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Which James Bond are you?


Davis Cycling Pro Steve Larsen, 39, Dies

Nobody in DU believes in anything after this life? That's cool, but I just

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-Crucial Step In Reducing Mounting Incidents Of Congress Crapping Their Pants

Slouching towards balkanization- "It's as if the Bush years in Afghanistan had never left"

i'm sure this is a dupe, but i can't help myself

Wilkerson calls Cheney "Orwellian".

Center for Constitutional Rights spokesperson on The Rachel Maddow Show, Thurs 9:00pm EST

Cheney's speech ignored some inconvenient truths (call this a smack down)

Fresno Morgue: Worms Crawl In, But Don't Crawl Out

AIG will be splitting off as many as three companies

Sheriff Joe Soft on Crime; who would have thought?

WI News: New Five-Year Study Finds Employers Harass And Retaliate Against Workers In Union Elections

The Human Exhibit At The London Zoo - pics

Rachel has an iPhone Application!

Rachel Maddow Is On The Season Finale Of 'Ugly Betty'

Let's imagine SEX in the CHEENEE household!1

An Alternative to Indefinite Detention

Do you believe the wingnuts claim that only 3 people were tortured by Bush/Cheney?

Dealing With Dick (or, stop yanking the cheney)

Holy cow, Rachel...

Seriously, what happened to the principle of the predecessors

Building America's Future Calls for a 21st Century Federal Transportation Program

I Got My Hillary Clinton-Autographed Books In The Mail Today - Thanks DU!

Fallen Las Vegas cop was driving 109MPH with no lights or siren

I'm sorry. Why is Dick Cheney relevant? Or for that matter Newt Gingrich?

Mods this is a legitimate question: I have a torn rotator cuff.

PoliticsKerry Backs Pelosi: CIA Lied To Me About Contras And Cocaine

New health study: Vitamin D May Have Key Role In Helping Brain Work Well In Later Life

KOs Special Comment on The Dick

More accusations of latino gangs trying to ethnically cleanse areas of African-Americans in SoCal

The Target Pharmacy deserves a plug. I don't think I have ever

Donna Smith of "SiCKO" will be on Bill Moyers' Journal this week

Ed Asner is the only guest on with Tavis Smiley tonight

FBI Director Robert Mueller and former Vice President Dick Cheney...

Laura Flanders: Killing the Public Option

You're not the VP anymore...Dick.

Stimulus funds to repair Texas Governor's Mansion

So my fellow subjects, seems we elected a king

So my fellow subjects, seems we elected a king

Hey Dick, F- YOU!!!!

Give me liberty or give me death

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Time for Bush to come out..... and confess the entire truth

Jon Stewart Mocks the Nonsensical Aversion to Closing Guantanamo Bay

Interesting analysis of the way the media is portraying cheney and Obama

Interesting analysis of the way the media is portraying cheney and Obama

May I just say something about Shocking the Conscience?

Tell me if you think this is fair........

Patriots and Traitors in Technicolor

WHO???? is Dick Cheney that he gets to IGNORE threats to the U.S. when he WANTS to and CONJURE them

We've had a massive bank failure tonight. The silence here and in the MSM is deafening.

Senate and House put accountability provisions for Obama Afghanistan policy in their spending bills

The Moral Measure of a Civilization Is in Its Treatment of Enemies

The Moral Measure of a Civilization Is in Its Treatment of Enemies

LA Times: Mexico jail break video shows it is an "inside job"

too slow

WHO???? is Dick Cheney that he gets to IGNORE threats to the U.S. when he WANTS to and CONJURE them

Bill Kristol "I was always on Darth Vader's side"

So, We Bail Out Wall Street. Then Wall Street Uses Bailout Money for Campaign Contributions

AFRICOM in action? Thousands flee Nigeria Delta carnage

Is there anyone more bland and boring than Brent Baier?

Is there anyone more bland and boring than Brent Baier?

Whose crime was worse: Leonard Little's or Michael Vick's?

Who ever said the world is fair?

A song dedication for Richard "Dick" Cheney......


What if God exists? And what if that god is evil?

Florida bank's failure will cost FDIC $4.9 billion

The 13 Bush Officials Who Made Torture Possible

Wow! Joe looks like hell this morning!

GOP bill protects US from healthcare

The repubs are doing their best to make America embrace torture.

Dick Cheney = Colin Ferguson.

Cheney gets own show on CNN called CNN

Palin: energy effeciency? Pffttthhh!!!

cheney's speech PROVES that it was HE who was in charge for 8 years.

Dear Liz and Joe and all: That TICKING TIME BOMB is the Dick's f***ing heart...

Dear Liz and Joe and all: That TICKING TIME BOMB is the Dick's f***ing heart...

Barack Obama may get support of rivals on Guantanamo

Liz Cheenee sounds and speaks exactly like her hate filled, despicable mother

Liz Cheenee sounds and speaks exactly like her hate filled, despicable mother

I fracking Hate Larry King, but that was Brilliant, Jon!!

A reader, writes... (written post Obama/Cheney duel)

The CIA must be completely dissolved.

The media are in full warble, fucking the Democrats ...... as usual.

I hate that we're talking about he who should not be named 24/7

Where's Bill Frist when we need him?

Edward Abbey, his good friend a Vietnam PTSD Vet, a Grizzly Bear, My Lai, and more. Read, watch.

The truth is dead. And we the people are screwed.

"Prolonged detention" in Gitmo: Is Obama selling out the Democratic Party?

State representative Cary Allred To Drop Party Affliation

The Cover-up of Sonny Bono's Murder (?)

All of Y'all Complainin' About Scarborough? Y'all Keep Him In His Job.

Common Factor

Perdue Says She's Committed To Green Economy

Just because the media had good ratings during the primaries and election

WTF??? Liz Cheney up next on Morning Torture!!!!

KO Special Comment dismantles Cheney's speech point by point

Please. Stick a rusty fork in my eyes. Now!

Why didn't all the torture get Bush/Cheney any leads on bin Laden?

KO's trashing of Limbaugh - where can I get an antimated single pic

Human Rights Watch: Obama speech 'eloquent', but proposals fall short of the principles he endorsed

Guess who can turn wine into vinegar?

Liz Cheney and Joey Scar claim to have access to intel Obama doesn't have

what this country needs is a new approach to change! . . . dammit!!! . . .

Dear Mr. President. The POTUS has always been an honorable position

Cheney's speech contained omissions, misstatements

Glenn Greenwald: U.S. Congress to finally stand up against torture?

Federal bailout screws teacher and police pension funds

To all the whiners, purists and professional pouters

Dick Cheney essentially got on teevee today and begged for another attack...

CCR Launches Website to Expose Health Professionals' Complicity in Torture

Never Forget! Dick Cheney THREATENED us yesterday. Plausible deniability is

An Encouraging First Step

Four painted bodies align to form a portrait of President Obama during "The Fusion Journey" - pic

Heads-up: KO Special Comment tonight re: Dickhead Cheenee.

Bible Bill? YUK!

Co-Author of ‘Donkey Cons’ to Co-Write Palin Memoir

McCain on Cheney’s torture speech: ‘I just don’t see where it helps.’

Oh, that Dick: "McClatchy Papers: Cheney's Speech Contained Omissions, Misstatements"

using darth's twisted logic, any nation that is attacked is free to torture it's enemies


147 Gang Members Indicted In California for Targeting Blacks

Torture works?

The problem with right wing homosexual acceptance

Bumper sticker: "Bullshit Is The Epidemic That Could Kill Us All"

It's too bad she's running as a Republican

Paul Begala health memo rebuts Frank Luntz

On Meet The Press, It's High-Ranking Dem Dick Durbin Versus ... Newt Gingrich

Media spin in action - from CNN: headline- Favorable Opinions of Cheney Rises

I've clearly been sleepwalking or something......When did gas jump up to $2.50 a gallon?

Acketydinejad nutball hmmmmmf!

Cheney lied repeatedly in speech on closing Guantanamo, paper says

Surviving tough times: A shoutout to local electeds

About this policy that allows guns in National Parks

Great description of Cheney on a local radio show: he's a "Rush-hole."

obama has gone rogue.

guess i can't have a disgreement with obama unless i have 1000+ posts

To Repukes: If you believe in "American Exceptionalism", then you should be against torture

For those who think all state employees have medical insurance:

Bush: ‘It’s a liberating feeling’ that I am no longer president.

Connecticut House and Senate have voted to abolish death penalty. Governor may veto

Bush: It’s ‘liberating’ to be out of office

Inbox is a joy now that I have un-subscribed to just about every

just got a fund-raising call from the "Dee-Triple-Cee"

Frankie Manning: Never Stop Swinging (Doc tribute to famous swing dancer)

Michelle Malkin Does Not Want Muslims In Jail

Am I paranoid? Raise your hand if...

If Cheney is so concerned there will be another attack

How Many Innocents Must Pay To Lock Up One Terrorist?

Will Democrats ever make any progress with Pelosi and Reid as Leaders?

Earth is hurtling through the universe at 827700 miles per hour...

"Bear Stearns to Algebra I Means Lost Dollars in Trickle-Down" Trader forced to become math teacher

Moonie Washington Times poll needs some loving.

Food, Inc. . . new feature film opening June 12th . . .

Dick Cheney is so far up shit creek he has to roll out his daughter to plug for him

POLL - Who do you trust...??

Fundies: PEPSI is officially Gay

New credit card limitations in US

Former GOP official gets 7-year prison term

Freedom to be UNcommon?

Where's Dubya??

Wax Obama arrives at Fisherman's Wharf - fun SFGate pics

Wax Obama arrives at Fisherman's Wharf - fun SFGate pics

"Cheney the haunting" - Bruce Plante cartoon

"Decision Day" is on Tuesday!

$91 Billion more for War Murder & Mayhem, but We can't afford Single Payer Health Care

DOD Pays Billions For Unnamed Contractors

I love Henry Waxman: Speed Reader makes Capitol Hill Debut

Something else to remember on May 25th. that Memorial Day should be May 30th

Bush-era Chief of Supermax Prisons "Confident" on Security

Why Don't Republicans Support Our Service Men and Women?

Senate Republicans block vote on Obama judicial nominee.

Secretary Gates Hails Soldier in Pink Boxer Shorts

OK Republibots and homophobes, how does Gay marriage affect YOU personally?

What does one need to know to organize a protest?

Cheney is a diversion. Here is why.

Cheney is a diversion. Here is why.

Obama in the European art

I don't know Obama must be don't something right becuz he gets under Cheney's skin

West Side Story updated Loan Sharks and private Jets?

When Healers Harm: Center for Constitutional Rights

Sayest thou not that Cheney only tortured 3 persons, but sayest thou that Cheney

Florida senior in wheelchair fights attackers video

Studs vs. Sluts Friday Comedy.

Wish we could tell the Iraqis, outraged about life sentence

Prop 8 ruling will be announced Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.

To USA: "Could It Be That OLD Europe Has MORE Balls Than Gun Toting Wingnuts Of USA?

Baucus: "I don’t want to frighten people, particularly on the industry side...there are ways to skin

Policy differences or high crimes? Swanson: Obama allowing Cheney to play offense;

Bill Clinton has some early work - 11dead in Haiti from

Sexting, pedophile pastor gets 3 years in prison

Organizing the Unemployed

Milk is a gateway drug to bourbon

West Virginia, Ohio, Rhode Island Lead Jump in Jobless Rates

Do you think that 9/11 could have been prevented if there was no ban on openly gay soldiers?


Obama is in favor of creating an American gulag

Give it up, you liberals. If it were a ticking bomb scenario....

Hope and Hopelessness.

Dirtbag Book Endorsement of the Day: "Hackers" by Steven Levy.

Joe Scar Torture discussion - "why are we having all this debate about 3 people being waterboarded"

DOJ: Jack Abramoff Should Forfeit $500K Tax Refund

Bill Moyers: Rx and the Single Payer

Figured out Cheney's plan.

Never mind.

Gitmo vote shows DEMO. PARTY is CLOSE TO USELESS

Gitmo vote shows DEMO. PARTY is CLOSE TO USELESS

Surveillance Video Catches Beating of Blind Woman on Seattle City Bus

Here's the response I got from my Republican Congressman on HB 676.

Steelers' Harrison's son bitten by his pit bull (Harrison didn't go to WH)

Republicans Purge Their Own Over Taxes And Spending

Obama's speech at the National Archives.

NJ lawyer's cases probed following murder charge

Why do we appear to be embarking on the Russian model of government?

MS-MAYOR: A Stunning Story

Investigate Joe Scarborough

Investigate Joe Scarborough

What will the world look like 200 years from now?

Tom Ridge: Cheney is wrong.

Woman Fights Off Intruders With Chili

Help bring peace to a desperate world

Poor Folks Donate the Most

Think Progress: Liberty University shuts down Democratic Party club.

What’s the best advice you ever received in your life?

Pelosi has nothing more to say on the subject. She's a GODDAMNED LIAR!!!!!

Obama speech at the National Archives, September 8, 1974

Online Tomorrow - FALLOUT: Coming Home from the War in Iraq

Awesome post on John Kerry and CIA lying over at Dailykos

David Plouffe convocation speech at Cornell noon-1pm ET Saturday

Absurd -- Gitmo

Texas mayor resigns for gay partner

If Obama gets elected, what will we talk about in here. Will we even *need* a DU any more?

I just got a robo-poll call about same sex marriage in NY

Green broke into a slight smile when the verdict was announced (RIP Abeer)

Pentagon Responds to My Request for Definition of "Rejoins Fight"

Why the fuck does ANYONE care what Cheney thinks / says anymore?

The US debt Clock (You gotta see this)

Get is straight: Opposition to Single Payer/Public Option - They fear they will lose their jobs

Are there NO WKRP fans on DU?

Steele: Obama ‘Was Not Vetted Because Press Fell In Love With The Black Man Running For The Office

Ted Rall toon:

Pentagon Responds to My Request for Definition of "Rejoins Fight"

Pooper-scooper Bush on life after the White House ( From the Guardian)

Sen. Burris' Plane Makes Emergency Landing

Most important news story of the week ending (May 22, 2009)

Appeals Court Upholds Landmark Case Against Tobacco Industry

I told you all about this back in 01/01/2006 !!!

Toon: Obama's calming influence....

The Rape/ Sodomy Story

The Rape/ Sodomy Story

Ga. father gets 100 years for poisoning kids' soup

GOP's Reliance On South Masks Extent Of Party Decline

Obese Ind. woman's body hauled away by wrecker

Internet Threatened by Censorship, Secret Surveillance, and Cybersecurity Laws

Here's a thought.........why not have Mankow raped and sodomized by guards,

Keefe's Cheney Cartoon Nails the Fear Factor

Seized cigarettes pit tribe against tax commission

A. Q. Khan? Did you really go there Dick?

Rep. Devin Nunes has no idea what he is talking about

Mancow waterboarded. Lasted 4 seconds in a friendly environment...

Mancow waterboarded. Lasted 4 seconds in a friendly environment...

Please remember Liz Cheney made lots of money on the Iraq war too.

The Rove / Bush AWOL repsonse is the same as the Bush torture response.

Fitzgerald: Fight crime by hiring felons

As a radical leftist, I feel your pain regarding disappointment in Obama

House Dems propose huge changes to drilling program

The stimulus is working: 32 states had unemployment decrease or stay the same in April

Police: Pregnant teen beaten in effort to miscarry

Gates Defends Soldiers' Pink Undies

Who's on BMaher tonite? What's on First?

Marie Osmond: So what if my daughter is gay?

Gov Palin only governor in nation to refuse some stimulus money

Wilkerson on Tweety

Has anyone or does anyone use a Majic-Jack phone?

Newsom to return $25,000 contribution from Michael Savage's son

Question.. Why don't waterboard victims drown?

Painting of waterboarding hangs at Cambodia's Genocide Museum

Another teacher/student liaison here in PA..

Where is Congressional and Senate support for President Obama? (Action thread)

Universal Health Care on Bill Moyers' Journal tonight.....Donna Smith of "SiCKO" among the guests...

Exclusive: How MI5 blackmails British Muslims

Anyone recall this little gem?

Cheney: Support for Israel Feeds Terrrorism

Does anyone know when Congress starts their July 4th vacation?

Some "anti-scientific" beliefs or interests you, as a Dem, have. I have my share.

Two can play at THAT game: Let's REBRAND the GOP!

What the hell is everyone doing here on a beautiful Friday afternoon?

Surge of giant snakes in Everglades prompts call for ban

Luckovich on: Graduation

Ventura: I’ll waterboard Hannity into saying Obama best president ever

Duke University Press publishes Barack Obama's mother's dissertation. (Ann Dunham)

The Rude Pundit: Christ Weary of Catholics (Abuse Excuse Edition)

SC State employees who smoke will be paying more.

Conservative radio hosts gets waterboarded, and lasts six seconds before saying its torture

"Mad Max" Baucus Healthcare Plan: Arrest Doctors and Nurses

Ex-inmate recalls days of abuse at Abu Ghraib

Did anyone here attend the 1968 Democratic Convetion in Chicago?

You Can't Be A Christian And A Democrat?

Don't most churches operate following a socialist model?

Congressional Republicans Don't Buy Own Party's Pelosi Attacks

Banks and overdraft fees (and debit cards)

Healthy debate among our own is only to be feared by those who didn't listen to -- Obama himself!

Key Provisions of the New Credit Card Law

Study: Male sex trade workers need support

A Tentative Theory about the Difference between Odd Dem and Repuke Beliefs

So does anyone know when the new credit card bill may go into effect?

word cloud analysis of Obama's and Cheney's speeches

"Democrats should not drink the Kool-Aid": An organ grinder's monkey is warming up

Republican-Turned-Democrat Heckled By Angry Mob Of GOP Diehards

Gov Rick Perry (R) Texas spends $11 million Federal Stimulus on the Governors Mansion.

Gov Rick Perry (R) Texas spends $11 million Federal Stimulus on the Governors Mansion.

A Memorial Day Remembrance

Liberty University Shuts Down Campus Democratic Party Club

Norman Mineta's '911 Comission' testimony + Cheney's current crusade = (Your thoughts please) n/t

Nepotism Reigns

From Larisa Alexandrovna: "Rather Bold of Cheney to Mention Dismantling AQ Khan's Network..."

Yes, Tweety: We KNOW it's CHEEEENEY already...

The "News" for Progressives...the Nightly News you won't see Anywhere Else...

Defense chief praises soldier in pink boxers

Michael Moore's new documentary to open Oct. 2

How did we miss Santorum on patrimony

Edmonton cabbie sues passengers over false assault (molestation) allegations

Democratic Underground and where it is heading after Obama's first 100 days

The lie Cheney told about A.Q. Khan - by Larisa Alexandrovna

Real soldiers love their robot brethren

Tomorrow is the 23rd of May--and Britain's Got Talent's

K & R this thread if you aren't ready to nail Obama to the proverbial cross just yet.

None of Them Were Guilty of Anything

Food Bank Friday! May 22, 2009

Here's the problem with "detainees"

New Terrorist Prison Panic

Siegelman's First Trial Judge Blasts U.S. Prosecutors, Seeks Probe of 'Unfounded' Charges

Advocate for Others Fights to Die at Home-Insurer says coverage 'used up'

Source for "preventive detention" comment was on Amy's show today.

A few decades ago, it wasn't called waterboarding, it was called

Governor plans to completely eliminate welfare for families

Whites become minority in Kansas county {again} (CNN)

For those who missed it, Doonesbury is great today

Why Private Health Insurance Must Go!

Obama Versus Cheney

Jerry Falwell Jr. comments on the suspension of the campus Democratic party club.

Bill Moyers Journal Tonight: Healthcare NOT Warfare Co-chair Donna Smith

Conservative radio hosts gets waterboarded, and lasts six seconds before saying its torture

Family Dumps Elderly Aunt, Goes To Disney

TX Repuke Secessionist Gov. Perry to use $11 million in stimulus money to renovate his mansion.

Guess what? You're both wrong.

Wash. state has first death under new suicide law

Cheney Intervened in CIA Inspector General's Torture Probe

Cheney Intervened in CIA Inspector General's Torture Probe

The Abominable Snarlman

Fantasy Finance and Real Fixes

Are We Ready to Say that "Conservatives" Are Dead Yet?

Student Loan Abuse Just As Bad As Mortgage Abuse

Clinton's sax sold at auction for AIDS research

A request from Wesley Clark on Memorial Day

Glenn Greenwald: Facts And Myths About Obama's Preventive Detention Proposal

Why is universal heath care such an issue in the US?....

Again, Mods on top of things. Many thanks to them for the work they do for DU

supermarket orange juice: chenicals added, stored in vats for a year

The Wild Wild West

All you women listen up!

(Mary Kay) Letourneau hosts 'Hot for Teacher' night at bar

You actually watch American Idol???

I'd like to ask a fucking question....

Krugman calls Obama's bluff...

Green Day's 'GMA' Shocker

Why can't we send Gitmo prisoners back to their country of origin?

"The Ed Show" is A+ quality programming.

Girl, 7, critical after being shot by a 10 years old

Free healthcare events with Dr. Dean upcoming in Denver, Des Moines, and Portland.

Free healthcare events with Dr. Dean upcoming in Denver, Des Moines, and Portland.

Black mayor of Mississippi town brings 'atomic bomb of change'

Hey all you union folks, and all you scabs that should be union

The Droning Opposition (LOL)

Earth's Enemies: GE, Monsanto and Obama's AG pick, Ignacia Moreno

I see some support for prolonged detention. So I'll just post

U.S. Officials Admitted that Boys Were Sodomized In Iraq Prison- The Rape of Iraq's Children

Shopping this summer? Better wear light clothing.

The Cheney Channel

Chemical Castration for Autism - The Latest Atrocity

Mark Penn lectures Nancy Pelosi, in effect says she is not truthful.

You know what really pisses me off?

So, my feminist 14 year old daughter wears a shirt to school with

Meg White: Why Obama Should Give Neo-Confederate Bigots What They Want This Memorial Day

Is our tent big enough for Colin Powell?

As we approach this Memorial Day weekend, please consider its meaning

SIBEL EDMONDS: Two Sides of the Same Coin... Heads-Heads

Black guy carved a 'B' in my face woman gets probation and community service

FALLOUT: Coming Home from the War in Iraq - Watch it now!

Does anyone read 'The Walking Dead' comics?

Is it expensive to copyright something...I took a picture in

Aloha kakou! Today, I am truly "KamaAina".

Aloha kakou! Today, I am truly "KamaAina".

'Changing the narrative about Michigan'

...and now, a song in honor of Sean Penn, from Katie Perry

Hug me!

The Vikings have never won a Super Bowl....

Lil Missy?

Would you eat the crotch out of some roadkill possum before you saved a fellow DUer?

Who isn't watching Supernatural, if not why.

a decent drummer

Las Vegas churches accept gambling chips!!! ?????

The only REAL fans are those who root for teams that NEVER played in Super Bowl

The Saints have never won a Super Bowl, so why do they still have fans?

We didn't start the flame war

Save the life of someone who said they'd save their pet,

Nothin' quite like a sports trash-talk thread

Mods this is a legitimate question: I have a torn rotator cuff.

Who is Archie going to marry?

Save the life of your pet or....


So, that was fun...I just entered my Condo with my GUN drawn...(yes, I am serious)

The little boy next door likes me.

This is my first post using my new computer, it has finally been set up.

So that was fun... I just called in an airstrike at my palatial estate. (YES, I am serious.)

You guys seen the Lord of the Rings fan made movie?

It is going on 2am. I am doing laundry. I am pretty sure I lost my mind

My documentary is going up online tomorrow

I'm so drunk, I see three monitors.

What do you think of the show Southland?

Sad sight today...a mortally wounded baby hawk

Can I say FUCK YOU REFS - on the LA/DEN game?

So, that was fun...I just entered my condom with my 'GUN' drawn...(yes, I am not serious)

I need some ideas for subject lines to start threads that spin out of control and end badly

OMG ! CaliforniaPeggy is now working for CNN !

Save the life of your pet OR save the Cowsissies as they go down in flames 44-6

Who should Archie marry?

NHL Woos Fans By Increasing Scoring With Bigger Nets

I'm either too fast or too slow

who says DU Fridays are dull?

Would you like to see Keith Richards and Rush in a cage fight?

Which was more annoying? The yellow teeth ads or a drop down of a Cadillac?

Recommend a dinner stop not more than five minutes or so off the PA turnpike.

So, that was fun...I just entered my Condom with my GUN drawn...(yes, I am serious)

I hope he learns that there are rewards for just showing up and doing the work.

So, that was fun...I just entered my Traylor and had to use Kung Fu...(yes, I am serious)

Save the life of your pet OR save the life of a person who has no family

Save the life of a rabid odorific dying roadskill skunk or Haruka

Friday morning WORD ASSOCIATION THREAD: The word is "quaff"

Did you know that you can not

"Carnal acts" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "carnal acts".

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

telemarketing call transcript, Thursday, May 21, 2009, 0915

Coming up with a drinking game is SO much harder with Obama than it was with Bush.

Star trek vs star wars

Let's get one misperception out of the way RIGHT NOW.

Sawyer or Jack

I won !

Sawyer or Finn?

I saw a job that paid $50 for writing a 10 page report

I just realized South Park stole an episode idea from something that happened in my life.

Has a Lounge Post ever made it to the Greatest Threads? nt

Gotta clean the house. The Orkan guy is coming tomorrow.


Best Thread today in GD...

Get your ass to mars!

An artichoke IS NOT a sex toy.

Afghanistan needs some strip joints.

OMG, Do I love the new Star Trek!

Get published in your top occupation/academic journal, or get published in Penthouse Forum??

Welcome to binge Britain

Perhaps it's not surprising that so many people instantly choose Sean Connery as their favorite Bond

i'm pretty sure if Karl Malden were a DUer, he'd smack most of y'all around


Moe Howard and Mike Douglas do "Niagara Falls" routine

Rolls-Royce Crashes Into UK Supermarket

What does it mean when your wife and kids complain that you spend way too much time on DU?

So, that was fun...I just entered my Condo with my GUN drawn...(yes, I am serious)

Just so you guys know, i would let the lot of you drown to save my cat

I need a new internet pseudonym

What's an appropriate punishment for someone who only reads the first line

Did anybody call out Haruka yet today?

Confessions of a Star Trek writer

Confessions of a Star Trek writer

How many Zachs are on TV shows?

Save the life of a complete stranger's pet OR save the life of Dick Cheney?

Do I need to go to a meeting?

What are we drinking this holiday weekend?

Do you believe everythings you read on the interents?

Am I the only one who has no desire to see the new Star Trek?

Question for y'all. I'm meeting a former coworker for lunch today at Sizzler.

Here's my post in GD. How many posters will NOT get the joke?

Gotta clean the house. The Arkin guy is coming tomorrow. nt

Would you murder everyone in the lounge to save your cat?

What newspapers, if any, do you buy?

Keep the Timex Syncrhonisty Watch or take what's behind Curtain #2.....

Save the life of a complete stranger OR save the life of a Penthouse pet ?

The Patriots have never won a Super Bowl without cheating, so why do they still have fans?

Is the Circle Line still making loops around NYC?

It's the little things

I'd like to point out to you people

Hell, I'd save the life of a stranger over most of my relatives

I killed two ants today...

I wonder if Brenton Wuchae is divorced yet.

Have you ever been involved in Trap - Neuter - Return (TNR)?

Nebraska's License Plates: YOU DECIDE

Save the life of your pet OR save the life of a fellow DUer?

Barry Manilow Kept Me Up All Night

Does Barry Manilow Give You Nightmares?

Yet another classic thread in the makings in GC...

Oh no - The Flynts (Larry and his brother) are fueding

I read the news today

What are your Holiday Weekend Plans?

DU Wife Swap Midlo and Haruka

New Jerry Garcia, Bobby and the Midnites concerts available at Wolfgang's Vault

Destroy an original Picasso OR read Hamlet naked in front of live audience?

Have You Ever Been To A Barry Manilow Concert?

*** DUzy Awards for week ending May 22, 2009 ***

That new Terminator movie (spoilers)

I just ate something that I now wish I hadn't.

Give it up, you liberals. If it were a ticking bomb scenario....

Best part of Wife Swap?

Hypothesis: "Supernanny" is essentially the same show as "It's Me or The Dog"

The New Microwave Oven Just Charcoled my Turkey Pot Pie

Bill O'Reilly is a nasty doomed-to-hell parasite of the planet - yes/no

We are looking at a Dijon Altima

Someone please gank me

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/22/2009)

Dumbest thing you've ever overheard?

Can a hamster eat a pencil?

We are looking at buying a Nissan Altima.

The verdict is in: the outside critters prefer sunflower seeds to the mixed bird seed.

A dog with a dingleberry is just simply in the "not good" department.

Gotta clean the house. The Orkin guy is coming tomorrow. nt

Here's what I want to see/hear on American Idol - someone doing "Briefcase Boogie"

Hands Down, The DU Lounge has the best post titles in the universe!

I have once again failed.

I'm going to the great wall tomorrow!

Dog that Follows you Everywhere, and he whines when he can't come into the bathroom with you

I hate the show Wife Swap.

"And that's when the crapalanche ensued..."

For writers and other word lovers: the British National Corpus

Today I listened to Johnny Hates Jazz, Sun City, and an interview with a former Zappa bassist.

You have three parrots, each one is unique:

Why do nuns wear black?

I survived my lunch at Sizzler.

I just got so scared by something that I wet a coworkers pants!

Jeff Beck Live At Ronnie Scotts...

I saw the most brilliant thing on the back of Glenn Beck's "An Inconvenient Book" today.

GRATEFUL DEAD=Best Dylan cover band evah!

Middle school expels teen with eyebrow shaver

James Harrison's Pit Bull attacks his son

Why is pizza crust so expensive compared to other bready products?

This is not a Star Trek thread

Question about FENCING

I never write anymore, all I do is type.

Latest argument at the XemaSab house:

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/22/09

Why I am a Socialist

What are your plans for the long weekend?

Why I am a Socialist

I think AlCzervik is coming to steal my kitties...

Is your pet gay, straight, bi or transgendered?

Stripper class at my gym visible thru the glass walls!

DUzy Awards for the week are up on GD

Attention please! RevActs is no longer the most popular Nighttime lounger!

kitten picture of the day for friday may 22

Is there anything dijon mustard is not good for?

Where is mcctatas ?

Joker, Joker, Joker!

What's your favorite color?


My brother made the cover of Sports Illustrated!

Have your parents passed?

Anyone else posting with a kitty on their lap?

Have you ever girded your loins?

The newest Kitteh pictures are here!

Found a kitten outside

Remember Jamie Lee Curtis's dance in True Lies?

What Is Your Favorite Barry Manilow Song?

What’s the best advice you ever received in your life?

Just watched The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.

Anything But Straight: Obama's Honeymoon is Over

Post a simple, one sentence self-evident fact.

So I took this great picture by the seaside

What's in your arsenal for the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?

The Band Sell-Out that hurt you the most?

It started innocently enough with a generic multivitamin

Let's make it easy for everyone: Post here things you'd save before saving your pets

Your house is on fire, you can only save one...

Spam, or a poke in the eye with a sharp stick?

Post a pic of your church

Post a pic of your high school....

Chaplin the Shelter Cat Wins Top Honors at Cat Show

Did the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor?

People use the ellipsis WAY too much nowadays...

I'm starting to hate hanging out with women my age.

I saw an Exxon/Mobile employee stealing from his employer today.

woot! my documentary is up online!

Shrewd Choice of "Debating" Partner

I am starting to be worried about this healthcare bill.

Replacing Justice Souter: Legal experts discuss Obama's forthcoming Supreme Court nomination

Boston Globe editorial goes after Pelosi

Anderson Cooper to have Sasha and Malia Obama on to discuss today's speeches

"Do you know Pres. Bush's approval ratings were up as high as 15-points after the Olympics?"

GOP's best hope: Obama overreaches or underachieves

Where's eyepaddle at?

Transcript of the Presidents speech, at the Archives, May 21,2009

****** "In The Name Of God Goooo" *******

Obama Mounts ("impassioned") Defense of Plans to Close Guantánamo

Obama Curtails Bush's Policy of 'Preemption'

Texas Constructs U.S. Border Wall To Keep Out Unwanted Americans

Here's what pisses me off about Cheney...

There are certain people who have no standing to tell President Obama how to do his job

Andrew Sullivan: The Re-Balancing

Michelle has a touch of Lucy in her

Choosing sides with fellow justices: Graphic shows % of times Souter agreed with other Justices

It's Time For a New Geneva Convention

Deep thought

Senator Reid, I am sorry about your future illness and your inability to stay on as Majority Leader

It's time we hit the media with emails and calls on this Cheney bullshit

Making torture acceptable.. the Neo Con handbook at work again

Slate's Fred Kaplan: Send Cheney Back to the Bunker!

NYT: Animatronic Obama Going to Disney World with High-Tech Style. Debuts July 4th.

McCain On Cheney

Chicken shit media holds up "welcome" sign for Cheney and Company, greets them

The perfect Dick Cheney Cartoon

President Obama and McCain at Naval Academy Commencement

I have a new theory about David Broder. He's made a bet.

Um, why didn't Al Gore's speeches get any air time.

Obama nominates Max Cleland to head military monuments commission

Obama Taps Jack Bauer, Wolverine For Domestic Anti-Terrorist Strike Force!!!

The Real Path to Security

Why try to shut up Cheney?

Whoever runs the local NBC news station here in DC is a Republican, for sure

More errors in CIA interrogation briefing list

I say let Cheney talk and talk and talk

A request from Bob Cesca re: indefinite detention

If We didn't have a RW leaning Corporate Media , do you think this country would be different

Press still gunning for Pelosi, yet they ignore Bob Graham--except for Rachel and Steven Colbert

"President Obama enjoys his new Steelers jersey after making children cry. "

Jackeens was busy, here is your photo thread of today's speech

Classic Democrat: Obama screws his base and coddles the wingers that will never support him.

If Holder would just appoint an Independent Counsel to investigate torture, everyone would be served

Tom Ridge: Cheney is Wrong about Obama

I love Rachel Maddow

Hey-Anderson Cooper is having DICK'S daughter on for HER opinion of both speeches!

In yesterday's speech, President Obama convinced me...

POLL - Who do you trust...??

TX-Gov: $11 mil from stimulus to repair Perry's mansion

Doesn't Cheney Own Interest in Prisons? Cause here's a thought.....

President Obama at USNA Commencement (VIDEO)

Christian Radio Ad Pushing Universal Healthcare Harnesses Local Faith-Based Influence

Is anyone else in a funk because Cheney was all over the news today? I thought

Will the media EVER call out Dick for his blatent, lame CYA tour?

RNC == Rush, Newt, Cheney.

Chuck Hagel: I would have voted to authorize funds to close Gitmo

First Lady Michelle Obama plans for summer vacations, Camp David-style

PHOTOS Caption it? (The McCains)

If CNN, MSNBC, FOX and the network news stations don't hold Obama's feet to the fire, who will?

Justice Souter and the Supreme Court’s Church-State Balance

The White House does listen

"Cheney was willing to fight the Vietnam War

Mancow, you know the guy that got waterboarded, called Michelle Obama a "dude"

"There I was, former president of the United States of America, with a plastic bag on my hand"

Who is Barack Obama?

PHOTO Love it.

If we don't hold Obama's feet to the fire who will?

Did you know that our current VP has been in the Balkans the last few days? FU Cheney! And FU to

US asks Cuba to resume talks on legal immigration

Obama trying to ram another U.S. job-sucking trade pact through Congress

Sarah Palin becomes only governor to turn down federal stimulus money for energy efficiency

Senate OKs War Funding, Blocks Release Of Detainee Photos 86-3: Bi-Partisanship Works!

PHOTOS The VP in Lebanon (May 22)

Jesse Ventura on waterboarding "I'll Get (Hannity) To Say Obama Is The Greatest President"

What did Pres. Obama mean in his speech when he said.....

ALERT! New Bullshit Meme Just used on MSNBC (on Andrea Mitchell)

The fine line of criticizing Obama on DU

Contrast and Compare!

Does David Broder think all Republicans served in the military?

MIke Malloy is "disappointed" in Obama's speech today, as well. It

How long does it take you to take a political position on an issue?

The promise of health care for all--" The question now is whether he really meant it."

It Never Ceases to Amaze Me

PHOTO Caption it? (Rahm)

Judging by Jon Stewart, Cenk Uygur, and Rachel Maddow last night...

Great speech today President Obama

RNC Launches 'Daisy' Web Ad-They must think playing the fear card still works!

Don't Miss Bill Moyers Journal

You know what I love about this Pelosi kerfuffle?

Wasn't HRC running as an opponent of SSM, too?

This is what President Obama proposes to do with Gitmo detainees

Name something Obama has done as POTUS, that you liked, without repeating another posters reply.

Democrats Betray Labor: EFCA Card Check is Pronouced Dead

Kerry breaks silence on CIA's lying past

Bush: "Liberating" To Be Out Of Office, Picking Up Dog Poop

PHOTOS Chilly reception for the President at the Naval Academy

Steele: 'Obama was not vetted because the press fell in love with the black man running for office'

Pineapples and apples why President Obama's "prolonged detention" is wholly different than Bush's

"We were going to the White House, but we couldn’t get in so I felt sad,"

I hated when Obama said "I bear the responsibility of keeping this country safe"

LOL....Let another country hold one of our soldiers with no charges forever and see what we do!

Educate me? Why is most of the navy....white?

PHOTOS Is the President looking a little waxy these days?

Republican Scum Forcing the New York Islanders Off Of Long Island.

New York Times Pile On on MSNBC: Obama = Bush

PHOTOS Do you miss him?

PHOTOS I worry for Jack - will Cindy disinherit him after this display of respect?

Steele: Obama ‘Was Not Vetted Because The Press Fell In Love With The Black Man Running For Office"

Is the opinion that gay marriage is morally wrong a bigoted opinion?

Did the US release captured Nazis during WW 2?

Komodo dragons kill with venom, not bacteria, study says

FCC’s Warrantless Household Searches Alarm Experts

George Bush should be waterboarded for charity says Senator

Ex-solder to be sentenced to life

3 suspects emerge in Guatemalan lawyer's killing

McCain: Cheney Endorses Spanish Inquisition Technique

Senate OKs 'Day of Remembrance' for nuke workers

Lawsuit challenges Washington lethal injections

Texas Mayor Trades Job for Romance in Mexico

NM mom charged with killing son on the playground

Bosnia Does Not Need New Peace Deal, Biden Says.

Despite Torture Video, U.S. and Emirates Sign Key Pact

So you admit you raped and killed a 14yr old girl..then killed her Mom , Dad and 5yr old sister

TARP Warrant Sale Shows Banks May Reap ‘Ruthless Bargain’

House Debates 10 Cent Gas Tax Increase Today

"Prolonged Detention?"

Washington governor orders cutbacks in emissions

Contractors say Blackwater supplied forbidden guns

UN refugee agency concerned about Colombia threats

Grayson proposes requiring at least a week's paid vacation for many workers

Mexico City lowers swine flu alert

Gates defends decision to close Guantanamo prison

Obama to lay out new framework on trade

Death Penalty Abolition Gets Final Legislative Approval In Senate (Connecticut)

LU pulls plug on Democratic club

U.S. climate negotiator sees 'impressive' actions by China

Taiwan-China business ties grow as barriers fall

Japan's Mask Supply Falters as Flu and Fear Spread

Bangladesh reports new influx of Myanmar Muslims

North Korea warns ships near missile base - Japan

Gates Defends Obama's Decision to Close Guantanamo

Aid Groups Say Sri Lanka Curtails Access to Refugees

Black mayor of Mississippi town brings 'atomic bomb of change'

Arrests in Chinese slavery case

Secretary Gates Hails Soldier in Pink Boxer Shorts

CoverTN called 'insurance that doesn't insure'

Burma says Suu Kyi visit 'staged'

Deadly car bomb in Pakistan city

Obama not concerned about U.S. credit rating change

Canada Denies Lifting Arm Sales Ban To Pakistan

Chinese Auto Maker Expresses Interest in Opel

Economic bright spots suggest recovery may be near

Chinese rally behind waitress arrested in fatal stabbing of local official

Sick girl's mom said she expected `divine healing' (trial for mom who let child die)

Congress: Cap-n-trade passes committee (Dems assured Big Business bill will not hurt them)

Fitzgerald: Fight crime by hiring felons

EchoHawk sworn in at Indian Affairs

GM prepares for bankruptcy

RNC uses controversial 'Daisy' ad to target Obama

Cheney's speech contained omissions, misstatements

McCain Volunteer Gets Probation for False Report (Ashley Todd's Self-Mutilation)

McCain volunteer gets probation for false report(Backward B in Pittsburgh)

Thailand 'gets tough' with Hmong

US CO2 goals 'to be compromised' (Energy Sec. Steven Chu)

Pentagon Responds to My Request for Definition of "Rejoins Fight"

Pakistani army claims Taliban's elimination in Swat valley imminent

Iran vows to win war on drugs

Sen. Burris' Plane Makes Emergency Landing(WH Staffer aboard as well)

Obama vows not to send people to war without cause

IL US attorney not interested in elected office

Cheney Intervened in CIA Inspector General's Torture Probe

AP Interview: Insurgents crossing into Pakistan

President Obama signs bill tightening defense procurement

White House to GM - Prepare for Bankruptcy

California Prop. 8 court ruling to be announced at 10 a.m. PT Tuesday

Cheney’s speech contained omissions and misstatements

Ronald Reagan to be honoured with a London statue

Breaking: Leilani Neumann found guilty in Wausau faith-healing homicide case

Sobbing Kindergarteners Snubbed by WH for Steelers?

Michael Moore Preparing to Turn His Sights on Wall Street

Strangers reunite dying teen with Guatemalan family

Lawmaker wants to make 2010 'Year of the Bible'

Prosecutors: Peterson tried to put hit on 3rd wife

Senators express outrage over Chinese drywall

Bolivian authorities seek Hungarian man living in Ireland

Unemployment rate down in 21 states

White House launches open government initiative

Crisis in the Niger Delta

Australia signs anti-torture protocol

Obama Curtails Bush's Policy of 'Preemption.'

Ohio Unemployment Tops 10 Percent

U.S. wants to resume migration talks with Cuba

Dollar Tumbles Against Pound, Euro

Pornographic videos flood YouTube

US will lose AAA rating: PIMCO

Calif. wine industry started with Chinese workers

Ruling Means Siegelman Remains Free Until August

Liberty University pulls plug on Democratic club

Minutemen Leader Ordered To Pay $135,000

Intel Dem: Fix Gitmo — don't close it

Obama Naval Academy Commencement Speech: President Speaks To Military Graduates

Fear of prosecution caused Cheney to speak out, daughter says

Brazil OKs extradition of rabbi accused in Israel

Cigarette makers lose appeal in landmark case

Whites become minority in Kansas county

India's new government to speed fighter jet deal

New Study: Global Temperatures to Rise 9 Degrees by 2100

U.S. Steel Hurt by Chinese Pipe Imports, ITC Says

Conservative radio hosts gets waterboarded, and lasts six seconds before saying its torture

Venezuela Chavez nationalizes iron companies

First death under new Washington suicide law


A Busy Summer for Obama

Good health care legislation will die. Next up .... cutting social security benefits

Investigation into how Briton got pregnant in Laos jail

Dueling Speeches in 100 Seconds

Democratic Speed Reader Demonstrates Good Tonguemanship

*whoopsie* Newt calls the CIA liars 2007 (00:13)

KBR Paid Millions in Bonuses In Spite of Deaths

Cheney Continues To Lie About Torture

TYT: GOP's Enormous Hypocrisy on Investigations

Writings on the Wall

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - Sense from Deniers? Don't hold your breath..

Policy differences or high crimes?

Senator Baucus should give up his premium public health insurance

Vice President Biden Addresses Our Troops

TYT: Cenk calls Obama out on his flowery 'values' bullshit

One Voice, One Message, Heard Around the World.

Lawrence O'Donnell lets loose on Cheney speech (10:56)

Speed Reader Takes Center Stage At Climate Change Hearing

Gates on Gitmo: "The Name Itself is a Condemnation"

McCain on Cheney’s torture speech: ‘I just don’t see where it helps.’

Liz Cheney: Fear of prosecution caused father to speak out

Rachel Maddow & Ari Shapiro on Gonzales authorizing torture - while he was WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL

Republicans Are Fucking Nuts!

Countdown: Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson says Dick Cheney borders on treason

Sen. Whitehouse urges intelligence agency nominees to ask hard questions on torture

Rachel Maddow & Chris Hayes call out Dick Cheney on his bullshit - remark on his backpedling lies

Genesis Revisited

Pelosi stands her ground

Ana Marie Cox Calls Out Gibbs Again On Dont Ask Dont Tell

KO: Special Comment on Dick Cheney

Sen. Hagel (R-NE) Lines Up with Obama, Against Cheney

President Obama's Naval Academy Commencement Speech

Leilani Neumann on trial for praying her daughter to death

Mancow Waterboarded

Waterboarding and Torture

New York Terror Prison Panic

Liz Cheney and Lawrence O'Donnell square off on GMA

Rachel Maddow calls out Obama's flowery 'values' bullshit - brilliantly invokes 'Minority Report'

Dick Cheney For Dummies

Conservative talkshow host 'Mancow' gets waterboarded, says it's torture.

Gay Civil Rights Movement is Our Civil Rights Movement

Liz Cheney acknowledges that her dad is speaking out for fear of prosecution

Judith Miller: I was in jail with Zacarias Moussaoui

Liz Cheney's Daddy-Defense Becomes Laughable - Cooper

Obama Nails Speech, But Misses Chance to Permanently Silence Cheney

Cheney's speech ignored some inconvenient truths

McCain: Cheney Endorses Spanish Inquisition Technique

President Obama: 'America will be safer when Guantanamo Bay is closed' with slideshow

U.S. House Members File Bill to Overturn Action by D.C. Council.

GITMO, Health Care, What and Who do we really need to fear?

A war-crimes trial that set a precedent before its verdict (Globe & Mail)

U.S. State Seeks Laid - Off Traders to Teach Math.

Joe Conason: Another round for democracy

Torture debate at times glosses over facts (Prabhu | The Tennesseean)

Death in Libya: Political prisoner latest victim of Bush’s “Freedom Agenda”

Why the NYPD heavily publicizes foiled terror plots.

Torture Is Not a New US Foreign Policy Tool

Forget "Centrists," We Need Progressives @ Supreme Ct -- Righties Will Fight Whomever Obama picks

Will GOP attacks on Nancy Pelosi backfire?

Dollar Is Dirt, Treasuries Are Toast, AAA Is Gone: Mark Gilbert

Fighting the Hate Groups with a Hero’s Name

President Obama's day in pictures May 21, 2009

Where Do We Go When All Hope is Gone?

Gen. McChrystal, Grim Reaper: Obama's New Afghan Commander Will Send Death Toll Soaring

David Sirota: Yankee Stadium - the house that taxpayers built

In Pictures: President Obama addresses Naval Academy Graduation in Annapolis

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Freeper response to Cheney speech-ELECT CHENEY

Did Your Car Cause the Crisis?

US Food Stamps Create Jobs & in India ....ABC NEWS

I am a conservative !

Got Jobs?

RW Radio host explains how there is no poverty in America

After Pressuring Pakistan to Act, U.S. Offers Aid for Resulting Displaced (Jeremy R. Hammond)

Weekend Economists Boldly Go Where No Thread Has Gone Before: May 22-25, 2009

Rising cost of health care at the root of so many stories we cover

FBI Agent on Synagogue Case Has Questionable Record (Rayman | Village Voice)

Harvey Milk Speech

Outrageous! RNC aims "Daisy" ad at Obama.

US strategy in Latin America was wrong

UN refugee agency concerned about Colombia threats

VENEZUELA Completes 22 Trimesters of Consecutive Economic Growth

EX-Pres of Industrial bank of Venezuela Arrested for Corruption

Obama to lay out new framework on trade

ECUADOR Probes Human Rights Abuses by US Troops from Manta Base

GLOBOVISION: The Loose Cannon of Venezuelan Media

GI: "The Shameful History of the OAS - Part 1"

U.S. Senator Baucus Introduces Bill Easing Trade and Travel Restrictions With Cuba

Bolivian authorities seek Hungarian man living in Ireland

Torture Is Not a New US Foreign Policy Tool ( in Latin America )

Nuns arrive at eco-convent and leave behind high-carbon habit

ODAC Newsletter - May 22

DrumBeat: May 22, 2009

Oilwatch Monthly May 2009

Biogas growth predicted

got a 140-foot wind turbine at a junkyard

HK Investment Fund Daishin Will Roll Out New Commodities Fund Based On Global Warming Trends

With Most Wild Populations Extinct, Oz Government Lists Tasmanian Devil As Endangered - ENN

Scientists In Israel, Jordan, West Bank Trying To Expand Use Of Owls As Substitute For Rodent Poison

PEMEX Board Member - Company "Too Optimistic" About Chincotepec Field - Bloomberg

Sand Dunes Engulf Houses In NE Brazil As Extreme Weather Fuels Climate Fears - Reuters

Mexico's Oil Exports Down To 1990 Levels In April - Drop Unprecedented Except For Hurricane Season

Most Extensive Study To Date Finds DDT, PCBs, Brominates In Marine Mammal Brains, CSF

Energy Storage Tariff Approved in New York

APS Signs 290 MW CSP Power Purchase Agreement (AZ)

China's New Focus on Solar ($0.10 per kWh PV)

Let The Whining Begin - Farm-State Pols Pitch A Fit At EPA Use Of Science - Grist

Lockheed Martin To Support Utility-scale (290 MW Concentrated) Solar Power Plant In Arizona

'Turbines wind up my goats' (Wind turbine noise blamed for goat deaths in Taiwan!)

Steven Chu: US CO2 goals 'to be compromised'

First-Ever Global Report on Shellfish Finds 85 Percent of World’s Oyster Reefs Have Vanished

Rep. Hinchey and EPA Admin Jackson on hydrofracturing for natural gas

Hitachi develops automotive lithium-ion battery having the world's highest output (1.7x)

The Great Ethanol Scam?

Reuters: New Study: Global Temperatures to Rise 9 Degrees by 2100

A part of the price of gas nobody talks about - cartoon:

One of the most significant stories in years...

3 suspects emerge in Guatemalan lawyer's killing

WA State Lands Commissioner - Prepare Now For Fiery Future As Bark Beetles Ravage Western Forests

Looks like we have the makings of a barnburner in Pittsburgh tonight.

Steelers' Harrison's son bitten by his pit bull (Harrison didn't go to WH)

Jets' Sanchez looks a alittle green

Giants nine games behind Dodgers

Everything in Texas is not just big, it's gotta be the BIGGEST.

George Karl is still a fucking coach! He has basically

The Stinky-Spankee-Skankees' streak ends tonight...

49ers sign Dre' Bly

Tigers lead AL Central by 3; two series sweeps in a row; magic number now 120

Funny Bill Simmons snippet RE Lakers/Nuggets game

Fellow Redskins Fans, Do You Want Michael Vick?

Seattle Mariners to have "I can has Cheezeburger" night

Economic Report: U.S. Only Nation Among Top 22 That Doesn’t Guarantee Paid Sick Days

Today in labor history May 21 believed to have been framed for murder, go on trial today

Democracy Now! ran a show on worker buyouts w/Naomi Klein & Avi Lewis

$50 Million From Stimulus Going To Retrain Workers In Auto Industry Communities

Workers Are Organizing More Than 200 Events Promoting Passage Of Employee Free Choice Act

Today in labor history May 22 “Battle of Deputies Run”, strikers routed police and a Citizen’s group

Economic Report: U.S. Workers Hardest Working People In Capitalism?

Democrats Betray Labor: EFCA Card Check is Pronouced Dead

LOL Now lets give them Fear

Oregon Unions Oppose Effort To Tax Health Care Benefits As Single Payer Remains Excluded From Debate

Card Check Is Dead

FDA relied heavily on BPA lobby

Bill Moyer's Journal tonight! ...Healthcare NOT Warfare

Great tool for comparing all the federal health reform plans on the table

What are acceptable copays in Single Payer, to you?

Mad Max's Health Care plan

President Obama's Budget Bans Funds for Needle Exchange

Can Positive Thoughts Help Heal Another Person? (NPR - All Things Considered)

GOP tells Lynch to kill gay marriage bill

Obama to be in LA next Wednesday - the day after the Prop 8 Decision

"So You Think You Can Dance" TV show first?

Happy Birthday Harvey Milk!

Congressman: White House LGBT Announcements Imminent

Aiken's Lambert Rant: Claymate Turns To Clayhate

U.S. House Members File Bill to Overturn (Gay Marriage) Action by D.C. Council

My partner and my 6th anniversary today. Onto year seven...

Be notified, and be prepared to celebrate or protest, when the Prop 8 Decision comes!

Prop 8 decision will be released on Tuesday.

From Suifu, China to Hong Kong in a DC2-1/2

Soldiers stationed in Bilin: Gaza is easier

Germany 'Not Doing Enough' to Fight Right-Wing Extremism

God is stronger than Obama, say Israeli settlers defying bulldozers

I don't like guns. But I just might need to get one at some point.

Judge: Man might have been better off pulling trigger at school

Does Gun Control benefit Law Enforcement Officers...Artical from

Schadenfreude Thread!

Israeli police target young people for refusing military service

'1 in 4 Israelis would consider leaving country if Iran gets nukes'

Israel Removes Illegal Settler Outpost in West Bank

Who spoke the following?


What setting on a digital camera simulates "wide lens" if any?

May Photo Contest ***WINNERS***!

Okay, the time is now and until next Wedneday. . .or so. . .

justarant: 4th realtor just left, and left me literally

Catholic bishops say no to Reiki treatment

I am thinking of joining a weight watchers class....


Need help! Quick impressions?

"Sex Cult Leader on Trial for Blasphemy"

Year of the Bible

A story of revelation and rebirth, but not as Christians would like it

Incredible mindfuck that needs to be deciphered...

Logic fans: take a stand

The Pope goes on-line. He's got Facebook! A Wiki! iPhone! He Tweets!

Female Catholic priests?

What if God exists? And what if that god is evil?

Nobody in DU believes in anything after this life? That's cool, but I just

Focaccia bread

HE'S OUT!!!!

Report on the grand experiment, ie hot sauce.

Bierock Obamas?

Calling all Vegans

The four main reasons for torturing detainees:

The Cover-up of Sonny Bono's Murder (?)

For your enlightenment

The inner worlds of conspiracy believers

The inner worlds of conspiracy believers

Relaxing in Austin for a change

Swift boater Bob Perry has his personal homebuilder commission abolished!!!!


Vancouver homeless shelters due to close in June

Thunder Bay mom wants answers after teacher's aide chops off son's hair

Philip Berg really says it all about 9/11 "Truthers" to me