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That bitch is gone

Gun nuts are paranoid delusional.

How Could $3 Million for Postpartum Research Hurt Women?

What did the media make up about Palin?

This came up in the lounge-Torchwood-gay hero,guys and girls overweight,etc.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the idiot has left the building...

Minneapolis Mayoral Race: A Magnet for Crazy

dupe...self delete

Soldiers in Colorado slayings tell of Iraq horrors

So has Sarah detached form the mother ship?!1 n/t

Mendota (Fresno County): a town scraping bottom

A friend in CA just called me because she needed to know how to pay her 50% tax to Obama/Fed Gov

Sarah Palin: On To a "Higher Calling" - The Mudflats

Soldiers in Colorado slayings tell of Iraq horrors

Britain 'should approach Hamas'

For everyone who doesn't drive while talking or texting on the phone, smoke, drink,

Police Taser in Genitals Sparks Investigations, Brutality Suit

A DU health care temperature test RE: funding, A.K.A. "The top 2% don't care if you live or die"

Fake cop trying to stop a real one LOL

Sarah Palin: The gestation period of a fucking elephant is shorter than her well-orchestrated exit.

Jews protest Arab construction in Israel

Democrats Disagree on State of Health Reform Bill

STOP enabling a controversy when none is there!

More Pots and Kettles...

'refused to address speculation she would seek a 2012 presidential bid'

Why did Nixon go to China?

So called 'clunkers' are really cars with 5 or more years left.

EA sin to win contest, the gaming industry, and some context

F-22 jet can shoot homosexual agenda down in flames

Shouldn't the beer drinking with the cop and teacher be done by the mayor of

Inciteful argument AGAINST changing the health system!

In Perry County, stimulus is working

Goodnight WBCN -

Goodnight WBCN -

Goodnight WBCN -

Healthcare reform has come down to this for me - I'll be grateful for any improvement/bandaid

Did any of you catch Bill Moyers on PBS tonight? Had a special on Hate Talk Radio.

Right wing crazies - Where are they now?

Medicare for all, September Protest March

1,600 Patients Treated At Free Clinic (Cleveland)

When H-1B Guest Workers Are Not Guests ...

Obstructionist, always. But now Republicans are barmy

It kills me to see War funding beating Health-care Reform

Skilled Immigrants on Why They're Leaving the U.S.

health care bill scare tactics - much ado about nothing

Nissan to introduce (three) new Electric Vehicle models next month

Here's a dirty little secret or two

Does being an atheist or agnostic make one immune to psychosis?

SC soldier's remains recovered from Vietnam

CNN's "Black In America 2" . I think it's good. Watch it tonight, tomorrow,

$4.7 trillion (and counting) to Wall Street, "shut up and drop dead" to the rest of us


The Republican Email About The UK Health Care System Refuted.

Soldiers' emotional battle scars put doctors in dilemma

Post Traumatic Stress is diagnosed far too liberally, claims trauma expert

I see Pat Buchanan is back on Morning Jerk.

I see Pat Buchanan is back on Morning Jerk.

Palin's farewell speech, annotated by yours truly.

Prediction: Palin to head the new Tea Party

Any one else notice gas prices spiking tonight?

How to pay for public option

How to pay for public option

Blue Dogs heel when lobbyists whistle

This picture just disgusts me...look at the racist bigot cop at the bottom right looking all smug...

Finally Congress looking to curb direct to public drug ads

Thank god Howard Dean smacked down Maria Bartiroma on MJ today!

Escalation and appraisal in Afghanistan - Asia Times

The Max Baucus Health Care Lobbyist Complex!

THe thing that pisses me off the most (Health Insurance)

'public option' funding requirements. I call bullshit.

I am so going to hell for this one....

DER SPIEGEL: Big Brother is watching your Blackberry

The thing you gotta love about Palin is .....

Did your parents sleep together and do you?

Is there a chance we'll get an unemployment insurance extension?

Sign language translation of Sarah Palin's farewell speech

Chinese steel executive threatens mass layoffs, is beaten to death as 30K workers riot

How to deal with the birthers............

Astronaut sees damage to the planet from outer space that he didn't see from previous visit

Age-Specific Death Rates Should Determine Swine Flu Treatment

German authorities want to end 'flat-rate' offers in brothels

A Plea: Please Clearly Indicate When You Are Copying From Someone Else's Writing

If the G20 summit was held in your city, what would you do?

Cantor claims bipartisan majority — against health reform bills

How about a public option system that would be regional in nature.

I think we here at DU can all come together and agree that...

Aetna down 12% on rising medical costs . . . .

Dear DUers, I think it's only fitting we start a thread to wish Sarah Palin the best in her new life

AT&T blocks /b/

If she is the future of the Republicans,

CNN poll......should Sarah Palin run for pres in 2012???

Bachmann: The Obama Administration Plans To Turn Us Into Castro's Cuba With Health Care Plan


Lackawanna Mayor on Cheney’s call to deploy troops to his city: ‘I wouldn’t expect anything less’

jogging advise to mr sarkozy: change personal trainer!

So glad to see her go....

Healthcare and How To Pay - Three Ideas Currently Being Discussed

Why isn't there already a serious Dem challenger against DeMint for 2010?

Phelps content to be second

I know it's all part of the schtick but Stephanie Miller show needs a new producer

How much do the pro-reform ads help with the issue?

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is going to get a Senate Committee Review, Gillibrand says

June new home sales rise 11 percent (largest increase in 8-years)

Rep. Rush Holt (D-N.J.) Calls for Next Church Committee on CIA

hey mods,can we change it to where we can see recs and unrecs?

The far right are trying to call this mess "Obamageddeon"....

Inhofe: The Birthers "Have A Point," And "I Don't Discourage It"

Do you actually know anyone who qualified for the cash for clunkers program?

Teen pregnancy and disease rates rose sharply during Bush years

52 percent of U.S. soldiers wounded in Iraq, Afghanistan diagnosed with TBI

Governments Exist to Fund Banks & Corporations

Politico's article on Sarah Palin's "retirement" is one of the funniest things I've read all week...

Sacha Baron Cohen is "Sarah!"

Microsoft stores to mimic Apple Store's "Genius Bars" with "Guru Bars"

RNC To Spend $1 Million In August To Fight Health Care Reform

All GOP nutbags in the Senate and House need to show their birth certificate

Ever hear of Blockbusting?! How horrible!

CDC regional surveillance charts of the swine flu

CDC regional surveillance charts of the swine flu

krugman: An Incoherent Truth....the blue dogs

It's 104 outside.

Oh Boy! Just what the world needs- A new Taser that can shoot 3 times instead of 1

Wow...Stephon Marbuy, pro baller, is broadcasting himself in a manic episode of some sort

CONSERVATIVE Party of Canada Health Care Platform

The Rude Pundit: Quotes That Make the Rude Pundit Want To Suck the Roe Right Out of a Salmon's Twat

I concede that those members of Congress who question Obama's Birth Certificate

DU legal eagles. Are there any points of law or the Constitution

"Seems like the insurance company has me by the balls."

911 caller in Gates case unsure it was break-in -- routine call -- no audio of Gates shouting

The DU topic that keeps on train wrecking.

Going after Goldman

Missing Toddler and baby found crying in large trash can

Idaho man sodomized by police Taser plans to sue

Since Primary Challenge, Specter Voting with Dems 97% of the Time

FOX, the Jupiter comet was the size of 5 football fields and left a scar the size of Atlantic Ocean

Maybe this is only wishful thinking, but this is what I think I'm seeing:

Sen. Cornyn "Mistakenly" Calls India a Threat....making huge waves in India

It's not just health insurance-it's auto, home, flood, dental, life, vision and more

while in the hospital, they have Direct TV many channels but ONE news channel wanna guess which

Inhofe Clarifies Claim That Birthers “Have A Point,” Blames White House

Gov't plan can coexist with private insurance

June Home Sales - highest in 8 years - strong sign for workers; stimulus working

Israeli officials: No option off table on Iran - AP

Feingold, Conyers Continue Effort to Restore Voting Rights for Millions of Americans

The Rudeness on Sarah Dumbass' resignation speech....

"One more cup of coffee for the road . . ." Come on, DU, . . . let's CAPTION!!!!

Carlos Watson is quietly becoming the most watchable intelligent anchor on TV

Monday's "the bum on the bumper of 10,000 miles," so please . . . come CAPTION!!!!!

Taibbi: New Info: Goldman Really Was In Trouble

Amelia Earhart Mystery: New DNA Evidence May Reveal Truth About Her Disappearance

palin gave this same speech yesterday....

ABC: Holbrooke: New Tactics to Break Afghan Stalemate

Well what do you know? Here's a guy who packed heat to defend himself and got killed anyway

What's with these cases of women getting violent with kids?

White powder sent to NJ government officials

One thing I've noticed about all these "states rights" arguments

Memo to Joe Biden: STFU or Maybe Consider Using Cheney's Undisclosed Location For Awhile.

Bunning is retiring. Won't run in 2010

Kings of pain

Why don`t we just give up?

Report: US commanders 'incompetent' over nine soldiers killed in Afghan battle of Wanat

Report: US commanders 'incompetent' over nine soldiers killed in Afghan battle of Wanat

Breaking: Gov Dean to host Countdown, Tuesday and Wednesday

NPR: On Point: The Fury of the Birthers

ESPN bans NY Post reporters over Andrews video

Dr. resigns from county position after forwarding Obama as "witch doctor" email

norah o'donnell is in alaska covering the ex-governor....why?

How many of you knew this about public campaign financing?

Senate Armed Services Committee to take up DADT this fall.

I would favor allowing Michael Vick to play in the 20 years

Pro-Life State Sen. Paul Stanley, Mr. Abstinence cheats on wife w 22 yo intern and gets blackmailed

Apple working with record labels to resurrect the album

Bill of Rights for the 21st century

Sarah's continuing "popularity" with her base is like comfort food

U.S. citizens wrongly detained, deported by ICE

Seen this email on the healthcare bill?

An uninsured friend of mine went to the Emergency Room yesterday, used a fake name

"You have to just accept as God's will that some homes will burn."

Sen. Bunning to not seek re-election.

Sen. Bunning to not seek re-election.

Nude sculptures irk a few, offer lessons in tolerance, history for others

What are you really trying to say? Right winger says that hate crimes legislation is a "Jewish plot"

Now that McConnell & GOP leaders have forced Bunning out--maybe he'll get his revenge, by resigning

US on verge of closing anthrax probe after 8 years

Britain and US prepared to open talks with the Taliban

I've found Palin's muse!

'Don't ask, don't tell' to get fall Senate hearing

My rebuttal to Global Warming deniers:

This kid bit off more than he can chew

matthews and buchanan and karen finney on palin

HEY! Who's that a**hole in the Food Court with the grande chimichanga & double magic fries?

Quelle Surprise: Dr. Tiller’s Murderer Links Himself To Operation Rescue

Citizens for Public Option... YEP, here's ANOTHER one that needs to hear our voices.

Citizens for Public Option... YEP, here's ANOTHER one that needs to hear our voices.

Octomom Agent Defends TV Deal, Fights Deportation

House Dem’s resolution describing Hawaii as Obama’s birthplace may put GOP birthers ‘in a jam.’

Democratic Leadership joins with GPO to deny Americans health care financing

Cornering the Opium Market in Afghanistan

AP Sources: Bipartisan Group Omitting Dem Goals

Help - Remember Right-Wing Media Diagram

Coke to introduce carbonated milk drink

Birther leader: GOP is with me

AP IMPACT: Dodd, Conrad told deals were sweetened

House GOP Vice-Chair On Birthers: "I'd Like To See The Documents"

GOP leaders expect cap-and-trade 8 to shun health bill

I just thought of a great American product and I'm looking for investors.

Democratic Party and Politico: Get a Clue

Is this for real?

The Republican 10 Point Plan for Health Care

Suspected terrorists arrested 4 miles from my house in Johnston County, NC.

Blue Dog Compromise Would Impact About Three Million Uninsured

How many people here think "How many people here think" threads should be outlawed?

"Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency

What ya' gonna' do when they come for you?

A new insane fake outrage issue of the day

The Greatest Canadian

Todd Palin gets left behind

Terrorist threat to Sacha Baron Cohen over Brüno ridicule

For fans of Paul Watson from "Whale Wars"

Oaksterdam University, a trade school for the cannabis industry, in Oakland, California - pics

If Republicans & Blue Cross Democrats kill health insurance reform, it could backfire on them.

I wanna see Buchanan collapse from apoplexy...

Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved? DNA Evidence on a Remote Island May Reveal the Truth

michael jackson's doctor

Georgia Courts Expressly Allow Religious Headgear in Court:

Many physicians' groups support a choice of private or public option.

Is Rep. Mike Ross, D-Ark., following the wishes of his constituents?

Hubby (an MD) just got a phone call from a GA (we live in NC)

Hubby (an MD) just got a phone call from a GA (we live in NC)

Why is Tweety giving Pat Buchanan air time

2 area [Detroit] judges are likely nominees for federal court

Let's End The Socialist Oxygen Handout

Sarah Palin launches one last salvo of craziness before leaving, blames Hollywood for quitting (?)

Pride House Planned for 2010 Olympics in Vancouver

The Latest Right-Wing Fantasy: Average Taxpayers as Freeloaders

Robert Gibbs approval poll

It doesn't matter if flu meds have expired.

Ia City Cop Shoots Transient ‘in cold blood'

Chris Hedges: "Positive psychology which claims to engineer happiness is a quack science"

Who is the other woman

Bachelor party turns into deadly brawl at Phillies Ballpark

In your view, are there left fringe groups that mirror right fringe groups

Anybody here have info on "Pam Geller"?

Do Born-Agains Have To Produce 2 Birth Certificates?

The Senate and House need term limits

I heard a conversation today in an alternate universe.

N.J. pharmaceutical company ordered to unseal thousands of ghostwriting documents

No Public Option???!!! Who will take bets on 'Mandatory Coverage'?

So I Went to a Party With Some Friends, Including Two Police Officers...

bipartisanship my ass: Most panel Republicans to oppose Sotomayor

Society is just Goddam lucky

Am I surprised that the truth was at the very bottom of Crowley's list of priorities?

Boy shot, spits out bullet

So, the 2010 census is coming. What types of questions should be on it?

call and say "hi" to max Baucus ..... post and share

DU this Facebook poll about healthcare!

If no public option, blame the repukes and blue dogs unmercilessly. I mean really

The Cowboys of Kabul-How A Pair Of TX Grandparents Cashed In On Afghanistan's Contracting Bonanza

Does anyone else have a feeling the markets are going to collapse again in Nov/December?

Were the health care scare stories so bad in the 90's?

EA puts sexual bounty on the heads of its own booth babes

An Evangelical Who Doesn’t Like Sarah Palin ~ Jim Wallace

Forget high crimes, felony, even treason... we are in a whole new category of criminality ...

Does anyone know the percentage of Americans employed by the medical insurance industry?

Petition asking Mormon Church to reconsider its anti-gay positions grows...

Anyone know if Chris Dodd has a homestead exemption on his DC house?

It's do or die in the House for health care - House Democrats are in 5-hour meeting.

Lose single payer or at least the public option lose my vote!

Is the Obama Health Care Plan Really Better Than Nothing?

US turns off electronic billboard in Havana

I can't believe I've never watched The Shawshank Redemption before

U.S. Professor Says She Told FBI About Kidney Trafficking (seven years ago)

LTE: Heart Transplant under Medicare rails against Socialist Medicine

San Diego high-rise condo market goes from frenzy to fizzle

Howard Dean guest hosts Countdown Tues & Wed

Forget It. The Media Is Not Going to Report on the Police Report Lies

I just heard part of the 911 call (gates) on CNN. Funny thing.

Vatican Says Pope Fell Looking for Light Switch

Why am I thrilled that I don't even know who Crowley is??

CQ Politics' Guide to 2010 Senate Races

Speaking of health care rationing - we just got dropped b/c of our insurance

China's Internet users exceed U.S. population

Boston Globe's Big Picture brings you Afghanistan (in two parts)

What happened to Keith Olbermann?

As long as we're talking about shootings....

update on the Singularity

update on the Singularity

33.7 million Canadians are not Shona Holmes

Gates caller didn’t cite race, police say

So, I'm going to be on NPR's "Morning Edition" tomorrow

Anchorage says goodby to Governor Palin - a photo essay.

Nearly 10 percent of health spending for obesity

Do you think Crowley will be fired for lying on the Gates police report..

How will we know that Racism is dead?

Begun, the chan war has.... AT&T censor's, this is going to be ugly

Has any cable station pointed out on air that Crowley lied in that report

Former Top Navy Psychologist Involved in Pre-9/11 Prisoner Abuse Case

Ga. man kills wife, grandson, self on 57th wedding anniversary

Senate group omitting Dem health goals

"The Family - The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power."

When babies attack. Is this a GOP plot

When babies attack. Is this a GOP plot

Healthcare solution. I think I stumbled onto something.

I have never had a problem with my health insurance, never.

Birthers 'respond' to Ann Coulter (She called the birthers a bunch of cranks)

Holy crap, look who is on The Daily Show this week...

Scandal-linked “The Family” Says: Jesus Wants You to Bust Unions

In the United States, the people do not come first, corporations do.

The Coming Guinea Pig Crisis.

With all of the facts now coming to light, did anyone really believe the cop and not Gates?

Has Anyone Noticed the Fall in Average Weekly Hours Worked?

Voinovich slams DeMint and Coburn for GOP downfall; blames 'the southerners'

Greenpeace study finds oil companies may be doomed

"We eat. therefore we hunt"???

I will post some links to what Black folk are writing about Gates...

Refuting Repug Email on Press Conference. Help

From academia, an outpouring for Gates

Frank: No Overseas 'Escape Hatches' From US Financial Rules

Monday Toons, Part 1.

Monday Toons, Part 2

Tax the smokers and leave the obese alone. The American Way !

Monday Toons, Part 3.

Mendota: a town scraping bottom

In 1963 the CIA turned a plot to kill Castro into a plot to kill Kennedy.

Michael Jackson's Heal the World Foundation (x-post from Entertainment)

Looking But Not Seeing (Gates\Crowley) - by Leonard Pitts Jr.

Are you calling and faxing in support of the Weiner Amendment?

Will Pitt can say it's been so since DU's beginning...

Nine More Go to Jail for Single-Payer

to give Palin a big DU goodbye...

12 Injured in Hail of Gunfire at Baltimore Backyard Cookout

Henry Louis Gates Does Not Blame the 9/11 Caller At All

The Big Lie of Afghanistan

Is the current financial crash and unemployment

Ah comic-con is over and RPGs as therapy

Microsoft agrees to give choice of browsers to Windows 7 users in Europe

Kucinich: The Democrats' Plan Lets the Insurance Industry to Pick the American People's Pockets

If there's no public option, I am no longer interested. I am no longer

May have solved my employment problem

Michael Vick just conditionally reinstated into the NFL

Woman accused of killing newborn ate brain, police said

Crazy Eileen is All Over the Internets

Where's Keith?


I just walked by Bill Kristol on the street, and something struck me.

Republicans are members of ASSHOLE.

Martin Bashir can kiss my ....

Did Barack Obama Sr, provide financial/child support for young Barack and Ann Dunham ?

Did Barack Obama Sr, provide financial/child support for young Barack and Ann Dunham ?

Let me re-introduce my self. My name is Xultar, I'm the black female version of Lewis Black

Sgt. Crowley lied in police report, fabricated conversation with caller

RW's latest reason to oppose health care reform - illegals!!

not my favorite person, but--Ralph Nader on "Health Care Hypocrisy"

those lecturing on our "cop hating/bashing". crowley lied.

still looking for someone willing to work for food...

ATTENTION BLACK FOLK...if you see the Gates thing differently no need to post on DU

How many people here think tobacco should be outlawed?

fireman shoots biker in head for biking on busy road

~~~~July Photo Contest Finals~~~~

The mind is a terrible thing to erase. . . please come CAPTION!!!!

Surgeon Resigns Over Obama 'Witch Dr.' Pic

Letting Michael Vick into the NFL on any terms sickens me.

The Single Payer Action group has a new project. Discredit Dean.

Good night all

Cry "Ribbit!" and let slip the frogs of war!

Are you Feeling That Way too? Anytime at all?

Time killer

My family is driving me absolutely insane...

Learning curve. {Garden pic}

Great environmental news from China!

My sister has raised some whiny, undisiplined children.

Hendrix's dead near 40 years now. Paul Gilbert Down to Mexico

I Miss George Carlin

Airline Safety---George Carlin

What kind of aircraft was that?

"I turned in my parents and all I got was this lousy T-shirt...."

Rejected Snickers slogans?

If Julie Newmar's Catwoman had been on the Gilligan cruise I'd have burned the ship & offed the Prof

I just watched the film adaptation of 'The Watchmen.' What do you guys and gals think of it?

What have they done to Miss Piggy?

Fox and Friends is Comedy Gold

Most annoying cartoon character

Lesser Goldfinch?

I signed up for a really cool sounding class: "Legal Method and Process"...

Ani Difranco and Bjork are both totally in love with me

Okay, I rented The Dark Knight and Watchmen...

Mo? Mo who? (Multiple Lucy pics & portraits)

Mo? Mo who? (Multiple Lucy pics & portraits)


Good Mourning Lounge

Cat Smilies

Do any of you remember a tv show called Herman's Head?


Its going to be over 100 here for the next 3days

Can you believe a bunch of animated Genia pigs beat Harry Potter?

Congratulations spanone! 40,000 posts!

Two fun new music videos

Neil Young - Helpless

Good morning Lounge

Question for those who have tried every diet/program ever

Here's a pretty good new protest song

Mash-up Monday, 7/27/09 edition

Forecast: 115

I thought I had problems

The Future of our World.

Just Because ...

Damn, TV needs to quit showing crap I don't want to watch.

I Picked Up "Neil Young Archives Vol. 1 (1963 - 1972)" 8 Disc Box Set This Weekend...

The police killed Michael Jackson.

LostInAnomie is off his meds....discuss

Why doesn't Lou Dobbs produce his marriage certificate to end the rumor he married a box turtle?


Apparently it is illegal to spit cherry pits into the Capital Building Fountain.

Shark Week anyone?

Dillinger Double Derringer dumped in Dallas:

Holy ZEUS!1 Holly HUNTER has been on 2 morning shows & is INCOHERENT!1

Remember the game of changing one letter at a time to go from say "vapid" to "palin"?

are those navigation devices worth the money???

Cowboys QB Tony Romo has "Instructed security to keep Jessica Simpson out of his gated community"

Lisa Lampanelli: Comedy Central roast of Joan Rivers "Not worth doing if I ain't roastmaster"

Lisa Lampanelli: Comedy Central roast of Joan Rivers "Not worth doing if I ain't roastmaster"

Anyone remember the Hollywood Squares?

Maybe I'm getting old, but I think kissing's overrated

What is your level of Gay Pizzazz?

What is there to do in Orlando in the fall

***** HAPPY! ***** ***** CONGRATULATIONS!*****

something not quite right about this picture

Oh fer chrissake ... Starbucks is opening "stealth Starbucks stores" that appear to be local shops.

College Football returns one month from today!

The phrase of the day is "monkey penis". Modify any thread to include the phrase "monkey penis".

I'm baaaaaack...

Any Plumbers in the House?

Queen. Live at Wembley Stadium on VH1 classics right now.

I am thinking about whipping the lounge into a mad, insane frenzy.

Congratulations Sarah Ibarruri! 10,000 posts!

I think I have discovered the worst band of all time

Where's my True Blood fam at?

Saturn peaches. They are like mini-pumpkins.


Holy Crap! You guys are funny today!!!

Madonna's arms scare the fuck out of me.

Liar-Sex Pistols

YouTube has a video of my favorite Stan Rogers song...

EAGLES day 1 of training camp went well today. Link for their site here:

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

DU Song Of The Day (Just for Graywarrior)

Do I Lack Good Work Ethics....

Have a Creative Moment wih Mr. Picasso Head

Fuck me inside out, I have to take an assessment test for school

It's hot, very hot, here. I need some cool food suggestions.

The other day, I was given my very first Chick Tract!

Need the famous DU Vibes, just applied for a full time corporate postion

I'm playing Cockney Rebel's "Tumbling Down" - you know that song is unrealized greatness

DU Lounge, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Okay so I just ate Popeye.

My boyfriend has announced that if we move away, his mother is coming with us.

Whine/wine, do/due, hole/whole, high/hi

cricket problem? organic, all natural, Integrated Pest Management

I'm Captain Obvious - tell me anything!!!

What's right with you?

Tell me how you counted your blessings today

Why are sheep such wimps when being herded by herding dogs?

OK So I Just Ate At Popeye's Chicken

Anyone a fan of "Kings" on NBC?

L O S T - Mr. Cluck's - Hurley's New Chicken Shack!

I know it's wrong, BUT

Virginia, the Blind Dog

Damn, I wait with baited breath, on tenth or hooks, and pince and knittles, waiting for my Kindle!

Monday kitty!

Steven Seagal never made a bad movie.

Favorite fiction authors?

Am I a sucker?

If you went on a gay cruise, would you come back with more pizzazz or less?

What's left of Skynyrd will release new album "God + Guns" on Beatles re-release day 09-09-09

Life sucks and then you...

If you could fuck anyone in the world, who would it be?

Why the hell am I such a worrier????

Love bugs.

What's the deal with donut peaches?

A new poem...this one's dark.

I have to stop at Petsmart tonight. What's your dreaded chore today?

Jazz fans. Name your all-star jazz lineup from living artists

Don't give anyone the "perspective" talk. Please.

Post a picture of your pet

What is the oldest piece of clothing you still wear and how old is it?

What's wrong with you?

Tell me one thing special about your home town

What would you say of a person whose house looks like this? (Sorry, no pics)

Should there be a Lounge "Chuggo" award?

Tidy Cat has a contest for multiple cat households to win $5000

Hey did you know Smallville was still on? They are giving Clark the Matrix look.

Really dumb Moran moment on Fox news...

Anyone else have a really hard time eating a peach?

What is the most boring book you have ever read or have tried to read?

My baby is 13 today...I'd love to hear tips on parenting teens from some of you old pros out there !

Did your parents sleep together and do you?

Spider webs created by Spiders high on LSD and Mesc

Post formal (wedding or not) photos here.

Soldiers in Colorado slayings tell of Iraq horrors

11 new outposts planned during Mitchell visit

Ahmadinejad 'sacks four Iran ministers'

Torture – new claim of secret UK complicity

Afghanistan strikes Taliban truce in remote area

Closing arguments in Burma trial

U.S. Pay Czar to Rework Contracts Deemed High

White House steps up diplomatic push to revive Middle East peace process

China, Taiwan in direct exchange

Talk to Taliban, Miliband urges

Mendota: a town scraping bottom

Infectious Diseases Study Site Questioned

Nigerian Islamist Attacks Spread

Pelosi Vows Passage of Health-Care Overhaul-'It Will Win': Confidence Grows as Dems Plan to Resume..

Pakistan Arrests Cleric Behind Deal With Taliban

Terror Ties Run Deep in Pakistan, Mumbai Case Shows

U.S. spy chief sees more private sector input

Bus blast kills 6 paramilitary soldiers in India

Pandas face uncertain future after China quake

Seven charged in Papua killings

U.S. New-Home Sales Climb 11%, Most in Eight Years

Bomb explodes in Honduras after pro-Zelaya meeting

Clinton opens high-level talks with Chinese

North Korea Asserts New Willingness to Talk

U.S.: No more enemy body counts in Afghanistan

Susan Bayh an issue in fight over health care

Merce Cunningham Dies

William Jefferson's attorneys want all but one charge thrown out before jury gets corruption case

CIA 'put pressure on Britain to cover up its use of torture'

Toddler Shot in Head at Ind. Wedding Reception

'Impeach Obama' bumper stickers spark a shopping mall protest

Cocaine bust of tiger attack victim

Microsoft agrees to give choice of browsers to Windows 7 users in Europe

Mylan workers overrode drug quality controls

Israel on Iran: Anything it takes to stop nukes

Sen. Bunning says he will retire, won't seek third term

US 'lukewarm' in backing Zelaya

Verizon To Cut 8,000 Employee And Contractor Jobs

Nigerian Islamist attacks spread

Bunning Not Running in 2010: Hallelujah

'Don't ask, don't tell' to get Senate committee review

Massive US Terrorism Simulation Involving Foreign Agencies Begins Today

China slams Uighur leader Kadeer's Japan visit: report

Senate Finance Committee Dropping Dem Health Goals

Senate finance committee drops pubic option

AP IMPACT: Dodd, Conrad told deals were sweetened

Most panel Republicans to oppose Sotomayor

'Multiple' failures led to Iraq electrocution, Pentagon says

American al-Qaida sentenced to life for Bush plot

Gates 911 call: Witness not sure she sees crime

Copilot Spoke of Feeling Sick Before Crash

Congress may push India's IT firms to Mexico with H-1B crackdown

19 Arrested In Canary-Fighting Investigation

Study: HBO leads on TV in showing gay characters

India Launches Nuclear Submarine

Crapo, Risch say they'll vote against Sotomayor

Military, contractor blamed in Shaler soldier's electrocution

Obama administration officials in Israel to demand end to settlement building


Gov't plan can coexist with private insurance

11 Suspicious Letters With White Powder Sent to N.J. Government Offices

US jobless rate to stay high: Bernanke

"All I Know How to do Is Kill People"

Two Oklahoma deputies fatally shot

Congress may push India's IT firms to Mexico with H-1B crackdown

Vick conditionally reinstated by NFL

Obama Defends Proposed Health Office

Sikhs, Hindus dread Taliban tax in Pakistan

Bunning drops bid for re-election

New home sales soar in June - Largest monthly increase in sales in nearly nine years

AP Sources: Senate group omitting Dem health goals

AT&T blocks 4chan, home of weird smut

To Create Jobs, Tennessee Looks to New Deal Model

Sessions vows third GOP vote AGAINST Sotomayor

Bernanke had to 'hold my nose' over bailouts

Congressman wants Congress to force Obama to apologize

Ehud Barak warns Iran of possible Israeli strike on nuclear facilities

Triple Taser: New Gun Can Stun 3 at a Time

Taliban issues code of conduct

911 caller in Gates arrest never referred to 'black suspects'

Texas police: Mother says devil made her kill son

Rocket launchers sold to Venezuela went to FARC

Jackson’s Doctor Gave Him Drug Before Death

Rich countries corner supplies of swine flu vaccine

Sarah Palin's Farewell Speech

America's Bubble Addiction

Inside America

Collective Punishment in Gaza (Part 1/2)

Collective Punishment in Gaza (Part 2/2)

Rose Aguilar and Rory O'Connor: On Healthcare, Money Gets You in the Door

CNN's Howard Kurtz slams Dobbs' birther coverage as "ludicrous"

Sarah Phalin To The Media: "Quit Makin' Things Up!"

Capitol Hill Agenda: July 27, 2009

Sarah Palin Farewell Address (1/2) - 7.26.09

Don Lemon Reads Twitter Reaction To Palin Farewell Address - "I'm positive Sarah Palin is an idiot."

ThinkProgress editor & MSNBC hosts laugh right in rightwingers face

TV AD - "SNAIL": Tell Congress to Pass Health Insurance Reform Now!

Bill Maher's opening dialog, 7/24/09, deals with Gates & Obama

WSJ editor cites Mass to attack public option, but Mass health care doesn't have public option

What's Third-Hand Smoke?

Dedication to the Birthers

Iran: Protests getting bolder

Taliban issues new 'code of conduct'

Buzz Aldrin Reveals Existence of Monolith on Mars Moon

Henry Gates Jr. 911 Tape released from Cambridge Police Department (Subtitled)

Rachel Maddow interesting commentary on Gates, Obama, Limbaugh

A Cure for Homosexuality

Gibbs on Birthers - "Made up, fictional, nonsense...DNA wouldn't assuage them."

You know what's funny about this video of Ann Coulter?

Bachmann blocks resolution recognizing Hawaii as Obama's birthplace

Young Turks: Rethink Reviews - Thank You for Smoking

Fareed Zakaria Brutally Mows Down Fallacies Spouted by Iranian Regime's Mouthpiece

Russia Today - Federal Reserve Independence is Secrecy

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL: Essay - (The real problem with Dr. Regina Benjamin)

Gates/Crowley Dispatch Audio Released

Take Action: CNN's Dobbs Problem

Sen. Inhofe Claims Oil & Gas Don't Cause Pollution

Why Does Taxing Pot Make So Much Sense?

TYT: Randall Terry: There Could be Violent Retribution for Healthcare Bill

Birthers on the Hill

TYT: Fox Guest---Blacks Slit Throats and Get Away With It

Paternity Leave in Sweden - ( 16 months paid leave per child )

Gates 9-11 Call reveals Multiple Lies by Sgt Crowley on Police Report

Brilliant Woman Solves All of California's Problems. WTF??? LOL!

Pelosi Vows Passage of Health-Care Overhaul

Kuwait Financier Facing U.S. Fraud Suit Found Dead.

Forget Aloof, Bernanke Goes Barnstorming.

Secret GOP Sex Diary - Pickering’s diary IDs "men who enabled his adulterous trysts"


The war being waged on the TARP watchdog's independence

Navarrette: Why GOP Senators Misfired on Judge

BBQ Farewell for Palin

Surreal Honduras: Putting the Narrative Together in the Local Press

Bill Moyers: Alliance of Health Industry & the Right Stop at Nothing to Derail Progressive Reforms

Competing Brands of Republicanism

Collateral Damage: Interview with Dana Siegelman

Profiling CEOs and Their Sociopathic Paychecks by Thom Hartmann

This season’s great fear is the swine flu, but what is it?

Evil Syndicated (James Howard Kunstler )

Who Killed Arafat And Why? (Ramzy Baroud)

Steny Hoyer:Health care status quo would be disaster for middle class

Reviews prompt suspension of Iraqi jobs program (USAToday) {fraud, mismanagement ... the usual}

Commentary: Why be afraid of government? (Julian E. Zelizer on Medicare via CNN)

Hendrik Hertzberg: Second Opinions

Dramatic Breakthrough on Healthcare: Blue Dogs to Get Mandatory Rabies Shots

Huffman Aviation Was 'Continuing Criminal Enterprise'

Yoo’s Personal Lawyer Will Be Paid by Taxpayers

An Incoherent Truth - Krugman

Health care in Canada - They’re not dying by the millions

Obstructionist, always. But now Republicans are barmy (Tomasky,

Women Cops Forced to Wear Scarfs in UK Mosques

President Obama in Pictures: Marine Corps Evening Parade

"The Greed Game" Globalization Imploded (The Economic Populist)

Will the Cambridge police incident be a catalyst for honest dialogue about race?

Arm the Senate! -By E.J. Dionne Jr.

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 369

"Grass-eating" Japanese men who shun sex, don't spend money, and like taking walks

5-Year-Old Girl Feeds Nearly 18,000 Hungry San Franciscans

Bill Moyers PBS - Whistleblower Wendell Potter: Profits before Patients

I can't take this shit anymore, Pro-Life State Sen. Paul Stanley, Mr. Abstinence cheats on wife

What type of health care reform will you support?

Budweiser and Blue Moon - Just In Case You Were Wondering What They Would Drink

If you could take any two figures in American History, What would be your dream Presidential ticket?

Bachmann blocks resolution declaring Hawaii to be Obama’s birthplace.

So ...we talked about Gates at my Family Reunion this weekend

If the GOP had 60 in the Senate they would be kicking the shit out of us!

PHOTOS: President Obama welcomes the 2008 WNBA champions Detroit Shock to the White House

Send Your "Medical Bill" to Congress

Single-Payer Advocates Must Seize This Opening

Republican Offers Resolution Demanding Obama Apologize To Cambridge Police

My PA. birth certificate from 1959 says "Certificate of Birth"

President's first 100 days - Facebook style

House Dem Putting GOPers On The Spot By Introducing Measure Describing Hawaii As Obama’s Birthplace

It DU-GDP had an election for mayor who would you choose and why/

Breaking: Senate Finance Committee Dropping Democratic Health Goals/Public Option, Employer Mandate

I absolutely look forward to following the Palin campaign in Iowa in 2011-12

Damn! Bunning is retiring, won't run in 2010.

I drink beer a lot.

I pretty much ignored all the "birther" threads... until Jon Stewart

Obama and Hillary Nix Change in Honduras

To the people who have been defending the lying, racist cop

Gates' 911 Caller Didn't Specify Race

Poll: U.S. Image in Israel Suffers After Obama Cairo Speech

Senate To Hold Hearings On DADT This Fall

Good news from CBO, debunking repug talking point. Gov't plan can coexist with private insurance

How many people will sign up for the public option?

Conrad says there will be no public option in the Senate Finance Committee bill.

DADT repeal moves at glacial pace. President facing more LGBT fury?

Now we know what a black man can't do...even if he's the President

Ezra Klein: What Happened to the Moral Case for Health Reform?

FauxNews POLL: Most think best job for Palin is homemaker. 51% unfavorable. Mittens, Huckster tops.

Coulter Angers Her Base, Criticizes Conspiracy about Obama's Nationality

"America's Bubble Addiction" ....(New America Foundation)

"New U.S. home sales jumped in June by the largest amount in more than eight years"

WSJ Editor Attacks The Non-Existent ‘Public Option’ In Massachusetts

The Nation: Hope for Health Reform; Push Single Payer Now

GOP lawmakers brace themselves for the Birthers

Just for fun, what will (or should) they serve with the beer?

Think about it: Jesus was the first person to propose Socialism. It's in the Bible

Obama threw in the towel on a public option. Gibbs said the president

TPM: Report: Senate Finance Committee To Be Mum On Public Option, (could be added later?)

So, my crazy sister is going on a bus to DC on 9/11 to protest

Its time to fight

August homework for we DUers

Gibbs: Birther issue 'nonsense'

The Hill: Chamber of Commerce Praises Baucus, Jabs at House Health Bill

Just curious: why did Palin leave today?

Uh-Oh - Buchanan's back . . .

Ezra Klein: What is Max Baucus Doing?

Is the Obama Health Care Plan Really Better Than Nothing?

LOL.....Sign at Palins speech today........

Donny Deutsch: Main issue w/Palin is people can't deal w/her sexual appeal

Anti-Obama Rally in Jerusalem

Not to stir things ups..but did not the republicans use the CBO numbers to lobby against reform

Healthcare -- Profile in Courage Needed

How many RIGHT WING Governors, Congressers have NOT had extra marital affairs?

Not that he's missed - but where's Pat Buchanan?

Climate Loopholes

Meet the Paid Assassins of Health Care

North Korea open to talks with US

Take Action: CNN's Dobbs Problem Sign the Petition

Breaking: Water is Wet and Racist Jeff Sessions will Vote Against Sotomayor

Have any Repukes chimed in on Gates, I have not heard squat from any of them

Why Do Critics Of Healthcare Get A Free Pass On Defending The Current System?

barney frank on c-span now.

Robert Reich blog: The future of Universal Health Care, as of Now

The GOP is pushing the apology to keep the story alive & feed their racist base

Until you have walked a mile in "their" shoes, you can be empathetic,

How did the ConservaDems in the House get the name "Blue Dogs"?

Another dumb question about the various health care proposals on the table:

Health care: how to pay

Are Democrats, Even Bluedogs, Seriously Giving Republicans A Veto Over Healthcare?

So, with the certain confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor tommorow:

Unraveling ObamaCare

CQ Politics Releases Mid-Term Map: 100 competitive districts. Projects +3 for Democrats as of now.

Budget reconciliation still a possibility for health care reform

Obama Presses Israel to Halt Jerusalem Plans Funded by Rennert, Moskowitz

Birth(er) of a A Nation

Inhofe Says "Birthers" Have a Point - "I don't discourage it..."

Goode won't seek GOP nod

"Republicans to “go for the kill” on the Obama health care initiative"

NC's Heath Shuler won't admit he calls the C Street rowhouse his DC home

Media believes incorrectly if Both Sides don't like them, they are Doing their Job

Canadian Union Writes Obama & Congress Defending Canada’s Healthcare

Great! 60 Minutes doing a show on how Pres. Obama is increasing Gun Sales

August 7th or 8th? That's the cut-off for chatting and everyone goes away?

Healthcare and How To Pay - The Three Ideas Currently Discussed

Democrat says health overhaul needs GOP to pass

What Is With This kent conrad asshole?

Interesting R. Kennedy read at HuffPo. "King Coal"

Peak Oil Review

Drumbeat, July 27, 2009

The Psychology Of Change: Cultivating Resiliance At The Point Of No Return (Carolyn Baker)

8/22/09 - NSIDC Update - Arctic Sea Ice Extent Tracking Below 2008

5 Mediterrenean Nations Fight Forest Fires While Storms In C. Europe Kill 10 - AFP

US Department of Energy Fails Its Own Energy Audit

Hongjiannao - PRC's Biggest Desert Lake - May Have 20 Years Left Before It Disappears - Xinhua

Warm, Acidifying Ocean Water Spreading Pacific's "Biological Desert" Into Hawaiian Archipelago

The Trouble With Triclosan in Your Soap

California kills offshore oil lease project....

PhysOrg - 230 TX Public Water Systems Under Mandatory Rationing, 60 Asking For Voluntary Reductions

New Scientist - Before 2100, Fertile Crescent Likely To Return to Desert

Ebb and flow of wind power stress NW power grid

Falling Through the Climate Gap: Poor Americans will suffer most from global warming

Boiling The Frog: Nuclear Optimism Hides True Costs Till It's Too Late

Gloat free Basesball Scores (Sunday July 26)

cboy* and *pton after this afternoon's game...

Phelps content to be second

So I'm guessing the Giants are on a losing streak?

Mets fire Tony Bernazard, VP who took shirt off...THERE IS A GOD!!!!

OK Selig--- you reinstate Rose--- then you better reinstate Shoeless Joe.

Selig reportedly mulling Rose reinstatement

The NFL has conditionally reinstated Michael Vick

Does it ever occur to a certain some people that the reason why payrolls are really high

This has been such an AWESOME DAY TO BE A METS FAN!!!! Minaya attacks the press. On his way out nex

Valentine announces he will leave Japanese team's helm

Did anyone know that there are Baseball and Football Forums on DU?

Which will turn out to be the most shameful feat in 2009?

Five more days until the Sports Forum is shot to hell!

Rachel Alexandra, Papa Clem in Haskell Works

VENEZUELA'S Chavez Blasts US, Allies on Honduras

Telesur-MESA REDONDA on now (10:00pm edt) is focusing on the 30th Sandinista anniversary

WSJ posts opinion piece by Roberto Micheletti

For those wondering about CESAR HAM . . .

Bomb explodes in Honduras after pro-Zelaya meeting

Dem Now this morning: Interview w/Xiomara Castro followed by story on US military in Colombia

Amateur video of protestors being shot at by the coup military in Honduras


The White House’s Latin Connection: Is Greg Craig driving U.S. Latin America policy?

DEMOCRAYNOW Transcript of Interview with XIOMARA CASTRO

2PM EDT Update: El Frente Nacional Contra El Golpe

Rocket launchers sold to Venezuela went to FARC

EVA'S UPDATE - July 27


UPDATES from El Frente Nacional Contra El Golpe

MACHETERA: Otto Reich's Propaganda Factory Still Churning Out the Goods"/Micheletti's Op-Ed

US Interests Section turns off the obnoxious LED ticker in Havana

Facts that should be known about the military coup in Honduras

New Dem Blog - The Well-Heeled Shooter

Toddler Shot in Head at Ind. Wedding Reception

John Sharp to Bill White: Quit anti-gun group

17 shot, 2 fatally, in Baltimore Sunday night

Gunfree Chicago: Three men shot in drive-by at Englewood block party

Gun ownership in the US.

Police: Asheville Firefighter Shot Bicyclist

2 Sheriff's deputies shot & killed serving a warrant.

Our troops come first

In 2 West Bank Settlements, a Sign of Hope for a Deal

Israel prepares 'defense brief' ahead of UN Gaza reports

"WIPED OFF THE MAP" - The Rumor of the Century

U.S., Israel inch closer to deal on settlement freeze

Price Tag Policy

Settler rally: Obama racist; his regime will fall

Gunfree Chicago: Man wounded in Englewood drive-by

Gunfree Chicago: Two men charged for shooting UPS driver

WSJ: Union Pensions in the Red

Workers United Wins Landmark National Labor Relations Board Decision

Jennie-O punished for firing worker

In Hawaii, health insurance paid by employers

Today in Labor History July 27 UMW organizer Ginger Goodwin was shot by a hired private policeman

As Legislature and Governor Debate, More Pennsylvania State Workers Hit Food Banks

Federal Labor Hotline Tells Callers Pa. Is Being Investigated

Findlay, Ohio, Chamber of Commerce Kills Parade Because Unions Backed It

Eric Lee: What a week!

Sheet Metal Workers Cutting Contributions to "Gutless and Spineless" Politicians

Stunning Images From Afghanistan(Link to Thread in GD)

Rainier Overshadowed

Photos of Anchorage's screendoor party for Sister Sarah

More pictures


AIMAN!! A new blog post by Blue_in_CA.

Hospital Savings: Salaries for Doctors, Not Fees (NY Times)

Idea that members of Congress get free or low-cost, highest-quality health-care plans is a myth

Single-Payer Advocates Must Seize This Opening (re-direct)

This season’s great fear is the swine flu, but what is it?

At Camp Twitch and Shout, Tourette kids can be themselves (CNN)

Health care in Canada - They’re not dying by the millions

The Republican Email About The UK Health Care System Refuted

Is the Obama Health Care Plan Really Better Than Nothing? (re-direct)

How many people here think Dihydrogen Monoxide should be outlawed?

Hypothyroidism:How Your Thyroid Can Make you Sick, Tired and Overweight

Just diagnosed with lupus

U.S. Housing Market Crash Real Story as Home Vacancies Hit 19 Million

Financial literacy lost in translation

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/27/09

ABC tells it like it is with "Over a Barrell, the truth about Oil"

The ETF Gloves Are Off

HBO leads on TV in showing gay characters

Shuttle plumes uncover culprit of 1908 space impact (USAToday)

Vanasco: Kathy Griffin takes on Prop 8

Have psychiatric wards changed?

Some New & Extremely Strange UFO Photos

ORI's Power of Thought School coming Sept. 4-8

Here Comes the Bride :) (fun video)

Something I've been wanting to get off my chest...

Kevsand's mom is in pretty serious shape. Any and all prayers and vibes needed.

Question about cat reincarnation

Question about Chakras

Help from Astrologers

'2012' Trailer HD

Irish atheists to oppose blasphemy law.

Cliffs notes, or Sermons for

Mother Says Devil Made Her Kill Son

Chris Hedges: "Positive psychology which claims to engineer happiness is a quack science" -re-direct

Another great food site -

My Chai

so, DH bought this one on the ebay-

King Arthur Fudge Brownies

Texas Tea Tollers: Plot afoot to strip power from opponent of toll roads

25% of my people believe the Pentagon and Rumsfeld were responsible for taking the towers down"

The article that BEST sums up the MJ debacle...WOW. Just. WOW. Kudos to this writer. . .

John 'Marmaduke' Dawson dies at 64; founder of New Riders of the Purple Sage

Something for MJ haters to unrecommend: "I am thoroughly repelled and ashamed for what our culture..

What are some good Canadian papers to read online?