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Archives: May 17, 2009

Massive WIn for the Congress Party in India - here comes another Gandhi

American singer represents Germany at Eurovision with Dita VonTeese

End the wars---stop the killing.

Henrico students urge overhaul of sex education (very impressive- *good read*)

French doctors say ex-Gitmo inmate is OK

"Baucus's Raucous Caucus"


Killed anyone lately? Casualties continue in our taxpayer funded wars

Howard Stern making fun of Redmond O'Neal's name. Wrong!

I watched Farrah's Story

Hot Chicks

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win an Acer Aspire Ultra-Portable Netbook Computer!

Pelosi and the Dems. need to frame it as "The Bush/Cheney Torture Policy."

Who is the best unintentional spokesperson for the Democratic Party?

Is Chalabi still the Iraq Oil Minister?

Two Political Films of Great Relevance: "W." and "MILK"

Cheney's Big Speech, Next Thursday at the American Enterprise Institute.

Hannity still playing "dumb" about Nugent's use of the "B" word on his show

The Repuke's shell game about Nancy Pelosi

The truth will out and the pictures as well.

The goings-on at Notre Dame University make it clear that, when I decided, years ago, ........

On the SC nominee, GOP is like a toddler yelling "NO!" before they even know the options

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Obama's election has spurred white supremacists into action

Survivors Shed Light on Dark Days of Khmer Rouge

Alright, dammit, doesn't get better than this: Tony Bennett and Andy Williams, 1965. Together.

A question about the Rethug attacks on Pelosi...

Fundie Logic: Teaching kids that homophobia is bad is "indoctrination" to "immoral lifestyles"

Waterboarding Is Torture Seth, Everyone In Heaven Agrees On That

Cambodia is finally getting trials of their torturers

Thank you for the donor star!

If torture was so effective, and it saved lives as Cheney stated, why was it stopped?

Craigslist CEO: Why pick on us for prostitution ads?

amazing... only a day after the UN HCR said

Psst! DU Admins - the front page is outta whack again...

The "ideal" Democratic Party.

Not Even Chuck Norris Can Save the GOP

Tortured Logic, Tortured Results by William Loren Katz May 14, 2009

If we can't get the single payer option - then I want what Congress has for health insurance..

On Rachel's Twitter: "Pelosi told me the same thing in Feb."

Even With Obama in Charge, Anti-War Democrats Powerless

This Time, Church Won't Demonize Film

What's the over/under for Notre Dame today?

Guatemala in uproar after lawyer predicts own murder

From the "Gee, they've certainly got a pair" department.....I just watched a Citibank commerical....

OK, I know Obama is busy but: . . . Boy Scouts as border patrol agents?

Obama- as bad as Hitler, or only as bad as Bush?

Young people protest fred phelps

RNC leader Michael Steele opposes marriage for everyone

Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the dog

Inccestuous relationships between Wall Street and Fed mean insiders control the market economy

GOP prosecutor is on the hot seat over whether to press Wecht case!

Warning: Horrific Freeper Comments In This OP. Don't Open If You Don't Want To Read Them.

Choice of case forever changed abortion debate

Why the Caged Bird Sang

Anti-choice exploits Virgin of Guadalupe to co-opt Hispanic vote

Reality Check Time.

Woman Charged in CIA's Italy Rendition Says U.S. 'Abandoned' Her

The Nation: Let's Hear It For the National Health Service

Heads Up: WJ: What do you think about President Obama speaking at Notre Dame today

An Open Letter To President Obama: Revive Lincoln's Monetary Policy

Legacy of Ashes Is CIA Disinformation.

WOW great deal on 8-pack of hot dogs AND 4 ounce steaks in the Sunday paper

any religious leaders denouncing torture yet?

A question...

haha. Matthews compares Cheney to Glenn Close's character in "Fatal Attraction"

Competition is Good? It depends on which type you're talking about.

Abortion clouds Obama event at Notre Dame

A Forensics Charlatan Gets Caught in the Act

This Week

**I** decided to leave the Catholic Church years ago. **I** am glad I did.

Fast Food vs Health Food

After the Rapture: Orlando man will deliver messages to those left behind

The subtle prejudices that seep into newspaper and magazine articles.....

He said vs. she said, whom to believe?

Wow. 12 minutes of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Never seen this,and I'm 57.

When will Brian Williams stop with the blue collar shtick?

Gingrich: Pelosi could be ousted as House speaker if she lied

EU NAVFOR Atalanta - Sweden joining the anti-piracy operation (video)

Insane press release of the day: 'Truth is Hate to Those Who Hate the Truth'

DeLauro, Dodd get earful from public on health care

Cheney Family Torture Values... er, Values Torture

Opposition to Marriage Equality is Attempted Theocracy

If they sandbagged SoS Powell, why tell Pelosi the truth?

US nuke plant event - N.Y.

How come Alan Keyes and Friends weren't out protesting Robert Gates?


our govt. forgot how to make the 'fogbank' - nuclear stuff

Russian Riot Police Break Up Slavic Pride

The Republicans Won

Frank Rich: Rumsfeld delivered war pics with Scripture on them to Bush..

Uruguay lifts ban on gays serving openly in the military

The entire House and Senate Intelligence Committees.

Peggy Noonan, the self-absorbed gasbag, is VERY tiring to listen to.

Nuclear Weapons Spending Topped $52 Billion Last Year

To whomever blessed me: thank you for my donor star.

Miss California Resists Temptation (except when she can't)

Responsibility Is A Lifestyle

US backing for world currency stuns markets

NYT Considers Charging By The Word Online

It's NOT about Pelosi. It's about the TORTURE. Pelosi is a distraction.

Pictures of Fertalized Eggs Now a Sex Crime in North Dakota?

Do you have questions regarding the findings of the 9/11 Commission?

British Revolution?

Bloomberg: Impoverished families must pay rent to stay in shelters

CASE CLOSED: Iraq Interrogator Destroys Myths About Interrogating Terrorists

GQ: Bush's Bible Briefings

Gay Marriage Is New GOP Litmus Test for Supremes

'Story of Stuff' labeled anti-capitalist commie agitprop in Missoula, Montana

viedotape of a very demented former president....

The media's minute by minute coverage of a tiny weeny protest.

FBI Infiltrated Iowa Anti-War Group Before GOP Convention

More on the Gallup Poll where majority describe themselves as "pro-life"...

If you're watching commencement, leave the audio on the computer

If you're watching commencement, leave the audio on the computer

cnn is covering President Obama's speech at notre dame

I Am Pro-Life, Which Is To Say, I Am Pro-Choice

The Religious protestors at Notre Dame

Chris Hedges LIVE now for the hour with Bob McChesney on Media Matters - listen

Rumsfeld was Bush's Rasputin

Many "pro-life" people said they think abortion should be legal

Sunday gasbag shows. Pretty much all Republicans with a couple of DLCers.

I would like to know how these anti-abortionists plan to enforce prohibition of abortion in law

The right wing protests consist of people who don't want to take RESPONSIBILITY for bad choices

DU is fast becoming a place where you can't post ANYTHING without someone disagreeing

I keep hearing that it is either Pelosi is guilty or innocent,,

A few questions for the Republicans on the Intelligence Committee.

The Bush crowd was consistent

Snippy little smug Arroyo dude knows more than the priest.

It's the "pro-life" movement's fault that millions of people have lost their homes!

I'm so proud of the attendees at ND today. THey have totally marginalized

Reps had Senate/House/WH and it's Dems fault on torture?

US (w formerly known as Blackwater) Contractors, allegedly drinking, Fired at Kabul Car

Since Rummy enjoyed Bible verses and color photos with his daily briefings...

Try as we might, how do we ever break through the impenetrable twin walls of ........

Dark day at Baltimore Sun, say critics

You text? Text TROY to 90999 !! Troy Davis. Thank You!! eom

OMG we're actually getting some push back from the CNN moderator, what's'er name!! nt

Boehner, McConnell Cheer Cheney's Public Role

FUCK FOX! - a rant.

Senate G.O.P Lowers Expectations of Court Fight

Howard Dean Calls on Grads to "Stay in Politics"

Analysis: Democrats' security feud may cost them

SERE isn't the only one practicing torture in this country! How about drug rehabs?

Rumsfeld's Renegade Unit Blamed for Afghan Deaths

Sunshine State sadism: 43 children tased during prison tour

how many protesters are actually protesting at notre dame?

Jesse Ventura on Waterboarding:

Really? You're actually worried that DU could turn into nothing but a fan site for

The Greatest Escape - war hero who walked 4,000 miles from Siberian death camp

Guantanamo Prisoner Abuse Continues Under Obama

VIDEO: Will Ferrell SNL Season Finale: George Bush, Dick Cheney

Ahead of summit, Obama and Netanyahu press different agendas

My sweet 14 year old Chocolate Lab died in my arms last night....

A different "Truth Commission", an Int'l one that searches for any God.

Single Payer: Not a Conservative vs. Liberal issue

Jonathan Ross in new row over 'homophobic comments' made on his Radio 2 show

Jonathan Ross in new row over 'homophobic comments' made on his Radio 2 show

Students Are Chanting Down Protesters Interrupting The President At Notre Dame

Tonight's Simpsons Season Finale: Homer Joins Minuteman-like Group

John F. Kennedy was the first (and last) Catholic President...?

John F. Kennedy was the first (and last) Catholic President...?

Pat Boone says in letter to President ‘mama inflicted more actual physical pain than waterboarding'

CNN's immediate analysis re: Obama's address? "Two moments of protest."

John Dean: Was It The National Security Bureaucrats Who Forced Obama To Hold On Torture Photos?

Rumsfeld kept rescue choppers from Katrina

Let's get a few things straight

Anyone else see the movie "Doubt"? *spoilers*

Fire departments intentionally start fires to practice putting them out.

Question - how to achieve "understanding" with "absolutists"? Re abortion issue and others.

Politics, Torture and Entropy

Halal: Buying Muslim (TIME) {$1 Trillion market}

Showing off for the veep - pic

Debate over torture prompts soul-searching by evangelicals

Lightning Bolt strikes again

DUers - do you remember CNN interviewing any of the hundreds

Request: Does anyone know this book?

RAY McGOVERN - Answering 'What if Cheney's Right?'

Analysis: Pelosi flap could advance 'truth commission'

Analysis: Pelosi flap could advance 'truth commission'

LAST CHANCE TO WIN!!! We're giving away a SIGNED copy of "The Audacity Of Hope" by Barack Obama!

We at least deserve the whole story behind the torture photos

A Sampling of Enhanced Interrogation

Is is really as simple as this? $$$ = GOP = media lies to enable it.

Police dog's killer gets a life term: Conviction was man's third strike

Prescott Bush and Geronimo's skull

I'm willing to pay more, BUT please tell me my husband is wrong

do Ford employees make $50/hr?

Analysis: Pelosi flap could advance 'truth commission'


Liz Cheney Won't Deny Her Father Suggested Questions On Iraq-Qaeda Ties

Boehner hypocrite on CIA accusers' burdens of proof

gay marriage seems to be a Judeo-Christian phenomenon

North Dakota has a $1.2 billion budget surplus at a time when 46 of 50 states are insolvent

Suddenly, Liz Cheney is everywhere defending her evil daddy Dick

Only 1 in 5 new college grads reports having a job offer.

Perry: I oppose secession

Bush/Cheney approved torture, but what about Iraq?

Shush, keep it a secret on DU. But the Preakness was great, and a filly won: First time since 1924.

So as Iraq's Head of State. Saddam Hussein had the legal right to authorize torture.

Why isn't Obama turning to the Credit Unions?

Who should be on the Commission to investigate the torture questions?

Florida DUers keep an eye on that system

Any religious leaders denouncing Wars yet? nt

NBC Nightly News..War in Afghanistan is now War On Drugs...

The Toronto Sun: Toronto's war on cars

Afghanistan. My son turns 23 7 days from today. And he is going there to fight in our war.

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win a signed copy of "The Audacity of Hope" by Barack Obama.

No jobs for new nurse grads. Recession proof field? I think not!!!!

Here's a Thought: How About Erasing the U.S.-Canada Border?

Righties and others: "We should leave marriage alone because it is thousands of years old!!!111!!!"

Frank Rich: Obama Can’t Turn the Page on Bush

Barack Obama's (and America's) Victory at Notre Dame

The Abortion Prevention Act of 2009

DU vistors data

Senate Intelligence chairman quietly 'fixed' intelligence (2005)

Very telling correlation between internet usage and knowledge of the issues

Guest columnist, R. Duane Graham: Concern over rights just a ruse

The Interrogation Documents: Debating U.S. Policy and Methods (The National Security Archive)

A revolution in the UK?

Iraq's once-envied health care system lost to war, corruption

Hillary Clinton's Remarks at the New York University Commencement Ceremony

Do you believe that a person can just be genetically predisposed to be evil?

Sen. Webb Sides With Right-Wing Claims On Truth Commission And Gitmo

Obama Deserves the Flak on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

So, they tortured our own solders too, practicing.

So then, the most popular song in the history of Europe. Like, ever.

Mario Cuomo on CSpan

Are you a citizen, or are you a subject?

GQ: Rumsfeld did not approve use of rescue choppers in wake of Katrina

Here's what I don't get: how could Cheney authorize *anything*???

Wouldn't you prefer that your nurse be paying more attention to your vital signs--

"Informant A" Wounded Fighting Alongside Bin Laden In The Caves Of Tora Bora...

On This Day in 1954: Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education

How Many People You've Known who have Died from Cancer


RNC Chairman Steele backs investigation into Bush-era torture

The argument for torture is simple: "Evil is good when it benefits me."

Peter Dale Scott Could Beat Up Chomsky in a Debate!!

Will the assault on Nancy Pelosi kill Democratic attempts to establish a Truth Commission?

Let's have fun: Name the party that will be formed by the disgruntled Repubes

major, major, major, major news story!!!!

"A Little Historical Perspective" - Any Of Youse Guys Seen This ???

Pelosi's latest story....[rolls eyes] Sorry, but she is no longer believable.

Michael Steele uses Todd Witman as proof rethugs are a big tent party. She quit the GOP in 2003

Over 4 Years ago I Said when Kerry won it would take 4 years

"Miss California Vows to Use Her Naked Breasts for Good"...

Larisa Alexandrovna: 'Did We Torture Prisoners To Create Enemy We Needed To Justify Endless War?'

When should I start to be concerned that President Obama doesn't appear concerned...???

Under Rumsfeld, Pentagon published Bible verses on top-secret intell reports.

We are worried about how torture pics will be viewed by Muslims when *this* is hitting the press?

Full TEXT Of President Obama's Notre Dame Commencement Speech

Texicans on DU: If Kay Bailey Hutchinson vs. Rick Perry in GOP primary--who wins?

From the Midwest to the Pacific, job seekers are heading to Texas

Donna Smith (of "SiCKO"): Middle Class Healthcare Reform? Bend Over…

Donna Smith (of "SiCKO"): Middle Class Healthcare Reform? Bend Over…

"Liz" Cheney is just Dick in drag.

Nancy Pelosi is guity as hell .........

Utah school forced student to change out of kilt: "could be misconstrued as cross-dressing" — Who knows about this blog?

Norm Coleman is a GOP Clown

Carville gets petty in his new book. Says party won in spite of Dean, calls him Rumsfeldian again.

They lied about Torture, WMD, Iraq 9/11 connection, spying on American citizens,

SNL season finale was great!

SNL season finale was great!

Looks like health care reform will be about protecting the insurance companies

I DON'T Want The Republican Party To Fail.

On the Road to Oregon: Colorado Springs tonight.

Let me introduce you to Esther, a week after she left us.

I hope some clever Democrat can coax a Republican into sponsoring a bill...

So who won the lapdance from Skinner?

DU's turning point was November 4, 2008

GTMO, the FBI and the "cleansing" of "evidence" gained through torture

Obama's Hardest Thing

PHOTOS of the repercussions: Massachusetts after five years of same-gender marriage

I need advice on what in the hell to do with the bigot across the street from me.

Maureen Dowd accused of plagiarism

Anybody need a star?

Either you are pro-choice or you are not

Mitch MCConnel..."The private insurance companies can't compete with a government plan"

The Dilemma we Face in an Era of Right Wing Control of our News Media

DU is at a turning point. We will either be able to discuss POLICY or we will become Teenbeat Obama

The TRUTH About Upcoming Military Tribunals So Many DU'ers Refuse To Acknowledge


.08. legally drunk is at .08. i was looking at a blood alcohol level calculator

Rumsfeld kept rescue choppers from Katrina

I love you


Can you name a movie (Spooky one) where this is the plot?

Anyone else get the feeling all this stuff Grovelbot suddenly has "fell off the back of a truck"?

I killed a skunk last night

Turn your nose up at me

play him off KEYBOARD cat PASSOUT

If being different makes us interesting why do so many here look down their noses at people ...

6 posts to 2000...

NEXT PRIZE: Signed Ted Nugent album!!!

Four more podcasts

Lookout---husband is playing the deej tonite.

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win an Acer Aspire Ultra-Portable Netbook Computer!

Can somebody help me?

If you thought that today's race was incredible, watch NBC tomorrow at 3:00.

I have seen the new Star Trek movie and I have this to report:

Speaker of the House Pelosi-the following members of Democratic Underground support the creation of

Jim Jefferies on HBO....


Some people are just, well, different...

Time for the Clock Stretch

It's been a hot day, and I'm relaxing with a Mike's Hard Lemonade. Will anyone join me?

Gross Alert: 1 in 5 Americans Pees in the Pool


The bartender punched me in the face.

The "Social Media" special section of the new San Jose Business Journal just made my head explode.

Fresh baked brownies, warm from the oven

Ahh the DU Lounge....

Somebody loves me! *doing the I-got-a-star dance* Thank you special anonymous somebody!

"Catch The Semen"

I see that spammer "skinner" has another locked thread

"Forever Bags" suck - and not in a good way

First Susan Boyle, now Rachel Alexandra. Maybe us underdogs have a chance in 2009.

Here are all the things my "slowpoke" computer is doing right now...

Queen. Greatest Rock Band EVER!!!!!

That Filly That Won The Preakness Is No Lady


Anyone need a star?


Oh. I see.

The TV wants me to call an 800 number

Hey flvegan!! Last time I posted to you, I said I weighed 255. Now I'm down to 248!

Damn. I'm sitting here at the bar, throwing ice cubes at the bartender.

Late, late, late, late night baseball tonight! Reds vs Padres 15th inning

Will someone please say good night?

Hey! So there is a lot of men out there...

I need to bare my soul. I want to sincerely apologize for spamming the lounge.



The Terminator toys are out??!!??

Is granola easy to make?

The Lounge is dead tonight

You didn't get a "scholarship", just like you didn't last year.

Was Yeoman Rand in the new Star Trek movie?

Nevermind. I read the comments.

I wonder if you will miss me


Just got back from Star Trek. I gotta say, Zachary Quinto just wasn't doin' it for me as Spock.

Any Wilco fans hear the new album yet?

A convicted sex offender just moved in down the street

Deja Q and I are going to see Star Trek again this afternoon


RON JEREMY IS THE GREATEST (oh my, but the word rhymes) THAT EVER EXISTED.

Put ANY NFL, NHL, or NBA player in front of me...

I made it through today without crying for the first time in almost a month.

Never really got into spoken word poetry

Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the dog

Avatar Help

Terminator 3 is on AMC

Star Trek at the Imax starts in about five minutes.

Star Trek at the Imax starts in about five minutes.





Some F***ing redneck sent my 12 year old daughter an animated GIF of Rhianna and Chris Brown.

Haole Girl said I have to start a hateful flame fest

Star Trek at the Imax starts in about five minutes.

Remember, the official observance of Jose Feliciano's birthday is September 10th this year...

Favorite DU Name Typo

Regarding the Grateful Dead

Link to free Coldplay's Right Left Right Left:

What mom says,set to the William Tell Overture.

Good financial advice for students.

Brokeback Mountain

Anybody know when Star Trek at the IMAX starts?

Look at what I'm going to put up at work!!!

I have a stoned sniffa on sale for $25.99 off.

Why did I wait so long to attend my first time-share pitch? It was awesome!

Maggie received a reprieve today!!!

Star Trek at the Imax starts in about five minutes.

Dramatic chipmunk

Lick me

For my 3000th post I'd like to thank DU for the laptop

Job interviewers - don't insult my credentials, experience or intelligence.

Off to Food Lion.. anyone need anything?


Woot! I got "The Simpsons" seasons 2, 3, 4, and 6 for $14.00 each! Ask me anything!

Everybody in the state of Michigan should be in downtown Detroit right now

The Post-Rapture Post: Send messages to your friends after you are raptured!

Norah Jones: Not Too Late, is a great album

The new craze (I hope)

Motherfuck, I hate tatoos

Favorite "Jam Bands"

Favorite Vincent Price movie?


Anybody watching Sci-Fi Channel

Raining. Again. Gah.

Blah, blah, blah...

So I just bought my first house

One more time, one more time!!

This can't possibly go wrong.

This just in: Flight of the Conchords at Red Rocks was FUCKING AMAZING!!!

Mary Matalin says Obama forced Cheney to criticize him. All Obama's fault, she says.

Insulting someone with a smiley face isn't really an insult!

This is the COOLEST Sink (yes, SINK) I have ever seen...

Gotta love the power of suggestion!!

NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me -- first Obama; today Axelrod...

The WINGS Win, baby!

I just pulled a tick off my buttcheek

Set up, Pun, Sun Glasses and Scream

Phils at Nats yet again 1:35 today -

Is "Spanish Immersion" like waterboarding?

so who won the laptop?

Carrie Prejean is...

"As seen on TV products"

Happy 11th wedding anniversary to me and Chimpy McSmirkers!

Have you ever accidentally burnt something in your oven, and it stank up the house

Wow. 12 minutes of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Never seen this,and I'm 57.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 5/17/2009)

Dammit! My Reds just pulled a "Natinals" in San Diego

It's official....I'm old. Facebook has me perplexed.

An epic movie with a TRUE all-star cast is starting on AMC now, OUTBREAK

Waiting for Godot: Nathan Lane/Bill Irwin, or Sir Ian McKellen/Patrick Stewart?

Nutritionists and Trainers: Is this normal: I'm lifting weights to gain muscle, and I am, but I

Very proud day. My daughter graduates from college this afternoon. (University of Puget Sound)

Midlo's baby shower gift registry

so who else won the laptop?

THE DEAD webcast RIGH F*cking NOW!

Could I get a little love in a GD thread?

Vampires -- Do.. Not... Sparkle...

Coming Soon! The St. Mary Visitor Center Osprey Cam

Best GOP Spokesfreak

Could the eating of photo cake be considered an act of simulated cannibalism?

another keyboard cat

WOW great deal on 8-pack of hot dogs AND 4 ounce steaks in the Sunday paper

WOW great deal on 8-pack of hot dogs AND 4 ounce steaks in the Sunday paper

kitten picture of the day for sunday may 17

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/17/09

I'm a Mac

Oh my Lord, JESUS has returned!

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win a signed copy of "The Audacity of Hope" by Barack Obama.

Motherfuck, I hate new tattoo itch!

Lounge Joni Mitchell fans: which Joni do you like most?

I'm a fucking asshole.

On the issue of "respect".

I need to know what CDs to take on a road trip STAT!

Would you wear a pussycap?

How much do you think Skinner would charge me to pin a sticky in the lounge

We bought our Green Day tickets today!

Animal behaviorists say dogs possess empathy and compassion

Wadda Think,Is this Worth... (56k Warning-Pics)

Some "people pictures" from Venice Beach.

Does anyone think our coming healthcare "reform" might become WORSE than anything the GOP could do?

Images from last Thursdays DU Meetup with TZ( aka michelle bachmann...)

I have at last definitively named the DU Lounge band

How would you react if you met a DUer you had on ignore at a party or get together?

The 9 year old that shreds some Ozzy

Happy Birthday, Drunken Irishman.

What is the greatest prize you can imagine that DU could auction, that you would bid for?

Guess the celebrity implants! (HuffPo doesn't think it's NSFW)

Celine Dion or Barbra Streisand

Anybody else miss ZDTV (tech-tv)?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) I'm in the mood for AWW Edition

Flame war (note: EXTREME earworm warning)


Single Payer Health Care Thread - Failure is NOT an Option!!

DU This Petition for Troy Davis!! We Can Do It!!!

What's the dumbest thing you've ever done,

My new rescue doggie...(pic) Elation and sorrow (sorry, long)

Will Porter Goss be prosecuted for lying to Congress?

Get your Obama hatred right here.

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win an Acer Aspire Ultra-Portable Netbook Computer!

Conservatives Express Hope That Their Attacks On Pelosi Will Quiet Calls For Truth Commission

New Afghanistan Commander, General McChrystal was Cheney's Chief Assassin.

Let's Investigate the OPR For a Criminal Violation (torture defenders have gone crazy)

Leader of the Party of Torture (Cheney) to give big speech (updated)

'Obama makes his bid for Middle East peace' (UK Observer, May 17)

As President, Obama Is Unafraid to Disappoint His Allies

Policy-related criticism of Obama on DU - Is there too little, too much, or about the right amount?

Can Obama Tame the Democrats?

The Frenzy On The Right Over Obama's Notre Dame Commencement Speech

Two in three Repub insiders believe Cheney should STFU (updated)

Two California Latino judges emerge as candidates for Supreme Court

President Obama's message not at odds with Catholic mission

GOP plans 450 climate bill changes

This Floridian is laughing at the Texans who are getting their feelings hurt for being picked on....

Potential Nominees: National Journal's Stuart Taylor Jr ranks the candidates' chances

Gay advocates have a proposition for Obama

NYT reprint of '08 E. Edwards' article on the press in the primaries. It's good.

NPR: Supreme Court Choices You Haven't Heard Of

Obama Dares Judge to Order Release Of NSA Spy Document

U.S. strikes killed 140 villagers - Afghan probe

Idiot boycotting ND student: Obama is directly responsible for the murder

I just watched the Biden/Palin debate again on Youtube. Its still funny

Unable to get a 30% cap or any cap on Credit Cards from the Senate, the SC nominee may as well be a

"Hundreds and thousands of protesters" at Notre Dame, according to MSNBC

Pick Imminent? Cutter to White House for Court Fight

Are any networks/cable channels covering Obama's speech live?

Newsweek: What He's Learned - A Conversation With Barack Obama

Reminder, Kaine vs. Steele on Meet the Press today.

Just a thought on Notre Dame Commencement Speech...

Miracles Whipped

Pres Obama - Hurry And Fix This Please!!!

FauxNews will regret picking this fight with Obama - the phony ginned up "NotreDameGate" controversy.

"When the President enters a room, nobody sits."

Obama and Notre Dame - Catholics and Others Misled by GOP on Abortion

Obama's bushian policies...

Randall Terry is no match for Obama

What is worse, a pro-choice person who works to lower the number of abortions...

Watch Obama Blow them away at Notre Dame....

Massive standing ovation. nt

Congratulations to Barack Obama, Honorary Degree Recipient!


NYT editorial: Photographs and Kangaroo Courts

President Obama Notre Dame Commencement Speech (Full Transcript)

Heckler being massively booed. Speech! Speech! Speech! nt

"These Honorary Degrees Are Hard To Come By. So Far I'm Only 1 For 2 As President"!!!!

I love the crowd drowning the disruptor out while President Obama speaks.

Why do conservatives love free speech except when it comes to Obama speaking at Notre Dame?

You know it is easy to be us in a room of like thinkers... Much more

full text of the President's speech

Watching CNN, you'd think no one in the entire world supports or likes Obama.

Guilty pleasure: Watching Fux today.

For some, abortion is just a reason to hide behind

When the President will speak of The Golden Rule.. for us all...

CNN is sure trying hard to create controversy

VIDEO: Wow! Check out this protest at the graduation


CNN: No graduates walked out or turned away from President Obama. nt

The Jesuit Priest on CNN is kicking ASS

Here's to MSNBC, the supposed liberal news network, for showing Pres. Obama's speech.

Newsweek: What He's Learned - A Conversation with Barack Obama

LOVE Maureen Dowd's new name for Cheney !

"We must always harbor a certain amount of doubt"

The Field Negro: Pro Life?

What was the audience chanting during the heckler's outburst?

The ND Senior class DID protest!!

Who hears the crying baby in the audience??? Is that a real baby

Who's the White Guy not clapping for our Pres?!

Obama won St. Joseph County

Olberman can kiss my ass!

First the Tea Parties, Now the Notre Dame Graduation, what is next outrage for

My family protested my nephew's graduation from Notre Dame

Huntsman couldn't resist the call of China

President Obama's Speech at Notre Dame Commencement...

C-Span replaying President Obama's ND Commencement Speech Now!

Nothing says "credibility" like Alan Keyes and Randall Terry!

The Audacity Of Humility, by Andrew Sullivan

The Huntsman Coup

By some people's logic, GQ should not have published today's article

Barack Obama - People's President DVD

He doesn't make them look small he makes them look like minatures

Obama Wins One For the Gipper

Does Notre Dame/the Catholic church consider IVF clinics an "intrinsic evil"?

PHOTOS The President at Notre Dame

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win a signed copy of "The Audacity of Hope" by Barack Obama.

***HEADS UP*** President Obama Commencement at Notre Dame University

Granholm Still on Supreme Court List

A group had the nerve to ruin ND's Graduation!!!

How long is this darn commencement?!

The refreshing thing about Obama is, despite the controversy, I trust him....

What a Crappy Speech..... Meh.

Hmm, a bit uncomfortable with the Catholic-bashing re Notre Dame....

Well, Indiana & Notre Dame didn't embarrass me too much! I love my president!

ASU actually looks even dumber after today

Changing Obama's Mindset by Howard Zinn

Kevin Spacey to play Jack Abramoff in upcoming movie "Casino Jack"

Robert Reich: The Truth Behind the Social Security and Medicare Alarm Bells

LOL....I was wondering about the miserable non-clapping guy..

PHOTOS We heard ya. Thanks. Bye.

As per CNN: Ten students... count 'em... ten students walked out...

What alternate universe did I wake up in this morning?

Those watching the Notre Dame speech who don't feel they're part of "Teenbeat Obama," check in here.

GQ: The top secret slideshow of war images with inspiration Bible quotes Rummy prepared for Bush

Notes Toward A Theory Of Obama

The Audacity Of Humility

The Gallup Poll Suggestion That Most People Have Become "pro-life" Abortion Foes Is Pure B.S. !

That Father Hesburgh is one cool guy.

Obama Notre Dame Speech: President Welcomed With "Thunderous Applause"

President Obama's "Base"

To get on CNN in '09: Be Alone, but carry an Anti-Obama sign; while in '03, Millions not Shown!

Study: Obama doesn’t need Congress to halt gay discharges

PHOTOS Jeez, it's true: Notre Dame really hates the President.

Democratic Underground is fast becoming a place where you cannot CRITICIZE Democrats

Rumsfeld threatens Bush with Bible quotes in daily briefings.

Some on left souring on Obama

Now I see the method to his madness

Update on Beaverhead County, MT Dems attempt to hold Baucus accountable on health care reform

Friday Rachel Maddow..."The Bush, I Mean Obama Administration....:

I'm still waiting for the Media Corp. to show they're "In the Tank" for Obama!


We Are Winning--Be Passionate DU, But Be Civil

How many times was Ali Soufan's name mentioned today vs. Nancy Pelosi's name?

I suggest that you go back to unconditionally supporting our president

Analysis: Democrats' security feud may cost them

This Time, Church Won't Demonize Film

Obama Names Republican Governor Huntsman to Be Envoy to China

GM, Canadian Worker Deal Unlikely Today, Union Leader Says

Rumsfeld's renegade unit blamed for Afghan deaths

Tamil Tigers announce plan to surrender

Obama being introduced for commencement speech NOW

US to Israel: Tone down rhetoric on Iran

Lula Seeks to Revive China Pledge With China Trip

At Odds With Obama, Netanyahu Begins U.S. Visit

19 arrested at Notre Dame protest against Obama

New flu cases climb among Japan high school students

Obama Calls for Understanding in Notre Dame Speech

GOP leader: Pelosi should show proof or apologize

Notre Dame speech key for Barack Obama with Catholics

Battle looms as Obama nears Supreme Court pick

First Darfur rebel to appear before Hague court

Hanoi pol seeks to silence noisy wartime relic

FBI infiltrated Iowa anti-war group before GOP convention

Suu Kyi defiant ahead of trial, protests planned

Islamist Rebels Threatening Fragile Somali Government

Cheney, Limbaugh, Gingrich not hurting GOP, Boehner says

Anti-immigrant myths foster costly ID bill in Pennsylvania

BNP (British National Party) poster campaign for British workers uses American actors

BNP (British National Party) poster campaign for British workers uses American actors

Notre Dame 'inappropriate:' Steele

Kuwaiti Women Win First Parliamentary Seats.

Astronauts Pull Off Tricky Hubble Repair

Sri Lanka warned on 'war crimes' , may face War Crimes charges - UK FM

Study: Gay marriages pump $111 million into Mass

'Youth Magnet' Cities Hit Midlife Crisis

Under Rumsfeld, Pentagon published Bible verses on top-secret intell reports.

Obama greeted by cheers, protests at Notre Dame

22-party alliance to form new Nepal government

Cause of schizophrenia identified

'Farrah's Story' draws nearly 9 million viewers; film detailed Farrah Fawcett's cancer battle

Scandals Surround Colombian Leader

This may surprise a few here, but I am okay with protests at Notre Dame

Frank Rich: Obama Can’t Turn the Page on Bush

El Límite Keiser - promo for Max Keiser's new show dubbed in Spanish

Gay rights protest broken up in Moscow

SNL: Season Finale

Do you support military tribunals? A truth commission?

Reaction: Are U.S. troops overstressed?

Was Obama right to block prisoner abuse photos?

CNN: USAs = Rove testifies in attorney firings

Maddow: Jane Mayer on Cheney Intelligence Activities

More CNN Pelosi Kangaoo Court footage - 7:10

Corridor of Shame: Neglect of South Carolina's Rural Schools

Hardball: Rep. Blackburn (R) Pelosi guilty until proven innocent.

Hardball - What are Karl Rove's crimes? - USAs

Howard Zinn's "Three Holy Wars"

Torture Photos by RSU

Notre Dame Protesters are arrested

CSPAN - GOP assault on Pelosi re CIA briefings

Obama Taps Republican As Ambassador to China

Patriot Fact: Porter Goss

Rachel Alexandra vs Mine That Bird Preakness Stakes thriller!

Axelrod Cracks Miss California Joke

The New RNC Presents: Gay Don't Pay!

More CNN Lies = Pelosi Kangaroo Court

CNN: Pelosi Kangaroo Court continues

Bilderberg2009 Day2 ProstestKKE

The Week In Cartoons 05/16/09

Michelle Bachmann Obstructs Progress

Pelosi's Memory Irrelevant

CNN: President-elect Gore Criticizes Cheney

Green Day -"Know Your Enemy" on SNL 5/16/09

Why Conservatives Are Attacking Pelosi

For Those That Missed Friday's Events - Day in 100 Seconds

Sen. Webb Sides With Right Wing On Truth Commission, Gitmo

Jed Bartlett silences a RW critic by quoting the bible

President Obama Receives Honorary Degree at Notre Dame

MSNBC - Pelosi = CIA misleads, Sen. Graham has her back.

MSNBC: Sen. Wyden = Rep. Pelosi CIA briefing comments

TheRealNews: Republic or Empire? = Bruce Fein

Liz Cheney Skirts Whether 'Daddy' Requested Torture To Create Iraq Link

GOP Streetapalooza '09, Part II

GOP Streetapalooza '09, Part III

Rand Paul Announces Senate Bid | MSNBC | Rachel Maddow 05-14-09

GOP Streetapalooza '09, Part I

Sen. Nelson (d) blocks Obama's Dawn Johnsen nomination

Meet The Press: Michael Steele Thinks Obama Doesn't Deserve Notre Dame Degree

Protester Interrupts Obama Commencement Speech at Notre Dame

Protester Interrupts Obama Commencement Speech at Notre Dame

Minnesota House Tax Chair Rep. Ann Lenczewski dispels the "evil tax" myth

Obama Picks Huntsman (R) Ambassador to China - Another Pole Pulled Down in GOP Tent

Steele criticizes "empthy" on 55th anniversary of "Brown v Education"

Gitmo detainee lawyer to Obama - Restarting military tribunals is unacceptable

TYT: David Gregory Is A Mouthpiece For The Government

Bunch of seniors (in age not academic standing) arrested at Notre Dame protest against Obama

Cheney Admits One Instance Where Torture WASN'T Necessary

The Dick Cheney Magical Mystery Media Tour

NYT: "Obama After Bush: Leading by Second Thought"

Rumsfeld's renegade unit blamed for Afghan deaths - More Info on website

"It's a sham. The banks are insolvent. The US government is trying to sedate the public....."

Chris Floyd: Criminal Intent: Obama-Bashing=Mushroom Cloud, Says Prez Fans

Rumsfeld and Biblical Briefings for Bush

Twenty Percent of Catholics and Christians are Hypocrites and THEY Control the Church

Westlands: 300,000 Acres of Hot Water Perfect for a FOX Teabag

Teen with two moms joins debate (Portland Press Herald - Maine)

Cargill...Home Grown Evil

Newsweek: " The GOP’s Paranoid Foreign Policy"

Holy Christ! Rumsfeld’s Religious Cover Sheets Even Twisted the Bible

"My Personal Financial Crisis" - NYT Edmund L. Andrews

Notre Dame's stand against Catholic fundamentalism

EDITORIAL: Obama should release photos of abuse (Honolulu Star-Bulletin)

‘Darth Cheney’ has few reasons to bash Obama (Stevenson / Tuscaloosa News)

Somalia, the pirates - a little background

MSNBC interview with Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR)

A query for Sen. Stabenow: What ever became of usury?

Dear Corporate Media, Now That You're Connecting Torture to War, Can We Talk?

NYT Editorial: Photographs and Kangaroo Courts

Dick Cheney was Bush’s silent partner for 8 years, but now he won’t shut up (Dowd)

Big Business Likes Arbitration--If It Can Control the Process

Tenth Amendment: Key to Drug Policy Reform

The Biggest Threat To Newspapers is Newspapers

Worker Op-Ed by Billy Mason: Employee Free Choice Act levels the playing field

Barack Obama's (and America's) Victory at Notre Dame

Stonewall at 40: Do We Still Need Pride Parades?

Watchdog Digs Into Conduct At SEC.

Dowd: Nancy Pelosi? Cheney broke the law and authorized torture

Torturing ourselves to get at the torture truth (Littwin | Denver Post)

Rich: Obama Can’t Turn the Page on Bush

FDL Book Salon - The Eliminationists: How Hate Talk Radicalized The American Right

Sexual Torture

Legal savvy, empathy keep Granholm on Supreme Court short list, experts say


American Churchgoers Strongest Supporters of Torture.

Cuban gays dance conga against homophobia

Odd news on a previous AP Bolivia reporter, for conscientious DU'er readers:

FYI, the Miami Herald is doing a 50 years retrospective on Operation Pedro Pan.

Healing Guatemala's civil war wounds

OAS Push to Readmit Cuba Has Menendez Eyeing Funding

Pre-Castro Cuba comes back to life at annual fest (the good ol' days remembered/celebrated in Miami)

Peru sends army to tackle Amazon 'insurgency'

Scandals Surround Colombian Leader

Detroit Free Press: Lampreys are sucking the life out of Michigan's waterways

More Bang-For-Your-Buck using biomass for battery electric than ethanol

Canes and Pens Historical links

NHL 3rd Round Predictions

NCAA Men's Lacrosse Final Four set for Foxborough.

"An A-bomb.....from A-Rod"

Man do I miss Manny

Let's Go Wings! 4-2 in the third period! Yeah, the Lions suck, but otherwise we are there.

And I though ESPN was biased

Are the Giants sick of losing to the Mets yet?

Goal released Walker's burden

The JR Chess Report (May 17): Nakamura Is the New US Champ

GM, Canadian Union Resume Talks Over Cost-Saving Labor Contract

Gang Strike Force officers blow their own cover online

Today in labor history May 17 First women’s anti-slavery conference, Philadelphia - 1838

AP: South Korean police arrest 457 labor activists

More Children Forced into Labor amid Economic Crisis

(Colorado) Bill would give unemployment to locked-out workers

Machinists union wants back in at United Machinists union wants back in at United Airlines

Bashas’ holding its ground in grocery market vs Wal-Mart

Despite Backlash, Portland Moves Toward Honoring Cesar Chavez (Racism? In Liberal Portland?)

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Reaches New Contracts With Two Unions at Fort Worth Plant

UC Berkeley Workers, Students Protest Arrest of Immigrant Custodian

AFSCME Urges Two Citi Bank Directors to Step Down

Fresh hope to working families by Bill Londrigan

Cal/OSHA Shuts Down Two Farm Labor Contractors for Heat Violations

Worker deaths result in OSHA citations

'Hawaiian Cement' Steel Tower Collapses Killing Worker Trapped Inside

Fall and drowning hazards prompt more than $180,000 in U.S. Labor Department OSHA fines

Transcript of Specter interview on card check

Medical Malpractice Catch 22

Single Payer - Failure Not an Option


Ready to be pissed off? Weakland says he didn't know priests abuse was crime.

I think I figured it out ,

(The rest of the story) The Omaha family of an 8-year-old is ready to let Ben be Katie

Steele: Marriage equality is bad for small business

The Invisible Generation

Updated ‘I’M A BOY-GIRL’ (The Omaha family of an 8-year-old is ready to let Ben be Katie)

New female judge transforms Islamic court

'Iran presidential hopeful, 12, wants to move Israel to Hawaii'

Poll: 40% of Israeli Arabs believe Holocaust never happened

Reckless lawyer a threat to 9th Circuit 2A Incorporation ruling?

Torn between two Berettas....

Strike at KDNA puts station off the air

Do we need another WPA?

For Mira....more painted buntings

***Spring Contest - Finals are up in GD***

I still don't get it (difference between cameras on moon photos)

this big-mouth wakes me up

Acoma Pueblo - a place I fell in love with - Warning: many pictures

Bluebird chicks (second brood)

Is it Cellular Memory?

Seeking Motivation in dreary times and dreary days...

My silk pillows are up on my blog!

Is anyone here familiar with the writings of Robert A. Monroe?

Spirit Guides and Earworms

R.I.P.: Venetia Phair (she named Pluto at age 11)

How Neanderthals met a grisly fate: devoured by humans

Sunday Morning Religious Persecution

Twenty Percent of Catholics and Christians are Hypocrites and THEY Control the Church

Aside from Christianity, are there any other religions that use a torture device

Who Is a Real Catholic?

Found: New recipes to try if you like Indian Food

Is granola easy to make?

California sweet cherries...


The OCT is based on a foundation of lies

Little Known Military Thug Squad Still Brutalizing Prisoners at Gitmo Under Obama

A simple question for OCTers:

Tennessee, Controlled Demolition, 9/11, and the Global Drug Trade

Were Barbara Olson's calls to Ted pre-recorded?

Were Barbara Olson's calls to Ted pre-recorded?

Another Texas-Trashing Thread Goes Down---GD:P

Cross posted from GD

Study Finds Unusually High Number Of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) Near Kennedy Space Center (KSC)

I watched Farrah's Story

Brooke Shields: Tabloid took my mother out of nursing home

Kate ‘hesitant to believe’ Jon was unfaithful

Perry: I oppose secession

The Conspiracy Theorist Label