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Archives: February 26, 2009

Holy Cow Obama even got sourpuss joementeum to stand and smile

FBI raids University of Florida nuclear power institute

Obama's budget, the $634 billion in healthcare & filibusters

Obama gives much-needed pledge to U.S. veterans - and his Sharpies could also help

New Bailout: Only Banks Getting Biggest Bailouts Will Get Tougher Terms

Scientists find bigger than expected polar ice melt

TSA: Mule skinners need background checks, too (CNN)

The tweetering going on between the 'thugs last night during Obama's speech

GW 2001 Tax Cuts cost $1.35 trillion ....

The Obama health care strategy ...... I have a question.

I just watched a strange discussion on BBC about that

Photo: Mickey Rourke & animal rights (You go Mickey)

Cherry picking the argument - volcanoes and high speed rail.

BWHAhahaha...Jindal sounds like he is reading an animated book to kidergarteners

Why does Tweety allow a criminal, Delay, even express an opinion?

Gov. Bobby Jindal's volcano remark has some fuming

Hotel Rowanda...anyone remember it? How accurate/factual is it?

KO to Hannity: Sean, you don't know your ass from your elbow.

The line between overly politically correct and a sense of humor

Conservatives pan Jindal delivery; one calls his message 'nihilism'

Don't forget Rachel's interview with Nancy Pelosi n/t

Mom left the hospital today (again)

I watched Obama's speech, but not the Repuke response.

Many, Many Economists: We Like What the Employee Free Choice Act Does

Hey, car czars. Why, for fucks sake, are we bailing out Chrysler, again?

Oxycontin Pigboy "hearts" Jindal, and if you disagree, you are DEAD TO HIM. THAT'S love, G.

A humble suggestion for the stimulus

Mandrakes and Money..

Guardian UK: Obama's partisan pragmatism

KO to Hannity: "You don't know your ass from your elbow." Hannity's the

geez... talk about over-reaction - "Motorist draws gunfire after flipping the finger"

Top 10 Newspapers In Trouble

Are members of Congress involved with overseeing the USPS?

Barney Frank to Obama: Cut Military Spending

Figured y'all should see this.

Where is the inherent racism in referring to Piyush Jindal by his given name?

What the hell is this Twitter crap? MSNBC is all a-Twitter. Congress is all a-Twitter.

10 Dirty Tricks Wall Street Con Artists Will Pull to Keep the Rip-offs Going

Gov Mark Sanford (R-SC) calls Rush Limbaugh an idiot.

The bright shining lights of the Republican Party: An ethically-challenged governor who hunts moose;

I hope to god that SNL spoofs Bobby Jindal this weekend.

Piyush, Bobby, Gov. Jindal...what's in a name?

Can you help me find a post?

The strength of Democrats in general, and DU specifically, is in this Jindal debate.

Johnny Cash's America .....

Is Am Trust Bank under BOA?

Bobby Jindal and "magnetic levitation"

Can someone tell me difference between "Twitter" and "IMing" folks?

a and legal from an "edrop" outfit. DO NOT USE

Great. Now a Dem senator is bashing one of Obama's nominees.

Breaking News...Scientist Find Volcano Growing In Lake...

Speaker Pelosi on Rachel Maddow's now. Truth Commission discussion.

I am an auctioneer, certified appraiser and Ebay powerseller - Ask me anything!

"Please. Tell me you're a Republican."

House OKs $410B spending, reverses Bush policies

The First Black President Is A Democrat

Why in hell is Tom Delay still on TV?

Repugs lose 20 percent of their congressional seats in the election....but refuse to reduce staff.

Who has the New Deal graphs?

Seventeen reasons to trade with Cuba

Seventeen reasons to trade with Cuba

Supreme Court Rules Against Religious Display in Public Park

I miss the hearts. Maybe we can do a St. Patty's fundraiser? Green

Arizona House panel backs major bill on abortion

Jailed Hedge Fund Manager Can't Make $5 million bail

Number of households with kids hits new low

Salon: The dark lesson of Bernie Madoff...He should be a case study of human cruelty.

House votes to ease limits on Cuba trade, travel

Frank ......... or Moose

Is the Dillards department store chain about to go bye-bye?

John Boehner says Americans are Welfare Queens

My wife made an interesting comment tonight: She has been noticing how

Opposition responses are usually terrible. Why do people do them? Are they ever not bad?

So CNBC is running this show called House of Cards...

So CNBC is running this show called House of Cards...

33.6 Million Watch Obama on Broadcast Nets

Is Rush getting bigger?

Jindal biopic?

Jindal biopic?

Jon Stewart Making Fun Of Jindal Response

Can you tell who's a Democrat or Republican by looking at them?

Rachel Maddow was a tenacious interviewer with Nancy Pelosi

how banks create money from nothing

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Anderson Cooper's having a hissy fit over spending

They keep asking Jindal the wrong question on the $100M he is turning down.

Interesting - DU will hit 44 million posts during President Obama's term - President 44!

You Magnificent Bastards! - Who's your next great "fresh & exciting" leader after Jindal's collapse?

McConnell and Boehner deserved the beating

Lawsuit blames exploding toilet on rail line work

Greed...are we born with it or do we learn it?

The GOP appears to be copying the script of a 60's tv show.

Heads up: Bill Maher is Tavis Smiley's only guest tonight

Jindal 2012

I had over twenty five hearts and now I feel NAKED :(

"Sean, you do not know your ass from your elbow."

Octomom Offered $1 Million Porn Contract!

Can someone please explain to me...

Forget Jindal, Gubernator Volkenshredder of Kollyfonia's unintelligible pronouncements wreck lives

Why did O'LOOFAH refer to Tweety as "MISTER Matthews"?!1

I admit I miss the pictures of Bush looking like a fool. Maybe we'll get some from his speaking tour

More proof the GOP is deeply fissured.

The CBO on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Fox News Producer Busted for Child Porn Starred in Soft-Core Himself

2 Money Managers Held in New Wall St. Fraud Case

What do you think Obama meant by this? Just curious...

The President said last night, we will no longer hide its price -- the price of the two wars . . .

We were in the top 10 on electronics sales yesterday

Bravo Pres Obama can walk and chew gum

MP3 download of Dahr Jamail interview about a recent trip to Iraq (1hr)

Tom DeLAY is still jacking *his* jaw!?

Bob Dylan. Jon Stewart. Woody Allen. Winona Ryder. Martin Sheen. Bruce Lee. Ben Kingsley.

CPAC Agenda: Joe The Plumber To Advise Young Conservatives As Panelist

CPAC Agenda: Joe The Plumber To Advise Young Conservatives As Panelist

Why is Tweety's "oh God" comment such a crime?

Should bush's wars be ended now, or allowed to go on forever?

please delete, thanks mods!

The Dead Tree Theory

Will Revelations About Bobby Jindal's Weird Secret Past Destroy His Political Career?

I'm ready to see some cell doors slamming shut behind some people.

This is one---HOT----WOMAN!!!!!

Matalin just tossed "this economic mini-crisis" up against the wall to see if it would stick.

"NPR: 100 Best Characters in Fiction Since 1900" broken down by gender and ethnicity

The circus is opening in DC today!

Fox News Uses Radical Anti-Semite as Expert

I know why "Bobby" Jindal had such a problem with volcano monitoring

AlterNet: Jail Sentences for Cops Who Planted Pot on 92-Year Old They Killed in Botched Drug Raid

Miles of Idled Boxcars Leave Towns Singing the Freight-Train Blues

(UK) Yes we are raging - against a Government that spies on its citizens....

Services spring up to aid jobless but some may be scams

Continue working until age 65

Fight the lies of the right. A little help in case you need it.

Mary Matalin looks like Clutch Cargo...

For Jebus's Sake

Where did this talk about earmarks come from? I thought those

China decries U.S. criticism of its rights record

I don't buy the fake GOP outrage over Jindal

What's been hit harder than Las Vegas? Atlantic City.

Unlimited public money for...

At the University of Illinois Urbana they used to have Hash Wednesday

Republican Stimulus Opposition Explained via Game Theory

'Does Jindal have a volcano in his backyard?'; Jindal "stands by his statement"

Negro Head Cookie Baker Visited By Secret Service

Apologies to both parties: Few politicians on my Dream Team

Department of Energy Loses Track of Radioactive Material

Moody's Warns Subprime-Mortgage Defaults To Surge Further

When “The Stupid Party” Had Brains

Napolitano Cites Mexican Drug Cartels as Major Threat

Right wing media outlet Reuters attacks Obama's 2009 Budget

The Facts about Pres. Obama, Social Security, Medicare, and Tax Free Savings Accounts

Mayor Hits Rough Patch Over Watermelon Pic

Uh. . . .

Uh. . . .

Sens. Baucus & Kennedy: We Cannot Delay Health-Care Reform

Do others get as angry as I do when one of those "hock your car for cash" ads comes on?

Boehner: It's Very Hard To Sell GOP Ideas

Stars of the Republican austerity movement come from the states that suck up the most federal money

Chuck Grassley (R-Asshole) worried about people viewing porn at work

Lobbyists Line Up to Torpedo Speech Proposals

What if the Palin(s) and Jindal(s) the GOP are part of a bigger plan.

Mathews said "Oh God" because Jindal looked like a tool walking out to the camera.

Republican Senators Blast Steele Over Talk Of Primary Challenges

A thread of appreciation for all DUers who work in HR for all their extra work this week

Sadly, we can't buy a Toyota Estima minivan in this country

The Media Continue to Ignore Welfare for Citi Shareholders

Can't we all just get along? Can't we at least call Jindal

If it were to happen, what is the process of bank nationalization?

GOP at risk of becoming party in the no

How Does Mary Maitlan Get Away With the Old "Supply Side" Canard?

Who is the woman anchoring on CNN now?

Company offers Octo-Mom Diapers to NOT make porn...

Not sure where to post but here goes. When someone has a

Jindal draws flak from GOP, Dems over speech

Some harrumph over Michelle Obama's sleeveless dress at speech

Is Grassley rewriting history again on CSPAN?

Re: letting the Bush tax cuts expire, how close am I to correct?

Republican community organizers

"Spendulus" - what is the origin of this term?

Norm Coleman: Maybe We Need A Do-Over Election

Keith comes up with a name for those idiots who twitter: twits.

Norm Coleman: Maybe We Need A Do-Over Election

Silencing the Lambs: Scientists Target Sheep Belching to Cut Methane

LOL- MSNBC's Contessa B. just called Limballs, Coulter, and Joe the Plumber "loudmouths"...

Minority Meltdown - Righties try to pin economic crisis on minorities and the poor

I really hope that Pell Grants and other higher ed stuff gets increased funding

Nancy Pelosi is guilty as sin

Are the Republicans going to run Holder in 2012?

Elizabeth Hasselbeck wants to choose for herself what she does with her body!!

What brands of power tools (if any) are made in America?

Body Rots In Hearse After Family Fails To Pay

Body Rots In Hearse After Family Fails To Pay

LA Times Mystery Photo

Let's not make the mistake of underestimating the Republicans

I have this disturbing recurrent thought about investigations into Bushco--

Holy Cow.....Job Fair in FL

KTLK in Los Angeles?

The good news is, Michael Steele is a moron.

"I Want The Rapture Right Now"!!!

Child Citizen Protection Act would give leeway on deportations

a different question about Biden's smudge

Bush visits Dallas elementary school: "Hey, kids, do you know who I am?"

What's with the Meredith Vierra anti-obama bias--Today show

Wash. Joural had two Limbaugh lites on the show today

Rachel Maddow Nancy Pelosi::: Criminal activity being investigated

Lingering in Iraq will be all on Obama . . . Maliki says he's ready for us to leave

I wish everybody would quit panning the "pork"

So far I'm very pleased with new Safari browser...much faster than IE or FF

The louder the Repubs whine, the more I am convinced Obama is on right track...

Just re-watched "Bob Roberts", a must-see movie for DUers. Other movies you would add to that list?

Paul Krugman: All the President’s zombies

Evansville teen burned trying to kill head lice

Good News - "Republic Windows Sit-In Workers To Get Jobs Back Under New Owner"

Eric Holder wants to ban this

According to Gallup: Americans have really responded Positively to Obama's Speech

Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

"Chris Matthews MUST GO!!! Bigotry has no place on MSNBC."

The lunatics are coming out in droves on Thom Hartmann

USA Today: Union chief predicts win on 'card check' law

you never know dept.

Two Wall Street managers arrested - $667 million "simply stolen"

A Truth Commission with the ability to immunize is the only way we'll get the truth.

U.S. Energy Department Cannot Account for Nuclear Materials at 15 Locations

Rush just called Matt Lauer Obama and Gibbs' "butt boy!"

Kellogg’s Suffering the Consequences of Phelps Dismissal

Injured good Samaritan ticketed for jaywalking

Last night about 8:20 Keith led with a story about how G.W. Bush was

what is in stimulus?

I just want to thank whoever it was who gave me a valentine heart!

President Limbaugh? President Hannity? President Coulter?

Breaux and Lott on Andrea Mitchell's program whining about Obama being mean to lobbyists

If Paul Krugman is worried about Obama/Geithner's bank fixing policy, we should all be worried

T2A: Did you know NC's constitution bars atheists from holding office?

Chris Floyd: Obama's Iraq War Continuation Plan

For anyone with Comcast Cable, "To Kill A Mockingbird" is on On Demand- free!

H.R. 80: Captive Primate Safety Act

ROFL!!!! "Kenneth The Page" Responds To Bobby Jindal Comparison! Watch!

Just out of curiosity, how many people here who found "the GOP outsourced their response" offensive

Limbaugh To Convene A ‘Female Summit’ To Figure Out Why Women Hate Him

Anyone listening to Thom Hartman?

Rich Conservative tools who own the media do not want their taxes to go up

Anyone listening to Thom's interview with the 13 year old?

Greenwald skewers Rove for his stunning hypocrisy on the use of strawmen in presidential rhetoric

Free download: "NATO's Secret Armies (Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe)"

Stars & Stripes: Coulter on the comics page?

East Canada Seal Hunt starts March 27

Being reported on Thom Hartman that Dusty Fogo

Why not nationialize Citi ?

I haven't heard much about this little fuck lately. Anyone know what he's been up to?

Is the Pope Catholic?

Details of Reagan's 1983 Stimulus

Attorney General Holder says no more medical marijuana raids-

How many of the WH reporter pool do you think are seeking some assurance that their taxes

WHY was Delay on Matthews show?...hes disgusting, revolting...corrupt

The CPAC Kool Aid Conference begins today

Twit is in full mode today....gawd I want to smack her...

Re Thom Hartmann - if I wanted to listen to wingnut radio I'd turn on anal cyst boy

"what happens to junk left behind in foreclosed homes?"

Since when did the media start paying attention to the deficit?

Limbaugh To Convene A ‘Female Summit’ To Figure Out Why Women Hate Him

My dear repubican friends ......

What's the latest news on Randi Rhodes?

Democrats Leery of Obama Iraq Plan

John Stewart (video)

Jindal either lied or imagined the Harry Lee boat story

Jindal kind of reminds me of David Liebe Hart.

The oil is not paying for the war?

The oil is not paying for the war?

Is it Just me, or has Judd Gregg been making a lot more Appearances since he Screwed over Obama?

Any insight on the 2010 elections

At least our ponzi scheme criminal is in JAIL awaiting trial.

Noticed CNBC does not have a thing about Matt Lauer calling out Santelli on his

*****Official: Pentagon lifts ban on KIA coverage*****

What would the Democratic version of CPAC look like?

cnn: Growing hate groups blame Obama, economy

Senate bars FCC from revisiting Fairness Doctrine

Good Old Sen. DeMint (R-SC) holds the District of Columbia hostage... to kill the Fairness Doctrine

republicans and the great disconnect.

Jindal reclassified as a Dwarf Star in the Republican Galaxy

DU Help Needed - re: Honoring Advertised Prices

Someone didn't finish flushing the conservative movement.

New budget a negotiate down strategy?

CPAC Schedule. Bachmann's going to be there.

Cops: Trio Swapped Kids For Bird

Wall Street Banks Vacate Skyscrapers, Pushing Empty Office Space to Record

"Dreamy, wistful and arrogant Obama.....

Double standard: Why is the media covering the CPAC convention?

Bloggers and Unions Join Forces to Push Democrats to Left

John Boehner says Repugs are disliked 'cause Americans are Welfare Queens looking for a handout

John Boehner says Repugs are disliked 'cause Americans are Welfare Queens looking for a handout

Germans want to rename Christi Himmelfahrt

Happy (posthumus) 77th birthday Johnny Cash:

OMFG! This both HUGH and SERIES/CEREAL! Obama begins taking guns!!1!

The Festival of Crazy! Dump your CPAC stories/links/posts Here!

From Beverly Hills to shoveling manure on a farm (Laid off 100K insurance worker)

Alaskans fume about Jindal volcano gripe

Ginsberg Withdraws From Participation As Coleman Spokesman/Lawyer

Won’t Wal-Mart (Big Box) KILL the Stimulus Effect ?

What is the story on the new nominee for the Commerce Dept.?

The US v. Barry Bonds: Government Case Now Based On Alleged "Shriveling" Of Bond's Testicles!

15M Gallons Of Human Waste Spilled Into SF Bay In '08-decrepit pipes blamed

A Tea Party Celebrating Fake Populism

the head of the republican party.....

Limbaugh Responds To Sanford: The ‘Hell We Don’t’ Want Obama To Fail! Just Need ‘The Guts’ To Say So

Large news papers are closing, thank goodness for small town ones....

Just a quote I'd like to share with you all

Colorado State senator's HIV remarks outrage Dems

Mathews just called Issa out ...yes!

Have you tagged your tweet at twitter or tried Tweetie, Twinkle, Twitterrific or Twidget the widget?

Did you hear that????

Did you hear that????

Religiosity/Republicanism in the Military

Kay Bailey Hutchison, jackass

CPAC audience roars with applause when speaker suggests Obama wasn’t born in U.S.

Higher Taxes Proposed for Firms’ Managers

This is the party's "workers. The nuts and bolts ..... "

Jindal Complains about Volcano Detection and McCain.....

The Nation: Opening the Files on Bush's Secrets

What a smarmy motherfucker. He looks like warmed over shit.

What the Stimulus Bill Means for High-Speed Rail

Memo to the Obama Admin.

The Republican Party is truly the party of "Beavis and Butthead"

Bobby Jindal's secret love affair with earmarks added up to more than $97 million in FY '08

Palin Filmmaker Calls Maddow a "Dyke"

Hard times are hitting Bangalore too.

OMB boots lobbyist off press call

W keeps making the wrong career moves post-presidency

Please Support & Participate in the Student Loan Justice Political Action Committee

Who's to blame for America's loss of innovation? (aka "The U.S. is losing it")

Conservatives Hit Dems Over “Tattoo Removal” Pork — But It’s An Anti-Crime Program

Democrats Should Just Say No To Budget Filibusters

Did the Employee Free Choice act ever get passed?

Robert Greenwald's "Rethink Afghanistan", Coming Out Soon

Billboard: Pylon Guitarist Randy Bewley Dies After Heart Attack

Patrick Leahy: The Case for a Truth Commission

Post your Bobby Jindal photoshops here.

Tweety is great today - Dennis Kucinich coming up

Bobby Jindal = Slumdog Millionaire Governor (according to RNC Head Michael Steele)

Jindal and volcano monitoring

Kenneth the Page Responds To Bobby Jindal

Carville: Jindal leads GOP on a 'march to folly'

Academic Freedom: Georgia State and Sexuality Courses

Bill Clinton surplus question

Does anyone else beside me enjoy listening to Ron Reagan?

Obama’s budget includes family planning funding protested by Republicans during stimulus debate.

Obama’s budget includes family planning funding protested by Republicans during stimulus debate.

Posted in Video Forum: Glenn Beck's Interview with Rob Kampia Marijuana Policy Project

(DENVER,CO) The Rocky Mountain News will publish its last paper tomorrow.

This looks pretty clear. A fight between the big time haves - and those

Oops....Kosovo Premiere flubbed SoS's name today:

Did Opponents of Employee Free Choice Break the Law?

Does anyone know about the home weatherization/energy part of the stimulus bill?

Hi,I'm Bobby Jindal,and I can show you how to save hundreds of dollars by cutting your own hair.

Thom Hartmann - I can't listen to these CPACers ...

I love our Vice President...but what did he do to his head?

Karel returning to the radio in March

And **another** fucking lie that needs to get knocked down .....

Barney Frank on Tweety now

Matthews just slapped the shit out of Darrel Issa on "Democrat Party"

Economic Stimulus Includes $1,000 for Mass Transit Riders

Duncan Hunter The Lesser argues against a straw man

$634 billion for health care in budget! We have Stimulus 2.0, folks!


Three beautiful words uttered on 1600 Penn. Ave: Republican Civil War

Three beautiful words uttered on 1600 Penn. Ave: Republican Civil War

industrail hemp. how would lifting the ban on hemp crops affect the economy?

How FDR saved America

How do you refute this common RW talkingpoint?

The Trillion Dollar Yugo

If the Federal government or state governments

GUYS ........

Relevant story to revisit from 9/10/01--Rumsfeld: "Pentagon cannot account for $2.3 trillion"

Jobless claims hit a 26 year record and the DOW is up

Barney Frank to Obama: Cut Military Spending

(Freeper*Urkel)+(Kenneth the Page/Tom DeLay)=Piyush Jindal

Anyone hear Matthews just now on Hardball?

What if the Clinton's had succeeded in providing universal healthcare...

If taxes go up for the wealthy, their charitable giving will go down and you poor out of work fools

Nativist xenophobic racist Tom Tancredo rips Jindal

Boxer is PISSED at Coburn on the Senate Floor

Coen Brothers Direct New "Clean Coal" Ad (VIDEO)

how much is a dead body worth?

Governor Bobby is said to be unavailable for comment

Governor Bobby is said to be unavailable for comment

When Will Corporate America Make "Conecessions"?

Sen Mark Begich (D. AK) responds to Bobby Jindal 'Volcano Monitoring' Comment

Washington Post: Pity Party for now unemployed young GOPers.

Thursday TOONS: part 2 bailouts

We Need To Bring Call Centers Back To The USA

Moody's predicts default rate will exceed Great Depression

Rep. Hensarling: Recessions are just ‘a part of freedom.’

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3- economy, science and war

On Wolf Blitzer

Obama Admin to Put a Stop to Medical Marijuana Raids

Top UK science journal Nature: Attack anthrax doesn't match Ivins' flask!

Woman's lawsuit claims she wasn't given privacy to pump breast milk at Olive Garden.

Stop perpetuating the 60 Senate votes lie!!

For anyone who still thinks that Nixon/Watergate were "big nothings" . . .

Is anybody listening to this Danny Diaz guy on Thom Hartmann?

Just heard a radio spot for a Ford dealership. Attack, attack, attack.

Health care plan question

Caption this pic of Former Republican Sen. Norm Coleman

Leonard Abess: new role model and hero.

Though it may seem unconnected, everyone should see Maher's flick Religulous.

I think I found a job!

Sen. Schumer, Springsteen, NJ AG Make Ticketmaster Settle & Squirm (A Story Of Monopoly)

The Republican Problem Solver!

"Witches and Demons and Republicans: Oh, My!" - The Mudflats

Have you ever heard of portable farms?

How important is a balanced budget to you?

Jindal is "Slumdog"...**RNC CHAIR** offers him "SLUM LOVE". "Friggin' awesome!!1"

Here's the deal,America.. It's time to put on the big-kid pants & grow up.

CNN questions

Kerry on condiments, 2004, and Blago's hair

Wash. Post, NY Times let Boehner revive small business tax falsehood

(WARNING YOU WILL RAGE!) Look what I found when browsing YouTube politics:

You know that tinfoil hat stuff?

I cried silently for over an hour.

Thursday TOONS: part 1 the plan and its opponents

The absolutely best headline ever.

Does it seem like the GOP-controlled media is saying the economy is okay now?

Where are your favorite places to ride a bike?

What Fun! The Banks Are Gonna Get Even MORE Of Our Tax Dollars

How many here nere or past 60 are wonding if they will be

What are your personal "economic indicators?"

Trouble on the Assembly Line

Mexico in free fall (and this will move north)

Mexico in free fall (and this will move north)

Famed Etch A Sketch(R) Artist Unveils Barack Obama Masterpiece Honoring Black History Month - pic

Famed Etch A Sketch(R) Artist Unveils Barack Obama Masterpiece Honoring Black History Month - pic

GM Loss Of $30.9 Billion For '08 - What Were The Total Profits Of The Oil Companies In ......

Americans held by leftist rebels in Colombia critical of celebrated hostage Betancourt

burris' son got a job from blago he's not qualified for, 5 months ago! oy vey!

Las Vegas Running Out of Water Means Los Angeles Must Turn Down the Lights

Pastors for Peace harrassed by New York City government

Do you support/request Admin sign DemocraticUnderground to List of Groups calling for Prosecution?

Obama says he wants to be held accountable and he apologizes when he makes a mistake. AWB (assault

Iraq Pullout Won't End US Combat Role (xpost from Veterans)


Who the hell is this twit that Thom Hartmann is interviewing now?

Oprah at Walter Reed

Pelosi tosses cold water on assault-weapon ban

There were no wealthy people or entrepreneurs from the 40s through the 70s

Only 36 Percent of Democrats Call Afghanistan 'A War Worth Fighting'

Nurses Fired Over Cell Phone Photos Of Patient

We Can UN-Boycott McDonald's Now! Good Samaritan's Medical Expenses Covered!

Taxes up for the wealthy. Do you favor confiscatory tax rates?

Drug cartel's tentacles stretch across the US

Lobbyists Line up to Torpedo Healthcare-HELP.

Majority of Americans Favor Raising Taxes for those Making over $250,000 a Year.

John Bolton at CPAC: The Benefits of Nuking Chicago

US Department of State Traveller Alert for MEXICO

Chimp to schoolkids: "You know who I am"? Kids to chimp: Blank stare

Scores of Legal Experts, Progressive Groups Demand Bush/Cheney Prosecution

Am I reading this correctly? Of 138 arrested by ICE, 100+ were citizens or legal residents?

MSNBC seems to think only Republican congressmen have opinions.

Why is the admirable and decent Thom Hartmann,

Another reason to dislike Microsoft.

PowerBook explodes in London office

Portage (Wisconsin) Soldier Killed In Afghanistan

O.M.G. Who has seen the HBO documentary Right America Feeling Wronged?

Rude Pundit: Why Ann Coulter Is a.....

Freep sums it all up: "Bobby Jindal may have some good ideas, but he’s no Sarah Palin!"

"Joe" the "Plumber" attracts 11 to book-signing. Sells 5 books.

Why I believe the DEA and the war on drugs is illegal

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and buddy Lincoln Diaz-Balart oppose lifting travel ban to Cuba.

What is Your Opinion of Tweety?

ADMIT IT! If you won The Lottery you'd try to get out of Paying Taxes!

U.S. Is Arms Bazaar for Mexican Cartels

Countries with high taxes are richer!

Ronald Reagan was a monster. n/t.

A Modest Proposal

Chick-Fil-A Mascot Attacked In Fredericksburg, VA (with eye-popping video)

The Day the Music Died: Malcolm X's Assassination

Napolitano orders review of Bellingham ICE immigration raid

Freeper type makes yet another total bullshit rant.

Re- The Daily Show re- Bobby Jindal:

i have a great idea for raising the number/percentage of high school graduates across the country...

i have a great idea for raising the number/percentage of high school graduates across the country...

How do you think the Employee Free Choice Act will pass?

Some Countries Pull Down Walls, while Other Countries Erect Them


How to handle RW crap about Socialism - and a game to play too!

THE TRUTH ABOUT TRUTH COMMISSIONS – Why America Doesn’t Try Its Own War Criminals

Okay, so Jindal is going to Disney for vacation - is he taking the fantasy mag-lev train from Vegas?

Movies in Minutes: Harry Potter

Uh oh. My flickr account is about to expire 01Feb



I've been a bad, bad boy

Pecans or No Pecans?

The origin of the word "democratic" remains a puzzle for entomologists

YouTube: Public Image Ltd, "Public Image"...

S E X T H R E A D !

going in for surgery tomorrow early a.m.

Tavernertavern serves: Harviestoun Ola Dubh 30

Always use sunscreen


Warning: The World is coming to an end -- my father is no longer a Republican

DU Catholics: What's the "ash" in Ash Wednesday supposed to signify?

Adorable doggy (best friends) Pics...

This is going to sound silly, but I opted for the ditch instead of the head-on collision


American Idol, Lost, and the finale of Top Chef -- AND the Biggest Loser, Part II


What's sexier?

Carnegie Hall concert, 1938

I made a LOL

I bashed some freeper troll all to bits in GD last night, now all the links have been removed


Breath deep the gathering gloom,watch lights fade from every room



So you're stuck on a desert for all eternity with the following:

If you KNEW for a FACT that a certain DUer went to the OLIVE GARDEN for her BIRTHDAY DINNER TONIGHT,

i forgot how gross was

I miss the hearts. Maybe we can do a St. Patty's fundraiser? Green

Is The Government Spying On Schizophrenics Enough?

Mac Users, Apple released a Beta of Safari 4.0 and it ROCKS!

I now have a 10 inch

Its been months since I've had my healthcare

I've been warned to stay away from my local paper's blog page.

Gays too precious to risk in combat

We did a Brownie field trip to the Police Station today.

Damn, my laptop is broken...

Can Anyone Explain The Animus Between Mac & PC Users?

Who's Sexier? William Sanderson or Tracey Walter?

$40 for 40 minutes? not what you think. (another craigslist rant)


triple post,sorry.

Need help finding a song (warning: tough)

Use the phrase "Kim Kardashian's ass" in a sentence.

Fox News Blames Obama For Jay-Z and Young Jeezy Lyrics

What is "jacking my jaw"

Elvis is not dead.

I know I don't post in lounge much, but tonight DU is the only thing like a friend left in my home

How Long Has The Little Icon Been On Fire?

"Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy!"

BabyMidlo is on the front page of the paper today.

I need to find a bank

Top Chef fans

Since I can't find a girlfriend, I think I'm going to buy one of these

Why the Hell was FrankenFred Thompson on "Life on Mars"?

R2D2 is a smartass.

Why Do Red States Object to the Stimulus? They Pig Out at the Federal Trough & Do Not Want to Share!

ASHBOURNE, England-thousands drink beer, play centuries old town-wide football match

If Carla wins Top Chef - that's it. I'm done with Colichio

Bizarre DUI Arrests For February, 2009

My morning radio station is about to play a game. is it Jindal or Ken?

Good morning Lounge

Dog lost for six months reunited with family.

I love this song

Rival Porn company offers Octomom a years worth of diapers to not take $1mil offer to do Porn

Anybody have a reel-to-reel tape machine they don't use anymore?

It's official... I'm never using IE again

Ah, if only all of thine enemies were cute little bunnies.

Rehearsal time again


Venus at twilight in Morgantown, WV

Does anybody here snowboard?

Miss Brahms has passed away :(

Check in if you still have me on ignore due to Operations Creed and Nickleback

Curse of the Zombie Banks Haunts Fed.

For the ladies of the Lounge... You have taken a bath and shaved whatever you need to shave...

Every Southern Belle is a Mississippi Queen, down in Mississippi down in New Orleans...

Best music video featuring cats. here is my nomination.

Netgear wins Laconicsax's "worst customer service ever" award.

Has anybody ever won an argument on the internet?


I thought there was supposed to be

'Most unfortunate names' revealed (BBC)

LOS ANGELES COUNTY: JOIN the 2/28 Citizens' Audit of the `08 Election

Least favorite type of DU Poll

Cook Really, Really Cheaply

Cook Really, Really Cheaply

Does anybody here waterboard?

I am a teacher. I am NOT being fired.

I just spoke to somebody whose favorite position is nickelback.

I just spoke to somebody whose favorite band is Nickleback.

Do you thnk you guys can distract me for a half hour? weird questions maybe?

I cut my finger clearing a paper jam in the printer

My wife thinks I should become a respiratory therapist. Any advice?

Woohoo - the Twins won today!

Woohoo - the Twins won today!

Worst stand up comedian poll

Personally, i wouldn't mind knowing when the next volcano

Nurses fired for posting pics of patient and 'stuck sex toy'

Fans of 'Are You Being Served?': Wendy Richard (Miss Brahms) has died at 65

Things you don't want to say in a household of women--add yours.

Damnit, here I am, *ahem coughstudyingcough

What city should Top Chef Season SIX take place in?

Wish Me Luck

What are you listening to?

What are you listening to?

TGIAF - what's everybody doing this weekend?

the PussyWillows have buds

Can you think of different phrases TGIAF could be an acronym for?

Cantaloupe Island

Pylon guitarist Randy Bewley dies

Putting Mayo on a Philly Cheesesteak is wrong

Rocky Mountain News to close after Friday

I really like my Dick

What gives you the right to play God?

Who WAS Runcible Spoon?

There Is A Hot Item Sitting Next To Me At The Libree

UFO found on Google Earth picture.

Whoa! talk about multi-posting!!!

I just bought a mis-marked T-Bone Steak at Harris Teeter for $1.45!

Some boob is staring at my dudes at the libree.

Dedicate a song to TZ

Did Beach Baby break teh lounge??

Skittles please take MrCoffee out back

I'm really experiencing deja vu.

Change a thread title using the phrase "Some dude is staring at my boobs at the libree."


Worst programming decision in the history of television?

Is some dude staring at someone's boobs at the libree?

You know when you go to post and you get that error and you think it didn't post

I'm staring at your boobs.

Eyes up here, this is a library for crissakes!

Since BB is spamming the lounge, this is for her...

Why would some dude be looking at

My sleep pattern is off lately, and it's pissing me off

This Libree Is Crawling With Those Mormon Mishunaries

Did LaShaun ever pick up the phone?

What the hell happened?

How many is a Bra-zillion?

I wonder what is happening with Beach Baby at the libree

Some chick at the library has spilled gravy down the front of her shirt.

Any of you dudes want to go to the libree with me?

I think we found the Lounge drama of the day.

One week. I'm looking at pictures of the republican. Everybody says he's ugly -

I want to see some Bouncin

Some boob is staring at my dudes in the libree

No wonder they're looking at BB's boobs - look how many she has!

On-Line meds...

Should there be a separate Boobs in the Libree forum?

I'm sorry, everybody.



Man gets $27,000 phone bill after watching Bears game on web

Jeebus The One Left And Now There Is An Even More Hot Item

Small tragedy

I like the way is says to check for dupes before posting!

Holy Crapalicious!!! I leave you people alone for an hour and Look what happens!!!


Whip 'em out and we'll pretend this never happened

I just wanted you all to know I had nothing to do with this.

I Want To Create A Libree That Never Dies

So Grandfather, where were you during the Great Spamming of 2009?

I hate training

This is not a good time for a copycat thread

the real tragedy is the boatload of threads that got nuked

Can Skinner or one of the other admins

DU just hiccupped

Hmmm ......

I See 10 B**Bs

Hey Dr. Phil, you damn blohard, if "WE" have to take care of the 14 kids the go for it

Testy Call

I am afraid to post now

Another oddity

Holy crap - my post count went really high today.

Can we have a moment of silence, please

DU always hiccups when you post Boobs

I just gave someone a dollar and they gave me a nickle back.

Dedicate a song to BeachBaby

I need a fabulous LadyBug avatar.

What on earth did you people do/what did I miss?

Dude, take a picture already

Used Q-Tips For Sale

Do you beleive in Ghost Turds?

Stylish Kitty Toupees

My father is soooooo twisted....

Where is my mind?

I guess this is what happens when I leave y'all to your own devices.

I Feel Tingly All Over


Man who pushed elderly women out of the path of a truck ticketed for jaywalking

What should todays Lounge drama be?

One-armed TV host scares kids, parents say

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/26/2009)

I need some dog advice: We're pretty easy going with Guinness

The Crevasse

Horrible. Don't throw your baby in the gutter!

Been busy today, what did I miss?


kitten picture of the day for thursday february 26

Marie Osmond. "Boo yah?"

Maybe the guy's staring at the Piggly Wiggly and NOT the boobs?

The recent lounge bug PROVES that the fucking DEVIL lives here.

McRibs are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm addicted to Mah-jongg

Things to be more proud of than "I think Rush Limbaugh is right about EVERYTHING!"

Surreal moment of the day

I wish there were a way to hide threads in bunches!

Miss Brahms went to be with Mr Humphries today.

I think I want to start a religion. The First Church Of Roxy Music.

Kenneth the Page Responds To Bobby Jindal

Laundry ?: Could I use a few drops of scented oil or home freshner

I just met Conan O'Brien

Went to see a house yesterday afternoon....

Favorite Bread Type

Rub on tan works

Wow, check out this stellar alignment

Great Star Trek review website:

Post here if ....

Demetri Martin: Genius or Wildly Overrated?

Sorry everyone

This is ONE of the errors I got while trying to post

RESOLVED: Matthew Sweet is the most underappreciated musician of the past 1320 years.

What is your favorite and least favorite vegetable?

It's snowing in Seattle! They postponed class for a couple of hours, but I was already here.

I may need to euthanize one of the cats I am caring for, and I am sinking into depression

I am officially a political nerd.

I demand only three things of my kitchen-grade plastic wrap

Let me know if this gets annoying...

I wish I could win the lottery or something. I am home sick today and really enjoying it

Octo-mom Offered Million Dollar Gorn Deal

There was a high-pitched hum then a flash of white light.

adopt live LOLkittens listing from Craigslist

Cougar Barbie HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Where is my friend drum?

Is Limewire starting to suck or what?

Confess to one of your DU failings

The ultimate dumbing down of America -- Twitter

Why do PDF's crash my computer?

Anyone want a 2-headed kitten? (St Pete FL area)

I swear to GOD I'm about 5 minutes away from taking Maddy to the pound


Holy Crap

Who did you like better: Johnny Carson or Jay Leno?

I am about to return to my secret underground laboratory

If you're stuck on a desert island and can have only one book, what book would it be?

Where you always a liberal/democrat or did you see the light?

Who's sexier?

What is your favorite and least favorite fruit.

Q-tip addicts check in

Am I supposed to care about Octo-mom?

To declaw or not to declaw...

Asshole at bar didn't leave me a tip because I wouldn't put the TV on Fox.

Asshole at bar didn't leave me a tip because I wouldn't put the TV on Fox.

Which DUers would you most like to meet F2F?

How the hell did my lap get to be such hot property?

Who's the better pitcher? Nolan Ryan or Greg Maddux?

People who had surgery on their wisdom teeth

***Happy Birthday, Heidi!***

Are you ever beset by an overwhelming sense of despair?

Messages to your Past or Future Self.

Does anyone have a number of how many people watched Obama on tv last night?

reality check

I thought McCain lost the election?

Yahoo! Front Page: Jindal's Wild Pork Claims

Coleman / Boosh v Gore Lawyer Declares Whole Election Tainted -- And Doesn't Rule Out Re-Vote

Courtsey of Bobby Jindal's website-What They Are Saying: Governor Jindal’s Republican Address To The

bobby jindal=youtube star (links)

"Sean, you do not know your ass from your elbow"

"Do you generally support or oppose the economic plan that President Obama outlined tonight?"

Throwing down with the Republicans while tweeting...

"All work and no play makes Barack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Barack a dull boy."

"All work and no play makes Barack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Barack a dull boy."

The schadenfreude at DU today is at a perilously high level...

Pop star Stevie Wonder celebrated at White House

90% of the Jobs Created will be in the Private Sector...

Judd Gregg: "It was really my fault, and I take responsibility."

I miss the hearts. Maybe we can do a St. Patty's fundraiser? Green

Rachel: Jindal unavailable for comment because he's at Disney World today

TX-Sen, TX-Gov: Republicans Post Early Leads in Senate Race; Hutchison Steamrolling Perry

LA-Sen: Circus Adds One More Ring

New Order In Berg's Hollister v. Soetoro Birfer Lawsuit

Wonkette: Michael Gearson's Famous Declaration: "Jindal ‘Not Easily Caricatured’"

And now for the latest innovation in crazy...TSA is requiring mule skinners to have background chks!

Is Palin now obliged to say 'thanks but not thanks' to the volcano monitors?

Fidelity’s Edward “Ned” Johnson (worth over $11 billion) Slams FDR,‘New Deal II’

Okay, where is the volcano sneaking up on Jindal photo?

Video: Harold Ford and and Tom Delay on Hardball

The rest of you can call him whatever the hell you want to.

I got an idea on the whole Bobby Jindal name thing. should satisfy all parties

Industries targeted by Obama in speech start lobbying to derail his plans

Official: Budget projects $1.75 trillion deficit

Krugman on banks: We make the same mistake Japan made

"Taxes"...whew. lot's can be said about taxation, but there are

HuffPo: Obamas Honor Stevie Wonder During White House Concert

The National Weather Service is a WASTE OF MONEY!

A Tale of Two Speeches (Mary Lyon)

Los Alamitos mayor sent out racist email!

Rush Limbo - Don't throw Bobby Jindal overboard, conservatives.

Big, big surprise: Karl Rove didn't enjoy the President's speech

Allies Lieberman and McCain At Odds on D.C. Voting Bill

President Obama Selects Health Policy Expert to Head Office of National AIDS Policy

To Pay for Health Care, Obama Looks to Taxes on Affluent

Byrd: Obama in power grab

GOP Governor Sanford Implies Rush Limbaugh Is An "Idiot"

Was Governor Jindal's oath of office legally binding?

PHOTOS The President, First Lady and Stevie Wonder (Feb 25) UPDATED

HARDBALL and Tom he the Best them Pubs got?? OMG

So far I'm very pleased with new Safari browser...much faster than IE or FF

Heads up ... the howlers are in full force, and an all out assault on the President

Did anyone just see Contessa Brewer call Sensenbrenner a liberal?

Krugman: If Obama gets us to health care universality, his legacy will be secure

The GOP's Anti-Obama Propaganda

Joe The Plumber To Advise Young Conservatives

Kristol Reveals Repug's Secret Plan - Raise Petty Objections, Distract, Break Obamamentum

Hard Copy of Budget Blueprint

What do you think of these predictions?

Jindal earns bad reviews in national debut

Fact-Checking Obama's Speech

You realize that if Sarah Palin had said what Jindal said, in EXACTLY the manner he said it...

The DOW Is Currently Up...

Wake Up Democrats. Don't let the Repukes take over the networks

Take a look at this schedule for the CPAC convention

Obama to seek $537 billion defense budget: Murtha

The GOP is the pissant party. They bitch if Obama cuts spending or if he increases it.

I just want to thank whoever it was who gave me a valentine heart!!!!!!

Will Obama Be Held Accountable for Things he Said During Election

Bush and his Train Wreck 2X Terms Brought DOWN THIS NATION to the point even the CHINESE and others

Obama budget thins the gravy for the oil companies:

TOON Wedgie

My thoughts on the Obama Budget Plan

Kenneth from 30 Rock - - "This Jindal guy sounds like a real goober"

48% of The 2 Percenters are going to Fight the Obama Agenda as if their way of Life Depended on it!

Robert Reich: Finally a Progressive Budget

The Plum Line (Greg Sargent's new blog at WP) Major CEOs Warm To Obama On Health Care (good sign!)

Yes a dog- or No dog......

GALLUP: Obama approval rises to 65% (+4 since yesterday, +6 since Tuesday)

487 days in Crawford.

I heard on the radio that a lot of money going into cyber security

Bobby Jindals new theme song is adapted by the CPAC members

awwww, Billy Kristol is sad because Obama's not a war President

HEALTH CARE REFORM In The Budget Is BRILLIANT!!! (Can't Be Fillibustered!!!)

The Strange Sensation You Feel Is He Makes Us Feel Really Proud To Be Americans

Pentagon to allow media coverage of coffins...

"Obama Should Back the Fairness Doctrine"

"Decorator Gate" at the White House

FYI on Federal Budgets.

In the mood for some live comedy? (Whooo hoooo: The Conservative Political Action Conference!)

I could be mistaken, but I believe something like this happened...

You knew it. The Lobbyist are making their mark. Mortgage Modification vote delayed

NYT: Drilling Down on the Budget on Tax Cuts Note it's 'taxable income' over $250K, line 43, 1040

Looking for changes that Obama has already made since

A Little Truth In Response To Charges of Class Warfare - Top Marginal Tax Rates History

Kyl promotes hate speech on Capitol Hill. (anti Islam)

My guess is that President Obama will be on the road alot the next 4 years.

Here comes a Democrat ripping Obama on the budget

Is Obama taxing the rich, or is he just letting the Bush tax cuts expire?

Obama Tries to Quell Iraq Criticism

High five for Conservatism! Seriously, is this a Daily Show skit or a genuine video from CPAC?

Please sign Barbara Boxer's thank you card to President Obama -

So with Anthrax officially unsolved again...

Obama knew he would have to deal with extremists who would harm our country. He just didn't expect

Right America Feeling Wronged

Verdict on Bobby Jindal: Boy Blunder

I just read the NYTimes article on the president's new budget plan, and I am seriously impressed.

Obama budget has $5 Billion for Infrastructure Bank

Senate Passes D.C. Voting Rights Bill, 61-37

Bill Clinton: GOP’s Only Hope At Comeback Is To Go Along With Obama

Someone tell Maria Bartiromo that less than 2% of small businesses make over $250,000!

Who is the Military Buffoon on Tweety's show today?!

PHOTO I was wrong and I'm sorry: The President is NOT the Messiah

Obermann said Jindal lied about Katrina...

Conservatives Hit Dems Over “Tattoo Removal” Pork — But It’s An Anti-Crime Program!

Photoshop fun: Bobby Jindal falling into the Volcano of Fools

HAHAHAHA!!! I love Paul Krugmen's comment about Jindal and the Volcano

Yahoo! Front Page Headline: Obama's budget taxes wealthy, cuts Medicare and boosts deficit

That's $250,000 in TAXABLE INCOME.......

Slow learners: GOP realizing Michael Steele is a moron

MSNBC poll needs some help

Time for our Million of Voices to support The Proposed Budget!

Facebook Group: We Demand Kal Penn (from Harold & Kumar) to play Jindal on SNL

The world has high hopes...

CNN Financial TEAM is SHITE!!

The FEC Goes After the Racist loons

BREAKING: Obama Restores Rule of Law For Detainee

Bankruptcy Reform - Democratic Sell Outs Are Heeding Their Corporate Masters

This Is ALL Midlo's Fault

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll: Obama approval up 6 points in two days

On 'Responsibility,' Obama Takes Page from GOP Book

Steele gives Jindal some "Slum Love"

Jindal's Volcano Remark Upsets Mayor

(Photos) Michelle Obama welcomes 'new era' at EPA

LOL, Joe The Plumber @ Borders Booksigning, 11 showed, sold 5 books, lol

"Obama health plan... is a conscious departure from the path former President Bill Clinton took"

AG Holder Vows To End Raids On Medical Marijuana Clubs


I love me some TWEETY!!!

Photos, photos, photos (apologies for the first)

TEACHERS>>>>> lets write a letter to Obama....He needs to know

DU this poll

PHOTOS Uh oh, John and Cindy have had a Superglue accident.

Officer Who Called Obama "Usurper" May Be In A Lot Of Trouble

Obama's War-Continuing "Withdrawal" Plan


Team-Obama has got this thing. New economic projections show quick turn-around

Apparently, President Obama has slowed the DOW Slide.....its in the 7200-7300's

That's one ugly goddamn dog. This is Uglygoddamndog-Gate

Jindal Spokesman Fires Back (AP)

Marc Morial just completely slapped down Scarborough and Buchanan!

Dr. Orly claims two more military suckers....

I officially hate Twitter. Talk about stupid...

Reviving the Assault-Weapons Ban.

Kerry Statement at US-Muslim Relations Hearing

Rick Santelli is a PUNK who needs to MAN UP!

Oh, puhleeeeze. Don't insult our intelligence Mayor Grose.

MSNBC should give Ed Schultz a show after KO/Maddow during the week

Andrea Mitchell's MSNBC show is pretty cringe-worthy

The 'Americans Want Bipartisanship' Myth

Splotch on Biden's head

Denver Archbishop warns about Obama's "spirit of adulation"

Israel Asks Clinton to Boycott U.N. Conference

U.S. losing war in Afghanistan, McCain says

Forest Labs in trouble for marketing Celexa to children, kickbacks

Antarctic Glaciers Melting Faster Than Thought

4 charged in multi-state suicide assistance probe

After Obama appeal, Congress renews efforts on climate change

Pakistani Army colonel 'was involved' in Mumbai terror attacks

Gunfire in Dhaka mutiny camp stops, tanks in position

Americans held by leftist rebels in Colombia critical of celebrated hostage Betancourt

Bangladesh mutiny threatens to spread across the country

Jindal draws flak from GOP, Dems over speech

(Update) Five Turkish Airlines crew among the crash dead at Schiphol airport

House passes bill easing Cuba travel restrictions

Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

Obama sees war costs totaling $140 bln this year

GM Posts $9.6 Billion 4th-Quarter Loss

FDA didn't inspect syringe plant despite reports

Milutinovic cleared of war crimes

Iraq signs oil deal with British firm to increase production

Vivid entertainment offers Octo-mom 1 Million for Porn deal

White House menace caught

U.S. New Home Sales Drop to Record Low as Job Losses, Foreclosures Mount

CIA chief sees no place for coercive interrogation techniques

Sears 4Q profit falls 55 percent on charges

Sources: Pentagon lifting ban on coffin photos Gates reportedly will leave decision up to families

Judges reverse ruling tossing Minn. Senate witness

At White House Show, Truly a Night of Wonder

US banks could post first quarterly loss since '90

To Pay for Health Care, Obama Looks to Taxes on Affluent

(Florida) House leader e-mails alert about Muslim event to Jewish lobbyists

New jobless claims jump unexpectedly to 667,000

Minnesota Judges Strike Key Coleman Witness, After Failure To Share Evidence

Obama to Seek Higher Tax on Affluent to Pay for Health Care

Stevie Wonder at the White House, on PBS tonight

'Enemy Combatant' to be Charged in U.S. (al Marri case)

Prosecutors Prepare Charges Against Final 'Enemy Combatant' in U.S.

Poll: GOP's Tedisco leads in congressional race (NY 20)

Top Republicans rip into Obama U.S. budget proposal

Colombian spy agency no longer to control wiretaps

JP Morgan: WaMu buyout will lead to 12,000 layoffs

Obama seeks $75.5 billion for Iraq and Afghan wars 2009

Peace negotiators urge change of attitude on Hamas

India names Pakistani colonel in connection with Mumbai terror attacks

Minn. Senate Case Judges Reverse Ruling To Toss Coleman Witness On Double Counting Of Votes

Senate Democrats Say End Is Near for Coleman

Virgin Trains in race to realise Barack Obama's high-speed rail system

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 26

Obama Expected To Kill Hedge Fund Tax Break

Britain Aided Iraq Terror Renditions, Government Admits

FEMA's "Toxic Bureaucracy"

(Senator) Specter's 'reluctant' vote helped firm with ties to his wife

Dem (“blue dog” Rep. Gene Taylor) blasts Obama's budget

India may contest Obama's move against outsourcing in WTO

Sci-fi author Farmer dead at 91

Group probed for helping people die defends work

Minister admits terror transfer

Obama Will Stick with Bush Moon Plan

Raul Castro meets French envoy sent by Sarkozy (favors end of embargo)

Gov. Bobby Jindal's volcano remark has some fuming

WSJ: Citigroup-Government Stake Deal (40%) Could Come as Soon as Today

Officials: Pentagon OKs media photos of war dead

Mondale to receive Japan's highest honor for foreigners

Senate Passes D.C. Voting Rights Bill 61-37

Holder Vows To End Raids On Medical Marijuana Clubs

Former CIA exec gets more than 3 years in prison

Dem Spat Delays Mortgage Relief Bill In House

President Takes Aim at Foreign Profits

Obama to cut payments to farms making over $500,000

Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel says he cannot forgive Madoff

Democrats Leery of Obama Iraq Plan

Holder Vows 'Cartels Will Be Destroyed'

Rocky Mountain News to close, publish final edition Friday

John Bolton at CPAC: The Benefits of Nuking Chicago

(IL) AG: U.S. Constitution Prefers Special Election on Senate Vacancy

Prosecutor launches investigation of explosion at Jewish Center (Venezuela)

Anthrax spores don't match dead researcher's samples

Argentina summons US ambassador to talk about CIA

Sources: Obama Cuts Funds for Nevada Nuclear Dump (Yucca Mountain)

Jindal's Katrina Story: A Tall Tale?


13,000-year-old tools dug up in Colorado yard

Obama promises to slash spending by $2 trillion

Obama Administration Supports Telco Spy Immunity

Pelosi tosses cold water on assault-weapon ban

Illegal immigrant who was shackled while giving birth sues

Obama forecasts $1.75 trillion deficit this year

Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

Senate bars FCC from revisiting Fairness Doctrine

Reform women rabbis' prayer at Western Wall draws wrath of ultra-Orthodox

Reform women rabbis' prayer at Western Wall draws wrath of ultra-Orthodox

'Accountability Now': Bloggers and Progressive Groups Plan to Challenge Elected Dems

DELETE- Post was a DUPE.

BREAK ROOM LIVE -- GOP 'Red Dawn' Talking Point: Gov't is BAD!

BBC: US cracks down on Mexican cartels

The Cafferty File: Is the GOP in any position to talk fiscal responsibility?

Stiglitz: Obama Has Confused Saving the Banks with Saving the Bankers - Democracy Now Pt 3

Keith Olbermann Smacks Down Bobby Jindal's Big Night With Richard Wolffe (full version)

Countdown with Keith Olbermann: Bobby Jindal = Kenneth The Page

DUPE, please delete

Bobby Jindal as Kenneth the NBC Page from 30 Rock!!!!

Keith Olbermann with Paul Krugman on Jindal's Speech and the "GOP Making Stuff up"

Jack Cafferty Rips Bobby Jindal

Toxic toys in the US!!

The Oracle with Max Keiser - Clips

Unemployment Rate Actually Near 14%

Chicago Board of Education Protest

Michelle Obama Tribute (great song choice)

Raw Video From AP: President Obama Honors Stevie Wonder with Gershwin Prize for Lifetime Achievement

Stevie Wonder interview on CNN just before being honored at the White House

Dan Gross Mythbuster on Bank Nationalization

Rachel Maddow has an informative discussion about Obama's speech with Senator Sherrod Brown

BBC: Bank of England Governor questioning the system of executive bonuses that "rewarded gamblers"

CNN: President Obama Announces Budget Blueprint

Daily Show investigates: Obama the antichrist or Hitler?

Bobby Jindal in 40 seconds

Chicago 10 Official Clip Vietnam Protest Footage Video 1

Jerusalemites protest eviction

Sen Bernie Sanders: Greed & Foreclosure Crisis

TYT: Watermelons on White House Lawn

Rachel Maddow: Hilda Solis confirmed as Sect. of Labor!

Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd honoured by Mohawk Council of Kahnawake with Flags

Jindal the Exorcist Now Faces GOP Demons

Don Siegelman on Karl Rove - Part 2

BBC: Bleak glacial melt warning from Antarctica

Bobby Jindal Gives A Pathetic Speech

Lying PUNK Rick Santelli claims he is being threatened by White House then denies it. . .

GOP ROCK - Starring Bobby "Toast" Jindal

TYT: Cenk Rubs Jindal's Laughable Speech In Limbaugh's Face

Holocaust-denying bishop has been expelled from Argentina- scuffles with reporter

Little Ol' Bobby Jindal

George W Bush Helps The Unemployed

US Attorney General Eric Holder: Ending Medical Marijuana Raids now US Policy

TYT: Cenk On GOP/Jindal Plan---'No Science, No Planning & No Preparation'

Glenn Beck's Interview with Rob Kampia Marijuana Policy Project

Major crackpot Glenn Beck is back to the fear-mongering

Hardball: The Assassination of Tom Delay By The Uncowardly Harold Ford

Rash Limpballs reitterates that he hopes President Obama "fails in implementing all this"

Young Turks: Republicans Love Pork Barrel Spending

TYT: Cenk & Jane Hamsher Together On MSNBC (1600 Penn. Ave.)

Robert Greenwald: Afghanistan + More Troops = Catastrophe (Trailer for New Film)

Straight Talk on Protectionism (Sounds right, what am I missing?)

Rick Santelli is the anti-populist

Kay Bailey Hutchison: Cutting Taxes Raises Revenues

EPIC FAIL!! Glenn Beck attempts to mock Marijuana Policy Project guy with, "I have 2 brain cells"

Turley: Obama-Only A Short Time To Initiate War Crime Investigations -Before He/We Becomes Complicit

Expanding Coverage for Children — The Democrats' Power and SCHIP Reauthorization (New Eng Jour Med)

Depression in the east points the way for the rest of the world

La. Gov's Real Motive — 'Stories' by Jindal to be Sold to Kindle

Guardian UK: Iraq's queer underground railroad

Reality Campaign: Great "clean coal" commercial -- cleaner than clean

Rich Americans Sue UBS to Keep Names Secret

'Jack Straw should not be his own judge' The Times Online UK

Rachel Maddow on Pelosi's enthusiasm for Obama's speech

Rachel Maddow & The Navy's Secret Ships for Sale

Eric Holder was right: Americans are afraid to talk about Race

Joe Conason: At Last, Accepting Some Clues From Across the Pond

Don Siegelman on Karl Rove Pt. 1

CNN: Kellogg's Pays The Price For Firing Michael Phelps

Santorum Soon to Claim Vatican as his Residence

William Kristol urges GOP to obstruct and delay Obama's agenda.

California's Newly Poor Overwhelm Agencies With Need for Food, Housing Aid

The Lightning Without the Thunder

GOP Uses the 'I' Word for Obama's Use of the 'I' Word

Mass Civil Liberties campaign planned (UK)

Crisis for tech workers: Life after layoffs?

The Case For and Against Bank Nationalization

The Religious Right, The Devil Moves in Mysterious Ways.

Paul Volcker statement beore the Joint Economic Committee

Where The Money Goes

Press conference about sex education in TX schools. TX Freedom Network .

Cut the Military Budget By Barney Frank

Roubini : The Economic Crisis In East & West Europe (article helps in understanding depth of crisis

"Justice Blogging". Nice writeup about Obama Picks -Johnsen, Barron, Lederman

Jindal draws flak from GOP, Dems over speech

Revelations of Bobby Jindal's weird secret past

Remember When - Bush’s Surplus Proposal $5 Trillion During the Next Ten Years

Joe Conason: At Last, Accepting Some Clues From Across the Pond

Financial Crisis sparks unrest in Europe

Sens. Baucus & Kennedy: We Cannot Delay Health-Care Reform

When Obama became president he knew he would have to deal with extremists bent upon attacking us and

Joe Klein: Obama's Speech: A Tonal Masterpiece

We must hold Democrats' feet to the fire on health care

Legislature in PA Gets Gifts, of Expensive Bibles

Why the GOP is Terrified of Obama by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

Jesus of Nazareth, Republican?

Bobby Jindal, rising star of the GOP crashes and burns

Midtown makeover, Times Sq becomes Pedestrian Mall

Guardian UK: Mexico is in free fall

The Two Documents Everyone Should Read to Better Understand the Crisis

What’s Eating Our Kids? Fears About ‘Bad’ Foods

ACLU Calling for 3-Prong Approach to BA Investigations

Low fat, low carb, high protein.... "It's how much you put in your mouth."

Truth over Happiness

Galbraith: Obama Isn't Doing Enough to Solve the Financial Crisis .." crisis worse than people think

Where We Went Wrong: The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits

Louis CK takes Conan O'Brian on a hilarious trip down technology memory lane




Iranians start reactor test run (BBC)

Australia wildfires killed millions of animals, survivors doomed to die in wasteland

The Politics of Hope - Salazar Blocks Oil Shale Leases

Rapid headward erosion of marsh creeks in response to relative sea level rise

Cause of the widening of the tropical belt since 1958

Global seed vault marks 1-year anniversary with 4-ton shipment of critical food crops

Why California should consider Australia's 'prepare, stay and defend' wildfire policy

U of A (University of Alberta) and NINT researchers make solar energy breakthrough

NASA Climate/Epidemic Model Successfully Predicted 06-07 African Rift Valley Fever Oubreak - AFP

100s Of Schools, Day Cares To Close Across Victoria Friday As Oz Braces For New Wildfires - AFP

Aussie Wetlands Turning Toxic - Disturbing Acid Sulphate Soils Releases Sulfuric Acid, Cadmium, More

IPY "State Of Polar Research" Finds Rapid, Sweeping Changes Across Poles In 160+ Science Studies

Mr. Whipple Left It Out: Soft Is Rough on Forests

Tod Emko, Vegan Undercover in the Galapagos, Blog 2

Prehistoric global cooling caused by (a drop in) CO2 (levels), research finds

Congress allocates $9 million to ready the DSCOVR climate satellite for launch

Induction highways and roads?

Have you ever heard of portable farms?

Maritime Shipping Makes Hefty Contribution to Harmful Air Pollution

In India's Sundarbans, Ghoramara Island Area Cut In Half; 7,000 Residents Already Refugees

Simple elixir called a 'miracle liquid'

Sea-level rise from glaciers and ice caps: A lower bound (min. 151mm—probably 373mm in 100 yr)

Coen brothers' ad about Clean Coal

Peru hits back at Bolivia CIA conspiracy claim

House passes bill easing Cuba travel restrictions

Gunmen shoot patient in Colombian hospital

US Companies get Cuba Trademarks, Wait for Change

Venezuela condemns US report on human rights

If in DC, Venezuelan Films Shown at Embassy Throughout March

US House Votes to Ease Limits on Cuba Trade, Travel

Colombia: Struggling For Autonomy and Justice in the Face of State Repression

"When Che Guevara Came to New York"

Colombian spy agency no longer to control wiretaps

Follow up to story Peace Patriot discovered: Argentina summons US ambassador to talk about CIA

Jewish Center attacked in Venezuela; no injuries

HR 331: Independent Commission on the 2004 Coup d'Etat in the Republic of Haiti

Raul Castro meets French envoy sent by Sarkozy

Hope they know what they're doing by inviting these guys!

Pastors for Peace harrassed by New York City government

The United States and Bolivia: A New Beginning?

Americans held by leftist rebels in Colombia critical of celebrated hostage Betancourt

NICARAGUA Network Hotline - Various Updates

Economic Report: U.S. Mass Layoffs Fifty Percent Higher Than A Year Ago

More States And Cities Turn To Worker Furlough Idea To Cut Budgets

U.S. Department of Labor's OSHA proposes more than $1.2 million penalty for chemical company

Unions back bill trying to stop Mexican trucks in U.S.

U.S. Supreme Court ruling a loss for Utah's unions

Prominent Economists Endorse Employee Free Choice Act

Obama taps Montclair resident for Deputy Secretary of Labor

NYT: N.F.L. Players Union Hires Lawyer to Investigate Troy Vincent

Today in labor history Feb 26 118 died, 5,000 were left homeless

Navy metal workers rally against privatizing (xpost from Veterans)

DU Labor forum readers: Please DU my poll on EFCA

The Celts REALLY are done...part 2

The Celts are done pt 3

Will Top Gun Sr. Co-ed reign supreme again this year or will Cheer Athletics or another team

R.I.P. Former Bulls great Norm Van Lier

Turtle Pepe Lemieuex is back? Are you kidding me?

Daley: Feds ignore guns, drugs for Bonds, Vick

I don't hate Barry Bonds. I love Barry Bonds! I want Barry...

The Persecution of Barry Bonds

For ALL of the posters here in this forum, what do consider to be a real sport.

It's not looking good Upton.

Ted Williams was a hardass conservative. But everybody here should read...

Cleve Jones and Dustin Lance Black at the Governor's Ball

Guardian UK: Iraq's queer underground railroad

GLBT Groups Should Back Sharpton's FCC Initiative

Gay couples protest bill to ban adoptions

Identifying Yourself As A Lesbian Gets You Banned On XBOX Live

Arrest in NYC homophobic, racist slaying

Obama Names Jeffrey Crowley Office of National AIDS Policy Director

Hate Group Numbers Up By 54% Since 2000

Fuck Assimilation

Is it just me or was Rachel particularly hot tonight?

(AUDIO) Green Goes Obama!: 'Green News Report' - February 26, 2009

Let the over/under wagering begin

Liberals Freak Out Over Obama's "Universal Accounts" (DU gets a mention)

UBS Forced to Lift Secrecy Skirt for Peek by IRS: Ann Woolner

Wall Street Banks Vacate Towers Pushing Empty Space to Record

Get ready to defend this....Obama’s Budget Proposes Up to $750 Billion More Bank-Rescue Aid

FBI investigation of mortgage fraud could have been acted on by the Bushies

The “Geithner Put”

'Temp' protests warp face of egalitarian Japan Inc.

Bangladesh's economy no hiding place

French fears that protests will spread from the Caribbean to the mainland

Iceland parliament moves to dismiss banking chief

Shorter Rick Santelli.......

Obama Budget Has Contingency for More Aid to Banks ($750 Billion)

Bank that took bailout funds have no business hiring lobbiest n/t

Manhattan Condo Buyers Walk Away From $1 Million Down Payments

Reducing monthly costs

Nationalization Will Be Horrific (But the alternative is far worse)

What Roosevelt did about the Post Officeexpenses in 1934......

Beware hospitals and their ER

If anyone is still interested in the irregularities in L.A. County (where they won H8)

Olmert says he was 'within whisker' of peace with the Palestinians

Disentangling Layers of a Loaded Term in Search of a Thread of Peace

Qassam fired from Gaza hits yard of home in Sderot

Miliband accused over arms exports to Israel

PRC: Hamas and Fatah must unite to confront Israel

Former Peace Negotiators Call for End to Hamas Boycott

Lieber-fear II: The real issue is why Israelis voted Lieberman

Palestinians pledge era of unity

Palestinian Campus looks to East Bank (of Hudson)

Lieberman supports creation of a 'viable Palestinian state'

Perils of criticising Israel - BMJ (British Medical Journal)

No Pasta For Palestinians

Reform women rabbis' prayer at Western Wall draws wrath of ultra-Orthodox

What’s Eating Our Kids? Fears About ‘Bad’ Foods

Vaccination and autism 10 years on: why are parents still worried?...

From stem cells to new organs: Stanford and NYU scientists cross threshold in regenerative medicine

Where Did I Put That First Paragraph?

A dose of reality on vaccines and autism

Question for those who believe there might be a causative vaccine/autism link.

Huff Po: NIH Agency Head: Vaccine-Autism Research is "Legitimate"

Study of diets shows what truly counts: calories

I am pulling out

Vaccine pulled over bacteria fear

Lowering Cholesterol with Flaxseed Oil

Specter Of Week Of Anti-Israel Programs Rattles Canadian Jewish College Students

Obama administration guns for assault weapons ban

The "assault weapon" ban would be simpler if there was a simple definition of "assault weapon"

Eric Holder wants to ban this

U.S. Is Arms Bazaar for Mexican Cartels

County shows 300 percent surge in conceal and carry gun permits (OK)

Goodbye Camelot, I never got to see you...

DU gunsters - how do you feel about having newspapers (or online) publish lists of permit holders?

please delete. this has become flame bait. I will clarify

DoD to get $537B annually for 10 years

Translator testifies he saw officer shoot Iraqi

Ex-Army depot worker gets probation

Utah teacher-turned-soldier killed in Iraq

Mom charged in fatal fire to get bail hearing

Veterans optimistic about progress on VA ills

U.S. says jury in Fort Dix case was right

Court: No payback for seized Ky. land

Pa. Guard troops establish Iraq operation

More bird-death charges possible for ensigns

EOD support unit commander fired

Bill could trim Tricare costs for retirees

Navy metal workers rally against privatizing

New lightweight cannons pack a big punch

President to deliver address at Camp Lejeune

Corps charges infantryman in wildfire

Donley sets out structure for cyber command

Leak found in jet fuel pipeline at Travis

Airman killed in Hawaii motorcycle crash

Jury deliberating Afghan slaying case

Rutbah, reclaimed: Residents say peace, normalcy have returned to a former al-Qaida haven

Torso injuries fall, brain traumas rise at Walter Reed

Army dropping additional re-up bonus

Bill would simplify relocation for spouses

Mental health clinic opens at Bagram

Defense officials mum on budget

GI shot by men in Iraqi police uniforms dies

Report: Troops sought for border (Texas)

Report: Karzai wants early vote

Navy changes Naples area housing policy

City officials ask Misawa Air Base to help in drought

Town hall addresses rules of road

U.S. helicopter flight suspected in damage to South Korean homes

NY Times alters policy on ‘Marines’

(Navy Times) Editorial: Fixing the surface fleet

Iraq Pullout Won't End US Combat Role

Soldier Acquitted of Afghan's Murder

Army's New Manual Emphasizes eWar

APS Nashville Begins Training in Ghana

Intel Leaders Meet, Discuss Threats

Obama honors injured soldier

(Military Times) Op-Ed: IAVA Not For GI Bill Cap

Generals Sign Secrecy Letter on Budget

MoH Hero Recognized Decades Later

Mexico Reinforcing Violent Border City

Officer Calls Obama 'Usurper' President

Confession of Recovery (AA article)

USAREUR will participate in suicide prevention effort

1st Lt. Scott R. Easterling v. President Obama

AF tapped to fly 300 Strykers to Afghanistan

My Name is Buddha, I'll Be Taking Care of You...and more

Good day birding

A few animals of Shelby Farms, with a new camera

Nikon price increases?

Kite aerial photography

* * * February Contest Finals * * *

Top Five Astro-Events for March

"The Separation of the Worlds" - Karen Bishop - February 25, 2009

completely off topic - but can someone help me with this...

My aunt expects to die soon--and I think that's what she wants (in a way)

Dream of the Green Star - Comet Lulin & Maya Cosmology Issue by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

How is your New Moon treating you?

Dreamtime in Centaur Form for Kentauros

Suggestions for good healing cds - guided meditation, self-hypnosis...

Fish fossil clue to origin of sex (with video!)

Spectacular 'cosmic eye', Helix nebula, captured by telescope

'Ghost peaks' mapped under (Antarctic) ice

Earliest 'human footprints' found

Court Denies a Religion Its Monument in a Park

Ash Wednesday observers: How does it feel to have that schmootz on your forehead?

I suppose I should apologize for the Ash Wednesday post.

Islam in space

Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

Cross post - Great Depression Cooking with Clara. Great source of history and eating cheap.

the Biga bread is sensational

If I were to open a restaurant...

Whats for Dinner? ~ Thursday the 26th

Day Four Since I Got Hit With Food Poisoning And

Pane Rustico ~ No-Knead Bread with Biga Starter

Anyone have suggestions for cooking salmon steaks?

We got a contract!!

The Big Test Before College? The Financial Aid Form

My son's 1st-grade teacher told him he has to say the Pledge

Why No More 9/11s?

Protesters at Fox TV station protest NY Post cartoon (Austin)

Fort Bend county (former DeLay land) - they're at it again re extending 99

The Truth is Finally Coming Out Jon and Kate

CBC already receives 'substantial financing': Flaherty

Liberals, Tories defend Alberta oil sands

Ignatieff seeks to bridge rural-urban divide

Canwest stock nearing two bits a share

iPod problem (thread posted in the lounge by a newbie/non-donor).

Well, Laptop finally died. Borrowing neighbors computer to post this

When an OCTer brings up NIST as a source.....

I guess we cannot get help from this Senate that they try to make the media fairer

Kerry on condiments, 2004, and Blago's hair