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So .... I'm at the grocey, shucking 6 ears of corn, and this guy and his wife are ......

Ahhhhnuld's scare tactics don't seem to be working

If we're going to have any influence on the healthcare debate...

Something My Company's President Said Today..Bastard...

Rebranding effort needed

Taking back Mother's Day - Our Julia's Voice Rally pictures

Iran Turning to China for Air Defense System

Our demands - can we compile a full list?

Darth Cheney hitches the Repug (paddy)wagon to Limbaugh

Bizarre news on Google

Would it just be easier to make a list of the things that Bill Kristol has been right about?

Why Can't We Use "Enhanced Interrogation" on Arlen Specter?

The proud GOP works diligently on its re-building program

Health care: Know anything about this group?

Today, May 10, 36 years ago, my mother passed away. Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

Republicans Declare 2010 as Year of the Bible

Detroit Free Press: (Auto) Dealer demise an economic tsunami for communities

Banks' $180 Billion Credit Card Time Bomb

HUFFINGTON POST: Obama Administration Will Stick With Bush Climate Ruling

Paul Krugman: Harry, Louise and Barack

When the wingnut media does the "Ah do believe ah have the vapors bit" regarding Sykes tomorrow..

In Schools, a Cautionary Video About America’s ‘Stuff’ - cheerful but brutal assessment (NYT)

From the same State that brought you the political prosecution of Don Siegelman...

Cleanup funding benefits energy giants

Will FOX still give Wanda Sykes a late night show?

Opium production increases 40 fold in Afghanistan?

Gay couples 'marry' with parents' approval, hawan and priests (fascinating article)

Re: the weight issue that keeps coming up in GD: Chubby is in, even for some of our major actors.

Face it : Rupert Murdoch wants to take over the Internet

Old news, but I just love pictures with circles and arrows...

Christian Conservative Calls Waterboarding What It Is - TORTURE

2009 Vehicles built by union members in the United States and Canada


I Donated!

And Alan Keyes keeps getting weirder

Guess how Rush will spin the Wanda slapdown

If Rush Limbaugh can wish for Obama to fail because

After watching a few minutes of "The Dick" yesterday morning,

Dianne Feinstein vs. Marilyn Chambers

Toon: The origin of Republicans, by natural selection

There are 40,000 lobbyists in Washington, DC,

If you can't get enough of Wanda Sykes:

Republicans sponsor bill to make 2010 "The year of the Bible".

Hybrid auto sales

West looked the other way as Afghan drug trade exploded

Bobby Kennedy..Johannesburg 1966

lol. . Joe "gets the feeling" that Obama is going to have to go "middle"..

And on cue Joe Scum and Buchanan follow the talking points

Should We Send Some DU Roses To......Wanda Sykes....

Damn - A soldier with PTSD opened fire

Afghan Students Protest Against Civilian Casualties

Maybe the Republican Party should just take over an existing brand name

1 1/2% savings = $2 trillion dollars ??

1 1/2% savings = $2 trillion dollars ??

How we view Obama. (interesting take from a photo-blogger

I think I might take a day or two off of DU.

Why did the government have to prod Exxon into drilling for oil?

Hugo's gonna nuke KANSAS !! !!!!!!!! ELEVNES !!!!! This si HUGE

Students Asked To Plot Terror Attack

Breaking: U.S. service member kills 4 fellow troops in Iraq, kills self

US: 12 million children face hunger and food insecurity

Oh, good grief, Rush! Cry me a river. Boo hoo hoo!

More on Rick Scott, formerly of Columbia/HCA, and the cost

US Journalist Freed in Iran

Saudi Judge During Domestic Violence Seminar Says It is Okay to Slap Your Wife For Spending Too Much

Naysayers for a public option say that healthcare will become rationed & you'll lose control/choice

Krugman: Health Care Proposal "Some Of Best Policy News I've Heard In A Long Time"

Think state government jobs are good, with good benefits? Think again.

60 Years in an Iron Lung

3fer: Legacy brat-ism will OUT (Megan Mc5PLANEs, Luke RUSSERT). Greta v.S. an item with Todd PALIN?!

Letter from DFA regarding healthcare. Nelson and Specter plan to vote against a public option.

Letter from DFA regarding healthcare. Nelson and Specter plan to vote against a public option.

dear richard cheney

he hasn't received "any invitations" to appear on "any of the main network and cable programs."

Who was that racoon-eyed woman on Morning Joe today blaming econ collapse on unions

The Joke is on us

LOL!! One SMART primate!!! (of course, it's not Bush) :)

In space, Europe gets ahead of U.S.

Ron Christie on MSNBC...

This is fucking laughable....

Mother's Day hike to waterfalls with wildflowers.

Provacateurs: G20 Police 'Used Undercover Men to Incite Crowds'

Swift Boaters Gear Up Campaign Against Health Reform

The Incredible Shrinking Opposition To Health Care Reform

Israel delivering AWACS planes to India

A memo to Joe Scarborough:

Need another reason for universal health care? Try being a college student

Wily on personal responsibility

The fat bag 'o shit is not a bully.....

Is it true that the ONLY way for America to remain Safe is to Torture People?

So I guess torture and murder have become “American values.”

Noisy smack-down time: Bo or Champ?

Some questions about Single Payer Health Care in the Senate

Code Pink Quilt for Mother's Day......

Artificial ovary matures human eggs

The Rude Pundit: Why Now, Dick?

(You are not going to like this) Why we MUST demand single payer.

Discover What the World Thinks About U.S.

60 Million Persons

Friends, human interaction, "getting laid" etc -- why the hell do adults care about this shit?

PA-Sen: Specter tacking left on health care

Feds deny Patriot Act link to teen held in South Bend - Case stirred Internet rumor mill

Palin backs out of NRA fundraiser - won't be getting her custom-made gun

Overheard at the gym today, from a guy watching Fox Nooz ........

Explain the difference to me ...

What's going on with Recommend?

Have you called in support of Single Payer health care today?

Pipe bomb, KKK flag, guns seized in Rapides Parish raid

New Normal

My 68yo 1-Election Repub Mother-in-law

Shored-up jobs or welfare? Either way, we pay.

If we get a public plan (along with private plans) will we allow doctors to refuse public plan

Dick Cheney's Policies kept all of us safe Sep 10th, 2001

Jon Stewart To Create History Channel Special

When cable MSM networks cover space shuttle/airplane landings

Georgia DUers, you have my sympathies: Your state government takes idiocy to stratospheric levels

McCain Says Military Gay Ban Repeal Unnecessary

Catholic priest admits to two year affair after photos appear.

What's your fav LOLz from Pundit Kitchen?

How can credit card companies POSSIBLY be losing money????

Photos From the Final Frontier

Pentagon to replace top Afghanistan commander . . . why?

Health Care and Student Loans: The Bad Guys Are on the Run

Where Can I Stream Randi Rhodes Live at 2 central 3 Eastern? I don't have XM

Too broke for the ER, patients flee early

Does anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that there's more to the torture stories?

Does anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that there's more to the torture stories?

US military condemns Afghan militants for using white phosphorus

Gas prices soar on decreased oil Co. profits and pending summer.

Will Cheney's next attack on the U.S. come in time to derail Universal Health Care?

Randi Rhodes is Back On the Air Today.. Hooray

Politco:GOP trying dissuade Dems in investigation torture by portraying Pelosi as an “an accomplice"

Vaccination Celebration

Beware of insurance giants bearing gifts


Rush is on live, so far nothing about Wanda.

"They told me not to say the F word or the N word, I'm offended they even told me that!"

10 minutes to Randi!! Who's counting down with me??

U.S. Soldier kills 5 fellow Troops, Pentagon says

Fess up: Who's going to tune in to Limbaugh tomorrow?

i am amazed that DU still doesn't have a Health Care Reform issues forum.

Conservatives Support Rapists

stupid question

New Afghanistan Commander Had Role In Tillman Friendly-Fire Episode

Exclusive: '20th Hijacker' Claims That Torture Made Him Lie - Friday, Mar. 03, 2006

Exclusive: '20th Hijacker' Claims That Torture Made Him Lie - Friday, Mar. 03, 2006

What is this shit about reforming health care in secret?

OLC: Presidential Power At Root Of GOP Opposition To Dawn Johnsen

so Obama has stopped torture and it is torturing dick cheney

So i saw an anti canadian healthcare commercial today.

Soldier kills 5 other Soldiers in Iraq Stress Clinic

Iceland's PM to seek vote on EU

Supposed Democrat Bob Beckel whining about Wanda to Hannity

cheney chooses ru$h limbaugh over four-star general colin powell

Get Ready for Abu Ghraib, Act II

Afghanistan: White phosphorus is not banned by any treaty that the United States has signed.

Bible Lesson for Carrie Prejean: "Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord" (Proverbs 12:22)

Bible Lesson for Carrie Prejean: "Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord" (Proverbs 12:22)

Computer programers needed ...

Luke Russert MIA at NBC News

Are you willing to pay taxes on your HC benefits for HC reform?

A shout out from Randi

GOP circle jerk: Limbaugh says only Cheney has "guts" to "warn" nation about Obama

GOP circle jerk: Limbaugh says only Cheney has "guts" to "warn" nation about Obama

KidneyFailureGate: Media has field day with Wanda's Limbaugh joke, and with Obama for laughing at it

A thread for Randi fans.

Why did everyone's avatars change?

I Support The Public Option - by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

I just rewatched "The Siege", a 1998 Denzel Washington movie.

sorry, dupe

Why Did Cramdown Fail? Insurance and Principal.

Newts Head Reduction operation at Stanford Med Center has utterly Failed...ALERT....FAILED

For the record: Alabama legislature is Democratic & African Americans hold key leadership positions

What do I even say to this person?

Has Limbloviater mentioned his comeuppance by Wanda Sykes yet?

Piggish Capitalism - The Connection Between Swine Flu Outbreaks & Wall Street's Meltdown

Oops Miss Prejean is about to be sent packing

Tweety is out for Cheneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee NOW

regarding Health care, can someone explain something to me??

Man, it's like you can't get away from these assholes even at the movie theater.

Big outrage against Sykes, little outrage against Olbermann

Costa Rica, Dominica, Chile, UAE, Cyprus, Colombia, Oman, San Marino, Andorra, Malta ........ slams Conservapedia. ("5 Terrifying Bastardizations of the Wikipedia Model")

Banks' $180 Billion Credit Card Time Bomb

GOP Torture Defense: Pelosi knew it too -- Tu Quoque Logical Fallacy

How many of DC's 41,000 lobbyists are, right now, calling Ben Nelson ... and Max Baucus .... and ...

Class Action lawsuit needed to make public employee health insurance available to all Americans

Twitter, du, facebook, etc and so - a view from a long time geek about it all

Becoming What We Seek to Destroy, by Chris Hedges

Awwww. Poor widdle baby. Beck had MISERABLE time at WHCD

National Party Identification: 25% GOP, 36% Democratic

Obama announces education help for unemployed (CNN)

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Social Investment Funds Back Labor Union Organizing Measure

Call their bluff Nancy

Roland Martin on CNN:

There's another alternative between public option and single payer

There's another alternative between public option and single payer

Tom Tancredo: 'Obama is a cult leader'

Tom Tancredo: 'Obama is a cult leader'

Oh I hope I am the first to use this....sycophant Christie on The Ed Show showing "snoutrage"

Death or Life in Prison for Steven Green's crimes in Iraq? (RIP Abeer, etc)

Investors get behind union bill

msnbc ron christie alert....ed show

Available - Accessible - Affordable.... We already have this plan

Interesting that the judge in the NPR "water story"

Dreams from My Father... (oh please let it be) MINE!

This is my big thank you post to George "war criminal" Bush Jr.

It's now a GOP talking point. Rush says Obama's "objective is unemployment"

Trippi refutes claim Edwards staffers knew of affair

Rush did a 180 today from 4 & 1/2 years ago Let's show this off about Teresa Heinz Kerry

Link to Randi's mp3 page at 960 - today's first hour up

Christopher Hitchens called Sykes a 'Black Dyke'

Lawrence O'Donnell just called Puke Cannon "insane".

Wasn't going to post the poll, but it's been Freeped in the last hour

DUers, don't forget that Limbaugh called Chelsea Clinton an ugly dog

So I go to the movies to get away from reality, and I see an ad for a Glenn Beck show.

Join me in CHEERING for the insurance companies ... and BigMed .... a Big Pharma.

Call them the Southern Party.

Twitter and Tweet.

An easy quiz: Name this famous, well loved, and highly respected American couple

Army's Prescription to Combat Solider Suicides: Christianity

GM to move HQ out of Detroit? CEO won't rule it out

"Public Myth" Busters: Bin Laden did NOT endorse Kerry in 2004

Dick's Thick

the Hubble servicing mission launches any minute now (2pm EDT)

CRC Public Relations - remember that name

Michael Steele and Mitt Romney trade barbs over Mormonism

If you need a reason to dislike Harold Ford, here's one:

I just watched the National Geographic Documentary

Does Rush Being More & More In The Public Spotlight Remind You of Anyone Else?

Cheney implicates Bush in torture: "He signed off on it."

Joe Wilson: Come Out of Hiding, Bush

"spouting leftist Hallmark cards cribbed from Democratic Underground counts as humor."

Alice Martin Loses Out On Coveted Judgeship (One Of "Girls" Who Allegedly "Took Care" Of Siegelman)

Why should we take seriously - a promise from the health care industry to cut its own growth.

How an Intern Stole NASA's Moon Rocks

Bob Graham: I Wasn’t Told About Waterboarding Or EITs In My Briefing

For all you Edwards haters...a pic to take your shots at and get it out of your system

Bloviating Limbaugh will/will not acknowledge Wanda Sykes' monologue today

DU just got a shout out from Randi!

How to Fix the Jobs Problem - Fast

Meet Rick Scott, the fallen health care king, who is out to swiftboat

Fuck the spicy mustard, this is HUGH: "Obama - Wears - Long - Tie - To - Black - Tie - Event - Gate"

Citibank sends infuriating piece of spam-want me to lobby for them against my own interest-Kos Diary

Notre Dame Students Select Father Frank Pavone to Lead Obama-Free Graduation

Wanda Sykes used the "M" word on national TV

harold ford jr thinks torture was okay because it was about pearl harbor, harry?

The Ultimate Gift--Life to Her Child--today's LA Times

Cross Eyed Crazy Person Ron Christi is a ......

Hey Grovelbot - kiss off.

You can get Single Payer on the table - we just need 1 more senator to help

Afghan lawmakers shut down parliament in protest, demand restrictions on foreign military forces

It was my cat that kept us free from any more Terrorist attacks

The enemy of health reform is NOT "opposition to reform"....The enemy of reform is PSEUDO-"REFORM".

If you cant get anything done by listening to Limpballs...

Who would you rather buy health care insurance from? The government or AIG?

Howard Dean: Real Health Reform ‘Rises And Falls On Whether The Public Is Allowed To Choose Medicare

NYT article on health care plan presser tomorrow disturbing. Too much of AHIP and DLC mentioned.

Why is SMALL BUSINESS across the country not unified & SCREAMING for a public option?

who is happy with their medical insurance

**Except That We WON'T Shut Up About Single Payer Health Care**

Did you have to be taught that torturing animals or people was wrong?

2 Trillion in savings by health industry boils down to a $2,500 savings in year 5 for family of 4.

Binary Poll: I care more about A than B

Before you view this picture--make sure you haven't eaten for at least 10 hours. OK---Ready!!!! GO!

Can the government require me to pay health care executive salaries? Will they put me in jail?

Interesting statistics of the 41 law enforcement officers feloniously killed in the line of duty

US Soldiers, Attacked, Kill a 12-Year-Old Boy

Wanda Sykes should've brought up Rush Limbaugh's Viagra, too.

Teresa Heinz Kerry's Radical Giving ( $140 mill a year to left leaning groups)

Write your own Leftist Hallmark Cards here!!

Question about reporting on the economy ...

Pentagon has a new tactic: Accused of collateral killings? Say the Taliban is actually to blame.

Don't HARSH my mellow... Don't TASE me, Bro!!!

Machine Guns, Explosives Seized After Arrest In Pacific Beach

AAAAUUUUUGH! None of the streams are working for me!!

If you ordered a new Camaro tomorrow from a dealer......

What is preventing the U.S. from getting single-payer healthcare?

Help towards getting a Single Payer of Healthcare

For-profit health care providers should NOT be involved in health care reforms.

Well, this didn't take long

4610 + 1145 = 5755

Welfare Client Kept Out Of Canada Files Complaint

Nurses and Doctors Call for "Florence Nightingale Day Protest" On May 13th

Still There, Foreclosed No Longer-Nonprofits help occupants buy back homes

National Nurses Week - Time for action - Call Sen. Baucus' office to support Single Payer Rep

Ben Shapiro on Wanda Sykes: "spouting leftist Hallmark cards cribbed from Democratic Underground"

Charging rent to homeless

Adolf Hitler and G. W. Bush. Same crime, war of aggression.

Ok, I got an idea for health care....

Is there any job you won't do?

Rove to celebrate 4th anniversary of TRUTHOUT indictment tomorrow

Torture Report Contradicts Cheney; White House Preparing to Release 'Holy Grail' Report

Torture Report Contradicts Cheney; White House Preparing to Release 'Holy Grail' Report

Hersh: Children sodomized at Abu Ghraib, on tape

Contact the WH about SP advocates not being allowed to speak...

Water Logs

Facebook Won’t Ban Holocaust Denial Groups

Miss California to James Dobson: 'Satan Was Trying to Tempt Me' with gay marriage question

No democrats or republicans will be charged RE: torture (nor should they be)

Wisconsin court upholds GPS tracking by police

Bob Menendez is against single payer.....

Did Wanda Sykes' performance at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner go too far?

Is this what we've been told to sit still and wait for?

Star Trek, Batman, "X-men," "Wolverine" etc -- why the hell do adults care about this shit?

If not single payer universal health care, what would YOU find an acceptable "compromise"?

Three Worst Reasons to Delay Putting Cheney in Prison

Proud Geek--wanna make something of it?

The "Should Sally have to share her 'A' she worked so hard for in school" fallacy.

Outrage: New Documentary (Literally) Outs Gay Rights Hypocrites & Interview With Director Kirby Dick

What will we do with the savings if we go single payer???

Michael Collins: The Big Pakistan "Con"

Literally a matter of life and death!!

ROTFL!! Tonight's Simpson's episode has a great Ayn Rand joke (spoiler)

Other movies and tv shows you want to see on the big screen:

Fuck I missed Taterguys birthday

suck suck suck



My 5,000th Post

Sweet Dreams are made of this:

I can't wait to win Grovelbot's autograph!

At least they are honest...

I'm pretty sure this is what Skittles looks like:

why do frozen butterfingers taste

I know Skittles looks like this...

Go Picts!

Bella and her grandparents (my parents) on my very first Mother's Day!

I've come to the Conclusion that the "The Amazing Race" producers are Cheap Asses.

Dear Mom, I miss you.

Go Celtics!

Shake your moneymaker for Grovelbot!

What is with Greys Anatomy? (Possible Spoilers)

Robocall: Americans, are you aware of the "tea-party" protests...

How the FUCK can the credit card companies need money?

bored.. the more run I drink

"River Monsters" I am never...

The Taking Of Pelham 123


Fly Like An Eagle

Clearly, we have GROVELBOT by the Balls. Let's make our demands known.

Vibes, Prayers, Luck....whatever you got.

I need another day of the weekend.

Susan Boyle was great in the new Star Trek as Uhuru!

I need a manicure.

Bumper stickers seen over the weekend

Any of you guys know where I can get eye of newt?

I'm pretty sure this is what Ptah looks like:

Anyone Watching Celebrity Apprentice?

Where has Tommy_Carcetti been the past month?

Forget tea parties, they're holding a parade!

Is this a new trend with divorces or just a statistical anomaly?

DU Fund Drive, Day 1: Enter to Win a SIGNED copy of "Dreams From My Father" by Barack Obama!

re: moving; what keeps you where you are; what draws you towards moving?

Had a bit of a scare...I thought both my dogs were covered with ticks.

Good morning Lounge

Want to Work for Diddy? (Characters welcome)

Because we need a smile now and then....

Should I send this guy an Invite to join our community?


So other than "Sweet Satan", what is the meaning behind "Stairway to Heaven"?

A song you love the melody/beat of, but the lyrics suck, or the philosophy expressed sucks.

Please be my friend on Facebook? I'm in there under my real name.

What happened to David Shuster's program?

I swear my cat has a built in snooze alarm this morning

Cute story about a hummingbird I met in San Diego

Anyone remember the recipe for the hummingbird fajitas?

Why are Bennigans and TGI Fridays more fun than local dive bars?

I love being the ugly one in the office

Family Guy spoofing Stephen King

lunch strategies....

I searched for LynneSin on FB and got a ton of hits for Britney Spears Fan Clubs.

I have found true happiness

No Van or Truck Parking

CIA Headquarters Micromanaged Torture

Gorn stole the scene in the new Star Trek movie. Discuss.

My significant other's house is having serious plumbing issues...

My first colonoscopy is done

My first colonoscopy is almost done...

So Maggie's pediatrician was concerned enough to get her in early

Star Trek: After Dark

Classic TV shows that should not be made into movies? (Or should not have been made.)

Found a garbage pail kid in a box

So I was shopping at my local Stop & Shop yesterday and had to go to the service desk

I have not felt this relaxed in a long long time. It is so beautiful outside...

The neighborhood cat is out back chasing squirrels

Belated Mother's Day photo from National Geographic

Hero Dog To Receive Honor

Hero Dog To Receive Honor

well, i saw it, and I AM FUCKING STOKED!!!!!

Fergit StarWars - TopGun is on. I never seen either one.

Seriously you guys...

I wanna see Aimee Mann

You want to know what else kicks ass?

blueprint of my dream house

Can't Post, Can't Post, Can't Post

for women who like to fight:

Here we go, playing Heroes again, god help us.

Top Gear crippled by economic crisis. Or is it?

I still get goose bumps watching the Shuttle launch

I hate to say it, but I sort of, kind of, almost totally agree with

Good luck Atlantis!

Some random musings about moving TM out of the dorm Saturday.

Today has been SUCH a Monday.

Things the old Spock should tell the young Spock in the new movie

I searched for Midlo on FB and got a ton of hits for Jonas Brothers Fan Clubs.

Saudi judge in domestic violence suit: men may slap wives

So Proud! Series! Yesterday my sis asked me who Susan Boyle was?

Oh Geez - Now she's trying to blame Satan! (Miss California)

Why one should wear a glove when cutting jalapeños.

Well, my kids in the history honor society finally decided where to have our banquet...

This bike kicks ass!

A coworker found a 6 series BMW on the craigslist for only 15 thou

For Sale: One Useless Cat

If I were in prison, solitude would be a blessing. Forced unsolitude would be the punishment.

Thoughts from 30,000 ft

Is this stupid, or is it just me?

I searched for Parche on FB and got a ton of hits for Mile High Clubs.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/11/2009)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/11/09

Our first crop of lakeflies has arrived,,,

Rush Limbaugh made an appearance at THE DEAD show last night!!!!

Thank goodness for cooking spray.

can you hook up a wireless dish network setup

The bunny's alive! The bunny escaped! The bunny is home free!!

Why are Gay Bars so much more fun than straight ones?

What, no love for shuttle launches?

I called my stockbroker today and asked him, "What are you buying? "

It's tick season! We never saw any ticks for 20 some years,

Anyone going to see Doves on their U.S, tour?

My family celebrated "Mother's Day" today, so here's a shoutout to all the DU MOMS!

A shout out to fizzgig...


I have 2 facebook friends - that's so sad

WHAT Recession? Gardeners at Simon Cowell's $30M mansion use levels, measuring tape for even hedges

A serious post about Facebook/Yahoo and a possible Trojan infection...

craigslist- sometimes there is an item for sale that you just have to wonder about...

Ok, Elvis was the King,of Rock n Roll, so who is/was the Queen?

*******Happy Birthday DeepBlueC!*******

Elisabeth Shue is still extremely yummy.

So, what exactly did Miss California say about marriage?

I've got a GD thread that would love some comments...

do your pets have any special way they like to be petted?

Is Cher's face permanently uh---- stuck ?

Ally got Medi-Vac'd off of a mountain today, what did your wife do for Mother's Day? (Pictures)

What's making my car alarm go off every couple of days?

Thank god for spray paint.

Post a picture of your very first pet

LyricKid got hand weights today.

I can't figure out if these Jalapeno Popper Doritos are awesome or crappy

Joy Division: Love them or leave them?

Winslet and DiCaprio step in to help last Titanic survivor

Question about Anthony Hopkins: We saw in Titus that he's an Emperor, and yet in Proof,

Need relationship help

Any bird lovers here read music?

The Application for a Marriage License in the State of MN has this statement at the bottom...


So what's the big shocker on "House" tonight?

You'd think that Denise Crosby, in her four years off Star Trek, would have taken acting classes.

why did Michael Jackson have to turn out to be such a freak?

An Electric Water Heater money saving question...

I love me some Polyester (the movie).

Most overrated rock and roll SONG/HIT

Songs with drug references in the title or lyrics?

Bar poll

Go to your happy place! Animal pictures to make you go Aw...(pic heavy!)

Anyone remember the recipe for the hummingbird feeders?

Simon Cowell. Is he a good looking guy, or have I completely lost my mind?

kitten picture of the day for monday may 11

So who else's Monday was complete and utter shit?


I have become pretty much Pro Drug

A few brief comments about the little film that debuted this weekend (with spoilers)

Pink Floyd - Lost for words

What was your favorite and least favorite 90's sitcom?

Dave is entering the sunset of his life

Should U get an email from the Dept of health re: not eating pork

I'm pretty sure this is what taterguy looks like

Hair - I Got Life-Film version

A not-so-hidden drug addict...

Iran urges world action on Israeli nukes--(They say turnabout is fair play.)

I love being the only one in the office

Winblows Vista is a steaming crap-pile of shit

I wanna win, I wanna win, I wanna win!

Yo mama so old, she was a DJ at the Boston Tea Party

Yo mama so old, she was a DJ at the Boston Tea Party

So I'm watching Benjamin Buttons - in a nutshell it's Forest Gump watched in reverse

Okay. Since Facebook seems to be all the rage, tell me why I should join.

What's your porn name? (First pet's name and first street name) delivers. Oh yes, it delivers

Rolex watches

which pic should I use as my default

"Inland Hurricane" Devastates Southern Illinois Friday (With Lots Of Pics)

The wingnuts have lost and they know it

I think Cheney wants the same thing we want right now

How the hell would Gingrich know what happened in Congress in 2002?

All the Dems have to do for 2010 is create TV ads from today's Cheney interview

Two photo galleries of Biden's trip to Syracuse; video clips

Obama: Healthcare reform no 'luxury' - "unprecedented commitment" to deliver for Harry and Louise.

Netanyahu meeting with Obama decides Mid-East’s future, says Jordan's King Abdullah

Administration Will Strengthen Antitrust Rules

I'm laughing. Rasmussen Polling is a bunch of douchebags.

The Dick Party

Why is the President still going to ASU? Screw them

Has there been discussion about no longer selling some freons or making some changes

Lame Senate Excuses & Fax & Call again your comments for Single Payer....

Anti-trust is back....

Poll: Obama, headed to Middle East, is winning Arab hearts

GALLUP: Obama Approval Picks Up in May - 66%, three points higher than average from Jan-April.

I'm guessing if Wanda Sykes was dissing the President, Jonas Goldburg wouldn't have a hissy fit....

If we are to consider if we are more or less safe under Obama

Does anyone know when or if President Obama is going to speak on

White House To Declassify “Holy Grail” Torture Report That Could Undercut Cheney

US soldiers 'killed in Iraq base'

First Read has Napolitano on SCOTUS shortlist.

I'm at a family dinner and my dipshit winger sister launches

The Obama Administration Reverses Corporatist BushCo Policy, Takes Tough Antitrust Line

More LOL cluelessness courtesy of Steele:

NPR: Judge No Longer A Believer In Unfettered Markets (Reagan appointee)

PHOTO Caption it? (Hell Burger Lunch)

U.S. Journalist to Be Freed Soon in Iran, Her Lawyer Says

Say you were a political hired gun who would work for either side if the price was right...

A jury-rigged quickie healthcare solution crafted by industry insiders in secret. Swell!

Is Obama's approval rating on the rise?

PHOTO The President meets Spock. Literally.

Pick one: a) Obama/Ameria FAILS, or b) Limpball's kidneys fail.

DU this poll

Wingnuts having a tough time with the Iranian reporter's release.

FL-Sen/Gov: Crist Will Announce Plans on Tuesday, Appears Set to Run for Senate

'Obama's comedy routine proves he can stand up and deliver' (Irish Times)

Ex-Hospital CEO Battles Reform Effort - Enemy #1 Rick Scott Coordinating with "Swift Boat" PR Firm.

Three Big Banks (Capital One, U.S. Bancorp, BB&T) to Repay U.S. Aid

Personally - I don't think Wanda Sykes went far enough!!

Health Groups Vow Cost Control Measures That Could Erase Budget Deficit Within 10 Years

President Obama speaking now (12:30 pm est) about Health Care - Link:

How will Fox "News" spin today's successful shuttle launch to criticize President Obama? n/t

Two part yes/no poll: Rush Limbaugh and Wanda Sykes

If Rush Limbaugh Wants America To Fail, I Hope He Develops Kidney Failure

The Amazing Dick Cheney, digging his own mass grave.

The Amazing Dick Cheney, digging his own mass grave.

Gibbs fires back at Cheney

K&R if you support Wanda and hope Rush's kidneys fail.

Alex Sink tells backers she may seek top office

Alex Sink tells backers she may seek top office

Can any one doubt what Cheney is doing?????

E.J. Dionne: An Honest Brawl Over the Court - liberals should welcome a real debate -- and win it.

How will the pig boy react to the Wanda Sykes treatement?

Bill Bennett will be paying a visit to prostrate himself at Limbaughs feet

Private Sector Health Groups offer $2 Trillion

NY-Sen-B: Israel Set to Challenge Gillibrand?

So TODAY Rush said "BS until this generation of writers has assumed room temperature and moved on"

Congress Plans Incentives for Healthy Habits


White House: Stimulus on pace for 3.5 million jobs

McKiernan out as Afghanistan commander

PHOTOS: President Obama and the UNC Tarheels!

What do you see Obama doing in his post-presidency?

Lieberman defends Obama and hits at Cheney: 'We're not less safe'

Krugman: America may finally get what every other advanced country already has

“You know I love tall women, right?”

PHOTO Caption it? (May 10, the VP at Syracuse)

for the sake of consistency:it would be nice if those offended by Sykes joke about Rush

PHOTO Caption it?

Delete - sorry, belongs in vids

Firstread: SCOTUS shortlist? (6 names)

So did Hannity have anything to say today about the WHCD?

ok, serious question: WHY is Limbaugh so damn POWERFUL in the RNC?

Wow - how biased is this MSNBC poll?!

Pick a woman, Snowe and Boxer tell Obama

Franken to file brief with state Supreme Court

What's with the sudden rise in prices of gas at the pump?


Pete Sessions (repube): Obama Hurting Economy to Consolidate Power

Obama on Health Reform: The Dog That Didn't Bark - Robert Reich

I actually just heard someone say Fox and Rush are the only fair people in the media

Cancer treatment can save most lives but many can't afford it.

Who Needs A Star Here?

Uh oh, the President and the VP's first major falling out?

DU this poll about Wanda's comedy routine.

Let's outsource our healthcare system to a country proven to do it better & cheaper than us

Those offended by Wanda Sykes need to get a life! We are talking about BOSS LIMBAUGH here

Buchanan: "The CIA Is Talking to Cheney and Keeping Info From Obama."

National Day of Action for Medicare for All (Single-Payer) May 30th

PHOTO Caption it? (May 11)

Christopher Hitchens Rips Wanda Sykes: "The Black **** Got It Wrong" (HuffPo)

White House not laughing about Sept. 11 joke

Obama's Supreme Court Shortlist (Wood, Sotomayor, Kagan, Granholm, Napolitano, Garland)

Trust me, Obama enjoyed Wanda's jokes...all of them

Janet Napolitano on SCOTUS shortlist?

Sometimes race DOES matter: only a black man could have smacked down Steele the way President did

CNN - Funniest "News Source" Evah!

"Is Dick Cheney emboldening the enemy?"

Black Colleges Will Fight Cut To Federal Program

White House distances itself from Wanda Sykes joke

Meghan McCain a real brat at WHCD

If We Could Be As Outraged by The Number of Americans Without Healthcare As We Are About...

One Nation, Uninsured

Ex-Senator Graham Backs Up Pelosi: I Was Never Briefed On Waterboarding

"Oh, child, being colored can be a lotta fun when ain't nobody looking!"

The famous, What If Edwards Had Dropped Out?, question is answered by Pollster

K&R if you hope Rush's kidneys don't faill.


Who the fuck is Igor?

Max Baucus says we need to keep our powder dry.

7-Year-old Boy Dies in Trespass Shooting

Vladimir Putin signals he is pondering a presidential comeback in 2012

‘Game-Changing’ Health Plan to be Presented

Obama wins business support for health care reform

Australia to end role in Iraq

Pakistan claims 700 Taliban killed in Swat valley strikes

Edwards Staff Had Affair 'Doomsday' Strategy

Keyes, 21 others arrested at anti-Obama protest

Ex-Hospital CEO Battles Reform Effort

Sallie Mae's About-Face on Loan Subsidies -Lender's Proposal Similar to Obama's

NSC chief says U.S. won't stop Afghan airstrikes

'Torture' techniques kept US safe: Cheney

Senior Iraq police chief shot dead

Web murderer given life sentence

Taliban try to spread fighting in Pakistani tribal belt

Poll: Arab world favors Obama, but still wary of U.S.

Randi Rhodes is Back On the Air Today.. Hooray

Schott Solar opens plant despite downturn

Hundreds killed in Sri Lanka "bloodbath"

Muslim nations 'would recognise Israel' in peace deal

Malaysian court deals blow to PM

Secular party gains in Indonesia vote (religious parties nosedive)

Developments on swine flu worldwide (Update)

Charlie Crist Senate Run To Be Announced: Officials

Breaking...Journalist wins appeal in Iran, sentence reduced to

Obama has meeting today to discuss health care

Japan Opposition Leader Quits Ahead of Election

Microsoft India: To Cut Local Staff Numbers By About 1%

Beetle Named For Stephen Colbert

US Soldier Kills Fellow Troops In Iraq

Land-Mine Blast Kills 13 in India

Justice Plans New Antitrust Effort.

Administration Plans to Strengthen Antitrust Rules

Dell Must Reveal Layoff Numbers or Risk Losing Incentive Money

Hugo Chavez launches phone named with slang for penis

U.S. service member kills 4 fellow troops in Iraq

Scamming 'Your Warranty Will Expire' Calls Lead to Lawsuits

U.S. Commander in Afghanistan to Be Replaced

Fears of mass poisoning of Afghan schoolgirls

U.S.: (Afghani) Militants Using Chemical Weapons (White Phosphorous)

NYT: Shaky Pakistan Is Seen as Target of (Al) Qaeda Plots

Former Enron CEO (Jeffrey Skilling) files high court appeal

China's disabled quake children piece together their lives

Gas Prices Up Sharply Because Of Increases In Crude Oil, Wholesale Prices

Former CIA agent slams Cheney as ‘hypocritical’

Colo. farmers demand credit help from Ag secretary

Pak govt to take over all madrassas: Zardari

US sees confirmed flu cases rise

Economic downturn finally hits Iraq

VW seals Indonesia assembly deal, eyes expansion

Lawyer: Gitmo prisoner slashed wrist, hurled blood

Water rations force some US soldiers to take desperate measures

Obama ‘will not rest’ until healthcare reformed

STIMULUS WATCH: Early road aid leaves out neediest

Official: More than 1M child prostitutes in India

Bob Graham: I Wasn’t Told About Waterboarding Or EITs In My Briefing

High health costs hit women hardest

Moderate Muslim Clerics Back Pakistan Offensive Against Taliban

Student at religious school willing to accept suspension to attend prom

ABC: Iraq Shooting Involved Ind.-Based Soldiers

Money launderers wash billions through international trade

Miss California (Prejean) in breach of contract, officials say

AIG sells Japan headquarters for $1.2 billion

Wal-Mart CEO Signs Petition Banning Gay Adoption

US sacks top Afghanistan general

Convicted soldier: 'You probably think I'm a monster'

Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi Has Died In A Libyan Prison

White House hits back at Cheney

Osama bin Laden "not alive": (Pakistan President) Zardari


Hoekstra calls for CIA documents to be declassified

Kenyan Mau Mau veterans to sue UK

Will Coleman concede? "Hell no," says RNC head

US senator (Schumer - NY) annoyed by spam call about car warranty

Venezuela seizes 2 tons of cocaine, arrest 3

Iran releases Roxana Seberi

Pope calls for a Palestinian homeland

UK files claim to seabed around the Falklands

Plane carrying Demjanjuk departs Cleveland airport

U.S. soldiers, attacked, kill a 12-year-old Iraqi boy

GM says open to moving from Detroit headquarters

Italy does not want to become 'multi-ethnic' says Silvio Berlusconi

'No Jews' policy employed at Austria hotel

(Senator Al) Franken Asks Court To Give Minnesota Governor A Direct Order

Obama wants estate tax hike, corporate loophole cuts

Myanmar junta allows doctor to see ailing Suu Kyi

Venezuela´s Chinese-technology cellular phone causes consumer frenzy

White House To Declassify “Holy Grail” Torture Report That Could Undercut Cheney

UN decries Sri Lanka 'bloodbath;' 106 children die

Flight 3407 crew violated 'sterile cockpit' rules; pilot had failed flight tests

Boy playing with toy gun is shot by sheriff's deputy

Sex Positive - Official Trailer

DNC Web Ad: Is it 1996? Or 2009?

Clinton's (UFO) Speech in Hong Kong 14 Sep 2005

CHENEY auditions for comedian at next year's WHCD: If I don't speak out, who will tell the truth?

Obama to $2 Trillion in Healthcare Savings

Capitol Hill Agenda: May 11, 2009

Obama to Extend Unemployment Benefits


Desperado: New Theme for the Conservative Movement

Meet the Office of Public Engagement – and the Citizen’s Briefing Book

Gibbs: Cheney and Rush "Going Forward By Looking Backward"

The Horror! Sweden, Socialist Hell!!11!!111cos(0)1!!!

GM Bankruptcy More Likely

The Truth About Gitmo Welfare

Critical Care Criticized

Michael Steele Responds To Obama Ribbing @ W.H. Correspondents Dinner

Obama Enlists Biden's Expertise About High Court.

In Schools, a Cautionary Video About America’s ‘Stuff’

Mayor Bloomberg On Charging The Homeless Rent

Fed's Lacker: Government Safety Net Encouraged Financial Risk.

White House distances itself from Wanda Sykes’s joke about Rush Limbaugh.

MSNBC's David Shuster Lets Loose On Fox News - "It's insanity over there"

GOP Faces Party ID Deficit Among All Age Groups

Balochistan is the ultimate prize (real reason for the "surge" in Afghanistsn?)

Right Wing Attacks President Obama for Star Trek Screening

Year of the Bible? Something Funny Here

Tell Vitter to Get Out of the Way

Governor Clintonism? Terry McAuliffe running for Governor in Virginia

Congressional Research Service/CRS Report "Presidential Records: Issues for the 111th Congress" pdf

Republicans Face Steep Uphill Climb Among Women (Gallup)

"CIA Headquarters Micromanaged Torture" by Jason Leopold (5-11-09 Truthout)

Senate Republicans Save Credit Card Companies.

World's Happiest Countries? Social Democracies

Three Questions About Obama's 'Major' Health Care Announcement Today

Obama Administration Plans to Strengthen Antitrust Rules

TYT: Pat Robertson Compares Gay Sex to Bestiality & Pedophilia (Cenk Reacts)

Enjoy the rally while it lasts - but expect to take a sucker punch

Mary Matalin: Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh Exemplify Conservatism

Is Obama Naive About the For-Profit Health Industry's Commitment to Real Reform?

We're Screwing Up the Health Care Debate

Federal Judge Scum that Conyers feels the need to warn - Keeps his pension too

New Rules, Enforce the Old Rules, Not One Antitrust Case 8 Years BushCo Pay to Play

Patrick Cockburn: The warlords casting a shadow over Afghanistan

TYT: Glenn Beck - Republicans Are Too Far Left! (Cenk Reacts)

Gordon Brown must go – by June 5

Allen Stanford Bought Protection From SEC With Drug Information

Prosecuting Torture: Is Time Really Running Out?

Is Whole Foods Just Another Evil Corporation?

Except That We WON'T Shut Up About Single Payer Health Care, No Matter What Senator "More Police" ..

Harvest of Suicides

Australia: Labor to take a knife to welfare in 2009 budget

Rush Limbaugh:The 20th Hijacker - Just One More Reason to Love Wanda Sykes

Meet the Press: Pakistan's president believes Osama bin Laden is dead

Employee Free Choice Act--Featuring Mary Beth Maxwell

Sick in the head: Why America won't get the health-care system it needs

Have you ever known personally someone who was very liberal minded

Fidel Castro defends Cuba's state-controlled press

Jose Miguel Vivanco is getting CREAMED over at the Miami Herald.

Venezuela´s Chinese-technology cellular phone causes consumer frenzy

Cuba-L Analysis: Obama in Port of Spain: No Light, Just Another Tunnel

Chavez and Morales Take on Sweeping Land Reform Measures

Venezuelan Gov't. Expropriates Petroleum Related Activities

FIDEL: "The Struggle Has Barely Begun"

ALBERTO JONES: "A Sincere and Painful Apology to US Cong. Black Caucus (and very important history)

Cuban parliament president dismisses Obama

Colombian president's ally arrested

BookTv segment with Reese Erlich on his book, Dateline Havana.

Venezuela's first locally made cellphone sells out

MORE FROM MACHETERA: "Yoani, the Pentagon Babe's Homies Write IN"

Venezuela seizes 2 tons of cocaine, arrest 3

Repsol eyes boosting gas output in Bolivia

EU Says No Progress with Cuba on Human Rights- FM Bruno Rodriguez in Brussels

Bolivia Textile Workers Demand Ban on Sale of Used U.S. Clothes

JR: "Chavez Lambastes Report from Inter-American Commission on Human Rights"

So, Stanford worked with DEA

Strike Shuts Down Banana Plantations in Northern Colombia

VEN INFO OFFICE - Action: Miami Herald Presents Venezuelan Opposition Claims as Facts

Obama's courtesy undermines Chávez

Cuba Cutting Internet Access

Moreton Bay's oil slick pelicans set for release

Carolyn Baker Reviews Mike Ruppert's 'A Presidential Energy Policy'

A Cautionary Video About America’s ‘Stuff’

High Human Impact Ocean Areas Along U.S. West Coast Revealed—Climate change, fishing…shipping…

New research shows how oil gets stuck underground

Peak oil review - May 11

DrumBeat: May 11, 2009

New Nanocrystals Show Potential for Cheap Lasers, New Lighting

I posted something in GD, when it should have been posted here ...

Carnegie Mellon's Peter Adams Finds No Link Between Cloud Coverage and Global Warming

How to hedge rising gasoline prices - so that even if gas prices go up you break even.

Canadians barely support carbon tax; don't like B.C. carbon tax, poll finds

(UK) Government climate change report calls for new institutions to curb global warming

Whaling peace talks 'fall short' (BBC)

Ottawa invention aims to quiet helicopters, wind turbines

New Report Challenges Searchinger et al, ILUC Study (re biofuels)

Fuel-cell car rally opens Norway's hydrogen highway

High-pressure compound could be key to hydrogen-powered vehicles

San Francisco OKs California’s Largest Municipal Solar Project

DOE to slash fuel cell vehicle research

China Outpaces U.S. in Cleaner Coal-Fired Plants

NOAA Researchers: Blue Whales Re-estabishing Former Migration Patterns

Minnesota Company Pushes Aquatic Plant Herbicides

Nuclear plant to wipe out 765 acres of wetlands

I'm not sure what's the better definition of waterboarding.

Giants take 2 of 3 from Dodgers*...Pirates lose 8th straight..

How is it possible that Mark Cuban keeps giving me reasons to loathe him?


But, but... how is God going to watch his favorite team???

Any Seattle-area folks here? *Offer inside*

MORE criticism of the Searchinger et al "study" - overstated land needed for substitution by 100%.

Old movie to see again: They Shoot Horses, Don't They

Today in labor history May 11 Some 260,000 workers joined the walkout, thencrushed by federal troops

Backlash: Women Bullying Women at Work

Leaders in Investment Community Speak Out for Employee Free Choice

You can get Single Payer on the table - we just need 1 more senator to help

A Journey Through Darkness

Congress Plans Incentives for Healthy Habits

new med for type 2 diabetes

Industry Pledges to Control Health Care Costs

Too broke for the ER, patients flee

Whats the deal with Homophobic ex-football players starting Mega Churches?

Carrie Prejean to lose her crown today?

Showdown looms over NY gay marriage

Transgendered student told she will not be coming back next year

Netanyahu: Israel must ease restrictions on Palestinians

'88% of prisoners in Palestinian jails being held without trial'

White Phosphorus claim after fatal air strikes in Afghanistan

Netanyahu meeting with Obama decides Mid-East’s future, says Abdullah

New Phase in US-Israel Relations?

IDF fighters arrested on suspicion of plunder

Ask your sons - Gideon Levy

'Obama to urge Muslim world to recognize Israel'

Israel knows that peace just doesn't pay - Amira Hass

Jerusalem worried over breakdown of U.S.-Israel cooperation under Obama

Belgian opera shows Jew raping woman in anti-Israel piece

The paradox of Israel's pursuit of might

Group asks Toronto mayor to prevent play

Netanyahu meeting with Obama decides Mid-East’s future, says Abdullah

WashPost: Army Families Coming Apart at the Seams

UN Security Council calls for a Palestinian state

Pope in Israel calls for Palestinian homeland

US aid to Israel to continue despite crisis

Economic high ground

HOw you can hedge against rising gas prices.

Estimate of Budget Deficit Now Tops $1.84 Trillion

Just received my hyperdrive

kitten picture of the day for monday may 11

Didgeridoos, Poi and Kids- LEAF Festival

Garen Tour Dial up warning

Sunday morning beach rugby

I'd like to introduce you to someone


Some birds from my birding trip yesterday


This might sound strange but.......

Chicken shit asteroid veers away at last minute

Space Shuttle Colbert to launch from Colbert Space Center at 2:01 PM EDT Today- Watch Live!

A toast to WFPC2, Hubble's incredible camera that helped change our view of the universe

The Day The Universe Froze: New Model For Dark Energy


deity-free religions?

Tofu help needed...

Obama wants to turn around 5,000 failing schools

What is "so special" about sea salt?

Failures of Air Defense Protocols on 9/11

Where was bulk of Flight 93 wreckage *before* cleanup started?

McCracken bows out (Austin mayor's runoff race)

Judge will learn his fate today (Samuel Kent)

In honor of the new Star Trek movie, here's a great music video.

I'm trying to find a movie

World War Z after 2010?

Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans

Ottawa mayor offered opponent money, federal job, court hears

CBC faces further cuts of up to $56M in 2010

Global warming critics appointed to science boards