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Speaking of photos, soldiers and Bush war criminals, never forget Abu Ghraib

Self Deleted. NT

Rush/Dick Love-Fest-Why Rush Limbaugh Ought to Be Force-Fed His Own Liposuctioned Fat (Rude Pundit)

Via the Washington Note: Wilkerson on "The Truth About Richard Bruce Cheney"

Hannity Still Playing Dumb About Nugent's Using the "B" Word On His Show

Feinstein asks for access to detainee photos

"Shrill, Baby, Shrill"

we have seen waterboarding pictures before..why not now president obama ?

New Revelations in Autism: "Imaging Study Finds Evidence Of Social Orienting Ability

CIA Refuses to Turn Over Torture Tape Documents to ACLU

Bybee declines to testify on torture memos

How much more can the Palins take? 'UFO spotted over Bristol'.

They call us Democrat Socialists, I call them torturing repub Nazis.

They call us Democrat Socialists, I call them torturing repub Nazis.

They call us Democrat Socialists, I call them torturing repub Nazis.

Things are only going to get worse for the conservative movement

It's not chess, y'know. It's a bridge tournament. Some decks aren't full, a few of the

Holy Shite Rachel just nailed Zelikow

Did this asshole deserve this?

Name Sarah Palin's porno movie!

Did Rachel just call that woman "Spermy"

Jobs working for the House and Senate in D.C. and elsewhere

Roland Burris and Mark Begich.

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win TWO SIGNED BOOKS by Hillary Rodham Clinton!

Question about Psychiatry, Therapists, records and right to privacy.

Preach it Turley

Senate Rejects Limit On Credit-Card Interest Rates

Sheldon Whitehouse on KO

Should Germany have been made to publish photos/videos of extermination camps?

Please remember to vote for Adam Lambert tonight on American Idol and take a stand against hate and

An official apology needs to be drafted by Congress and sent to the President

Senate Democrats want Gitmo inmates kept out of US

Waterboarding Experiment

Bill Clinton on Cheney’s re-emergence: ‘It’s over.’

So...the GOP wants to call the Democrats the...

Sarah Palin and ghost "righting"

I Can Think Of No Moniker More Damnable Than "Republican"

Batten Down the Hatches, Midwesterners

Pix of Proud Democratic Socialist

Lieberman, Graham Will Offer Amendment on Prisoner Photos

What Obama doesn't want you to see.

Awww..posting .just for fun......

Torture. Why did bush, Inc. have to torture detainees to get them to say

***** HEARING Senate Judiciary - Lawyers Who Approved TORTURE *****

STS-125/Hubble servicing mission Crew Videos - Flight Days 2 & 3

Taliban Attacks Targets on Both Sides of Pakistan Border

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"Democratic Socialist Party?" Sounds like the "National Socialist Party," better known as Nazis

A real simple question

Just LOOK at the back of this idiot's car! (pic)

Steven Chu - So Smart, He's Clueless

Swine Flu May Be Human Error; WHO Investigates Claim

Caller on Randi's show: Cheney personally oversaw torture (undisclosed location

10 yr old with cap gun arrested, accused of making "terroristic threats"

We won't really begin to win until we promote the progressive agenda as diligently as if it were a

New Republican support for LGBT equality.

Wanda Sykes: Mom Of Twins!

Some uncomfortable realities

John McCain's 97-year-old mother trashes Limbaugh on Leno.

2 recent Senate votes that prove...

Ron Howard and Tom Hanks from "Angels & Demons" - Charlie Rose tonight

Phelps Klan to descend on Key West HS, calls motto 'One Human Family' a 'doctrine of Satan'

White House Czar Calls for End to 'War on Drugs'

Thank you Sheldon

Obama does his homework and ends up doing the right thing - That's why in IMHO he will go down

The National Twinkie Defense (Slate)

"When truth is buried underground, it grows"

It's great to see the DNC (Do Nothing Congress) has sided with the crooked bankers...........

Since the GOP's renaming us, I hereby dub the GOP the Republic Fascist Party.

Creative Reponse Concepts Public Relations Firm is very creative.

You can watch Obama's Arizona State commencement speech here...

Another Fucking War?!!!? Are US troops in Mexico?

Head Start teacher charged with kicking preschoolers

MSNBC is totally sucking off Limpballs this morning -- sickening

WJ this morning - WH blocks photos

"Titilation" is not what the abuse (not torture - that is a different thing) photos are about

Joey Scum: I'm a free-market guy BUT

I'm tired of being called a Marxist Leninist who murders babies

As Cheney Seizes Spotlight, Many Republicans Wince

Toles cartoon Obama and Health Industry costs cuts

Aug 31st 2007--"...the economy "remains strong enough to weather any turbulance."...

I Don't Feel Very Sorry For Credit Card Holders

Q: What is Quieter than Newt Gingrich in 1994?

Exonerated death row inmate: 'Took 'em long enough'

Cruel and Unusual: I get the cruel, but what did the founding fathers mean by unusual?

Cheney's Role Deepens: His Office Suggested Waterboarding

Cheney's Role Deepens

Fraud charges against Mozilo of Countrywide

Jan Crawford Greenburg on WJ discussing Supreme Court

At least 10 immigrants dead off Boynton Inlet; 17 rescued; search continues, after packed boat flips

Heads Up Genl. Myers on WJ for

More written testimony from a former AF interrogator, Major Matthew Alexander

Strong taste of irony in my morning coffee...

w t f ?

someone explain this to me...

Report: much of 9/11 Commission’s findings cite intelligence garnered by torture

GOP Strategists to Cheney: Enough, Already

May 15 Is National “Endangered Species Day”

Obama Angers ACLU

Herschel and Planck space telescopes scheduled for launch at 9:12 AM EDT

Uganda’s Anti-Gay Campaign Snares LGBT People and Rival Pastors, Tabloid Promises More “Outings”

Taxpayers give Billions to Save GM... Company ships Jobs to China and Mexico

Support the Troops...SCREW THE BRASS. Keeping the photos private is all about THE BRASS

Susan Sontag on the Abu Ghraib photos:

Why does anyone trust Cheney? Isn't he the same guy who thought Mandela was a terrorist?

Tea party leader/insane clown also major tax fraud, apparently

Blogger Marcy Wheeler of Emptywheel Wins Prestigious Hillman Foundation Award

let's pause to remember the classy quote from mr cheney on jun 25th, 2004

How difficult will it be to prosecute anyone for torture?

FBI investigation into Norm Coleman's bribery scandals expanding

Sickened Iraq veterans from Oregon seek help

GOP will use spiking gas prices against climate bill

An affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America is training young people to confront terrorism

Unions mark International Day Against Homophobia

My sister sent this to me.

Guess what, there needs to be some "anti-American opinion"!

what is the best service

Obama: Torture photos "are not particularly sensational" compared to images from Abu Ghraib

Begala To Obama Re Torture: 'NO Avoiding The Issue-It Will NOT Go Away-Wishing It Away WON'T Work'

The power of images

Damn those tricks my eyes play on me;

OK,someone explain to me

What I wrote in my FREE FAX to my Senator on the Finance Committee

KO should forget about the "WTF Moment" segment.

Obama Shoes, backpack, and

General: "If the President wanted to dismiss Geneva, what was a mere general to do?"

21st century "Footloose" in Findlay Ohio

I don't buy this excuse about the torture pics for a second.

Should Happen Every Time Rumsfeld Goes Outside; "War criminal! Arrest this man!

Should Happen Every Time Rumsfeld Goes Outside; "War criminal! Arrest this man!

If pictures of torture make us unsafe, why does torture make us safe?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Obama Justice Department Continues to Cover Up Bush-Era Crimes

If we know that torture causes people to say anything to get the torture

A reason Obama should accept the helicopters:

Obama takes risk with reversal on detainee photos

Why aren't FICO scores based on the number of months you pay off your

Look at what turned up in the White House's lost and found box

Stunning interview Bob Graham

LTTE in my local rag. Yikes!

Credit Card Oddity...they just LOWERED my rate

Liz Cheney Claims Victory In Obama Detainee Photo Reversal

Grammar mavens: Is it "bring to bear" or "bring to bare"?

All future entries, in English Dictionaries, of the word Integrity should look like that:

List of Chrysler Dealerships that are closing...

What is the reason you think Obama decided against releasing the photos?

Hey Twitter-haters, there's an astronaut twittering from orbit

Succesfull launch of ESA telescopes from French Guiana

Obama Town Hall Rio Rancho Live

Thriving Norway Provides an Economics Lesson

What do you think the right wing's response to Ali Soufan will be?

Fire the drug czar. End the war on drugs? Treat people instead of throwing them in the trash?

Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens - Who Just Saw That?

Fifth and FINAL Saul Landau Interview with Cuban Fiver Gerardo Hernandez

Names of the traitor Senate Democrats who voted with the banks yesterday

It's working -- help FIRE racist talk show host Severin

Dissecting the US Mainstream Media

CNN's 6 a.m. news show had a pot report - caution!

Time to tell Banks "we gave your bailout $ to credit card holders @ 0% interest to pay your bills"

Time to tell Banks "we gave your bailout $ to credit card holders @ 0% interest to pay your bills"

Michael Savage Turns to Hillary Clinton for help on UK Ban

51 Senators Open To Public Option

With Republicans it is all about perception

self-delete, dupe

See, My Blood Pressure Is Already Elevated, But Arguing With A Freeper...

Juan Cole believes Obama might not be releasing photos to keep Iraq withdrawal timetable

On the photos and the barebones of it, and why we all should see these photos

Girl allegedly uses gun to force sister to play

Girl allegedly uses gun to force sister to play

French vineyards take a big hit - loss 30% to 80% - 2 storms

What should be our number one talking point about the photos

McCain mom takes swipe at Limbaugh

Never forget who they build new aircraft carriers for.

What would you say the direction of the craziness in conservatism is?

Sorry Dick - your role is deepening and it's all over

Joe Lieberman on MSNBC

If I were a credit card company

US: Cuts in Social Security, Medicare to pay for bank bailouts

Checklist Fatigue Part I: A so-called 'survey' puts a 30-year safe driver out of service

What is the difference?

Tips for getting insurance when you have a pre-existing condition (CNN)

The Reason We Canceled Our Newspaper Subscription

Release Torture Photos In A Context That Will Link Them To Cheney And NOT OBAMA!

Were the "tea party" protests a ploy to conceal the REAL protests that were scheduled for april 15t

Tortured Detainee: told "if I did not co-operate I would be meeting the same fate as him(al-Libi)"

Robert Reich: The Truth Behind the Social Security and Medicare Alarm Bells

The Lieberman defense: We won't do it again, so drop it

Lieberman and others claim torture has been outlawed by Obama . . . well, sort of

Bankster slave Blanche Lincoln is on c-span 2 right now trying to get interest rates raised

The infamous "Question Nobody is Asking" about our treatment of detainees

The Rude Pundit: The Torture Hearing Is Merely Another Band-Aid

I made a mistake of watching The View. Barbara Walters defending torture

"No Greater Love" 104 year old woman cares for her little sister, 92

List of ACLU Action Alerts

D & D This is a living adventure/fantasy game: God does exist atheists.

The Republicans were also briefed on the torture

Pelosi: C.I.A. Misled Congress Over Waterboarding

A few observations about the resistance fighters' motives - Think of Pat Tillman.

I am unemployed but doing OK

Please help me understand some terminology...

Cheney’s Request For Torture Intel Denied — But He Can Appeal

Important Swine Flu Reminder!

My experience at ASU commencement/Obama's Speech...

The meta issue

Disagree With Some Part of Senate Credit Card Bill

You didn't have the will to Stop Bushco crimes; now "What is Torture?" trumps other Bushco CRIMES

Pwned by a beauty queen

City brace for shutdown of auto dealerships - what to do with empty car lots?

Lindsay Graham Likes to Watch

Outrageous ad seen.

Out of work? Pfizer is offering free viagra to the jobless!

Teabagger Leader Michael P. Leahy Accused Of Major Tax Fraud

The excuse for the Iraq War was a premeditated lie along with the tortured false confessions.

How human genes become patented (CNN) {lawsuit by ACLU!}

GOP says NO

Ghost towns forming in California

A Plan for Parents to Shut Down Schools

"How Do You Solve a Problem Like Dick Cheney?"

New Car Buying: "you should get a screaming deal"

GOP, continuing the work begun by Osama,

Nancy Pelosi or Bushco's CIA

Nancy Pelosi or Bushco's CIA

Mary Matalin: It’s all Obama’s fault that Cheney has to attack him

"So ... do you wish you had supported McCain?"

Habitat for Humanity Gets $100M Gift

podcast of the bob graham interview

podcast of the bob graham interview

The Debate Over the Guantanmo Detainees

This time, not releasing the photos is not about covering up.

Sessions: Gitmo detainees lucky they have "tropical breezes"

Wartime spending bill nears passage in House

Pelosi: CIA Briefing Notes Should Be Released

Pelosi: CIA Briefing Notes Should Be Released

"We don't use the Rasmussen poll at NBC." Norah O on MSNBC just now

For Americans, has the word torture lost its shock value?

There are at least four posts ostensively about me on our official stalker forum.

Nora O'Donnell I never thought I'd say it

Devils advocate on not release of torture photos, and rebuttals.

The torture photos did not come up at the Obama townhall meeting in NM

McCain mom takes swipe at Limbaugh

It's Bilderberger weekend! Will Gov Rick Perry of Texas be there?

The Miss California Story is Over. Except When It Isn't.

Why we must see the torture pictures

Is it time for a National Credit Card Payment Strike?

House war funding bill clears (anti-occupation) hurdle

Are the people who 'really run the world' meeting this weekend?

When the GOP's "Democrat Socialist Party" plot bombs, what name will they push for us next?

Specter: We're Close To A Compromise On EFCA

Teen killed by dad was carrying his baby

Great list of which Democrats voted AGAINST the 15% cap.

My Weird Medical Bill (Vinca's Mail Part Deux)

My Weird Medical Bill (Vinca's Mail Part Deux)

I think the world of Joe Biden, but I am so glad we are back to where

Obama administration turns down Cheney declassification request.

I think the Republican Party is a lost cause and here's why

Shanna Moakler's a class act

Bye Bye Gas Stations...

Convicted of torture, (wasn't it 'enhanced interrogation'?) in the US!

I get so tired of posters "imagining" Obama's "really good reasons" for breaking promises

Jonathan Turley on the Abu Ghraib photos:

Dog dodges traffic to help fellow canine

Connecticut House votes to abolish death penalty - face veto

Prosecutors to Question Rove on U.S. Attorney Firings

Just watched the newest DALLAS DNA episode - someone please talk me down

"That Jew"

the white house is sending out emails asking for input on health care...

Breaking - NH Governor Lynch to sign marriage equality bill - with additional religious protections

Perversion for profit! 1965 film

A glossary of Republican doublespeak

Top Rights Official at the UN Calls For Torture Inquiry

Cliff May is gas bag moron.

Nancy Pelosi was an accomplice to 'torture.'-By KARL ROVE

FBI investigates Norm Coleman

FBI investigates Norm Coleman

Torture Memos You Can Cheer


Habitat for Humanity gets $100 million gift

Alberto Gonzales: ‘Empathy’ Means A Judge Saying ‘I Don’t Care What The Law Says’

Michael Savage's son gives to Gavin Newsom's campagin

Klan Flag, Drugs, Bomb Seized In Late-Night Raid

Breaking News: Prosecutors to Question Rove on U.S. Attorney Firings

Arkansas GOP Senate Candidate Apologizes For Calling Schumer "That Jew"

Iraq: -- Murder, Torture. War Crimes. "It's in the past."

60-foot penis painted on roof

Obama can't keep torture under wraps

Some 100 detainees have been tortured to death. Have their dependents been compensated?

Lyndsey Graham sure as hell wants us to "move forward".

I've said it more than once, and I'll say it again.....

Definition of Torture-Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

What a legacy: talking about torture every single day

Having prisoners be naked, INDOORS.....

‘Tea Party’ Republicans Rebel Against National GOP

hey gov mark sanford...where was your fiscal outrage from 2003 thru 2008

The media buys the red herring (Pelosi) lock, stock & barrel.

Too Big to Jail? Cuomo Takes $20M to "Settle" Carlyle Group's Pension Fraud Role

Obama Considers Detaining Terror Suspects Indefinitely

It is very hard to be gender dysphoric somedays it just makes you want to scream

i can't believe the way the republics/media turn torture away from cheney and to pelosi

A real Socialist responds to ‘Democrat Socialist Party’ resolution

FTC sues to halt warranty 'robo-calls'

People saying it's socialism because Obama is capping crooked exec pay...

Apparently there aren't enough civil servants available to enforce the rule of law.

Bachmann is back! this time using a fired thief as her backup against.....ACORN

NewsBusters' Huston falsely claims Obama responsible for funding "Chinese hookers" study

Bob Graham: CIA Gave Me False Information About Interrogation Briefings

Krugman and Maureen Dowd ever date?

Wexler letter: Holding Holder to Honor his Sworn Duty

So, if this is just another of Obama's chess moves.....

Nancy Pelosi

Mo’ Money, Mo’ War

So now the MSM has also the infinte detention of prisoners

Napolitano caves to the right-wing; report on extremism pulled

is cheney forcing an investigation thinking he has 'proof' of complicity?

How does selecting Joe Biden as VP help Obama in protecting consumers and the working class?

Fiat To Chrysler: Cut Costs Or We Walk

Is it safe to assume that if Obama won't release the photos they are a lot worse than we imagined?

Elgin (IL) bans single-serve beer, wine

Schwarzenegger May Release 38K Prisoners Early To Save Cash

Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves

Why the Hill Country is running dry—and why it's a terrible omen for the rest of Texas.

If Dems were going to rename the Republican Party . . . what would we call it???

Ah the empire will do whatever the empire will do

We tortured to justify war...The single most pertinent question that Dick Cheney is never asked...

More on: "NYC Demands Rent from the Homeless"

Miss California on Cable News: Fox & Friends Gives Carrie Prejean Her Chance

After year with cancer, Kennedy focuses on legacy

Todd: Yes, Its that Bad for Republicans

Does getting emotional or making inflammatory statements help make an argument more convincing?

If Congress investigates Cheney and his involvement in torture ...

Myths That Must Die™ Reagan Edition: Reagan was a "great" communicator.

An Abundance of Legal Issues in the News: Questions for Lawyers and Law Students

Cuts in Social Security, Medicare to pay for bank bailouts

Anyone else feel like the US is circling the drain?

The Greatest Bait and Switch in History

This video of a US Marine shooting a wounded Iraqi like a dog in a mosque won't make them mad at us?

Reps. McCarthy and Israel announce "No fly, no buy" legislation.

Demanding an Afghanistan Exit Strategy

Moses was high on drugs: Israeli researcher

So ..... the Dear John letters went out to (now former) car dealers ......

Anyone else starting to wonder if the CIA committed a bloodless coup here while Bush was in office?

Special Olympics Asks Upstate Schools to “Ban the R Word”

Why do Democrats keep letting this happen?

Boner: 'I find it hard to imagine...'

fucking duncan hunter junior doesn't think waterboarding is torture

SC legislator wants to exclude gays from teen dating violence bill

Senator Whitehouse releases 2 previously classified "anti-torture" memos authored by Bush officials

Senator Whitehouse releases 2 previously classified "anti-torture" memos authored by Bush officials

Cuomo: Carlyle Group Will Pay $20M For Role In Pension Scandal

Pelosi verbatim (from Chicago Sun-Times) full remarks.

After years of berating Hillary Clinton, Savage asks her for help lifting his UK ban.

Josh Marshall: Sources Say- CHENEY's ROLE In TORTURE Will Turn Out To Be "Pretty BIG DEAL"

What is the algorithm that has grovel bot showing up in threads?

I am a proud member of the Democrat Socialist Party.

To the partisans amongst us

Norm Coleman Spotted on Capitol Hill

I'm a military spouse who wants the pictures released.

I'm a military spouse who wants the pictures released.

Our producers were instructed to feature two conservatives for every liberal

In case you missed Col WIlkerson on Rachel

Glen Greenwald's question to people defending Obama's position on torture photos

Obama--The one-term president

Is It So Essential That *We The People* Are Immediately Privy To The Photographs?

Saw Obama at ASU's graduation last night

Evidence Mounts the GOP is DEAD and needs burying ...The Stench is overpowering

When asking yourself whether or not Nancy Pelosi was complicit in torture,

Senate Caves to Banks: 21 Dems Join GOP to Kill Credit Card Rate Limit

Bush's 'Smoking Gun' Witness Found Dead: IndictBushNow files Freedom of Information Act lawsuit

May 13, 2009 "Untitled New Deal Photo Project" UPDATE

Dog dodges traffic to help fellow canine. Keeps police at bay

Col. Lawrence B. Wilkerson: The Truth About Richard Bruce Cheney

Stupidest quote of the week

You have $250 to give to charity -- who gets the money?

Chrysler closing 789 dealers


Leaked Torture Photos as heard on Thom Hartman

Ben Nelson Tougher On Obama's Nominees Than Bush's

Malia and Sasha get dragged through the mud:

Anyone else getting tired of "managed democracy"?

Bush's 'Smoking Gun' Witness Found Dead

I don't want those pictures released.

Thank You DU Community!

Col Wilkerson: AFTER 04 Photos Released-"THE CHENEY METHOD" of Interrogation-Shut Down-Nada-Nothing

SEE IT NOW! An American Right-Winger's Lament (apologies to the Beatles)

Bacteria Vs. Saharan Desertification

When PTSD Comes Marching Home

Why are credit card companies allowed to raise their rates, but ...

Higher profits are better than lower taxes!

Hypothetical question regarding torture photos ...

Kucinich Victory to Fund Lead Removal from Schools Passes in the House

Do you live in Nebraska? If you do, lemme ask you .........

I hope Rahm breaks his foot off in Ben Nelson's ass

repubs are TURNED ON by the very idea of torturing Muslims

And on a lighter note -- "Sarah Palin's Book Title - Time to Vote" - THE MUDFLATS

Pentagon Preps Soldier Telepathy Push

Frost warning for Hell

On those "Contractors" who tortured prisoners in Secrete CIA prisons

"Innocent have I come into prison, innocent have I been tortured, innocent must I die."

DU is going to donate $250 to a progressive non-profit. ONE LUCKY DUER WILL CHOOSE THE CHARITY!

That sound you just heard was Pelosi blowing the *blame her* points out of the water

That sound you just heard was Pelosi blowing the *blame her* points out of the water

Republican caught naked and having sex in the street asks the media to respect his privacy

When has the "ticking time bomb" scenario happened in real life?

Do you believe that high-ranking members of the bush-cheney cabal

List the Politicians you trust are geniune...

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! The winner of Wednesday's Signed Hillary Clinton Books Giveaway is...



Rep Kucinich: Healthcare is a Civil Right!

I finally saw that anti-Wal-Mart documentary, but I pose this question to you:

Honestly, I think we should just trust our President in every decision he makes.

Col Wilkerson Drops A BOMBSHELL-Bushco Priority For Intell NOT Aimed At Protecting American People

The Definitive Journey

Boehner: Now and Then

Cheney shot a man, caused inaccurate reports to filed with police, avoided questioning, and ........

Woman arrested for tresspassing in her own home

Dennis Kucinich: 'Get Out of Iraq. Get Out Afghanistan. Come Home America.'

A quote from Theodore Roosevelt -- pertinent today?

'Old South' frat targeted over Confederate event

Dear Mr. President: Do you really know how hard it is out here?

In reversal of campaign promise, Obama to continue military tribunals

Ave Maria, Florida, spawned six similar governments in state. Controlled top down.

Kucinich introduces resolution to strengthen economy while protecting workers and industries

Pilots are making $23K? - as reported on CNN

It's a tough call but I agree with the President on the photos.

Many on this board cheered for the truth when we thought these pics might be released under Bush

David Gregory's Meet the Press Hits New Ratings Low-Down 28% in Viewers

I don't give a flying fugg about Nancy Pelosi

June 1st could be Carrie Prejean Day - Oy Vey

Wow. Nancy's got balls of steel. She flatly and unequivocally accused the Director of the CIA

Take Over the Internet and RULE THE WORLD !!! - A thumbnail history

"If we need to keep evidence of torture, like photographs, secret, to protect our troops..."

My Weird Credit Card Bill

Hiding the pictures isn't to 'protect the troops'.

Hiding the pictures isn't to 'protect the troops'.

Hiding the pictures isn't to 'protect the troops'.

EL Monte cop kicks prone suspect (on live TV) after pursuit

EL Monte cop kicks prone suspect (on live TV) after pursuit

Can someone explain to me how the car dealership networks of the auto companies work?

Tony Blair to testify at SFRC meeting today - likely on new Middle East plan expected in a month

George Walker Bush's administration was the result of a coup Agree/Disagree

Obama is all talk and no action when it comes to LGBT issues

Do you like what you do for a iving? If you had a choice, whould you choose to do it?

Who here believes that phrase we keep hearing: The investigations into these torture incidents

so....... what happened to the great global Pandemic Flu??, looks like Baxter squeaked by again...




Paulson Forced Banks to Take TARP Money

Name Sarah Palin's book!

WTF?-Boy Scouts Training to "Confront Terrorism, Illegal Immigration & Escalating Border Violence"

WTF?-Boy Scouts Training to "Confront Terrorism, Illegal Immigration & Escalating Border Violence"

CIA Doctors Were Replaced with Contractors for Torture

I have a question about insurance and a car accident...

I have Skinner's Southern cousin on the phone.

I have DS1 on the phone. He thinks that Midlo is too needy.

You may not want more podcasts, but I'm giving them to you anyway

I know how George W. Bush should feel.

Zedppoles, Funnel cakes, water games

I have the entire lounge on the phone...

Bad DU fundraising idea

It's nice to see Grovelbot around.

I'm talking to PiGuy on the phone. He doesn't think BeachBaby should go through with the implants.

I have Geronimo sending smoke signals!!

Good news for TeenMidlo today, her local dealer just got out of jail just as she got back from-

Is the Lounge like a really bad Sitz Bath?

shhhh, you all need to be quiet now, L O S T season finale is on now

Rolling Stones - No expectations / You can't always get what you want

I can't prove it, but I suspect flvegan was involved...

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.

In general, what does a spider bite look like when it goes bad?

Panic In Detroit

I forgot it was picture day at work

Hey loungies...I miss you all. Last two weeks of school with students


why does love hurt so much?

There are just SO MANY possibilities here (pic)

What do you think Grovelbot does in his spare time?

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win TWO SIGNED BOOKS by Hillary Rodham Clinton!


"There Are Children Starving in Africa"....

Lake of the Clouds, Porcupine Mountains

Just started to watch the season finally of Lost (tivo) and I have no marijuana.


omg.. "this thread is locked or you can't reply to it"

Remind me not to hit Facebook next week before the Mountain Time airing of the AI finale...

Why is GROVELBOT's user profile disabled?

Some garden progress (pics ahead!)

I'm talking to Mr. Midlo on the phone. He thinks Midlo should go through with the implants.

Pardon the language, but I fucking hate network television.


Okay, if I move east, which one of you DUers will take me in?

Oh my Christ, it defies description: co-director of the Miss USA organization resigns

You do realize that Skinner has never said who signed the Clinton books.

Tony Romo fails to qualify for the U.S. Open

Going to sleep now. Keep the funny going, peeps. We'll show that JeffR what's what.


YooHoo!!!! BeachBaby!!! Guess who I just got off the phone with????

english is confusing

I just watched "Martian Child"

The waves are really crashing right now...

Five For Fighting - 100 Years

Orange Crush by R.E.M

I'm telling ya- there's SOMETHIN' outside the window...

Which Office Space character describes you at the moment?

I can't sleep .I 'm lonely and I miss my cats

Is the Lounge like a really bad sitcom?

Most damning evidence

Thank you!

Does anything take nailpolish off walls?

Maddy is a murderer

WTF!? My star is gone and it's not supposed to be gone until tomorrow

Miss Panama Contestant: "Confucius was one of whom invented confusion"

Ain't No Sunshine when she's gone

Harvey Keitel turned 70 today (well, now yesterday where I am)

Can I sleep in your arms tonight, Lady?

If I were a carpenter.. and you were a Lady.

Thinking outside the.... er... chair.......

Would a masters in neuroscience open any career doors

OMG! I was just exposed to Johnny Rebel tonight...

Motherfucking bastard assholes at Nick at Night.

I just had an amazing realization.. sort of an epiphany, really... but not

Is it just my imagination, or did DU just slip through

Pierre. Suave made a Natinals crack. And I'm meeting him for dinner tomorrow ..

A I (now with spoiler-alert goodness)'ve just been neutered, and you're reallllly thirsty

Making the world a better place, one bus at a time

Dokumenty Automatizmus Televisor

How long can a person go without a good nights sleep before they become a psycho bitch?!

nasa tv rocks

EWWW hazmat called for fridge cleanout

I think today's is the best prize so far

Ever have your tooth fall asleep?

Billups, Anthony lift Nuggets into West finals

Are you crazy terrified of bad weather?

Man loses €23,000 in cash during convertible test drive

Man loses €23,000 in cash during convertible test drive

Any of you geniuses know where my mac stores desktop pictures?

Did the "Whiter Teeth" banner bug anyone else?

Greatest Morrison?

A Taste for Gratuitous Violence: Do We Have To See it All?

Just received 10 credits! And Job interview tomorrow! Mojo Them Lounge Vibes Over Here, Babycakes!

Remembering DUers

Hey TurtleZoot, WTF DID YOU DO?

Business Owner Loses $60K In Bold Craigslist Con

Your favorite Star Trek: TNG characters?

Overcoming: a series of reflections dealing with the vagaries in the tapestry of life

Good morning Lounge

Missouri mother accused of using her 1-year-old child to shield man from police Taser

"Are you wearing an underwire bra today?"

Fort Worth soldier's, um, boxers make him famous

State of the Lounge

Does this thread make my butt look big?

I think this is my favorite smilie

Is it ok to use pics or smilies from someone else's photobucket?

Girl allegedly uses gun to force sister to play


Grammar mavens: Is it "bring to bear" or "bring to bare"?

Spanish study shows cocaine in the air

Cocaine's one helluva Drug - Iggy Pop Edition

Google just isn't working for me today

my fingers smell like stinky cheese

Mumbai authorities tear down 'Slumdog' star's home

Uh oh. Those photos of me on the windy day when my pants accidentally blew open have hit the Web...

I think that one of the DU prizes should be "Dinner with a Happy Ending" with Grovelbot.

Oooh look! $9,266,500 worth of the art!

Is it wrong to pray for bricks to kill Dane Cook?

My butt keeps calling me on my cell. I think my butt is stalking me!

i looked at that thread about shitting bricks

Been boring in here. I may have to get stinking drunk tonight and post how NFL players are pussies.

Cocaine just isn't working for me today

I think that one of the DU prizes should be an afternoon of "Hoop skirts with Michelle Obama".

Been boring in here. I may have to get stinking drunk tonight and post how NFL players are wimps.

First, gmail craps out on me, and now, Pandora


I think that one of the DU prizes should be "Shoot hoops with Michelle Obama".

Is it wrong to get a vicarious thrill from knowing that posting Pussycats pisses certain people off?

Is it wrong to get a vicarious thrill from knowing that posting copycats pisses certain people off?

Everyone should start wiring cash to LynneSin NOW

Have you ever actually shat a brick?

'Star Trek' Tech We Use Today (Almost)


What kind of Prizes do you think they have at the Free Republic Fundraiser - post yours here

Dad had his surgery. So far everything seems ok. I will know more details tomorrow as far

Which should I get for my dogs?

If religion is the opiate of the masses...

Hey Twitter-haters, there's an astronaut twittering from orbit


Is it me, or are Iggy Pop, Nick Cave and Bowie al channeling Jim Morrison at some point?

Any pagan god or goddess worshippers around here

I think that one of the DU prizes should be "Shoot smack with Axl Rose"

Beyonce's song Halo

Is it wrong to admit that no matter what happens, i will always be behind raccoon?

Is anyone else having page-loading probems with DU...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/14/2009)

Anyone seen a squirrel like this?

Are you a Hottie or a Nottie?

Is it wrong to pray that Dane Cook gets esophageal cancer?

I want to create a threat that never dies.

When did 'jumping the shark' jump the shark?

I want to create thread that never frays.

I want to create a thread that's a bad pun on "I want to create a thread that never dies" thread

"We' in the Golden Age of animation"

someone posted something about a deepfried hamburger being a heat attack or something?

OK, which one of you broke Google?

SPRING PHOTO Preliminaries are up in GD

Is it wrong of me to keep asking if something is wrong of me to do, say, think, etc.?

The lights keep flickering at work

Is it wrong to pray that Datasuspect gets into therapy? nt

Does your butt ever cell phone dial people?

Does anyone ever use their butt set to dial their friends?

Make it fast, make it Argent. Argent. Emergency!

How did Disco morph into New Wave and Punk???


Poll: The telephone, the telephone, the glorious telephone...

Poll: The telephone, the telephone, the glorious telephone...

They're making a movie of Stephen King's "From a Buick 8"

Is my nephew just unsophisticated, or is he a jerk?

Springfield man gets 90 days for shooting wife during sex

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/14/09

I got my labs back today

teh moderatorators drank all my scutch!


Dane Cook....

Aside from winger pundits, I would rather have root canal than watch FITB on television?

Pan fried, cheese-stuffed hamburger. Really!

OMFG. the governor just authorized

"Why are YOU in your yard?!" I don't know why that strikes me as so funny,

I'm going to see Spinal Tap (sort of) tonight!

The feral cat that bit me is back. Sitting on my back porch.

This guy really digs Black Sabbath...

I can't take anything datasuspect seriously until he changes his sig image

"Fatal Attraction" or "Single White Female". Which movie freaked you out the most?

Shia LaBeof is to acting as...


Children at recovery meetings. What's your opinion?

kitten picture of the day for wednesday may 13

At the risk of speaking heresy, I will state that there are some AWESOME Disco tunes

Some fun with my old turntable and my camera...

You're walking down the street by yourself...

Does your cell phone ever butt dial people?

When you order dinner take-out from a restaurant and pick it up do you tip them?

Is it wrong to pray for someone's death?

Did you ever Google the house you grew up in and get chills up your spine?

Is it wrong of me to worship redheaded women?

Happy Birthday, LynneSin!!!!!!

LOST finale wrap up articles- all with great points about what may be happening!

I was soooo happy that a robin family decided to move in on the

I can see sueNturtle In traffic

How should I feel about my ambivalence?

Is it possible to make rum-sicles?

Tell me about your weird COWORKER

My donor star crapped out 5 minutes ago...What are the prizes for the rest of the week?

A little over two hours, freepers. Get ready for the epicness

What? Still nothing?

Question about citing sources

Is it wrong of me to worship brunette women?


Going for Puerto Rican take out for dinner - what would you like?

Today is LynneSin's 50th birthday

Anyone ever work on base as a civilian employee for the military?

For those of you who think that North Jersey Stinks...

Doves - Kingdom of Rust

My chambers coil is overloaded.


When NOT to hyphenate your name....

Did you get into trouble as a kid because you played with toys that did not "fit" your gender?

G.G. Allin. Discuss

Euthanized my 6-year-old cat today.

Just received my second Poetry scholarship of the summer!

What's your favorite Who song?

Tell me about your weird neighbor

Meghan McCain@ WH Correspondents dinner: FIRE THE STYLIST!

Richard Wolffe is on with Keith, and says the photos will eventually come out

Blackmun Had High Praise for Clerk Diane Wood

Possible SupCo nominee shows no extra caution (Wood)

NYT: A Premium on Secrecy in Vetting of Court Pick

Glenn Greenwald reacts to President Obama's decision not to release detainee abuse photos

***HEADS UP*** Air Force One lands in Arizona; Obama to speak at ASU

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win TWO SIGNED BOOKS by Hillary Rodham Clinton!

Interesting video of Obama's statement on the photos

CNN: Sources: High court selection process down to finalists

A very interesting article in the NYT Sunday Magazine about National Health Care...


Soldiers in danger!!

The Obama Scholars

PHOTOS: Obama at the ASU Commencement

President: "Daily labor that accumulates over a lifetime is a "Body of Work""

David Gergan said he couldn't follow all of it. CNN sux

Why are we getting live coverage of a college commencement address with President O?

Myth: 4 memos released by President Obama tell the whole story about torture

I LOVE watching these repugs on Az local news PRAISING Obama.

Pesident Obama: What You Were Expecting?

Why President Obama? Why are the planners of this torture getting a free pass, when....

ASU Could Not Have Dreamt of a Better Commencement Address.

AZ State, Notre Dame

Perhaps they are delaying the release of the Torture Photos

ASU live stream - Obama's speech (w countdown) link:

So how long do we end up waiting for the photos to be released? Indefinitely?

Obama Weighs Indefinite Detention (why is Lindsay Graham involved?)

A little respect, please - reducing the rate of growth is not reducing current costs!

For Democrats, Unease Grows Over National Security Policy

We are told that releasing the photos will only be

Release the photos.... after our troops are out of the middle east

Joan Walsh: "As long as Obama covers up and refuses to prosecute torture, the Dark Lord prevails"

"I embrace the notion that I have not done enough in my life"

Just on MSNBC: "...Obama, the pro-life president..."

No torture, we get Saddam. Torture people and bin Laden is free

Truth be told.. I just don't know what is right or wrong

The Whitehouse caves again, this time on the DHS report!

Reported today that 90% of Notre Dame people are enthusiastically looking forward to Obama.

if Obama and team don't want the photos shown in order 'To Catch A Torturer'

Gen Myers trying to save his ass with a new book on Wash. Journal

Tea party leader/insane clown also major tax fraud, apparently

Question: Did the Media televise the Torture investigation hearings in the Senate?

Our President - Today, He is The Darling of the Right Wing Neo-Cons and Torture Supporters.

Jim Cramer Plans Revenge on Jon Stewart

NYT - Republican attackpoints on healthcare and some responses

The pictures were to be released to the ACLU. Who even says they

FBI Investigating Coleman

Haaretz: President Obama warns Israeli PM Netanyahu: Don't surprise me with Iran strike

Barack Obama put my cat in a blender

Obama Administration to Cheney: Request Denied

RW Talking Point to watch for

Washington Times Runs Obama Girls' Photo With Story About Murdered Chicago Kids

Calling about 5000 DUers if you're out there--need some help here

What does the Solicitor General do?

About Obama not releasing the photos -

White House Drug Czar calls for end of "War on Drugs" analogy

Fear can be a healthy survival instinct, especially when not used to manipulate

Presidential motorcade pulls in at school for 75-minute town hall on credit card reform.

President Obama's Commencement Speech at ASU (FULL)

If you need to see photos, especially when we all ready know what happened, you are SICK.

Trivial question of the night- why is Obama wearing a blue hood on his robe?

Are the republicans once again taking a flying leap off a short pier? Don't mess with Pelosi

The Vast Majority of Soldiers Did Not Torture. Would YOU Put them in unnecessary Danger?

Lieberman up to no good vis a vis those torture photos.

Obama Considers Detaining Terror Suspects Indefinitely And Without Trials

“What Went Wrong: Torture and the Office of Legal Counsel in the Bush Administration”

Kim Hendren, the GOP's only candidate so far against Blanche Lincoln called Chuck Schumer "that Jew

What would happen if someone takes the photos to the NYT and the Times says it'll publish them?

MSNBC is saying that Cheney suggested torturing to get a prisoner

Will the Obama administration obey a federal judge on the photo release or will they

Anyone really believe what the CIA says?

Chris Matthews stumps Sanford by asking him what expenses he'd cut.

Iran /Contra: Where are they now:

Yesterday I bought some Barick Obama cheese

Michael Moore's take on Photo-gate

Why are the media talking about Pelosi when they should be talking about Bush (torture)

Thinking Again About Those Photos - And Obama's Rope-A-Dope Ways

Wouldn't it be great if Obama was using the power of the Presidency to push for progressive

Pelosi needs parsing lessons from Bill Clinton

“The Strategic Debate Over Afghanistan” (STRATFOR), useful background re Obama’s new strategy.

Far worse than the failure to release torture photos

What an arrogant POS Marine on Hardball.....

What is the definition of a "Democrat?"

Photos and saving lives

Desperation: Repub now trying to claim waterboarding was legal

Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Yes, I judge Obama by a different standard than I judge(d) bushco


Did Obama Just Officially Give Bush & Co a Pass on Gitmo Torture?

If it comes down to offering political protection for Speaker Pelosi or

You buy a new house. You remove the bag of trash rotting in the basement

Thank You George Bush For Keeping Us Safe.

Looking back at the Obama administration

When should the photos be released?

Here's the part that bothers me: Pres. Obama claiming that it was A FEW PEOPLE...

The only pictures I need to see

The U.S. committed war crimes and now some are blatantly lying to cover their asses. (updated)

I'm tired of people telling me to shut up for telling people to shut up!!

If torture HAD to be done - and it was still illegal

Republicans are dangling Pelosi over the torture cliff because it works

White House Czar Calls for End to 'War on Drugs'

Resident relationship experts.... I need some advice.

Rick Warren must not speak at the commencement.

Obama town hall transcript

Won't release photos because...

Why Obama not publicizing the new torture photos is a BRILLIANT political move...

George Will says he Obama administration has "Tincture of Lawlessness."

PHOTO Phew, a friendly face.


here's the REAL reason why obama didn't release the photos: fear of an embarassing incident

Friday Prosecutors to Question Rove on U.S. Attorney Firings

Get your red hot OBama Flip-Flops right here!

I would like to see Obama release the photographs. I understand why he will not.

Transparency means transparency when things are hard

*Good Order and Discipline* is THE REASON that the Photos must be released ASAP.

Who anointed Jonathan Turley the premier expert on constitutional law?

If Bush would have used the same excuses as Obama, this place would go nuts!

When the Abu Ghraib pics were released, how many here claimed that our troops had been endangered?

Obama administration to expand housing plan

Jonathan Turley coming up on Big Ed to discuss the non-release of the photos

Ask these Dead People what the Release of the Abu Ghraib Photos Gained them

Poll: Barack Obama - Corporate Frontman? People's champion?

Military Families Applaud Decision To Stop Detainee Photos

Can we get back to being normal please?

My Class Had Their Wax Museum Today

Who is the source of the "Obama is playing chess" magical thinking ploy?

When you see will shit bricks

Help me out--Post the best jokes you've heard lately

Match Game Story: "Wednesday had no match game because Rabrrrrrr's ____ was firmly up his ass."

This Is a Drive-by Post! Fire Away!

Feingold objected to CIA torture in classified letter


Prentice warns U.S. against border carbon tax

Steelworkers President: Workers Must Fight To Save Auto Industry, Manufacturing And To Reverse Trade

Lindsey Graham: Cheney Put People in Gitmo Who Weren’t Military Threat

Indonesia willing to lead Somalia force-U.N. official

SoCal counties to check suspects' immigrant status

Sony reports $1 bln annual loss, sees more red ink

Brazil airs state secrets (from former military dictatorship)

Myanmar's Suu Kyi charged over U.S. intruder

(Zelikow) US detainee abuse 'unprecedented'

FBI Investigating Coleman In Minnesota

E-Verify program confirming workers' legal status grows in popularity

Obama Angers ACLU

Taliban warns Pakistani politicians

At least 9 dead, 16 saved after migrant boat sinks off Florida

Afghan-Pakistan border bomb blast

U.N. rights chief urges Obama to prosecute torturers

Afghan police: 11 insurgents killed in south

'Exodus' from Sri Lanka war zone

North Korea to Try U.S. Journalists

Zelikow: My Alternative Torture Memo Has Been Found And Is Being Reviewed For Declassification

Indonesia launches Southeast Asia's biggest marine park

In Iraq, an exodus of Christians (hundreds of thousands have fled since 2003)

Senator calls for 'truth commission' to probe Bush-era interrogations

FT: New US jobless claims unexpectedly jump

China says US spy accusation 'totally made up'

Gunmen try to shoot Iraqi cleric Sadr's spokesman

Mississippi: Barbour Signs Cigarette Tax

Obama takes risk with reversal on detainee photos

Documents: Paulson forced 9 bank CEOs to take TARP

Weekly jobless claims up more than expected (Continuing claims set a record for 15th straight week)

Half Of Interstate 80 Bridge Closed For Safety

Police accidentally tear gas school(Turkey)

BofA sells $7.3B stake in China Construction Bank

Are the people who 'really run the world' meeting this weekend?

Obama Town Hall Rio Rancho Live

Senator calls for 'truth commission' to probe Bush-era interrogations

Republicans needed 51 votes and Democrats need 60 votes to get things passed in the Senate

Fear of gas attacks keeps Afghan girls from school

Man who used credit card to mail bogus anthrax threat pleads guilty

Fiat To Chrysler: Cut Costs Or We Walk

Chrysler closing 789 dealerships

Bill Clinton: Cheney should stick to target practice

Washington Times Runs Obama Girls' Photo With Story About Murdered Chicago Kids

Leaked Torture Photos as heard on Thom Hartman

Obama Considers Detaining Terror Suspects Indefinitely

ESA en route to the origins of the Universe

Gingrich joins (San Francisco) Examiner commentary team

Detained U.S. Journalists to Face Trial in N. Korea

Russia offers to revive European arms-control deal

Prosecutors to Question Rove on U.S. Attorney Firings

New Hampshire governor says he'll sign same-sex marriage bill

Google Suffers Widespread Outage: Quick Fix Promised

Obama Administration to Cheney: Request Denied

UAE Torture Tapes Shock House Hearing

Pardon me, but nobody is censoring you.

Tenn. nixes marriage of transgender woman, man

Polish Priest Publishes Sex Guide

History will rehab Bush administration: (Condi) Rice

Obama Says His, Graduates' Best Work Ahead (ASU Commencement)

Defense firms eye benefits from Pentagon budget

GOP Sen. hopeful heard calling Schumer 'that Jew'

AP source: Obama has more than 6 people for court


Congress speeds to approve fresh war funds (including $108B for IMF)

Peru bans gay people from police

Auto Part Manufacturer Lays Off Nearly 600 In NE Ohio

Did Doctors Deny Iraq Shooter's Stress?

Texas Museum Acquires Michelangelo's 1st Painting

NASA to Pay Russia $51M Per Manned Launch

CIA denies Cheney request to declassify memos

Former Mexican president calls for legalizing marijuana

The Stars Come Out in Support of Employee Free Choice Act

Reassured Python leaves behind 20 eggs in Sri Lanka

Cornyn expects Hutchison to resign this fall

No cut in H-1B visas for Indians: US Consul-General

Tamiflu Developer: Swine Flu Could Have Come From Bio-Experiment Lab

Specter raises hopes for deal on major labor bill

(AG) Holder: Justice Department prepared to fight detainee photo release

ACLU seeks suspension of police officer seen kicking suspect in head

Another case of India link to credit card fraud in UK

Carlyle Group Admits Role In "Pay to Play" Scandal

Carlyle Group Admits Role In "Pay to Play" Scandal

Prosecutors to Question Rove on U.S. Attorney Firings

FTC sues to halt warranty 'robo-calls'

Cheney Will Appeal “Obama Admin’s” Decision To Deny Him Torture Intel

Cheney's Role Deepens (NBC Reports - VP's office suggested waterboarding)

Governor will sign gay marriage bill in NH if changes are made

Indefinite Detention Weighed

US has no plans to seize Pakistan's nuclear weapons: Boucher

Obama urges Congress to act on Credit Card bill

Obama warns Netanyahu: Don't surprise me with Iran strike

Outrage at 'slavery' in Bolivia

Eggs and shoes fly as investors vent their anger at directors

US 'fool' at center of Suu Kyi furor

Queens Educator Critically Ill With Swine Flu; 3 Schools Closed

White House Czar Calls for End to 'War on Drugs'

Senator Bob Graham: The CIA Made Up Two Briefing Sessions

"Slumdog" child star's Mumbai shanty home torn down

Free Lipitor, Viagra, Other Drugs for Jobless

Teen 'overworked to death' in jeans factory

For Explorer Scouts, Good Deeds Have Whole New Meaning (anti-terrorism+illegal immigration, pro-gun)

(New Audio) Schumer on torture 2004: 'Do what you have to do'

Obama To Continue Military Tribunals

Oldest Army Soldier Killed In Iraq

Pelosi says CIA misled her

Veterans boost McGovern bill calling for Afghanistan exit strategy

'Old South' frat targeted over Confederate event

Dying oceans 'life and death issue' (for humanity): Indonesia

I'll tell u what deserves further investigation: The whole Valerie Plame deal

Lindsey Claims Working on 'Indefinite Detention Legislation' with Obama White House

Countdown: Sen. Whitehouse Interview - On Zelikow Memo Ordered Destroyed "I've Seen It"


Democracy Now Headlines - Wed. MAY 13: The Baucus 13 (Single Payer Protesters)

LHC Report: Why did the LHC break down?

Countdown: Worst Persons In The World 5/13 - Gary Bauer Defends Torture Using Jesus; Teabagging Govs

Rachel Maddow: Zelikow Interview - "Didn't 9/11 Commission Order Interrogations?"

Jim Morrison Helps A Girl At The Doors Concert

Texas Soldier Murders 5 Other Troops at Counseling Center, Iraq -Pentagon Channel

Should One Of Your Genes Be Owned By A Company? 20% Already Are...

Inside Story - Pakistan's Army (contains an interesting discussion about their nukes)

Yusuf Islam - Peace Train

TYT: Debunking Outrageous Obama/Terrorist Comments On Fox News

ACLU Attorney On Obama's Flip-Flop On Release Of Torture Photos

So Damn Much Money

The GOP's New Global Warming Spin

Hannity has Prejean slow down the breast photo story like the friggin' Zapruder film. Step by Step!

Marc Maron Addresses the Class of 2009

High Level Govt Officials Say Obama Hiding '2,000 Photos WORSE Than Abu Ghraib'

NATO exercises provoke Russia

Rep Kucinich: Healthcare is a Civil Right!

YES WE KLAN Republican Theme Song

Summary Of Right Wing Media Attacks On Gay Marriage

Eggs Fly! at Irish Bank Meeting - Unhappy Shareholders Vent Anger

Rep. Shadegg: Rush Is Just 'A Television Personality,' But I Agree With Him On Global Warming

Why don't R People like Single Payer Health Care?

Obama On Blocking Torture Photos

Mike Farrell on taking a stand

What's Left of the News - Gay Marriage

Vintage Sexism:

National Tax On Booze & Smokes? by RSU

The Recession is Over?!

Activists Champion Single Payer Cause

Dr. Margaret Flowers at Capitol Hill Rally for Single Payer Healthcare

Scene from Goya's Ghost -- where the torturer's own techniques are used against him

Thom Hartmann - "Is the economy hurting your love life?”

Thom Hartmann - "Is the economy hurting your love life?”

Thom Hartmann - What does Taliban waterboarding US prisoners & GPS tracking stalkers have in common

Thom Hartmann - Do Corporate Tax our economy?!

CD's in Happy Meals Being Pulled -Hear the F-word? Even News Story Bleeped It!

Because Child Abuse Month didn't get much attention in April.

AIG Fed Res 'DECIDED BEST INTEREST' Pay More to Counterparties Credit Default Swaps

Real People DENIED Real Healhcare: Emily Cannon


President Obama's ASU Commencement Speech (FULL VERSION)

Pelosi "IT DOES NOT MAKE ME COMPLICIT" Daily Stmt - Methinks Lady Doth Protest Too Much

Code Pink were on hand to love former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

Grandma Gets Raided for Paying Off Her Mortgage in Full

The Frank Factor|For the Record|SA1062 Dems Cave to Corp. $$$$

Maddow: Democrat Socialist Party

Sam Sedor at Streaming Media East Conference.

Sam Sedor at Streaming Media East Conference.

TYT: Will Rep. Jan Schakowsky Run for the Senate? (Live On-Air Q.)

Marc Maron interviews Janeane Garafalo About Teabagger Stalking.

Artists For Workers Choice (EFCA)

A history of the Iraq War in 5 minutes

Hoekstra: Waterboarding is legal

Cenk: Obama Makes Terrible Decision - Will Not Release Torture Pics

Bill O'Reilly Marries A Turtle?

The Epic Battle for Employee Free Choice

Ari Melber on MSNBC: We are not in a debate about torture's efficacy -- torture is illegal.

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor: Atheists not fully human

On Countdown with Keith Olbermann, WTF??!?!?

Looks Like Single Payer Is Being Left Off The Plate

MUST WATCH!!!-Doctors Protest Senate for Single-Payer HealthCare-2/3

TYT: How Will The Press React To Obama's Photo Decision?

Nadler Tells Holder He's Required to Prosecute

FULL Pelosi statement and questions (19:34)

SMART REMARKS: Cheneysaurus Rex

Lawton Smalls Derides Universal Health Care: Break Room Live.

Nancy Pelosi Says C.I.A. Lied to Congress About Torture (Links Torture To Iraq War Lies)

Leahy takes on Cheney

Rachel Maddow: W/ Jonathan Turley on Obama Torture Photo Decision

When Closing Guantanamo's Little Prison Doesn't Mean What YOU Thought It Meant

The ULTIMATE Case for Gay Marriage

Company to Market 'All Excuses PreJeans'

Ex-Official Testifies About Efforts to Halt Harsh Tactics

Obama Healthcare Plan

Max Keiser - Money laundering through Israel 12/05/09

Replace Blackwater with ACORN, For Glenn Beck’s Sake

Women fights banksters for her house

Random Rush: The Torture Argument. Sam Seder on

Single Payer Healthcare HR-676 Guarantees Coverage for Everyone

"The American public needs to understand we're talking about rape and murder here."

TYT RANT: MSNBC Fails Vs. LC. What Should They Have Said Instead? (Ear-Muff The Kids)

If Bush Regime is so innocent, then why did they try to hide a pardon for the highest level members

Kafka for Dummies: The Absurd Debate over Torture!

The Logic of Picking Elena Kagan = EJ Dionne

You can keep your job -- if you move to India

Stealth Move in Washington Aims to Get $100 Billion for IMF Without Congressional Debate

White House Press Secretary Seizes Jeff Gannon's Vibrator

Pentagon Preparing For War With The Enemy: Russia by Rick Rozoff

GOP Thinks SCOTUS Nomination is a Reality Show

Rove: Pelosi was an accomplice to 'torture.'

Sifton: Torture Investigation Should Focus on Est. 100 Prisoner Deaths.

Sifton: Torture Investigation Should Focus on Est. 100 Prisoner Deaths.

For Obama, being president is like parallel parking.


Secret Memoir Offers Look Inside China’s Politics

Bloggers React to Detainee Photos Decision

GOP's Frank Luntz' Memo on Health Care; How to Fight Luntz

Why Did Michael P. Leahy Lead the Teabagging Movement?

Hey Americans, the Pundits Blame You for Bush and Cheney's Torture Policies

Credit-Card Law Has Painful Impact

Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More

'Offensive' commencement speech (Mitch McConnell)

(Boy) Scouts train to fight terrorists and more

'Ugly' Questions for Gen. Myers

Obama can't keep torture under wraps (Gude / The Guardian)

LAT Editorial: Release the torture photos

Problems that Won’t Wait By Timothy V. Gatto

Obama's Latest Effort to Conceal Evidence of Bush Era Crimes

Fear of Crime and Things to Come

Release the torture photos, Mr. President (Kansas City Star editorial)

National Health Plan to Contain $2 Trillion Deductible

Bailouts and Boots

Class War in America, the Ongoing Assault (Good Read)

America's growing surveillance state

Cheney lives on . Joan Walsh . Salon

America’s triple A rating is at risk (FT)


Pelosi: CIA lied to me about waterboarding

'tick tick tick tick - ticking time bomb...' - Rachel Maddow - Graham gets his due

(Indian) PM's daughter on Obama

Digby nails it: If You Can Excuse Torture, You Can Excuse Anything

Harkin says President Obama got the wrong advice on release of detainee photos

The IMF is destroying poor countries

The IMF Collects Debts on Behalf of the World's Largest Banks

If You're Angry About the Torture Photos, You're Being Played By Obama (Gawker)

Thriving Norway Provides an Economics Lesson

Spoof of Obama singing Jamie Foxx's

NY Times on Guns in National Parks: "Whose Senate is This?"

Bilderberg meeting in Greece

You know that I am thinking that after all the reports of the murders and rape committed by.........

Actor Mike Farrell at Capitol Hill Rally for Single Payer Healthcare

Guatemalan protests as leader faces murder claims

Peru bans gay people from police

Brazil airs state secrets

VENEZUELA Investigates Radio and Television Stations for Irresponsible Behavior

May 13 Broadcast of Radio Habana Cuba Interview with Leonard Weinglass - attorney for Cuban 5

Terrific Article about Jose Pertierra's life and the fight to extradite Posada to VEN

Book about US Interference in Cuba to be Launched in Havana

Youth Cuban 5 Conf. in Havana: US Put on Trial for Terrorism and Convicted

Fifth and FINAL Saul Landau Interview with Cuban Fiver Gerardo Hernandez

Colombia: Violence risks destabilizing the entire region

US eager for Cuba's return to diplomatic fold: official

9 Die as Haitian Immigrants’ Boat Sinks

Negotiations to nationalize Banco de Venezuela expected to end successfully

"Beyond the Media Hysteria on Hugo Chavez" - good article to give to others not familiar with Chavez

Jamming TV Marti - "Radial Aggression Against Cuba: Declassifying the Memory"

Outrage at 'slavery' in Bolivia

Jane Franklin: "Legitimization and Normalization of Terror" (US terrorist attacks on Cuba) EN/SP

Uruguay to lift ban on gays in the military

Diplomacy Underground: Tunnel Proposed to Grant Bolivia Access to Sea

Rich poor divide opens up at ocean talks

Peak oil notes - May 14

We can haz tiny anomaly! We can haz tiny anomaly!

Climate change: The biggest global-health threat of the 21st century

Indians are world's 'greenest': Survey

73 Days, 270 Miles, -90F - Hadow Team Picked Up, Ending Ice-Thickness Mission - AFP

Red List Update - 12% Of All Known Bird Species Endangered, 192 Species Critically Endangered - BBC

It's A CONSPIRACY, The Lords Say - Green Movement Becoming (GASP!) Politicized - Guardian

Good Green Books for Summer Reading Lists

Report warns against Coral Triangle collapse (CNN)

Ethanol may replace 20 pct of US, Europe mogas-Tony Hayward, CEO - BP -

30 Years Of Live-Trapping Data Show Mammal Species Moving Steadily North In Michigan - Mongabay

(Off Topic!) Studies Show LAM Patients Participate in Clinical Trials to Help Others, Not Themselves

BrightSource signs world’s biggest solar deal – again (CNNMoney/Fortune)

Melting Threat from West Antarctic Ice Sheet Less Than Expected but Could Hit U.S. Hardest, Study …

Why are we not doing more on this front? Geo-thermal

The energy cost of the inter-tubes

Further Hadow Team Data - "Hardly Ever" Encountered Old Ice; Ice 50% Thinner Than Projected

DrumBeat: May 14, 2009

EVA GOLINGER: BOLIVIA-Newly Declassified Docs Show USAID $97 M Funding to Separatist Projects

What? The Dodgers have the best record in the majors?

Maverick confusion, Which is the best logo?

The Dodgers win again.

Giants now 4 games back of the Dodgers

Why LA is the best team in the majors:

CWA Rejects AT&T's "Last Offer" As A Step Backward For Workers At The Profitable Company

I should say I'll be away for a few days more often (the Labor Forum is rocking today)

Canada says CAW must concede more to save GM

Good election news for labor in Texas

Los Angeles City Council Raises Living Wage For 5,000 Airport Workers

Today in labor history May 14 10 week beer strike, racists attacked a “Freedom Ride” bus in Alabama

Journal Register seeks to void union contracts

GM Bondholders will force bankruptcy because they're holding Credit Default Swaps

Can Workers Strike and Win?

Fuel tank explosion in Arkansas kills 3 workers

Circuit Asks NLRB to Weigh In on Strike Case

Hartmarx workers sit-in vote spreads to Rochester, NY

Cheney, Rove attack Employee Free Choice. Thanks!

Posters Show the Labor Movement At its Best

Pro-union bill under attack

A deal to organise


Former America West Pilots Win in Court Ruling Over Legacy US Airways Pilots

U.S. Workers Under Attack

Daily Kos: AgJOBS reintroduced in Congress today. Show your support

Huffington Post: Dick Cheney Battles Clergy Over Employee Free Choice Act

President reiterates call for passage of Employee Free Choice Act; says compromise may be needed

Wal-Mart, APS, Microchip join opposition union bill (EFCA)

NJ iron worker plunges to his death

Catholics Announce New Effort to Pass Employee Free Choice Act

National Health Plan to Contain $2 Trillion Deductible

Common Chemicals Pose a Threat to Male Fertility

The Alzheimer's Project

Tenn. nixes marriage of transgender woman, man

Majority of New Yorkers say: Separate, but equal, is good enough, but some will think about marriage

I'm going to go out on a limb, here, and make a prediction.

We have a lot of work to do still: Quinnipiac University Poll: racial divide in support of marriage

Support the Stonewall Resolution

SCOTUS Marriage Ruling - Then....and soon...

For you American Idol/Adam people...


Which straight celeb do you think is most gay friendly?

Looks like the CA Supreme Court didn't choose May 15 to decide on Prop 8

LostinVA, you've opened up pandora's box for the sarcasm-challenged!

Another example. Homophobia sucks!

Uruguay joins the list of countries

I've made a decision

Adam Carolla Makes Ill-Informed Remarks on Gay Parents

IDF probing whether troops forced Gaza man to drink urine

Jordan Tells Israel to Accept Two-State Solution

Tony Blair to testify at SFRC meeting today - likely on new Middle East plan expected in a month

Howard Jacobson: Let’s see the 'criticism' of Israel for what it really is

Poll: 58% of Israeli Jews back two-state solution

Jewish actress loses gig over play

Obama to Confront Israeli Settlement Surge in Netanyahu Meeting

Lieberman's party proposes ban on Arab Nakba

Machine gun Granny

The Deadly Myth of Gun Control in Electoral Politics

Obama continues to support AWB says Press Secretary Gibbs.

Heller: A True Disappointment?

Sometimes, you need to look in the mirror before blaming the nra.

Blast from the past.. 1957 GUNS magazine

Weapons in National Parks????

SEC Recommends Fraud Charges Against Countrywide's Mozilo (Finally!)

Treasury unveils plan for derivatives oversight

Phony Accounting, Cultural Decay, and Derivatives

GM 7.2% coupon bonds maturing 1/15/11 - YTM* - 384.367%

Bear Warning

GM Plans to Import Chinese-Built Vehicles Into US in 2011

Can't decide btw three historic site images


Poverty photo project update (link to GD thread) ...

On a creek named "Birdsong"


Two owls calling to each other...

Having a B'Day Party! BlueIris Make a Wish

Predictions from Bilderberg

I just don't know what to say about the conjunction of Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron

ESA en route to the origins of the Universe

Pluto Kuiper Belt Flyby

Herschel - Planck: Separation

How RNA got started

Shifting Boundaries: The Establishment Clause ...

Gordon Gekko Gets God: The Heritage Foundation of Theology

The Mexican Government vs. The Saint of Death

Why doesn't the Bible say that Joseph was pregnant with Jesus?

I may be close to stopping cooking forever (a Pizza story)

Grand experiment. Any advice cheerfully accepted.

Went to Boston's famous North End Monday with family. We had

Thought I'd share.. since I love ya's

Idea- stuffed burgers?

Poverty photo project update (link to GD thread) ...

Is Cheney In A Position To Mastermind Another Attack on America?

TX-Sen: Cornyn Expects Hutchison to Resign This Fall

WolverineDG gets a big honor for her work!

ViCE launch at The Clothes Show on the 29th of May

China gets "Ultra" sensitive.

Just saw some nasty Con attack ads

Mulroney in hot seat over selective answers