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Archives: May 1, 2009

I was invited to dinner with Bill Clinton in LA May 1! Woo Hoo!

Guess who's in Michael Steele's posse?

Senate Dems "furious with Reid for agreeing to let Specter keep his seniority"

opposite marriage:fake boobs::same sex marriage:________________

Bank Customer Drops Bag Of Marijuana

Isikoff coming up on Rachel with breaking news

Virginia reports its first two cases of swine flu

"I didn't authorize anything..."

KO: Entertainment guru Michael Musto is ripping into Prejean with one-liners...

KO and John Dean will be discussing

Judy Shepherd on Rachel now

Is the 'GOP too big to fail'?

Most media over-hyped disease?

The Yankess shut down & are not playing baseball any more

Today LIMBOsevic called "rank & file" union members "SHEEP, FOLLOWERS" n/t

Thread in LBN says Souter is to retire at end of term

Could there be a Rendell on the Supreme Court?

Couldn't Specter make the move to ensure 59 votes?

Do you think the domestic violence shelters in your area

HaHa - TERROR!!! Ominous ad shows GOP still thinks security a winning issue

10:15 PM Eastern and Anderson Cooper still doesn't know about Souter

Brits leave Iraq today--hold closing ceremonies.

Oh how I wish it were Fat Nino or Slappy

12 posts in...and the chisels came out....

Bwa-ha-HAAA! Post on Hannity's site bemoans "stimulous packages!"

Defence Budgets Should Not Be a Sacred Cow. UK Tories Under Fire For Possible Defence Cuts

An open letter to Ms California(tm):


Souter Reveals Retirement 2 Days After Specter's Switch

Will FRC hold a Justice Sunday IV?

Teabags - get your teabags - teabagging in Michigan tomorrow! Joenotaplumber will be there!

Teabags - get your teabags - teabagging in Michigan tomorrow! Joenotaplumber will be there!

If there were ever a place NOT to be's when you pick the supreme court

How can you be the majority owner of a company and not be allowed to run it?

Will you be able to see it tonight?

Al Franken - Prophet?

Is the Republican Party a threat to Democracy?

Over the Line: Boehner Inserts Pic of Congressional Hispanics in Terrorist Montage.

Swine flu present and under control in New Jersey

NOM board member advocates criminalization of homosexuality, overthrow of government

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Meanwhile, over at the laugh-a-thon also known as....

Need Info - First few bills passed in 2000 was to mark derivatives trading unregulated?

I nominate Johnathon Turley

Specter, SCOTUS and WTF

Who will be the first pundit who demands Obama pick a republican for SCOTUS

Iowa probably has H1N1 now...

Don't mix flu and immigrant debate

hypothetical question: If any Senator was selected for Supreme Court who would you like it to be?

U.S. Bank Stress Test Results Delayed as Conclusions Debated




Biohazard pink.

I'm concerned that VP Biden didn't tell people to go out shopping!


Teens accused in plot stay in custody

I know it won't happen but I kinda wish that Obama would nominate Olympia Snowe for Supreme Court

Japan donates $4 million to Khmer Rouge tribunal

Some are calling it the "Nafta flu"

Cheney's painful war for torture-Nothing short of a fullscale investigation can cauterize this wound

Over 50 Anti-Torture Activists Arrested at White House Protest

BREAKING NEWS: Justice David Souter plans to retire from Supreme Court, NBC/NPR reports

Readying between the lines on news stories

Who would you MOST like to see prosecuted? (Pick one)

lead story on CNN: U.S. professor disappears during Japan volcano hike

I think Obama made a mistake today by demonizing some of the debt holders

I nominate Mario Cuomo.

Was travel to Mexico down already due to violence?

Per Condi, she has no more responsibility than the UPS guy -"I conveyed the authorization"


The general aims of the GOP, and their impact on a democratic republic....

Some folks do have a sense of humor

To the Sen Spector haters

OFFICIAL: SWINE INFLUENZA Info and Updates thread (post them here please) 5/1 - MAYDAY indeed!

You could have had the swine flu and didn't even know that's what it was?

Has anyone else done as much damage as Larry Summers and still been praised and given power?

How about Judge Judy for Supreme Court? (Note: She's for gay marriage)

Plea deal sought in puppy torture

New Prison May Have To Be Built, Gates Says (Washington Digest / WaPo)

Dr. Doom Nouriel Roubini thinks we are in a U, not the L-shaped near depression

Jewelry vault manager smuggles out $12M in her purse over 6 year period

The troops hate Obama

Happy LAW DAY!!

Incoming new justice! Souter retiring!!

Could any DU cop please private message me?

Ex-Congressman (Chris Shays-CT) Says Campaign Manager Embezzled Funds

Ted Rall: Letting Bush & Co. off confirms 2 systems of justice

I know its May, but you wanna see something scarey??

I thought Jebus loved Liberty University

Michael Steele's First 100 Days

CNN Mama in the morning now .... Steph on the T.V. Machine

Court nominee will be a no brainier

This is the 6th year anniversary of our victory in Iraq! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Justice Bill Clinton? Justice Howard Dean?

Fucktard Republican senators chime in on "Up-or-Down Votes" for presidential nominees

lets generate a list of possible justice replacements

Who the hell is Les Gelb and was he just on my TV?

A Silver Lining Appears--I don't know about you, but I was lying awake nights worrying

Cass Sunstein from U of Chicago for SCOTUS

4th Annual OFFICIAL MAY DAY Thread (“This is the time to fertilize your dreams with action!")

Queen fan pays thousands for lesson from May

Judge orders driver to lay flowers yearly at scene of fatal wreck

Souter Has Impeccable Timing

H1N1 Virus Vector detected!

Specter's Defection Hurts Republicans Again

Hispanic Caucus Furious, Demands Apology Over Boehner Web Vid

Conservative talker suspended after blaming swine flu on the ‘millions of leeches’ from Mexico.

A great place to buy custom clothing made in the USA

Banning same-sex marriage will help the cause of equality...

CYBERWAR -- Iranians and Others Outwit Net Censors

Bitter outcome of UAW sabotage of 2008 strike: Detroit American Axle plant to close

Hedge Funds Irate Over Presidental Truth-telling

What comes next: Filling a Supreme Court vacancy

Greenspan wants more H-1Bs or else US workers become "privileged elite"

Can swine flu be spread via the Internet?


Jennifer Granholm for Supreme Court?

Company Warned Officials of flu 18 Days Before Alert Was Issued

Catholic schools teach 12 year olds about abortion.

Gates: Military Strike On Iran Will Not Work

Wisconsin To Begin Retroactive Voter Checks

They succeeded in reducing the reported level of inflation, which reduced cost-of-living adjustments

An apology and an observation

2012 Republican National Convention

Winnie the Pooh: On The Swine Flu...

What is it with the right wing and the "It will protect bestiality" argument?

CNN is pathetic. "Sarah Palin is twittering, we'll tell you who shes following after the break"

Torture and the Media

Are you immune to Swine Flu if you are infected and survive?

Souter's replacement won't be anyone you've ever heard of before.

Start the Groundswell Now; DUer D.G. for the U.S. Supreme Court

John LANDIS gave LIMBOsevic the loud razz and walked out, hear-HEAR!1

Souter known as low-key, fierce defender of individual rights

Gingrich insult rankles RNC members

Prosecutors to Drop Charges Against Two Former AIPAC Lobbyists

My Best Friend From High School is Trying to Become a Daddy!

Crazy GA Politicos - Real nut job

Happy May Day!

Our neighboring small town has a "probable" case of swine flu

Swine Flu Rhetoric Part of Broader Anti-Immigration Strategy

So, how's the 'smart power' thing working for you? Clinton Praises Partnership Between State-Defense

Workers of the World Unite

Morning Joe Summary for MAY DAY!

Righties take a nose dive into crazy country: "Let's attack a teenager for saying Jesus loves you!!"

I think I love the Netherlands.... The guy almost hit the "Royal Bus". .

'Do you feel safer now?' - call Boehner or Hoekstra and tell them.

The Right goes insane, By Mark Morford

Arizona BBQ joint sees 40% drop in pulled pork sales due to swine flu fears

Specter Defection Creating Logjam In Democratic Caucus

Something to make the Right Screech and wail... Janet Reno for Supreme Court

On GOP Rebranding and Hate Talk Radio

The CIA's $1,000 a Day Specialists on Waterboarding, Interrogations

Dutch queen escapes as driver crashes into crowd, killing four

Dutch queen escapes as driver crashes into crowd, killing four

Republicans must be really stupid?

Chief surgeon at Abu Ghraib running for mayor of Cincinnati

U.S. soldiers sue over garbage 'burn pits'

40 years after of it's enduring mysteries is explained...

Air Pollution Endangers Lives of Six in 10 Americans

Air Pollution Endangers Lives of Six in 10 Americans

Amid swine flu outbreak, racism goes viral

CDC testing 8 possible swine flu cases in Florida including 1 in Orange County (Orlando)

Democrats had a chance and failed to help Americans: banksters won!

Democrats had a chance and failed to help Americans: banksters won!

cute last month?

The Derrick Next Door: Suburb Explores a Crude Solution to Its Budget Woes

Obama wants weapons-buying bill by Memorial Day

HuffPo Twitter: Biden is in charge of finding SCOTUS nominees

Glenn Greenwald: Ronald Reagan: vengeful, score-settling, Hard Left ideologue

Tens Of Thousands Expected For May Day Immigration Rally In LA

NEWS ALERT!!!! CDC Issues Warning

Some more toons

Who's the First Lady When the President's a Polygamist?

Experts Warn Internet Is Running Out of Bandwidth

The Rude Pundit: Friday Fun Quotes (Texas "Education" Edition)

OMG! Miss California got breast implants? Paid for by pageant?

FDA warning on Hydroxycut

Nominate Elizabeth de la Vega to SCOTUS!

Spanish court opens investigation of Guantánamo torture allegations

LDS lawyers, psychologists had a hand in torture policies

LDS lawyers, psychologists had a hand in torture policies

GOP's '100 Days' YouTube Video. Gotta see this!

Warden Message - Update on Flu Outbreak (US Embassy), enhanced health checks leaving mexico

Court: Alleged Nazi Guard Can Be Deported

If the US doesn't prosecute torturers

May Day present for the bankster whore Democrats. Thanks for nothing!

Susan Boyle to get breast implants!!

Susan Boyle to get breast implants!!

Proposed new plate for FLA: The Hell on Earth Plate

800 on the SAT's

A fart in a windstorm is pretty harmless. A fart in a closet is far worse.

Supreme Court idiocy..

Who on here is proud to be a liberal and a Democrat?

"Faith based intelligence gathering" is the cornerstone of neoconservatism

Let's get Superior Court Judge Edward Bullard to hear the torture trials

Here is what VP Biden really meant to say....

"Church Going Americans More Likely To Support Torture"

Do we really have to lower ourselves to the Manila government?

a ruling he would investigate both those who carried out torture and those who ordered or cooperated

Brian Brown being eaten alive on MSNBC

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

Jay Severin, big-mouthed bigot, suspended from Boston WXTK 96.9

Specter Opposed Confirmation of Elena Kagan, Potential Obama Supreme Court Nominee

8000 pound gorilla everyone is forgetting about..

Does a Judicial Nominee Need at Least One Repuke to Get Out of Committee?

Did you know about this Torture waterboarding demonstration at the Spanish Consulate?

Should Obama have stayed out of the Swine Flu Pandemic Situation?

Happy May day ...

Happy May day ...

tell your senator to vote for credit reform

Winnie the Pooh and Swine Flu

The unofficial HAPPY MAY DAY! thread!

Umm look familiar to anyone?

Obama says Swine Flu May run course like "ordinary flus" BREAKING NEWS!

So tomorrow at my College there will be roughly 10-20,000 Drunk Students jam-packed on two blocks.

Fernando Botero - Abu Ghraib series (heavy pix)

Senator Michael Bennet is coming to town! What should I ask him?

Taxpayers to get rude surprise

Tea Party set for this Friday (Michigan): 'Joe the Plumber' amongst expected crowd

ABC News: Declassified Memos Contradict 2007 ABC News Interview with John Kiriakou

Souter is retiring!? On Rachel Maddow Show RIGHT FUCKING NOW! (LINK ADDED)

At present, the UAW union will own 55% of Chrysler !

Something Jews and Muslims in America can Agree on: They Like Obama

Hatch has already commenced caterwauling about "activist judges"

Elizabeth Edwards scheduled to appear on Oprah May 7th--day before memoir published

Rick Warren To Address Anti-Gay, "Jewish" Breakaway Anglicans. Again.

Maine Senate approves marriage equality bill.

Obama's in the Briefing Room talking to the press about Souter

When will Obama release the additional torture pictures?

stupid question....

Dear Pres. Obama, when picking your Justice, remember the R's will vote NO

Swine Flu Apparel

OMG! Souter announces resignation to distract people from the H1N1 flu!

Amid swine flu outbreak, racism goes viral

or, you can have the engine I have here, the diesel

Obama should appoint himself to the Supreme Court...

"Fix It Again, Tony"

Breaking: United Flight from Germany diverts to Boston due to a passenger sneezing

Kenyan Women Urge Sex Strike

Jesus testifies at Congressional Hearing - OKs torture

Anybody Know Who The Next To Retire *Conservative* SCOTUS Justices Are?

Theres a new flu out.

Obama should pick Cheney for the Supreme Court

President Obama should interview Kyle B. Haskins for the Supreme Ct.

Man who lost his job killed five in an attempted attack on the Dutch Royal Family

Eight days of silence since Hannity volunteered to be waterboarded: Is he chickening out?

Justice William Jefferson Clinton Anyone?

Windows 7: Everything that Vista Wasn't...

We're All Very Bad People...

Waiting for the Gaffe.

NASA to begin layoffs as shuttle retirement nears

"The current Supreme Court is a liberal, judicial activist court!!!!1"

Reactionary, Hateful, Christian Radio Attacking Obama with Lies.

If the person doesn't have the title Federal Appeals Court Judge I doubt they are on the list

New York Teenager Had 'Her Mind Set' on Myrtle Beach Spring Break

Pres Obama, IF Repubs Don't Scream Bloody Murder at Your SCOTUS Nominee, Something is WRONG...

When an authoritarian structure breaks down it isn't pretty.

Greenwald: Ronald Reagan: vengeful, score-settling, Hard Left ideologue

My City Keeps me updated :) - now I can go cut the grass

Shorter Souter Screeching LOL

Judge reaffirms: electrocution case against KBR will proceed

Lesbian chosen as UK poet laureate

Wasn't jay Sevarin, the suspended Boston RW talker, once an msnbc regular guest?

So Some Dem Senators Who Voted Against The Bankruptcy Bill Don't Like The Breaking Of Contracts

Will someone please caption this photo? Virginia Foxx in all her FAILED glory

Two Confirmed Swine Flu Cases in Florida

Froomkin destroys Krauthammer

Senate warns of threats to free press around the world

K&R if you think it's time to let Israel/Palestine issues be discussed in General Discussion

Bybee refuses to respond to Leahy’s testimony invitation.

Friday TOON Roundup part 2

New Homeland Security memo lists black power, shaved-head Doc Marten wearers ‘extremist threats’

Charles Krauthammer is a disgusting human being

CEO of Wal-Mart found on Arkansas Anti-Gay petition

Contractors paid $1,000 a day to supervise, design torture program

McConnell Makes Another Move Against Bunning-- Mayhem In Kentucky Republican Party Politics

Human Rights - Respect others - respect individuality.

Tom Geoghegan for SCOTUS!

At least 21% of the electorate is made up of complete fucking idiots: Meet one

Take the Money and Run

SURPRISE: Obama just took over Robert Gibbs' White House Briefing.

WaPost Doesn’t Call Waterboarding ‘Torture’ Because ‘The Bush Administration Would Dispute That’

So who should replace Justice David Souter on the Supremos? LINK TO POLL...

OK Jim-Rob REALLY MEANS IT THIS TIME! FR bags on Mittens.

Sestak is on Tweety now

David Vitter blocks nomination of Fugate to FEMA.

In California, Cases Suggest Border Origin

I want my next SC justice to legislate from the bench!

Reid backs down, now says Specter’s seniority will depend on Dem 'pals'

To help KO out: The Nazi's did attack the US homeland

Fascinating: Today's House Energy Hearing On Cyber Security

Severin taken off the air in Boston

Enuf Flu Crap!-Important Question-Bill Maher 2nite?

Caption this photo:

National Acadamies of Science books set "Pandemic Influenza Special Collection"

Farmers fear pigs may get "swine" flu from people

Farmers fear pigs may get "swine" flu from people

What's a DINO ?

My Perfect Choice To Replace Souter

Judge Chamberlain Holler for SCOTUS

GA student sent home for wearing surgical mask to school (to avoid swine flu)

Elite Athletes or Extreme Exercisers and Disease

It is time for a new definition of "foxx"

Mexico May 1, 2009 In pictures: May Day protests

Here's a Shock: Cop Sues Taser Over Stun-Gun Safety

Here's a Shock: Cop Sues Taser Over Stun-Gun Safety

Quote Of The Day (Anonymous):

When will Focus on the Family and Family Research Council hold the next Justice Sunday event ?

Boo. Hoo. Exxon Mobile profit down 66% in first quarter.

Video shows bus driver texting right before crash.

CNN: Churchgoers more likely to back torture, survey finds

Foreclosure Bill Killed In Senate With Democratic Help WATCH: Bankers Celebrate On Camera !

This makes absolutely no sense -

Riot police working overtime as unions & anarchists link arms for May Day 1/2 mil in Germany

(Not the least bit suspicious) U.S. to Drop Spy Case Against Pro-Israel Lobbyists

(Not the least bit suspicious) U.S. to Drop Spy Case Against Pro-Israel Lobbyists

All commercial turtle harvesting may be banned in Florida

I have much more respect for ......

happy Labor Day, brothers and sisters!

National Review: Souter's Replacement Will Be Conservatives' Worst Nightmare

Duke’s (Energy) odd ‘zero tolerance’ for illegal activity

Abu Ghraib Guards Say Memos Show They Were Scapegoats

Bernie Sanders just smacked down a 9/11 conspiracy guy live on Thom Hartmann.

DNA study settles another pre-history human ancestry mystery

Getting Worse.. Before Better

Washington Times (Moonie cult paper) makes bizarre "semen" joke about John Kerry

Russian squads 'pulverize' chechens

Do not pick this woman for the

Michael Vick in Talks to Become PETA Spokesman

Doth Smithfield Protest Too Much? Swine Flu Brings Focus to Factory Farm Practices

Saw a Freeper-type bumper sticker on my lunch hour today.

My Supreme C Pick -Charles D. Swift

Thom Hartman's Mom Passed Away Yesterday

First Lady Michelle Obama steps out in Lanvin sneakers and they're only $540

A Chrysler Bankruptcy Won't Be Quick (Analysis by Harvard Bankruptcy Atty)

A Chrysler Bankruptcy Won't Be Quick (Analysis by Harvard Bankruptcy Atty)

I think Granholm will be the SCOTUS nominee...

Mom says Patriot Act stripped son of due process

my preference for a new Supreme Court Justice

Friday Evening Failed Bank List

Kismet!?! Justice Souter Should Preside Over Our War Crimes Tribunal/Inquiry

Rec if you support Elizabeth Edwards 110% like I do!

In case anyone doesn't already know, Randi Rhodes has signed with Premiere

Look who were the only news sources to covered the anti-torture rally in Washington

I offer myself as a Supreme Court Nominee

Saw Two Great Bumper Stickers Today

Hydroxicut recalled. If you are taking it, stop taking it right away!!

Whenever I see a total asshole in elected office, I have to blame the total assholes who ...........

Hong Kong 'flu' hotel sealed off with 300 people - WTF!!

Radio Giant Faces Crisis in Cash Flow

A DU Forgiveness Appreciation Thread.

When PR Meets Crazytown: Michael Vick - PETA's New Spokesperson (No.. Hell hasn't frozen over.)

8-year-old Saudi girl divorces 50-year-old husband

I hope Obama picks a gay judge/lawyer for the SCOTUS position....

I hope Obama picks a gay judge/lawyer for the SCOTUS position....

TX Senate Passes Forced Ultrasound Bill

I would like to personally thank President Obama!

Democracy Now: Historian Alfred McCoy

Helen Thomas - Obama's pretty good start

A Must watch- Movie/Documentary about GM foods and Monsanto

Planes and spread of germs

Is there a video of Foxx's "apology"

Ohio Has Received New Shipment Of Tamiflu; Being Guarded By The Ohio National Guard

Fantastic photo - this looks like art to me

? 62% of Americans do not want the Torture Crimes to be investigated.

Excercise, social life and meditation (3 big pictures)

Friday TOON Roundup part 1

Survey: White evangelicals more likely to support torture

My $1,200 three-hour hospital stay.

"There were times when David Souter thought of Bush v. Gore and wept."

'Symptom: swine flu. Diagnosis: industrial agriculture?' From the blogger who first made the conne

Has CNN 'dumbed down' the news?

Let's Help Obama End Credit Card Ripoffs TODAY

Now that eyes are turning to Factory Pork Farms, watch the Swine Flu story die....

Leaky pipes at Indian Point 2. Clean, green and safe nuclear power, ladies and gentlemen.

Why do smart people listen to dumb commentators?

Why do smart people listen to dumb commentators?

Flu has sole U.S. surgical mask producer scrambling (CNN)

Friday TOON Roundup 3

Arianna: Why Are Bankers Still Being Treated As Beltway Royalty?

In today's WTF news: Orlando Talk Radio Personality shoots

We're Likely To Hear A Lot Of This...

Anyone else thinking it has to be a woman?

Anyone else thinking it has to be a woman?

This is the first time that Iceland has a left-wing government.

Do you work for a living?

Jonathan Turley would be an excellent choice to fill Souter's seat on SCOTUS...

What the president really said... I hate people who selectively hear what they want

CEO Pope (Smithfeild corp) discusses Pig operation in Mexico on TV

"Fiat has a reputation for making unreliable rust buckets"

"Fiat has a reputation for making unreliable rust buckets"

How many DUers have been banned, then re-instated?

Swine Flu? A Panic Stoked in Order to Posture and Spend

Florida Republican Legislature leaves a record of failure

Florida Republican Legislature leaves a record of failure

What do Obama’s First 100 Days Mean to Common Afghans?

What do Obama’s First 100 Days Mean to Common Afghans?

Lee Wexler Conyers Bill to Investigate Bush Admin. has been filed.

Question for some scientists about Baxter Pharmaceutical. 18 countries get contaminated flu shots

Happy Beltane!

Mormons played key role in Bush torture policy

Friendly fire: the untold story of the U.S. bombing that killed four Canadian soldiers in Afghanista...

Get your Arlen Specter avatar right here

Is being called an asshole funny?

Suicide Spreads as One Solution to the Debt Crisis

Simple Question That I Am Having a Hard time Getting An Answer To:

Quick--What would be a good flick on Afghanistan--one to educate the public?

The Chrysler deal sucks, for the workers & the retirees. It's not "ownership".

Vintage Sexism: I'm Glad I'm a Boy! I'm Glad I'm a Girl!

Most important news story of the week (ending May 1, 2009)

Texas moran tries to inject Christian Bible into social studies!

All-time favorite Supreme Court Justice that would never be nominated in this day and age?


College Humor: Flame war.

"Sexting": Are Nude/Semi-Nude Photos Sent From One Teen To Another Kiddie Porn?

VA: 5th HIV case linked to unsterile equipment

David Shuster gets into shouting match with homophobic asshole from 'hetero marriage only' group

When the Allied Forces Liberated the Concentration Camps, German Citizens Were Forced

Smoe facts about John Ellis Bush (Jeb) and his National Council for a New America

Alabama Man Sleeps With Gun, Shoots Himself

Virginia Foxx is an old ugly hag who will rot in hell: Look at her voting record..

This Story About Keith Olberman Was Just Emailed to me. Thoughts?

Dear Orrin Hatch, you stupid motherfucker, no one - NO ONE - is "pro-abortion"

So there I was watching TV.....

Banker: 'What'd I Do Wrong, Officer?' Cop: 'You've Got Algae in the Pool, Sir'

My guesses on who Obama will nominate to the SC

I wonder if part of the reason why car sales are at 30 year lows is because they last longer.

I will NEVER forget,...

Did NYT Help Bush Win The 04 Elect By Sitting On Illegal NSA Wiretapping Story At Harman's Request?

Harrison Ford is the Charlton Heston for AOPA. AOPA now headed by winger. Fear Obama mailing

Jury duty - "I would rather count the wrinkles on my dog's balls"

Food Bank Friday! May 1, 2009!

A few questions for Christian fundamentalist wingnuts

Mexico Senate OKs bill to legalize drug possesion

Torturing for America

one for the grammar nazis

Joe Sestak will run against Spector

OFFICIAL H1N1 flu updates for May Day thread

Bain Capital

** Judy Shepard Appreciation Thread **

94 Men-Never Identified-Guilty Without A Trial-Tortured & Disappeared-Obama MUST Prosecute.

What's the most expensive pair of shoes you've ever had?

China Has 'Canceled US Credit Card': Lawmaker



CDC Update: ‘Elephant Flu’ Remains Potential Threat

Poetic Justice Al Gore. Ironic Justice Al Gore.

Captain once held by pirates urges military protection, armed crews

I've made the big time on FreeRepublic

What's priming the resurgence of the Ayn Rand crap now?

Talking cat - "Oh long John"

The wedding scene and aftermath from ACT II of Twilight of the Gods

Whatever happened to FreeperUndercoverMole ?

DU nerds , help me out with this technical problem ....

How to dance:

Beck Tricks Fans Into Supporting Satanism

Where the FUCK is Parche. I'm thirsty for a beer, and I miss the airlines!

Advice needed...bad hip!

Little Boots - "New In Town" (music video)

Beck Tricks Fans Into Supporting Scientology

Yes, I admit it.

Run for your lives! Socialism is HERE

Rays Are Stomping The Red Sox

Check in here, if you miss "William Shakespeare's Thought of the Day"!

I like pancakes.

Swine Flu Panic!!1! will not be seen it's regularly scheduled time slot. A Very Special Episode of

Houston vs Portland

Son of a gun! I passed 20,000 posts about 100 posts ago and didn't even know it...

Tommy Heinson is correct - Kirk Heinrich is a dirty player

Cat Fight!!!

The Zombie Series: Celtics vs Bulls

What the FUCK!

Anyone seen Caprica yet?

How about a NON-LAWYER, NON-JUDGE for the Supreme Court?

From the "you usually have to pay extra for that" file...

Do you like me?

Patient Zero found in the Swine Flu Pandemic

Do you like me? Do you want to go out with me sometime?

Cat lovers

Protect yourself from swine flu!

oh no...

oh no...

Texts From Last Night

Tooooooo Cute!

An American President starting on Ion

Wanna get out of jury duty?

Good Samaritan or crazy-ass idiot?

Are you like me re: deleted posts in your threads?

A song for spring and birdlovers j/k

Bat Shit Crazy Should Have Been My Screen Name Here

I didn't feel like smiling tonight...

Humans ...

Meet Thelma and Louise

Happy may 1st

Is it okay to call females "Dude"?

What ya drinkin' tonight?

Happy Beltane

Happy Beltane


Unraveling the Criminal Torture Conspiracy

Brilliant movies that leave you cold?

Woman claims her father was the Zodiac Killer.

In 2005 I discovered that I had been afflicted with a horrible parasite

~~**Easy blood draw vibes please**~~

i'm bored and can't sleep

Ashling is out of surgery

How good a typer are you?

Too funny- John Cleese appearing in a cameo in Doctor Who

Nation Dumbfounded As To Why Little-Leaguer's Favorite Player Is Chipper Jones

Touch Typing Test

I am up, who else is?

Cat in a box

Is it ok to call Dudes female?

In the spirit of PNAC!!! post a song about ending the world!


Single vs. Engaged vs. MARRIED!!

Wow.That's the first time in 5 years that one of my posts end up on the greatest page!

NASA Simulator Prepares Astronauts For Rigors of an Interview With Larry King

i lost track...who currently has the most posts on DU?

God is an Astronaut - Fall From the Stars

Ja tvoi sluga,

Anybody have flu related school closures near them?

how bout i bring my fuckin tools and start work tomorrow

Is a 29-inch suitcase too big?

Please call HBO and tell the to stop running "Grey Gardens" all the time...

Woot, I figured out how to force Safari to open links in a new tab

Yes with Special Guest Asia Concert - isn't that pretty much seeing Yes twice in one night

I heard there's been some drama in teh loungez lately...



Johnny Cash on Seasame Street: Don't Take Your Ones to Town, Bird

Worst-Slide Story


I don't get it -- you'd think the sky was falling in GD due to pig flu

I'm at work and was unable to stop hysterically laughing when I saw this

Fair Play for Cuba

What did you think of the movie "Seven Pounds"?

Hey, I've finally reached 500 !!!

This economy sucks.......

" MIGHT be a Republican." Fun blog entry...

Happy May Day everyone!

how do you win the internet?, based in Panama

ROFL- "Celebration"

i hate birds


The Hunt for Gollum

I opened for these guys last night

Most of the people in my family are not related to me

I just blew by my 280th post.

Can I have some hugs?

Caption this pic.

Just throwing this out there

Oh Great! It's supposed to rain all weekend

Here's an odd name for a watch selling website:

Arsenal: Love 'em or leave 'em?

Whooo boy! I pissed off my freeper Mother..

The Romans had to close the Coliseum

"I Have a Bad Case of Diarrhea" (NOT really about a bodily function)

Out of the maws of death!

Steamed red hot on a steamed bun, with mustard, relish, and sauerkraut

I blew right past my 17,000th post

Hey everybody:

the only thing i care about with the Extreme Court justice

Just overheard from the Business Department...

Question about Megabus.

Saw a Freeper-type bumper sticker on my lunch hour.


can i bring any of you to ed lipschitz?

If you were on the Judicary Committee - what questions would you ask Obama's appointee to the SCOTUS

Really interesting link - do you have unclaimed money sitting out there?

I didn't go to DU medical school for 8 years to be called "Mister."

Acute Bronchitis is what I have.

Help me pick the music I will use to wake the neighbors this morning...

on my way to see X-MEN Origins

Fun with old posts.....

I think I got punked!

WARNING! This video is really really bad. Viewer discretion is advised (NHL, Don Cherry)

Stress management that actually works!

they finally found the resting place of Everett Ruess.

I've always said we would have a black President when pigs fly.

What do these three celebrity judges have in common?

Do you support Nuclear Spicy hot wings?

Please post cute pictures or pictures of morans.

I've found the most evil person in the whole entire world.

Note to self: coworkers don't like it when you refer to them as "snivelling nematodes".

I don't like it when people talk to me in the bedroom

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/1/2009)

Happy Friday!

Hooray, hooray, it's the 1st of May...


The tornado sirens just started going off in Columbus.

Anyone ever buy a TV from a Pawn Shop?

My Review of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" (No Spoilers)

Why didn't anybody tell me William Shatner had an interview show?

I don't like it when my other voices talk to me.

Who are the best con artists in film and/or literature?

Well thats just fucking great.

Which fact are you more surprised of?

My 24" iMac now has a 15.4" brother. He's named Freddie...

DON'T call me "Miss" Bertha! God!

I don't like when people talk to me in the bathroom

Watched the South Park "Biggest Douche In The Universe" episode last night. Who would you vote for?

Swine Flu vs. Chuck Norris

An idea whose time has come: MEAT PINATAS!

Cat sneak attack in 3... 2... 1...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/1/09

Does your state have tornado sirens?

Psst. Lounge? Wanna know a secret?

Sometimes, you just can't beat a really simple lunch.

"You're turning into your father"

In the spirt of PANIC!!! post a song about the end of the world!

So no actual flu test for me....

Dog catches bus ... and escapes coyotes

Star Trek: The Action Movie?

When Bruce Banner changes into The Hulk...

Wedding dresses gone bad bad bad

Weekend Plans?

My Best Friend From High School is Trying to Become a Daddy!

I can't keep Bella well for anything!! Damn daycare! Now she has

I fancy me a victorian porno

What ever happened to Matcom ???

I ate bacon yesterday and went out in public today.

40 years after of it's enduring mysteries is explained...

Shit. Birthdays sneak up on you.

I'm getting worried about my dog. He's all I have right now, but his symptoms are so vague.

Caroline Kennedy for the Supreme Court

Barack Obama Duck $9.99

Any Veronica Mars fans here?

Mets at Phils tonight 7:05!!!

what do you do when you find out a DUer has a crush on you?

Friday Night Picture Thread - Transportation Edition

OmahaBlueDog ---------> DTM

Is there a site where I can watch CASABLANCA free online?

Oh man, Steve Earle is performing at Berlee Performance Center in Boston on May 29

It's Raining, It's Pouring Picture Thread.....

The swine flu ate my daughter's dance recital dress rehearsal.

FITB: I support same sex marriage, but I'm absolutely opposed to marriage between ________ & _______

A 19 year old woman I love is fighting for her life right now

Are you in support of Nuclear power?

For My 70,000 Post: Aeroplane In A Bottle....

I got one of those 40% off Border's coupons

Have had a great afternoon... PUI ask me anything...

I'm officially changing my mind about Ben Affleck

New bad-ass art ! (horror themed)

Jon and Kate plus 8 - plus hangover plus paparazzi equals divorce?

Well that just takes the cake

Blue Jays must be bully birds because any other bird will get the hell out when one lands in my yard

Milan Police Seize UBS, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank Funds

Milan Police Seize UBS, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank Funds

I put my dog to sleep today

What is the point of Twitter?

Post an innocent word that sounds dirty

So, why in the hell aren't you listening to JAZZFEST right now?

Five Friday/weekend questions

can i bring any of you to christ?

Do you have a title?

Do you have a title?

Are all digital converter boxes the same?

Oh, fuck modern medicine. It just keeps getting worse.

Post a joke that is just a punchline, and nothing else

Jenny Lewis : Love her or leave her?

A fact curiously missing from American history and any mention of the Warren Commission

Obama's Chrysler

Rice shouldn't be allowed to teach

Michelle Obama: 'Leading' First Lady - "I feel like I've never left Chicago" (Trib)

Pat Toomey a Republican, he's not even a congressman (anymore). But never fear, Fox "News" is here

I'm worried that they are imploding on purpose

Is This Really The Justice America Deserves?

Souter to retire...just on Rachael

The Obama SCOTUS pick is really going to be his first big litmus test

According to the NYTimes, Kagan, Sotomayor and Wood are early front runners

NC-Sen: Civitas Poll Shows Decline for Both Parties, but Is Wording to Blame?

Al Qaeda agent pleads court

Souter is the reason that they cut the deal with Specter.

Republicans didn't give Obama any budget or stimulus votes = they are cut out of the SCOTUS process

I get this weird feeling every time I read those negative comments at the end of online editorials.

Guessing Game: Who Will Replace Souter?

Nominate Yoo. I'd enjoy the confirmation hearings.

An economist needs to replace Souter. Someone who understands the Fed Reserve System.

PHOTO Eh....protest in Taipei....what exactly is the President doing?

"Daily Show" On Coverage Of Obama: Fox News Stocking Up On Holy Water And Garlic (VIDEO)

Mark my words, Michele Bachmann will go down as greatest political operative ever.

Why the Dems are where we are, why the GOP is where they are

Arianna Huffington: Why Are Bankers Still Being Treated As Beltway Royalty?

Souter Replacements: Obama's Five Likely Picks (SLIDESHOW) (HuffPost)

FFS. An amendment is NOT a bill.

Obama, Notre Dame: majority of Catholics approve

Mocking the GOP - what if it backfires?

People always said our country would elect a Black president when pigs fly...

We know that several SC appts. by Repub. presidents became liberal but did any Dem appointees become

Any DU Lawyers/Judges Here That Could Replace Souter?

Biden's "wheelhouse" and Repugs already sending around oppo on possible Souter replacements.

The Stealth Green Revolution

The Stealth Green Revolution

On First Day as Democrat, Specter (Again) Bucks Democrats

In light of the upcoming SCOTUS nomination, let's not forget this Onion classic.

Geez Souter, could you wait until MN was decided before making that announcement

Want to compare Obama to Clinton, here's something

Great quote by Carl Quintanilla on CNBC's Squawk Box this morning

This President is No Cable Guy

PHOTO Hyde Park Herald, June 1999

Gingrich insult rankles RNC members - “Newt needs to take a breath"

Conservatives freaking out over implications of Souter stepping down.

Souter's replacement will be a woman. period.

Souter's retirement timed to Specter's conversion? Or vice versa?

So Cheney is giving Bush his daily briefing.

Presidential announcement regarding the H1N1 flu

or, you can have the engine I have here, the diesel

I want to know how the next SC appointee would view this statement

They said we would have a black president when pigs fly.

Bill Kristol thinks elections should be referendums on Supreme Justices!!

Toobin: Obama Likely to Pick a Woman for Souter Seat

The right-wing smear machine is gearing up for the SCOTUS battle

Help Wanted: Supreme Court Justice

the country's highest-ranking elected official from the Green Party is switching to a dem.

How did Specter vote on Clinton's Judicial Nominations?

Obama Hopes to Replace Justice Souter by October

Some believe that the President, having won, should have complete authority to appoint his nominee

My choice for the Supreme Court: Eliot Spitzer

Meet the next Supreme Court justice

Alert: this will be a fodder for the Limp, Hannity, Orally and the rest

NH-01: Guinta Files to Run Against Shea-Porter

UN comdemns Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes. Will Pres. Obama take a stand?

If Dems completely take over, then maybe...


Rep Party Civil WAR Part 231 CNN: Gingrich to RNC: egomaniacs RNC to Gingrich: WAAAAAAAH

Your suggestions for forcing the Democrats to replace Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader:

PHOTO Well, this sure is a cheerful looking bunch.

A message the Hedge Funds should have watched before they tried to "take advantage" of Obama's

Coordinated? "Chavez says Obama must prove change after handshake"

PHOTO Uggh, Dad, the President is kinda ugly.

Krauthammer's ludicrous defense of torture

Krauthammer's ludicrous defense of torture

Anita Hill For Associate Justice!!!!!

Obama rolls out WhiteHouse 2.0 - Facebook, Myspace, Twitter

Is it possible Anthony Kennedy steps down in Obama's two terms?

I am watching Glenn Beck right now and these poor people are completely brainwashed

I feel bad, but I disagree with President Obama about Arlen Specter

Obama called the Hedge Funds' bluff... and now they're upset

Joe Biden's latest comment regarding the swine flu

Michael Steele agrees that Obama is the "magic negro"

As a former Constitutional Law Professor

Did anyone else just see Pres. Obama interupt Gibbs' Press Briefing

Take MSNBC Poll: "Should Supreme Court Justices Be Appointed To Life Terms?"

As I Watched President Obama Announce the Retirement of Justice Souter

Dem SCOTUS picks-- 10 Women (handy reference)

I want Obama to pick a woman

Curious What DU Thinks: Should Supreme Court Judges Have Life Terms?

Judge Judy for Supreme Court

UT-Sen: Democrats Have a Candidate

Bayh Safe for Re-Election

What's The World Coming To, When It Can't Be Assumed That Obama's SCOTUS Pick Will Be A White Man?

Why Obama cruises where Bill Clinton stumbled.

POTUS on Oval Office phone call with Souter, as he officially anounces retirement (PICS)

Diaper Dave Vitter is blocking the FEMA nominee

Did Pentagon lose billions, pennies at a time?

GA: Mule-fucking secessionist Neal Horsley is running for governor

Farms Race: The Obama's White House Garden Has Given Fire to an International Movement

"Speaking softly and carrying a tree trunk" those who misunderstood Obamas' resolve

You know what? A thousand thanks to Judge Souter for sticking out the Bush administration...

New Photos Obama first 100 days...very cool!!!

Wait, when did Ashleigh Banfield come back?

PLEASE stop calling it a "Filibuster-Proof Senate" - It's not even with 60 Dems/dem-align in senate

PHOTO Caption it? (May 1)

"At this point, I'm almost ready to start rooting for the Republicans." by Eugene Robinson

Castro blasts Obama, says US wants Cuba as slave

Are you preemptively upset with Obama's choice to replace Souter?

We need to remember that the Republican leadership DOESN'T really want to overturn Roe v. Wade

Obama says abortion rights law not a top priority

Polish your crystal balls and get your bets down - Who's Obama most likely to appoint to SCOTUS??

IMO, Souter will be first of six to leave the court within the next term.

Obama bought all the brass in the US!

PHOTO No shit, here comes the President

Scott Horton on Condi Rice: "perhaps she’d better hire a good lawyer"

My preference for Souter's replacement...provided he does retire.

Is Michelle Bachman a TRAP???????

Simple suggestion for better relations with Latin America

BREAKING: White House Overrides FBI and DHS on Gitmo Release

Dérapage de traduction: la Audi WHITE POWER change de nom

Government activates Thermal Scanners and Health Declaration Cards at Airports

Support for terror suspect torture differs among the faithful

U.S. Stress Test Results Delayed as Early Conclusions Debated

Kenyan women call for sex boycott

Ominous ad shows GOP still thinks security a winning issue

Alleged Al Qaeda Sleeper Agent in U.S. Pleads Guilty

Official: Shelling in Sri Lanka war zone kills 10

NASA to begin layoffs as shuttle retirement nears (900)

Of the presidents who served after you turned 18, how would you rank them?

As deadline looms, will NY Times shut The Boston Globe?

Souter known as low-key, fierce defender of individual rights

Alleged al-Qaida sleeper agent pleads guilty to conspiracy charges

Swine Flu Rhetoric Part of Broader Anti-Immigration Strategy

Photos of Irishman shot dead by police in Bolivia show him handling firearms

Dutch queen escapes as driver crashes into crowd, killing four

U.S. to Drop Spy Case Against Pro-Israel Lobbyists

Britain confirms flu in man who had not been in Mexico

Newly Released Memo: Government 'Minders' at 9/11 Commission Interviews 'Intimidated' Witnesses

Pageant Paid For Miss Calif. Implants

Asia Reports First Case of Swine Flu in Hong Kong

New Homeland Security memo lists black power, shaved-head Doc Marten wearers ‘extremist threats’

Justice Department Drops Charges in AIPAC Case

New York Teenager Had 'Her Mind Set' on Myrtle Beach Spring Break

US: Afghan clash kills 5 international troops

President Obama's Schedule Today

Methodist Church's highest court clears deal for George W. Bush policy center at SMU

US military says 3 American troops killed in Iraq

Myanmar should release aid workers: rights groups

Japan gives 4mln dollars to Cambodia KRouge court

Sri Lanka government admits bombing civilian safe haven

Mexico shuts down to control flu

Abu Ghraib Guards Say Memos Show They Were Scapegoats

(KBR) Electrocution case to go forward, judge reaffirms

Experts Chart Spike in Cyber Sieges

Same creditors who forced Chrysler bankruptcy can disrupt Obama's plan in court

Vegas entertainer Danny Gans dies at 52

Danny Gans Dies

Shanna Moakler Slams Miss California with NO H8 Campaign

Taliban kill two Afghans for 'spying'

First Lady Michelle Obama steps out in Lanvin sneakers and they're only $540

May Day protests held across Europe

Churchgoers more likely to back torture, survey finds

Colombia soldiers charged in civilians' killings

BREAKING on NPR-- Justice Souter to retire at the end of the current session....

More schools close, swine flu cases pass 100

New York pension investigation spreads to Texas

Twinsburg Chrysler Plant To Close By End Of 2010 (OH)

USPS Probes Possible Mass Security Breach

3 U.S. soldiers die in Afghanistan attack

Silverton Bank taken over by regulators (30th closure for the year)

Heavy Battles Raging With Taliban in Pakistan

Anti-abortion activist arrested at Notre Dame

Jay Bybee silent on interrogation memos

Frederick Gulden dies at 86; American architect was left behind when Saigon fell

Ohio: John Kasich filing for guv today

Palin, Grizzly Companion Appear on Reality Show

300 Bush-Era Labor Policy Rulings In Doubt

WTKK-FM suspends Severin for derogatory comments about Mexicans

Obama and Souter: A Supreme Court Opening

Gingrich insult rankles RNC members

(House Intelligence Committee chairman) Reyes backs Pelosi on intel briefings

New book says FDR tried to save Jewish refugees

FDA announces recall of diet pill Hydroxycut

Progress Energy nuclear plant delayed by at least 20 months

Stanford Student Confronts Rice On Interrogations

New UN Report Shows the US Combo of Torture and Impunity Thrives in Iraqi Prisons

Salazar does tribal outreach, announces funding

Two Indianapolis schools close due to flu concern

INSIDE WASHINGTON: Taxpayers to get rude surprise

Ford Motor Co. outsold Toyota Motor Corp. in April

Abu Ghraib Guards Say Memos Show They Were Scapegoats


Landmark court ruling means Britons could be forced to return homes in Northern Cyprus

Alleged Nazi Demjanjuk Is Cleared For Deportation

Evergreen Solar announces some China plans (New Green Jobs already outsourced)

Psychologists Told CIA Waterboarding Was Safe

Obama Vows ‘Independent’ Replacement for Souter

Officer Who Shoved Wal-Mart Greeter in Bankruptcy Court

Abercrombie & Fitch To Cut 170 Jobs

Students, musicians fight and fear Taliban

Judy Shepard rejects Rep. Foxx's apology

Radio personality Shannon Burke accused of shooting wife, dog

Charges against Israeli lobbyists in espionage case to be dropped

Justice Elena Kagan

The Meatrix

CNN: Rick Sanchez Slams Rep. Foxx for Calling Shepard Hate Crime a 'Hoax'

Do You Feel Scared???

CBS: Cigarettes Deadlier Than Ever?

Countdown: Sean Hannity Waterboarding Challenge - Day 8

Equal Pay Day

Yes, Republicans ARE really that stupid

Got Boehner? The GOP Rebrands Itself -- Break Room Live.

NBC Breaking News: Supreme Court Justice David Souter to Retire

Trickle Down

President Obama & Gates Kick Off Wounded Warrior Ride 'Conceived in a Bar'

Street Dogs ~ There is Power in a Union

A Permanent Accusation - Fernando Botero on Abu Ghraib and torture

5 Months For Obama To Choose Supreme Court Replacement

Military Sees Facebook/Networking Sites As Key To Recruiting

TheRealNews: Agri-biz at root of swine flu?

Hardball w/ Turley: Condi - "If Bush Ordered It, It Wasn't Illegal"

Democracy Now Headlines - Thurs. APR 30

Carrie Prejean talks marriage

Rachel Maddow: Interview w/ Matthew Shepard's Mom on Foxx's 'Insensitivity & Ignorance'

Rachel Maddow Explains the Employee Free Choice Act

Credit Card Companies or You? Republicans Play, You Lose.

Barack's whatever I like version!

The Death of American Newspapers Pt. 1

GOP's Reagan Says State Godless? - 'I'll stay with God, you stay with New Hampshire...'

DSCC: Bachmann Plays, You Lose

Michael Scheuer Mentioned in Bin Laden Tape FOX News

TYT: Justice Souter To Retire -- Cenk Thankful Obama Won

Rachel Maddow, Isikoff: Terrorist guilty plea a win for Obama (bonus shout out to TYT)

Newt: 'Steele Hasn't Learned Art of Massaging the Egos of RNC Members'

May Day-May Day... Nerd Superbowl! Political Day in 100 Seconds

Why the Republicans will never win back the Whitehouse.

Fox News Fans 2: The Religious, Retarded, & Racist

Rep. Steve King-(R) calls minority Congressional Caucuses 'Separatist Groups'

Biden "Calms" The Nation On Swine Flu

TYT: Worried About Swine Flu? Blame Mexican Immigrants!

Right Wingers Blame Mexicans for Flu - 'They're Mules; Emergency Rooms = Condos for Mexicans'

Georgia Governor Candidate Talks About Mule Sex, Murdering His Son

Steele's Tenure: It's All Strategic

Sen. Specter 2001 Rule to Prevent Party Switching

What does Obama want in a Supreme Court nominee?

Bus driver texting while driving caught on camera........

Thom Hartmann: To stop more epidemics, should we be challenging the religious who oppose birth contr

Molly Ivins on how being less free doesn't make us safer.

Thom Hartmann: Should we regulate the hedge fund and financial services industries like the European

Polygamy Miss California? 'Something special about unions of Husband and Wives'

Women, know your place!

Countdown: 'Worst Persons In The World' 4/30 - Rep. Virginia Foxx AGAIN

Countdown: John Dean - Condi Rice Admits Conspiracy to Torture?

Max Blumenthal: Inside Anti-Obama Extremist Gun Culture

Driver Crashes Disabled Access Bus While Texting -Video Anderson Cooper

Anti-torture rally hits Washington - RussiaToday

Former CIA Bin Laden Chief: Prosecute Clinton for Rendition

Obama Crashes Press Briefing -'Tired of Gibbs Screwing This Thing Up'

Mortgage Bankers Celebrate Victory :Foreclosure Bill Killed In Senate

Michele Bachmann Is Proud Of Her Ignorance

Max Keiser, France24; Chrysler Chap.11' American workers pathetic, dont mind being treated like mud'

Kiss the Era of Human Rights Goodbye

Who Says Joe Biden's Flu Remark is Bad for the Economy

Pork Producers Force WHO to Drop ‘Swine Flu’

To Boost His Chances of Succeeding Souter, Arlen Specter to Switch Gender

Robert Parry: Who Betrayed 'Objective' Journalism?

delete - wrong forum

The Answer To Ahmadinejad

Neal Horsley explains why terrorism has a basis in scripture

Afghan officials unaware torture illegal

Swine Flu Is Infecting the Immigration Debate

The Unseen Hand Of Power Brokers - Still A Danger To Black Farmers And Others, Too!

According to Poll, Time for Evangelicals to Ask WWJD Re Torture

Why We Should Oppose Potential Nomination of Sotomayor to SCOTUS

Ted Rall: Letting Bush & Co. off confirms 2 systems of justice

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

America's necessary dark night of the soul (/ Salon)

The Problem With a Special Prosecutor

Farms Race: The Obama's White House Garden Has Given Fire to an International Movement

Max Blumenthal:Armed Revolt in the Obama Era? Right-Wing Gun Nuts Share Their Paranoid Worldview

(Ky Sec. of State - R) Grayson studies Senate bid as reports say Bunning may retire

David Souter: Republican dude who turned out to be a liberal

AIPAC defendant ,writing book on classified leaks, attacks Harman leakers

Blaming the Flu on Mexicans Is Immoral. And Foolish.

"We're workers," says Jon Stewart; or, May Day 2009

Baxter: Product contained live bird flu virus

Probation for man who cooperated in Pentagon scheme probe

From Haymarket to Ludlow from Harlen to Matewan from Mother Jones to You

Don't press Obama for torture trials

Texas bus driver crashes bus while text messaging video

Perry, Texas, Issued "Disaster Declaration" for State 16 Flu cases, False/Positive Flu Test

Who Betrayed 'Objective' Journalism?

Whose "Day of Reckoning"?

Why Latin America's left keeps winning

Islamic law ushers in reign of terror in Pakistan's Swat valley

Veteran Intelligence Officers on Torture

Swine Flu Rhetoric Part of Broader Anti-Immigration Strategy

Coalition Or Club? The GOP is at risk of becoming a regional, monochromatic party.

The End of the Middle Class as We Know It

Our Obligation to Investigate by Sen. Robert Byrd

Red State's Erik Erickson writes that Judge Souter is a "goat f*&king child molester"

Why Credit Card Issuers Engage In Rate-Jacking

Ex-Interrogators Say Human Connection, Not Torture, Yields Results

Pete Seeger at 90

David Sirota: The Democrats have no more excuses

Embracing Bush Cost The GOP Dearly

THROW THE BUMS OUT - ALL OF THEM Senate Millionaires Kill Mortgage Assistance for Citizens

Greenspan: H-1B cap would make U.S. workers 'privileged elite'

BoRev: "Jackson Peep, On Venezuelan Corruption" WaPo J. Diehl is at it again

US Keeps Cuba on Terrorism Blacklist

FIDEL: "The Day for the Poor of the World"

Cuba Reacts to US Blacklisting, Calls Washington "International Criminal"

VIDEO: 4/29 National Security Hearing re: Cuba

MAY DAY IN CUBA: article, pics, and video

Why Latin America's left keeps winning


Bolivia nationalizes subsidiary of British Petroleum

Chávez's government not to tolerate armed incursions in Venezuela

Colombia soldiers charged in civilians' killings

Colombian Militia Boss: We Burned Hundreds of Bodies

Cuba May Day All About Energy & Efficiency

Just found an article saying one of the Bolivian assassin/autonomy group lives in MIAMI.

Photos of Irishman shot dead by police in Bolivia show him handling firearms

American Energy Alliance is full of shit

Obama's Great Lakes plan likely to be spelled out next week

"Capitalism In Wonderland" - Long But Fascinating Essay On Climate, Physical Science & Economics

Fertilisers 'reducing diversity' (BBC)

Could Energy Innovation Create A 'Green Bubble'?

From fame to shame: The coming crisis of unecological economics

Letter to Gov of Calif, criticizing use of ILUC hypotheses, signed by over 100 scientists!

What kind of worm would be climbing up my Goldenrods?

Federal Reserve Transparency Act - HR1207 - Ron Paul

Let the discussion begin


The playoffs. A game of extra effort, inches, and a major contribution

Forget your damn NBA, there's a hell of a hockey game going on in Vancouver as well

Jack Adams finalists (Coach of the Year): Julien (Bos), McLellan (SJ), Murray (St.L)

Well, I'm watching Bruins vs Canes

Ice hockey primer for madinmaryland.

That little twerp Eli manning was on Fox this morning...

Ray Allen is God.

Lawmaker compares BCS to communism

A-Rod, Bonds, McGuire, Sosa, Palmeiro, Clemens

Dolphin Stadium close to naming rights deal with Land Shark beer

Chrysler Bankruptcy - What Happens To Workers And Retirees?

Video: Chrysler workers speak on concessions vote

Today in labor history May Day is International Workers Day, May Day started in the USA & much more

German trade union implements wage cuts at Opel

Employee Free Choice Act... Please Help!


I know existingCalifornia marriages are unaffected by prop 8, but what does the future...

I think its going to be a shocker to a lot of my friends, when i tell them they turned gay

I present to you: the new headgear of the Nuclear Gays

Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke signed Arkansas petition to ban adoption by same-sex couples

Please show the Judy Shepard Appreciation Thread some loving!

Rapture Ready goes crazy about "Homosexual Animals"

Judy Shepard rejects Rep. Foxx's apology - cross posted from LBN because it is important

KY High School not allowing gay students to leave class to use the restroom

My friend got married last weekend

Miss California State Director Discusses Carrie Prejean

Openly gay comedian/actor Stephen Fry writes a letter to a troubled 16 year old... himself 35 years

Out lesbian a contender for Supreme Court nomination

White House Changes LGBT Civil Rights Commitments On Web Site (removes most of what we want)

White House Issues New Language on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Policy

What are your expectations/hopes for this administration?

Lithium in water 'curbs suicide'

National Zoo Panda Undergoes Colonoscopy

I read on the Internet about using honey & cinnamon to help acne.

Who has swine flu?

my 22 year old has gall stones. wtf?

May 30: National Day of Action for Single-payer HC - Events Being Planned Nationwide - Link:

First Flu Death Provides Clues to Mexico Toll (delay in getting med help)

10-year-old suffered 70% burns after a 16-minute session at an unmanned tanning studio

Juan Cole: Obama's First Hundred Days in the Greater Middle East

When Israel Confronted and Rejected Torture

A "Secret" Database of Israeli Settlements

UN demands Israel to freeze pending demolishing orders of East Jerusalem homes

UN comdemns Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes. Will Pres. Obama take a stand?

Feds dropping charges against pro-Israel lobbyists

Israel's budding autocracy - The arrest of members of a pacifist NGO

New Poll from WaPo. Nation getting "conservative" on guns

interesting thingi saw today

If just one child / cop / person could be saved..

SCOTUS says govt. is not obligated to protect an individual & that corporations are like individuals

Sheriff: Law protects SUV owner who shot, killed woman

Do unto others....

Raw sewage, unexploded ordnance plagues Gaza

U.S. Stress Test Results Delayed as Early Conclusions Debated

Update on Making Home Affordable

In a Recession, the Dollar Store Seizes the Moment

Bankruptcy Cramdown Defeated: Banksters Again Prevail Over Real Economy

How many more trillions of dollars must Geithner give to his banker buddies

Economy on the Ropes

A Primer on a Chrysler Bankruptcy

Busy Bees

The cats and me...

SUBMISSION THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF SPRING

COMMENT THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF SPRING

Kitty porn

Do you, have you or has anyone you know


This week's Starcodes

Namaste Mitakuye Oyasin, MM & BB

An exercise in understanding ourselves spiritually

Africa's genetic secrets unlocked (BBC)

Invisibility cloak edges closer

Metamaterial Revolution: The New Science of Making Anything Disappear

Modern humans 'evolved on S Africa/Namibian border'

Obama Courts Smitten Audience at the National Academy

Native Americans Descended From A Single Ancestral Group, DNA Study Confirms (Science Daily)

May 09 - Visionary & Intuition Thread

May 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Christian environmental group appoints new exec

Churchgoers more likely to back torture, survey finds

teaching compassion....look! no "ism...."

A Cooks Garden

Schaschlik Mit Pommes Frites...Try it you'll like it!

Le goût de nourriture améliore-t-il avec un nom français?

White pizza with onions and peppers

It's hard to beat a simple baked butter crumbed fish

Italian sandwiches

Is logic ignorant?

Safety in the classroom

13 y.o.'s suicide. Did anyone hear Kuby's AAR interview today...

Newly Released Memo: Government 'Minders' at 9/11 Commission Interviews 'Intimidated' Witnesses

Why Did Bush Talk About "Operatives" Putting Explosives High in a Building?

2 more "probable" swine cases in Collin County

They're at it again in GD

House Bill 710 . this Saturday (5/2/09) Get the freepers off the school board!

Texas, Run by Secessionist Guv, Has Received More Federal Disaster Relief Than Any State

Don't get bit by a raccoon in Houston

Las Vegas performer Danny Gans Dead

Danny Gans Dies

"Glee"--This looks HYSTERICAL

Pageant Paid For Miss Calif. Implants

Dérapage de traduction: la Audi WHITE POWER change de nom