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I am looking for this thread, it was locked last night but I can not find it

Write to your representatives to get Universal Healthcare

Cuba to compete with Florida tourism

Globe Workers Guarded On Union Deal (

Qatar signs deal for new luxury hotel in Cuba

High-enriched uranium traces found in Egypt: IAEA

The GOP's false populism.


A video to send to your favorite Mom on her day!

Sen. Specter chose his affiliation; workers should be able to, as well

Speed camera boss is caught speeding (CNN)

Medea Benjamin: Who Will Stop the AIPAC Jews?

"I'm sorry, Rush. Whatever you say, Rush" (or Mike Pence joins the club)

Informants allege proposed Blackwater weapons dump

Vice Up your own Dick - KO looks great tonight n/t

Franken Meets With Biden

Has Rush picked his senatorial & governor candidates for his party yet?

Has Rush picked his senatorial & governor candidates for his party yet?

Does anyone else besides me think the bank stress leaks are obviously intentional, to pre-warn the

Reid to Specter: "Seated? I'll show you seated. Sit down and STFU"

A redundant thanks for your help and advice re: Cancer

Major Banks Receiving Federal Aid Backed Subprime Lenders, Report Says

Ok let me get this straight

Get out of house with Chinese drywall, doctor tells family (CNN)

Reid makes Dino Sore


Could Specter change back to Repub. after his hypothetical reelection?

After Party Switch, a Senator’s Confused Alliances (NYTimes re: Arlen Specter)

John Dean on Olbermann re: conspiracy re: torture memos

Will money from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee be given to Specter and not to a

surge update - Two Baghdad Bombs Kill at Least 11

This GOP rebranding campaign reminds me of the "NEW COKE" campaign in the 80's.

Dem centrists press Pelosi to shelve climate bill

Heads up Naomi Klein will be on Rachel

Ben Nelson and Max Baucas

Dylan Ratigan gets his own show on MSNBC 9 - 11 AM Eastern

Dick Toe-Sucker Morris is trying to tell O'Lielly that Obama will unite the GOP

Word association: When I say "Millennial" what is the first word that comes to mind?

Pretty funny: Advice to Governor Schwarzenegger from former Governor Gray Davis

Naomi Klein to Rachel: "The scale of the Bail Out is too large for both ..." Crony Capitalism and

Results Of Bank Stress Tests Leak Ahead Of Report, Many Banks Don't Have Enough Money

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

My letter to Senate Finance Committee Re: Single Payer. Follow link to fax free

Tim Geithner on Charlie Rose for the Hour

France to host FRUKUS 2009 international naval exercises

Late night DUers: Van Morrison will be on Leno tonight

Evidently, a major foreclosure prevention bill passed May 6 and not enough people know about it:

So how do you derail single payer if ye are a powerful group of companies?

So how do you derail single payer if ye are a powerful group of companies?

What is this bullshit about NATO exercises in Georgia?

This party's over

Russia says there will be some "grim consequences" over recent NATO war games in Georgia

Republican lips.

Some Stanford Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Students want Condi investigated

Was it really Dan Rather on the Daily Show?

How to get the wingnuts to beg for Sonia Sotomayor as a Justice..

Tripping on Tamiflu,Relenza and psychosis.

U.S. Interrogators tortured to death at least eight people

Foreigners in Dubai hit by downturn

Update: Kevin Poulsen from wired jailed for hacking personal

Main reason to learn a foreign language: telemarketers (just for fun)

Bush attorneys who wrote terror memo face backlash

Noam Chomsky on the Global Economic Crisis

China to build its biggest high-speed train factory

Picower-led team pinpoints gene key to Alzheimer's-like reversal

Well At Least Here's One GOPer Who Knows Where He Wants To Go

Health Insurers Try to Scuttle Obama Plan

Recalculating Happiness in a Himalayan Kingdom (NYT)

Letter Carriers’ Annual Food Drive Set for May 9 Throughout Nation (Nations largest national drive

A little reported story

Rove: Bush reached out to Dems early in presidency, Obama just pushed stimulus & budget through

We could use this little buddy nowadays...

Freeper Idol, Jeff Sessions says he'd consider gay SC nominee, hilarity ensues

Let's face it: Money talks and bullshit walks. Those with the money make the rules and are immune.

How Is it that the Wall Street Journal Editors Have Absolutely No Memory of the Last 8 Years?

What value does gay marriage have for average Americans?

Freepers "Moranic" prayer....

It takes a village....

Here's a great compendium of some basic facts of how screwed up our current health system is

Failing to prosecute the authorization of torture would be politicization.

Controversial Miss. Mayor Dies After Losing Primary

Great column in Portland Press Herald - Overturning marriage bill has no value

So King Rush gets $50 mil a year and ClearChannel lays off 12,000

Has the the boil on Limbaugh's 300-pound ass finally been cured?

News Corp will charge for newspaper websites, says Rupert Murdoch

Sen Graham hates bloggers (re: Sen. Sessions). Bloggers bite back!

From the pages of "Duh" magazine: "Paula Abdul Reveals 12-Year Pill Addiction"

The Dems allowed Lieberman to keep his Chairmanship even AFTER campaigning for McCain

Afghanistan's pig quarantined amidst swine flu fears

Afghanistan's pig quarantined amidst swine flu fears

Miss Prejean's faith would pretty much force her to be silent yet...

Limbaugh, his $400 million contract, and his "screw you" to everyone else

From Salon letters: Prez Trek .. Freakin' hilarious

Mitt Romney Moves to New Hampshire

Miss California's father may be gay...

Separated at birth?

The question that must be asked...?

Can we get Mika in a bikini already?

the average “Countdown” viewer is 59 years old, and 55 percent of its audience is male.

Family Research Council Slams New GOP Initiative

Run health insurance companies out of business

With Gay Issues in View, Obama Pressed to Engage

How David Beats Goliath-When underdogs break the rules.(Should be mandatory reading)

Police distribute posters to 58 schools offering HS students cash to be drug informers,

Sessions on now really concerned about how Specter is being treated

Boston Review Survey: 25% of Americans blame Jews for the economic crisis


The Earth is actually 56 years old.

Get Us Out of Iraq/Afghanistan

North Carolina Autoworkers Protesting NAFTA

Presenting … The GOP’s New “Keep Terrorists Out Of America Act”!

Presenting … The GOP’s New “Keep Terrorists Out Of America Act”!

Clay Bennett TOON- subtle.....but to the point

Ban ED medication ads? The REAL problem is prescription drug ads in general

Bybee lobbies Nevada congressional delegation ‘to tell his side of the story.’

So How Come I Hear NOTHING any more about Iraq

From the White House Blog: Determining What Works, Line by Line...(budget)

The four-man crew on the engine—No. 70 out of Malibu—were wetting down a home when they ran out of

Challenge to Maine gay marriage law filed (Portland Press Herald)

For those Democrats that are thinking of voting against universal health care...

New Republican talking point: Obama is bankrupting the government, putting our debt onto our kids

This is Irony overload ....

A Quick Legal Ethics Tutorial for "Experts" Who Say Torture Lawyers Should Not Face Bar Discipline

Democrats Line Up to Challenge Bachmann

Three LTTEs to our "librul" newspaper...

Holy Cow! Keifer Sutherland is now believing he is The Real Jack Bauer?!?

Porn "Star" to challenge Diaper Dave Vitter for the senate

Saudis looking for Miss Beautiful Morals

Progressives In Harman District Inflamed By AIPAC Wiretap Story

Right-Wing Radio Host Shoots His Dog And Wife

Defunct Coalition That Withheld Global Warming Info Still Wields Power on Capitol Hill

Unintentional humor from the right-wing - today's letters to the editor:

"Not a Real Test at All" - on the "stress tests" of banks:

Fresh GOP Infighting: First Shots Fired In 2012 Primary?

"we cannot keep sending our children to kill the children of mothers across the globe"

Virginia Foxx Sends Apology Letter To Matthew Shephard's Mother

Wesleyan Shooter May Be Targeting Jews

an interesting newspaper solution

Sheriff Joe on MSNBC debating Armed Citizen Posse

NYC Teens Chide Palin's Abstinence Call

Jason Lewis on CNBC

TIME: Former Bushies are happy to see Condi become the torture defender over Cheney

Palin falls to earth - Approval Alaska now at 54% positive 41.6% negative

Your daily homophobia

Single-Payer Advocates Have to Get Arrested to Get Heard

Single Payer... FREE FAX the Finance Committee!!!!!!!!

Ed Schultz on radio ripping Congress for Single Payer advocates arrest

Stanford Anti-War Alumni, Students Call for Condi War Crimes Probe

Mydizadrupin and Ibepokin ads getting attention from a Dem Congressman

Obama Keeps Door Open to Torturing?

Farrah Fawcett is at death's door, but still filming documentary: Farrah's Journey

Family of slain Jewish man leaves Paris trial

Obama's Sins Of Omission

About those credit card companies.

I would think that the states approving same sex marriages would reap huge economic advantages

Obama Is a Constitutional Law Professor


Hillary Clinton Recognizes Multi-Polar World, Failures of U.S. Latin America Policy

AIPAC has summer camps - part of a 30 year plan

Manny Ramirez: Gooned on the juice! 50 game suspension

Terrible fires in Southern California

I'm not sure what to think about this. I worked for a company and was pretty miserable there

"Why do an exercise in fertility?" (Cook County Board Commissioner Todd Stroger)

Stress test day arrives at last

A private health care scheme that's not government run....

tivo (DVR) is a great chronicler of conflated news stories.

Jon & Kate plus 8; dad Jon Gosselin busted with another woman at 2am

does an AIPAC article go in the Israel forum or GD?

Math Buffs Celebrate Rare 5/7/09, Also Known As Odd Day

The Australian: Mercury poisonings at Chinese CFL bulb factories on the rise

Naomi Klein Is EXTREMELY Hot.

Joe The Plumber -- Quitting The GOP?

It’s past time to recognize that Republicans are our dangerous enemies.

Cleveland Couples Sign Up For Domestic Partner Registry

Wells Fargo freezes pension plan

Hasselbeck on the "sadistic giddiness of true radical leftists, laughing about Bristol Palin"

Rush to Powell: Go be a Democrat

Joe the Ex-Republican

Joe Scumbag is teabagging Petraeus on the TV right now!!

While Bristol is out on her abstinence tour, who is home watching the baby?

Corruption Is Dangerous to Your Health

Why Breathe Filth?

The New Move-On Healthcare Ad Is Great

Officer charged with striking 89 year old man during traffic stop

Oh NOES! swine flu! PANDEMIC! Oh noes!

RWer at work steps into it.

This cartoon sums it up for me. I wish it was on the home page of DU with kleig lights.

David Gregory To Anchor Weekly MSNBC Show

Molotov Mitchell: Punk Dominionist

As a 23-year-old millenial, could I ask the older DUers something?

Baby Dies After Pacifier Taped To His Mouth

I'm inventing a "stress test" that me and my buddies can easily pass

Justice Dept. drops case against war resistor Watada

Peruse These Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency Improvements for Your Home

Hasselbeck on the "sadistic giddiness of true radical leftists, laughing about Bristol Palin"

Need help on a Youtube scare video

We don't have a FEMA Director because of David Vitter

Did you know that Limbaugh owns a private jet?

Anyone ever not gotten a job, and figured what the hell and given the interviewer

PART 4 of Saul Landau's Interview with Cuban Fiver, Gerardo Hernandez

This bothers me: Walton College to Establish Center in Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace

National Day of Prayer -

They're Not Super Villains-They Lack Super Powers

Bacevich on Newshour last night re: AfPak War: transcript


Lesbian rabbi to head Southern Calif. board of rabbis

Republicans recruiting RINOs for 2010

Sen Whitehouse issues warning of more shameful revelations to come about the treatment of suspects

I'm honestly happy that Tom Ridge isn't running in PA

Memo to Bishops: Most Catholics Aren't Listening

Tonight: Single-Payer on the ED Show, MSNBC

Police officer accused of drug distribution

What do you have left as a party when you can't even hold on to Joe the Plumber?

Rush's greatest fear: Pandora

Diner throws trantrum - lying on ground, kicking, screaming

GOP governor eyeing Senate run to be outed in film tomorrow

This a great link for contacting congress about single-payer !

Religious fundamentalists corrupting our military will lead to the birth of more Osama Bin Ladens

Frank "Death tax!!111!!" Luntz in charge of offensive against healthcare reform

Walter Pincus: Contractors Getting Free Care In Iraq From Military Clinics

Moms trust DeGeneres & Rossi most with kids: poll

Leahy not so sure, or happy, about Specter-Durbin deal on judiciary

Well, at least there are still SOME rights left in this country. (surveillance related)

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Geragos files for dismissal of Chris Brown case: LAPD allegedly sold photo of badly beaten Rihanna

Slaughter in Afghanistan: Call It A Massacre, Not A Mistake

House and Senate Leadership

Virginia Foxx sends 'apology' to Judy Shepard

Dems need to recruit Crist

Michelle Bachmann is a RACIST!

Remember when conservatives attacked Janet Napolitano for that report on right wing extremists?

AZ gop leader arrested

AZ gop leader arrested

(Abramoff scandal) Former Wampanoag leader sentenced for embezzlement

OMG! - Young Americans Losing Their Religion

Ireland bans football for troops in Africa (ground is too hard)

"Democrat" = Republican. Evidence

"Democrat" = Republican. Evidence

Fire Dog Lake: Been Arlen Spectered but Not Resurrected

Word association: When I say "Baby Boomer" what is the first word that comes to mind?

Cuba Again Denounces US Illegal Broadcasts

A Doctor's Letter to Senator Baucus: Why We Need a Single-Payer Health Care System

Guess where the Iraq Oil and Gas Summit is being held this year.

Rape and other war crimes are NOT peachy keen. War is no excuse

New MoveOn ad: Out of Business.

Joe the Plumber claims to have friends he won't allow around his children

No bull, cow escapes slaughterhouse and hoofs it through Queens

Luring Children To God

Ridge Says No to Run Against Specter; Leahy Says Not So Fast to Durbin's Deal

Testimony: Sessions Thought KKK Was OK Until He Found Out They Smoked Pot

Is It High Noon at the G.O.P. Corral?

Oh My: Alabama statehouse flooded out

Team of rivals: GOP base rips Cantor's new group

Bill O'Reilly is the smartest person on the FOX Opinion Channel

The thing about being stalked is that it's just like going to a family Thanksgiving Dinner.

High-Speed Train Board Approves Federal Stimulus Proposal

The government is taking over land for a $58 million Flight 93 memorial.

Wyden Is On Ed's Radio Program Right Now And He Is .......

A Battle to Preserve a Visionary’s Bold Failure (Tesla)

Ray Arnold is keeping his job. -last backcountry USPS air delivery-

Workers- be grateful if you don't glow in the dark. For your perusal "Undark and the Radium Girls"

Can we put the Republicans in rehab or something?


Holder cautious on U.S. interrogations probes

White Supremacist Stands Trial For Murdering Biracial Child

Jeff Sessions Claims He Doesn’t Know What Empathy Is

Will you join James Dobson in Prayer?

Post your favorite title for the leader of the Republic Party

How much would it cost to run a primary opponent against Specter in 2010

Basking Sharks' Hiding Places Found

What's the flaw with Michael Savage's boycott of the UK?

Daily Kos' "Vote to name the Gopasaur" contest...

Wells Fargo Liars

Keep cigarettes out of youth-rated movies?

You and Glenn Beck, Alone On An Elevator. Power Goes Down.

Rep. Boehner: "Our constituents don’t want these terrorists in their neighborhoods"

There's No Ammo on the Shelves -- Is It the Gun Nuts' Fear of Obama-lypse?

Say HELLO to our new moderators!

Decisionmaking in a Complex World: Do you...?

Teen banned from prom for smelling like pot wants compensation(Med. Marij. User)

Rape and other war crimes are peachy fine! (steven green)

Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) STILL Barred From Entering U.S.

The Torturer's Apprentice-Not Just Cheney-Virtually Entire Governing Class Of USA-Britain+Australia'

How differently would the Swine Flu crisis be handled in the Bush White House?

Bacteria Not Flu Killed Most In 1918 ~ Mother Jones

Tell your Congressman to say "NO" to any mandatory "private insurance only"/corporate welfare scheme

If anyone here does the Twitter thing...

Katrina victims use science to sue US government

Weekly action threads....

Weekly action threads....

Police goof in raid, city stalls on damages

It's astounding how racist Pat Buchanan still is...

Buchannan is sounding racist again.

Wow! Tweety is sure po'd at Specter. Methinks that

I believe the reason Democrats took a huge thumping in in 1994 was because Health Care was not passe

Could we see $300+/barrel oil in an economic recovery?

New book says FDR tried to save Jewish refugees

Centrist Dems stake out ground on healthcare

Mitch McConnell tells Senate he can't protect his kids & grandkids from President Obama

How does one "teach" "abstinence?"

Bully Poll

Gas prices going up where you are?

The Rude Pundit - The Death of the Republican Party, Part 2: The Walking Supreme Court Justice Blues

Intelligence Report: Pelosi Briefed on Use of Interrogation Tactics in Sept. ’02


They are making me mad that my stimulus check hasn't been direct deposited!!

Are Viagra and other ED commercials offensive to you and do they need to be time censored?

anyone else in maryland

Texas is only 6000 years old!

Saw a new one today:

In defense of Elizabeth Edwards

Much anticipated Elizabeth Edwards interview with Oprah on now! (4p est)

Suicide Rates for US Soldiers at an All-Time High

NY Fed chair Friedman resigns

Legal Schnauzer: Were Siegelman And Minor Prosecutions True "Inside Jobs?" (New DOJ Developments)

U.S., Europe Are Ocean Apart on Human Toll of Joblessness

A Challenge to Corporate Health Insurance Power

What causes gravity?? (Creationist theory)

the ed show - single payer discussion

President Truman's Address To Congress Proposing National Health Care Plan November 19, 1945

Joe The Plumber Quitting The GOP: Time Magazine

It's hard to argue against a successful program.

For the last time - ALL OF IT - was Torture!

Cat Parasite Affects Everything We Feel and Do

American Kills Elephant With Bow For A Bet

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Disowns "Ignoramus" Joe The Plumber Over "Queers" Comment

Rielle Hunter reportedly will allow paternity test

New Poll: 52% Say Marijuana Should Be Legal, Taxed, Regulated

Was Elizabeth Edwards Too Harsh on Reille Hunter ?

Military Deeply Involved in Christian Reality Television Show

Hannity attacks Obama for putting mustard on his hamburger ... NOT A JOKE!

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

I forward the motion

Hawaii Lawmakers Back The Creation Of 'Islam Day'

GM Hosts 500 at Spa in Arizona

okay, this mustard thing got me thinking.

Bush Owed Bybee for More Than Just "Legalizing" War and Torture

There is something unseemly and undemocratic about these bank bailouts...

Hell Freezes over: Catholic Priest caught with ....(wait for it)....a WOMAN!

14 yr old Abeer's rapist, murderer found guilty! Justice! Green Guilty on All Counts!!!!!

Unemployment and suicide

Defintions and disasters, and the black death

Larisa Alexandrovna: Blackmail And Threats To Avoid Accountability

Guess what Wildmon & Co. have their undies in a bundle about now...

Middletown (CT) police: News orgs are circulating wrong picture of Wesleyan U shooting suspect

U.S. Senate Stiffs the People, Cheers Wall Street by Jim Hightower

Why We Were Arrested at the Senate Finance Committee Hearings

Massive CIA Torture Cover-Up: Could Destroy Records of Hundreds of Guantanamo Cases

Logical Fallacies and the Art of Debate

Supreme Court Denies Demjanjuk's Deportation Plea

I just spoke with someone in the Senate Finance Committee Office

Ed Schultz Show to take on Sen. Baucus tonight & his donor list! Watch it at 6 pm est tonight!

DEATH TO CORPORATE PERSONHOOD....There'll be no democracy until their "special rights" are revoked

Has Tom Ridge ever been held to account for

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Wesleyan suspect targeting college students, Jews

Testimony: Sessions Thought KKK Was OK Until He Found Out They Smoked Pot

Why We Were Arrested at the Senate Finance Committee Hearings (On National Health Care)

Va. rep. Jim "Moron" thinks Erectile Disfunction ads are "indecent."

I don't know what to do...CC company screwed we're quickly going under.

Me too, homeless person

Why you're Portfolio just tanked again.

What is a realistic solution to accomplish corporate personhood's demise?

Why can't we be like this?

Murdoch wants to charge for access to Fox News on the internet....

Damning picture of POTUS putting mustard on burger!

Spitzer: Look Who's Running the New York Fed

Chanel, the world's oldest dog, turns 21 - pics

Just watched the Elizabeth Edwards interview

Marijuana Arrests Set New Record for Fourth Year in a Row

Revealed: U.S. Interrogators May Have Killed Dozens of Detainees

bullying makes kids psychotic

Clear Channel laying off thousands while giving Limbaugh $38 million a year.

Clear Channel laying off thousands while giving Limbaugh $38 million a year.

I have often referred to DU as my home - well I need some help

More teacher bashing from the GOP-controlled media.

Cheating Spouse - Would you inform a friend if you were aware of their spouse's extramarital affair?

What 'Oversight' Means in Washington: Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?

Fed investigation into Edwards mistress $ is for “honest services fraud”

Report: John Edwards' ex-lover Rielle Hunter going ahead with paternity test

You may begin now. (nt)

Battle of Evenhold (a poem for my niece)

Battle of Evenhold (a poem for my niece)

Are mod threads showing up on the latest page for anybody else?

The Most Horrible Thing Ever

It is with great pain I post this, but I guess I need to for myself

The Tale of The Jesus Clip

Go Celtics!

Midlo was wrong for sending her kid out

Guess who just got Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Looking for Mother's Day Humor

I think Midlo has me on ignore

They are talking about Jesus boobs in GD

Your significant other presents you with an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas.

Post your joke here:

That was the biggest, nastiest rat I've ever seen.


Boring Phils/Mets game tonight. Top of the 6th....

invisible airwaves

The new Microsoft commercial...

Best movie recommendation site?

New Law and Order: CI is on

Sorry about all the Grandmother Midlo posts, but she is not the mother of a duck!

Sorry about all the Grandmother Midlo posts, but she is not the mother of a duck!

i present a photo of me at age nine, getting my first taste of filmmaking

Something is very much on fire...

K & R if you agree: I'm dead to Midlo, or she has me on ignore


I'm thinking about writing a vegan vampire novel.

serious suggestions needed...

Lounge is perfect place for ADVICE and other crap

Pro Flowers is a rip-off

I got an earworm, damn it!

Who would win in a fair fight?

Why am I listening to this stock shit?


DU, I have a confession. I can't help myself. Please, does anyone else feel an uncontrolable need to

This'll prolly end bad but.. play some UN-PC songs from youtube

What would be your theme song you'd walk out to the plate to before your at bat?

A funny Jesus thing I got in the EMail Today...

My friend Cindy had her BABIES!!

My favorite Rolling Stones song...

I give one night stand for you

I give one night stand for you

So I saw the Star Trek movie (1 small spoiler warning)

Now that my Mod term has ended, the following people are gettin' a thrashing:

If you were in a band, post a set list from your 1st gig

History buffs: an observation.

"Sandra Bullock attends swinger parties. We have proof!"

Why are they called 'swinger parties' anyway?

Former ‘M*A*S*H’ star says he is gay

Something cool-a little different

PSA for the day: NEVER take good health for granted

There were some ad people sitting behind me having a loud conversation about their latest assignment

A 'thank you' to DU

DVR from DirecTV is fubar - again.

Howdie ...

Dodgers, 12-0 at home this season, can set an MLB record with a victory over the Nationals tonight

How do I add a link to my signature?

Speaking in Tongues - Wedding Style

Cross-posting from GD: Wingnut letter to the editor from my local paper (today's edition)

"Sweet Georgia Brown" featuring a tractor on drums.

LTTE "Happy Mother's Day" from Korea 1951 (Anniston Star, Alabama)

If you have a "Mile High Wedding", does it include a "Mile High Consumation"?

One day all you crazy folks will want to have a DU meetup in MS!

Those deaf, dumb & blind kids in The Smithereens sure play a mean pinball (their new album: Tommy)

OK, NOW whatthehell am I supposed to do?

Good morning Lounge


'Back to the Future' in 5 seconds.

48 hours.

Commercial during LOST...

Two youtube clips that give me goosebumps

SPOILER: New Star Trek film openly mocks Shatner and Roddenberry

Beachbaby just came out!!!!!

I don't know what's stranger... (Re: Saxon)

Man, Gordon Lightfoot, alone, on a hot spring night

Who else is unemployed and looking for a job?

What is all this bright stuff going on outside?

How is this person related to me?

So I just learned that a murder story I had been following was the daughter of a friend, and his

I got my stimulus check today!!!

Does any Color truly clash with any other Color?

Chuck Norris saves a bakery

Did this really happen, or did I dream the whole thing up?

Why do people want to believe in things such as haunted houses, Bigfoot,

Lolita annotator Alfred Appel Jr. dies at 75

Fan arrested after jumping on stage with Spears

miracle - noun

HAPPY ODD DAY! - 5/7/9 - three consecutive odd numbers!

It's Shamwow Overdrive

i got me one of them blackberries

Why do you have siblings?

Woohoo!!! I know what I'm doing on July 21st - Green Day at the Wach!!

great my bank failed the stress test.

I'm getting HDTV on Saturday

Photo shopping on Magazine covers - taller, thinner, lighter

Ladies..... Gardenhoses?

My little Pom mix keeps picking up cockleburrs. At the rate we're

Lol, just saw a commercial for the Lee Majors Bionic Hearing Aid!

ok then, call the guy up and tell him that the pressure

Have you ever been ganked for your riches?

Your computer:

Bumper sticker idea

Hooked up my digital converter and the picture looks like crap!

Do you think Mr.Midlo was at Tyson's Corners a few hours ago to buy my Mother's Day Gift?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/7/09

Want to shock girls?

I don't get to the Lounge often, so this may be a stupid question ...

Pink vs. Beyonce: who's been more successfully marketed to create the illusion of substance?

Michigan: Lansing, Flint and Kalamazoo!!!!

What's wrong with commonwealths? Is statehood that hard to figure out?

Woot! Haven't heard THIS '80s tune in ages!

Ladies..... Vince's nuts?

Have I mentioned that I really am in love with tube? nt.


The blunt truth about Marijuana

How do I copy my favorites from one computer to the other?

How does this photo make you feel?

The debate coninues...

A friend of mine committed suicide last night.

Dammit! Did JDEPP get married or not??!!!

NYC_SKP! I haz a prezent fo U

'Tough' toddler found alive after 2 days in woods

Favorite song from Meet/With the Beatles?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/7/2009)

His and Hers K-Y Jelly?

Which one of you DUers is doing this to me?

GRAMMAR POLICE, check it out: "Manny Ramirez suspended 50 games for drugs"

How come some women act so insulted when you tell them they snore?

man, this little Bellari sounds awesome

Cheney or Suet?

Please Help: Family with disabled adult child burned out by Fire. Please K&R

Who here has ever done Crossfit?

I'm in downtown DC, surfing DU, drinking Caribou Coffee and there

From the LOST forums...(this kind of stuff gives me a headache)

Attention Minnesota Twins fans! You lost to the Baltimore Orioles last night!!

So if men are dogs,

What should i do

Shhhh! Don't spoil the joke!

need a little time to wake-up

My little porn minx keeps picking up cocks. At the rate we're

I hate funerals.

The more and more I use my Macs...



It's official: (D)uke (N)ukem (F)orever stands for (D)id (N)ot (F)inish.

Idle question: How do I know if I've contracted the Ebola virus?

Say HELLO to our new moderators!

Yesterday the neighbor girl said "they'd make fun of you at my school"

In case the idiots at FOX decide to get any crazier...

I might dye my hair blond.

This got a big LOL out of me

so I just spent $197,830

This is awful, but seriously funny too.

Match Game Story: "Fuckwit Freeper flew fiendishly fuckwittedly from Frisco for __ fine flugelhorn."

Swiney Flu Was An Inside Job

For years, I would mentally interchange LynneSin, LynnTheDem and LydiaLeftcoast

More Hawaii pics...

Is there a way to find new members here?

Stationtostation: proof that Cocaine can, on rare occasion, produce a good album

Dog home after 8 years, answering new name

Jon & Kate plus 8; dad Jon Gosselin busted with another woman at 2am

PHOTO: U.S. Customs Agents find 14 live illegal Asian songbirds in smuggler Sonny Dong's pants

Hey Robeson! WHEW!!!!

Tell me if you think this is some heinous fuckery or if I am over-reacting

American Idol. 64 million votes. Three remain. (spoiler for Hawaii viewers)


Did you know today is a National Day of Prayer?

Damn you, Nacho Cheese Doritos! I just blew my diet

What do you do for a living?

Man sues for $1 over right to wear skirt in public

OK. What do you like on your hamburger?

Do you buy clothing online?

HTML programmers: Cell Padding

Stephanie Courtney, the 'cashier' from Progressive Insurance

*sigh* Poor LyricKid. I had always dreaded this day.

Some of the worst bridesmaids dresses evah!

So I saw this commercial with the narrator talking about the smell of freshly made dinners...

I don't know what "ganking" is

Post a pic of part of a peninsula that used to be an island

I do believe I have waited at least a week to post some BellBell pics....

Do you "sign" your emails?

Did a personal experience ever RUIN a piece of music for you?

Holy Shit! I've been framed!

Swine flu: Afghanistan's only pig quarantined (not sure this is LBN material)

Since Robb is no longer a mod, I guess we can now add to polls: "Robb is a dingbat"

Are there laws against shooting people with airsoft guns?

Do you know this woman?


Why is giving birth considered a miracle?

Hey Lounge....Forty years ago this Summer....

L O S T Season Finale Death Watch 2009

Honorable individuals accept the consequence of their actions...

Obama credited with breaking deadlock on Nuclear talks

Rep. Jim MCDERMOTT at Sebelius' Q&A?!

The Obama admin doesn't know how to respond to the marriage equality dominoes

PHOTOS Oldies but Goldies: The Hoop Master in Chief

Rush Limbaugh orders Colin Powell out of the Republican Party

Didn't Republicans used to be AGAINST secession?

If Gov't is inefficient as Republicans say, then why would gov't funded health care be unfair

The President of the Senate met with the Democrat's 60th Senator

Yes We Can

Good riddance? GOP relies on Specter-like recruits

This was almost our Vice President

Every GOPer should be asked if they agree with their boss that Powell should leave the GOP

FOX News Corespondent Mara Liasson Does Hit-Piece On VP Biden For NPR.

Scary picture: Obama as Spock!

Employers DON"T WANT to provide benefits if they can help it!

White House plans to release plane flyover report, photo

The Stakes at Notre Dame-Words From Rome Change The Debate on Inviting Obama

Obama Lists Suggested Program Cuts

Specter to chair Judiciary’s Crime and Drugs Subcommittee


New jobless claims unexpectedly plunge to 601K

Everytime I see the video of Limbaugh jumping on stage it make me laugh!

Pentagon to create 20,000 jobs to manage arms buys

We started the war in Iraq because Afghanistan just didn't "scratch the itch" Haass.

CNN: specter Gets Ass Kissed By "Dems"

Say HELLO to our new moderators!

Stimulus in Action: $250 checks going to millions of seniors Thursday

Poll Shows Toomey Would Beat Ridge...Anyway

The LOLbamas just keep on coming.

The GOP Presents: The "Keep Terrorists Out Of America Act" (Not a Joke)

TIME: Republicans in the Wilderness: Is the Party Over?

PEW POLL: Obama in a word - "intelligent," "good," "socialist" UP; "inexperienced" DOWN

OH-18: Space Endorses Fisher

Research is needed on committee members hearing about the health care issue.

Republicans say that $17billion cut is nothing. The party of "NO".

Cantor perpetuates lie that he was on short list for V.P.

President Obama's new budget includes elimination of community-based abstinence education funding

How to you refer to the President

Gallup: Dems hold 14 pt Advantage w/t Women Voters; Men leaving GOP going Independent!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck disowned "Joe The Plumber" Thursday morning on "The View." (VIDEO)

U.S. air strike kills up to 200 Afhganis

Doesn't McDonalds, the king of American fast food, put mustard on their cheeseburgers?

Ridge Out, Democratic Prospects Brighten

Howard Dean on Ed Shultz's show; Re: HEATHCARE

As a Chicagoan, rest assured Obama knows not to put ketchup on a hotdog.

Racial Demagoguery/Hypocrisy Watch Exhibit 101: Chris Matthews and Hardball

Dan Rather: Nixon Has a Burrito!

Check Out's GENIUS new ad for Obama's healthcare plan:

Cornell University Employs Insane Man as Law Professor: Spends all Day Blogging about Mustard

Michelle Obama: '120-percenter'

Kerry, Drier op-ed: A Friend To Georgia And Russia

PA Senate Dem Primary Poll: Specter 57, Sestak 20

Too good not to share: Sure Eats a Mean Dijon

White House Begins Effort to Bridge the Divide on Abortion

Palin's approval numbers in freefall - down 32 points in one year.

You'll NEVER guess what the latest RW Obama outrage du jour is...

Obama’s budget eliminates funding for abstinence education programs.

That's it. I'm through with Obama.

The President meets with Newt ... et al.

If you are an Obama supporter, you are a member of a cult!

Two Out Lesbians Considered for Supreme Court

FLOTUS Sesame Street PSA - short and cute!

Michael Wiener Savage is devoting his show to his ban from the UK. If you

Alan Keyes plans to be arrested protesting Obama's commencement speech at Notre Dame

What the hell am I watching on Hardball?!

Obama splits with billionaire donors on legislation (card check)

GOP Senator openly denounces the idea of a gay Supreme Court nominee

Bachmann likely to face strong challenge in 2010

Here's a budget cut I like - So long Abstinence Only ed.

Who/What is more important to the Dems? Pharma/Insurance $ or the wellbeing of the citizenry?

Sotomayor and Kagan Too Fat for the Supreme Court?

Universal Health Care does NOT require Single-Payer

Sotomayor: Very modest assets - will have no financial vetting problems

Former CNBC host Dylan Ratigan lands at MSNBC - follows Mornin' Ho at 9:00 ET

Intelligence Report: Pelosi Briefed on Use of Interrogation Tactics in Sept. ’02

Hannity Attacks Obama For Putting Mustard On His Burger

I put mustard on my ham sandwich.

I'm seeing a lot of revisionism on DU with regards to Clinton Impeachment

Why dont we have ballot intiatives for the Federal Govt? I am sick of

When John McCain pledged cutting Pork to the tune of 16 Billion during GE, GOP applauded him!

OMG!!!! Pat Buchanan WENT OVER THE TOP NOW!!! I'M DONE!!

The DU Daily Scripture Reading, May7th.

It's Over for John Edwards

Redstate to Black Americans: Leave the Democrats, they're holding your children down

Levi Johnston: Bristol Palin's Abstinence Campaign "Unrealistic"

Obama takes measured approach to Afghanistan, Pakistan

Stress-Test Leaks Suggest Big Bank Bailouts May Be Over

Correcting details of Taser death would have hindered investigation, inquiry hears

Georgia Protesters Battle Police in First Violent Outbreak

Nuclear talks get first breakthrough in 10 years

Pentagon to add 20,000 jobs for contracting reform

Obama expresses regret for Afghan civilian deaths

House bypasses governor’s veto to claim Oklahoma’s sovereignty

Budget Proposes Cuts in 121 Programs

Russia expels envoys as Nato war games begin

Alabama on Cuba: Tear down this embargo

EU Treaty Clears a Hurdle On Czech Republic Approval

Schwarzenegger Urges a Study on Legalizing Marijuana Use

Justice Dept. drops case against war resistor Watada

Iraq Car Bombs Kill 17

Justice Department drops appeal in Watada case

Taliban trap civilians in Pakistani war zone

3 years in prison sought for MySpace hoax

Eurozone interest rates cut to 1%

Obama to host Russian foreign minister Thursday

China Warns France Against Award For Dalai Lama

State GOP leader arrested for reckless driving

Doctors Protest Exclusion of Single-Payer at Senate Finance Committee

U.S. military: Taliban killings prompted airstrikes

General Motors to temporarily shut parts plants

Pelosi: Hands Off DC's Gay Marriage Law


New Jobless Claims Plunge To 601K

NH gov. promises 'best decision' on gay marriage

White House Is Firm on Shaking Up Military Spending

EU Parliament rejects law allowing Internet cutoff

Dems: Oakland County official accused of public sex act should resign

More FBI agents sought to probe financial crimes

Murdoch flags charges for online news

Pork safe to eat despite WHO warning, Canadian officials stress

GM Posts $6B 1Q Loss, Spends $10.2B In Cash

DuPont to lay off 2,000 workers

Rove Lawyer: Likely Early June For US Attorneys Testimony

Rove Lawyer: Likely Early June For US Attorneys Testimony

Elizabeth Kucinich to speak about peace in Charleston today

Cuba Again Denounces US Illegal Broadcasts

Murdoch: Web sites to charge for content

Health care costs mount for Michigan families

ACORN workers charged with forging voter registrations

Drug tests for chess club? Judge says no

Manny Ramirez To Be Suspended 50 Games For Positive Drug Test

Feds to condemn land for Flight 93 memorial

Blackwater era ending in Iraq

Morgan Stanley Announces $2 Billion Public Offering of Common Equity, Plans for $3 Billion Public Of

Obama Releases Details of $3.4 Trillion Budget Plan

Feds Order GMAC to Raise $13.1 Billion to Shore Up Finances

Tom Ridge says he won't run for U.S. Senate in 2010

Senate Moves Toward Easing Mortgage Terms

Consumer Credit Falls At Fastest Pace In 18 Years

Canada free to bring Abdelrazik home: UN

Red Cross confirms Afghan civilian toll

Study: Poverty fueling Muslim tension with West

Democratic Rep. Sestak Considers Primary Challenge to Specter

UK young lack awareness on HIV

Fed's Bank Aid is 'Same Scam Continuing': Spitzer

Southern Baptist agency declares ‘no room for torture’

'Tough' toddler found alive after 2 days in woods

Cuomo Starts National Debt-Settlement Industry Probe

Specter to get Judiciary subcmte chair (Sen. Durbin voluntarily gives up his chairmanship)

In Europe, social safety net softens the slump

Missile data found on hard drives

U.S. Says Ailing Banks Need $75 Billion

$328,000 Photo: WH Will Release Pic from Air Force One NYC Fiasco

Wells Fargo & Company Announces $6 Billion Common Stock Offering


Oil Prices Rise To Six-Month High

Government Could Destroy Records in Hundreds of Guantanamo Cases

Government Could Destroy Records in Hundreds of Guantanamo Cases

17% Of US Children Under 5 May Face Hunger

'Desperation' in immigrant communities

U.S. Senators Consider Options For Ailing Newspapers.

Judge (Jay Bybee) takes step to air his views

F.B.I. to Pay for Anthrax Inquiry Review

(Nuclear) Fuel for deep space exploration running on empty

Porn star considers run against family values senator

Waiter, there's a snake in my broccoli

FL-Sen: Conservative Base Looking To Sink Crist

Durbin to give up subcommittee chairmanship in favor of Specter

Palin pulls out of White House Correspondents' Dinner

DHS secretary, asked about H-1B, says 'top obligation' is to U.S. workers

Franken schools heckler

Intelligence Report: Pelosi Briefed on Use of Interrogation Tactics in Sept. ’02

Student slain on Wesleyan campus; armed and dangerous suspect on loose

Judge in Ohio: Suit against ACORN should be tossed

Drew Peterson Arrested In Murder Investigation

Somali Pirates Fire At US Navy Supply Ship - US Navy

White Kenyan aristocrat convicted of shooting poacher

On air anchor to blogger: I want to go outside and punch you across the face

Dobson 'Disappointed' Obama Skipped Day of Prayer Ceremony

Republicans warn (AG) Holder on torture (will press to investigate Clinton admin and Congress)

GM's China sales surge 50 pct to monthly record

GOP governor eyeing Senate run to be outed in film tomorrow

Huge U.S. camp arises in Afghan Desert of Death

14 yr old Abeer's rapist/murderer just found guilty

Father Alberto Cutié's fall from grace rekindles debate over celibacy

WHO says up to 2B people might get swine flu

Pfc. Steven Green guilty on all counts (Rapist/murderer of 14 yr old Iraqi Abeer)

Would You Be in Favor of Prosecuting a Democratic President for Torture?

Day in 100 Seconds - Dogfood to Democracy

Rachel Maddow: GOP Rep Eric Cantor Bows To Rush Limbaugh's Orders

Keith Olbermann's Worst Person in The World Rupert Murdoch

Captain Paul Watson Speech at London International Dive Show

Ben Nelson Cares For Health Care Executives

Fault Lines: Comparing the fates of two American institutions - one family, one bank.

Fault Lines - Lone Star: The death of a small town

I Am A Republican Woman

Rachel Maddow Discusses Afghanistan's Lonely Pig

Michael Savage to Sue UK for Being on Hate List

TYT Republicans Bow to Rush Limbaugh Again

The Truth of Cannabis 3

Criminals Out Of Our Country

Rachel Maddow discusses Abu Ghraib w/ Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez

When Will The Wall Street Wrongdoers Be Brought To Justice? Congresswoman Kaptur

TYT: 24's Kiefer Sutherland Head-Butts Designer & Cenk Knows Why

Rush Limbaugh Doesn't Think We're In A Recession

Session Could Support Court Nominee with....

Simon Johnson: Stress Tests Are 'a Whitewash'

Political Day in 100 Seconds - You're Creeping Me Out...

House GOP on Gitmo Closing: Run for Your Lives!

SMART REMARKS: Secession talk is nonsense

Homosexual Abomination? Part 2.

Ms. California's pastor on O'rly: it's offensive to compare black civil rights to gay marriage

Afghanistan/Pakistan Headlines - 07 May 09

AC360: Ex drug czar's fallacies pwned during argument about pot legalization

CBS News: Women's Liberation Day (1970)

Frances & Cynthia

Ruben & Hector

First lady Michelle Obama on 'Sesame Street'

Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox discuss Eric Cantor's GOP Rebranding Efforts

Hoekstra: Nazi Threat Nothing Like Terrorist Threat

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Slams Joe The Plumber Over Queer Comment

Judy Blume in Good Company, Attacked by Wingnuts

US strategy in Latin America was wrong

Vanity Fair: The Lion And The Legacy

A Deep Bench

Naomi Klein on The Rachel Maddow Show

Marjorie Cohn: Demanding Accountability from Condi

How Is it that the Wall Street Journal Editors Have Absolutely No Memory of the Last 8 Years?

The Torture Debate: The Missing Voices

Canadian Government Threatens/Blackmailing Canadian Auto Workers Union

Dazed and Confused, Arlen Specter Filibusters Himself

Anchor Doug Mckelway responds: You want an apology? You're NOT getting one.

People. People Who Need People (Magazine)

Cantor asked about healthcare. He's got nothing. Joe Scar is not impressed.

Afghan War Update - 06 May 09

Liberty City Six: No verdict yet, and the government has spent millions (Sun-Sentinel)

US Pro-Israeli Group Attempts To Stop Shift In White House Middle East Policy

Clownn Beck 'hosts' ACORN representative

Rachel Maddow Show: Lt. Dan Choi Kicked Out of the Army

CBS News: Palestinian women and children train to carry on fight (1970)

TYT: A Funny Ad By Democrats -- Who Will Win Republican Survivor?

How greed outstripped need

The Trickle Up Theory

"Advocacy of Evil" and Harlotry, Oh My!

Obama’s Elitism is Colored Grey, as in Poupon

Most Important Republican Quits the Party

Graham: Everyone at Gitmo is an enemy combatant; we can hold them 'forever'

The Philippines' Illegal Dog Meat Trade

Campaign Finance Is Just Another Term for Bribery

Don't Let Socialism Ruin Your Vacation

Arlen Comes Out of the Closet: Admits He's Bi-Spect-ual

Mike Lux: Not There Yet

AlterNet: There's No Ammo on the Shelves -- Is It the Gun Nuts' Fear of Obama-lypse?

Bill O'Reilly: I 'can't help' being sexist.

Junket to Cuba provides just what doctor ordered

Mother Jones: A Cheney Cover-Up?

Obama Hates Prayer by RSU

Scores dead after US strike in Afghanistan - 06 May 09

BREAKING: Soy Milk and Tofu Causes Teh Gay!

No outsourcing, no nuclear deal (India)

Study: States with Lax Gun Laws have highest gun death rates

Pentagon denies the awful truth, gets BUSTED!

US Senate Stiffs the People, Cheers Wall Street

DC news anchor tells Mike Rogers, blogger, he wants to go outside and punch him in the face

HR676 Healthcare for All Americans

W.I.N.O.G.R.A.D. for Congress

Alabama on Cuba: Tear down this embargo

Ecuador cabinet members resign to allow reshuffle after elections

FIDEL: "A Question with No Answer"

Bodies found floating off Florida Keys ID'd as Cuban rafters

Cuba to compete with Florida tourism

Rivera backs off stem cell, Cuba travel bans

Ex - Kosovo Leader Leaves Colombia After Expulsion

PETE SEEGER'S Testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee, August 18, 1955

Marifeli Pérez-Stable: Tackling `perpetual antagonism'

PART 4 of Saul Landau's Interview with Cuban Fiver, Gerardo Hernandez


"Haiti and America Latina: it is as it always was" by Kevin Pina

Another Jean Guy Allard Article Specifically on Valladares and HRF(spanish)

Google video- - How The CIA Got Fidel Castro - The Bush Family & The New World Order

TerraCycle--lots of products made with recycled material

Peak oil notes - May 7

Drumbeat: May 7, 2009

What Have we got to Gain? (Michael Greenwell)

Ford turning SUV factory into Hybrid/EV factory

Rise of Oxygen Caused Earth's Earliest Ice Age

Winners of Environmental Prize Warn of Climate Problems

46 Law Profs Call on Sec.Salazar to Rescind Bush Admin Rule Weakening Polar Bear Protections

BBC: UN 'stunned' by scale of bail-out

Study Projects 90% Of Sea Turtles Female By 2030 - Rising Temps Skew Gender Ratios In Eggs/Embryos

More (bi)cyclists means fewer accidents, says report

Report examines limits of national power grid simulations

Researchers find way to cut cattle methane, threat to environment, by 25 percent

Energy-efficiency steps on hold—Businesses lack cash to invest in projects, survey finds

Finnish Radiation Authority Sees Serious Safety Problems at Nuclear Building Site

How Much Is Too Much?: Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions

China ready for post-Kyoto deal on climate change—Dramatic reversal in US position under Obama…

Farmers' crops keeping US cool

Sufficient certainty

Auto industry refugees head to wind power

Ivory Coast Chimp Population Down 90% In Less Than 20 Years - Mongabay

Dog Meat Trade in the Philippines

NIssan electric to get 367 mpg; Ford electric Probe prototype: 357 mpg. Wow!

'It's open season on A-Rod and his accuser' (Irish Times)

my take on the Champions League semi final 2nd leg matches

Slashed Ticket Prices Allow Lesser Nobility To Attend Yankees Games

Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy hearing is today...

Manny Ramirez faces 50-game suspension for drug use

Manny Ramirez suspended 50 games for "performance enhancing drugs"

Post game post. Just got back from the game as traffic was heavy. All I have to say is

Chelsea took their Champions League exit in good spirits.

Danny Ozark died

The official villify Barry Bonds, excuse Manny Ramirez thread!

Fisher gets one game suspension!

This is HUGH! Manny suspended 50 games for peds!

Big 12 to keep three-way football tiebreaker

Red Sox announcer Remy takes leave of absence

Rachel Alexandra sold following Oaks win

Globe Workers Guarded On Union Deal ( {XP}

NYT: For Small Employers, Shedding Workers and Tears

Today in labor history May 7 50,000 members before being crushed by employers later that year

Specter eyes support for Employee Free Choice bill

State Laws Allowing Majority Sign-up for Unions Show why Employee Free Choice Act is Fair Option

Iowa Senate Majority Leader's Powerful Speech on why he will halt efforts to ban same-sex marriage

Spring Family Picnic for Our Community...........

Good morning to all my friends in West Lahunga Beach!

With Gay Issues in View, Obama Is Pressed to Engage

An Important Message from Rick “Man Dog Love” Santorum

Protest today of DADT

Two women found dead in Statesboro home - Police call deaths 'suspicious'

The $1.1 Billion Comparative Effectiveness Program Debate Begins

Hope Christian Church is a hate group

The trouble with Tamiflu

President Truman's Address To Congress Proposing National Health Care Plan November 19, 1945

GOP governor eyeing Senate run to be outed in film tomorrow

Obama To Fire His First Gay Arabic Linguist

Student At Grove City, PA chrisTian College Appeals Suspension Over Appearance In Gay Porn

More Toplesss Photos, & Miss KKKalifornia's parents accused each other of being gay during divorce.

GLBT Pic Thread for May of 2009...

Ideas? Friend's insurance is refusing to pay for labor/delivery,

Medea Benjamin: Who Will Stop the AIPAC Jews?

PM (Netanyahu) seeks to upgrade diplomatic role of moderate Arab states

Introducing the propaganda minister

UN chief seeks compensation from Israel

Running short of concrete, Gazans build mud homes

Where was Tikkun Olam at the AIPAC Conference in DC?

AIPAC ED fears the growing movement to sanction Israel could fundamentally change US policy towards

Lack of Mideast coordination with U.S. worries J'lem

Study: Israeli Jews also blame Israel for conflict

US Pro-Israeli Group Attempts To Stop Shift In White House Middle East Policy

Settlement expansion seeing biggest boost since 2003

We need a list of the "gun free zone" failures.

Castle, McCarthy: It's Time to Close the Gun Show Loophole

Quick thinking student saves lives and stops multiple rapes

NEWSDAY: Carolyn McCarthy to unveil new semi-auto ban next week

REPORT: Hawaii has lowest gun death rate

NY Senator “Gillibrand to face another test on gun control”

Necessary Currency Manipulation Petition: Please Sign

What 'Oversight' Means in Washington: Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?

'Smart' investment? Or gamble?

I'm so glad the recession is over!

shell craft/art

Bird forms

Dupe, Sorry!

NYC subway

DU Shutter Bugs! I need your help!

humorous pic taken through bus window in Madrid

3 Destinations today: Tuzigoot - Jerome - Phoenix botanical gardens and Chihuly

"Modernista" style concert hall Barcelona

Place des Vosges, Paris

Can someone explain what a Federal Tax Credit is?

Dark pool trio forms European alliance

Recent pics from Madrid

The West Bank Archipelago

What do you think of MJ Cohen of Project Nature Connect?

Has anyone here tried acai berry?

Somebody gave me a star!

Backyard scientists use Web to catalog species, aid research (CNN)

Star Trek's warp drive: Not impossible

Super-Sensitive Microwave Detectors To Measure Big Bang Aftermath

Why Are Galaxies So Smooth?

Sea-floor Sediments Illuminate 53 Million Years of Climate History

Iran's Ancient Story Preserved Digitally

Hobbits 'are a separate species'

Museum’s Egyptian Mummies: Visit to HUP for CT Scanning

Sperm Whale Junk

Need some help re: Jesus being told he was going to die

"Bishop slams Pa. college for choosing Sen. Casey as grad speaker"

"Survey: Catholics mainly optimistic about their religion"

Police: Wesleyan suspect targeting school, Jews

Gethsemane and Jesus's last words on the cross

Young Americans Losing Their Religion "It's a huge change,"

Beef back ribs

The World's Spiciest Foods

I need to buy a little chest freezer.

HELP! My pork chops all come out dry and tasteless!

Please show my thread some love ...

I Wonder About Some People

What about

Virtual School Proponents In Wisconsin Want Special Treatment

"The interior core of the buildings was a hollow steel shaft..."

LLoyde England, 9/11 Pentagon attack taxi driver: 'It was planned.'

Why didn't the Air Force intercept the jet that hit the Pentagon?

"Top Ten Photos 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts Hate"...

Last FLDS teen sprung from CPS jail

HBO's 'Game of Thrones' hits an absolute home run with it's first casting choice.

Torstar CEO grilled over severance deal

Student protest led to review of charges against bullied teen: police chief

Iranian dissidents barred from Canada