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Public Health Tweet From The Whitehouse...

Anyone else watching the FOX American Dad Porno show?

I just met Greg Palast

Sweet/sad story here:

How Hyundai will help if you lose your job - Check it out & get ready to laugh or cry - video

Remember as a porn site?

micrsoft word help pls

Seattle KIng County....No More School Closings For Flu

Seattle KIng County....No More School Closings For Flu

Did swine flu stem from U.S. hog farms?

GOP group launches listening tour to rebrand image Reinserts Call to “Repeal”

"Public Enemies" To Open July 1st, I'm looking Forward To It!

Apparently, Fundies spend a lot of time perusing Craigslist

A former student emailed me to say he got a job at Ronald Reagan High School

Coulter Insults Hundreds of Combat Veterans

ASEAN+3 finalize details of regional reserve pool to cope with crisis

In case you missed it, 3 more banks disappeared into the ether Friday

A little more on Ben Nelson and his vote (see the last line in article to make your blood boil more)

Gathering Storm: Miss California Trying to Redefine Traditional Breasts for the Rest of Us

Steve King fears Council Bluffs will be turned into the Castro

What is it about Democratic senators named "Nelson" ?

NYT - Tests of Banks May Bring Hope More Than Fear

Jeff Stein: AIPAC Victory: Game, Set, Match

If torture saved us from another 9/11, then why didn't the 9/11 Commission

List of SCOTUS justices with no prior "judicial experience"

Teabaggers: who came up with the name?

I'm sick of corporate health care, sick of it! Money grubbers, all!

Hey, is Agent Mike still around? Bored? Looking for something, anything to do

Term Limits Say New Orleans Mayor Can’t Return; Residents Say They Don’t Mind

Minnick sees no chance for gun control measures

Dissecting the 2008 Electorate: Most Diverse in U.S. History

Dean: Improvements must take small practices into account

Did anyone hear Gregory today on MTP say that Specter could possibly head the Senate Judiciary Com?

History Channel tonight - PLAGUE! All plague, all night!

My school has a confirmed case of H1N1.

Lego Torture ... in Wired

Anyone see the 60 Minutes piece on the Saudis released from Gitmo?

Maliki in interview: Iraq committed to U.S. pullout deadline

Help MoveON Test Their System for Monday's Session With Dr. Dean on Public Healthcare

Who is crazier? Glenn Beck or Alex Jones

U.S. sends musicians to make overtures in war zones

Gates plans to reassure allies on Iran outreach

Experience Bram Stoker's Dracula in a new way -- in real time.

Why the F should we care who Orin Effen Hatch wants elected to the bench?

Nuclear bomb tests help to identify fake whisky

Senators: Pick Next Justice From Outside Judiciary.

WJ this morning: Limiting off-shore havens

Dallas Cowboys Assistant Rich Behm Paralyzed in Facility Collapse

What are the basic tenets that the Democratic Party should believe in?

Good Monday morning. The topic is TORTURE. Let's get to work

Illegal immigration, Liberal Elites, and Obama (American Thinker - classic conservative view)

Former MI6 chief says Britain was 'dragged' into Iraq war

UAE Royal 'Caught' In Video Torturing 25

Our new pup! (Follow up to post about the loss of our dog...)

Toles Toon Nails it again (Climate Change)

WJ now - Lessons from Jack Kemp for the GOP

Newspapers are getting thinner and thinner

Rice should have known!

NY Daily News Opinion Writers - All men. Worse than the Wash Post's 14% of op eds by women.

"Any effort by congress to regulate the interrogation of battlefield combatants..."

Erin Burnett on Morning Joke

Specter hints Kemp died of GOP agenda

GIs Told to Bring Afghans to Jesus? U.S. military denies it . . .


Wow...good thing Saddam is gone

Wow...good thing Saddam is gone

Today's RW Spaghetti (as flung at the wall in Joey the Scar's hot air emporium):

Every now and then , it just hits me all over again

What Does "Unabashed Liberal" Mean?

every story for past 30 minutes on MSNBC has been "breaking"--are we so crisis-addicted?

Gingrich: remove Iranian regime

Fiat CEO aiming to create global auto powerhouse

On the issue of the Supreme Court nominee Rush Limbaugh should be listened to

Video surfaces of Tea Party counter-protest

This is a little like the chicken or the egg... Dying Newspapers

Amid swine flu outbreak, racism goes viral - Anti-immigrant hatred spreads on talk radio, Web sites


Markos "Kos" Moulitsas On Obama, Twittering, fighting The Blue Dogs, and Major Changes Coming

Markos "Kos" Moulitsas On Obama, Twittering, fighting The Blue Dogs, and Major Changes Coming

NYT/Boston Globe to Union: Give it up or die, motherfuckers

Couple Caught Having Sex on Queen's Lawn

Leave Madonna alone!

Specter: Jack Kemp's Death May Have Been Caused By GOP Priorities

Cops: 1 Son Escapes as Fla. Dad Kills Family, Self

WH Reporters Stand For Obama, But Not For Bush?

As Democrat, Specter leads in home state: poll

Don't You Love Liberals?!

2009 H1N1 (Swine) Flu Origin - Early research results

Take a look at the (long) bank failure list for the year.....Note the disproportionate GA presence

WH Reporters Stand For Obama, But Not For Bush?

Ugh. Sessions will become ranking member on Judiciary

So, Mz Rice...If torture, I'm sorry, If "Enhanced Interrogation "

Is Palin violating ethics rules by backing parental consent ballot initiative?

Gay newborn poster sparks row in Italy

Your Average Conservative

The Heads Of NATO Are Gonna Be There

The Heads Of NATO Are Gonna Be There

Zogby/O'Leary Report 100-Days Poll Shows That Taxpayers are More Opposed to President Obama's

Son of pompous ass Chris BUCKLEY takes pompous ass-ism to new heights, depths, whatever

Nelson doesn't regret cutting flu money

Nelson doesn't regret cutting flu money

Nelson doesn't regret cutting flu money

London, England could host the Super Bowl

Freedom of the press declines in every region in 2008


Where's George? And what's he carrying? Flu virus can stick to money for 17 days.

suggest a new podcast for me to listen to

Specter's problem is that he thinks it's all about HIM when it's all about US

FDA Warns Consumers to Stop Using Hydroxycut Products

When the STASI did it, we called it torture, and we condemned it.

TED Talk: The suprising math of modern war - fascinating!

So which will win out with the GOP in regards to 2010 PA Senate Race: Revenge or Ideology Purity?

What would be the pros and cons of limiting Supreme Court terms to 10, 15 ....years?

Innocent People Suffering at the Hands of the Judicial System, & It Could Happen to You

Dedicated to "Mine That Bird" (Kentucky Derby winner)

Next week's bright shiny object for media obsession?

16 Cattle Drop Dead Near Mysterious Fluid at Gas Drilling Site in Louisiana

Justice Scalia Responds to Fordham Privacy Invasion!

Outsourced, laid off, and training my replacement

US Soldiers in Afghanistan Told to "Hunt People for Jesus... So We Get Them into The Kingdom"

Mentally ill and in immigration limbo

Righties: Obama will make Gitmo detainees your neighbors!!111!!

Inspectors find safety problems at nuclear weapons complex

Glowing band aid to zap skin cancer

Tom Toles on ideological purity. (It could easily be a donkey)

Morning Joe Summary for Monday 5/4

Scientific origins of H1N1/A, aka Swine Flu

Mexico should close border to US dirty industries-US Exported Sick Swine Ranch to Mexico Under NAFTA

Scott Horton: “Hogan’s Heroes”: Bush knew nothing-From "Damage Control" To "Fall-Back Position"

President Karzai selects former warlord as Afghan election running mate

will obama be able to pull of putting kibosh on tax shelters?

"about one-fifth of the pesticides used to produce exported flowers are so toxic they . . . .

Well lookee who!. . Dan Abrams just popped up on MSNBC again.

What party purity?

Gonzales And Ashcroft Disagree With Rice: Just Because A President Says It Does Not Make It Legal

What if Arlen Specter isn't an opportunist... what if he's sacrificing himself for The GOP?

Larry K-REX Kudlow and the CNBC Tar Pit

Duncanville, TX does it again!

Frivolous lawsuit, anyone?

"John Hall couldn't be here tonight. He is playing with Pete Seeker

Alleged kidnapper just looking for dog

Is it true that the Notre Dame alumni are withholding 8.2 million because of Obama's visit?

We Must Counter This Rightist "Argument"

Afghan Ayatollahs Press Marital Rape Law - they still want it

Is there a parallel with swine flu states and illegals ?

Sessions to take over top GOP slot on Judiciary

Poll: Catholics likely to favor use of torture

Where is the Swine Flu is a Whitehouse and MSM plot thread

"Dirty Fucking Hippies" hate celebrity journalism & other stupid stuff.

4th-Grader Questions Rice on Waterboarding, School Told Him Not To Use The Word "Torture"

Inhofe: Specter Switch Means US Is Rebelling Against 'Far-Left Agenda'

Today's Republican Woman?

Aretha Wants Royalties For Wearing Inaugural Hat

Aretha Wants Royalties For Wearing Inaugural Hat

Swine Flu Expands to ‘Virtually All' US as Global Cases Grow


Will Punch really shutter the Boston Globe?

NYT Music Review . . . Pete Seeger Celebrates 90th With A Concert . . .

Ladies and Gentleman, Your Next Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member

Chuck Todd made an interesting comment on MJ today.

My best to the mods!!!!!

Administration Rolls Out New Tax-Shelter Curbs

It is interesting the discussions we never had about economic policy and stimulus

Gaaaaack! DU and Freeperese!

Iran launches airstrike on Iraqi villages. No MSM coverage yet

The 3 Stooges - Funny or Not

It's Sunny in SoCal Today: Just Another Sign That The Republic Party IS Coming Back!!

I saw a news report showing that people could order Tamiflu

How do you contact a Mod?

Condi to Bush Aide Haass 7/02-President's mind made up about Iraq

Tamiflu is Star Anise

Barbara Lee/Wexler/Conyers: Res. to Establish Select Committee on Nat'l Security & Civil Liberties

Che Guevara A Role Model For Baghdad May Day Demonstrators!

Admiral Johnson is so worried about gays in the military upsetting unit cohesiveness,

After Notre Dame University insults Barack Obama (MY PRESIDENT), how long til the next accepts the

Obama, the Supreme Court, and nut jobs

Obama, the Supreme Court, and nut jobs

Limiting Food Aided ‘Enhanced Interrogations’

Glenn Greenwald: Someone needs to give Jane Harman an award for this

On January 20, 2009 the Dow closed at 7949. At this moment it sits at 8410, yet ...

David Hasselhoff taken to hosprital, had .039 in his blood.

Critic of Bush Detentions Joins Pentagon to Oversee and Shape Detainee Policy

Paranoid Authorities Wouldn't Let Me Fly My Plane Over U.S. Territory - Was It Something I Wrote?

And then there is Michele Bachmann (R-MN)

Stimulus Pagage's $8,000 tax credit causing housing sales to near bottom

Stimulus Pagage's $8,000 tax credit causing housing sales to near bottom

Government Is Good

Government Is Good

Dan Abrams on GEM$NBC right now

Just Saw MILK - Great Movie But...

Toon: swine flu/bird flu connection

Romney disses Palin

Mom Charged with DUI, Leaving Infant Home Alone

Ashcroft: "the word waterboarding can be defined in a lot of ways"

Ashcroft: "the word waterboarding can be defined in a lot of ways"

The biggest Republican boob in the Senate

When do you think this recession will end?

Ken (Romney) Attacks Barbie (Palin) For Being TOO Attractive

Frank: Democrats Blocking Progressive Financial Reforms Should Be Kicked Out Of The Party

Funny comment at bankruptcy court today -

the pro-torture military psychologist on NPR's All Things Considered

A small thought about this "listening" tour that the Repubs are on...

GOP turns to Bush aides for advice: Perino, Gillespie, Fratto; former Reagan speechwriter, .....

Republicans Defend Tax Havens Against Obama Crackdown

Stocks surge after data hints at housing bottom

Attention men: do you have a problem "spending your wad"? Now there is a solution....

Teen escapes as Fla. dad kills family, self

Torture Scandal In Abu Dhabi May Grow

How Desperate Are They? - Check This Out

House Dems refuse funds to close Gitmo, relocate inmates

If Congress passes a spending bill, does the President actually have to use the money?

Arlen Specter's Bizarre, Blood-Soaked Story is a GOP Distraction From His Treatment of Anita Hill,

One reason for the passivity in America in the run up to the Iraq war

Sibel Edmonds: Turkish Ergenekon/Susurluk suspect avoided drug bust wi call to state dept...

"I did *not* say I was a loyal Democrat"

has Specter done anything Democratic yet?

Ya know how a toilet swirls the water before it flushes .......... ?

Kittens Of Escaped Pregnant Cougar Die (story update)

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

School districts ban donkey basketball under pressure from PETA

Is (Nazi) 'Dr Death' Aribert Heim Really Dead?

Dodd open to torture investigation, criminal prosecutions

Top basketball recruit Wall charged in break-in

Sessions and Filibusters

Upcoming movies, Summer 2009 ...

A consensus seems to be building that Republicans should go to charm school.

Stories of Working Mothers from Around the World (Tues is last day 4 a raffle ticket 4 Mom's Day)

Do you remember all those lies Cheney told leading up to the Iraq invasion?

AIG Subsidiary Explains "Timely" Decision To Pretend It Was Never Called "AIG" - VALIC

Has anyone noted the passing of Jack Kemp?

Cafferty: Should Republicans listen to Jeb Bush now? LOL

Intentionally Asleep

TANJ: Bush Library raises $100 million in 100 days

That big headed lummox .......

Diaper change in the East Room of the White House (PIC)

The draft dodger in chief

EU quarantines London in flu panic (Satire - outstanding!)

In his "Beyond Belief" series 'Hannity' Investigates Exorcism

Yay! Limbaugh Blows Off GOP Rebranding Effort -- food fight! C'mon Cantor, don't take that shit

DeMint Told Specter He'd Support Toomey, Shortly Before Specter Switched

The demonstrations at Kent State were in response to the US carpet-bombing of eastern Cambodia

Monday Toons, Part 3.

Poor Arlen Specter

MSNBC - Streaming Video

Expert: Harman Leakers Likely Committed Felony

The Supreme Court according to CBS

DU is slacking real bad. We must have more than a couple hundred users!


Quakers are cool: The Friends Committee on National Legislation

Labor Leader Threatens Not To Back Specter

So went to the doc for routine check...

Janet Folger Porter on hate crimes bill passage: amputee stump fetishist rapists will run wild

Toon" "Doesn't Retirement Sound Wonderful?"

Monday Toons, Part 2

WTF???? Obama's gunna go after Swiss Banks with numbered accounts?????? FUCK THAT!!!!!!!!

Isn't this great news!!! Hey, Retirees, fuck you! Hahahahaha. We hope you starve to death.

Monday Toons, Part 1.

Ha ha ha, my email was just on McCafferty!

NYT to raise prices- $2.00 for the weekday edition, $6.00 for the Sunday paper

Senator Who Praised Segregationist Judges Will Lead Opposition To Obama Nominees

No fat, salt, sugar, or flavor.

Moyers Journal: Fein, Danner: Pscychology of Empire, the Earmark of a Tyranny (web exclusive)

MO state senator and partner along with 17 couples from MO marry in Iowa this weekend

Need DU help. Why SHOULDN'T corporations pay taxes?

What do you think of movie theatres banning teenagers?

my husband lost his job the day before thanksgiving

It's payback time!!! Thank Dr. Gov. Dean for taking up universal health care!!!

James Inhofe - a picture postcard of everything I hate about Republicans

No signs of sustained global spread of swine flu

Merck Makes Phony Peer-Review Journal

So...Asking Companies To Pay Their Fair Share Is Being Translated Into Raising Their Taxes?

House Dems Want Zelikow’s Anti-Torture Memo

Nixonland: The genius of Tricky Dicky

Howie Dean coming up on Ed Shultz

Has Hillary been mentioned as a potential SCOTUS nominee

Blue Dogs/ConservaDems: Your moment of truth: Obama to close offshore tax havens.

Zacatecas, Mexico on the biggest tourism weekend of the year

I personally think that Bush didn't "lead America into war under false premises".

We're Being Watched

Willie Horton: were the conservatives right?

How far we have fallen...

How far we have fallen...

Torture Shrink: 'When You Apply Shocks To A Caged Dog/Prisoner-He's So Diminished-He Can't Resist '

Palin - Then & Now

Judge rules Wilson schools can't ban God from posters

"Dirty Fucking Hippies" vs Jane Harman

Orrin Hatch is going to make my head explode:

GOP National Council Stumped When Asked To Offer Health Care Solutions

Soufan, Zelikow to testify about torture next week

Are small cars safe, no one cares anymore

The Human Flu and the banning of pig and pork imports worldwide

Is Kashkari gone?

Virtual "trees" that function like real trees?

Al Franken: I Get Grumpy Sometimes

10 Reasons Gay Marriage Should NOT Be Legalized

Republican Mule-Fucker Would Kill His Own Son

TOONS: The Republican Party, Rebranded ----->

Whoa! Condi's face is messed up bad. Just on MSNBC

Let's sting a reporter for playing stupid games with Al Gore--

Let's sting a reporter for playing stupid games with Al Gore--

It is time that we work together to remove health care benefits from Congress.

Great letter to cogress about Single Payer health

omg poor Cokie Roberts

Remembering May 4, 1970 in Viet Nam -- 24 dead, many wounded.

Soldiers In Afghanistan Given Bibles, Told To "Hunt People For Jesus"

New book from former Bush adviser: Iraq was on the table from the outset of the administration

Most Recent Photo of Arlen Specter Shows Something Revealing:

Joe The Plumber Slurs Gay People: I Would Never Let "Queers" Near My Children

Ex-Slave Booker T. Washington tells us how to focus on the goals and the policy challenges to come

This is good, NY wants Spitzer back..................

Damn Obama! DJIA up 214 points.

Chicago driver Lora Hunt, distracted while painting her nails, hits and kills motorcyclist

Why is Joe the Plumber divorced? Was he abusive? Has anyone

Fox Nation Website graphic points Rifle at Obama

Volcker's Great Recession Redefines Full Employment as Jobs Vanish Forever

Just Exactly How Stupid Are The Republicans Anyway?

Specter: Jack Kemp's Death May Have Been Caused By GOP Priorities

What happen to the OMG SWINE FLU mega-disaster immanent headlines?

An Even Worse Bybee Memo

Franken cites Hillary Clinton as his Senate model

Time For A Trade-In-Prius-style hybrids may become the first victims of the disruptive technology

Were you ever bullied as a youngster? Could you hurt them, even now?

Caught on Tape: Military Officials at Bagram Urge U.S. Soldiers to Evangelize in Afghanistan

Rumsfeld Aide: NYT Story Should Have Won Pulitzer For 'Fiction'

When is the next DU fund drive?

I'm suspicious that the church community garden is an evangelical trap

China's Electric Car will eat GM alive. EV-1 meet the F3

Here is the leader of the "New America" GOP party, hiding out in a janitor's closet

Give Everyone Healthcare By Shutting Insurance Companies

Wait a minute. Didn't Jack Kemp avoid the draft so he could play in the AFL?

How could Obama and our Dem Congresspeople do this to us?

SIBEL EDMONDS: 'In Congress We Trust…Not' - Is blackmail at work in Harman and Hastert cases?

BLACKMAIL Is Reason For NO Oversight By Congress: SIBEL EDMONDS: In Congress We Trust...Not

Are 'Boomers' responsible for our current economic and ecological situation?

One man's trials... and Canada's false commitment to free speech

How many star trek commercials have you seen?

What's that about absinthe again?

anyone watching the simpsons today? (spoilers)

I've figured out the reality TV craze!!!

Dave used to have a problem with reading the newspaper

Got 12th row tickets for Todd Rundgren "Wizard" Show

Per BiBaby's request, pics of the Maggie monster

Can someone help me troubleshoot my PC - either the P/S or the M/B or both are bad...

New Cold Case featuring Pearl Jam starting now! n/t

I don't care what you say. Death Cap mushrooms are delicious on a salad

Self Deleted. NT

Bike to work month

Please. Save my job. Go here.

Damn. Lindsey Graham is hot!

Wow it's now my 503 post ! After 4-5 years of reading.

Silvio Berlusconi to get a divorce for (maybe) diddling an 18 YO

OK for here, now?

"Freedom's Road" is one of John Mellencamp's best songs.

So, What Can You Tell Me About Unknown Hinson?

Kids say the darndest things -- this is pretty funny!

Just bought the White Zombie box set. I'm still pissed that they broke up in '98.

Do You Think m&ms are Super Good?

Bohemian Polka

Gotta take a break from studying for a while. How's everybody doing tonight?

Midlo's Kids want to friend me on Facebook


MccTaTas and I are organzing Midlo's baby Shower

Learn how to Do the stinky leg, and Halle Barry for the cookout


Cinco de Mayo: What is everybody celebrating?

When I think about you, I touch myself.

Did anybody do Free Comic Book Day yesterday?

There is hope (musically, anyway) for our future leaders...

The Japs Bombed Pearl Harbor.

For those of you who like Women Jazz Singers, Here's a nice one.

Your butt is mine

Rubber Soul: Most underrated Beatles album

That fake police report ought to win her back

OK... I didn't wake up w/ a headache, but I feel one coming on

I see PiGuy has started early...

Midlo, is it a boy or a girl?

You're All Invited To A Bitchen Party

Heading home after a fabrulous Varla Jean Merman show...

I think I don't exist ....

GRRRRR, I want to bid on something on Ebay, but...

Supreme Court just threw out the ruling on Janet Jackson's Super Bowl thingy

Nation Ready to be Lied To About Economy Again

"How Screwed Are We?" now available on Scribd

Another post got me thinking , whats the male counterpart of "Bitch" ?

A thousand kisses deep : spoken poem

Baby, Come Back! Any kind of fool could see

Midlodemocrat puts up with more crap than everybody else in the lounge, combined.

Why can't I buy a souvenir of Newark at the Newark airport?

Let's get Nekkid and Dance!!!

YES!!!!!!!! I'm seeing YES in concert

Sever Severin! Website to help FIRE racist wingnut talk show host

Avoro Avocado Cooking Oil

Mondays suck, my garden has washed away, and I have not seen the sun in 4 days...

Female musician wanted for freaky partnership

Name the New Midlet!

Why is the lounge so fucking dead this morning?

Why is the lounge so fucking dead this morning?

Jesus Saves!

Worst. Monday. Ever

wrong post

MEMORY TIME!!! what's your first memory?

Mine that Bird. 50-to-1 For Tin foil hatters only.

Does DU cache pictures posted here?


I am the magic man today...let me bestow my beneficent grace on all your endeavors

Walt Starr wannabe?????

still sick

"Smoke Weed Every Day" is not a political philosophy.

Is it better to flame out or simply fade away?

Many people from different walks of life have found a career in trucking to be one of the most

Girl allegedly finds condom in ‘Happy Meal’

I just want all of you to know that you're awesome.

How do you contact a Rocker?

Website builders, I need your input

May the 4th be with you

MrCoffee's Pickle

Decision on "Chuck" Delayed for a Week or More

Decision on "Chuck" Delayed for a Week or More

Say Something Nice About A Fellow Freeper, No Repeats

Post a song that you think rocks

Oh hell, All signs point to Favre returning

Is is there an in-joke about narwhals I missed

Otters holding hands

Ladies: Would you EVER?

Good morning Lounge

I wish Pi Guy would get a new avatar...

What's a bad movie you watched recently?

Now accepting nominations for officers in the DTM club.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/4/2009)

Who would you most like to face-whap with a Sham-Wow?

Name a movie or book you've changed your mind about: Initially, you despised it, but you

The Human Torch exists, and he is Brazilian.

Heads up, Dennis Leary on Inside the Actors Studio now, BRAVO

Leave Madonna alone!

An update on my friend's daughter who had a stroke.


So sue me, I like Nelly Furtado

I swear to God if someone else refers to Hallelujah as "Shrek Song"

Chocolate Calculator (YOUR AGE BY CHOCOLATE MATHS)

Nifty! I led all Manchester aldermen in fundraising this quarter!

Is anyone here from Alabama?

I got a parking ticket and a ticket for expired tabs.

God hates me and has a horrible plan for my life.

Hank Williams sr - Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used To Do

Please tell me things get better after you turn 40.

Monday night dinner thread: Whatchya eat'n?

Wow. Check out what happened to my son's co-worker's apartment right after she went to work today!

The Worst Tattoos Ever

How do you contact a fokker?

some critics call me a nihilist, but why should i listen to them? they don't even exist

Buddy the neglected/abused little parrot has a new name

How many t-shirts do you own from

If you haven't seen it yet, do it right now: hilarious tea bag party video compilation

does anyone know what has become of Swamp Rat?


A nut is cross-posting my DU posts on another site!

Don't Say Something Nice About A Fellow DU'er, Say Something Nice About DU'ers In General!

Nutritionally, is Hummus a vegetable or a legume?

Are any of you having issues with Yahoo?

I'm back from Hawaii

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/4/09

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/4/09

Cast asparagus at this thread at your own risk

Lounge guitarists: What inspired you to learn to play? And how did you go about it?

David Hasselhoff has .39 alcohol, is at hospital.

I am leaving DU.

Happy Star Wars Day!

Your favorite film trilogy

Which writer is best with narrative pull?

I want to get rich by selling some cheap-to-produce cr@p that nobody needs. Any marketing advice?

Do you think eminem is super hot.

Poll: Greatest living American Author.

Attention adult Peanut Butter Sandwich Eaters...What adult beverage goes best with PB?

What's a good movie you watched recently?

What is Your Favorite TV Family?

Obama is responsible for swine flu, AIDS, the War of 1812, and bovine hemorrhoids

*Completely Hypothetical Situation*

Who likes "Chardonnay" for Midlo's new bambino?

Remembering May 4 1970 The Kent State massacre. 4 dead, 9 wounded.

Kitten pile!

Our new puppy

"The Hunt for Gollum" -- fan film for LOTR, strong reviews, online free:

What makes an ideal romantic partner?

I just stopped a gang-rape

SO how was everybody's monday?

SO how was everybody's monday?

If you've been in an airport and ONLY the airport in a state, does that count as having visited

Say Something Nice About A Fellow DUer, No Repeats

The 3 Stooges - Funny or Not

The 3 Stooges - Funny or Not

Name something wonderful about yourself.

I DID IT! I graduated!!!!!!!

Should I buy Dylans new album on vinyl?

So what's the easiest song for a guitar novice to play?

Dean says Specter views on EFCA and public health care option won't win Dem primary.

Dean says Specter views on EFCA and public health care option won't win Dem primary.

Like slide guitar? You'll love this...(YouTube)

The Official Date for BeachBaby's Summer DU Meetup is.....

Name songs that are clearly a bunch of incomplete songs stuck together to form one song.

Driving through Paris at 140 mph. Whoa!

Hey, Lounge! Anyone want to FB friend me?

I am thinking of sending some of my English poems to a local contest me out please


This is a great photo.

Barack Obama's Legacy to our Youth will not be what the Repubs claim!

The 2002 Midterms - Notice anything?

Jeff Sessions vs. Senate Judiciary Committee: Will History Repeat Itself?

Obama's court pick: 'Real-world folks'

I want to congratulate a freeper for standing up to the hideous racism over there

Obama to roll out international tax proposals on Monday......

The Mellow Doctrine - "foes of the United States have been disarmed by Obama’s no-drama diplomacy"

Good morning! - Obama up to 68% in Gallup, 70% in Research 2000 poll

Today's story was, we have a President and a First Lady who are

**Heads Up - POTUS Announces Tax Reform - Live**

NYT: Obama Admin didn't fight to help prevent housing foreclosures

Can We Discuss The SeeSaw Effect - President's Undoing Previous President's Doings......

"4th-Grader Questions Rice on Waterboarding"

Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday Concert and President Obama (Field Report)

The tea baggers will be out in force protesting the closing of loopholes for tax cheats

Ed Schultz is calling on Obama to be bold and nominate a dyed-in-the-wool liberal for SCOTUS.

Congressman Sestak is not a good Primary Opponent for Specter

'Doctors for America' launches

**Heads Up - Gibbs' Daily Press Briefing**

One Thing Is For Sure: Obama's Tax Plan will Flush Out the Cowardly Democrats

POLL: Specter (D-PA) beats Toomey (53/33), neck and neck against Ridge (46/43)

POLL: Specter (D-PA) beats Toomey (53/33), neck and neck against Ridge (46/43)

It will be a long time before Americans trust the GOP to run the Government again...

Rudy Giulliani skips the wedding of the gay couple he lived with during his divorce

Boy, the GOP Presidential hopes are dismal when they

When Sandra Day O'Connor (a moderate who leaned conservative) retired, GW replaced

Diversity, Not Politics, Key to Court Pick: What's your preference?

If the Obama admnistration prosecutes bushco, they will be pretty singular

I have kind of lost touch, but with Specter switching, are they working on LIEberman?

Meghan McCain: Don't look at us like 'dirty moderates'

Does Fox news even bother to research or do they pull crap out of their ass and report it as fact?

PA-Sen: Specter Crushes Toomey as Democrat, but Ridge is Close

Michelle dice a los niños "Que Fantastico!"

GREAT line by comedian Will Durst:

Notre Dame’s unwanted guests arriving weeks in advance for Obama speech

Bush (the smarter one): Time To Bury Reagan

Robert Reich: Why Obama is Taking On Corporate Tax Havens

AP claims: Congress leery about Obama's plan on tax loopholes

I love Justice DIANE P. WOOD

Interesting Huff Post article: The case against Sotomayor


How about a Bumper Sticker Contest on Torture?

Steele: Steele: "Ya'll" Moderates Are Welcome To Join GOP -- But Not To Change It

Book written by Obama's mother - Ann Dunham - to be published

Ed Show: GOP Targeting Hispanics?

Why do we almost never see Feingold as a spokesperson for the Dems?

Danielle Crittenden (aka Mrs. David Frum) Conservatives are becoming "Radical Rejectionists"

Someone leaked initial architectural rendering of George W. Bush Library!

Dean, Carville Warn Specter: Shape Up or Face Primary Oppo!

Mr. Justice Gore

Sheldon Whitehouse for president in 2016!!

SCOTUS: Obama talks to Hatch, Specter - vows to consult regularly, appoint "pragmatist"

Happy "Cinco de Cuatro" Day!

Empathy is a bad word now?

Kerry-Lugar bill would triple aid to Pakistan (updated)

Global companies fear Obama's new tax proposals

Debunking another bit of right wing poutrage. Reporters don't stand for president in briefing room.

Obama's "self-presentation as calm, judicious, and fair-minded" versus "Anger Theater"

Run-down SC school featured by Obama gets facelift

Its official: Lou Dobbs belongs on Foxnews. He basically just accused Pres. Obama of Voter fraud

Obama and Geithner just pissed off a lot of rich people. Going after

GIBBS: Obama Wants SCOTUS Nominee With Long-Term Impact - "a diversity of experience, background"

More "fair and balanced"-ship from Fox Nation.

CNN Poll: Generational gap on gay marriage, 58% of 18-34 year olds support.

Hatch Predicts Nominee Coming Soon - Perhaps as soon as this weekend.

First Grandmother Is Finding Washington to Her Liking

Rep. Bachmann Uses Fake George Washington Prayer To Bash Obama

CDC confirms outbreak of "Elephant Flu" in 26 states.

If Universal Health Care is Achieved - Barack Obama Can Inherit The Mantle of Popular Capitalism.

How about Russ Feingold for Supreme Court Justice?

Did Pres. Obama go a little too far by publically supporting Specter

Birther Email Being Sent by United States Justice Foundation

PHOTOS The President & First Lady: Cinco de Mayo

Comedians having a hard time getting traction with Obama

So Fox News has 152 Tax Havens around the world

"I mean, who cheers Presidents at concerts?"

I'm tired of hearing about the fucking Republicans all over my Television!

Kerry Statement on President Obama's Offshore Tax Proposals

The next 40 years, the high tide of Progessive politics?

Obama's "Stealth Green Revolution"

Bush v Gore - shut the hell up Hatch and all of your wingers!

Joe The Plumber: I Would Never Let "Queers" Near My Children

Gonzales: Torture "may be necessary in the future"

Arlen Specter is against the same healthcare program that saved his life

Baucus "sets aside" public option for now.

Dinner With Krugman

Dinner With Krugman

Sick Clinton cancels appointments

Presidents Don't Prosecute Their Predecessors

Worries Rise on the Size of U.S. Debt

Bush Library Raises $100 million in 100 days

Howard Dean on The Ed Show: Obama has NOT taken single payer off the table

Limpballs says Palin is the "most prominent and articulate voice" for (AUD

Why did Elizabeth Edwards write her new book?

In The United States of America, some people are above the law.

Amid swine flu outbreak, racism goes viral - Anti-immigrant hatred spreads on talk radio, Web sites

Supermarket magnate wins Panama presidential vote

Obama to offer more details on US budget on Thursday

Tests of Banks May Bring Hope More Than Fear

States and cities borrow big

'Angels & Demons' director says Vatican interfered with filming

Confirmed cases of H1N1 virus approach 900

FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, May 4

Cowboys' scouting assistant paralyzed(from Practice Facility Collapse)

2 gunmen abduct 3-year-old boy from SoCal home

Gates Seeks to Reassure Gulf on Outreach to Iran

Obama to Meet Afghan, Pakistan Leaders on Strategy.

U.S. sanctions will not halt nuclear work: Iran

Iraq police arrest high-ranking member of U.S.-allied movement

Indonesia's Azhar in murder probe

Pakistan Resumes Taliban Assault

Hamid Karzai gets clear road to re-election as challengers fall by wayside

China Forces Dozens of Mexican Travelers Into Quarantine

Marilyn French, Novelist and Champion of Feminism, Dies at 79

Bush-Era Secrecy Still Hiding Gov't Data

Jesse Jackson says NAACP must help save auto industry

Globe issues ultimatum: unions must settle or face closure

WHO head indicates full flu pandemic to be declared

Afghanistan attacks leave 25 dead

will obama be able to pull of putting kibosh on tax shelters?

N.Y. Times to File Notice It Will Close Boston Globe

Girl allegedly finds condom in ‘Happy Meal’

Obama announces plan to close tax loopholes

Iran shells Iraqi Kurdistan village

Boston Globe Shutdown Averted (For Now) But No Deal With Guild

Jackson flash to be re-examined

Small-biz divided on health-care reform

Woolley Says Mine That Bird May Skip Preakness.

BP agrees to Bolivian takeover

No Evidence of Torture (editorial)

Former MI6 chief says Britain was 'dragged' into Iraq war

U.S. denies letting troops convert Afghans

Supreme Court orders new review of Janet Jackson indecency case

Is (Nazi) 'Dr Death' Aribert Heim Really Dead?

Gingrich: 'Obama endangering Israel'

(Reuters) EXCLUSIVE-White House to form interagency biofuels group

Iraqi PM Maliki in France, seeking investment

Virginia Health Data Potentially Held Hostage

Nepal’s Maoist Prime Minister Resigns

No Ifs Or Butts: Officials Ordered To Smoke (China)

EU calls on US to give up internet oversight

House Democrats seek $94.2 billion in emergency funds

Severe H1N1 hospitalizes Alberta girl

Khamenei Scolds Ahmadinejad Over Dismissed Official


KBR Contracts Are ‘Majority’ of Fraud Referrals

Pete Seeger turns 90 with birthday concert in NYC

British MPs start Sri Lanka visit

Poll says Specter holds 20-point edge over Toomey(46-43 over Ridge)

Cops: Man Poisoned 5 People In Crowded Bar

AFL-CIO Leader: Labor Might Not Support Specter

UN to examine Israel's torture record

(Senator) Dodd Open To Torture Prosecutions

Peres Says Iran Seeks to Control Arab States ‘Using Terror’

Soufan, Zelikow to Testify On Torture

Palin will work with Nat'l Council

TIME: Bush Library raises $100 million in 100 days

4th grader presses Rice on waterboarding.

Beijing lashes back at US jab on media freedoms

41 killed in attack on wedding in Turkey

Glenn Beck stars in publishing deal

S.Korea saves N.Korea ship from Somali pirates

15 dead, 70,000 homeless in Brazil floods

Obama Seeks Tax Changes for U.S. Firms Overseas

Jeb Bush, GOP: Time to leave Reagan behind

Democrats Leave Gitmo Closing Money Out Of Bill

Group (of alumni) Demands Stanford Cut Ties With Condi

High court throws out ruling on Janet Jackson (wardrobe malfunction)

‘They kill people like us,’ says gay Iraqi

N.Y. Times to File Notice It Will Close Boston Globe

Chrysler's creditors make first objection

Pakistan’s Nuclear Arms Feared at Risk From Fighting

Gonzales says US should be open to torturing again

Google Gets Goats to Mow Lawn at Company Headquarters

US troops told to witness for Jesus

Cops: Teen escapes as Fla. dad kills family, self

Maine House to take up gay marriage bill

Senators Accuse Pentagon of Delay in Recovering Millions (from KBR)

GOP or GOD? (It's Now The ReBIBLican Party)

Business Leaders Speak Out on (Obama) Tax Crackdown

Condoleezza Rice: Liar, Secretary of State, War Criminal

Bush Administration Abuses of Executive Power

Ted Kennedy Eulogy at Rose Kennedy's funeral.

Bill and Hillary Clinton on the Arsenio Hall Show (1992)

Bill and Hillary Clinton on 60 Minutes (1992)

Bullshit video says Dems 'protect pedophiles' but not the troops

In honor of Pete Seeger, who just turned 90

Supreme Court Justice Sam Seder.

Titled 'Bill Maher owned by sharp Christian' (00:33)

The Week In Cartoons 05/02/09

Robert Gates On CNN - "We've Made Mistakes" - Rebuts the "apology tour" nonsense

TYT: Was The GOP Purposely Being Racist In Their Ad?

Glenn Beck: Unhinged!

2009 Boston Global Marijuana March

VID Harman @ AIPAC: "Warrior on Behalf Of Our Constitution & Against Abuse of Power"

Capitol Hill Agenda: May 4, 2009

Another bumper opium harvest underway in Afghanistan

An Examination of Republican Talking Points

The Politics of Outing Gays -

Julia Serano - Cocky

Bad Ass Democrats

Laurie Garrett: What can we learn from the 1918 flu?

President Obama Moves To Close Tax Loophole

The Hemp Revolution

Amy Goodman / Democracy Now! Report on Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday

Repubs sending this around: Sotomayor 'Courts Make Policy'

TYT: Cenk On O'Reilly's Laughable Projection -- Liberals Are Hatemongers!

Blueberry Pie!

Pete Seeger, "Amazing Grace," on his 90th Birthday at Madison Square Garden

Michele Bachmann: Obama Led Spending "Orgy," Government "Spent Its Wad"

Mitt explains GOP's 2008 loss: Economy came crashing down while our party was holding the hot potato

Sean Hannity Offers To Be Waterboarded For Charity -

Rep. Jane Harman asks Holder for disclosure of wiretaps.

Stick To Grand Theft Auto

Seeger: “I Have Sung in Hobo Jungles, and I Have Sung for the Rockefellers”

LOL ~cut to Juan Williams on camera 2~ (00:44)

The Shaggers - Screaming Yellow Mustang Mustang

I want you to stop stalking "overweight" women.

Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday Celebration - Bruce Springsteen

The Vietnam War and The Kent State Shootings

Miss California --

Cuban Zeal: Revolutionary art and artists

Russia, China on comradely terms

Michael Moore: Madoff Is a Convenient Distraction for a Bunch of Crooks Who Aren't in Jail

TYT: Another Man Shoots Cops Because He's Worried About Obama

Torture gets results -- just not the kind you want (LTTE)

Chris Matthews, Millstone Tied Around Neck, Dropped in Sea

GOP barely hangs on in Maryland

Innocent People Suffering at the Hands of the Judicial System, & It Could Happen to You

Summer 2009: The international monetary system’s breakdown is underway (LEAP/E2020)

The Bottom (James Kunstler)

Can You be Proud?

Brad DeLong: Ummm... This Should Not Be Happening

Someone needs to give Jane Harman an award for this

Clinton’s Unpromising Start (Ramzy Baroud)

The Best Energy Bill Corporations Could Buy, Then Hide Real Profits in the Cayman Islands

President Obama to close tax loopholes, Swiss banks comply

Republican Agonistes: GOP wrestles with the toxic embrace of its wingnut base

Mission Impossible: The Code Even the CIA Can't Crack

Waste Management 1674 Subsidiaries, Houston Texas, Think Green “MONOPOLY MONEY”

Republicans Launch Multiple Rebranding Efforts Led by Same Unpopular People and Ideas

Cracking the Orrin Hatch “Code”

Break the mold for Supreme Court picks

In These Times: Old War on New Deal

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Ways to Perfect Our Democracy

ONE LUMP OR TWO? Fake fascism & false outrage

Deepak Chopra: The toxic residue of torture

Christian US troops urged to break all the rules & evangelize in Afghanistan

Sessions GOP Lead on Judiciary, Got Blocked Back in the Day

No Evidence of Torture (editorial)

Republicans: The Indulgent Parents

Jesus killed Mohammed: The crusade for a Christian military by Jeff Sharlet

Going Dutch - How an American in Holland learned to love the European welfare state.

Should This Conservative Talk Show Host Be Fired For His Insanely Racist Rant?


That's Entertainment: The Jam

Pete Seeger's Vietnam war song..."Waist Deep in the Big Muddy".

Woman Tells CNN How She Really Feels About GOP

Things you learn, posting in GD

Selling trips to Cuba once was deadly

VENEZUELAN Term Limits Referendum: Observer Report (a ringing endorsement of the processs)

CEPR: "The Fun House Mirror: Distortions and Omissions in the News on Bolivia"

BP agrees to Bolivian takeover

Article in Spanish re: new military quarters going up in Santa Cruz

State Dept fails to issue visa to (Cuban singer) Silvio Rodriguez

THE HILL: "Baucus Bill Portends Dem Fight Over Cuba

La Prensa,Bolivia,article in Spanish names primary witness (I think!)

FILM-"CUBA: AN AFRICAN ODYSSEY" on SUNDANCE CH. TODAY, both central time 7:25 am and 3:30pm

Drumbeat: May 4, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - 01 May 2009

Nuclear Power Bill Passes (Florida) Senate (nuclear power plant for Escambia County, FL?)

Newfoundland sealers anxiously await EU ban vote on May 5

Goldman upgrades US coal sector to attractive

Interested in Indirect Land Use Changes?? - check out "Amazon Crude" on '60 Minutes'

Peak oil review - May 4

The Grid May Be Smart, But Will It Also Be Green?

Safety issues revealed at nuclear (MOX) facility - Contractors used substandard materials (SC)

Senate panel set to mark up transmission, nuclear plans Wednesday

Former federal regulator: Plans for Fermi 3 nuclear reactor could lead to job loss (MI)

Lithium in water ‘curbs suicide’

Can CO2 be turned into a usable fuel - (economically?) - article in NEW Scientist

Was watching something about salmon mites and other

Mitzubishi says there will be a shortage of Lithium by 2015.

Lighter on the environment, 20% less plastic

Lithium Supplies; enough to cover demands

China Planning On Getting More Energy From Wind Than Nuclear By 2020

mike_c, you are 100%

State Dept. fails to issue visa to Silvio Rodriguez to Perform at Pete Seeger's 90th B'Day in NY

Dallas Cowboys' scouting assistant paralyzed after structure collapse

Dodgers roll to franchise-record 10-0 home start

The Bulls should NOT resign Ben Gordon

"Mine That Bird a go for Preakness"

MLS Goal of the Week - Week 7

LeBron to win MVP award, source tells AP

The video replay judge is legally blind

Woolley Says Mine That Bird May Skip Preakness.

Cowboys' scouting assistant paralyzed

Dalai Lama dons Patriots cap

The Dodgers are the best team in the majors

Why baseball is the greatest game of all.

Union OKs contract with beer distributor

Cheers to a storied union (nation's first African-American union organization)

'Enough is Enough' Labor Rally Attracts Hundreds in Warren

Union movement at IBM has found little traction

NLRB says 8 Twin Cities Starbucks fought union organizing

'Boston Globe' Talks With Unions Making 'Serious Progress'

New Prescription for a Healthy Union Movement

UFW ousted from Napa vineyard

Federal Appellate Court Voids NLRB's 2008 Rulings Due to Bush Administration's Incompetence

Don't blame unions for economic mess

Crops could be lost as flu delays labor influx

Today in labor history May 4 Vigilantes attacked striking miners in Harlan County, Haymarket Square

New York Times Newsroom Union Votes Today on Pay Cut

Labor Strategies for Global Recovery

In Radio Ad, Martin Sheen Asks Senators to Support Employee Free Choice Act

Pilot who landed in Hudson takes stand in Phoenix

Is Arlen Specter unbeatable for reelection?

Janine Anderson Dies After Championing Sick Nuclear Worker Cause: Last Interview

Union Truths

Un demi-million aux aînés gais, bisexuels et transgenres.

I lost my really good cranberry quickbread recipe

An inspirational poem for troubled times.

AWARE taken back from anti-gays

Some great poetry from Brin

Haven't been to this forum for awhile

Maine House to take up gay marriage bill

I'm looking at starting a balcony garden

Did anyone else hear Cong Steve King on Thom Hartman today?

Question for gay DUers

So what's new?

Obama nominates lesbian as HHS official (former co-chair of Equality Kansas)

CNNs homophobia rises again...

For your amusement...

Remember when we were fearless? When we had nothing left to lose?

check in my dear friends

Experts: Biden wrong on the way germs travel through an aircraft

Tamiflu is Star Anise

Joe The Plumber: I Would Never Let "Queers" Near My Children

Communist Member of the Knesset Mohammad Barakeh is again the target of the Israeli government

Spain okays Gaza war crimes probe against Israeli officials

Israel Faces a Hard Sell in Bid to Shift Policy

Israel 'ups questioning of Gaza patients'

Calif.'s Harman Rails Against Wiretapping That Ensnared Her

Ahmadinejad nixes visit (to Brazil) after Jewish protests

Billboards Criticizing US Aid To Israel Taken Down Under Pressure

Israel Loses Prized 'Free' Press Status; Kuwait Tops Arab World

Level IIIA Body Armor vs Pistol, Rifle calibers

U.P. Mich. man dead from gunshot wounds

CNN now running with ammo shortage story

Sarah Palin honored by NRA with special Alaska-themed assault rifle

Beauty salon owner should have guns. Lots of guns.She might need them.

The M1 Carbine can be converted to an M2 Carbine by replacing some parts and adding others. Of

The blood libel brought up to date

The Next Wave of the Real Estate Collapse

Short Selling of Banks Accelerates as New Financial Stress Test

New York Fed Chairman's Ties to Goldman Raise Questions

After the Great Recession

The Auto Bailout Is Going Off the Road

Worries Rise on the Size of U.S. Debt

I had a little mini-retreat to Crestone, Colorado this weekend.

Travellog a day later - lots of Historical Places I am NOT showing

Little Light on the beach

The business end of a

Sand. Lots of sand.

Goodnight, Moon

Grandbaby pic

Anyone interested in scientific research?

Mercury goes retrograde on May 6th / May 7th at 1 degree 44 minutes Gemini

First genetic analysis of swine flu reveals potency

Would it be possible to genetically engineer a dog, cat, etc., as smart

UUA, UUSC leaders call for torture inquiry

More fun with exorcism:

"Cooperites". Shades of Jim Jones. And David Koresh. And, and , and ...

Poll: Catholics likely to favor use of torture

"Leader of Your Black Muslim Bakery indicted in journalist’s slaying"

In the "turnabout is fair play" category:

"Atheists fight to keep God out of Irish law"

Yes we have this problem

Student Wins Suit After Teacher Says Creationism 'Superstitious Nonsense'

Biblical Christianity vs Gospel Christianity...


Dude! I made chicken and dumplings!!!

Make your own sub sandwiches.

Community Colleges Challenge Hierarchy With 4-Year Degrees

The Principal And The Paddle

Remember tommy thompson?

Core Of Corruption Volume 1: In The Shadows {Full Film}

Say It Ain't So, Howard Zinn!

Question: Phone Calls?

Let the games begiin! Perry given $5M from appointees

Dollhouse -really picking up steam

'Angels & Demons' director says Vatican interfered with filming

Harper is safe now, Iggy is coalition loser and strategic dunce