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Archives: February 4, 2009

People who say Daschle was (sob!) the ONLY ONE who could get it done

Dean Mentions He'd Make A Great Secretary Of Health And Human Services

Business Lobby Scrambling As Pro-Union Activists Rally Wednesday on Hill

Blagojevich is on Letterman tonight

Imagine if some bank CEOs donated their salaries to charities?

It took 2 weeks for President Obama to say "I screwed up" ....

Facebook to sell members information to marketers

Detroit Free Press: (Wayne County Sheriff) Evans orders a stop to sheriff's sale of homes

Elizabeth Edwards' book coming out in May

Dad hospitalized last night. Doesn't want visitors.

Joe the Plumber....he's baaaaaaaack

Supermarkets urged to notify individual customers

Don't cry for Daschle (the Nation)

'i screwed up' President Obama to brian williams

why the hell is Craig Crawford on spewing again???

Chris Matthews is touting Howard Dean for HHS Secretaryon Hardball..

Anyone know how Ted Kennedy is doing these days?

Gonzales lauds 'tremendous job' by his Justice Department (CNN) {LOL}

"Dinner with Secretary Clinton: Afghanistan on the menu"

Don't forget to watch The Spy Factory tonight

"George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush United States Courthouse and George Mahon Federal Building."

Two weeks ago today:

Should a Homeowner who suffers foreclosure leave their home?

Murray Waas on Rove: "Obama WH Will NOT Invoke Executive Privilege" For Rove

Murray Waas on Rove: "Obama WH Will NOT Invoke Executive Privilege" For Rove

I certainly never demanded bipartisanship

Bernie Sanders will appear on Rachael's show!

How many DUers would be shocked to learn that they hold White Supremacist views?

Richard Engel: "Ordierno has already made his recommendation for troop reductions in Iraq"

If Americans do finally begin to riot ...

Rachel Maddow Puts Daschle Withdrawal In Perspective

Joe Scarborough's "book" coming out this May....

Bush put us in danger and why Gitmo should be closed.

OFA 2.0 conference starting now... anyone else on the call? nt

NY Times: Downturn Forces Transit Cuts Even as Ridership Grows

Prop 8 to be argued March 5 before CA Supreme Court

Party before country?

BERNIE on Rachel now! nt

BERNIE on Rachel now! nt

I think Robert Reich would make a fabulous HHS Secretary

What would make me comfortable with a DLCer or Washington insider in the cabinet:

What would make me comfortable with a DLCer or Washington insider in the cabinet:

Feingold: 'Deal-making' to replace Sen. Gregg 'alarmingly undemocratic'

Appeals court to Prop 8 boycott "victims": Suck it up.

WTF? Every time I make an error on my taxes - the IRS sends

Any Neighborhood Team Leaders waiting for the conference call at 9:30pm?

Any Neighborhood Team Leaders waiting for the conference call at 9:30pm?

Larry King needs more attractive octuplet experts

Maddow for President 2024

CNN Poll GOP "waste" in stimulus bill

Am I blind? (rhetorical)

Senator Claire McCaskill wants CEO pay capped if

Former A.G. Fredo shares his "BUT" with CNN, treats Campbell Brown like a small, clueless child

Did McCaskill purloin Bernie Sanders' CEO pay bill?

I will say it again -- it is time to use the nuclear option

Obama takes blame in Daschle, Killefer controversy

Blago's got nothing on this dude

Kevin Rudd nails it

"He set the standards too high"

Feingold: 'Deal-making' to replace Sen. Gregg 'alarmingly undemocratic'

An Economic Stimulus Plan for the Auto Industry that would Work

Just to be sure, Since Daschle withdrew due to his tax issues, and since the tax issue is the


I'm curious if Skinner ever wonders "What the FUCK was I thinking?"


CNN Video on ARMs and Foreclosures, and an idea ....

When you are ready to make a really BIG change, do you have a ritual?

Minnesota Election Court Nixes Coleman's Bush v. Gore Gambit, Denies Motion To Count 4,500 Ballots

What can we do about the Senate? No more millionaire tax cuts!

IAEA chief sets out nuke-free vision, cites Obama

Bush - 8 years of failure but no apologies. Obama - "I screwed up" in week 2. priceless.

Shuster: "Over 95K Iraqis gave their life for Chimpy's 'freeing' them

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I pay my taxes. Period. No excuses. If I screw up, I pay for that too.

Hi, I'm Jim the carpenter, where is my political consulting job?

George H. W.Bush speech on Sept. 11 (1991?) ....a thousand points of light.....

COBRA coverage until the age of 65 ?

What Michael Phelps Should Have Said

Those 46 million with no health insurance ... Why hasn't that number changed over the last 4 years?

Amazing watching two Bush-entwined blots on our life - Nova and Frontline - NSA and Stem Cell.

Amazing watching two Bush-entwined blots on our life - Nova and Frontline - NSA and Stem Cell.

Senate to Americans: Get out and buy a new car you worthless bums!

5K rejected Minn. Senate ballots get another look

Important Afgh story in WaPo, but

Are Senators allowed to be on both oversight and appropriations committees for same topic?

Let me profer something on today's "drama".....

I really hate my sucky job. But lemme tell ya one thing, (those who are unemployed)

Obama's on AC/DC 360 tonight

Okay, here's my first response to a spam email!

I can't believe I'm listening to Letterman and rooting for Blago

Where is the Dem leadership in helping Franken take his seat??!!!

Focus on Family gave (sit down...) ***$657,000*** to support Prop. 8


US commander warns NKorea against provocation

After Uproar, Wells Fargo Calls Off Trip to Las Vegas

Bathing 13 centuries ago

Should Daschle have withdrawn?

note to Tweety, all government spending stimulates the economy

A follow-up on Emmonak

Q- Who hides income from taxes? A- Those with incomes to hide

Why A Defense Contractor's Seemingly Mundane Decision Has Iraqi Interpreters Fearing For Their Lives

Pagan Cult Mosaic Found Under Cathedral

5 indicted for American Indian artifact looting

IBM invites laid-off U.S. employees to work in India

Good Night ! Graduate seminar in about 8 hours..."English Civil War"...

I'd like to tell President Obama an old, old joke

4.5 million displaced, 1-2 million widows, 5 million orphans, about 1 million dead.....

Coffee may ward off dementia. I'll drink it anyway.

Watch out! I caught my bank in an overdraft error the other day.

Patients Killed in Cluster Bomb Attack on Sri Lankan Hospital

Arianna Huffington coming up on Joe Scum

How to steal a US passport (thanks to our own government)

Fiscal Therapy

Fiscal Therapy

State-By-State Employment Data on Impact of American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

Turley on KO (SHuster)

Survey: College increasingly important but priced out of reach

Twitty Milk: Craziest Celebrity Baby Name Ever?

Google launches software to track mobile users.

"We can't get at the truth...."

Interesting book on the Hollywood Blacklists

Tax perspective

Amy Goodman: Produce the Note

OK, who's the biggest ignoramus in Congress today?

Joe Scum's latest rant

If you were diagnosed with terminal cancer, what would you do?

Is Dick Cheney planning another terrorist attack?

Foil lunch thieves with 'moldy' bags

PBS Nova program exposes NSA Warantless Wiretap Program


Luxury casino operator Wynn slashes hours, salaries, 401K to stave off layoffs


TARP Plan is robbery of the masses to pay rich gamblers who lost their shirt betting on Derivatives.

Was that stomach rumblings? Grumblings? Gas? Insane mutterings ..... from McLean, VA.

How can you prove someone was smoking marijuana from a picture?

Sea Shepherds draws its line

Emails I received today (talk about transparancy):

Phone or e-mail the sheriff who wants to arrest Michael Phelps

Only creative solution people can email the White House.

Anyone know any good news podcasts?

How about Dennis Kucinich for HHS Secretary

Will Afghanistan turn into Obama's Vietnam? - Japan Times

IBM Offers To Move Laid Off Workers To India

"Nativist" rebranded RW anti-immigration movement has *direct ties*to white supremacists PLEASE READ

Anyone know where this GHWB quote is from?

Jindal in N. Carolina

Trent Pierce, head of medical board in Arkansas car bombed, but doesn't provide abortions.

Okay, How can the Pope's views not be the Vatican's views??

Bill would require paid Confederate holiday in SC

Bill would require paid Confederate holiday in SC

Babies, bankers, bailouts

I stood up to some Freepers...and lived to accept an apology

I have a deal.

Markopolos: SEC Was "Captive Regulator" 'we dont attack big firms"-THERE LIES THE PROBLEM!

Just received link in email to

if the republics torpedo stimulus and economy fails, President Obama will be blamed.

if the republics torpedo stimulus and economy fails, President Obama will be blamed.

Here's an idea....

California owes us

Suddenly, Karl Rove to "cooperate" with Republican Special Prosecutor??

Any of you ole timers remember what happened on this date 50 years ago?

DUers AGAINST the prosecution of Bush/Cheney check in here.

Everything you see on your American TV, radio, and in your newspaper today is propaganda.

Kwame Kilpatrick got out today after serving 99 days.

Faces of Eviction

Senate Lacks Votes to Pass Stimulus

Mail a pair of stones to harry reid

Corker has 'outstanding issues' with UAW concessions

The ultimate fight club. (Salon's take on MMA)

Joe the Plumber: ‘I don’t know if the American public deserve me.’

200 million to re sod the National Mall. Can someone explain something to me.

You're in good hands. Allstate plans to cut 1000 jobs, outsource them.

I need help

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Over Half of Republicans Support Obama on Interrogations

Photo of Miley Cyrus slanting her eyes surfaces on the internet. Slammed by Asian group

Build A Live Sunflower Playhouse

Republicans are by definition "Insane" when it comes to their votes and views on the Economy.

It is getting time for Obama and senate to call the Republicans bluff..

Trial Begins for HIV Gene Therapy

Rice not interested in being Pac-10 commissioner

Department of Justice Press Release for today February 3, 2009

A Placid North Dakota Asks, Recession? What Recession?

Anyone Watching C Span?

Colbert: Why do the Romans Numering our Balls?

If this nation is attacked again, I'm going to lay the blame at Cheney's feet.

If this nation is attacked again, I'm going to lay the blame at Cheney's feet.

Republicon stategist Robert Ryan was just asked by Schuster on MSNBC

The end all Stimulus Tool IRS

Does it take us getting sixty vote or them getting forty votes?

I think every Republican should answer this question

GOBAMA!!! Scoring one for the taxpayers!

Mortgage Fraud Insider Apologizes

dennis k. live with ed schultz right now...


Obama needs to do something respectful for Dean.

Senate Stimulus Bill: Go shopping--buy more cars and trucks. Infrastructure? Short 2 votes.

Gregg Recuses Himself From Voting on Stimulus

Prom Night in Mississippi.

Question: Is your local post office closing earlier to cut costs?

So A Doctor Blows Up In His Lexus Hybrid In Arkansas And The Police Are Calling The.......

Snowe and Collins don't want $96m for Maine in the stimulus bill? Press 'em on it!

The Pikachu Is Female

From ARREST BUSH Facebook: Call Eric Holder

How Is Senator Kennedy Doing - I Hadn't Heard Much About Him Since......

BATF says high exposives involved in W Memphis doc bombing

Mrs. Greenspan and Mr. Williams cut to clip from "Dave" and then discuss the recession

Obama to cap executive pay at bailed-out companies -- $500K limit

Observing oneself is a difficult if not an impossible exercise

"A Cold-Blooded Decision on Purple Hearts " Eric Holder: Please Appoint a Special Prosecutor

Stephen Colbert THE WORD on Limbaugh

Daschle Exit, Successor Search, Delays Health Agenda

The auto stimulus favors the rich.

Freeper type has another "Good Week"

Dick Wadhams' snide comment on Tom Daschle >>

Mass Transit -vs- Electic Cars Powered by Renewables

Navy Plan Would turn Oregon (and northern California) Coast Into Firing Range

Wouldn't it be nice to be anonymous?

Wouldn't it be nice to be anonymous?

Naval Postgraduate School people to do gang busting job - Calif.

Naval Postgraduate School people to do gang busting job - Calif.

Not about Porn On TV in Tucson - Today's news from the Baked Apple:

Judd Gregg on CNBC - need to address entitlement spending

From "Chance the Gardner" to "Joe the Plumber" in 30 years.

Flood Harry Reid's office with calls NOW! When the repukes threaten

Flood Harry Reid's office with calls NOW! When the repukes threaten

Get down James Brown! Go Mr. President! BRAVFUCKINGO!

Relax folks, at least we aren't like the GOP and their troubles....

Anybody else get a kick out of seeing Hagan and M. Warner presiding in Senate?

Cheney Dunk Tank Raises $800 Billion For Nation

Yesterday Senate Republicans voted in lockstep AGAINST infrastructure spending.

The Ultimate Cheapskate -- how to live within your means

Earth to Congressional Democrats:

How bad is the economy ?

Question: Is your local post office closing earlier to cut costs?

Rep. Ackerman is on FIRE on C-Span 3!

Minimum wage in Iowa is $7,25/hr., or about $290/wk if they will hire you for 40 hours.

I don't understand how Republicans can keep firing with so much wet powder.

Killing is OK-----Helping is not OK

Is there a way to find out, or does anyone know what the party affiliations are for the top 500?

After lights, sirens on I-94, lots of questions

Different standards for Geitner and Daschle?

Australia Faces Collapse As Climate Change Kicks In: Are The Southwest And California Next?

'These are evil people. And we’re not going to win this fight by turning the other cheek.'

Suggestion for Obama, RE the Republicans

will Obama stop the building of the super highway in Texas?

Google Street View car claims first victim (a deer)

TARP is a corporate entitlement program--welfare on steriods for

What's the diff between Obama preaching fear over the economy & * preaching fear over terrorism?

What's the diff between Obama preaching fear over the economy & * preaching fear over terrorism?

From "The Vision and Values of Wells Fargo"

As Oil Plunges, Jews the New Scapegoat in Venezuela?

Next Up For the Kids: Their Own Little Guantanamo Play Set. Tasers Optional.

The pubs are pretty damned amazing in their strategy to stay relevent.

The Gutter Age

Slowly Slip-Sliding Away..

OK. I am not an economist but this is what I think-"COUNTRY NEEDS A RESET"

So Obama has problems with Howard Dean but he can appoint a Republican to his cabinet?

Rush Limbaugh salary was 33 million in 2007.


Gregg Supports Stimulus But Won't Vote On It! / Huff Post

Dr. Howard Dean for HHS! Who is With Me?

Toon Time....

I love this picture

Adopting Embryos??

WHOA NELLIE! Mika's in a BAD MOOD today!

What's your take on this idea? National Labs Moving to DOD? (From energy dept)

Cut the GOP Senators off at the knees...

Simple bailout idea: Audit the rich.

IF a credit card company gets federal taxpayer money then card interest rates ought to be cut...

IF a credit card company gets federal taxpayer money then card interest rates ought to be cut...

Obama gonna cave on buying American

I signed up this morning for the FDA e-mail lists of recalled

Energy agency awards supercomputer contract to IBM

REPEAL the 2005 Bankruptcy "Reform" Act - the most UNDESERVED BAILOUT to financial crooks ever....

when am i going to see any of these things?

Obama increases “Defense” Spending for 2010

Is Bonnie Newman in the Closet?

Kristol: GOP Should Unite Against Economic Recovery Package Now To Help Defeat Health Care Later

Video Must See: CNN: Phelps unites pot smokers

I wonder how many mormons have read this article?

In Attack on Kennedy, Echo of a Spitzer Tactic

The Governors (especially the Dem ones) need to get out and sell the stimulus at the state level

Partisan Republicans are proving they would rather let the country & its citizens go down the drain

Why the fuck are the Dems afraid of a GOP filibuster?

The Zeta Wars (Long e)

Repubs Clearly Are Willing To Let This Country Collapse If They Think It Will Win Them Election

HELP - medication and flying.

Police Chief Files Bylaw Prohibiting Public Consumption Of Marijuana

Question about Google Street View

Bank Rescue Would Entail Triage for Troubled Assets - Increase Taxpayer Money

Three Foreign Executives Indicted for Their Roles in LCD Price-Fixing Conspiracy

President Obama said Wednesday the recession will turn into "a catastrophe" if the economic stimulus

5 great comebacks for Cheney's BS

'200 million dollars for condoms' --read what it was really about

Sacramento joins other cities in fighting voter-approved Prop. 8, calling it unconstitutional

Pope's Brother calls Chancellor Angela Merkel “stupid and ill-informed”

Pelosi could feel pressure over plan to form a task force on entitlements

CA Supreme Court to hear arguments to overturn Prop 8 on March 5 -- ruling due 90 days later

CA Supreme Court to hear arguments to overturn Prop 8 on March 5 -- ruling due 90 days later

U.S. Outpatient Surgeries on the Rise

Will the Republican Party lose the South, West, and Midwest?

Did they show Obama "the film?" You know, the one Bill Hicks joked about

Sen. Thad Cochran (R) Mississippi - is he really on my teevee

Time to bring back LBJ.

May I oversimplify 'Murikas demise and a solution.

Jane Hamsher questions if there's a Mole In WH.... working with Blue Dogs?

I wanna see some Dem-style shock doctrine...

Let's follow the logical outcome if a stimulus bill does not pass

ConEdison Takes Action Against Climate Change; Receives EPA award

Tricks for a good resume and cover letter.

Education Secretary Announces Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights

White Supremacists threaten to leave Republican Party over Michael Steele

Perkins and Stafford Loan Cancellation for Service in Low-Income Schools:

George Carlin's Mark Twain Prize for American Humor tonight on PBS

Why, oh why am I sitting here listening to the Senate Debate on the bailout

Oh Boy, flip over to CNBC

Report: Venezuelan Jewish Community Under Threat

Odd how Cheney always forgets to remember.

Corporate Dems and Capitalist Conservatives...What's really going on?

Austrian Catholics up in arms over pope's comments

Claire McCaskill kicking butt on the floor right now - cspan2

Tax System: Something to argue about

I received a letter today from the Massachusetts Unemployment

Home school enrollment on roll - 74 percent rise since 1999

Ben & Jerry have created "Yes Pecan!" ice cream flavor for Obama!

Harry Markopolos' Testimony Today on Madoff and the S.E.C.

Who is this bimbo on MSNBC?

'We were just tired of being in the White House'

Palin responds to Defenders of Wildlife - The Mudflats

We have a DU Marketplace, how about a DU Jobs?

Air Republica

A message specifically to all the cable talking heads trying to kill the stimulus

Right Wing fires another salvo of lies in an effort to obstruct stimulus

“I Meant to Say Zionists, Not Jews”

Record Breaking Breasts: Woman Sets World's Largest Bust Record with 38KKK

Obama should have written his own Stimulus...Instead of allowing Dems and Repubs to pork it up!

Voting on amendments to recovery bill starting 5:45pm ET - Cspan2


Mpls. church struggles to help others after thefts

Krugman: We truly are flirting with disaster.

General Zinni gets undiplomatic treatment from Obama team

Statement by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Ongoing Winter Storm Response

Gregg Supports Stimulus But Won't Vote On It

I am SO irked about the Wells Fargo/Las Vegas "Junket" story

Who is still a fan of "post-partisanship"?

Who is still a fan of "post-partisanship"?

A Crazy Idea: President Obama does a half hour show on national TV, all the networks

Some (slightly) optimistic news from the Staffing/Recruiting Industry

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2: Daschle'd on the rocks....

President Obama .....schip signing live on msnbc - change

Daily Kos: A Worker's Story: Why Rally for Employee Free Choice?

Another Minot "missing nukes" base death

Obama signs kids' health insurance bill (extends coverage to 4 million uninsured kids)

where would we be today if all Dems had refused to vote with Bush and the Rs?

Reality: 60 Democratc Senators Does Not Equal a Flilbuster Proof Majority

Where do you believe your political views fit on the current American political spectrum?

Maria (Bartoromo) dahling ..... bite me, please :)

Case study: Corporations that limited top executive pay and the disastrous consequences

Punk Rock Fans - Lux Interior of The Cramps is gone!

Will the $500,000 salary cap provoke at least one bailed-out executive to become an hero?

Yepsen quitting Des Moines Register

WTF?! Frank "Invites" Bailed Out CEOs To Testify. (TPM reports).

Tom Coburn's weird assed stimulus rider: No funds for pastel lights or zero-G chairs.

If the Democrats don't pass a stimulus that concentrates on job creation

Victory Garden petition drive "growing exponentially"

Colbert to Republicans: You have found your leader in Rush Limbaugh

UK ministers must answer allegations that Britain was complicit in torture

Salazar scraps sale of oil-and-gas leases in Utah

Salazar scraps sale of oil-and-gas leases in Utah

I've got it!! make "illegal aliens" CEO's

Don't forget Winter Soldier ! Don't forget our veterans!

Not one penny paid on our Iraq War debt!

Why would Obama Pick Repug Who doesn't Even Support Him for Commerce Secretary?

Sebelius is a former insurance commissioner.

DUers I am setting a trap....

Two words for "Danger DIck" Cheney and his warning of another mushroom cloud

L.A. County threatens to withhold revenue from state

Markopolos replaying now on CSPAN3

Does the American Public Deserve 'Joe the Plumber'?

Attorney General Eric Holder: Please Appoint a Special Prosecutor

To all the executives and other people whining about the $500K cap

My SO insists that Obama made a big mistake by admitting he "messed up"


The Right Wing’s Next Target: Hilda Solis?»

$200.00 For Blood Glucose Testing Strips!?!

Shining a Bright Light on a Dark 401(k) Secret

Would someone hit David Vitter over the head with a fish ladder?

Fearmongering Beyond the Bunker

I'm sick of Obama, here's a better Cabinet

The situation with Tom Daschle really depresses me.

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3: Republicans-the party of one (discredited) idea

A Stimulus Bill IS a Spending Bill!

Mammoth Discovered in Downtown San Diego

Please critique my anti-GOP LTTE

Who do you trust to look out for your interests more, Rahm Emanuel or Howard Dean?

Let's discuss "sports welfare" and the mega salaries of athletes and owners

Michael Phelps Has No Business Apologizing for Taking Bong Hits

MoveOn requesting LTTE's supporting Obama's Plan. Here's mine...

What is the most fair form of taxation?

If We Don't Get Global Warming Under Control We'll Be Eaten By 40 Foot Pythons!!!

Thom Hartmann left Air America?

Is it hard-wired into people that they don't think they'll ever get old?

Jobs in all 50 States

You know, they're taxing unemployment benefits ... !!!

When Democrats apologize.. (Today Show)

Business Executive Jackass On MSNBC: "Salary Cap Will Drive Our Top People Away From The Field"...

With DTV delay likely, some stations to switch anyway

One of our Supreme Court justices is a total prick

It's 4 am in Nashville. Rachel's morning show just started. THIS ISN'T DRIVE-TIME!

The most dangerous job in US is emergency medical helicopter pilot

This is broken.

House passes bill to extend DTV transition until June 12

Where would the Catholic Church be today if there had been no Vatican II?

South Carolina sheriff determining if Michael Phelps smoked pot in his county: intends to prosecute

Do you think there is a general groundswell for changing marijuana laws?

"Former war correspondent Wurzelbacher"

Britain: US threatened to cut off intel if evidence of torture released

State bureaucracy causing problems for gun owners

MACY's Card Financial Disclosure ..."actual ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE charged... 53.88%"

Rapture ready cautions you about "orange I-phones". You may see a black lady winding her hips.

The pigshits' latest robber baron (anti-stimulus/climate change denial) website

So the world is gonna end

If executives leave corporations due to ...

Ok just hear me out here

Ringling Bros. & Barnam & Bailey on trial for Elephant Abuse

Ringling Bros. & Barnam & Bailey on trial for Elephant Abuse

It's the same s$#t that happened with Immigration Reform

What is the population of your town?

Are we revolting yet?

Dem Aide: McCain, Lieberman And Kyl To Skip Stimulus Vote

Who says Americans don't riot?

Geithner's role - the cramdown

Are you going to a Barack Economic Recovery House Meeting this w/e --???

MSNBC at 10pm Thom Hartmann or Cenk Ugyar?

These damn TV boxes and the idea behind it .

i think President Obama is getting pissed at republics

"I screwed up", something bush NEVER said about anything for 8 years

Greening the Real World. Is your power bill 41 cents a day?

I struggle to recognize this country any more...

Let the non-violent drug offenders out of jail.

(Larry) Summers: Unions cause unemployment

need ideas for one of my patients having Conjoined twins

I have a question about the stimulus and the republicans signing or not signing on to it

What's up with RFK, Jr getting passed over?

TAP: Limbaugh now in charge of bullying Republicans...large and in charge.

For DUers who like to follow Congress/legislation, etc.

Tamiflu no longer works for dominant flu strain

Cheney is inciting terrorism.. and the media is helping him.

Sen Boxer Tells Repubs - We Won The Election, So STFU

Re: Stimulus Plan . Just Received E-Mail from Move On....

This is what republicans call "pork"

Where Is Bush Anyway?

Where was all this concern over the deficit amount when the republics were in charge?

Track Hillary Clinton's Secretary of State Travels - HILL TRACKER

Does DU need a "Unemployment and Recession survival" forum?

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1: get the pitchforks and torches

Putting War Waste on the Chopping Block

Citibank Unsolved Mysteries. Trouble for Geithner?

I am in DC lobbying for the Stimulus Bill in the Senate

The Wall Street Journal Blew a Chance to Expose Madoff

Return to the Real

Is it time for the US to stop killing civilians in Afghanistan?

War is illegal: British man files crime report with police against Blair and Bush (great video)

I just heard NPR discussing all the "pork" and "payback" in the stimulus bill.

Take action to support Mass Transit it the Senate - (202) 224-3121

Health savings accounts are ill-advised

It's not fair limiting bank exec pay to $500,000. They'll never "make their nut" that way.

So Inhoffe is on CSpan talking more for defense spending and 911 and denying Guantanamo...

Fuck Windows 7 and fuck Microsoft!

"$500,000 is not a lot of money"

Question: Does anyone know if there is any way to write to all of the republican senators (or

Obama is just RIPPING these a-holes to shreds!!!

Why do people in the United States think Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity

Childhood Trauma Linked to Risk for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

California 4-year-old dies in washing machine

I think the banks will evade the $500k compensation limit

A record 19 million homes vacant : How many Homeless?

My blood is boiling...

My blood is boiling...

My blood is boiling...

Rush is less popular than Rev. Wright and William Ayers- new poll

Do you read a printed morning newspaper?

Toddler Hitler's Dad: "Enough's Enough"

Congressman Dennis Kucinch - Bank bailouts are an unprecedented fraud

Cspan3 & CNBC - Whistleblower Harry Markopolos testifies

David Sirota has legitmate concerns about Obama's "progressivism"...

BART has "minor incident"

Enid, OK restaurant owner won't let "certain people" in his restaurant (especially teh gays)

Why not tax the mega-rich at the rate they were taxed BEFORE Reagan began trickle down?

Hartmann: "Call it the JOBS BILL. Harry Reid, make 'em filibuster! Roll back the Reagan tax cuts."

Hugo Chavez Thread Advisory: From now until Feb 15. (eta link)

My daughter's monthly health insurance premium just went up by a full 50%.

What would you do if you were the new foster parent to Adolf Hitler Campbell (age 2)?

WAPO Editorial: "Our marijuana laws have been ludicrous for as long as we've been alive."



Judge Scalia in FL yesterday. Told audience to "get over 2000". Was rude to a student.

Looking For A Job?Join Americorps and put your money where your mouth is !

Why do most conservatives hate human beings?

Senate OKs $15,000 tax break for homebuyers

Phelps stories et al. should be illegal. Arguements for!

Octuplets mom is not getting showered with gifts

Octuplets mom getting outrage rather than gifts

Why don't hackers go after the offshore accounts of the SupraRich?

If you inject peanut butter into your skin, will it remove wrinkles?

Pheeww... the Chinese have approved my working there, yay!


kimmerspixelated must be learned-ed. Mitch Hedberg thread!

David after Dentist...have you SEEN this little guy?

Is the recommend fairy visiting the lounge again?

Okay, that's it. This Tuesday officially sucked the big fat one.

Where is DeposeTheBoyKing?

I might be slightly sick, but if I am, I have the weirdest symptoms ever.

Teacher fined following beer run for 15-year-olds (Sweden)

Man shoots at neighbour over dog-sitting dispute (Sweden, again)

Sahlin evokes Obama in cannabis gaffe (Sweden)

Actress in Super Bowl porn clip understands Tucson parents' outrage

Rec this thread if you dont care about the phantom rec'er...

*** A Washington Reagan National's Baseball Team Appreciation Thread ***

re: Phantom Recommender

I just saw the most adorable waitress this weekend: "Movie"

I confess!!!!

Why on earth didn't this ever take off?

K & R

Let's settle this once and for all:

I just bagged Ralph Nader

"Obama Says Repeal Of Military Gay Ban Needs Study"

When you are ready to make a really BIG change, do you have a ritual?

If I was either Elad or Skinner...

Musical sex to the foreplay required

As a Granite Stater, I have one thing to say about Sen. Bonnie Newman

Electronica Distraction: Freemasons ft Katherine Ellis - When You Touch Me...

"I love Jesus but I drink a little."

Cocaine Cowgirl - Matt Mays

Can a dog hack up hairballs like cats do?

I know what "they" say but what do YOU say? What percentage of income for rent?

When is a joke too old?

OMG! It's an infomercial for the "pos-t-vac" vacuum

Cops: Man puts 911 dispatcher on hold to buy drugs

Tom Jones

recommend this post if you are totally confused

Playing For Change: Song Around the World "Stand By Me"

Holy Crap, the phantom recommender has been busy today

Four minutes of heaven: Sia singing Destiny with Zero 7

I should sleep, but refuse to until I get this stuff done.

Wish me luck

Today's "Garfield Minus Garfield".

Best quartet?

How do I figure out my DU birthday?

most pitch perfect for each other duo

The Best of Times

Healing vibes for leftyclimber, please. She has pneumonia.


smoking bed

Calling Robeson and Seattle Girl

Ever have your tush on another Du'er?

Ya know, it is getting cold! I hate cold.

It's 3:45 AM .... I'm hungry (and not sleeping) ....

Ever want to crush another Du'er?

Can someone check my calculations?

Never be rude to an Arab...

Most Perfect Gift You've Ever Received

I'm flashing the CMOS

I Don't Want to go to Chelsea

I can't think of a better way to start my morning...

HEyHEY's kidneys to be auctioned on eBay.

I woke to a blanket of snow and 9 degrees temperature.

I am home alone ..... really alone

It's about cats. In sinks.

kitten picture of the day for wednesday february 4

Fuck TurboTax, and the rest of 'em...

I want to create a song that doesn't end.

Why is " Kyrgyzstan" spelled without any "i's'?

RedNeck Sexual IQ Test

Now for some real, world breaking news

My name is the same

There has been sledding, there have been casualties

Any of you ole timers remember what happened on this date 50 years ago?

I'd give my Snuggie not to be considered an asshole by electric blanket users

Funny Youtube Vids

positive aspects of the failing economy...

positive aspects of the failing economy...

haha baby boomers collect social security

Deathstar Cafeteria

Zomg, I'm gonna go crazy....

Good morning Lounge

I watched Transformers for the first time tonight

Ok, I have a question for the old hands. I took a .... sabbatical a while ago,

I saw a position that I might really like

This might be upsetting

Dr. Strange for Secretary of Health!

someone is listening to my prayers! Spinal Tap Recording New Material!

Dad hospitalized last night. Doesn't want visitors.

Drano Max kicks ass

You know what doesn't pass the smell test? Camembert Cheese!

Is Elliott Smith 'emo' and if so, why does emo suck?

Girlfriends dating bankers - their blog...hilarious, but those women are brutal!

It's my mom's birthday

The good news is I have a "very strong butt".

Kashi RECALL of some cookies and chewy granola bars

Webinar in 15 Minutes with Me

Vote here to give the parents of teenagers some basic useful info!

Since we all love to debate the merits of music lists, I present The Pitchfork 500

Wednesday morning coffee snob thread-- what're you drinking?

Let's put it to a vote. Christian Bale: Jagg-off or No Jagg-off?

When was Marisa Tomei better?

So one of my son's teachers comes down to me during school today

Help me with a commercial...

Well I just knocked that interview right out of the park.

Young Republicans keeping it hip

Young Republicans keeping it hip

Biscuits boasting of bountiful busts posing problems

Anyone Here Care for Alex Jones?

Nothing to see here, please move along

My stomach done blowed up again...

My stomach done blowed up again...

Recalled Cheese

Should I answer this e-mail?

Over the shoulder udder holders!

Poster: Rules for dogs to live by

Poster: Rules for dogs to live by

The word "webinar" should be banished on pain of death.

Anybody seen the "I love Jesus, but I drink a little" clip from "Ellen"? If so, can you summarize?

A moment of feline Zen.

Safari for Windows is horribly slow.

I want to create a thread that never lies.

Username change amnesty is OVER

I want to create a thread that never tries.

Marriage according to kids

Diabetics: favorite online store for glucose test strips?

Gee. What a coincidence. The recommend fairy is back and kentauros is in the lounge.

Is this for real.... "BailoutBill"????

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/4/2009)

JVS doesn't believe that the 25 random things are random at all.

Does Anyone Else Get Paid for a Fraction of the Hours You Work

What year from your youth would you relive if you were given a chance? And why?

Question for Keith Jarrett fans...

Can you spot the celebrities that make cameos in this video?

For my 1000th post, a thank you to DU

Damn dog- 1, whole peach pie - 0.

What kind of jelly/jam on your peanut butter & jelly sandwich?

Hello, Dad. I'm in jail.

It's been a hellish winter, but today...I went to the beach

There is an Urgent Message in GD, that everyone here needs to read...

Match Game Story: "The talentless emo drummer fuck lost his beret; now he can't (blank) music."

DU working parents: how much does daycare cost?

I wanna get this license plate...

*********** MILESTONES *************

mmmmmmmm...... dim sum

Automotive puzzler for you mechanics out there.

Like Sam the Butcher bringing Alice the meat

Greatest interstate highway in the country

Candy Heart Maker!

Why does Trojan hate women in AL, CO, GA, KS, LA, MS, TX and VA?

Why is Dick Cheney still running his mouth?

I'll tell you this much

valentine's day ideas

I think I have God figured out.

Should WillPitt be discussing bong hits when his mom posts here?

1 or 2 things you like most about yourself, and 1 or 2 you like least

Favorite street food

I went to a wicked boring meeting today, but they handed out

Gorilla = "MUN...KEE?"

Something is seriously wrong. My sermon is done.

The Whole World Is Rioting as the Economic Crisis Worsens -- Why Aren't We?

Mid-term #3 down. Pharmacology. One to go.

The Top 11 Saddest Moments from childhood movies.

Happy Birthday to Alice Cooper! 61 today!

Why English will never be a universal language...

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you know what I hate?

I just received one of these from a friend...

What was the Best "Intro" to a Tune that you ever heard....?

Favorite penny

Rental rug cleaners--your experience?

Vibes Please....

What's your favorite color?

If you had to pick a last meal, what would it be?

WTHECK? I just got a phone call (5 am) from the school-

Has anyone seen Christian Bale VS Bill O'Reilly?

Most inane show on TV

Random Musings about the Christian Bale Tirade.

Creekdog appreciation thread!

If I had a summer DU MeetUp, would you show up?

What was so great about Frank Sinatra?

Nominee X didn't get the nomination because Kevin Bacon forgot to pay his taxes..

Let's face it, folks. As much as some of us want Howard Dean for HHS...

I find it odd that on the day Obama plans to speak to the nation via five major networks

Tweety on Howard Dean as HHS

Judd Gregg gets Secretary post AND gets Republican replacement?

Dr John Kitzhaber former Oregon Govenor for HHS

Dr John Kitzhaber former Oregon Govenor for HHS

I am smarter at strategy than President Barack Obama.

No, Obama, you 'screwed up' on the Gregg appointment


It's SIMPLE: Bush Spent FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS and lost 198 THOUSAND JOBS over 8 years

Russ Feingold or Barack Obama, next primary...

Who's blowing the whistle on these nominees on there tax problems

Washington Post assembles dream team of chickenhawks

Could someone put up a poll on HHS secretary choices?

A Story in Pictures (or change you can see)

Dem Rep. Barbara Lee: Gregg Nomination "Troubling" for Minority Owned Businesses

Help! Was on call with Plouffe and the line must have dropped!

Plouffe call tonight: Can anyone update me? I finally got back

So, what's your verdict after a fortnight (or so)?

HHS and Health Care Czar: No Reason They Have To Be The Same Person

Only JRE and DK advocated REAL universal health care in the 2008 election.


What if John Edwards "scandal" were that he was gay instead of being an adulterer?

Senate rejects cutting repatriation tax rate

MO Dems get their top tier choice for 2010 Senate race: Robin Carnahan announces her candidacy

Wow! Did I just hear our President admit a mistake?

Wow! Did I just hear our President admit a mistake?

Does Anyone Else Have Cold Knees?

Rachel is leading off with the stimulus/economy

My 2 cents on Sen.-designate Bonnie Newman

Anderson Cooper just said Obama has a 64% approval rating, down from 84% when he first took office.

Mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa on JRE...someone DID make a good pt to me that changed my mind.

BREAKING:Daschle resigns because of Bonnie Newman's unpaid taxes while Gregg Becomes Governor of NH.

Breaking: Bush and Palin are out. Obama is in

NOW pushing Debbie Stabenow as HHS Secretary

Commerce, Defense, Transportation

Senate votes to give a tax break to new car buyers

Howard Dean for HHS Secretary Facebook page...

John Edwards for HHS secretary anyone?

Mark Halperin is a great big giant DickHead piece of Shit who hates America!

"Pool Report of Obamas Visit to D.C. Public School"

"no matter the question jesus is the answer"

Is Rahm Emmanuel at the heart of Obama's appointee problems?

Is the media turning on Obama due to this, among other things.....?

Blago on Letterman now

How our Presidents really earn their pay: dealing with their fuck-ups.

If one can reach out to Gregg for Commerce, a reach out to Dean for HHS should not be beyond grasp

You know you're getting older when........

send Obama letters and emails of encouragement

President Watching......

**Heads Up: Blago Coming Up on the Late Show**

Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard B. Sanders writes to AG Holder

Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard B. Sanders writes to AG Holder

Obama Sorin Ilie Scoica: Romanian Baby Named After President (PHOTOS)

Who would you prefer for HHS?

I have a new title....

ok! wonder of wonders! I'd support Dean for HHS

President Obama said today: "I scewed up." Kudos to him for saying it!

Emerson Lake and Palmer: California Jam Concert, 1974

Why Howard Dean? Because he can mobilize an army of activists to garner support!

Generals Seek to reverse President Obama's Iraq Withdrawal Decision

Here's a hypothetical question:

Caroline Kennedy for HHS

Gallup: Americans Approve of Most Obama Actions to Date

Uh's the ultimate "team of rivals" choice for HHS secretary for you..

Sen Gregg (R) worked to abolish the Dept of Commerce, underfund the 2000 Census

PBS NOVA show on now, west coast. NSA could have prevented 911

PBS NOVA show on now, west coast. NSA could have prevented 911

I sent Matthews an email

Supposing Dean really doesn't want it. There is another ex-gov doctor out there.

NYT Editorial: The Cost of Credibility

In the day and age of 24hr media

** Breaking News: Obama reads to schoolkids and terrorists Do NOT catch him with his pants down! **

Obvious Choice for HHS

In blog post, Krugman gives David Broder a lesson in Logic and Economics 101

How about Rham's brother for HHS?

Kucinich on the Stimulus: “This Economy is Literally Killing People”

Joe Lieberman for HHS

Polling Group Censures Iraq Death Toll Researcher

What TV shows do you watch regularly

The GOP has and always will be willing to screw the country to keep themselves in power

I am sorry but can I get about 10,000 EFFYOUs for Cheney!

Fiscal Therapy

Obama hitting back hard today.

Conservatism Is Dead (great, looong read)

Dean mentioned by pundits

*** Official Post-Letterman Rod Blagojevich Haiku Thread ***

The panel on Morning Joe just does. not. get. it.

Portrait of Obama?

Experience- they all told you that Obama didn't have it and the nomination process proves it

LMAO Judd Gregg is on CNBC. And what do you know all of sudden he likes the size

Dumbass Quote of the Week

JP Morgan: Wah!!! Wah!! Obama's being mean to us!!

Minnesota Judges Give Coleman Election Challenge a Lift

This showy populist outrage is uber-dumb politics

You asked for it and will probably get it DU. RE: HHS

Katie Couric's interview with President Obama was the best one IMO

Obama Statement: "Will Not Tolerate" Lavish Pay for Bailout Execs (VIDEO)

Let the the Republicans filibuster the stimulus

Yesterday Senate Republicans voted in lockstep AGAINST infrastructure spending.

National African American History Month, 2009

Rasmussen has Obama approval at 62 percent.

Mark Halperin, Chris Matthews and Anderson Cooper Skew Obama Ratings

Let The Senate Repunks Filibuster the Stimulus Bill

The First Lady is coming to see me today!! (HUD visit)

K&R if you think electing Obama was not a huge mistake!

I just called my (one) Senator and asked her to vote for the stimulus package

The Governors, the mayors and the people of the states WANT the stimulus

Here we go-"The new president, seen by some as arrogant," + Tapper on "embarassing day"

Conservative group calls on ABC to curb Stephanopoulos

Todays Washington Post had a slew of interesting political columns

Senate Lacks Votes to Pass Stimulus

What pisses me off most about yesterday.

Should Bill Clinton be considered for HHS?

Memo to Obama and the Dems: Good Public Policy Is Far More Important Than Bi-Partisanship

Obama names third Republican to cabinet

Robert Gibbs' press briefing about to start.

Do you believe that President Obama is a Homophobe?

Why do YOU like the stimulus package?

"President Obama faces smiling villains in both parties who need to be smacked upside the head"

Post something you like about Kentucky.

Obama woos GOP sens. one at a time

Obama: "The main question I have is this: is it going to put people back to work?"

Why didn't Gibbs correct the statement "will the President get the 60 votes he needs"

List of odd jobs for President Obama to get to

Why is mythical bipartisanship more important then policy for the people?

Day of Shame posting has begun -- where are *your* recollections of 2/5/03?

Day of Shame posting has begun -- where are *your* recollections of 2/5/03?

Seriously, who needs republicans to throw democrats under the bus.. when we do such a bang up job

Is this a cool tee-shirt or what?

TARP is to the Stimulus Package as Saddam Hussein is to Bin Laden

Why would Gregg recuse himself from votes?

Can anyone stand up to Limbaugh?

PHOTOS: President Obama meets with Hillary and George Mitchell

No brainer for me for Secretary of Health/Human Services: Bill Bradley!!!

I hate Divorce insomnia.

It appears that others like our First Lady as much as I do

When the healthcare fight begins in earnest

Health Care Reform and the Economic Recovery Bill (Think Progress)

My wife and I are debating. She says Obama's reaching across to Republicans

Reanimated Ronald Reagan for HHS?

CNBC's Clueless Mark Haines Calls Arianna "Clueless" on Morning Joe: She Responds


Today's lesson: career politicians who are early supporters with the hope

Yes, President Obama it's time to buy American & time to pullout from the World Trade Organization

A Plea to President Obama - Give Gay people asylum who'll be put to death if deported

The Dems Put More In The Stimulus Bill Which Is EXACTLY What DU'ers Clamored For

Cooper backs off White House claim (said Obama encouraged him to vote no)

How bout a fireside chat, Mr. President. Just lay it all out

I'm now kinda rooting for Obama to pick a Republican for this post.

Just give me my feeding tube already.

I think Dems should start calling all Republicans who don't support the stimulus plan "Unpatriotic"

Do you think Barack Obama hates little puppies?

Obama Signs Children’s Health Insurance Bill

I like 97% percent of the bill. And so do the Republicans.

So let me get this straight...

You have to really hate this country and it's citizens to vote against

White House Blog: Jobs in all 50 states

For those of you thinking that the press now hates Obama and is out to get him...

Mr President, your outreach to the Republicans is commendable...but...

My pet peeve: Truncated thread titles

I sometimes wonder if the Republicans WANT to become completely irrelevant.

John Breaux for HHS Sec?

Economic Recovery House Meeting

Kyrgyz plan to boot U.S. air base surprises Pentagon

How much would we be saving (not only in lives but in money) if we ended the Iraq war tomorrow?

Joe The Plumber huddles with congressional aides; 'I Don't Know If The American Public Deserves Me'

Mitt Romney for HHS?

Wingnuts are beating us 100 to 1 on Capitol Hill (DO SOMETHING!)

Why the fuck do the Rethugs still have a fucking voice?

Some people are making a comeback-

For the DU ladies. how do you like your "guys"?

First Lady's Listening Tour is Brilliant ((more pics from today))

Sebelius likeliest at HHS. Ed Rendell a dark-horse possibility. (Dean not.)

What about ME for HHS?

I think Obama should ease up on the "Buy America" provision

LOL Glenn Beck spouting about how Obama is going toward socialism!

Despite Treasury's New Rule, Senators Aren't Giving Up Their Push to Cap CEO Pay

Did Harry Reid Intentionally Try to Sabotage President Obama?

So How Long Before Obama Gets Fed Up With Republican't Obstructionism?

BREAKING NEWS: Obama about to sign the SCHIP bill

When does the Senate vote on the stimulus?

How much sleep do you get in a 24 hour period?

Grinch Award for GOP Congressmen/Senators who voted against S-CHIP

Best rock song featuring piano

I just KNEW he was going to mention his victory today! WTG President Obama!

Happy Birthday Felix Mendelssohn!

"Obama Gets Do-Over and a New Chance for Women" The New Agenda

I honestly think the media thinks it is responsible for Obama's victory

Obama and the echo chamber -

Does Michael Phelps' Massive Lung Capacity Help Him Take Monster Bong Hits?

Does Michael Phelps' Massive Lung Capacity Help Him Take Monster Bong Hits?

Hilarious: National Review says Obama has failed, Wonkette mocks them

If you don't like Steely Dan I will HURT YOU!

Michael Steele Itching For Fight With Obama

Picture of the Day: February 4, 2009

My LOTTE to the San Jose MercuryNews on the stimulus

Hilda Solis confirmation being held up because she supports EFCA

is "bi-partisanship" code for "corporatism"?

Meanwhile the future of our economy is at stake: Not enough votes to pass the stimulus bill..

What about Elizabeth Edwards for HHS...?

On Criticizing President Obama

Financial Times: "The world desperately needs Mr Obama to take a firmer grip at home & lead abroad

Why Is It That President Obama Is The Only Dem Out There Promoting This,,,,

McCain/Kyl to skip stimulus vote


Can somebody walk us through what, exactly, will happen if the stimulus bill is filibustered?

This is what I think Obama is up to.....(Rethugs in cabinet)...

Do you still think Obama's cabinet appointments were great ?

I'm still pissed from watching this morning's MORON JOE show...

Dean: Hot Name On The List To Replace Daschle

Wait! What the fuck?!?!

Jaff Farias " I very much looking forward to the Palin/Plumber ticket 2012"

Well...crappy day...waiting to find out if my dad's ok...

Obama PUNTS on Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Says it needs more study - Gays Tossed Under Again

Do you ever get the feeling that you're the only person on DU who's STILL glad that Obama's Prez?

Obama administration to roll out new/updated faith based office Thursday

Obama's Keeping His Pledge to Abolish the Politics of the Past


Etta James says Obama NOT her President; wants to kick Beyonce's ass!

Obama's guy Gregg will vote 'no' on all stimulus/recovery cloture votes

Spring Training is here!!!!...for 10 year olds that is.

Would someone please tell Obama that he was elected because he's a DEMOCRAT.

Krugman: What’s going on?

OK, Barack. What's the problem with Buy American?

Can you bench press more than President Obama?

Lieberman may have serious challenger

Why are Chris Matthews and Anderson Cooper Lying to the American People about Obama's poll numbers!


snow plow

Success is.....

The Pikachu Is Female

Remembrance Day for Longhorn.

Stephen King says Twilight author "can't write worth a darn".

The Republicans Big Lie That Democrats Sell: Senate Democrats Need 60 Votes To Pass Legislation

Officials Nab Traveler With Pigeons in His Pants (photo)

Bay Area's Elephant Pharmacy abruptly closes all locations

Obama: 'I screwed up' in Daschle withdrawal

Refiners, union reach tentative deal

Dupe - please delete: Recount trial: Judges rule thousands of ballots can be considered

U.S. Man Arrested in Suspicious Powder Mailings

Obama administration to issue executive pay limits (taking Gov't $$$)

Firm tied to salmonella ran unlicensed Texas plant

Daschle Exit Leaves Void Sebelius, McClellan May Fill

IBM to Open Two More Offshore Development Centers in India

Poland to end 3 military missions to save money

Panasonic warns of $4.2 billion loss, to cut 15,000 jobs

Obama economic plan now tops $900 billion

Media group says 109 media workers killed in 2008

Soros warns against "bad bank" option: report

North Korea may test-fire missile toward Japan-media

U.S. sees North Korea talks resuming early July

Kyrgyzstan starts moves to close U.S. airbase

Fresh attack on Pakistan lorries

Banned Pakistan militants gather

Utah Governor Won't Back Tracking Bar Customers

U.S. needs to end 'imperial attitude,' Bolivian says

Bat-Killing Syndrome Spreads in Northeast

U.K. Officer Arrested in Afghanistan on Suspicion of Leaks

Humvee vulnerabilities were long known

President: Rebel defeat has united Sri Lanka

UN says Hamas seized Gaza food aid and blankets

Panasonic to Cut 15,000 Jobs

Google Street View car claims first victim (a deer)

American, 75, charged with molesting Cambodian boy

China’s Drought May Make Birds More Susceptible to Avian Flu

Venerable Bookstore to Close in Village

GOP Fears Kentucky Will Be Next Loss

Iraq investigating serious vote fraud allegations

In a nutshell. Dean's too partisan.

After Uproar, Wells Fargo Calls Off Trip to Las Vegas

U.S. Plans $500,000 Cap on Executive Pay in Bailouts

US threats mean evidence of British resident's Guantánamo torture must stay secret, judges rule

Asset Guarantees Gain Momentum in U.S. Bank Talks

Hagel (R-Ne) takes job with Georgetown University

US January Job Cuts Triple From Year Earlier, Challenger Says

West Memphis Doctor critical after car explodes

5000 rejected Minn. ballots get another look

I Guess I'm the Only One Who Thinks This Will All Blow Up In the Republicans' Faces

US plan to arm militias scares some in Afghanistan

Vatican Demands Holocaust Denier Publicly Recant

Daschle Exit, Successor Search, Delays Health Agenda

Uribe slammed by freed hostage

After Uproar, Wells Fargo Calls Off Trip to Las Vegas

Russia lets U.S. supplies through to Afghanistan

Monster Snake Slithered at 43 Feet Long

Obama economic plan now tops $900 billion

US cmdr: Iran still supporting extremists in Iraq

Cao, Republican suit attacks federal campaign limits

Ex-prosecutor: Guantanamo 'a total failure'

In Attack on Kennedy, Echo of a Spitzer Tactic

Doctor Hurt in West Memphis Car Explosion

Senate Approves Tax Credit for Many New Car Buyers

UN head urges fewer civilian deaths in Afghanistan

California court to hear gay marriage case in March

Miss. gov.'s nephew fills national GOP role

First lady says HUD will play a critical role in economic recovery

Gonzales lauds 'tremendous job' by his Justice Department

Mpls. church struggles to help others after thefts

Injured man dies after rejection by 14 hospitals

New Jersey Assemblywoman proposes unconstitutional Britain style handgun ban bill

Multinationals Push to Revive Tax Break

Brazilian churches oppose the privatization of water

Justice Department Rehires Lawyer Ousted Over Lesbian Rumor

U.S. businessman donates $100 mln to AIDS research

Afghanistan says foreign fighters coming from Iraq

Afghanistan Contractor Pleads Guilty to Killing Man Who Burned Co-Worker

Obama responds to GOP critics of stimulus bill (only Obama quotes)

Auto sales plummet in January; Chrysler sales down 55%

Former Gregg Staffer Caught Up In Corruption Probe

Obama to Lawmakers: Remember Which Ideas Won the Election

Steel-state lawmakers vow to save "Buy American"

Knoxville church shooter will 'plead to everything'

Goldman Sachs Would Like to Pay Back TARP Money

Signs Go Up At LI School Renamed For Obama

Israel: 'Time Running Out' After Iran Satellite Launch

Congress postpones digital TV transition to June

Gay Iraqi could face death penalty if deportation goes ahead

Macy’s execs get performance bonuses (!!!)

California Credit Rating Lowest in U.S

Jet Company Allegedly Risked Celebrity Passengers' Lives for Cheap Fuel

If passed, bill would let Franken take seat provisionally

Obama's energy secretary outlines dire climate change scenario

Obama's promised health care overhaul delayed

President Obama seeks Russia deal to slash nuclear weapons

Obama caps executive pay tied to bailout money

Democrats flex political muscle as House passes kids health bill

Man with no insurance pulls own teeth

This is your pilot slurring: Garbled message from cockpit sparks passenger rebellion

Rider Paradox: Surge in Mass, Drop in Transit

Rove defends Bush policies (says he will not comply with Congressional subpoenas)

Connecticut attorney general mulls run against Lieberman

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 4

ATF: Explosive Device Found in Arkansas Doctor's Car After Blast

US credit card delinquencies at record highs -Fitch

Chinese scientists clone 5 human embryos for research

Google Offers "Latitude" To Track People

Pakistani Taliban free 29 police and soldiers

Americans cheer pay curb, fret over big gov't role

Tory MP demands torture statement

Cheney warns of new attacks

Sen. Nelson (D-Ne) joins effort to reduce bailout costs (deal to strip more than $50 billion)

Interior Secretary Cancels Leases on Federal Land in Utah

Support for Stimulus Package Falls to 37%

US to continue talks about keeping Kyrgyz base

Iraqi woman had 80 women raped to recruit suicide bombers

'Nativist's and the white supremacists (1:11)

Late Show - Former Governor Rod Blagojevich

CBS News: Protesters Worldwide Adopt Shoe-Throwing

Rachel Maddow: The Bush Wars

President Obama: "I Screwed Up"

Gore Vidal on the next 10 years

Bale Out - RevoLucian's Christian Bale Remix!

TYT: Cenk Vs. VP Candidate For Libertarian Party

Rachel Maddow: Bernie Sanders Calls for Accountability for Financial Catastrophe

Iraqi woman had 80 women raped to recruit suicide bombers

Olbermann on corporate greed outrage "are we seeing the prospect of government versus corporations?"

President Obama on Economic Recovery

Born Again American.

VP Biden = swearing in AG Eric Holder

Karl Rove decides to talk afterall = to Republican prosecutor!!

Young Turks: Juan Williams Hearts Bill O'Reilly

Petraeus versus the President?

Young Turks: Joe The Plumber Now Advising GOP

Tweety Sez, Why Not Dr. Dean?

Max Keiser talks to Afshin Rattansi about the Dollar and Roach Motels

Verizon doesn't know the difference between dollars and cents - hilarious

The Stimulas Bill: is there a complete list of items published?

Oklahoma restaurant owner: wearing hats = gay, which = you can't come in my restaurant.

Still Bushed! - Iraq Pays Heavy Price With 95,236 Dead

Former State Dept. Official: Obama to Mirror Bush's Policy on Iran.1/4/09 Democracy Now 1 of 2

Markopolos: I gift wrapped and delivered the largest Ponzi scheme in history to the SEC

Lesson Learned! Obama Resolved To Avoid Repeat of 'Daschle Driver' Problem

Oscar Grant Protest Continues

12 more Madoff feeder funds laying in the weeds of Europe SEC does not know about yet!

Kucinich on Faux: We Should Be Going From Golden Parachutes To Golden Handcuffs!

Rachel Maddow: hilarious recap of the Blago franchise

"... Geithner indicated he was opposed to nationalizing banks ..."

Rudy Giuliani Defending Wall Street Salaries

Is free trade the best way to beat recession?

Alberto Gonzales: "ongoing investigations" interfere with job hunt

The postman who wants to deliver the end of capitalism

We thought the enemy was Mr. Madoff. I think its you (SEC) Executive Privilege!

The Leopard Cannot Change its Spots


Joe the Plumber Now Advising GOP

Is Organic Farming a civil rights movement?

Bill Moyers Journal: Michael Pollan (Omnivore's Dilemma) PT. 1 Obama Should Plant Garden at WH

Countdown: Turley - 'Rove May Be Looking at a Real Chance of Indictment'

Bob Dole's perfect description of how Washington works

Why Are We Still at War?

AlterNet: Repugs Are Willing to Let The Country Collapse if They Think it Will Win Them Elections

Sick Rocky Flats workers can't wait any longer for payments

"I don't want people espousing terrorism to be mingling with disgruntled American convicts,"

President Obama Imposes $500,000 Salary Cap for Bail Out Executives

The clueless, not-so-loyal opposition (Legal Pad / Heber Springs AR Sun-Times)

No reason for Obama compromise with GOP (Papantonio / Pensacola News Journal)

Killed by the State of Georgia

TYT: Should Phelps Face Criminal Charges For A Bong Hit?

Rush, money & right-wing radio (Ali / Philadelphia Daily News)

Karl Rove will testify

Whalers Doing Crazy Joes Across the Ross Sea In Defence of a Savage Industry

GEORGE SOROS: We Can Do Better Than a 'Bad Bank'

Looking for votes in all the wrong places

Madoff tipster Harry Markopolos assails SEC - feared for his safety

Joe the Plumber to be a consultant for the GOP

Tomgram: Chalmers Johnson Reveals the Economic Death Spiral at the Pentagon

`Stop outsourcing to India’

Norman Solomon: Is Peace No Longer an Option?

Robert Scheer: Runaway Wall Street

U.S. needs to end 'imperial attitude,' Bolivian says

Panasonic axes 15,000 staff - close 27 factories

Obama Finally Wises Up: Says 'Effin BYE to Bipartisanship!'

Wynn Resorts cuts salaries/work week

Google offers 'latitude' to track people

A Little fun: Ann Coulter at the Urban Dictionary

Repugs willing to let country collapse (to win elections)

TYT RANT: Democrats Continue To Show Weakness

In Bolivia, Untapped Bounty Meets Nationalism

Rush Limbaugh Deserves a Good Old Fashioned Shunning

Palin Caught Lying to GOP House Members

Tom Teepen: Can anyone stand up to Limbaugh?

Opinion: The Obama administration promotes outsourcing

Blacklisting Progressives: The Untold Story Beneath the Daschle Headlines

GOP Catfight Brewing In TX: Palin v. Hutchinson

Cenk: Howard Dean for HHS or Health Czar

Obama Must Not Appoint Phil Bredesen as Daschle's Replacement

Afghanistan report: Focus on Taliban, al-Qaida

SC bill enhances custody rights for parents

Idaho guard preps for war zone deployment

Alaskan senators back missile defense plan

Nev. reserve unit welcomed home

Admiral to review Guantanamo operations

Bill targets sexual, domestic assaults

Commander: Suspects taken in before Iraqi vote

(Army Times) Opinion: Cover rape kit costs now

Disabled Iraq vet tapped for position in VA (TAMMY !!1!!)

Military record of college official questioned

Reports: N. Korea preparing for missile test

Another shower electrocution death investigated

Soldier pleads guilty to accessory to murder

Pakistan attack halts U.S., NATO supplies

Seabees home from 6-month deployment

Essex sailor charged with car theft in Japan

Former Coast Guard officer faces rape trial

N.C. Marine charged with faking robbery story

Miramar Marine killed in fiery freeway crash

Many against placing detainees in their towns

(Marine Corps Times) Opinion: About the Burn Pit

Brothers plead guilty to stealing from Corps

(Army Times) Backtalk: The military needs change

U.S. official: Kyrgyz base is not closing

Air Force Reserve plans to add 4,000 airmen

10 pilots chosen as 1st instructors for F-35

Cause unclear in death of Minot crew commander

Engine ignition failure caused Predator crash

Kan. Guardsman settles suit with city

(Air Force Times) Editorial: Minding the waist

Canada sends helos, drones to back up troops in Afghanistan

Army contractor pleads guilty in killing of Afghan

US supply routes in Afghanistan squeezed 2 ways

DWR Announces Snow Survey Results (California Department of Water Resources)

Dead fish, algae to hit Murray-Darling basin

China’s Drought May Make Birds More Susceptible to Avian Flu

The pending scramble for water (BBC/Analysis)

Oregon-born condors to be freed near the Grand Canyon

EPA may seek new comment on California waiver this week - Reuters

Connecticut power plant plans wood biomass integration

Murray-Darling Basin Water Storage 16% Of Capacity - Drought Still On, Despite Some Rains

EPA Agrees To Review How Ocean Acidification Should Be Handled Under Clean Water Act - CBD/ENN

Toxic Blue-Green Algae Blooms, Fish Kills Expected Throughout Murray-Darling System As Levels Fall

India's Wheat Output "Stagnant" In Past 10-15 Years; Scientists Attribute To Warming Climate

Argentina declares drought crisis

Californica facing worst drought in modern history

Basics of renewable energy infrastructure

California Reservoir Overview

Daily drought watch: California snowpack at 55% of normal

NPR: Innovation Seen As Key To Curbing Climate Change

US Overtook Germany In 2008 As Top Wind Electricity Generator - ENN

It's Not All Bad News - ADM Ethanol Division Lost $111 Million During Q4 2008 - SF Chronicle

RAAF Base N. Of Adelaide Hits 41.7C At 3:00 AM - "Without Known Precedent In Southern Australia"

California farms, vineyards in peril from warming, (may vanish by 2100) U.S. energy secretary warns

Bagram flight line reopened after Friday ‘mishap’

Working together amid a shift in power

Merrill Lynch - Non-OPEC Oil Production Possibly Peaked - "Steeper Output Declines Going Forward"

Drivers seek mileage boost despite cheaper fuel (Reuters)

Is "gender selection" instinctual population control?

Daily Drought Watch: California Snowpack at 54% of Normal

Al Gore on the threats to civilization

NATO system to boost U.S. Sigonella presence

Dallas trial in SSRT bribery case postponed

European brief: Ceremony set for private found dead

Army Deserter Seeks Asylum in Germany

'Mother of Believers' Arrested in Iraq

US Kicked Out of Kyrgyzstan Air Base

Defense Tech: Corps' New Jeep Travels Bumpy Road

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: Straighten up and fly right

Mullen Says Afghanistan is no Vietnam



geek tragedy

Iran Launches First Home-grown Satellite

Falling COLA is causing hardship in Britain

Humvee vulnerabilities were long known

Expert: Next bomber could cost $40 billion

This "Ready to Go" Public Works Plan Will Cost 149 Billion And Create 1.6 Million Jobs in 2 Years

Rally Tomorrow for Employee Free Choice

Celebrating six months of the IWW Starbucks Workers Union in the Twin Cities

Bay Area health union seeks vote on membership (conduct elections at 64 facilities)

SAG, studios postpone talks as union president threatens lawsuit

How to Value Toxic Bank Assets, the Wall Street Journal, Feb 3, 2009

Wal-Mart bid Exhibit B in labor fight

Today in labor history Feb 4 IWW co-founder William D. "Big Bill" Haywood was born

Acting Labor secretary named while Solis awaits vote

UK union recommends end of wildcat strike

Thomson REUTERS Hit by Unfair Labor Practice Charge

Nelson (D-Ne) says stimulus bill must be 'jobs, jobs, jobs'

Working Families Need Jobs; Senate Republicans Want Tax Cuts for Wealthy

The first seamen's union in the United States

1.5 Million Sign on to Support Employee Free Choice; Thousands Rally on Hill (photos too)

H-1B, offshoring supporters get key Obama Administration posts

anti labor rant from Association of Builders and Contractors PAC Chair

The Black Hole of the US Banking System

Q: What is the capital of Iceland?

The Bad Bank Assets Proposal: Even Worse Than You Imagined

Bad bank + toxic debts = moral hazard x10

To Obama: Confidence Levels Critical

The Senate's auto tax incentives favor the wealthy.

Why don't we

The Senate's tax breaks for auto purchases is structured to favor the rich.

Obama to Limit Executive Pay to $500,000 a Year

Is Obama the Offshore Outsourcing President?

Madoff Investigator : We feared for our lives...

Wall Street faces new frontier on bonuses, perks

Russia.. Two ratings above junk

BofA to sell 3 corporate jets, Merrill helicopter

U.S. junk bond defaults rise to nearly 5 pct -S&P

C-span hearing this afternoon on derivatives...Chairman Collin Peterson, D-Minn

Lawmaker says SEC hindering House's Madoff probe

Obama's Dangerous Bank Bailout

Another Rebuttal to the "Taxes Are Killing Me WAAAA" Chain Letter

So I wanted to know what happened to the DOW today...

Does anyone have the distinct feeling that

The 10 Worst Corporations of 2008

Brazilian churches oppose the privatization of water (a lá Bolivia)

U.S. needs to end 'imperial attitude,' Bolivian says

Uribe slammed by freed hostage

Police kill 9 in Rio de Janeiro slum

Blum Kicks Serious Ass in his Anti-Empire Report - Excellent

US Financing Its Own Liability: Alvaro Uribe

Peter Kornbluh Interviews Benicio del Toro re: Che Movie

Here It Comes

Obama Backs Down on 'Buy American'

For Gersh: 14 Years Is Not So Long Ago.

Marriage Songs.....

Self Delete.

Stonewall: The birth of gay power

Gay Moles In Federal Government? Oh Noes!

Questions remain over gay inclusion at White House faith-based office

Bigots, bigots, get your red-hot bigots

State high court to hear Prop. 8 case March 5

Why is the sky blue?

Obama PUNTS on Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Says it needs more study

Violence in High School Sports

You And I Just Bought Santonio Holmes A New Cadillac Escalade

I wish Donovan McNabb would just keep his big yap shut.

I cannot watch this enough

Barry Bonds, it's time to stop lying......

BARRY BONDS tested positive for steroids in 2000 and 2001

Human Rights Watch Goes to War

Israel and Hamas Prepare for the Next Gaza War

Tom Daschle, a Casualty of War

DIRECTV Censors Gaza Strip TV Ad

Mt. Rushmore of Sports

Hamas prepared for 1-year truce with open borders

Rattling the Cage: The moral superiority of an F-16

Israel says troops were fired on before shelling home where Gaza doctor's girls died

UN says Hamas seized Gaza food aid and blankets

Poll: 57% of Palestinians see Hamas strengthened by Gaza war

Mubarak: Hamas to blame for spilled Arab blood

Elections 2009 / Poll reveals: The game is not over yet

Elections 2009 / Channel 1 poll gives Hadash four seats

Ben Eliezer Criticizes Lieberman

Shoe attack against Israeli Ambassador

UN: Hamas raided warehouse in Gaza, seized blankets, food

“I Meant to Say Zionists, Not Jews”

US study: IDF didn't violate laws of war

Outcry Against Gaza "War Crimes" Grows

Doctor who slammed Gaza violence supported 9/11 attacks

Israel says troops 'reasonable' to kill Gaza girls

Israel to Build New West Bank Settlement

As British Jews come under attack, the liberal left must not remain silent

If you do not feel welcome in Health forum, please tell us why

Here's an interesting article on a heart-op whistleblower, who rattled the cage of NMT Medical,

Create food safety agency outside FDA: lawmaker

"Doom Tourism" Booming - Visits To Antarctica, Kilimanjaro, G Barrier Reef Rising Sharply - AFP

A Dying Plea For Universal Health Care

Poll on The Opinion Polls About the Health Forum

US Seamen trained to fend off pirates...with water.

New Jersey Assemblywoman proposes unconstitutional Britain style handgun ban bill

New Jersey Assemblywoman proposes unconstitutional Britain style handgun ban bill

Unmanned Vehicles Transforming Warfare

Shoes on the Lines

Here's something very, very cool.

Red poll

Snow in the Cemetery.

* * * Schedule for February Photo Contest * * *

Look at this thread ..

Starchild Energies for Febuary: The Multiple Expressions of Light in the New Earth Reality

mugwort and dreams

I got a job interview tomorrow!!!

Fossils of gigantic snakes found in Columbia

Telescope sees smallest exoplanet (BBC)

Daddy day care: dinosaur fathers guarded the eggs

Monster Snake Slithered at 43 Feet Long

May I oversimplify 'Murikas demise and a solution.

Jesus: The last communist?

Getting rid of the results of years of Catholic Catechism pounded into my brain!

Pope Benedict XVI: Self-Interest Will Destroy the World

Those Wacky Mormons!

The "Religion Causes Peace" put-up or shut-up challenge:

EXCLUSIVE: Obama to Create Faith Council

Italian bean soup (not pasta fazool)

The pasing of a great man

Anyone have a good pinto bean recipe?

"What's for dinner?" - Wednesday Edition.

I'm sure there's a food connection in this ......

Are you aware that regular peanuts are being recalled too

Reinvestigation into 9/11 are major plot lines in the first 10 episodes of Rescue Me

How big was the conspiracy.

Anyone Here Care for Alex Jones?

Jury awards whistle-blower $900,000 (TX state civil rights agency)

Dallas--"Farewell Shoes for Bush" art show

Records wiped from speaker's office (Craddick pulls a Rove)

Dell 2135cn Multi-tasking Color Laser Printer review

Any recommendations for website translation widgets, scripts?

UK judges accuse Obama Administration of suppressing torture claim

Hey, if you're from Wales, do you speak Welsh?