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Word from NBC,

** Super Duper Officiality Thread of Senate Votiness! **

Michael Phelp's new endorsement deal

F*&% You Senators!!

Reid speaking NOW, 7:20 pm

Top GOP Strategist: Saving the economy through bipartisanship is for "wussy Republicans"

Obama did and is doing great.

Republicans Speak Out On The Economic Recovery Bill


Meanwhile over at the insane asylum (Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic)....

Oh SNAP! CITGO now running Citizens Energy advertisments

Remember, it's framing that gets our way. On horses and sparrows...

If you vote against this, you are now fully responsible for my bills

Oh Christ,

Oh Christ,

Tweety's going to be an asshole in the next segment

Obama considering Iraq withdrawal options

Anyone have a link to...(Obama's speech)

Condoleezza Rice Honored By Anti-Defamation League

Today would have been Bob Marley's 64th birthday.

I remember way way back in December they were talking a 350 billion stimulus

Kerry: Republicans insisting on housing relief are ‘a year late’; they have ‘created’ the crisis.»

58/42 huh....

Palin asks that pallin' around with terrorists guy for help with her pipeline, oh, you betcha.

It's Ronald Reagan's Birthday, so I bought myself a present (maybe you should too)

Police Charge Teen In Facebook Sex Assaults

Can some tell me why Senator "I dont know much about the economy" can speak on this bill????

Chart Of The Day

We need at least 2

If you're not watching CSPAN2 you should be...It's a MACATTACK


The Imperial executive.

Look! Silly Animals!

Yet another "brainiac" business decision

Republicans really are in favor of limited government ...

"If you don't support Obama, you don't support the troops!"

Senators reach deal to cut stimulus bill to $780B

The mass suicide of the Senate Republicans is nationally televised on C-Span 2 right now.

Is Obama allowed to dole out TARP money to the states for education?

Job Losses in U.S. Spreading to Workers With College Degrees

Bill Moyers Journal comin up at 9.00pm -Is the old media sustaining the old politics?

What happened with Rove's subpoena?

Sour-kruathammer on Inside Washington: stick-up-butt

Is the current $780 billion "compromise" stimulus bill now unsupportable?

Rove Sells First Amendment for $30,000

You Gotta Hand It To The Pukes......

Stimilius bill negotiated by 4 republicans and one Democrat?

Bipartisan Math

Bipartisan Math

Americans United Lauds Senate Vote Rejecting Taxpayer Funding Of Religious Institutions

When Rethugs whine Obama isn't offering the "change" he promised, respond with this.

Should Obama veto the bill?

I can't stand these whiney-ass repukes! Anyone in the mood to do some emailing?

The revealing DeMint amendment

Home Activities That Block Out the Sound of Joe Liebermann Blathering

Wow, get that bull pucky Rachel viral ASAP. Send that last segment

Hey! Coulter on Hannity tonight! He found an expert!

republicans are destroying "Confidence"

Ok, so why bash Reid and not Obama?

Palin's husband, aides found in contempt

It is just amazing listening to these republicans complain about the amount of debt they are passing

I gotta say this.......the Obama family is TRULY a good family......

Details of the compromise from Crooks and Liars

Wish I were on date night with President Obama.

Pelosi Calls Cuts to Stimulus Bill ‘Very Damaging’

Imagine this ..... Obama doing his town halls next week .... and a Repubic in the Senate droning on

I have an idea regarding the 58/42 ratio

Pentagon: 27,000 employees, $4.7 billion for "influence operations" per AP boss

Just got back. THey voting on an amendment, or what?

The Ladies From Maine and Specter.

the 'concession's ' for 2 or 3 republic votes...

Not "maybe it's us" Lindsey Graham you stupid asshole--

Thune complaining about the federal debt

Reid back on C-Span2 9:50pm - Leahy now. nt

will you side with Obama or Pelosi during the conference?

Just FYI

can someone explain FMAP? the really close vote earlier?

Go Durbin! Going after Vitter for attack ACORN when ACORN helped after Katrina. nt

Senator Bob Corker Tennessee (R) - Opposes Bill - Economy Will Improve Anyways


I'm curious if The Harkin Amendment is a part of....

Senate to wrap up amendments tonight; debate Saturday 11-3; hold cloture vote on Monday

That was a righteous rant from Rachel just now!

How did everyone change their names at DU?!

Consent of the governed

Baucus is doing a good job explaining Thune's crazy tax cut bill. Reid interrupting. nt

Murdoch, "We have never been a company that tolerates facts". This is

What can we do to remove Reid?

Harry Reid just said that a cloture vote is likely on Monday now

Hail To The Chief !

As Layoffs Surge, Women May Pass Men in Job Force

Renaissance nuns wiped out by plague

Sunken relics promise to unlock the secret of how Victory met her doom

The Governator declared today effing "Raygun Day"?

Anybody watching the Repug. Bull*shit going on the Senate floor right now?


"Don't Escalate" from: The Nation:

President Obama, been 'in da house' for not even a month.

Connect the dots.

We don't get the cloture vote tonight. Is it really in the bag?

Perhaps PO in the future as shorthand for "President Obama"?

Thanks Bill Moyers - great commentary

THEY DON'T FUCKING GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CEOs, Bankers Used Corporate Credit Cards for Sex, Says New York Madam

LA cops force woman to double as Jamie Lynn Spears

Anyone watch the 20/20 show tonight on the Madam and her list?

Hey, there's a map online of all the Senate desks!

Should there be some kind of aptitude test before getting in-vitro fertilization?

'Green Magic' Protected Egyptian Child Mummies

When I try to sell something, I start by asking for more than I want.

susan collins talks like she's speaking to a kindergaren class

Who's left to pay taxes?

Rachel's over made-up again.

Biden set for first major speech

Men Comprise 82% Of People Laid Off In The Current Recession

Madame Defarge Watch: Pay Disparity in US Exceeds France Under Its Last King

Biden live from Munich

DeMint Amendment ...

One good thing about Nadya Suleman

Question About Digital TV:

Great quote by Rachel just now:

Great quote by Rachel just now:

Sexually Active Heathens Strike Back in T-Shirt War

Mo. Sen. Engler defends his comments (Joke bill, death penalty for littering)

He takes better care of little ones better than a lot of parents!!

Please make sure you watch Michael Steele's radio response

A scarey thought just popped into my head!

Gulf Restoration Network

Public service announcement (Stephanie Miller)

Another one of those "modest proposals"

AP chief: Bush turned military into propaganda machine

delete - dupe

We're living in the "TAX CUT ECONOMY"

Is it just superstition keeping us from saying this is a depression

Oh My - Joe Scum is delivering his right wing meme

PA voters leave GOP for Dems in droves (Pitt. Post-Gazette this AM)

Oldest Human Hair Found in Hyena Poop Fossil?

$14.95 for a November 5, 2008 NYT?!?

poll: Rush Limbaugh Is Less Popular Than Jeremiah Wright or Willian Ayers

Boy Sprouts Slash and burn!

Naomi Klein: We’ve Got To Make Obama Do It!

THE PICKLEYUNE.. Sat. Feb 7, 2009

I am outraged!!

KBR to pay $402M for conspiring to bribe...Nigerian officials? Yep.

KBR to pay $402M for conspiring to bribe...Nigerian officials? Yep.

if it's a compromise, all the republics should vote for it

Savings lost to Madoff, elderly forced back to work (90 yr old working in grocery store)

Worked hard to get where you are ?

Animals Are Attacking US Airways, Run For Your Lives

Steven Chu - oh, he's ready to stimulate you, America!

Top Dems Acknowledging They’re Being Outworked On TV, Vow To Fix

There are two ways toward an end to the recession ......

There are two ways toward an end to the recession ......

Senate To Vote Monday On Stimulus Bill(Specter, Snowe and Collins On Board)

So has California begun to pay state workers in scrip yet?

Alabama Rep. Davis Launches Landmark Bid for Governor

Steele's Campaign Spending Questioned

$600B in tax fuck-arounds in the StimBill? Did I hear that right?

What Will We Call It?

Paul Krugman puts Joe Scarborough and friends in their place (VIDEO)

So how many Repuke Senators are voting for the Stimulus Bill? And who are they?

i guess republics ARE above the law

Congressman Twitters an Iraq Security Breach

Greenpeace DC coal plant action 3/2/09

Do you ever read or post in conservative forums?

Sally Kern speaks to the John Birch Society

Since Republicans like the guilt by association, is the fact that Steele is Mike Tyson's. . .

Since Republicans like the guilt by association, is the fact that Steele is Mike Tyson's. . .

Sources tell SI Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003

My only issue with Ms. Suleman: Why did she throw her parents under the bus?

Cop Quits After Investigation Shows KKK Membership

The RNC begs for help on right wing talk radio

I swear, the repukes never change. Check out this game I found. (PHOTOS)

Deflation and how it is starting to effect the economy.

Paul Hodes (NH-2) running for Judd Gregg's Senate seat

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham lashed out against Obama

Republican National Committee Quietly Scraps Plans For Big “Renewal” Think Tank

Republican National Committee Quietly Scraps Plans For Big “Renewal” Think Tank

Screenwriters throw around story ideas from last year's politics

I celebrated my 3 month wedding anniversary by making sure others can celebrate their anniversaries

Jobless Rate Worst Since 1974

Meals sent to Ky., Ark. had recalled peanut butter

This stimulus vote is why 2010 is so important.

Why do Republicans hate America...

Economy to dominate Sunday news shows

have you contacted your senators about the stimulus

I.E. locking up only while on D.U.??? Anyone else having this problem?

Steele: "I want Frank Sinatra Republicans."

Steele: "I want Frank Sinatra Republicans."

Say tax cuts in the stimulus work, they won't, but if they are passed......

3 nuke events - 2 US, 1 UK

Details so far on compromise plan: a digest

From what I've seen and read, OctoMom is nuts

Where is it on-line just what is in this stimulus package?

Parthian Dynastic Jar Burials Discovered Near Persian Gulf Coast

Congress fiddling while USA falls me with an idea for them.

DA sells anti-ACLU T-shirts

DA sells anti-ACLU T-shirts

John Kerry: "We need to transform our economy"...

Sen Kyl just said spending increased under the Dems congress.

How about the upside of Great Depression 2.0?

I have always liked NPR's Scott Simon but today he had on Joe Scarborough?

I have always liked NPR's Scott Simon but today he had on Joe Scarborough?

the real culprit here is “Deregulation / Trickle down Theory / Regeanomics”

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

so, it's 50 billion dollars per republic vote?

Beware Cash4Gold and other gold-buying ripoffs

I like the guy, he keeps his hands to himself

Better keep our powder dry...

Orange County Considers Closing 16 Schools - Budget Crisis

Why is this guy who lost 3 trillion dollars trying to school Obama on anything?

***the senate is debating the jobs bill today - rare saturday session - live now***

Its Saturday. We watched nancy's crew and we watched Harry's crew. Who did better?

New Worries About Gardasil Safety (HPV / Cervical Cancer Vaccine)

I really hope the weatherization part of this bill didn't get killed.

Elections Have Consequences!!!! YYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!

FIRE! Australia (NASA pic)

I'll. ask. this. real. slow: How. does. the. current. stimbill. help. the. economy. or. Dems?

Today is my birthday. I have no money to celebrate because I had

This milkman also delivered marijuana

Is there a difference between American conservatives and barbarians?

The Jojoba Witnesses came to my door.

How George Bush's Penis Made It to Broadway

Quick question

KBR gets job despite criminal inquiry

KBR gets job despite criminal inquiry

Africa's oldest human sacrifice found in Sudan

Obama's Friday Night Massacre - of My Hope

Obama's Friday Night Massacre - of My Hope

basic question on banking

The Jujubees witnesses came to my door.

Consortium wins Mecca rail project

A friend of mine was laid off yesterday after 16 years with his Company.

TheRealNews: F William Engdahl - Two years recession, or ten years of hell?

Justice Ginsburg Plans to Return to Court in Weeks

Atheists came to my door.

New Obama/Geithner Plan..........No requirements for banks to lend money....

FDR failed abysmally??? NeoCons trying to destroy FDR/Obama in the WaPo

DU this Politico Poll - Do the latest job report numbers make you support swift passage of the

A-Rod Reportedly Tested Positive for Steroids

A-Rod Reportedly Tested Positive for Steroids

Shepard Fairey arrested in Boston...

many US farmers think fly ash is a good thing to put on their crop land

IBM to laid-off: Want a job in India?

Unitarian Universalists came to my door

House Democrats ready to fight on stimulus

Comparisons between the octuplets' mother and the Duggars offends me

Jesus came to my door about an hour ago

Universal Space Beings came to my door

Cheap Labor Cons came to my door

What's worse?

What's worse?

anyone here into digital audio curcit design?

Raw Story: "US Attorney probed RNC chairman for fraud." Haven't seen this posted yet.

Stand with Hilda Solis E-action (600,000 jobs lost in the past month)

In Coach Class we now know we are Expendable

AP CEO: Bush Turned Military Into Propaganda Machine

I am convinced now that C-Span is Repub. controlled.

Man who led McCain's presidential campaign office in Pueblo arrested for child molestation

Whistling past the Afghan graveyard

Job Losses in Recent Recessions

Panic Grips SC Campus As Phelps Turns State’s Evidence

The 500th Bad Reporter Toon!

A tankless hot water heater and solar panels on every sunshine state roof!

Church offers prayers to counter recession

Ag legislator sends out alert about proposed B&O tax

Time is Not on Our Side

Senator Ensign throwing Bush under the bus...

Depression: not financial, but emotional. Are you a happy person now feeling depressed?

Who created God?

So .... the repubs cut out billions in there for the states? Okay, fine .....

Pope's Holocaust denier agrees to investigate whether Holocaust actually happened

One million Xbox 360 users tap Netflix... And I LOVE IT.

You have one shoe and one chance -

UK milkman delivered cannabis with bottles of milk

Newsweek can kiss my fucking ass. "Obama's Vietnam"

Newsweek can kiss my fucking ass. "Obama's Vietnam"

Is Bill Nelson a Democrat?

Official Sign of Spring: Coast Guard rescuing ice fishermen stranded on Lake Erie:

What does God have against vegetarians?

Blackwater offers arms training for pro athletes

What's happened in the last two weeks?

Why Dont They Fastrack The Air Force Tanker Contract To Boeing

Reid or Pelosi should wish to be this ballsy.............

Lucky Ducky explains the financial crisis!

US car crash and safety standards exist for one reason: To save insurance companies money.

Dog Shot During Raid at Elkridge Home

Regarding TAX CUTSS!

An interesting thing about survivors of abuse.

AP: Whiff of change in US medical marijuana policy

Does anyone subscribe to "Reminisce" Magazine? If so, did you see this month's 'blow in'?

Republican Double Standard for Labor Secretary

Judge clears dead Texas man of rape conviction (Died in prison)

Krygyzstan closes US air there !!

from HuffPo: Rihanna's fingernail

from HuffPo: Rihanna's fingernail

How cum?: WHY doesn't Ron Reagan II have his own TV show? nt

Reactionary resistance !

California Workers March for Employee Free Choice (taking it to the streets)

Groups Helping the Poor, Struggle to Keep Pace with Demand

Keeping It Real: Why is Bernie Madoff Home?

Definition: Sinatra Republicans

Battle lines drawn over alcohol taxes

Radical Environmentalist Sentenced to 22 Years in Prison

Hypocrisy, thy name is McConnellGrahamKylSessions

People here in Kansas City are giving Obama a chance.

Damn I love corporate america.... 10 years of service and guess what I get?

New Meme: call this what it is "The Bush Depression"

"Assessing the Macro Economic Impact of Fiscal Stimulus" vs Stimulus Bill

If we could get 65-67 seats in the Senate...?

Today is MASH star and progressive activist Mike Farrell's 70th birthday!

Graph: Job losses in recent recessions (warning, large image)

Does anyone here post at the linktv board? I'm trying to figure out how to support

Robert Ford wants to make Confederate day a paid day off

They Just Don't Get It


Five Big Ideas We Should Be Talking About

The Holy Trinity

More Jobs? Stop Companies From Outsourcing Overseas

Republican Underground - Official Facebook Size: 1,377 members

The fight over the "stimulus" has turned into nothing more than a PR battle.

Obama doesn't want to be responsible for the "loss" of Iraq.

Congressional debate accomplishes what, exactly?

Reaganomics in one sentence:

The loopy mendacity of Grover Norquist

Shepherd Fairey Arrested (Obama "Hope" Artist)


Subject: Stimulus Package (Q&A)

Mt Redoubt volcano - Alaska. Steam plume spotted


Anyone watching Faces of the Recession

Which country's leaders have waged more wars on foreign soils in the last 50 years than the US?

Worker rights bill deserves debate, vote

Yesterday was Friday - you know what that means: More banks went poof......

Tom Tomorrow: The incredible shrinking Republican Party!

Revolution, not depression!

America, where are you now, don't you care about your sons and daughters?

I'm glad the Jobs bill is passing, etc, but holy smokes, the Honolulu projects are weak.

I'm glad the Jobs bill is passing, etc, but holy smokes, the Honolulu projects are weak.

Wow. The IMF is using the "D" word.......

Freeper logic: Ashley Judd despises Sarah Palin, thus Ashley Judd hates Israel

Do You Think Less Of Actor Christian Bale After Hearing His Curse-Filled Tirade?

Fundies: Obama appoints a pro-porn babykiller to the No. 2 slot in the Attorney General's office....

Evolution DISPROVED!!!1 Fish cannot decide to stroll out of the water & decide to walk!

Has anyone notice the rising price of gas again...are we suckers...

August 5, 1981

cnn has the brilliant michael steele on with wolfie

This 780 Billion "compromise" is FUCKING BILLSHIT!!!!!!!

Cantwell amendment passes 80-16

Sen. John F. Kerry: Free choice and small business

Sould the government reward people for being kind as it punishes people for being cruel?

So Sayeth the Nobel Laureate and So Sayeth Commenter #33

i met phil donohue today

PHOTO: Condoleezza Rice announces "I'm glad it's over!"

There was a unanimous vote to get that 18 billion in BONUSES paid back to the Taxpayers.

Check out the whacko AFA web site!

I'm pissed. Game over. Wake up. The GOP doesn't give 1 shit about America. Power & Greed. That's it.

2 Cows Economics

Sen. Bernie Sanders: The Failed Prophet (Milton Friedman)

Tape casts doubt on self-defense claim

Vt. Considers Allowing Gay Marriages

you should read this, but I can't bear to post excerpts from it

how does susan collins, a republic in the minority party, say my way or no way

Thailand, where tradition, and lese-majeste, Reign.

Do you have to pay taxes or will you get a return this year?

Kerry-US stimulus deal 42 pct tax cuts - Geithner mentions the 40%

Biden to Iran: US will talk, but is ready to act

"My Senator is a US Congress Fuckwad of the Year"

Question about Stimulus Package Voting Process

William Randolph Hearst says... The Fairness Doctrine? What a joke!

It's not for three days yet but screw it. Unofficial Shadow's 40th Birthday thread.

Did anyone watch Senate Hearings on what went wrong with Tarp...just ending?

Watching the debate on the Senate floor - it is such a waste of time.

Nuclear secret-selling guy out of jail - anti-war guy in jail

Could we agree that this crisis is from the "past 30 years," not the "past 8 years" and start taking

Why do Dems need 60 votes when Republicans only needed 50?

Petition to Boycott Kellogg's for Treatment of Michael Phelps

Hillary's State Department: Richard Holbrooke thread

If the banks still want money to prop up their endeavors ...

Is it time for a a new "New Left"? The French think so.

"Ancient" Syriac bible found in Cyprus

We received direction from corporate to "sell what we own" this week

Question: If some stranger here at DU is PMing you and accusing you of saying or doing something

Hardware Store Offers Bush Job as Greeter

Here is the data Rachel Madow cites about the Stimulous Package

Anyone getting hijacked or receiving warnings from links in stories I have been posting?

Some data on drinking alcohol

PHOTO: WHO is this woman and WHAT is she doing?

A Day Spent in Hell

How likely is this Stimulus Bill to get passed? Even with the Compromise

House Squatting- I'll Be Interesting To See If It Catches Back On

the Media will be Obama's undoing

Death and Taxes 2009: A Visual Guide to Where Your Tax Dollars Go

Senate back in session, Ensign giving a revisionist history of the great depression

Say it ain't so A-Rod (or should I say Ste-Rod?)

Karl Rove and the "congressional criminal contempt statute". Gaming Congress.

does anyone expect the stimulus package to have a real & lasting effect on the economic nosedive?

does anyone expect the stimulus package to have a real & lasting effect on the economic nosedive?

Texas evangelicals helped effort to stop Palin 'troopergate' probe

1:06 pm EST -- Barbara Boxer on CSPAN-2 -- NOW!

Freeper Thread: "How Have We Become a Nation of Dumbies?"

Octuplets Mom Collected $168,000 in Disability Payments

Octuplets Mom Collected $168,000 in Disability Payments

"Rush Limbaugh is a PRIVATE citizen, who has posed his opinions on the PUBLIC airwaves"

"He works for US!"

What's a "Blue dog Democrat"?

List of banks that have failed since 10/1/2000. Over half have failed since 1/2008.

My cubs did their food drive today- So far we've collected almost 4300 items

Dave Vitter is the new voice of the GOP in the senate...

DU Feature Request... Replies showing in "Most Recent" after 48 hours.

Economic Disaster -- Are You Next? (Dissident Voice)

It isn't all about you, K.O.

CIA Says Britain Harboring Terrorists - CIA Involved in 'Vast Spying Operation' in the UK

Windows 7 version lineup revealed: Prepare for disappointment

I'm really hoping to hear the phrase "was restored in conference committee negotiations"...

Holy Effin' Shit.

It's Not Going to Be OK

Somebody at PeTA says they are gonna feed their cat a vegan diet. (The cat will die.)

Anybody know what the status of MN Senate race is?

The Johova's Witnesses just came to my door

Apparently they cut out spending for

Afghan men given blankets/food/clothes by troops have to be fingerprinted/photographed

The knee-jerk reactions to the woman with 14 children is frightening

Why Can't We Change The World?

Court records: Husband shot wife dead during intruder game (had said before he was cleaning it )

Note to CNN.....

Would It Kill Us to Apologize to Iran for the Coup? Obama & Iran

Anti-Fox Basic Cable channel: Isn't there ONE progressive multi-billionaire to fund it?

Octuplet mom plastic surgery

Our Troops

The Fairness Doctrine is NOT what we need now. We need WAY more than that.

Biden pledges to continue work on 'missile defense' to counter unspecific threat from Iran

DNA Clears Man Who Died in Texas Prison - Judge: "Saddest Case I've Ever Seen"

Lemme get this straight - House votes on bill, passes...

Can you chop Vince's nuts with a Ped Egg?

If there were as much outrage and hatred toward the rich as there is toward the woman who has 14...

Plastic Surgery Experiences? Good or bad?

Plastic Surgery Experiences? Good or bad?

Ever have a **really bad** day?

picture with three toes

Reach between my legs and...slide the seat back: Van Halen to continue with Roth, according to Eddie

Don't forget...before going to bed tonight

Act fast, it won't be here long!

It's swollen and turgid.

Whatever happened to Boney M?

I was thinking... if I sold myself to a patron would I be a hooker?

Chez trof: Beer battered butterflied deep fried shrimp.

So I caught a lovely stomach virus.

So here I am, practicing this thing you people call "Mod-er-a-tion" - drinking a Flemish Sour

Hey, Battlestar Galactica Fans, Have You Noticed That The Bald Laura Roslin Is Starting To Look

Axl Rose channels David St. Hubbins: "No, we, we shan't work together again" (Slash)

Whatever happened to Tommy James and the Shondells?

Post something you DO like about me...

"If you don't support Obama, you don't support the troops!"

Christian Bale To Michael Phelps: ‘Everybody Makes Mistakes, Bounce Back From It’

Adobe Lightroom -- is it any good?

The Ped Egg: Insidious device of evil, or the MOST insidious device of evil?

Post something you like about posting something you like.

So after all my tax write-offs, my income was less than 10k

CaliforniaPeggy F-bomb alert!!!!


So, at the family table, who yells "BRING ON THE GRUB!" when it's time to pass the food?

Post a post about a post a poster posted about a state

I suck at spelling things.

Post something you like about the land formerly known as Kanawha

Sweet baby Jeebus, save me from GD

XM subscribers . Did you get an email from them about XM online?

I've got nothing to give you, you see...

TZ wants to know who is posting nekkid tonight!



Facebook Experiences:

I am being terrible...

Why do people do shit like this?

Are rutabagas atheists?

Are rutabagas atheists?

Post something you hate about the "post something you like" threads

Post something you like about Polson, MT

What Fits Into Russia

Brandi Carlile, yay or nay?

Post Cereals should sponsor Michael Phelps.

Trendkill: Post something you like about Indiana

Post Nasal Drip.

Facebook is gefuckt *again*

Classic Hollywood Vixens


Do you have good control when you levitate?

Enclosed is my address for the Mother of the Year Award.

Post Dramatic Dress

Alright - who is drinking what tonight?

Oh great, Erin has the "Evening Crazies."

Well, this poem showed up I wrote it down!

My Next Door neighbor Has the most annoying Cackle I've ever heard

I tend to cackle in the most insane manner when I'm drunk

racaulk: Captain Buzzkill of the First Bringdown Squadron

The Pope saw his shadow,now it's 6 more weeks til Easter.

Back in the day, hard work was the norm. Now, not so much.

God love ya...

Post the one song that defines you

Geeks: somebody leaked the script for the HBO A Game of Thrones pilot.

Geeks: somebody leaked the script for the HBO A Game of Thrones pilot.

The Seeger Family spawned some cool ass spawn!

The 5 steps of decision making

What's for dinner, DU?

Please try to understand. I have something to tell all of you...


I've been writing all day. What did I miss??

What's with all the his&her KY Jelly commercials on tv?

Florida shelters need coats, blankets, sweaters, shoes for homeless.

Post the one song that defies you

Is it true that Octacrazy lady will next have a Neanderthal clone and then run for Gov of NM?

Here's what I miss...

Damn, this week really sucked eggs, and I am glad it is over.

Go downda fucking store and get me a 12 pack...

I wanna be a Flintstone

Officials nab traveler with pigeons in his pants

Ya know, it's really fucking dead in here...

Wow - Mr. Writer certainly is happy tonight...

I'm up at 6:00am on a saturday morning, with no hangover...

I'm sitting here drying out my dick...

Claire Danes is engaged - an another dream of Political Heretic's is brutally crushed...

What do you do when your little girl has cooties?

Bond. James Bond.

If y'all wouldn't mind too much

When I die....I wanna come back as an outlaw biker

When I die....I wanna come back as an outlaw biker

I've posted some dark and disturbing stuff lately

Hamburger and chicken prices?

Music for the Saturday morning, what you got?

Haven't been here too much past few days...

I lost something that I KNOW I had in my possession last night...

Who needs Scruples? 10 Ethical Questions...

Why can't I find the Breyer's ice cream thread?

Post something you like about meerkats mating

Combo thread: Laws of Nature (suspended). Plus, 'puter went BOOM, lent one has Vista

Ahh crap...Braveheart is on

Post something you like about Gaeda.

My thoughts of Christian Bale

Tax returns are comin'... anybody else wasting a little bit on something frivolous?

Post your desktop!

Does anybody really like being pestered while grocery shopping?

Alright, I think I'm going to plug my puter into my TV. What do I need?

Tell me what you like about Colorado.

Your cat tired of the same old catnip? Get some Chronic Crippler Catnippler....

Post something you like about homosexuals.

We got us a live one in GD: P!

Why hogs are better than rats:

Something else I have no words for

What item would it break your heart to lose?

Horrible pic but...

Update on my newest feline rescue.

Today is the first time in over three months I've been in a room for more than ten minutes alone.

Saved from a ticket by an iPhone

And The Hits Keep Coming

They call this a "fail", but I beg to differ.

Let's Get It On

All I can say is that Burton Cummings wouldn't ever diss Lenny Kravitz's version of American Woman.

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams

Have to share this- Sweet story!

Saturday morning CATFIGHT! Faye Dunaway vs. Hilary Duff over "Bonnie and Clyde" remake

Brooks was here.

Considering the situation


The Award for Best Use of Commercial Break to Resolve Impossible Story Line

I'm sitting here petting my pussy....


Don't you think that Shirley Bassey should do a fourth James Bond Theme for old times sake?

Hey Hannity got a hole new show now... He, he!

Just help yourself

Just hold your horses!

I've needed to have something to laugh about

Funny thing about Star Trek II

And I always thought that creepy chickenhawk Lou Perlman was just a shitmeister

Anybody hear from BNL? She took her civil service test today.

President Barack considers a Constitutional amendment...

Also called Chinese Okra, what relative of the sea cucumber

DU on the TV via the PS3, now in the daytime...

I can honestly state that I didn't even know who Hilary Duff was until recently.

"Hominy is a Brazillion?"= Funny or not.

Tis my last day after three years in the place....

Big Brothers/Big Sisters--opinions on the organization, if I may?

Show us your tits!

Spinning Ballerina

I would like to point out that My State is better than Your State.

Movies in which the main characters are never in a scene together -

Q is going back to Sqool!

Lux Interior is no more....

Got my grades back. I failed the Pharmacology Mid-term. :-(

Damn you, Lounge!


And for our WTF segment this evening...

Anybody here play the mandolin?

self delete

Please to donates to kitteh kancer tweetmint....

La Femme Fetal

Actor James Whitmore died yesterday

Give Me Your Love

Posting on DU while waiting in line at Costco.

Post something you like about New Hampshire

The Raah Project

Post something you like about Ohio

Post something you like about Michigan

this kid can PLAY a guitar

Why dogs are better than cats:

Favorite anti- ?

Valentine's Day.

Anyone keepin' up at Shircuit Shity's closeout non-sale?

My Favorite Things

What a day.

Stormy - Duke Pearson - Flora Purim

Shirley Bassey: Killing Me Softly With His Song

Post something you like about Tierra del Fuego.

A timeless song: The Merry Minuet

Check this out

How about some vibes for BarenakedLady today? (Sat)

I'll do whatever it takes to be an alpha ki!

Tell me what you like about Wyoming...

Have we done one of these for Hawaii yet? Post something you like...


What movie utterly wastes the talent of a great actor?

I like London in the rain

Post a random picture from the LIFE photo archive

Whatever happened to the Carmina Burana?


Post something you like about Canada.

Tell me what you like about Noo yawk...

If You Don't See This Movie, Then You Are A DU Disgrace

Ever lost a friend or group of friends? Tell me how it happened.

no one's gonna really be free until nerd persecution ends

post your thoughts about Jefferson, the 51st state

Live one in GD--don't miss out this time!

Has anyone ever watched Wife Swap? Why is there a show called Wife Swap on the air?

Sexiest Hillary

Cancer Sucks

The shocker: always there when you least expect it

Post something you like about New Jersey

I found the perfect present for flvegan!

Post something you like about jackasses

Star Trek as The A-Team

Name one thing better than a Starbucks coffee-based Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/7/2009)

Post something you like about Wisconsin

Willem DaFoe as Paul Smecker..

Speaking of New Jersey, did I see that Palisades Amusement park might be shutting down?

Poll: Phelps, A-rod or Bale

Let's hear it for (your state's name here).


Anyone know some good songs about cold beer?

i woke up screaming last night

Favorite food prepared with lye

I just joined Assphase!!!

So I installed Windows 7 beta - heaven help me

I slept for almost 2 days! This can't possibly be normal.

kitten picture of the day for saturday february 7

Has Pancreatic Cancer always been this prevelant?

Hey Skittles! I need my ass kicked.

Post something you like about Rhode Island.

I've been playing fallout 3 for 8 hours today

Post a song with weather in the lyrics.

Laughing Gas Kid

Whatever happened to the ocarina?

OK, are you indignant about this mom? (sorry, huge pic)

I want to take a REAL vacation this summer.

Purty purty purty please. I need strength vibes.

Kids should be playing Guitar Hero, not being them. Amazing 11 y/o kid shredder..

Post Something you like about Pennsylvania

*OFFICIAL* BSG THREAD (possible spoilers)

Youtube Music Videos. Please post some.

I'd like to say, "Post something you like about Alaska," but

Post Something You like about Arizona

The best anti-war song ever. Ever.

Underrated Rock & Roll Bands. Any era. Give me three.

Post something

Where was your high school? Did it suck hard?

Post something you like about Florida.

CNN Live link for Stimulus annoucement.....

Book. Spokespeople. Now - HELLO TIM KAINE. PELOSI. REID. RAHM???

Anyone just hear David Corn on 1600 Penn. Ave. just now regarding a call to lobby congress?

Pres. Obama FTW!

42% Tax Cuts, 58% Spending

Tweety and Andrea Mitchell now reporting the vote will not likely occur until Sunday

These tax cuts are just fine. These are middle class and lower class tax credits.

Reid called it the "Obama Bill". but it looks to me to be

so does the administration now crack down on offshore corporate tax cheats?

Sen. Thune repeating the same bullshit he spouted this morning

10 Questions time!

What happens to the amendments not yet voted on, and the ones

What's On Deck For March?

Keith just pointed out McCain's insane remarks. The old fool is senile.

I'm happy because McCain and other Repubs. are angry.

Today is Ronald Reagan's Birthday. I hope he's spinning in his grave.

So Holy Joe is going against McCain?

dumb question: what is a "Quorum Call"?

self delete dupe.

Stim Bill vs. Iraq War...

Reid mentioned Lieberman, Collins, Nelson, and Spector

Who else hates hearing Republicans throw the word "communist" around all the time?

A reported 42% in tax cuts and they're still not on board???

The Real Reason The Repubs wont pass the Bill (medium rant)

Can Someone Who Understands this Stuff Explain What Happens to the Bill from Here?

**** Cloture vote debate thread ****

HA! Now What Are They Gonna Do? Hurts To Be A Republican Tonight.

Here's how the stimulus is working

Thune's amendment is up now...gutting the stimulus and just giving all taxpayers mega rebates...

Vitter's amendment to cut Acorn down for

A friend said that a better tax cut would be a sales tax holiday of six months or more

Do You Approve of the job Senator Harry Reid is doing as Majority Leader?

Its The Weekend! Time For The News To Push RW Talking Points! Which Is Most Popular?

My mother just told me that every single year Congress votes out funding for school construction

Explain it to me, what's so wrong with Harry Reid?

Wish Justice Ginsburg a quick and full recovery

Happy First Time Weekend at Camp David to the Obama Family!

So the 20 billion dollars that was meant for education is not going to create jobs?

Re: Mitch McConnell's remarks today...

We need to nuke the filibuster.

Neanderthal genome to be unveiled

Something you'd never have seen in the 110th Congress (with 49 Dems - 2 Inds - 49 Repubs)

Obama Inspires New Market for All Things Lincoln

Let's hope that Obama can channel Truman if necessary

Reid - do your job or get out of the way.

Why Barack Obama is still better off than he was two weeks ago.

Am I the only one looking forward to a filibuster?

Republicans : War trillions? - Easy Peasy. Citizen Billions? - NFW

Kyl from Arizona is nuts!

Do you Approve of the Job that President Obama is doing as President?

Do you Approve of the Job that President Obama is doing as President?

Feinstein planning to vote against the stimulus bill? My hubby

A Message from Peanut Corporation of America's President

Cuts: $700 million for pandemic flu preparedness, No computerization of medical records

Personally, I would pay EXTRA on my cable bill for a Republican Filibuster channel

Ask and you shall receive:

Saw VP Biden speaking in Europe this morning live on MSNBC.

Wow - Rethugs may be right on the Stimulus Bill! Lesson Learnt. Campaigning never ends.

More Bipartisanship, Less Stimulus

Lesson for Obama: Congressional Republicans Are Your Enemy

Halperin is such a Hack! I'm watching him on Charlie Rose. Boy, What a Douche!

Dems got what they wanted in the package. The 42% tax cuts are their proposals

What would the stimulus look like if we had a McCain as president?

Can Joan Walsh talk without whining? I really hate her.

Keep Calling Your Senators! Don't Let Repukes Cut This Stuff Out & YES

A gem from "Kiss My Big Blue Butt"

I hope the President has learned his lesson.

Are we going to stand for another 42% tax cut?

Three trillion.

What Is It Going To Take To Move This Country Into The 21st Century?

There's not one Dem spokes person they can find this morning on the cable channels?

LOL Freeper Threads are so bad right now, the site has to pull 'em.

So what power does Obama have to save those things the GOP wants to cut out of the stimulus?

Obama seems likely to get this stimulus bill through. Now it's time to start working on another one

Joe Biden is back on CSpan

Senate is in session now regarding Economic Recovery Bill

Cool! Just heard on MSNBC. House parties (remember those) will be back to discuss this bill.

CBS Poll: American support for Obama's Plan dropping; Buchanan: It is Pelosi vs. Collins

Job Stimulus Everyone Can Benefit From!

Grassley wants to have more oversite for the WH

The Gregg pick (Commerce) and the 2010 Census

Needed: Fast Response Team

Do You Approve of the Job Nancy Pelosi is doing as Speaker?

oh god that interview Keith did with Valierie had me tearing up

Who's Stronger?

Republicans killed the President's Stimulus bill... in 1993

Do you agree with GOP that Obama's stimulus package is being rushed through Congress?

Didn't Joe Lieberman refuse to campaign for Al Gore during the Jewish Sabbath?

if you blame Reid without blaming Obama, then YOU are spineless

Sarah Palin will give the GOP response to President Obama's SOTU speech

Nevada duers you have to do away with Sen. Ensign!

Wolf finally says something good - DEAN!

John Kyl is whining that Obama is not being nice to them. . .

Former President Kerry: "We need to transform our economy"...

Toles TOON nails the GOP

Should Pelosi expedite the stimulus bill, or fight to restore the funding?

Should Pelosi expedite the stimulus bill, or fight to restore the funding?

We would be SO FUCKED if McCain had won

I hope we're not letting Sen. Ben Nelson set the tone for the new era

Laughing my entire unruly light skinned black ass off at Steele's radio address. . .

I hate to sound like a stalker, but where's video of date night?

Gallup: Americans’ Confidence in Obama Unshaken

Is Pres. Obama going to get the tax cuts he campaigned on enacted less then a month after he took

We should have called their bluff.

Obama's approval rating up 2 points from yesterday...

Sen Collins and Sen Specter should be commended

President Obama's weekly address: bad news and good news


Harry Reid isn't going anywhere

Biden: It's Time To Hit The "Reset" Button On Diplomacy

How Bad Is It?

PHOTOS: The Obama Family leaves for Camp David

How do you win a fight with sociopaths? This is the question Democrats have

A socialist view of the stimulus bill and the two political parties who serve the corporate elite

Who should the GOP put up for US Senator from NY?

TAX CUTS ARE 42% AND ONLY 58% SPENDING??? I guess the GOP won

I'm really glad that Obama and Hillary got the hell out of there - the Senate truly is a joke

The rethugs insisted on the stimulus changes. Blame them first.

Mr. President, please. There is a different way. PLEASE do this...

Reid "We should not let the perfect be the enemy of the good"

I still love my President. I fully support him. I have his back.

Call me cynical, but

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is dead. It won't be passed by Reid and this Senate

What the centrists have wrought

When People Stop Moving, So Do Congressional Seats

Stimulus Vote Not Till Tuesday

CLUE: Obama and Reid are BOTH "Centrists".

Palin invites Obama to Alaska

Lightening up the Mood with a bit of Superficiality can be a Good Thing!

$1.3 trillion later, economic disaster; supporters of Bush's tax cuts call the stimulus "too big."

Not even THREE WEEKS, and many here have already given up.

It deserves its own thread: REID HAS GOT TO GO!

I have to join the growing chorus of DUers who want new congressional leadership

Oh no, found out tonight that Sarah Palin named her kid after the town I live next to: Bristol, CT

(Pics) President Obama and First Lady attend Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre's

Movie game!

photos of VP Biden in Germany

RNC Chairman Steele's Campaign Spending Questioned By Federal Agents

Shit. They cut high speed rail !

What does it mean to re-sod the National Mall?

I cry when Barack Obama salutes . . .

"If you don't support Obama, you don't support the troops!"

Anybody here still oppose bringing back the Fairness Doctrine?

Actual unemployment rate 13.9%: Merrill Lynch

Obama package focuses mainly on alternative power sources

Colombia inquiry into deaths linked to trial of ex-governor

Deal announced on emergency econ stimulus bill

40 barred from Haitian Senate race -- including Lavalas slate

California, Georgia banks are latest to be seized ( 8th in '09-33rd total)

Senate approves 'strict' rules on hiring H-1B workers

Senate Judiciary Chairman: Don't Prosecute Michael Phelps

Supplier of tainted peanut butter suspended from federal contracts

Steele's Campaign Spending Questioned

iPhones, Web Help Kentucky Talk Post Storm

CEOs, Bankers Used Corporate Credit Cards for Sex, Says New York Madam

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal off to Arkansas for another out-of-state fundraising trip

Russia releases Japanese fishing boat crew

FirstBank 7th failed bank of year, 32nd of recession

Hundreds stranded as ice rescue continues.

Baluch group says holds American hostage in Pakistan

Gregg declines to cast any votes in Senate

23 killed at Madagascar protest

Germany, France dodge Afghanistan troop issue

KBR Gets Huge Contract Despite Electrocutions

Dallas-based 7-Eleven eliminating 200 jobs

Latin America poverty 'may soar'

Coast Guard: Fishermen trapped on Lake Erie ice

Coast Guard: Fishermen trapped on Lake Erie ice

Report: Jobless Struggle With Health Coverage

Fed's Yellen sees dynamics similar to Depression

Fed's Yellen sees dynamics similar to Depression

North Korea expresses openness to nuclear talks

Security forces patrol Tibetan town in NW China

US: Republicans Lash Out Against Obama-Backed Stimulus

James Whitmore dies at 87

Halliburton spinoff prepares to admit bribery

Biden outlines US foreign policy

A-Rod reportedly tested positive for steroids

Biden to Iran: US will talk, but is ready to act

New Bolivia constitution in force

Injured bears rescued from bile farms in China

Toyota expects to lose $3.85 billion

IMF Says Advanced Economies Already in Depression

Navy Missile Cruiser Runs Aground Near Honolulu (really Stuck)

GM may cut thousands of salaried workers-report (5,000 jobs)

Taliban Say They Killed Polish Contractor in Pakistan

Artist of Famed Obama poster Arrested in Boston

St. Paul settles suit with RNC protester

Whiff Of Change In US Medical Marijuana Policy

US Attorney probing RNC chairman

Company lied to FDA about tainted peanut butter, agency says

Ecuador's president orders U.S. official to leave

Russia urges ban on weapons in space

1 person has died hundreds of fishermen were stranded on a giant slab of ice.

Ex-BART officer accused of murder out on bail

Cuba to keep Internet limits after fiber optic cable

India's Congress wants Pakistan declared terror state

Obama weighs 23-month Iraq withdrawal option

What got cut from stimulus bill on MSNBC discussing alarming rate of suicides in the U.S. Army

Top GOP Strategist: Saving the economy through bipartisanship is for "wussy Republicans"

GOP Talking Point Of The Day. The problem is ACORN! Wolverines!

Rove: 'No one that I know of is talking about tax cuts only'

Mr President Obama, Please Listen!!

Divided Senate reaches deal on stimulus package

Senate Reaches Stimulus Deal

Protest hutników ze Stalowej Woli w Rzeszowie

TheRealNews: F William Engdahl - Two years recession, or ten years of hell?

George W Bush Gets First Job Offer

Obama Marine One: Full Video, Marine Handshake

(UK) Arrests over Israel boycott in Tesco's

Weekly Radio Address:Compromise

Rachel Maddow: the TARP money is gone, no one can say where

Poor Cheney - can't pick up his Vermont prize!

President Obama addresses Economic Recovery House Meetings

Ease Cuba travel restrictions? Some Americans hope so (CNN)

GOP Senators Seek to Delay Stimulus Bill, So They Can LISTEN to the Audio Version

Andy Stern: Confirm Hilda Solis Now

TYT: Obama Finally Starts to Fight the Republicans

Rachel Maddow: Republicans wrong on stimulus.

UK Channel 4 on Bush Admin. National Security Threat

H-1B visa friend in Team Obama

Who Owns America?

Countdown - Prof. Jonathan Turley discusses Leon Panetta as CIA nominee, Bond questioning

'Centrist Senators' Cut Out Heart Defibrillators as Non-Stimulative

Sarah Palin Hates Those Nasty Bloggers!

Obama: Cut Arms Exports

Young Turks: Joe The Plumber Says America Doesn't Deserve Him

Financial Crisis Job Termination

Robert Fisk: War reporters used to prefer morality over impartiality

Conservatives Who Supported Bush Tax Cuts: Recovery Costs Too Much!

A Team of Zombies, and Zombies Defending Zombies

More Than Money: 'The Good Life' Parable

"Cashing in on Kids" Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigative articles

British MP Cuts Through the Spin on Bush admin. Threat

American Workers to Senate: We Need Jobs Not Politics

Purified Kleptocracy: New Bank Bailout Plan Aims to Enrich Private Investors

GOP Culture of Corruption to Infect Michael Steele Next?

Robert Fisk: War reporters used to prefer morality over impartiality

Panetta: No Prosecutions For CIA Torturers (Crooks and Liars)

A good bad reason to appoint Dean to HHS

Presidents Nelson, Collins Upbeat After Saving Bipartisanship (Digby)

Obama Seeks to Abolish Acronym for 'The War Against Terror'

Rachel Maddow: More Straight Talk on Economy, interview w/ Ed Rendell

Register Your Support for the GOP with Paintings on Velvet!

Glenn Greenwald Brilliant Interview with Bill Moyers

Angry sore LOSER John McCain on stimulus vote: "I guarantee this is not bipartisan"

I’ll Wait For You

Rachel Re: Get out of the way

Keith Olbermann's World's Worst (02/06/09): "Fixed News" Trifecta Special

"Yes I am emotional about torture SIR!"

TYT: Weirdest/Creepiest Glenn Beck Clip Ever (Ear-Muff The Kids)

Friday Talking Points (64) -- Populist Rage!

Two governors being considered for HHS post - Bredesen & Sebelius

Worst 10-Year Stretch in the history of the Standard & Poor’s 500

Congressman goes NUTS on Security Exchange Commission

Paul Krugman to Joe Scarborough: You've Got Some Mythical Image of What a Modern Conservative Is

Crocodiles and snakes add to flood chaos in Queensland

Inner Workings Of Photosynthesis Revealed

UW-Madison to convert heating plant to burn gas, biomass

In US and abroad: Biogas on the rise

Landscape-Scale Treatment Promising For Slowing Beetle Spread (pine beetles don't drink herbal tea!)

New Pa. law sets limits on idling diesel trucks

No Whales Killed Today Feb 7, Sea Shepherd

Boulder on track to become first smart grid city

India Targets 60 "Solar Cities" with a Catch (reduce "conventional energy" demand 10% in 5 years.)

Wind Farms Revitalizing Midwest Manufacturing Towns—But Not Immune From Economy

Turning Cooking Oil Into Fuel for the County

University of Dayton researcher Liming Dai helps find a cheaper way to make longer-lasting fuel cell

In a warming world, at what point do the oceans flip from a carbon sink to a carbon source?

Sea level rise may be worse than expected (AP) {yet again}

New Scientist: Why sustainable power is unsustainable (use of rare metals like indium and platinum)

Donates to sports not science.

General Motors Outlines Roadmap for Cities to Plug Into the Chevrolet Volt Electric Vehicle

What's wrong with the idea of no income tax for a year or so?

Jackpine Radical





Obama executive order favors union labor

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, how it came about and how you can support Ms. Ledbetter

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is dead. It won't be passed by Reid and this Senate

Video: USW members among thousands who rally for free choice, economic renewal

What DU you think of this, DU Labor Forum readers?

Today in labor history Feb 7


Time: How Bad Is It?

VICTORY: Georgetown University cuts ties with Russell Athletic over labor rights violations

The Obama Administration Tries To Make Recovery Act Spending Transparent


History of the struggle on film: Norma Rae

Pioneer Press union accepts week-long furloughs (also furloughing managers and most non-union worker

AT&T (& Cingular) Mobility Workers Vote to Authorize Strike (20,000 workers 30+ states midnight)

President Obama overturns Bush ban of Federal project labor agreements


Colombia inquiry into deaths linked to trial of ex-governor

Aristide allies, ex-rebel barred from Haiti vote

Argentine ex-President Menem refuses to testify (Bush family friend)

Leaders in Latin America extend terms

Mexico Presents Flawed Theory in Shooting Death of American Journalist

Uribe Cannot Stop Colombia's Slide Towards Peace

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa expels US official Armando Astorga

Today's financial news--tuff to swallow

Do Any Other Hetero Women Want to Marry Rachel Tonight?

China outraged after India bans all toy imports

Dr. Housing Bubble 02/06/09

Regulators close 3 more U.S. banks

IMF considers aid for Poland to prevent crisis

Fed's Yellen: Economic Outlook and Community Banks (many significant commercial real estate loans)

Cramer's Star Outshines His Stock Picks

NOW on PBS - Cities filing suit against lenders and banks,,,

Toyota triples year loss forecas (BBC)

Wait till you see the NEXT bailout...

SHTF Scenarios.

Looking at the crisis from Spain

Great website.

Food bank starts vegetable garden to fill pantry

A Very Short Play in One Act

"Don't Divorce Us" You need to see this video (DU link inside) ...

Following the Money: Disclosure Discrepancies from Yes on 8, Mormons Persist -- and Grow

BoxTurtle: Tortured Anti-Marriage Equality Logic Winner!

Queerty: Gay Marriage Bill Introduced in Vermont

I put all roids users in the same category--- they're fucking cheaters.

A-Fraud tested positive for steroids

Let Netanyahu win

Obama Endorses Two-State Solution for Arab-Israeli Conflict

Netanyahu: The leader who struts like a superpower

Sky-high price of US fighter jet endangers Israeli purchase

Israeli Elections: Do They Really Matter?

Can this be true? Isreali Dual Citzens in American Government:

US Jewish Leader Sees "Pandemic Of Anti-Semitism"

Tiring of moderates, many Israelis prefer 'iron fist'

PA Health Ministry: Hamas using hospitals as detention centers

This Just In: Israel Is Indeed Our 51st State!

Where now for the Israeli peace movement?

Shas leader: Whoever supports Yisrael Beiteinu supports Satan

Hamas Is Not Going Away

Can Hamas be Trusted?

Patrick Swayze: "I'm Battling Cancer. How About Some Help, Congress?"

2008 Prix Galien Canada winner? Gardasil...

Saturday 3YO Stakes: What to Look For

FOB Delta not just enduring – it’s growing

AF seeks volunteer first sergeants to fill vacancies

Audit: Millions wasted in S. Korea

USAFE luring personnel to phishing exercise

Leaders offer conflicting reports on timeline for move to Guam

Flash flood in Livorno hits U.S. housing area

GI jailed in theft of housing funds

Restaurant bombing rocks Iraqi city’s relative peace

Ground delivery slows mail in Sicily

Sailor facing more charges

US Deserter Receives German Peace Prize

Speaker says prayer has place in soldier’s arsenal

Russia to Allow Transit of US Supplies

US Navy Assists Freed Weapons Ship

Charges Dropped in Cole Trial

Army Extends 'Up or Out' for Sr. NCOs

Obama Meets With Terror Victim Relatives

JAG Corps, CID Ready To Fight Sexual Assault

Army Re-opens Electrocution Investigations

Iraq War Resistor Returns From Canada

Opinion: The Military Needs Change by John Sayen

Mom, Son Guilty of Stealing From Miss. Guard

'Sand Seal’ Tackles M4 Dust Problem

Course to Help Seabees Find Roadside Bombs

Spc. Earns DSC For Heroism During Ambush

Cmdr. Fired Over Relationship With Subordinate’s Wife

2 Sailors Charged With Attacking Prostitutes

Arlington Funeral Makes History For Corps

Higher-definition Sims Ahead For F-16 Pilots

DoD Walks Fine Line Between News, Propaganda

Scientists Disagree on Waist Measure Value

KBR awarded new contract

Texas to take up two gun bills this session.

National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2009


The Song of Hiawatha, a photo illustration.

Seeing red and having fun - guess where I killed a little time til the movie I went to see started

Minimalist Red

Which RED one?- Poll


Perhaps a silly question regarding Psychic Consortium...

OMG is this a PROJECT for us all?

"Fear the bible"

Interesting thing happened during the ice storm

Anyone here see light beings?

Weekly Healing Project #20 | Feb 8-14 | Healing the Root Chakra, Related Minor Centers +Age 0-7

Nanoscopic Static Electricity Generates Chiral Patterns

How many people in heaven?

Who created God?

Seeing and Believing: Does the empirical nature of science contradict the revelatory nature of faith

Well...that was a pretty tasty salad. Simple, but tasty.

what can I do with jagerry powder?

Photo of Artisan Bread - Whole Wheat and Rye edition

Used a great Buckwheat Pancake recipe this morning

For "Chef"

Re-recommending a book: Ruhlman's Elements of Cooking

Where do you keep the cookies? A cookie jar is fine for most store bought

What's for dinner? - Saturday edition.

A former student

Scientologist Reveals "Psychiatry" Made Osama Do 9/11...

While you were in here bickering about who knocked down the buildings

Buffalo Springfield Drummer Dewey Martin Dies

Tories ditch Cadman suit against Liberals

Doofus Duffy puts foot in mouth and gets called on it by press


JK on CSPAN2 again (saturday)

'Reckless' minister has put children at risk – Shoesmith

Steam train making London visit