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Fields of Shame: Is the game over for pricey stadium naming-rights deals?

Can this be true? Isreali Dual Citzens in American Government:

The (California) Furlough Friday Ripple Effect

PRO-CON: Will Employee Free-Choice Act help economic recovery? YES

Market Watch: California Closed for Business (video)

NYT: Unions and Pension Plans Hurt in Financier’s Scheme

Why more Rethugs have been on news..........

Not for the faint of heart: Closures & Layoffs (Feb. 1-7)

Democrats take control of Obama's ‘’

Mexico Presents Flawed Theory in Shooting Death of American Journalist

In Florida, Despair and Foreclosures

That's My Bank !!!

Obama should attach a signing statement to the Stimulus

God It's Saturday

God It's Saturday

How fucking pathetic (the further adventures of Jim Robinson's Never Ending Freepathon)....

just watched religulous ... Senator Mark Pryor (D) is fricken scary! good example of a Dem to Dump

Anybody out there that banks with Corus

He told you he would fuck the constitution if he could...

Okay. Plan B. Time to take the gloves off and take these petulant corpses to task."

Send People Who Continue To Spread False Email Rumors To Guantanamo

How we should compensate for the $100 billion or so that has been eliminated from the stimulus:

Will Vermont towns finally get their chance to arrest Cheney?

Rush Limbaugh less popular than Reverend Wright

Critics Continue To Push Misleading Information About Economic Recovery Plan

History Channel is showing their distorted version

Cheney's "Amazing Knowledge"?

Is a Pulitzer in the works?

The first 700 Billion Dollars

Have you edited a Wikipedia entry?

The local weather dude in Columbus Ohio is debunking Global Warming

"Remembered for his smile"..."Fallen Hero"

Generational Test For DU'ers

"Why Sustainable Power Is Unstainable" - From /.

Senate “Moderates” Cut 1 1/4 Million Jobs from Stimulus Bill

Hey, Elkhart Indiana..Obama is coming

Reid on C-Span 2 - 10:50pm ET- cloture, etc.

I'm starting to think it was a mistake to call it a "stimulus" bill.

Deregulation and limited unemployment benefits have put Japan’s

OMFG. Glenn Beck was just weeping on FAUX.

The Steve Irwin just made Fox news....

Whiff Of Change In Medical Marijuana Policy?

Randi Rhodes: "Okay. Plan B. Time to take the gloves off and take these petulant corpses to task."

I'm so happy! I hope you don't mind if I celebrate...

Cell Phone Numbers Go Public Today

The conventional wisdom is that the last tax rebate did not work...

A quote from Rush Slimebaugh

What Was Cut...

"Means testing" corporate welfare

IMF Says Advanced Economies Already in Depression

You CANNOT bankrupt a country and not expect to pay for it in the form of taxes

Let me put a Trillion Dollar Bailout in a somewhat different perspective

Underwater stones puzzle archeologists

Bivalve Census Reveals Echo of Ancient Mass Extinction

Top minds in 'Hobbit' debate gather at Stony Brook University

Left powerless by Kentucky ice storm, family finds web of complications

Recession forces innovative street hustling...

Limbaugh is on Welfare

Witches of Cornwall

SNL Nancy and Harry

IMF Says Advanced Economies Already in Depression

Message From A Black Man

Does anyone know how much of the state stabilization funds will be left . . .

Church seeks help to solve ancient mystery

If we aren't going to prosecute Bush/Cheney, then forget about the peanut butter scandal

Could Republicans be glad the economy is doing poorly?

1709: The year that Europe froze

Gifted Hands: Dr. Ben Carson

US to entering war with Iran the only way out of a nuclear crisis?

25 People Who Will Affect Your Finances in 2009

The stimulus bill will have to go back to the House.

Harry Reid As Majority Leader, Or Someone Else?

Economists Agree Time Is of the Essence for Stimulus

A moment of silence for Lux Interior of the Cramps

WJ this morning - the loonies are out in numbers

WJ this morning - the loonies are out in numbers

Is Obama really giving the "bomb" to the Pentagon?

Senate Dems will have just enough votes to pass stimulus

So Freepers are planning to march on the Senate Monday...

Madeleine Albright as Ambassador to France?

Cheerleaders and Critics

NY Times: In Florida, Despair and Foreclosures

What made me?

Republicans were a business that were allowed to fail; they were incompetent

Sen. Kennedy Ready to Cast Key Vote for Economic Stimulus, Senators Say

Ten Good Reasons to Vote GOP

Comparing Job Losses Against Other Recessions...

Profit: Charity or Theft of earned income? I've done some math.

New Study Shows GE Corn Causes Infertility and Abnormal Gene Expression

Senate Dems Compromise Away Best Parts of Recovery Plan

I Kid You Not! If you missed it go to Bill Moyers interview with Jay Rosen & Glenn Greenwald..

Bush is fine man, great president (LTTE from Graham/DeMint Country)

For our English DUers

Right time, wrong place?

My local nooz just said Sebelius is "at the top of the list" for HHS

Kyl: It’s ‘dangerous’ and ‘careless’ to describe a potential depression as a ‘catastrophe.’»

Gov. Palin and Legislature war over State's duty to Bush villagers in need

For those insistent that we kiss up to Iran's Ahmadinejad with apologies: We already did.

Why State Cuts Matter

Invite The Filibuster

Online progressive advocacy group "Care2" jumped the shark for me today..

I think Barney Frank won that round. MTP, stimulus debate.

Don't tell me trickle down doesn't produce

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 8

Breaking: Harry Reid to step down

Breaking: Harry Reid to step down

Unusual occurrence at the gas pump today,

Unusual occurrence at the gas pump today,

Obama's NSC Will Get New Power

For those interested in a free popular archaeology magazine...

Your thoughts: Oldest profession? Prostitution or Governments fucking their people?

Pot scandal jolts Japan's sumo world

Larry Summer's looked like he was going to Body Slam someone this morning.

How dumb is Mike Pence?

Any one watching asshole McCain on Face the Nation?

Swiss to extend EU worker access

Good morning, Slumdogs.

Toronto Star: Middle-class communities disappearing

Iran won the war in Iraq

I could support tax cuts for the rich under one circumstance

Blockbuster sponsors voodoo hex on US soccer team (RadioShack dropped out)

OK, so A-Rod and 103 other ball players did steroids in 2003

John Kyl: A Depression wouldn't be so bad

Fuck the "fiscal conservative" republicans

WTF?- Cold warrior Henry Kissinger woos Russia for Barack Obama

Someone PLEASE set me straight!

Remind me, folks...why IS Harry Reid still Senate Majority Leader?

I guess Anthony Zinni won't be joining the Obama administration anytime soon.

Obama health care savings tip:

Supporters Of $1.3 Trillion Tax Cuts In 2001 Now Call $900 Billion Recovery Plan Billion ‘Too Much"

Phelps pot photo mystery might never be solved

So, the SEC Securities and Exchange Commission

Should a Special Proctologist be appointed

There will be no help !

Educating Republicans and Wall Street Bankers

Question: Where Does The "Tax-Issues" Information Come From?

MSNBC: Octopussy "Channeling Angelina Jolie"

Which Democratic Senators NEED to hear from us, please?

My Grandparents are spinning in their graves right now.

Schools Face Sharp Rise in Homeless Students

An idea so beautiful and elegant that I wish there were a way to make it work...

An idea so beautiful and elegant that I wish there were a way to make it work...

An idea so beautiful and elegant that I wish there were a way to make it work...

Limbaugh, Hannity, and the GOP: an iron triangle of stimulus misinformation

Tom RIcks on Meat de Press

Wanted: Personal Economic Trainers for the Senate

Wingnut Stimulas opposition

I'm looking for a chart re: Wages vs The cost of living

Please watch, distribute these videos and help this family TORTURED BY ICE

NATO commander: Afghanistan drug raids imminent

Any chance we could pick off Collins or Snowe?

DEAR SENATE if Senators Vote Against It

Limbaugh Declares War, Cheney Declares Torture, Dick Morris Declares Treason

Russia signals new optimism on ties with U.S. .

Russia signals new optimism on ties with U.S. .

I'm heading back to Vegas...what shall I tell my "old friend" Harry Reid...

Eric Alterman: Slacker Friday


1981 primitive Internet report on KRON

That's Senator Sh*thead to you........

How Our Economy Turned Me Into a Saturday Night Slave Wench.

MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield fixed data on autism

I don't think this is a joke - Bush Beans is hiring - Application link - I think this is in TN

Newt Gingrich and the double standard of political sexual escapades

Sen. Ensign: It’s ‘Fearmongering’ To Suggest That Any Teachers Would Lose Their Jobs»

Pope Picks another Hateful Bishop for Austria-Katrina 'God's punishment',

So these two Republicans were standing around

How many jobs did George W Bush create in his eight years?

Note to Republican Pedophiles:

Shephard Fairey - Famed Obama Artist - Arrested for "Graffiti"

STOP gutting the Stimulus Bill: Let state legislatures decide each state's participation

I have a huge decision to make and am not sure how to proceed...

Eliminate Filibuster and With it the Need to Debate Republicans

Future pass, they disappear...

The Sour Smell of Corruption

The Sour Smell of Corruption

Why don't we start sending pink slips to republicans at national, state, and local level?

I got a call last night from Mom: my cousin has died of lung cancer

A message from the Republican Party on wasteful spending. (This post is sponsored by Halliburton)

What types of jobs/industries are "recession-proof"?

More co-worker couples losing both incomes at once

Slumdogs Unite! By FRANK RICH

"Main Street Job Creation Act" (BuzzFlash's name for the "stimulus" bill)

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - 'An Irresponsible Choice'

Slumdogs Unite!

Tragedy Down Under

DU Activist Corps Initiation Rites

Not for the faint of heart: Closures & Layoffs (Feb. 1-7)

Anti-war lawmakers worry over plan for Afghanistan - AP

Pain Isn't Partisan

The Film that will put BUSH Behind BARS!!! Playing Berlin House of Representatives - please post

Judd Gregg Opposed the Martin Luther King addition to wanting to get rid of Commerce

Guardian UK: Evolving beyond homo economicus

Warren Kimbro dies at 74; former Black Panther

How golden California sank into a black hole

Is anyone watching CNN "Your Money?" There is a guy who actually said the stimulus will to TOO much

Rachel calls Repugs out as America-haters

Bwahahaha! Ann Coulter under investigation for voter fraud!

McCain: Stimulus is 'generational theft'

A move that would bring good jobs AND reduce the deficit.

My Ten Suggestions For New DU smileys:

Limbaugh's 'porkulus' plan

Just Say No to Stimulus Package

New digital music technology developed by, uh, Southern Baptists?

Stimulus Scenarios: Size, Composition, & Jobs (6 stimulus scenarios & their job creation potential)

Independent UK: Baby mauled to death by Jack Russell and bull terrier

Steele Accused of Misusing Money During 2006 Campaign

The More You Know

Obama signs 4th pro-union regulation

Geithner delays banking bailout announcement

Forcing the gay agenda on the military will devastate it

Some of Our Lifestyle Changes Should Have Come Long Ago

Nato commanders clash on orders to kill From US General

What's with the Newt Revival this week? He's everywhere.

Obama 'guarantees' stem cell work

Report: Coulter under investigation

The More You Know

Australia wildfire deaths pass 100

Sick a**hole of the week award goes to Steven Butcher of Reseda, CA - and his stupid *ss girlfriend

Fundies: The stimulus package is Gawd-less

"Porkulus"--Limbaugh term (not actually *about* him) becomes GOP talking point

Filibuster Math: Dems Should Not Seat Gregg's Replacement (Until Franken is Seated First)

We tried "bi-partisanship" - it didn't work.

Before we spend another $trillion dollars on the bank...

How exactly has religion "enhanced" America?

Can we pass the Bankruptcy Modification of Mortgages please?

David Heintzman (SY Bankcorp) turned down TARP money

Where is the bailout for heartland home (w/pics)?

NATO Set to Begin Drug War in Afghanistan.

Ron Paul Is Still Kicking-- And As Clueless As Ever

Limbaugh: Flying To Close To The Sun

Heads up -- 60 Minutes has Captain Sullenberger's first interview tonight.

Did anyone catch SC Gov. Mark Sandford(R) on CNN today?

Why can't more Democrats be like Claire McCaskill and Barney Frank?

Fundies: Chicago's Big Gay Public School District

I watched Thomas Ricks on MTP with Gregory and thought he sounded like a Neo-Con...Need Help!

Anna Nicole Doc's Office Raided

Call your Reps Day for Single Payer Health Care

Tis the Season for Teacher Layoffs

In Tough Economic Times, Public Transit Users Save More than $8,400 per Household

take a peEk and CAPTION

Your Librul Media: If You Read the WaPo, You'd Never Know The Democrats Won The Election

Homeless services hit hard under weight of economy, foreclosures

Wells Fargo Chief Defends Employee-Recognition Events

Who do you think should be President in 2017?

Fishing under attack by PETA

Fishing under attack by PETA

Inspection warrants: Individual rights are in danger

The Psychological Contract has been broken

DOD spends WAY MORE ON DOMESTIC PSY-OPS than it does outside the USofA. This must change.

How Lichens Won World War II

What 3.6 Million Jobs Lost Over 13 Months Looks Like

TX Company accused of exploiting disabled; state closes home

Freeper "princess leah" asks "Isn’t it about time Rush thought about running for President himself?"

Oh look! A Golden Opportunity for Great Good Fun!

500 researchers, physicians protest elimination of public health provisions from recovery package

No one runs for the smelling salts when the word "trillion" is used re war or tax cuts for the rich

Tax Tips: A Batch of New Tax Breaks on Your Home

I want to say something positive about Sen. Shelby and the Republicans

Sit-Down Strikers and Laid-Off Workers Call for New Ways to Confront the Economic Crisis

Cynthia McKinney to be national spokesperson for PETA

The war on drugs...More craziness from the front lines

I just received an email stating that this past week the Senate voted

I just received an email stating that this past week the Senate voted

Video - War on Drugs as money earner for police and the Prison Industrial Complex

(Oregon) House supports Matthews’ bill banning sale/manufacture of novelty lighters

"Clean" Coal ad banner on DU?

No board seat for Oak Park homeless man, opponents say

Loss prevention on steroids?

Sheriff: Stranded fishermen 'should have known better'-'idiots'--'can't arrest people for stupidity'

Abandoning Torture But What About War?

Coming up on 60 Minutes: Capt Sullenberger being interviewed by Ms Couric.

We need a new law to require creditors to back the hell off

It's Official: There Is No Cooler Learning Tool Than Google Earth!

My Stop-Smoking Attempt Gets Serious, Now The Hard Part Starts...

Those who fail don't get to give lectures about how to succeed

Did anyone else think that maybe, just maybe, two consecutive election ass-kickings.....

Congressional Research Service Reports Leaked

NBC..admits on You Tube...they CUT MTP ! Thomas Rick interview with "Dances with Rove" that you

Why our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.....

Karzai Urges Taliban Reconciliation

What happens when the Stimulus Bill fails to fix the economy?

John Conyers, Pat Leahy pushing 'pay for play' bills in Congress

For those suffering under winter's icy grip...

Is your child a shining rainbow beneath which golden prospects await?

Do either of these party chairmen get paid or is this a voluntary deal?

WHO GETS WHAT: Billions to colleges and students

The first U.S. case of Marburg hemorrhagic fever has been confirmed in Colorado

Could Arnold Schwarzenegger have ever been president?

Ed Schultz Coming to Freedom 570 WTNT Monday - We need to support liberal radio media voices!

Change takes time, friends.

Notice to the World: I don't give a shit

What's with all this "Anybody But Howard Dean" for HHS talk?

Iran's Khatami to run for office


Read the story of Binyam Mohamed and decide if we can "move forward" without prosecuting torturers.

Anyone Else *Over* Social Networking Sites?

Vegetative woman "in condition to have babies"

Homeless camps strain environment

What's a Survivor? ( A Message for Abuse Survivors ) {cross-posted}

7 Helpful Tips For the Child Who Made My Flight Hell (LOLOLOLOL)

CIA has launched a vast spying operation in the UK to prevent a repeat of the 9/11 attacks

I just saw "Sicko"

From Solon: (Great Letter!) The End Times For The Republican Party

Stimulus Creates Work Not Jobs - HUH?

Our dear friends at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic.....

Let's talk about something else: People who are habitually late

Petition to investigate Bush and Cheney for war crimes

Why Is Bank of America Blaming the Financial Crisis on Dead Mothers?

Why did Air America fail?

American economics in a nutshell...

No surprise: Doctor who espoused vaccine-autism link manipulated data.

Jury Nullification : Peers Refuse to Convict Disabled Vet in Pot Bust

Eliminate Filibuster and With it the Need to Debate Republicans

Republicans conceded that their position is a failure, and Democrats missed it.

A Refresher in the Repulsiveness of Ronald Reagan

Recovery Bill: You can't win a fixed 'game'

Fired exec: 'Starbucks saved my life', Tom Hanks to star in movie

End of the Age of Testosterone-Men In Suits Made a Mess-Women Take Over

Paul Krugman: What the Centrists Have Wrought

A Graphical Guide for the Homonym Challenged:

An Open Letter to Obama -- Team of Rivals needs Dean for HHS

Why It Won't Be Howard Dean; Why That's Too Bad

Obama's NSC will get sweeping new powers

I favor Howard Dean for HHS .... but I am taking bets that he will not get it

To give an idea of what kind of scumbag racist......

How Come Republicans are Against American "Pork", but are OK with Foreign "Pork"

Currently "Centrists" are those that value serving corporations over social issues on EITHER side!

Courts split over (warrantless) police searches of handhelds

White House Looking At 16, 19, 23-month Troop Withdrawal Options For Iraq

NY Times: ‘Mom in Chief’ Touches on Policy, and Tongues Wag

Drug Found That Could Reduce Risk Of Alzheimer's

Galena/Jo Daviess IL Area to be Polluted by Dairy Manure

A War Criminal burrows into President Obama's inner circle.

Why rethugs will fight every attempt by Dems to get anything done...

Now and then I take this clipping off my fridge and reread it..

Now and then I take this clipping off my fridge and reread it..

The People That Are Going To Hell

What is a liberal policy?

Grammy Awards: Nominees for Song Of The Year-1969:

Madoff Victim, 90, Returns To Work for $10 an hour

Teachers: There's no way to hug them hard enough.

Here's a fresh idea: $2,000 debit card for all taxpapers

V.D. is a week away

W A R T S = S T R A W baclwards.

Big Sky evening color

Am I the only one here who likes How I Met Your Mother?

Fans/purists: will "Hannah Montana:the movie" stay true to its muse?

NIGHT COURT appreciation thread!!!!

Any particular reason there's so many movies about college on today?

It's 54 degrees!!! Fifty-four degrees fahrenheit!!!!!

Know what I didn't get about "The Number 23" - ? 2 and 3 are 5 DAMMIT!

Good night billyskank!

5 days, 15 hours

Sexual IQ Quiz

George Carlin receiving the MarkTwain prize for humor on WCVE tonight

I have to drive into the city for a hospital visit. Probably Monday.

This may be meant for the Cooking and Baking group, but I just have to say

I think this has been discussed here before: What wouold be a good place to host a podcast?

Who remembers "Society's Child"?

Does anyone have Madden 09?

I'm going to bed

A-Rod's steroid pee is as old as the Iraq War.

Get off my lawn! RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!

prepare to laugh your ass off, RiffTrax does the Dark Knight!

God I'm a dork.

My wife just called me "a fucking choad"


It is raining in Mexicali Mexico

help! my boyfriend got dried tabouli mix but we're not sure how to make it

Bank of America: Yeah it sucks that your mom died but PAY HER F**KING CREDIT CARD BILL !!!!!

Bank of America: Yeah it sucks that your mom died but PAY HER F**KING CREDIT CARD BILL !!!!!

Public service announcement

10 Chick Flick Cliches You Won't Find

I really like the old lady in the IKEA ad on tv, she is cool.

Hey, Cheeseheads! I got two words for you!

GREATEST song with wo-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho in the lyrics

When you get your hair cut, are you a chatter, or do you just sit there?

My day.

My Old School. How much is to much?

Remember my thread about the funny thing about Star Trek II? Well, fuck that thread!

My wife just told me to shut the fuck up!

Dammit Haruka!

My heater's broke, and I'm so tired...

Sasquatch! Important second PM to you!!!!!!

Man, Nausicaa of the valley of the winds sucked.

Man, the Nausicaans sucked.


has anyone here seen the movie Two-Lane Blacktop

Is an organic PB&J "unhealthy?"

I called for a dental appointment. reception lady asked if I had been diagnosed with my cavities

Ever argue with someone about a really popular actress you think sucked?

Comedy in America - Chevy Chase vs Richard Pryor

Anybody ever had any periodontal work done?

The haircut thread got me thinking....

Man, the Nazcas sucked

Oh my god. BB King and Buddy Guy at Constitution Hall DC 2/20

FB Mafia Wars anyone?

Aly Walk with me-- the Raveonettes

For the U2 DUers, here's a preview vid of 30 secs of each song on the new album

Stop what you're doing! "Trailer Park Boys: the Movie" is airing on Comedy Central RIGHT FUCKING NO

God It's Saturday

Men do not objectify women in film out of fear of castration, because women don't have penises...

Widget keeps throwing up

If I lose another four tenths of a pound by Monday

It's legal in Iceland

Teeth are annoying.

Tell me AGAIN how the Democrats are going to help homeless people????

I'm just popping by for a moment, before I go to bed...

I'm just popping by for a moment, before I go to bed...

I put my Pillsbury breadstick dough in the freezer

Stories From the Road: Busted

My dog is pretending to be adorable again. I think it is called "nesting".

Which DUer is most likely to be spotted yelling, "HEY YOU KIDS, GET OFF MY LAWN"

Post a post!

You have schwag, kind bud, AND hash, AND Bomba Sapphire Gin...

Where do you start

A thought re: Phelps...

Is "Bush deliberately let 9/11 happen" an anti-Bush statement?

Is this the worst TV cast ("reality" or otherwise) ever?

Is what is what it was?

EEK A PENIS! Picture of a penis causes some people to storm out of Will Ferrells show about Bush.

Would you spend over $1000 for a rare coin?

Post something you like / don't like about the State of Kansas

Now — sex... sex, sex, sex

Hey, remember that time Kimbo Slice got his assed kicked in an MMA fight?

"Ricky, life isn't about getting drunk and eating chicken fingers all the time, alright."

Oh I HAVE to start drinking lattes

Thank you very much to whomever donated a star to me

hmmm this one could get interesting

What I did tonight: Went to see Ballets Trocadero de Monte Carlo

Oh, gods. This is the funniest headline ever!

Batteries and empty spray-cans are okay to compost, right?

My wife just called me a fucking STUD!

I think I'm going to freeze my ass off. Question?? .....

I had the WEIRDEST dream ever last night

Any air conditioning/heat pump experts here? Help, please.

Any air conditioning/heat pump experts here? Help, please.

Sean John "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" t-shirt, $32

ok I'm going to the mall... what can I get ya??

Wife dies-misses first Super Bowl ever in their marriage

A website devoted to..........bacon.

Damn, Who knew. KFC has a cook at every one of their stores...

My six-string is no longer in hock. I'm not holding in what used to make it talk so tough.

PSA for the day: Think with your dipstick or a Scotsman will whack you with his

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 2/8/2009)

"Miles from India"...McLaughlin, Corea, Cobb, Carter & other Davis alumni team with Indian musicians

ah babababa baba babababa!

George Bush admits he's stupid in new video...

SKorean granny fails driving test 771 times

chuck roast, whole carrots and 15 potatos slow cooked in the oven at 250 Degrees for 3 hours

Neglected, abandoned plant. Can it be saved?

On your marks....GET SET.....

I just stood in the bathroom turning the lights on and off for 5 minutes...

Is this a joke or not?

Can someone please explain to me how Nip Tuck has lasted this long?

We here in California do not care what you like about our state

Frrisk fail.

I would consider "cybering" ('sex' over the i.m/chat) to be cheating.

How does one boil milk without burning it?


Alan Streets

Attn Shakespeare on Film fans: New adaptation of The Tempest by Julie Taymor

Can't afford a robot vacuum cleaner? No problem

I'll Be Doggone

"Hi, Phil. I saw you tootling around yesterday with your little Priapus!"

I'm scared to look. Who could not leave the sevens alone?

Michael Phelps... Really?!? SNL clip

Your Suspicions about Autism

Man, the Nazis sucked

Iggy Pop TV Eye Live is the best cleaning music EVAH!

Ann coulter is one skinny bitch

What are you listening to?

this song describes how I feel SO MUCH

Bomb Squad Destroys School Science Project

Movie Scenes Quiz

Now See What You Have Gone And Done

Stories From the Road: The West

laz-y-boy inhome design consultants---wtf??????

Post something you DON'T like about Hawaii.

I see your lolcat, and raise you a dancing cat.

I just made oatmeal raisin cookies

Has anyone heard when National Gorn Day is this year??

can cats be "retarded" We have a kitty a little over a year old he is mean as fuck

Is this REALLY what we want a 1st time visitor to see???

"Stimulus package" sounds dirty ? doesn't it

"Stimulus package" sounds dirty ? doesn't it

Can't... tear... self... away... from flash games...

Ad: "Free Vermin". The picture made me LOL.

Anyone here ever see The Stooges in the day, or Iggy Pop in the day?

More brilliant Japanese inventions you can't live without! (dialup warning)

**** Official PRO BOWL Thread! *****

Oopsie dupesie!

WOOHOO!! Parche is back!

I apologize in advance if this offends no one

Yay...My buddy Vance won a Grammy

Have any of you ever taken a "break" from DU?

A question for any sailors in the audience Re:"Latest Try to Free Ship Grounded at Hawaii Fails"

OMG. My daughter has to draw a picture of a monster and we were giving

A Natural, Zesty Enterprise

List Your Fun Things to Do when You are Snowed In...?

If you haven't seen Ladies in Lavender

Anyone have a recipe for hobo chili?

cleaning out my photobucket...

Make The Longest Sentence You Can Think Of (in characters) Using The Least Amount Of Words

Halp!1 Need the HTML code for yellow highlighting

Lounge Foodies: Can goat cheese be substituted for mascarpone?

The navy should rename the gorunded ship "George W. Bush Ship of State" and leave it there

POLAR BEAR ATTACK! (Graphic Photos)

The mosquitoes must be mistaken. It is NOT summer yet.

If you are interested, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is on TV tomorrow. Link to schedule:

Is Valentine's Day a happy or sad day for you?

"Castles don't have phones, Asshole!"

Can I hook up a secondary router to my FiOS router/modem?

Was there a senior prank when you were in high school?

We're getting all new toilets. Anybody have any recommendations?

Awesome tattoo pic (huge!)

Best temptation singer?

Menstrual calendar apps...for men

Doggy Dilemma

For fuck's sake, how in the name of fuck can a cat do this to himself

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/8/09

Okay...weird question...

What no-longer-published magazines/papers do you miss reading?

Do YOU support the raising of free range children?

I just wrote a short story and I don't know what to do next. Perhaps you have some ideas?

Muppety Earworm!

How much does it cost to have a blacktop driveway put in?

Shit! Where's my other W-2?!

My Grandmother Died today, she was 101 and a real New Deal Democrat

Your Sunday LOLcats. (dial-up warning)

Who is going to watch the Grammy's tonight?

Challenge: Post something you like about New York WITHOUT mentioning New York City.

Seeing billyskanks's drawing reminded me of the DUer Cleofus (sp?)

I am flying to NewJersey next week (liberty)

Fans of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Music Lovers Check out our first song!

kitten picture of the day for sunday february 8

What's a Survivor? ( A Message for Abuse Survivors )

What is your Rock Band Triumvirate?

Why are there child-proof caps on meds, etc but not on liquor bottles?

Surprise! A cat post.

I'm watching BBC America...

Battle of the Songwriters: Bob Dylan vs. The Beatles

Dean says we have built a national powerhouse, we have to work to keep it and not be complacent.

Illya Kuryakin 1966

What is your country music triumvirate?

I apologize in advance if this offends anyone

Well its over

Battlestar Galactica fans--what did you think of the outcome of the coup? SPOILER ALERT

"Cialis for everyday use?" Are you fucking KIDDING me?

Bad album covers. Really, really bad album covers.

Is the Senate still in session for the day?

Hey Republicans, Go Filibuster Yourselves!

Can you believe it? On Faux a guy "asked" his panel if BUSH had used the words, "I screwed up"


Women Senators Come Together to Support Fair Pay Act (February 7, 2009)

Let's just say... for the sake of argument... that Obama used the Signing Statement...

BBC excerpts of VP Biden's speech in Munich and page

Today I saw an exhibit of New Deal-era murals (commissioned with gov't money in '30s) ...

Obama to hit the campaign trail...again

Since when do Republicans do weekly video addresses?

Will Durbin (Reid's future replacement) be a better Senate leader?

So I hear a lot of complaining about the stimulus...

Why is c-span 2 showing a shot of the senate with nothing going on?

Can't the Dems put all the spending cuts back in the budget bill?

Can't the Dems put all the spending cuts back in the budget bill?

What economic "centrism" really is.

Requesting DUer's comments and suggestions.

Requesting DUer's comments and suggestions.

Blogger for NYT: I dreamt of Obama taking a shower

So, what's Obama's cheezburger policy, anyway?

Israelis - Please Do Not Elect Netanyahu or Likud Legislators

Political lessons from Night of the Living Dead (or why is it always a Harry)

"I'm afraid (we House Republicans) won't stick together"

Race for Gillibrand's seat a 'battle royale'; GOP accuses Dem Candidate of Tax Evasion

Move to trim Obama's middle class tax cut trimmed in stimulus bill

There is much that they took out

I am kind of sad there are no real filibusters anymore

Action call: "We're tired of being trickled on!" That is the message

Are Republicans trying to destroy America or

So what exactly is the GOP's argument?

Health Care Now

Memo to Steele: The American people decided they don't want your ideas

I hate CNN.

Steele-RNC "IT's work, it's not jobs"

Gingrich with a straight face: "The Bush/Obama spending plan".

New economic advisory panel for President Obama

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama: As MSM, GOP opposition grows, has anything changed?

NOT getting everything he wants NOW is what Obama NEEDS

LEAKED: The Original Republican Ideas For the Obama Stimulus Plan

NYT: Stimulus bill could be on President Obama's desk by the end of the week..

Here's a short, but great essay about John Lewis and Barack Obama..N Yorker mag...

Prediction: Elkhart will be half real people and half planted Joe the Plumbers

Klein: The Lessons of Daschle: Can Obama Reboot?

Robert Reich pretty much stated the Republican position and plan

So GOP strategy is for R Senators to call House Rs "chicken." Did I get this right?

Democrats - "in for a penny, in for a pound"

If we bargain away the most critical elements to placate those who will not be placated

The stim would have been different if 50+ the VP passed the bill

Letter to Obama from The New Agenda...interesting on Kim Gandy

It's official: Pimple Butt is the leader of the GOP

Article on Obama's Upcoming Trip to Ft. Myers region.

I had a dream last night that The Lego Company and The Tinkertoy Company were fighting over politics

Sod the Cuts & Fight back - Name the Senator destroying peoples jobs

Connect the dots - is obstructionism toward Obama's plan linked to stolen elections?

Lawmakers Say Stimulus Bill Expected to Pass Quickly

A little FULL of yourself, CNN? "A new administration takes over and CNN is keeping them honest."

I Hope You Folks At Least UNDERSTAND Why The Dems Are Compromising

Dean, Sebelius, Bredesen, Podesta and Bernie Sanders

I keep hearing THs say they hope Obama gets asked this question tomorrow:

Fired up!

Castro's Done Praising Obama Now

Kathleen Sebelius near the top of the list for HHS

How many Senators and Congresspeople do OPEN townhalls in their home states?

Sunday News Show Lineup-2/8/09 (Obfuscating Filibusterers on Parade)

Democrats- you own the economy now

GOP folks following bad advice....protesting President Obamas stim bill

Bipartisanship: An abusive marriage. And, the American people are the children.

Elkhart, Indiana - People wait in long line for tickets to see Obama

Krugman: Senate Stimulus "compromise" cuts most needed parts of plan.

Sorry Bill, I'd rather kiss my new boss. [gif]

It is time to get past the notion of instant gratification.

The "Bi-Partisan" Senate Gang of 18: The Dishonor Roll of Senators Behind The Stimulus Cuts

How did the FIRST bailout, the corporate-friendly one, work out for everybody?

Ron Christie: "He (President) doesn't need to campaign but sit in his office and govern."

So, who's McCain going to pick for his running mate?

We are blessed.....

Mn - Please hurry up and seat the properly elected Senator Al Franken; people may actually die.

Penis Photo Causes Walkouts At Will Ferrell's Broadway Show

Barack Obama, what have you wrought ??

Republicans warn stimulus will lead to a disaster

Why Do Republicants Hate Education?


The slightly delayed latest billyskank artwork thread.

Summary of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (including compromise)

Today's provocative statement: If this were a dictatorship, Barack Obama could fulfill every one of

PHOTOS: President Obama and family return from Camp David

Obama puts brake on Afghan surge

How was your Stimulus Event yesterday?

Kerry debates Kyl, Senate today.

Instead of limiting executive pay to $500K - which has a nice populist

Congratulations, ladies!

Venezuela opposition protests Chavez vote plan

Mexican border city protests army operations-paper

Nepal police post attacked, one officer killed

Ferries collide in Bangladesh, 10 die

Workers end strike on Thai resort island

Rain, river diversion plans ease China drought

Afghan leader praises better ties with Pakistan

Russia denies influencing Kyrgyzstan on US base

Economists Agree Time Is of the Essence for Stimulus

Artist of Famed Obama Poster Arrested

Official: Sebelius near top for health post

Pakistan probes group's claim of holding American

Texas evangelicals helped effort to stop Palin 'troopergate' probe

GOP seeks to end ban on some donation limits

Stimulus Battle May Signal Tough Sell for Bank Rescue

NATO commander: Afghanistan drug raids imminent

Yemen to free al-Qaeda suspects

Russian official: Biden's words 'very positive'

Film on German hero in China seen stirring debate

U.S. Officials Offer Dismal Review of War in Afghanistan

Frank Says Obama to Steer Funds to Foreclosure Relief

Swiss canton ends tax breaks for rich foreigners

Pat Buchanan's essay about race is on David Duke's Website.

Stimulus will lead to 'disaster,' Republican warns

Italy faces constitutional crisis over coma woman

Food writer's online guide to building an H-bomb...the 'evidence' that put this man in Guantanamo

Obama puts brake on Afghan surge

Top US lawyer warns of deaths at Guantánamo

States' only option now is budget pain

Venezuela arrests police, guard in synagogue attack

56-year-old becomes first woman to swim Atlantic (*WOW*)

Wiped out: Towns destroyed by killer fires (Victoria, Australia)

Bill Hicks- Jesse Helms & Rush Limbaugh. Warning: not for the squeamish

Stimulation (as in stimulating the economy)

"Who killed the electric car?"

Red State Update: Obama's Tax Cheat Cabinet

Mayor Cheye Calvo describes police smashing into his home.

Mr Cheney YOU Have Terrified More People Than Any Terrorist! ~Olbermann

Account of Torture by ICE .. right from the horses mouth

Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland video "Aer Obama"

The Week In Cartoons 02/07/09

Hollywood takes a short cut in India, loses its way

February 5, 2009: The Day in 100 Seconds

TYT: O'Reilly Goes Nuts About Octuplets (Is He Actually Right?!)

The truthiness of Michael Steele: The reality of it is Bush inherited a recession, got us through it

SNL: Pelosi, Reed, Itchy and Scratchy

Dean Baker: Plunder and Blunder; How the 'Financial Experts' Keep Screwing You

BEAUTIFUL! - Don't Divorce us

Al Gore: 'Planetary Solution' Essential to Ending Climate Cr

Afghan President Hamid Karzai's Fortunes May Be Fading

Proof China Faked Their Spacewalk

Politics and revolution “perpetuate” the Beast. We need a new mechanism for social change.

RNC chair denies campaign spending abuses (Steele on Stephanopoulos)

“Journalist” Needs an Editor: Writes About Obama Fantasies

Face the Nation: McCain Won't Back Stimulus Bill

This Just In: Israel Is Indeed Our 51st State!

Politics in the Bubble (includes Tzipi Livni "DJing" in a Tel Aviv nightclub)

...Neo-Conservatism’s Core

James Wolcott: Final-Exit Strategies

Barney Frank on MTP: Republican Hypocrisy

White House: DEA Raids in Medical Marijuana States Will Stop

Eric Margolis: Time for America to get small

Obama’s approval rating is sinking, and that’s OK

Prisons to Work

Prop 8 donor law shows disclosure is a two edged sword

TYT RANT: Cenk Goes Off On AC's Ridiculous Comments

US Considers February 15 Referendum "an Internal Matter" for Venezuela

Dems to Hire 'Psycho' from 'Revolutionary Road' to 'Reason' With GOP

Newsweek cover Feb.16th-We are all Socialists Now

Dealing With Bankrupt Banks: Nationalization or Welfare

Slumdogs Unite! By FRANK RICH

Don't believe the historians and economists who say America's best days are behind us.

Underreported: Nukes cost U.S. $52 billion last year

Specter and 'Maine,' and Pray for the Remaining GOP Insane

Most Republican Governors Back Congress Passing The Stimulus Plan

Guardian UK: Fear and loving

The First Time I've Ever Felt Angry About Paying Taxes

It's a Democratic Disaster - SEN. JAMES INHOFE

Ann Coulter is Under Investigation for Vote Fraud (Update)

Fatal accident raises concerns over dementia and driving

More to Promote Outsourcing Than Nearly Anyone Else In America

So You Had a Bad Day-Why Barack Obama is still better off than he was two weeks ago

Rush Limbaugh has his grip on the GOP microphone

Cue the world's smallest violin (Media Matters)

Congressional Research Service Reports Leaked

Robert Reich: Unions can strengthen America

Obama's team of zombies....By David Sirota

Climate Change in Action (Aussie fires)

My American Family is stuck in Pakistan

Unions want share of green tech 'stimulus' jobs

The Age of Stupid


xpost: Wiped out: Towns destroyed by killer fires (Victoria, Australia)

96 Confirmed Dead So Far In Australian Bushfires - AFP

Citizen scientists' notes pinpoint affects of climate change

Officials Confirm Foot-And-Mouth Oubreak In Basra - "Probably" 60,000 Animals Infected So Far

FDA Unaware Peanut Corporation Of America Even Made Peanut Butter - Last Inspected In 2001

NUKE-IN-A-BOX?-IT’S HERE NOW (Nuclear reactor—about 60 feet tall by 15 feet in diameter)

KBR Preparing To Plead Guilty Under Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - Bribery, Nigeria 1995 - 2004

The Endowment Effect, Sunk Costs And Loss Aversion - How They May Impact Transition & Infrastructure

At Least 84 Children Die In Nigeria From Toxic Teething Syrup - Contained Diethylene Glycol - NYT

Speed bumps to get new role as a source of green energy

Mexico turns toward alternative energy (AP)

Russia's Descent Into Reality - Energy Sector Facing Huge Debts, High Costs, Low Prices

Fiat 500 gets new Start&Stop system (AllPar)

Once Again, Energy Boom Flips To Energy Bust In Intermountain West - LA Times

$50 Billion Tax payer Loan - Was this loan for new nuclear reactors pulled

WCG Clean Energy Project is Live -- crunch for energy research

The plan: 7 Fiat vehicles for U.S. (CNET/Automotive News)

Global Sea Level Rise Doubles From 1970s - 1.7 mm/yr To 3/4 mm/year - As Polar Ice Loss Accelerates

From The "Not Getting It" Dept. - NAHB Unveils "Green" Demo Home - 8,000+ sf, $4 Million (est.)

Our darkest day (The Age: Melbourne)

Non Sequitur TOON : "Thinning the Herd"

Slo-mo Splat

Andrew Sullivan: "A False Premise"




David Newby hopes to lead labor's comeback, Union, yes!

Calif. judge denies injunction request against Screen Actors Guild

Joliet artist works on behalf of proposed labor law

AP: Q&A: Unemployment Benefits

OSHA Underground: Upside Down Combustible Dust Bill

Hoffa meeting with Vice President Biden

We can pass the Employee Free Choice Act with 51 votes


Today in labor history Feb 8 Vigilantes beat IWW organizers for exercising free-speech rights

Confession of a union buster--Book Review

The lamest excuse ever. Right-wingers against Pinochet! LOL

Colombia: A Make-Over for Stumbling Rebels

Grenade explodes at anti-Chavez party headquarters

Venezuela opposition protests Chavez vote plan

More signs that the newspaper industry is crumbling

Fed's Yellen sees dynamics similar to Depression

Raise taxes now. Tax hikes boost economy. Raise taxes spur investments.

The "free market" has spoken with its invisible hand!

Without starting a battle, just an observation.

Wonder why you're paying more at the pump?

Will Real Estate transactions, now, be delayed?

Don't miss this !! Madeoff whistleblower hearing re-run NOW on C-span.

Option ARMs and Recast Shock Syndrome: Toxic Financial Products are Imploding on Schedule

Why have gas prices jumped 20 cents a gallon at the pumps

I got laid off today.

Dueling (Boston Globe) Op-Eds on DADT

Interesting. 3COM backing out of deal to sponsor the 49'er stadium.

Why can't they just snort coke or gamble? It would be so much easier.

Government Should Release Names of All Steroid Users

Is Micheal Phelps the Best Swimmer Ever?

Apparently the SEC folks are crying about be cold in Florida,,,

Andrew Brandt: The Pro Bowl problem. Interesting take

Union official tipped A-Rod to test, report allegesby Ken Rosenthal

So why are baseball players held to a different standard?

Best Sportsman: Barry Bonds or Cal Ripken. We know

Has anyone here taken steroids?

A non-Barry Bonds, non-steroid anything else here...

It's not the 'roids it's the MONEY!

Roberto Clemente. A Real American Hero!

So who else do you think was on steroids in baseball?

How come no Pirates ever test positive for Roids?

Cassel to make $14.65M next season

Hmmm...the SEC is not in the top 25 college hockey rankings [humor added for affect]

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (February 8): Svidler takes the Rock; A Yank wins Moscow Open

When was the last time your favourite MLB team won the World Series?

The pro-marijuana Holocaust survivors party is the hottest match-up

Hamas leader Zahar: Final word on Israel truce proposal soon

FACTBOX - Main points of 2001 Mitchell Commission report

Cyprus: Ship won't be returned to Iran

Israeli elections: Be afraid. Be very afraid

Rocket hits southern kibbutz; none injured

U.S. Jew 'stabbed in the face by Palestinians in Jerusalem'

Rift Between Hamas and Fatah Grows After Gaza

Israeli action worse than apartheid: South Africa

Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians

If not fascism, what is?

Rockets Strike Israel as Hamas Negotiates Gaza Truce (Update1)

Avigdor Lieberman's hardline party widens its appeal in Israel's election (video)

Israel elections: '99% of Israeli Arabs stand by their loyalty to the state'

Israeli Arabs fear a Gaza backlash as far right prepares for power role

Hamas, Gaza and Bush’s Legacy

Report: Israel to free Marwan Barghouti as part of Shalit deal

Lieberman's Anti-Arab Ideology Wins Over Israel's Teens

Hamas: Fatah strongman Dahlan collaborated with Israel ahead of Gaza op

'The Jewish majority should be afraid'

$20,000 for an outpatient surgery.

Prescription Rant: Big Box Pharmacy indifference;

Whistleblower received threats, intimidation and apparent smear campaign

Kahane won

MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield fixed data on autism

Detox, Shmeetox

Addressing a child’s special needs can be difficult overseas

U.S. mulls alternatives to Manas Air Base

Economic crisis could affect defense budget

Biden tells Europe U.S. will push diplomacy

Soldier who fled German police sentenced

Ex-airman charged in beating death

Navy training Iraqis in bomb disposal techniques

Uganda rebels kill 900 during AFRICOM-backed operation

Parachute training returns to Misawa

Obama Considering Iraq Withdrawal Options

SEALs' Own Errors Led to Chute Deaths

Airbus Tankers Deal Still Flying

Army Looking for Ways to Curb Suicides

Army Creates New Career Field

Zero Tolerance for Sex Offenders

Beating Bogus Discharges

Have Courage, We Will Win

KBR Gets Contract Despite GI Deaths

Stray animals remain a problem in Naples

Navy Warship Runs Aground

150 Utah Guard Soldiers Coming Home From Iraq

How will America be disarmed??

Woman uses revolver to defend herself, her mother, and her home.

The Virginia Tech Betrayal/NYtimes antigun BS

Retired Troop Nets Cash Assisting Recruiting

One Cushy Ride

Nomination Spigot for DoD Posts Goes Dry

$30M Abuse Case Began at Boot Camp

Daughter Gets Surprise: Daddy Home From Iraq

Kyrgyzstan: Decision on Base Closure is Final

Military Struggles to Recruit Hispanics

Man Shot, Killed, After Breaking Into Home and Firing Shots

Romanian Winter...

I don't know what this is...

Winter's Empire

If you say "Home Depot" - Ding Ding we have a winner

The door of opportunity.....

"Take this man to the tower!"

okay, in the bird vein

hot day, cool room...

went in search of red - and found this instead...

Romanian Winter #2

RED...dang it...

Textures, Shapes, Colors...

A couple more birds..

WeMoon Starcast for week of Feb 6

The Stars This Week: "Teamwork Moves You Forward" - February 9 - February 15, 2009

I'm seeking a way to calculate the astrological degree of a sign on a certain date

Sure beats being abducted by aliens or a Day of Contrasts

Question about sending light.....

The Psychic Consortium Thread VI

February 7 Matthew Message is up

Robert Furman - He played a key role in the Manhattan project

A band of hundred of millions of stars discovered orbiting the galaxy.

Huge Observatory in Andes Takes Shape

New World Wolves and Coyotes Owe Debt to Dogs

I think it would be interesting for Bill Moyers to interview the Dalai Lama

When Parents Call God Instead of the Doctor

How exactly has religion "enhanced" America?

I just got blasted by some fundies for my fish on the back of the car

Speaking of chocolate and other things......

Chowhound's members had a pretty good

Go ahead, laugh,mock and casts dispersions: I made the bacon explosion

When you bake a ham, what do you make for a sauce/gravy?

Need help...I am looking for a recipe not many people seem to be aware of

Chili Question

Breakfast for the week

Quick and easy artichoke hummus.

Looking for a brownie recipe that uses creamed butter with sugar, eggs and cocoa powder

Sunday Edition - What's for dinner?

X posted. Teachers: There's no way to hug them hard enough.

Top Counter-Terrorism Experts Question 9/11

Houston mayor has raised $1.4 million toward U.S. Senate run, adviser says

Saturday's SBOE Forum


Cool viral video for Watchmen.

Mickey Rourke on red carpet at Baftas

PM's fate now lies with bureaucrats he disdains

DU Battlestar Galactica fans! What do you think of season 4.5 so far?

SuSE 11.1 / KDE 4.x Review

Any typo-3 afficianados here? Developer disappeared long ago....

AVG problem

Wireeless router's Installation software fails to recognize that the computer has an ethernet port

Marvin Pic in Vanity Fair

Key Labour employment plan close to collapse

'Lodger' Smith in home expenses row