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Colombian Senate obediently approves referendum on allowing Alvaro Uribe to seek a third term...

Thank you KO - keep going on the tortured lies

dupe - delete

Blue Cross/Blue Shield's campaign aimed at killing a key plank in Obama's reform platform.

AFSCME on 60 Minutes Fighting to Clean Up Wall Street

Aaron Tippen wants you to "drill here, drill now"


Disney plans 500-room hotel near Washington D.C.

House Energy&Commerce Committee still working on climate bill markup into the wee hours

Timothy Leary Motivational Posters

AP makes no mention of Rumsfeld in it's "Pentagon reports no longer quote Bible"

Born May 19, 1925 Assassinated February 21,1965 Malcolm X In His Own Words: By Any Means Necessary

Florida DUers how's that rain

Is the death of creativity a sign of an empire in decline? ...... They're remaking "Footloose"

Nova broadcast propaganda for NSA

Was AIPAC Iran Specialist Weissman charged by Bush DOJ to shut him up ?

Larisa Alexandrovna: From Nuremburg To Gitmo

Gone but not forgotten

What are some good podcasts to subscribe to?

T. Rowe Price invests in "Great Piggy Bank Adventure" at EPCOT to teach kids about investing

CBC News tonight has a special report: "Fast Forward" (the car world in 2014) - video

Simple solution to huge problems

Under fire, Pelosi gets backing from fellow Democrats

Reid Joins Biden, Pelosi In Misstatements

Get Rachel Maddow on your iPhone!

I understand, at least broadly, what is in the credit card bill and I think it ......

My Letter to my Senator

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Graham, Lieberman 'Popose' Law to Ban Release of Detainee Photos

Biking Coast To Coast To Bury Three Brothers

I got in a 2 hour long debate with my conservative math teacher today...

What IS this OTHER Republican Party that McCain's mother is in?

Where I stand (on my feet).

Where I stand (on my feet).

Make love, not war!

Savage attacks: "Rush Limbaugh is a fraud"

U.S. Considers Stripping SEC of Powers in Regulatory Overhaul

Former fundamentalist 'debunks' Bible

Daily Show kisses Gingrich's ass

Arnold Schwarzenegger gets 2nd major election smackdown by voters

Need rebuttal help on a RW email I received.

"Free" market ideologues don't really want that for health care.

How was Stewart's interview with Newt?

The Disease of Permanent War

Sometimes being the last state to get something new is a plus!

Ugh Keith O - snails are gastropod molluscs - not "slimey crustaceans"

John Coale (GVS' husband) wanted Palin to help pay off HRC's campaign debt??

My thoughts on making American Auto Manufactures viable again

Louisiana GOP: "Avon Honey used mind control powers to make us accept stimulus that Jindal refused!"

U.S. Army paid bonuses to KBR despite questions

Amy Goodman: Yoo’s Views Make Philly News

Cafferty File Re Healthcare Overseas

WJ: Republican callers ripping the party

Investigation Into Huge Loss of Computerized Clinton Data

WOW! Michael Steele's turned a corner, gonna take 'em on, no more looking in the rear view mirror!

Democrats Defending Pelosi

Media Matters: Newt Gingrich Is A GOP Nobody From the '90s - Why Is He Quoted Like Gospel?

I read there are 65,000 gays & lesbians in the service now. What would happen if they ALL came out?

How should we celebrate the Reagan centenary?

GOP, no more looking in the rear-view mirror by looking back to Reagan

DNCC Caller Was Rude

re Climate Denier talking points....Need help to contact Hardball

The missing link google banner

Pic from yesterday-oh, to be a fly on the rosebush!

Dodd, Specter, Isaacson and Thune spearhead letter to Obama on Israel

New Credit Card Legislation

Above all else, profits must be maintained in our health care system

Stephen Colbert -The Word - I Know You Are But What Am I?

Wall Street Journal Journal Community: Stop Obama Pictures on the WSJ

Common Sense from Neil Cavuto on the "Democrat Socialist Party".

Norwegian team reveals 'missing link' -Creationists heads explode!

Canadians - check your Employment Insurance (EI) qualifications/eligibility stats!

Banks Use Life Insurance to Fund Bonuses

MSM-Notes on the margin (Sibel's blog)

Cheney vs. History

Argentine Jews baffled by anti-Semitic attacks

There has to be a better way to promote organ donation

Hey Religious Right, Suck on this, Missing Evoultion Link found

Wherein trof becomes a deadbeat.

Progressive Ilan Goldenberg Heads To The Pentagon

Martin Luther King Jr. bio set for bigscreen

Does Michael Steele have the GOP by the balls?

fair media? how often do we see michael steele on teevee vs. tim kaine?

Billionaire Donors Hold Secret Meeting

Powell responds to Limbaugh and Cheney: They have their own ‘version’ of the GOP.

Are you qualified to sit on your local school board or local town council?

Hewlett Packard to cut around 7,500 jobs

Why Can We Only Rec. Posts Posted Within the Last 24 Hours?

Quote for Wednesday, May 20th, 2009.

Hey UNION people! Look here!

Vermont Acts to Make Drug Makers’ Gifts Public

Tough Day for Credit Card Companies (updated)

Medicare fraud fugitive Garcia nabbed in Canary Islands

Here's a question for you, personally, about Don't Ask Don't Tell

Guantanamo: A Prison Built On Lies

A poll that I would like to see:

I just got back from a green tech conference. Obama was mentioned.

Fuck you banks! Senate voted 90 to 5 to impose new terms and limits on the credit-card industry.

Are ya pissed off yet today?

"We'll take can take South Carolina!"

Oklahoma to display Ten Commandments at the state Capitol

Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act

History of corporate healthcare

How convenient?

What do you want to know about Jack Smith?

***** WebCast: "Rewarding Failure: Contractor Bonuses for Faulty Work in Iraq" *****

OK, it won't actually happen because the Dems are for the most part adults, and Repugs ...

2 direct links to e-mail Morning Jerk, my e-mail re: His swiftbotting PELOSI

New Baby Boomer Retirement Plan........

We need another Church Committee.

Why would anyone working in the Public Sector...

30 year anniversary of The White Night Riot this Thursday

The Republicans never learn, continue to go on the Daily Show

By Republican standards, when are "enhanced interrogation techniques" permissible

So Muller says if detainees are imprisoned in the US they could

I'm obviously not shy about posting threads critical of administration policy

The Jamestown Colony was mostly Gay Men who often got Gay-Married & adopted Indian Children together

Concealed weapons on the D.C. mall?

Cheney is a private citizen, the grid... an EX parrot.

When's the BIG vote today? (To re-brand the Dem Party)

Pressure Mounts On Pawlenty To Seat Franken

Civil Rights Leader James Farmer to LBJ: "how did you get to be the way you are?"

Republican Health Care Plan Unveiled

Obama Gitmo Plan: FBI Director Disses, Court Kisses, Senate Pisses

Oh.My.Dog. Republican Strategist on MSNBC talking about how Barney Frank is hard to understand

Sen Harkin Needs to put EFCA on the Senate Floor and Require Dems to Vote Their Conscience LINK

Three out of 30 Wash Post op-ed writers are female.

If one is going to make up stuff that happened in 2002, one should not use language from 2004.

Conservatives Re-Writing History: WE NEED MORE WIKIPEDIA EDITORS

Simon Cowell's Ex Attacked After 'American Idol'

check out the "Venus Project" It's a future thinking idea about an economic system that is best for

Man Demands Dentures During Alleged Stick Up

Glenn Beck lied about Whoopi and Barbara---Whoopi just confronted him to his face. . .

Pelosi Biographer: Why I Believe Her On the CIA and Waterboarding

My pick for the Supreme Court: Justice Joyce L. Kennard.

Guess Bristol Palin is gracing the cover of people magazine.

Senator Kerry - talk to Single Payer advocates instead of calling Homeland Security

Large Majority Supports 1973 Roe Decision, Opposes Overturning It

FOX: Democrats pass resolution changing the GOP to the Stupid Krony Kapitalist Douchebaggery Party

Sec. Clinton testifying to SFRC about foreign affairs budget 1:45pm ET

Summary of Glenn Beck "THE VIEW' appearance here:

US nuke event in Minn.

Guantanamo Bay is an international disgrace.

Whatever happened to Aaron McGruder?

Sun-Tzu "The Art of War" page 36--I did not know it said this

Pros and Cons of the Credit Card Bill. CS Monitor coverage.

Californians tell Ahhnuld to go terminate himself; budget mess continues

Senate Republicans Agree to Pay Coleman Legal Bills

For the Progressives on the board

Caption: Harry 'More Popular in the Senate than in Nevada' Reid

The GOP's real intent with the "Democrat Socialist Party" title

On Waterboarding and Torture

OH JESUS... "Mother, Son Missing In Forced Chemo-case"

Calif. Supreme Court confirms NO ruling on Prop. 8 tomorrow

BREAKING: Obama Surprise Meeting with Wall Street Boss !!!

So is “God” an American, or what?

So is “God” an American, or what?

The new GOP think tank:

Reid Spokesperson Signals Wiggle Room On Guantanamo

Two Blackwater-Affiliated Contractors Flee Afghanistan

Hartmann will be discussing "What's Wrong With Harry (Reid)"

NEWSFLASH! Dick Cheney is a fucking asshole.

NEWSFLASH! Dick Cheney is a fucking asshole.

Great news! The Old White Fascist Party may avoid a showdown over its Democrat Socialist resolution

Wall Street And The Media Are Trying To Make Us Forgot Who Started The Financial Crash

I voted for all those California propositions that just lost

If Repukes were not so stupid, they would not have any problem understanding Barney Frank.

Limbaugh resigns as ‘titular head’ of the Republican Party, passes ‘the baton’ to Colin Powell.

Remember Bush and the squirrel?

Gates Says Iran Missile Test Appears Successful

LOL! Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa - pic

MASSIVE GOP FAIL. . .LOL: Republicans Say No to "Democrat-Socialist" Resolution and Clown Suits"

MASSIVE GOP FAIL. . .LOL: Republicans Say No to "Democrat-Socialist" Resolution and Clown Suits"

Colin Powell Tells Cheney And Limbaugh To Shove It

VIDEO: Whoopi calls Beck a "Lying sack of dog mess".

TIME: The Montana Town That Wanted to Be Gitmo

A Memorial Day Salute to Republican Mommies and Daddies

Perry won't apologize for his consultant’s remark that Hutchison is making GOP into a ‘whorehouse'

Perry won't apologize for his consultant’s remark that Hutchison is making GOP into a ‘whorehouse'

Glenn Greenwald: Terrorists in Prison: Is There Anything the Right Doesn't Fear?

Steven Green update:jury in deliberations for penalty for rape/murders while in Iraq

I must admit I'm disappointed in Jon Stuart tonight!

It sounds like this credit card legislation DOES control the APR

Siegelman Committed No Crime... There Was No Bribe

Obama, Cheney plan dueling speeches

Those crazy, loveable guys with sub 70 IQs;

Those crazy, loveable guys with sub 70 IQs;

If Gitmo Prisoners Were In U.S. They Would Be Visited By Their Compatriots........

STFU Dick Cheney

Whoopie Goldberg goes to far, she should apologize (re: Glenn Beck)

Right wingnut groups twist hate crimes language to defend bigoted views....

If You Want Us to Start Snitching, Lead the Way

parental rights re medical care (Daniel Hauser case)

Hello, I must be going...

100 MPG In An SUV?

Prof: Intellectuals failing poor blacks


Ed Schultz today- LOL! He is cracking me up

Not So Fast: Indiana State Pension Fund Seeks To Block Chrysler 363 Sale, White & Case Retained

Is there something in the air?

Is there something in the air?

surge update - 34 dead in bombing outside Baghdad restaurant

Court sides with Obama-Bush missing email docs stay closed!

Terrorism Breeds Terrorism

I didn't think the story about the little boy whose father bit out his eyes could get worse but:

Please comment; freepers blaming unions for offshoring woes

How In The Hell Is Newt Friggin Gingrich Shaping the Debate On Torture?

President Jed Bartlett on the bible

Sens Nelson & Chambliss on Matthews' show

Poll: Majority think GOP proposals are bad for the country

International Day of Slayer Petitions the White House

FReepers latest brainstorm (oxymoron, I know)

Is there a way for DU to help...

Why Ida is such an amazing ancestor

Exclusive: SF Mayor Gavin Newsom Asked Court to Delay Prop 8 Ruling

Joe Scarborough was especially obnoxious and childish this morning...

Sensitive data missing from National Archives

Balancing Wildfires and Chaparral

CA - State Petitions Supreme Court to Reinstate Video Game Ban

Howard Zinn: Changing Obama's Mindset

Cast Your Vote If You Are Proud To Be a Socialist

The Dallas Principles, a New Approach to LGBT Equality

Hey DU, and Colbertwatcher, here's the photos, troubled times

what's on a penny?

Reporter Convicted For Killing Fish With Shampoo

Reporter Convicted For Killing Fish With Shampoo

Watching PBS Newshour - Stu Rothenberg and Amy Walters - I am very pissed off....

Powell-Limbaugh feud grows - Limbaugh responds to Powell

resolution asking the Democrats to rename their party the "Democrat Socialist" party

Get a load of google- now that's got to rile the fundies

Former Head of Pension Agency Refuses to Testify - Reports $33.5 billion deficit !!!!!11!!

Obama breaking four aid pledges?

Where's the Goddamn Outrage-When It Comes to Labor Laws-We Have a Corporate Crime Wave-Dave Lindorff

So, Gavin Newsom asked the CA Supreme Court to delay its H8 ruling

GOP pays $750,000 in Coleman legal bills (CNN)

Did White House OK Earliest Detainee Abuse?

The Republicans Must Want to Keep Pelosi as Speaker

Elizabeth Holtzman: The Phony Debate About Torture

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nevada) says Gitmo detainees get better health care than we do with private care

I so love the Mayor of Lansing on Ed's show.

What is this?

Rove on wrong side of employee free choice (Do you agree with Karl?)

US banks expected to repay $25bn (BBC)

Schwarzenegger missed his golden opportunity to give Californians the truth

Impeach/Prosecute Congress/DOJ/CIA/Prez for Conspiracy and Obstruction of Justice....

Want some oysters? I'm gonna grow 'em.

Unmasking Blog Commenters Not a Huge Threat To Freedom

NH legislature kills same sex marriage

Obama's Notre Dame Speech Strikes 'Forceful Blow' Against Culture Wars, WP reports

Will M$Greedia dare to carry Cheney alongside

Recently saw "Blood Diamond."

Death by Spreadsheet: Testimonials of Loss From the People of The United States

I wish to live long enough to be arrested for ........

An inconvenient truth for us

Dear President Obama,


Cheney to give Republican response to Obama national security speech tomorrow

Racist birther hate-gasm billboard campaign!

Oklahoma pastor releases video unwittingly proving need for hate crimes legislation

Please rise for the Socialist International

Guv responds to ballot losses, seeks D.C. aid

Girl, 12, takes dad's car on joy ride; charged with grand theft auto at her father's request

GOP drops effort to rename Democrats 'Socialist'

Have you been to Google today?

anyone recall Albert Schweitzer?

List of Prisoners Currently at Colorado "SuperMax" Facility

Son of the late Robert F. Kennedy said to be interested in Obama's old Senate seat

Political Bites: It's Rush against the world

Libertarians believe that...

Issa not one fugging word you say matters

Rant: The Utter Hypocrisy of this morning's hearing with Geithner.

Republicans Hitting Pelosi For 'Attacking' CIA Have Long History Of Their Own Attacks

Democrat Socialist Party - Meeting held here

Dear President Obama, Prosecute Torturers 1st or No donations! I am done!!

Mike Malloy: "Harry Reid....the most useless Democratic senate leader in the history of the party."

Karen Hughes-Spills Torture Beans-Makes Herself # 1 Witness Against BUSHCO

Military burns unsolicited Bibles sent to Afghanistan

So when are Republicans going to apologize to the CIA?

The Rude Pundit: Gitmo Detainees in America: What We Should Really Fear

Cash for Clunkers New Car Incentive?

Let's only let guns in parks that were bought through predator credit cards.

So having the gay is bad for good order and discipline... REALLY

Renewed US passport: turnaround time, 11 days.

GOP has officially entered the Wilie E. Coyote phase

Limbaugh blasts Powell attack (CNN)

Bank execs paid via insurance on workers

"Rush Limbaugh is a FRAUD"says Michael Savage

Any Domain name experts out there? I want a domain name that is available tomorrow at 5 pm.

Man Gets Flat Tire; State Threatens Foreclosure (OH)

About those torture photos the government is hiding.....

Torture Won’t Be Solved On Cable News

Dad tows 12 year old on skateboard with his car; kid dies, dad gets 60 days in jail

We could put those tarrrists

PhonyTorture Debate-Elizabeth Holtzman: "Torture Can NEVER Be Used Because The Constitution BANS It"

A Sample of Health Insurance CEO Compensation

Add your own caption:

Hudson: Obama Is Simply Trying to Reinflate the Bubble Economy

I just went through $27k of hospital bills. Insurance is NOTHING but organized crime

U.S. GPS system could fail next year

Zero tolerance in schools, what assholes came up with this stuff?

Obama is asking for your personal stories in fight for Health Care Reform


Washington Post: Thousands beaten, raped in Irish reform schools

Specter defends Pelosi, questions CIA's honesty

Letter from a Dodge dealer

Former President Carter to Win Gandhi Award

A bright yellow shirt today will cause allegations of global warming.

A bright yellow shirt today will cause allegations of global warming.

Please! Drop the meme of the dueling speeches! THERE'S NO COMPARISON!

What We Talk About When We Talk About Torture - Toon

We live in a centrally planned political economy.

so what is it now? the amount it cost a day in Iraq.

Jaws drop in gallery as NH rejects gay marriage: Dem gov wants "strongest protection for religion"

Jaws drop in gallery as NH rejects gay marriage: Dem gov wants "strongest protection for religion"

Is there a point at which cutting state and local budgets is counter-productive?

The RNC literally does not understand the US election cycle..

Tolerance vs. Acceptance

Sibel Edmonds describes how media self-censorship subverts democracy.

OpEdNews: Don Siegelman Has Fans Everywhere (A Phone Call To The White House)

Why did Bush-Cheney and the CIA Destroy the Minds of 9/11 Detainees? Others Disappeared or Dead.

Time to classify high fructose corn syrup as an "artificial sweetener?"

5 police officers fired for beating unconscious chase victim (the video...OMG)

GO GO Ron Reagan!!!

GO GO Ron Reagan!!!

The GOP is voting on an important issue today

On health care debate, it's not Dems vs Reps, but D.C. vs the American People

World's First Battery Fueled By Air

Acacia sapiens

22 Most Corrupt Members of Congress - 2008 . . . by CREW . . .

Health Insurance in the United States Sucks

Some ideas regarding excessive cost of drugs

Helping Mentally Ill People Find Jobs Could Save Federal Government $368 Million A Year

Franken: "I know that I won"

Why do I keep hearing from military family members that the Dems

A friend's son graduates college next week and has a $65K job waiting

Best Musicians/Bands that promote liberal ideology...

To All of You American Idol Haters: You missed something tonight that I'll never forget.

Wesleyan U Shooter Had "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" anti-Semitic tract.

Baucus calls 2nd closed door session on health care. No public, no media, no record.

$200 for NINE pills?!?

Yesterday Elizabeth Edwards was on the View -- and it was her son's 9th birthday

Yesterday Elizabeth Edwards was on the View -- and it was her son's 9th birthday

Grab your Tinfoil Hats...

Household drill saves boy's life

I see that only ONE of Arnold's proposals passed in last night's Special

Ron Paul is a crazy man

Hello, DemocraticUnderground! Want To Fight For The Public Option?

Hello, DemocraticUnderground! Want To Fight For The Public Option?

California voters exercise their power -- and that's the problem

Ed Schultz vs Ron Paul

The Bad Guys of Subprime Lending Are Raking in Bailout Billions

The natural progression of Capitalism and Globalization is outsourcing and economic struggle

Obama Lawyers Urge Rejection of Plame Leak Suit Against Cheney, Rove

Those who pay off credit cards monthly may pay a cost for that.

Credit card reform may mean responsible users will pay more .... industry calls you a "deadbeat" !

What will happen first, Franken being seated or Coleman being indicted?

Just saw Twilight Zone: "The Obsolete Man," I have a HUGE problem with the way it ended (SPOILERS)

Is there something going on about smoking, or something?

Sorry all.

After more than ten years of wondering, guessing, hoping what a particular song means,

Star Trek, $152,000,000+ Domestic in 11 days.

Do you have sexdactyly?

Adam Lambert Performs "A Change Is Gonna Come" on AI (AUDIO)

Where on Earth is LT? A lat/long quiz

A simple prop, to occupy my time....


My latest batch of podcasts

I rather watch a Red WIngs playoff game than American Idol


First Celebrity to die of Swine Flu!

OMG It's SO BIG!!1

Should a learner permit for driving say that you have or haven't met with a tobacco counselor?

Watching interview with Mark Perry about Rumsfeld

Shell Beau's new name: "Little Delta Kitten Baby Mama"

Am I really in MN? Look at this...

I have done something naughty...

CNN BREAKING: Wells Fargo to change acronym from ATM to ATS to avoid confusion with that other ATM

report on my math impaired daughter, and her progress

Anybody just watch Glee?

It's obvious that Deja Q secretly loves the new Star Trek movie

Bill Clinton: A Disgraceful George W Bush Enabler

Today it was rumored that Patrick Swayze had died

Is Rhythm a Pev?


Did anyone here watch the TV show Resurrection Blvd?

Dammit, why do I always find these THINGS between my legs!!

I have another great money-making idea! I'm going to start an on-line college!

Beachbaby, where the hell is my Johnny Walker Black on the rocks...

Anyone watch Deadliest Warrior on Spike?

Anybody know a college that offers lots of biology classes online?

Whoever did it, thank you.

Aspiring filmmakers or screenwriters

Adam, Adam,Adam,Adam

How big is yours?

What are some good podcasts to subscribe to?

Should people who receive welfare be required to look for paid employment?

I am having a hard time. I LOVE Adam, but Kris is pulling me in!

I so don't want to go to school tomorrow.

German poems in English (new feature by MissHoneychurch)

No Parking On The Dance Floor.....

I want to create a DUCK thread that FREE's THE DUCK!!


Cat peeing outside litterbox


For a brief moment in time, all three of the "threads that never die" align in the DU Lounge

Academic and/or career advice needed

Guys. Check out Google's home page.

is it true, is it true, is it really, really true?

work out question

well, i'm working out the details

Funniest Read EVER!! Review for Wolves T-Shirt on Amazon (you'll think you're at Free Republic)

Funniest Read EVER!! Review for Wolves T-Shirt on Amazon (you'll think you're at Free Republic)

Hugh Grant is a fool

i might be jumping the gun here, but if there a "ceremony"

OMG.. Wii fans.. go buy Punch-Out... you'll be drenched in sweat and gasping for air...

Good morning Lounge

Police: Pittsburgh student, 17, to be charged for using biology class snake as jump rope

You're dope!

directions to the batchelor party

I feel like an asshole full of smashed cans.


Damn, is sold out of "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus"

I forgot to wearn my nicotine patch this morning...

The cat broke her water on my bed at 3:20 am

Califorinans - did you vote yesterday?

Aldi's Swiss Cake Rolls suck

I'm going to McAlisterville in an hour. What should I see?

Power outage in my neighborhood last night. Are we turning into a friggin' 3rd world country?

Power outage in my neighborhood last night. Are we turning into a friggin' 3rd world country?

Lost vs. 24 (spoilers)

Is it really me?

great website

Did a teacher go too far, or is the student out of line here?

I’ve noticed as I’m getting older, doing anything out of my usual routine

Anyone else have a friend who needs to stop people from having mindless fun?

Battle of the Flight Demonstration Teams

Zombie Ants on the march (real story)

I did my cardio


What is it with people wanting tin foil on their teeth.

Anybody taken AMTRAK?

So evidently I said something to the wife that almost got me in trouble

So, the 97 y/o guy died of cancer with ultram to ease the pain.

The History channel is telling us the world is going to end again in 2012...

Is it possible to bullshit a bullshitter?

Is it ok to smoke while giving your cat a tattoo?

Can It Get Any Better

I would like to suggest that Pi is really more a quadratic equation

Osteopathic physicians rule

i was rummaging through a box of my dad's old stuff

I know what I'm getting Symarip for Xmas this year WOOHOO!!!!

For those who love awesome movies...

Because of you people, this man has a career.

For the Progressives on the board

if my cheese was a walrus dick, would you eat it?

Have you ever purposely tried to make a Repug mad on a blog or message board?

Awww video (deer and cat)

Has DU become a repository for disgusting ads?

My ass was getting a little out of shape, so I devised a great exercise.

Is grafitti art?

If the moon was made of cheese, would you eat it?

I think I've finally found some common ground we can all share.

this 'summer' is the longest possible one you can have...

What are some good anti-war/protest music groups

One of my kittehs clawed through my window screen and

If Velveeta was a cheese would you eat it?

A dream that could be a hit movie. But how to get it sold to a studio?

The new Green Day album is very very good...


Star Trek : what deleted scenes will be added to the Director's cut DVD?

I am poster #2000 in Gray warriors thread

Overheard in New York...

DU Song Of The Day Breaking Point FM

Should i put midlo on ignore again?

I saw 'Angels and Demons' last night. meh. Spoilers.

We have a birds nest on the back porch.

Fukity Fuk Fuk Fuk

Creation Science explained

If Tori Amos was made of cheese would you eat her

Is it okay to smoke while performing CPR on someone who's dying anyway?

Woohoo! Now using the elliptical trainer at ramp stage 2. 30 mins today so far.

Anybody ever taken a "Predictive Index" Survey?

Why do shows for kids make Sally Field jokes?

I know you're wondering "Can LynneSin get any Whackier" the answer is YES!!!

For Those around in the 60s, what was most Radical about Star Trek?

I saw a native peony the other day

Ok, this must be settled, which 2000 is the official one?

I'm considering getting a tattoo. Any advice?

This Time I Am Bringing My CD's tonight for the drive to Yreka

Harlem has the Apollo Theater,does Spanish Harlem have the El Pollo theater?

I just want to thank Mother Nature for the cool front she sent down here before summer.

Why is there a John McCain ad at the bottom of many posts?

Will someone start one of these?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/20/2009)

May 20 1971

I'm Baaack!

I am going to put all you freepers on ignore!

Any fans of Emm Gryner? What a great voice!

I feel like a can of smashed assholes

Who Fukin Has Who On Ignore

I am watching a movie on Encore called "No Country for Old Men", what a movie.

The Gideons - have you ever seen one? One of these days I'm going to catch one...

I had an awful night last night.

So now what do we do?

So now what do we do?

This is why I am not sailing today... (big pic)

I saw a truck on a very busy road in 5:00 traffic with 3 small children in the back of the truck.

I was at the White House today. I didn't see the President but....

Unhealthy for sensitives-air pollution

Unhealthy for sensitives-air pollution

Unhealthy for sensitives-air pollution

So I friended someone from my high school on Facebook, and was accepted - but she's dead!

Bakersfield dad accused of biting out son's eye

Who Will Lose On American Idol Tonight?

Please post your Abhor List.

So I splurged tonight and had "The Sandwich"

What a day! It's almost 7 pm, and it's still 82 degrees!

Weird, but true, DU ignore stories.

I haven't watch American Idol all season so I need to know something

Want to know how I spent the morning? Sure you do.

Who says there isn't healthy food in the middle of the grocery store?

You can't see the Great Wall from outer space

kitten picture of the day for wednesday may 20

It's 7:24. Has anyone called out Haruka? Because it's time.

CreekDog is a very good person

Ron Wyden is against the health care public option. Wants to get 70 yes votes.

Okay. I'll say it. I'll go there. Mike 03???

AlCzervik rocks out loud. Even though I can't spell AlCzervik

What was that goofy song on "Countdown" yesterday?

Frog in your greens

Anyone ever replied to a Craigslist personal ad?

Post here if you want LostinVA to videotape the next time Haruka mows.

Guilty TV pleasures.

Octopus fossil disproves Darwin; proves Intelligent Design

It's a Haruka v. Midlo rumble

I mistook my wife's KY for facial moisturizer this morning.

I got to walk through my house today (pics)

Anything Fun to Do/Good to Eat in Philly?

Also on the Creation Science website: interactive baby Jesus

OMFG BeachBaby is masticating aspersions!!1 And get this:

Just another callout of Haruka thread!

Today, there are simply not enough salt & vinegar potato chips in the world

I need a drink. A strong one.

Nightly Pirates vs. Reagan-Natinals Thread. Game #3

I know you're wondering "Can Chick Tracks get any Whackier" the answer is YES!!!!

Midlo asked me to drive down next week - to play Bunco and get drunk with her.

I have decided on my next career.

Wolfram alpha is lame

I'm calling Haruka out!!

I asked Iggy Pop if he knew anybody the Rolling Stones would listen to

I just came from kindergarten commencement. (A mostly 'feel good' tale)

I had to silence the wind chimes.

Any Tori Amos fans on here?

What does "girls mature faster than boys" mean?

Has anyone tried the El Muerte Espana con Pollo? It's delicious!

If there was "Purina Human Chow" would you eat it?

Awkward Family Photos - this is the one, the one you NEVER want anyone else to ever see!! *warning*

I double-dirty-dare ya: List and explain all DU Lounge in-jokes and catchphrases

Michiganers - if GM dies - will Michigan go back to being an agricultural state?

My baby girl had her LAST day of High School today

Just put Purrcilla down. 17 years old, and my second kitty in a week.

What's Maine like?

Great Music coming up in Fort Worth: it's Van Cliburn International time again

This is a video of my sister and I

Check in here if you have NEVER seen one episode of American Idol.

I am just sayin that Freddie Mercury is one of the best singers EVAH!

Let's Say You Are Making Out ---

OMFG. I hate cats.

How many other Mac users are there here are DU?

Social Dominators, RW Authoritarians, and the 5 Pillars of the Right Wing Movement in the U.S.


I am SO tired of being in constant brutal pain I want to cut my foot off

I was thinking of giving up swearing

Who exactly is talking about releasing terrorist suspects in the US?

Coloradan may be considered for high court (District Judge Christine Arguello)

President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts

Obama Seeks Advice on Nuclear Weapons

An Alternative Short List for the High Court


Granholm didn't meet privately with Obama at White House (supposedly)

PHOTO Caption it? (May 19)

Considering Harry Reid with Gitmo...would a repeal of DADT happen?

Two New Judges Appointed to FISA Court

Torture is simple

self delete

Repug health care "reform" proposals: tax benefits and fear mongering

Chu on this!

Michael Steele says Republicans will make "NO MORE APOLOGIES"

"You have to release them (Gitmo detainees) before you can put them in prison" :Senator Reid

The case for Nancy Pelosi

Judge rejects Obama view on detaining Al Qaeda supporters

I finally understand the "I want Obama to get angry" crowd

Did you know Father Ted Hesburgh was considered to be McGovern's running mate in '72?

New name for SCOTUS emerges, Christine Arguello

Newt Gingrich looked like a FOOL on GMA this morning...

To meet June deadline, US and Iraqis redraw city borders

Larry Wilkerson kicking ass on CNN citing how the CIA leadership has made a practice of lying--

Sec. Clinton testifying to SFRC on foreign affairs budget 1:45pm ET

How can anyone watch Hannity and the rest of them?

Iran successfully test long range missile that could hit Israel

Why should I believe the CIA didn't mislead Congress?

Healthcare american style

UT-Sen: Shurtleff to Challenge Bennett

Obama Admin Considering Financial Services Watchdog Agency

Rothenberg: Florida Governor Race Leaning Dem

Bunning challenged a reporter, who'd questioned his fitness to serve, to an arm-wrestling match.

Durbin, Harkin, Leahy, Levin, Reed, & Whitehouse. Only Senators to vote for funding to close Gitmo

Compromise offer to the GOP, you can call us socialists if...

The (non) funding of Gitmo shutdown saga………..

Is FBI director Robert Mueller an Obama appointee?

Politico: Obama, Cheney planning dueling speeches

POLL: Obama moving US in right direction (63%/35%). Dems too (57%). Repugs not so much (39%/53%).

Fill in the blank: If healthcare reform does not meet my minimum expectation, I will _______________

President Obama, Cheney plan dueling speeches on terror policy

I think I've figured out what's "wrong" with empathetic judges for Republicans

Harkin: Compromise On EFCA Or Else

Wow, Glenn Beck is being HAMMERED on The View....

Those whacky, ridiculous, recycling republicans

MSNBC's "Live Coverage" of Obama signing bills protecting homeowners from fraud & foreclosure

Lookie there! The Republicans got themselves a health care plan

Let me get this straight - The Senators want the President to come up with a plan for Gitmo?

The GOP CANCER is in semi remission....not as viral and not as deadly

The GOP CANCER is in semi remission....not as viral and not as deadly

It just amazes me the GOP is trying SWIFTBOATING yet once more

Ignatius on the Barack-Bibi meeting - Obama isn't following the old rules & is outmaneuvered Bibi

BBC News report on Biden's trip to the Balkans

Specter defends Pelosi, questions CIA's honesty

"The president has a powerful bullhorn in his hands, but it only works when he speaks into it."

Netanyahu clashed with Obama in meeting; Israeli aide calls focus on 2 states "childish, stupid"

Have We Been Defeated by the Crippled Corpse of the GOP and the Media?

Have We Been Defeated by the Crippled Corpse of the GOP and the Media?

St. Paul School Renamed After Barack and Michelle Obama

THIRD GRADER Organizes Gay Equality Rally!!!!! :-O

California, Michigan, Minnesota

When is a campaign promise considered unfulfilled?

Do you want Terror indictees housed in US whil awaiting trial

PHOTO Caption it? (Rahm and Abe)

Obama Avoids Test on Gays in Military

Obama Lawyers Urge Rejection of Leak Suit Against Cheney, Rove

Obama's changes to military commissions not so changey

"If girls realized the consequences of sex, nobody would be having sex. Trust me. Nobody."

Limbaugh Resigns As "The Titular Head Of The Republican Party"

I am exhausted.. as much by the left as I am by the right..

"Comedian" Jay Mohr: Michelle Obama is a "big dude"

Haley Barbour: Obama a snake charmer

PHOTOS The VP in Belgrade (May 20)

Obama Admin Gives Lesbian Service Member Her Day in Court

I have an honest question about Health Care I've racked my brain but I can't come up with

OBAMA ACTION ALERT! "I Need Your Voice on Health Care...Help Me!"

NJ-Gov: Christie Posts Big Primary Leads

Obama's Surprise Court Choice? - U.S. District Judge Christine Arguello

Obama ain't no Lefty. Most of us on the left knew that but prefered him over McCain.

Barack Obama: From anti-war law professor to war monger in 100 days(Alexander Cockburn)

More errors in CIA interrogation briefing list

Gillibrand Loses Another Challenger

Arizonans see UFO, NASA says it's research balloon

Human Missing Link - FOUND

Un American Cowardice

Astronauts bid fond farewell to restored Hubble

Anti-nicotine, pay proposals defeated at Altria meeting

Indonesian plane crashes, at least 68 dead

Early returns show little support for budget propositions (CA)

Indonesia Air Force Says 78 Killed in Plane Crash

Boy Blinded, Eyes Bitten By Father

U.S. and Russia Begin Arms Talks With a December Deadline

Political Earthquake Hits Los Angeles - Trutanich Defeats Weiss

U.S. Rejects Afghan Civilian Death Estimate

Norwegian team reveals 'missing link'

Manmohan Singh appointed PM, Swearing in on May 22

Myanmar junta wants to 'speed up' Suu Kyi trial

Yahoo, Google, Microsoft still hiring in India

U.S. Army paid bonuses to KBR despite questions

Kennedy's office denies health report

Sarah Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe malfunction ruled OK

Navy helicopter with five aboard crashes off San Diego coast

Shell's executive pay plan voted down in shareholder rebellion

Iran says (it's) launched missile with 2,000 km range

Teen Somali piracy suspect indicted in NYC court

Parents struggle to understand Taser verdict

PBGC's Deficit Triples to $33.5 Billion

California May Cut Services to Legal Immigrants

Donald Rumsfeld 'kept ADF (Australian Defence Force) in dark'

California voters exercise their power -- and that's the problem

Sensitive data missing from National Archives Breach included personal data of Clinton-era

(Federal) Court says U.S. can hold Gitmo prisoners indefinitely

Documents About Lost E-Mail Can Stay Secret

Senate to block fund for Guantanamo closure

UN Gaza inquiry 'to proceed despite Israel'

Entire school board recalled - Groveland, Calif.

Dems say Obama backtracking on land preservation

Arrest warrant issued for mother of boy resisting chemo (Mom flees with son)

Geithner Says Toxic-Asset Plan to Start in Six Weeks

Metro Schools sued over block on gay Web sites

Justice Department to Widen Health-Care Fraud Investigation

House unknowingly votes for override

Google 'falling behind Twitter'•

34 dead in Baghdad bombing


Barack Obama, Dick Cheney plan dueling speeches

GOP congressman (Darrell Issa) asks for probe of Pelosi-CIA charge

Obama signs mortgage, fraud bills

FBI chief: Don't send Gitmo detainees to US

House Democrats hold the line on climate bill

Arms Sent by U.S. May Be Falling Into Taliban Hands

US Diplomat Seeks to Ease Tensions With Bolivia

Tamil children 'being abducted'

Exclusive: SF Mayor Gavin Newsom Asked Court to Delay Prop 8 Ruling

Chrysler Bankruptcy: Consumer Groups Object

N.H. lawmakers reject gay-marriage bill

GOP pays $750,000 in Coleman legal bills

Obama admin. opposes Joe and Valerie Wilson's request for Supreme Court appeal in suit against Chene

GOP offers preemptive health plan

Kaine To Pawlenty: Tell Coleman To Quit -- And Don't Keep Delaying A Dem Senator

Question ready for foes of gay marriage (Maine)

Venezuela’s Hope of More Sway Dims as Riches Dip

Natalie Cole has kidney transplant surgery

Breaking: SF Mayor Newsom asks CA Supreme Court to delay Prop 8 ruling

Lockheed lays off 130; more cuts likely

Mickelson’s wife diagnosed with breast cancer

Electrician: (KBR) Contractor did faulty wiring in Iraq

Senate blocks transfer of Gitmo detainees

Sensitive Data Missing From National Archives

GOP to drop resolution renaming Dems 'Socialist'

House passes sweeping credit card reform bill

House passes sweeping credit card reform bill

Lords votes to suspend peers over 'cash-for-amendments' scandal

Cabinet ministers press Gordon Brown for radical shakeup of politics

Specter Defends Pelosi, Says CIA Has “Very Bad Record” On “Honesty”

5 Ala. officers fired for beating caught on tape

U.S. protectionism expanding: Clement

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday May 20

Montana mayor says his town will take 100 Gitmo prisoners

HP profits lower, to cut nearly 6,400 workers

Judge rejects Obama view on detaining Al Qaeda supporters

Powell to Rush, Cheney: Room For Me Among 'Emerging' Republican Party

Tennessee bill to allow speeders to be fingerprinted

1 in 7 Transferred From Guantánamo Returns to Terrorism, Pentagon

Analog TV Signals to Be Interrupted in 'Soft Test'.

Fed's economic forecast worsens

Military attorney: Waterboarding is ‘tip of the iceberg’

Dad of boy resisting chemo: He's left the country

SCOTUS urged not to hear Plame appeal

Michael Vick Leaves U.S. Federal Prison for Home Confinement

NPR: Alberto Gonzales OK'd torture months before August 1 2002 memo.

Thousands beaten, raped in Irish reform schools

Maine House votes down denial of corporate rights

'Crackling with energy', Suu Kyi finally emerges into the light

Former Gov. Blanco says public deserves full story of Rumsfeld role in Katrina response

Be Afraid– Be Very Afraid. Republicans Admit They Fail On Holding Terrorists. Worst Scare Video Ever

Interview: Secretary of State Clinton on Israeli settlements, the "two state solution" and Hamas

Secretary of State Clinton Briefs Press on Aid to Pakistan (inc. transcript)

Barack Obama, Incredible Ending at DNC

Dana Perino "Joins" Fox News

Anderson Cooper responds to "teabagging" comment

Billo The Clown Argues FOR Police Racial Profiling

$110 Million Dollars Going to Pakistan - Pentagon Channel

DNC Web Ad: GOP [Hearts] Dick Cheney

Steele May Quit RNC - 'If you want a figurehead chairman, it won't be Michael Steele'

Outsourcing Medical Treatment- How Many Are Willing To Go Abroad- Cafferty

KO: We're Supposed To Believe The CIA Now???

California Budget Measures Fail - Thousands of State Layoffs Possible

Ten Examples of Journalistic Integrity

Help Kim Cattrall Go Beyond Tribute

Right America feeling wronged

Waterboarding Footage - - Warning: Graphic

No Small Task for Eric Holder

Ed Show: Jesse Ventura - If Bush Admin Had Not Tortured, This Would All Be Irrelevant

TYT: Jesse Ventura Bitch Slaps Shannity - Cenk responds

Durbin to Republicans: ‘You ought to have a little more respect’ for American corrections officers.

Countdown: Still Bushed! Karen Hughes Steps In It On Bush Torture

Countdown - "Journalist Marcy Wheeler" provides essential briefings link

Boehner acknowledges that the CIA may have lied to Congress in the past.

Ted Kennedy on Health Care

Ellen DeGeneres commencement speech at Tulane

Maddow: Wolfowitz prolonged Iraq War by killing deal with Sunnis years before it was reached

Feinstein: CA prisons are 'eminently capable' of holding terror detainees.

Nurses and Allies Lead DC Fight for Single Payer Healthcare

What do Starbucks and Wal-Mart have in common?

Glenn Beck is Confronted by Whoopi & Barbara on The View 5/20/2009

John Legend's Commencement Speech:

TYT: Jesse Ventura has his way w/ Hasselbeck on The View, Cenk comments

Obama Appoints Jesus Christ For Supreme Court Justice

KO's 5/19 WTF: Ensign says detainees at Gitmo get better healthcare than American citizens

PigBoy resigns as head of GOP, gives the job to Powell

Torture-defender Inhofe's logic folds like a cheap card table when questioned

Rep. Jane Harman calls ethnic separation of Iran “a good strategy”

The Missing Link has been Found

Donald Rumsfeld's dirty laundry (Guardian)

Tax Shelter Hot Spot The Netherlands and Bush Ambassador "Sub-Prime" Roland E. Arnall Ameriquest

Guardian UK: Donald Rumsfeld's dirty laundry

Pelosi or Cheney? Who's the Torturer in Chief? (Laura Flanders)

Is Homophobia the New Anti-Semitism?

Rep. Hoekstra: Only I’m Allowed To Accuse The CIA Of Lying (Think Progress)

CIA Explains Errors In Its Briefing Records: 'Our Logs Were Waterlogged'

Rolling Stone: The GOP Jihad

U.S. Postal Inspectors search FTC Capital Markets Possibly involving hundreds of millions of dollar

Al Gore is NOT the Anti-Christ

Bunning calls McConnell 'control freak'

If gay marriage isn't such a big deal anymore, then maybe the religious right isn't, either.

How Far Have We Come? Not Far Enough

Update: John Bolton Still Crazy

Bob Herbert: War's Psychic Toll

WARNING TVMA|Alex "Chicken Little" Jones: Obama's a Baby Killer

Interview with Saul Alinsky (Playboy 1972). Read it. Really!

Accidental Empire: The Rise of the Liberal Blogosphere

Unexceptional Americans: Why We Can't See the Trees or the Forest

Obama nominates Superfund polluter lawyer to run DOJ environment division

Analysis: GOP relishes Guantanamo victory

AlterNet: Wall St. and the Media Are Trying to Make Us Forget Who Started the Financial Crash

CIA Organization Linked to Plot Against Evo Morales

Wall St. and the Media Are Trying to Make Us Forget Who Started the Financial Crash

Rachel Maddow: Decorated AF Lt. Col. Fehrenbach Discharged for Being Gay

Changing Obama's Mindset.......Howard Zinn

Uncle Sam's Human Lab Rats

Democratic Socialists Support Single Payer Health Care

Colombian Senate OKs referendum on re-election

US priest killed in robbery in Guatemala

CIA Organization Linked to Plot Against Evo Morales

Colombia: Indigenous governor killed in south

Brazil leader leaves China with deals under belt

Bolivian prosecutors to visit Hungary to investigate Santa Cruz killings

MAY 19: Comemorating the birthdays of Ho Chi Minh, Malcom X, and Augusto Sandino

Alternative to Health Insurance: Cuban Doctors in Venezuela

VENEZUELA/ARGENTINA: Increase cooperation in gas, agriculture and finance

Colombia Commits "Crimes Against Humanity" As Free Trade Pacts Are Debated

Here are just a few of the snips you can find on Simon Romero in case you'd like references.

CUBAN-VENEZUELAN Solidarity to Save Thousands of Lives in HAITI

US Diplomat Seeks to Ease Tensions With Bolivia

CLINTON Admin. National Security-Related Hard Drive Missing from National Archives

Juan Forero's: "Ecuadoran Town a Hub for Drug-Running Rebels, Colombia Says Plus BoRev weighs in

HILLARY CLINTON Says Cuba Not Ready for OAS

Baucus Introduces Bill Easing Trade and Travel Restrictions with Cuba

Pacific Ethanol units joins others in bankruptcy court

Is there a Climate Change betting line such as Intrade?

Steven Chu, not your everyday bicyclist

DrumBeat: May 20, 2009

Queen's (University Belfast) scientists discover eco-friendly wood dissolution

Stanford scientists find heat-tolerant coral reefs that may resist climate change

Michigan Scientist, Ethicist Urge Scientists to Speak Out on Environmental Policy

EPA Plans Uranium Cleanup In Navajoland Near Abandoned Mine and Homes

Farmers end up as eco-refugees in (Chinese) relocation plan aimed at giving them a better life

China and US held secret talks on climate change deal—Negotiations began in final months of Bush ad…

Scotland moves…closer to target of generating 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020

Oh, XemaSab? "I wanna get vertical! Vertical!" . . . .

NOAA Expedition Hears Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales off Greenland (!)

New Energy Department outlines key priorities (South Africa)

Strategic partnership: Daimler acquires (nearly 10%) stake in Tesla

Contaminants in Marine Mammals' Brains

Scientists Link Influenza A (H1N1) Susceptibility to Common Levels of Arsenic Exposure

Reyes is back!!!!!!!!

Conspiracy theorists can just ice those fears

LA Mayor offers LA Times as prize if Nuggets win series

Dwight Howard- I don't get it

Holy Shith!! After 100 years, the American press discover a cycling event called The Giro!

Only in the fucking NBA can the two worst teams in the league

WHY would any team want Vick?

The Mets commit only 1 error tonight

Papi will get his home run tonight...

Today in labor history May 20 First federal legislation protecting workers’ rights to form unions

Democratic Socialists Support Single Payer Health Care

(Omaha Steve's) City union urged to accept wage freeze for 3 years

Mississippi First Student Workers Join Teamsters Union

I have a 3 out of 4 day weekend

I just went through $27k of hospital bills. Insurance is NOTHING but organized crime

Warning over new threat from MRSA superbug

I am having problems with swelling hands and my arms going numb

Long Term Care insurance

Ask Senator Kerry to put US first, and not call police on Single Payer advocates

New Contraceptive Device … Is Designed to Prevent Sexual Transmission of HIV

Growing up with smokers may cause lasting lung damage (CNN)

Fighting the Conservatives to get health reform

Obama Announces New Tighter Fuel-Efficiency Standards - to cost $1,300 per car??

Rumor: SFPD told to prepare for Prop 8 Decision from CA Supreme Court Thurs

Blameless--a poem

A Quick Video About Homophobes & Gay Sexual Arousal....

Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear case on gay marriage

Prop 8 Ruling Will Come Out Soon! It's Prediction Time!

Adam's numbers ...

Prop 8 Decision won't come tomorrow

I am in a shitty mood you guys, so can i tell you a funny story from the protests in NYC

The Obama administration arguing in favor of DADT is a positive step forward?

Equality for All Now: The Dallas Principles...join us.

I was reading this thread in Breaking News this morning;

Prop 8 ruling to be Thursday.

New Hampshire House kills Gay Marriage bill. Link inside.

Hate monger Miss California momma is gay!

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom Asked Court to Delay Prop 8 Ruling

American Idol: "The guy next door versus guyliner!"

a-dam. A-dam.. A-Dam! A-DAM!!! All the LadyBugs want ADAM!!!!

Will Obama flip flop on gay marriage?

NH marriage fairness bill is still alive

for all who think Adam Lambert didn't matter! This post from AI says it all!

Was AIPAC Iran Specialist Weissman charged by Bush DOJ to shut him up ?

Was AIPAC Iran Specialist Weissman charged by Bush DOJ to shut him up ?

Abbas swears in new cabinet without Fatah support

Hamas tells Press TV of Fatah 'coup'

Spy chief dismisses West Bank wall

De facto government police bar Fatah-affiliated women from leaving Strip

Fayyad: new gov't to quit as soon as reconciliation deal reached

U.N. war crimes inquiry hopes to visit Gaza early June

Is U.S. media tired of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Israel planning settlement after evicting Jerusalem families

Palestinians say were promised Jerusalem

Report: Spain trying to rein in judges on Israel war crimes trial

Israel PM willing to start Mideast peace talks

UN: Highly unlikely Hezbollah is rearming in south Lebanon

Defense weighing response to U.S. insistence on Gaza openings

Most of Jerusalem's non-Jewish children live below poverty line

Quarrel on the Titanic

Barak: Israel will remove illegal outposts by force, if needed

No arrest in shooting of alleged burglar by Marconi Avenue shop owner

Resident shoots man trying to break into Berkeley Heights home

Palestinian government sworn-in

Hamas uses its own resources to begin rebuilding Gaza

Hamas uses its own resources to begin rebuilding Gaza

Obama set to pass his first pro-gun law!!!

Advocates of Gun Rights Are Poised for a Victory

Concealed weapons on the D.C. mall?

Front Sight assets seized (Training Center)

Tuscon man kills self demonstrating firearm safety.

I just got a robo call - "they" want to stir something up!

Dick Fuld wants 50% profit from sale of his Manhatten Apt.

Brazil and China eye plan to axe dollar

Deficit of Pension Guarantor Hits Record $33.5 billion

Clinton List

Credit card reform may mean responsible users will pay more .... industry calls you a "deadbeat" !

Japan's economy has seen its worst ever quarter

sRGB/Adobe RGB????

Just one - Road to Monument Valley

A few more Longstreet Farm shots

Why Queen Victoria's birthday sucked, with some cruddy souvenirs.

***Spring Photo Contest - Winners!***

I was at the White House today. I didn't see the President but....

Texas Senate approves guns on campus:

Obama's Venus and the nation's economy

Does anyone here have any thoughts on the Nemenhah Tribe, or group?

How to feel positive with a lay-off

What's Behind Voodoo

Video: Milky Way

Video hinting at the expanding matter theory.... nicely done and

Norwegian team reveals 'missing link'


How to fit 300 DVDs on one disc (BBC)

The Epochal Transits of 2009 - 2014

Engineered antibodies fight AIDS virus in monkeys

Rwandan priest accused of war crimes

Born-again baseballer Smoltz (who mocked gay marriage) gets married for 2nd time.

"A Complaint-Free World:" Has anyone read this book?

Is the article a satire/parody?

Irish church knew abuse 'endemic' (there will be no criminal prosecutions though)

Wis. mother thought illness was sin

Why does Religion have such ownership of the world’s population?

And that's that.

New Report Says 2-Year Degrees Are Keys to Obama's Goal (

Is there an essay-writing skill?

flt 93 long audio interview w/"researcher"

Justice. And Revenge?

Simon Cowell's Ex Attacked After 'American Idol'

Is the death of creativity a sign of an empire in decline? ...... They're remaking "Footloose"

Canadians - check your Employment Insurance (EI) qualifications/eligibility stats!