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Archives: May 8, 2009

President Obama: Time To Bury Bush's Leftover NAFTA Expansion Deals!

Really Keith, really?

My letter to the White House: Lt. Choi.

My letter to the White House: Lt. Choi.

Serious question - Is Royal Caribbean promoting

GOP releases video on Gunatmano bay

The Big Cheaters

Not to beat a dead horse but this deserves it

I'm praying I didn't do something wrong and get a grocery worker fired yesterday.

Another Boston right-winger's best seller in the trash heap.

Man sues for $1 over right to wear skirt in public

Smash - N - Shatter; new business opens that lets customers break stuff

Just rec'd my Mother's Day gift of 'Chocolate Wobblies'

MSNBC continues to shake up its dayside lineup.

Bybee's out looking for friends in Nevada

How about Consitutional Law Professor Jonathan Turley for Special Investigator into

How about Consitutional Law Professor Jonathan Turley for Special Investigator into

Burlusconi: "Can I fondle you?"

Employer-Based Insurance & Home Ownership: Two Ideas That Reality Doesn't Support

crap! I missed the national day of prayer. Now I have to wait another year

So, Joe the Plunger wants to quit the GOP. On KO now.

Cheney: "Mistake" For GOP To "Moderate," Glad That Detainees Were Waterboarded

Rachel Maddow scary music...

Joe the Plumber's break from the GOP: I smell a rat.

If Clear Channel goes bankrupt do they still have to pay Limbaugh?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Redstate Reaches Out to Black People

IRELAND: Free Derry mural changed into Free Gaza mural on 40th Anniversary

Remember Sean Tevis and his awesome candidate website? He's running again!

Fmr Asst TreasSec Neel Kashkari oversaw the TARP program - He's on Charlie Rose tonight for the hour

Any of you in this boat: I'm healthy, but I'm also middle aged, and it's time I get some health

No stress for my business, I just need another $34 billion

If you were running for president...

So is it time to arrest Pelosi, Cheney, Bush, et al?


Wendy Wright (concerned women for America) calls Obama Religulous

Getting really tired of hearing about repubs all the time!

I see they arrested that creepy motherfucker, Drew Peterson

Cheney: "We resorted, for example, to waterboarding... with only three individuals"

Michele Bachmann's ACORN obsession

MPAA suggests teachers videotape TVs instead of ripping DVDs. Seriously.

Michael the Savage Weiner now lies about his autism rant.

remember US shot down Iranian airliner?

By Far the Worst News Anchor on TV

You know, if Halloween and Friday the 13th

Mass abstention in Detroit mayoral election

If Don't Ask Don' Tell Was Around During Viet Nam Days - The War Might Have Ended Sooner.....

On a serious note, since

Corporatist Homophobe Harold Ford Jr. makes me want to puke

No plunder left behind, nothing left un wrecked and un ruined...

Has spring sprung where you are?

Great interaction between Arianna & Noonan... Noonan being

There I was again, By Mark Morford

Pretty funny or not.

Statue of Liberty Crown to Reopen July 4

Who or what is worse?

Noonan is a top tier whore..

Noonan is a top tier whore..

GOP embraces Frank Luntz "doctor-patient" talking point- they will try to own it

Blog cartoon on bank bailout

Food Fight: Are You Sick of Being Fed by the Corporations?

Liberal vs Progressive. What's the difference

Arianna is pwing Noonan on Morning Shmo

I need a little bit of help from an experienced cat owner

California, busted by this summer?

We're doomed! Instead of just complaining about it, right wingers are planning to "fight" media bias

Social conservatism and homophobia are threats to our national security

Social conservatism and homophobia are threats to our national security

Lawmakers defeat journalists in trivia contest

Sunday 5/7. Healing help for those hurt and or arrested during the Republican National Convention

Richard the Cold-hearted.

Breaking News (NYT)

Obama to Unemployed: More Help Is on the Way.

A very useful chart....check out the TARP Funds received?

Is it just me, or does the pope visiting Israel remind anyone else of Joe Plumber visiting Israel?

Fundies pissed that Pepsi is sponsoring NYC Pride, but not the ex-gay eugenics movement

Oh noes Obama didn't put on a show for National day of prayer

Bayer wants 'new day' with Kanawha Valley

Murdoch: Web sites to charge for content

Minnesotans for Personal Responsiblity award MN's Gov. Pawlenty the "Golden Bush Award" (see video)

Specter Using Cure Cancer Web Site As Political Fundraising Tool

Joe Sestak ...... really?

Executive Order 9981, President Truman integrates the armed forces

So where did my neighbor get this talking point?

Layoffs slow in April, but jobless rate hits 8.9%: Highest since 1983

Ready or Not, Katrina Victims Lose Temporary Housing

US homeless couple marry in dream wedding

US homeless couple marry in dream wedding

Did you all have Carl Wolfson & Christine Alexander in for Thom Hartmann today?

Friday Huff Poo front page drama: Conservative Groups Rally To Derail Obama's High Court Pick

Definitive Proof Obama Is Elitist (Video)

It doesn't matter which party they are in

Morning Joe alert... PELOSI must come and "tell what she knew

The USA will always be a corporate controlled...

"Ginsburg: Court needs another woman"

300 dogs dumped on Malaysia islands eat each other

opera caption?

CNN poll misrepresents scientific consensus on climate change as view of "some people"

CNN poll misrepresents scientific consensus on climate change as view of "some people"

The 'leaked' CIA briefing documents doesn't prove anything at all.

Has anyone else received this email?

A little prayer in Obama's absence

Friends of Roy Blunt: Blunt/Bond Press Conference

I think the leak of the CIA debriefing the Congress about Torture is the best thing that could have

Shirtless Biden washes car at White House

NYT: Stevens case not isolated - Bush DOJ failed to disclose evidence favorable to the defense

Pro-Life and Pro-War

delete-already posted

NASA Fiscal Year 2010 Budget - Message from NASA Acting Administrator

NO! to everything-Repubs don't even like Obama's SPENDING CUTS (seriously)

Pat Robertson: Gay marriage first step on path to child molestation

Happy VE Day!

2fer, RAYGUN, lost in space. NY governor, lost in Gracie

With the current state of the economy, why do we still offer work visas?

How much should a Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner cost? The last

‘Pashtunistan’: The Challenge to Pakistan and Afghanistan

Republicans Stage a Comeback!

Is the White House bugged?

Are You Smarter Than a 4th Grader??

here's a brief clip from the PBS special "Pete Seeger: The Power of Song" . . .

I'm taking up a collection to have Peggy Noonan launched into space.

I'm taking up a collection to have Peggy Noonan launched into space.

Should Peeing on the Street Really Land You in Jail? The Sixth and 14th Amendments: who needs ‘em?

Dear God, Stop Brainwashing Children

Obama's "Theory of Change" Goes Global?

Wildfire prompts Schwarzenegger to alter message on firefighter cuts

A new species of Venezuelan diving beetle is named in honor of Stephen Colbert

BBC: Female gorillas clap hands to communicate

The NYT Finally Prints "Torture"

Homeland insecurity.


Women can’t vote in this Afghan village in Kashmir

Wanda Sykes to roast Obama this Saturday Night on C-Span.

If the definition of "socialism" is...

Only 'Pro-Life' White House Officials Invited to Prayer Day Event

Could Monsanto Be Responsible for One Indian Farmer's Death Every Thirty Minutes? . . .

After watching Rep. Sestak on RACHEL, I am 100% behind his challenging Specter.

Secretly telling (or sort-of telling) Pelosi that you’re committing crimes doesn’t mean...

Cheney regarding Spain's torture probe: "I just think that’s abhorrent"

Hitler Youth Will Try to Negotiate Middle East Peace

We're all going to die from the flu. It is time to dig your own grave while you're still healthy.

Torture enthusiasts Bush/Cheney et al wrote the memos, Pelosi didn't.

Clueless NOONAN wondering why CHEENEE is "SO out there" defending torture

CIA Admits That Info About Torture Briefings For Dems May Not Be Accurate

Attacking Pelosi: The unethical leading the blind - by Larisa Alexandrovna

Judy Blume urges donations to Planned Parenthood for Mom's Day, gets death threats from pro-lifers

Attacks on homeless become hate crime in Md

what did dennis hastert know and when did he know it?


The Republican Party has been exposed, their contempt for the American People can be seen by all

Amy Goodman: Pete Seeger Carries Us On

Afghanistan's only pig locked up: official

Afghanistan's only pig locked up: official

Cheney To "Face The Nation" Sunday

Secret U.S.-Israel nuclear accord in jeopardy - (not many knew)

Obama sent note on 5/5 to gay soldier saying he intends to undo DADT

Evil Dick: Prosecuting Bush officials over torture would put a wet blanket on willingness to be bold

An interesting conversation I had today..

The new GOP leadership will be on the Sunday shows this week:

Republican Senator on possible Supreme Court nom Sonia Sotomayor: 'compassion...great intellect'

Are we? The Lost from AARP

Happy 125th President Truman!

MacBook owners. If you use a bluetooth mouse/keyboard, read this.

This is how you get right-wing dirtbags off the air.

That "SOSHULISM!" thing you Repukes keep blabbering about? Er, no one cares.

Cops Accused of Rape Made Fake 911 Call, use the name "John Edward"

The Secret Right-Wing Strategy on Health Care—Exposed!

They are gearing up to STEAL 2010. . .. . .

The key thing to keep in mind, folks: Specter is a Cylon

Is Obama Spock with a makeover?

Speaking of Bush-Cheney…

More News from Loonyland--

Nice Wholesome Christian Folk! Todd Palin Calls Baby "A Mistake"

" the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act. " one of our laws

Breaking: Gates Report on AF 1 Flyover finds FAA did notify several agencies

Isn't is great that we won't hold torturers accountable, regardless of who did it?

Ohio Christian school tells student to skip prom

Andy Taylor and Robocop.

a current thread talks of people 'sleeping' with someone

Baucus v. Democracy

Excellent Candidate for Stupid Criminal Award

How did you find out about DU?

Bush and Cheney MUST be indicted if there is to be ANY justice.

Is it unrealistic (or just unnecessary) to expect people to sleep with one person only for life?

For the hearing impaired....

Does the other side know that they lost the election?

"It's not our fault! You didn't stop us from torturing..."

Her name was seemslikeadream. Her name was seemslikeadream. Her name was seemslikeadream.

Cheating Spouse: Would you want to know?

Blogger conspiracy? Sen Graham caught warning people about "Bloggers running the country"

How many slices of lunch meat do you put on your sandwich

Stupid crooks #?.........

Ex-soldier could get death in Iraq rape, slayings

When is hannity going to be waterboarded?

OK, here's who I feel so much sympathy for right now: CATE Edwards.

Specter: "I'm Going To Have To Talk" With Reid About Claim I'll Be There On Procedural Votes

I, for one, would like to thank George Bush!

I'd Like To Thank A Mod

In Pa., even Republicans want Specter to support Employee Free Choice Act

Leading Vatican Official Cites ND Honor for Obama as 'Greatest Scandal'

Keyes, 21 others arrested at anti-Obama protest

US Forces 'black' budget = 2nd biggest military on Earth

The GOP wins the AMERICA GOT NIT PICKERS First prize 3 years in a row

Tran launches Congressional campaign… in wrong district

Louis Caldera out for AF1 flyover fiasco

Pallin' around with Prejean: Palin "called her directly to offer support," Dad Claims

Psycho Alan Keyes gets his wish: arrested at Notre Dame.

There are two areas that I think eventually will cause the Democrats

Less bad is new "Good". DOW rises on less bad unemployment report. Still:

The NYT Finally Prints "Torture"

Has anyone considered that maybe John Edwards just needed to relax a little?

Are we close to drowning the Republican Party in a bathtub?

During the time I worked retail I probably "sold" around 300 credit cards to people

Just heard on radio Obama is leaving in place Bush*'s Polar Bear ruling.

Tonight Bill Moyers Journal - Senator Richard (Dick) Durbin

It's a FULL MOON, tonight

It's a FULL MOON, tonight


Alan Keyes arrested at Notre Dame Obama protest

HUGH freeper protest outside of Janeane Garofalo's gig tonight in Boston?!?!?!

Congressman Rush Holt on Overturning 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Cleveland: 50 year-old man begging for job at McDonalds

"Sessions Subordinate: I Thought I'd Be Fired If I Objected To Being Called 'Boy' "...

cheney on 'face the nation' mccain on 'this week'....Happy Mother's Day

Review of Elizabeth Edwards' book: "Beautiful," "Surprisingly deep," "Powerful"

Florida boy, 11, walking to D.C. for homeless kids

Science agency to review FBI's anthrax inquiry

Back to the Future: Starbucks vs. the Wobblies

Rape Victims in Texas Forced To Pay For Evidence

NYT: Lines Shift a Bit on a Senate Labor Bill

Prosecution’s Opening Statement in US v. Bradbury, Bybee, and Yoo

Republican Candidate Launches Campaign in Wrong District

Did Blackwater Contractors Attempt to Hide Evidence of a Massacre in Iraq?

Dominic DiMaggio, younger brother of Joe, dies at 92

Regular stamps are going up to 44 cents on Monday?

Christian school tells boy to skip prom

Sanford to GOP: Eat Mor Chikin

So now it's down to he said she said regarding who knew who was briefed regarding torture?

Newspaper Narcissism--Interesting article in Columbia Journalism Review

John Boehner Needs To Try Harder

Obama accepts Military Office director's resignation for Terror Fly Over of Air Force One!

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

Alan Keyes arrested at Notre Dame Obama protest

O'Donnell in for Shultz - this should be good.

In the Name of Womanhood and Humanity

What do you think Bush and his thugs were trying to prevent from being leaked to the press here?

The Oath Of Office

The Oath Of Office

Socialist. Class War. Protectionist. Extreme View.

Congressional Aide Confirms Pelosi's Claim

Can somebody explain exactly what "empathize right on your behind" means?

We need to turn this torture debate around to the KEY issue..

The Republicans seem to be obsessed with condiments.

Luis Caldero resigned - just heard on NPR - guy who ordered NYC flyover. n/t

Lawrence O'Donnell hosting for Ed Shultz

Lawrence O'Donnell hosting for Ed Shultz

Corpses Having Sex Sparks Uproar

Texas Couple Accused of Shooting Man, 2 Kids

Huffington Post: Specter Faces Price of Betrayal: Angry Dems, Workers, Primary Challenge

AP: Sources: Senators weigh 3 government health plans

The real question: Why DIDN'T they tell Pelosi they were torturing?

Paul Volker, 1979: "The standard of living of the average American has to decline."

Dear Barack, The only way left to cover your ass is to

Purely procedurally, what will it take to rescind Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

Marital Infidelity and the Torture Issue (yeah, weird comparison, but hear me out)

City To Euthanize 200 'Nuisance' Ducks

Conservationists angry as Australian defense department starts shooting 6,000 kangaroos

New York Times Reporter David Barstow Wins Pulitzer Prize for Exposing Military's Pro-War Propaganda

Another day. Another rodent at WalMart.

That Santa Barbara wildfire is spreading

Drew Peterson Arrested Over Third Wife's Murder

"Obama To Fire His First Gay Arabic Linguist"

Pelosi Statement on Congressional Briefings on Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

The corporate "person" is mandated by law to have a psychopathic personality.

Most important news story of the week (ending May 8, 2009)

To much oil, no space to store it

chris matthews just played a clip of cheney saying 'we waterboarded'

So the republicans want to look at rendition

Empire and torture

"You're acting like a whole bunch of n------" says teacher to class

20/20 tonight - Tiger Farms - and of course that idiot John Stossel thinks they are a good idea

16YO bomb threat suspect is a 4chan /B/tard, now non-anon.

"Why do we have to have this separate program subsidizing BANKS to buy TOXIC assets?"

WTF?? "there’s a good chance that Nancy Pelosi would get shot twice"

This smells like a Repug hitjob: 'CIA Says Pelosi Was Briefed on Use of ‘Enhanced Interrogations’'

This smells like a Repug hitjob: 'CIA Says Pelosi Was Briefed on Use of ‘Enhanced Interrogations’'

Sen. Ben (D-?-Ne) Nelson: Labor bill a "fool's errand"


Jeb Bush epitomizes vegetative state of Republican party

Republicans may not have empathy, but mice do. Empathy shown to be genetic

This is another long hot night near the Jesusita Fire, which is getting closer...

CNN's "Wingnut of the Week" Awards

White House releases infamous Fly-over photo

(VIDEO) Colbert praises his hero Hannity's "Tree of Liberty" (4:02)

CBC Radio ripping Hannity and Ingraham on Mustardgate

Um, does the "media" know the result of the election in November?

A Democrat Calls for Executive Accountability

A secret e-mail argument among psychologists about torture

Help me out

I am so disgusted with congressional Democrats (torture)

Derby-winning jockey to ride filly in Preakness

Pot Wants To Investigate Kettle: Larisa Alexandrovna On Hoekstra And Special Investigator

We've been forced to eat crap and pretend to enjoy it for over 100 years.

Germany bans very long names

Girl Arrested after Cursing on 911 Call (dad was having a seizure)

8 monhts later, Arrestees still in MN awaiting trials from Republican National Convention

Neo-Con Drumbeats in Minnesota for Iran Divestment Bill

Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?

Breaking News!! CIA Manipulating Briefing Process!!

0 percent of British Muslims view homosexuality as morally acceptable ?

The Rude Pundit: Big Gay Friday

Pelosi and the Torture Briefings - By Scott Horton

My take on the firing of the gay Arabic translator from the military

I am not over Kent State.

Will you give up the safety of your employer based health care

Gun teacher accidentally shot student

Gun teacher accidentally shot student

Miss Bigot-USA got personal phone call from Sarah Palin to offer support

Senator Ben Nelson and His Connections to the Health Care Industry

Harkin changes view, opposes gay marriage ban

Food Bank Friday! May 8, 2009!

CBS golf analyst writes that US soldiers would murder Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid if given chance to

So yesterday I turned on the radio and heard that Oprah is a pig and Obama is a closet Muslim

The GOP is being laughed at in Canada too!

Will Nation That Housed 425,000 Nazis in WWII Find Accommodations for 241 Gitmo Captives?

The wonderful Goldie Hawn on Tweety ..

Africa owes a debt of gratitude to Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern

Steele Leaves Everyone Speechless (Again)

Marie Osmond: I support gay rights

Ex-soldier could get death in Iraq rape, slayings

Do you believe Nancy Pelosi?

Harry Reid Says Cheney Tortured, But Proposes Letting Him Off

Do you generally believe what the CIA says

CBS announcer: Any U.S. soldier w/ only 2 bullets would shoot Pelosi, Reid and strangle Bin Laden

i think i see what's going on.

Tomorrow is the day your mail carrier will be picking up food for food pantries

Sold Out: How Washington and Wall Street Betrayed America

DijonGate Begins!

Drastic Changes you've Noticed in your favorite Retail Stores.

Obama sets off debate with unAmerican choice of mustard

"Reclusive woman's death sobers small SC community" This happens in America?

Greetings From the Most Bombed Place on Earth

A favor for us deaf/hard of hearing people when you post videos

Question: Why does Fox News Channel have such high ratings? Anyone want to put their 2 cents in?

Manny Ramirez is ‘Octomom’ Surrogate

Minnesota Republicans: Pawlenty Will Help Coleman

Reich Wings way back to power? Poll taxes and literacy test.

Who sent the memo that even the WORD "HERB" is verboten?

Are you 200 EMA Market Timers Ready?

Something strange is happening in America--

How many of you can choose your own doctor?

Ann Taylor cuts size 16

Gingrich was founder of the "Newt defense"....that oral sex doesn't count.

Gingrich was founder of the "Newt defense"....that oral sex doesn't count.

teacher, parent, mentor, pot smoker

teacher, parent, mentor, pot smoker

Who cares about what Pelosi knew or when she knew it?

Polanski loses bid

Video - Kuwaiti Prof calls for killing 330,000 Americans, backs Klan, racist US militias.

Credit scores what do they mean? what is good, what is bad?

Suspect threatened shooting spree targeting Wesleyan and its Jewish students, surrenders.

Prosecute the domestic enemies of The United States of America from the BUSH/CHENEY criminal epoch

where oh where have all the bullets gone

All those who support Elizabeth Edwards and her right to speak out, check in here.

Mugsie and a School of Minnows

"Cheating" is a propaganda term for strict or jealous monogamists.

"Cheating" is a propaganda term for strict or jealous monogamists.

What was Pelosi supposed to do after she was briefed in 2002?

******U.S. May Add Shots for Swine Flu to Fall Regimen*****

The Kennedy-Castro Secret Dialogue that Hardly Began

Middle School football players rape boy with broom and hockey stick

Allowing unemployed to go to school and keep their benefits *OUTSTANDING*

Lon in Fundon. Uh, I mean, fun in London.

Hamster balls are not just for hamsters anymore!

if you found out that a comet would hit earth in a year, how would you go about life?

What should I do for my "graduation"?

What should I do for my "graduation"?

What's for dinner/drinkin' Loungers?


we need a new smilie

The Boston Red Sox have now recorded 12 runs in the 6th inning and no outs against the Indians

Interestingly, take TWO. The Orioles beat the TWINS once again.

Steve Buscemi and Alan Alda were on the same tv program tonight

So, Project Runway fans, how will "The Fashion Show" compare?

How do I get rid of a gopher/chipmunk?

For the record, millet makes a good couscous substitute.

Highlander is the most ass-kicking movie of all time

Why did Manny Ramirez get suspended for using PED-eggs?

Why do I get 7-9 hours of sleep a night and still manage to fall asleep during the day?

Just finished reading the memoir of Tom Davis (Al Franken's ex partner)

Don't read this 'cause I'm going to bitch and cuss

kitten picture of the day for thursday may 7

My doggies needs good vibes

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. I've let my fellow boomers down.

I miss everything..

I'm not leaving.

One more for Tommy Newsom

Is there anything more pointless than a lock on a sliding screen door?

Merle Haggard's Obama song

Wasn't it poetry night?

Heh! Apparently the LA Dodgers are pissed. 6 runs in the First inning against

Brett Favre wants to go to ViQueens...

I think I almost killed myself today

"It's a love story. I won't know this world without her. Cancer is an insidious enemy."

Paging Texanwitch, paging texanwitch.

Chelvis lives!!!!!

The new Star Trek is win.

I Will Never Be The Same Again

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'

Hmm. Now that Favre has turned down the Vikings, I guess that just leaves Dan Snyder!

Post a song that could be about your life right now.

Commercials using improper grammar should be banned

Just Saw the new Star Trek Ask Me Anything (possible spoilers)

*hits the chess clock* 10:04 am. I've just seen the dumbest thing I'll see all day.

Baleeted! Umm... delteated! ... del taco?

Bea Arthur's greatest acting part: The Star Wars Holiday Special

Kinda Kinky

ok , someone explain the green woman to me ?

Countess Alexandrovna: "Would you like some wine? Something to put you in the mood?"

Twenty Zero One

80s musician Henry Lee Summer arrested on meth charges (with pic!)

funny thing at Wal-Mart

Top Ten Lines Never Before Said In A "Star Trek" Film

Imageshack needs to fall off a cliff and die

I just finished reading "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy

We Don't Need No Education, We Don't Need No Thought Control

I'm tired of being a failure at everything

Democrats were routinely briefed on Bush torture techniques, document shows

The Liquidator

"Application for permission to date my Daughter"


Hooray hooray for the Eighth of May...

Danger Mouse has locked his first thread!!

Moving is turning into a time-consuming pain in the ass.

Saw Star Trek (Possible Spoiler)

She died of skin suffocation. It's been known to happen to cabaret dancers.

I accidently posted a thread instead of a reply!

What are the other rules of losing an internet battle? Besides calling somebody HITLER?

Controversial doctor unveils corpse sex exhibition

Aretha Franklin - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Kashmir - Led Zeppelin performed by Londonderry High School Orchestra 2009

My Uncle is sharing his truck with me

Ever laughed at someone who went to a Star Trek convention?

Howcome some Sci-Fi films warrant conventions and others do not?

MAN I love kim-chi!

So 7 years and 30,000 posts later.......

I just convinced a penismonger to order a reel mower -- yay!

Happy Mother's Day, all you DU hot mamas!

How fast can this normal looking couple turn into douchebags?

Word of the day: Penismonger..replace a word in anythread with Penismonger

Word of the day: Penismonger..replace a word in anythread with Penismonger

Anyone want to dance?

Wait a minute--I'm confused.

This Never Happened To The Other Fella

Cow jumps fence, escapes slaughterhouse. Go Molly!


Does anyone else find it highly ironic that LynneSIN

How much should a Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner cost? The last

Where should I go to lunch?

Tonight @ 10PM ET on The THiS Channel, THE KNACK... and how to get it


WHAO - speaking of food drives - IMPORTANT: MUST READ - USPS pickup TOMORROW!

Women are taught to be ashamed of most normal bodily functions.

What is a penismonger?

I'm finally starting to appreciate The Rheostatics.

Hey, guys, help me out here. Is Pacific Time two hours earlier than

My husband just left on a 3 day fishing trip

It's Getting Harder All the Time

Where in the World is Larry Franklin?

Betty Boop

At what age is it inappropriate for a man to wear a Spedo?

How caffeinated are you?

M Squad

So I'm visiting Chicago next weekend

Don't Go To Bed With A Price On Your Head

I Am NOT A Number

Peter Gunn

Our tornado sirens just went off for just a few seconds.

Mission: Impossible

non sequitor autofill competition!

how to instantly fail a DUI test

how to instantly fail a DU test

CONFESS!!!! I would do anything for love but I won't_________________________

Does anyone else find it highly ironic that TZ

Guys do you put beer in your shampoo?

CONFESS!!!!!! What pisses you off the most

Can people with arthritis,sinus problems or migraines predict the weather?

Star Wars vs. Star Trek (yet again)

This is a 44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world. It could blow your head clean off

An Early Happy Mothers Day to all our DU Mothers

If Haruka is pure as the wind-driven snow then I'm next month's Penthouse Pet Centerfold....

Hello, my name is Manny Ramirez and I'm a dumbass

Jones' Good Ass BBQ and Foot Massage

My Review of "Star Trek (2009)" (NO SPOILERS)

Joan Jett still kicking ass at 50 (and looking good doing it)

How does one reform republican thinking?

My DSL modem is crapping out. Any suggestions for replacement ?

I present to the Lounge: Today's Lord of the Asshats

So, TM went to a formal the other night with a guy from Pi Lam.

The 10 greatest misspelled tattoos

i'm going to see star trek alone tonight because none of my friends are cool enough to go see it

Happy 28th Birthday Fizzgig, my

According to THOMCAT my first tofu cooking expedition was not a disaster

The days run away like wild horses over hills

Guys do you put shampoo in your beard?

What do you think of this commercial?

My sister made me put on her bandanna.

Annoying cliche throwdown!

Good morning Lounge

I DARE one of you to toss a bright shiny object into GD/GDP

I DARE one of you to toss a bright shiny object into GD/GDP

My aunt just bought me the watch I have been dying for!

Ever lock yourself out and have to climb through a window?

Favorite theme song

IZ is Delicious!

All you amatuer thread killers gather round, the Pro is here! I killed Skinner's thread!

Yowza! Check out these woman-empowering lyrics

Who has the best shot at getting into the Hall of Fame

Why I will see 'Star Trek'

Keanu Reeves to play the lead in remake of "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"

To me Psychotherapy is about as useful as a buggy whip at NASCAR

Any Sammy Hagar Fans here? I have to give props to Sammy.

The UPS guy needs to hurry the hell up

wir machen disco!

ZOMG!!!!1!!11! is down!

I'm finally starting to appreciate The Rheostatics.

Man, trying to get my new band booked is harder than I thought?!

Soap + Cast Iron cookware


He's in my town right now

Breaking! Obama uses gin in martinis and STIRS them. Hannity expose tonight!

At what age is it inappropriate for a woman to wear a miniskirt?

Kirstie Alley needs to shrink her HEAD!

Anybody seen Sex Trek: The Next Penetration?

Remember when Chris Brown bit Rihanna? Here's a parody of "Umbrella"

Found a dead bear in my backyard

why wasn't "Delvecchio" more popular than it was?

The official resistance of Midlo and Redqueen thread


I just convinced a coworker to order a reel mower -- yay!

The five words you KNEW were INEVITABLE: "Rihanna nude photos leaked online"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/8/2009)

Garage Sales. Do you dig them?

Jonny Quest...

Regina Spektor: Begin To Hope. On Vinyl

The down side to having a furry furry furry dog? SHEDDING!

I got a balance board

Winchester is gay!

my DUzy worthy reply, and none of you freepers even noticed...

Worst Star Trek (TOS) episode

A teary eyed toast to Santa Barbara and its people

Hey KitchenWitch--looks like the Favre drama isn't over...

At what age is it inappropriate for a man to wear a muscle shirt?

Introducing the BMW Motorcycle Garage Door Opener

Introducing the BMW Motorcycle Garage Door Opener

IZZE is Delicious!

Pink Floyd Forever


Female sizes and clothing: I feel stupid

Poll question: Which Is the Cutest Cat?

My sister met Roger Dean last week

If you cloned yourself......

Pliny the Elder

Ever been to a Star Trek convention?


Yesterday, I SAW THE MAGIC!

UPDATE on New New Deal photography project ...

Landshark Stadium

Hey everybody, the Reds are playing the Cardinals

I'm powerless over shoes and my life has become unmanageable.

Who likes drinking beer?

kitten picture of the day for friday may 8

Happy Grateful Dead birthday LeftyFingerPop!

Cool new t-shirt!

Post Secrets Through History...

Which of these players is more deserving of Hall of Fame induction?

My April electric bill was $102.91. How much was yours?

Whats a Penismonster?

Holy shit! Spock is Kirk's father?!? Didn't see that one coming!

I am as pure as the wind driven snow

100 great movie quotes in 200 seconds.

This song may be cheesy, but I love it!

Had my first post-op visit since the surgery

Try to behave yourselves next week.

car buying help

Something else , how can Vulcans and humans , you know , produce offspring

I have a friend that's always too busy to get together with me

When are you going/or have you gone to see Star Trek

Loincloths hot among Japan woman

Which Is the Cutest Picture?

Who is Hurley and why would I want to be her fan?

There are no Crustaceans in a Dunkin Donuts Boston Cream Donut


I used to love Vanity Fair. I couldn't wait to buy it, and read it from cover to cover.

Minority youngsters dying weekly on Chicago's streets

I was born an original sinner/ I was born from original sin

Trains are life for avid 'railfans'

How would you feel if

"Dear God, you made many, many poor people. I realize, of course, that it's no shame to be poor.

We lost our beloved goat, Susie, to a bear attack.

If I were grilling hamburgers - how do you want yours done and what do you want on it

JJ Abrams: You changed history, but BROUGHT.IT.BACK!

"Stuff White People Like"

Why right-brainers will rule this century

Spoilers: Star Trek

Texas Rat Snake

How many slices of lunch meat do you put on your sandwich

Why is Star Trek so popular?

Why is Star Trek so popular?

Just came back from the new Star Trek film. (spoilers inside)

What has been Tim Curry's greatest role?

Only 21 of 59 Senate Democrats support the public option for health care at this point.

ABC News Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw bio

Obama taught from Pamala Karlan's election law textbook

PA-Sen: Cancer Research Website Really Arlen Specter Campaign Fundraiser

No Virginia, there was no hoax

LOL, Bartcop (coleman the clown)

If a Terror attack happend this month you know Obama would get the blame from the GOP!!!

NY Fed chair resigns amid stock purchase questions

Holder says he approved Clinton-era renditions

If we did prosecute the Bush Admin., wouldn't we have to look back at the Clinton Admin too?

Scott Horton: The Bush Era Torture-Homicides

"Obama needs to end silence on the biggest civil rights move of our time"

Obama Needs to End Silence on Biggest Civil Rights Move of Our Time

Caption This Photo

The President’s Name Trips Up Amazon Kindle

Cheney: "Mistake" For GOP To "Moderate," Glad That Detainees Were Waterboarded

Gonzo Goes (Back) to Washington - hopefully folks have the tomatoes and papers ready.

Repug Overlord Darth Cheney: Mistake to 'moderate'

Chris Kennedy May Be Strongest for Senate in Illinois - Rahm wants Bobby's son to run.

Employers cut a smaller-than-expected 539,000 jobs in April, smallest amount since October

The Kindle's Obama Problem

Boehner (Dick - Party of "NO") on unemployment #s - calls for bipartisanship, end of "arrogance"

With the Statue of Liberty's crown being reopened... can we look for other changes?

Obama Gives the World a Crown on the 4th of July

Obama Bashing Alert Raised To Level 4.

Do U think Michael Bloomberg could challenge the President in 2012?

Obama Vs. Schwarzenegger: White House Threatens To Rescind Stimulus Funds

GOP = The Party of No __________ (Fill in the Blank)

BREAKING: Obama to eat mustard in private NOT IN PUBLIC

Not that I expect any rational thinking and courtesy from the Republicans

President Obama Remains Highly Popular While American Optimism Keeps Growing

"Senator Coburn... a 'Mr. Limbaugh' is waiting to talk to you on line two"

So I'm Watching Obama's Unemployment/Education Announcement, Giggling My Ass Off...

WHY OH WHY, do we think it helps to focus on SEXUAL PREFERENCE for the SCOTUS

FYI, DADT is a law. Obama can't "sign it away". He is not a King. Congress has to do it.

Network Execs "Seething Behind The Scenes" Over Obama Press Conferences

Obama can do anything he wants

KBH Tells Bill White Election Will Be in May

Dr. Rand Paul Considers Senate Run

Republican Blogger Hopes Obama Appoints Sen. Klobuchar for SCOTUS


Obama needs to LEAD on ending DADT

VIDEO: Batshit-crazy Bachmann moves to stop Government Funding for ACORN

Will someone fill me in on L'Affaire Mustard? I missed something.

Cool Picture, Stupid Idea

Joe the Plumber has left the Republican Party

And so it begins: "Team of rivals: GOP base rips new group"

So the networks are "seething" about lost ad revenue when POTUS

If Republicans are so opposed to the SC making and overturning laws...

Time to focus on prosecuting Bush war criminals. (updated)

Time to focus on prosecuting Bush war criminals. (updated)

Ah yes, Archbishop Raymond Burke.

The smell of GOP fear is in the air (re torture prosecutions)

White House Supports Investigation into Financial Collapse

Caldera resigns over NYC flyover. Thank God.

Republican civil war graph

Obama Budget Bans Federal Funding For Needle Exchange, Breaking Campaign Pledge

Budget continues to increase global AIDS funding

I'm surprised DUers can't see thru this bluff that "Pelosi Knew" - re: torture

June 4th Obama will give a speech in Egypt

June 4th Obama will give a speech in Egypt

My are republicans really this dumb

Pelosi was BRIEFED about interrogation tactics. Not CONSULTED. How could she have stopped it?

Do not "poop on" this with a CAPTION

We will lose our majority in the future due to diddly being done to stop electronic election fraud.

BREAKING-Obama surprised Univision town hall!

Understatement extraordinaire! Huckabee warns GOP could become 'irrelevant'

Obama proposes end to oil, gas industry tax breaks

Walking Bo~

"I am not a socialist" = "I am not a crook"

Steele on SCOTUS pick: "I'll give you empathy. Empathize right on your behind"

All this mustard talk is making me hungry

White House Aide resigns over AF1 fly over New york!

~rofl~ The Republicans are going to go ballistic..The name Barack jumps 10,000 spots

Why I don't think Pam Karlan will be nominated

MUSTARD!! omg there is a history!!!

The Party of Rush Limbaugh: Limbaugh, Powell and the State of the GOP

Lawrence O'Donnell is on for Ed. YES

Stress Tests Look Good, So The Obama Administration Will Wind Down Bank Aid

Mustard? Is this all they have?

Bill Maher: Americans, please wash hands before criticizing Obama

Robinson: When Will Obama Stand Tall for Gays?

Gallup Analysis: Democrats now lead Republicans among every age group of the American electorate

Gallup Analysis: Democrats now lead Republicans among every age group of the American electorate

ABC News: White House Formalizes Supreme Court Short List (down to 6 names)

Holder cautious on U.S. interrogations probes

'CBS Golf Analyst Unleashes Insane Nancy Pelosi Death Fantasy' (HuffPo)

Every single one of us will hate something about Obama's SCOTUS nominee

Obama is Spock: It's quite logical

When I drove Teresa around in Madison in 2004 was when I saw how Elizabeth Edwards was percieved

During Bush terms, Media did Friday News Dump Without a word; Now THEY SCREAM "Friday News Dump!"

Blogger makes fun of Obama and his mustard habit.

He IS the smartest MoFo in the room! And I mean any room!

I like Dijon Mustard on my burger.


Schumer Tries to Block Primary for Gillibrand

Q & A with Leonard "Spock" Nimoy: he describes his first meeting with President Obama the Trekkie

I am sure the NRA has plans to arm all of Chicago school children!

I'm going to be on Fox News' Neil Cavuto show again at 4pm EST today Re: Obama's unemployment

CAW, GM told to go back to bargaining table: union

Administration Proposes Significant Cuts to Benefits of Slain Officers (not really)

U.S. to Appoint Top General to Kabul in Afghan Revamp

Charles Manson's last hideout burns in California

Man Accused of Leading Terrorist Group (behind Bali bombings) Is Seized

White House Supports Financial Inquiry

UK judges reopen Guantanamo case

WH: An end to abstinence only, in black and white

Concerns Mount on Preparedness of Iraq's Forces

Obama To Fire His First Gay Arabic Linguist

Terrorism suspect held in Malaysia

Hundreds of thousands flee Pakistan fighting (could reach 1 million)

Two British soldiers among Afghan bombing deaths

Myanmar ignores US request to see detained citizen

Pace of US job losses is slowing

Ex-Gurkha Soldiers Denied British Residency

Jammu (India) shut down to protest Swat attacks

Statue of Liberty crown to reopen July 4

Friends of Roy Blunt: Blunt/Bond Press Conference

Illinois may pull money from Wells Fargo if Obama suitmaker is shut down

Fannie Mae asks Treasury for aid

Obama’s High Court List Is Led by Women Judges and Politicians

Feds Strike Out Against Another Lawmaker? (former GOP Rep. Curt Weldon)

Global wind power capacity up in '08

Lynyrd Skynyrd bassist 'Ean' Evans dead at 48

U.S Jobless Rate Climbs to 8.9 Percent

25 dead as typhoon hits Philippines: officials

No blame in China school collapse (gov't finds itself 'not guilty')

China Wants End to Spanish Judge’s Probe of Tibet Repression

Obama orders review of NASA return to the moon

Democrats were routinely briefed on Bush torture techniques, document shows

Probation likely for Oakland County commissioner charged with indecent exposure

Lawyers welcome torture details disclosure (UK)

New York Fed Chairman Stephen Friedman resigns

US lawmaker seeks cap, roll-back of Pak WMDs

Ugly Chapter in Yahoo's History Revisited

Dom DiMaggio Dies; Played in His Brother’s Shadow

US denies 147 civilians killed in Afghan violence

Obama: Encouraging Signs, But Too Many Out Of Work

Obama may visit (German concentration) camp relative (great uncle) liberated

GE Unveils $6 Billion Health-Unit Plan.

More than 30K ordered to flee Santa Barbara fire

Docs Show Rockefeller Was Briefed On "How The Water Board Was Used" (in considerable detail)

Under Restructuring, GM To Build More Cars Overseas

'Nasscom will not demand H-1Bs' (Wants "Service" Visas)

Afghans Riot Over Air-Strike Atrocity


Nets Take a Stand on Prime-time Obama Pre-emptions

Ex-contractor given probation in slaying of Afghan

Police discover composition book saying ‘Kill Johanna. She must die.’ (Wesleyan U Shooting)

'Specter For The Cure' Cancer Website, Really Political Fundraising Tool

Sichuan earthquake anniversary: Parents of victims told not to hold memorials

'Wizard of Oz' Munchkin Mickey Carroll dies at 89 (AP)

(Senator) Kyl Warns Obama Administration Not to Fire Bank CEOs

(GOP Rep. Pete) Hoekstra considers hearings on Pelosi, interrogations

Former Red Sox star Dom DiMaggio dies at 92

Steele: 'Crazy nonsense empathetic'

Obama Not Backing Off On Gulf of Mexico Drilling Tax

Energy Department Cuts Funding for Fuel Cell Cars

Top flu expert warns of a swine flu-bird flu mix

Top flu expert warns of a swine flu-bird flu mix

Santa Barbara wildfire expands, more losses

Royal Sheikh Detained by UAE Over Torture Tape Allegations

Obama Administration Sides With Union (250,000 SEIU members) on California’s Proposed Wage Cuts

Obama Administration Sides With Union (250,000 SEIU members) on California’s Proposed Wage Cuts

After Air Force One Flyover, Military Office Director Resigns

Pelosi Stands by Torture Statements

Chrysler holdout creditors give up court challenge

Obama to address Muslims in Egypt

Lab tests show snake head found in TGI Friday's meal was not cooked

Ohio Christian school tells student to skip prom

Obama to hold town hall meeting on credit cards

Obama, activists lose momentum over 'don't ask'

CIA (Letter) Admits That Info About Torture Briefings For Dems May Not Be Accurate

Obama sticks with Bush-era polar bear rule

Vote for your choice for SCOTUS

Poor U.S. roads hit drivers in wallet

Obama sends handwritten letter to gay soldier ousted from the military promising to repeal DADT.

Democrats Assail Obama's Hit List

Iraq blames Al Qaida revival on U.S. release of 4,000 insurgents

Obama vows to retrain unemployed

Rape Victims Forced To Pay For Evidence

Research Suggests Children Can Recover From Autism

Kucinich Asks AIG Why It’s Denying Claims From Injured Contractors in Iraq

Ridge Won't Say Toomey Can Win -- Or If He'll Vote For Him


Pete Seeger & Bruce Springsteen

Buffy Sainte-Marie & Pete Seeger - Cindy

Buffy Sainte-Marie - Universal Soldier

DONOVAN - The Universal Soldier

Senator Burris: Learning the Ropes

Pete Seeger shows how to play

The Burr Plan: I have no regrets


Michelle Obama on work, life in 20O9: "I call myself a 120-percenter"

Singapore recaptures leader of terrorist group behind the Bali bombings

Could The Patriot Act Be Coming Back To Haunt The GOP?

CNN: Police Commit "Highway Robberies" In Texas Town?

Those Insane Republicans and their Clown School

21 is the Loneliest Number


Rachel Maddow-Professor Jonathan Turley: Speaker Pelosi's denials not credible

El Salvador: A Historic Election

Crisis In Pakistan - Democracy Now - 5 /7/09 - 1 of 2

Crazy preacher likens Obama to a pimp

Take The Palin Plunge!!

Religious Bias in the Media 14 Malkin Mixed Up

Michael Savage on Ed Schultz Psycho Talk

First Lady Michelle Obama Interview with Liz Murray on Military Family Issues

House GOP invokes 9/11 in latest attack video: "Never Again"

Sessions flip-flops: Gay Supreme Court nominee would be a ‘big concern.’

Sean Hannity Reveals What HE Takes on His Hamburger

100 Days of Steele

The Audacity of Leadership: the Right Cries Wolf, and the Left Screams Out for Health Care

MoveOn: Arlen Specter - A Choice to Make

Pete Hoekstra: The Terrorists at Gitmo Are a Bigger Threat Than the Nazis Were

Countdown: Alaska or Bust--What's Palin's Problem?

Cheney Interviewed By Scott Hennen: We resorted to waterboarding with only three individuals

Libraries, Socialism & Right-Wing A$$holes

Israel’s Bad-Faith Negotiating Position

Souter’s Exit Opens Door for a More Influential Justice.

Where the Ocean Meets the Catskills

Florida's GOP Governor to Be Outed in Explosive Documentary Released Today

Gail Collins: Bristol Palin's New Gig

Overturning marriage bill has no value

Rachel Maddow & The GOP's Terrifying Music Political Ads

Frank Rich: The GOP Needs Help!

TYT: Joe Sestak Talks To Cenk About Running Against Specter & More

Gay Marriage and the Real Slippery Slope

Sitting Between Bibi And Obama, AIPAC Criticized By Left And Right

Hannity's Latest Obama Mustard Attack

US adopts "fraud" prevention in H-1B visa programmes

The Remainder

TYT: Banks Survive Stress Test - Or Do They? (Is The US Like Russia?)

How the Republicans are going to attempt to stop HEALTHCARE REFORM

Official Unemployment Rate Hits 8.9%. 'U6' Now at 15.8%

Walter Pincus: Newspaper Narcissism

Glenn Greenwald: If the US Does It, It's Not Torture

Health Care Is A Right

The Euro and the Dollar Sexy Time

Allow Gitmo detainees to speak (NYT via Monterey County Herald)

The NYT's definition of blinding American exceptionalism (Greenwald / Salon)

Blast From The Past - News Coverage Of Sessions Hearing

Naomi Klein-Wall St. Crisis should be end of Neoliberalism-1/5

Robert Reich: We own the banks. Now what do we do with them?

On question of torture, Americans deserve answers (Bode / Indy Star)

CIA and Pelosi: Still No Proof She Was Briefed on Waterboarding

Sirota: America's piggish capitalism

Joe The Plumber Quits the GOP

The GOP Doesn't Understand Sex

Economies based on greed must be replaced, says Honduran cardinal

Networks take a stand against primetime pre-emptions

Climate Change May Usher GOP Into Ice Age

Torture is plain wrong (Camps / Denver Post)

Obama To Fire His First Gay Arabic Linguist

The Secret Right-Wing Strategy on Health Care—Exposed!

Biofuel Subsidized Corporate Farms Sober News About Ethanol Fuel

Why Do You Kill?

Father Roy: Inside the School of Assassins

TYT: Limbaugh Laughs at People Hurt by the Recession

Paul Begala: We Need More Dick Cheney

Why Homosexuality Should Be Banned

Max Keiser - Capitalism is Eating Itself in America

Tracey Ullman On Set As Laura Bush Interview

Bad Site List

William Greider: The Good Times as We Knew it Aren't Coming Back, So Now What?

WOW! Ed On Single-Payer

TYT: Hannity, Ingraham bitch about Obama eating burger with mustard

Days of free internet will soon be over says Rupert Murdoch

The REAL news: Single-Payer advocates protest Senate hearing

Ed Shultz on single payer

Michael Steele on 'empathy': 'I'll give you empathy. Empathize right on your behind.'

DEMONSTRATION: "Colonial Status of Puerto Rico Denounced at US Congress"

July Delegation to VENEZUELA: Human Rights, Food Sovereignty and Social Change

The Bolivian racist separatists in the East are attempting to mobilize against Morales'

Campaign Against School of the Americas Lobbies El Salvador

Bolivians to March Against Terrorism

FIDEL: "The Only American Ex-President I Have Met"

Permanent Mission of Cuba to UN: Radio and TV Aggression from US Gov't. Against Cuba

CUBA JOURNAL: "Professional" Cuban Dissidents Send Insulting Ltr. to Cong. Black Caucus

VENEZUELAN Supreme Court Denies Restraining Order Against RCTV and Globovision

Manuel Yepe: The Cuban Adjustment Act Laid Bare

VHeadline: Venezuela - Watchdogs Don't Bark at Their Imperialist USA Master"

BoRev: "The LA Times Had Better Stay Away from My Man" - Correa

Columnist Myriam Marquez to lead Miami Herald editorial board

Police Dismantle Huge Cocaine Lab in Eastern Bolivia

I heard that Disney's promotion for their new animated film will NOT have a McDonalds connection.

Drumbeat: May 8, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - May 8

U.S. Drops Research Into Fuel Cells for Cars

Cicada Expert Cites Climate As Swarm Timing Collapses - 2013 Brood Emerging Now

House Ag Cmte Chair Will Oppose Climate Bill - Angry At Provisions Of 2007 Energy Bill He Voted For

Northern Shrimp Stocks Face Collapse If Warming Alters Shrimp Hatch/Algae Bloom Cycle - BBC

Joe Romm recommends study on Media and climate change

Abandoned fishing gear continues to kill - study for Ocean's conference May 11, Indonesia

Philippine Mango Harvest Down 13% Over Last Year - Major Company Cites "Chronic Irregular Weather"

As Money Dries Up For Global "Tallest-Building" Boom, Corporate Biggest Pee-Pee Contest Also Ends

Montco Dentist Will Go to Trial for Ocean Dumping of Medical Waste

Global monsoon drives long-term carbon cycles in the ocean

New Study: Home Energy Savings Are Made in the Shade

Obama budget rescinds energy industry tax breaks (including nuclear)

Barter, Baby, Barter - Sharon Astyk

Boxing: May 8 & 9


Red Sox score 12 runs against Cleveland in the 6th inning

+1 to Keith Olbermann. Refers to the "Barry Bonds Drug Scandal"

Now that Favre has turned down the Vikings, WWDBSD?

Where is Onceuponalife?

Danny Ozark, Manager of the Phillies in the 70's, died yesterday at 85

Can the Yankees salvage a 3rd place finish this year?

Former Red Sox star Dom DiMaggio dies at 92

Great news! The Lions are going to make the playoffs!

Is the Favre drama really over?

I see the Red Sox are playing Tampa again this weekend.

LeBron's 45 ft jumper

Goodbye Mannywood

Who has the best shot at getting into the Hall of Fame

How will the Dodgers handle entering "Manny-pause"???

Yes, take FPS out of ICE, says DHS union

Today in labor history May 8 First African-American labor union to sign a collective union contract

539,000 Jobs Lost in April— This Is GOOD News????

Kawasaki offers buyouts to Lincoln, Ne workers

Teamsters, Machinists Union Battle Set at United

More than 1,000 leading academics announce support for the Employee Free Choice Act

Gains in U.S. Overtime, Labor Force Offer ‘Crumbs of Comfort’

American Workers Urge Feinstein to Support Employee Free Choice Act

A Labor Department Wakes Up (Good for the president!)

CWA union charges Frontier with unfair labor complaint

Machinists applaud President's vocational training initiative

Two Sacramento car washes (among dozens statewide) hit in labor law sweep

AP: San Diego Union-Tribune cuts 192 jobs

Swine Flu Hits Pork, Migrant Labor Supply, and Even Chuck E Cheese

Charleston man sentenced (1 year) for stealing union money

NYT: Deal Reached to Keep Boston Globe in Print

Venezuela's Chavez faces growing labor strife

Labor moves quickly into showdown on health care

"Midnight Rider" Classic Allmans Cover By Single Payer Advocate John Russell, Democrat Florida

NYT: Unemployment May Be Hazardous to Your Health

If you'd like to help get Kathleen Sullivan nominated to the SCOTUS


UK swine flu genetics unravelled

Souter leaves gay rights legacy on Supreme Court

Merck Accused of Creating Fake Medical Journal to Publish Favora ·

Fear of Vaccines Spurs Outbreaks, Study Says

Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (film clips)

Moms trust Ellen DeGeneres with kids: poll

Click On NOM's Ads!

For Gay Couples, Obstacles to Health Insurance

Anyone know who this guy is in this picture? (Taken in LA at a prop 8 protest)

Russian lawmakers reject harsh anti-gay measure

The Republican philosophy on health care

Quebec government funding a $500,000 study to improve lives of gay seniors

Wedding dates......tricky subject

Sitting here tonight thinking how lucky I am...

A small piece I wrote got published in the magazine Trikone this week

That's so Straight!

Foes file papers to launch people's veto (Maine) - updated comprehensive article

Suit filed to block public school graduation at church (Gays, Atheists, Oh My!)

A post for all the women on the board....

Pepsi Urged To Drop Gay Ties

Manchester Hotel's Boycott is still on ($7 million+ lost so far and counting!)

"Ex-Gays...." What's your $0.02?

Conservatives press for gay marriage ban in NJ

U.S. incorporating Livni's ideas into peace process

Israel’s Bad-Faith Negotiating Position

'Abbas to form new gov't without Hamas'

GI Rights Hotline Benefit

CA Anti-gun legislation shelved

Debunking the '3 times more likely to be the victim' myth

Dude with a shotgun tries to jack Akron pizza shop, gets shot and killed by CCW-licensed owner

Brady Bunch upset with Obama Admin

Heres your chance, Antigunners.

57 more jobs gone in our small ( pop. 6000) town, today.

Congresswoman Kaptur On Prosecuting Banksters

Obama statement on job training for unemployed...

It's another jobless recovery.......

Could someone please explain the terms in this sentence to me?

Can someone translate Kathleen Pender's latest article for me (It is in english)

"The Lonely Red Schoolhouse..."

want to see my tent?


Church of the Holy Cross - Sedona - and maybe one of McCain's houses

Dr. Housing Bubble 05/07/09

Texas Rat Snake

Prayers needed for my Dad's new boat.

The Statue of Liberty's Crown reopens 7/4/09

Is anyone else here excited about 2012?

Biofuel Subsidized Corporate Farms Sober News About Ethanol Fuel

World's First Quantum Cryptography Network Developed in China

New Pattern Found in Prime Numbers (Generalized Benford's Law)

Taking One Day at a Time

The chicken was way, way better this time

FrenchieCat's Homemade Balsamic vinegar dijon mustard vinaigrette

Who's got a good Pina Colada recipe?

I just was given a trove of cookbooks from the 60's and 70's by a good friend.

The Flavor of Spring

I sent my family the Ain5 recipe

Lost My Nerve At The Oriental Market Today

Is fresh lemongrass way better than dried?

Cover up?

Putting aside the details of what happened on 9/11...

Anyone here from Dallas? If so, how you gonna vote in the election tomorrow...

"Rape Victims Forced to Pay for Evidence"

CBS web replays lame, lame, lame.

Reports suggest elderly Alberta woman with swine flu has died