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Zelikow caught in big fat lie - 9/11 Commission (lying to protect BushCheney)

Media uncritically aired cheney claim that "EITs" were used after other techniques failed

Who Would Have Thought, Mancow Muller Will Go Down As The Man Who Proved It

Why does Liz Cheney seem so familiar?

Credit Card Bill Allows Guns in National Parks

OK, so who can figure this out for me? Credit Card logic.

Repulicans and conservatives are very brave...

change - U.S. to Cuba: Let's talk immigration

"Real Time" guests this week:

Does anyone know anything about the documentary "No More Smoke Signals"?

In Regards to Torture here's a Great Quote by Col. Charles Stuart of the British Army in 1778

In Regards to Torture here's a Great Quote by Col. Charles Stuart of the British Army in 1778

BBC: How Sri Lanka's military won

Palin: "We have a friend in RNC Chairman Michael Steele"

Library of Congress debuts iconic Great Depression photos

Dick Cheney is a torture activist

According to BBC ..Porno videos flood You Tube..

Establishing the connection between the Bush White House and Abu Ghraib

Dutchman Tells U.S.:Time To 'Man Up' and Quit NIMBYing Gitmo Detainees

Today is the anniversary of Harvey Milk's birthday (We just watched Milk for the first time) 5 stars

Repukes satying Obama shouldn't go around blaming America for the world's problems?

Right-Wing Radio Host Gets Waterboarded, and Lasts Six Seconds Before Saying It's Torture

Bill Maher on Harry Reid: "Dusty Old Dumbass"

Mississippi town breaks with its past to elect first black mayor

Mancow waterboarding...imagine his response if they had done it right instead of trying to be super

(Streaming Video) Real Time with Bill Maher

keith showing the mancow waterboarding Unions are a Feminist Issue

Interesting table -- Nope.Taxes have not been 'soaring'


Liz C. makes me sick. Puke. Barf. Vomit. What an arrogant moron.

Lots of pictures of democracy in action in India.

Tuck and cover brothers and sister!

To my Fellow Vet's;

Mass and brutal killings of pigs in Egypt condemned by animal rights groups

The Cheney Trap

Was Bill Maher worth watching tonight?

KO on Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Sunday news show lineup looks interesting (for once)

Gen. McChrystal, Grim Reaper: Obama's New Afghan Commander Will Send Death Toll Soaring


Sesame Street - J for Jew

we need a senate majority leader like LBJ - Obama would soar with a strong leader

I refuse to waste my "beautiful mind" debating---

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

President Obama says he's confident General Motors would thrive after restructuring. Are you?

Turn on KO for the shock jock who decided to be waterboarded

What kind of non-torture punishment should be administered

March 25, 2010

Man punches blind woman on bus - heroes come to her rescue - video

SC School Administrators File Suit Against Sanford, Rex

General Orders No. 11 Grand Army of the Republic Headquarters

Obama's reshingling the roof but the foundation still needs major repairs

Who is the Greater Facilitator of Evil: Dick Cheyney or Rahm Emanuel. Winner announced at All-Star

Did people have unrealistic high expectations of Barack Obama?

Wow! AMAZING photo my friend Joey took this afternoon. Opinions?

Liz Cheney Reveals That Fear Of Prosecution Motivates Dad’s Media Blitz


nytimes: President’s Detention Plan Tests American Legal Tradition...i guess torture didnt?

Detainee Relocation: I'd like to correct an error constantly repeated on the news

What kids TV show do you miss?

What’s really in that pool water?

A political WTF?: The city councilman who refuses to pay 11 years of taxes and stays out of jail.

Defense chief praises soldier in pink boxers

Front page article Cape Cod Times- "Women kick off -Queer Summer"

Hey Dick - Mr Roh has provided a way out for you

Memorial Day Weekend Competition: Define “America”

Robert Parry: The GOP's 'Era of Apologizing'

msnbc...reporter says quantanamo prisoners are 'known terrorists'

Col. Wilkerson: "Cheney Kept Some Things From the President"

Anyone Listening/Watching Washington Journal?

Check out this poll on Bill Moyers' site.

Charles Manson and 'The Family'... Dick Cheney and 'The Family". n/t

Wait a second..Because they're dems, they can't possibly be liars?

Instead of Teach for America, Cheney is starting a new program called "Torture for America",

For GOP, A Southern Exposure

Anybody have any good ideas for inexpensive HS Graduation gifts?

Former Massacusetts state GOP official gets 7-year prison term for laundering drug money

The GOP's 'Era of Apologizing' Is NOT Over-Indeed It Has NOT Begun. - By Robert Parry

"RNC's below-the-belt shot at Nancy Pelosi"

No Liberty at Liberty from the AP

Why aren't the Bush twins out defending Daddy's torturing?

Why aren't the Bush twins out defending Daddy's torturing?

The benefits of immigration

Govt: Guns barred from national parks until Feb. 2010.....

Madoff victims auction off goods to pay bills

On this Memorial Day weekend I do have memories of war dead

Dumbest crime ever - man tries to rob bank in drive thru lane while in a stolen car

Cheney's Writing a New Book: Working Title "I'm right, you're wrong"

The house that taxpayers built

The house that taxpayers built

CSpan interview: President Obama with Scully coming up

Manu Raju garbled and blathered his way thru his time at the table

We know KO's reaction to Mancow's Waterboarding.

The Bible bill?

Juan Williams -- yes Juan Williams -- suggests that Cheney is wishing for another terrorist attack.

Juan Williams -- yes Juan Williams -- suggests that Cheney is wishing for another terrorist attack.

Fox TV announces "Waterboarding with the Stars"

Today I told a friend a friend she may be a drug abuser.

Governor Cancels Cal EPA's Napa Valley Retreat

Feel free to add to this list: the Dumbness of Pro-Torture Arguments

Ha! NOW Freepers worry about the president having too much power to jail people indefinitely

AP: Don't call ex-Vice President Cheney a has-been

Center for Victims of Torture

If Cheney was so sure that his polices would help keep America safe ...

Would you like to be waterboarded?

Are you KIDDING Me?????

Border Czar is Mending Fences

"I have real concern though for all the Oklahoma women who pay to spread their legs. . ."

So who would you rather have as Speaker and Senate President?

Will the Mancow video finally end this stupid debate..

The Bible Bill -- What would Jefferson say?

Who was the guy that "water-boarded" Mancow?

Taxpayers are paying $4 million for Cheney's Secret Service detail

Every year it is the same thing. I simply cannot bring myself to say what I hear so often: "Happy ..

Chaplin the Shelter Cat Wins Top Honors at Cat Show

Solid Potato Salad. O.M.G.

The AP gives this round to...........Cheney

Now the rw says against gay marriage because it hurts small businesses

A Consideration of Anti-Conspiracy Theorists

A Consideration of Anti-Conspiracy Theorists

"They'd Rather Make Sport Of A CA Liberal Than Talk About Fine Details Of Pro-Torture Policies"

Bwahahaha quote of the day (movie reviewer references cheney)

The True Beauty Of What Erich "Mancow" Muller Has Done

What is it, exactly, that the Republicans want to investigate Nancy Pelosi for?

Federal judge threatens to sanction Obama administration over secrecy

California social programs threatened with devastation following special election

Does the Vancouver Olympic Torch look like a joint?

So I'm sitting in the bathroom

RedState, FreeRepublic, NationalReview refuse to cover Mancow waterboarding!

Federal appeals court hears New Orleans District Attorney efforts to overturn $14 million judgment

Bob Herbert: In the Absence of Proof (Troy Davis)

Cheney wrong on all accounts. Fact check proves bigtime "FAIL!"

I miss MrBenchley.

Files on Priest Sex Abuse to Be Opened

Honestly: What Is Driving Your Rage Over the Torture Issue?

Cheney Intervened in CIA Inspector General's Torture Probe

Join the Peace Caravan to Cuba this July

Passer-by pushes suicide jumper in south China

Collectivism on Capitol Hill can put progress back on the table.

Do you think Cheney requested the FBI to make the bust in NYC ?

Unsung heroes of World War II finally get their due (CNN) {WASPs}

Military wants more time before gay ban ends

What other crimes can be directly attributed to Pizza?

APA Bans Interrogations

Is there an online map thingy that will show me distances between locations?

One of these Killer Whales is Almost 100 years Old...

Not in OUR backyard.

Mary Kay Letourneau to Host 'Hot for Teacher' Night

No traction on weekends...

single-slice pizza sales part of the crime problem in Adams Morgan (DC)

As you go about celebrating Memorial Day,

Computer question: Removing software

Pakistan's mystics in sights of Taliban

The delusional BaptistBoard (The 10 punches Dick Cheney landed on Barack Obama's jaw )


Some thoughts for our Veterans this Memorial Day

"The Party of No"

File under "Last Refuge of the Scoundrel"

How about waterboarding as a tough-guy carnival show?

Nava's Legislation to Combat Puppy Mills Meets Approval in (CA) State Assembly

Slayings dashed dreams of rural Iraqi family

Potential Link To Torture Confessions In Powell's Feb. 5, 2003 UN Address

US, Afghan Forces Seize 101 Tons Of Narcotics

I LOVE The Radical Creationist Response To Ida

BANK BUST FRIDAY - Memorial Day weekend edition

Revisionist History in the Works: Cheney Looking For A Book Deal

Why is Dick Cheney letting his daughter fight this battle for him?


What's up with Cheney?

LeTourneau hosts 'Hot for Teacher' night at Seattle bar

When will the 'War on Terror' end?

Italian Nationalist Coalition government moves to ban non-european foods.

RNC's below-the-belt shot at Pelosi

Olbermann responds to the Fat Ass Drug Addict's 30 day challenge

BPA, Chemical Used To Make Plastics, Found To Leach From Polycarbonate Drinking Bottles Into Humans

Finally watching W. OMG. If the film is only 5% accurate...

A clarafication of POWs and Criminals and the part the military plays...

RNC's Below-the-belt shot at Pelosi

'Gender-bending' fear over plastic drinks bottles

Obama committed to healthcare gets help from Nancy Reagan?

If we are attacked again, whose fault will it be?

Rove: Legal ‘Mess’ at Guantanamo Is Obama Administration’s Fault

LAPD buys stake in San Diego Union-Tribune, demands reporters critical of police be fired.

Waterboarding? What about all of the other methods of torture used by the government?

Washington set for Cheney's return

Washington set for Cheney's return

I'm not going to pay for electricity.

Boehner was an asshole during his interview with Wolf. n/t

Seeking Help for personal issues when you feel Ashamed or Afraid

Do you support the goals and the existence of the United Nations?

Bravo UPenn Students

I miss NJSecularist

I Used To Think I Was A Conservative

The Human Brain is Made for Environmental Complacency

Credit Default Swaps: The Poison in the System

If you could live in any other period of time, where and when would it be?

E. Coli Infection Claims 7-Year Old's Life as Valley Meats in IL Recalls 95,890 Pounds of Beef

Concerning the Wilsons, it has been said they have a hard case to

Latest Breaking! This just in! -- FBI informant suckers 4 two-bit losers...

Mancow made ALL the torturepologists out to be fools & liars. Who's next?

Dear Republican Friend: The fact that I am heterosexual is a matter of public record.

Dear Republican Friend: The fact that I am heterosexual is a matter of public record.

Why is the media distorting economic news?

Pawlenty vetoes medical marijuana, signs Legacy bill

" looks like his mouth is about to slide off the side of his face..."

"It works!" (The rationalization of "pragmatists" for torture.)

Family pit bull bites the son of Steelers' James Harrison

Cheney is batshit crazy. (political cartoons)

Is it OK with everyone if I criticize Obama just a little?

I found a first edition of Bill Clinton's book, My Life, at the library book

Just got a call from unemployment

Bill Moyers! ...Rec and Kick if you want SPHC.

Report: Woman Claims She Dated Miss Cali's Mom

Viggo Mortensen Rant - I LOVE this guy!

contrary to popular opinion, the South is not solid Republican

contrary to popular opinion, the South is not solid Republican

In Spite of His Claim and Experience, This Man Wasn't Tortured.

Colleges Consider 3-Year Degrees To Save Undergrads Time, Money

China plastic bag ban 'has saved 1.6m tonnes of oil'

US still relies on torture - we're just outsourcing it. Practice increased under Obama.

N American car of the year, 5 star crash rating, hybrid (Rush was wrong again) We are buying one

More from Liberty University

FBI Blows It: Supposed Terror Plot Against NY Synagogues Is Bogus

Like Medicare? We LOVE It!

Why President Obama has not disappointed me

From 8-Mile to the Amazon — Palast Investigates — The Story Without The Censors

Teacher ejected for having students lie face down on floor - wingnuts go crazy, say kids deserve it.

The new credit card bill makes it harder for college kids to get credit cards. That's a good thing.

TA-DA...for my 1000th post....

PHOTO: Probably the sweetest and most eloquent photo I've seen yet of our president

One Afghan woman's short history of the progress toward, and then away from, women's equality.

Vague reference to something presumed to have been seen by everyone on DU

I hope everyone here understands WHY Cheney & Bush EXPECT vindication by "history".

How we lose congress in 2010 and how we lose the White House in 2012

If you do only one thing for Memorial day -Watch Ava's Fallout:

Squandered Shaman: An epic contemplation.

"In the Beginning, Man Created God."

Bill Moyers on Memorial Day: " that we might see the images of war reflected in our own eyes"

Should Obama send a Memorial Day wreath to a monument in Arlington that honors confederate soldiers?

Why can`t we do some things like we did 30 or more years ago?

Rachel Maddow on Indefinite Detention

Will abortion clinic bombers finally be arrested as Terrorists?

Today's email from

Oh Mary Kay. Really Now.

Insider SELLING at highest level in decades

If you're married, how long, and is it worth it?

If you're married, how long, and is it worth it?

Former staffer at Florida School for Boys deposed. Says discipline was "state-approved protocol"


First annual DU Lounge 'Swallowed by an Anaconda' Poll

True or False? If you have a vegetable or fruit that has one area of mold or fungus,

Your house is on fire, you can only save one...

The Swallows - Tonight's Lullaby

Good night everybody !

I'm going to try an evil, ungodly experiment this weekend.

Lounge, I really want to apologize...

Now that is what I call a wedding to remember.

Can I lie about getting fired on a job application?

Michael Cuddyer just hit for the cycle!

I'm going to make my mother cry!

The guy next door needs "time to chill with my boys"

Anybody else trying to stick to a low-sodium diet?

Say hello to my new computer.

I am officially on leave from work until 6/29... ask me (almost) anything

Fencing WIN

"Joey will come to say hello..."

I would pwn as a penis puppet!

I haven't been to the movies in years but I am going next week to see Star Trek.

Y'know- that Dennis Leary can really belt out a tune!

Jackson Five's "Never Can Say Goodbye" was a pop song. Isaac Hayes' version was an open wound.


Red Wings - Blackhawks heading to OT

Conjuring Today

Just say 'no' to meth, kids

What are some of your interesting Facebook encounters?

Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip is on the Reto channel right now.

Is there any bigger (non political) douchebag on TV than Guy Fieri?

Dammit. I'm posting unclothed again,

I can't help it; I LOVE those little Kia Soul Hamsters.

A tribute to Leonard Cohen

a poignant song about relationships...

A bottle of red, a bottle of white

Does anyone know if Lil Missy is OK?

Terminator: Salvation was a good movie.

Thursday nights, the early 1990's

Save first stranger pet other first.


Playful little kitten (video)

I got a great money-making idea! Post your bank account number, PIN, and password here!

How many Saturn Award winners (for best SF film) have you seen?



I've given in to the Dark Side...

Should I run for city council? I've got some kick-ass policy innovations

Exciting news! Had to share!

Sweet! Joe Bob Briggs Twitters!

72-Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit

Have you ever had a pill stick in your throat?

it's gonna be kind of quiet here this weekend isn't it?

I'm having a cold can of LaBatt's, some aged provolone cheese, and some nice salami.

Glen Campbell, "Wichita Lineman," live on The Smothers Brothers Show

I want to thank all who served to keep my daughter free

A question for musicians

If your mind is too narrow to understand, that's not my fault

A local little girl wins big in chess.

Official Friday night smile - what you got? Here's a start - Boogie Woogie

Soupy Sales

Poll question: You're surfing around the GDP, and notice a thread that's on fire on the bottom

Today I went to this really huge super HEB grocery store this afternoon, a football field would fit

Don't those damned hippies at Berkeley have something better to do?

Giant Cosmic Space Clouds of Beer

Anybody watch a show on HBO call Carnival, someone told me about it today.

I was showing my little sister some classics from 'Animaniacs' and thought I'd post some here...

What the fuck is with the Twins.

I'm calling you out.

Holy Crap! I thought that neighbor woman was gonna beat the snot out of me!

I slept 14 hours yesterday night

Must not cancel deepdiscountdvd order...

I am starting to hate hanging out with people younger than me , people my age and people older than

Obama's promise to end 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' has stipulation: 'Don't Rush'

This is what rock 'n' roll is.

Best Uses for Duct Tape

Make Money Online NOW!

Three-year-old Toddler Buys Earthmover in Online Auction for $12,300

Man saves dog by sucking snake venom from his nose

I'm going down to Adams Morgan for a slice! Who's with me?

How Are You Spending Memorial Day

The entire solar system is on fire. You can save earth, and one other planet. Which planet?

Hot and ready pizza time

There's a dead man on my coffee table.

Don't you just love baseball season?

Reflections - springtime in Alaska (photos)

In which season did "The Simpsons" jump the shark?

Which DU'r Would You Love To Waterboard?

Who would you rather carpool with Carl Brutananadilewski or Uncle Ruckus?

This whole Terminator thing could have been avoided if they'd just listened to the right people...

Got two free tix to the Indy 500 tomorrow.

I got a pet rat, help me name it...

So I'm sitting in the bathroom

Jim Beam jumps the shark

Great Spotted Woodpecker in our garden*

edosipe snospmis etiruovaf ruoy si tahw ?

The Mathematician and the Beatles chord

Place projectile weapon on the ground.

Dear Call Me Wesley, the film I asked you to get was "Monster's Ball."

I hate it when I agree with LostinVA.

I cut my finger, the right index, badly

Two Star Trek questions- transporter related

rain gauge surprise

So... Where did Condo Commando run off to this time?

Our puppy is angrily barking at the ball that's just rolled under the couch (dialup warning)

I really should be out mowing my lawn.

Does the Vancouver Olympic Torch look like a joint?

I missed this, but the Orioles won the first game of the Beltway Series..


You're driving around the DC Beltway, and notice a car that's on fire on the shoulder

You should be listening to me

Happy Easter everybody !

Who here knows what "Kunafeh" is ?

Give me crack and anal sex

I suspect Lucy is anorexic

Well, another credit card company has decreased my credit limit, this time because I don't use it.

Does anyone remember how Muff Potter from Tom Sawyer got his nickname?

If I apply for unemployment benefits in CA, can I still collect while living in OK

pizza poll

Is wearing a red shirt to see Star Trek considered bad form?

playing a DVD on the computer,but I have no sound.HELP!

I'm gonna go cook up some mussels and lamb chops

Okay, electronics whizzes, tell me what I did wrong.

I've decided to adopt a Thoroughbred ex-racehorse

one of the dangers of smoking


I don't think I will ever have a credit card.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 5/23/2009)

am i weird for being excited about this forecast?

Oh Smack!

Attic fans are awesome! Does your house have one?

If you would, please toast my Uncle Dominick, who passed a few days ago.

Global Warming: It's too late.

Global Warming: It's too late.

I was attacked by a dog today at a client's house.

So, DU Lunge, What's for dinner?

kitten picture of the day for saturday may 23

Do you find it awkward to look at a picture of person who looks almost exactly like you ?

Anybody have any good ideas for inexpensive HS Graduation gifts?

24 hours - pix of hot chicks!

One of my biggest fears is watching horror movies.

Cat Barbecue

OK Who bought the new Green Day CD and is blasting through Walmart?

The Band-Aid that hurt you the most?

Sometimes I hate having genius cats

Life just sucks.

Computer geeks: DVD burners?

Ron "Pocket Fisherman" Popeil and Ronco: Name an item the company neveer sold (but should have)

Your Longest Romantic Relationship (and this can include marriage)?

Phils at Yankees Friday night, first time since 2000, Phils win 7-3.

Can't get this out of my mind. (kind of gross)

What is your favorite simpsons episode?

Last night we heard our first whippoorwill of the season. Ah....

Would you give your phone number to a complete stranger that

Some seriously adorable child-with-dog photos (Dial-up warning)


Santogold? Santigold? You'll Find a Way

I want to create a poll that never dies

Man Appeals Fine For Beating Seagull

Solid Potato Salad. O.M.G.


To keep my skin healthy and youthful this summer.....

Stupidest Star Trek concept of them all: the holodeck

True Blood - Season Two - June 14th!!

Fun poll: Best Hit Song by an Actor

That was scary, but I'm fine!

whatever happened to AlienGirl?


*Official Lounge Census Thread* All Lizards kindly check in.

Don't Panic! It's almost Towel Day

I hate it when I agree with Dr. Phil

After last night People are not my favorite people.

What kids TV show do you miss?

Do you name your cars?

What martial arts do you do, DUers?

In what respect do your political opinions differ from those of DU orthodoxy?

After all this b.s. with Cheney all week long

Liz Cheney Reveals That Fear Of Prosecution Motivates Dad’s Media Blitz Defending Torture

Admins...Please create a "General Discussion: Obama Is Never Wrong" forum!

Regarding Cheney popping up like a whack-a-mole everyday

Martin Sheen on the President (BBC tonight)

You stay classy, republicans!


Administration Introduces Open Government Initiative Websites

Could tourists take guns into the White House?

Obama is a villain.

President Obama Looking for Common Touch in Next Justice ( C-Span Exclusive)

Obama on SCOTUS pick: Won't just have 'ivory tower learning'

Axelrod on NPR's " Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" clip

Human Rights Attorney Vince Warren: Obama’s “Preventive Detention” Plan Goes Beyond Bush Policies

Lieberman and Graham's Detainee Photographic Records Protection Act passed the Senate Unanimously

Porn star Stormy Daniels takes another step toward running for U.S. Senate seat

Dupe. Please delete.

Bush Truth Commission = 111,459 signatures so far...

Did Obama give a good speech at the Navy Academ today?

John Roberts ..."the Supreme Court's stealth hard-liner"

Excuse my ignorance: what does 'Education Trash Talk' mean??

When is the Stimulus program to begin? (n/t)

100 Days to Restore the Constitution: Assessment by the Center for Constitutional Rights

Guardian (UK) editorial - Guantánamo Bay: using the unusable

Is bigotry against sexual orientation as offensive as bigotry against race?

Remember when the media tried to portray Bush as FDR and Blair as Churchill?

These terrorists are criminals, not an army. Holding them as POWs or 'enemy combatants' is nonsense

President Obama names first African American to head NASA

Maybe I should have gone to the White House: Pit bull bites Harrisons's son

Scumbaggy Conservative Bloggers Doth Protest Too Much: Accuse Obama of Memorial Day Swipe at Boosh

NYT LTTE: Obama, Cheney and the Terror Fight

Leadership Long Delayed

PHOTO My, that pavement's a picture!

Rove: Legal ‘Mess’ at Guantanamo Is Obama Administration’s Fault

Brian Williams on Leno: Americans don't really care one way or another about Gitmo

Obama says he's kept in touch with Bush - values the confidence of his predecessors.

PHOTOS Love it - update!

Michelle Misses Life Without Commentary

LA Times: "Hillary Clinton's diplomacy raises some eyebrows"

I can't handle Dick and and his daughter anymore. Is there something Obama can do?

Feingold Plans Hearing on Obama's Detention Policy

Since the "war against communism" hasn't ended, can we round up and detain suspected communists?

"It's smart change, dangerously overdue."

Prisoners of war don't get trials. They get the Geneva Convention.

Just to let you all know I'm still alive...the jury's still out on that as a long-term

Chicago Student Killings Spark Appeals to Obama

White House Intern Who Had an Affair With President Kennedy 40 Years Ago Writing a Book

Obama needs a very surprise pick for SC to regain the momentum of change. Will it be

PHOTOS Break Time

Feingold is soft on Bush? Let's see who wanted to censure Chimpy and who didn't

Anyone see Turley on Keith? He pretty well destroyed Pres. Obama's reasoning.

Warren: Obama’s “Preventive Detention” Plan Goes Beyond Bush Admin Policies

So why is Obama seeking out Bush?

Have You Been Ignored Long Enough==Past time to shout LOUDER:

NYTimes article - Some Obama Enemies Are Made Totally of Straw (or what the NYT reports these days

Senator Fiengold has not and is not planning to investigate George Bush

Obama Healthcare events June 6th

Senator Dodd working on capping credit card interest rates and merchant fees

All this outrage over the "prolonged detention" policy is premature and ignores what HAS changed.

The credit card bill of rights does not cap interest rates

British officials in race to stop 'war crime' by Sri Lankan forces

South Korean former President Roh dead: report

GM says it received $4b more from US Treasury

Ga. father gets 100 years for poisoning kids' soup

'Deal' to end Madagascar crisis

Parks Bill Loophole: Could Tourists Take Guns Into the White House?

In TV Appearance, Powell Plans To Answer Right-Wing Critics

Second Illinois bank is closed by regulators (2 bank failures today)

Troops kill 60 Afghan rebels, make biggest drugs bust

Two rescued after ninth-floor scaffolding breaks (required saftey harness saves them both)

Files on Priest Sex Abuse to Be Opened

Rocket blast kills U.S. civilian in Baghdad Green Zone

Terrorist 'Candid Camera': Alleged wanna-be Bronx jihadists under surveillance for nearly a year

Report: Faulty Communications Imperil President

Reporter Saberi returns to the US

Iraq PM slams law pardoning mainly Sunni prisoners

Report: Sichuan quake sites to open to tourists

Search for homes for 'Slumdog' children picks up

Pakistan troops battle for control of key city in Swat Valley

India's new govt urges Pakistan to target militants

Job losses up in 44 states as recession drags on

Japan pledges $528m climate aid to Pacific Islands

Senate OKs war funding, blocks release of detainee pictures

Two Bush-era officials reject Cheney's security stance

Former S.Korean president commits suicide: Roh jumped to his death

Scorched earth, craters mark Sri Lanka's war zone

3 charged in alleged $200M Ponzi scheme

Morales in 'new liberation' plea

Judge threatens sanctions over gov't wiretapping

Madhav Kumar Nepal, Communist Leader, Elected Nepal's New PM

GOP: Alternative energy alone won't meet US needs

In China, Pelosi Hopes for Allies in Combatting Climate Change

Ahmadinejad rejects economic criticism ahead of vote

Church in Nepal hit by explosion

South Korean Ex-President Kills Himself

President Obama: Honor veterans this Memorial Day

Obama hopes for `leaner, meaner' GM and Chrysler

Maersk Virginia escapes pirate attack

Yakama Nation man leads anti-immigrant efforts

French tourist kidnapped in Pakistan

Suicide jumper pushed off bridge

GOP Rep. rips 'reprehensible' video

Spain Links Voodoo to Forced-Prostitution Case

Obama picks former shuttle commander to lead NASA

FBI lured dimwits into terror plot

Obama sees court pick as smart with common touch

California faces its day of fiscal reckoning

UPDATE 1-Morgan Stanley raises salaries for senior execs

Hindus urge Nepal to award highest civilian honor to UK actress Joanna Lumley

Dodd aiming for Cap on Credit Card Interest Rate/Merchant fees

delete -- dupe

President Obama's Weekly Address: Pay Tribute This Memorial Day in America

**Flashback** ,,,Pelosi WHO?

War Cost Approaching $$ One Trillion $$

Condoleeza Rice Caught Lying About Torture

The CIA, Torture, and George Tenet's Body Language

US Senator Kay Hagan speaking at 2009 HRC Carolina Dinner

Maher: NEW RULES - May 22nd

President Obama on C-Span (May 22, 2009)

STILL Think Waterboarding Isn't Torture? Try it Bush

Ryan Lizza: "They're waiting for an attack on this country & want to blame it on Obama"

maxkeiser - new show on Press TV - Hank Paulson's extortion crimes and other Ponzi schemes

Joni Mitchell and the Chieftains (Magdalene Laundries)

Friday Feminist Fuck You: Pregnancy Discrimination

Olbermann (Friday): Top story (Mancow) with comments by O'Donnell

Olbermann withdraws his offer to Hannity, donates $10k to Mancow's chosen charity

C-SPAN Interview with President Obama

TYT: Republicans Have One Tactic Left - Fear!

Conservative Radio Host ("Mancow") gets Waterboarded, Lasts 6 Seconds Before Saying It's Torture

The Rush Limbaugh/Rick Sanchez Challenge by RSU

Pelosi: Stands by "CIA Misled Congress" "I have nothing more to say about that"

The Money Masters

Repub-turned-Dem confronted by GOP attack team

TYT: Cenk comments on Mancow getting waterboarded

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Wonderful Photos of Wonderful Potential Renewable Fuel Sources.

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There's still hope in Metsville

Papi hits another homer today, the Red Sox will win.

I found cboy!

Milady Handicap looking like match race

LeBron James!

MEA shoots down defence ministry's helicopter export (to Bolivia)

Pa. judge orders talks in school labor dispute

Strike leads to Wash. Spanish radio conflict

It's Getting Worse

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Today in labor history May 23 More than 10,000 children strike, The "Battle of Toledo" & more

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Health Fair with FREE health screenings June 13

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Unsung heroes of World War II finally get their due

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breakthrough on my real estate issue -- do you pick up

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