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Archives: February 3, 2009

Huffington Post: Employee Free Choice Act Gives Workers a Fair and Democratic Chance to Form Unions

Did Obama talk with the Superbowl winners?

The Republicans *do* have a stimulus plan!! It costs 3.5 TIMES Obama's ($3.1Trillion over 10 years)

What's with all this "pre-January 20th" thinking


Rate Matt Lauer's interview with President Obama.

On welfare queens and five-legged dogs

Passerbys ignore man dying on the street after beating.

Go Dennis!

Holder Hearings

New Senate Stimulus Bill: Out?

Repug Senatorial Candidate and Jokes About Obama Assassination

Has the GOP successfully co-opted the word "stimulus?"

Employee Free Choice Act: Yes We Can

Barney Frank blasting the banks on KO now

Joe and Mary Shit answer the 100 questions posed by Acme* Tax Co and pay their tax bill successfully

Mass layoffs of 50 or more workers surge (AP/CT post)

Biden's Munich role: Reinvigorate NATO ties (AP/Yahoo)

Adult age reading is on the rise (AP/Delmarva Times)

Ben Nelson, DINO hack

Official: Obama to repeal 4 Bush executive orders (AP)

turn it on right now Stephen Colbert

"It's like wearing dark pants and pissing down your leg,"

Any word on whether Kkkarl showed up for his subpoena today?

Groundhog Day coming up on FX in ten minutes!

Hiding political dollars spent on hate....what else is the Mormon Church hiding?

Shuuuuu, Sean Hannity is on

Did you enjoy the morning ? Groundhog Day ?

When Steve Martin used to do that bit about "You can be a millionaire and never pay taxes!"

The "Know-Nothing" faction of the GOP will take over from the neocons

Did the Groundhog see his shadow?

How many jobs were lost in and around your community today?

If you can help keep a true progressive voice alive, please do

On The Lighter Side - What Did Everyone Think Of The 3-D Commercial Yesterday & Chuck.....

Financing fantasy wars....

My "new rules". (1) If's it's a bad idea, it's from a Republican. (2) If two ideas are proposed,

Area the size of Texas in Amazonian rainforest provisionally marked for Oil and Gas exploration.

Why do I have this nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach that the repukes have been allowed..

Joe the Plumber to attend GOP strategy meeting

Cheney Dunk Tank Raises $800 Billion For Nation

PHOTO: "An' ball girl, yer doin' a heck of a job"

caption ?

A Republican Atheist speaks out....

Just a reminder, it's Feb. 2 and Al Franken has not yet been seated.

Attorney: Rove Will Cooperate With DOJ Probes

Anybody get Springsteen seats, today?

Political Lessons Taken on the Fly by Gillibrand (NYT 2/2/09)

POLL: Palin is overwhelmingly chosen as GOP's new role model

Sri Lanka troops find Tamil Tiger chief's bunker: ministry

Tell me what you know about the Free Staters and some other

Did anyone else get email from the prez today?

North Korea preparing for longest range ballistic missile launch

I'm still wondering what benefit Judd Gregg will be at Commerce

The repubs are politically bankrupt: Joe the Plumber advises GOP-ers

Film: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

Cell-Building Discovery Could Reduce Need for Some Animal Research

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Lest we forget... Things have a way of going round and round.

Just for kicks, predict the GOP nominee for 2012

Militants in Pakistan sever Afghan supply link

The MSM is reporting that Obama will nominate Sen. Gregg for Commerce

How many post before PMs?


Gates blames Karsai's public complaints about civilian killings for resentment of U.S. presence

Republicans: STFU!!

"Buying American is Dangerous" Alan Viard American Enterprise Institute..

Worst Supermarket Foods - from Lifehacker

Do you oppose hunting for...(choices)

How big a deal do you think the whole 'didn't pay taxes' thing is?

They're starting to surrender

Just ew....(caption please)

Consumer Reports' Ground Coffee Tests Reveal Some of the Best Cost the Least

U.S. seamen being trained to fend off pirates

Hahaha. . .Blago offered job as Chairman of TNA Wrestling. .

Just Wondering

More than 1000 wait to apply for 35 firefighter jobs in Miami

Doggone cool story

I wish there could be a private DU forum for us to post

I took vacation time to watch the election

U.S. Property Owners Lost $3.3 Trillion in Home Value Last Year

Shoe thing catches on, in lieu of pie, protester throws shoe at China Premier Jiabao

GOP Wants to Drop Mortgage Rates Down to 4%, Democrats Should Agree and Do It Better.

New Jersey had an earthquake?

Counting The Layoffs

Who's afraid of the Freemasons?

The World According to Americans

Thom Hartmann: Leaving Air America?

If you oppose hunting, about your food...

The GOP and Steele (a picture is worth a 1000 words)

The family that stabs together, stays together. In jail.

Protester throws shoe at China's premier

All pugs know are tax cuts tax cuts and more tax cuts. They have worked so well haven't they?

Um.. That's not Rodney Stanger.. (news blooper)

Here's the problem with the Pie

Good Morning

California Crisis Deepens - Are Other States To Follow?

Michael Steele has been at the helm of the RNC for a day and I already can't stand him......

Putnam about to ditch the House seat

ah ha ha ha ha the groundhog bit Mayor Bloomberg.

The nice thing about the GOP's stimulus "alternative"

Sri Lanka Hospital Shelled For Fourth Time

My new Tax MO

Chelsea Clinton

So now that people have no jobs, McConnell wants to "fix the housing industry."

No. Really. I DON'T want Daschle for HHS.

A new record! In the time it took the TV to come on and for me to get remote to change channel

$40 billion increase in proposed Pentagon budget spun as ‘defense cuts’ by right wing

So I'm in The Hague...

Is Rachel done on Air America?

What was that? CNN... "You don't want him as your enemy."

U.S. Property Owners Lost $3.3 Trillion in Home Value Last Year

A song for today.

The manufacturing days of the US is over...

STOP watching Morning "DEAD INTERN" Joe it causes wingnut-batshyt-itis

Donald Rumsfeld Tries to Ride the Bus

WashTech wants your outsourcing stories

Toothy raccoon bit off manhood..(more like startled/pissed off raccoon)

Nugent for head of NRA? Freepers rejoice.

Dateline: Stockton...Senior Citizens Arrested For Costco Robbery

FTC Sues in 'Pay-for-Delay' Pact (these people are scum)

How bad does the economy have to get before they start withholding social security payments?

How bad does the economy have to get before they start withholding social security payments?

If it were November this would be a pretty snow shower.

Bystander killed by police in Southern California

Ethiopia’s Meles Warns Crisis May Cause Half of the African States to Fail

I know what Joe Scar was doing for a week...

Judd Gregg Voted to Kill Commerce Dept. Before He Agreed to Lead It

Judd Gregg Voted to Kill Commerce Dept. Before He Agreed to Lead It

Women's Rights: A Study in Contrast

Barack Hussein Obama

First-time skydiver deals with instructor's death, lands safely

Thought for the day...Globalization is teeeriffic

Joe the Plumber advises GOP-ers

Joe the Plumber advises GOP-ers

Free Breakfast! Today Only - Denny's

hey ron christie, save your outrage for war criminals

An Obama Forum mysteriously languishes unused awaiting the BobbleHeads.

Words I'd like to see here in the US this year....

My parents used to talk about the Great Depression.

Gene Roddenberry, wife to spend eternity in space (ashes going via "memorial spacefilght")

The sky is falling. Ron Christie and Stinky the Clown AGREE on something

Who is this "Bill" a$$hole on the Diane Rehm Show? (I missed his full name.)

Court makes mistake and charges man for time spent in jail

Getting back up and finishing strong

Complete this: "I think the most important thing Congress can do in the first 100 days is ..."

Troubled peanut firm's chief also an industry quality adviser (USDA Standards Board)

DASCHLE'S TENTACLES-The ultimate Washington Insider-Owns new Administration?

Insurance companies overcharging Medicare subscribers for prescriptions...

Rachel Maddow on the Martha Stewart show right now!

Chris Matthews interviews Jesus Christ

Living in Hard Times...Buy Whole Sandwich from Chick-fil-A...or ANYWHERE

Obama Bro Cannabis Possession Charges Dropped

The Stimulus Plan Sucks

WOW GM offering all hourly workers buyouts

Daschle brings us .......

Iran Satellite Launch - US Concerned that the same Technology can be used....

Reuters: Ford's U.S. sales plummet 42 percent

Tonight on NOVA: The Spy Factory - How Smart Is the U.S. Intelligence, Anyway? Reviewed by NY Times

Is there a scenario in which I should re-finance the mortgage?

Bullshit Walks: Pajamas Media to put itself out of its bloody misery

I'm Sorry, But Daschle Is Out Of Touch And Obama Isn't Getting It


Can we end the mess that governor appointments bring us?

When Russia was in Afghanistan they had 150,000 troops and an

A message in song

Obama on a Dress

Obama on a Dress

North Korea May Be Prepping For Missile Test

Daschle Has Received $195,000 for Speeches to Health Care Groups

Now this is kind of funny...Cnn's Sanchez...Limpball a "big boy"...

Who is this Deroy person on MSNBC, denouncing global warming? Yet

My Denny's breakfast experience:

The day the music died + 50 years

"Children throwing snowballs in public could be arrested or fined "

Daschel just withdrew! MSNBC n/t

Robin Carnahan is running for Senate in Missouri

I'm a Democrat and I am SURE feelin' underground these days.

OF COURSE the Republic Party want President Obama to FAIL.

Can we start a fundraising effort to .......

Sarah Palin endorses Texas' Perry for re-election

Mother of Octuplets Finds Her Meal Ticket

Thom Hartmann leaving Air America for new syndicator

Daschle withdraws his name from consideration

For the U.S. House IL-5 election I could vote for anyone except for Mike Quigley because... [K&R]

Patrick Moore, story teller

The Real or Onion Quiz

My employer is offering an "early retirement" incentive.

The Vetters

Breaux-Lott Leadership Group. PERFECT. A Dem whore and a Puke whore

my local news is really supporting the republicans on this stimulus package...unfreakin'believable

Bob Herbert: "Risking the Future"

John McCain sending out emails addressed to Osama Bin Laden

Thom Hartmann's PISSED

Name on Obama appointee or designate with whom you are THRILLED

Official: Acid dumped in Ohio city's water supply

Sheriiff: If what Michael Phelps was smoking pot in my county,

TWO nominee withdrawals in one day

I saw English Beat last night and they ended with a song about Obama!

Logic says that Daschle cannot perform the functions of HHS

Among the dumbest headlines ever..."Ice Storm was first test for Obama's FEMA."

Welfare Queens never honor their commitments.......

Man what was with TDS kissing butt to the Rethug stimulus

What % of middle class income actually goes to healthcare

Letter of Explanation for U.S. Workers Getting Slapped and Screwed

Should EVERYONE be Subject to an Estate Tax, No Matter Their Political Affiliation?

And now ladies and gentlemen... the GOP proudly present: "Joe the Economist"

Nancy Killefer

"rate of defects is highest in coal-producing regions." (birth defects)

Welfare Aid Isn’t Growing as Economy Drops Off

Waterboarding doco welcomes Condoleezza Rice back to Stanford

State Pitches Constraints On Utility Execs. Pay

Is anyone listening some of the bozos calling into Tom Hartmann?

The Rude Pundit: They've Lost Their Fucking Minds, Part 3 (David Brooks Editions)

One slight silver lining in the nominations gone south - our deficit

Question for current military members and vets from DU

Millard Fuller is dead at the age of 74. He was the founder of "Habitat for Humanity"

Millard Fuller is dead at the age of 74. He was the founder of "Habitat for Humanity"

Something that would stimulate my personal economy & probably every one else's

Let's Try This Again Without Hedges and Nader

Joe the Plumber advises GOP-ers

And, warming up in the HHS bullpen, we have . . . . . . . .. . . . . .Bill Frist!

Dozens of secret Bush surveillance, executive power memos found

Check out the W caricatures here:

Check out the W caricatures here:

A RESOLUTION affirming States’ rights based on Jeffersonian principles.

Peanut Plant Salmonella Horror: Worker Says Rat Dry-Roasting In Peanut Area

Good work DOJ: Justice Rehires Attorney Fired Amid Gay Rumor

GOP's FAUX-Fiscal Responsibility

Roves last minute pardon!!!

Iran commits international suicide

Bill Scher: Insurance Lobby Loses Lone Argument

cnn poll - fair & balanced?

Have all of the populists been destroyed yet?

The Next Slum

Iran puts a "HOMEMADE" satellite into orbit

Okay, I have to say this: How wonderful is it to call the White House and talk to a REAL PERSON?

Shuster's wife?

Shuster's wife?

A $50 Billion Nuke Power Bomb Is Dropping Toward Obama's Stimulus Package

Pajamas Media-- Can we hope for their collapse? Yes we can!

This Modern World: The incredible shrinking Republican Party!

"Demonstrating what being a Democrat means" in action on DU - we should be proud.

Anyone Watching C Span or C Span 2?

Steve Bell on George Bush

Panic among H-1B visa layoffs

Vancouver Sun: Former Australian PM still backs Bush

Vancouver Sun: Former Australian PM still backs Bush

Yesterday's Democracy Now segment with guest David Cay Johnston

What's it like to volunteer for HRC (Human Rights Campaign) or the Democratic party?

Joe The Plumber Now Advising Republican Party

Robert Reich on Buy American clause

I prefer to look at these recent tax scandals in a different light....

When apple carts lose wheels .......

Per Mitch McConnell's jaw:

In 2010, Rep. Hodes will run for U.S. Senate

Thinking about a quote from Orwell

So Timothy "turbotax' Geitner got approved, but Daschle is forced to withdraw...

Disabuse yourselves of the notion that Dean has any chance at all for the HHS job


Please DU my latest ltte Re:Body Armor recall

Interesting how the Republicans have found religion when it comes to spending....

CNN: House Republicans unveil list of "wasteful" Senate stimulus spending. WTF?

Is Obama turning right - in the direction of the skid

Senate GOP blocks extra $25B in stimulus package

Daschle Is A Big Cry Baby!

Hey--Anybody hear anything about the Daschle nomination today?

Bubye Daschle

Justice at Justice!

Howard Dean involved in tax problem.

Woo Woo!! Class Action Lawsuit vs BankAmerika

What's the Matter with Kansas? new documentary based on the book

Women say S.A. mall cops arrested them for kissing

The repubs destructive hypocrisy

Cheney Dunk Tank Raises $800 Billion For Nation

Sen. Specter believes we shouldn't reexamine past administrations: "This is not Latin America."

MO's dem SOS Robin Carnahan announced she is running for US Senate

Colbert ‘Top Candidate’ for Next Archbishop of New York

Could the auto loan interest tax deduction be coming back?

Can we justs start treason charges against Richard Shelby?

"The Campaign Manager" TV series

We lost a really good meme this week that we worked on for a long time

Daschle Replacement: Names slogan

Rest in Peace Millard Fuller

TEDTalk Tuesday: Playing the Cape Breton Fiddle

New Afghanistan Report from Joint Chiefs Favors Border Warfare Over Nation-Building

What the heck is it with taxes??

Teacher quits after hitting pizza-grabbing student

All federal legislators and top fed officials should have their taxes audited

Daschle takes himself out of the running for HHS job

Are good government Democrats questioning the stimulus plan?

New Google Ocean Takes Google Earth Beyond the "Dirt"

Which programs on this "stimulus package waste list" do you agree is...indeed...waste?

Admins, Mods, Anybody... is there a way to hide the "formerly" text?

Barbara Boxer fans:

8% funding increase (DoD) =$40 Billion is a "cut" in their world

Mikulski (D, Maryland) CSPAN 2--an amendment to give tax rebates for new auto purchases? WTF?

For the teachers out there; just thought this idea was cool

Bush's U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, William Wood, is known in Kabul as "Chemical Bill."

I'm so very sorry that Tom Daschle has given up on being in Obama's cabinet.

Should Citigroup be throwing 400 million dollars at naming rights of stadiums...

Lesbian To Run For Mayor Of Houston

Tom Tancredo and Mike Rosen (a host on KOA radio) lose money invested with Madoff

Connecticut attorney general eyes Lieberman challenge

"The last thing we need now is a retaliatory trade war." : Day

No matter how "bad" it gets, just remember this

Doctors don't know why my baby daughter isn't getting any bigger

Chris asking Claire about Dean

Du'ers: I've been asked to join a local Lions Club organization.

Can anyone explain the genius of the chess move whereby we have the chance to get a 60th seat ......

"Made in America" in the stimulus bill-two insights

It's really obvious that there's only one remaining candidate for HHS Sec'y who

Brand Logos after the crisis

Has anyone ever met a sitting or former president?

New CNN Online Poll: Dumbest.Poll.Ever.

Denny's slammed by breakfast giveaway - some patrons still in pajamas

Please tell me why Judd Gregg is being appointed? Is he the best qualified?

Judd Gregg, total free trader wingnut, to head Commerce Dept (International Trade Administration).

BREAKING: LAT- SCOCA Sets 3/5 As Date for Prop 8 Arguments

Has anyone else noticed the post-partisan tie color explosion?

Walmart Greeter Attacked By Cop During Receipt Check Suing For $21 Million

I didn't catch it, did the Groundhog see his shadow or not?

Congress Should Freeze And Nullify The Remainder Of The First Bailout.

Could MSNBC get any more complacent to the puke BS today?

Why is President Obama appointing a Republican?

What's the Ascendancy of Bruce Springsteen Got to Do with the Dominance of Wal-Mart?

Tonight on American Experience: The Polio Crusade

I'm feeling so happy right now... calm, relaxed... not a care in the world.

Blue Dog Jim Cooper officially off the deep end

America has never been at war while being led by a President from Wisconsin.

Tell me I'm wrong

Republicans want more spending & want less spending Argh.

At least Daschle didn't bawl like Roger Federer

wall to wall snow here in cincinnati. please send airlfit. lol

So, who's up next for Sec. of HHS?

Breaking; Obama appoints David Duke as WH Ombudsman...

First, Jail All Bush's Lawyers-By Robert Parry

Dick Lugar's plan to raise the gasoline tax

A Man Can Take Us To War and Lie and We Won't Do a Damn Thing About That (CNN)

So the US Attorney for NH will arrest the governor before his morning jog tomorrow?

Tumulty, Swampland: You Know Who'd Be Good For HHS? Mittens!

What do you watch on TV in the AM?

WTF is this bullshit? Buy new LCD HD TV/Widescreen....

Welfare Queens

My New Car Sign............

Please please please tell me which experts on DU to believe!

Please please please tell me which experts on DU to believe!

Dozens of secret Bush surveillance, executive power memos found

Bonnie Newman - REPUBLICAN - named to fill Gregg's seat.

In reality, it's not Democrat vs. Republican. It's the COMMON MAN vs. CORPORATIONS

Prominent conservative anti-immigration "think tanks" linked to white-supremacist organizations

State of Texas hater Palin endorses Gov Goodhair

Helping Afghan Women and Girls: by Katrina Vanden Heuvel w/ Kavita Ramdas

Michelle: "I'm A Product Of Public Schooling"

Charlie Crist on Hardball now

Interesting fact about DU

I just relistened to the Thom Hartmann inteveriew of Joe the Plumber

anyone got the photo of Daschle standing behind Bush

My Congressional hit list.

A Reminder: We have a Frugal Group here at DU. Come visit!!

IBM Offers To Move Laid Off Workers To India: "The climate is warm, no shortage of exotic food"

Chinese earthquake may have been man-made, say scientists

Scene at Denny's- 75 people in line, cops doing crowd control

MySpace: 90,000 sex offenders removed from site

World champion skiier thinks cow is great prize in current economy

This is a message to Tom Daschle

Tammy Duckworth nominated to #2 at VA. Another appointee I like .......

Is anyone familiar with Alan Watts? --- 60s philosopher

Welfare Queens Gone Wild: The "Viva Las Vegas" Episode

I argue that Barack Obama is systematically destroying the Republican party.

Kept artificially alive 17 years, Italian woman sent to clinic to die

I am sick and tired of throwing democrats under the bus, RANT

Molly Ivins: "I sometimes wake screaming, "Bipartisanship!" and scare myself. "

Molly Ivins: "I sometimes wake screaming, "Bipartisanship!" and scare myself. "

Thank-You Skinner for Being One of the Few

Dozens of secret Bush surveillance, executive power memos found; Could be made public

Why do Dem cabinet nominees have to withdraw for tax problems, but Repub WAR CRIMINALS sailed thru?

US stimulus job creation claims uncertain

FYI: Tonight on NOVA: The Spy Factory. Bamford on the NSA.

Daschle - infidelity and anti-FISA lobbying. The stuff of moral prison.

Why is President Obama "okay" with tax-cheaters?

Fruitport schools fourth-grader expelled for having cake knife

Sirota: Blacklisting progressives: the untold story beneath the Daschle headlines

****Bank Bailout Consolidation Thread****

Daschle was Obama's first real betrayal of his "Change" mantra

Afghanistan Escalation Wrinkle: Kyrgyzstan Said to Deny Base to U.S.

Obama Justice Department Re-Hires Attorney Fired By Goodling Because Of Lesbian Rumor»

"Because I knew you, I have been changed for good."

Any Go players out there?

America Is Completely Broke, And Here We Are Funding Fantasy Wars at the Pentagon

Apparently, DU knows more about what Obama's doing than Obama does.

Filibuster Math: Dems Should Not Seat Gregg's Replacement (Until Franken is Seated First)

Show Us the Damn TARP Money!

Alaskan Representative uses Intuition to determine we are not being gouged on gas prices

Prominent Mormons Were Reimbursed For Prop 8

It's so cute when the banks say they can't specifically account for the TARP funds

Crisis looms at the Pentagon - Asia Times

2/3 of the biggest damn crooks ever to be President were from California.

Republicans beating Democrats 100-1

It might be worthwhile to block out the noise and listen carefully when Barak Obama whispers.


People I'm totally sick of and never want to hear about ever again

Where's Sen Grassley On Single-Payer?

What have you done about the digital TV transition?

Governor Sarah Palin continues to push extreme methods to kill wolves and bears

Tom Daschle’s Blueprint for Health Reform - He & his "group" will decide approved treatments.

"Maybe the closer one gets to being repubican, the more one has ethical 'issues'?"

Walsh sees ice growing thinner for Obama...

McCaskill just lied her ass off

From $100,000 a year to unemployed

I told Mrs R to "mark my words" about that "octuplet mom" the other day:

Bus Slogan Generator

AlterNet: The Whole World Is Rioting as the Economic Crisis Worsens -- Why Aren't We?

California Is Officially Broke

Daschle out!

CONTACT White House and Demand HOWARD DEAN for HHS:

I used to think DU'ers were over-reacting when they said they hated republicans, but I finally

Obama's candidate for the Commerce Dept. voted to abolish it before he agreed to run it...

I lost my job yesterday.

Week 2 Presidential Checklist

Mystery coffin moved to Bosworth

What is the Check Cashing Card costing all of us????

Boston Legal on tonight 8-11PM EST. ION Channel. For those who care.

Actress Judd goes after Palin over aerial wolf killing

If This Is Change It's A Wooden Nickel- Judd Gregg Sucks!

Ralph Nader Challenges Rush Limbaugh "the corporate welfare king"

Nutritionist Arrested by Federal Marshalls in FDA Raid

New Names . . . . . . Old Names: My Alphabetical List

Gregg pick and local Government

My son lost his job 4 months ago. Now, unemployed, makes more money than you can shake a stick at.

Ah echoes of history... here is how the RIGHT reacted to the new deal

What do you think about the Buy American Clause?

Here is what bothers me about this "Buy American" Hoopla

Robert Reich: Tom Daschle and the populist revolt

We are (mostly) all slaves to the banks folks

My best friend and I found a bunch of Soviet Communists

Woman accused of having sex with 12-year-old boy

Did You Attend Public or Private School?

Citi, GE and BoA among American companies to fuck US workers out of $4B in wages

Best Way To Never Have Another Stupid Endless War....No More Presidents From TEXAS!

ATT Charges extra $5 for human contact

Gun blast shatters Lincoln newlyweds' 'perfect' life

Don't get your hearts set on Dean being nominated for HHS Secretary

Do you oppose hunting?

Court rules FL primary lawsuit as "moot". Activist will take it to the Supreme Court.

So you are happy when foreign guestworkers get their visas terminated?

OMG! Did You See the Republican's List of "Wasteful Spending" in the Stimulus Package??

"I think I broke my ass"

I guess it's official. trof is the most boring lounge singer.


candy, no. Skullcandy, Yes


I hope the new Hero can make people climax at will!

I posted something in the Mac forum...

Epic Records Just Named An Artist / Songwriter As Their New CEO. The Bad News:

Michael Phelps smokes dope

For Longhorn

'867-5309' (Tommy Tutone's "867-5309/Jenny" hit single) phone number for sale on eBay

I can't believe that Anthony Bourdain is featuring Ted Asshole Nugent on his show.

Tonight's "Dinner on a Tight Budget"...Linguine with White Bean Puree

Iggy Pop - Neighborhood Threat - Your Opinion

You know I have never heard Iggy Pop's album "Lust For Life" all the way until now

You know I have never heard Iggy Pop's album "Lust For Life" all the way until now

Post #1500 - My boot cut jeans story


London DUers... how's the snow?

A question about Secret Service protection

A question about Secret Service protection

DUer Longhorn has passed away.

A Special Toast.....

Miller High Life 1-second commericals? Did you see them?

We're planning a trip to Ireland in June

Jazz aficionados: Need help finding more tunes like "Speak No Evil" and "Maiden Voyage"

Lost thief holes up in bank lavatory

I need an "Atta boy!"

Is anybody watching Intervention?

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

I've got another TV addiction, this time it's Breaking Bad.

Did anybody notice third Galactica episode seemed like Valkyrie?

So do stickers a better person make?

Another album I like: "After Bathing At Baxter's" by Jefferson Airplane

You know what? Fuck this game. Fuck it.

Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket. I've really fucked up now!

Just watching "Blade Runner" - it is supposedly set in the year

"Dear P***s" NSFW

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/2/09

'Paint It Black' song in TV ad recently, Who does it?

Heroes is going to be so kickass this season

This week's DUers for the prosecution of Bush/Cheney criminals by the Obama administration check-in

Gluten Morgen Lounge!

John Barrowman: love, hatred, or indifference? Please state why.

A belated happy birthday to Graham Nash! He turned 67 yesterday.

Madonna may be dating Jesus

This is a test ...

Good morning Lounge

Good morning Lounge

I'm finally doing it- I'm posting naked!


Sloppy 2nd and 10

A beautiful dusting of snow here in Richmond this morning

I need a lightweight vacuum cleaner that doesn't cost a fortune. Any advice?

How do you know when an Honor Society is a genuine one?

If you could only have one: HD or DVR

Salt and vinegar pork craklins? Not many more things can be nastier.

Ways to make Donatella Versace look less tan

Anyone go to Denny's today?

6 Time World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers Victory Parade (live feed)

Man gets 30 lashes for refusing to put out his cigarette on a plane

Freeway, Highway, Tollway, Debris-way!

If you were to hack a construction sign...

Driver Calls 911 While Resisting Officers On I-4

this rant not available from your country

Man Busted in Dubai for Hiding Pigeons in His Pants (Pics Included)

IF free trade ended tomorrow and we re-instituted tariffs

Does anyone have experience w/ making homemade ravioli?

Stories From the Road: The Good, The Bad, and The Tough

Did you ever think of a kick ass post in the middle of the night

Happy Birthday Tommy Smothers!

Does the boss want me to win this case or not?!

Help me settle last night's raging argument between MrLara and I.

Anyone heard of/cooked with Quinoa? Recipes? This is a grain

A rather remarkable thing happened to me yesterday

I am going to Florida in 22 days

Happy Groundhog Day!

Did you ever get to take that trip you planned out as a teenager?


Just how irritable/Pissed off is cold-turkey post-nicotine YOY

We have lost another DUer, my friends

Did Philboy see his shadow yesterday??

Remember in the '08 campaign, the McCain yard sign generator?

Just got back from my friend's funeral

Ramirez turns down Dodgers offer of $25 million for one year

Things you don't want to hear from your eight year-old neice part 2:

Good Mornin', Lounge!

Would it be possible to build a snow house around an actual house?

Show him your badge.

Best. Thread. Today. in GD...

PSE&G billing

I heard a commercial on the radio today, and I wasn't sure if it was for real or not....

"We deal with the Bengals all the time."

Mid-term #2 down, two to go. Pharmacology tomorrow.

If someone snorted the powered dust left over from an empty box of Altoids....

*Fucking Snap!*

Should we expect another? Leon Panetta has been slow to turn over his papers

Should we expect another? Leon Panetta has been slow to turn over his papers

Hunts Ketchup is fucking nasty.

Mighty Putty isn't worth a shit on leaky pipes

Heads up Texas drivers, today at the DMV I had to take off my glasses for my new picture.

OK this had me cracking up...Christian Bale's diva tirade remixed...

J - Jesus first

So, in 2 hours I have the but tutchers second IEP meeting...

Hey! Web Designers!

"daily lane closers, due to zombies" {sic}

Well, Daschle excused himself (yay!) and so did Killefer (sad)

Make these people make babies


Is there a way to get your pictures off your cell phone

Snow? pffft 41 year old wins run up Empire State building's 86 floors in 10:07

If we ran a newspaper article everytime someone famous smoked a joint,

Why can I not stop listening to the Beastie Boys today?

Fucking music Nazis taking down all the goddamn good songs off my YouTube.

What do you think about the Buy American Cheese Clause?

CreekDog and NYC_SKP on name change list!

Laura Ingraham: "Don't come in my ear." I post without further comment.

Went to an ice fair the other day....

So there was an earthquake about

I would like to post in memory of Longhorn

Office Birthday Cards

Blast from the past via Facebook

I'm looking to start a rash collection. Any advice?

I just heard 'Duffy' singing on tv.

I'm bored.

The line at Denny's was out the door today

This is old, and I did a search on here and didn't see it posted

What does a buddy list do?

So, a preacher walks into a motel to check in and says...

I'm looking to start a kink collection - any advice?

I'm looking to start a kidney collection.

*whistles* HEY OEDI! Somebody figured us out!

Hey, my mortgage refinance went through!


People are stupid and selfish....

Two things that I love today

My HP all-in-one machine died. In dog years it was 42 years old....

I'm looking at someone from the Lounge for this crime

Ever want to crush another Du'er?

Pliny the Younger! Pliny the Younger!

mmmm cheesecake!

Imagine Iggy Pop and David Bowie singing Sister Midnight/Red Money in concert

Democratic Underground! Behold! Your Future Overlord!!!

Toothy raccoon bit off manhood..(more like startled/pissed off raccoon)

At last! The reason Stormtroopers can't shoot worth a damn!

Why is the time thing on my computer always 20-ish minutes slow?!

What is your favorite onomatopoeia?

It's pronounced like it's spelled: exit, as said: "ex-it;" NOT "egg-sit." Does anyone see the

Ok, so I have a roommate moving in this week. Any serious suggestions?

Officials Nab Traveler With Pigeons in His Pants (photo)

MrLara's passive-aggressive argument about the toilet seat.

I'm looking to start a Kinks collection - any advice?

I'm looking to start a Kinky collection - any advice?

"It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" on Turner Classic Movies right f*cking NOW!!

If someone ate an entire tin of Altoids in 2 hours, would that have unfortunate repercussions?

Shamwow guy, guy, Billy Mays and the Snuggie family all walk into a bar...

Wal-Mart is now subsidized by the prosthetic limb/digit industry.

Picture of EarlG hard at work at the DU office

Best James Bond movie

Benjamin Button = a crappy remake of Big Steve's "Golden Years"

Guten Morgen Lounge

Did I miss Groundhog Day ???

WOOHOOO! Yesterday was my birthday!

Father hospitalized last night: Doesn't want visitors

Some days my job is really hard.

Cow Abuctions to date: 706,389: This travesty must be STOPPED!

Jan. 1989 I moved to Texas... temporarily

Mechanic question -- tail light going out

Have you ever crushed another Du'er?

Anyone else like the USA show, Burn Notice?

The Snuggie... An evil uniform?

The Snuggie... An evil uniform?

Ever want to pour Orange Crush over a naked DU'er?

Say you had an extra 15 grand lying around...where would you put it?

EX-IT or EGG-SIT (an extention, or egg-stention, of Redstone's post)

I just saw the most adorable movie this weekend: "Waitress"

We got a letter from our landlord today

kitten picture of the day for tuesday february 3

I love you all! Drunken Monday Post! Lets all just enjoy each OTHER!

Yeach. Flu has me coughing up blood.

Every entitiy that gets TARP funds should have a separate TARP account

Rahm’s Not So Secret Plans.....Firedoglake (Empty Wheel)

Help Wanted: Researchers for what really is in the Stimulus Package

Knitty knit knit

Looks like Porky blinked

No "my friends," this is not me!

Yesterday was sunny and 60, today snowing and 30.

McConnell uses Obama against Dems

Four years ago, today...

Dammit, now Graywarrior has gone too far!!

Tuesday's Busy Schedule for President Obama et al.

McCaskill Tapped for New Oversight Post - federal contracting

I'm looking to start a Rush collection, any suggestions?

PHOTOS Does it seem like a year ago? (Be warned......50 pics)

Breaking: Judd accepts Obama's offer to be commerce secretary

The Foreclosure Bailout - Should This Be Another Separate Stimulus Package?

Leno: In contrast to Billy Carter and Roger Clinton

‘Barack Obama has begun discreet talks with Iran and Syria’

The break down of votes on Eric Holder..

I ADMIRE Senator Mitch McConnell.

Why are Congressional Dems being so quiet on the stimulus plan?

Can Anbody give me ANY good reasons to support the pick of Judd Gregg for Commerce?

Toilet Etiquette Question. If you leave the lid open, will your pet(s)

Bailing out foreclosures and not jobs

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/3/2009)

No talent Hilary Duff tries out diva Faye Dunaway!

Customer Service Rant

What would be a good song to have as a ringback for an ex-significant other ...

I got my LTTE published today Re Bush

Obama’s Pledge to Reform Ethics Faces an Early Test

Tammy Duckworth to be Obama Veterans Affairs assistant secretary

Limbaugh for Commerce Sec!!! Whose with me?

What's Bush doing now?

Gas $2 a gallon here up 10 cents from yesterday

Obama Set to Add Republican to Cabinet (NYT - Gregg - suggested by Reid?)

We need to start a DU group for men who love redheads

Joe the Economist

An Aussie take: President's choice admits tax failure

So Daschle is the outrage of the day, now?

"They're just not that into you!"

Exactly why did Obama choose Tom "Beltway over the People" Daschle to be HHS?


ROFL - In old campaign ad, Daschle brags about driving old Pontaic to work (compared to BMWs, Limos)

Lynch Needs To Appoint A Dem

WILL infrastructure jobs really go away b/c of lack of funding after the stimulus has been spent?

14 days in, Grade Obama's Performance

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/3/09

The democrats are afraid to spend real money on infrastructure.

Conservative Group Tries to Make Obama's Aunt an Immigration Issue

Attorney General Eric Holder: "There shall be no place for political favoritism"

do republicans get all bent out of shape when corporations don't pay their taxes?

Bucking tradition, Clinton to head for Asia

Who Was joe scar pissing and moaning about today, mouse too

I hope Daschle steps aside.

50 years ago, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and JP "The Big Bopper" Richardson

LATE BREAKING: Daschle Withdraws Name.....nt

Oh well, there goes my Obama euphoria...

Forgive me if this has been expressed but I'm dissapointed that Obama has taken his nominees with...

It looks like every repuke is going vote no on increasing funds for highways!

Is this Daschle thing blowing up?

Serious question: Who would be more likely to make Universal Health Care a reality?

What is it with these "Washington Insiders" that they can't pay taxes?

All federal legislators and top fed officials should have their taxes audited

Obama Performance Czar Killefer out, citing taxes

FINALLY!! President Obama goes on a Media offensive to explain stimulus and recovery!

Will Daschle Be Confirmed As HHS Secretary?

Geithner got through but Killifer might be the tipping point that sinks Daschle

So how does Judd Gregg come out on science and the environment

Why not Rep. Jim McDermott or Rep. Vic Snyder for HHS?

Steele Urges GOP To Oppose Daschle Over Taxes...

It isn't going to be Governor Dean for HHS.

Could Be In A Few Days We Will Hear That Obama Applied Pressure On Daschle To .....

Isn't It Great - The System Is Working And Holding Obama & His Administration....

More corruption from Daschle - was pushing his private equity friend for top job in Obama Admin

Was there ever a better 70's album than Tapestry ?

The real reason for Daschle's withdrawal: his terrible eyeglasses

Realistically, what are the odds of Obama actually picking Howard Dean for HHS now?

Please whoever gets the nomination for HHS, not another Republican

****WHY**** Did Obama Nominate an Anti-Union Secretary of Commerce?

Post your 2009 predictions

Here is a list of "pork"

I have NEVER smoked pot in my life and here's my 2 cents about Michael Phelps

Another Obama Tax Problem: Killefer Withdraws Nomination For Chief Performance Officer

Daschle needs to go now. I don't care who the replacement is.

Will Daschle Hold On To His White House Position?

Does Daschle remain Health-care Tsar or is he out entirely?

Can you recommend any good books on the campaign (primaries and/or Presidential)?

Show me! Show you! Kikkoman! Kikkoman!

Senator Judd has the most anti-worker, anti-union voting record of anyone in the entire Senate!

Judd Gregg: A Crummy Deal For Commerce by Ari Berman, the Nation magazine

Bush could get his picks confirmed even if they had BLATANT tax problems or past indictments.

Obama to nominate Jeff Sorenson to HHS.

Do Commerce Secretaries have the highest average post-service income?

Again, how is Gregg appointment different from Blagojevich?

Chuck Todd: Populists like McCaskill Sent Daschle Down the Tubes!

Redstone's advice for tonight: Don't shovel snow when you have a broken rib.

McCain asks supporters to oppose stimulus bill

Who is in charge of vetting Obama's picks?

Big Deal Daschle Withdrew, Ho Hum, Move On

Did Palin pay her per diem and family travel taxes?

Mitch McConnell sure is one weird looking dude.

I wonder.. it was an all out war by the republicans to remove Daschle in 04

So, what Republican will be picked for HHS now that Daschel has withdrawn?

So how is the Media Doing? Do you like their newfound "Ferocity"?

MSM Grills Gibbs re: Daschle "failure of vetting.. embarrassment and...don't want to talk about it?"

Judd Gregg appointment first suggested by . . .

Seriously, what is going on with Obama's nominees?

Gibbs: "If you're not registered to lobby, you can't be a lobbyist,"

The good news? Daschle withdraws. The bad news?

Speculation: Max Baucus for HHS? Here's some background:

What's wrong with Obama?

Daschle should withdraw

Why does passion trump clear-eyed stewardship?

~ Dan Simmons Series ~ Illium and Olympos

The huge mountain of debt our nation teeters on was largely brought to us by

Should we expect another? Leon Panetta has been slow to turn over his papers

Dr. Laura for HHS!

Sen. Shelby On Stimulus Filibuster: Let's Do It

( I knew it) make that ... PRESIDENT Stephen Colbert

The Media Has To Look Tough On Obama In Order To Please Whiny Conservatives

Dean would be a great pick for HHS, but...

I was thinking of going to see Benjamin Button tonight.

Remember, No Drama Obama

Where was the Media and Outrage when Bush's picks were skated through confirmation?

How many people does Obama have to appoint or back for positions in his admin?

Do people understand how little the Commerce Department does?

IMHO, it is now time for HOWARD DEAN!

Nancy Killifer has withdrawn her nomination.

White House Press Briefing 1:35pm ET - cnn stream live:

We now have 5 appointed Senators

Has DU lost its friggin mind today?

OK, time for some revenge. Which Republicans should get ruined?

Do we as DUer's take ourselves too seriously?

Boxer is kicking the Republicans ASS on CSPAN right now.

President Obama and Michelle read to 2nd graders (pics)

Daschle is Out!

Kerry Demands Immediate Care for Burn Victims

Shit! I was told that Obama was a Magic Negro Messiah! Looks like it's not the F&(*#**^*@ Case!

Anyone read the NYT's holier-than-thou update to its editorial calling for Daschle to withdraw?

Dear V,P. Biden: When you administer the oath of office

Damn It. Taking The High Road Is Never "The Problem"

Christian Bale is a jagg-off

We need to start a DU Group for J.Deppers!

Anyone know which 5 shows Obama will be on tonight?

What about Donna Shalala?

Next, I think Obama needs to throw out the Defense Dept. nominee who got the Ethics waiver

Wasn't Daschle the original Pink Tutu Democrat?

Coleman may yet pull this out...court orders 4800 rejected ballots reconsidered...

Why is the Media acting like Withdrawing is worse than Not Withdrawing?

Name Change for Sasha & Malia Dolls

Obama is on Fox News right now.

I don't get it. Obama wants us to get over the past 8 years and get along with Republicans now..

Dem's Allowing GOP & Media to Dictate Package

If the President replaced Rahm, who would complain? nt

I don't care if they all throw in the towel, the bloom on the rose is just beginning you CNN

An anecdote -- Obama leads Americans to BE the change

Stephanopoulos: Why Daschle Withdrew His Nomination ("he didn't have the stomach for the fight.")

If you lay down with dogs....

Daschle is a Crying Big Baby!

I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but...

Blacklisting Progressives: The Untold Story Beneath the Daschle Headlines

I wonder what would have happened if the media

Michelle's on CNN (briefly)

Obama's first two weeks in office have been excellent

Drudge Posts A Picture of Hillary Clinton With Squinted Eyes, Says She’s ‘Feeling Japanese'

We are in a transitional period from "The Old Washington" to the "New Washington"

caption this Barack & Michelle Obama pic...

Did anyone see Chris Matthews' "Big Number" for tonight? 19.

AP Rethug hack Babington serves up another hit piece: "The new president, seen by some as arrogant."

"There is no middle ground."

The Nation's Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Obama--Let Daschle Go Replace with Howard Dean.

Cue the conspiracy theory. Sirota on why Daschle forced out

Pass The Popcorn: Sarah Palin Disses Kay Bailey Hutchison and Endorses Gov. Perry

Michelle Obama crafts policy agenda

Playing "bipartisan" with Republicans is casting pearls before swine.

"The Republicans Have Found Their Voice" & "Are Returning To Their Fiscally Conservative Roots"

Obama says he "screwed up" on vetting of Daschle

Obama to sit down with FIVE Network News Anchors Tomorrow.

Missouri Democrat Carnahan announces for Senate

Video - Blagojevich: "I'll Clear My Name"

I really gotta say I'm not liking Gregg as a pick for Commerce Secretary.

A whopping 1.44% of the proposed stimulus bill is what Republicans are whining about

It was not the taxes, but the "advisory" to companies who should go out of business

Blagojevich for HHS!

A President Can Lie us into a War, and the Media doesn't do a Damn Thing About That....

Obama, what a kill joy

Tammy Duckworth to become under Secretary at Veteran's Affairs

If Palin had gotten grilled by Couric like Obama just did she would have walked away crying...

Bonnie Newman (R) to take Gregg's Senate seat

Elizabeth Edwards plans new book

If you never made a mistake or fudged on your taxes, raise your hand.

Reaction from Obama and Kerry on Daschle

Interesting point made on the Randi Rhodes show re: all the tax problems of

GOOD FOR TWEETY!! Dean Isn't Getting Squat!! Give It Up For

By courting the Republicans, Obama could get the worst of all worlds

Obama ally OK with deal on Gregg seat

Pelosi needs to go, the Stim package is becoming an embarrassment because

Why Don't We Hear Much On The Minnesota Recount?

Do you want universal health care or do you want Dean?

Kucinich for HHS?

I think electing Obama was a huge mistake

What does Chavez, CNN, Repigs, Sirota, Iran, MSNBC, Walsh, Limbaugh and Brazile all have in common?

Attack of the Zombie Republicans

Obama Got Sloppy....

Why isn't Obama for single-payer health care? n/t

How did McCain get nominated? He's more boring than church.

Did I hear Rick Sanchez correctly? Bad blood between the Obama and Dean camps?

MSNBC - Michelle Obama hesitated in using the "WE" Word! BREAKING!

Draft Dr. Howard Dean for HHS! Health Care for All!

We voted to end corruption

PHOTOS Barack and Michelle (Feb 3)

Why do you support Howard Dean for HHS?

**** Dachle WITHDRAWS! ****

Ever have a crush on another Du'er?

This had better be the last tax cheat Obama vouches for

Consideration for HHS: Gov. Jennifer Granholm of Michigan

If you live on campus in university, do you sleep?

Fuck the Banks

Is it really necessary to drop F-Bombs in so many thread titles?

This "Ready to Go" Public Works Plan Will Cost 149 Billion And Create 1.6 Million Jobs in 2 Years

In Editorial, New York Times asks Daschle to step aside

Calling Daschle A Tax Cheat Is An Unnecessary Slur

Make it Howard Dean for Health. Scream for it

Who posts more than you?

Books You'll Never See

How you like your coffee

US stimulus job creation claims uncertain

UBS Hired More Than 200 U.S. Brokers With ‘Super-Sized’ Bonuses

Pope to Announce New Archbishop of New York

Feds sue mine operator for unpaid penalties (a 2006 explosion that killed five miners)

Latin American Jewish Congress to meet with Chancellor Maduro (Venezuela)

Hawaii lawmakers consider civil unions

Attorney: Rove Will Cooperate With DOJ Probes

Detainee-Informer Presents Quandary for Government

FTC Sues in 'Pay-for-Delay' Pact:: Drugmaker Paid Rivals to Withhold Generic, Agency Says

Clinton expected to visit Japan, South Korea, China

Opposition Leader in Myanmar Expresses Frustration With U.N.

Suicide bomber disguised as police officer kills 21 in Afghanistan

Small Earthquake Rattles Northern New Jersey

Sri Lanka journalists 'risk death'

Rights groups: China rights lawyer released

Japan rejects plan to limit whaling to its waters

Taliban Hits NATO Supply Route

Mullen: Afghanistan is no Vietnam

Iraqi man dies after being hit by US army vehicle

Pending Home Resales in U.S. Unexpectedly Rise 6.3% as Prices, Rates Fall

Holder sworn in as attorney general

Obama and S.Korea's Lee vow to fight protectionism

Waterboarding doco welcomes Condoleezza Rice back to Stanford

Obama performance chief Killefer out, citing taxes

Citi Explores Breaking Mets Deal

Daschle withdraws from HHS nomination

Democrats promise boost for road building

Mullen - Military's Recent Focus Shorts Other Areas.

Joe the Plumber advises GOP-ers

NM man arrested in suspicious powder mailings

Seven GOP donors fined for illegal contributions

Duckworth Tapped for VA Assistant Secretary

Burmese Refugees Rescued at Sea

North Korea may be set for missile test: US official

Rove Will Cooperate With Federal Probe Into US Attorney Firings

Australia, Japan Act to Shore Up Economies.

Bailed-out Wells Fargo plans Vegas casino junkets

Tech offshoring now raises union hackles

UPS Freezes Pay After Volume Drops Most Since 1999 (suspend 401K match)

Pentagon Letter Complicates Blackwater Case

Record 19 Million U.S. Homes Stood Vacant at End of 2008 on Bank Seizures

Iran Says It Has Launched Satellite

Honda to cut managers' salaries 5%

Colombian rebels release captive politician

(Millard) Fuller, co-founder of Habitat for Humanity, dies

Trial set in (16) Ind. soldiers’ toxic exposure suit (against KBR)

Pentagon study: US should pare Afghanistan goals

Worker: I Saw Rat Roasting In Peanut Plant

Secret Report Urges New Afghanistan Policy (Stabilizing Region - Rather Than Boosting Democracy)

Lennar Files China Drywall Suit, Alleging Defects Found in Florid

Robin Carnahan is IN for U.S. Senate in 2010

Robin Carnahan is IN for U.S. Senate in 2010

RNC's Molotov cocktail vs FBI informant trial: Hung Jury

Layoffs spike as recession rips through US (700,000 jobs vanished in January)

Zimbabwe removes 12 zeros from currency

Minn. Navy medic electrocuted in Iraq, didn't die of natural causes

Chavez: Another vote possible on term limits

Ford's US sales plunge 40 pct, Toyota down 32 pct

Daschle withdraws his nomination for health and human services secretary

Merkel: Pope must clarify Holocaust stance

Qaeda's Zawahri dismisses Obama, U.S. still enemy

Hundreds continue Ireland factory occupation

Obama Devising Ways To Limit Executive Pay

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 3

GM offers buyouts to all hourly workers

(Minnesota) Recount trial: Judges rule thousands of ballots can be considered

Killefer withdraws nomination over tax issues

Senate Republicans blocked Democrats from adding $25B or highways, transit to stimulus package

Obama blames himself for mishandling Daschle

Shaking on space station rattles NASA

Kyrgyzstan closing US base key to Afghan conflict

Another bailed out bank partying on our dime - Wells Fargo

Dozens of secret Bush surveillance, executive power memos found; Could be made public

Reid is GOP target in 2010 election

Phelps could face criminal charge over pot flap

IBM Offers To Move Laid Off Workers To India

Military commissions must obey President's directive, official says

Newman named to replace Gregg

Ramirez Pumps Cash for Chavez as $40 Crude Imperils Venezuela

(Rachel) Maddow rechannels energy at Air America (drops evening radio show)


'Need a new job?' *funny* ad (:30)

Maddow: Scott Horton discusses Obama and rendition

(9:53) Barney Frank's complete comments on 'This Week'

All-Seeing Eye and Pyramid Explains Total Information Awareness

Survival Sam: Weaponry.

Thailand faces fresh protests

'You mean like Democrats?' (00:24)

TYT: How Bush Set Up Sleeper Cells Inside the Government (!)

Ron Suskind On The Situation Room

British PM Gordon Brown: "Proctectionism is the road to ruin"

Kurt Warner is a Freak

Rachel Maddow Show - Sen. Claire McCaskill discusses TARP, post-partisanship

David Vitter is Against Children's Health Insurance

Warner Brothers predicted a GOP front many years ago

We have a new Attorney General!!

Hillary Clinton Roasts Bill Clinton At Swearing-In

Howard Dean in Open Forum at Davos.

Sarah Palin's Ongoing Wolf Slaughter

Dining With Terrorists - Death of the Freedom Fighter

What's the Matter with Kansas? trailer from new documentary

Senator McCaskill is NOT backing down

Barack Obama's carbon trading plan (good or bad idea?)

(00:29) Rove goes to the white dry-erase board. Still peddling non-existent CBO report

TYT: Should The GOP Move More Toward Sarah Palin?

O'Reilly: I'm taking the New York Times on. It's war.

John Thune explains GOP's sophisticated thinking on stimulus: a trillion is BIG!

Bank of America Uses Bailout Funds to Throw 5-Day Super Bowl Party

Holder Sworn in As Attorney General

MUST SEE -- TONIGHT "The Spy Factor" on PBS -- EXCERPT: NSA Could Have Prevented 9-11

Michael Steele Is An Idiot

How I was entertained by the locals while crossing Santa Monica Bay

Water level continues to drop at Sanford Underground Laboratory

Daschles: Feeding at the Corporate Trough

1969 Point Of Breaking (The Vietnam Protest - Washington, DC)

Eugene Robinson: Who Knew Bankers Were This Stupid?

Guardian UK: Bad news about the news

GOP List Waste, Some Is and Some Isn't

Torture Chic: Why Is the Media Glorifying Inhumane, Sadistic Behavior?

HORTON: Reversing Course at Justice

How About a Payroll Tax Stimulus?

Chalmers Johnson: America Is Completely Broke, And Here We Are Funding Fantasy Wars at the Pentagon

Super Bowl Postscript: Top Ten Things the Media Didn’t Report

Remarks by Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. to Department of Justice Employees

Republicans want a Bigger Stimulus package

Can Obama Keep IT Jobs in the U.S.?

Enjoying the Dolphins playing in my bow wave

Kyrgyzstan Closing US Base Key to Afghan Conflict

Countdown - Rep. Barney Frank - Bailout Fury

Bad bank, bad plan (Dean Baker)

Microsoft: Layoffs for Some, Visas for Others

The Evil Dr. Phil

Accepting the End of the US Empire

There is no pork barrel spending in the stimulus package

The Republicans Have Nothing to Party About

As Joe the Plumber Goes, so Goes the GOP Congress

TYT: Military Generals Rebel Against President Obama

Young Republicans Are Hip And New!

Robert Parry: First, Jail All Bush's Lawyers

The Video Tom Daschle Doesn't Ever Want To See Again....

Microsoft To Kill Vista, XP Upgrade Blockers

Illegal Drugs Bullshit - Funny FKN Planet

Rachel Maddow gives Obama relationship advice: They Just Aren't That Into You

Colonel killed in parachute training jump

Ala. Guard selects 1st female general

Mullen: Crisis will squeeze defense spending

Potential VA benefits chief has new ideas

Pentagon letter on Blackwater undercuts DOJ

Mo. bill would protect pay for those called up

NATO: Members may use Iran for Afghan supplies

Army helos to get diagnostic sensors

McCain drops objection to No. 2 Defense pick

Maritime academies focus anew on piracy

Use of multishot grenade launchers to grow

Ex-Marines plead guilty to stealing from Corps

C-17 damaged in gear-up landing at Bagram

Wyatt installed as new Air Guard director

Air Force makes civilian hiring push

Aircraft moved to escape possible eruption

Sailor who made ‘Numa’ video slain

Hill looks to spend $21M on cleanup projects

Iraqi ‘recruits’ helping to keep Diyala safe

Iraqi forces taking lead in Basra

Volcanic ash covers Yokota

Osan crisis team talks armed airman into turning self in

GI Survives Death of Skydive Instructor

White Sands Tests New Laser Weapon

DoDBuzz: Hybrid Enemies – A Primer

(Military Times) Op-Ed: A Huge Bang for the Buck

Navy, Google Share Ocean Information

Authorities expand shower electrocution probe

Cars of Guardsmen towed during return ceremony

Obama names new AF Academy superintendent

Navy captain collapses, dies after PT test

Judge sets date for soldiers’ suit vs. KBR

Please DU my latest ltte re body armor recall

Therapist Using Horses to Treat PTSD

Climate Denial Crock of the Week-2/03/09


Idaho to other states: take my wolf, please

Self delete--

Biogas From Waste Could Heat Half Uk Homes

Alaskans Brace for Possible Eruption

FIRST LOOK: Google Ocean in Pictures

World heads for 'water bankruptcy', says Davos report

TV change may worsen recycling problem

Climate change might be altering waters along US west coast

Volcano Erupts, Raining Ash on Tokyo

Energy Provision May Test Priorities (may "include nuclear power and certain kinds of coal plants")

Protestors storm (Australian) Federal Parliament over climate action

Peak Oil Review - Feb 2

SME (Southern Montana Electric Generation and Transmission) puts coal on back burner, turns to gas

Iberdrola Planning 1.2-GW Pumped Storage Hydro Plant in Portugal

Ireland sets electric vehicle goal (10% by 2020)

Higher Atmospheric CO2 Levels Prompt Higher Levels Of Soybean Damage By Insect Pests - AFP

Science - Clownfish Raised In Acidified Seawater Don't Display Normal Scent Response

Liberian Ag Minister - Crop-Destroying Worms Not Army Worms, But Something New, Far Worse - AFP

330 MW of Wind Power Go Online in New York

(Texas) State law makers push for more solar power

Some Northern Maritime Glaciers Gain Mass, But Global Melt Trend Still Strong, Growing - AFP

Breaking: Senator Boxer (D-CA) announces no global warming legislation in 2009

In Calcutta, "Entire City Could End Up With Saline Water In A Few Years" - Telegraph

Panning Global Warming by 'The Mighty Pen' cartoonist in my local paper, today

Japanese Whalers Playing Dangerous Games in the Ross Sea

Spray-on solar panels developed

Population: The elephant in the room (Viewpoint/BBC)

Montana Utility Bags Coal Plant Plan, Will Go With Combo Of NG And Wind - Billings Gazette

Silent Quakes Build Stress Along Mega Fault Line

seminar: The Antarctic Conundrum: Sea Ice Expansion in a Warming World

Biofuels (Corn-based ethanol) more harmful to humans than petrol and diesel, warn scientists

"Green Industry: In Its Basic Form It Means We All Have To Buy New Stuff - Lots Of It"

European carbon allowance, new record price !




Sandrine for you


Statement of Hilda L. Solis, United States Secretary of Labor -designate

Huffington Post: President Obama Wants You to Join the Union

Dr. Housing Bubble 02/02/09

With Disputes Brewing, Biden Turns to Senate

Irish budget talks collapse; still room for cuts

Citi explores breaking Mets deal: report

BofA had some details of Merrill bonuses: report

Anti-foreign labour strikes bed in as talks continue

Sign a letter of support for Wal-Mart workers


Obama’s free traders mum on protection

Barack and Michelle Obama lead celebration of new equal pay law

GM and Chrysler to offer new round of employee buyouts

Barney Frank speaking on economy plans -Cspan NOW

NYT: With a Swipe at Bush, Obama Acts to Bolster Labor

AFL-CIO''s Sweeney Urges Congress Not to Let Health Care Overhaul Drag

Stunning collapse in discretionary spending.

Fightback measures are called for

A HUGE Thank you to members of the Economic forum...

Barney wants the fox to count the chickens... Speaking now CSPAN

EmployeeFreeChoiceActNow (VIDEO)

DU this AOL poll: What do you think of the latest executive orders?

$3 Million for Super Bowl Ad. $3 for Workers Who Paid For It

Today in labor history Feb 3 Outlawed many forms of child labor and set the 40-hour work week

Catholic News Service: Pope says labor unions important in resolving financial crisis

Why Unions are bad...

France: Banks face mandatory EU credit derivatives clearing

The President is a doomer? Say it ain't so!

Sirota: Bailout cash subsidizing outsourcing

Canada warns U.S. over protectionism

FARC guerrillas escape with hostages

Ecuadorian president in Venezuela for ALBA summit

Chávez Condemns Attack on Venezuelan Synagogue

BBC News: Special Report "Chavez Revolution 10 Years On"

Chavez won't take "no" for an answer (surprise!!!)

Colombian rebels release captive politician

16 congressmen ask Chavez to cease his attacks on Jews (Spanish)

Carlos Alberto Montaner LOL hit piece: 'Good' tyrants impoverish the people

FAIR Study: Human Rights Coverage Serves US Needs - Colombia vs. Venezuela

Latin America Breaks Free

Haaretz hit piece: What lurks behind Iran's close relationship with Venezuela?

Steele: GOP should reach out to supporters of gay rights, abortion

Mormon Church reveals deeper involvement in Prop. 8

Sioux City City Council passes traditional-marriage resolution

Advocate interview with Sam Adams (clears up some miss information)

removed by author with apologies

Things That Make Me Go Hmmm...They wish we were invisible.

Hamas defends killing of collaborators during Gaza war

How to solve the Israel/Palestine-Other international conflicts

DU'er Longhorn has passed away...

Super Bowl XLIII Writers Room (3:56)

Mustafa Barghouthi: “…and he stood steadfast before Goliath.”

Bob Knight comments on Pat Summitt

Roger Clemens, it's time to stop lying......

NBC affiliate in Detroit did not appreciate Matt Millen as an SB analyst - Funny Video!

Haaretz hit piece: What lurks behind Iran's close relationship with Venezuela?

Bynum gone 8-12 weeks, Kobe sets MSG record with 61 pts

When will your favorite ML baseball team be out of contention this year.

Israel doctors prescribing 'trendy' antidepressant to the masses

A Minority Report from the West Bank and Gaza

Why apologize?

Chávez Condemns Attack on Venezuelan Synagogue

Haaretz exclusive: Avigdor Lieberman was member of outlawed radical Kach movement

ADL Survey Shows American Jews Overwhelmingly Supported Israel's Gaza Action

Israel slams UN 'provocation' at Erez

Clinton: Hamas must agree to conditions

Jihad Envoy: Muslims Set to Support Goals of Palestine

UN: Gazans killed in IDF school attack weren't inside building

Israel restrictions on al-Jazeera

South African Muslims condemn Jewish boycott

President Obama to order full review of FDA - recent failure just 1 of many over the years

FTC Sues in "Pay-for-Delay" Pact

The New Uninsured

Howard Dean for HHS thread please recommend in GD

The Muddled Tracks of All Those Tears - To Cry or not to cry?


Now That Eric Holder is the Attorney General....

A Super Bowl party ends in agony as host is fatally shot-Stupid Gun handling

Some winter scenes...

Sebastian gets his own thread - Part One

It's all in the timing......

Did you like the photos that Nadav Kander took for the NYT Magazine of President Obama's "People"


Longhorn is gone

I need some HELP!

JonBenet Ramsey case reopened. Have any psychics in the

Energy and ecology: why societies really succeed and fail

Transmitting The Human Genome into Deep Space

A Leap for Teleporting, Between Ions Feet Apart

NASA and Google to back “Singularity University”.

Qur’an Describes our Situation Today (in footnote)

The "Religion Causes War" put-up or shut-up challenge:

I am so tired

Oh, my...............

In case you may have missed this awful news .......

Salt in... or Salt on?

Mr. Bento Porn

Aprospos of our recent hot dog discussion ..... anyone know this place?

Tuesday - What's for dinner?

Is there any reason not to freeze hummus?

Calling all bread bakers and chocolate melters! Check out this teriffic product-to-be

My sister in law sent me this-I put it here because it seemed the right place for it.

Who needs a new investigation?

Did anyone here know a 9/11 victim?

The bigot card.

Palin endorses Perry for governor

USAA just raised my home insurance by 21%

For those that knew DUer Longhorn, she has passed.

Vermont Teddy Bear Valentine's Day Commerical

The day the music died + 50 years

Bale is a jackass

Bale is a jackass Senator Brazeau facing increased public scrutiny

Help please!

Web 'guys' opinions on Digg?

32-bit Linux w/8GB RAM -- possible? Or do I have to use 64-bit?

Dell Inspiron 1720 w/Vista... Glacially slow..

OT - About Daschle quitting.


Cannabis: The Evil Weed? -