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Archives: February 27, 2009

Why isn't Tom Delay on Tweety tonite?

Another last minute Bush Administration and DEA’s Obstruction of Scientific Freedom

Tweety knows which way the wind is blowing...


Business Lobby: We Will Outgun Unions By 2010

U.S. Chamber of Commerce slams Obama on budget proposal

I am SO disappointed.

where are our pacs

KO slamming CPAC, Yosemite John Bolton and Joe "The Plumber"'s small.....audiences.

Endless right-wing batsqueeze

Conservatives Aim the Blame for Election Losses

Hannity advocates revolution on his website? He asks his "fans" what kind

Look at some of the workshop titles and demons'....err, speakers' lists from CPAC

This might be the cold medicine talking

Obama’s budget includes family planning funding protested by Republicans during stimulus debate

Obama’s budget includes family planning funding protested by Republicans during stimulus debate

Drug Maker Is Accused of Fraud

Who is Ali Al-Marri, and why is he important to every American?

Does anyone know where to get a transcript of House banking hearing of Bernanke, Feb. 25th?

Stevie Wonder at the White House is on now (PBS)

Holy Shite - the anthrax does not match

Why do GOP voters support increasing the Defense Department's budget?

Emptywheel: Hey FBI?!? Who Put the Tin in Your Anthrax?

Repubs should be called Hoovers!

stevie is rock`n the house on pbs.....

Meet Bill Sammon: The New Fox News DC Chief

In Eisenhower's day, the tax rate for the wealthy was high, yet people were happy..,.

Devil's Advocate.....

Is Marriage for Everyone?

Republican A**hole who You'd Most Like to Slap (just 4 fantasy, I don't encourage actual assault)

$25 Billion to Promote Electric Cars Is Untouched

MSNBC online...Link ??

Chris Matthews just ripped (R-Naturally) Darrel Issa of CA a "new one"....

Hubris: Harvard Investment Strategy Disaster-down 11 Billion? Larry Summers implicated

Woman claims she was fired for asking employer to stop sending emails supporting GOP gov candidate

I have a very serious problem with this CPAC conference

Janeane Garofalo on KO

John Spratt defending Obama's budget on C-SPAN

Is this what will take us out of the 2nd Republican Great Depression?

Eliminate itemized deductions on those making $250K or more?

Obama's Increase of The Top Marginal Tax Rates Is Quite Modest

Britain Acknowledges Two 'Rendition' Cases

FDIC posted a collective loss of $26.2 billion

Rachel reveals Russell Sportswear as union busters. Schools are

Great video and crucial to getting our ducks in a row... this is bigger than Jindal even

They **will** be back .......

Do you know what's the great thing about being a Democrat?

Another Wal-Mart warning....This is about the eye center

Do you really think the MC Steele hip hop act is going to last much longer?

Do you really think the MC Steele hip hop act is going to last much longer?

Mexico president wants to win drug war by 2012

Turncoat Gene Taylor

Illinois Attorney General: Special election could supercede Roland Burris appointment

Michelle Malkin is an Alien

The Melting-Pot Theory Why American Muslims don't blow things up

Financial Times: How bank bonuses let us all down

Asking for advice from 1099 contractors

Ron Carey Memorial Meeting February 28th New York

GOP's loss is Disney World's gain: Jindal follows suck-tastic speech with vacation to Magic Kingdom

Soros, somebody, give me a damned microphone!


Biased much, Politico? "Class warfare returns to Washington", indeed!


O Stephen...

Molly Ivins' "Who Let The Dogs In"

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Bushes just shouldn't be president

On Louisiana "pigging out at the federal trough but doesn't want to share"...

To the Working class: See it my way.

To the Working class: See it my way.

Pretty bad when Yahoo news starts bitchslapping the GOP as liars.

Lots of threads about tax rates, so here is my oversimplified answer

Congressional leaders: Capitol Power Plant should stop burning coal

PHOTO: Qarments for the Whore Family, Made in China

"Terminated: Why the Women of Wall Street Are Disappearing" Forbes Feb. 25

Obama Administration and Wall Street Predators Target "Entitlement Reform"

CPAC is SO funny this year

Good reviews of Joe the Plumber's "book" on Amazon

One very good thing about an extended SAG strike will be California's Republican governor begging

30 ct flat of eggs , two weeks ago= $2.76 and why the hell does anyone use dial-up these days?

How. Dare. You. I am outraged!

Janeane sat on the phone with a bonehead who goes by the moniker 'adenoid_hynkel' for two hours

I don't really understand Janeane Garofalo.

Stanford's CIO arrested by the FBI

I'm sorry in advance and to follow up on the Rude Pundit's....

New Repug Talking Point - "Punishing Success".......

California's political power shifts north

Guantanamo: Has Peter King Lost His Mind, or Just His Humanity?


Investigations - yes/no?

Investigations - yes/no?

the unofficial official RW talking points thread.

Jobless Angry at Possibility of No Benefits

The crime that the bu$h regime needs to investigated for more than any...

Texas Guard NOT on heightened alert

Rachel Maddow, Suze Orman Among the Winners of AWRT’s Gracie Awards

Today's RW Spaghetti: Obama is Robin Hood....

Worst Week Ever: Republicans Unhinged (Best week from my view)

So how come the cry for the banning of guns never takes into account the fact

Los Alamitos, CA Mayor Resigns Over White House Watermelon Email

France wants to check if U.S. car aid fits world trade rules

What were the tattoo's on Jeanne Grafallo arms???

MarketWatch: New home sales plunge 10.2% to record low

Stunning. Bush dazzled us with lies and scandals. Obama is using action and progress. How Dare He !

I hate it when rea life is so rediculous that I cant tell if headlines are trying to be silly or not

Injured good Samaritan ticketed for jaywalking

Michele Bachmann Tells Michael Steele: "You Be Da Man!"

Michele Bachmann Tells Michael Steele: "You Be Da Man!"

The Marriages of Rush Limbaugh

How much money is Norm Coleman costing MN taxpayers with this pathetic stunt?

Michelle Obama, First Ladies, and African-American History

Caboodle Ranch

Mayor to quit over Obama watermelon e-mail

WJ this morning

Sign of the Times: Ex-con asks for more jail he can eat.

There goes Citi...

AP Exclusive: Gregg had stake in, won aid for base

The Rocky Mountain News publishes it's last issue tomorrow

Once again, women's healthcare is seen as negotiable. Overturning the "conscience clause,"

Global Financial Crisis Fuels Pakistan Instability

Wishing You Were There.....Check out a sample of the workshops and speakers at CPAC

The Trouble With Jindal Is That He Assimilated With BUBBA!

Chart-does it look like the Clinton era is flipping everyone else "the bird"?

Even if America were to believe the GOP is standing on principle...

Bloggers Create PAC to Recruit Liberal Candidates

Octuplets' mom inspires embryo regulations -- in Georgia

Albuquerque's Growing Murder Mystery: 11 Bodies and Counting

Albuquerque's Growing Murder Mystery: 11 Bodies and Counting

The GOP is worrying about the budget ?

“Getting to the Truth Through a Nonpartisan Commission of Inquiry”

Best ever description of Maniac Michele Bachmann

Has anyone actually asked any Republican Pundit or Politician

One question; Who is the G.O.P.'s saviour? Who they gonna call? (pics)

Please Lord let our family business make enough profit to hit that top tax bracket.

Tales From The Darkside...CPAC On C-SPAN3...

Thin U.S. job market translates study abroad into work abroad

The Best Metaphor for the Modern Day CEO:

Shame on you Baucus and Byrd - Denying DC their own representation in Congress

Paul Krugman has the audacity to hope (mostly)!

From Dino-Right to Dyn-O-Mite

Judd Gregg had stake in, won aid for base

Steele's New GOP Message: "My Bad"; Bachmann To Steele: "You Be Da Man!"

Boeing Engineers Were Killed in Turkish Airlines Crash

Didja hear the one about Clint Eastwood and his first wife?

"Stevie Wonder in Performance at the White House"...

I just have to say it: Thank God (and Obama) for New Deal II

I just have to say it: Thank God (and Obama) for New Deal II

California's political power shifts north

In the days of FDR and Truman and Eisenhower tax rates were at 90%

Anybody wanna play? (edit) "It's dead, Jim!" nevermind

Market down 50 pts per minute at the opening

BREAKING: Press Corps Incredulous That Obama Budget Reflects Campaign Promises

Has Bush DOJ Produced Another Political Prisoner?

Much of what we as a nation have had go wrong in the last 60-70 years is tied to bushes

Duncan Hunter, Jr. is a reincarnation of his crazy father.

Republican First Aide

Has anyone noticed construction projects that have stalled in your area?

Screw Joe the Plumber (sic) -- John Fetterman is the real "common man"

Senate to investigate CIA actions under Bush

Brent Wilkes, Jerry Lewis, Dusty Foggo

Makaka is Addressing CPAC

Was Wellstone really the most principled progressive in the Senate

To all the Repub Govs who want to turn down unemployment money:

"Average Americans/Ordinary Americans": When talking heads and politicians use these terms, who do

GM's Opel agrees to restructuring plan

The Obama Mandate: End Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs

The Obama Mandate: End Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs

Revised GDP - the last quarter of 2008

Commercial bashing the stimulus plan

I Could Not Buy "American"

Wingnut LTTE calls Jesus a Marxist (with responses!)

"Bobby Jindal Is Kenneth The Page" facebook

Arghhh! Healthcare costs, coding and insurance companies!

Eastwood thinks political correctness has made society humourless

Republican governors waging class warfare

Randi Rhodes situation

The Rude Pundit: Reasons to Go Into the Weekend with a Little Touch of Optimism

Heads Up Military Chaplin Giving Prayer

The Un-Rove

Jim DeMint calls President Obama 'world’s best salesman of socialism'

Lou Dobbs showed his true right wing colors last night


Palin's Settlement To Pay State For Children's Travel Doesn't Address Potential Tax Issues

Firms Defraud The US Gov't -- But Get New Gov't Contracts

Oye vey: Michelle Bachmann tells Michael Steele at CPAC: "You be da man!"

does Bobby Jindal know his audience, or is he full of crap?

Honestly, what's the big deal about taxes?

Why is it that the MSM only calls it CLASS WARFARE when THEY have to pay more taxes?

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 27

Former Guantanamo military prosecutor describes the CIA's "special projects" interrogation plan

Former Guantanamo military prosecutor describes the CIA's "special projects" interrogation plan

Obama's getting a warm reception at Camp Lejeune

the Ugly Bush Stain: Nursing Home Watchdogs Muted

Palin (now) backs parental consent abortion bill

King Abdullah Has No Robes

CPAC Newt ... EYE OF THE TIGER!........

If you think salmonella is bad, watch this.

I was all ready to e-Tune in to Thom Hartmann, but then I remembered he's at CPAC.....

how bad are the "lines" at unemployment? 6-weeks

Judd Gregg may have bowed out due to (lack of) ethics

Listen for the caveats in the President's Iraq speech today

The Cable Bobbleheads have spoken. .All success is because of BUSH..

Spiritual Guide for Economic Bailout-Last Best Opportunity For Sustainable/Ethically Coherent World

Devices aid the deaf by translating sound waves to vibrations

A Geologist's Letter to Jindal

Fundies: Homosexual "parents" have access again to Michigan courts

Dead is dead, RW or LW. The Rocky Mountain News published its last edition today.

Administration blocks more Bush-era oil shale development leases

CBS's Chip Reid Tries Vainly to Defend Trickly Down Voodoonomics from that Pinko Press Chief Gibbs

Senator Leahy's Bush Truth Commission Petition

'Conscience' rule on abortions may be overturned

Wide spread support from the Military for Obama. There you go Gregory!

'Fair Trade' Community Celebrates Rare Victory

Texas poll tax.

GOP govs raise money off Jindal's response

Should we return to the pre-Reagan tax-rates of 70% ?

"Chicago Tea Party Protest" Happens Today at Noon.

Check in here if you are not eligible for unemployment benefits

No equivocation in Obama's Iraq exit pledge today

I'm watching CPAC on c-span 3. So far just whining about CNN mean to gunowners.

My cousin just got laid off.

I just caught a snippet of something disturbing on the radio this morning.

I just caught a snippet of something disturbing on the radio this morning.

I just caught a snippet of something disturbing on the radio this morning.

Jordan, Russia Sign Nuclear Deal

About the Virgin Record Store Closing in SF

There are folks in my town who don't want to take stimulus $ for

Sow this, Asshole

Modern-Day Secessionists Will Hold a Conference on Leaving the Union

Emergency department mistrust

$300 for every $10,000 over $250,000. That's how much extra income tax the wealthy will have to pay-

Pay toilets on airplanes

Is it windoze, or not??? Don't fear the penguin.....

Citi down yet ANOTHER 38% today new 52-week low hit

I don't think I've ever seen the Republicans more edgy and desperate.

Brent Bozell (Bozo) tries to control the media, but EPIC FAILS instead

GOP Leaders Outline Strategy for Opposing Obama’s Budget



Help Me Understand Pelosi's Positions

Support a Truth & Reconciliation Commission = Leahy Petition

Airline wants to charge for using bathroom

You know how opposing armies do prisoner exchanges...

WOW. I am watching CPAC on the SPAN and LMAO

Obama calls Bush before speech to tell him about his Iraq plan . . .

Gen. McCafferty On MSNBC On Obama Iraq Speech: "This Was A Homerun" For Troops In Audience

Who would you rather hang out with? Paul Krugman and Robert Reich or Rush Limbaugh?

McConnell: ‘Who wants to hang out with guys like Paul Krugman…when you can be with Rush Limbaugh!’

"My Friends" I didn't do it.......

People, I've been watching a real zombie movie on another channel over CPAC.

Senate to investigate CIA's actions under Bush

Right-Wing Jewish Leaders Attack Hillary Clinton For Tackling Middle East Conflict

Indiana man says SWAT entered home illegally

Secretary of State Clinton visited the Far East first. Anyone know why?

The Cheese Sandwich Issue: My Solution To Satisfy The Never Satisfied With Anything.

I think that the GOP is about where segregationists were in 1970

ALL troops out by 2011. All. There you go Gregory/Ricks/Todd

"Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut, because sometimes a cheese sandwich is just a cheese sandwich.

Question about the fairness doctrine...

Foreclosure victim successfully beats back the bank

Stocks continue to fall.

Orlando Tea Party Turns Out 100.

How long before we see debtor's prisons here?

Torching the symbols of affluence in Germany

I have kept my 401K invested in stock and bond mutual funds and have lost

Contessa Brewer is carrying water for the right wing and upper 2% of income earners.

$hitibank's stock is down to $1.42 a share.......

"All You Zombies" by Robert Heinlein, because sometimes a cheese sandwich is better with tomatoes.

Has anyone verified Jindal's "Rhodes Scholar" credentials?

The way the economy was mis-managed by the Bush Mob...

woohoo, we just got the "Capitol One F-you Letter"

Dobson resigns as chairman of Focus on the Family

We are Number One!

Anybody see TDS last night?

A World of Trouble: Meet the ground truth of the global economic crisis

Yale's Tobin Guides Obama From Grave as Modern Keynesians Eclipse Friedman

Tom DeLay Channels Limbaugh: I Want Obama To Fail

Report: US Won't Attend UN Racism Conference

Georgia arrests revive assisted-suicide debate

Sarah Palin.........the Tax Cheater

VoteVets' Statement on President Obama's Iraq Decision

James Dobson is quitting Link included

California unemployment reaches 10.1%

Wal-Mart worker burns self to death in parking lot

Exclusive: Joe the Plumber suggests some members of Congress should be shot.

What about the mercernaries, ie blackwater goons

Complaint filed over fundraising letter questioning faith of Catholic Democrats...

GOP - Idealogical Purity Is A Sign Of Stagnation

The market looks like it's tanking...

Time to make an EXAMPLE of these thugs: Lewis Staying Mum on Merrill Bonuses

How do you set a time frame for the End of a War?

Citi was down 40% in the pre-open trading today.

Andrea Mitchel sez that there's a big split in the Democratic Party over the Iraq war.

For the record, "Socialism" DOES NOT mean "Forcing everyone to be equal"

How much does "school lunch" cost?

DOJ Move Denied in Court of Appeals (Warrentless Wiretapping)

What luxuries have you had to give up because of the economy?

What happens when Obama doesn't do anything scandalous? Create fictional scandals, of course!

Poor Clint Eastwood bemoans the fact that he can't tell racist jokes anymore

Now this was so bizarre I just had to take a picture

CNBC - "President's War on Wealth?"

Calling for a General Consumers Strike against Credit Card Corps

Enter the Era of Engagement in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Jesus..just looked up the number of forclosed homes in my zip code

One thing's for sure. A lot of THINKING is going on before Obama makes a decision.

Have any one of the idiots who say "Anyone can get a Certificate of Live Birth" ever gotten one

Wapo: 10 Republicans To Watch

Obama and socialism

Reminder: US Health Care System Sucks--We Pay the Most and Get Little to Show for It

Did anyone ever do this study? Buy stocks during the first year of each Democratic...

A conservative journalist isn't an oxymoron...

Keyes military insurrection movement doubles – to 2; while CPAC attendees mock commander in chief

The wingnuts are out in force on the local paper's website today (re: Gitmo)...

THANK President Obama for Overturning the "conscience" anti-choice rule

MSNBC Unveil Online Experience 'Hardball With Chris Matthews'

From Slumdog to slapdog: Child actor beaten by father for refusing to leave shack

McConnell: We May Need “Epiphany” To Keep Specter On Employee Free Choice

The universe has a center (Hint: it could be earth)

Listening to Glen Beck and Bernie whatever is like listening to

Contact Senator Feinstein and request transparency - Senate Investigation

The Budget: Shock and Awe

Why no tax break for renters? Right now, $350 can be written off for every $1000 of mortage

Bush TRAGEDY in Dallas: "We have very little furniture. The newspaper is not being delivered yet."

Governor Jindal, Rising G.O.P. Star, Plummets After Speech

AIG Sues U.S. Government to Recover $306 Million in 1997 Taxes

F-22 Cuts?

Lots of dirt being moved around. Surprising amount of new construction going on.

Michael Steele ......

U.S. troops praise Iraq withdrawal: ‘I don’t think we really had a whole lot of direction

In Tough Times, the Humanities Must Justify Their Worth

Patrick J. Buchanan: Return of the War Party

so when will Trudeau finally introduce Doonsbury readers to his Obama symbol?

You betcha. Discover - 29.99% - Chase-22.99% - f##kers

The Wingnut Revolution

If this doesn't embody the Republican in toto, nothing does! LMFAO

House Judiciary Leaders Speak Out on Texas Judge

Gigantic shitstorm in MN Senate trial

Speediest dental treatments I ever got in my whole life .......

I'll gladly pay DU in 20 for $2.2T today :-D

Sean Hannity Detained By Homeland Security

I thought of a good analogy re pharmacists and birth control

Dallas Morning News responds to Pickle's claim she can't get the newspaper each day

DU Consumer Sentiment Poll

New York Times Complicit in FBI Anthrax Coverup

I read all these opinions on credit cards and how they are

Income Disparities - Where Have I Seen This Before? Oh yeah, the 1920s...

for the next x-tian who says we are a *Christian* nation

So, is Bank of America next?

My dog is dying

Lord Have Mercy …

If I never see another big box store, it will be too soon ......

Shuster tonight...Amy Goodwin........

Since When Is The School Responsible For Feeding The Children?

First they came for those with yachts, and I didn't speak up cause..

the abortion Christians

"You be da man!"

Oh God, they have no shame. Mayor in CA puts out e-mail with watermelon patch on WH lawn.

Ask John Conyers to Lock Up Karl Rove

Free cheese sandwiches!!!


Could this be the future First Dog?

I just wrote my congressman asking him to eliminate volcano monitoring from the budget

Democrats plan to implement the Fairness Doctrine through the back door.

Obama budget proposal raises $32B by taxing oil companies-companies not happy

Spending money we don't have.

Consumer Confidence, anyone else hate that bs term?

Wake up Morans!

BAM - 70 Year Old Woman Thwarts Robber with her Emeril Pan

They revealed the identity of a covert CIA agent.

Jim Cramer: Shortselling The Truth

Obama Proposes New Wireless Spectrum Fee ($500 million per carrier, per year)

Fuck the rich! I never met the son of a rich bastard when I was in the Army.

Violence between repo men, car owners rising

Boner ...... does anyone else have orange skin?

Boner ...... does anyone else have orange skin?

The graphic for the Fox News Web Site lead story is funny, but only in a mind-numbingly pathetic way

A great "Twitter" about CPAC

CREDO Action: Send Karl Rove to Jail.

Black Dress, White Pearls Shine in First Lady's Portrait

Official Portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama - pic

Have any of you ever applied for a Credit Card with an 18%+ rate?

The protest republican tea parties - are they as big of a joke as I am thinking? Or more?

Governor declares Feb. as the "Month of Marriage".

Federal government is funding a $5 Million media campaign that extols the virtues of marriage

So the Lunch Fairy suddenly gives all kids lunch automatically. Next day, cool kids bring lunch

"make sure you've got a year's income-worth of savings"

Should corporations be replaced with successful structure of credit unions (co-ops)?

Teacher Tells Student to "Go Back to Africa"

Children need to eat to learn.

Children need to eat to learn.

Octopus opens valve, floods Santa Monica aquarium

Wiki's new Jindal posting.

Breastfeeding While Driving? WTF?

Criticizing Ty'Sheoma Bethea

LIVE: Example of Freepers Taken In By White Supremecist Rumormongering

Porn in the USA: Conservatives are biggest consumers (Duh!)

Tea Party -- Cleveland

Natural Living advocates: the reusable toilet wipe

Michele Bachmann's "You be da man" was just aired on MSNBC.

Michele Bachmann's "You be da man" was just aired on MSNBC.

"The little messages from Twitter painted a picture she had never seen before.It was the Real World"

Who'll be the next Reagan? (Fox News report on CPAC)

“Enact fertility laws”, LTTE Press-Enterprise, Riverside CA

Do house appraisals account for condition of the house?

Just read the thread about cheese sandwiches and kids.

My Friend's Small Business - I hope his story is a good barometer

Oh, You Wacky Fascists and Your Outrage!

*Attention: Supporters of Leonard Peltier! *

== Obama vs. The Fear = By Mark Morford

What this guy is talking about is treason.

Vice President Joe Biden at University of Pennsylvania today - pics

Holy shit, Faux-liberal man! Is this DU?

Newly released Beatles song! Revolution I. All ten minutes of it. Please to enjoy.

Gang activity in Lexington Count SC., Deputy Sheriff ambushed, February 8.

You knew it was coming.......Airline considers "fee to pee"

You know what happens to kids who are shamed all the time?

Anyone think H.R. 45 is going to pass? It is the prime mover of the far right talkers now.

The Annoying Sound Stores Use To Drive Youngins Away

Anger Rises Among Unemployed Over Governors Who Want To Reject Stimulus Funds

Obama's budget calls for 2.9% military pay raise

How to make $60K in 4 days.

You Say You Want A Revolution...

That’s Right you Rich Assholes, we are coming for YOU!!!!

American taste for soft toilet roll 'worse than driving Hummers'

Why did the John Adams mini-series get so much hype?

The War on the Repo Man

Yahoo headline - "Wyeth giving top execs $22M due to Pfizer deal"

Top Dems Planning Amped Up Efforts To Elevate Rush As GOP’s Public Face

CIA Awkwardly Debriefs Obama On Creation Of Crack Cocaine

America's Stupid Health Care Debate: Canada's Successful Approach To Health Care

Book Signings: Joe the Plumber vs. Ann Coulter

Please excuse my "appeal to authority." Because Eleanor Roosevelt

Jindal Admits Katrina Story Was False

Anyone else think that 22-37% Credit Card interest rates are bankrupting the country?

Workers Unrest and Protests Spreading Across Europe

Need help finding an editorial cartoon

Some Friday TOONS.....

Low-income children shamed by cheese sandwich policy

There are more than 2,000,000 alcohol related deaths world wide every year

"If doctors are forced to provide abortions, many will leave the profession rather than do them."

Know your opposition -- Congressman John Boehner

Abu Dhabi Gets Interest Payments From CITI. Meanwhile U.S. Taxpayers Get Diluted Common Stock

Parents complaining about cheese sandwiches are not low income

Phasing out the Charitable Contribution Deduction.

I was in an emergency room for a couple hours last night

I don't mind paying taxes so that all children can have a decent hot nutritious school lunch

Is This 13 Year Old The Future Of The GOP?

CBS (Yes CBS) Asks: Time For Marijuana Legalization?

Kerry to flat-earth mouthpiece George Will: I'll debate you on global warming

Paul Krugman is completely in the tank over the Obama budget.....

Shock and Awful: Modern American War Stories (Illustrated--You Have Been Warned)

Shock and Awful: Modern American War Stories (Illustrated--You Have Been Warned)

Animated video that explains the credit crisis very clearly

SPLC report says hate group numbers are up 54% since 2000.

Crane Cams shuts down, workers laid off

My son gets free lunch.

The face of modern hunting

Any good documentaries or non-mainstream movies that you'd recommend?

Question for men please - why are these men doing this?

The poor little Moms fell and broke her back.

What are people's impressions about the amount of a certain anti-child

Consumer Reports releases latest top-5 all-round car brands list.

Consumer Reports releases latest top-5 all-round car brands list.

Thank you, Bertha. Your poll thread led me to spend the last hour

I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom...

All is horrible in the world.

My teacher's awesome answers to questions about the tri-semester exam

I'm frustrated by my complete lack of something, today

Crimini mushrooms, shallots, garlic, capers, red pepper, broccoli - I'm just thinking...

What has changed in the last five years?

Can somebody tell me the best way for a PC user and Mac user to web cam each other?

if you really care, don't touch me there.

Where you always a copy catter or did you see the light?

What kinds of hilarious things did you write as a child?



QUICK! Jump on this GD thread and set a new World record for RickRolls!

delete for idiocy

A short video of the snowstorm today

What's the accent the talking car uses in those VW commercials supposed to be?

Worst food product ever?

In recognition of BeachBaby's historic booby post and subsequent Lounge meltdown.

Wish me well

I really want to finish this poem I started but I can't find anything that rhymes with "Nantucket"

Post the best boobs that you've ever seen in a library

Visuword - onlin graphic dictionary

I wish I had my own forensics lab.

OMG! Am I the last one to discover Mr Novocaine?!

Medical rant!

Here and then here

Incest in GD

Sushi You Can Believe In!

Where can I pick up some styling gel specially formulated for stomach hair? n/t

Is there a full moon tonight?

the letter people. wtf?

The lounge has been getting stranger and stranger,day by day.

TEE-VEE died tonight...9/17/1999 - 2/26/09 What should I buy?

So my son is home and sleeping in his co-sleeper next to me...

Dear Lounge...

HAHAHAHA!! You know that old college trick where....

I'm afraid to try this. Somebody, please?

Asshole at bar didn't leave me a tip because I wouldn't call him a cab

I can't decide on which home correspondence course to buy

12 million views in one month, 33,000 comments

Anyone watched CSI earlier?

Winnebago man. (nsfw)

FYI you stalking freaks. Joaquin Phoenix is on Dave.

What's so romantic about a couples massage?

Arthur Brown

ROFL!! Girl is scared to death of pickles!

Bill Maher is on Tavis Smiley right now. Good stuff...

Well, I wouldn't have gone out drinking if I'd known I'd miss so much excitement

So when did an old baseball player become a birth control pill...

Might as well face it

It's not about a cheese sandwich at all.

Airports are hell.

Breastfeeding, Olive Garden, this article has it all, Loungers...

I am getting a tax refund, that is a relief.

I'm making candy

Can I get a little help here?

Wow! Midlo got CreekDog'd in GD...

I am basking in my solitude.

I love Kung Pao Chicken but I hate peanuts.

I can't believe the "I fornicated with my aunt" thread in GD got nuked.

I can't believe the "I fornicated with my aunt" thread in GD got nuked.

Ok, This Seems Bizarre.... "Pretty Sky Alert" from NASA

Caboodle Ranch (taking care of the kittehs)

Happy Birthday to me!

I have a pus filled mass in my mouth, its after 5.. should I go to Wal-Mart?

My life is a house

My life is a house

Just what furrin land WAS Obama born in?

What did Tom Baker ever do to you, anyway?

Tonight's phrase is "Weren't you going to release the fuck?"

Hey music aficionados - Help me win tickets to see Clapton and Winwood!

Jim Morrison or Jonas Brothers?

"What, no fucking ziti now?" Fine Cooking's recipe for Baked Ziti with Tomato, Mozzarella & Sausage

Mammary mammary oh mamma mammary...

I'm almost becoming numb to how crappy things are going (worst month ever)

I've been saying the word "fuck" too fucking much lately.

There's SPAM in GD!!

The news just doesn't have the same humor factor it did before Bush left.

Good morning Lounge

Is it safe to eat a thawed frozen entree?

They caught up that I can watch cable channels for free in my apt

I filled my gas tank yesterday for $3.57

Is it safe to eat an uncooked, raw, frozen pizza straight from the box?

Why is Dr. Phil talking about the octomom? I thought he was like a therapist

I've been drooling for steamed artichoke for weeks now and they just don't have any good ones!!!

Shitty comments on my Facebook after I posted DU link

A friend/makeout buddy of mine has announced that she's engaged.

Roll Call! Who's still up?

be bop a loop

May I get a personal favor?

Today's fun fact: Robbie Nevil once tried out for Yes.

In The Know Should We Be Shaming Obese Children More. (Onion)

Dear sir/madam: Please subscribe to my guru services

I would be MUCH more interested to find out which du'ers you DON'T want to meet

I made pannekoekens last night for dinner.

Fuck, I think my monitor is dead, or dying.

Global Warming ALERT. Penguins are turning to prostitution.

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?

What's the big deal?

Asterisk vs. Asterix

Waffles or pancakes?

Is this a form of revenge?

OK, I feel stupid admitting this but I am scared to death of the howling

Does anyone else hate the ink from newspapers?

Nothing Happening At The Libree Today

Do you give a damsel-based or maiden-based diet to your assorted lycanthrope and wurm?

Weird Al Tribute Thread...

Anyone know how the dude at the libree is doing. Did his eyes burnout from staring at BB's boobies

It's lunch time. I wish I had a nice cheese sandwich. n/t

Is it safe to eat a raw, dead, unjugged rabbit fish?

Which was the sillier Lounge running gag?

I am haunted by gremlins at work!

Peeps Diorama Contest 2009

Okay, I'm OLD!! I LOVE VH1 classic in the morning!

One reason to love Lent:

I'm probably not going to Pron

If you're not Battlestar Galactica, you're dead to TWoP

Cheese sandwich?

My AWWWWWW alert meter maxed out on these!

GM Spins off Opel - WTF???

Argh I Just Found A Used Q-Tip At The Libree

Pics Of My Ride To Work This Morning:

Star Trek:TNG on Family Guy

how the heck am I supposed to walk by the dessert table

how the heck am I supposed to walk by the dessert table

Holy Fuk, Febree Is Almost Over

I have a hankerin' for a grilled cheese sandwich for some reason

To All You That Changed You DU Name

I'm probably not going to spawn.

OK I Give Up On People

Today's Oblique Strategy: Lowest Common Denominator

As an IT guy, I highly recommend this free program

Libree Dejavu The Same Thing Is Happening Today

My punishment for 2 weeks of slackerdom...

Are NJ B**bs Better Then Delaware B**bs?

Life is full of important choices

Listening to my nostalgic playlist

I just learned that my godmother has been diagnosed w/ terminal cancer

I just learned that my godmother has been diagnosed w/ terminal cancer

I hear someone two cubicles over playing Styx

What Smiley do you find the most annoying or useless ?

What's the biggest tip you've ever given to someone?

When I hear someone say, _______ is as cute as a button.

has this cat site been posted here?

Obama enters the Matrix

Any Jackson MS - area DUers: we're playing Saturday night at Hal & Mal's

I'm feeling REAL sexy baby...

Enough of GD for today.

Talk Like a Pirate Day is fun. I'm glad there isn't Talk Like a Freeper Day.

I need an excuse

I want to send a big platter of cheese sandwiches to the Mod Hot Tub...

If I were a musician and got asked to sing a Stevie Wonder song for the Obamas

This is not about Bobby Jindal

So far, MLB Spring Training is sucking the big one.

A prime example of the disrespect I will not tolerate

I have a date tonight!

I have a date tonight!

Worst College Course ever? A food-blogging class for $800

Here at the happy hippie Boulder coffee shop.

Are there any DUers in the Richmond Jail that need to be bailed out?


Foot long cheese sandwich hold the double meat seafood on italian. Mayo, lettuce. tomato, onion. n/t

Instead of folding laundry I baked cinnamon pinwheels

High-larious thread juxtaposition in GD:

I'm probably not going to Prom.

Does anyone want my cheese sandwhich?

The Official Lounge Cheese Sandwich Thread

TGIF - anyone else?

Need To See Some NJ B**bs

The First Family has announced the First CreekPuppy...

Well I'm visiting BeachBaby and we hit a deer in her cheese sandwich

Words of the day: Change any post to include "cheese sandwich"

Name 3 cheese sandwiches you think ended too soon...

Well I'm visiting BeachBaby and we hit a cheese sandwich in her car

I guess I am lucky to have missed it, but what the hell is going on with cheese?

Do Raves Still Happen?

Do Raves Still Happen?

Do Raves Still Happen?

Cheese Sandwich Pron... yes there is a fetish just for the GD

The *official* Lounge Cheese Sandwich Thread

12-hour Viagra-fuelled orgy ends in cheese sandwich

How can they give cheese sandwiches out to the lactose intolerant?

All this talk about cheese sandwiches is making me hungry!

You know what my hot dog needs? Mac and Cheese.

Cheesus Christ!! (on a cracker??!!)

Video game violence

Where I see myself in the future:

Damn I Think I Have A Date Tonight

Someone hold me....

Happy Birthday, Blueraven95!

Reasons the United Kingdom is weird, #1: The Krankies

Ye Gods, this place has gotten lame

Friday joke time! Post a joke here for all to enjoy!

Pick Your Favorite 80's Song

Oh the huge manatee

Oh the huge manatee

Goddamn Norton sucks the big green one.

Go into the light, until we meet again.

is it just me or does Elton FINALLY look at peace?

it is 82 degrees at 8:37 pm. Tomorrow it will be back to 50

kitten picture of the day for friday february 27

I'm taking AMTRAK for the first time and you know what that means!

Idiots who aren't fit to run their own lives, check in here.

It;s 52 and pouring rain. Tomorrow a big snow storm. The roads up here

ode to the eggwhite omelet

Tonight at Tavernertavern: Russian River Damnation Batch 23

your favorite alternative software

12-hour cheese sandwich-fuelled orgy ends in death

Foot long double meat seafood on italian. Mayo, lettuce. tomato, onion. n/t

Listening to a Bowie bootleg from the Thin White Duke Tour: should I assume he's coked out?

Eggplant parmesan - capers or no capers?

Okay, finished my online course session for tonight. I can play for a little while

I'd like to create a cheese sandwich that never dies.

I put "n/t" the subject line of my OP and people still looked

After pouring some beverage into a glass, do you say "I have PORN the beverage"?

I am heading to Target, anyone need anything?

Must be "Super Shitty Artless Singer" day on Oprah - it's the shitbag who sang at the Superbowl

I'm probably not going to Prom.

Well I'm visiting BeachBaby and we hit a deer in her car

Which post apocalyptic future would you most look foward to?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/27/2009)

12-hour Viagra-fuelled orgy ends in death - any feedback?

Request for the Lounge artists:

Kitty salad


Will cheese sandwiches turn into the next

Do you give a grain-based or meat-based diet to your dogs and cats?

Are you scared of clowns?

Help me name my next sockpuppet:


I am watching Dead Like Me on DVD again, I could be a reaper.

Every sperm is sacred.Every sperm is great.

Bands/singers who reference themselves in their songs...

Dell Mini-9 microlaptop for 200 bucks. One day only

Oh My Goth!!! What's your goth name?

Yahoo Question...How did 1 cheese sandwich kill 20 million people?

So the soon to be ex is not even getting a lawyer and will not

Brains! BRAINS!

Our laptop is dead. Guess why? Vista.

DUers and their critters pic thread

Favorite Fleetwood Mac song

If the Lounge were an English Pub......

Is Marriage for Everyone?

Okay, enough with the cheese. How about something that isn't - Velveeta.

An open letter to all of our lurking Republicans

The WTF blanket (parody of the "Snuggie" commercial )

Question to medical professionals or just smart people: When you see a movie where a character

Name 3 shows you think ended too soon...

Karl Marx's works- Who has read any? Are they interesting? Also Orwell...

** Support a Truth & Reconciliation Commission = Leahy Petition **

Wow!! Tweety just went off on Issa

Feingold on Obama's Reported Plan to reduce troops levels.

Regarding the objections to Twitter.

Michelle Obama shows off her super powers at the EPA.

Long Overdue: Prez Obama is going after MNCs who Outsource and don't Pay U.S. Taxes:

"24" Loving FreeperScum About To Suffer Some Serious Cognitive Dissonance

Are you watching the White House/Stevie Wonder special on PBS!!?? ON NOW!

Chicago Tribune Q&A: How would your taxes change?

Portuguese water dog owners fear Obama effect

NOOOOOOOO!!!! Terrorist suspect to be tried in court !!!

In Shift, Imprisoned Al Qaeda Follower Faces Federal Trial

HUD Information : American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

The Nation: A Global Green Deal

Moonies: Obama attending Wizards game Friday?

Pickles: I totally forgot (to watch Obamas speech)"

This from a guy that hasn't been correct about ANYTHING over the last 20 years.

Huckabee Whacks MSNBC, Chris Matthews, And Geithner

FACT CHECK: GOP adrift on small business claim

WAPO: Democrats Assail Withdrawal Plan

Per breaking news - Obama tells congress leaders all combat troops out of Iraq by Aug 2010

Peter Orszag is a great spokesperson for President Obama.

This sounds like a repeat - Quinn: let's have special election if Burris won't resign within two wee

Pls Sign this MoveOn petition supporting Prez Obama's Health Care & Opposing Lobbying Derailers:

I think Twister has its place for children and adults alike.

The GOP just doesn't realize that what they did under Newt in 93-94 will not work today because

Obama was very smart to keep the tax increase for the rich off of the stimulus bill

MODS: 2nd Dupe cuz I'm that dumb. Please DELETE

Mitt Romney has to sell his "cabin".

In Bush parlance: Republans are doin' a heckuva job! HuffPo great roundup

GOP Leadership Crisis....reduced to Leaders R US....the poor things...

GOP Leadership Crisis....reduced to Leaders R US....the poor things...

Gallup: 59% of Americans on Housing Aid: Unfair but Necessary

More RW lies pushed by Drudge/CBS about Hillary & Israel

Any suggestions on how I can get to meet this Obama guy?

Iraq Withdrawal Plan Gains G.O.P. Support

U.S.-Syria talks chart way forward

Please DU this poll from my local right-wing newspaper.

I was so wrong about the GOP!

South Caroilinians listen up. We need to support the President.

How many troops should Obama should leave in Iraq?

About Obama's Birth Certificate

Stunning. Bush dazzled us with lies and scandals. Obama is using action and progress. How Dare He !

Chess? Checkers? Russian Roulette?

U.S. Ready to Respond to N.Korea Missile; May Shoot Missle Down With Obama's OK

Linear vs Global thinkers. Obama is solving a Rubik's Cube. GOP and media are playing checkers.

Rhetoric vs. Reality: The Budget and the Campaign Promises

Watching the CPAC event, I'm very confident Democrats are in really good shape

Awesome Ad - wrapping Rush like an albatross around the Republican's neck.

Bill Clinton

MODS: Dupe. please delete cuz I'm too dumb to know how

State of the Nation hip-hop video

PHOTOS Time's White House Photo Blog (some old, some new)

Jindal - "The Quitter" (editorial cartoon)

PHOTO Lyndon B. Johnson & Yuki

Michelle. Get a bichon with a puppy cut!

I just emailed Arlen Specter, my Senator, and asked for his

Finally got my Inauguration Pics. My Fav, A Woman

11:45 Obama @ Camp Lejuene Livestream

Clinton to Pick Human Rights Activist as Assistant Secretary of State

Will all these soldiers applaud??? Obama addressing

Bill Clinton #2. An essential record of fiscal responsibility.

Can you folks explain why the cuts in Medicare?

Is it too late to tap Dionne Warwick for Commerce Secretary?

Is it too late to tap Dionne Warwick for Commerce Secretary?

Today our country begins to heal from Iraq. Obama's speech will...

John Bolton jokes about nuking Chicago, entire CPAS audience erupts in laughter

N.C. Marine charged with threatening Obama

He Is Ending The War

Obama Remarks at Troop Withdrawal Announcement (TRANSCRIPT)

Day-um! That GDP revision could have been even worse

He Is Ending The War

White House Middle Class Task Force meeting now to discuss green jobs

The new standard for wingnut whining

Here comes the spin...

Do we have our own CPAC?

WOW-A president that says what he will do and does what he said he would do!!!

Mitt Romney home robbed / he's still running for President / He's bright orange!

Overall, Obama's policies so far are

Black History Month Etch A Sketch by George Vlosich III

I've been watching CPAC for only two minutes, and I'm already laughing my ass off

President Obama appoints a qualified man to AIDS Policy Chief.

WH: Obama called Bush "as a courtesy" right before his Iraq speech

Governor Piyush "Bobby" Jindal : Liar

Why would you want to be smart like Krugman when you can be dumb like Limbaugh?

HIV-Infected Blood Sent To Obama

HIV+ blood sent to Obama

Reid: Coleman should concede - could seat Franken by April


AP: Mayor who sent watermelon e-mail says he'll resign

President Obama to Iraq: "The United States pursues no claim on your territory or your resources."

How do we get real change ?

Pitch: Bring back the X-Files, but Mulder and Scully move from FBI to the SEC

Check these "COLB FACTS" [sic] out if you are bored

Watch CPAC LIVE on Talkingpointsmemo: Ron Paul speaking. Mittens up next.

Mrs. Bush said she did not watch President Obama's address to Congress on Tuesday night because she

Ireland calling: Thank you for the invite, you're lovely.....but:

It Sickens Me That MSM Is Trying To Say Dems Are Against Pres. Obama's Iraqi Withdrawal......

Are you ready to attend a state dinner?

"Mom Always Said Not To Tell Bald Faced Lies In Front Of Millions Of People"

MSNBC has David Gregory anchor Obama's Iraq announcement so he can TRY TO ruin it.

'Tampa Tea Party' Pours Scorn On Stimulus Package

anyone else catch "Stevie Wonder in Concert at the White House" last night . . .

Obama gives Bush a courtesy call before announcing his Iraq withdrawal plan

Does the stupid never end? Now Newt opens his big dirty gob.

50, 000 residual troops has such a soothing tone.


Obama calls Bush about Iraq war today

Palin leads GOP presidential poll

Airing tonight on PBS: “Stevie Wonder In Performance at the White House"

John McCain just claimed the compromised "withdrawal" as his own.

Senate to probe Bush-era interrogation program

Most Iraqis Welcome Obama's Pullout Plan

John Yang, WH reporter for MSNBC, said it really struck him that Obama "went out of his way to

They should reassign all problem FEMA mgmt to Alaska.

Where is Brooksley Born? "The Woman Greenspan Rubin and Summers Silenced"

Chairman Kerry Statement on President Obama's Iraq Plan

Mayor to quit over Obama watermelon e-mail

What's the difference between a combat troop and a non-combat troop (other than pay-scale)?

LOL! "Brightest hopes" of the GOP for 2012, stumping for John McCain

PBS - Newshour Interview with our President on this hour, and BTW,

COMBAT troops out by Aug. 2010...ALL TROOPS out by the end of 2011

lol, Peggy Noonan to republicans:

How do all the people on DU who describe Obama as Centrist or Center-Right

That was fast! Today, I got my paycheck, and the stimulus package

REALITY CHECK: Barack Obama is leaving roughly 100,000 U.S. troops

Obama: I intend to remove all U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of 2011.

(IN) Gov. seeks to throw out Obama suit

Will Obama figure out soon enough that he can't trust Wall St. fuck-ups to fix economy?

Rep. Tom Price: "American-principled policies are endangered by this administration"

McCain disagrees with Obama on Afghanistan- Wants More than 17000 Troops

Michelle Bachmann: "You be da man! You be da man!"

"30 Rock" is running for President in 2012.

Of the top 15 states in the country with HHI of $200K or more, Obama won 14

This is a wonderful speech this morning.

CNN Headline : How to get Michelle Obama's toned arms

More stupidity from the queen of stupid, Michele Bachman.

Chuck Todd is an A**Hole...

Krugman: A very, very good budget

Obama approval up to 67% in latest Gallup Tracking Poll

Should the US lift the embargo on Cuba?

I'm already tired about this Twitter business......

Not impressed with Obama's Iraq announcement

AP Source: Obama to rescind Bush abortion rule

You asked for a miracle, Republicans? I give you the AWB.

Jindal Admits Katrina Story Was False

What about the Embassy we built in Iraq?

A REPUBLICAN who has seen -and verified- Pres. Obama's "vault" birth certificate.

Where was all the crying about charities when they were repealing the estate tax?

Obama plan brings cries of class warfare.. by GOP

Obama plan brings cries of class warfare.. by GOP

$318 billion cut in Medicaid/Medicare?

Barack Obama Alley, NYC

OK, OK you can all calm down now - Michelle says they are looking for a RESCUE dog!

Question for DUers who watch TV all day

hi all!been gone awhile...what did i miss?

Michelle Obama Official Portrait Released (PHOTO)

Everybody SMILE! NYT - "Obama’s Budget Plan Sweeps Away Reagan Ideas"

Republicans will never be cool.

The most ignorant stupid MOFO dumb racist hick of the Year Nomination

Corporate Media - The Primary Threat To Obama's Progressive Goals

George W. Bush could face new torture charges (Canada)

O, Roland Burris Will You Please Go Now!

James Carville rips Santelli, Jindal in latest article.

The GOP's Anti-Obama Propaganda

Jewish Leaders Blast Hillary CLinton, Imply She is Two-Faced

Secy Gates was actually beaming when Obama walked into the hall

Barnes and Noble Store Window Features Obama Alongside Monkey Book *UPDATE*

Who would McCain have given the Gershwin to?

State Recovery Sites (stimulus)

Can someone explain how this ISN'T a marriage penalty?

Congress Considers Journalist Shield Law

Congress Considers Journalist Shield Law

I Wonder What Those Who Called Obama "An Empty Suit" Think Now

Pitt, CMU money managers arrested in fraud

Congressman Wants Military Aid To Israel Reassessed

Microsoft slashes contract worker rates by 10 pct

U.S. aid under fire in Pakistan border area

FBI arrests Stanford Financial Group exec

U.S. commander in Afghanistan: Influx of 17,000 more troops will help 'stalemate'

British author: Rabin asked King Hussein to arrange secret visit with Saddam

Obama Administration Supports Telco Spy Immunity

U.S. Is Said to Agree to Raise Stake in Citigroup

Afghans protest against foreign troops

Israel tightens Jerusalem security fearing protests

Wall Street rates poorly for ethics, honesty: poll

Pendergest-Holt, Stanford Executive, Arrested by FBI

Iraqis 'impatient' for handover

Wall St rates poorly for ethics, honesty - US poll

Thailand: More beheadings in troubled Muslim south

Senate to investigate CIA's actions under Bush

China denounces US 'rights abuse'

AP Exclusive: Gregg had stake in, won aid for base

U.S. GDP revised to decline of 6.2% in fourth quarter

Senate Committee to Probe CIA Interrogation Methods

Stonewalling in Style: Bank of America Subpoenaed

Cisco lays off 250 in first wave of cuts

Administration blocks more Bush-era oil shale development leases

SEC alerted (by whistleblower) about Stanford in 2003

Obama Plans to End Combat Mission in Iraq by August 2010

'Secret' Taliban talks under way

(U.S. contractors) Book casts harsh light on former hostage in Colombia

James Dobson resigns as Focus on the Family chair

Pilgrim's Pride To Idle 3 U.S. Plants, Affecting 3K Employees

Senate election trial: Counties ordered to check ballots

Brazil priest suspended for views

Army: Enemy fire caused copter collision in Iraq (last month)

AP Source: Obama to rescind Bush rule for medical providers who refuse service on moral basis

Iraqi government careless about its own refugees – (Displacement and Migration) minister

Most Iraqis Welcome Obama's Pullout Plan

Chicago Man Arrested for Allegedly Targeting Obama With HIV-Infected Blood

In hard times, more U.S. women try to sell their eggs

Antigua Senate approves seizure of Stanford land

U-M (Michigan) to end use of dogs in surgeon training course

Ohio’s jobless rate hits 8.8% in January

Jewish Leaders Blast Clinton Over Israel Criticism

Obama Sets End to US Combat in Iraq by Aug. 2010 (All Troops Out by End of 2011)

World faces last chance to avoid fatal warming: EU

(Nebraska) High court upholds firing of trooper in KKK case

US Soldier convicted in beating death

Canadian Jets scrambled to intercept Russian Jet

Panel: Raise gas tax, charge drivers by the mile

Secret Coleman-Lawyer E-Mails Reveal Intentional Hiding Of Witness

Senate to investigate CIA's actions under Bush

Wal-Mart worker burns self to death in parking lot

James Dobson resigns as Focus on the Family chair

Think tank urges Obama to act now on reversing U.S. Cuba policy (Brookings)

Venezuela's Chavez says Fidel Castro appears in Havana

U.S. to control up to 36% of Citi (announced this morning)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 27

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 27

US, Afghans, Pakistan see 'common threat'

Democrats Assail Withdrawal Plan

Tibetan monk sets himself on fire - activist group

Colombian bases could accept more US planes: official

Court Rejects Obama Bid to Stop Wiretapping Suit

Lost skiers fought off wolves to stay alive: brother

GE slashes quarterly dividend 68% to 10 cents

Jindal Admits Katrina Story Was False

U2 Responds to Critics of Their Deal With the Taxman

Romney home robbed, say police

US won't participate in racism conference

Ed McMahon has been hospitalized for month, "serious condition"

Mayor to quit over Obama watermelon e-mail

Vatican rejects bishop's apology for 'harm and hurt' of Holocaust denial

China scorns U.S. rights record in tit-for-tat exchange

Bush should have executed Gitmo detainees, says former CIA officer

Arizona AG: Marijuana Legalization Could curb Meixican Drug Cartel Warfare

'Conscience' rule on abortions may be overturned

Senator (Jim DeMint) calls Obama 'world’s best salesman of socialism'

California unemployment rate reaches 10.1%

Arsonists Torch Berlin Porsches, BMWs on Economic Woe

Pentagon Lifts Ban on Dover Coffin Images

Kucinich on Hardball: We Should Get Out of Iraq Completely

Afghanistan foreign minister disputes poll showing decrease in Afghan support for NATO

Frankovitch Factorski|RED SCARE 2.0

AUC Ad: Tell Republicans that Americans Won't Take NO for an Answer

HOT GOP On GOP XXX Action - Break Room Live

GOP Solutions for Economic Recovery

Germany.. Obama Angel

Protest group wants murder conviction for BART officer

UK......Shrivelled Liberties

Young Turks: Rick Santelli Feels 'Threatened' by Obama Administration

John Bolton's ~ 'Nuke Chicago' draws huge laughs and applause at CPAC conferenece (00:54)

Exclusive: Taliban mediators and Western officials in secret talks

Save Tara Valley

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (the tax evading non-plumber) talks about his trip to Israel

Report Shows CONSERVATIVE Media Bias

Bushed: KO updates us on the Anthrax attacks and investigations

Nellie McKay performs "Feminism"

Keith Olberman Worst: Rick Santelli's Rant

TYT: Did McCain Actually Help Obama By Calling Him Out?

Citigroup's Special Treatment

CNN's Rick Sanchez: Pakistan Gives The Taliban Millions Of Dollars

KO & Robert Reich discuss Obama's budget, raising taxes on the rich

From CPAC: Obama is a Commie Foreigner

Power Shift: Youth Climate Activists Swarm D.C. for Weekend of Lobbying

President Obama Announces Drawdown From Iraq

Bill O'Reilly: Why the Radio Factor failed (Live Call - More From "Rush for Obama")

Rachel Maddow interviews Iraq veteran Paul Rieckhoff on Obama's proposed troop draw down

Barney Frank and Chris Matthews school Darrell Issa - "It's the Democratic Party"

Just how important is Obama's EDUCATION stimulus?

Hypocrisy Watch - 2.26.09 (Mitch McConnell)

CPAC Splishing and a splashing...

Jim Cramer: Shortselling The Truth

President Obama Announces Iraq Troop Withdrawal

Young Turks: What If Republicans Had Gotten Their Way with Social Security?

Is this crossing the line?

The Oracle with Max Keiser - 27 February 2009

Campaign to close down School of The Americas

Countdown: Janeane Garofolo on Limbaugh's Unpopularity w/ Women

Exclusive: Joe the Plumber suggests some members of Congress should be shot.

Tucker Carlson Booed At CPAC

McConnell On Rush Limbaugh

RUSH LIMBAUGH - I Hope he fails!

Young Turks: Best of Cenk on TV

Rachel Maddow: Wingnut Inmates Take Over The Conservative Asylum

Whitehouse: To Fix Damage Left by Bush, We Must Learn the Truth

Hardball: Matthews calls out GOP Rep. Issa for saying 'Democrat' Party

HUD Allocates More than $10 Billion of Recovery Act Funding One Week After Bill Signing

(TN) House Speaker's slavery apology finds forgiveness

No chance of a return to the dark days of the 30s? Don't kid yourself

A Sneak Peek at 'One Flew Over the CPAC's Nest'

Facts about Pres. Obama, Social Security, Medicare, and Tax Free Savings Accounts

Huge Majority Believes Wall Street Bonuses Should be Returned (Poll)

Pull plug on decades of failed Cuba policy (Tampa Bay Times editorial)

TYT: Obama's Treasury Secretary Doesn't Understand System is Broken

'Playa' Steele

David Horsey cartoon: Two minutes before Obama introduces his latest nominee....

Soylent Red, White and Blue

A CPAC Prediction: Another Ann Coulter Tantrum

All the News that’s Fit to Spit

Conservative Virtues, Then and Now

Paul Krugman: Stress test this

CPAC Idiocies and Whackjobberies

Backstage at the theater of 'terror'

AlterNet: Why the Dark Secrets of the First Gulf War Are Still Haunting Us

Recession's Grip Tightens

Afghanistan + More Troops = Catastrophe

Rocky Mountain News: Goodbye Colorado

Palin and Jindal: The best the Republicans can do?

The GOP's Anti-Obama Propaganda

Farmers Call For NAFTA Reforms

Seven Years of Wartime Propaganda

Clive Crook: Was that liberal enough for you?

Lobbyists Line Up to Torpedo Speech Proposals

Eric Alterman: War Is Over (If You Want It)

Cash-Strapped Communities Suffer as Corporations Target Water Systems

More Than One Way to Take Over a Bank

David Sirota: Robin Hood Republicanism?

Senator John Kerry: Facts Are Stubborn Things

Yes, A Massive Ideological Shift Has Happened

Washington D.C. to get representation at cost of gun control

Robert Parry: Can You Trust the Republicans?

American Bankers Assoc to Prez: Stop talking trash about us

Mortgage Fraud Insider Apologizes $1 Billion Toxic Assets Ameriquest

'We're Not Paying For Your Crisis!'

The terrorists could never have inflicted upon us the damage that W has.

The Shift Has Hit the Fan: Welcome to the Sane Asylum

Emptywheel- Obama’s Two “Ifs” on FISA: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose (Breaking)

Turning an egg into a "person"

No Free HIV Test For Sluts

Four Bombshells Obama Just Dropped

Jean discusses Mayor Pam Iorio's treatment of the homeless in Tampa, Florida


CA Salmon Pops Hanging On By Their Fins; OR, WA Somewhat Better, But Fishing Still Limited

With 4,000 Dead, 83,000 Infected In Cholera Epidemic, Mugabe Spending £350K For His Birthday Party

Chevron Delays Three Nigerian Projects By At Least One Year, Doubles Cost Estimates

Beacon Power will build third flywheel regulation plant in Ohio

Australian Govt. Pushing For Carbon Credits For Forests, Soil, Biochar - The Australian

Biogas plant to get nearly $1 million from federal government

Whale saved, sort of.

Peak oil notes - Feb 26

ODAC Newsletter - 27 Feb

ORNL director to staff: energy stimulus will move fast; "Manhattan Project" scale

World faces last chance to avoid fatal warming: EU

Lovelock - Life doomed by climate woes

iPhone developer to donate Japanese App Store profits to Sea Shepherd

Yellowstone; what's the latest? I read the other day that a series of successive earthquakes

Pebble bed reactor too expensive for electricity

CMU study indicates the Chevy Volt may be too expensive to be effective

Calculate your true cost of driving with this online form:

Xcel Energy Files Application For Largest Biomass Plant in Midwest

Thames Alligators, The Brazilian Desert - How To Survive The Coming Century - New Scientist

US House Subc. on Western Hemisphere Hearing: US-Bolivia Relations: Looking Ahead March 3

NYT Disinformation about US Invasion of Grenada

New Anti-Cuban Mission for Caleb McCarry (formerly Cuba Transition Czar)

HAITI: Five Years After the Coup Event - Berkeley, March 1st

"The Haitian Coup: An Unresolved Injustice After 5 Years, by Bill Fletcher (former TransAfrica prez

France Wants to be Engine of Cuba-US Dialogue

Haitian Women of Miami (FAMN) to Rally to Stop Inhumane Detentions and Deportations

Think tank urges Obama to act now on reversing U.S. Cuba policy

Colombian bases could accept more US planes: official

Fifty Years of African Impact on Cuba

Colombia: trade union movement mourns four murder victims

Venezuelanalysis: "Venezuela Rejects 'Interventionist' US State Dept. Human Rights Report

Chávez: The government is in debt to the Caracazo victims

Bronfenbrenner: Employee Free Choice Is Key for Women

More States And Cities Turn To Worker Furlough Idea To Cut Budgets

After Eight Years of Bush, Can OSHA be Fixed?

EFCA "card check" recognition would actually DISCOURAGE "coercion" by Union Organizers...

Ron Carey Memorial Meeting February 28th New York

Did Opponents of Employee Free Choice Break the Law?

A Radical Vision for Today’s Labor Movement

Ending America’s labor pains: the Solis Confirmation

Reject UAW sellout at Ford! Mobilize autoworkers to defend jobs and living standards!

Workers Unrest and Protests Spreading Across Europe

Norm Van Lier Died!

Let the Spending frenzy begin: Redskins/Snyder signs Haynesworth to $100 million

Good NYT article about the slimmer physiques in baseball. Attn: LisaM, it mentions Lolich.

Jason Taylor agrees to terms with the Pats.

Dan Snider is at it again, spending over a $150 million before breakfast

And now for some relevant baseball news: Manny turns down 1-year, $25 million deal.

Brady, Bundchen wed - any feedback?

PATS Mike Vrabel traded to KC

Which performance-enhancer disappointed you the most?

Even some Bonds haters agree...& they're agreeing in huge numbers

Bonds trial delayed

Amid scandal, Nationals fire Rijo

You two are idiots

oppression, regression, etc still form what is

Candlelight Vigil for Simmie Williams

Obama Goes Gay with new National AIDS Policy Chief

self delete

Brazil priest suspended for views (pro-condoms, pro-gay)

New Mexico State senate defeats domestic partnership bill

Repugs say: Civil Unions are Cwaazy! Loosey-Goosey!


NAACP Calls For Prop 8 to Be Overturned

Fannie Mae loses $25 billion in one quarter

Another Stanford Employee Told SEC It Was A Ponzi Scheme...In 2003

I have the solution to the China/Trade imbalance question

Hungary Seeks $230 Billion Package for Eastern Europe

Roche Bonds Pay $624 Million Windfall in ‘Money Left on Table’

Q4 GDP -6.2%

Citigroup analyst caused run on E*TRADE in November 2007

What is this?

FDIC raising fees on banks, adds emergency fee

United States Oil Fund says not aware of CFTC probe

Thank You GOP!

Government could acquire a 36% stake in Citigroup - ( Preferred shares to be converted to common)

Blackstone's up 19%

Continued Delinquencies Kick Off 2009: Equifax

“A Whole New Kind of Struggle is Emerging”

Common and preferred stocks: a primer

CNBC- an alternate universe

How come common shares of Citi go down and Preferred shares go up?

Irish Airline Mulls charge for Toilet

Brutal February for Blue Chips

"The US Gov't asked banks to set up money laundering systems in the Carribean"

Arsonists Torch Berlin Porsches, BMWs as Recession Fuels Anger

Yale’s Tobin Guides Obama From Grave as Friedman Is Eclipsed

SEC at behest of Wall Street bankers (incl H. Paulson) allowed banks to use greater leverage.

Could someone with the knowledge please explain to me how close Bank of America is to falling.

Geithner's Latest Gift To Citigroup Owners Finally Complete

Sallie Mae May Lose 74% of Loan Business Under Obama Budget

The Credit Catastrophe a Mark-to-Market Accounting disaster.

Iceland....Central Bank Bill Becomes Law

GOP Jewish group blasts U.S. role in lead up to Durban II

Civil Admin. okays plans for thousands of West Bank homes

Israel tightens Jerusalem security fearing protests

Livni says won't join Netanyahu-led government

Israel planning mass expansion of West Bank settlement bloc

Spanish court green-lights Gaza probe

Jewish Leaders Blast Clinton Over Israel Criticism

Canada Schools Blasted For Ban On Anti-Israel 'Apartheid' Poster

UK diplomat suspended following arrest

40 days after war, Hamas rule of Gaza gaining legitimacy

What Iran’s Jews Say

U.S. pulling out of ‘Durban II’ conference

Freeman confirmed in intelligence job

HuffPo: Autism Debate Continues, Another Autism Case Wins in Vaccine Court

Second team finds natural super flu fighter...

Contraception is An Economic Issue

Obama Admin to Rescind Bush's 'Conscience' Regulation


Transforming Medicine: An Historic Event

Obama calls for generic biotech drugs

Pharmaceutical company stock falls after Justice Department files fraud charges

Drug Stocks Suffer on Obama Budget - possible re-importation, plans for Gov negotiate pricing

Seroquel’s Maker Buried Findings of Link to Diabetes for Years, Newly Released Court Documents Show


Age of Autism: "Why is the Media Ignoring the Bailey Banks Autism Vaccine Decision?"

Should we ban peanut butter because a subset of the population might be at risk?

The cure for cancer probably has existed for 15 years!

Homeowner holds suspect at bay in pool

Armed Clerk Foils Robbery Attempt

Homeowner foils burglary attempt in NW Tallahassee

Shreveport homeowner shoots, wounds burglar

Man wrangles handgun from would-be robber

How about an apology?

Its just a little joke, you probably have seen this before.

WARNING; I just posted some anti GOP/Pro Obama opinions

I warned you all about Kirsten Gillibrand

So how come the cry for the banning of guns never takes into account the fact

How do you feel about publishing the names of people with infectious diseases?

Obama calls for 2.9% pay raise in 2010

Lawmakers: Obama says 50K in Iraq by Aug. 2010

O-2 testifies he shot detainee in self-defense

2 Hood soldiers convicted in murder plot

Stewart soldier charged for fleeing to Canada

Soldier convicted in gang beating death of sgt.

Iraq insurgent pleads guilty to planting bombs

Army manual focuses on electronic warfare

Afghan DM: Nation in fight for its survival

Green Beret found not guilty of murder

Man claims vet status should let him steal

Hornet landing rattles nerves in San Diego

Gates lifts ban on flag-draped casket photos

Bush, Truman get new commanders

Danish, Chinese navies deter suspected pirates

NORAD training flights planned near D.C.

P-3 mishap: 2 pilots short on flight hours

President to deliver address at Camp Lejeune

Veterans optimistic about progress on VA ills

Mistrial for airman accused of attempted murder

Guard chief: Enlistment bonuses to take hit

Slain combat controller to be buried Saturday

Shooting of four U.S. troops highlights trust issues between two forces

Military update: Review board may disappoint disabled vets

Verdict in gang-initiation death trial angers victim’s mother

South Koreans await help after U.S. helicopter damages their homes

Ramstein airmen get confinement for parachute pack job, drug use

Blacks’ struggle not over, retired DOD official tells Stuttgart audience

Amount of fuel spilled at RAF Fairford unknown

European briefs: Gas prices to fall at AAFES stations in Europe

Airman facing court-martial for gun incident

Guam soldier killed in Kuwait SUV crash

Nine soldiers injured in South Korea bus accident

Iraqi Army Struggles to Master Logistics

Missile Defense Capable, Maybe

Bataan preps for Osprey shipboard deployment

Interesting mailbag at Stars & Stripes today:

Feds charge former Marine with Obama threats

SEAL’s death prompts look at shoot houses

Canon s first U-boat try failed

hold the door!

Nikon D200 at only $599.99 at Best Buy!

Defense Tech: Which to Kill: Raptor or Lightning Deus?

The instant before touchdown, a very lucky shot; also bluebird aerodynamics, another lucky shot.

My first attempt at making a light box.

Watching the PBS Music Special from the White House....

A good thread in GD

Do you like to get an astro reading around your b'day?

A spiritual ROFL!

I think people are outrageous liars about equal marriage.

Crazy Scientist wants to shoot mirrors into space using giant cannon

Devolve yourself!

I Roger Pielke, Jr. a fraud?

What's the opening chord in "Hard Day's Night"?

Obama backs Moon return in NASA budget

Van Morrison on Astral Weeks:

Suicide. It is certainly a moral issue. Is it a religious issue? Is it a right? Should it be a

I’m talkin' Tolstoy while she reads magazines

UN Pushing Binding Resolution To Make Criticism of Religion ILLEGAL

Would You Go to Jail to Protest Torture?

Do all the cool kids hang out in R/T, and is there a god?

Would anyone like some persimmon tea?

I think this is an idea everyone in C&B can support

Cooking Oil?

An idea for the group.

Whats for Dinner? ~ Friday the 27th


OMG!!! a cooking forum on DU!?!?

The power behind the screen

9/11 Commission Memoranda for the Record (MFRs) WIlliam Rodriguez

a comparison ..

Anthrax spores don't match dead researcher's samples

I am going to Washington DC in April. Will our Congress people be there Apr 5 - Apr 12?

Mayoral candidates in bed together?

Pregnant Pause - Whither family-planning funds?

Funding shortfall would force CBC to consider more U.S. shows

Ed McMahon in intensive care....

Wireless notworking question, running a Linksys WRT54GS as a client bridge with DD-WRT

John Kerry’s in position to do world of good

Kerry's statement about troops withdrawal

John Kerry challenges George Will on climate change on Huff Post

"Eastern Europe needs our help," WSJ Europe article by Sen. Kerry

Councils 'to reveal bosses' pay'

Angry Brown will recoup some of Goodwin's pension if law allows