me.

**WARNING** Obama admiration thread to follow

Rail to Disney Land renamed "Ronald Reagan Rail To Disney Land," GOP now endorses the plan

President Obama LIVE on TV now, msnbc nt

The Daily Show from last night: do watch

PHOTOS Are all Portuguese water dogs Democrats, or is there the odd Republican stray?

Vitter challenged in LA: Sexual Purity Primary Smackdown!

Heard a Brilliant Idea on NPR regarding bailing out of Banks ...

Paul Krugman: The Party of Beavis and Butthead.

Gallup: Big Majority Thinks Obama Moving At Right Speed

A woman on MSNBC (Sharon Epperson) just blamed Obama speaking just now about regulation

Last Nail in Jindal's Coffin probably this Saturday...

Obama Around the World

Volcanoes are to Bobby the Vampire Slayer what fruit flies are to Caribou Barbie...

Our government is very optimistic about the economy

Is The Stock Market A Barometer Of The Nation's Economic Health

The Seven Intellecutal Underpinnings of the Obama Code

Bobby Jindal: Earmark Fraud

Thank God it Passed

"Did Shelby ask Obama for his birth certificate?"

Rarely has something so good been followed by something so bad

Conservatives react to Jindal's speech

Freepers' Response to Jindal - LIVE THREAD

Sorry, President Obama--but the US did not "invent" the automobile

I Don't Know Why Everyone Is Slamming Jindal, He Speech Was Fine & He Made Some Excellent Points

What I want to know. When will DeLay go to prison for Saipan forced abortions?

Of Course there is a HUGE NEGATIVE to seeing Jindal IMPLODE tonight....

Was the "inherited the debt" jab written in the speech?

Orlando area courts order mediation process on lenders to stem tide of foreclosures.

Jindal forgot to mention that he's destroying Higher Ed in Louisiana

Re:Bobhy Jindal

It just dawned on me - we are living through the antithesis of Atlas Shurgged

There is no train to Disneyland..

Limpballs still loves him some Booby Jindal

Mayor sent e-mail with watermelons at White House

Can anyone imagine if McCain were to have delivered yesterday's address?

You knew Jindal was up a creek without a paddle the second he walked out.

Are the Repubes stupid or what?

conason vs hitchens on hardball. nt

I went to my neighbors house to help them move some furniture upstairs, and they were listening to

DOW Is Now Up After Media Started Saying It Would Finish Down Due To Obama. Credit Jindal?

President Obama gave a great speech tonight. He was

Holy crap, Harold Ford!

Gingrich re Jindal: “Remember, he'll be the same age as John McCain - 34 years from now.”

What GOP States Have Active Volcanoes? Aha! the secret GOP Plan!

Listen: Rush Limbaugh angry that Jindal panned

Ohhh - one of the WH raccoons was captured and taken to Cheney's secret cave.

**Heads Up: Stevie Wonder and Barry Awesome on CSPAN at 7:45pm**

What other weather events are we wasting money on monitoring...

I am "sartorially challenged" but OMG what was the Governor of Louisiana wearing tonight?

NOW It makes sense...Jindal got confused.. he meant to say Vulcan monitoring...

What is up with this photo of Joe Biden?

OK so where's the Jindal vs. the Volcano spoof?

"Bobby Jindal Is Good"! Exclusive Photos Of Our Next President !

FL Gov. Crist Signs Agreement With U.S. Department Of Labor To Increase Unemployment Benefits

Chris Mathews's "Oh god" comment already made it to You Tube

The most Asian Americans in a cabinet ever..

I propose tax free savings accounts for multi-national corporations and the

CNN Analysis: Obama takes 'morning in America' mantle

David Brooks on Jindal's speech last night: "a disaster", "nihilism", "insane"

Bill Clinton Says Obama’s Speech Was “Terrific” And Struck Right Tone Of Optimism

WTF is McCain doing on my TV again???

CNN: Eight percent reacted negatively to Obama's speech. The other

The Republicans have a new symbol

Gen. George C. Marshall and Col. Jimmy Doolittle didn't respect the presidency!

I have never done this before but can we just start locking these dumb ass bigoted threads?

Bobby Jindal's "anti" 2004 DNC Keynote Moment:

Biden:States better not squander that stim money

I don't know, I'm a little uncomfortable with Obama's speech last night

Is it just me or did Bobby Jindal make you forget just how bad a speaker George W. Bush was?

MN Star Tribune: Setbacks for Coleman grow at Senate recount trial


Before you open...Guess what states loved THE SPEECH most and least


On second thought, I might be wrong.

Boehner whines because Americans rejecting failed GOP policies

Jindal the Joke

Can we call him Booby Jindal?

If the "Oh God" was really Tweety

Senator Barbara Boxer on Mourning Joe... excellent answers to Mika Mouse

The new Governor Bobby theme song: Jimmy Buffet's "Volcano"

Harold Ford is blasting Tom Delay!! Wow!!

Officer Calls Obama 'Usurper,' 'Imposter' President (Military.Com)

Freeper Meltdown after Jindal's Unmitigated Disaster

Ha. I been calling for Gary Locke to be Commerce Secretary for months,

BREAKING: Obama family chooses dog!

Why the GOP will continue to Crash and Burn

Stop and think about this image for a few seconds

Why did Jindal "waddle" out to the mike wearing a really cheap looking suit?

Did anyone else hear Matthews acknowledge his "Oh god" comment?

One thing I hope we can all agree on... there are 13 triangles

Kerry on President Obama's Congressional Address

Bobby Jindal, the next

Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens are right near Portland, Oregon

Take this, bipartisan concern trolls

Jindalmania or Jindmentum?

Obama approval rose 17% after speech (Honestly, I didn't think he had 17% left to go)

Gov. Jindal Follow-up: What Is 'Volcano Monitoring'?

Obama budget seeks $634B over 10 years for health care

I Succumb. Jindal is the Story.

Obama family picks Portuguese water dog

I loved President Obama's speech, but Nancy Pelosi looked like a clown-faced

Shelby says remark was "distorted"

"It was like following Led Zeppelin with a harmonica."

Well, what in the hell kind of Presidential Address was that?

PHOTOS From Tonight (Feb 24) UPDATED

Volcano Monitoring? Levitating Trains? The Heck?

Breaking News: God responds to Jindal's "speech". Chile Volcano Chaiten spews 30 million tons

Two fucking trillion dollars of savings identified

If Bobby Jindal's mom was pregnant when they immigrated...

A question to ask: Will expanding the war in Central Asia damage Pres. Obama's

Bobby Jindal just dealt a blow to Republican caucus discipline.


GOP needs to remember that folks making over $250,000 voted for Barack Obama!

Dictator Obama?

OPEN BEARD THREAD: Celebrate bearded progressives by posting a pic of a bearded progressive.

Yellowstone Caldera (supervolcano) could erupt at any time and obliterate everything for 200 miles..


Capitalists are the "Engine of Prosperity"----Fuck Michelle Bernard

OMG! MSNBC just played some of the tweets those Republicans were sending during the speech

Dudes, I know Jindal sucked, but can we please not use racist name-calling?

Michelle on the cover of People magazine

Reactions to Jindal's speech (in pictures)

Freeper affected poll

Joan Walsh schooling Michelle Barnard on the speech. Which is on


Jindal praises race-profiling lawman

Medtronic plans workforce reduction

U.S. Loses Key Appeal In AIPAC Staffers’ Case

Palin to reimburse state for family travel

(News Corp) Chernin's golden (diamond-encrusted, platinum-gilded) parachute

San Francisco's Main Newspaper, the Chronicle, May Shut

One-day strike disrupts Greek hospitals, airlines

Bangladeshi guards open fire in protest

Britons warned over demonstrations in Thailand

Marionberry denied Oregon honour

Report: 3 men set themselves on fire in Beijing

Stores looted, cars burnt on island of Martinique

Arms dealer jailed for 30 years

Bold Obama Vows America Will Recover (Sputtering Economy: "I Refuse to Let That Happen")

Corruption Touched CIA’s Covert Operations

Gov't Says 'Mass Layoffs' Soared In January

Bill to Restrict Shipment of Primates Passes

Analysis: Giant home loans were still going strong in 2007

WTO urges G20 to uphold pledge to fight protectionism

Slumdog children to be rehoused

U.S. Existing Home Sales, Prices Slumped in January

Release of Iraq war minutes vetoed

(Iraqi) Citizens urged to help police arrest MP Dayni

Polar regions found warming fast, raising sea levels

Iraq says early US pullout ok if Iraq army equipped

Clinton warns Israel over delays in Gaza aid

Citing Cost, States Consider Halting Death Penalty

GOP lawmaker's comments on HIV, promiscuity cause uproar

Religious group's monument does not fall under free speech

Pentagon critic tapped to be weapons buyer

KBR CFO: US Defense Dept Won't Suspend Co Over Bribe Case

Iran tests its first nuclear power plant

Lawmakers try new approach to immigration changes

(Senator) Byrd gives Obama heat over 'Czars'

Remarks of President Barack Obama -- Address to Joint Session of Congress (in Full)

Army Manual Raises Emphasis on Electronic Warfare

3 British troops killed in southern Afghanistan (10 international troops killed since Friday)

Pawlenty unveils 60 highway projects (Spend! Spend! Spend!)

Salazar Blocks Bush Oil-Shale Development Plan in Western U.S.

Palin bill seeks $461 million in stimulus projects

China rights 'worsened', says US

FBI raids University of Florida nuclear power institute

McCain warns of losing fragile gains in Iraq

Senate will advance torture commission...Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse: "This is going to be big."

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 25

Tennessee may reject stimulus aid for jobless

Some lawmakers have ties to bailout recipients

(AP) Source: (Chris) Matthews says 'Oh God' before Jindal spoke

Deevloping: Turkish plane crashes at Amsterdam airport

Bolivia gives details of CIA activity

Racism bedevils Texas town

Court Reinstates Conviction of Former Qwest CEO (Joe Nacchio)

Setbacks for Coleman grow at Senate recount trial

Republican state senator equates gays to murderers on Senate floor

Venezuela freezes Stanford bank board assets

Britons flee French island of Guadeloupe as rioters turn on white families

MP Breaks Language Law in Turkey

Gov. Bobby Jindal headed for vacation after GOP speech

Tea Party Protests Planned (Santelli Related)

Tea Party Protests Planned (Santelli Related)

Court: Religious Group Does Not Have Right to Erect Monument in Utah Park

Polls Show: Obama Won The Night

Guarantees of 401(k) plans called 'hollow'

Lawyer says Guantanamo abuse worse since Obama (announced its closure)

Obama Budget Would Create $634 Billion Health-Care Fund

Anger grows in India over US visa rules

Four Fund Managers Charged With Securities Fraud

Franken-Coleman Senate trial hinges on voter mistakes

Mayor in dutch for melon joke e-mail

Japan Exports Plummet 45.7%, Deficit Widens to Record

Pelosi criticizes Truth Commission as inadequate, advocates criminal prosecutions

U.S. Congress set to open Cuban exiles' passage to island

Scientists find bigger than expected polar ice melt

Group of Rich Americans Sues UBS to Keep Names Secret in Tax Case

No free lunch: Schools get tough on deadbeats

That should have been me up there.... with Kurovski looming over my shoulder.

Heal Camden - a Documentary Film - Directed by Chris Barrett

President Barack Obama on Green Jobs

Sean Penn Speech Open the Debates

DeFazio: Bush Debt Costs $2.2 MILLION Per Minute!

Barack Obama on College Funding

Sen. Durbin Asks for Sen. Burris Resignation

Scott Ritter and Seymour Hersh

British Justice Secretary Vetoes Publication Of Iraq War Minutes

Lou Dobbs Talks With AL Sharpton

Hardball: Howard Dean on Healthcare Reform

Obama Address: Holding Banks Accountable

AP: Obama to Congress - We Need to Restart Lending

Obama Address: "Health Care Reform Cannot Wait, Will Not Wait, Must Not Wait Another Year"

Obama Address: "Surplus Became an Excuse to Transfer Wealth to the Wealthy..."

Jindal LIES to America = Debunked High Speed Rail TP

COALergy: "Smudge"

11 Year Old boy shoots Mother in PA (reaction)

Is Our Wealth Hurting Africa's Feelings?

Should Animals Be Doing More For Animal Rights?

3 Damn Years Of Red State Update

CNN: Lawyer of Gitmo detainee thanks Obama for release

Obama - Two Trillion In Wasteful Spending To Be Eliminated

TYT: Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Continues To Lose $$$

Rachel Maddow Takes Apart GOP Response to President's Speech

1600 PA Ave: Firedoglake founder Jane Hamsher & TYT 's Cenk Uygur on President Obama's Speech

ABC: McCain Rates Obama's Speech - "His Delivery and Theme Was Excellent"

"I will not allow terrorists to plot against the American people from safe havens half a world away"

David Brooks opines on Jindal's speech, plus Paul Krugman

Mr. Jindal's Neighborhood

Forclosure Kryptonite - THREE SIMPLE WORDS stop foreclosures for now

GOP Offers Retribution Against Moderate Republicans

An American Affair (2009)

Leave Bobby Jindal Alone!

Fmr. Irish President Mary Robinson Heads Panel Faulting Faulting "War on Terror" for Eroding Human R

Obama wants us to hold him accountable in his own words

Ziegler 'SNL is thought to be a news agency' 'people are stupid' 2:09

Obama Address: "United States Does Not Torture - We Can Make That Committment Tonight"

Brooks: Jindal's Do-Nothing Path "Insane" For GOP

Scott Renfroe Compares Being Gay to Murder

FOX News focus group!

CNN Poll: 95% Want Marijuana Legalized!

Stiglitz: Obama Has Confused Saving the Banks with Saving the Bankers. Democracy Now

The Douchebag Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree! Duncan Hunter "Jr."

Keith Olberman: KO interviews Michael Beschloss on the historical nature of Obama's speech

Bank of America's Bailout Bonanza

Bobby Jindal & DEMONS

BBC: Iran's nuclear plant becomes reality

Healthcare vs. Health Insurance Companies

Here's Governor Jindal... oh god.

Young Turks: Cenk's Post-Game Comments on Obama's Speech

Countdown: NAACP wants News Corp. to prove workplace diversity

Tom Morello (The Nightwatchman) sings "No One Left" (anti-war song)

CNN: NASA scientist explains upcoming Kepler mission's hunt for Earth-like planets

Mr. Jindal's Neighborhood

Mayor apologizes for email showing watermelons at White House

Obama Address: 'Nobody Messes with Joe' (Biden & Stimulus)

MSNBC: Rachel Maddow Reacts to Jindal Response - "I'm Absolutely Stunned."

Jon Stewart on GOP Governors Taking the Stimulus Money

Obama's entire address last night

Bobby Jindal Respomds!

Limbaugh defends Jindal, dumps on President Obama-and us

Me on Ring Of Fire (part one)

Me On Ring Of Fire (part two)

Ziegler, Lauer, and lots of strawmen & victimization (5:50)

The Jindal Response: A Plan for the Next 'Katrina'

Coleman plans to wrap up this week — then it's Franken's turn

Historian Rates Obama 1st Congressional Speech Among Best Ever

A Planet at the Brink: Will Economic Brushfires Prove Too Virulent to Contain? (Economic Violence)

Chris Floyd - Drum Machine: Spinning for War with Iran

Stress Test for Banks Exposes Rift on Wall St.

Amy Goodman: Toxins ’R’ Us

David Brooks: Jindal's Response "Disaster For the Republican Party"

Think Progress: Fox Panel Reacts After Bobby Jindal Bombs


In Geithner We Trust Eludes Treasury as Market Fails to Recover (Bloomberg)

Who Says the 'Jindal Response' Didn't 'Get Smart'

Why we went to war in Iraq remains a secret as Straw blocks the release of cabinet minutes

Roofer Picks Up Hooker Half a Block from High School in Camden, NJ

Analysis: Giant home loans were still going strong in 2007

'Liberal bias?' IU professors find network TV election coverage favors Republicans

"Shameful/Revolting"-Leahy, Whitehouse Issue Passionate Call For Investigations Into Bush Crimes

"An organized mind at work is a wonderful thing to watch"

Gene Lyons writes That'll Be The Day

Gene Lyons writes That'll Be The Day

Paul Begala: Memo to Bobby Jindal - Dump Rush

Are Republicans Really Suggesting This?

We’re Not ‘Cowards,’ We’re Just Loud

The (Madison) Capital Times: Why gay students don't feel safe

Jindal Versus the Volcano

Obama to stop outsourcing, India Inc worried

In the no

“I’m John McCain, and I Never Approved of Squat”

A speech that defines a new era

Something Called Volcano Monitoring": Bobby Jindal Needs a Geology Lesson

Read: Republicans Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor and John Boehner Twitter each other at Obama's speech

I Bring You Your Next President a Republican in 2012?

Bobby Jindal's Stimulus Lies (MoJo)

Gary Hart: Restore the Republic

The case against thrift

Iran Plans To Have 50,000 Centrifuges At Natanz In 5 Years

B Of A Heiress Blasts Bank Leaders As 'Idiots'

Gary Locke: Militant (and Misguided) Free Trader

Jindal, then what nickname would you choose?

Tomorrow a New World Begins

The Exorcism of Bobby Jindal's Intimate Friend

Russia, Iran To Sign 10-Year Nuclear Fuel Supply Contract

As U.S. IT jobs are cut, H-1B use by offshoring vendors is rising

An Issue About a Single Vote, and So Much More - U.S. Rep. for D.C.?





Jobs hope for offshore power station (North Sea wind energy grid)


Coal out, biomass in

Biomass-coal Fuels Show Promise

Eco suburb plan unveiled for Melbourne

Peak Oil Review - Feb 23

Polar research reveals new evidence of global environmental change

European satellites provide new insight into ozone-depleting species (of gases e.g. bromine)

Study Analyzes 2006 California Heat Wave’s Substantial Effect on Morbidity

2/24 IPY Survey - Antarctic Warming "Much More Widespread Than Was Thought" - AFP

Satellite Failure Major Hit To "Already Weak" NASA Earth Observation Assets - WP

'Ghost peaks' mapped under Antarctic ice

100 Levees In 16 States Have Failed To Pass Inspections In Past 2 Years

sustainability presentations

Exxon Valdez 20th Anniversary

Soil Carbon Storage is Not Always Influenced by Tillage Practices

FWS Petitioned For ESA Protection For Northern Rockies Fisher - Oregonian

Rate Of CO2 Increase Rises In 2008 - Annual Average Hits 384.9 ppm - Reuters

Australian MP Denies Any Warming, Invokes Hitler, Einstein & Own Expertise As Ceramics Physicist

Antarctic glacier melt accelerating

N. China's Wheat Harvest In Serious Trouble - Wells Hit 800 Meters In Pursuit Of Falling Water Table

Muslim cleric decries biofuels as sinful

FYI: Chavez followers in Colombia collecting signatures for presidential candidate (Spanish)

French Prez Congratulates Chavez, Praises Venezuelan Democracy -

Guatemala: Congress Must Approve Law for National Search Commission for the Disappeared

Why Chavez commands popular support

CALL CONGRESS - Cuba Travel Bill Faces Opposition in House

Bolivia gives details of CIA activity

Press release (so bad, it's good): Top Chavez Opponent Coming to Washington

If you are in DC 3/10: The Summit of the Americas: US Policy toward the Region under Obama

"Sacred Secret" Ballot? NOT SO MUCH...

Ask Keith Olberman to help the McDonald's hero

Senate Confirms Solis as Labor Secretary Despite GOP Concerns

Cincinnati laborers fight for wages

UAW boss backs Ford contract concessions

Union-breaking case against Interbake goes to federal judge

Today in labor history Feb 25, 5 strikers were killed during the 208-day walkout

We got our contract offer last night by Omaha Steve

Who in dog's name is St. cupboyton4??

Sign of the economic times: ACC tourney tickets available for sale for 1st time in 40 yrs

Isn't this what I've been saying? Why of course it is CBOY.

Guess what? There's a BASEBALL game today!

OTL: Ghosts Of Mississippi

Brodeur to start Thursday; Clemmensen sent to AHL

Why is government intimidation okay with the Bonds haters?

Am I a Bonds Hater?

Tough start doesn’t stop Misawa GSA (xpost from Veterans)

Bigots in NC: Bill Filed to Ban Gay Marriage in N.C.

Same-sex civil unions bill stalls after marathon hearing

Gay-straight club at Kubasaki calls for tolerance (xpost from Veterans)

The gayest painting of our time?

Gay Asians criticize Oscar censorship

"Gays Are Equal to Murderers" Says Colorado Senator

Thoughts on Obama's address?

The Lighter Side Of The Financial Crisis

GM Bankruptcy Advisers’ Fees Might Be ‘Bonanza’ $1.2 Billion

Costas, Hutchins Said to Reunite For Firm After Dillion Reed Failure

Sport Must Stop Giving Easy Cover to Fraudsters: Matthew Lynn

The Media Continue to Ignore Welfare for Citi Shareholders

CNBC...UBS cuts Microsoft........

14-year Commercial Real Estate Supply In China

Group of Rich Americans Sues UBS to Keep Names Secret in Tax Case - in case you didn't check LBN!

Banks Need Temporary Nationalization: Roubini

Hartmann catches CNN and its analyst in an exercise in deception.

Ukraine Credit Rating Downgraded 2 Levels to CCC+ by S&P

The debate over the nationalization of the banks

German CDS debt spreads hit record as economy crumbles

Ok, I'm going to be a chicken little again...

"The Formula that Killed Wall Street"

Bernanke Admits Fed Is Clueless and Banks are Zombified

I have a huge crush on Gavin Newsom

The real Israel-Palestine story is in the West Bank

Syria 'builds missile facility on ruins of destroyed nuclear reactor'

Dutch protesters threw shoes at a Israeli reservist soldier during a speech in Amsterdam.

Abbas security forces free Hamas prisoners in West Bank

Lebanese in Shock Over Arrest of an Accused Spy

UNRWA providing political cover for Hamas, Israeli official says

Two ex-AIPAC lobbyists charged with divulging defense secrets win court ruling

Food, fuel allowed into Gaza

2 Palestinian women become judges in Islamic court

Sweden-Israel Davis Cup to go ahead without fans

Jewish-Arab duo faces criticism ahead of songfest

Survey: Most Israelis dissatisfied with election results

Clinton warns Israel over delays in Gaza aid

Targeting Israel with Boycotts, Divestment, Sanctions, and Prosecutions

Thumbs up for Obama speech

Israel: End Ban on Human Rights Monitors

Hamas, Fatah to begin talks in Cairo

Israel is losing the battle for hearts and minds


Israel Asks Clinton to Boycott U.N. Conference

List of trials using patient's own stem cells for heart failure

Need help. Can anyone recommend good books on chronic kidney disease? How to live

Liberals Use Supreme Court Gun Case to Bolster Other Rights

Bill to limit sales of handguns falters (NJ)

'Sinful' city buses stoned by ultra-Orthodox Jews

Officials: Most forces out of Iraq in 18 months

Soldier killed, 3 wounded by Iraqi policemen

Obama says he will raise pay for troops

Sen. introduces military substance abuse bill

Psychologist testifies in Green Beret trial

Conspiracy charge dropped against 1st ID sgt.

9 soldiers injured in LMTV rollover at Bragg

2,400 Georgia guardsmen to head to Afghanistan

Taliban extend cease-fire in Pakistani valley

Reservist weighs options after Iraq refusal

(Army Times) Editorial: Redefine PTSD standard

(Army Times) Editorial: Silent epidemic

(Army Times) Backtalk: Learning to let go

O-2 on trial thought detainee supplied bombs

Man wanted for desertion arrested in Boulder

Poll: U.S. public backs Afghanistan troop plan

Report: CG Civil Rights office lacks skills

Obama: Marine One helicopters under review

Corps: 2nd MEB won’t stand up as scheduled

Bomb kills 4 U.S. troops in Afghanistan

AFSOC flying squadron gets first female CC

Wright-Pat airman dead after police standoff

Nellis airman and wife dead after standoff

More than 200 Minot airmen back home

Kirtland airman arrested in nightclub incident

NASA global warming satellite lands in ocean

Officials: No animosity in removal of Obama pic

Combat controller killed in Afghanistan

(Air Force Times) Editorial: Right-size the Air Force

(Marine Corps Times) Editorial: Dump the EFV now

Limited resources challenge Cobra Gold

Veteran groups riled by report on Army charity

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: New aircraft required for ‘peer’ war

Army drops case case against GI in Iraqi deaths

Iraqi police open fire, injure 4 GIs in Mosul

AFRICOM surgeon brings needed medicine to Mali

Officials play down post-election threats

Japan to pay Afghan police

Soldier found dead in Italy listed as AWOL

Rape case against GI dismissed

Gay-straight club at Kubasaki calls for tolerance

Tough start doesn’t stop Misawa GSA

Pentagon critic tapped to be weapons buyer

Announcement on F-22’s Fate Delayed

Soldier Says CO Sent Him Back for Ear

Prosecutor: GI returned from Iraq in gang

(Military Times) Op-Ed: The Price of Bad Tactics

Real de Catorce: México Mágico

Does anyone else get orbs in their pictures?

An update from last grandmother....

This "higher vibration" thing . . .

Did anyone else notice the faces on the Republicans

I am SO Thrilled and Proud that I helped Election President Barack Obama

Name change

Perhaps a ridiculous question about "The Shift"

Thanks to all here, and here is another PRO GUN LINK!!!!!

February 25 - Catch Ceres at Its Closest In Our Lifetime

Gov. Jindal Follow-up: What Is 'Volcano Monitoring'?

Galaxy hunt draws massive traffic (BBC) {distributed computing project}

Fish with transparent head!

I got my mirror blank stuck to my pitch lap.

On the Road, for Reasons Practical and Spiritual - Leonard Cohen

Court rules for Utah city in religious marker case

What if you're wrong?

Cooking for One:

Is anyone baking Ain5 right on parchment paper?

Tip for beef stew.

Whats for Dinner? ~ Wednesday the 25th

Grumpy-ness about and tweaks/improvements to the Ain5 bread.

I could have sworn I recently read a report on DU about how US schools lag behind

In Tough Times, the Humanities Must Justify Their Worth

Students Stand When Called Upon, and When Not

A Contest! Name That Law!

Education Stimulus "money down a rat hole."

Special Broadcast - 9/11 Facts - TVNL Radio Today!

Video Evidence of Molten Metal at the Base of the felled Towers...

I have a use for all that duct tape and plastic tarp we were supposed to stock up on!

Conspiracy part of culture ?

Is this normal for windows 2000 pro?

JK on high-speed rail

Little story of some immediate good Kerry did in Gaza

After Northern Trust "Party," Kerry Introduces Legislation to End Lavish Spending by Bailed Out Bank

Appeal for Pakistan aid in US-Afghan 'terror' review

Senator Kerry On President Obama's Congressional Address

Straw hit by internet fraudsters

Cameron's eldest son Ivan dies

6 weeks is not much time to serve for taking a life