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Nerdprom (TM Anna Marie Cox) thread #1

Does anybody know what the exact schedule is up to Obama speaking at roughly 10:15 ET?

Are Joan and Melissa Rivers at the party?

Are Joan and Melissa Rivers at the party?

Interesting post on "rate your"

AF1 joke... Hnnnnnnnng...

DU Netflix subscibers. In case you didn't know.

Just watched National Geographic 'Hunt For Lincoln's Assassins'.

Secret U.S.-Israel nuclear accord in jeopardy

Congress Plans Incentives for Employers That Offer Wellness Programs

THE BLAME GAME - Torture=100% BUSHCO Production

Republicans have two-prong strategy on healthcare

State Dems criticize Obama on stance on Bush aides (Vt.)

30 yr old Snohomish County man dies from swine flu (WA) + BONUS article...

Are you glad that Barack Obama is going to Cairo for the purpose of addressing the Muslim world?

War Council at Limbaugh's estate tomorrow AM

It's ancient news that "marriage is against nature". We all know this. But if we are going to

Washington DC under water in 50-100 years

NYT: Women bullying women in the workplace - fewer high slots for women fuels competition

Tens of thousands rally to renew calls for Saakashvili's resignation

My take on the "conservative movement" and its future

Yeah! I tune into MSNBC for some post-event coverage and this is what I get...

The greatest show on earth? Charlie Rose to interview Rove and Carville live on stage.

Send a customized mother's day video to all the moms you know! This is neat. :)

Solar Minimum, Anti-Climate Cling-ons Latest

“Stormy Daniels: Screwing People Honestly”.

CSPAN I starting the whole dinner over again, with the red carpet

Memos shed light on CIA use of sleep deprivation

Obama's speech rerunning NOW on cspan.

Man and horse drown while trying to herd cattle

I must have missed the best part of Wanda Sykes. Is there a link to the video yet?

CSPAN to replay the WH correspondents dinner at 11pm et


"Towering Palm Trees explode" - PICS from Santa Barbara fire

Gameplan: Gather corporatists, Write a corporate welfare bill, label it "reform", run it up........

SNL is back

I went to see Wolverine today, and I saw something disturbing

Schadenfreude Alert RE: WH Correspondents' Dinner

Frank Rich: The American Press on Suicide Watch

Mark Ames' loving tribute to Jack Kemp

ANTI-EFCA propaganda sites advertised on Gmail....

Another gorgeous moon out tonight DU.

HBO Gets Ill: Adam Yauch's Protest Flick Brings New Meaning to 'Fight for Your Right (to Party)'

Our President is a riot! He's actually funny!

The Ad Bot is wrong! There are 10 triangles.

Freepers hear Ga. SC Chief Justice Leah Sears may be considered for SCOTUS

Live Thread from the dinner.. (from Bizarro-World)

Letter to Michelle Obama - First Draft

Saturday Night Schadenfreude! - Freeperville reacts to the correspondents' dinner

Saturday Night Schadenfreude! - Freeperville reacts to the correspondents' dinner

So CNN showed the President's funny, but censored Wanda's.

So CNN showed the President's funny, but censored Wanda's.

Anti-Gay School Board President wants “Carrie Prejean Day”

California Budget Doomsday?

SF Chronicle: Documentary purports to rip GOP's closet doors

Limbaugh, O'Lielly, Hannity, and Beck will go ballistic next week

Caption this pic from the White House Correspondents Association Dinner ...

Boyle would rather be in Blackburn than with Barack ....

Some "fair and balanced" reporting about Nick Berg in my local paper.

The Anti-War Origins of Mother's Day

Here we go - WJ this morning: The Dinner

Innocent But Found Guilty: Joe Amrine's Life After Death Row

Dollars & Sense: 1 in 5 Homeowners Under Water and Sinking Fast

Of all the shots of Obama the AP could have gone with, they chose this one:

Cheney Learned Iran-Contra Lessons By Jonathan Schwarz - May 9, 2009

Pelosi visits Iraq

This week in NASCAR drug testing

Uh, the new Star Trek? Fucking rocks. That is all.

Does any state charge assault victims for the costs of gathering evidence

CSPAN Announcer reading negative twitter remarks re w. Sykes..she scared the shit out of them..

Pakistan's PM schools David Gregory on MtP over bin Laden

Freeper reaction to Wanda

Having gotten over the Great Mustard Betrayal, Redstate now furious Obama wants to see Star Trek.

If you ever want to know how conservative's view us

David Gregory looks lost....

Is Tweety happy or what?

Asia Times: US debt on default path

Asia Times: US debt on default path

Media let GOP change the subject in torture debate

george w bush Went to a Doctor and said...

Wanda Sykes replay on C-SPAN right fucking now!!!!

Anyone heard of Conservapedia, "The Trustworthy Encyclopedia"?

Gotta Say It...Wanda Sykes Is A Riot

Some views are just wrong, and some people are bad. That's Dick Cheney for you.

For those in favor of 'single payer health care', why use such confusing language?

Immigrant-beating case leaves Schuylkill County town tense

Mona Charen, that hatchet faced idiot, is on WJ

Is George W Bush still involved in criminal activities?

GOP disaster: First Specter and now Joe the Plumber is Leaving the GOP

Other popular Dem forums?

Creepiest couple award from last night...Greenspan and Mitchell..

Obama WH Keeps Bush Rule on Polar Bears

Why was Bloomberg wearing a blue bow tie at a black tie affair?

Gaps Appear in G.O.P. Solidarity

2 Corrections Officers Fired Over Zapping Kids

Temporary workers at Hot Stuff Foods organize and win

Would You Suggest a 9 Iron or a Sand Wedge to Smack David Feherty Upside the Head?

10 Commandments to be immortalized on State Capitol grounds in (Quelle Surprise!) Oklahoma

It seems those bank stress tests weren't so stressful......

"Just say no to people with disabilities."

The Bush Homicide Administration

McCain-Cheney 2012! (Grampy agrees with Evil Dick: "I don't want to moderate either")

ADF Attorneys to Defend Prop. 8, Federal DOMA

Premier Wen urges acceleration of Taiwan Strait economic zone

So on this Mother's Day why do we have Dick Cheney on TV?

Joe KLEIN shut down wingnut whining that SYKES' jokes were "inappropriate"


Texas is charging rape victims who cooperate with the police

Could someone interpret this quote by Dick Cheney ??

J. Edgar Hoover: Still whitewashed after all these years....

J. Edgar Hoover: Still whitewashed after all these years....

J. Edgar Hoover: Still whitewashed after all these years....

Maliki: U.S. troops not needed in Iraqi cities

Watching Steve, David & Andrea on MTP...

Is it just me or is Zardari smacking around David Gregory?

So CNN goes to Iraq and hooks up a mother serving in the army with her kids here in the USA

Why do governments lie to their own people?

On Balance, Is the MSM Liberal, Conservative, or Somewhere In-Between?

I'm about to ruin my meager credit rating for a medical emergency.

I Hope The MSM Keeps Playing Wanda's Limbaugh Joke Over & Over

Today, our president went on national radio and demanded that Congress, by Memorial Day, .......

Experts say GM bankruptcy almost inevitable

Professor who reportedly shot Wife is found Dead

Texas Boy, 7, dies after shot in in mistaken trespass

The Nation: Change Socialists Can Believe In

Support global peace on Mother’s Day

Bob Schieffer just proved Justice Souter right


I'll go one better than Wanda, I hope that motherfucker drops dead before I finish typing this

Here We Go! Big Dick Cheney on Face the Nation - 10:30 EST >

Dental care in short supply for low-income Wisconsin children

Dental care in short supply for low-income Wisconsin children

Our Screwed Up Safety Net; States Cause Hit Or Miss Patchwork Of Aid

Turned on the car radio...

Republican Neocons Have Never Given Up on the Bush/Wolfowitz/Rove Doctrines

CNN just ran the following caption: "RAGGING ON REPUBLICANS?"

Informants say Blackwater guards tried to unload arms

Freepers so so upset over Sykes' Rush joke, but think the elevator joke

Max Baucus is a TRAITOR to Democratic values... Every Democrat who opposes a public option (Ben....


If Wanda's jokes were so far over the line ...

greetings from Europe

Should Obama be criticized?

Why should I trust Baucu$, $chumer, and Gra$$ley with health care reform?

There you have it: Dick Cheney says he is not willing

Star Trek early weekend box office is in

Newt Gingrich Throws Bombs At "McCarthyist," "Radical" Obama WaPo yet to report on withdrawal of DoD IG report.

Passport to go to Canada

So, Shitstain Shoots-Guy-In-Face evacuates....

To give you some kind of idea how precarious of a position we are all in ...

Keep On Talking, Newt...

Listen to Green Day's new album here (free) before it comes out:

"Judge, Jury & Executioner" Gingrich tells Fox News Sunday that Lucy's got some 'splainin to do

So, with Cheney siding with Limbaugh.....

Provacateurs: G20 Police 'Used Undercover Men to Incite Crowds'

Why We Risked Arrest for Single-Payer Health Care

A Priest and a Nun go out golfing on their day off...

Tomorrow Wanda Sykes Will Be Trashed By the Right

A trip down memory lane with Wanda Sykes

Dick Cheney sounds like he is gasping for every other breath after speaking.

Foaming at the mouth about Rush Limbaugh

Lessons of Tough Times

Lessons of Tough Times

Lessons of Tough Times

Asthma, Allergies, Obesity, Breast Cancer, Autism -- are these all rising statistically?

Is it just me?

VA doctor faces federal charges

Newt Gingrich is a reckless opportunist.

The stress test delay was really for negotiations (file under: we already knew that)

The stress test delay was really for negotiations (file under: we already knew that)

Limpballs on bipartisanship: "Should Jesus have made a deal with Satan?"

Is this our party's "Let them eat cake" moment?

Why do some people feel bad when a minimum wage worker doesn't "respect" them?

Cheney's "Team B"

Beck and O'Reilly --

"Big Oil has 68 million acres" proven TRUE - Exxon Mobil FORCED to drill or give up leases

Lawn Poison

Can you predict Rush Limbaugh's monologue tomorrow?

health care public option: when they say "we haven't heard from enough people in favor of it"

Postal workers praise donations for food drive (no national total yet)

Hospital worker who sold medical records of Britney Spears and Farrah Fawcett to tabloids has died

Powell promised to say more after the election... hmmmmm.... could this be why? LINK

Justice for Healing: Repudiating Torture in America

Justice for Healing: Repudiating Torture in America

ACORN doesn't decide who becomes a voter

This is rumor mill stuff but anyone in the auto industry hear about a deal being

This is rumor mill stuff but anyone in the auto industry hear about a deal being

CNN quick vote: Do you like seeing the president as Jokester-in-Chief?

My Boss is a Black Republican

Why all the rage against Colin Powell?

I want to know WHAT was going on at these Georgetown cocktail parties last night

Today's LA Times story on teachers

Is it really too early to judge the Presidency of Barack Obama?

Coloradoans: Grocery store labor dispute - where to shop?

Here's to hoping that Limbaugh & Cheney & Newt will continue to talk, talk, talk.

Here's to hoping that Limbaugh & Cheney & Newt will continue to talk, talk, talk.

More insanity from my red state hell suburban home - Dorothy and Toto in court

More insanity from my red state hell suburban home - Dorothy and Toto in court

Where are you in the movie?

Gatewood Galbreith on legalizing Marijuana and industrial hemp.

Gatewood Galbreith on legalizing Marijuana and industrial hemp.

I miss you Mom...

NO MORE Corporate Welfare

The Right says Obama is coddling terror suspects. The Left says Obama is mistreating them

Bunning drama continues to haunt GOP

Pennsylvania bill would ban use of welfare benefits to buy alcohol

'rush limbaugh was the 20th hijacker, but he was so strung out on oxycotin, he missed his flight'

Are SNL's (Continued) Jokes About Governor Paterson's (D-NY) Disability Funny?

Just Got Back From Vegas - What Were The Weekend Outrages?

Why are so many DUers turning against Obama?

"I tell my kids, one car has a stranger & the other has Cheney, get in the car with the stranger."

Congress passed a law banning torture. Bush signed a signing statement

AP source: $2 trillion offered in health savings from health care industry

"We don't want a multi-ethnic Italy" says Berlusconi

Wanda Sykes is a HERO

Huff-Po's Jane Hamsher: McGovern the "pawn of a right wing astroturfing sc**bag

Newark 'Star Ledger' Reduces Salaries, Makes Staffers Pay Partly for Health Coverage

What exactly are the Repubs saying that Pelosi is guilty of doing?

Why We Need A Blogosphere

Does an enemy combatant have rights? Chicago lawyer Candace Gorman is risking her career to find out

What a lucky little boy - a Great Pyrenees kept him warm

Pakistani president: Osama bin Laden is dead

Suit Challenges New Uranium Exploration That Threatens the Grand Canyon

Torture Prosecutions Are Irrelevant

Upfront costs complicate Obama's health care plan (Tax HC benefits?)

Be Honest. Will You Watch Glenn Beck's Comedy Special on June 1st?

I just witnessed my nephew graduate from the Sam Walton School of Business

Question RE: Clinton Administration & Torture

"Country" music goes protest...

Marijuana: America's Number One Cash Crop (and it's going untaxed)

Did you call your mother today?

Elizabeth Edwards will appear on Larry King

Wanda Sykes' comments about Rush: The Aftermath

A must read Dilbert Cartoon

OINK! OINK! ... Unabashed Drop Doo Doo On Rash Limpballs Thread

"I tell people don't kill all the liberals"

American Press On Suicide Watch-By FRANK RICH-It Started 3 Yrs Ago With COLBERT's Monologue

DU Fund Drive, Day 1: Enter to Win a SIGNED copy of "Dreams From My Father" by Barack Obama!

Today we confronted the Pirate Pawlenty at his big photo-op on the Minnesota waters

There Are Four Lights! : Torture and Star Trek..

"if people waited until they could afford things it would destroy this economy"

Seymour Hersh: Cheney "left a stay behind" in Obama's government...

she wrote his epitaph -- pure and simple.

After US Strikes, Afghans Describe "Tractor Trailers Full of Pieces of Human Bodies"

Actual U.S. Unemployment: 15.8%

Experts say GM bankruptcy almost inevitable; too much work left with too little time

Equality for Black and White murder victims

Cheney Confirms Iran-Contra Cover-Up

Edwards Staff Had Affair 'Doomsday' Strategy

OK DUers, help me out. What does "in the heebee" mean?

Yeah, Socialism Sucks. The Happiest Places In the World

Today someone dissed the Canadian healthcare system because it

For my friend FTA: 'Centerfield'

Does anyone know if a bad power supply would still allow the LED to light up on the motherboard?

Some jackass left their car in my driveway

Soulless self-mocking populist drivel. Sponsored by beer and a cell phone. (Spoilers)

Bonds to piss off the nipply roiders

A simple poll:

Fail blog -- always good for a laugh


It's raining...

So leftyclimber and mrleftyclimber are on a plane to the West Coast.

Private conversations used to be private

I am restless and not entirely happy tonight. I need some entertainment.


I'm horny and lonely and bored. Ask me anything...

Question for Mac Users

K & G

I'm watching NASCAR, drinking a beer, and the wife and daughter

WOOOHOOO! Gonna see The Dead Tommorow!!!!

Are there any hazards on the premises?

Please tell me its not gonna snow in Minnesota next week...

Star Trek Spoilers

Will someone please explain the whole Narwhal thing to me?

A work of fractal art forged within the fires of Mount Doom.

So, I ah, solved my sports car buying dilemna...

Is it possible your mother could spare fifty cents?

James Cameron's "Avatar."

Anybody using Itunes having issues with it?

Anyone watching SNL? A "follow-up" to "Dick in a Box."

Lightnin' hopkins - lonesome road

Some home made bread for moth.

Star Trek

I can totally relate to this song right now:


Shia LaBeouf calls mom Shayna "the sexiest,'' wants to marry her

Man, I just watched "Death and the Maiden"

Google wishes mothers a happy Mother's Day

What's everyone drinking tonight??

So Lounge, What Did You Have For Supper?

California Guitar Trio

Best headline of the week! "Deformed Jesus Toy Has Pastor In Hot Water"

wow, you know your town lacks a social scene when kids hang out at Taco bell

PSA because this cannot be stressed enough: What sci-fi is supposed to be.

Self delete

OMG. I just found myself on Youtube.

I saw Star Trek and loved it! Karl Urban was perfect as McCoy!

I saw Star Trek and loved it! Karl Urban was perfect as McCoy!

Happy Mothers Day

Most underrated American Rock Band....

For Mothers Day : VP Biden on his mom

Hey Hugh, get off of McCloud...

It's really a shame that the vegan one isn't on FB.

Happy Mothers Day!

Ok, I reached up to "Mudds Women"

We need more Star Trek-related threads in the Lounge

Which upcoming movie will you see?

Did Polaroid go out of business?

i found this link on you tube, thought you might like it for Mother's Day...

Happy Mothers Day BeachBaby...

One more hour to go til I pick up Maggie

By Thor's might Mjolnir...The new Tampa IKEA is open!

An observation about TOS...

Its really super easy to time travel in the Star Trek universe (some movie spoiler)

Should flvegan join Facebook?

I miss my mommy.

Wanna hear some Red State Stupidity from Ala?

I just heard a cat in my neighborhood howling to the sounds of a fire engine.

Even "the conspiracy to commit torture" should trigger a criminal investigation

MSNBC BREAKING: Faithful collie warns family of trouble at the old well involving Timmy

Happy Mother's Day to DU's moms!!!!!

Mother Lover (SNL - Timberlake) is up at YouTube

What's your kitty litter?

Anyone have a pic of flvegan that they could send me?

May-09-09 09:09:09


We All agree as far as we can see, its just The Way Of The World

Fun with sheep. Stop snickering like that.

new hair cut

To all the mothers on DU- HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Does anyone ever really swear off romance after a bad experience

I am a Star Trek iconoclast. I keep hearing from those in my "camp"...

Astronomy Picture of the Day - The Andromeda Galaxy

Once again, for Mothers Day..."The Chapstick Incident"

Are There Any Songs About Wednesday or Thursday?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/10/09

What Is Your Very Earliest Memory?

Who would you rather be with if your movie was interrupted by loud Klingons.

Don't make me empathize all up on your azz!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! and all Moms!

Do you like movies the masses like?

I'm just your average enigma

Pot Luck

Everyone Tells the Truth

Oh Say Can You See

Happy mothers day to all the mothers in the Lounge.

I saw Star Trek today

I saw Billy licking a lolly

I saw Father Ted just now

Need Lounge Physics/Appliance expertise: OBD kid ran microwave empty for 5 minutes

Choose (yes, dammit, it's a star trek thread)

Holy SMOKES it's slow in here. What the hell is everybody doing tonight?

I did not see Star Trek this weekend

Has anyone else seen any movies by Hayao Miyazaki

I need some help here, anyone ever had to deal with someone with narcissistic personality disorder??

Every night, an ambulance screams down our street or the next street over

So is it real that a person's social life is determined by the messages on one's answerphone?

Who would you induct into the Rock and Roll HOF?

Star Trek early weekend box office is in

The Best Of Mothers Day To All DU Mothers

Witch of the flowing is the goodest gramactical formation?

So .... I'm at the grocey, shucking 6 ears of corn, and this guy and his wife are ......

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 5/10/2009)

I've lost 67 pounds (pics)

Your Mothers' Day Aaaaaaawwwwwww

A funny SNL clip for Mother's Day

Why haven't any of you fucking village idiots wished me Happy Birthday yet?

Boston DUers, please check in to let us know you're safe

My two favorite baseball teams are the worst two teams in major league baseball

What do you know about runes?

Message Board etiquette

Let's take a moment to remember, too, the mothers we've lost

Am I strange or unfeeling? When I watch that coverage of the Santa Barbara fires...

I Am Tired Of One Night Stands


Bragging alert: The newest B.S. in Chemistry

Rhine River Cruise (dial-up warning)

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Mysteree Meetz Edition

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band are the greatest Rock & Roll band in US history

I just read the average person spends almost $140 on their mom for mother's day

*****Happy Belated 58th Birthday to Dain Bramaged!*****

A Priest and a Nun go out golfing on their day off...

So, I was shopping for a cutting board.

So, I was shopping for a cutting board.

Turn the Fucking car alarm OFF

Am I The Only One Who Is Tired Of Seeing and hearing Susan Boyle?

kitten picture of the day for sunday may 10

best science fiction movie of all time

Windows Vista virus protection and other needed software

What school mascots were you?

More images including my first Painted Bunting of the season

For mothers who have lost their children.

My dad died this morning.

Most overrated rock band ever? (Part 1)

Most overrated rock band ever? (Part 2)

Uh, the new Star Trek? Fucking rocks. That is all.

Don't tell Deja Q or Rabrrrrrr, but I'm probably going to see Star Trek tonight

Scouring Obama’s Past for Clues on Judiciary

Has Obama's cool, collective demeanor hurt the Republican Party?

Hey, Pat, most Americans do not like Rush Limbaugh...

CSPAN is running the correspondents dinner again NOW

WH correspondents dinner to be repeated at 11pm et

Caption Pic of Glenn Beck "Hanging Out" at the WHCD

PHOTOS Methinks Whoopi and Tweety are having more fun than the President

Perfect WHC Dinner, except for 1/2 of the audience!

How do you private message?

i have googled and checked snopes...

About Last Night - Check Out Al Rogers' "LiveBlog" Diary at Kos.

There is one thing Obama could do now to protect gay and lesbian servicemembers:

Chance for President Obama to Jab at DC's Establishment

Dayum. Wanda Sykes is throwin' down!

PHOTOS The WH Correspondents Dinner

Cheney Alert...MTP as I type.. he is still yakking how he and Bush (ENslaved) the World

He was named "Dick"

House Republicans begin voting with parts of Obama's program

I think Detroit would be a good choice for the 2012 Democratic National Convention

Obama responds to lesbian soldier's letter

Pasadena judge possibly considered for Supreme Court (9th Circuit Federal Judge Kim Wardlaw)

'Mezuzah case' puts judge in spotlight (Diane Wood seen as hostile to religion despite facts)

Prediction for tomorrow's Morning Joe:

WP: Supreme Court Prospect Has Unlikely Ally (Sears friends with Justice Thomas)

Spring 2009 Commencement Addresses

Some Mothers Day thoughts, courtesy of our Vice President

I've watched Wanda do the "Rush was the 20th Hijacker" joke at least 5 times

Cheney May Be Willing To Testify Under Oath About Torture Program

Did you know that the U.S. military distributes the NEW TESTAMENT in the Middle East??

I don't think Palin is the future of the GOP, Republican (Bill Bennett) says

Gaps Appear in G.O.P. Solidarity

The Nation's Embracing, and Embraceable, Arms

I am glad some of you prefer to call your spouses partners

Predictably, Politico is serving as shit-stirer central, Obama laughs at OxyRush and kidney failure.

John King just brought up Wanda Sykes Limbaugh joke....AGAIN!

Ok so I figured out why the RCC fools are so upset about Obama speaking at Notre Dame

Why do I cry when I hear the National Anthem???

Bush may haunt Republicans for generations

PHOTO Caption it?

Links to the full videos of Obama and Sykes performances Tonight

Would Obama’s Mother Be Amazed?

PHOTOS The White House Correspondents' Dinner (updated)

PHOTOS The White House Correspondents' Dinner (updated)

CBS on their golf analyst's comments re Pelosi: "An unacceptable attempt at humor".

Biden to grads: You have chance to shape history

Today is the tenth anniversary of President Obamas'first 100 days!

Why is Dick Cheney all over the networks this am? Doesn't he know he's not VP anymore?

*** White House Correspondents Dinner - Official Thread ***

A downside for Obama if he nominates Sotomayor for the Supreme Court

What The Fuck??? GM Gets Bailed Out And Jobs Are Going To Mexico, South Korea, And Chine

CNN: Sykes' Joke about Limbaugh (who trashes the U.S. President everyday) was over the Line!


Conservatives are trying to frame Republican Marco Rubio as the Republican Obama

Republican Congressman wants Obama to declare 2010 the "Year Of The Bible"

Dick Cheney just threw Colin Powell under the bus..

Note to Michael Steele: Obama was not laughing w/you but at you for the minstrel show you've become

Stephanopoulos: Edwards campaign staff had "Doomsday Strategy"

Wanda Sykes speaks about her wife and marriage in America

The American Press on Suicide Watch, By FRANK RICH

Flashback: Top 10 Racist Rush Limbaugh Quotes

The partner joke at the WH Correspondents' Dinner

'It's Time for the Iraqis to Step Up 'Local Forces' Conduct During Mission to Help Disabled Children

Saberi Lawyer Optimistic About Appeal (Reporter Jailed in Iran)

US House speaker in Iraq for 1-day visit

Kuwaiti emir in China to focus on energy ties

Exxon begins drilling at Point Thomson in Alaska

Putin eyes economic ties, nuclear deal with Japan

Sri Lanka health official: 257 civilians killed ( due to Lankan Military artillery barrage)

Memos shed light on CIA use of sleep deprivation

Pope urges respect for women during Mass in Jordan

NATO war games hinder U.S.-Russia ties: Putin

REPORT: Hawaii has lowest gun death rate

Detained Myanmar opposition leader on IV drip

Taliban vow to 'eliminate' Pakistan's top leadership

Ethnic Groups in Myanmar Want Peace but Gird for a Fight

Studio Weekend Estimates: May 8 to May 10, 2009 - Star Trek in #1 spot

Venezuela says weapons cache uncovered, 4 foreigners detained in suspected terrorist cell

China's post-quake baby boom

Desperation in Pakistani hospitals, refugee camps

Huge fire after Moscow gas pipeline blast

Sri Lanka shelling kills 2,000 civilians: rebels

Cheney picks Limbaugh's version of the GOP

Last SLA inmate released from California prison

1.2m Pakistanis on the move

Concerns white phosphorus used in Afghan battle

Obama pokes fun at himself, Dems and GOP

CIA terror suspects 'kept awake for 11 days'

Snohomish County man dies from swine flu (WA)

Petraeus: al-Qaida not operating in Afghanistan

AP Source: $2 Trillion Offered in Health Savings

G20 police 'used undercover men to incite crowds'

Cheney May Be Willing To Testify Under Oath About Torture Program

Nasa's most dangerous ever shuttle mission to fix Hubble Telescope due to blast off

Postville decimated by immigration raid one year ago

Tony Blair facing questions over £296,000 mortgage

No one knows what it's like to be a Washington DC


Obama to Press: When You Are At Your Best, You Help Me to Be At My Best

WHCA Dinner Highlights

VIDEOObama Stand-Up-in-Chief 1/3: White House Correspondents' Dinner (full Obama's speech)

Video Obama Stand-Up-in-Chief 2/3: White House Correspondents' Dinner

Obama Consults With Speech Writer Jon Favreau @ White House Correspondents Dinner

(DUPE, allready posted) obama correspondents dinner speech 1/2

SNL: Geithner Sucks

Vid: Obama to Axelrod: Let's Go To Iowa & Make It Official, Like Other Couples

Obama to Michael Steele: Rush Limbaugh Does Not Count As A Troubled Asset

Sykes: Limbaugh Might Have Been 20th Hijacker, Strung Out on OxyContin He Missed Flight !

A Song For Mama

Happy Mothers Day

Schwarzenegger (R) Supports Pot Legalization Discussion - CNN

(dupe, already posted)Wanda Sykes at correspondents dinner (1/2)

Video Obama Stand-Up-in-Chief 3/3: White House Correspondents' Dinner

Obama's Speech/Jokes FULL VERSION Parts 1 & 2 FULL VERSION

"Summer of Loving" by Roy Zimmerman

Escape From Gitmo-Shouldn't Republicans want terrorists dumped into the abusive U.S. prison system?

Michelle Obama and Elmo: Sesame Street

Supreme Court Prospect Has Unlikely Ally

Hill Panel Reviewing CIA Tactics

TYT: GOP Maintains a Moronic Position On Detainees In The States

Protesting the government's misuse of law

Torture prosecutions distracting, but necessary (Lindstrom / Concord Monitor)

Mother's Day for Peace

Intellectual torturers (Tzvetan Todorov / Daily Times)

Huey Long on the $700 Billion Wall Street Bailout

Cheney: I Choose Rush Limbaugh Over Colin Powell

Housing is Local, and Lending Should Be, Too

Michael Steele responds to Barack Obama

The Week In Cartoons 5/9/09

BREAKING: Bill Kristol was wrong (1:47)

Mother's Day "Your Mama" Jokes...

The American Press on Suicide Watch By FRANK RICH

1.6 Billion Katrina Money Not Spent Bankers Bamboozled the Funds? Investigation ASAP

Here's a Strict Constructionist Judge The Right-Wing Deserves

No, we don't support torture ( Rejali & Gronke / The Oregonian)

"I could break Sean Hannity just by giving him a middle seat in coach"

Little Words Mean Life or Death: Framing Health Care

The Spawn

(JFK speechwriter Ted) Sorensen says lawyers too silent on torture (at U Nebraska commencement)

Stop tearing immigrant mothers apart from their children

John Yoo Argues for Neutrality, Needs Empathy

Cartoon predicts the future 50 years ago. This is amazing insight!

Taliban-style justice stirs growing anger

Joe Klein Slams Rush Limbaugh -

Rice, Waterboarding and Accountability

Teacher: 'I'm never negative toward religion'

Kennedy: The man at the center

TYT: Interview w/ Director of 'Outrage' (Outing Gay Rights Hypocrites)!

Hair - Hippie Life

Wanda Sykes 1/2: White House Correspondents' Dinner

Says here that the world is laughing at us-- are two letters a coincidence?

African tribe populated rest of the world

The Big "Con": Holbrooke, Taliban, and… "Another 9/11"?

Mother's Day SNL-Style - Short w/ Timberlake, Sarandon, Samberg, Clarkson

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 364

Sorry, no article. n/t

ICOM-ICOMOS headquarters in Cuba inaugurated

Venezuela says weapons cache uncovered, 4 foreigners detained in suspected terrorist cell

Humor -> Former Cuban Intelligence Official: Celebrities Often Blackmailed Into Supporting Castro

Las Tunas Families Approve Changes in Teaching System of Cuba

Father Roy: Inside the School of Assassins-pbs

Washington Agency Creates Neoliberal University in Venezuela

Mother’s Day in Cuba

Series Hydraulic Hybrid Yard Hostler will make its debut at the 2009 SAE World Congress

In a Senegalese Slum, a Building Material Both Primitive and Perilous

Hawks Vs Nucks

Note to self: Provide Cboy a new logo.

Wow, the Nougats are about to make me a believer!

Note to self: If you're going to seek revenge, never

In Memory of Number 3 (for those who remember Steve Chiasson)

Interesting to see how the Mets and Dodgers did today. Also, the other New York

Ha! Patriots go after Specter over party change.

Wow, Drogba's becoming quite the shameless little diving ****.

The JR Chess Report (May 9): Koneru Humpy, 3 Others Share First in Mumbai

Labor cartoon for the week: organize

Today in labor history May 10 Judge frees United Airlines from responsibility for pensions!

City of Toledo seeks pay cuts of 15% from 5 unions

Safeway (Denver & Colo.) vote could lock out King Soopers workers

Safeway, workers (17,000) agree to continue labor talks

Unplugged: The SEIU chief on the labor movement and the card check

Delta backs Obama's labor board (oversees airline labor disputes) nominee

CWA President: AT&T strike "a tactic we may yet use"

NYC Workers Fight Bosses(and Starbucks), Rain on May Day

UFW turns up the heat (last year 12 died during the "BLACK SUMMER)

Union Workers From Tri-Cities Lab Picket For A Better Contract

Judge to hear Teamsters’ complaint against Boulder City Hospital

IBEW Local 164 Hosts U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis and NJ Gov. Jon Corzine

Detroit City Council prepared to go to court to save janitors' jobs

Ohio's labor leader stays loyal even as profile rises

Amanda Camacho: Colombian Flower Worker and Union President


Huffington Post: Specter Faces Price of Betrayal: Angry Dems, Workers, Primary Challenge

Actual U.S. Unemployment: 15.8%

Election Reform Activist Arrested for Speaking Out -- For Single-Payer Health Care!

Outrage was disappeared from Yahoo movies

The radical Christian right has infiltrated the military. Is this the real reason for stalling DADT?

Eugene Robinson: On Gays, Obama’s Turn

President Obama's National Security Advisor "doesn't know" when or if DADT will be repealed

Astrology, Spirituality & Alternative Healing Group

So what do you think of Obama's Iowa marriage joke?

Sadat's widow: Israel would be attacking Egypt if not for peace treaty

Israel has secret plan to thwart division of Jerusalem.

Watchdog group says anti-Semitism skyrocketing in Belgium

My crazy idea

Loss of 2nd Amendment Rights

7-Year-old Boy Dies in Trespass Shooting

The "Castle Doctrine" in action

Does D.C. still have the highest murder rate in the country now that the gun ban is over?

Netanyahu: Israel will never withdraw from Golan

Barron's: Toothless Watchdogs? Auditing the Audit Firms

Not a Bear market Rally, but a Bubble.

Random pictures from random walks

Granddaughter 1-year birthday party

A clear case of harassment

Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep here.

NOT the best speller, though...

Garden shots

Why ‘more megapixels!’ doesn’t mean better pix

Feedback please, on what I should use for my May contest pic!

More images including my first Painted Bunting of the season

anyone with insight into hummingbird medicine?

Anyone rediscovering old parts of themselves?

oh glorious

UN: Treaty to combat dangerous chemicals is expanded to include 9 more toxic substances

Why Darwin? - an essay (review of books) by Richard Lewontin.

Scientists discover winter home of world's second-biggest fish (CNN)


Taliban-style justice stirs growing anger

Pope urges respect for women during Mass in Jordan

It's a good thing Truman didn't risk political capital in 1948 by desegregating the military

Mother's Day...What's For Lunch?

if they can make carbs taste like meat, why can't they...

Oh how sweet it is!

Remember this? Jell-o 1-2-3?

Fellow Texans, a Toast!

There was an election yesterday???

Randi Rhodes returns