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The Leadership of the Republikkan Party and people say they`re not in trouble

Credit card hackers find new, rich targets

Please delete. Dupe. TY

Boxers or Briefs?

Another Reason I love DU

I've been out all day, did Tweety and AC retract their BS Obama polls from yesterday?

Auto Union Workers Are Expected To Take Pay Cuts For Govt Bailout Money But Not Wall Street Mgrs.

I Have Started to Stock Up on Plastic and Duct Tape...

Do you want Nobel Economics or Joe The Plumber economics? Academics or horse shit?

Thank you Joan Walsh

The Pentagon's budget is ridiculously oversized

Wanna know what sucks?

Helen is reading Coultergeist's new work of fiction - so you don't have to.


Need some advice: Can an employer fire you for seeking another job?

Countdown just did a great job with Obama vs Bush.. on mistakes

Guardian UK: Guantánamo torture evidence 'buried'

Could you imagine localities becoming dependent on US Federal dollars?

Is it "insider trading" to tell you all a tip of a product that is getting ready to skyrocket???

Do you think my wife is selfish?

Wow-A Hand up, Instead of a Hand out (Not Politics As Usual)

delete dupe

Dodd on Senate floor now on TARP, foreclosures - C-Span2

Krugman on Rachel now

Lawrence O'Donnell on Dick Cheney: "He's either a pathological liar or completely unhinged."

Clinton sees smaller role for security contractors

General Clark on stimulus, gitmo, and FINALLY afghan here:

Why should we have to be subjected to the asinine rantings of an evil old fool?

A sample from the greatest political thinker of all time

Way cool Jobs Plan/Stimulus interactive map from USA Today for you!

Rachel is cracking me up!

Rachel is cracking me up!

What will Rod Blagojevich's prison nickname be?

Proof positive that the GOP is completely in the crapper.......

Proof positive that the GOP is completely in the crapper.......

Barrasso on the floor asking for REDUCED environmental review of construction - NO!!!!

Obama's Betrayal Is Complete! Grand Jury Investigation Of Domenici In Attorney Firings!

warning: graphic

Anyone seen those commercials ...

Don't worry, the switch to DTV will happen on Feb. 17th. The bill allows stations to switch

Mexican Drug Smugglers use Ingenious Technology to Defeat Border Fence

The Saga of the Golden Fleece: Why America Needs to Learn to Love Government Spending Once Again

Canada and EU are being more than a little hypocritical on the Buy American thing

PROGRAM ALERT: The Madoff hearing today is being replayed n CSPAN right now (10PM EST)

Congresswoman Barbara Lee ........

To put the Stimulus bill into perspective:

Obama, the press, and the "bipartisan" trap - media matters

Can't we just put a muzzle on his goddamned mouth?

Why do right wingers become snake-oil salesmen?

When is the State of the Union Address ?

AP alleges copyright infringement of Obama image by Shepard Fairey

Fox Nooz <----> Cheenee <----> Politico

Why the fuck is Shitstain Shoots-Guy-In-Face.....

Google to track mobile users

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check-in!

What kind of stupid CNN Poll question is this?

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi, Pepsi One.......Pepsi Gay?

Is "cash for trash" (Stiglitz) a good idea? for taxpayers, that is?

"Seven-Inch Gangly Wrench?"

Is it me or are my commutes getting easier?

Some stories have it all... "Pope's brother defends his Holiness over Williamson holocaust scandal"

Is ESPN's latest NBA ad homophobic? Does a basketball bounce?

Perhaps she should stick with public transit.......

Harkin on the floor about $10,000 incentive for buying new car

Quick: What is the current terror-alert level?

Preview - PBS - We shall remain - USA history from the Native Americans view

ok so why do presidents go and read to kids - the other critters in

Fuck. The. Bus. Updated

Funding programs through special taxes... that don't work

Duckworth to be VA Assistant Secretary

Burning the Future: Coal in America

Susquehannock Indian site gains national recognition

Senate Advances Tax Break for Homebuyers (NYT 2/4/09)

Pair unearth Saxon burial remains

Questions about the existing first-time homebuyer credit and the amendment today

Surveillance cameras must vanish after Vancouver's 2010 Winter Olympics

if you are going to fund the SCHIP bill, what funding source (tax) would you choose?

Pay caps only apply to future bailouts, not the ones we've already given.

So, That WWII Vet Who Froze To Death Over A $1000 Utility Bill Had $600,000 in Savings

"Dark Days for Green Energy"

Mr. James "$500K Is Not a Lot of Money" Reda Has A Website and A Contacts Page

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network to Obama: No more studies needed re: DADT.

Countdown...Schuster is NOT Olberman

UPDATE: The Cramps' Lux Interior R.I.P....official statement :-(

Madoff Victims List Released In Full... See All The Names

"I weep for these men" (CEOs capped at 500K)

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Joe Scum almost had a slip

You know what happened over the course of the last week?

Lots of health care horror stories on GD. Please share them with Consumers Union

Do any DUers have access to Lexus Nexus?

All right, how many people here would the house buying provision help?

Scientists Find Earliest Evidence of Animal Life

Wingnut LTTE: bush's failures due to media, Clinton (surprise!)

Wingnut LTTE: bush's failures due to media, Clinton (surprise!)

Protecting "sensitive national security information" = squelching evidence of crimes

TARP bank execs to come before Congress

Wake Me Up in 2 Months!

AlterNet: Seat Al Franken Already

So is Agent Mike now out of a job?

Morning Joe....

Planting explosives and opening portholes on the already sinking Titanic.....

Stimulus NOW: Staff up emergency rooms and understaffed hospitals!!

How to control a herd of humans

New Deal Now

Why Bush, Cheney, et al unlikely to be prosecuted

FEMA food kits may contain tainted peanut butter

Marine Science College Dean wants to kill whales (bush appointee of course)!?!

bush and his hand at destroying our economy

Oh, Joy! Jack Welch coming up on Morning Bloe!

Dollars & Sense: Tough Times for Older Americans

"Office of Faith Based Partnerships"

Republicans are still running the country

Conservatives: Since FDR Sucked, And Bush Was So Great, Let's Keep Doing What We've Been Doing

This story is a bit old, but betting you never saw this before...

Mystery of Ancient Pueblo Jars Is Solved

From all the pundit outrage about the salary caps - it's pretty obvious

Search to resume for kidnapping victim - Traumatized coworker took 2 hrs to call 911

I just looked up Dr. Trent Pierce in the FEC donation database: he's a Democrat.

Are We Free?

Are We Free?

Mona Charen is a fucking idiot.

"Aww. I wonder if Bernie Madoff really meant to hurt anyone. I think he meants for it to go on .....

Bush SEC Holdovers Cite Exec Privilege In Stonewalling Congress About Madoff Scandal

Nelson (D-Ne) says progress being made on stimulus bill

'Evangelists' accused of stealing from Tenn. homes

CSPAN 1 has hearings now on tainted food, including poisoned peanuts. nt

Please help identify all the people in this picture ... (ALT VIEW ADDED)

Good LTTE in my local paper yesterday

Eric Cantor reminds me of the manager at the asshole store.

SCHIP: Does anyone know if CIGARS are taxed also?

Are Students the New Indentured Servants?

What I Never Understood About The "DTV" Coupon Program Is That.....

What is important today on M$NBC?

Giant prehistoric snake found in Columbia

Facing foreclosure? Don't leave. Squat

FL GOPer fwds racist e-mail, later laments the loss of sense of humor of those offended.

What Obama needs to tell the GOP in regards to the stimulus bill...*PUKE ALERT*

Just soliciated by the DCCC

British High Court orders info about US torture kept secret citing 'threats' from U.S.

Is anyone else having problems with your browser loading Photobucket

Does Jay Leno get his salary capped at $500,000?

Slavery ?

New jobless claims jump more than expected to 626K

Justice Scalia and Rush Limbaugh. Not looking too healthy, ya know?

Stephen Colbert Goes Christian Bale On Steve Martin

The key to "consumer confidence" is restoring "citizen confidence"

WHY Does Dick Cheney Have a TRANSITION Office in McClean VA?

Pisses me off -Clean Coal Coalition using Obama speech in Ad - There's No such thing as clean Coal!

A lesson for all to learn, about the stock market bailout

The Stimulus: Obama's Bray of Pigs?

Cop punches woman in the head 4 times

Please help commemorate Colin Powell's UN "Day of Shame" anniversary

For the Love!

10-year-old reportedly found hanged at Ill. school

Ruling Favors Ex-Congressman and Could Limit Other Investigations (Abramoff)

Cheney in Repose: A Poem - By The Rude Pundit (In Response To Politico Interview)

Good lord..are people really this dumb?

Dubya - It isn't just Torture or War Crimes - FDA allowing Salmonella & bad Drugs are also crimes!

The New Thought Police: The NSA Wants to Know How You Think— Maybe Even What You Think

Can you handle the truth ??

The Rude Pundit - Cheney in Repose: A Poem

My credit score 758. My Capital One CC went from 6.49% to 15.99%. No late payments.

"Still at War" by Noah Pierce (Iraq Vet, poem inside his funeral folder)

LiveLeak video: US soldier has major verbal confrontation with Iraqi police

Hocus Pocus

The United Steelworkers Union demand a Canadian exemption of the Bye American clause.

Is sending racy 'sexts' flirting, or is it porn?

Two Million People Swarm Denny's for a Grand Slam Breakfast

Dr. Chu is speaking at the energy department - Any links?

How many Democrats in the Senate believe like Republicans....?

Oh boy, the religious right kooks are mad at the Deputy Atty. General

We should outsource all of our Air Traffic Controllers. Save a little money.

Air traffic tapes of Hudson plane crash released

Repubs are holding up Hilda Solis because she favors the WORKER, not the boss

Cat Fight! Cat Fight! Cat Fight!

The Pope says he didn't know Bishop Williamson's views when he lifted ex-communication

GOP Rep. Admits Republicans in Congress are Wannabe Terrorists

I propose a tax credit of up to $5,000 for homeowners who refinance and lose that much money

Kucinich Speaks For An Hour About The Economy (video)

did i miss a story on darth today?

STOP listening to the media..mobilize, grass roots..remember millions a few weeks ago

Detailed List of Recovery Plan Provisions - House vs Senate

From 2/23/03: Barry Crimmins, "I Was Almost a Stooge For National Plutocrat Radio"

Need proof the GOP brand is dead? Meet Walt Minnick

What's the antidote to disaster capitalism?

'Sexploration' At Ohio College To Feature Pizza And Porn

I've got an Idea..Lets Have a Party!!..Mods? Duers

Prehistoric 'monster snake' remains found.

Hawks Urge Boosting Military Spending

Card tells Obama he's not respecting the office of President

Effort to divert $5.2 billion in stimulus package for Pentagon weapons purchases fails in Senate

Can You Hear It My Friends???? Can You HEAR IT?????

I hope my fellow DUers are watching CSpan 2 this morning.

Pre-emptive rationalization thread for when Bill Frist is given Health and Human Services

Doug Feith is rewriting history on Thom Hartmann's show now

Feith is speechless about PNAC lolol

How does Bill Gates incite awareness of malaria? Simple: Unleash mosquitoes on the audience.

LA Times: Wall Street finds ways around executive pay caps

LA Times: Wall Street finds ways around executive pay caps

Breaking - SC Justice Ginsberg underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer in NY

Use this statement over and over......

" . . . the failed theories that helped lead us into this crisis."

" . . . the failed theories that helped lead us into this crisis."

Kyrgyzstan Moves to Close U.S. Base

Toyota shuts down all but one assembly line

Consumer Reports: Don't bother with Starbucks

well great, a US base to be closed - forced to be closed

Unhappy voters jam Capitol Hill phone lines

Death Assurance

Army Reports Alarming Rise in Suicides Last Month Exceeding Combat Deaths For Both Wars

Just heard Justice Ginsburg has pancreatic cancer, having surgery

OK Mr. Nadler, SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!

Rush Limbaugh less loved than Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers.

Should a 10% GDP Stimulus reduce

Chicago: January Was Among Coldest Months On Record

Az people - or anyone else that wants to let off some steam ----

on the View today The TWIT is at her finest twit mode

Why Jake Tapper, you ol' dog .......

Wyden (D-Or) for HHS? His former aide a "Health Care Lobbyist?"

Ugghh.....Is anyone listening to Douglas Feith on with Thom Hartmann?

U.S., Al Qaeda Near Major Trade Agreement

Fuck the McCain Proposal! (Watching C-Span Senate Coverage)

In praise of imagination

Palin rails against 'anonymous, pathetic bloggers'

$15,000 tax credit for first time home buyers PASSES

Anyone in LV who can help this guy out?

I saw a movie on the Encore Channel last night that reminded me of Limpballs.

Senator Hatch is in his Alto voice again

Obama Thanks U.K. for Concealing Evidence of U.S.-Sponsored Torture

Whistling Past the Afghan Graveyard, Where Empires Go To Die

Seen any emails about cops giving out more tickets to make up revenue?

Kevin Bacon, Sandy Koufax among those taken to the cleaners by Madoff

Here is my deal: 10 YR Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness is messed up if you are married

Hopefully by the next Super Bowl we won't hear and there won't be drinking games where...

"Does the President believe in separation of church and state?"

Well, Crunch Limpballs got what he wanted: Attention. (And I know I'm not helping

The housing tax credit is $4,200 off a $150,000 house.

Court: Giant inflatable rat has free speech rights

Companies that Offshored Jobs Attacking "Buy America"/Stimulus on False Grounds

You remember where Ford was before they introduced the Taurus?

The prospect of a pro-worker Latina Labor Secretary has Repug assholes quaking......

Two Number Two's Critize Obama

Nelson (D-NE) and Collins (R-ME) seeking $80-$100 billion in cuts from stimulus

Chuckie Todd gets shut down everytime with Gibbs

Listening to the Panetta hearing and thinking about prosecuting torturers ......

Republicans, moderates and the media don't get it: The old thinking doesn't work.

msnbc reporting that harry reid announced they would vote on stimulus pkg. tonight

Exotic dancer set on fire outside LA nightclub, in critical condition

The Lou Dobbs program agenda, applicable nightly since 1/20/2009

My Take On The $15,000 Tax Credit:

The Mudflats has a good post on the Employee Free Choice Act

Our neighbor was laid off yesterday. She went to work and her job just diappeared.

The Army reports 24 suicides in January, 2009.

What a wonderful world

Malia and Sasha forgot to delcare the value of their Christmas presents in their 1040s!

Bill Gates Unleashes Mosquito Swarm On Audience

Should not we be using the "ROBUST PACKAGE" buzz words to sell Obama's Jobs Bill?

Bill Gates Goes goes nuts during conference

Everyone MUST call their Senators to tell them you support Obama's

Life in Nunam Iqua - Water

For those who have been following the social and ecological crisis in western Alaska

YO: Reid Says He Has The Votes

cspan: stimulus debate in senate---the republics have NOTHING TO OFFER but tax cuts

Anyone know where I can find transcript of Harry Markopolos hearing?

About that meeting between Obama and the SCOTUS

Panetta: "I think we have to define what kind of rendition we're talking about."

LOL -- Huff Post front page: SHOE WARS

Local Content Law

What is the purpose behind the GOP calling Social Security an "entitlement"?

President Obama, Congress CALL THE GOP'S BLUFF!!!

I Killed My Parents -- They Asked Me to Do It

Stick it to ultra-conservative Republican billionaire Rich DeVos in this poll: DU It!

Idea that oughta be a law - The party in minority takes a 50% pay cut

Tell Your Senators: Vote NO on Coburn Amendment to Exclude Museums

Check out the Senate roll call for this week - rejected, rejected, rejected

saxby chambliss is a hoot 'when will all this spending end?'

Political cartoon I can't draw but can describe re: jackets in WH

Hawks gunning for more military money - Asia Times

Gene Lyons: No need to meet GOP half way

HuffPo: Where's Obama's Grass-Roots Army? Conservatives Outphoning Liberals 100-to-1

So if you think our economy and government are irreparable

Big shout out for the Wyden-Snowe amendment!!!

We need to stop calling it the Stimulus Bill or Package and instead call it

We need to stop calling it the Stimulus Bill or Package and instead call it

How Sarah Palin and her family used "Abstinence Only".

Landlord claims murdered woman "broke her lease & gave 'insufficient notice to vacate'. Wants his $

they are voting right now on McCains alternative bill

Republicans you just dont get it, AMERICANS DO NOT HAVE PAYCHECKS

Creative way to find work. Carpenter puts *ADVICE FOR NICKLE* booth at Farmer's Market. Gives advice

Scabby the Rat comes out winner in free speech battle (CNN)

I want Russ' Amendment to pass!

I suppose I'm a quitter and not a good Dem

Republican amendments should be banned until they agree NOT to filibuster

I have had enough of this bullshit.

Unhinged Repugs report: Rep. Pete Sessions of TX

c h a n g e -Obama's Faith-Based Office to Depart From bu$h*s Precedent

Rove?..Cheney?..everyone with an "R" next to their name..24/7

Any filmmakers want to discuss Christian Bale's on-set Tirade?

Roll call votes from this week:

Voice quavering, Gomer sez he 'won't be intimidated by this president' ..... hahahaha

NYT: Boo-hoo In The Boardroom

Who besides Teddy and Al Franken are missing the votes today?

Who besides Teddy and Al Franken are missing the votes today?

If you made $500,000 a year ...

YouTube, the song 'Winter Wonderland' and Copyright Law

FCC Sets Conditions for Stations that still want to give up analog service on Feb 17

Here is a real solution to the housing foreclosure problem.

Breaking: Clinton Being Recalled - Third Cousin Twice Removed Owes $500 In Back Taxes

Help me out D.U.ers.... Girlfriends Repuke Husband sent me this...

The Powers-That-Be Are Scared Sh*tless Over Obama

breaking cnn: mary matalin has serious face surgery

Oil Leaks and Other Glitches

'The American People Have Rendered their Judgement"

anyone know what time the senate will be voting on the Jobs Bill?

Health Benefits For Unemployed Stripped From Stimulus

Can I be the first to suggest Harold Hongju Koh as Supreme Court Justice!!!

Can I be the first to suggest Harold Hongju Koh as Supreme Court Justice!!!

Why Don't They Seem to Care that they are Despised?

The Stage Is Set: Katherine Harris, Will You Please Run for U.S. Senate?

A whole raft of Dem Senators (and Lieberman) is attempting to gut the stimulus/jobs bill

Queen's gift shop sells racist rag dolls

What do you think is the ideological make up of the GOP?

dan rather on msnbc.....great perspective

How much do you make currently?

Robert Reich: Senate Republicans and the Stimulus: Playing Politics When the Economy Burns

And the "Darwin's Nightmare" award goes to.........

Ginsberg Cancer and McCain

HUGE! LAT - Fed Judge Rules Denying Same-Sex Benefits Unconstitutional!

Why did the media put Cheney on with the "terra alert" message??

Religious Differences on the Question of Evolution - Pew Research

Talk me down: Anyone get the feeling our current economic woes were deliberate?

Boxer on C-Span 2 now - enforcing NEPA environmental requirements on construction projects

If Hemingway was right, and guts is "grace under pressure", then listen to this:

Our economy is in a landslide, landslides tend to gain speed and volume very quickly.

If I'm getting Charged $7.00 for a blanket and Pillow I'm keeping them.

dear republics, what do tax cuts mean to a man who doesn't have an income?

ron christie is chock full of shit

ACLU Urges Investigation Into Conditions At Texas Prison

Now, WAIT a minute. Army suicides higher than casualties in BOTH wars, and they're doing WHAT??

The Republicans are sounding more and more like the grownups ......

Indicted weapons dealer still making millions from Uncle Sam.

Excuse me, a student was decapitated in a freaking coffee shop at V. Tech?

Did you hear someone instructing Gilibrand to vote no on this amendment?

What's so funny 'bout resourcefulness, thrift, and self-determination?

That was a surprising vote.

Kinsley: Entitlement Myths

Oh, Please, No More Faith-Based!

Howard Dean for HHS! Sign this Petition & comment here at

Holy Shit! Gerald Ford in the Oval office without a jacket or TIE!!!

Is it just me, or does Susan Collins always sound like she's about to burst into tears?

Why are Republicans and other people against socialism ?

Why are Republicans and other people against socialism ?

Dallas hardware store offers Bush door greeter position

Dallas hardware store offers Bush door greeter position

How Come Ya Don't Hear "Winter Wonderland" & "Let It Snow" After Xmas?

Here's what I feel like doing with republicans blocking the stimulus...

Hundreds counter Phelps' anti-gay picketers at high school in Kansas

For all you Arizona - bashers out there:

Sessions: GOP Insurgency "May Be Required" (you won't believe this?)

What's this CRAP about Newt Gingrich as HHS

senate is voting on mccain (R-Ass) amendment that would REPLACE the entire stimulus package

Truth Dig covers Dean's Vermont days....says he should have been first pick

Wow, AP Suing Shepard Fairey Over Derivative Image of President Obama

A Rotting Corpse...

Corpse dug up from cemetery, taken to local hospital


Why is Obama thinking of moving the nuclear weapons complex from the Energy Dept. to the Pentagon??

Why is Obama thinking of moving the nuclear weapons complex from the Energy Dept. to the Pentagon??

IBM's Palmisano: Take a job in the 3rd 3rd World wages

IBM's Palmisano: Take a job in the 3rd 3rd World wages

Obama boarding Air Force One for his first trip as POTUS

Have fun (or maybe not) looking at mortgage and credit defaults right in your city!

Anyone else feel a little terror when Cheney resurfaced to warn us of impending doom?

Senator Tom Harkin backs HOWARD DEAN for HHS

Judd Gregg --good enough to be Commerce Secretary, but not good enough to handle the Census???

I was on the phone with one of my nephews and he

$7 for a "power nap" on USAirways.....

What's your employment situation?

Ohio Homes Sell For As Little As $7,000

Tax the Speculators

Why couldn't if have been one of the evil fucks...Scalia or Alito.

Why couldn't if have been one of the evil fucks...Scalia or Alito.

The whole Republican party really ought to be shut down

Former Iranian revolutionary: "Talk to US, says leader of (1979) embassy takeover"

How Many Are at The Very Top?

TAG THIS! See EVERYTHING in both House and Senate version of the JOBS BILL:

Reid just said they are staying all night till the Stimulus is done

If Dean is nominated for a post in the Obama administration ...

officially CHILLED OUT

Ginsburg Has Pancreatic Cancer

Lindsey Graham on MSNBC "We're shut out of the process!"

Portland mayor bags the plastic bag tax (with economy does not think it is time for a new tax)

As if you need one, yet another reason to hate John Boehner

Tammy Duckworth to the VA

Wow, seems like everybody and his brother is calling for Obama to appoint Dean to HHS

Lesbian arrested for kissing her girlfriend on the cheek at mall in San Antonio.

At Davos Howard Dean decries lax protections for workers.

I've got a recent post up with 200 replies....

"Meet The Press" Ratings Lowest Since David Gregory Became Moderator

Atheists get some love from Obama @ the National Prayer Breakfast!

Shame! No jacket for Bush Sr.?

Cheney - Photos of him - his behavior today - and my dark theory

I hope everybody knows what just happened with the "buy American" part of the bill..

There's no hope

Congressman Bright's (D-Alabama) Letter to Me on His Opposition to the Stimulus Bill

Elderly man who froze to death cuz power was cutoff was worth $500,000. He was 'frugal'

check in here if you would kill for not a $500k job, but just a "lowly" $50k job

Enough is enough? UAW memebers at a local auto parts plant voted

For those who don't believe the media is the enemy.. READ THIS!

You guys should watch CSPAN2 today. They are debating the stimulus bill in the Senate.

Well, now I'm a victim of the "intellectual property" Nazis.

Has anyone heard any story on teevee that asks why a *reasonable* item is in the StimBill?

Wow ! A Republican actually does something for the little person !!

We're watching a President get manhandled by Congress. Long time since we've seen the like.

We're watching a President get manhandled by Congress. Long time since we've seen the like.

Add more to the list of unemployed. My husband's last night of work will be tonight.

Daily Show making me mad...

Thom Hartmann: "Tax every dollar earned in excess of $3.2 million per year at 70 percent......

My lobbying in DC for the Stimulus Bill- a report and a few pictures

Years and years of neglect of the average working person...

The unemployment office makes me want to vomit with rage.

The unemployment office makes me want to vomit with rage.

I just noticed something about the language used to describe the jobs bill.

DU Group Suggestion: Job Hunting

Lindsey Graham: "We've had enough presidents trying to scare people to make bad decisions"

What a 2,158% tax increase means to my SS Disability...

Do we need 60 to pass this or just simple majority?

TARP recipients spent $114 million last year lobbying Congress and funding political campaigns

Guardian UK: Hasta la vista, Arnold

Who should Obama name to the Supreme Court when it becomes necessary?

Barbara Boxer For Senate Leader

I just want to start a thread of good karma for Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Sitting in the student center

Are you filing your tax returns NOW, or

This, unfortunately, is real

The good Lord chooses rape to create life?

The good Lord chooses rape to create life?

Who shot Billey Joe Johnson?

Bill Gates Unleashes Mosquitoes On Rich TED Conference Crowd

What I learned today: If you have a loved one who is suffering with pain

Dallas Store Invites Bush to be Greeter

Some good news I would like to share with all of you.

A Family Business Is A 24/7 Job That Goes BEYOND Wages. DU'ers Who Support Inheritance Taxes

For those who have lost Cable - Here is a list to hopefully help out.....

A Timely Quote From Karl Marx

A Timely Quote From Karl Marx

I want to see who was the first place winner.....if this was the runner up

Congress approves digital TV delay... until JUNE !!!

servants retaliating against Wall St. scammers

Obama Miscalculated...He Made "Bi-Partisanship" not the "Economic Crisis" his Priority!

With Everybody Laid Off, What the Best Home Based Business to Start?

attention cigarette smokers

Kucinich Reintroduces Department of Peace Bill with 62 Cosponsors

Guess Who Will Be Helping to Shape Iran Policy for Obama?

More on the Hudson River ditching.

Should Reid, Pelosi, Both or Neither be replaced as Dem Leaders?

The Cheap Labor Cons are everywhere

Another reason we don't have electric cars

Did I just hear that the House Dems are having a retreat in Williamsburg, VA?

Palin better not mess with Ashley Judd!

The End of America (Would any Triangle NC area DU'ers like to help or brainstorm with me about

5 Second Movies Does UHF. You will go to Hell if you laugh at this. Jesus told me personally.

Is there such a thing as overnight dementia?

I guess the geese didn't get the groundhog's memo

"A Very Duggar Wedding" *NOW* on Discovery Health Channel

Scream the migraine out of your head!

Life Coaches

Can someone please explain to me WTF is going on here...

Grandparent and their grandchildren

WAAAHHHHH!!!!! No more of this until my stomach heals!!!!

I need to let-out a bit...

Twitter Super Bowl Map

Jane B.

It's dark outside and it's still above zero! Ohhh Yeahhh!

My professor told us some interesting trivia about himself tonight

How a dog drinks water-cool video

Pic Shows Man Robbing Stores With Klingon Sword

Bet you can't do this

So there's Dennis Hopper, whose brain must resemble scrambled eggs more than

Odd News - 'Vampyre' jailed after allegedly harassing teen

sooo anyone else feeling betrayed tonight??

Post something you like about Bam-ba-lam.

I have a middle school/high school buddy who needs some really good vibes

Some stats on who smokes

Post something you like about Adamantium.

Man accused of choking girlfriend with Wii controller

O.K., Freepers are now starting to really hallucinate

Gladiator games for Death row inmates?

I want to drop off a little inner peace in the Lounge

Woot!!!!! Brooks Brothers is having a sale right now


Microsoft Outlook - this is so cool! It automatically deletes messages!

Satch SHOCK 'n' AWE...Joe Satriani's attorney plans to "blanket Grammys w/ servers" to NAIL Coldplay

The YMCA caught on fire!

Directv letter in mail today: I get 3 mos. Showtime free.

Aerosmith's "Rats In The Cellar." It KILLS me that these fuckers sold out.

Applebee's says I deserve a reward for getting through 2008.

Bruce Springsteen-The Ghost Of Tom Joad

Klingon Sword Used in Two Colorado Springs Heists

I'm craving a Carl's Junior Double Western Bacon Burger...

Almost 5000 words.

Almost 5000 words.

Almost 5000 words.

Hot Damn

Something to show your teenaged daughter


mmmm....freshly baked biscotti!

Favorite Roach Coach food

Hot dam

Bear ends

Brandi Carlile is a really good...

Someone commissioned a piece of knitting from me today!

Kinsey: Endowment Myths

I Can't Stand The Rain. Apparently Steve Marriot can't either.

Insurance Giant Allows Download of Amazing Tune!

Anyone else still awake?

Chris Rea - The Road to Hell

This is a really cool video.

How about Oregon...anybody like anything about that state?

Yet again, I feel like everything I do is thankless


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/4/09

I am no good at relationships

So, wimmins! if guys wuz eggs ...

I hate the job sometimes

"Bloom County" to finally be collected and reprinted in its entirety

I discovered my 4 year old

i have that creepy "someone is watching me" feeling

My Border Collie pup was called "heavy" today

Who is it?

The difference between a generic consumer level headphone and a good audiophile set

WTF? The original Outer Limits? on my non-cable TV???

I dreamed I discovered a new species of cats!!

Oh, my god - have you ever had someone from deep in your past try to contact you?

Post something you like about Aladdin Sane


Top Chef tonight. Does anyone care?

I toook 2 hydrocodone before I went to bed

Great. I woke up to a water leak

workout + gin&tonic = woozy Sally

The new adoptee came home today (dialup warn)

Must buy cheap beer!

Mr. Trashcan presents:

I've got a cold.

Arg! Ever get the urge to go out and blow up miscellaneous objects?

I come back from the bathroom and there is this snowman . . .

Does anybody know what a standard book deal would be for a first-time author of nonfiction?

Good morning Lounge

What remake should Hollywood make next?

Fun faqts about the Dung Beetle:

How many poppies do you see?

Need a realistic character reaction for my D&D game (longish)

OMFG! My workplace is chaos!!!

My poem in honor of the Super Bowl: The Soaring Pass

Anyone use gmail on Safari? Is there a way to make it chime when I get new e-mail?

I found a dollar

Post your favorite theme song

Anyone what to help me pack?

What was so great about Frank Costanza?

What was so great about franks and not bras?

Artificial Intelligence.

Boxers or Briefs?


Erica Hill Appreciation thread (CNN)

I guess even if you block someone on Facebook, they can find you

We just finished watching the last episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender...Ask me anything!

Ow!! I just rolled the car window up on my hand.

I come back from the bathroom and there is this woman . . .

Today's FSTDT High Point.....

Okay. It turns out that the Emergency Medicine Mid-term was the killer.

Blinded by his own ball, golfer sues

Do any national auto parts stores do home delivery?

PSA: Don't take anyone up on an offer to "stretch you out."

I have a blind date tonight

what was so great about franklin pierce?

Post something you like about Aladdin.

Um....not that I'm a pervert or anything, but how come DU doesn't have a "sex" place?

Everyone sing along....!

If you thought your life was messed up, read some of these...

I'm having to work really hard to get my eyes to focus

Poor Toeby just got back from getting neutered and his tummy hurts...

Poor Toeby just got back from getting neutered and his tummy hurts...

How many puppies do you see?

Freecell game 24341


Make your own Obama Posters!

Great new TV channel with Japan TV shows in English

My mouth hurts...

Q: Is any number more than three automatically an orgy?

Dude, way to shave that meat!


Anthropomorphic dancing teapot headed salt and pepper shakers.

I don't believe it, I've been invited back to FR!

Encore is doing a Bond marathon all weekend

Happy birthday, Hammer! Hank Aaron Turns 75!!!

Some People Don't Appreciate English Anymore

Some people have too much free time

Attention Lounge Lizards. As an act of compassion, you will now be referred to as Lounge Kittens.

Found Pic Of Will Pitt Smoking Bong

I think this song fits our mood: Elliott Smith "Junk Bond Trader"

Why is it so freakin hard to find a can of Manhattan Clam Chowder?

i really wish my neighbor would scoop the poop from his backyard

Say it loud! Say it proud!

For those of you bashing Christian Bale...

The Unobtainables: Ten automotive wonders you'll probably never get to drive in the U.S.



I really wish my neighbor's Lab would stop dropping land mines in my front yard.

Top Chef Fans: Who are you picking to win it all?

We're going to the south for the weekend.

Vibes needed for Danny

Does anyone else sometimes lie awake reviewing stupid things you've said over the years?

Tell me what you think

Mexican for lunch today!!

Urgent! Protective vibes, please

In memory of Lux Interior....

Arrested Development fans: Who's your favorite character?

so i looked in the mirror this morning and said to myself:

so i looked in the mirror this morning and said to myself:

If I work in a gift shop is it okay for me to say to customers who want to use my phone "oh you can

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/5/2009)

I think I'm going to try eating at least one vegan a day next year.

Astronomy Picture of the Day - Giant Stellar Nursery

I would like to STOP being so god-damn SELF-AWARE.

I want thai food for dinner.

Defining nasty

Post something you like about Tofurky.

DU women: How much money would they have to pay you to marry Rush Limpballs?

DU women: How much money would they have to pay you to marry Rush Limpballs?

Fun with Liquid Oxygen

My favorite pizzeria just started selling frozen versions of their pizza

I have never eaten a "country fried" anything.

Christian site sells "Ex-Masturbator" t-shirts

Thing you haven't thought about for the longest time...

Help me find this old dad blog...

GOP committeewoman in FL sends racist email...about inauguration, blacks, and Katrina.

Check out these snowmen...

This kind of stuff makes me really sad

Post something you LIKE about today's music

I think my plumber likes me

I had a problem with my debit/credit card.

Particle Man

Man boldly robs Colo. store with Star Trek sword

Post something you like about Alabama.

For gay DU guys and gals. How do you like your men/women?

My roomate is dying

Who wants bacon?

Anybody got a smartassphone? How's it working for you? nt

A Big HUG To All DU'rs

kitten picture of the day for thursday february 5

Is there anything nice in Nebraska?

How am I going to explain to a car mechanic why I've never had my car tuned up?

How many days could you go without spending ANY money?

Thursday morning poetry

Found Pic Of Will Pitt Smoking Bongos

What would you do if you had a goat? nt.

Proof of the dumbing down of America

What would you do if you had a moat?

I must say so again. This flashing collar for my dog is a godsend.

Hmm! Etta James doesn't like Beyonce?!?!?

I just found out my neighbor was killed in an accident.

Will your weekend include listening to drunk rednecks sing "Sister Christian"?

"I want my guns and I want children to be born"

What music is stuck in your head today?

A guy from my job committed suicide - he was only 36 years young.

For the DU gents. how do you like your "gals"?

How often do you bathe/shower?

Symphonic Pops Concert in Columbia, MD this Saturday night...

I just got $20 knocked off my phone and internet bill

What's more important- being happy or making a meaningful contribution

After Spider-Man who is the most popular Marvel superhero?

Damnit, if Bill Gates can do it then so can I - I'm unleashing BEES into the lounge

Post something you like about Gabba Gabba (Hey).

Someone please remind me why America is so great.

When is Obama going to speak before Congress?

The Mayor of LA on Hardball making a good case for the stimulus plan

Krugman is brilliant! He won the Nobel Prize!

what is your favorite comfort food?

Man arrested for public menage a trois with two...blow up dolls.

Jobs in all 50 states (hear that Republicans?)

You know what? Fuck the Republicans. Reid? Time to kick some ass.

So, eh, will Chris Wallace be sacked by FOX?

Something Pres Obama Said When He Signed SCHIP Today Disturbed Me.....

Associated Press alleges copyright infringement over iconic Shepard Fairey Obama Hope picture

What would you do if you had a boat?

Here's What People Don't Get: The Real Fight Is About Philosophy and Way of Thinking

Do you collect stuff? What is your hobby?

Do you collect stuff? What is your hobby?

I'm home sick for the fourth day this week!

They Are Limiting Salaries Of Execs From Companies That Are Getting Bailout Monies......

We All Need Someone To Lean On...

We All Need Someone To Lean On...

Any fans of "Arrested Development" here?


Toxic Asset Valuation - Piece of Cake

Dear President Obama, Please address the Republicans calling us the Democrat Party.

Please critique my letters to my Senators...

Do you really know what is in the Stimulus Bill?

Senate rejects McCain's amendment to kill 'Buy American' clause

The Best Defense Is An Offense - Cheney Must Be Getting Worried.....

Books that SHOULD be made into movies....

Report: Stimulus vote will happen by Friday and Obama thinks he has enough votes for it to pass

Obama plans "presidential address to Congress" on Feb. 24

I think I'm going to try eating at least one vegan meal a day next year.

Craig Crawford is losing it.. suggests Newt Gingrich for HHS..

Reid, Emanuel Pushed For Gregg

Review: The Electronic Cigarette

Gregg Supports Stimulus But Won't Vote On It

Bush = journalist throws shoes; Obama = journalist jumps ropeline to get autograph.

Obama has been President less time than a pretty good Movie's run at your cineplex!

More Questions Than Answers

Smartest Obama Supporter! and she's only 5 yrs old (video)

The Economist: The danger of writing off Barack Obama

CBC Chair (Barbara Lee) questions Gregg's views


Am I alone in my fear that the stimulus bill wont pass?

How Obama Can Send an Important Message, By Filling the Nation's Most Protracted Judicial Vacancy

Ricky Gervais's open letter to Obama-Congrats & Let's agree to send Paris and Posh both to NYC

I heard Republican voters, McCain/Palin voters, cheering the CEO salary cap today. In TX.

Senator Keene Succeeds In Outlawing Masked Vigilantes

My suggestion to President Obama for the Stimulus would be...

DU-ers in FLORIDA, Sen. Martinez opposes Stim Package, (MIA Herald) please contact him and

Look. A Stimulus Bill WILL Get Passed.

World News Trust: Three Little Words (Mary Lyon)

Now that DTV is done we can get on to Business.

The President & VP's calendar ~ Thursday, February 5

The right are letting their fingers do the walking.. a concerted effort

President Obama, Republicans don't negotiate in good faith...

***Heads Up: POTUS to Speak at the National Prayer Breakfast.***

Ebony February 2009 Cover

Colbert is cracking me up

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) Steals Show

Those who have purchased homes in the last year (2008) don't qualify for the $15K tax credit. Argh!

Right Wingers Overloading Comments Section of Obama's OpEd

Obama can dictate the terms of America's recovery AND restore justice at the SAME time

General Discussion: Presidential ... STILL?!

Why I was so rude about the whole bipartisanship thing

CNN - Obama thinks stimulus will pass Senate soon, sources say

Ok, Let's GET IT OUT! What Will People Consider A SUCCESS For O Regarding The STIMULUS???

Are they REALLY that CLUELESS???...

Obama speaking at the Energy Department now on CNN

Newsweek: The GOP says the stimulus can't create jobs. They're wrong.

Anyone watching this Nelson and Collins News Conference on CNN?

Need link to Ms Obama vanity fair green pic

A Fascinating Phenomenon Is Happening.

Is there HOPE for Shepard Fairey?

In my opinion Obama should address the nation in prime time

whats really more important than this?

You thought your civic duty was done with electing Obama - think again, he needs your help.

A question to ask about Tax credits for special interests:

obama taking over americas baked goods?pic heavy warning


The Action Americans Need By Barack Obama

Taking it to the Streets - GObama

I'm sure Obama can get 2/3 R's to vote for stim bill, its the D's that

Democratic Senate strips health benefits for the unemployed from stimulus bill.

is it time to threaten media outlets with new regulatory legislation...

Reid & Pelosi Are Old Washington.....

Obama Thinks Stimulus Will Pass Senate Soon

these repukes are full of shit!

I'm discouraged by the MSM zombies here

Obama losing the stimulus message war

President Obama:

MustView TPMtv: Who takes the bigger hit? Taxpayers or Shareholders? It depends on how you do it.

Obama doing Prime Time Press Conference Monday - Address also Considered

"The Banks gave loans to people who couldn't afford them". Isn't that the point?

Who was naive enough to think the repubs would work with Obama?

Michelle Obama Should Stay Home And Cook. That Would Save Taxpayers Money

The groundhog saw its shadow - 7 more weeks before the Minnesota Senate race

Has Obama Effectively Used the Bully Pulpit of the Presidency to Pass the Stimulus Package/Jobs Bill

Sen. Collins on CNN right now, sounds like she will support an $800 billion package

Michael Hirsch: Obama must reassert control of the debate

Dems need to post this chart on Senate floor for R's who are yet again flogging tax cuts as stimulus

Robert Reich: Senate Republicans and the Stimulus: Playing Politics While the Economy Burns

What to do about the right-wing media?

Ok, my bizarre Facebook problem, any ideas welcome:

Senate Very close on Stim package- Reid: "We think we've got it

Rush was wrong. The only "ankle grabbing" going on is by the Democratic Party

Obama Expands Mission Of Faith-Based Program To Include Muslim Outreach, Abortion Reduction

Limbaugh has had sweaty "ankle-grabbing" fantasies for years, but ...

Gallup: Nearly three-quarters of Republicans have a favorable view of Rush Limbaugh

Give it to them, Leon...

Cheney Warns Of New Attacks

Leo Donofrio Makes Philip Berg Seem Sane By Comparison In His Latest Missive

Every Single Day..... It Is becoming Apparent That The Republicans

If the Stimulus passes the market tomorrow...

Anyone See this? Poll: Stimulus Is Popular, but Many Want Changes to Democrats' Bill

BREAKING: Associate Justice Ginsberg Undergoes Pancreatic Cancer Surgery

I think Obama just sent a message to the Senate Repub's

The CEO pay cap was not only common sense... it was EXCELLENT smart politics

Gregg to be stripped of census responsibilities. GOP accuses Emanuel of power grab.

What is a spokesman?

If Ginsburg is forced to retire, Obama needs to pick a liberal and not a moderate nominee

GOP jams the airwaves

Instant reaction to long-term strategists leads to needless angst

The $15,000 tax credit for housing is a bad idea

My choice for a Republican "Dream Team" Ticket in 2012:

So WTF happened President Obama gets to D.C. and turns into a Washington insider ?

It Appears That Pelosi and Reid Have Become The De Facto Leaders of the Democratic Party

Is anyone watching Tweety? He just prefaced a clip of Obama speaking and cut to the bit.

President is taking it to Primetime Next Monday

SNAP ANALYSIS: Obama toughens talk, scales back ambitions

ABC news Jake Trapper an Republican Hack and Liar - Media Matters

Blue Dog Democrats threaten to walk away from the stimulus bill

An Economic 9/11 - Obama Needs To Change The Imagery.......

MSNBC JUST DID IT AGAIN-now claimed Obama's approval rating fell from the 80s to 60s in a WEEK!

WITHOUT A DOUBT The stimulus package is too big.

Time to lighten up around here - caption this pic of Obama/Biden

Breaking: Senate Dems Have Votes to Pass Stimulus!

Etta James Disses Beyonce's Inauguration Performance

FUCK "AP Radio News" in the ass with a chainsaw

The Proliferation of "Pork" (what it means to lose a debate)

Senate approves $15,000 tax credit for homebuyers

Anyone use a PDA that isn't a smartphone? Help please,

Our best wishes and thoughts go out to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A reminder; Elections have consequences

Is there any upside to that Judd Gregg appointment? DLC appointees are tolerable but

Fifty heavy lifters (in DC)

Chris Wallace's Grandson Is "Completely Obsessed" With Obama; wont sleep unless told Obama is asleep

Huge scandal breaks out on Guantanamo torture. Top story in most UK papers

Obama OP-ED in Wash. Post: The Action Americans Need - By Barack Obama

Stick it to Rich DeVos, ultra conservative Republican billionaire in this poll - DU It!

Maddow ripped the Gregg pick...and she is right.

Obama needs to pick the youngest reasonable choices he can for SCOTUS nominees.

PHOTOS Obama takes a helicopter trip

Gibbs and ABC's Jake Tapper have tense moment during WH Briefing

After Obama Praises Torture Ruling - Civil Liberties Group Appalled - ACLU 'Hope is Flickering"

Liberals pick Republican as 'hottest freshman' in Congress

As a primary care physician, I want Howard Dean for my boss...


I'm Extremely Disappointed With Raw Story. Obama Did Not PRAISE a Torture Ruling

If government spending doesn't create wealth, as republicans say, then how do they explain

Well, well, more faith based shenagins vis a vis gays

So now we have Hilda Solis's husband paying off a 16 yr old tax lien

Pelosi Is trying to Derail Obama

Breaking News: Raccoons Invade White House Grounds

Hey Andrew Card: I'll take a president w/o a suit jacket who doesn't lie us into war. . .

Howard Dean for HHS! Sign this Petition & comment here at

REPUBLICANS have to HELD ACCOUNTABLE for this economic mess!

Leon Panetta Confirmation Hearing. He's not taking Cheney's BS

Can I Get Some OBAMA LOVE?!?! "Those ideas have been tested, and they have failed."

Ah jeez, is the Hope poster guy about to be sued?

Where are the big and ambitious ideas?

UNBELIEVABLE- ABC News Hit Piece tries to compare Obama's presidental perks to Wall Street CEO perks

Barbara Boxer just showed the whole Democratic Party how to kick GOP ass

The Media is currently "Testing" Obama's Bully pulpit and American Support

PHOTOS Obama on Air Force One - Maiden Voyage!

PHOTOS Obama on Air Force One - Maiden Voyage!

Repub Senate Stimulus Amendments: Rejected, Rejected, Rejected

A pleasant surprise in a fashion column

Obama is smart. Obama had an amazing first three or four days.

My take on Obamas support of Faith Based organizations (little long)

It's Our Choice

Is Maddow's show becoming overly goofy?

Is Maddow's show becoming overly goofy?

Maybe RWers are just plain stupid.

No One Is Going To Care If The Stimulus Passes By 60 Vote or 80 Votes or 10 Billion Votes

Israel says troops were fired on before shelling home where Gaza doctor's girls died

Bill Gates Unleashes Mosquitoes On Rich TED Conference Crowd

Auto suppliers request $20.5 bln in US aid-magazine

Pregnant tourist abducted, killed in Puerto Rico

Cisco Outlook Misses Expectations; May Cut Jobs (1,000-2,000)

Barack Obama 'set to open radical nuclear weapons talks with Russia'

Venezuelans slam anti-semitic attacks

FEMA Food Kits May Contain Tainted Peanut Butter (distributed in Kentucky and Arkansas)

General Motors Mexico plant to lay off 600 workers

UN wants accelerated farm aid to support Cambodia

Jolie asks Thailand to help Burmese refugees

Pier 1 may cut up to 850 jobs

China launches manhunt in fake drug case

China declares emergency as drought bites

Sri Lanka: No cease-fire, rebels must surrender

U.S. jobless claims surge in latest week to 626,000

Israel seizes Gaza-bound aid ship

McDonald’s Scales Back Prices in China

Police block events ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

Brazil: Despite Crisis Lula's Popularity Reaches Record High: 84%

Palin: "NO" on stimulus (Updated)

Govt's much-awaited $10 laptop turns out be a joke (India)

Study Finds Long Lasting 9/11 Lung Trouble

Productivity surges and labor pressures ease

Factory Orders Fall For Fifth Consecutive Month In December

Report: Ohio Lost 262,383 Jobs Since 2000

Venezuela Catholic mission hit after Jewish attack

Venezuela Catholic mission hit after Jewish attack

Former Mississippi County Deputy Sheriffs Plead Guilty to Civil Rights Violations

Ex-husband told to pay slain woman’s rent

Israel ambassador is latest shoe-throwing target

Dollar mixed on Europe interest rate decisions

List of Madoff's presumed victims runs into the thousands

Greek socialists renew call for elections

Japan prince says his wife trying to resume duties

Bank of America cuts its jet fleet

Bank of America cuts its jet fleet

Obama Invites 9/11 Kin to White House

Ginsburg is hospitalized with pancreatic cancer (Supreme Court Justice)

DEA continues pot raids Obama opposes-President vowed to end policy

House Approves Whitelist of People Who Aren't Terrorists

Obama Thanks U.K. for Concealing Evidence of U.S.-Sponsored Torture

Family Of Man Cleared By DNA Still Seeks Justice

Woman who traded money for sex with senator's husband gets jail

Senate committee delays vote on Obama labor nominee

Time Warner Cable Bandwidth Caps Coming To More Cities (TWC)

Blue Man Group layoffs; cobalt visage no protection from pink slip

Who shot Billey Joe Johnson?

Goldman, JPMorgan Won’t Feel Effects of Executive-Salary Caps

IBM's Palmisano: Take a job in the 3rd 3rd World wages

Israel still dealing with international fallout

Treasury overpaid $78 bn for toxic assets

Peru mining security firm faces investigation

Report finds TARP at risk of fraud

LA Gov. Bobby Jindal: GOP needs to focus on country, not self

DTV Switchover Pushed Back to June 12

News Corp. Posts First Quarterly Loss in 3 Years on Ad Slump

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized

Bank of England Cuts Main Rate a Half Point to 1%

Two Senators Seek to Strip Billions From Stimulus Bill

France may take NATO command post in U.S.

Czechs criticised over castration

Evidence of torture 'buried by ministers'

President Obama Likely to Order Military Commission Charges Dropped Against Terrorist Suspect

IRAQ: No Unemployment Among Gravediggers

Hillsborough GOP Committeewoman Quits Over E-Mail

January military suicides show spike

Palin hits back at Judd

Sen. Reid: We’ve got votes on stimulus

Lubrizol Lays Off 170 Workers

U.S. Housing Slump Has ‘Just Begun,’ Says Forecaster Talbott

U.S. Attorney Scandal: Feds Probe Domenici for Obstruction of Justice In Iglesias Firing

TARP Watchdog: Treasury Overpaid For TARP Investments

(Justice) Ginsburg Has Pancreatic Cancer

Briton charged with organising 'swingers' parties in Thailand

Lawmakers Blast Food Safety Loopholes

Estee Lauder 2Q profit falls, will cut (2000) jobs

(IL Republican) State legislator wants William Ayers fired from UIC

Senate eases 'Buy American' clause in stimulus

CBS Poll: Support For Stimulus Falls

Grim news for Murdoch : $6.4 billion loss

Peter Rabbit, the horse, being moved from pasture (nationwide outpouring of e-mails and letters)

The Action Americans Need by Barack Obama

(N.J. Supreme) Court: Giant inflatable rat has free speech rights

Broadcasts to Cuba questioned (Radio & TV Marti)

Panthers vow to shut down ‘Negro Head’ cookie baker

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 5

Japanese 'fired' (acoustics weapon) on Sea Shepherd chopper, inflatables

Solis (Secretary of Labor) nomination vote delayed

Calgary woman, 60, gives birth to twins

Another soldier who signed critical Iraq war column dies

Beijing wants return of Chinese held in Guantanamo

Senate OKs $15,000 tax break for homebuyers

Cramps frontman Lux Interior dies

Mexico drug fighter killed after less than a day on job

Aribert Heim, Most Wanted Nazi, Died In Cairo In 1992: Reports

Sen. Harkin Backs Dean For HHS Secretary

Ease Cuba travel restrictions? Some Americans hope so

AP now Hopes for $/credit for Fairey's iconic Obama poster

The politics of head shops in San Francisco

Olbermann Will Not Let You Sportswriters Poke Fun at NBC’s Alex Flanagan

Christian Bale vs. Bill O'Reilly

Why We Need Buy American

Who told Gonzales it was a good idea to go on the air? (00:55)

Christian Bale Gets Punched

Cheney Is Either A Pathological Liar Or Completely Unhinged!

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Michael Pollan = Food Supply

TYT: O'Reilly Begins War Against New York Times...With An Obvious Lie

Leaders Threaten Obama and US, Globalists Promise Retaliation for Trying to Protect US Jobs

Rachel Maddow Show - Rep. Barbara Lee discusses the nomination of Judd Gregg as Commerce Secretary

Chamber Of Commerce Fights Buy American provisions

Greenwald on Cheney's Fear Mongering

Stimulus Bill Growing Larger Everyday

Jim Mora Classic.....insert Tax Cuts instead of Playoffs

Despite Closing Gitmo & Banning Torture, Has Obama Kept Rendition Intact?Democracy Now 2/5/09 Pt 3

War is illegal: British man files crime report with police against Blair and Bush

Despite Closing Gitmo & Banning Torture, Has Obama Kept Rendition Intact?Democracy Now 2/5/09 Pt 1

Shoe Hits israeli Ambassador at University in SWEDEN

David Shuster: Is Rahm Giving the GOP Their Anti-Pelosi Talking Points?

The British Government's UFO Hunt

Panetta: We Will Not Use Extraordinary Renditions

The Colbert Report: The Word - Rush Limbaugh: Smarmy of One

Rahm Emanuel Vs. Tom Daschle (Censored)

American Worker Ad: It's Time to Protect American Jobs

Tapper Spars With Gibbs

Sen Sanders We Need A REAL Investigation Into Who Caused This Economic Collapse


Recession: the road to revolution

TYT: Dean for HHS or Health Czar!

Victim of KKK, Internet Racists Won Suit -- Where's the Money?

The Dirty Secret Behind the Nativist Lobby (Potok / HuffPo)

Independent UK: Politicians must recognise that globalisation is in retreat

Rationalize The Banks! Barack Obama's plan to subsidize failing banks is a bad deal.

Barry Bonds' Giant Head Qualifies for TARP Funds

"Denial as a Political Strategy" (thoughtful observation by Josh Marshall)

We need more than words

Obama Administration Moves to Heal Rift With Europe.

Capitalism At The Crossroads: Time To Wing It?

The Action Americans Need...(WAPO editorial by the President)

Self-hating black man on Hannity: racist Blacks and guilty whites elected Obama.

Queen Noor of Jordan - Interview with Riz Khan

Amid anger, Obama seeks right tone

AlterNet: The Right's Jack Bauer Fantasy: 'Clip the Electrodes to His Balls and Turn on the Juice'

GOP Racism and Fake Apologies, Feb 5th Edition

6 years ago today-Powell at the U.N.

Rachel Maddow Show: Paul Krugman on the Failure of Reagonomics

The Patriot Hour Breaking News - 188 N. American POW Camps!?!

The Shot Heard Round New Hampshire

Bush & Co.: Why are they too big to jail? (Amy Goodman)

Paul Krugman's Compelling Case for a NEW 'New Deal Ditch Dig'

Bizarre political rant during leather jacket commercial

When One Among Us Falls, We Are All Compelled to Act

BUSH SEC Official Claims Executive Privilege In Refusing to Answer Madoff Questions

Historians Claim Tom Daschle in Good Company: Gandhi!

One Way or the Other

The Action Americans Need-By Barack Obama (WAPO)

What About the Census? Does the choice of Judd Gregg make sense?

Andrew Card Plays the Joker: Criticizes Obama's Oval Office Attire

Glenn Beck on Obama's 'Change': Socialism

Stores held up by robber armed with a Klingon sword

H-1B, offshoring supporters get key Obama Administration posts

IBM's Palmisano: Tech's Slumdog Millionaire

President Obama Signs SCHIP legislation into law (2/4/09)

Republicans are still running the U.S.

Sanders: Capping Executive Pay Is Only a Start

Cheney setting up Obama in anticipation of another terrorist attack

Former VP Cheney: Sometimes You Just Have to Cringe (NYT Editorial Board)

One tax, two tax. Sin tax, poor tax.

Army official: Suicides in January 'terrifying'

TYT: New Republican Plan To Get Big Business To Pay Less Taxes

Forget bipartisanship, just fix the economy (Lyons / Delaware Cty PA Daily Times)


Barack Obama Angry Speech At The Energy Dept.

Climate scientists look to Indian Ocean for reasons behind drought

"A Post-Superbowl Perspective on Yukon-Kuskokwim Civilization versus the Bering Sea Pirates"

Drilling Leases Scrapped in Utah

Experts in U.S. and China See a Chance for Cooperation Against Climate Change

Projecting the future of nitrogen pollution

Dealing With Realities of an Electric-Car Fleet

Iceland New Government to Take Back Proposed Whaling Policy

AFP: Sweden reverses decision to phase out nuclear power

Iowa gov: Alternative energy funding top priority

China Declares Drought Emergency, With Particular Focus On Wheat Crop Impacts - Reuters

Climate Dynamics/ENN - Rapid Arctic Ice Loss Linked To Extreme Regional Weather Events

Study - Persistent Organic Pollutants Alter DNA Function In Greenland Residents - EHN

Honda Aiming For New Insight Hybrid Sedan Price Under $20,000 - Reuters

Andarko Announces Deepwater GOM Shenandoah Field - EUR Unknown, Total Depth 30,000 Feet - RigZone

Michigan Governor Presents 'Bold' Energy Plan

San Jose (CA) dedicates largest school district solar power project in U.S. (5.5 MW at 14 sites)

Sweden aims to lift nuclear ban

Obama urges higher efficiency standards for household appliances

Wind turbine firm (Clipper Windpower) axes staff (11%) as recession hits renewables sector

Russia to start Iran nuclear plant by year end - Reuters

Climate change to hit Africa fisheries hard: study - Reuters

China To Add 8 More Strategic Oil Reserve Facilities To 4 Already Online In 2008 - RigZone

Nuclear Fusion-Fission Hybrid Could Destroy Nuclear Waste & Contribute to Carbon-Free Energy Future

A Swedish Estimate of Swedish Biogas Electricity Potential.

Clean-Coal Debate Pits Al Gore’s Group Against Obama, Peabody

Pace Of Ocean Acidification Happening (Ev-ery-BAH-dy!) Faster Than Expected - Sci. American

As S. Australia Roasts, N. Queensland Flooded, Overrun With Crocs, Snakes - And Beer Running Low

Officials Reviewing Comments on C. ariakensis Introduction to Bay

Don't panic, Mum, but I've built a nuclear (fusion) reactor in my bedroom






Sarah Ibarruri



Harry Monroe

Lewis soldiers face robbery, assault charges

Lawmakers call for action on burn pits

Carson soldier dies in Iraq crash

Rucker soldier charged in son’s death

Contractor pleads guilty to Taliban shooting

Military: Improved body armor is too heavy

Shinseki pledges top-down review, change at VA

Polling group censures Iraq toll researcher

Kentucky guardsmen continue door-to-door checks

San Antonio sailor missing in Gulf of Aden

Hornets bump wings; no injuries reported

Ukraine says ship held by Somali pirates freed

Nagasaki opposes arrival of Blue Ridge

Former sailor pleads guilty in child porn case

Obama eyes Pentagon control of federal labs

Personnel, weapons may take budget hit

Bill would freeze Tricare fees for retirees

NC Marine charged with faking robbery story

Damaged C-17 moved off Bagram runway

After Delay, Panel to Vote on Solis Nomination

Foreign firms lining up for piece of stimulus

Retired GM worker speaks on freezing death of 93-year-old Michigan man

Republicans want Labor nominee to stop lobbying for 'card check' bill

Today in labor history Feb 5 President Bill Clinton signs the Family and Medical Leave Act

Judd Gregg?

Buy America? For Minnesota's Iron Range, the stakes are high

U.S.: Talks on Kyrgyz base to continue

US Steel Imports & Exports

Hy-Vee (employee owned) cited for labor law violations

Economic Report: 522,000 Private Sector Jobs Lost In January

Scabby the Rat comes out winner in free speech battle (CNN) {xpost}

The end of free trade?

Australian warns US of 'trade war'

Just heard David Frum on Marketplace.

U.S. optimistic Manas base will stay open

Wouldn't Tax Cuts Just Make National Debt Worse?

Find out your employer's pension plan rating

My income taxes are quite reasonable. Cheap, even.

Vote Alert: Bipartisan amendment to stop subsidizing job outsourcing

Financial Services Committee chewing SEC to bits.

How Iceland went from world's biggest hedge fund to pariah in global markets

Brown Signals U.K. Won’t Block Bonus Payments at RBS (Update1)

2 Drum soldiers charged with robbing judge

IMF Plans Mission To Latvia To Review Loan Program, Economy

Queen Elizabeth Pursuing An Icelandic Bank To Pay Its Rent

UBS, Blackstone Advisers Fed Insider-Trading Ring, SEC Says

Goldman, JPMorgan Won’t Feel Effects of Executive-Salary Caps

The cottage industry of attacking Barney Frank disgusts me.

how would a person find out if there's a lien against rental home?

In 2008, 60% ($7 trillion) of US earned income ($12 trillion) was consumed by corporate profit.

Trichet calls breakup of euro zone 'unthinkable'

Another Unfortunate Death at Walmart

IF you thought your civic duty was met by just electing Obama president think again. HE needs your

Colombian court: No extradition in US kidnap case

Broadcasts to Cuba questioned

Peru mining security firm faces investigation

Dumb Question: What if the solution would be for the world to standardize on one currency?

Tax volunteers not accountable for costly errors

Reaching Iraqis through their own channels

"Use Your Chase card to Pay Your Taxes"

The UK's Matthew Shepard

Get your gay slurs - here on DU

Bellevue school recognizes gay students group

Teen accused of male-on-male sex assaults in web scam

Tell 3

Early ’90s report says Humvee was a ‘deathtrap’

Hundreds counter Phelps' anti-gay picketers at Shawnee Mission East

Iraq, Afghanistan may cost $860B by 2019

Judge Stephen Reinhardt declares the federal Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional

New Figures: Catholics, Evangelical groups outspent Mormons on Prop 8

And Now, Something Completely Superficial...

As Promised... "Fuck The Bus"

Parents of GLBT -- I need your thoughts

Live blog on Bonds now:

MLB Bonds drug tests shouldn't be admissible

Bonds pleads not guilty

Recruiting by Conference

Jeff Gordon & Jimmy Johnson have NEVER tested positive for roids or

If bloggers were representative of the mainstream ...

Hamas 'more popular' since Israeli action

Now, Gaza fights war of numbers

Report: South African Ports To Reject Israeli Ships

Venezuelans slam anti-semitic attacks

SEC Coaches acting like cboy and trumad!! Kiffin accuses Meyer of cheating

U.S. begins releasing detainees under Iraq pact

Chinhae Naval Base sees construction boom

Israel agrees to transfer millions of dollars into Gaza

No territorial concessions to Palestinians, says Netanyahu

Israel seizes Gaza-bound aid ship

Israel still dealing with international fallout

Hamas official: Ceasefire draft reached

US supply routes in Afghanistan squeezed 2 ways

All Parties Side with Israel in Israeli/Palestinian Conflict...Video

Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa to get new leader

Report: Air Force units failed 2 more nuke surety inspections

Prosecutor recommends 4 years for former Marine in theft case

AF police officer to be jailed in probe of Osan gun incident

22 Yokota airmen return from Iraq

‘Manless’ gates not coming soon to S. Korea's Hannam Village

Soldiers Held for Assaults, Robbery

GI Guilty in Airport Bus Bribery Case

AFRICOM Holds Security Conference

Trucks Torched Along US Supply Line

GIs' New Armor Too Heavy, Army Says

Religious groups are ‘penetrating’ Israeli army

Marines Explore New UAS Designs

Vitamin D helps control MS gene

Voter Fraud Alleged in Anbar Province

Prepositioning Weapons to Save Millions

Senator seeks recovery funds for military

Researchers develop universal flu vaccine

Utah Guard Suicides Outnumber War Dead

My community hospital just had its budget cut by 47%

Mugging prevented in Savannah, GA

Gun Owners Caucus of the Texas Democratic Party - Meeting on 2/28/09

Florida paper Editorializes in favor of AWB

New Hampshire firing a shot across the bow of the Fed Gov't

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Another RED Poll

What are the rules/laws for consent?

I'm having so much fun with everyone either enjoying or agonizing over "RED"

Okay, guys, this is my official red poll

Seasonal Contest Entry Poll

In the Gazebo at the Confederate Cemetery.

this is a redpoll

My red poll--help me choose between these 2, please.

last night I had a dream about a friend of mine who died.

Astro updates: Aquarius is up at bat

Urgent! Protective vibes, please

the new names are freaking me out more than I expected

OK, what nickname do you prefer?

Saturn opposed Uranus

Palin's Ongoing Wolf Slaughter

We only employ workers born under specific star signs

Increasing VISIONS lately? increased Dreaming...?

Need Help Finding Something!

Making magnetic monopoles, and other exotica, in the lab

49 quotes by Ray Kurzweil

Holographic Universe: Discovery Could Herald New Era In Fundamental Physics

Animal life 'significantly older

Robot self-reassembles after being kicked apart (video)

Green Comet Approaches Sun

Uncovering Lost Path of the Most Wanted Nazi

Citroen tries to revive sixties goddess

Society without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment

Delete-already posted

Society without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment

"There definitely is a God. So join the Christian Party and enjoy your life"

In Praise of Imagination (X-posted from GD)

U.S. Debt Default, Dollar Collapse Altogether Likely

I am a member of a local food critic's 'posse'.

What is the deal with Chinese wonton soup?

Easy Valentine's Day Trick

I found the best no knead combo for me. After several attemps. :D

Thursday Edition - What's for dinner?

Oat crackers

Cheeseheads - Enjoy

Unexpected treat

I'm re-starting my sourdough addicti--I mean starter (nudges housewolf).

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back: Post your birthday here

Wearing a Casio watch used as evidence at Gitmo for being a terrorist

Is it true that the CIA helped sow the seeds for Al Qaeda 25 yrs ago?

America's unfinished elite business: Assassinations, Wars, & Depressions

Zappa fans - Try to see Project Object in concert

Blue Man Group layoffs; cobalt visage no protection from pink slip

Email Question

Get 'em while they're hot

Help! I'm under attack from malware

updated firefox in the last day or so - how do you go back

Good Morning all. Before I do something dumb, please advise:

A Summary of Linux Lately

Trouble in Iraq with the recent vote: Anbar Sheiks suspect fraud

Kerry: US Will Have Cap & Trade by End of the Year

The SFRC hearing today is interesting

He mentioned the D-word

Stand up for the workers, Labour MPs tell Brown

ID cards are here - but police can't read them